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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 8, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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to that's right. >> you've been waiting for a long time. >> yes, sir. >> here you go, let's pass them ...hotel without breaking a around. sweat. >> thank you, sir. because we now instantly... [applause] over 200 booking sites find you the lowest price... ...on the hotel you want. >> what's that? don't sweat your booking. [inaudible]. >> mike, come on up. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. mike, come on up. the lowest prices. let's go take a picture in the oval office, okay? >> yes, sir. >> thank you very much, everybody. thank you. [applause] great day. melissa: breaking news from the white house, president fulfilling a campaign promise by signing -- let's listen. >> big deal. china says it is 2% but it send is much more. we'll have a great relationship hopefully with china. we have to do something. we're losing with china
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$500 billion a year. we have to doing something. and they transship. we're going to accept their product but, it is going to cost a lot of money from the standpoint of the transshipment. okay? thank you very much, everybody. thank you. melissa: "the art of the deal." david: "the art of the deal." the important point that the president was making even though we only receive two% of our foreign steel from china, overall, direct, in direct shipments they transship. they very often send a lot of their own steel, because 50% of the overproduction of steel comes from china. they send it to another country and -- melissa: like canada. >> we receive it from the second country. that is with he is talking about, hit them on transshipment. there are so many carveouts from this deal, some of which announced today. melissa: he was saying they funnel their steel through other countries before it comes here. he is aware of that. a lot of people made that point. he talked about where there were opportunities for other
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countries to make deal reich with nafta. they might avoid this heavy melissa: cracking down on violence in video games, president trump meeting with penalty on steel and aluminum. much as we suspected. videogame executives following the shooting in parkland, david: we did suspect that. of course immediately exempted from these tariffs is mexico and florida. hill hill vaughn is here. canada. reporter: president trump both of those countries until squaring off against videogame nafta is decided, renegotiation executives, flanked by his side of nafta comes to a conclusion some of entertainment's harshest will be exempt from these tariffs. we have a lot of steel from those two countries. a lot of things to talk about, critics vicki hartzler from all of it affecting the markets, missouri asking federal which you can see in last couple government to look at the minutes of trading responded very postively what they were influence video games have on hearing from the president. it was in the negative territory until just a couple of minutes young people's minds. there was differences in the room. one of the topics discusses before the end of the close. it is now ending the day up just about 100 points. today, online sale of mature let's go trait to blake burman video games and how they end up in young hands. where, who has been standing by, >> 25% of these games are watching all of this pray out. blake, it is clear that the downloaded from, you know the internet. markets saw something and heard and so that brings into some question about perhaps, if they something in the words of the president that they liked. are getting into the hands of >> well, david, they, the
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president there talked about how this will not start immediately. young people more than the this is now, start as 15-day industry would like to say. clock. from their perspective, i don't so these tariffs, 25% on steel, want to speak for them, they have taken steps to address this, putting on they feel like 10% on aluminum will not officially hit until the end of this month, a couple weeks from strict parental control system. now. you mentioned the carveouts, others may disagree if that is remember the administration had being effective or not. first taken a firm line in the i think their take they were sand there would be no already taking steps to be exemptions whatsoever. however now we know that the responsible. president is saying that mexico reporter: she tells me seems like some of these ceos with and canada will at least be put their minds made up. on hold as it relates to these that was obvious from the video tariffs. game industry group's during the nafta renegotiations. that is a big if, whether or not strongly-worded statement the sides come to what the released before they arrived president sees as a fair nafta today. entertainment software association saying in a deal. also at that other countries, statement, video games are plainly not the issue. countries that the united states entearment is distributed and has security relationship with, those countries can petition the consumed globally but u.s. has united states essentially to not be subject to these tariffs. exponentially higher level of the president had campaigned on gun violence than any other nation. i asked hartzler if any this. and today he officially at least solutions were discussed today. started the clock to unleash she says this is starting point these tariffs and here's why. but where they go from here, if >> it's a process called dumping this mean as ramp up of oversight on the videogame
