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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  April 25, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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neil: oh to be a fly on the wall with tim cook and president meeting. say you are the fly. do you understand what is going on? we don't know what kind of concessions president might make on china tim cook wants to see but i bet you trish regan will know very soon. i hey, trish. trish: i like the philosophical question. neil: i have no idea. trish: thanks, neil. apple ceo tim cook is sitting down with the president at this very moment. he is trying to convince our president to go easy on china. he obviously has his reasons doing that but are they in the interests of this country? i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." the head of the world's most valuable company heading from silicon valley on trade tensions between u.s. and china. what he is trying to accomplish? does he want to change the
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president's policies on china. good luck with that. i will discuss with "wall street journal" greg ip straight ahead. president trump showing brand new diplomacy with his new pal president macron of france. mainstream media is certainly downplaying their relationship which is an important strategic relationship and instead all they want to do is refer to it as a bromance. i will weigh in. bernie sanders guarrantying a job for every american worker. lucky us. sounds like a good idea? there are practicality involved. we'll talk about all of it coming up. first back to the top story. president sitting down with apple ceo tim cook. they're discussing trade. edward lawrence is right there in washington with more. hi, edward. reporter: trish, the meeting happening right now. it started 15 minutes ago. oh to be a fly on the wall there. tim cook wants to talktrade and other things. he requested this meeting. the president granted it.
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this comes on the heels of president trump asking for tariffs against china, substantial tariffs against china. it is specifically about aluminum and steel. we know a trade war could affect apple's bottom line. it affects iphones, ipads, other items actually made in china. tim got invitation to the state dinner with the french president who wants the president to back off tariff talks. president trump is sending his treasury secretary to china to try to work out fair trade negotiations. >> you know we've put on very substantial tariffs and and that will continue unless we make a trade deal. i think we have a very good chance of making a deal. reporter: we know this morning french president macron spoke to a joint session of congress. he also stressed trade between the united states and france specific. he is also trying to get the u.s. to back off tariffs related to the e.u. in general. he spoke for about 50 minutes,
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received 30 standing ovations, especially talking about the close relationship between the u.s. and france as well as trade negotiations. trish? trish: thank you very much, edward. joining me with more, "wall street journal" chief economics commentator greg ip. good to see you. i've been reading a lot of your stuff, quite good. i was most interested by your recent piece there on china. and you're saying look, this isn't something that the president started. this is not a problem with the u.s. this is something that china has only itself to blame. they started this conflict. now we're in what we're in. explain what you mean. >> there is a lot of controversy about trade actions president has taken with respect to nafta and steel and aluminum tariffs. there is not that much controversy with china. even free traders and more globalization, they believe china is a bad actor, subsidies, state owned enterprises, technology transfer,
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intellectual property theft. china is very difficult from all the countries that the united states negotiates with. there is lot of support for the president taking tough line with china. that doesn't necessarily mean agreeing with all the tactics he chooses but overall point that china must be made to listen to genuine complaints, i don't think that is a controversial point at all. trish: i agree with but it is certainly controversial, they use whatever they can to make it controversial. this is simple in ways that you articulate in that article. you have got to have an even playing field. you can't be allowing a country to go out to steal our very own intellectual property to the tune of some estimates of $600 billion a year. you can't force, they're not being forced, american companies ceo choices they want access to 1.3 billion people, they are not technically being forced. the rule if you do business in china, you partner up with a chinese company.
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sure enough they start stealing a lot of your intellectual property. let me ask you this. tim cook right now who is most focused pleasing his shareholders and keeping his stock price high. that is what a ceo does. versus a president who is focused on long-term health of the united states of america. are those two things in conflict? >> not really. americans are producers and consumers. some of us hope to work for apple, making phones or writing software. some of us want to own a apple product if we don't already. to the extent making those in china lowering prices there is a benefit. there is a legitimate point, do apple and boeing and general motors, do they do business in china, share technology in china because they want to or because they have to? this gets back to a point you were making a second ago. the relationship with china is difficult from other countries.
