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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 15, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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>> lou: good evening, everybody. the democracy and left wing national media and deep state all aided and abeded by rinno senators esicated the assault on the president of united states. the republicans in name only don't have the guts to stand or support president trump. instead they mean to destroy the trump presidency no matter what he has done. the historic president has been investigated by the special counsel and fbi for 22 months in
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a row and not so much of an iota of evidence is introduced against him. and make no mistake. they are desperate and. mcdonnal and ryan and tillis working against him and for the money masters on k street seeking to protect special counsel robert mueller and preserve at all costs his failed investigation. congressman ron desantos pushed for mueller's firing for months. rod rosenstein making a mockery of the judicial system and president trump firing back at the unprecedented raid on the new york office and resident of
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his personal attorney michael cohen. attorney/client privilege is dead and a total witch hunt. the new york times reported deputy attorney general rod rosenstein personally approved the fbi raid and federal prosecutors received a referral in part from robert mueller. this is the same rod rosenstein who believes he can oversee the investigation of firing of comey even though rosenstein recommended trump fired comey. and same who signed off on fisa clerk warrants that resulted in the obama administration spying on the trump campaign and same rosenstein who set the special counsel on may of last year. cohenraid is the clear sign of
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mueller investigation. his recentlial man date as special counsel and the corrupt leader of the justice department believes that mueller's investigation must be unfettered and chuck grassly doesn't criticize or call for constraint. instead this is what chairman grassly said today. >> i have confidence in mueller and the president ought to have confidence in mueller and to answer your question it would be suicide for the president to have suicide sofire mueller. >> lou: the special counsel
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targeting cohena. and contempt proceedings need to occur now in the wake of the doj and fbi's failure to comply with the constitutional right to oversight. joining us tonight congressman ron desantos, over seeing several committees and also the leading republican candidate to lead the great state of florida. great to have you, congressman. starting with grassly. he's sat in washington in the senate for four decades. and he has confident in mueller, are you kidding me? what is he thinking? >> i think of how they handled cheryl mims who was hillary clinton's committee. they had her sitting in on the interview and they were not raiding cheryl mill's office. there were issues with cheryl mills and in this instance to go
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to extreme length for an campaign finance violation? what about the clinton campaign? they did millions of dollars who then paid fusion gps. so they cam flajed those payments and had fusion gps been raided? and so the double standard here is trounling lou, and ever since the special counsel was appointed. it was trying to figure out whatever we can find and hope it sticks. that's not the way you want law enforcement to go. >> lou: i don't know if there is
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such a thing left within the fbi or department of justify. the special counsel is no longer an investigation. it is a joke and people leading it are a joke. we are talking about 13 of 17 attorneys who are democrats and i am talking about ideologically left wing democrats. these are not just passing kiowansis lunchion, these folks are committed and this tells us all we need to know. why is not there a standard by the department of justify or the leadership and congress as to who can be involved in this investigation. this is corruption as its worst. >> we raised that in congress, you look at andrew wiseman, not only a democrat and a checkered reputation, he was at hillary
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clinton's election party and made derogatory comments about trump before the special counsel started. why would you put somebody like this on this? this is the problem with all of this at this point. you have half of the people who voted for donald trump who will not have confidence in this thing. that confidence is shot. i think it is doing a lot of damage to the country at this point. >> lou: that damage could be specific and much broader base that half of the country. we have a president who is contending with so many perils from so many directions in foreign policy. it is extraordinary. i frankly paul ryan and mitch mcconnell are nothing more than stooges of k- state and business
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commerce and roundtable of this country and they are behaving a-bombinably. >> there are all. documents we asked for a long time two- page document that kicked off the collusion investigation. nunnes asked for months and months. they immediately need to turn over or we hold them in contempt. we are entitled to this in the congress and if we are not willing to put institutional muscle we'll be treated like a lack luster institution that too often we are. >> lou: tomorrow is that deadline, april 11th that was
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extended by both committees. what are the odds that that deadline will be that you can get enough fire in the house of representative to actually move forward and hold officials of the corrupt justice department and fbi in contempt? >> i am not holding my breath that the deadline will be met. i think it will be time to pull the trigger on contempt for the officials. they have stone walled for months and months and think much the difference in behavior in terms of them responding in terms of their sxkt it dossier how slow they are and yet they are quick to go raid michael cohen's office when it suits them and probing want donation from the trump's charity of one 50,000. he gave gave millions to the clintion foundation and now is the time to act and we can't