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and they dumped more than, at industry, well, that is all up in the air. melissa. anytime on any nation anywhere melissa: hillary, thank you. david: president trump's new steel and aluminum tariffs have been reversing a lot of in the world. and it drove our plants out of political roles opposed by a lot business. it drove our factories out of of republicans, supported by a lot of democrats. business. reporter: there is though these john stossel and peter morici tariffs rather i should say are 25% for steel, 10% for aluminum represent the divide. they will debate the issue. you don't want to miss this. the possibility they could go that is coming up. we're in the homestretch of even higher. that's because if countries pennsylvania special election according to those who are for congress. but the traditionally republican behind, who have spelled out these plans, that if countries seat is facing a strong challenge. are eventually going to be >> i have a wonderful ground game that i have used for the exempt from these tariffs, then that means the 25 and 10 numbers last eight years in my statehouse races. so we know a lot of people. would eventually move up. we have a strong message that the president said he likes resonates with the people of flexibility and talked about this area. they will turn out for me. that flexibility earlier today during his cabinet meeting. >> sticking with 10 and 25 initially. i will have a right to go up or down depending on the country. i will have a right to drop out countries or add countries. we just want fairness. reporter: there still remains an immense amount of opposition
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here within washington, especially from many republicans who think this should be more targeted than the president rolled out. we got a lot of top line information from the president on this he did sign these proclamations. of course the devils, the devil rather is in the details and remains yet to be seen what further details they may, there may or may not be. i can tell you, david and melissa, that the lawyers were at work with this one over the past week. remember it was just last thursday that the president sort of sprung this announcement out of nowhere. they were working fast and hard to get to the point where they are now, to where the president was able to announce it one week later with workers from the steel and aluminum industries by his side here at the white house inside the roosevelt room. david: i loved how you described it earlier, the lawyers were saying mr. president, we can't do it. he said, get it done. he announced it before they said they had gotten it done. they announced it and managed to
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get it done. blake burman at the white house, thank you. melissa: you put pressure on your team. david: do it! melissa: stocks climbing in the final minutes of trading as the president announced that countries will be able to negotiate their way out of the tariffs if they come to the table with the right thing. nicole petallides is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. and nicole, so what are traders saying? talk to me about steel and aluminum stocks and everything else. how is it responding? >> big picture they knew president trump was a negotiator. we learned exactly that. interesting enough when we came to the podium we were up 68 points. moved negative, by end of his speech and talk about steel and aluminum tariffs, doing this in a fair manner and exemptions, et cetera, well the market moved higher. we're up 93 points. the dow, has s&p, all with green arrows. nasdaq up five days in a row. zopp and dow up two days in a row. looks like we may have a up
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week. third up week in four. looking how we fared since the tariffs, talk of the tariffs, it has been a mixed bag since february 28th. there were jitters about international trade wars. looking at the steel and aluminum stocks, how did they fare today? these should be good news. we have seen them quite volatile. u.s. steel which has been a name that has done so well is down 3% today. look at aluminum stocks, alcoa, for example, finished down. last but not least a big deal we had, insurer cigna buying express scripts. that is a 53 billion-dollars deal. express scripts to a new high. back to you. melissa: nicole, thank you so much. david: here to react to president trump's tariffs heather zumarriaga. todd horowitz, bubba trading show host and noelle nikpour, gop fund-raiser. heather, as usual what the president threatened to do, is what he ends up doing.
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did the market overreact with they first heard tariffs earlier? >> you can't blame the market for overreacting. to announce tariffs like that which weren't expected, that had a big impact on the market but i'm not surprised that he walked back a little bit. look at "the art of the deal." he is a master negotiator. >> just want fairness. he he is saying look, mexico and we want everything to be reciprocal and i think in the end we're going to have a lot of canada are excluded right now and our closest allies may not great jobs, we'll have a lot of be impacted as well but let's great companies, all coming back get the ball rolling. into our country. but let's not just have free melissa: president trump signing a proclamation on steel and trade but fair trade. he is putting that in place aluminum import tariffs just today. markets reacting favorably, moments ago. here to react, peter morici, saying not as bad as we initially thought. david: todd the word that the university of maryland economist, in support of the markets react to is flexibility. tariffs. there seems a lot of john stossel from fox business who says these tariffs could end flexibility. as heather was saying mexico and up hurting the end consumer. canada immediately exempt. peter, i will start with you, i you have the other provision. we can put up the full screen don't know if you heard all the here. there is broader provision in various carveouts and stuff. it is like a giant club he will the orders which allows any beat over the head of countries that don't come to the table and country with a security negotiate properly.
