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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 27, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. [ crowd cheering ] at home. now here is lou dobbs. [♪] david: good evening, i'm david asman in for lou dobbs. our top stories, the house intel committee says there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. it's being hailed as a victory by president trump. we'll talk about the need to end the special counsel witch hunt with former congressman jason chaffetz. also president trump's bold global leadership leading to historic break threw *s. -- with breakthroughs. the president sits down with
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german chancellor angela merkel. we'll consults i season den i -- -- we'll discuss the i dise ascendancy. possible peace on the korean peninsula and no collusion in the russian investigation. john roberts has our report. >> it looked like a watershed moment. the leaders of north and south korea laughing, embracing. has the world taken a closer step to peace or is this just another north korean deception. president trump began his day with the u.s. list team. >> i want to express my hope that all of the people of korea, north korea and south can some day live in harmony, prosperity
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and peace. and it looks like it could happen. reporter: but the u.s. heard talk of concessions before only to get played by north korea. president trump said this time it feels different. >> i don't think he's playing. it's never gone this far and they ever had this enthusiasm for them want to go make a deal. the united states has been played beautifully like a fiddle because you had a different kind of a leader. we are not going to be played. >> president trump announced the list of possible locations has been narrowed down to two. the president making it clear until he sees concrete actions from kim sanctions will remain. >> we'll not repeat the mistake of past administrations. >> in the oval office president trump also weighing in on the
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final republican report from the house intelligence committee. the major finding when asked directly none of the witnesses provided evidence of collusion, cooperation or conspiracy between the trump campaign and the russian government. president trump: as i said many times before, i always said there was no collusion. but what we should do is get on with our lives. reporter: democrats called it a rushed job, only meant to deflect attention away from the trump campaign. >> it's basically a kindergarten report. it was a once-over. reporter: it highlighted the june 6 meeting donald trump, jr. had. today a new revelation. she was a government informant.
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democrats lept on that one. >> what we have seen of her contacts within the russian government as well as her persistence in terms of one of putin's top priorities would indicate, she is work on behalf of the kremlin. reporter: uncomfortable moments like the aborted hand shaisk their last visit were avoided. merkel indicated germany is open to reducing its trade surplus with the u.s. and more cooperation is needed. >> this agreement is anything but perfect. it will not solve all the problems with iran. it's one piece of the building block picture. >> did you leak other things to
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mr. richmond? >> yes. i don't consider what i did with mr. richmond a leak. i'd told him about an unclassified conversation i had with the president. >> you said you don't leak or do weasley moves. but that's a leak, isn't it? >> it is not. reporter: trump says he illegally leaked classified information but doesn't understand what he did or how serious it is. he lied all over the place to cover it up. he's either very sick or very dumb. reporter: a judge in los angeles granting a 90-day stay in the stormy daniels suit. her attorney michael avenatti says i will appeal to the 9th
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circuit. david: joining me, former congressman jason chaffetz. he's a fox contributor. i want to focus in for a second, i want to play sound bite to an amazing to me admission of ignorance on comey's part as to who funded the trump dossier. >> when did you learn the dnc and hillary clinton campaign funded christopher steele's work. >> i still don't know that for a fact. i only saw it in the media. i knew it was funded first by republicans. >> that's not true. that the dossier that christopher steele worked on was funded by republicans? >> my understanding is it started as opo research funded by republicans. bret: "free beacon" said they
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had fusion gps on a retainer but they did not fund the dossier, that was initiated by democrats. david: it's extraordinary to me that the guy who paid the author of the dossier thousands of dollars didn't know who originate it? >> it's stunning. this dossier was used to obtain a warrants to spy on americans and the fbi at the highest level, director comey whose signature is required to do these types of things is pleasing ignorance. it's one of the first core questions you have to asked. what is the genesis of this and who paid for it. for him to play ignorant and double down that he had no control of going on there. david: whether it's pure
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ignorance or willful ignorance. it's not only clear now as to who funded it, there with been revelations in the "washington post." but six months ago the "free beacon" said specifically because remember comey said in the interview that republicans started the investigation focusing on the "free beacon." the free bee con had no knowledge of or connection to the steele does are. never had contact with knowledge of or provided payment for any work performed by christopher steele. with all this out there and that very clear clarification from the "free beacon," how can he make that mistake thinking republicans were behind the steele dossier? >> i don't know. he had to know this question was coming up. it's been central to a lot of allegations against director
