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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 2, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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25 to 50 people to get these documents out the door. lou: thanks for being with l l h very much for your whole lot going on and we appreciate you coming on. right now here is lou. lou: good evening everybody. these are the top stories tonight. president trump excoriating the mexican government for its failure to stop hundreds of illegal immigrants who are planning to cross the u.s. border. a caravan of some 1200 people from central america have crossed mexico's southern border headed north for the u.s. border where they plan to seek asylum. right now they are in the southern state of oaxaca, 300 miles south of mexico city marching north unimpeded by mexican law enforcement or military. we will have a full report. also tonight president trump taking aim at democrats and
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reported rhinos for their failure to front the border all. president trump today said democrats are to blame for the end of daca. >> they had a great opportunity and they really let them down. to shame. lou: we'll take up the border over the border walensa ensure cities and what what's likely to happen as the caravan approaches the u.s. border. the president of the border patrol council brandon judd and jessica van at the center for immigration studies joins us tonight and a selloff on wall street, all three indexes in the red for the year to date. the business press covering tariffs like the left-wing national media covers politics with hyperbole, sensationalism, fake news and plain indifference to facts. we take up the silly reporting on trump policies, trade and
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marketed a knight-ridder top story president trump stand up with mexico over its failure to protect borders. mexican officials are apparently supporting it caravan of illegal immigrants who have been moving north at the crossing mexico's southern border. the group hopes to reach ports of entry in arizona, california where they have been schooled on the most effective ways to claim asylum. "fox news" national correspondent william la jeunesse with our report. report a week ago a caravan of central americans cross from guatemala to mexico bound for the u.s.. >> after having crossed to check points i estimate there are about 1300. reporter: unlike most immigrants who hire smugglers this group is guided by people without borders u.s. nonprofit advertising the trip in raising money on line. while also saying they will provide legal advice on how immigrants can claim asylum upon
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reaching the u.s.. >> we will do hours worth of processing and turned them over to i.c.e. in the knights will release some based upon what they call a credible-- 80% of the caravan is from honduras. mostly they are fleeing violence and property. while that doesn't call for persecution on account of race, religion and nationality social group or political opinion studies show 80% to claim asylum ultimately get their date in immigration court. >> let's make sure they do come to the border they are able to go through the full and fair process of seeking asylum. reporter: because of backlogs in the court shelter space and rulings immigrants can't be held indefinitely. that concerns president trump who blames ridiculous liberal democrat laws like catch and release for the problem. sunday he asked mexico to stop the caravan. >> mexico's got to help us at the border. they go right to mexico to the
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united states. it can't happen that way anymore. reporter: mexico reported some 70,000 central americans last year. it it allows them to pass through. the group is likely to reach the u.s. in the next 10 days less the trump administration can pressure mexico to stop them first. otherwise i'm told can claim asylum. lou: william la jeunesse reporting. the trump administration working to speed up the outrageous backlog of more than 600,000 cases now in our immigration courts. let me repeat that number, 600,000. the justice department last friday notified immigration judges that they are raising their quotas and will evaluate their job performance-based on how quickly they close cases. judges will be required to complete 700 cases a year and seek fewer than 15% of their decisions that by a higher court according to the new standards. over the past five years the
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judge completed 678 cases in a year. our first guest here tonight to discuss the president's efforts to stop the massive influx of illegal immigration is another caravan that of asylum seekers nears our southern border joining us brandon judd the president of the national border patrol counsel. brandon good to have you with us and jessica van director director of policy studies at the center for immigration studies. jessica let's start with you. first of all the president is in the position, forced into the position where he has to correlate the mexican government to actually be a partner in border security because we don't have the resources or the policies necessary to stop these illegal immigrants and asylum-seekers crossing our border at will. >> part of the reason is because congress has failed to act on proposals to reform our asylum
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system on requests for money for the homeland security to deal with the situation at the border the asylum system has been out of control since about 2010 or 2011 when obama policies essentially imposed a catch and release system for asylum-seekers and the number of asylum applications has gone up 18 times since then and combined with the slow walking of cases through the immigration courts that is justin described has cause basically dysfunction in our immigration courts. but it doesn't have to be this way. there are a lot of things that the president could do to try to stave this off. it's a challenge to our system and he needs to meet it. lou: we will get to that in the line itself, that order. brandon border patrol officers are simply not able to do what
