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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  April 4, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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lou: what would prohibit them from doing so under federal law. >> military lauren: breaking news this morning. the tit-for-tat. stock index futures are tumbling after china would impose additional shares on u.s. goods reuniting worries about a global trade war. taking a look at the dow did raise 389 points yesterday. a recovery rally getting all that back today. dow futures down one and two thirds of a percent. 396 down to the side. that's 120-point decline. s&p futures down 25 points. cheryl: let's look at asian markets right now. they are under pressure except for japan. this news broke overnight to
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china's going to fight back again. the latest u.s. terror spirit as you can see come to shanghai down a percentage. the kneecap fractionally. the hang seng taking a hit with kospi down 1.5%. breaking news just moments ago. reuters reporting china's finance minister is saying that chinese tariffs on u.s. soybeans reflect demand from chinese farmers in the united states must be resolved through negotiations. not changing the future story appeared >> let's take a look at european markets or syrup and at this hour. i was the first trading day of the week after easter. the second trading day to the downside that the dax down 1%. almost half a percent decline in paris and london. cheryl: let's continue to cover breaking news that the trump administration has announced a plan to some 25% tariffs on
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$50 billion across 1300 categories. lauren: all of us as washington continues to criticize beijing for its policies that require foreign companies to hand over their technology, their trade secrets. the proposed tariffs do not go into effect immediately. in fact, they might never be imposed at the two countries agree in the meantime in the deal. there will be a public hearing on the issue held may 15th in washington. china strongly condemning the u.s. plan, calling these tariffs a willful distortion of facts. they did threaten earlier this morning to take countermeasures and in the past i've only got those countermeasures. train to the futures reflect analogous breaking news overnight. let's bring in jason burstein, cofounder and president of halo investing. jason, good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: it certainly is.
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we are talking about a billion, but all of this is still rethink a negotiating tactic from the u.s. because the president is very clear he's dissatisfied with the agreement between the united states and china. is this taking it a step too far? >> i don't think so. as he talked about in the previous segment, right now nothing is set in stone. these are all proposed tariffs. nothing in the united states site is going into effect until may and mr. retaliation type they cannot receive the chinese want to retaliate and save some face on a $50 billion tariff was slapped on them. >> we are still seen pressuring soybeans and seeing pressure in soybeans that would have to buy shares at polling today. aircraft is another place the chinese had threatened to levy tariffs and retaliations against our plan. would you make of the tariffs he imposed on them?
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a proposal, not in stone yet. medicine, medical equipment, chemicals, tools as well as dishwashers, televisions, auto parts. you can impose tariffs but you'll end up with the american consumer being taxed on all this at home. >> absolutely. i completely agree with the statement. the tariffs were imposed with wide swath of different products. we have to be careful with trade wars in general because they are inflationary. if these tariffs to go through both in china and the united states to see inflation creep up in the u.s., which is obviously not good for the current financial market. cheryl: is certainly a simply let to radiate the selloff on the dow down 300, 405 points in the premarket. this is after what we saw yesterday. the volatility is going to be a
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long process, jason. re: and for these volatile trading days until the beginning of may would make it official action on tariffs against the chinese? >> you'll see volatility the rest of the year. geopolitically risks and possible to model and impossible to predict. right now between the conversations in the technology during amazon, you're going to see a ton of volatility shakeout. not to mention where markets are in a row that we've had over the last eight years in the fed starting to unwind its purchases. obviously no one's been talking about the ecb for the last two weeks. that's the biggest macro risk at the end of the year. cheryl: by the ecb? >> they are reducing their kiwi. interest rates in europe are artificially low when you look at a government perspective and corporate bond perspective.