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relationship to discuss with the there is a way to get out of it u.s. and the president if you do business the right alternative ways to address the way. what do you think? threatened impairment of the >> well i think that it's national security caused by necessary to do something for imports from that country. that is a pretty broad opening steel and aluminum of the for people to avoid the tariffs. chinese targeted one industry after another, steel aluminum, >> hi, david. yeah, i mean, look, it is about electric cars, artificial intelligence, that is really time somebody took charge and frightening. a lot of their steel and took the strong arm, this is aluminum actually comes to us what we're going to do. these days with other countries. he walked back on many of his deals. we shutdown imports from china that is great. he is on top of it and he is more or less. taking charge. we're no longer being patsies comes through korea, turkey, for everybody else. places like that. that is why this thing is so we're now taking leadership. that is very important. sweeping. i think that is what the market the other thing we repeatedly can he reacted to he working asked allies for assistance with china of the whole issue how they fit into the system and the with but taking leadership back way they abuse it and they say so we're not doling out to everybody and taking the short we'll talk but nothing ever end of the stick on our side. that is a great event for us. happens. david: heather, there is president obama, beginning of something he ad-libbed during his term sent tim geithner to the presser we just saw and it the g7, to the finance ministers concerned taxing items made in meeting. melissa: right. >> germans told us to pound the u.s., avoiding taxes on salt. that is why this has happened. items made in the u.s. let's melissa: john -- play the sound bite, get your >> that is why its being done this way.
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reaction. melissa: john we know tariffs >> we will not place any new tax are not productive the overall on product made in the usa. sense but what he is talking so there is no tax if a product about, we know 2% of steel is made in the usa. directly coming from china. you don't want to pay tax, bring it goes through other places. your plant to the usa. we'll make the other places pay. there is no tax. by the way, canada, mexico, we david: so, that seems to be do the right thing on nafta, we pretty broad. in other words, even if your do a deal, it doesn't apply to government is giving you some you. it doesn't seem like a tariff so kind of a subsidy, if you make much but something to hang over the item in the united states everybody's head to come to sit you won't get any tax? at table if they don't >> that's right. we're putting america first. cooperate. it seems smart. this is what the president ran >> yes. on. that is invitation to more it is not surprising that he is saying look, this is what is in corporate cronyism, more the best have interests for our companies saying politician, i manufacturing industry, for kiss your ring, protect me. american jobs in the use -- us what that does is hurt all americans. and that is what he is doing. when trump talks about dumping, other countries would do the it sounds so bad, and peter is same and put their country first. just wrong about this, it is with china subsidizing aluminum good for us they screw their and steel and dumping them on our, in our country, that is not people to get keeper stuff. we'll take ingredients going on going to happen anymore under his watch. david: todd, you know what he was doing? he was covering himself, when he was over in europe promoting for a while and it is true it
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businesses to come to the united hurts people with some industry. states, manufacture here, it why we have a full employment. seemed like a contradiction for why the economy gross the way it him to throw tariffs on those has. companies, maybe they wouldn't free trade is better than these manufacture here if they had to manipulations. pay the tariffs. >> peter, what about that? now if they come here, when they dump products on our manufacture here, they won't pay markets we get raw imports for a the tariffs, he covers his bases million different things very from what he promised when he cheap? >> i think mr. stossel is was overseas? correct to say look how it >> that is our deal-maker. totals out. the way it is totaling out with think about it, if we start china, we have a mammoth trade bringing back manufacturing here what we've had in the past and deficit with china. and the rest of the world past boom period, great to have frankly because many other countries participate in some. same kinds of activities but not more jobs, more manufacturing and create more american money as virulently. to put out instead of sending >> so what? >> as a consequence every year everything across the world. we borrow 6 to $700 billion to neil: noelle, how does this play finance that. we're now to the point where we in the heartland? we know in pennsylvania, which own, oh, foreigners about 45% of is steel country, there is very u.s. gdp. important special election and we're on track within the there. the president will go there saturday to try to tout the gop decade to be above the level that we've seen where countries candidate. how will it play elsewhere like spain, greece, get into coming up to the midterm financial crises. elections? >> interesting you should say that. already last week, you know, because did you look at the people weren't rushing in to buy backdrop? the backdrop was the working u.s. 10-year treasurys as the man. you remember when the unions first started out years ago. rate went up. they're starting to look a
