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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 14, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

4:00 am i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] we had hale runways for serious damage free. charles: thanks very much and now here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening everybody. our top stories tonight new evidence of pervasive corruption at the highest levels of the obama fbi and justice department. the justice department inspector general today released his report on fired former at the eid deputy director andrew mccabe and the inspector general's report confirms that mccabe lied not once but four times to his superiors and to investigators about his leaks to the media. we will have the full report for you here in moments. also tonight top republicans demanding answers from the department of justice on disgraced at the eid director
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james comey. judiciary chairman bob goodlatte oversight chairman trey gowdy and intel chairman devin nunes have asked the department to provide them with copies of comey's memos about his conversations with the president and they want those memos by monday. expectations are rising that president trump may be nearing a decision to fire deputy attorney general rod rosenstein for his endless conflicts of interest, his stonewalling of congress and for allowing special counsel robert mueller free rein to pursue an 11 month witchhunt against the president which woods combined with the original link to the fbi investigation with two years of investigations that have produced absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any kind of collusion with russia. "fox news" has learned articles of impeachment are being drafted against rod rosenstein however
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documents have not then filed and it is still unclear which lawmakers are drafting the articles of impeachment. with analysis here tonight ed rollins chris farrell of judicial watch will be joining us in moments. house speaker paul ryan today announcing he has given his support for house majority leader kevin mccarthy took succeed him. a lame-duck speaker not only wants to stay in the job he has just resigned for another nine months but he obviously believes he should have the same prerogative as annie tinpot dictator to choose his successor. we will see. also with us tonight conservative commentator and best-selling author ann coulter joins me on the need to build a wall to safeguard america from the worst murder crisis in mexico with a quarter million mexicans killed in the drug cartel violence over the past threat--decade and now
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threatening the united states. our stop tour story the justice department's watchdog today releasing an explosive report laying out the reasons for the causes that led to the firing of deputy fbi director andrew mccabe. the former director of the fbi leaked a self-serving story to shape the narrative surrounding his role in the clinton e-mail investigation and then lied about it to his boss and federal investigators. "fox news" chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has our report. >> this report by the inspector general included the former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe four times under oath about his existence of the fbi's foundation investigation two weeks before the presidential election. according to horowitz he suggested he had a conflict because his wife received more than $600,000 from democrats for
4:04 am
the 2015 state senate race could mccabe authorized the fbi's public affairs chief michael horowitz to discuss issues to the investigation including a dramatic phonecall with mccabe and the justice department official. mccabe seniority gave the authority to release information to the media if certain conditions were met but the inspector general found mccabe at the for personal rather than professional reasons riding mccabe's decision in the clinton foundation investigation threatened on resource in a manner designed to advance his personal interest at the expense of department leadership but clearly not within the public interest perception that is after and president trump tweeted mccabe both full time said mckay is controlled by his boss james comey. the white house press secretary
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reported it this way. >> i haven't seen a full report but it sounds like two peas in a pod with mccabe and comey. mccabe was fired in disgrace then lied about it. >> the rush to fire him at the goading of the present was on the worthy of the department of justice. a key for governor ports that mccabe argued his account was more credible than comey's because his old laws dismissed himself immediately. believes the inspector general is investigating comey as the leaker. lou: thank you very much catherine herridge reporting from washington. former fbi director james comey is now embarking on a revenge book tour and president trump is having none of his nonsense. president trump tweeted this. james comey is a proven leaker and a liar. virtually everyone in washington thought he should be fired for the terrible job he did until he was in fact fired. he leaked classified information for which you should be
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prosecuted. he has lied to congress under oath. he is a weekend untruthful slimeball who time has proven was a terrible director of the fbi. his handling of the crooked hillary cleansing of the crooked hillary cleansing case and the events surrounding it will go down as one of the worst of botched jobs in history. it was my great honor said the president to fire james comey. today an inspector general report confirmed everything president trump's said about mccabe over the past six months but look at the fbi or remarks. here's a sample of what he said. just eight months ago. special agent andrew mccabe stood tall over the last eight months when small people were trying to tear down the institution will depend on. he served with distinction for two decades. i wish andy well. i also wish--for the rest of the fbi. america needs you.