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the ecb starts to unwind its purchases that the fed has the last few years. you get this kind of key military effect across the world of rising interest rates and that's my biggest concern is a reflation retriever interest rates in europe leads to rising interest rates in the united states which destabilizes equity markets here. we will have some serious impact on equity markets. cheryl: that would affect and bring it home to what that would do to consumer credit, mortgages, what guy would do to the buying power of the u.s. consumer, although the fed has said they see inflation picking up her 28 team. what about u.s. companies and ceos out there? this is a long process. they've got until may 22nd. there's an official hearing on may 15th. companies respond to all of this. they can make their voices known. we have a president who has
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opened up the white house to american ceos. i see this knee-jerk reaction happened in the futures market. why are investors thinking about the longer-term prospects that this all could be a lot of rhetoric said the u.s. gets the chinese right where they want them to the negotiating table to do exactly what the president campaigned on, which is due at the unfair trade practices the chinese imposed on the united states? >> you are spot on. very similar on a smaller scale obviously, the kind of the impose tariffs would put on korea and we worked out a pretty nice deal. the same thing happening with china. at the end of the day the chinese ministry of commerce and finance has been reporting live on the air right now i'm a say in a trade war is not good for anybody, that they are going to save face. from the u.s. perspective, the administration is listening to ceos. that is important and no one wants a trade war. again it's a lot of rhetoric worked out.
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cheryl: we certainly hope so we'll see how the markets play up the story again today. jason, hope you're wrong about volatility for the rest of 2018. we appreciate you jumping on breaking news with us this morning. jason barsema. >> thank you for having me. transfer let's bring in doug flynn, it a flynn capital management. he comes in to talk about what could be an all-out trade war with china. your thoughts, doug. >> this is part of the negotiation going on. you're actually watching the process in action in the markets don't really like that. they want it covered to the tracing it to the bottom line. this is all a big part of getting the ultimate deal that they want, which is to get a fair deal for the united states. that's where we are going with this ultimately and that is what is causing the nerve-racking reaction we have right now. lauren: we can escape is volatility. you either have the threat of
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regulation by the tech companies are the tit-for-tat in terms of trade affecting how markets are react to. with sub $50 billion on their good. china responds with the same amount. are the chinese tariffs getting to the heart of the problem for to accept intellectual trade property and secrets? >> in the end you will get to the point that we do end up getting some movement on not, which has been a horrible situation for us. matching it just upsets and it can turn into a much bigger problem. they will save face in combat with a a great deal for everybody and we are going to move ahead. look, the volatility, the quickest data from last year was we only had 10 days all of last year was greater than 1% moves. already have 40 days. this is just further exacerbating it.
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you can trade data not as an opportunity, this sort of negative right now and how they through this. lauren: that's a good point, doug. when we have these whiplash volatile sessions this year, does that erase the benefit commended tailwind was gotten from the tax cut? >> the answer is absolutely not. it's noisy and ugly as this is, the benefit of the gdp pickup, which this could put a damper on but is too strong, remember people just started seeing that money in their paycheck a couple weeks ago, couple months ago. that is just starting to trickle in. all the other benefits with private committee and production in the employee may come so many positives that yes, this is one negative along with a couple other things. put everything on the positive side it doesn't even equal or away appeared this is an opportunity when the market is
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off 10% and you look at the long-term kind of these are the points where you have to pick your point to get in and say today is not a is not that is not today or partially it is. those are the opportunities you have. the long-term is not an offset. not yet anyway unless it turns into something really bad. lauren: you can see all three major averages down at least 1.5%. this could be a toothless percentage down day for investors after the rebound recovery rally that we had yesterday. it just makes it quite honestly impossible to play this market. but you make of the company is most at risk whether it is boeing, caterpillar were three mr nike and starbucks, which do a good chunk of their business and overall revenue from china? >> you have to look at the diversification and how much of their business comes from overseas and how much specifically to that market. they have to work through this.