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little bit askance at our bonds. terp to protect the working man because the working man did not they're starting to look we're have any protection against the big guy. maybe not as solvent as we used now look what happened. the unions are about the unions. to be not like we're making donald trump and the gop have stuff and exporting to get the stuff we want. now adopted the brand of working we're borrowing money. we're not borrowing money to for the working man. so look at the backdrop. build up the economy. we're borrowing money for that is very important. i think that we're going to see thanksgiving dinner. melissa: i hear you. continuation of states like stossel, what is your response. pennsylvania, wisconsin, ohio, >> i have a trade deficit with and all these working man safeway where i buy my food. states. i keep giving them money. i think they are coming on board to the gop. they never buy anything from me this was very important. it looks like he is doing what so what. the same thing applies with he said, he would take up for the working man, the little guy. china. it is the total deficit, not now the gop we're not party of the, it is the budget deficit, 1%, we're the party of the the 20 trillion, that's going to working man. david: wow. devalue our currency. heather, todd. thank you very much. noelle we'll see more of you our trade deficit with china, we later in the show. get stuff. thank you very much. they get pieces of paper with pictures of dead presidents melissa. melissa: over 100 house gop printed on them. we win in that exchange. lawmakers sending a letter to the president strongly urging what can they do with that him to reconsider saying quote, money? they either have to buy our stuff or invest in america. we support your resolve to in both cases we win. address distortions caused by melissa: professor morici? china's unfair practices. >> well the trouble is is that we're committed to acting with we've gotten to the point where
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you on our trading partners and the debt is too big we owe meaningful action but we urge you to reconsider the idea of abroad. at some point there will be a broad tariffs to avoid run on the dollar. that is the basic problem. unintended negative consequences the other thing is, we have to to the u.s. economy and its service this debt. at some point we'll have to pay workers. joining me one of the people back. it is not free. congressman who signed the melissa: all right. we got to leave the lesson there letter. south carolina congressman ralph for the day. norton. thanks for joining us. gentlemen, thanks to both of after what you heard, do you feel better? you. appreciate your time. >> glad we kept it civil. >> well, i do. melissa: yeah. >> come on, mr. stossel. south carolina is the number one you're my friend. producer of tires in the world. david: keep that debate going. melissa: i know. i talked to a group of i know what was coming next. executives and, you know, it is david: meanwhile more congressional leaders weighing natural for them to say this is if on the president's tariffs. here is what senator orrin hatch a huge blow to the tire industry but, when i broke it down i had to say moments ago. take a listen. said, tell me how much it is >> i'm not happy with it, because these tariffs will going to cost the consumer for actually be a tax on american an additional tire? and it is just pennies on the citizens, that is after we dollar. i was opposed to tariffs but as passed the tax bill a blessing to them, removing a lot of taxes has been said, the president is they were hit with. doing what he said. he wants to build up this i'm very upset about it. david: on the other hand house country and maybe us a ways and means chairman kevin manufacturing country as we used brady came out with this to be in the '40s and '50s statement, quote, clearly president trump has listened to and '60s. congress and job creators all i don't think it is going to be
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over america by improving the as bad as people -- original proposal to create a melissa: we don't want to make a path to allow fairly-traded pittance of whatever those pennys are it might cost on steel and aluminum to be those tires, that is a little excluded country by country, bit like the crumbs argument. what he was saying there, if you business by business. exempting canada, mexico, is a listen closely, there are about good first step. i urge the white house to go 1000 carveouts. it is basically seems like a way further to narrow these tariffs. end of quote. of using the tariff like a melissa: there you go. paul ryan making comments on bludgeon to beat our trading these tariffs as well, from partners into submission be it nafta, be it china. maybe china with regard to home depot stores support center in atlanta. north korea, that he is sort of he had been against the idea of going to hang the tariffs over tariffs. what does he say after the details have come out? different trading partners we'll tell you after the break. heads, after manufacturing going ♪ on in the u.s., they would be exempt. there were 150,000 exemptions in the nuance of what he just talked about in the past hour. and that sounds like possibly and i take trulicity once a week effective policy what do you think? to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. >> i think it is. i think this is a first salvo trulicity is not insulin. that this president is send it comes in a once-weekly, truly easy-to-use pen. ising to the world, that we're not going to be the doormats. the pen where you don't have to see or handle a needle. we'll have fair trade. we'll hopefully promote and it works 24/7.