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not other countries use their america market access as stick to force companies to hand over their technology. if i may, this raises one other point. why it is very difficult to discipline china activities through the world trade organization which assumes that companies operate with transparent laws and rules. china is not transparent on nip of this stuff. trish: you can say that again. you're a little more optimistic than i am in terms of thinking that tim cook and the president have similar goals. i mean i just, my worry here, is that too often we see american companies so badly want access to those markets that they're to the thinking about what it is going to mean for their own companies say 10 years down the road. hey, that ceo, i don't even know if i will be there. i will take my nice golden parachute and go on my way. there is so much focus on the quarter, greg. and china, they're not playing that game. they're playing 20 years out, who -- 40 years out.
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100 years out. at best we have four-year plan, maybe eight-year plan by any president in oval office. two-year plan from the congressional lawmakers. so at some point doesn't that start to become an issue? do we need, do we need our government to say, okay, you know, apple, we're all for you making as much money as you can but you will not do so at the expense of our future? >> well, every president, not just trump but barack obama before him, all presidents before him have always made it a fundamental point of trade relations that unfair trade such as dumping and subsidies will not be tolerated and so they have all taken those necessary steps to confront behavior like this. but once again, china is very different, many of the things it is doing is not obvious to us. they do not take form of explicit subsidies and dumping. here in the united states we traditionally have strong faith
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in free markets. if governments think by pushing companies around they get upper hand this year, in the long run it won't serve them well. go back to the 198s much everybody were afraid japanese were smarter than us. they would subsidy the companies and own the world. for a while the japanese economy went into a funk and united states asserted itself. there is are important differences between japan and china. one thing japan was an ally, china is not. china is much larger. when you talk to the company ceos, you will hear them sort of say, not necessarily very publicly, we need the government to save us from ourselves. if you're going, you're always looking over your shoulder, if i don't do the deal with china airbus will. this is why it is important if you could just add for the president where public to find common ground, alliances with people like emannuel macron so it is not china playing united states off against europe. trish: does that get us back to
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some sort of tpp 2.0? it is not just the u.s. against other players in the world but maybe we are united in some kind of fashion, we say, hey, china, enough? >> i think that essentially the president, this administration has to look for opportunities to pursue united front activities where it can. give you one example. the united states is bringing a wto case against china about treatment of american companies that license technology in china. it has said we invite other countries to join us in the complaint that will make a much stronger case for them. but the other countries coming to the u.s., we love to help you, but meantime you're hitting our companies with tariffs for steel and aluminum. even though they're not doing anything wrong. president needs to be careful not to alienate countries it needs as allies with the more important conflict with china on trade. trish: very difficult stuff. we're getting a chance to tackle it. greg, can you come back?
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>> sure will. trish: good to see you. we're seeing wild swings in the market but certainly we have this week, yesterday, fair amount today, we were down significantly. now we're up all of four points. the stock market is suffering in part because people reacting to yields moving higher on the 10-year note. treasurys going above 3%. that is a big deal. we saw it cross 3% yesterday. now it is hanging out there. nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange where she is hanging out to an extent how bothersome it is to equity traders. hi, nicole. >> trish, you're absolutely right. see the choppy trading action today and yesterday? no different with the back and forth action. boeing had a beat on the street up 4% for that particular company. dow squeezing out a gain, holding out with the green. s&p 500 and nasdaq are fractionally lower, down .1 of
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1%. certainly seems to be wait and see mode. volume is relatively light. you mentioned the 10-year treasury yield, 3.03%. highest since 2014. inflationary worries. everyone here on wall street betting we get a rate hike in june. social media earnings on front, on tap. we heard from twitter. that stock moved higher and then lower. right now down about 3%. concerns about revenue going forward. slower user growth. then "after the bell," facebook. so much after cambridge analytica. that will weigh and everyone watches for that one. facebook is negative. we'll have it for you here on "after the bell." for a quick look anybody traveling, looking at travel stocks,try view go, expedia, small market cap, i have to note that. record low, down 2 2%.