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have them living under different rheums than they are applying to the rest of the country. >> lou: it seems to me, congressman, we are listen to mitch mcconnell talking about the special counsel as if he wanted both arms around him instead of demanding a higher levelful conduct with the special counsel. we don't even hear from speaker ryan. all of this could be shut down by the house of representative if they said no more money will be appropriated to the special counsel. why is not there a level of outrage by the congress department. >> there was an effort for members. and i tried to do it to sunset the special counsel and put up or shut up. but with the omnibusiness they packed it and no amendments and
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no opportunity for any rank and file member to participate. that was a deliberate choice to green light funding for this thing going forward until the end of the fiscal year and that is a mistake. we could put constraints on it and if rosenstein is not doing it. we can do it with the power of the purse. >> lou: could have done it. >> should have done it. >> lou: amen. thank you for your leadership in congress desperately needed and we appreciate everything you are doing. >> thank you, lou. >> lou: special counsel taking up the witch how do you win at business? stay at laquinta. where we're changing with contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at
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>> lou: special counsel mueller is reportedly investigationing a 150 this happened dollars payment that a ukrainian billionaire paid the trump foundation. but the real collusion that mueller might be investigating would focus on the clintons. it is a long- time donor to the clinton foupation and given 13 million to the clinton foundation since 2006 and as far
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as we know not a mildhint of curiousity of those donations. greg jarret, that becomes the theme here. a way in which president trump is treated and a way in which hillary clinton is treated. and a way president trump is treated and another way president obama was treated without a project of an investigation. >> if donald trump sneezes, it's a crime. if hillary clinton sells out america's vital uranium asset and receives roughly at the same time 140 million from russia, that's you know, oh, it is a wonderful foundation and a charity that she runs ignoring the fact that her husband made 105 million while she was secretary of state. the majority of it coming from
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foreign governments that she was tealing with. >> lou: peeking of uranium one it was partly a speaking fee from president clinton of half million dollars. no one seems interested in these elements and that is an obvious, profound partisan driven investigation. i think that this has risen to the level of a political persecution and the republican party, the leadership here, my god, greg. >> they should be outraged. >> but the american people wooch it and can't believe it. >> they are deaf, dumb and blind as a description much mcconnell and will ryan. >> lou: they sold out to takenment and k- straight and business wround table and only
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machters they recognize now. >> the tragedy is what we saw yesterday. going in and seizing documents that are privileged and a lawyer. and really to me is shameful episode in a american legal history. there is an exception. but they went in here and carted away just about everything. we are supposed to trust that a third person clean team or fire wall will protect the attorney/client privilege. i have been a lawyer 40 years and it ain't going to happen. >> lou: clean adjective of preference? within the justice department. people think and understand what obviously the leadership of the republican party doesn't. what we have is a toxic and corrupt justice department and fbi leadership is ransid with
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political corruption. >> and mueller and rosenstein heading it up. president said it is the most conflicted group of people he has seen. mueller has two disqualifying conflicts of interest and it is mand tortoe recuse himself. instead he stuck up his middle finger and doesn't care. rosenstein is a witness and prosecutor and investigator and basically judge and jury all roll would. >> he is investigate himself that the president read and decided to agree with. >> if you look up in the description of corruption. flook the dictionary and rosenstein and mueller and comey. >> maybe that will come to pass. loupe lou without it the republic is deeply threatened.
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and tomorrow, the deadline to produce 1.2 million documents to meet the deadline set by house intelligence chair devon nunez and talking earlier to desantos doesn't believe we should hold our breath and it should move straight to contempt. >> in a fair and just world contempt violations will be file would tomorrow. but congress is slow footed. they issued these subpeona in august, eight months ago. >> lou: they were torproduce the documents five months ago when they issued the order and are now, we are looking at an extension here from the first date of last week. >> they should have moved from contempt. if you don't meet the deadline or i don't meet the deadline, we
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are held in contempt of court and they through us in 24 hours. >> lou: when the american people watch this, and there is no contempt of congress filed against the justice department or fbi leadership. and they don't stand up for a president who is working harder than anybody in washington, there will be hell to pray. >> the approval rating of congress hovers around 11 percent. there is a reason for that. >> lou: i suspect that is inflated. thank you so much. paul ryan under pressure to surrender the speaker's gavel. ed rollins called it last night and each day justin chooses to walk. at work... and after work. he does it all with dr. scholl's. only dr. scholl's has massaging gel insoles that provide all-day comfort.
