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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 4, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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a solid plan, i believe just like most things that president does as it unfolds americans will understand it was solid and will work. charles: thank you very much now here is lou dobbs. lou: tonight top story, all center on one question. how much people in the swamp actually understand what they are talking about? national economy counsel director larry kudlow declaring there is no trade war with china. >> there no trade war here. when you have is earl early staf a process that includes tariffs, comments on the tariffs, then decisions and negotiations. there are already back-channel stocks going on. i know the stock market's anxiety, i get that, but don't over react. lou: no trade war with china, what do you call a trade deficit
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365 billion dollars, 30 years of so-called free trade, resulted in transfer of trillions of dollars and china's chest of 300 -- theft of 300 billion dollars in u.s. intellectual property, that is a trade war folks, we are just now addressing it with the president in washington. three presidents in a row collaborated with chinese, enabling their theft of most advance military and commercial technology all in the name of free trade, transferring trillions of dollars of american wealth to china. president trump is the first american leader to declare we'll no longer enrich any trading partner that refusing to trade in a fair, recep recall -- re-- reciprocal and balanced state.
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does anyone in the swamp besides president trump talk straight? and yes, a handful of congressmen and yes even though president is mueller said he would like very much to interview the president. this is convincing. it time for mr. mueller to gather his partisan hacks and for all of them to go home. congressman ron desantos has been leading the effort to ebb d the mueller probe. and homeland security secretary announcing, president trump will deplow ploy national guard -- deploy national guard troops to the border, we'll sort out the spin with gregg jarrett and ed rollins. top store, deep state never
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ending destruction of the trump administration, nunes today wrote a letter to rod rosenstein, and fbi director christopher wray demanding they produce an unpredacked copy of july 2016 memorandum that started so-called russia collusion probe, congress nunes threatening subpoenas if the fbi continues to refuse to deliver the document. fox news chief correspondent catherine herridge live in washington. >> thank you. >> fox news obtained this letter, congress is still having trouble getting records despite promises of cooperation from fbi director and deputy attorney general. republican chairman of house intelligence committee requesting and denied july 2016 fbi memo that kick-started the probe. nunes wanted a clean copy without seconds blacked out -- sections blacked out, fox news of told that memo was likely drafted by fbi agent strzok.
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the national security defense attorney said that bureau could share memo in a secure facility, known as a skip. there are concerns about classified information adding that even the bureau requires oversight. >> not like they could not give him this information. you know, i think when you see the inspector general's report, you will see why they are hiding these things, and different things that happened there, they are not proud of. reporter: republican chairman has said a deadline of a week for a clean copy of fbi memo or chairman may enforce exist could subpoenas, fox news asked for comment and was no immediate response, we'll bridg brisk it u if we get new information. lou: thank you catherine herridge. joining us, congressman ron desantos, a member of several
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key committees, including oversight, government reform, foreign affairs, judiciary, one of the largest committee portfolios in war washington -- of washington, your reaction to the mueller team statement. that president is no longer -- was ever a target of the investigation, but now a subject. >> well, we have known that from the start if you took fact soariously. -- seriously, to the fires jim comey, on the basis of rod rosenstein writing a memo saying that comey should be fired, comey leaks memos, including classified material. then rod rosenstein act points a special counsel for what purpose? there was never an underlying crime involving president, after all this investigation there has been nothing, even with anyone with his campaign in terms of
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collusion agile. i think we come to a respect mueller wants to -- to the point where mueller wants to write a report, knock yourself out, this thing needs to be wrapped up. lou: he was to investigate and determine whether or not there was anything to original charge. turns out that original charge was ether. there is no charge. it is arguable there should never have been a special counsel. >> i agree with you. it goes to that rod rosenstein appointing order, saying to look at possible links between trump's campaign and anybody afilliated with russia. that is not a criminal offense, what crime were you alleging? they never got to that point. everything that has been brought, manafort stuff that had nothing to to with donald trump, that is way before the campaign, michael flip and papadopoulos were processed crimes, they were
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weak, did justice department try to bring false statement charges against abedin or mills or hillary clinton? so, this thing has been problematic there was never a core crime. but then it seems that mul muelr has tried to get as many people under the net as possible. have you a different level of zealousness in this case than with hillary, where they would ben over backyards not to make a case again her. lou: do you think that hillary clinton e-mail case, there will ever b be a -- adequate investigation? >> one of the problem with for her initial mishandles of classified, you have already passed statute of limitation on
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that. but you have not passed the bleach bidding of the e-mails. think about it. somehow donald trump obstructed justice by firing james comey? that was a national service, how could you say that could be abvehicle yoution of justice -- obstruction of justice, but bleach betting e-mails are not, that was never pursued. i think a lot of false statements, those two are still within the confines of the statute. i think if you have a special dowcounsel they would be able to bring light to that. lou: you have been calling for a second special counsel with congressman jim jordan, mark meadows, matt gates and others. what is the likelihood now? the odds seem to dissipate with each passing day. >> i'm in the process of working with some of my colleagues to create catalog different offenses which may have been committed from tail end of
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clinton investigation through this fisa, the dossier to mueller with different people, you unusual suspects, comey, mccabe, and some folks in justice department. >> we can call them the dirty dozen. that is what they ai aim amount. >> we'll work on that, i want to present that to sessions and huber. then whether the ig report drops this should have been done by now involving how comey and lynch handled hillary case. lou: not to prejudge it, heaven knows we wouldn't want to do that with justice department. but ig's long awaited report has potential for becoming a scandal all of its own, your thoughts.