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hurting this company. currency headwind. cost and pressure associated with advertisers. maybe people are translating that to some of the other travel companies. right now that is a big move for trivago. trish: thank you, nicole. supreme court is hearing arguments on the president's travel ban. this is first test on the president's policies. what the justices are saying about the ban might take some by surprise. we'll fill you in. later in the show, bernie sanders says he is working on a jobs plan, a jobs plan, that would offer everybody a guaranteed job, 40 hours a week, guaranteed salary, benefits. you like the sound of that? find out how much it will cost you. see you here.
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trish: today the supreme court heard arguments from lawyers arguing for both sides of the president's travel ban. joining to us break down the arguments fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. i think we know which the winning argument is going to be. >> i am reluctant to say i know how the outcome will be but this time the justices really tipped their hands. jumps, justices sometimes don't always embrace the idealogical
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premise of their questions but i think this time they do. i think it is clear to say this will be 5-4 to uphold the president. four conservatives plus justice kennedy voting to uphold, four more liberal justices voting to restrain. this is not a vote on the wisdom or practicality of this. this is vote whether or not the constitution permits the president of the united states on the basis of information made known to him by the people that work for him and military intelligence communities to say, stop, to a given nation or group for a finite period of time. the answer i think is clearly yes. trish: i mean, come on. otherwise why bother having a president of the united states? >> the other argument is, i don't believe this, this is their argument, he dislikes muslims. look at things he said when he was running as a candidate. this is a muslim ban. if it's a muslim ban it is serious first amendment problem with it. the chief justice says, we care
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about what the president does, we care about the order he signed. not what he said to get elected. trish: it seems to you and it me, you know more legal reasons for this, but to be somewhat clear-cut about it, you have got a country. you have named your chief executive of that country. he is in charge. he is privy to information, judge, that no one else is. >> you have described precisely the relationship of the president with respect to foreign policy. foreign policy is, exclusively the president. that has been the public policy of the united states for 100 years. and instrument of foreign policy is immigration. congress has expressly said in a statute, if the president wants to stop people from coming in, public health reasons, national security reasons, economic reasons, he can do it. trish: so what is the left do by the way when that decision comes down? >> i don't think they will be very happy. a, they hate the president.
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b, they would love nothing more than the supreme court to say this is racist decision and we're going to enjoin it but that does not appear to be the case. trish: turn over the supreme court at that point? at what point does this stop, they hate this president so much? i get it. look, i understand. he is not everyone's cup of tea, understood but this is an issue of extreme importance for our country going forward. if our president doesn't have this power, what does he have? >> here is what they will rejoice about as they are today. the daca ruling, unfortunately there are three. i say unfortunately the best practice is to have one trial before one judge with all of the plaintiffs that are suing. we had three. two of them said he can't kick anybody out of daca but he doesn't have to admit new ones. the one yesterday, a george w. bush appointee said, daca is available for everybody. now think about that. he basically said that a public policy judgment of barack obama
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is binding on donald trump. it is not the law. it is not a statute. it is a public policy judgement of a person that is not the president anymore. i think that will be overturned but this is a long-winded answer to the question, what will the left rejoice about, this is what they will rejoice about. i'm not on the left but i agree with the left. trish: we're a business show. we care about markets, reaction in the markets to something like this. assuming that the supreme court decides the way you and i think they will decide in favor of the president having the power to exclude whoever he wants in this country any given time, given concerns he has over national security, i would think that would be good news because it insures, it insures continuity for our country that is important. >> i agree with you. it will be less disruptive. he has other problems. he has a caravan arriving in mexico on top of the daca opinion. not all immigration problems will go away. the decision will not come down until the end of june but fairly
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obvious which way is going to go. markets are anticipating reacting to the oral argument heard this morning. they will not wait for the decision. who is how they make their money by anticipating. >> six to nine months out, six to nine months out. good to see you. >> thanks, trish. trish: president trump and french president macron by all accounts had successful series of meetings this week. you may not know it by the mainstream media, or worse yet, the foreign press. what the foreigners are focused on along with mainstream media, instead of success of this meeting? we'll tell you next. u understans you were paying? was your broker a fiduciary? were you satisfied with the attention you were getting? then i explain that being independent gives our firm more freedom to act in their best interests.