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and even comey can see in his book now that none of the presidents actions amounted to obstruction or illegality. he wrote this. i have one perspective on the behavior i saw with regard to the president which while disturbing and violating the basic norms of ethical leadership may fall short of being illegal. yes, there is the shocking conclusion. comey also confesses he failed to inform president trump that the fraudulent dossier was paid for by hillary clinton and the democratic national committee. >> did you tell him the steele dossier was financed by the political party? >> i don't think i even used the term steele dossier. >> did he ever writes a note that's? >> that have been financed by his political opponents? i don't know the answer to that. lou: sure he does, we'll do. joining me chris farrell director of investigations and
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research for judicial watch. it's great to have you with us. you have been critical and as have i have the in sports sports--inspector general as to the locale for this report. it turns out the inspector general came out swinging against andrew mccabe. were you surprised? >> frankly they could have swung a lot harder and using the term lack of candor they are not candidates. let's be truthful. let's call it like it is. what the report does that is beneficial for everyone is it now documents the absolute state of meltdown of crisis in the leadership of the fbi. you'd got leaker, and lying mccabe and they've been running the show for how long? how many investigations have a tank's? how many people have a politically targeted? they tried to steer a national
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election for the president. this is a level of corruption that is so insidious and so corrosive, i don't think the fbi recovers from this and you ask yourself how many f. e. i directors have written tell-all books with this sanctimonious self-righteous justification of how they leaked about confidential things from the president. any fbi directors come to mind? know they dell. this is probably the most serious tragic corruption of a law enforcement law enforcement agency of the united states government in our history. these clowns are walking around needing to be indicted. lippe we are not talking about simply corrupt officials. we need to get low we are talking about and that is criminal conduct by public servants, powerful officeholders
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in the justice department and the f. v. i. you raised the question does the fbi survive all of this? there's a very good argument to be made that it will not survive at this level of corruption. what are your thoughts? >> well it shouldn't and i have offered a prescription for how to fix fix it. the level of abuse in office the lying and the manipulation of the media, the control of selected leaks. we know the investigation was deliberately and willfully shut down in august of 2016 over people who say it's a money-laundering operation. it should be exposed. you can't find greater manipulation of criminal justice , legal investigations, the courts. this is the kind of stuff that if you put it in a novel no one would believe it.
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they would put the novel down but instead you have the director of the fbi, the deputy director in an outrageous serious misconduct it's indescribable. lou: at what point you believe the national left-wing media the right led senate and house of representatives are going to acknowledge that the president has been right all along about comey, about mccabe, about robert mueller, about the entire process and say we are going to stand up and demand on behalf of the people of the united states that they be honored and that this president not be subverted his administration, subverted or out his entire term. are we going to see that level of let's call it candor and honesty? >> i think when it's jammed down their throats it will be.
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frankly judicial watch is helpful in exposing the corruption and the more we documented and the more we make it public the more we educate the public about the operations of the government and this outrageous criminal conduct at a certain point they will try to do everything they can to distract and subvert but the evidence is compelling and it keeps mounting up and at some point even the most blighted beleaguered critics standing by will be unable to ignore it. lou: i want to make one quick note to the inspector general report as we close out here in which he said quote as we know from this report none of the circumstantial evidence supports mccabe's claim while the overwhelming weight of the circumstantial evidence supports
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comey's recollection of the events. that is a dismissal as powerful as probably it gives them the office of the inspector general and with that mccabe was fired. chris farrell thanks for being with us as always. up next the obama campaign exploited facebook data. by the way it's was an lousy 87 million people whose data was exposed. president obama had the outright public and vigorous support of one mark zuckerberg and mark zuckerberg and his little social media outfits, facebook. so where was the outrage? it ed rollins joins us here next liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™.