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>> we know mccabe got fired because of that investigation, this strzok and page text-messages were found during that investigation. my hope is that the misconduct. catalog and that people like strzok can be fired, removed from the government, and then, face whatever prosecution may be warranted based on evidence. lou: should rosenstein be fired for write a memorandum a week after supporting investigation of manafort, going to 2006, a week after the special counsel raided his home? a week later? >> it is a really screwy thing, i am still trying to wrap my head around it, at a minimum, i think rod rosenstein should be recused from this, he wrote the memo saying that comey should be fired. now he overseeing mueller,
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supposedly investigating whether that constreuted be on constituf justice, give me a break. that is not the right thing to do. >> backwards seems to be the rule in washington, d.c., thank you congressman. >> thank you. lou: up next, caravan splitting up in mexico. the illegal immigrants still determined to make their way across our border with mexico. gregg jarrett joining me here next, talking about what the president can do to stop them. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin
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lou: caravan of some one thousand central americans moving through mexico toward the u.s. border appears to be disturbs, spinnerring to smaller groups, caravan now a minivans heading north. today they reported how caravan oiler neworganize or, told worry that u.s. president floated idea of use a nuclear weapon again the caravan. mostly women and children who fled violence in central
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america. that is not only on its face stupid beyond any comp help com. thato success it bowl. >> joining us. fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. media seems to have chosen sides, they are all about the caravan. illegal immigrants and hell with u.s. and damn border. >> you know. nancy pelosi and barack obama were two years ago would be standing at border handing out waters and potato chips, welcome to america come in. lou: i am surprised mitch mcconnell and paul ryan are not there. >> this president has courage to say, wait a minute, we don't know who these people are, they
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could be drug cartel, gunrunners, terrorists, veteran criminals he or she is doin he e right thing. he threatened mexico with ripping up nafta, they have capitulated. >> it appears they have. the troops going to the border, this is permitted to dispatch national guard. what can they do? >> well they can stop people from coming in who don't belong here. lou: they can apprehend them? >> sure, they can put' a human barrier. and block them. i am encouraged that mexico said, wait we'll stop them. we'll ask them to apply for asylum here rather than in america, it may help. lou: let's put up full screen on
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the insurrection act. this is interesting, employee whatever federal arm forces he considers necessary. that a broad, wide chart. >> it is, that gives imunfettered discretion, his constitutional duty, first and foremost protect the lives and safety of americans, including their livelihoods, california this sanctuary oasis takes a different point of view. they must know the clause. take a backseat to what president trump is doing. lou: interesting whether attorneys say must, there is always a court case around must. 27 lawsuit against trump administration by the state of
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california, fighting immigration, right of the president to determine immigration policy, and existing immigration law. >> they may win a few district court cases, but district court judges get to wrong all of the time, that is why we have courts of appeal and supreme court. the law is clear, the president will win. lou: with that, i am assured. jonathan turley wrote, when the media accepted trump -- when will the media accept that trump is not a criminal target, referring to robert -- mule are'muellerdetermination that ps a subject not a target. and left wing media here which is damn near all media, has gone nuts. >> they have been crying buckets, they promised for better part of a year that president trump would be criminal i knocriminally indictm
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was on the, tarred and feathers and thrown out on a rail, they have learned it may not be true, they are upset about it they are giving this very little play. i have been watching all day long, they grudgingly don't want to admit there was never any evidence of collusion, and firing comey and making remarks about flynn did not constitute be on vehiclobstruction of just. lou: will the lights of left wing network go dark at same time? what will they do with themselves, if they do not have a special counsel to cheer on. >> going dark would be ideal that would benefit americans they would get to listen to the truth instet o stead of fake ne. it will be difficult to try to rationalize this my guess they will conjure out of thin area
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additional criminallable manner to accuse of president. lou: refusing to deliver a unredacted memorandum. thastarred this, chairman munnus has pimunnongiven them to the 1f this month. >> i suspect he will move for contempt of congress. lou: this would create the foundation for getting rid of rod rosenstein. >> that would take a long time. lou: let's do the easy task. >> expedite. this is classic fbi cover-up, they know this electronic communication. likely written by strzok, that launched trump russia