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trulicity is a once-weekly injectable medicine manufacturing in america. what he campaigned on. what the american people to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes understood. and i had hoped it would be when used with diet and exercise. phased in. we battled, i testified in front it should not be the first medicine to treat diabetes, of the international trade commission against tariffs on or for people with type 1 diabetes samsung washers. or diabetic ketoacidosis. melissa: sure. >> he phased it in. do not take trulicity if you have a personal and you know, it's, i think this or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, is a meeting of the minds. i think long term he is doing if you have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, what is best for the country and or if you're allergic to trulicity. i think most congressman i talked with, after they thought stop trulicity and call your doctor right away about it, seeing the results if you have a lump or swelling in your neck, will be, are, you know, will take it and we'll do the best we severe stomach pain, can wit. or symptoms like itching, rash, or trouble breathing. hopefully spur manufacturing on. melissa: what he said was serious side effects may include pancreatitis. countries have 15 days to get taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin their act together. canada, mexico, as long as the increases your risk for low blood sugar. common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, nafta talks are going on they won't be subject to this tariff decreased appetite, and indigestion. that they have to come to an some side effects can lead to dehydration, agreement that he likes on nafta. then he won't impose the tariff which may worsen kidney problems. to help lower my a1c i choose trulicity to activate my within. on them. for china, who said happily
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well, only 2% of steel comes ask your doctor if once-weekly trulicity from us, he pointed out the fact is right for you. that he does understand they ♪ ♪ route steel into the country through other means. so he is sort of you have 15 days to come clean to get your act together on trade, then you won't be subject to these tariffs. do you think that kind of negotiation and that exploding deadline there makes sense and will get the attention of these countries? >> exactly. it is the word i would use is leverage. melissa: yes. >> understands it. he is a businessman and he is giving an incentive for other countries to come on board. look what he has done in the past. it will work here, as a result it will be great for the country and he has given a timeline. it is not all or nothing. melissa: yeah. >> he is using this as a means to get people to, to the table. and i think it will work. melissa: "art of the deal." there is the carrot and then there is the big, giant painful stick. congressman norman, thank you for your time. we appreciate it.
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you know if you were watching us here on "after the bell" you knew from the beginning. david: that's right. what we were both saying. >> it was a negotiation. i'm glad all of you out there yes or no? heard us and stuck with us. do you want the same tools and seamless experience everybody else was confused by what was going on. across web and tablet? >> you heard the congressman do you want $4.95 commissions for stocks, talking about pulling back. $0.50 options contracts? he was dead-set against this $1.50 futures contracts? thing. what about a dedicated service team now thinks it is a good idea. of trading specialists? president's new orders on tear did you say yes? good, then it's time for power e*trade. tariffs go too far or not far the platform, price and service that gives you the edge you need. looks like we have a couple seconds left. enough. peter morici and john stossel. let's do some card twirling melissa: that will be a debate. twirling cards e*trade. home depot's slogan for the the original place to invest online. company's hourly employees means even more thanks to bonuses from tax reform. house speaker paul ryan beating with the workers today, making melissa: paul ryan visiting with home depot employees in atlanta. making -- meeting with the one of the companies giving workers and holding a press conference at a town hall in bonuses to it employees after tax reform. home depot headquarters in here with the highlights our own atlanta. that is coming up. adam shapiro. reporter: you've been reporting david: sanctuary showdown, some reaction to the steel president slamming oakland's tariffs and the aluminum tariffs mayor he warned about i.c.e.
4:18 pm
raids, who she warned i.c.e. -- is taking center stage. so paul ryan who was in atlanta all right. melissa: you know what we mean. and meeting with people that warned everybody that i.c.e. was work at home depot but only coming. david: he has got her number. talked about the benefits of tax he will make her pay. reform but talked about what the more on that coming up. president has done with the new melissa: and fred barnes, steel tariffs and aluminum executive editor of tariffs, and he said quote, this "the weekly standard" weighs in on this escalating fight. is the statement, i disagree with this action and fear its >> working very hard. unintended consequences. the justice department has done i'm pleased that the president fantastic job. i do think we should have listened to those that shared my concerns and included an legislation where we put extra exemption for some american line in the money that we give allies but it should go further. them. you want the money? now in atlanta here is mr. ryan you can't have the sanctuary in his own words. cities. >> i think it was absolutely prudent and wise to exempt our allies in north america, particularly since we're in the definitely doesn't have that... middle of negotiating. i also hope that they have you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ continuing exemption process liberty mutual insurance. that, that countries and businesses can apply to. so that we can make it even more surgical. reporter: back to you. melissa: all right. adam, thank you so much. david: well, president trump is
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>> what the mayor of oakland did the other day was a disgrace where ted close to 1000 people ready to be gotten, ready to be taken off the streets.
