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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 29, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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today actually. dow industrials down nine points. s&p 500 done seven and nasdaq almost 1% lower in yesterday's trade. looking at the start of trading. dow industrial up 90 points. s&p 500 up half a percent with the 12-point over the nasdaq bounce after yesterday's decline of 55 points. stocks are also higher. the major indices higher across the board 1%. in asia overnight, best performer they are the shanghai composite in china. veterans affairs secretary david chopin is out. admiral ronnie jackson to take over the position i'm chopin's departure rate here. pollution in the capital newly uncovered checks show possible coordination between the obama administration, cia, fbi along
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with democratic leadership for the russian investigation for the shocking revelation this morning. where sandstorms factor for criticism from the left. sitcom delivers a staggering 18 million users in its return debut. the congratulatory call from the commander-in-chief. the company's creator looks to brew up a new business with marijuana infused. that story coming up. join me to talk all about it, digging the ballot. "forbes" media chairman and republican presidential candidate steve forbes is here and once a ballot joining us this morning. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. >> are to be here. maria: great to see you. dagen: david has seen it all in terms of investing in politics. what's most important to you? markets obviously under pressure. >> what you want to see is the reaction to these tech companies.
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they did not see it coming more than 20 years ago so the tourists who come in after them. right now facebook has the biggest problem because zuckerberg has been very poor in his response. he should've laid out. had better auditing, make sure that the rules were followed. like we all knew would we go on those things, we get those things free, but all user data to sell us. >> i think mark zuckerberg to start setting his alarm for 2:00 a.m. west coast time and watching "mornings with maria" talking about this literally for years. i said verbatim on this program if you don't start typing up your business in the management of that and it wasn't just the privacy data. it is rolling out the facebook live video, policing terrorists and your social network. you are asking for regulators to look in the front door.
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>> also conservatives by discriminating with their algorithms on facebook and other places. thing to do. maria: that happened throughout the election. one set of stories from the google donald trump to get a whole different set of stories. >> the nasdaq was up to most this morning, just under one percentage point. maybe this means it could be done for the tech sector. facebook and google got had the most in this privacy concern were flat yesterday. maria: this morning we will see how investors react. white house national trade council peter navarro with us this morning. reagan budget director stockman. former chief white house political adviser ed rollins joins us in the cio of black rock global ceo becomes rick readers. stay with us. we take it off right here with technology stocks on wall
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street. u.s. markets closed lower yesterday after resetting about increased regulatory oversight. they censure is a big tech companies. amazon among the day's worst performers after taxi is reported president trump wants to go after amazon on taxes or antitrust. facebook shares have fallen 14% this month, the rose slightly at the close up to the social network announced it would shut down a third-party ad targeting tool. apple ceo tim cook over facebook data privacy part says. look at this. >> the truth is we could make a ton of money if we've monetized our customer. we could make a ton of money. we have a lot good not to do that. we care about the user experience and we are not going to traffic in your personal life. i think it is an invasion of
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privacy. i think privacy to us as a human right. it is a civil liberty. maria: interested to hear apple talk about facebook that way and it did hit yesterday. >> a day. it is concerning because the text that there has been a bellwether for the stock market for the last year plus. we are going to be watching fourth-quarter earnings. this is a sector that i have to remind people of the fundamentals really are intact for the text that they are. in the last six quarters you sought technology beat earnings estimates by almost a percentage point. usually s&p 500 companies get 4%. maria: does this cut into that growth? does it change with the bigger regulatory bite? >> is definitely going to be a concern, but when you look at
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the market overall, the 11 sectors in the s&p 500, hard-to-find growth like you see here. amazon and facebook are huge, but we'll see how that comes out. maria: are you still looking at 15% earnings growth? is that for the year of the quarter? >> for the year. the first-quarter look at 1625%. maria: we were all speculating what would happen at amazon we know how the "washington post" is treated the president throughout his presidency. speculation he would go after amazon. and then you look at the size of the company and the number of businesses amazon to send them to question whether or not it's getting too big. what are your thoughts on the white house? it's pushing back on the xps report that they target on tax or antitrust ground. this is what we heard yesterday.
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>> the president has said many times before it's always looking to create a level playing field for all businesses and this is no different. he will always look because they were in specific policies on the table at this time. >> denial, denial, denial. what you see here is basis "washington post," but then by political protection in washington. he didn't realize would make of it targeted at the "washington post" said the greatest thing since george washington, you'd see a little bit of a different attitude. in terms of amazon, free markets will work to bring that down as it does with any other company over time. there were every gm in ibm and that was a big tech company. let the free markets play out. what is amazon is how successful it's been. base us internally to try to
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keep this company fresh and on the cutting edge. >> had to compete with a company that doesn't lose a lot of money quarter after quarter. >> a few steps down the terms on what you're going to do dear business, people will cut you slack. going to take 10 or 12 years to bring something to market. trying to build a volume successfully. they make enough money to show they are not just losing money. dagen: facebook largely i think maybe you start to get a division in this companies that how people analyze them. i don't think you can value those earning for so many question marks about facebook features. not talking about the regulators. i'm talking about individuals who are finally waking up to abuse of their personal information and how for more than a decade facebook hasn't given a flying flip about really protect the unit really lying
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into their user about what they were doing with it and not being upfront about privacy protections. these are the principles that steve jobs put in place from very early on at apple. i think you don't know how many users believe, how much growth was slower facebook and how the time spent on the platform may shrink and how that will ultimately affect the advertising dollars because facebook is rating then limiting the information they share with data brokers. when you try to come up with a valuation on facebook, that is a very big? >> is a huge amount of uncertainty around facebook at this given time. we saw active users start to decline. in this country their biggest market. expect to see more of that in
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the first quarter, especially. >> you have to say tim cook could be in his position because he sells product. facebook is selling the experience. not a hard product. facebook's motto is now under threat. >> they don't want to pay for content either. dagen: i want to pass along on twitter, and what the former wall street columnist throughout the idea of whether facebook offered a highly personal new data mining subscription service where people use that to share their most personal information. you pay to have it protected and they don't share any of that information. essentially the same way as a lot of people use high cloud is they share information and groups with their family members. >> that had better be
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uncountable. maria: that is true. i don't know if anybody wants to share anything at this point. >> once you're into it, this is part of your life. they've conned you into thinking they are doing this to make the communication in your relationship better. instead of looking at the photos to your mothers posted on facebook, how about picking up the phone and calling. tranter will take a break could really come back, another cabinet shakeup. hired via secretariat eric schalk and as a replacement at the va. more on the departure coming out. brady is in for roseanne healthy viewership in its return and a boost for the president. great, another dead end. sarge, i just got a tip that'll crack this case wide open! turns out the prints at the crime scene-
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maria: welcome back to expecting a higher opening for the broader averages $2 up 75 points. the nasdaq up 45 and the s&p up 10 points. meanwhile, dozens of people after a fire at a police station in venezuela. cheryl casone of headlines now. >> that's right, reappeared 60 people died after a fire broke out in venezuela. started after prisoners set fire to their mattresses and authorities say 66 men and two women were killed.
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they did clash with the lease afterwards demanding answers. tesla shares tumbling yesterday following a credit downgrade but the bonds touching a new low, down more than 7% after the stocks took a hit last week over scrutiny is self driving car technology. that does follow the fatal accident including tesla in california and overall weakness in the technology sector as well. tesla does depend on access to capital market as they roll up the model three sedan. tesla shares are trading higher in the free market right now up 3%. it's been a tough few weeks forever, but they've avoided one potential legal battle. the company has settled with the family of the water and run over by a self driving car last week in tempe, arizona. the terms have not been disclosed. dupree did suspend the program
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following the accident through the accident the default is spreading. other companies putting the brakes on their self driving test as well in several states. finally there is this. roseanne's return to the small screen brought in massive viewership for abc in the breakout premiere for the show wasted no time taking on politics. >> every girl should grow up to be president. liar, liar, pants suit on fire. thank you for making america great again. >> have you looked at the news because now things are worse. >> not on the real news. >> the show wrapped up an astonishing 18.2 million viewers making it the second most-watched entertainment program of the season. president trump even gave roseanne barr a call to extend his congratulations on the shows early success. take a look a disney, abc's
6:17 am
parent company down 9% year to date. the stock may change course as well. roseanne barr is very vocal about the fact she is a supporter of president trump and you'll see that in the show. tranter got a great reaction were talking about during the break. a conversation happening in america. it is real. >> the reason the ratings on the oscars were awful. again, the jokes about the president, vice president about trump, then my not so much. not funny anymore. but this is true to roseanne's character. again, finding the comedy in the division and families, rather than just making fun of the president's books. those jokes have been told. another thing, they brought in
6:18 am
whitney cummings who was a star comedian and writer. she was a real important addition to the show. these factors are phenomenal. john goodman, laurie metcalf, people were longing for these characters to come back into these factors at work. tragedy to watch it? >> i will have to watch it on youtube. i'm glad that it's happening and it also shows hollywood, get out of your bubble. you'll find an audience out there. and make the mistake of movies and tv. it's amazing. supposed to be in the business of free enterprise meeting the needs and wants of their audiences. tried to get out of your bubble. you're right. premillennialist back to the tv as well. nostalgic. maria: and they also bring people together. we'll keep watching that. the new russia pro-bombshell, newly uncovered text messages coming out between the fbi
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officials, strongly suggesting a coordination between obama's white house, and the cia in the investigation. the outreach coming up. taking on a new meeting covered your company blue moon watching a marijuana infused through the next. ♪
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maria: welcome back. another white house shakeup. the president took to twitter last night. here's what he writes.