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it's not going to stop davis are being sold, but it's going to put a damper on their sales for sure which means they have to get more creative. they have to do more with diversifying into different countries. i think we are going to work through this. like i said it's the ugly process of working through it. volatility is here and you'll see a bit of it and hopefully things will settle down and move forward. lauren: nervous investors buying gold. thank you for your perspective this morning. trade to another have been crossing from china's finance minister that they will not give in to pressures. the rhetoric being ramped up right now as we speak, certainly from the chinese officials there. we are keeping you updated on what is happening with these markets, worries about global trade war. also coming up this morning, learning more about the woman who opened fire at the youtube headquarters yesterday.
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the youtube embedded to blame for this? a live report from california coming up. we could be an free 2%% down day for the averages are the dow was down 421 points in the free market. s&p down 38 and the nasdaq down 129 points. futures pointed to a big hit for your market this morning. we'll be right back. this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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lauren: fiercer trade work heading across the globe. features down 445 points. nasdaq futures down 125 points. that is 2% as china has hit back in the u.s. $50 billion in tariffs on their goods. they hit back with the same amount. cheryl: another breaking story we follow overnight. we are now learning more about the woman who opened fire at you tube headquarters in california. please identify her as an armed activists with the then data across the company. but in san bruno california with the latest development. jonathan, good morning. >> sherilyn moran, good morning to you. not just red flags, according to the father of the alleged shooter was a 39-year-old animal rights activists they seem to add san diego.
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she posted what she considered cruel treatment of animals and told her family she was furious that youtube recently changed its advertising policies so she wasn't getting paid for a lot of those videos. she described it as censorship. her father said she left her home in san diego probably early monday. he reported her missing and then got a call from police sleeping in her car in mountain view, california at 2:00 a.m. yesterday morning. mountain view just hurting minutes south of youtube headquarters here in san bruno. her family claims that one day told them they might be headed to youtube. she may have a plan to do harm. listen to her brother who did not want to be identified.
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>> we called the cops again and told them she drove from san diego so she might do something. [inaudible] reporter: around 10 hours after she was found asleep in the car and apparently let go by the police commissioner bursting to youtube headquarters here but are they choosing hrbek dunn said randa. as of the last bulletin we got from a 36 are old man remains in critical condition. a 32-year-old woman and another 27-year-old woman in fair condition. the ceo of google which owns youtube describes this as an horrific act of violence. the focus this morning is very much going to be on those red flags and where they missed by the police. sherilyn moran.
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lauren: jonathan, thank you very much. cheryl: for more on this, david, good morning. the question many folks have this morning as they get ready to go to their offices, they get ready to go to work, is the work place unprotected? these youtube employees, part of google and also that were in an open courtyard. >> while aiming, it's always the key issue in a habitat site does. depression is common is the place you work such a location where high level of access control is indicated. we have an open campus like this, clearly accessible and not drive the narrative because last night the reports for this is either an employee of a disgruntled employee or results of a domestic targeting an employee at google turning out not to be the case. there are different things that we see now about some of the
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indicators that might have been missed by law enforcement in advance of this attack. lauren: they were credited with getting the other employees barricaded in their office and keeping them safe. i want to read you what to eat from suzanne was the key and she says there are no words to describe how horrible it was to have a knack to shooter today describing on first and first responders for the rapid response. our heart go out to all those injured and impacted. this has to be a question that ceos across the country are asking themselves today. can they keep their employees safe from a disgruntled customer basically peered >> this is interesting and it's outside the realm of what is normally considered the prime attackers in his workplace violence issues. incidents between the year 2013
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suggests the workplace violence incident where there was access control. 22 out of 23 were former employees. one exception was domestic. in this case different and case different in moran pointed to recently released study by the secret service called mass attacks in public spaces which is threat assessments. as i read through it, it describes this morning to achieve. talks about history of eliciting concern, personal grievance as a motive. interestingly enough, the personality trait is nurses deserved. if i could read a direct quote. some attackers despite an inflated sense of self entitlement unrealistically bleeding they would deserve certain relationships come the success of their benefits come the successes or benefits in some react angrily when they did not obtain what they believed they deserved. it is really interesting in this
