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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 24, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. have got your back. now we are leaving it in the hands of lou dobbs himself. lou: good evening. our top stories tonight. the * and the first lady hosting the first state dinner of the french president say honoring french president macron and the first lady of france. the celebration comes after a full day of meetings between the two leaders. president trump today slammed the iranian deal as simply insane. >> people know my views on the iran deal. it should have never ever been made. the iran deal is a terrible
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deal. we paid $150 billion. we gave $1.8 billion in actual cash. barrels much cash. it -- barrels of cash. it's insane, should have never been made. but we'll be talking about it. also president trump saying talks with north korea are going well ahead of a highly anticipated summit with kim jong-un. president trump who once mocked him as little rocket man describes kim as an open and honorable man, acknowledging all the while the process may not result in a summit if they cannot reach agreement on denuclearization of north korea. this is a big week for president trump and his administration. our special guest tonight counselor to the president, kellyanne conway.
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the deep stated still holds a lot of sway. more details about trey gowdy and bob goodlatte's deal to review documents on the clinton investigation. them receive access to 400,000 documents. that means there are 800 million they won't be seeing that they requested months ago. gregg jarrett joining me here in minutes. president trump asailing the iran nuclear agreement as a may 12 deadline nears on whether to restore u.s. economic sanctions. the president standing alongside french president macron delivering this stern warning to iran. >> it's a bad deal, a bad
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structure, it's falling down. should have never ever been made. i blame congress, i blame a lot of people for it. but it should have never been made. and we are going to see what happens on the 12th. if iran threatens us in any way, they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid. lou: we finally have a president restoring credibility on foreign policy. joining me is ron desantis. the congressman is the leading republican candidate for the governor of florida. the president talking tough and straightforwardly to macron as he said he's not retreating his view of the deal.
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what do you make of it all? >> i think the president is exactly right. this is a deal i opposed from the start. candidate donald trump opposed this when he was running for president. if you look at how it operates, we don't have access to iran's military sites. and then the deal sunsets next decade. even if you don't think iran is going to cheat and they are not going to do this opposite their military site. i give the president credit. he's not just going to put his head in the sand and prethrenld is not a problem. similar to what he has done with north korea. macron, i think they have a goode goods relationship personally. they don't have the same level of threat from iran that we do. they consider america to be a
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great state. it's causing iran to be flush with more cash. the president is right to say we need to make sure return is not going to get a bomb. lou: the president has to countries he thoos contend with. first north korea and that process is under way with iran to withdraw from that agreement, even as he is threatening very seriously and severely should it threaten the united states. but both the leaders of iran and north korea must be surely paying great attention to how this president is dealing with both nations. >> this is a president who -- all this predecessors for 25 years did nothing about north korea. they hoped the problem would go away. he said this has to stop, i'm going to be the president to deal with it. he brought an unprecedented
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level of pressure on kim jong-un. that's why he's coming to the table. but certainly if obama was president we wouldn't be having this discussion. the same way with iran. all the smart people in europe and the beltway. saying you can't touch the iran deal. trump has shown he doesn't listen to the elites. he listens to what's right. i think he'll either get major changes the europeans will agree to or reimpose sanctions next month. lou: i want to turn now to the deep state and the investigations into the qulin on investigation. you have brought a group of 11 lawmakers calling for a criminal referral on comey, clinton, mccabe, thal. have you got d the. alisyn -- have you gonethe a re?