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i'm pleased to announce they intend to nominate highly respected admiral ronnie l. jackson and d. is the new secretary of the va. jackson has been serving as the white house physician who joins us now, fox news correspondent lee gabriel. good to see you. thanks for joining us. what about the holdover from the obama administration? your reaction to this. >> well, this has a lot to do with the fact people lost trust in him due to the fact of the ig report that he used government money to take his wife on a trip that his chief of staff to make it look like it was legitimate. went to europe and accepted tickets to wimbledon. he says the tickets were for may close versatile friend because then it would be acceptable by government regulations. he couldn't remember the close personal friends first name when interviewed. what this comes down to is the
6:24 am
loss of trust and it's unfortunate because there's a lot of veteran organizations who felt like he was doing a really good job. there have been a lot of improvements modernizing the appeals process, decrease wait times, increase access to mental health care. but when you are in this sort of position using government money for personal trips, that sort of the end of it for you. >> does this have anything to do with the fact the administration wanted to move forward with government subsidizing private care in this sort of turned on him? >> you know, that is probably what people in his court would say. look, when you are in this position of being trusted by veterans from you expect a certain level of integrity among themselves in people supporting them. that's what it really comes down to more than anything.
6:25 am
people can say politics was involved in a lot of different things. bottom line is you can't be in this position and supposedly leaving the da where integrity is paramount in getting free tickets to wimbledon. he did payback for the trip. >> ronnie jackson has a very good reputation. is there any possibility instead of trying to do these internal reforms, some do it, some don't do it so well or you can just take your coupon or whatever, go to whatever hospital you want in whatever treatment you want to get the competition and shake it up instead of top-down. >> that is certainly one of the ideas people thought of for the issues of the va. of course the cost benefit analysis trying to figure out what the overall cost would be. i don't know how admiral jackson will run the va. one of the questions people are raising about him is he's been serving the military since 1995.
6:26 am
he's done a combat deployment with a very good reputation. he started working on caring for the president health of the george w. bush administration. the question is his executive experience. that's really important in the va because he is a career physician in military officer. the question is what kind of executive experience will he bring to the table. >> the point personnel can round out his team. maria: that's an important point. he did a good job on that press conference about the president health a month ago. the president posting photos of the u.s.-mexican border while construction to twitter. he posted it yesterday. he showed a united front for the president. 380 shares from 40 states signed a letter calling for increased security. without border security and immigration reform, war will be victims of crime. now is the time to act.
6:27 am
>> i think this backs up what voters felt when they voted president trump into office. illegal immigration was a huge issue in this election and i think that not just law enforcement, the people of the united states want a border wall. maria: i was struck or the conversation around the defense spending. what he think about this? numerous reports say the president has suggested funding the construction of the 2000-mile long through the military budget. we know went on to get the military money in place, the disaster $1.3 million, but they needed to fund the military. >> the republicans in president trump needed to fight harder for the funding of border security. $1.6 billion in border security?
6:28 am
again, not cracking down on sanctuary cities for congress has the power of the purse bid they didn't put any restrictions on limit on how the cities use federal funding. i think to not take the money for the military is questionable and another thing, this all comes together. he ran on draining the swamp and instead he has his cabinet secretary spending taxpayer money essentially to buy fan does so they can navigate the swamp even murkier than it was before. i'm talking about even bad person than the $31,000 chairs. they need to start answering for this and has will start rolling. >> president trump will have an issue if he tries to use military funding. no money shall be drawn from the treasury except in consequence of appropriations made by law. and then there is of course u.s. code that says appropriation
6:29 am
shall be a fight only to objects of which appropriations were made and provided by law. he has to go back to congress in order to get money for the military that was appropriate. this comes down to balance the power. dagen: is fighting back about this all. >> terms of illegal immigration and crime. why do they find that as a winning issue on the other side? maria: it's pretty extraordinary. >> this is a whole bigger issue of a doughnut time. for democrats of their population has changed and they have more voters that come from that population that are becoming democrats now. there is a political reinvented. maria: allots all about. lea gabrielle joining us. kim jong un in south korea's leader have a date further nuclear summit talks. details on that is how this affects trade, not next. watching the volatility markets, particularly technology after
6:30 am
the facebook fallout and the impact on the broader markets. facebook now up one and a quarter%. we are back in a minute. it was my very first car accident. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life.
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maria: thanks for joining us, happy thursday, your top stories, 6:30 on the east coast. look at futures, 75 on the dow, 10 points irony is in the, nasdaq, the final trading day of the month and the first quarter. they are on track for the quarterly decline in two years, a tough quarter on stocks. stocks closing the day, the worst performer, down 1%. in european indices, carranza in paris up 2 thirds of 1%. and it is edging higher. shanghai composite, north korea
6:34 am
dictator kim jung un meeting with south korea's president next month. at a big coin heists, stealing from an exchange as the kim regime hunts for funds. the exchange science acquiring $5 billion, there is a chart of the cme group. a fall from grace for blue apron, a market valuation 3 $50 million down from $2 billion in idea last year, netflix making a change to the board of directors. susan rice to the board. the choices raising eyebrows this morning. adding new ingredients to its beer. our top story this half hour.
6:35 am
fbi theory over text messages, gop congressional investigators, texts between peter strzok and lisa page suggest coordination between democratic leadership, cia, fbi and the justice department during early stages of the russia investigation. in one of the text messages he texts page internal joint cyber cd intel piece for d which refers to james comey is a scene setter for former chief of staff under obama, trainer, the head of the fbi cyber division director all cyber info be pooled. i let them hammer it out though it would be best for the director to have it before the wednesday white house session. devon nunez leading the charge to react to new developments.
6:36 am
>> they weapon eyes to some degree the intelligence services by using the foreign intelligence surveillance apparatus to target the opposition campaign is totally unacceptable. maria: former nevada state gop chairman, good to see you, thanks for joining us. the more texts that come output the story together in terms of how they came up with the russia probe. what do you make of this? >> sen. reid was briefed by director brennan. no documents being leaked and used for a yahoo news story to catapult this to these allegations, mind blowing that this could take place.
6:37 am
the fbi is basically an independent agency and they are abusing their power. >> coming together with a story about a probe, between the trump campaign and russia which never existed, they are in on it. >> that is the real collusion. they tried to redirect this stuff and hide it, never thought this guy was going to win, they wanted to keep him from winning and when he won they said you know what and continue to cover up and doing these illegal things. they should be in jail for abusing their authority. maria: they have powerful seats and use that power to actually take down a political enemy,
6:38 am
donald trump. based on nothing. >> they don't want to say pres. obama probably knew about it. maria: that is what these text messages are leading. how far up the chain did this go? obama direct all of this? >> i would find it hard to believe he didn't know. we are finding out more about the abuse the fbi and cia have been doing for quite some time, not just recently. it stinks to high heaven and does start at the top. maria: the fbi and department of justice are under investigation for the alleged fifa abuses. doj inspectors michael horowitz, fbi officials and the partners of justice wednesday asked a federal court to let them spy on trump campaign
6:39 am
advisor carter page. intel committee chairman devon nunez and house judiciary committee chairman bob goodlatte had to say. >> this is not a simple move for the inspector general to make to go after the top people in the fbi. >> you can't have the most important law enforcement organization in the world conducting itself in the manner it did in 2016 into 2017. maria: bob goodlatte said he was going to subpoena the document and they slow walked the document so they start this investigation and say we want 1.2 million documents and sent 3000. dagen: christopher ray adding more men. >> he has got to make a decision, whether he cleans up the fbi and save the fbi or go down. he is saying we are doing our
6:40 am
best to make a fundamental decision. >> will there be any justice? the people who had powerful seats have abused their power, talking about jim comey, bruce or, the government of justice and a couple others not to mention peter strzok and lisa page. are we going to see justice here? >> somebody like donald trump being an office i sure would hope there is going to be but it seems to be a pattern over and over where these individuals are just released and let free. it is disappointing in the public is tired of it. i would hope so. i would like to see that. maria: when you look at participation of the cia, and mr. clapper, all over, critical of this president, they were
6:41 am
also in on it it appears. >> comey coming out with a - >> you are selling your book and attacking this president. >> he is not going to get pressed, people are not familiar, choose not to familiarize themselves with what is going on at the fbi under his leadership, not going to press him on it but ask how much he hates trump maria: they muddy the waters, lots of information to confuse everything when we know very clearly what went on. >> attorney general sessions step up to the plate and make sure this is done with the department he has today. maria: will he do it? we will see. >> especially with that number 2 as part of the collusion. dagen: rod rosenstein signed off on those warrants, the last
6:42 am
one. >> once in an additional three times with the same information, the same dossier to keep spying on them. final word from you. >> general sessions does stop up, we have a number of republicans in the base that have been disappointed with him moving so slowly. let's hope he goes in the right direction. maria: thanks so much. singing the blues. investors losing their appetite. and former national security advisor and amb. susan rice is tasked to get on the board of netflix after her former boss barack obama is working with the media company as well. back in a minute.