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comey and the fbi for months. this was not a surprise question. i thought bret baier did an exceptional interview. but this should not have been a mysterious question. if you are using that dossier to spy on americans, it's one of the first questions you have to ask. and it's so fundamentally wrong. it's where people lose faith in the fire and in director comey. david: john roberts mentioned the russian lawyer who met with donald trump, jr., she lured him into a meeting suggesting she had information. but what is not mentioned in "the hill," the publication that acknowledged she has been spying for the russians since 2012, is the fact that before and after that meeting with donald trump, jr., this woman met with fusion
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gps. she was meeting with both the democratic operatives and republican open raw toughs at the same time. clearly the russians were spreading bait around trying to lure both sides in. >> the report is clear, meeting with this person was a mistake. it's 20 minutes out of a campaign that lasts more than a year. but there is still no evidence of deal making or subversion. the democrats even today some of the pieces you played in the piece just before. what evidence do the democrats have to justify continuing to beat this drum? there is no evidence. david: the evidence i would suggest is closer to the russians working with democratic operatives.
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clearly steele was using people like this woman to get information. she was working with the russians. if there was collusion, it was with the democrats. >> it's documented. you have to look at mark elias. what they did against bernie sanders, by the way, the hillary clinton campaign, the dnc. this guy has went in center of this. and the millions of dollars that flows overseas to do what is actually collusion and that doesn't get nearly the reporting in the mainstream media that it should. david: i'll be fascinated years from now to read historical accounts of this to see how it plays out. president trump leading efforts to denuclearize north korea after years of inaction from
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david: president trump vowing to keep maximum pressure on kim jong-un. president trump: we seek peace and prosperity for the whole korean peninsula not only for the people of korea, but for the people of the world. but we'll not repeat the mistake of past administrations. maximum pressure will continue until denuclearization so curls. david: joining me is dr. walid phares. how do we verify whether this guy who is a murderous thug, and he doesn't keep his word.
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you can't expect a person who murders his own family to keep his word. how do you verify it's getting rid of the nukes? >> it will be difficult and complex. north korea has slipped towards a different direction, but it does not mean kim jong-un has let go of all the cards. my measurement will be not just hat the war has ceased. not just these great pictures of the meeting of the two leaders. maybe the south leadership will visit the north soon. but when citizens from north korea will be able to visit south korea. remember what happened in east and west germany. it was that flow that created the change and the collapse of east germany. david: when you see the south
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korean leader grabbing his hand. i don't think i would want to touch his hand. he may sound paranoid, but with somebody like this it behoostles you to be pair made, no? >> of course. and who else other than the south koreans who have suffered because of that behavior. but they believe it's an opportunity to not trust the northern regime, but look for change. david: john bolton definitely doesn't trust him. mike pompeo has all the details. beyond the denuclearization which is the goal and we continue to keep the squeeze on it until we reach that goal.
11:19 pm
how about until we make sure there are no more auto warmbiers. >> that should come first. the united states has the obligation to do everything he can backed by congress to have our interests secured. then obviously come the normalization which will be a long period of time before denuclearization. i don't think kim jong-un -- i think we release the prisoners then engage. david: you don't trust the promises anymore, you trust the action. >> i remember during the campaign, i was foreign policy advisor, south korean diplomats were coming to me, they were
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panicking on the idea the trump administration was going to be abandoning them. david: moving the trump doctrine to the situation with iran, we have the french and german leader trying to convince donald trump to keep the iran deal intact despite the fact they received all sorts of goodies, $100 billion worth of goodies, that they are clearly somehow -- you know how money is fungible, you can find a way of moving it around so it' not directly funding a nuclear program, but indirectly it is. >> absolutely. with the money transferred under the obama administration, their markets are open to companies and those companies in europe are putting a lot of pressure on the government to maintain them in the iran deal. the united states needs to be firm on the issue and offer,
11:21 pm
these are our conditions. condition number one making sure there are no missiles. this is something the iran regime will not commit to. david: there is a phrase the obama administration used, snag-back. clearly there is not going to be any snap-back. with all due deference to president trump's new friend in france. i don't think the sanctions with snap back if the iranians violate the agreement. >> if you snap back, if everything is stable, if iran was an island in the fiji islands, you could do that. but iran has expands. david: what i'm thinking is
11:22 pm
that's going to happen. they are going to tear up the treaty. don't you think that will be the end result? >> i think it first option will be this. let's see what happens. david: great to see you. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you think special counsel mueller should follow the house intelligence committee's lead and end the russia probe? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. like him on facebook and follow him on instagram @loudobbstonight. a caravan of central american migrants hours away from reaching the u.s. bored. we'll bring you a you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it.