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lou: well reports that the obama campaign harvested the data of nearly 200 million facebook users during the 2012 presidential campaign with the full direction and guidance blessing of ceo mark zuckerberg and this facebook enterprise. that's 100 million more users then were swept up by cambridge
4:18 am
analytica. but there has been no outrage and all from the national left-wing media. why has there not been hearing's they are six years tardy, aren't they? congress is scheduled to hold hearings on the issues but i'm sure they will map that we have told them what's going on. do you find it interesting that this news did not come out until after the senate and the house told their little wrist slapping lovefest with zuckerberg in their hearings. google and facebook glaubius by the way enjoyed unfettered access to the obama white house for just about eight years for joining us tonight former white house political director "fox business" political analyst ed rollins. ed, i think this is one of the biggest outrage is unimaginable to watch everybody clucked in about cambridge analytica, clucking about russian collusion
4:19 am
i mean what obama and zuckerberg and aaron schmidt at google did at that time is outrageous. >> would the did was they basically use tools that they developed that it americans knew 10 or 15 years ago but they turned over to the obama campaign. they knew where their voters were and communicated well with them and-- lou: he ought to communicate well with them. they turned over 200 million users. why shouldn't there be some outrage about that? >> they are praising them on what a brilliant campaign they ran. >> would the i'm saying to you is they used a resource and it's a question of fairness. the romney--the romney campaign
4:20 am
knew this was going on and tried to duplicate it on election day and couldn't get anything out. unfortunately because trump went out and did what he could do in a short period of time without the party we now have to build it and trump is doing it. lou: how many people are smart enough of the congressional campaigns to do what the president says to do and to follow his agenda and follow his strategy and to also be sophisticated as he was using rnc data as well as the material and the date of developed by brad pascal. >> pascal david really had job for trump and the national committee. i'm not sure they had taken their counsel though. the key thing is you have to find your voters. lou: you are not tired of rhinos by the way? >> i'm tired of rhinos. lou: speaking of rhinos, paul
4:21 am
ryan today, it was lovely to watch. he wants to keep his job as he resigns for another nine months. he wants to lead the republican house members into a horrible defeat in november which will be the result that he is still there directing the charge. now he wants to decide who his successor is that he has chosen surprise surprise house majority leader kevin mccarthy. >> has been no mccarthy was the heir apparent of the salesmen for marijuana in the country. lou: he says he doesn't smoke it though. that may be subject to immediate change. >> there areality as newt gingrich is the only one that had a revolution and lost his way by the end of it. the problem is we are in a revolutionary vote and we need someone in a rude revolutionary mode.
4:22 am
trump is leaving at the top and we need someone to follow. we don't want to be the majority party again. lou: a number of names are being brought to the floor. amongst them ahead of the freedom caucus. jim jordan one of the cofounders of the caucasus caucuses on judiciary or oversight in this played a major role. >> if we elect 16 new members of congress which are essentially there this time and replacing the ones that are there that freedom caucus will become the majority caucus. those kind of guys will. i don't think mccarthy will and i don't think the other establishment types will. lou: no one in the group would accept the fact that president trump representing the anti-establishment mood of the country the populist mood of the country the with the low blissed elites in the nonsense. the priorities are lying there.
4:23 am
the agenda is in front of them and ryan fought it every moment that president trump was on. >> the house is supposed to represent the closest body politic more so than anybody else. lou: the ryan party, the chamber of commerce and the business roundtable the koch brothers and a couple of others. lou: they won't fight for and they don't have that kind of energy. >> well we need some energy. lou: let's get those folks over to the benches where they belong and let the hell-raisers take the field. ed rollins thank you sir. but sure to vote in our poll tonight. you believe the corrupt leadership of the fbi and doj should be adding criminal of charges rather than book deals for their lying about this
4:24 am
prison. follow me on twitter @lou dobbs like and facebook follow me on instagram @lou dobbs tonight. on wall street stocks finishing the day lower. the dow down 123 points the s&p dropped eight the nasdaq off 30 4-volume on the big lord. the major averages posting gains for the week the dow and s&p nasdaq of nearly 3%. and the white house threatening to block china from investing in u.s. technology. we will tell you all about that. occur post office rate hike could cost amazon the most $2 billion per president trump has ordered a study of post office finances and a reminder listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next powerful public service engaging in criminal conduct. governor mike huckabee joins me to discuss the d.c. attacks
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against president trump. against president trump. we are coming right
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lou: white house press secretary sara sanders today schamed the national left wing media for their obsession with fired fbi director james comey. >> the american people see right through the blatant lies of a self-admitted leaker. comey will be forever known as a disgraced pat zahn hack that broke his sacred trust with the president of the united states, the dedicated agents of the fbi and the american people he vowed to faithfully serve. one of the president's greatest achievements will go down as firing director james comey. lou: joining us tonight, the former governor of arkansas, presidential candidate make mike huckabee. good to see you. the president chose today to pardon scooter libby. was there big symbolism in that? >> i think it was just an act of
4:30 am
courage on the part of the president. maybe there was a message there. i don't know. but i'm so glad he did it. i wish george bush had done it nine years ago, that's what should have happened, but it didn't. and donald trump showed some real political courage, because i can tell you, lou, there is no political upside in ever issuing a commutation. but in this case it was the right thing to do for scooter libby and the country. lou: it's been the right thing for some time. and as you say, george w. bush should have had the guts to have done it along time ago. there are a lot of would haves and could haves when we talk about the bush administration. let's turn to general flynn. he's often not mentioned but he always seems to be part of the conversation when he comes to the corruption that we've seen at the fbi, the deputy director, the department of justice, this
4:31 am
ineffect churl attorney general that finds himself there in jeff sessions. i mean, at some point what are we going to see this president do about flynn? what should the judicial branch itself be doing about all of the abeution oabuse of fisa surveile unmasking and going after general flynn? if there's not justiced a ministered to the people inside the department of justice and fbi who lied, leaked and stole government product, the work product that they had done and gave it out to reporters, which was illegal, if something doesn't happen to them, then i hope this president says, if there's not going to be justice for the people who are to enforce the law, then we're not going to hold the people who are living under it to a different and more harsh standard. that would be the kind of outrage that a lot of americans are so fed up with. an inside game. let's not kid ourselves, lou.