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maria: the date is set for historic meeting between north and south korea. >> he will meet with north korean leader kim jung un on april 27th. a rare summit, only met twice before. japan, a bilateral summit. all these developments follow kim's surprise visit to china
6:47 am
this week. and in 2011. and in south korea looking at north korea's possible involvement in a bit coin heist. investigators looking to see if north korea was behind the hacking of the south korean crypto currency exchange. north korea is desperate for currency for crushing sanctions they turn to bit coin. cme group buying britain group for $5.4 billion, owns the biggest electronic platform for trading, us treasuries, cme says they will expand their presence in europe and asia and the chicago board of trade and the mercantile exchange. cme shares up 9% so far this year. former national security advisor and us amb. susan rice has a new role with the board
6:48 am
of directors. and a cutting-edge company whose leadership high-quality productions and deeply admire. and may not be so far behind, earlier this month the new york times reports the former president was in talks with netflix. possibly involving exclusive, appearing with david letterman. blue moon beer adding a little green, launching 3 marijuana infused beer, alcohol free, served chilled only available in colorado this fall. and a stout beer just to start. shares of blue moon parent
6:49 am
company, part infused beer, those are your headlines. maria: susan rice in the board of netflix, here's a tweet from karen nelson, big mistake, i spy. she unmasked, did all that unmasking. dagen: she lied about the benghazi attacks on national television and lied to the american people and lied to the families about why those individuals -- happens to be september 11th that it was a video. but i don't know. a lot of documentaries, i watch a lot of them, they are very
6:50 am
left-leaning. this won't help in the current regulatory environment. >> and netflix bringing on far left wing people, what does he expect to get? he loves crony capitalism, net neutrality, to help the big guys. what is his game plan on this? what is he going to get out of it? half the country. you got a company to be steward of. maria: we saw the success of roseann was when we come back pulling on the apron strings, blue apron seems to be in trouble after its flashy ipo last year.
6:51 am
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hospital that accepts medicare patients. whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. maria: investors hope blue apron can cook something up. and ugly tart, and a dollar 88, talking get one point about $2 billion value cut to $360 billion so it is running on fumes. mismanagement by the company
6:55 am
over spending. look at the chart, not only the likes of amazon but other meal preparation kit companies like hello fresh which is bigger than blue apron. someone to come in to buy them, who should that person be? rumors say costco could be a potential buyer but is this the state-of-the-art your market this year? not necessarily the case, renaissance has new numbers for the first quarter which ends today was 43 ipos have raised $14.6 billion. this is being led mostly by tech and technology companies. dropbox, unicorn, i remember friday because that was when the big tech companies like facebook and amazon tumbled 3% each and you have drop offs popping 36% and they ipo did visit her at 21 and trading in
6:56 am
the free market at $31 a share. so far so good. tuesday we hear from spotify. the yeti coolers. dagen: it is a cooler. >> they dropped their plans and withdrew their listing and speculation is it could have to do with the steel and aluminum tariffs because that is in their tumblers and thermoses and coolers or they don't want to go the way of go pro. dagen: as my father told me i know those yeti coolers look cool hanging off of somebody's pickup truck but they are a bear to get into. i can't get my blood quick enough. we had long family discussions at the dinner table about the flaws in yeti coolers.
6:57 am
>> they don't want to go the way of go pro but would is the state-of-the-art your market after this? >> a strong quarter even when markets were so volatile, markets were down for the first quarter. ipos did well. >> the worst margin 17 years. and to protect yourself. more "mornings with maria" back in a moment. alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. fidelity.
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>> maria: welcome back. good thursday morning. thanks so much for joining us. um maria bartiromo. it is thursday, march 29th. your top stories right now. trouble for technology, shares for several companies under pressure yesterday. facebook and twitter are in bear market territory. alphabet, amazon, netflix are in correction territory. this is following facebook's personal data scandal. the stocks are bouncing this morning. the concerns weighed on the major average yesterday. the dow, s&p 500 and the nasdaq are on pace for the worst month in many years. futures this morning show a rally at the start of trading, dow industrials up 70 points right now, a third of a period. s&p is up 10 points, a third of
7:01 am
a percent and the nasdaq is up 40 points. in europe, stocks are higher a across the board. ft100, dax index, all up this morning. in asia overnight, green across the board. shanghai composite up 1 1/4%. president trump is set to pitch his infrastructure plan. he's going to ohio to do that today in an effort to fulfill a campaign promise. >> we're going to make our infrastructure modernized and we're really way behind schedule. we're way behind other countries. we led the many way for many, many years. then a number of decades ago it slowed down and over the last eight years and 15 years, to be honest, it's come to a halt. >> maria: what to expect from the big push coming up this morning. collusion in the cab toll capity uncovered texts show details
7:02 am
over the russia investigation. the shocking revelations coming up. let's make a deal. nissan reportedly in talks to merge with renault. rear breaking down the deal. and not funny, ji jim care e jir fire after his latest painting targets the president's son. why nearly one-third of american couples are ready to hit the snooze button on their sleeping arrangements. joining us this morning is dagen mcdowell, steve forbes and lindsey bell as well. good morning, everybody. >> good to be with you. >> maria: this is a day we're ending the quarter which will be a pretty good quarter for earnings, by the way. >> it's going to be a great aware for earnings, not so much for the performance of the stock market. once earnings start being
7:03 am
released, april 13th, jp morgan kicks it all off, we should see investors feel reassured about the fundamentals of corporate america. >> maria: you're expecting 16.5% earnings growth in the s&p 500 in the first quarter, right? >> dagen: one thing weighing on the market, we were talking about this in the break, it's not just facebook and regulatory risk at some of these technology companies. we'll also look at tesla. i think tesla's stock fell more than 7.5% just yesterday. the unsecured bonds that mature in 2025, you mentioned this, fell to 86-cents on dollar. they recovered the cents of that. that's a real concern with the burn rate, at tesla it was $1 billion a quarter recently. they're trying to get production rolling of the model 3. that's a real concern. i think that is another canary that we need to watch. >> maria: you're absolutely right.
7:04 am
>> and threats about a trade war too which may be tamping down a little bit. >> maria: trade war worries? >> worries. >> maria: tesla, first it was the stock that traded down. now we're worried about the bonds. that's showing liquid at this worries. >> we're nerds. we watch the he debt. debt. the ebbing you which a equity d. the financial crisis was in bonds. >> maria: zero hedge did a very good job on of this a couple days ago before it came out. you were saying the trade war worries are fading because people look at it as a negotiation opening bid on the president's part, don't they? >> yes, the south korea deal we'lwhich we'll be discussing l, tampering but not much change. >> maria: president trump is
7:05 am
headed to ohio this afternoon to talk about his $1.5 trillion plan on fixing america's roads and bridges. the pitch comes as his proposal appears to be stalled in congress with some lawmakers concerned that state and local governments are responsible for the bulk of the spending. here's a look to what president trump said about rebuilding the nation's infrastructure at his state of the union address back in january. >> america is a nation of builders. we built the empire state building in just one year. isn't is a disgrace that it can now take 10 years just to get a minor permit approved for the building of a simple road? i'm asking both parties to come together to give us safe, fast, reliable and modern infrastructure that our economy needs and our people deserve. >> maria: the white house council of economic ad advisors estimates that trump's plan to
7:06 am
add up to 414,000 infrastructure jobs over the next 10 years. joining us now is a fox news contributor, ed rollins. good to see you. what do you expect the president to talk about today? obviously money is tight. where does the money come from for this infrastructure plan? >> obviously it's a balance between federal investment and private investment and state. this should have been priority number one. this would have gone up instead of the health care in the beginning, i think we would have had a big build today. i don't think we'll have much after the big budget bill. so i think until consider congrs revotes itself, in or out, i don't think we'll see much until january. the biggest problem is the federal government's always put the biggest chung in, 80% of -- chunk in, 80% of the highway bills. a lot of states and local communities we don't have the resources. trying to get the private investment in there will be he very important.
7:07 am
>> maria: the president wants $200 billion in federal money and the rest of the $1.5 trillion to come from the private sector. >> dagen: by the way, though, ed, there was $21 billion in new infrastructure spending that was in that in the omnibus bill, the spending bill that the president acted like he was going to veto and didn't. there are hands-out to construction in there. >> the problem always when you -- my first experience in washington with th with the department of transportation. every member has special projects they want. my sense is democrats at this point in time will do nothing to make the president look good. i do think they want the bill. i think it's not going to get done until at least january or february of next year. >> is there any way with executive orders, even in the transportation department, to remove the barriers, licensing barriers, permit barriers. >> maria: that's the big issue. >> elaine chow is as capable as anyone in the administration.
7:08 am
my assumption is she won't get a tweet fireing in the foreseeable future. she could basically push a lot of this stuff. i think it will be a slow walk and it should be a fast walk from the get-go. it will create jobs. it will be a coalition, so labor unions, what have you, want these jobs. the democrats should be at the forefront but they're basically stalling it. i think they will split it into multi-bills. >> dagen: who is going to pay for it? this goes back to my issue, that, again, when you don't have the federal gas tax, when it hasn't gone up in more than 20 years, and then you expect what regular income taxpayers to pay for this, we're going to borrow it? again, there's no financial responsibility in washington. >> last time you raised the gas tax, george mitchell was the senate majority leader back in 1991, 1992. >> and moreover, they've been using the gas tax for
7:09 am
non-highway spending. >> it's a big -- go ahead. >> how do you get private investment to come in, make this attractive to them? >> maria: they all want in. ing i think a lot of private -- go ahead, ed. >> i feel the same way. i think if you have a real plan and you see that the state and local and the federal government are going to coordinate and speed this process up, they'll put money in. but that piece of it's not done yet. >> maria: people are not going to invest in infrastructure if they think they won't get a return for 13 years. >> absolutely. >> maria: that's one of the issues. they've got to roll back the regulations, barriers and red tape and then i think they'll get the investment, don't you think, ed? >> it should have been the first priority. it should have been bill number one. >> do you think at the local level there will be blowback on having toll roads? >> i think there's such a frustration, the old team free highways is just not possible. >> free potholes.