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needs to be done to control the traffic crossing the border. the president talking about catch and release and these are absolutely absurd policies that have been put in place from previous administrations. what is the solution here from the standpoint of the border patrol agency? >> what we have to do is we have to look at the login log and know there's a lot of different things we can do outside of getting the republicans to actually act and pass laws. we can send them right back to mexico. we have an agreement if they enter through mexico into the united states we can send them back to mexico but we don't. we let them come into the united states and we let them stay in the united states and when william la jeunesse said 80% of people who seek asylum actually get their court hearings 88% don't show up for their court hearings. in fact the vast majority never show up for a court hearing and they do exactly what president
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trump says. they disappear into the shadows of society which makes it a bigger problem and ergen on the law enforcement united states. lou: those border patrol agents, catch an elite release apprehending these asylum seekers have been schooled by people without borders and an hour their organizations on how to present their case for asylum. that happens on u.s. soil with u.s. border patrol agents, correct? >> at does but the problem is they are complicit in everything that is happening here. if there is one person across the border illegally, they were complicit in helping to smuggle people into the united states and they need to be held accountable for that. lou: they need to be held accountable by the mexican government because they are the ones in this case the mexico has made a decision to facilitate and to support the movement of this caravan of 12 other people.
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i know this is one instance but they are moving north toward the border and we don't have a partner in the order security with mexico. >> we dealt. in fact you are looking at the mexican government agency that is helping these people come to the united states in enter the united states illegally. if these people were seeking asylum why not just seek asylum in mexico? why not seek asylum in canada? everybody knows that canada is not going to let them stay in mexico is not going to let them stay but our politicians do let them stay which is why we get this huge influx of people. lou: jessica a. you are talking about the things that president trump himself can do what i suppose by executive order. what would be the things that would do the most effective and have an immediate impact? >> well i think one thing is to send this in-- signal back we are not going to accept people as asylum seekers when this is not a humanitarian crisis but a provocation.
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it's like a walkathon for open borders. we could approach mexico and say okay let's work together before they get to the u.s. border to try to deal with them in mexico and some small tiny number that might be genuine asylum seekers and then work together to turn it around. we think that's 15 to 17 years ago when i got a similar influx from central america and we went to the central american government to take them back. lou: going back to something brandon said come he said republicans are in charge of the house and the senate and they are not supporting the president. in fact the leadership of the house and the senate are aiding and abetting and facilitating the mexican government supported this caravan in all their open borders policies and people don't want to deal with the reality that it is straightforward.
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mexico is playing for the north american union and it is continuing the harmonization of borders along with the chamber of commerce, the u.s. chamber of commerce and the business roundtable. it is all in direct opposition to the u.s. national interests. brandon, your thoughts. >> it's absolutely ridiculous that we cannot expect countries that we send millions of dollars through aid every year to help us with an issue that the american public has identified that has to be fixed that needs to be fixed. otherwise we will be talking about this year to year after year. lou: let's be clear, will we are talking immigration but the reality is the mexican government is-- the drug cartels wants to prevent its fighting to the death. methamphetamines in heroin, cocaine the majority of those drugs are coming to this country
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from mexico. jessica we talk about immigration but it cannot be separated from the welfare, the safety, the public safety of americans who are threatened by these drugs and he listened to officials from mexico and they play games with all of the issues. it's time to end those games is it not? >> it is time to end those games. the reality is if we were able to better secure our border with mexico it would benefit mexico very much as well. lou: you know at this point i've got to interject, i really don't care if it helps mexico's interests. we have people dying every day. we have tens of thousands of young people dying every day from all of the drugs that i just mentioned that are crossing from mexico. we have the a critical national issue and people are acting like we have defined some sort of
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common ground when the common ground should be in the national interest, pure and simple. >> there is no common ground. i was a k-9 handler and never in history the border patrol, i can tell you how many drugs they use to see. there are drugs flowing across the border like there is no tomorrow and we have to get control and we have to get ahold of that. we have to have the republicans get behind this president. lou: thank you both and i look forward to continuing our conversation. thank you so much. up next the fbi in justice department under fire to quickly turn over documents on the rush investigations and fisa court of these investigations but be take these investigations but be take it up with tom fenton next. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain.
