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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 20, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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people who want to legalize it. if you follow that, we have an opportunity to eliminate the black [♪] david: good evening. i'm david asman in for lou dobbs. new trouble for fired fbi director james comey. justice department inspector general is investigating comey's handling of classified information. people familiar with the probe say at least two of the memos comey gave to a friend outside the government contained information officials consider classified. the newest member of the house judiciary committee and new lows for the democrat party. the democrat national committee announced it's suing everything but the kitchen sink. why? the dnc claims the forces
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conspired to throw the election. we take up the desperate dems with chris farrell of judicial watch and ed rollins. breaking news from north korea on what would be a major victory for the trump administration. north korea saying it has suspended long range and nuclear missile tests ahead of a summit between the president and kim jong-un. our top story, memos released from fired fbi director james comey revealing no evidence of collusion and obstruction. and we are learning comey himself is the target of an investigation. the inspector general look at comey's mishandling of classified information. leaking memos shortly after his conversations with president trump.
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catherine: fox news confirms the inspector general is investigating comey's memos to determine whether classified material was mishandle. on the comey memos the president's supporters say there is strong evidence president trump wanted the russia claims investigated. comey writes the president said if there was some satellite, some sore environmentalist of his campaign that did something it would be good to find out. but hadn't done anything and hoped i would find a way to get out that i wasn't investigating him. comey writes he replied that he needed loyalty and expected loyalty. i did not reply or even nod or change my facial expression. we came back to it later. i replied he would always get
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honesty from me. trump said that's what he wants, honest loyalty. i replied, you will get that from me. the memos are classified for a confidential level. >> if i write it in such a way that wouldn't include anything that would trigger a classification, it would make it easier to discuss within the fbi and the government and hold on to it in a way that makes it accessible to me. catherine: the memo states clearly he knew his ask conversation with the president were not public. he said he chose secret. please let me know if it should beshire higherrer. >> lower than that.
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andrew mccabe said he's disappointed with comey's comments. david: keith roth, what do you make -- just pull back. this is comey week. we had all of the conversations, and we are still having them tighten weekend and of course the memos. what do you make of this week and how it affected the investigations? >> it's been quite a week. i'm glad the memos are finally out. it's like pulling teeth from the department of justice and other agencies. these memos were released. i think it took the threat of a subpoena to get them. there are questions that do couple. i have been taking a look at them. parts of them are redacted. we mow that director comey gave these apparently to a friend.
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so i think that's what's being looked at. david: what's being looked at might turn out to be criminal. you add to that the contradictions in what he has said and what the memos show in his reactions and interactions with members of his staff like mr. mccabe. he and mccabe are now at war even though the memo itself, he's constantly praising mccabe as a good friend and able servant. >> don't forget that complementary tweet that director comey put out about the deputy director. after he was let go. david: in the memo itself there are many references, at least move a dozen, where he said how good mccabe was, now they are at war. and there is also this. i want to quote from his memo. this was done right after he had dinner with president trump shortly after the inauguration
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in january of 2017. i told president trump i don't do sneaky things, i don't leak, i don't do weasel moves. a lot of people would say a lot of his moves are wheels. we know he did leak because he said he leaked. there are inconsistencies. at the end of the day does -- doesn't comey look worse than he did at the beginning? >> if you look at that first memo about the january 6 meeting, apparently director intelligence clapper wanted this sent to the president. comey went in there with a plan and executed that plan according to his memo. i want to know did he tell the president this is from the dossier paid for by the clinton
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campaign. david: the conservatives and republicans who have been castigating comey for i think pretty good reasons, have gotten lot of grief from people saying you are just down on the fbi and you have should be supporting the fbi. but now we see that in fact james comey and others were leading the fbi were doing more to hurt the agency than anybody else. and the scholar jonathan turley spoke to this issue last night on fox news. let me play the sound bite. >> he was the head this investigation and is now one of the cooperating witnesses. nobody would suggest this bikes benefiting the investigation. to the contrary web's undermining his role as a witness. so the question is why is he doing this? the answer is rather obvious. he's going to make a lot of
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money. but in the process he's going to do untold harm to the institution he once headed. david: do you agree? >> there are many men and women at the fbi that are doing a good job. but if you go about back to the election and listen to what the democrats were saying about comey. director comey made a number of mistakes. you take a look at the deputy attorney general rosenstein's memo that formed the basis for his dismissal. i think there are ground to dismiss director comey as early as january 20, 2017, if not before. david: the democratic lawsuit throws a net over practically the entire united states, which a lot of people would say is a desperate move. but it comes from a party that spent millions of dollars hiring a former spy to use russian
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disinformation about one of the candidates in the 2016 election, then get people who were anti-trump at the fbi to obtain a fisa warrant to spy on the campaign. this is the party ewing the gop. shouldn't it be the other way around? >> to imply there is a conspiracy between russia and the trump campaign. take a look at what was going on with secretary clinton and president obama and his policies. she presented russia with a reset button. russia was the aggressor in georgia. this was six months after they invaded georgia. the obama administration canceled miss soil defense in europe. and did nothing from the crimea crisis and the ukraine crisis.