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. preparing to request asylum in the u.s. >> the drug cartels don't let us live in piece in our country. >> this is not supposed to be a ticket into the u.s. but effectively it is. >> we are still waiting. they're going to come get us, going to take us to do a questionnaire with the attorneys to get more information but we haven't done that yet. >> this weekend american lawyers will advise the refugees on how asylum works. >> many will be detained for months. there's a long legal process. >> being in a caravan does not give you any additional legal rights. if you illegally enter the country, you will be referred for prosecution. >> the law says asylum seekers are the right to a fair hearing
11:28 pm
before an immigration judge should they have a credible fear of returning home. >> translator: we had assassination threats from the drug cartels. that's why we had to leave. >> the caravan plans to march to the san diego port of entry on sunday but already the plaza is made of mexican citizens making identical claims disblt they killed our family. that's why we're fleeing from our hometown. that's why we're here. >> these mexicans have waited for days to get an asylum interview disblt we've been here for four days. we were hungry, we were cold. yesterday there were no asylums. no one got in yesterday. they returned 30 people. >> lawyers say passing that initial credible fear interview is not difficult. that gets these immigrants into an already overcrowded detention center where womens with children and noncontrols have a chance of being released. and it seems like this will continue. david: thank you.
11:29 pm
we'll have more on the caravan coming up. meanwhile, president trump putting north and south korea on the path to piece. now trump supporters are calling on the nobel prize committee to take notice. will it ever happen? we're going to talk about that with the panel coming next. today, we're out here with some surprising facts about type 2 diabetes. so you have type 2 diabetes, right? yeah. yes i do. okay so you diet, you exercise, you manage your a1c? that's the plan. what about your heart? what do you mean my heart? the truth is, type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. but wait, there's good news for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill with a lifesaving cardiovascular benefit. jardiance is proven to both significantly reduce the chance of dying from a cardiovascular event in adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease alower your a1c. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration.
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gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea can start in the colon and may be signs of an imbalance of good bacteria. only phillips' colon health has this unique combination of probiotics. it helps replenish good bacteria. get four-in-one symptom defense. lou dobbs. well republican congressman luke messer launching an effort to
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nominate president trump for a nobel peace prize. messer saying in a statement, quote, we're seeing unprecedented progress toward peace and it's a direct result of president trump's strong leadership. now you'll recall president obama received a peace prize in 2009. that was just eight months into his first terming with something that even obama himself joke about. joining me now is gina louden, a member of the trump media advisory board and radio talk show host don ge gee car no i wouldn't hold my breath for this. >> no. we shouldn't have to know that this president probably won't get it because of the politics and political differences. obama himself said all he has to do was get out of bead of eight months of presidency and get the nobel peace prize.