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lou: president trump today blasted the justice department for its inaction on a number of state scandals. republican lawmakers are still trying to acquire 1.2 million documents from the justice department concerning everything from the fbi investigation into the clinton a mile stand-- scandal to fisa abuses. president trump tweeted the sink quote so sad the department of
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justice and the fbi are slow walking or not giving the unredemptive documents requested by congress, an embarrassment to our country. speaking in slow walking on another democratic scandal more disturbing details just surfacing about the pakistani i.t. aid and his family who now face charges. everyone at the 44 house democrats who hired them chose to exempt them from background checks. no vetting. they would have found had they done so a number of criminal convictions, a million-dollar bankruptcy, a dozen lawsuits against their company. he was arrested in july of 2017 on bank fraud charges. a hearing in this case is set for may. joining us tonight judicial watch president tom fenton. tom it's great to have you with us and we have a lot to cover so let's start first with the slow
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walking. the president of the united states imploring his justice department borrow the constitution and to give the committees with oversight what they request. >> they slow walk the information on the dossier for nearly a year. the text messages after who knows how long and they redacted key portions of the text messages so the president is right to be concerned. what's also concerning is the justice department and the fbi think they are beyond the government of the united states. they don't answer to the president. they don't answer to the congress and only a few see you in court and their people in the justice department offices that look it yet. that needs to change if we want to have a constitutional republic. lou: we have a constitutional
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republic and it appears there's a contest over whether the hearing will continue in the justice department looking forward to its dissolution. that is strange that we are not hearing a comment from the american bar association and we are not hearing comment from scholars all over the country talking about the constitution, its meaning, its weight and its direction given this contest between congress exercising its responsibilities of oversight and justice in deferring to congress in that role. >> congress has to be more aggressive right now. it's up to individual members like devin nunes on the intelligence committee but the whole leadership needs to get on board here to bring back these agencies and their oversight for the american people. it can't be a one man band and congress trying to herd these
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gigantic agencies. all of congress needs to reform itself so can provide appropriate oversight and i get upset lou every time i hear the fbi and justice department talk about their independence. go for your wallet when he heard government agencies talking about independence. that's an agency that does someone to be accountable to the american people. lou: by the way and soler laid the fact that the state department considers itself. independent as well. we have some pockets of independence in this constitutional republic. let's turn to the instance. 44 democratic congressman not conducting any vetting or background checks and we have now the next hearing on that case, that scandal, that outrage is in may. why is this being slow walked?