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>> lou: it turns out that paul rhine's term as house speaker may end sooner than he's
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planning. republicans may force the speaker to leave by this summer perhaps sooner. ryan wants to retire in january of 2019. that would be a long- time lame duck leading the house in the midterms. probably not the best prescription and credit to ed rollins, who said here last night on this broadcast, ryan should go home and live well and get out of the way. joining is the great american pack. and ed rollins, a great call and we see the drum beat picking up. >> no offense to ryan and thank you very much for 20 years in service and go back home. we are in a battle like we have not seen in modern times to hold the house of representative. 40 seats are vacant and another
11:27 pm
ten before the 19 states and in a close registration and could have 50 members of the party not running for reelection and gives opportunities for democrats, all rating books said 50 competitive and vast majority of them is ours. we need a leader to set an agenda. all of it is the trump agenda. and the problem is that ryan has, he's running on the idea of a balanced budget amendment now and passed the extraordinary budget with a trillion dollar budget is laughingstock. ryan wants to cut social security and cutting midcare and they are not issues. >> lou: i don't know of a congressman that supports it. >> he gets to set the tone.
11:28 pm
>> lou: i wouldn't be surprised to come up with the better way agenda. >> that is nonsense. and take two weeks and let the members pick a leader and go out and lead us in the election cycle. >> lou: there is something that is darwinian if you forgive my resopt. republicans don't have the guts and energy and drive to say no mr. speaker, this is done and it is time to put new leadership in front. american people as we enter into the midterms. we'll be there in six months. if they don't have that, then they deserve the fate that is almost assured them. >> the other side has millions people, women and young people and we are only going to
11:29 pm
energize our base by donald trump out there campaigning and a speaker elect. >> lou: who supports the trump agenda and president and can talk about the successes of the administration without looking like he's going to throw up. ryan can't bear, cannot bear to acknowledge and bellow out in public the great success of president trump. >> he was not part of the trump organization. he didn't want trump to be elected. he's more interested in schumer and pelosi than he is. >> lou: what will pelosi and schumer do without paul ryan to wet nurse them through political rewards? >> they will be back to be treated like the minority. and the reality. we won the tax plan and didn't win obamacare.
11:30 pm
jim jordan said promises made need to be kept. >> lou: donald trump has done that and the speaker is not. >> hopefully the new speaker will. who ever that may be. >> lou: up next, the fbi admits anti- trumpers still have, they still have top secret security clearance. byron york on the pervasive deep state, next. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does.
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>> lou: the fbi couple fired from the mueller investigation still have top security clearance we learned thanks to senator rand paul. peter strok strok and lisa page continued access to top secret information in an fbi response to senator rand paul. joining me is byron york a fox business contributor. we'll start with the politics of the day. devon nunnes head of the
11:35 pm
intelligence committee said they are viewing if you will of the document, letting out the initial if you will beginning of the fbi investigation, that viewing met his stand arounds for unredakted and full disclosure. your thoughts? >> it was pulling teeth to get it. it was more than pulling teeth to get it. the electronic communication that was used by the fbi was a document that was created to formally open the trump/russia investigation in july of 2016. the house intelligence committee which is entitled to look at this stuff and wanted to see it and asking for it and it took devon nunnes threatening to impeach christopher wray. nunnes and tray gowdy were
11:36 pm
finally allowed to see it in the least redakt the form. but the story is how hard it has been for the over sight committees to get information out of the fbi and justice diameter. >> lou: judiciary committee and oversight committee andigence scombrens committee and judiciary, these committees with the exception of oversight, fbi and doj acted like outlaws and not the department of justice and the fbi, and there is no outrage that i can detect in the country. it is it an absolute attack on the president, the presidency, and just law and order on the part of the corrupt department and agency? >> we have seen it from the house judiciary committee and you are right has direct oversight responsibility for the justice department and having to
11:37 pm
threaten the justice department to get documents that are used by the inspector general in the upcoming report on how the fbi conducted the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. weep saw after more threats, finally the attorney general jeff sessions publicly leaned on the fbi director to say, you have to give more attention to congress here. but this is a continual story. and you know this, one. things we have been hearing, people say there is a republican administration and justice department and they are republicans on cant captain hill. how come it is not working better? what it shows, some people call it the deep state and others call the institutional prerogatives and how deep the semp protection impulse is in the fbi and justice department.
