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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 30, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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lou: israeli prime minister netanyahu calling out iran declaring the islammic rub has cheated from the moment president trump agreed to the nuclear deal. netanyahu laid out a devastating case against the iranians who pursued a secret program called amad. we'll talk about the new evidence iran lied about nukes before and after the agreement. congressman ron desantis joining
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us. french president macron and evening la merkel trying to persuade president trump to abandon his america first policy at least when it comes to the european union. as for nafta, nothing forth coming forth administration and not even a whisper of what was once known as the north american union. it's a deep game the koch brothers, the chamber of commerce and the business round table play. and care vans of millions of illegal immigrants, millions of kilos of deadly drugs have been smuggled across the mexican border into this country the past two decades. so why is one small caravan of a
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few hundred illegal immigrants getting so much national media attention? we take that up. we never before had a president who actually ordered the bearder patrol to do its job and stop illegal border crossing. our top story. new accusations that iran cheated on its nuclear deal with world powers. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu revealed hundreds of thousands of pages of documents that he says proves it was based on iranian lies and mossive iranian deception. >> iran lied about never having a nuclear weapons program. iran continued to preserve and expands its nuclear what he pans for future uses. third, iran lied again in 2015
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when it didn't complete to the iaea as required by the nuclear deal. here is the bottom line. iran continues to lie. lou: later at the white house news conference president trump condemned iran and said he would soon make an announcement on whether to withdraw from the iranian deal. president trump: that's not an acceptable situation. and i have been saying that's happening. they are not sitting back idly. they are setting off missiles they say are for television purposes. i don't think so. lou: our first guest has been pane outspoken opponent of the obama nuclear deal with iran.
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and the leading republican candidate for governor of florida, congressman ron desantis. it was a blockbuster moment for prime minister netanyahu as he revealed the inner workings of what he called -- what the iranians called project amad. >> it was unbelievable presentation. what netanyahu outlined is what a lot of people like me who have been critical of the deal suspected for a long time, namely that wrawn prior to the deal was actively pursuing nuclear weapons and even after the deal they got flush with $150 billioning in sanctions relief. obama airlifted $1.7 billion in cold hard cash to the mullahs. yet they continued to seek nuclear weapons. the deal was bad when it was
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signed. it hasn't achieved what obama promised. i think the president would be within 100% of his rights to pull us out of this deal and put more pressure on iran. lou: the president said from the outset netanyahu corroborated what he said. that the iranians have been at the very least deceptive throughout and it's the worst deal he has ever seen. no one can to this day answer what in the world the united states got in this bargain with the islamic republic. >> remember, too, we tried to get at the time the secret side agreement between the iaea and iran. that was something the obama administration did not produce to congress. i thought that was discussed reason to vote against the deal. you wonder why they kept that
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secret? i think it reason they did is because they night would not be conducive to them forcing that deal. congress didn't vote for the deal. you had the obscure corker position that allowed harry reid to filibuster the deal. so the majority of the congress was oh bowed to it. it just got caught in a senate filibuster. had those been exposed i think it would have been voted down even if the filibuster. lou: i think it's fair to call it the corker complicity. his role is shameful for both country and his party. but there is a lot of that to go around in this deal because there were just so many people so quiet in congress and the senate who knew better and still let it go ford. let's turn if we may to north korea, the south korean
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president moon saying president trump deserves, if this deal is done between north and south korea, he deserves the nobel peace prize. >> if we denuclearize the korean peninsula, it will be the greatest achievement since the wall of the berlin wall and the cold war. all of his predecessors had the same approach. pretend the problem doesn't exist, don't do anything about it and hope it go away. it would have been easier to put his head in the stand. but he said -- head in the sand. and he brought pressure on kim jong-un and the north korean regime, oh, by the way, china. had we continued the obama approach there is no way we would be sniffing any of this right now. the president deserves a lot of
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credit, and i'm hoping kim jong-un realizes he met his match with donald trump and i's better off -- and he's better off doing a deal and getting nuclear weapons. >> we are looking at a president with an historic historical opportunity. he's dealing with building a coalition in the middle east. the purpose of which is to sustain a middle east peace agreement. at the same time, forestalling both china and russia in their aggressive hegemonic plans and strategies to dominate their regions. this president is success seeding on every level. and yet when i look at "the washington post" as i do almost every day, but i do sacrifice considerably in the pain it brings me, to read about chaos in the white house instead of what is actually being achieved by this president.