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no, but the day after we isn't the letter mccabe was preferred for a criminal investigation. and comey was referred. he leaked statements, two of them classified. the i.g. was an intermediate step. but comey has a lot of expose our. we have seem action now. we highlighted this. there are other folks, the peter strzoks of the world that need to be held accountable. we would like to have the attorney general testify. he'll have a lot of the questions to answer about all these people and whether justice is being served. loup * the washington times reporting that andrew mccabe was pressured by a top official not
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to investigate the clinton. the collusion set in motion is utter fiction and nonexistent while the corruption of the obama administration, the corruption within the clinton foundation, the email scandal, the top of the department of justice, the fbi, it broads and broads and worsens almost by the day. >> they are look at michael cohen and raiding his office for an fec violation. you have loretta lynch's justice department saying don't purchase sight. he did effectively shut down. mccabe did not pursue this. that was not pursued at the same time they are pursuing a
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collusion investigation based on those two pages devin nunes got that did not contain a single piece of intelligence. and they supplemented that with a dossier paid for by hillary. how you turn a blind eye to the clinton foundation and try to create a collusion narrative. you can't get over that. it's terrible. lou: trey gowdy and bob goodlatte. two committees you serve on. a deal they announced to get documents from the department of justice. the deal it turns out without any in the announcement, any statement of detail or specifics offering 400,000 documents available for their review. that means 800,000 will not be. what are they playing at? >> we need to figure out what's so special about these 400,000.
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all i know is for the last 6 to 8 months he time we wanted something i is when they stonewall. oonlt time we give us something is when we threaten action. based upon recent history from these agencies they did not agree to give us everything we know we need. lou: congressman. great to have you with us. appreciate it. up next, the deep state swamp is in desperate need of further draining. new revelations that the obama department of justice tried to shut down the clinton foundation investigation. ed rollins will join us with that and more. you ok there, kurt? we're about to move. karate helps... relieve some of the house-buying...
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lou: the shock revelation in the inspector general report that led to deputy director andrew mccabe's firing. we are learning a high ranking official in the justice department tried to shut down the hillary clinton investigation. mccabe says in august 2016 he
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received a call from the deputy associate attorney general who was outraged by the fbi demanding too know why the agency was pursuing the clinton foundation when the justice department considered the case to be quote dormant. jeff sessions said he won't recuse himself from the investigation of trump's personal lawyer. but the extent of this involvement in the case is unclear. as for the president, he's swatting at away suggestions of a pardon to cone. >> in president, what about michael cohen. president trump: thank you very much. stupid question. go ahead, anybody else, please? lou: didn't seem to be many volunteers after that. joining us ed rollins.
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the president is making a strong impression before the entire world. insisting that the iranian deal go away, that it be fixed. macron who had come here in part to persuade the president to stay tonight is talking about a quote-unquote new deal. ed: there won't be a new deal. we need to walk away from a bad deal. we should never have signed a bad deal. trump didn't waffle. he was clear in his presentation, it's a bad deal and we aren't going to live top it. and the iranians made it cleared they won't take any rewrites. so at the end of the day we won't have a deal. lou: the deep state is getting larger and larger. the scandal broadens even as the collusion allegations that were
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the bedrock or quick sand, if you will, for the special counsel disappears. yet there has been no action that i'm aware of to go after the obama justice department for trying to interfere in scene fbi investigation of hillary clinton and the clinton foundation. >> that should be front and center. it should be the most of important thing. there noise reason why the present attorney general has exclude himself from the russia probing not do that. he, leave the charge against the clinton foundation. lou: attorney general sessions apparently wants to be involved in the michael cohen thing which raises a number of questions. if he isn't recused, why was rod rosenstein the one who authorized the raid on the president's personality attorney.
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and not jeff sessions. what is he doing? ed: he's being overly cautious to the point of being ridiculous and ineffective. until he's gone and we have a new attorney general and the deputy attorney general we won't get to the bottom of the activity from the last campaign. lou: bob goodlatte and trey gowdy talking about a deal with the justice department to give 400,000 document out of 1.2 million they requested from the justice department 6 months ago. ed: why do they have to make a deal. they say we issued a subpoena. we expect it to be here tomorrow. the thought that you will let them pick and choose and select the 400,000. lou: they shall behaving like lame ducks. it seems like an toast undercut
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the house of representatives and its oversight authority. ed: any power they give away they will never get back. today congress has a right to look at this stuff, look at the criminal activity of the last administration and draw the lines steadily and strongly. lou: west virginia special election. we keep hearing the republicans are in big trouble in a number of states. but specifically for tonight's special election. ed: this race is a critical race. this was a state that trump won 9-27. he still has an approval rating of 87%. 67% strongly approve it's stronger than when he ran. this is a race we have to win. we have three candidate in
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there. the attorney general, patrick mor --morrissey. the truth matter is, he's in third place at 16%. but the super pacs of washington led by the senate majority lead ever tinkered in this race dean sided not to let the voters choose but they would choose and they have spent money beating up morrissey. my attitude is let the people pick. lou: there used to be a view the party stayed out of the primaries and worked like hell for whoever emerged. mr. mcconnell has a different view. ed: i think they want to play cunning makers.
