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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 1, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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this is one of the great stocks. liz: paul will be watching the apple numbers to. it's great to have you. the dow is staging a bit of a comeback down only 62 right now after being down more than 300. here comes apple with david and melissa. here we go. david: it's been cut by more than half and a half hour staging a comeback on the first day of may. still down. it looks like it's down 60 points right now. way off session lows though in the s&p on the nasdaq are starting off the month in the green and that's good news. i'm david asner. melissa: and i'm melissa frances. this is "after the bell." here is what we are covering this very busy hour. the world's most valuable company apple releasing its quarterly reports this hour. we are about to see just how well the iphone 10's is selling
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and how much money apple is bringing back to the u.s. from overseas and what it plans to do with it. we will break down all the headlines as soon as they come out plus nearly 50 question special counsel robert mueller would like to ask president trump about his ties to russia. judge andrew pellicano -- napolitano about the what they reveal in this investigation the border showdown continues at the justice department's arresting 11 members of the caravan in the u.s. illegally. a live report on the border command. david: let's get back to the markets. the dow starting the month off in the read at least the dow is ending the day more than 60 points but is way off below the session. nicole petallides is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. i've got to say it's doing quite well on the first day of the month. >> intel, apple, cisco and microsoft are the top finishing
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down 66-point. we had been over 300. we are waiting for apple. you see the technology leading the way today. that's the one group is really shining but after the month of april don't forget it's been three months since the dow and s&p closed at record and the dallas still down but we are waiting. the losers some disappointment in not reporting you can see 3.3% mcdonald's marketing coca-cola. oil jumped yesterday on the iran talks today and pulled back under pressure. facebook and match this is the big story. they are dropping because of the news that facebook will offer a dating service. executive mark zuckerberg saying its entry into social network has a choice are you single or are you married? they have a big group and look what happened on match.
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that's compared to tinder 22% to the downside. dave: david: nasdaq was up almost a full percentage point. nasdaq was way up with a lot of green. nicole thank you. melissa: we are waiting on big earnings from apple. let's bring in today's panel to discuss. here's a "fox news" contributor and we have got paul ever saw no he has lies out of the milken conference. paul are people talking about apple out there or have they moved on? >> they have moved on a little bit. the big talk of the town seems to be trade. we had wilbur ross and steve mnuchin out here. we have the delegation out of china to talk about trade tariffs as well as president trump's announcement on the tariff delays or extensions for a month. that's been the made mood in this country right now. melissa: would you think about the market in the mood of the conversation on wall street?
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>> i would pay no attention to the dow because the market was much longer. the most important thing i saw today it's held long-term. the s&p did and whether or not we can get to the upside i don't know but it's a good start and we will get a little bit more as we go through the earnings season and the next week or so. melissa: poll we have seen a lot of earnings that were good. there seems to be a lot of energy and the economy in particular, people feeling good. there are more people at milk and then there have been eight years. i've talked to more people anecdotally who are going out there to get the lay of the land was at feeling like they are? does it feel bullish in general? >> and general first of all i would say your observation about the crowds at milken are absolutely correct. it's the largest crowd record this year. it would say the overall sentiment or the most part is bullish although there
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undercurrents regarding mostly the increasing raw material costs associated with trade and the tariffs and getting into a potential treatment for as well as wage inflation and wage growth. we have the april jobs report coming out on friday of this week so people have some concerns on those two friends. david: as paul was saying the european union getting 30 extra days to come to deal with the united states. the steel and aluminum tariffs were supposed to take effect today by the white house has reached deals with argentina brazil and australia. very important country to avoid tears. white house press secretary sarah sanders said there's a strategy to the extensions. >> we are extending those negotiations because we have made some progress but i'm not going to get ahead of what that may look like that we have 30 days to continue in those negotiations and hopeful we can get something that works for
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everybody. david: we saw evidence of this in steel stocks which are way down today so apparently it might be bad for steel for one day but it's good for the overall economy and i'm wondering why, maybe that's what the dow responded to at the end of the day. >> i think what you have is a little bit of confusion in that. we don't know how that's going to end up in a could be one country not giving another country that in one country says one thing and the other says another sordid daily basis -- i don't know what they are doing going tit-for-tat as long as and up in better shape as we move forward. as long as they know what the heck they are doing. david: paul let's look back and see what's happening with the market. we are the stall with the dow jones industrial average. we keep expecting the next leg up to this and we have all good news good news on tariffs and north korean economy in general
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but the market hits a ceiling around the 25,000 or the dow. what do you expect? another big leg up further market or returning to a bear market? >> my personal opinion and what i'm hearing from some of the folks i'm speaking to hear i would say i'm bearish. first of all i would say we have never had a history of an expansion greater than 10 years. the most recent expansion that we had on the economic cycle was that after mood so it's been 10 years. that's the most we have ever seen. the current expansion started in june of 2009 so we are about nine years in the current expansion. just historically if we this up for another year or so we would be in record territory. david: i want to ask gary. what is more likely to happen a bear market?