4:22 pm
many of them, they say, 85% of them were criminals, and had criminal records and the mayor of oakland went out, she went out and warned them all. david: the war of words continues. president trump with very harsh comments for the mayor of oakland as that city and the state do battle with federal government over its immigration policy as the president is set to visit california next week. here is fred barnes, executive editor of "the weekly standard," fox news contributor. fred, she was trumped, that oakland mayor. pun intended. she, i think that when you have melissa: admitting mistakes. the fbi deputy director acknowledging to lawmakers the this president on an issue that bureau did not properly follow up on tips regarding the is so clear to many americans parkland school shooter, nikolas where not only do you have a sanctuary city, but you have a cruz. president trump saying the sanctuary city that makes current protocol must be improved. illegal to cooperate with >> we're working to strengthen federal agents trying to arrest our early warning system so that when there are red flags, as we had in the case in florida, criminal aliens, not just people there were 39 red flags, which who are here he illegally, but is a disgrace. so many red flags, they were
4:23 pm
committed criminal acts while crying out for somebody to go here illegally, to punish people and nab that guy. that want to capture them is not authorities will take action something that most americans quickly. agree with. >> not at all. melissa: the deputy director this among other things this is very good issue for president stating corrective action will be taken including possible stronger oversight of the fbi's trump and republicans going into tip line. david: amid the announcement on the election. it remind me of one earlier tariffs, steel country is going to the polls in just five days. president, you might know who pennsylvania is holding a very i'm talking about, andrew special election. republican rick saccone is jackson, slammed southern states that nullified tariffs passed by facing a strong challenge from congress because they didn't like them. democrat connor lamb. andrew jackson gave one of the this is traditionally a district great presidential speeches in that is a safe bet for the gop. 1832 saying that basically, you this is saccone on stop this or i will stop you "varney & company." >> my opponent voted for hillary from doing this. clinton. you have no right to do it. he has his sock puppets. he based it on not any statute. steny hoyer. mike doyle leading him around by the nose. martin o'malley have been out. he based it on his power in the all the liberals have been out to help him in the campaign. constitution. that doesn't fly here in the enormously powerful speech that worked. david: i think frankly the courts will back up the federal 18th congressional district. david: let's bring in know noele
4:24 pm
government on this. it's a clear constitutional issue that the courts will back up. the main thing for me, to bring it back up-to-date from good ol' nikpour. the president will go there himself. andrew jackson, nobody said no maybe you shouldn't. saccone is not the most exciting as the left continues to march candidate in the world. left. they have marched so far to the the president said no. left in the past couple years, this is trump country. i feel comfortable using tariffs nobody has yet said, wait a as part of the platform we're minute, sanctuary cities, okay, running on here. what do you think is going to we're okay with that. happen? >> i think you're exactly right, not cooperating with i.c.e. and i'll tell you why you're officials, okay. right. then finally the ultimate, not something i said a little earlier that the gop is now the only are we to the going to party for the working man. cooperate, we're going to arrest and you know, a while back i anybody who does cooperate with would say, trump do not go. i.c.e. officials. don't go to pennsylvania. finally somebody said enough is that is not going to be your enough. >> well enough is enough. territory, you could hurt him. you know what i say now? and, the, what they have done, what the left has done, is adopt i say now is a great time to go. a policy of open borders. because what you've done for the steel, for u.s. steel, and what whoever wants to come, come in, you're going to be doing for the whether you're a criminal or working man, all of the money not, and we won't throw you out. that has been turned up here with the tax cuts. >> you're welcome to stay. you have got people, working men if the police try to come and get you, we'll warn you and and women getting their, money in their paychecks. we'll stop them, try to stop so this is all a positive them from doing that. david: yeah. >> you know there has been message, and this says, you
4:25 pm