7:10 am
>> maria: when i interviewed jamie dimon, he said i tried to invest, and he was looking at the bayone bridge, the bridge cross, and it was going to take 13 years. that's when his team said you know what, let's put this aside right now. we've got to get to the white house shakeup. david shulkin is now out. the latest to leave the trump administration. ronnie jackson is tapped to replace him. your thoughts, ed? shulkin is the second cabinet member to be fired just this month. >> he was an obama holdover. he was an unanimous appointment. i don't think he was a trump guy from the beginning. he obviously self-deinstructedd. the add initial wil admiral wile choice. my sense is he's going to be a
7:11 am
great outside spokesman. at this point in time it's one of the president's priorities and he'll have the president's ear which is very important, where i don't think the present secretary had the ear. >> dagen: you know what i was thinking about with the announcement of shulkin, which was expected, the headlines are always more white house chaos. and i thought to myself, maybe president trump is actually firing people who deserve to be fired and in past administrations people hung around too long because the president and their advisors were always reticent to make it look like we made a bad hire, we made a bad choice but this guy stinks, he's gone. >> i think you're right. the fact that he's been in the administration as the deputy secretary, he knew what the rules and regulations are. you don't take free tickets to whiwimbledon. you don't fly your wife all over the world. >> it's amazing this keeps
7:12 am
coming up. >> maria: does this keep coming up? you're right. >> one of the jobs i had when i was in the white house is i would be the last person to talk to the cabinet officers. i'd say there's rules and regulations. read those and abide by them. if you have any doubt, call your council and you followed those rules. if you don't follow those rules, you're done. understand that. you're going to get over there. you're going to think you're imperial because you've got big offices and all the rest of it. it's the taxpayers' dollars and it's a position of trust. >> it's not your money. >> maria: more ugliness from hollywood. jim carey is slamming president trump again. the actor tweeted a drawing of what appears to be the president's sons being attacked by an elephant. the caption says #teamelephant. jim carey posted other picks. pictures. he barbed other people like sarah huckabee sanders.
7:13 am
what's your take on this? >> he hasn't made a buck they a movie in a lot, long time. political commentary, cartoonists and always vicious. he's trying to basically be outrages and being vicious. we shouldn't make a big deal out of it. >> there used to be a show called "hollywood squares" where washed up actors would go -- >> maria: you're right. >> dagen: paul lynd was never irrelevant. i just want to stay that. >> maria: jim carey, you're irrelevant. >> i wish i could be a political cartoonist. you get to get up and slam somebody and a not pay the consequences. i think he will pay the consequences. >> maria: coming up, newly uncovered texts show possible
7:14 am
coordination between the obama administration and all the a agencies. democratic leadership as well in congress on the russia investigation. the outrage coming up. and until sleep do us part, a new survey, wait until you see what this says. thou hast the patchy beard of a pre-pubescent squire! thy armor was forged by a feeble-fingered peasant woman... your mom! as long as hecklers love to heckle, you can count on geico saving folks money. boring! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ♪ ♪ fight security threats 60 times faster with ai that sees threats coming. the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business.
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the ibm cloud. sometimes, they just drop in. obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group - how the world advances. ♪ >> maria: welcome back. looks like it will be a good open, this the final day of the quarter and the month for certainly markets and business is concerned. dow industrials expected to be up 70 points this morning at
7:17 am
start of trading. the nasdaq and s&p 500 are also higher. there's a slide in big technology stocks as companies gain for influence in the global stock marc markets. cheryl casone has more. >> cheryl: facebook, amazon, netflix, goodell's parent, alphabet, microsoft, nearly all of these guys losing ground yesterday in particular with facebook now sitting in bear market territory and alphabet, netflix and amazon in correction territory. technology stocks have been under fire over concerns over more regulatory oversight following the regulations over facebook's misuse of user data. president trump reportedly again suggesting he might seek to change amazon's tax status. so we hope the earnings are good. the stocks have been hit this month. well, a car merger reportedly is in the works this morning. reports are saying that renault is in talks with nissan.
7:18 am
this would build on the strategic alliance the companies have had since 1999 shares of renualt are up 1 13% this year. british police say a former russian spy and his daughter came into contact with a nerve agent at their own front door. authorities are searching for a person who could have delivered the poison to them. london blames moscow for the attack, triggering a major di emplomajordiplomatic dispute. get this. nearly one-third of americans want to file for sleep divorce from their partners. that's according to a brand-new survey. that's a lot more than the study back in 2010 that found that one-quarter of couples have separate sleeping arrangements. now it seems that some uncomfortable sleepers are afraid to bring up the idea of different beds. so let's just get
7:19 am
a divorce. of the 3,000 people surveyed, 300 say they've ended a previous relationship because of sleep issues. there you have it, maria. >> maria: don't get in the middle of my sleep time. >> cheryl: you need your sleep. >> maria: thank you, cheryl. coming up, facebook is under fire. apple's ceo, tim cook, some big changes are needed at facebook and needed fast. this comes as facebook users scramble to protect themselves without waiting for regulatory crack downs. then, carnival cruise lines making a huge offer to a teenager for his snapchat handle, even getting shaquille o'neal in on the action. now the teen is sailing away with a win. the story coming up. back in a moment. ♪ here i am baby. ♪ come and take me, here i am baby. ♪ come and take me, take me by the hand. ♪ oh, show me, here i am baby.
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7:23 am
we care about the user experience and we're not going to traffic in your personal life. i think it's an invasion of privacy. i think it's -- privacy to us is a human right. it's a civil liberty. >> maria: that was apple's ceo, tim cook, doubling down on his company's commitment to protecting user privacy. the comments come as the technology community remains under fire following facebook's data scandal which now sees several technology executives including mark zuckerberg being called to testify before congress. joining us is the cyber guy, kirk knudsen.
7:24 am
the scandal around facebook has people scrambling to figure out how to protect their personal day that what ca -- data. what can we do? >> we're talking about -- how about tim cook? does he not smell like a rose this morning in the ma manue of silicon valley. facebook not so lucky. there's six must do changes to rain in your privacy. you can -- rein in your privacy. you can turn off your apps to have the ability to have access to your data. you simply remove the apps on facebook. i went to my own data and i saw 74 apps, half of which i never remembered giving access to my life and they have it. also, set alert so if facebook is logged on at another location, it's going to let you know. and then disable the facebook integration. it's so easy to use this where you log onto other websites and
7:25 am
instead of putting in all of the form, you just log on with facebook. what we now know that we didn't really know very clearly before is that they're using that as a path to, again, share our personal data. so the list goes on. limiting access to the apps that you use, location privacy, turning that off as well as the history which is like the bread crumbs of everywhere you go and the number one thing, tell your friends to do these same settings because you're vulnerable to what your friends allow through also. so if they can see what's on your profile, maria, they're also going to see access to being able to carry that data away and give it to a third party app. >> maria: we were all doing this ourselves the other day, looking at our apps to try to figure out what's open and what isn't. you have to go into facebook and then there's another area just for the apps, right, dagen? >> dagen: right. they're trying to basically make changing your privacy settings
7:26 am
easier. that was one of the announcements yesterday. but it's never been clear. that's really the whole point is over the years facebook has asked you for more and more of your personal information, just down to even the most granular detail about where you went to elementary school. what do they do? they slice it and dice it and let the app developers in to access it and you really don't know what's going on. >> that is so wrong. what's the alternative, if you want to delete your profile they don't make that easy either. >> no one's going to do that. you've got elon musk over in california, big drama, i'm removing myself as well as the companies off of facebook. no one is going to really do that. that's not a practical solution. the practical solution may be taking a look at the leadership at facebook and saying now, after all of thee flaws and the messes that facebook has, especially related to personal data, you have mark zuckerberg
7:27 am
who always is reluctant to show face, he comes out, he makes a big grand corrective gesture and then you see about a 5% action of what he said would be some spectacular new direction. i'm soft on him. i don't like what the company's done. i think he's a spectacular human being, great leader, love what he built. i think they need a grown-up inside of facebook. they're not out for our interests, they're out to serve themselves, to grow their platform and to make money. >> maria: he's not going anywhere. >> he's going to be testifying to congress. can he finally settle this in congress and say here's what we're doing? >> not a chance. two weeks from now, he's due to show up. there's no way. i'm sorry. again, that will be theater on his part. there's something very awkward about him in the public, whether he's on camera or at a group. that's probably why they kept him and he's kept himself from being in public forums. he's not the best communicator.
7:28 am
put cheryl sandburg up there, there might be a different story. >> dagen: cheryl sandburg has been too busy telling women how to treat other women. >> maria: you mean "lean in." >> dagen: whatever message that was. >> maria: if he doesn't want to step down, he's not going anywhere, he's got full voting control. people need to understand that when they buy facebook shares. he's making all the decisions. kurt, thank you. >> his architecture in setting up that was brilliant. he's got control. >> maria: thank you so much. coming up, new russia probe bomb dingbombshells, newly uncoveredt messages between fbi officials. they strongly suggest a coordination between president obama's white house, former senate democrats and the cia, early on in the russia investigation. the outrage coming up. i-hop making the top five list
7:29 am
of casual dining customers with the most loyal customers. which one flies to number one? the big reveal coming up. ♪ i promised you i'd never give up. ♪ if it makes you happy, it can't be that bad. ♪
7:30 am
7:31 am
>> maria: comwelcome back. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, march 29th.
7:32 am
your top stories right now. stocks are looking to rebound this morning. dow industrials are up 70 points right now. s&p up 9 and the nasdaq is up 43. this marks the final trading day of the month and the final trading day of the quarter. first quarter was a tough one for stocks. the dow and s&p 500 on track for the first quarterly decline in more than two years. stocks closed the day yesterday lower. the nasdaq was the worst performer, down almost 1% on the session as technology once again took a hit. the dow was down 9 points and the s&p down 7 yesterday. global markets are higher this morning. european indices this morning, the ft100 and the dax index are up this morning. in asia overnight stocks edged higher at the close as you will see. the shanghai composite was the best performer there. technology was the big issue on the market yesterday. the biggest names in the sector are higher at the open today. facebook is up 1.25%.