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lets russia go right in. david: not to mention 20% of our you uranium reserves going to a russian company which was at the same time the board members were contributing heavily to the clinton foundation. >> you can't forget president obama whispering he'll be more flexibility after his election. david: it looks like you are beginning to make the case for counter suit? >> well, that's not my call. i am not a party to the litigation. i will let those who are taking a look at that do what they think they need to do to defend themselves. david: we have a group saying, attacking the democratic process. they say the gop in 2016
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attacked the democratic process. when you look at what democrats did. spend millions of dollars paying fusion gps to put together this trump dossier. you have the head of the fbi not telling the president-elect of the united states a year ago that the trump dossier was funded by the dnc. didn't think it was important. there is a lot of evidence that is stacking up. there is a word in psychology called projection. you project on others the faults you have in yourself. that's what's going on here. >> look at the substance of the election. you have a candidate at the head of the democratic party talking about deplorables. then having a history of issues with a private server where 30,000 emails we subpoenaed the server. they were destroyed.
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people taking hammers to blackberries. there was a candidate they want to do anything but take responsibility for that. >> welcome to the judiciary committee. please come back and see us at fox business. david: president trump says the comey memos show what he has been saying for months. there is no evidence whatsoever of any collusion. so when will the witch hunt end? ed rollins takes that up next. how do you win at business? stay at laquinta. where we're changing with contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today.
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david: president trump reacting to the release of the comey memos. he says the comey memos so there was no collusion and no obstruction. and he leaked class youified information. wow! will the witch hunt continue? the dnc lawsuit. we'll now counter for the dnc
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server that they refused to give to the fbi, the debbie wasserman-schultz, and the document held by the pakistani. we never got to the bottom of that issue with debbie wasserman-schultz. ed: we didn't. she was certainly fooled like a lot of other people. i think the reality is -- i watched this week -- two of the stupidest things i have seen comey do. first being on all these television shows to sell a book that's already sold. this whole memo thing, for a man who two years ago was thought as a man of real untechnology right. he damaged his agency and his own reputation. david: at the beginning of the week we were told about it mainstream media that at the end
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of the week it would hurt trump more than it would james comey. ed: comey definitely. it's like playing russian roulette with five shells and a gun. he's on comedy shows web's on "the view," he's on he network. the book is already sold. to a certain extent he's not enhancing his own reputation and certainly not the agency's. david: what happened is we see that the book contradicts what he was writing at the time of the memos. ed: his own excuse contradicts what he said about the hillary premise. david: i think if i bought a comey book on monday, i would want a refund on friday.