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>> because congress doesn't want anyone looking at the way it operates. the freedom of information act does not apply to congress. the house is known about the scandal for well over a year. this is how bad it is on the hill. debbie wasserman schultz, it looks like this pakistani family that is a criminal conspiracy running the i.t. for many democrats on the hill. republicans don't want to deal with it. judicial watch has to go in and sponsor a meeting on the hill at which some republican members came and did an investigation and had a discussion. separate and apart from the house leadership. that's how bad it is on the hill where you have an independent entity like judicial watch going to the hill and sponsoring an investigative meeting. lou: we are out of time as usual but i want to if i may ask one final question here and that is your thoughts about the attorney general's utah counsel
11:23 pm
investigating john hubert for the justice department apparently from utah and sessions denying congress's request, multiple requests for a second special counsel. >> he brought in to investigate whether to investigate producer really question whether they need to further investigate? make a decision. prosecute mr. mccabe, go after hillary clinton. we need prosecutions and let's not get distracted. the current announcement is another way to kick the can down the road in my view. lou: tom fitton judicial watch thanks for being here and thank you for everything you do. appreciate it. fisher devoted tonight's poll. the question is do you rate was president trump that it is time
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for the united states to take responsibility for securing the border with mexico and stopping the massive smuggling and drug trade across the border. cast your vote on twitter lou dobbs follow me on twitter @lou dobbs follow me on instagram @lou dobbs tonight and on wall street today stock sold off. the dow jones industrial plunged 459 points. the s&p lost 59. the nasdaq plunged 193 points. volume 3.5 billion shares the markets were lower by technology the sectors selling plummeting 2.5%. tesla shares are down 5% and the most expensive april fools joke ever, joking that the company was bankrupt yesterday and with all of that you should have
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heard the business press today heckling about the tariff, trump tariffs and the impact on the markets paid by the way those tariffs amounting to less than 1% of total trade adrian united states and china. what is going on in the national media in this country? listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network a majority of americans agree with president trump when it comes to fake news. >> the fake news hasn't gotten it out yet. i was fake news by nbc which gets a lot of fake news. i want you to all know we are fighting the fake news. lou: we take it up with ed lou: we take it up with ed roll sfx: muffled whistle text alert. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer...
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[fbi agent] you're a brave man, your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances. lou: a majority of americans agree with president trump about
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fake news. almost 80% believe major traditional television and newspaper outlets report fake news. 77%. joining me now, one of the brightest business political analysts in the business, ed rollins. 77%. 82% of independents think it's fake news. ed: the president put the spotlight on fake news. people realize the information they get is not accurate or misleading. i think they should right with cynicism. it's really him. lou: it's extraordinary how he hit these issues and drives what is already in the public consciousness to the forefront where people have to deal with it. ed: when he says it, it makes it
11:31 pm
true and they are willing to say, if the president says that, he knows more than we do. and he feels outraged by it. lou: you can actually sense the frustration this president feels, talking about mexico, the border. the republican led house and senate, to come with this president, follow his lead will be and stop the death trade that is the drug cartels from mexico. ed: thousands of people are being murdered. it's what colombia used to be. he promised to build the wall. the wall is a cheap investment. lou: what do you do about paul
11:32 pm
ryan? he works for the chamber of commerce and he won't do a thing by the. ed: you give him a gold medal and send him back to wisconsin. lou: 600,000 immigration case backlogs. and the justice department announces they are going to raise the average disposition of cases from 676 to 700. by my rough math that would take two centuries. ed: there are 4 million people legally lined up waiting for their opportunity to come here. the idea that you have 600,000 people. are you legal or illegal. if you are illegal go back home and go sign up. i don't buy this humanitarian. the world is adrift with refugees. europe discovered very quickly
11:33 pm
they can't take them all. at the end of the day this country is paying a heavy price. lou: let's turn to the slow walking of this case. are congress contemplating our contempt of congress for the justice department and the attorney general, and ultimately impeachment? if indeed niece documents are not provided? >> the idea they question thousands of documents and they are not getting it. one thing that's very important for viewers to know. the justice department and fbi are not independent agencies. they are part of the executive branch of the government. >> here is the president saying turn it over to congress. ed: there shouldn't be any issue here. the trucks are lined up to take them over there. lou: we talk about the deep
11:34 pm
state and its attempted subversion of him and his presidency. this is subversion embed in the justice department and fbi and it will have to be road out. ed: let's do it. lou: up next china imposing tariffs and the business media looked at the markets and went nuts. find out why the hysteria is miss placed, overdone and as usual fake. that's next. you're trying to lower your very hwith a healthy diet... and exercise. and maybe even, unproven fish oil supplements.