7:33 am
new questions is the morning over the collusion. this time it is against democrats. the shocking allegations revealed in new text messages. they show coordination between the white house and law enforcement agencies. president obama's white house. here's how devin nunes reacted last night. >> the left continued to say this is watergate and trump will be impeached. now this is effectively boomeranging on them. >> maria: it is opening day for major league baseball. we have a look at the top matchups. all 30 clubs will play today. flying high with customers. people love i-hop. there is one place they love more. we have the top restaurants for customer loyalty coming up this morning. trading up, carnival cruise is offering a teenage r teenager y trip in exchange for a snapchat handle. and we'll have details on rob
7:34 am
grone coulgronkowski's new rolel gibson film. fbifury over newly uncovered text messages. investigators tell us the text between petesuggests-- is anyon? in one of the text messages struk text's page this, internal joint cyber cd intel piece for d. this refers to james comey. is the scene setter for former chief of staff under obama. the head of the fbi cyber division directed all cyber info be pulled. i'd let them hammer it out first. it would be best for d to have it before the wednesday white house session. they had the meeting at the white house it appears.
7:35 am
devin nunes has been leading the charge on this. he reacted to what was revealed last night. >> the democrats appear like they weaponized to some degree the intelligence services by using the foreign intelligence surveillance apparatus in this country to go and target the opposition campaign, is totally unacceptable. >> maria: joining us is fox news contributor byron york. great to see you. >> good morning, maria. >> maria: remember during the election when hillary clinton used to say 17 agencies said there was collusion between trump and russia. remember that b.s.? they were -- what do you think these texts tell us? >> well, these texts are important for two reasons, for what they say, and for the fact that the justice department hid important facts about them from congress. on what they say, one of the things we've been trying to find out for quite a while is about the trump dossier, about the
7:36 am
allegations in the trump dossier, how high in the obama administration did knowledge of those allegations go and what these texts show is that shortly after the fbi formally began its trump, russia, counter intelligence investigations, this is in august of 2016, shortly after the investigation gets under way they are talking, struk and page are talking about briefing dennis mcdon mcdonna, e chief of staff. we have heard democrats being critical of president trump for keeping tabs on the fbi investigation. here at the very least it appears the white house may have been keeping tabs on the white house investigation. >> maria: we know the fbi and doj are under investigation for the fisa abuses in the russia probe as well. that was of course made earlier this month by house intel committee. doj's inspector general announced yesterday he's
7:37 am
reviewing what fbi officials and the justice department knew when they asked a federal court to let them spy on carter page during the president's campaign. so buy i don' byron, basically d this narrative that there was collusion between trump and the russians. then they paid for -- the democratic party paid for the dossier with unverified stuff. they take it to the fisa court. they get a warrant based on that unverified dossier to spy on the trump campaign all during the election. it's extraordinary to me that he actually still won. i mean, it is. >> when you a hear the inspector general or you hear republicans talking about investigating fisa abuse, they're really investigating the dossier. if you look at the charging -- if you look at the description of how the inspector general is going to investigate, it's about this dossier, how did they get it, what was the role of the former british spy, christopher steele in doing it, why did they agree to pay christopher steele to work on this at the same time
7:38 am
steele was being paid by the clinton campaign and finally how did they use it in the fisa warrant application. but one last thing about the justice department not being open about this. on these struk, page texts, they sent a lot of the texts to congress but parts of them were redacted. the fbi said these two people were having an affair. there's a lot of personal information in the texts. you don't need to see that. congress said fine, we're not investigating their relationship. but what they have now discovered is that the fbi and the justice department also covered up important facts like dennis mcdonna's name. so they learned that, wow, there's an obama white house official involved here and that was previously redacted. >> maria: they also redacted the texts about wanting to go to a party with the fisa judge. let's not forget that. go ahead, steve. >> byron, one of the things the
7:39 am
other side has been good at is muddying the waters, making it complicated so people can't grasp it in a tweet, you might say. where does this go from here? will we get a special prosecutors. will sessions step up to the plate and make sure justice is done? what's the next step? >> the first thing that's going to happen, probably, will be the release of this inspector generaller's report you heard about. it's not an investigation into the trump russia investigation but it is an investigation into how andrew mccabe, james comey, the fbi handled the hillary clinton investigation and, boy, we know there's plenty of questions about what they did there. so look for that to come out basically at the same time as james comey's national book tour. >> just a coincidence. >> we'll find out about that. the you n new inspector general investigation announced into the handling of the dossier, you know what happens with those.
7:40 am
they take a long time. it will eventually come out but not for probably at least a year. >> dagen: i want to add to that. the inspector general has limited power to compel the testimony from people who no longer work within the government like andrew mccabe. >> maria: and jim comey. >> dagen: and jim comey. do you think we still get a special council on this? >> you have given the trey gowdy argument in favor of a special council because look at all the people involved. they can only investigate people who are employees of the justice department, james comey is no longer an employee, near it andrew mccabe. christopher steele never was. what about fusion gps, all these people who can't be investigated. that is the strongest argument for a special council. but i have to say, i haven't seen any indication right now that that's going to happen. >> what's sessions' hang-up on this? >> there are a lot of republicans who are just opposed filopposedto the idea of specia.
7:41 am
they believe it results in mission creep. they go forever. they go all over the place. we're seeing that in the mueller campaign. >> but the reason this one's gone off the track, the current one, is because the parameters were not there. if you set specific parameters on what you can and cannot do when you appoint the special council, you can prevent the abuses. the number two in the justice department didn't do that which is why mueller is going all over the place. >> maria: the initial mandate was that bob mueller looks at collusion with the trump campaign or collusion between trump and russia. why is the investigation still going on? if we know that this is a whole bunch of nothing and that they created this whole narrative to keep donald trump out of the white house, why is robert mueller continuing this charade? >> because the guardrails were not put in. they didn't make it in a specific way, this is what you can and cannot do.
7:42 am
>> maria: now he can go into obstruction of justice, he can go wherever he wants. >> we should always be careful talking about mueller. there's a lot of stuff we don't know. but on the collusion front, look at this. he is charged -- he has charged several people who are high in the trump campaign, paul manafort, michael flynn, richard gates, people who if there had been a scheme to conspire with the russians, they would have been involved, they would have known about it. they've been charged with criminal acts, none of which involved any collusion. so that's a good reason for us to believe that maybe it's not going to happen. and as far as obstruction is concerned, we know he is investigating that but we also know one other thing. as far as president trump personally is concerned, he's the president. he's not going to be charged with a crime and dragged into a courtroom. if anything happens, it would be the political process of impeachment and all these legal arguments we hear about, they're not really going to be as
7:43 am
important as the political argument of president trump. >> maria: real quick, byron, do you think anybody goes to jail over the massive abuse of power? >> anybody in the fbi, it would be very unlikely. i think people on capitol hill want to expose this. they want to find out what happened. i don't think they want to send anybody behind bars. they want to find out what happened right now. >> maria: byron, we'll leave it there. thanks so much. coming up, play ball, it's baseball's opening day today. the hope for all 50 teams to hit the diamond today are dashed. we'll tell you why. then, from new england to hollywood, rob grone could you sigski may beshare -- gronkowske sharing the big screen with mel gibson. we'll be back with that. ♪
7:44 am
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>> maria: welcome back. the noble prize winner is back
7:47 am
home in pakistan for the first time since she was shot by militants. we have the story. >> cheryl: she was shot in 2012 by militants who were angry over her support for teaching girls. hours after she arrived in pakistan she met with pakistan's minister and said she was excited to be back in her country. >> seeing how many in our society, how we can fight against those challenges. >> cheryl: she added how she always planned to come home after having to leave pakistan for medical treatment. her visit is expected to last four days. well, the saudi arabian stock market is joinin joining ftse. the move is expected to draw billions of dollars of foreign
7:48 am
portfolio investment into the canadian tri. the finance minister was on the show earlier this week, talking about the country's reforms launched by the crown prince. >> we are at the stage where we moved from planning over the past two years to execution. so there is significant positive momentum now, where the economy is going. >> cheryl: meanwhile, saudi arabia is expected to unveil rules by the end of june to prevent large share price drops in newly listed companies. officials say this is the final regulatory step for the listing of saudi aramco. and then there's this, the winner of the hunger games not the movie, but the casual restaurant with the most loyal customers is buffalo wild wings. others in the top 10 include applebees and hooters.
7:49 am
then there is this. a virginia teen is taking a cruise of a lifetime for the small price of snapchat handle. recreated the handle at carnival cruise years ago. carnival wanted it. they put up a giant billboard, asking for help to find him. when they found him, they offered him a trip worth $5,000 on their latest vessel, the carnival horizon. he's taking his entire family, maria. there is shares of cair carnival uniteyear-to-date. i would have taken the money and invested it for college. that's just me. he wanted the cruise. >> maria: he's smart to get that handle. >.when we come back, the new england patriots' tightened may be in an action film with mel gibb some we've got the -- gibson.
7:50 am
we'll got the details right after this. the 2018 he' o 2018 ede miami open is down to the elite eight. john bul bullan american fired . he took just over an hour to close out the south korean in straight sets. on the women's side yolanaastipanko reached the final four. she punched her tickets in the semifinals. don't forget, tennis channel's extensive live coverage of the 2018 miami open continues thursday at 12:30 p.m. eastern. termites.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> maria: welcome back. move over michael jordan. here comes lebron. jared has the story right now. >> jared: more folks saying lebron, is he the best ever? every game he's played since january 6th, 2007, he has scored at least 10 points a game. last night, this dunk by lebron against the charlotte hornets pushed his point total to 10 points for the game. that's the milestone marker, 866 consecutive game lebron scored double digit points. this ties an nba record shared by michael jordan who owns the hornets team that the cavaliers beat last night. happy hope-ening day.