4:32 am
there's an attempt to carry out what amounts to a bloodless coup d'etat on this president. they hate him so much. they're so threatened in their own kingdoms by a president who is not predictable and they're scared to death of him. what we're seeking is an attempt to overthrow the pres presidencf donald trump who was elect bid the american people. lou: we can add historic, accomplished more than any other president in times in 1 14 monts months. an for there not to be that recognition of what this president is doing tells you just how the depth of the mendaciousnesmendaciousness of t party and the rhinos in the republican party. >> and it is frustrating to see some people in our own party who
4:33 am
clearly don't seem to get the message from their own voters. but lou, i have been hearing all about the president's successes. i read it every day in the "the new york times," the "washington post." i watch it on msnbc, i see it on cnn. why they're always telling us all of the things that the president has done to make america great again. you must have been missing it. surely it's out there, right? of course it isn't. that's the point. they have ignored this president's accomplishments. lou: i gave up on each of those media outlets you mentioned long long ago. perhaps i have not given them a fair chance. but it is actually their last chance thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. mike huckabee. up next, the race to replace ryan. ann coulter here to weigh in on the republicans and the rhinos. is there an inheritance in the republican party? do you really get to be a lame duck and then decide who your successor is?
4:34 am
a little autocratic, i'd say. what do you say? we'll find out next. stay with us. lou: joining me now, political
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4:37 am
commentator, best selling author ann coulter. ann, one of the country's greatest conservatives. good to have you with us. ann: good to be here. lou: let's start with this crazy report today. i think this is a foundation moment for the president. he has fired the director of the
4:38 am
fbi, the inspector general's report today confirms that mccabe had to be fired and that the fbi's upper management and top officials are rancid with corruption. ann: yes. yes. it does point out that i'm glad trump didn't have his way on having sessions lead the investigation or appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the fbi. this independent counsel, hen hs the independent counsel under obama. he's probably a democrat. a career guy. lou: we can be forgiven with being a little cynical with how that was going to turn out? ann: he was the one who exposed peter strzok and lisa page. he's obviously what we've been waiting for in walking. what li liberals claim james coy and is robert mueller is. lou: i'm not going to be as effusive as you because i'm
4:39 am
waiting to see the entire report on corruption. i want the whole loaf. ann: he exposed strzok and page. lou: what he has done at this point is absolutely straight up, stand up and honest yomen work. ann: there are a few very honest lawyers. lou: you want to repeat that statement? ann: who go go to work for the government exprosecutors. we haven't seen many of them. lou: i'm amazed at how few people have stood up and said this place is completely -- is a swamp unto itself. we haven't heard that from the rank and file. we haven't heard that from lawyers. ann: no. trump was right about the swamp. and we're seeing it like i never managed. and i also suspect -- i think mueller was trying to get himself fired by that raid on michael cohen's office. it really is outrageous, particularly because, i mean for one thing it proved, oh, i guess there's no russian collusion. now the special prosecutor is
4:40 am
going after stormy daniel danie? okay. you got nothing. lou: this is the most ignorant special counsel one could manage. and the partisan hacks that he assembled into his little posse of collusion seekers, i mean it's just overwhelming. lou: i don't know if he's ignorant but he is definitely something worse and more frightening than that is and that is he's going for his reputation. he can't go to msnbc and say sorry, there was no russian collusion. he can't. he loves the accolades. and clearly james comey does. they are going for approval -- well of course you and i don't care. don't ask me that request. lou: i'm not asking you who cares. i'm asking you, what in the world. that's ignorance defined. ann: okay. fine. but sucking up to the media is way for frightening. it does show that the media, the fourth estate, in many ways moe
4:41 am