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other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. lou: china responded to trump's tariffs with tariffs of their own on mostly agricultural products, pork, nuts, wine. the total tariff effort adding up to $3 billion, less than 1% of the total annual trade between the countries. both united states and the trump administration along with the chinese government are seeking both sides to try to reach balanced reciprocal trade and end the catalog of year after year of mastiff deficits the united states has run. president trump talking about a
11:39 pm
possible white house visit with president putin. the white house says several locations for a meeting were discuss. nothing further to report at this time. joining us tonight is senior fellow in residence at the hoover institution, and one of the most of brilliant scholars and authors around. an has written his most of recent book, the second world wars. how the first world can applicant was fought and won. and a brilliant book it is. i want to start if i may by turning first to a government that seems to be seized under the control of the deep state. that is, will you have congress imploring the justice department and the fbi to permit to it cary
11:40 pm
out its overa sight responsibilitiesened the constitution? we seem to be in a very, very dark place as a constitutional republic. >> i think we are. i think robert mueller is against an existential dilemma. every time he goes down one road and said this person lied to an fbi agent and this person collude and he can't quite prove it. right in front of us we have the hillary clinton will be steele dossier, sarah mills, huma abedin not being truthful. james comey not being truthful to congress. if we were going to make the logic of the mueller investigation and apply it across the board without preference we would have a lot of important people in washington facing exposure. we have had people in the doj
11:41 pm
and fbi who have been reassigned, retired or fired. donald trump didn't have anything to do with it. they were trying to do something to donald trump. i think we uncovered a lot and we don't know what to do because the implications are so enormous. lou: the congressional leadership, we have devin nunes, mark meadows, matt gaetz. and on the other side there is no leadership from mcconnell, majority leader nor from the individual senators themselves. this is an extra to me moment in time in which the senate seems to be dulsatory. and the house is standing up and taking on the greatest
11:42 pm
accountabilities as it tries to get to the truth. >> what started out as a legal matter has become a political matter. there is a time frame. the longer mueller can draw it out without i minity the longer he can affect the election. he's supposed to be investigating people for not doing that. at this late date we'll have to have mr. horowitz and huber get the 400 investigators and the inspector general move move move. we wasted a year and now the legal process has become a political matter. it's ironic because that's what mr. mueller said he was investigating. i think it's part of a situation where we look at north korea, the border with mexico, we look at china and trade and it's like a gordian knot. for 30 years it's been so
11:43 pm
complex. we had people say we have to have this temperament and this protocol and trump comes in from the outside and like alexander the great cuts it in two and says problem solved. but he has enormous support and it's growing for decisive action on immigration, trade, the mueller investigation and we'll see what happens. lou: he seems to be the only one in washington who is or universitied toward solving problems, fixing problems, rather than handing them off, avoiding them, disassembling. whether it's foreign policy or as you suggest with north korea. soon later this month he'll meet with prime minister abe of japan. we are watching the world change in the course of about a year, less than a year and a half, whether it's foreign policy,
11:44 pm
domestic policy or immigration policy. a lot of work has gone into making this overly complex and object fusand -- on ob furks sct amounts to nothing at all. we have the six party talk and strategic patience and they led to nowhere but a nuke car place. trump comes in and acts like he may be unhinged. he raises the spectre that maybe japan may go nuclear and maybe south korea. then everything changes and the people invested in failure, outrage and shock, and you take away trump's name and they say this has been pretty effective so far. lou: what don't want to take --
11:45 pm
we don't want to take away his name or retire from the office he holds. coming up next. a jerry brown backlash. the california governor has finally gone too far in his support of illegal immigrants? stay with us, moon beam shining through. -if yotold me a year ago where i'd be right now... aah! ...i would have said you were crazy. but so began the year of me. i discovered the true meaning of paperless discounts... and the indescribable rush of saving drivers an average of $620. why does fear feel so good? i fell in love three times -- once with a woman, once with a country, and finally... with myself. -so, do you have anything to declare or not? -isn't that what i'm doing?