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investigation, is incriminating, they are trying to hide it. they are trying their best, in the end, they will not succeed, the truth will, merge. emerge. lou: remember old days we would talk about classic mafia cover-up, but now a classic fbi cover-up. we have piles of evidence to support the statement. >> it sad law enforcement as a group has become lawbreaker, not the rank-and-file, they are great people they work hard, i am talking about people like mccabe, and comey and strzok and page and the whole gang. lou: the fbi. >> leader -- >> not law enforcement broadly but the fbi. >> right, this is what happens when you give people unfettered power. lou: but nobody game it t -- but
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nobody gave it to them, we still have a constitution. >> they gave it to themselves, and even if you are fbi you cannot thumb your nose to congress. lou: can someone come in and grab christopher wray by nose tell him there a constitution, he getting to follow it. >> he will go kicking and screaming trying to continue the cover-up. they have been doing it for 7 months. they will continue to do it until they go down fighting. >> does nunes have the power to get it done. >> absolutely. it drives from constitution. lou: should president, even considers firing wray for refusing to access to the constitutional responsibility of oversight for the -- >> under the law, if someone who is an fbi director, any top official, engaged in derelicttion of duty, the president has duty, right and power to fire them.
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lou: sessions also has that ability, that fbi director works for him, he does not have the guts to do it again. >> your expectations are high for a guy who sets low expectations. lou: that was a question. gregg jarrett thank you. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, do you believe robert mueller appreciate counsel investigation should be shut down now that he is determined that president trump is not a target. cast your vote on twitter. we would like to hear from you, follow me on twitter, and instagram. >> on wall street stocks stages a massive come back. a wild trading session, dow finished up 231 after down more than 500 ear early in the day, that right, s&p up 30, nasdaq up 101, volume 3.3 billion shares, that is only third time in history, that the dow has recovered from a 500 point sell
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out, to finish the session higher. >> reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network, up next, hillary clinton claim game tour gets more absurd. this time she takes aim at -- the nra, we're coming right back with ed rollins. he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. ..
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let's do some card twirling twirling cards e*trade. the original place to invest online. lou: rino senate majority leader mitch mcconnell siding with the dems against the president's tough strong stance on trade. he told a group of business leaders in kentucky that he's nervous about tariffs, that they could be a slippery slope for a trade war. the man hoffa sill 8ed for the chinese for years.
7:30 pm
joining us tonight, one of the best political minds in the country, ed rollins, former advisor for president reagan. what is mitch mcconnell thinking? ed: i have no idea. er time he goes home, he says something. if others don't want to deal with us fairly he'll go at them. we are not going to have a trade war, and if we do it will be because they won't negotiate with him. lou: peter navarro, the head of the trade council, they are talking like they are defending the president instead of
7:31 pm
advocating the policies that will eliminate the trade imbalances that devastated this country's economic growth. ed: the president made three or four tough decisions every day. to a certain extent they have to learn that's their role now. he can't do it all by themselves. republicans have nothing to run on except the trump agenda. if everyone of his -- every one of his members don't go out and sell it they will lose. lou: they lose a supreme court non-partisan. walker starts talking about we have to get ready for a blue wave, x have to be careful. where does the republican party
7:32 pm
manufacture this kind of nonsense. ed: the most of interesting thing, the most of vulnerable inkem bent we had was senator johnson who had a big victory. lou: because of donald trump. ed: i argue are candidates, go out and support the president. lou: how stupid are they, these republican candidates, that they have to be told that donald trump is the reason they are sitting in control of the house and senate? ed: unfortunately they need to learn that lesson over and over again. that's part of the problem in washington, d.c., they get there and basically become part of the entity. i ran ronald reagan all over this country. he never elected a single house
7:33 pm
or senate member by himself. if they said send me to washington and i'll enact reagan's policies. i tell candidates to go out and say i'm for trump and for his policies. lou: mcconnell and ryan are getting to be a big problem. they can annoy him, irritate him and block some of his programs. but the truth is they can cost a lot of congressmen and senators their seats because those congressmen and senators don't have the guts to buck ryan and mcconnell. ryan and mcconnell can give a dam whether they are in charge or not. >> those challengers will only win those seats if they talk about the trump agenda. lou: are there any options for
7:34 pm
the president? can he get rid of mitch mcconnell and paul ryan? can the conference muster the guts to say we have had enough of your nonsense. they are not republican and they are not conservative. ed: there are a lot of members unhappy, and ryan himself i think will give the seat up at the end of this term or before. lou: if he sits in this seat until the election the republicans will get wiped out in the house. ed: he wants to talk about entitlement reform. ed: imagine ryan campaigning on this. i just helped work through a 40% cut on taxes for corporate america and i want to take away your social security, medicare and medicaid. what type of genius is that? ed: to the voters who are key to us.