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they are aning nicing vote -- they are antagonizing voters out there. the trump voters are different than traditional voters. if they don't get energized we'll get clobbers. lou: the only way they will be energizes is if those candidate associate themselves with this president. ed: if you don't wrap yourself around his waste and his brand you wouldn't win in west virginia. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe american allies and enemies alike are waking up to the fact president trump is now the global leader setting the agenda? up next, a victory for obstruction. lame duck congressman trey gowdy
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lou: joining us tonight, washington times opinion editor, charlie hurt. good to see you. >> great to see you, lou. lou: let's turn to gaudy and goodlatte and this deal they that cut with the justice department to get a third of the documents that they requested three weeks ago and they sent out a statement for crying out loud. >> we need a whole lot more of these documents. but it does, it absolutely underscores just how deeply entrenched the bur bureaucracy n washington that you have republicans in control of the house, republicans in control of the senate, you have republican in the white house, you
10:27 pm
supposedly have a vp administration and that even still we're not able to get these things. and it is absolutely astonishing, it's a crime. everybody that is obstructing justice here ought to be charged with it. lou: well, gaudy ope, gaudy ande putting out the statement where they get to apparently apply the constitution in thirds, whether it's one bite at the apple or subsequently. >> i'm with you. lou: it's ridiculous. they're undercutting their own -- the house of representatives oversight responsibilities under the constitution. it's ignorant what they're doing. >> and what we saw last week from devin nunes with a smart move obviously, apparently. because when he threatened to impeach or at least hold in contempt rod rosenstein and anybody else at doj who is refusing to provide this information that they need, they
10:28 pm
quickly coughed up the information. i would like to see that threat leveled against everybody over there who is trying to obstruct justice in this case. lou: ale, the obstruct justice and break the constitution, trying to shatter it. trump and macron today. it is, without question, a highlight of the first state dinner that's going on now, the president and first lady welcoming the macrons to the white house. and sitting down to dinner. this is a president and the french president who are obviously getting along famously, except they're in absolute disagreement on iran and i believe, given the response of macron, that perhaps we need a new agreement with iran, it suggests that the president is prevailing with not only france but with europe on this issue. >> it was a hiej huge, a huge tg
10:29 pm
to hear macron say today that he essentially agrees with the president that the current deal does not work. and i think it underscores just how smart macron is being. he understands this president much better than, heck, most of the republican politicians in washington. he understands how to work with him. and that's a very good thing. but the other thing is president trump. you know, we've had diplomats being diplomatic, doing their diplomacy around here for 30, 40 years. and look at the colossal mess the world is in. now we have this guy who's not dap mattic who comes out and just says things that he's not supposed to say, he makes friends with people he's not supposed to be friends with, he scolds people that he's not supposed to scold. he does all of this and he's done more to sort of, you know, advance the idea of world peace
10:30 pm
than any president that i can remember. i mean, of course it's all, who knows whether it ends up succeeding or not, either in iran or with isis or in north korea. but my goodness, what a breath of fresh air and at least the honesty that you hear from the leaders, we've never heard it before. lou: and the left wing national media is besides themselves. they're having fits. they've watched this president in 15 months do more than obama achieved in his entire presidency in two terms. >> let's give obama a n nobel peace prize. lou: exactly. think about that for a while. what will they give president trump if he were to succeed with north korea. >> they'll give it to kim jong-un. i promise you they will do that. they'll do anything to keep from having to give it to donald
10:31 pm
trump. lou: i will not quarrel with you on that issue. that is perhaps the likely outcome. as we listen to the president, he sounds now with our question like a president who has found his full voice and it's not good news for the left. because he is dominating on politics, dominating in foreign policy and we are matchin watche of the euro leaders, frankly they're scattering like creatures in the swamp. so what do you make of it? >> the president really is hitting his stride in a way that we were told that we would never genes. to do in this media. lou: new details emerging about the suspect's in yesterday's deadly van attack in toronto..