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ed: what clear to me is he had a strategy, and he's a good strategist. if i did get fired, here is how i'm going to do it. the idea you call one of of your friend, a college professor and give them four memos to leak as opposed having the guts to say this is the story, and change the classification to me is just -- it goes right to his integrity. david: rudy giuliani, the former mayor of new york. he had some nice things to say about mr. mueller. he said not on is he a man of integrity, but working with him we should be able to wrap this thing up in a couple weeks. that may be overly optimistic. but don't you get sense that the air is quick ar -- quickly comig
7:20 pm
out of the mueller balloon. ed: i do. i worked with rudy. he knows the system. he knows the hot buttons. he has been in the same kind of jobs as comey. the u.s. attorney here. he knows all the hot buttons. the problem with the trump team initially is they didn't have anybody to do the justice all-star team. months you have gob on in this thing, let's get it closed. david: the southern district of new york has the case of his lawyer, mr. cohen. they have all that information, 0 years or so of just about everything donald trump has common in his personal and professional life. they say they will try to segregate the cohen stuff from the trump stuff. but i don't believe they are going to do that. ed: the prosecution team here is
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not the new appointed u.s. attorney. it's not the republicans led by an addressive u.s. attorney trump dismissed. my concern is anything that's prior is fine. but to go back on business deals, all that was debated during the course of the campaign. david: do you believe that these prosecutors will segregate entirely the trump information from the cohen stuff? ed: absolutely not. david: i have got to ask about this democratic lawsuit. ed: that's the second dumbest thing i have seen this week. you pay for opposition research and then you are going to sue russia? if that's how you are going to spend your money, do it. don't spend it on candidate. david: be sure to vote in
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tonight's poll. do you think jim comey's lies on his book tour have made president trump's point? coming up next, andrew mccabe caught lying and leak. his fate rests with a trump-appointed prosecutor. each year sarah climbs 58,007 steps.
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judicial watch filing a lawsuit against the justice department. the government watchdog group seeking documents regarding james comey's communications with special counsel robert mueller. the new suit filed after comey stated that he provided memos of his conversation with president trump to mueller and his team. joining me now, chris farrell, director of investigations and
7:27 pm
research for judicial watch. great to see you. >> hey, david. david: is the doj still protecting jim comey? is there stuff you still can't get your hands on about jim comey? >> absolutely. this is the living example of the deep state. the department of justice still manned by an army of sally yates who are in a hunkered down mode and they're not interested in releasing anything that might be awkward or embarrassing. a lot of double talk and foot dragging. if you want to believe that the justice department and the fbi, even going back to the comey memos, they were saying, it's impossible to release this, or the heavily redacted and take years to do. of course it's all nonsense. david: we see that time and again when they come out with
7:28 pm
the excuses saying it's going to violate a state secret or going to invade somebody's privacy and then we see when it -- some stuff is still redacted in the memos but we get the gist of it perfectly. >> the same is true with the nunes memo. that was supposed to be the end of the world, the republic could collapse. david: bottom line, they're protecting something. what is it that they're protecting . >> a politicized witch hunt where the fbi leadership and the department of justice was attempting to steer the outcome of a presidential election. that simple. david: and i could just focus on the axis, the comey/mueller ak axis. they worked together and appreciated each other's work. i think they still do. what was the basis when comey went to mueller or either that or mueller called up comey and said come in, i want to talk to you.
7:29 pm
what was the actual basis for that relationship and how does it continue to this day? >> well, i mean it goes back decades to the point where, you now, at some point they both are in the world of doj -- u.s. attorneys in new york, in manhattan principally, that's sort of the contact point. and it's been a decades long relationship with their pals. and realize this goes layer after layer. so you have mccabe is comey's deputy at the fbi. he's running over to the white house and briefing lisa monico in the obama white house about what they're doing. we know that because is circles back around. and page who is mccabe's girlfriend -- excuse me, strzok's girlfriend says potus wants to know everything we're doing. what's the significance of lisa monico. she used to be mueller's chief of staff. david: it's unbelievable. >> a web of people.