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allows people to make realistic assessments. if your company you have threat. you can now use this document. cheryl: but also come with all of our data being out there and our information being out there, we are going through this scandal with facebook right now. you would think all the threat she'd made, her grievances would've alerted someone and they didn't and that's unfortunate. thank you for being with us this morning. >> you're very welcome, cheryl. lauren: all eyes on this trade were buried between u.s. and china. u.s. futures down 450 points, plunging on these fears. nasdaq futures down by 132. asian stocks closed in the red, europe down as well. there's so many opinions out there, it's hard to
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cheryl: again following breaking news of what's happening in the futures markets this futures markets this morning after the jump administration announced a proposed $50 billion worth of tariffs against the chinese markets reacted negatively. right now that i was lower by 423 pushing in the futures market. s&p is down 36. nasdaq down 124 points. investors reacting to a potential trade between the united states and china. transfer gary kaltbaum, on the phone joining us from orlando, florida. you know, this is a theme, a trend for 2018 and it's hitting us this wednesday morning. unfortunately after we had the nice rebound yesterday from wall street. when you make of this potential trade war? >> i think what is happening here is we all expect a response from china.
5:27 am
not sure everybody expected a dollar for dollar response. you can see boeing is down about 100 dow points. they're going after airplanes. then they are going after soybeans in case viewers don't know, soybean exports and china is major political impact. >> for me stop you right there. soybeans are getting killed this morning. $12 billion has soybeans to china last year alone. so this is a weapon indeed. it could hurt the domestic industry of china to try to replace soybeans are its ingredients cannot be said of his political. this could hurt donald trump territory, the farm belt, iowa in the u.s. >> soybeans are the top u.s. agricultural exports to china and you can bet your bottom dollar china is a politically minded and they are looking at states that trot benefits most. look, here is a simple problem.
5:28 am
tariffs are inflationary and they are bearish. they always have been, they always will be. it is still very early in the morning and futures can come back or they can continue lower, but nothing good ever comes from terrorists. i've been thinking we would not get into this big trade war that cooler heads prevail. the rhetoric has gotten a harsher and not china's doing this. the old line for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction and countries will always defend themselves first before everything else is in fact happening right now. it affects the world, which affects markets and what you see right now in a bark at the start event defensive side. lauren: as you said, for tat, dollar for dollar. the wto envoy says it's guilty of a willful distortion of the facts. clearly they are ready and have been retaliating.
5:29 am
>> a great question of a guest earlier, why don't markets recognize that the end of the day this could work out? it's simple. america's shoot first, ask questions later especially when markets are bullish anymore. that is what you are seeing right now. i've been talking about major support levels. right now before the market opens, you are sitting on them but the 400-point drop. it would've a similar big institutional selling and funding to watch very closely. lauren: selling begets selling. thank you. cheryl: you were talking about soybeans, but also aircraft, bowing under pressure in the premarket. shares of boeing are definitely feeling the pressure right now, down five and three quarters of a percent. just talking about that with kerry kay appeared that will be one of the big stocks to watch today. you are going to want to stay with us for full breaking news coverage of what is happening with these markets.
5:30 am
of course trade fairs are taking the markets down in the premarket. we will get to the political side of that with our panel next. once again, here are our index futures right now still sitting at the 400 plus hit on the doubt. s&p 36 to the downside and nasdaq down 60%. you are watching "fbn:am." then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at
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lauren: breaking news this morning. stock index futures in the u.s. tumbling after china said it would impose additional tariffs on u.s. goods. this reignites worries about her fallout from a full-blown trade war. dow futures down 440 points. nasdaq futures down 127 points in the premarket after planes could be affected, airplanes, by this retaliatory tariffs from beijing. lauren: a of bowing down almost 6%. that is going to be one of the
5:34 am
six stocks to watch today. take a look at what happened with asian markets. as you can see here, the 50 billion tariffs that the u.s. proposed dated asian traders bid the shanghai lost ground could indicate surprisingly close higher, but maybe they are not concerned about the trade were living. hang seng down more than 2% of hong kong. the korea kospi down 1.5%. reuters reporting that the finance minister says chinese tariffs on u.s. soybeans for flight farmers and the two have to be resolved through negotiation. >> soybeans certainly weapon in the political discussion. take a look to european markets as well pulling back. the euro zone inflation rose for the first time in four months. that does send a message to the european central bank. we have errors in europe, that they are not as bad as here in the u.s. the dax is the worst performer in germany. the index down 1.4%.