10:32 pm
the 25-year-old was described as a socially awkward loner. may have suffered from mental disability. he made his first court appearance this morning. now charged with ten counts of murder. up next, president trump meeting with europe's key leaders and his america first foreign policy and the trump doctrine take powerful shape. we'll take it up with counselor to the president kellyanne conway here next. we'll be right back. captivating exteriors dynamic lighting elevated comfort powerfully efficient and one more thing the world comes with it ♪you can go your own way... the 2019 jeep cherokee
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with europe's two most important leaders this week. today the second day of meetings with french president emanuel macron, state dinner tonight at the white house. and macron, who came trying to persuade president trump to stay in the uranium agreement now conceding he's ready to talk about a new deal. friday angela merkel will be in d.c. touting free taid ahead of her visit. president trump remains committed to eliminating the u.s. trade deficit with determinate. joiningermany.joining us one ke. the president is standing tall on the world stage right now and it looks as though exeurp's leaders are going to have to pay very close attention to the direction he's setting both on the issue of iran and imbalanced reciprocal trade. >> the trump effect has been
10:37 pm
remarkable. today mr. macron literally said quote we therefore wish from now on to work on a new iran deal and he set out five different criteria. but it's no question that it's moving in president trump and the united states of america's direction. recognizing this is a bad deal. the president restated today that barrels and cartons of money that went over there, cash that went over there, another bad deal for america, just like the trade deal. the imbalanced deal that he thinks we have. the nuclear capable iran, he got president macron to agree that the nuclear activity stops until 2025, does not continue. and really finding a political solution for that entire region, syria, libya and i iraq -- lebanon, excuse me. lou: the president saying it was the worst deal he's ever seen, even wheeven during his candidar
10:38 pm
president. the president surprising everyone talking about ki kim jong-un as an honorable man. that was language reserved by other world leaders. the president stepping up saying to this point that kim had been open and honorable. >> and the president is speaking about this process, about coming together having the summit, this would be meeting. he has already talked about kim jong-un and the way he treats his own people. and obviously the war warmbier family were guests here. i had an occasion to meet with them. the president is saying open and honorable in the process of coming together to talk about denuclearizing the korean pa linpeninsula. lou: this president who has been so tough in his response to
10:39 pm
north korea, its nuclear ambitions, ballistic missile ambitions, he's talked so strongly that he can, unlike other leaders, talk, i think complimentarily to the leader too this point. he's made it very clear and i think this frush traits the national left wing media immensely. he's also made it very clear that if things don't work out, things don't work out. that he has no, absolutely no illusions about how difficult the process is, nor should kim jong-un have any illusions about how demanding president trump will be in these gauch negotiat. >> it shows vision and resolve but it also shows leverage, and the ability to walk away. this man is not a politician. and you see it at large at moments like this where the deal maker, the great negotiator in chief says here's the terms, here's what we're going to try to accomplish but if we can't we
10:40 pm
walk away. no deal is a deal. lou: well the great thing, it seems to me about the trump presidency, is he demonstrates day in and day out, you don't have to be a politician to be a great leader and achieve immense accomplishments which he has done through the first 15 months. i'd like to turn to the word we received, the president meeting with the white house physician, ronnie jackson earlier today and saying that the word is pressing straight ahead with his nomination if dr. jackson wants to fight, fight he will. >> and dr. jackson made that decision this afternoon to go ahead and fight. lou, there are allegations against him. he deserves the right to a answr those allegations either through private meetings with the senators or under oath at a confirmation hearing. the president made very clear that these jobs are tough. look at what director pompeo.