11:34 pm
certainly president trump deserves it for the strides he's made in this world. david: there have been precedents of presidents gettig nobel peace prize. >> well, if all goes well with the summit and all of that and if we see some of the signs that we're seeing play out today, if north korea shockingly would denuclearize, i think that's worthy of several nobel peace prizes. i am still stunned at the methodology that trump is using, walking this line between keeping us out of interventionism and yet at the same time making progress with the north koreans, for example. it's an amazing line being walked so far. >> it's extraordinary. angina, what's additionally extraordinary is how off-putting it is to our enemies. you think of somebody like kim, rather than getting diplomatic
11:35 pm
talk once we receive the garbage that he throws out at us, he gets tough talk and then he gets the turn around, hey, i'm willing to talk to you in person. he must be scared to death. he had us figured out and now he doesn't. >> it's the trump art of the deal. he also doesn't take the stereotypical ideals. either we do nothing with north korea like obama or like mb cain, we go in and do something dramatic. e he's taken the middle road and rewritten the playbook entirely. this is what a master negotiator does, what he's known for and he's done a good job of it. david: yoyou know. he may be worthy of getting a no
11:36 pm
nobel peace prize. when the man responsible for modern day terrorism received the nobel peace prize and went on to encourage it, had blood on his hands from other terrorists attacks, i realized that any talk of the peace prize was nonsense. the guy on the right was a north vietnamese politician who received one jointly with henry kissinger. the thing after these two guys got it was a joke, don't you agree? >> well, it is. and you know imha's sad to me? i liken this to the same thing as the u.n. when i was growing up we went to the new york with u.n., had hopes of it and we saw anytime an innocent kind of way, versus today it's worst than worthless. tights same thing with the nobel peace prize. this used to mean something and they've so tarnished it, the politics of it. this is a big-time honor. we need to restore honors that actually mean something because i think they're helpful.
11:37 pm
they do get politicians and other to want to work toward that. instead it's another political sort of thing that goes on. david: gina, what matters to donald trump is not the accolades that he gets but the results that he gets. that's one of the reasons that americans voted for him and i believe, even with all of the rhetoric that you hear and all of the polls that you read that say there's going to be a blue wave in november, that the american people, when they see the results, on the economic front or the diplomatic front, they're going to buy into the results. >> it's all about results for president trump. that's all he's known his entire life and career, are what kind of results can i get out of the last negotiations so i can move on pit's amazing when you consider he's accomplished 70% of his campaign promises already in a year and a half with really zero help from the media, the establishment and certainly no
11:38 pm
help from outside -- david: well, on the contrary, i would say there's a negative -- i mean, you look at the russia probe, you add that, of course, to the regular media harping on anything they think is improper ore incorrect. whether he's tweeting or whatever. the russia probe received a setback today with the house intel saying there was no collusion. but already the liberal media saying this is no good because it's republican-controlled committee. will this house intel conclusion has any effect at all on mr. mueller and his investigation? >> no, no and no. none of that matter to mueller. i think everybody that's reasonable understands that. and it does have a good effect for president trump in that it gives him a talking point to continue to bring this up. and david, the only thing that i worry about with president trumo what we're talking about, negotiating, et cetera, closing a deal and moving on.
11:39 pm
in washington, particularly are mueller, there's not resolution. he has to accept that more. and i know for a guy like that direct action, check the box, we're going to move on to the things that the american people want done that's very difficult. but that's what this is about. it's not about anything real. david: so how long do we have to wait? i mean what happens if a year from now the mueller investigation is still going on? >> right. how many tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, david, are going to satisfy the democrats and the witch hunters that they finally carried out a full investigation? i mean at what point? maybe we should make them set their own market. right now i think their own marker is to try to find or make up something that the president did, maybe it's a sin of omission. time to end it and even the democrats are saying so now. david: i want to stick with you, gina. this is why i'm against a second special counsel. i know a lot of folks in
11:40 pm
congress say we need one to investigate the investigators. i think anything originated from inside the swamp, inside the beltway itself is going to end up bad. what do you think? >> you make a great point, david. it's very savvy. and it's honest. because we've seen how far all of this corruption goes. it is much deeper than i even thought and i was one of those full on board to vote them all out, get them all out, vote in a mav vick like trump to drain the swamp. i didn't realize how deep it was. you may be right about that. david: dom, i think's a fear that this will expand into something like mueller. what do you think? >> yes, i agree with you. one of the reasons is this. it's not just about power and democrats and all of that. people like mueller, you're in the spotlight. the longer this goes on, the more you're in the center ring and that's what these people live for in addition to the agenda. david: power is addictive
11:41 pm
good to see you both. thank you very much. be sure to vote in tonight's poll, do you believe special counsel mueller should end his nearly one-year long russian probe. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. the trump administration planning to defend the border as a caravan of central americans prepare to enter the country this weekend. we take up the president's urgent call for increased border security, that's next. nick was born to move.