7:30 pm
david: as close as they were, it's interesting to see how they're tayeinging each other once they're cornered. >> it will be interesting to see if mccabe is willing to flip to go after comey. the more comey talks, the more really he belittles himself. david: well the more contradictioncontradictions bete see. and i got to finally talk about the witnesses that mueller has. you look at the witnesses. comey we see now is deeply flawed in his attachment to the truth. you have sam nunberg, another witness before the grand jury of mueller who has appeared on television apparently drunk or drugged up. you have george nader, another witness for mr. mule whoar i mua convicted child molester. wouldn't a grand jury throw this case out if these are the only witnesses it can muster? >> which is why you saw today
7:31 pm
the dnc filing its publicity stunt lawsuit. the handwriting is on the wall. the mueller thing is collapsing in slow motion. they're frantic and desperate to keep this crazy rush rush nair tiff and conspiracy going. democratic narratives have telegraphed over to their pals in the party, file a civil case to drag this thing out forever. david: there's no there in terms of collusion. therefore you got to make it a political case which is what the dnc lawsuit is all about. >> discovery runs in both directions. you'll hear tom perez huff and puff about taking depositions. guess what, it flips the other way too. david: we can find out more about the relationship between fusion gps and is whole lot of things. >> what ever happened to the dnc servers. david: the president mentioned that today and also the
7:32 pm
relationship with certain russians and the clinton foundation. >> where do the paychecks go? david: chris farrell, great to see you. tonight's quote of the evening is for the clinton cartel. comey, mccabe, struck and paige. ", no man is above the law, no man below it. nor do we ask any man's permission when we ask him to obey it. coming up, an his tore, confession from kim jong-un, the north korean leader suspending nuclear tests. we'll discuss what that means concerning his upcoming meeting with president trump next. d a ball being a dad... ...and built a career in construction.
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david: a major announcement by north korea leader kim jong-un has said his country will suspend all nuclear long-range missile tests and shut down a nuclear test site. the announcement coming weeks before a planned summit between kim and president trump. and president trump reacting to the announcement tweeting out, quote, north korea has agreed to suspend all nuclear tests and close up a major test site. this is very good news for north korea and the world. big progress. look forward to our summit. joining me now is john hannah, senior counselor at the foundation for defensive democracies and former national security advise tore vice president cheney and also gordan chang.
7:37 pm
first to you, we have this breaking news, which is extraordinary. i want to talk a little bit about that with gordan. but we also have mike pompeo laying the found work for an extraordinary meeting. really an unprecedented meeting. we have not had a meeting, a president to the north korea leader ever since the korean war as far as i know. it's just extraordinary that that is more than what any secretary of state has done, particularly thinking of john kerry or hillary clinton and yet, they were confirmed and it's possible that mike pompeo will not be confirmed. how is that boss snbl. >possible.>> yeah, no. this is a real scandal and a real blemished on a long storied tradition. the only thing that should matter is that mike pompeo by ever relevant criteria is fully qualified for the job by knowledge, experience, personal
7:38 pm
integrity and by the fact that he is the choice of the person that the american people dually elected as president of the united states. how in the world do you think john kerry or hillary clinton or madeleine albright got the overwhelming support of senate republicans. it wasn't because they agreed with their approaches to iran or north korea or climate change. it's because they understood what the relevant standard was. and the fact that we've got a bunch of democrats now who are going to abuse their constitutional prerogative of advice and consent and base their choice on politics, on tieblism, the fact thatribalism. the fact they don't like president trump is a real shame. at a time when the secretary of state is going to need all of the bipartisan support he can get to deal with the very difficult challenges. david: and just to put those three people that john mentioned, madeleine albright, john kerry and hillary clinton,
7:39 pm
secretaries of state who came nowhere near what has been done already in dealing with north korea. talk about that but also the significance of what north korea announced tonight. >> this is important. i mean we haven't seen anything like this. of course kim could be playing us. and we've seen this before, 2008 they detonate the cooling power at their nuclear facility and then the year after that they walk away from the six-party talks. but i think this time, even if kim is doing this as a negotiating tactic, he's got a problem. you've got now so many dramatic developments, one right after the other. he's going to be swept away by events. this is how history occurred. david: he's caught up, gordan, in a spiral. he's committed to too much to walk away from right now. >> right. and also you have other people playing their cards as well. moon jay un, the south korean president, well president trump. they always say they game out all of these five steps in
7:40 pm
advance. the problem is at this point i don't think he can do it. there's too much occurring. david: before we completely dismiss the possibility that he's confirmed by the senate, there is at least one democratic senator, a woman who came out today and said she would vote for him. of course rand paul is a republican who says he probably won't. but doesn't it look bad, in light of all of these developments, won't it eventually make the democrats look bad if they reject and won't they be shamed into accepting his confirmation? >> well, i think that by the time it gets to the full floor that mike pompeo is going to get by. but he's going to just squeeze by with just enough votes. and again we're facing so many really difficult complex national security challenges right now, david, that you really need a fully empowered secretary of state. david: particularly somebody that has already set the stage if you will for a lot of these things. and talk if you can for a moment