7:55 am
earliest opening day ever, marc. the commissioner spoke to maria bartiromo earlier this week. take a listen. >> we think getting back to the tradition of everybody playing on opening day is an exciting thing for the sport. i think it's an opportunity to own thursday, make opening day into the national holiday that it should be. >> jared: all 30 teams were scheduled to play today but the reds game in cincinnati was postponed because of a rainy forecast. they'll make it up tomorrow, first game 12:40 in miami. history will be made in the nfl next season, the l.a. rams will have two male cheerleaders. the ravens have men who perform opportunities with the female cheerleaders. there will actually be two cheerleaders dancing with the squad. we've seen rob gronkowski's
7:56 am
moves. last week he was on the shoulders of shaquille o'neal. now he's going to make another movie. he reportedly signed on for an acting role in an upcoming action movie that will star mel gibson. the movie is titled "boss level." he was just in a movie last year too. after the super bowl he made comments that made you think is he looking to retire. maybe he sees a future outside of football. >> maria: would that get you to go see the movie? >> dagen: if mel gibson isn't in it i would see it. how mel gibson has a career left, i have no idea. >> maria: really? >> dagen: given his horrible behavior, remember the drunk driving scar, the horrible slur, the way he speaks to women, the rants that were caught on audio. by the way, gronk, i saw him wearing a sponge bob backpack
7:57 am
down in miami once. >> he has a sponge bob backpack. >> dagen: because of his size, i bet he photographs very well on the big screen. >> in this country, there are numerous second acts, ten acts, third acts. you'ryou're never down forever. remember, trump went after rosanne in that first debate in 2015 when you called out statements about women, he said rosanne, everyone laughed. now they're best buddies. >> maria: jared, thank you. catch the sports reports on sirius xm115. still ahead, we head to outer space. that's next. at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage.
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and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans better than a manual. and my hygienist says it does but they're not all the same. who knew? i had no idea. so she said, look for one that's shaped like a dental tool with a round brush head.
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go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to gently remove more plaque, and oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the american dental association for its effectiveness and safety. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b. oral-b. brush like a pro. maria: good hindrance monday morning i am maria bartiromo thursday, march 29 top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. bulls fight back this morning, futures pointed to go gains start of trading, on this the final trading day for both the month and the quarter dow industrials expected to be up of 80 points out of the gate today, nasdaq expected to be up you 50. . follows another day in red for the major indices yesterday even though just fractional moves the dow s&p a hundred nasdaq all on pace for the worst march month of march nearly 20 years big concern technology smears of several
8:01 am
big names under pressure amidfears of rshth crack facebook, twitter bear market alphabet netflix amazon correction territory those are trading higher this morning, in europe, this morning, stocks are hire take a look ft 100 cac quarante dax next up with german index dax up almost 1%, in asia overnight green across the board, fractional movers as for the most part shanghai composite in china up better than 1% rebuilding america president trump to pitch infrastructure plan today in a ohio, in effort to fulfill another campaign promise. >> we're trying to build roads and bridges, and fix bridges that are falling down. and we have a hard time getting the money it is crazy, washington will no longer be a roadblock to progress, washington will now be your partner. maria: what a to expect from big push coming up this morning, protecting our borderss as president trump unveils pictures of construction of the wall, hundreds of law enforcement officials are throwing support
8:02 am
behind that billed out, hacks planes ransome ware reportedly strikes boeing what you need to know as company becomes the latest to be hit by the "wanna cry" virus. >> there is self-driving suved to-million-dollar car highlights from the auto show wait till you see hot wheels there this week infiniti to outer are space where astronauts preparing for a spacewalk moments from now coming up thursday morning joining me to break it down fox business dagen mcdowell. >> former republican president steve forbes, snoors lindsey bell great to see you -- >> great to be here. >> yeah, a lot on the table, to -- >> yes there is. . >> a lot on the docket, infrastructure spending. is huge we are going to talk about that i know. there will be interesting to see what a they say. >> of course, the final day of the quarter we are going to start getting earnings about two weeks from first quarter
8:03 am
dagen. dagen: tech sell-off not just facebook talk about tesla dire financial straits, and may be i am going to teas it up coming up, the "the wall street journal" has incredible article about our fall future as country won't be as care free as in the past talking about the ability to borrow. >> best thing about earnings though is get things back to reality. markets been worried about what my happen earnings are what has happened, companies most are upcoming. >> that is a good point getting back to what is happening in terms of fundamentals breaking news the president just tweeted, here is what he said this morning, i have stated my concerns with amazon, long before the election. unlike others they pay little or no taxes to state and local governments use postal system as deliver boy causing tremendous loss to united states, and putting many thousands of retailers out of business, the president just tweeted that, about amazon, the president is taking his pitch, as well, for a
8:04 am
trillion-dollar infrastructure plan to ohio as proposal stalls out in congress adam shapiro covering story with a the very latest dwooj to you. reporter: good morning to you the issue will be infrastructure when president heads to north coast cleveland outside speaking in richfield former home of thes coliseum going to talk about infrastructure proposals because the bill essentially is going nowhere at this point on capitol hill there is no one comprehensive bill, what the president wants is 200 billion dollars from congress, in seed money to spur private/public partnership for 1.5 trillion entrepreneinfrastr spending 10 years 1.5 trillion impact of 1/10 of a percent to 2/10 of a percent gdp annually would create from 290,000 to 414,000 jobs for people over the next 10 years, would it also help o improve access to
8:05 am
education and workforce development programs for people working on infrastructure projects, speaker of the house paul ryan said may not be one with huge increase bill will be several proposals in separate legislation here when is what sarah sanders said. >> following on success of tax reform, infrastructure is the next piece of the president's successful economic agenda workers represent hardworking americans across country will participate in rebuilding of our nation's infrastructure sparked from president's vision will definitely be to see the president lay out that vision. >> so the infrastructure speech around 2:00 this afternoon from richfield expected to get headlines the other headlined this morning, in washington, has to do with firing of secretary veterans affairs david shulkin dr. shulkin published op-ed in "new york times" said should
8:06 am
not be this hard to serve your country size in recent months the environment in washington turned so toxic chaotic disrespectful subveerive became impossible to accomplish important work veterans need and deserve back to you. maria: thanks so much adam shapiro, at white house joining us right now to weigh in former a regular budget director david stockman good to see you. >> good morning. >> infrastructure plan is focus today from the president, now the white house -- talking about 200 billion dollars federal money the rest private money your thoughts on infrastructure spunneding. >> -- funding. >> forget it we don't have 200 billion dollars to spend, the government is is actually flat-out broke, we have gone through a fiscal about rirnl or gee into 10th year of so-called recovery going to have a 12.2 trillion deficit
8:07 am
cut taxes 300 billion omnibus spending bill raised it by 200 billion bad enough what they he inherited from obama, and now we are in the soup like never before they need to focus on getting the fiscal situation under control. infrastructure will take care of itself, 90% infrastructure is state and local, 90% infrastructure can be fund about user fees, we don't need to be you know hitting the federal budget which is bleeding red i think -- red ink fed going to stop of printing money selling bonds this is the worst time for him to be thinking about this now he is -- sleepwalking needs to wake up. >> what do you say steve. >> 200 billion not going to be one year, that is going to be the way congress works several years by the time things get off the table. but in terms of infrastructure, 1.2 to make you talk about state and local level, they up to it? willing to put fees in by the
8:08 am
way, just for the record you don't have infrastructure problem with this private sector is involved feex ups no shortage deliver tricks rail reads best in the world after deregulation 1980 government voluntarilied always a maintenance problem. >> i agree why they should forget this let private sector take care of it recognize sewer water local streets highways local buses subways local if local people are unwilling to put it in the fair box tax themselves their choice live with consequences when we take it to washington, it becomes one giant pork barrel more on highways than before 45 billion gas tax less than 20 billion to interstate. >> when did that start was supposed to be just for entity highway system period where did it go you were there for a
8:09 am
while. >> over. dagen: it goes from this money that you said isn't spent on highway it is spent on things that are related to transportation, because in fact, because the gas tax the federal level has not gone up more than 20 years highway trust fund borrow oz from general revenue so you have people ep who pay income tax don't dry funding repair of roads, that is unfair. >> i agree with that one hundred percent and that is the problem with putting it on in congress a logrolling situation, so, beautification people get money bicycle people money mass transit people get money it goes everywhere even to local roads, in highways the interstate system gets you know what is left over, so the lesson it is so clear, the lesson is infrastructure if you hear infrastructure coming from washington run the other way, because it is really a boondoggle. dagen: to point out 21 billion dollars in additional infrastructure spending in that that omnibus bill,
8:10 am
omnibus spending bill, so you can talk about hundreds of billions of dollars for infrastructure, well they are getting plenty of money in that. >> let me give one example jo where is money going that is part of the money they are going to use. >> of course, obama had this ridiculous program tiger going to local governments for mass transit systems so forth the republicans tripled the budget that they inherited from obama when actually trump wanted to zero it out he should have. if you look at bill the worst thingive seen in my life obama, i mean trump tried to cut domestic appropriations by 50 billion, these hypocrites in if republican party on capitol hill raised it by 63 billion, in other words, by the time bill came to trump it was 100 billion higher for domestic spending than he wanted, and he had to sign it so he could get his 80 billion
8:11 am