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stressing the importance of border security while meeting with german chancellor angela merkel. his remarks come as a caravan of migrants plan to enter the u.s. from mexico. >> this age of smuggling, terrorism and traffic, it is also essential that we have strong border security and immigration control. this is fundamental to national defense. david: joining me now, jessica vaughn, director of policy studies for the center of immigration studies. jessica, as we speak, there are these hundred or so, maybe a couple of hundred people who are trying to come into int the cou,
11:46 pm
maybe snuck into the country and declared themselves as retch gees. some people saying a couple hundred is not that much. but the point is, if you have a couple hundred that are let in, you're going to have a flood, aren't you, of thousands and thousands of people. >> yes. originally this group was as large as 1500 people. and i think it's more than just 100 or 200 who are planning to take part in this stunt on sunday when they show up at the port of entry accompanied by this advocacy group based in san diego that is leading this caravan and accompanied by another caravan of lawyers who have decided to try to help them crash our border, which is very discouraging. but i think, you know, it's kind of interesting, i think president trump has learned the lessons that -- of germany's experience of what happens when you put out the welcome mat, you're going to see a flood. and it's very important that the administration handle this
11:47 pm
according to our laws and not give in to this publicity stunt. and you know, really just kind of cave as people show up. because more will try it. there have been almost half a million unaccompanied minors and parents with kids from central america who have showed up since 2013, which is a huge number of people. i mean, this is a continuation of a policy failure that has gone on for too long. and i'm encouraged to see the statements from the department of homeland security that they're going to apply the law very strictly. david: let me stop you there, jessica. that's a simple procedure. you apply the law. there are legal procedures for registering as a refugee into the united states. and the first one of those is you have to be located outside of the united states. so the very first point of eligibility would be violated if any of these people came through the border. >> well, it's also possible to
11:48 pm
make a claim for asylum as well. but the thing is, if you are seeking asylum because you fear persecution or you've been persecuted for your political opinion or your race or religion or other reasons that are covered under the law, if you're really in danger, you're supposed to seek asylum in the first state country that you come to. and mexico has already offered all of these people in this caravan safe haven in mexico. there's no reason for the united states to have to take these asylum claims seriously. david: by the way, you mentioned the organization. i don't know if this is the one you mentioned but this one is very much involved in bringing the caravans into the united states. now for those who are forgotten their high school spanish means people without borders. their purpose and their intent is to eliminate all borders in
11:49 pm
any direction come in or going out of the united states. that's their purpose. >> that's right. and i think they're using these migrants has props for their open borders cause, which is very unfortunate. these people have come hundreds of miles at great danger. ly be interesting to see what happens if they're not admitted to make an asylum clim claim thh the legal port of entry, many will fall into the hands of the smugglers who will offer to take them across illegally which is a bigger problem. >> it is indeed. on wall street stocks closed mix, dow down 1 points, s&p rose 3 points and the nasdaq was up a point. volume on the big board 3-point the billion shares, all three major averages were down a fraction for the week. first quarter gdp grows up 2.3% and sprint shares surging 8% reports of a $26 billion merger
11:50 pm
with t-mobile that could come sunday. as a reminder to listen to lou's reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. the left lashes out at kanye west and president trump comes to the rapper's defense. we're going to be talking about the budding political alliance with our panel coming next. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin, with powerful 24-hour relief from symptoms triggered by over 200 different allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. for one week only, save up to $34 on select claritin products. check this sunday's newspaper. but having his parents over was enlightening. ♪ you don't like my lasagna?
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evening is on leadership. martin luther king jr. said, quote, a genuine leader is not a
11:54 pm
serger for consensus but a molder of consensus. i think that president would qualify for that, our president. meanwhile the trump kanye west alliance is strengthening by the day. it's bizarre. president trump praising kanye for his unwavering support tweeting out, quote, kanye west has performed a great service to the black community. big things are happening and eyes opened for if first time in decades. legacy stuff. thank you also to chance and dry get it. lowest black and hispanic employment in history. joining me now is national spokesperson for the congress on racial equality niger innis and rebecca rose woodland. happy friday. niger, what do you make of kanye and all of the rest of them supporting donald trump? >> i think it's fabulous. i think it's outstanding. and the left, the heads exploding consistently, going crazy about kanye and candace
11:55 pm
and deneen and al vi diamond an, it's fabulous. of course there's an air war which is very important. entertainment drives or ul chur and politic to some extent. but below the surface there are things happening as well. i'm just finishing up a conference, a political action conference where you have african-american, asian american, hi hispanic-american leaders from all across the country, over 500 at the jw mayor jomarriott. these are republicans, these are are folk supportive of drurch, supportive of the conservative agenda and conservative movement. there are things happening -- what kanye is doing is brilliant. david: he's fighting back. i want to get rebecca in. he's fighting back.