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trish: president trump meeting with emannuel macron hailed as big success, making progress, possibly on a new deal with iran. making progress on trade.
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but the policy isn't what the media is focusing on. they are instead focusing on what they call, a bromance. >> there is clearly a relationship developed between trump and macron. >> what kind of relationship? >> i don't know, but we do not see that with merkel -- >> we do not see that with melania. i have never seen that. i have not seen him touch melania that many times. [laughter]. >> compared to holding hands with melania, he and macron performed the kamasutra together. >> they can't stop when it comes to public displays of affection. >> thank you. thank you. [laughter]. >> i like him a lot. >> get a room!
2:27 pm
trish: guess what european papers are as bad. romance conceals minimal movement and bizarre dandruff diplomacy. you know, the foreign press, they're always quick to take potshots at our president, but, i will tell you when the chips are down, who are these countries going to need? who are these countries turning for for help? is it vladmir putin? is it going to be china? is it going to be venezuela? no, it is going to be the united states of america, because we have always been there for them. so the europeans, they can thumb their nose at us and laugh at us, say we got this crazy president, and there is some kind of bromance between him and macron. they can ignore the policy that
2:28 pm
is important right now and focus on the trivia. and they can take all the potshots they want but i'll tell you one thing, at the need to remember this. we have been there historically, and will always be there for them. and what do we get for it? juneing me now, dan gainor from the media research center. kind of annoys me, dan, when i talk to some european friends, they laugh at us and our president and how crazy it is over here. let's not forget part of what he is trying to do here is keep our world safe, and in keeping our world safe, we are keeping them safe. and they don't want to realize that. what is it that these europeans and by the way, mainstream media liberals continue to miss over and over and over and over and over again? >> well they're choosing to miss. here we've got our oldest ally, going back to lafayette and the
2:29 pm
revolutionary war. you know we've been on the side of france and vice versa. and so here, they complain that trump is crazy. complain trump won't negotiate or won't work with another country. then he gets along with leader of another country they criticize that. they do everything but outright say the two are gay for one another. the whole bromance stuff is being played in the press to the point where you can't distinguish between comedy, news, foreign press. they're all equally trying to mock him because he got along with macron. can you imagine if he hadn't gotten along, how much they would be ripping him today? trish: i guess i get a little tired of it. obviously, you heard me express my disdain with some of the leftist media here in the u.s., when i look overseas, i see potshots that they take at us, we've been there for them. they're not out there, you know,
2:30 pm
running to vladmir putin for help. and by the way, let me also point out, they wouldn't have necessarily gotten the help that they might have needed at various points from the likes of barack obama we are standing strong as a country. when we do so, it helps then, but they don't care. >> remember the press, the foreign press, the american press, skews very far to the left. they're never happy unless trump came out and totally reverse all his policies today, resigned and basically said, i -- trish: impeached. goes away in scandal, then they will be happy. >> then they won't be because mike pence will take over. there is no pleasing them right now. so, so when they attack trump on policy, they attack him on policy, attack him on people, like ronny jackson, who they were perfectly fine with the obama administration. when they can't do either, they
2:31 pm
snark like bunch of 12-year-old kids on twitter. trish: it is really eye-opening. we've always known this. i know that you devoted a career to pointing out liberal biases. i certainly, many in newsroom gossip, young reporter in san francisco, they actually cheered, that newsroom was cheering when enron went down, dan. i looked at people, i said, don't you understand, these are people's jobs. these their 401(k)s. this is not good news. there was such a hatred of big business, a hatred of anything that somehow represented something that was economically good, and it is, i'm a business journalist, so i see that, but i see it follow through certainly through political parties now. again you devoted your career to it, my goodness we have never seen it on display like we see now. dan gainor, thank you very much. >> thank you. trish: french president macron is urging the u.s. to stay in the iranian nuclear deal.
2:32 pm
he did so just a short time ago but is this really what we should be doing? i'm asking four-star general jack keen. he is next.