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it is a truly remarkable period in american geopolitical history. >> they are not going to give him credit. this is all a precooked narrative. the fact of the matter is, you look at the successes be those are big successes regardless. but just think of how big a mess this president inherited from barack obama. north korea, iran, isis caliphate, china on the move, russia on the move, syria in disarray, he inherited all of that. in a little more than a year we made a remarkable turnaround. i am not sure. lou: we don't have to worry about them showing their colors.
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you are the leading candidate for the governorship of florida. you are taking all sort of flack. you have got incoming every day. how does it feel to be the leader. >> they are shooting at you a because they know you are a threat. a lot of the attacks are bogus. people can go to and read the truth. lou: enough revelations about the deep state fbi. the fbi slow walked an investigation into crooked hillary? gregg jarrett on the rampant corruption at the highest levels of the obama justice department. trump supporters, diamond and silk i'm pleased to tell you join us right in the studio to talk about facebook's censorship and much, much more. stay with us.
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near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. lou: joining us tonight, gregg jarrett, great to see you. congratulations on the book. i recommend it highly to
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everyone watching this broadcast. within the sound of my voice. let's turn to the developments over the weekend. people are looking at the house report and finding all sort of material. i want to give a shout-out to tree they have done an amazing job of catalog the content. the idea that mccabe knew even more than we thought and had a relationship that was under considerable strain apparently with the southern district of new york, and suddenly the huma abedin lab top is back in play with the anthony weiner laptop within various power centers within the department of
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justice. gregg: m mccabe only reduced himself before the election. he sat on the huma abedin-anthony wiener emails, he sat on it for the better part of a month. why? probably to protect hillary clinton just before the election. at the very end comey found out about it and then made it public. comey now appears to be covering up for mccabe. bret baier, you saw the interview last thursday night. the most of nonsensical rambling answer that is defied and belied by all known facts. lou: we are getting used to that, aren't we, from james comey? he's in an alternate universe. it's hard to imagine he was running the fbi.
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he seems like a monk lost in the most of abstract considerations rather than running a law enforcement agency. gregg: in the world of james comey everything is upside down and inverted. he still insists the memos he stole from the fbi were his personal property. the law says otherwise. he insist there was no classified information, the fbi says otherwise. they had to seize documents to contain his leak. this is a guy who doesn't seem to understand his own roam as the head of the fbi. among his first duties should have been to determine who paid for the dossier. now, you listen to him on television, he said do this day i don't know who paid for it. how in the world could he not to this day know hillary clinton and the dnc paid for it?
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lou: i can't forgive him for pretending not to know because he's in a hell of a mess. he looks like he could be charged with a number of crimes. but at the same time, loretta lynch plays an ever larger role as more is revealed here. her role in the department of justice as attorney general. her role vis-a-vis the southern district, the u.s. attorney at the time leading into the election. they are sitting on mounds of court documents and evidence again of crimes committed by a number of parties that doesn't see the light of day. gregg: this was an elaborate cover-up and protection scheme to cover hillary clinton and frame donald trump for things he didn't do. they launched an investigation without any evidence of a crime. they launched a counter-intelligence probe without any intelligence.