10:41 pm
imminently qualified to be secretary of state. most of those who voted for him are going to vote against him for what reason. you liked his credentials 14 months ago. the only thing he has going on now, more credentials. he's been the cia director. the president left it up to him. i hope you've been reading, i hope you're aware of the great referral for ronnie jackson, continued to groom and promote this highly capable officer, ronnie has been a dedicated valuable member of my team. this came from president barack obama 2014, 2016. so this man, dr. jackson has already had -- lou: in some quarters, the obama recommendation might not. be seen as such a positive. >> i'm mentioning it to you because you've got democratic senators snidely remarking that maybe the president should vet more. maybe they should read what their own president said about dr. jackson.
10:42 pm
lou: democratic senators do what they do and not too well. great to have you with us. and appreciate your time. kelly anne konway. be sure to vote in the poll tonight, the question, do you believe america's allies and enemies are awakening to the fact that president trump is now the global lead setting the worldwide agenda? cast your on twitter @loudobbs. the trump administration tracking the caravan of ill liam immigrants trying to cross or border. those trying to enforce the immigration laws. lou: a caravan of central
10:43 pm
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10:46 pm
americans moving through mexico arriving near the u.s. border with plans to claim asylum and enter this country. the trump administration has other plans. fox news national correspondent william lwith our report. >> stowing away on trains, some in the caravan of 500 central americans arrived at the u.s. border on monday seeking asylum. >> translator: we're heading north seeking a better life. as you know in honduras we can't live there anymore because to have gangs. >> most want to turn themselves in though president trump tweeted on monday, i have
10:47 pm
instructed the secretary of homeland security not to let these large caravans of people into our country. we are the only country in the world so naive. claiming asylum carries legal protections. >> they deserve a right to asylum and we should be meeting them with open arms. >> a caravan says the organizers are victims. >> they're people who may have witnessed violent crime commit bed agangs or a criminal investigation who are then targeted because they're witnesses. and then there are people in this caravan in particular who are involved in protests against the current government of honduras. >> translator: we are will not be discourage discourage courago secure the border. >> those entering illegal he will be prosecuted. those court rules could make that difficult. >> the administration is dealing with this much differently than the obama administration did. first they're sending the signal
10:48 pm
that you're not going to be able to get away with showing up and making an asylum claim and being allowed into the country for an indefendant gnat period. >> the justice department is sending for prosecutors and immigration judge to the border for what could be a long legal fight not just for these central americans but for hundreds other arriving daily. lou: william, thank you. on wall street today stocks fell and fell sharply. the dow down 425 points, the s&p lost 36, the nasdaq sold off by 122 points. volume on the big board picking up to 3.7 billion shares, home prices to a nearly four-year high, up 7% of last year in spite of raising mortgage rates. more than $3 million spent as facebook faces increasing scrutiny over its failure to handle user data appropriately. and a reminder, listen to my
10:49 pm
reports three times a day coast to coast on the say liam radio network up next, no recruising this time. we'll talking about attorney general investigations role in the investigation of president trump's personal attorney. legal analyst greg jarrett joins me here next. we'll be right this is a jungle gym... and a baseball diamond... ...a mythical castle... and a grand banquet hall. this is not just a yard. it's where memories are made. the john deere x350 select series with the exclusive one-touch mulchcontrol system. nothing runs like a deere® save 200 dollars on the x350 select series tractors at your john deere dealer today.