for defends he didn't need. >> board wall a priority president tweeted out photos of conduction work along u.s.-mexico border yesterday 380 shefr in 40 states calling on congress to fund this wall, a day after president floated idea of part of the pentagon budget to pay for the wall that 1.3 trillion-dollar spending but will signed last week included 1.6 billion dollars in spending much can only be used to repair existing stretches of the wall not install a new one. >> i think the wall is dumbest wait waest of he money i heard in entire krr i started in 1970 keep come from two reasons distribute drugs criminal solve that kangsling war on drugs come to work solve that giving work permits if we did that wouldn't need a wall won't have a border problem the heart of the crime thing worried about is the war
8:12 am
on drugs it doesn't work, it you simply drives it underground creates a criminal distribution, and that is the problem. >> what do you do then? >> you -- you repeal the war on drugs. >> how do you get the drug dealer from accommodatincoming. >> call phillip morris you are in if rj sharp of drpt distributing drugs the normal civil way everything else is distributed making drugs illegal is what created this problem. >> extra billion you said not necessary. >> absolutely not necessary. >> defense spending. >> absolutely not we have 600 billion defense budget now 700 billion, the problem is not too little money it is too many missions -- >> has been pummeled because of see. >> we have argued about this if they didn't have so many missions if he weren't buying 144 billion new stuff we don't
8:13 am
need if we were actually repairing to defend the homeland, not try to police the world, they would have more than now of money, out of 600 billion. >> should not -- in -- we should be out of korea. >> absolutely out if europe captain take care of itself by now with 17 trillion gdp where are we after 60 years? japan can take care of itself, korea needs to be -- you know the peninsula needs to be demilitarized denuclearized. >> how do you denuclearize if you don't have support the troops? you are saying yeah let them denuclear relies doesn't happen by accident. >> the reason that they have they are trying to get a nuke in the north they saw what happened to saddam hussein who didn't have one saw what happened to qaddafi gave his up. >> program long before libya went down the tubes. >> we the point is that is why they are continuing it now. >> we've got to -- thanks you
8:14 am
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secure to the core. kevin, meet yourkeviner. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. maria: welcome back boeing says it has been bit by a wanna cry ransom ware attack. cheryl: that is right the company says virus affected a small number of systems, and production plant in charleston
8:17 am
south carolina the virus is spreading boeing said did not cause majorings disruptions if "wanna cry" struck thousands of systems in more than 70 countries last year. >> take a look at boeing stock higher in premarket up almost 1%. >> well, ai adobe a new service to help track people across devices, the new initiative can track you on a home computer, or work laptop a phone tablet analyzing activities about 60 subway sprint nfl joining adobe says can help offer personalized experiences and make advertisements less annoying. >> facebook facing krm over handling of user data we will let you decide on this shares of adobe up more than 20% this year. >> okay, talk about a walk us out of this world days after
8:18 am
arriving at international space station two nasa astronauts are about to start a space walk, that is expected to last six and one half hours, going to install wireless communications equipment, so we're happily watching for you we will keep watching, and, finally, there is this, roseanne's return to the small screen brought in massive viewership for abc breakout premier and show wasted no time taking on politics. >> most of all lawrence -- thank you for making america great again. [laughter] this show racking up 18.2 million viewers back-to-back episodes the second most watched entertainment program of the season, behind the -- this is us, president trump, gave roseanne a call on the early success here is what she said about that call on good morning america. >> it was -- you know, just
8:19 am
very, very sweet of him to congratulate us just a friendly conversation about working, and, you know, tell vision ratings. >> he does focus a lot on. >> yeah, he really understands ratings, and how they measure things, and that is kind of an interest of mine too. >> yeah. interesting ratings especiallys you tooking about states between new york and los angeles, big audience out there for roseanne the message of that show. >> 18 million incredible, earlier we said -- >> i rosie o'donnell he took after the first debate. >> president and rosie o'donnell had a pifight for years president likes has liked. >> she shows a constituency out there hollywood not facing up to -- >> oi agree coming up, i will talk with director peter
8:20 am
navarro will weigh in on upcoming meeting between north and south korea the agenda and more. stay tuned. >> hottest cars unveiled at new york auto show a behind scenes look before the official opening tomorrow. back in a moment. more and more people have discovered something stronger...
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8:23 am
peninsula north korean leader kim jong-un south korean president moon jayen will meet to improve interkorean rengs denuclearizing the peninsula will pave the way o for discussions between president trump and hermit congress dom. >> would like to see this obviously, this is something of a global importance and we
8:24 am
want to make sure that it is done as soon as we can, but we also want to make sure it is done properly working would is towards that as we said before the north koreans made that officer we accepted. >> sr., vindictiveness revived a u.s. south korea trade deal if effect 2012 keeping tariffs in original any of thes but lifting capitulating limits on car manufacturers, joining us right now white house national trade counsel director peter navarro thanks for joining us. >> excitement, here eatever egg hunt this weekend. >> sound great what is significance when you look at meeting between north and south korea what that might mean. >> i like to stay in my line title i can tell two things one president trump is very
8:25 am
actively engaged in the head of the -- negotiations that will take place my role here has been several to operate on the trade side and i can tell you that this historic deal with south korea will two do things, one will eliminate the economic tensions that we've had between our countries, because of the trade deficit. and, two, it will allow us from national security point of view to work much closer together we have been very close for many, many decades i think what i find most interesting on the home front about this deal is how it affects working men and women here in america. if you think about for example one of the elements of the agreement is the thing about light trucks we were able to extend the ability to levy a tariff through 2041 real jobs you got the ford f. series you
8:26 am
have go to the ram truck the chevy silverado, all these things in in places like flint, michigan dearborn michigan warren michigan who says tariff don't work? that tariff that was put in place actually by president lyndon johnson, has been one of the most successful in terms of building the vibrant auto industry that is important not just for manufacturing base but for defendants industri-- defense industrial a bigs president trump visionary saw a problem coming going to hammer michigan making trucks and parts solved that the rest of the deal having has all sorts of great things innovative we think really way to keep trade peace as we say. maria: pushback has been that it is not else in opening new trade with south korea or free markets but more so managing
8:27 am
existing relationship. . >> yeah, i have heard that two things, there, one is that countries around the world have used tariffs very effectively to keep us out. and to build up their own manufacturing base, the case of light trucks supposed -- poster child how they can be good tariffs on solar washing machines president trump's leadership a flood of investment we are strongly economied to free markets fair and about reciprocally degrade the biggest problem is austin autos auto parts, the combination of get south koreans to lift quotas on cars we can send, at the same time going to lower these nontariff areas really inas iedous in world trade inas iedous, bogus standards keep out cars in united states, that meet our
8:28 am
safety standards probably higher than theirs, a great thing we've got currency provisions a great agreement mutually with south korea on steel all good. >> let me ask about china peter because china is obviously about issuing a warning to united states, not to start pro technic protection practices it is written in terms of concessions we might see what is the list of products eligible for tariff as relates to china. >> again i want to stay in my line that is the purview of the ambassador lighthizer, but i can tell you that what we're doing is a matter of policy, is targeting what is called china 2025 industries of the future fortune has specifically targeted in
8:29 am
government documents and said hey to rest of the world, we are taking those industries from you, and we are going to do it through a bunch of industrial policies that violate free market principles what we're doing with section 3 o 1 investigations into vision of president trump ambassador lighthizer is defending ourselves against that so that is that is the thrust of that policy, and about we believe we can move forward with the chinese and how they stable international trading environment but we are a long way from that because they do things like steal intellectual properties. >> intelligent transf-- intelli transfer we have talked that better at it but looking at investment restrictions, that are to come out and i know they are written right now in terms of china, investing in united states, i mean china
8:30 am
has 10 sectors off limit to foreigners are we going to have something like that restrictions in terms of financial services? semiconductors, restrictions how much china can acquire. >> i think important to remind american people why china is so different from everybody else every other k country that invests in foreign countries goes to basically earn a fair profit a fair rate of return for shareholders, what china does uses states money brings in trillions of dollars in the united states and europe, other countries they don't care about earning a return they come pay high premium to take our technology through conventions mergers other means venture fund youing silicon valley right now going in there and buying up really key technologies not just for economic future but for military defense, so we need to be very careful about
8:31 am
that, and the chinese unfortunately have been transparent dating back to 2006 told us what a they are going after how they are going to do it a lot of ways going to do it you the don't fit rules of trading environment president trump unlike every other president before him dating back to end of world war ii standing up not just for american people but american business and our defense. >> sounds like we will see restrictions sounds like we will see restrictions on investments in those industries. >> that is the purview of secretary mnuchin we have i'd a problem significant raises issues of economic security national security we have to ask do we want chinese state owned enterprise come in buy our you artificial intelligence starts up in silicon valley, back to china and use them --
8:32 am
>> specifically about financial services semiconductors. >> sorry i didn't hear that, those are those are all sectors that are on the table for discussion, ambassador robert lighthizer secretary mnuchin leading those i stay out of their lane. >> ambassador lighthizer working on nafta we've got about elections in a couple weeks u.s. canada-mexico in throws of national negotiations ladder for me to expect a deal on nafta mexican elections midterm elections in u.s. are we going to see nafta redo after midterms? >> well there has been six or more meetings with three principals involving you hundreds of negotiates, and i agree with your assessment that it is going to be very difficult closer we get to mexican elections.
8:33 am
maria: right. >> but there is optimism, and i can tell you this. ambassador lighthizer and president trump if get a good deal the two people that will get it for us. maria: good to see you thanks so much. >> peter navarro.