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trish: president trump seems to be on board with french president emannuel macron when he suggested a move to a new iran nuclear deal. but macron says until it happens best for all those involved to stick with the 2015 agreement. watch this. >> it is true to say that this agreement may not address all concerns and very important concerns. this is true. but we should not abandon it without having something substantial and more substantial instead. that is my position. [applause] trish: joining me right now fox news strategic analyst general jack keane. general, welcome.
2:37 pm
well i think you probably would be for some kind of a new agreement, wouldn't you? >> yes, and so is the president. what has been happening for a number of weeks, first of all, the french president and our president had nothing to do with this deal. they weren't in office, neither one of them likes it. they both know what the flaws in the deal are but the issues are, can we get an agreement on a supplemental? our diplomats have been working with france, with england and with germany for some weeks now. we agree on this. on no ballistic missile testing and development. we agree on access to a significant military research site which we're currently denied with full access to inspections. those things we agree. what we agree on is the sunset clauses, for our audience benefit, by 2025, the deal permits iranians to have nuclear
2:38 pm
threshold capability. that is close to weaponnization. five years later they can go to weaponnization. we say no, remove "the sun" set clauses. keep all the agreements in place. that is where the disagreement is now. trish: recently, iran said we're not getting rid of your ballistic missiles, until you, united states and europe get rid of yours, which we know is not going to happen. is iran kind of in a bad place as they come to the negotiation table here? they are not at the table i should point out. as we embark on some changes, general, can iran ever get there when they're being unrealistic, you guys, get rid of your ballistic missiles and we'll talk? >> if we are able to get the supplemental agreement we're talking about, by the way, just as an editorial comment, i'm hoping that director come pay yo gets -- pompeo gets confirmed as
2:39 pm
quickly as possible, i think he can make a difference in the negotiations and truly make a difference with north korea as well. trish: i'm glad you brought that up because the idea that he went all the way to north korea and he is trying to make a difference there and some political hacks trying to hold up on the nomination, going forward on thursday is a bit of mind-boggling to me. it sounds like it will happen on thursday. so with him place, what can he do with iran? >> with european allies he may have more leverage and clout than our diplomats because of the close association with the president, et cetera. the second thing, with iranians themselves, we do the supplemental exclusive of them, and go back to them, renegotiate a better deal than what we have right now. they can walk away from the table, say no thank you. then, at that point we're back in the drivers seat with sanctions again. we're back on the moral high
2:40 pm
ground. so that's a strong position if we can get there. i think, if the europeans do not agree with us, then the president will likely walk away from the deal as is currently constructed, you know, not waive the sanctions, send that back to the congress and we will impose sanctions on iranians, not with the europeans, but with our systems. trish: wow. >> and i suspect that the president will not impose sanctions on the european companies doing business with the iranians because they are allies. remains to be seen what -- trish: but american companies would be affected then? >> yes. and, certainly there is a lot of things going on with iranians in the international financial market that we can also have some impact on. i think that -- trish: general, i think that is a pretty big deal, sir, what you just said. if the europeans and our president do not come to an agreement on this, stressing why
2:41 pm
it is so important that they do, then our president will walk away from this deal? >> i suspect he will, yes. we don't know that for a fact but he stated it. he has a tendency to do what he says. i think that is the path, that's the path we're on. certainly director pompeo at the cia, now secretary of state and national security advisor have been on record supporting that pathway forward. i don't believe the iranians with all the rhetoric and hysterical rhetoric that is coming out of there, if we came to a supplemental deal, i don't think they would necessarily just walk away, because the economic ties that they have been able to increase as a result of removing sanctions in business that they're doing in europe and with asia, to a lesser degree with the united states obviously, i don't think they necessarily will just throw that away. because they already have the
2:42 pm
money, trish. trish: i think sanctions work, general. i think we've seen them work with north korea. i think they're working with china. i think that sanctions work if they're done right. >> and too many people are comforted by the inspection protocol that we have in the sense that they believe that iranians are not cheating despite the fact that they have always cheated. and most of us who have been at this for some time believe that is why we want to get at this one research military site because we suspect that's where the cheating is really going on. trish: i hope we get there. general, thank you, good to have your perspective as always. general keane everyone. >> good to talk to you, trish. trish: breaking news, get down to nicole, we hear trading suspended on a handful of stocks including amazon and google parent alphabet, due to a technical glitch. >> that's right, trish. i have gotten a couple of notes
2:43 pm
on traders handhelds. something sent out to traders, i have spoken to people on the floor. these particular stocks won't be trading here at the new york stock exchange for the rest of the day. they will provide further update for start of trading tomorrow to traders to notify them. there was issue and execution of price scale code for these particular types of c tape. this is like etfs, nasdaq stocks, something they brought back recently with more liquidity for some of these stocks on april 9th. there is somewhat of a glitch for stocks over $1000, the decimal points involved. does it affect trading overall on these stocks? absolutely not. there is 13 u.s. stock exchanges, there is dark pools. there is a million places these could be traded. not affecting price of the stocks today. it is just affecting trading at new york stock exchange. affecting five names.