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they did it because they sought to bring down donal donald trums candidacy. and if elected, destroy his presidency. to some extent they have been quite successful in sowing discord. and they had a complicite media along the way. lou: the national left-wing media which is 95% of the media, they will have quite an atonement in history. because what they have tblk this country is sordid and sad and truly deleterious to the nation. gregg: in my de -- in my book i detail all the times they went on the air and said this is collusion as if it were a crime. there is no such thing as
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collusion except in anti-trust law. they found the president guilty in the court of public opinion day in and day out. lou: gregg jarrett, the book is the russia hoax. can't wait. thanks for being here. be sure to vote in our pole. do you think the white house correspondents dinner's vulgar assault on the white house administration should lead toot end of the dinner? the trump administration says it needs prove north korea will dismantle its nuclear program. >> what we want to see from them is evidence that it's real and not just rhetoric. lou: we'll take up the trump-kim summit with author victor davis
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lou: south korean president suggesting president trump should win a nobel peace prize for his role in bringing north korea and south korea together and denuclearizing the korean peninsula. trump supporters in washington township, michigan agreed. over the weekend they showered this president with this chant during his weekend rally. >> that's very nice. thank you. that's very nice. nobel. lou: joining me now, one of the best historians in the country, a brilliant writer, commentator, historian, victor davis hanson, the author of the book "the second world wars" and as i said, a great american. great to have you with us,
7:26 pm
victor. and the idea -- most people i don't think realize the history of the two korean peninsula strategy that was the foundation of u.s. foreign policy in asia for decades as it was china. can this be so readily reached, this agreement and denuclearize at the same time north korea and unite the two countries ? that's really what we're talking about here, isn't it? >> i think that we adopt want to go back to the status quo of it fail led. we don't want a deal where we get out of the peninsula, they denuclearize and three years later they have chemical weapons and start threaten the society. wand then they in turn, china ad us, that they denuclearize. that's an improvement over the
7:27 pm
status quo and something that agreed on framework under clinton, the six party talks with bush and the strategic patience with obama didn't do. it's really creating a strategic uncertainty in the minds of the chinese and koreans. and we thought, the american media, thought this was trump at his worst. but what was worse was the strategic predictability of the last administration or maybe the last three administrations. lou: the predictability was that. the previous administration seemed to line up with this country's opponents, rivals and even enemies, rather than sustain and advocate and support our own interest. to me, it was that glaring. >> yeah. this is part of a larger theme, lou, where we got into sort of a rut where we assumed that because we were so strong and we
7:28 pm
were in this post war position of power and we were so wealthy, then we really didn't care about nato cheating. and we really didn't care about north korea nukes and we let the iranians cheat a little bit and we didn't really care about the border. and we came uf with euphemisms, six party talks. and yet it was part of a conventionality that was slowly eroding the strategic superiority and economic viability in the united states. it took this gun slinger to come in saying, you know what, i don't accept your premise or protocols and act completely in a way that we haven't seen before and we're starting to see that these were emperors without any clothes. all of them were naked and trump has sort of pulled their clothes off and what's there is nothing. lou: and he has brought with him such a powerful, powerful voice that is giving such a voice to
7:29 pm
the american people, call it national populism, whatever you want, for the first time he is actually the only president in our lifetimes who has engaged the power structure. president eisenhower did it adds he departed office. but he is the only president to campaign against the power centers, the establishment and say, they are squandering your money, destroying your opportunity, and we must restore this nation to its founding values. and give life and energy to its economic system. >> i think so. and you can see it from these fundamental issues. you can even see it in a trivial aspect where really the white house correspondent's dinner was corrupt. it was a bunch of media star struck celebrities and journalists that wanted to schmooze with hollywood. and then the comedic aspect of it because cruel and coarse and