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lou: california state government either make fools of themselves or their citizens. the state government trying to create a sanctuary state where law breakers have more rights than its citizens and waging combat against the federal government at every turn. the administration is fighting back. suing the state last month over its dangerous sanctuary policies and today over federal land sales which it wanted to dictate the terms by which the federal government could make those sales. but that hasn't stopped governor jerry brown from pardoning five
11:50 pm
criminal illegal immigrants to prevent the federal government deporting them. orange county joining the federal government's lawsuit. and they could be joined by and dei gende -- by san diego. the her of contra costa in the northern part of the state is doing the same thing. and sheriffs demanding congress act on the border wall. california's left-wing lawmakers facing a backlash and political reality they thought they could ignore. while the government is
11:51 pm
decidedly left wing, the people so far are not. it appears the left in california have gone too far. we'll soon see just how too far really is. the quotation of the evening from alexander hamilton. he says there is a certain enthusiasm in liberty that makes human nature rights above itself in acts of bravery and heroism. hey! we didn't have a homeowners claim last year so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it.
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lou: joining me, tom dupre. we have a legal system in shambles. massive back losing in our federal courts. massive back losing in our immigration courts. we are beset by a special counsel that doesn't seem to have a clear charter in a highly ambitious set of goals because he continues. what is going none this country right now? is the deep state -- do you acknowledge the deep state and do you believe it's out of control? >> my sense, and i agree there is a lot of chaos in the system
11:56 pm
right now. we are seeing a lot of clashes between sovereigns. what i mean is clashes between the federal government and certain states and localities that disagree with the president politically. we are seeing that in california where we have seen sheriffs swieghtd administration against the governor. it calls into question the quote you had from alexander hamilton. and this is the classic situation. what does the constitution say in terms of who makes these decisions. the federal government or the state? in the context of immigration it constitution clearly sides with the federal government. lou: that's the issue the state of california is most of feverishly challenging the trump administration when according to our constitution, he's in charge
11:57 pm
immigration. >> the interesting thing to me, the split we are starting to see you emerge, people sworn to protect their communities, they are law enforcement professionals, and on the other side the politicians viewing this through a political lens. because they think they can score political points by thumbing their noles at the administration. lou: score large donations by the chamber of commerce and the business round table. >> what you are seeing the sheriffs say is our primary obligation is not to any political constituency, but the people we are sworn to keep safe. we'll see if there is a further rebellion in the ranks of these law enforcement officials pushing back and saying this
11:58 pm
goes too far for us. lou: i think we are already seeing that. i believe the reason is sheriffs are elected. and police commissioners and chiefs of don'ts are appointed by mayors who are insulated from the public that they serve. it is quite a different arrangement and i think the county sheriffs are as american as it gets, and police departments, that's a different construction in urban centers. i want to turn to the 600,000 backlogs in your gracious courts. that has to be result of a conscious decided strategy on those in the federal government under the policies of obama or bush to back lock those cases. -- to backlog those cases. >> this is not a new situation. these immigration courts have been backlogged for years. they can be complicated cases.
11:59 pm
lou: what's complicated about you are either a citizen or you are not. if you are not at citizen you go home. we'll call you when we get your number. this has to be a contrivance. >> the reason why it's complicated is because federal law enacted by the congress gives people rights, they can claim asylum and protection under various treaties. and it takes time to adjudicate that. can these cases be processed faster? absolutely. a lot of these cases can drag on for years and years. lou: you have got 20 seconds, if you will. why are we watching the justice department defy congress under the constitution and deny it its right of oversight? >> i was heartened to see chris wray is going to increase from
12:00 am
25 to 50 people to get these documents out the door. lou: thanks for being with us. good night. kennedy: author ron kessler says president trump will be seen as a great leader just like ronald reagan. china retaliates with tariffs on american goods. who will win if we ends up in a trade war. the president set to meet with vladimir putin. grab a hammer, it's time to nail this thing.


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