2:44 pm
the two you know are amazon and alphabet google. s in nyse doing more and i guess we'll hear more tomorrow morning on this particular news. trish: nicole, thank you very much. bernie sanders wants to guarranty every single one of us a job, everyone, every american worker. not only will you get a job, you will get at least $15 per hour. you will get full benefits, nothing less. there is a question for mr. sanders, where are these jobs coming from? do we need all these jobs and how are you going to pay for it? is it going to be on the government's dome? we'll debate it next.
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trish: bern -- bernie sanders is back at it. full benefits jobs and 15 bucks an hour guaranteed. can you guarranty a job for everyone? joining me fox news contributor, deneen borelli and democratic strategist, antjuan seawright. give you the floor first. >> how did i know. trish: i want to hear the reason why this would work in your view. then we'll unleash miss borelli right after that. >> i'm not sure that this idea that senator sanders is
2:49 pm
proposing is the end all, be all to what i think he is trying to get at. what i think he is trying to put on the table some sort of a notion that we have to have ideas, because that is what this country is built upon. ideas. trish: i get it. i get it. >> trish, trish, don't do that. trish: no but you like the idea, here we go, idea of everybody having at least $15 an hour, full benefits, but i'm asking you can the government insure that or legislate that? >> no, the government can not. what the government can do work together in bipartisan way to raise your wages in this country, so that are people living in country don't have to work six or seven jobs to try to make ends meet. trish: you don't agree with sanders then? you don't agree with this proposal? >> i don't. i don't. trish: there goes that debate. >> we're done here. trish: but let's, we'll get into the nitty-gritty how it works.
2:50 pm
>> sure. trish: finland tried this today. they abandoned it. they tried this as a test case with 10,000 people. we're going to guarranty a minimum income. this didn't include a job, but a minimum income for every single person in this program, roughly 600 something dollars a month, between ages of 28 and 56. they decided it costs it too much money. they couldn't do it. because i guess socialism doesn't work. >> it doesn't work. trish: we learned that before. >> we have. this is textbook example what not to do. look what finland tried to do and they will pull the plug on it. bernie sanders is doubling down on socialism. free health care for everyone. give everyone a job at $15 an hour. make it $50 an hour? throw in a house, a car and boat at it. it is about free market. >> wait a minute. >> it is not the government's role to provide your wants and
2:51 pm
needs. figure out on your own. i went to the school of figuring it out. that is why i'm here. trish: whole idea of giving someone a job, you earn a job. go ahead. >> let me say this, trish, let me say this, i think we have to have a starting place. look when republicans or radical right come to the table with proposals that do not make sense come from pluto, we're saying the same thing you're saying right now but we have a starting place. so i think senator sanders position is starting place. maybe we can figure out a way in the middle to get something done that will keep the american people happy. >> you know what a starting mace would be? no democrat supported the tax cuts. so why -- >> tax scam you mean. >> they don't want americans to have more money in their pocket. not one democrat stood for that. >> i want americans to have more money in their pocket. however what we've seen from the tax scam, wages have not gone up. one-time bonus does not change the life for a person.