11:38 pm
>> lou: it is corruption and the deep state and embedded deep leand entrenched deeply. and the deep state is winning. it is it an interesting question and no one reports more on it than you do. what can the president do? i have to say, if in the same position just the frustration level would compeel me to fire somebody that i can get my hand on. it is a direct attack on our system of government by the deep state. no matter how you structure it. you center a justice department attacking the constitution. and what it is doing and what robert mueller is doing is in my judgment and in the judgment of so many jurist and lel scholars absolutely wrong. we don't hear right and wrong expressed too often and what
11:39 pm
mueller is doing is wrong and what the justice department and leadership is doing is wrong. and it has to be righted. what do you think? >> there is a lot of different opinions on what the president should do as far as mueller. i think it would be a mistake for the president to get rid of him. on the issue of russia and trump investigation, there is a point that is undeniable. the public needs to know more. there is too much secrecy. i was writing about the comey memrows and the book selling extravaganza to start this weekend. and the memos that comey wrote are like only allowed to be seen by 1 or 2 people. and no cop eps are allowed and no note taking is not allowed
11:40 pm
and this is something that the public should know and less mystery around the mueller investigation. so far secrecy has kept a cloak over everything. >> lou: why do we use the word secrecy? and not only in the national left wing media will use the expression? if is it a cover up and secret because they are covering up their own transgressions against law and decency and fairplay and that is supposed to be haul marks. justice department. >> they are. and when you have a big investigation like the trump russia investigation and clinton e-mail, there will be an investigation of the investigators. look at bill clinton in the 1990s. in our system this neileds to happen and in this case, there
11:41 pm
is so much we need to know about this case. >> lou: byron, you are a patient and a generous man. we talk about the year long investigation special counsel, when in fact it is it a 22 month investigation. the fbi investigation and built upon that special counsel investigation for nearly two years and two years was america's life and for the entirity of this president's administration. we have had an investigation that is effectively designed to subvert him and suvert his presidency and to bring the administration and the federal government and trump policies to a grinding halt. it has no other purpose because in two full years, not one iota of evidence is produced.
11:42 pm
at what point, do we say something's wrong and we have to fix it now? this cannot be a investigation in perpeitute or the public falls. >> one party wants to use the investigation as a means to remove the president from office early. that's what they want and there is no doubt that the issue of impeachment will come up and interesting to see where democrats come down on that as they campaign to try to win the house. but since the stakes are so high, that's why we need more information. we cannot be in september and october with people about to vote and all of this still cloak would in secrecy. >> lou: if the department much justice leadership prevails against accountability and rank,
11:43 pm
rank betrayal. public trust, then we are doomed. let's talk soon. up next, the justice department and robert mueller are out of control and president trump blasting the raid on his personal attorney as a disgrace. top attorneys join us here next. nick was born to move. 3 toddlers won't stop him. and neither will lower back pain. because at a dr. scholl's kiosk he got a recommendation for our custom fit orthotic to relieve his foot, knee, or lower back pain, from being on his feet. dr. scholl's. born to move. stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at aah! ...i would have said you were crazy. but so began the year of me. i discovered the true meaning of paperless discounts...
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>> joining us tonight is victoria, who is a former reagan official and former special counsel and joe, who is former district attorney of university colombia. they are founding partners. i kicked both of your names. i a poggize to you both. >> great to be here. >> lou: i will rehearse from the moment we step off until next week speak if we have the grace to show up here again. it is good to have you here. first, the raid. victoria, on a personal attorney of the president in >> yes, mueller and his gang have weaponized the criminal justice system. these no knock raids done on his
11:48 pm
personal lawyer's house and offices. they are tactics reserved for dope dealers and terrorist. i know, i used to be a narcotic's prosecutor. and this is not the regular order for getting records from a lawyer. you should issue a subpeona and say what documents you want and then the attorney hands them orch. i understand cohen, has been doing all along. >> lou: and cooperating as you point out. and joe, your thoughts on the apparent, you know as victoria says, as with paul manafort. a predawn raid with a cooperating witness. what is this about mueller that is thuggish? >> i think the raid on mr. cohen's office was an act of bad faith over the if prosecutor. he caused it to occur in the
11:49 pm