7:30 pm
everybody said you can't criticize it. trump said i'm not going to have anything to do with it and he went to michigan saying i would rather be with you guys. how can you close with those optics. lou: absolutely. and how can you win if you're in the white house press corps and you're associated with the white house correspondent's association dinner. i think it is vile, it is absolutely corrupt. it is ignorant and should never be -- it should be just ended now. and i think this president -- the insult that he has absorbed, athey frankly with amazin amazid grief, after having his family insulted, his staff. these people are inexplicable, disgusting and pay pauling. it's got to end. it's got to stop. >> in my opinion. lou: let me turn to. >> i agree with you. lou: i want to ask you about one
7:31 pm
other area. nafta, the tariffs are due to be part in effect just after midnight. we're not hearing much about nafta. and you know what else we don't hear much about? we don't hear much about the north american union, the pet project of the chamber of commerce, the u.s. multinationals, the koch brothers and all who quote unquote want to harmonize the borders, which is another expression which means roughly destroy our soferty. >sovereignty.>> we were asked tt mexico could adjudicate our sovereignty and they would have an expatriate community that would lobby us for further concessions. and to suggest that that was airks symmetrical or wrong, we were called racist. and nato don't want to make
7:32 pm
their commitments, wanting to run up big surpluses and suddenly it was all predicated on this that oh, the united states will do it, they're take it, they're so strong, they don't care. and we started to push back. and the more we pushed back, it was like pushing a stone over the summit. and now the thing is going away. and again they have not argument because they never were honest and candid and transparent in what they were doing. lou: the watch the establishment in reflex, the orthodoxy, apoplectic after having a national leader who absolutely speaks truth directly and boldly, i don't think they'll ever get over it, victor. >> i don't either. lou: let's hope they don't. great to have you with us as always. come back soon, please. >> i will. thank you for having me. lou: victor davis hanson, brilliant historian. when i say great american, i mean great american. be with us tomorrow when i'm talking about the trump
7:33 pm
doctrine, north korea, iran and much more. former secretary of state condoleezza rice joins us. up next, president trump calls two of his most loyal supporters warriors and now facebook wants to silence them? they tried. we'll take up the war on free speech with trump's most vocal supporters and most engaging, in my opinion. diamond and silk join us here next. stay with us.
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lou: breaking news, we were just talking about the deadline for those tariffs on aluminum and steel imports. the president decided to postpone his decision on imposing the steel and aluminum tariffs on the european union until june 1 ps. again, the deadline for the president's decision had been midnight tonight. he's extended that. in addition to announcing the extension, the white house will reportedly announce tonight that it has finalized a deal that will exempt south korea from the imposition of those tariffs. president trump's loyal and outspoking supporters, well, there are millions and tens of millions of them across the country, obviously. but two of them stand out. diamond and silk. they accused facebook of political bias and outright censorship after facebook labeled their facebook page as
7:38 pm
quote unsafe to the community. >> facebook sensors our free speech. and shame on the ones that don't even see that we have been censored. if the shoe was on the other foot and mark zuckerberg was a conservative and we were liberals, all fences and chains would have broke loose. you know it and i know it. lou: yes, we do know it. joining us now, social media stars diamond and silk. great to have you both here. >> thank you for having us. lou: i have to say, that was a powerful appearance on the hill. and i have to believe those folks there aren't used to quite that directful language. and for all of us, thank you for being so straightforward and for all of your support of president trump. >> thank you so much. thank you. lou: where do you stand now. facebook -- you've got 2 millio. >> 1.6 million. lou: 1.6 million folks. that's a lot.