2:52 pm
trish: april, may, by the way. january, february, march, april, getting kind of greedy there because they have gone up actually. they have gone up more than we've seen them go up in the last 20 years practically. if you look at wage data it is showing is increasing. >> and bonuses. trish: it hasn't in a long time. >> trish is that why over, why over 60% of american people, particularly middle class people feel like this tax plan has not been beneficial to them? trish: i think, you raise an important point. >> gop refused to campaign on it? is that why? >> i think it has been poorly sold. i think mainstream media doesn't understand taxes very much. >> here we go, trish. trish: they don't, they really don't. they do not understand economics. nobody wanted to work on economics stories in the mainstream media. no, trish, not more of that. too dense, too boring. but deneen, he is on to something. antwan is making the point that average americans don't understand if they're benefiting.
2:53 pm
are they -- >> i didn't say they didn't understand. i say they don't feel night if you got a bonus, never got a bonus in your life before, the company made the announcement, you got the bonus because of the trump tax cuts, that transcends democrat, republican, independent. so if the proof is right there in front of you, you have the wage increase. you have more benefits. you got bonus. you can laugh all you want but it is true. that is what really connects with people. they see it right in front of them, benefiting them an benefiting their families. >> can i give you a little bit of facts? trish: all of this, you know, all of this will generate more and more growth in the economy. that is how you get higher wages. last word to you, then i have to go. >> i can have a little bit of a fact. .news were laying off, companies were laying off. >> that is a stretch. trish: antwan. >> polls do not lie. trish: you know what though? he will be proven wrong. you are wrong and you should
2:54 pm
welcome that opportunity to be proven wrong. >> i can't wait to have this debate. trish: you should welcome that. antwan you should want jobs for every american, right? that is how we started this conversation. >> i do. i do. trish: you should want to see everybody's wages grow. you should poo-pooing a small percentage increase in someone's wage. >> trish i want people to have access to the american dream but for some people -- >> not just $15 an hour. the sky is the limit. trish: i got to leave it there. getting all kind of rap cues. thanks to both. dow is trading higher. how did it get turned around if we have the answer after this. .
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. trish: stocks near session highs. i like the sound of that. big turnaround, you know why? boeing, boeing reported stellar corporate earnings and reported it's going to open a new plant in china nonetheless. joining me is gary kaltbaum. that is awfully courageous, china the new plant. >> they may think what is best for them. the stock up over the past year, you can do whatever you like. go ahead, boeing and keep growing. liz: interesting timing, because we've been talking about the so-called trade war. doesn't seem to faze them, i don't think it's fazing the markets long term, there is so much concern and you share some of the concerns about a
2:59 pm
potential trade war, i do -- greg was on at the top of the show, wrote a very good "wall street journal" commentary on this a couple of weeks ago saying china started this whole problem and now we're dealing with it, but the reality is we can deal with it and it's about time that we dealt with it, and people should sort of, perhaps take some of these fluctuations with a grain of salt. what do you make of that? >> i'm fine going after it. i love the fact that mnuchin is going over there to talk with them, better than tweeting in the morning about $50 billion tariffs. if we can get something done, nothing but good happens, we've been behind the 8 ball for many, many years with china as well as many other countries. i see it as a good thing and great negotiators will get it done. trish: negotiation is put to the test. are you feeling bullish still? >> on the trade or the markets? i'm suspect just the way the market's reacting to earnings. i'm worried about a peak in
3:00 pm
earnings and i think you got to go slow right now. not thrilled. trish: gary, good to see you, thank you for joining us. we've got a market up 107. i like leaving you with a higher market, liz claman, that's my goal every day, if we could make it that way, i would be set. liz: what about the short sellers that love us? we'll sort some of that. we've got the snafu at the new york stock exchange preventing the trading of two stocks you might own. amazon and alphabet. we're going to get you more on that in just a moment, tell you what's going on. the dow here up 111 points. working hard to put yesterday's 400-point plunge behind it as we watch three major developing storieses developing right this moment. french president emmanuel macron expected to join a roundtable at george washington university after warning of commercial war of trade and tariffs will do nothing but hurt the little guy. former david


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