powerful than any branch of government. we have the keepers of your reputation. these guys don't realize that old guys like comey and mueller, there's an internet now. the "the new york times" downt have the last word on your reputation anymore. lou: and that's thanks to mark zuckerberg. or wait a minute, was it twins. no never mind. facebook, do you find it amazing that this news that 190 million people had their data exploited by facebook and, oh yes, barack obama and the democratic party in 2012 and it makes the cambridge analytica nonsense look like precisely that by comparison? ann: yes. yes. yes. no. what twitter and facebook and google are capable of and what they're doing with their bannings and throwing people off twitter and the way facebook can
4:42 am
use its algorithms and the way that google does, it's really frightening. i was against the net neutrality act because i didn't want the government regulating. but now i think i would rather have the government regulate it than these social justice warrior corporations. but vi a solution that we saw at the beginning of this week because you don't want it to be db. lou: we're going to wednesday your solution. ann: it's beautiful. lou: this is a big moment. take it away, ann. ann: i hope the republican congressmen are watching as long as they hold congress. lou: they will if they follow president trump. ann: yes, they will. you bring in the ceos of facebook, twitter and google, put them through what zuckerberg went there for months after months after months until they finally go home saying to their employee, knock it off, no more censoring conservatives. i cannot take any more of this. lou: it's an approach.
4:43 am
ann: annoy them until they stop censoring conservatives. this is more frightening than anything the government can do. lou: i don't think we should have to wait until they're annoyed. ann: it's freedom promoting no government intervention. annoy them to death. lou: i think we're going to need government intervention, no matter how appalling it is to contemplate. because what we've got is absolutely a threat to the republic. thank so much. ann: good to see you. lou: up next, 12 u.s. warships are headed to the middle east as president trump considers what to do about syria and whether to strike syria. a middle east expert joins me here next. we'll sort it out for us. stay with us. stay with us. we're coming right
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retail. under pressure like never before. and it's connected technology that's moving companies forward fast. e-commerce. real time inventory. virtual changing rooms. that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. toward the midded east as president trump considers possible military action in syria. those warships all part of the carrier the uss harry truman strike force. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations, nikki haley saying president trump hasn't
4:48 am
decided yet how he wants to respond to the check call kepts attack by the say said regime. joining us tonight, middle east and terrorism eggs pert terrori. your thoughts about the best course for the president to follow. >> very tough situation, lou, absolutely. especially tonight and the days to come. if we in the united states refrain from doing anything and wouldn't get anything from the russians in return, this is going to phone that the assad regime, hezbollah, iran will continue to expand and we would have to stop them somewhere else, maybe on the jordannian border or somewhere ems. if we engage, here's the map for our viewers. we have western syria. you mentioned that we have the task forces advancing on the one hand. if the president wants to launch
4:49 am
attacks, he will prevail. we have all of the technology. the russians are not as strong as one would think but there's nothing that would change actually inside syria. there would be a very strong shelling of servant positions and it would stop there and be negotiations. i am worried more about eastern syria whereby where with ve troops. we have 2,000 troops plus. and it is my assessment that if we start to engage in the say said regime, the iranians and hezbollah will attack us in eastern syria. that's my assessment. lou: and we have a new strategic alliance, russia, turkey and acrairan to contend with, hezboh in eastern syria. there is, i'm sure, great comfort for the president to know that general mattis is a warrior who will think of the security of his forces first and foremost as he strategizes
4:50 am
whatever attack options he present to the president. what is troubling as well is how to contend with that axis among turkey, iran and russia. your thoughts >> that's probably the best description i heard today gee geopolitically about where do we stand in syria. yes. our presence in eastern syria is surrounded by the regime with the russians and of course with hezbollah. to the east you have an iran controlling part rts of iraq and to the north we have turkey. the only access is jordan. so the only option we have now is to have our friends from the south, the arab coalition having access to us. otherwise we're surrounded in eastern syria. lou: and your counsel to the president as he begins further considering of what actions to take or not to take in syria.