7:39 pm
and suddenly facebook decides you're unsafe to the community? >> well when they decided that we were unsafe to the community, we had 1.2 million. lou: so you want them to do that again? >> so they censored our page for approximately six months, 29 days, five hours, 43 minutes and 40 seconds. >> uh-huh. >> and we couldn't understand what was going on. we were back and forth, back and forth with facebook. and then they finally said we're deeming your content and your brand unsafe. now remember, the brand is diamond and silk. we're not a plate and a cup. we're two human beings. they told us it was no the appealable. and we put it on social media and it has a reaction and from there we brought it to light as to what was going on. we tried to work with them. after the hearing on the hill somebody did reach out to us in facebook and we were able to talk over the phone. so they are doing their best to
7:40 pm
try to make this here right, make this wrong right so that these algorithms can come off of our page. not only our page but several other conservatives that voices are being stifled because i think they're trying to sort of do a keup a coups in the electi. imagine you having a page and they just label you. and then the only thing that shows up in your news feed is liberal stuff. >> what do politics have to do with facebook? lou: and who why would facebookt to have that power unless they had a political agenda. >> that's right. lou: and why should that power be vested in a private company, a public company, but a private enterprise. it makes so sense. and do you get the sense from
7:41 pm
the folks on capitol hill that they're going to try to to prott the users of facebook? it's not just facebook. it's twitter. >> we didn't receive that from the democrats. they disrespect and diminish our very existence. and as an american we pay their salaries through our tax dollars. and for them to sit and not listen to the voice of the american people, vi to call thel them out. and i was very offended when i saw black congressmen and women, my color, take and they forgot about the censorship and started on some fcc report. you see what i'm talking about? they made it seems like we could not obtain the american dream. we had no business making money. these are the same people that march in the streets for rights but then they deny us our rights and i have a problem with that. and i think all of america -- i
7:42 pm
don't care what color you are -- look at wha who you're voaptingn to represent you and it's time the vote some of these people out. lou: i could not say hallelujah and amen fast enough. what we're watch in this congress right now is shameful. the so-called rhinos. you know, it is just stunning to me, the misrepresentation and the sheer ignorance of so many of those elected officials on call toll hill in which they don't want people to understand how they truly feel about president trump, how they truly feel about the america the workd woman. this president restored it to all americans. >> we called them the swamp dwellers. the rats clogging the pipe. it's time for the swamp to be drained. >> that's right. lou: i think that's a heck of a program. let's get after them. what do you think?
7:43 pm
>> absolutely. lou: it is great to have you with us. we appreciate it. thank you for all that you do and you're both so delightful. come back any time. >> we will. lou: diamond and silk. up next, the caravan of central americans reaching the u.s. border but u.s. officials, guess what, we have a president who told them not to permit illegal crossings. and our border patrol stopped them. wow. the full report from the border next.
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american ill liam immigrants that has traveled the length of mexico trying to reach the u.s. border and then seek asylum is stalled. fox news national correspondent william langness is in mexico with our report. >> 200 central americans await their fate today. they arrived at the u.s. border sunday only to find a closed door. after days of legal counseling, the migrants hope to gain entry to file asylum claims saying they've been forced to leave because of violence and persecution displ. but as the group came
7:48 pm
disappointing news saying the port has reached capacity and quote those individuals hay need to wait in mexico as the officers work to process those already in our facilities. >> if they can send the national guard to handle the detention or release of the asylum seekers, that's a question of their priorities. >> immigration authorities claim that the u.s. has a legal duty to hear the asylum seekers claims. >> you're breaking the law. that's why we have caravans. >> we're a nation of laws we have to have borders. >> if an interview with fox news after touring the board ner calexico, california today, vice president mike pence signaled that migrants could eventually be processed. >> we have a limited capacity. and when the space opens up, we'll process those seeking asylum under the laws of these country. but these laws have to change. >> from the beginning they
7:49 pm
juggled a double edged sword after president trump criticized it, some members made it personal, attacking trump as insensitive and indifferent. >> translator: donald trump can't stop the caravan because he's not god. only god has the last word and if god brought us all the way up here in spite of everything we've suffered, then we always have faith. >> official say the port still lacks capacity whether that is beds or staff they're not saying. but the fact remains that women and children are sleeping on america's doorstep. is that a moral dilemma or a message to discourage others. lou: william, thank you very much on wall street stocks closer lower, the s&p down 22, nasdaq lost 53. volume on the big board, 3.7 billion shares. the weekend big news in business, t-mobile agreeing to
7:50 pm
acquire sprint that would create the country's third largest wireless carrier. listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, the white house correspondent's dinner. well, it looks like it's toast. it's over. it's done. stick the fork in. media elites looking like, well, what they are. we'll take it up with new york post pulitzer prize winning author next.