5:35 am
let's talk more about the political side of this. and once the right i'm robert college earnest now. democratic strategists and founder of blueprint strategy. robert can you say your last name for me. >> ceilidh. poster at the group. gentlemen, good morning. do we have been a lot trade were on our hands to our hands, antjuan between washington and beijing? >> if we do not, were getting very close and it's quite scary because i don't think anyone anticipated responding dollar for dollar up this point. not even president donald jay charmed. i don't think it's good for the company. i don't think it's good for middle-class working families, especially dangerous political territory considering iowa and some of the rural america voters who voted for him in the 26th in election as close as we get
5:36 am
to november 2018, his walking very dangerous. >> $12 billion in soybean exports last year. a lot of that comes from donald trump territory. are you worried this can hit donald trump, his base might go against him when it comes to this? >> no, absolutely not. this is typical. everyone is overreacting. this is a good old-fashioned spirited negotiation in every negotiation like this begins at the phase of trash talk. that's all this is. you are going to go back and forth and say some things that are a little bit outrageous. it's the same thing. we had him calling kim jong un rocket man. this is a skilled negotiator. he understands if you want $10 you ask for 20 and that's what's going on here. lauren: that is true, antjuan.
5:37 am
we have seen this from president trump. he goes all out in the beginning of his negotiation or thrived and then you kind of get him to maybe focus little bit better. do you think beijing will put up with the trump tactics here? >> listen, i don't think we should give him a pass calling him a skilled negotiator. if he was that much of a skilled negotiator he would've gotten legislation through congress up to this point and that has not happened. i hope -- >> the tax scam. >> this will be helpful and will come in like a strong wave and sweep out. drain for the tax cut did have been. >> it is a tax scam. >> that's a great way to spin it. the fact is this is exactly the kind of junk going on the entire time since this election.
5:38 am
>> so why did republicans if things are so great. >> because the democrat ran as a pro-second amendment. >> republicans ran on their crown jewel employer. >> robert -- do you think that all the benefits from/in the corporate rate in cutting taxes for most of the country, for so many american families, do you think this trade war, potential trade war will cancel any of those? >> absolutely not. this guy understands the rule and whether it's ronald reagan talking about are you better off than you were four years ago or bill clinton's saying it's the economy. donald trump will take this going into 2018. he will star with a strong negotiating point and work his way to a deal in china will back
5:39 am
off and has spent the better endings will be just right and times for those elections. no way he's going to do something silly like that with everything on the line. he didn't like the crazy bill in the certainly going to do what it takes to not have it happen again. lauren: nasim aghdam come you started the discussion, robert u.k. to end it. thank you a gentleman. cheryl: we continue to follow the breaking news of what's happening with u.s. stock market futures on this wednesday. it's not a pretty picture. fears about growing trade war between the united states and china. a big part of the dow selloff in the premarket shares of boeing, down about 5% right now. that was lower by one and three quarters of a percent. we are sitting at session lows for the overnight session. bowing down on the 6% in the premarket. interestingly in europe, shares of airbus are trading higher. we will go to london later in
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trying to dow futures on 425 points. yesterday the dow closed at 389 n. monday it was down 458 points. this is volatility. today, the reason is the potential for a global trade war. cheryl: david nelson about point
5:43 am
asset management. he joins us on the phone for breaking news. >> thanks for having me. cheryl: are you surprised by what could be seen as a bit of overreaction by these traitors when the truth is all of this at this point is just proposal, rhetoric, dealmaking. we haven't even gotten to the negotiating table with china and investors had in the file button this morning. what do you think? >> the reaction is clearly not 3 billion now network. could be 25% of u.s. imports. now we talk about big ticket items. cars, machinery, big fears over boeing in big-ticket items. cheryl: obviously overnight the breaking news and folks who are just waking up this morning is that china responded overnight, announcing they will hit 106 types of different u.s. products with their own tariffs and to