southern district of new york. these are what is interorrium tactics and using it is grand jury in order to frighten people and intimidate people and try to influence the conduct of the president of the united states. what mr. mueller has done under the guidance of mr. rosenstein and director ray is disgraceful and an embarrassment to the department of justice and the fact they are not embarrassed telling you something about the three people. mueller, ray and rosenstein. it is clear to me that mueller, ray and rosenstein are antitrumper and not a good faith federal investigation and designed to embarrass the president and i believe they have determined that they want to take him down. i think it is one of the most disgraceful events in american law enforcement and the history of our country and should be an
11:50 pm
embarrassment to all three of them and apparently is not. >> i think that there is no evidence of collusion with the russian and so what mueller and his people are trying to do is goad the president in to firing them and so they can say oh, my we brought it all out and we were fired. i disagree with tom. i do not think that the president ought to be goaded in to doing this. i think he is stay cool. >> lou: i am so furious at what we are witnessing, i am reactive and reflective and reactionary. it is to me such an incendiary moment that i cannot imagine why is the bar association as i asked earlier in the broadcast and where is the legal profession and the supreme court or someone with integrity and establish standing in your profession standing up here and
11:51 pm
standing up here as one. whether it is it the supreme court or a ba, i don't know. and say we are not going to tolerate this conduct? >> most major institutions are dominated by liberals and the american bar association that is anti- trump to the core. the judiciary can't do anything until they get involved in the case. i think your instincts to be offended and outraged are good and should be encourage would and what the american people should express themselves that they do not like this and they don't accept it and they that treating the president and his family and his lawyers like common criminals is a disgraceful manifestation of nonprofessional conduct by the department of justice and the fbi. and i have to tell you, lou, i am so furious at rod rosenstein
11:52 pm
and christopher wray and concluded that they are anti- trumpers and actively engaged in trying to takedown the president of the united states. >> lou, let me tell you one of the people that mueller brought on. andy wiseman. he is in the one in enron investigation brought down the company much arthur anderson on false charges in which the supreme court overturned nine- zip and by the way, he was also the direct supervisor of my client doug campbell in uranium 1 and 1 of his lawyers who threatened my client with prosecution if they talked about the case. >> there is no doubt wiseman thuggery came out to play. bob mueller ought to be ashamed for having people like this on his staff. >> lou: we'll continue, where do mom? dad? hi!
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>> lou: back with us, victoria and joe. and it is great to have you with us, and where do we go from here? the reality that this is a president who is 360 degrees and surrounded by assailants that is unparalleled in our history and now he has a justice
11:57 pm
department that has gone rogue. >> lou, i just want to tell you where we are not going. the president should never, ever speak to robert mueller or any of his lawyers in an interview. >> no question in the light of bad faith today in the manner in which mueller caused the case to open up in new york. it is clear that his operation has nothing to do with fair enforcement of the law or equal justice. it is it basically a bunch of mobsters trying to enforce u.s. law and no circumstances shouldment president of the united states agree with an interview with these thugs. >> lou: if today would not convince the president that would be honoring a mortal enemy i don't know what would. he is not talk to the special counsel, and i think most of us
11:58 pm
instinctively agree with that and what can he proactively do? as you call them against the thugs. >> there is not a lot he can do that is publicly acceptable. he could pardon everybody and fire mueller. but here's what he is do. be the president of the united states and deal with syria and the ongoing problem and ignore mueller and of course, the process by which this will eventually come to an end. we don't know. today demar caded the investigation as unpres delled and everything involving the 2016 election. there is no collusion and never was any and what mueller is doing now is justify his existence with outrageous acts. >> he is ignore mueller and be president.
11:59 pm
that's how he is do. it >> i expect that counsel from you any time. and one minute remaining here. legality me ask you what should congress do. they have a rogue justice department and fbi. they are not meeting the constitutional congressional demands of oversight. >> it is it a no brainer, hold rosenstein and wray in contempt of congress and if they don't produce documents impeach both of them. >> and not go to court and do them on their own rulings. nforget going to court. and they have the power to hold them in contempt and impeach them and remove them from office. this is it arrogance of a time and kind of degree that we have never seen from people in want fbi and justice department and rosenstein and, where ray should be ashamed of themselves. but their arrogance is so high.
12:00 am
>> teach the republican members was congress how to fight. >> lou: victoria and joe, thank you both for being here. you both for being here. we know you know how to for time life's music collection. (theme from "a summer place") it was an era of incredible stars... ♪ ...fantastic voices... ♪ i know i'd go from rags to riches ♪ (announcer) ...beautiful harmonies... ♪ sincerely ♪ oh, yes, sincerely (announcer) ...magical melodies... ♪ catch a falling star and put it in your pocket ♪ ♪ never let it fade away (announcer) ...and music we will always remember. ♪ writing love letters in the sand ♪ (announcer) it was the golden age of pop.


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