7:35 pm
lou: i won't finish the question. i'll just say thank you, ed. we continue in one moment.
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lou: joining me now former vice chief of the army, general jack keane. president has ordered the generals to deliver a plan for
7:39 pm
withdrawal of troops from syria once isis is defeated. >> what's left to be done. we took away their caliphate in raqqa. our guise were pretty much advisors, and leading, too, on the syrian forces who did so successfully. we have 3,000 fighters between iraq and syria. the leadership of isis is in the southeastern part of the euphrates river valley. we have to clean all of that out. i don't think we should immediately pull out after that. we have to stabilize the region. what we find is when a conflict is over if we just pull up and leave and we are not concerned about winning the peace, not just the war. there is a tendency the enemy will be able to get back in there. that's what happens in iraq and libya. lou: what does that stable peace
7:40 pm
look like in syria? it's hard for me to even contemplate, a significant sustained impact of u.s. policy in syria. >> here is what i think so our audience can understand. we have 2,000 advisors in syria working with partners, and we have a few thousand in iraq and a few thousand more than that in afghanistan. they are what i describe the ford defense against isis and radical islam. their forward presence. the amount of forces involved. all of that combined in all three countries is less than what we have in korea which is 28,000. they are not directly engaged in combat. they are working with our partners. it's a very small investment to make to protect the homeland and the american people. that's the danger by pulling
7:41 pm
out, we incentivize isis to come back. lou: the question become how soon is a good time to withdraw? >> i say not for the foreseeable future. that would be the best answer i would give. this president came in and said look, i'm not giving timetables, i'm making decisions based on conditions. and i would like him to continue to do that. his commandos will tell him what the situation looks like. lou: is this me triwhen isis is destroyed? >> then you can put in a time frame that make some sense. i do agree with him on the money situation. freezing at $200 million for reconstruction, the saudis are supposed to an te -- are supposo ante up $4 million and they
7:42 pm
haven't anteed up a dime. lou: let me ask about your thoughts about the military being dispatched to the border, the national guard. >> when the president took over, very precipitously the illegals coming across the bored dropped dramatically. but now they have gone back to preelect numbers. lou: the first instance we called the trump effect, the second instance i call the mcconnell, ryan, pelosi, schumer effect. >> i'm not willing to go as far as that. but you got it in. so this is realistic. he doesn't have the wall. he wants to have some progress. we have 2,000 miles of border and 700 miles of fencing that's
7:43 pm
inadequate. he wants to do another 800 miles. lou: he doesn't have a dime for the ball. >> a little over a billion. lou: not for the wall. >> egg around it. lou: instead of adding agents to immigration and customs enforcement there was a reduction to 300 agents. that's an insult. >> the president talk this job very seriously, and this is a way to do it. i would think also this would unseason toughize the congress -- incentivize the congress of the united states to find the money for an effective barrier. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe robert mueller's special investigation should be shut down since he determined
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lou: a few thoughts on the gutless rino leaders intent on working against president trump and his policies. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell calling the president's tariffs a slippery slope and speaker ryan watching unintended consequences. mcconnell and ryan always choose the safe path for them and only do the bidding of their members at the chamber of commerce and business round table. they ignore the president's efforts to fiction the damage to our country from free trade at any cost for america. they have demonstrated they don't care much about national interests, especially when it comes to the border to build the wall and follow the *'s lead,
7:49 pm
leaving the president will few options, leaving him to send the national guard to the border if we are going to secure the bored at all. if that succeeds it's comforting to know we have a man of action in the white house. that drives ryan and mcconnell simply nuts. i guess mcconnell and ryan will have to get over themselves. our quote of the evening. this one from dwight eisenhower who says history does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.