nothing like this before and, know, you keep gop leaders in i'm convinced, polls show this office, this is what you get from the administration because too, that it is a very unpopular you've got to realize, democrats thing. i at this democrats are really did not vote for any of the things keeping working man playing with fire in doing this. employed, the working man with and they're going to pay a price. money in his pocket. now getting fair trade with our, david: fred barnes, good to see you. thank you very much. appreciate you being here. with china. >> you're welcome. as it pertains to some of the melissa: seeking school safety tariffs, getting them to act solutions. president trump meeting with right. videogame industry leaders and this benefits 100% the following last month's deadly steelworkers. high school shooting. david: not everybody oz in the, we'll tell you what came out of you -- who is in the working the shoeing next. >> we have to look at the internet because a lot of bad class, most people getting paid things are happening to young salaries, working pretty hard in this country, but still most of kids and young minds. the manufacturing jobs in i'm hearing more people say the level of violence on videogames america are not steel companies. let's face it, most of the is really shaping young people's manufacturing companies may be thoughts. hurt by this because they will ♪ be paying a little more for the steel than they have been. so will it play, it will play well in pennsylvania. finally. it is steel country. you're still here? will it play well in other come on, denise. we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement... moving states perhaps they have to pay more for their steel? with solutions to help provide income throughout. >> you know that is a good question. we will see how it goes going
4:26 pm
i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen. forward. i can't predict what is going to oh. happen, what will be the so, that means no breakfast? undercurrent of some other i said there might be breakfast. i was really looking forward to breakfast. states with the movement, with i know... the, you know, more tax voya. helping you to and through retirement. implications or more things that will happen in other states like michigan might be one. so we'll have to watch that and see but there are some other positive things that can negate some of the things that are happening. so let's just say for example, you, you know, well, let's just say this. we don't know exactly what's going to happen but i do think that is a good argument and we'll see down the line what will be in store for, you know, states such as michigan with, as it pertains to workers. david: the bottom line here, what the president has done over the past 24 hours take in mind all the negative reaction, whether the gop inside of the beltway or from the stock market
4:27 pm
on wall street. he has taken all those negative comments and tailored these tariffs to those negative criticisms. >> right. david: these are groups, the gop and wall street that are generally in favor of what the president has done. do you think he has done enough to tailor his comments to those who have been critical of these tariffs? >> yes. a lot of people are eating their words. just for example, yesterday, if he announces these tariffs, the market will go to hell in a hand basket. that did not happen. i think that, you know, a lot of people said if tax reform, if trump's tax reform is going to get passed, it would be a hell in a hand basket. that didn't happen. stay steady at the course. you will end up seeing some of the things trump is doing, some of the policies he is implementing are going to be good. that will affect races in those states. why you may have a couple negative things in the long run, i think we'll keep house and senate, midterm i think will be
4:28 pm
okay. david: by the way, a lot of people, a lot of naysayers from the democratic party it is a shoo-in for the senate, shoo-in for the house. recently some pollsters have been saying not so much of a shoo-in, right? >> right. you have to look at other things. this is what is kind of weird. disney ceo hosting fund-raisers for schumer and his crew but coming out saying the tax cuts work. tim cook from apple, who sits on the liberal side, saying tax cuts are working. you have elon muck coming out saying this trade thing is great. you have trump pairing up with elon musk. you have a lot of mixed messages. david: of course the unions are in favor of these tariffs, particularly steel unions. good to see you. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: mcdonald's flipping its arches for international women's day but not all customers are loving it. ♪ i accept i don't bike the miles i used to.
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melissa: turning the golden arches upside down, mcdonald's flipping logo and packaging at certain locations in honor of international women's day. david: not all customers are happy. with the move. suggesting that money would be better spent on women's charities, scholarships or increasing its minimum wage. talking about the economy. what has fascinated melissa and i for the past week, the way that tariff announcement has changed from hard note, take no prisoners, m nobody no way, to something that is a lot more to use word of the president
4:33 pm
flexible. melissa: flexibility is his word when he is negotiating, we know this, we saw this with nato. they came in paid their share, wall of the going to be a wall from sea to shining sea, it is actually a border wall system. he starts in a hard line position. david: art of the deal. melissa: risk and reward. jim: >> >> we're negotiating with mexico and canada, also very much involved is national defense. if we reach a deal, most likely we're not charging those two for tariffs. i'll have a right to go up or down, depending on the country, a right to drop out countries or add countries, just' fairness, because we have not been treated fairly by other countries. liz: china, watch out. president trump laying down
4:34 pm
targeted tariffs. the trade war -- that is what he is talking
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