8:34 am
8:35 am
initiatives thursday march
8:36 am
29 your top sfrooirz 8:35 east coast stocks to rebound this morning take a look, futures indicating dow will open up 730 points a third of a percent higher nasdaq up two-thirds of a percent higher s&p up a third of a percent. >> breaking news right now personal income spending rising, that was in line with expectancies, up 4/10 of a percent 2/10 of a per crept respectively iinitially jobless claims down to 215,000 tomorrow final trading day of the month quarter dow s&p 500 on track for first quarterly decline more than two years. stocks closing the day yesterday lower fractionally so nasdaq worst down nearly 1%. we are watching market reaction to latest round of economic data as you just heard personal income coming in, up 4/10 personal spending up 2/10 of a percent the core pce rate federal reserve watches closely up 1.6% in line with expectations,
8:37 am
joining me global chief investment officer fixed income 1.7 trillion dollars assets under management great to see you now thanks for joining us we had economic data do you one of pce? how focused in terms of what it tells us about fla is. >> very, very importantly. >> as you described the fed is that is the fed number one metric one of the things that i think people don't recognize enough, the feds not that far behind curve 1.6%, fed target 2 feds, core cpi 1.8 we have very, very closely if we start we think will happen this year accelerate over 2 not that scary a number fed will keep modifying in no race no rush to do it. >> talk about that yesterday, i was surprised to see new speculation that fed might raise rates five times this year is that what you think. >> no, so part of this number -- the fed is going to keep going they are going to move
8:38 am
in some ambiguity three times, four times, i think one of the things markets focused on not necessarily the speed it is where is ultimately destination going hrestrictive keep moving on steady pace don't need to pick up pace don't need five times it is what is destination one of the things markets are focused on they don't need the race. >> there has been so much upset about higher rates the possibility of inflation, has this been all overdone you like equities here. >> i do, i think they are ultimately going higher there is something i don't know that chart we can show. >> bring up rick's chart powerful i don't think considered enough last five years beef been in this environment zero interest rates funds rate set at zero, the front end yielded curve two year treasury at zero where do you go to get yield you had to go this chart extraordinary if you look at chart virtual reality history
8:39 am
go back to '6, 07 you can buy front end of yield curve cheaper than dividend, '60 '06, '07 i continue think ominous appeared the alternative credit risk et cetera all of a sudden you could buy front end of yield curve if you don't think fed is going to run faster, it is incredibly -- when people when we finished the year i don't think rates are moving that much mooir i do think you can move up go to 3 and quarter 3 1/2, that front end is all of a sudden alternative investment to other things i carry really well if i am individual investor i can buy two year treasurys for the first time in five years above the rate of inflation terrific. >> above rate of inflation not out of this world high rates. >> the point people focus on 10 year treasury say 3% 10
8:40 am
year it is over, the 3 year 10 year treasury we think will probably goes to 3 and water this year we think more second half not that scary not talking about historically high rates. >> 2.76% where we are right now any time we get close to 3% market sells off. >> i don't really understand, 2.95 okay don't hit 3 i don't understand that there is a difference, by the way, front end yield curve big difference means now don't take any risk 10 year treasury, that is a big deal if rates move up gradually markets will be fine. >> you think there are values in equities right now. >> i do, i do. >> i think what ends up happening people whether tech or tariffs, there is the short term data that i think spooks people in terms of how much risk people have taken risk in january building a lot of risk valuations in equity markets are not that bad, there are places i would argue not in fixed income we think about, about somewhere financials are
8:41 am
some multiples they are attractive today some complement i could buy treasurys front end, parts of equity market take risk bull a balanced portfolio. >> reporting season about to enter we are expecting he corporate earnings up 16 1/2% for the first quarter look at revenues for forward growth revenues substantial i meaning you have what we think durable earnings a big believer tax bill we don't you took about enough the ability to write off distributing expensing some and then a you are seeing capex surge, 21% tax rate means numbersr going to look pretty positive for a while. >> going from corporate rate 40% close to 40% to 21% a huge deal you this i going to have legs not just an overnight but impact to have a year or two. >> i think people
8:42 am
underestimate cash flow benefit for companies, particularly financials, health care managed care, the flow-through because capex writing off interest a big deal will spur spending that being said there is one thing the amount of debtor in system is a lot. >> treasurer going to have to borrow a trillion dollars this fiscal year to cover government spending lower tax revenue how does that impact bond market. >> big deal, ultimately the equity market areas part of what has driven short-term rates pumping so many treasury billed going to do bills, two year, three year five years a lot of debt next three years trillion dollars of additional net debt has to be funded by marketplace it is a lot will push inflation is not scary, it is what is going to push rates moderately higher key is oob absorb that ways to make money fixed income careful how much interest rate exposure you have with this much issue
8:43 am
arns in. >> issuance. >> how do you make money. >> emerging markets, volatility, aren't moving around that much don't he leverage used to have giving standing yield we like owning that buying a lot of secured assets commercial mortgages, carry well don't take lot of yield curve risk attract you can make money in fixed income. >> take on libor journal is reporting that the race rain rise healthing that what do you think implications of that. >> moduhuge. >> financing of marketplace repatriation short term impact some has to do with amount of treasury bill issuance getting done financing some foreign banks because tax bill some impact to that, it is incredibly important because a gearing of how financial system works doesn't get focused on enough our sense is started to you it will start
8:44 am
to stabilize people underestimate how big a deal so much more important, a gearing of financial system. >> thanks for insights. >> great to see you see you on w wall street this weekend. we'll be right back. technologyr
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
after sell-off independence 2347s on floor of the new york stock exchange what should be an opening. >> maria this is last trading day hinting all last quarters so great window dressing happening, now because they didn't have to do that prior quarters got a note from over at web bush, joe said as far as triple qs looking upside but they were held hostage idea expected move watching the index nvidia, about goingl triple qs need to reclaim sooner than later look at details facebook premarket up
8:48 am
1% snap higher amazon downside, facebook cuttingtize with data he brokers, this those data brokers gather information for advertisers making changes, took down 14%, and snap, cutting 100 employees have been latest round of downsizing, snap last 52 weeks down 30% roughly, then there is amazon look at tweet from president president trump, stating his concerns once again about amazon's he has been saying since election, that they pay little no taxes, they use postal system as i delivery boy amazon to down sued this morning, down 5% for the month white house stepping in to try curb dominate growth fo amazon techs have been the story of this month, back to you. maria: thank you so much amazon, not catching a bid stock down as you told us, joining is to weigh in "varney & company" who have stuart varney good to see you.
8:49 am
>> you, too,. >> president says amazon putting thousands of retailers out of business one part of the problem he has with amazon. >> clearly going after them that is a fact on taxes, on retail et cetera, et cetera,. >> we knew would come. >> i don't know whether i knew white come from president, i am not surprised by it. after all, "the washington post" a principal trump a hitting vehicle is owned by jeff bezos, runs amazon, so there is a -- a nasty connection between two i am not that surprised, but i think this is all the precursor to a reworking of our antitrust laws i think that big tech companies created quite a few enemies concern about power all kinds of industries. i think those concerns are going to come to a head with some kind of antitrust action against one or all of them. what form it takes i don't know. because you have to rework antitrust laws to take account
8:50 am
of 21st century as opposed to late 19th century or early 20th century i think that is coming spooking the markets if you apply some perform antitrust law to giants, they are going to pay a price. maria: more powerful influential than ever. >> absolutely so look how much of the stock market rally is concentrated five connect stocks so that tech 25% s&p 500. dagen: 277. >> 27 -- 27. maria: 27% "varney & company" top of the hour after "mornings with maria" first xriement for new york auto show a peek at coolest wheels hitting the road that is next. ♪ baby you can drive my car, yes, i am gonna be a star, baby you can drive my car 'cause baby i love you ♪ ♪ ♪
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automobile ♪ maria: welcome back nissan looking to make marriage official alliance two decades reports say now they may officially merge this comes as car companies show off models at this year's new york auto show editor. >> how you doing, you know, if you have been in ballpark you may not be surprised that pretty much all cars here that are being revealed are suvs new forester toyota best-selling in america last year not a pickup showstopper a pickup based on suv new
8:55 am
volkswagen concept going to be thinking about making in tennessee the enough people like it more can a pickup truck going to be more for lifestyle if enough raise hand they will make this car because there is a market for this sort of thing based on attention a big hit, you know almost more unusual to see a car car show these kas i've got most unusual at this show right now the concept 2 all electric super car in croatia of all places 2000 horsepower three times more powerful than most powerful tesla, top speed 258 miles per hour quickest in world when it goes on sale can drive itself sxan says can concept one they have sold this is definitely the real thing, 150 for a million-dollar a pop. >> that is funny you say hard to see a car at a car show but
8:56 am
hot wheels trend once again big. >> absolutely, cadillac, lincoln aviator one of the best-selling vehicles san fuel economy better ride better into bigger vehicles no stopping right now for what people here are saying. >> new york auto show a break then final thoughts from this all-star panel. stay with us. ♪ ♪ .. liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind ..
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more and more people have discovered something stronger... more dependable... longer lasting. in a chevy truck. and now, you can too. see why chevrolet is the most awarded and fastest growing brand the last four years overall. current competitive owners can get a total value of over eleven thousand dollars on this silverado all star when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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8:59 am
maria: welcome back. final thoughts from our all-star all-star panel pigmented valve. all-star panel pigmented valve. >> 16 all-star panel pigmented valve. >> 16 by 5% q1 earnings, we need to remember this is the first quarter we have tax reform in those numbers. if the numbers are enough or not. trains will watch guidance obviously. 18% growth earnings per 2018. steve forbes. >> we should have relieved that we haven't had a trade where print this out korean agreement not great but we didn't blow it out. next thing to look at his nafta. if we had the same agreement there, wipe your brow. maria: not going to happen before the next election. >> that's going to be huge and he will win that in mexico we could have a bad factor there. train to the lefty guy.
9:00 am
>> instead of going on facebook and liking some hillary clinton meme that your mother posts, call her on the phone and tell her you love her. maybe this is a warning sign that the relationships we've developed a minor not the healthiest. dream to good point. wishing everybody out there a happy easter. dakin has you covered tomorrow. stuart: happy easter. good morning to everyone. you've got money in a technology company. you want to know if regulation is on the horizon. it sure looks like it. regulation looms. what form when it might take a fact we don't know, but the momentum is there to rein in technology giants. that is what has caused the massive drop in technology stocks. here we go, start with facebook this morning. it is up a little taking modest steps to get out from the data mining scandal. the stock remains way below january


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