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10:53 pm
policy or domestic politics. his philosophy geuding his policy choices. president trump said this back in 2014. quote, what separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to east new twist of fate. ain't it the truth. joining us tonight, fox news legal and cyst greg jarrett author of the soon to be released book, there it is "the russia hoax, the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump." it's available for preorder on amazon and barnes & noble. >> it is indeed. i spent many months writing it. it's in the editing process by the publishers. but people can go online and buy it. it really tells the whole story of how hillary clinton was cleared for political reasons, which i believe is obstruction of justice. and then the same people decided to launch a phony investigation of donald trump to try to prevent him from being president
10:54 pm
and then bring him down when he became president. lou: the president was the first one to call it a hoax. >> yes. lou: and he has been adamant obviously throughout. but he called this from the very beginning. >> oh, he did. lou: and he said that there's nothing to this. it's a witch hunt. and do you know everything that happens day in and day out, as we talk about on this broadcast, it just further validates what he has said and makes you wonder why in the world robert mueller hasn't been investigating hillary clinton, the department of justice, the fbi leadership. it'it. it's backwards isn't it?theg evidence that other people, including hillary clinton, appeared to have committed crimes, they're not being investigated. and instead -- i mean the reason he is so outraged and calling it a hoax is because the president is convinced he didn't have any
10:55 pm
contact with the russians. if you talked with the president, i don't know any russians. and his campaign was by the seat of the pants. he didn't have time to talk to the russians in a collusive way to influence the election. lou: the never trumpers are still hard at work trying to rationalize, even as this hoax is collapsing around the dems, the deep state and the rhino republicans. trey gowdy had said to john dowd, if your client is something to this effect, if your client is innocent, why don't you act like it. and i thought that's where they are now. they've got to. >> right. lou: they've got to come up with this nonsense. and gowdy today, along with bob goodlatte, taking a deal with the justice department apparently where they get 400,000 documents out of 1.2 million that they've been asking for six months. what in the world are they
10:56 pm
thinking . >> well they may be a little naive and gullible if they think they're going to get what they deserve. because the department of justice has a long distinguished history of hiding evidence, covering up wrongdoing. and there's plenty to cover up here. so i wonder how many of these documents they eventually get will be so redacted they are unreadable or how many other comes are going tdocuments are d in a vault somewhere. o, we don't any anything about it. lou: it's stunning that these two chairman men, goodlatte and gowdy would agree to a deal where they get a third of what they ask for when nay have a responsibility. >> right. lou: -- of overnight over justice in the fbi. >> they should get all of it. lou: absolutely. let's turn to, if we may, the revelation that andrew mccabe, andrew mccabe was told --
10:57 pm
called by a high department of justice official and told what are you doing. we have decided that the clinton foundation investigation is dormant and you are proceeding. i mean here we go. the swamp gets bigger, deeper, the stench grows more intense. and meanwhile again to what we were saying, this president not one iota of evidence in the special counsel investigation, yet every day something new comes up on the part of the department of justice and the fbi. >> what's odd is if mccabe felt so offended that this was an attempt by the department of justice to obstruct his invest, why didn't he go to congress? why didn't he go to the inspector general. instead he clammed up up. i bet now that the potential for mccabe to be criminally charged for lying four times is on the rise, he is going to begin singing like a canary and
10:58 pm
implicating all kinds of people, including james comey. it was a mistake for comey to lash out at mccabe because mccabe is the one who is in jeopardy who could flip. lou: do you think he will flip here? >> oh, i do. look, mccabe and comey were once friends and colleagues. but now it's man versus man. and both of them are in legal jeopardy. and that's when they become -- they get to the point of implicating one another. lou: and both accused of lying, and it may be one of those circumstances in which both men are right about the other, that they are liars. >> it could be. i think there are a lot of liars among the high mf rankin-rankins at the fbi. some of them have been shown the door or demoted. peter strzok, lisa page, being investigated by the attorney inr
10:59 pm
general. lou: we appreciate you. thank you. that's it for us tonight. congressman andy biggs, republican national committee chair ronna mcdaniel among or guests tomorrow. please join us. thanks for being with us h h h . now we are leaving it in the hands of lou dobbs himself. lou: good evening. our top stories tonight. the * and the first lady hosting the first state dinner of the french president say honoring french president macron and the first lady of france. the celebration comes after a full day of meetings between the two leaders. president trump today slammed the iranian deal as simply insane. >> people know my views on the iran deal. it should have never ever been
11:00 pm
made. the iran deal is


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