11:56 pm
he's had a lot of blowback from the left but he said, and i'm quoting him, the mab can't make me not love him, speaking of donald trump. it is a liberal mob. a liberal mob that's been controlling the pc culture in america for a long time and i wonder now if it's breaking up? >> well, look. we have low unemployment numbers for blacks and hispanics. isn't that what everyone wanted in this country? david: 6.8% in december. an historic low at the same point in the obama ra jeej, 16.1%. never seen a drop like that. >> we have people employed, people who can pay mortgages and go out to dinner. isn't that what everyone wants? don't the liberals want that? don't the conservatives want that? why is this partisan. what kanye west is saying, hey, donald trump you brought some great things to this country before. he's happy to comment on it. i don't know why there are any attacks on him about that. david: talking about the mob, which i think is a perfect word
11:57 pm
that kanye used to describe the pc culture that's working against him right now, there is a racist quality to the mob. "the wall street journal" had an editorial not long back talking about the liberal plantation, if you're black or hispanic in america or minority who goes against the liberal pc culture, you're considered bad in some way. that is in itself racist, sit not? >> it is absolutely racist. somehow you have systems in place in corporate america, in government all over saying that you must have racial and gender diversity. but diversity of thought, if you happen to be african-american, hispanic, asian american, increasingly if you happen to be a woman, if you break away from the lib wall -- actually i don't call it liberal. i would say socialist orthodox that exists and you happen to be one of the so-called minorities, then you're breaking the rules. you must be whipped back into
11:58 pm
submission. sit racist, sexist and we're overcoming it. david: that's a great borrowing of a phrase there. rebecca, let's wrap up the week. there was another mob, the mob supporting essentially james comey and his tour, his book tour it's also the mob that has been going against donald trump no mat whary he says or does. do you think that mob is breaking up or at least the consensus that what james comey has been doing has failed to generate support? >> well, i mean, let's talk about last night's interview with brett baier. james comey. i don't know where that information came from. i never asked. who doesn't ask. he's the head of the fbi e doesn't ask for information? where is this evidence, what am i relying on? come on now. the whole thing has gotten out of hand and i think now we need to move forward as a country. we need to support the president that we have.
11:59 pm
he's making strides. look at north and south korea. look at our unemployment numbers. there are positive things. why don't we focus on those things. david: and i think the brett baier interview was the perfect book end to that book tour of james comey because it exposed some of the extraordinary inconsistencies in what he says and what he's done. >> sometimes you have to give these folk the opportunity to hang themselves and that's whactlexactly what occurred. in addition to saying he didn't really care you know what political party has paid for it, he was just concerned. and it seemed to be tint lated by the fact that they were anti-trump, happened to be an r&d didn't matter to them. the fact that they were anti-trump is what mattered. people forget. he was not supposed to be partisan. he was supposed to be representing the government of the united states in all of us. david: and for him not to know what a leak is. it's common sense what a leak is
12:00 am
and he described it as something it is not. he's changing the definitions. we got to leave it at that. thank you for joining us. that's it for tonight. thank you jr. joining us. lou is back on monday. join me on "after the bell" weekdays at 4:00. maria: happy weekend. welcome to the program that amizes the week that was and helps position you for the weak ahead. coming up, blackstone group chairman and cofounder stephen schwartzman is my special guest this weekend. but first, christine is standing by in the fox newsroom with the big head lines affecting everything from wall street to main street. >> thank, maria. this week saw strong quarterly results but the main focus for investors was a selloff in the bond market. with the treasury yield hit 3% at one


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