5:44 am
your point, aircraft was in there. soybeans, corn, things they export to china. watch names a caterpillar today. there we go, down four and a quarter of a percent. all of this escalation is heading with stocks in the premarket. but again, if the treasury secretary can go over there and start a discussion which is still on the table, don't you think they can come to some sort of agreement for the u.s. can get an upper hand on a $375 billion deficit. >> let's take one thing off the table right away. it's pretty difficult to start a trade work when you've been in one for the last three decades. that is what is happening here. but there are repercussions from the dangers. i'm not in the room so i don't have access. what this tells me as that was about 10 days ago, steve mnuchin
5:45 am
save the market saying they were in close negotiations. one side to the threats, the other side escalate a little bit. how we open today is important of course. but how it closes a lot more important. granted the final hour on fox business has been the most-watched tv i've got to tell you. u.s. companies have complained about the best of intellectual property and a lot of the rhetoric we get out of the trump administration is that we've got to fight back on stealing properties plus u.s. companies have been forced into joint ventures with chinese companies for years. is this a time for the u.s. to take a stand? >> it is tough. it is tough fighting back. if you don't do it now, when are you going to do it? the more time that goes on you probably can't do it. maybe the president is making a decision has been politically
5:46 am
motivated in something like this as we approach the election. maybe it's the right thing to do at this point. cheryl: david nelson, we appreciate you joining us early on fox business. thank you. >> my pleasure. lauren: don't go anywhere because we have plenty more to get to on this growing trade war as fears continue to slam the markets overall. individual stocks in particular. also keeping an eye on the big tech companies that have sold off recently. this is richer markets for quite. s&p futures down 1.5%. nasdaq futures doing a little bit better. we were down a full 2% moments ago. dow futures down 120% as well. you are watching "fbn:am."
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lauren: breaking news. a weak start to trading this morning. looking at session lows in future markets for the dow down 443. almost a loss of 2% and nasdaq is well down almost 2%, down 119 points. of course the breaking news last night to determine the administration announced 50 billion in tariffs to chinese imports. overnight the chinese responded with their own list of tariffs they will impose on american goods in particular soybean and aircraft. >> the chinese reaction to our threat of $50 billion in terra student of their markets too much. down two tenths of 1%. jason barsema, cofounder of halo investing joining us once again. i'm bringing up the reaction because now they've had bad. their markets are closed. dave had top dollar to dollar 50 billion versus 50 billion at the selloff is pretty big this
5:51 am
morning. are you surprised by beijing sponsor? >> maybe a little bit match it dollar for dollar. they were all about how they look and appeared to their people. it is kind of if you think about it to be good. these are not done deals. they have to get to the negotiating table and work this all out. i think it sends a message and that's where the market is reacting. >> the message from china is we don't want a trade war, but we don't fear when either. your thoughts. >> that's exactly right. if you follow along to the press conference and say hey we want to come back to the negotiating table, but if you want to fight, we will fight to the end. as the conference wrapped up, they literally walked out and said let's see what the united states does in the next 60 days. the market is slightly overreacting. >> how we open how we open does not indicate by any means
5:52 am
probably close. the final hour has become, fill in the word. not only dealing with this trade issue, which is major in and of itself. also dealing with the tech issue. we see a lot of that in a market moving down overall. nasdaq down almost 2% right now. we do have the big tech stocks. apple, amazon down sharply in the premarket. that affects things, too. >> tech i've been saying for a while when you have the returns in technology over the last year or two, or dissenting% last year in so many areas have not kept up. where is it going to go? become 50% of the s&p. other things will cycle back in. it's not unexpected that might lighten a little bit as people cycle into other types of investments. that i think is also part of what's going on here.