7:41 pm
about the fallout from last week's syrian raid. >> i supported the raid. i think it was important for the president to enforce his red line against chemical weapons. but the fact is that none of the major strategic challenges we face in syria has gone away. in fact they're only getting worse. in particular this iranian drive across syria to the mediterranean right to israel's border. we're setting ourselves up for a regional con flag ration that's going to engulf the middle east and the united states needs a strategy to deter and thwart that. david: the one thing i think it's fair to say is that kim jong-un was watching very carefully what the united states was doing in syria and perhaps that had something to do with today's announcement. >> i think so. what president trump did in the syrian raid is said thou shalt not use chemical weapons. last year kim used chemical weapons on his half brother. the other connection here is that north korea is the primary
7:42 pm
supplier to syria of these chemical weapons. they've had this relationship since the mid 1990s. there are two facilities that the north koreans have built. they've been killed in syria in connection can chemical weapons events. kim was unnerved by what happened last week. david: axis of evil is the term we used to use. do you think james comey's lies, leaks, book tour has proven president trump's point that he was the worst fbi director in history. the caravan of mexicans traveling through mexico has reached our southern border. the group of people are now aiming to claim asylum. we have a full report coming up.
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david: the first wave of central americans from the caravan that has been making its way through mexico for weeks are now arriving at the border. president trump has brought in the national guard to stop the influx. our correspondent has the latest. >> this is the caravan of 1500 central american refugees that prompted the president to call up the national guard. now three things happened in the
7:47 pm
last few weeks. some of the immigrant left on their own for the u.s. mexico took some in and the rest got temporary visas instead of going home, however, they continued north. some 500 jumps on trains, buses and trucks. a few arriving in tijuana yesterday, the rest expected on the san diego border on tuesday. the question then, what does the u.s. do. like most central americans, they will ask for asylum, triggering a lengthy immigration process allowing most to sty here indefinitely which is the goal. >> translator: it's difficult, especially for our children that we're bringing on this journey that they don't deserve. but we make this sacrifice for them. >> after lows a year ago, refugees from honduras and guatemala and el salvador are surging. the six-month total, more than 37,000. and while most admit they are coming here for work, they will
7:48 pm
claim a credible fear of persecution to qualify for asylum, a work permit and freedom in the u.s. so how will border agents handle the caravan. because they're not mexicans, the agents cannot turn them back over the border. the president wants to streamline their deportation, keep them in custody, but their lawyers are going to say no. david: thank you very much. on wall street stocks fell today. the dow is down 202 points, the s&p lost 23, the nasdaq fell 92. volume on the big board 3.4 billion shares. the major averages posted modest gains for the week. dow, s&p and nasdaq all up. the consumer protection agency has slapped well far ghost with a record $1 billion in fines. the penalties are for home and auto loan abuses. eamp president trump is taking opec to task on twitter. the pet says the cartel is
7:49 pm
keeping oil prices artificially high. a reminder to listen to lou's reports three times a kay coast to coast. an epic fete of political pandering for new york's increasingly left wing governor. we're going the take up a crazy claim from mr. andrew cuomo with our panel coming next. you don't want to miss it.
7:50 pm
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7:52 pm
david: new york governor andrew
7:53 pm
cuomo giving a bizarre speech last week in which he claimed he was undocumented. take a listen. >> i'm undocumented. you want to deport an undocumented person, start with me. because i'm an undocumented person. david: weird. of course coming from a man who was born in queens, new york, whose wealthy parents were also born here is absurd. it was apparently an effort to empathize or get sympathy from illegal immigrants or maybe he's exploring a 2020 run. joining me now were gina louden, a member of president trump's media advisory born and radio talk show host. good to see you both. gina, to say something that nuts, that crazy frankly shows a test operation on his part to run as fast as he can to the left, right? >> the dnc is imploding. and we're watching something
7:54 pm
that we have never seen in our history. you know, the rest of the media is probably not going to report this. but that's exactly what we're seeing. and you know what? i hope they stay on this immigration issue. because the immigration issue is the single biggest losing issue the democrats have. it's great that cuomo did this. david: but coming out with this, don, we should reminded folks who haven't heard the news that he's running against somebody much further to the left than he is, or maybe not now, cynthia nixon, a tv star, probably seen here in sex in the city. he's trying to counter her move to the left. but it is indicative of something happening all over the country, is it not? >> absolutely. it's a race to see how much further to the left can you go. it's impossible to imagine. and vi to say too, david, i tell you, americans like me platterly find this type of stuff -- a lot of people call me and react.