4:51 am
>> i'm sure that the department of defense and other agencies have all of the scenarios and details in front of them. my only remark for the white house and for the administration, do not trees the intrengs otrust theintention of. they could drag the a regime into a major confrontation. be preemptive, don't wait if you want to take action. lou: good to see you. up next, the fbi rancid, corrupt and the president justified by events. we take up what was an incredible week with our panel here next.
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so they can be the greatest force for good in the world? it takes a force . be a force behind the forces. give today at force dot uso dot org the president and it has enden ended -- well i don't think much people would imagine that we would see the president validated on his assessment of the fbi as we have this week. joining me now, political analyst gina louden and radio talk show host dom. great to see you partner. let's start with you, gina. the president, he was supported in his assessment, in his declarations and statements about mccabe, about comey and
4:56 am
here we are with the support of this report by the inspector general. >> yeah. what's that giant sucking sound, lou? i think that's the president being right as he drains the swamp. lou -- lou: i didn't know where you were going with that, gina, to be very honest. >> it's friday. this is like one big web of complete conflict, complete corruption. and it's like the president just shined his little light on it and they're all scattering like the cockroaches as they are as the swamp is draining. instead of the art of the deal, this is the art of the drain and we're watching it before our very eyes. i can't believe how much has transpired just this week. lou: what do you think, dom? >> it under cuts the whole thing. i all day have been talking about comey undercutting himself, how catty this book is. prior today he was diminished in
4:57 am
my view with the book and stephanopoulos. and this really takes the wind out when people see the facts about what the report has indicated. lou: it is hard to imagine the fbi direct ner the position he is fired because of his dereliction of duty, for his incompetence and his misjudgments and here he is getting millions of dollars for a book from the deep state that, frankly, no one is going -- i shouldn't say no one but very few people are going to believe against the evidence to the contrary. what do you think, gina? >> there's no news in this book. there's nothing that we didn't know before. this is conjecture. this is actually -- we call it psychological projection in my field. it's about comey's insecurities and about him proving really to the whole world that everything that the president said to him
4:58 am
to date is actually true. all of those biases are true and he's confirming anytime an emotional book that reads like a tabloid romance than an actual book. lou: he throws loretta lynch down under the bus, or certainly trtries to. he's insinuating that she has -- there are a lot more developments to come that will embarrass her and the obama administration. >> well, you know, that's not good, lou. if you start throwing lunch under the bus and obama administration -- lou: sounds good to me. >> comey is going to learn at the end of this, there's going to be consequence for him, i believe. and hopefully for mccabe and strzok and all of these others. if it was one person it would be horrifying enough. but there seems to be a nest of people inside the fbi that have been conducting themselves in this manner.
4:59 am
lou: the fbi, the department of justice are obviously corrupt through the highest levels and it's pervasive at those levels, corruption. i want to turn to paul ryan who not only want to resign a job and leave it nine months later but he also wants to hand pick personally his successor. is he just a little, little more autocratic than democratic, gina. >> yeah. swamp continued. and the funny thing is i actually like the person that paul ryan was recommending and then when he recommended him i thought wait a minute, maybe i ought to take a second look. he's been part of the problem, part of the swamp. and he's one of the things that happened this week that sheds further light on the evidence that this president knows what he's talking about when he's talking about draining the swamp. lou: dom, you get the last 20 seconds. >> there's nobody second to lou dobbs in scoping out paul ryan
5:00 am
well aheard of the curve and you're right. lou: you're generous. good to see you both. thank you so much. and congressman andy biggs on monday. until then, have huckabee join us tomorrow night. good knight from new york. kennedy: get out now, republicans sound like phantoms from a horror movie but that's the new battle cry from fed up with republicans who want house speaker paul ryan to step down immediately. you know what? i agree. pack the bags, paul and don't let the door hit you. a number of unnamed gop lawmakers want him gone so his successor can take over before the midterms. one senior republican house member thinks he's going to be gone by the summer. and there's worry among donors that if he stays that could further divide the party. but just this morning paul stuck his finger in everybody's eye saying he has no plans to step


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