5:53 am
>> jason, final question. you think american consumers will be hit by this tit-for-tat? >> at the end of the day, terrorists are going to be pretty watered down. i don't see a huge impact on the u.s. inflation will come in. i think the low-impact the stock markets come under right now it's a lot of rhetoric. lauren: jason, doug flynn, thank you for sticking around. i hope you're right. >> thank you. me too. >> this is tough to watch if you're an investor at home and just waking up. they u.s. stock index futures are selling off session lows. china overnight retaliated on u.s. tariffs, but their own tariffs they are now announcing. again, this is not set in stone. this is just rhetoric, announcements causing a market selloff.
5:54 am
dow was down for porting the premarket. nasdaq down 120. we will continue to follow the breaking news. we are going to europe. stay with us. ew house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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5:56 am
cheryl: so, stocks in your per fun after china announced tears than $50 billion of u.s. goods and of course the chinese responded. pieter dixon at commerzbank joins us now. peter. let's talk about what is
5:57 am
happening with the european markets. in particular selloff in boeing right now. airbus is to the upside. just as benefits and european companies at the trade war escalates between the u.s. and china? >> i mean, think it's possible you look at some winners. overall, if the current situation escalated to something more serious, than what she get is effectively a trade war in which everybody loses. given the extent to which european stocks are pretty highly correlated with the united states, overall it would be good for european stocks at all. cheryl: there's also been a lot of news on your side out of the ecb that one of our guests earlier said is being ignored by u.s. investors. obviously the interest rate in europe as well. is that a concern right now? >> not really because the interest rate hikes are a long way down the track. so far as the ecb is concerned, it's basically a policy
5:58 am
continued to buy bonds with five or six months ago. a lot of things could change by then. the situation could be calmer. if that is indeed the case given the ecb will simply begin as tapering process, that it will begin to taper period were not really talking about interest rate hikes until 2019. >> that's good. really quick, we haven't heard a lot from european regulators recently about those retaliations to terrorists when it comes to steel and aluminum. europeans have been quiet about that. why is that? >> to a large extent, they are expected to get some concessions on not one. it doesn't seem like it's a good idea to continue poking the bear at the stake. let's hope this one settles down. the u.s. has a major problem with china particularly with regard to intellectual property.
5:59 am
i rather hope they will swing a deal with the u.s. and allow the u.s. to put its intentions on china. cheryl: peter, thank you very much. lauren: thank you for watching. lori barta roma, your handovers of 450 points out well for dow futures is >> at amish areas. thank you, ladies. thanks for joining us. i maria bartiromo. wednesday, april 4th. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. overnight, china punches back. beijing retaliate against a proposed tariffs from president trump announcing plans for 25% tariff on more than 100 key u.s. experts including soybeans, airplanes and autos. at that point cover markets sold off. the response communist president trump remains committed in his promise to fix the trade deficit with china. >> will be working with china
6:00 am
appeared will be negotiated with china. we intend to keep it that way. but we have to do something to seriously really a deficit. maria: the sharp saw this morning follows a positive date yesterday. the major indices better than 1% across-the-board. dow dow industrials clocking in at clocking in the gain of one and two thirds%. 389 points higher yesterday. completely reversing course right now. europe across the board, ft 100 down half of a percent. 32 points lower down two thirds of 1%. 33 points lower. dax and germany down one and a 3%. stocks lower with the exception of japan. nikkei average squeaking out a gain of a fraction. hong kong the worst performer overnight was down 2%. terrified moments yesterday as the headquarters of youtube in silicon valley.


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