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lou: joining us, former pinal county sheriff paul babeau, he was a major in the arizona national guard. he was commanding 1,200 national guard in 2006 when president bush dispatched them there. what are your thoughts when you heard that the president is going to send the national guard back to the border? >> bold leadership, nothing less from president trump. it's absolutely necessary. because he's being handcuffed by congress continually thwarted,
7:54 pm
and this an action the president can take. there are several avenues in which to execute this, to deploy armed national guard soldier to the border. it's been done before with great success in certain areas. and we can learn from those lessons and the president should absolutely implement this plan. lou: insurrection act gives the president the authority to move the national guard to the border or use federal forces in any way when he determines the national security is at risk. were you deployed right on the border or right on the border. i recall there were 6,000 at the peak. almost an impossible job except on specific sectors where they were deployed to help the border patrol. your thoughts about what can be done this time.
7:55 pm
>> not just the insurrection act, the president can deploy the national guard bureau working with the governments of the four states. obviously we would have a problem with california. but to deploy 6,000 armed soldiers and not to dilute their strength. we actually deployed an entry identification teams directly on the border in high visibility. we lit them up at night. anybody south of the border, smugglers, drugs and humans will see there are armed soldiers right at the bored. that's a deterrent, and it worked. in the yuma sector we saw 94% decrease in illegal entries. lou: the yuma sector was one of the most of heavily trafficked sectors across the entire border. >> it was. we did not have law enforcement
7:56 pm
authority. but we worked directly with our heros in the border patrol. ron colburne was the chief at the time and nobody came across the bored. they didn't do that in every second effort to southwest border. so president trump has to be clear in insuring the military learned those lessons and wants to achieve yuma-like success. 94% reduction, full security at border. lou: president bush and president obama when both men deployed the national guard were along certain sectors playing gaisms, and they did so to make certain they were getting the results that they wanted which was to permit at least some of those people to get across the border. part of it was pure politics and part of it was pure nonsense,
7:57 pm
both presidents gaming the american people. obviously we couldn't have to worry about that with president trump. he means business. how many troops do you think it would take to have the 94% effect across that border? >> 6,000 again. and we actually had soldiers turning wrenches, fixing border patrol vehicles. we had some in their communications center doing surveillance and others doing paperwork. there should be none of that. if we are going to send armed soldiers to the boarders, not 20 miles in from the bored. on the border to have the physical visual show of force, that's intimidating. and they have radios of the border patrol so if there is any entry, we immediately call the border patrol and they rapidly
7:58 pm
responded. we do that across the bored in high traffic areas, we know where they are at. lou: i think you are exactly right. one of the what is it will be to judge the success is how soon it is that mexico starts talking about the militarization by the united states of its border. what is ironic and hypocritical and disgusting to me about the mexican government's response is that they will ignore the fact that $64 billion worth of drugs, meth am get means, marijuana and cocaine are crossing into the united states and killing millions of americans over the past several decades. they will be ignoring the fact that the drug cartels created a narco state and encroaching into the united states. and they will object so sweetly to our militarization of the
7:59 pm
border. what is the best re-joinder that you can imagine. >> it's next to a failed state in mexico, and we have a sovereign right as a nation to protect and secure our border. if we are not able to do that, then we cease to be a republic. the national guard heroes that have served, many of them in afghanistan and iraq, there is no better mission. i have been in iraq and i served in yuma. this is a job for our national guard to serve here at home and put our security and safety first, secure our own bored and protect our own country for once. lou: thanks so much. that's it for us tonight. thank you for joining us. tomorrow night congressman mark meadows who heads up the freedom caucus among our guests. we hope you will join us. thanks for being us. good night from new york.
8:00 pm
kennedy: robert mueller reportedly not targeting president trump. why the heck are we wasting all this time and money with the investigation? china hits back with a tariff bomb. is hillary clinton taking credit for the me too rsh movement? grab some soap, it's time to clean up this mess. special counsel robert mueller has given the president a gift. he informed d.t.'s attorneys that potus is not a target of the investigation. instead the president is a subject. the


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