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7:54 pm
lou: tonight's quote of the evening about liberty and those who seek it, george orwell said quote, if liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people that they do not want to hear, even if they're at the border seeking asylum i suppose. joining us tonight, michael goodwin, a pulitzer prize winning columnist, fox news contributor, great american. good to see you. let's start with this caravan that's galvanizing public attention. there's an effort to say they've got the right to cross into our borders no matter what, even though their claims do not comport to what is required for asylum. >> look. i think the media loves this now. now the ball is in trump's court. trump is on defense. what is he going to do with these women and children. lou: stop them. >> they don't ask any questions
7:55 pm
about what was mexico's role in this. remember back when the caravan people said we're not coming to the united states. this is an annual local march that we do. it with us a ruse all along to get to the american border, please for asylum. and somehow they are entitled and we have no rights. we the american people have no rights. american country has no rights. lou: if we did not have a president, michael, who was saying to the american people without borders we have to no country, you know what, the left, the open borders establishment business elites, the u.s. multinationals would win the argument because there would be no counter vailing voice. so again, this president standing tall wherever he needs to, let's take up this business about the republican leadership on capitol hill. the "the new york times," a big article talking about the republican party is royaled because the establishment wants
7:56 pm
president trump to quit talking about illegal immigration, trade, all of his successes in the economy long before the tax cuts and focus on what they call quote unquote the ryan tax cut. >> how convenient. look. i think it's broof again, lou, as if it were needed, that the republican establishment is not comfortable with president trump, not comfortable with a lot of his voters and his policies. they clearly don't intend to do anything else this year. their work is done as far as they're concerned. lou: you're talking about the establishment? >> yes. they're not going to vote -- they're not going to have any new legislation. they're not going to close the border. they're not going to change the immigration laws. lou: you're talking about paul ryan, the handmaiden of the business establishment. you're talking about mitch mcconnell, the handmaiden of the business establishment. you're talking about the tools of the orthodoxy that run this country. you're not talking about a
7:57 pm
president who has set the agenda on every issue. go through foreign policy, domestic policy, the improvements in markets, this economy, gdp growth. this president had the economy turned around for tax reform, tax cuts his e insisted on calling it. >> trump and the republican party are parallel universes. occasionally they follow the same poght but generall path bue on different paths. lou: most of the republicans in the senate are for trump because most of them understand without trump they don't have anything to offer the american people except, well, the chamber of commerce, the business round table and the koch brothers. right? >> look. i think the old republican party is dead, and the sooner -- lou: from your lips to god's ears. >> it is now trump's party. it is the party of trump. if they will not get with him,
7:58 pm
they're not going to succeed. not to say he's always right or they can't jawbone him. but this idea that they're going to oppose him on these fundamental issues -- lou: that's exactly what they're doing. they're #resistance just as surely the clinton never trumpers and the rhinos. it's stunning to watch and it's stunning to think what he is putting up with here. because as you were talking about, congress and the senate, it'itit's very simping going ino november 6, it's going to be about who decides to follow this president into those elections. if they listen to these idiots who are convening on k street telling paul ryan and mitch mcconnell what to do with this election, it will be a disaster. >> well, you know, as ed rollins pointed out last week, lou, right now trump has an open field on foreign policy for much of the rest of the election season, especially because congress has essentially said we're not doing anything else.
7:59 pm
so what he will do on foreign policy, if he can pull off the agreement with north korea, if he's strong on iran -- lou: he's already -- you say he's going to have an open field in foreign policy. he has one in domestic policy too. everything he's doing is resulting in positive results. positive, policies across the board. again, markets are up. the economy is growing at 3% gdp growth rates analyzed. >> if we wants to change the immigration laws, he's going to need congress to act and i don't believe they will. lou: that's a belief versus a record of achievement and establishment by the president of the united states and i salute you. michael goodwin as always, great to see you. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. joining us tomorrow, former secretary of state condoleezza rice. brand-new book and brand-new
8:00 pm
perspective on all that this president is accomplishing. stay with us. good night from new york. kennedy: the iranians are lying about their nuclear weapons program and they can never be trusted. this according to israeli prime minister ben gentleman anyone netanyahu who today says he has the evidence to prove it. and the president saying he's 100% right about iran and the bad deal. will he pull out of the contract? it was aimed squarely at the white house. so how does the prime minister know the iranians are up to no good? his spy stole some secret documents. watch. >> from the


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