7:55 pm
they're very proud of doing things the right way, coming here the right way. and the cuomos for years have been an embarrassment to them across the board. david: gina, speaking of desperation, the move by the democrats to sue just about everybody under the sun, the russians, everybody affiliated with the republican party, throw people in that you never heard of in this lawsuit, even democrats -- to me what it means is that even democrats realize they're not going to get what they want, collusion from the mueller investigation. >> you know what we say to that? we say bring it. we cannot wait for the discovery process. can you imagine the moment that we open up the, for example, the dnc server records that the fbi doesn't have access to. can you imagine when we get through the process of discovery. take a look at the clinton foundation and the role that fusion gps played in the fake dossier. can you imagine when we get to look at what they did to destroy
7:56 pm
bernie to hand the election to hillary. the list goes on. we can't wait. david: and dom, it's always follow the money. and all of the money flows, that flew from the dnc to the legal firm that works for the dnc to fusion gps, following those money flows as well. i mean, they've really opened themselves up to a hornet's nest here. >> they have. and they've opened themselves up to -- i think it's one thing to challenge. but mockery just as gina did. and the mockery of this that's already started up. can you imagine the russian government officials, wikileaks and no named people across the country. when you get mocked, and if late-night comedians pick up on it if they dare. david: and rush limbaugh brought up a great point, speaking of mocking, the democrats have done
7:57 pm
more to put the united states in the position the russians wanted us to be in where not only are we mocked by the whole world for what's going on here, for the absurdness of some of the investigations and how it's crippling some of our attempts to do good things, whether it's domestically or foreign, but it's also calling in a lot of americans' minds a question of what's going on. is this system really functioning as it should be. >> yeah. and imagine if through the mediy process we uncover the collusion between the media and the dnc in an attempt to destroy any enemies or opponents of hillary's. the list goes on. they have set their own traps and they're walking into them and we're witnessing history like we've never seen it before. david: how is all this going to play out with the general public do you think? are they finally -- even folks who might veer to the left toward the democratic party going to timely realize that
7:58 pm
they've been had? >> i don't think so, david. on the left, there is a thirst -- conspiracy plays well with any number of people but they're not a significant enough base to overwhelm. and what it does, it tires people out. and then hillary clinton appears on the scene, says something regrettable and we're back off again to revisiting this. and it just makes people believe that they can't accept what the american people wanted. they didn't want hillary clinton, they wanted donald trump. david: and gina, we saw how wrong the polls were in 2016. you hear all of these suggestions that the democrats are going to sweep in 2018 in the midterms. but i wonder about that middle. i think dom is right about the people on the left that are democratic supporters, that one third of america. but the folks in the middle who were totally discounted by the pollsters in 2016, don't you think that they're open minded to the fact that a lot of what democrats have been saying is not only wrong but harmful to
7:59 pm
the united states? >> exac exactly. and we're seeing that with our fund-raising at the rnc. we see that. we have the small donor, the president and himself and his campaign are getting the small donors. and the democrats coffers are dry. how are they going to sink a message when they don't have any money but the donations that they do have are all from hollywood and wall street elites. that doesn't resonate with the average american. the average american is taking note of that. you're exactly right, david, and it's going to show up at the ballot box. david: the problem is this collusion if you will between the media and the dnc. i mean they are so tied together it's impossible to break them up. you have ten seconds. go ahead. >> that's why their approval rating is so low, lower than anybody. maybe even congress. david: great to see you both. thank you for being here. have a wonderful weekend. that's it for us tonight. you too have a wonderful weekend. thanks for joining us.
8:00 pm
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