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>> i think we can wake up in october and be at deep levels. we at 15 months of the monuments again. this is normal consolidation and i wouldn't sweat it just yet. david: inc. you guys. melissa. melissa: we are minutes away from most anticipated. reporter: the season. plan for a giant pile of crash -- cash and where it's heading next. david: the border showdown continues. the justice department arrested 11 suspected members of the caravan illegally crossing from the u.s. and mexico. we will get live update from the border. melissa: why is senator marco rubio bashing the new tax law saying it has no benefit to the american worker? tom reed is going to sound off, next.
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david: marco rubio sounding more like nancy pelosi than donald trump at the florida senator telling the economist magazine quote there's no evidence whatsoever that the money is then poured back into the american worker talking about the tax cuts and the results of it. here's congressman tom reed member of the tax ways & means committee. kind of an end -- insult to the dell -- denigrating the tax cuts. >> i disagree them adamantly. we worked on the committee and we are on the tax writing committee printing of a senator does not serve on the finance committee over there that we know where the target was that this was for hard-working taxpayers back home and wage earners across the entire district and being country.
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they get more money in their pocket and there's more opportunity. david: we tend to focus focus on businesses here rather than individuals because they are bigger entities that company after company after company just keep giving out these bonuses and pay increases. there are millions of american workers who are directly as a result of the tax cuts this corporate tax cuts getting bonuses right now. >> absolutely. think you are seeing more of this money going to where we wanted it to go released to the corporations which is something we wanted to do but it will take care of the division who have worked so hard for the tax-deductible. let's join into make it work. i think the senators off the mark with reversal dancing in the districts across the country real wage increases and real opportunities for the american worker. david: to the left of your screen you are seeing the rollout of the companies that have given page onus is then increases. we could go on with that for a
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long time but specifically taxpayers benefiting seeing a reduction in their taxes on their payroll checks every week, that's up 90% now. 90% of taxpayers saw all more money in their paychecks than the average annual savings and again it's an average, 1600 bucks. that's not pocket change. that's a lot of money. >> absolutely not pocket change or crumbs which the left always tends to say. david: or what rubio says. you have any idea as to why this? >> i have no idea other than maybe got caught in a question and it was taken out of context or something like that. our opponents on the left are adamantly trying to spin this into something that is not. this is really for the american taxpayer that comment you are singing in their paychecks and 1.1 million jobs. they are saying unemployment records at a record low. david: particular since the
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democrats are going to be campaigning on the one issue, their hatred for donald trump. they have no policy prescriptions or at least none specifically that i've heard of. there was a piece in the hill today about this. if you vote for us we will impeach donald trump and that's about it. you set a specific record on foreign policy, north korea, domestic policy tax cuts and deregulation. you focus on achievements not just on rhetoric, right? >> absolutely and when he can deliver that message because it's the truth. this is what we have done for the people back home. that's why we are in washington d.c.. those are hard-working taxpayers and add policy to this. stability in the energy markets, i know they are going up at this time but overall you see 100 plus. david: you know what i think is coming back congressmen? little margot, i guarantee we are going to see over the next 48 hours some tweets by the
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president about marco rubio and i expect we might hear about little marco again. >> i'll tell you i think the senator is not listening to the folks aware listening to. those are hard-working folks that are getting a relief. david: i still haven't figured out why he's doing this. thank you for being here. melissa: west virginia senate hopefuls are getting ready to take the stage squaring off in the "fox news" debate ahead of next week's primary. we have a live update from west virginia coming up plus robert mueller's questions for president trump weeks the media. judge andrew napolitano breaks it all down. >> there has been over a year of investigation and they are been millions of pages of documents provided and zero evidence.
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import and the president addressed the new nuclear threats in iran and north korea but robert mueller and the list of leaked question claiming to be those that mueller would like to ask the commander in chief. more on this from the white house as edward lawrence. hi edward. >> i'm at david. would be news if nothing happened at the white house but a lot going on here. sara sanders the press secretary says the iran nuclear deal was negotiated on the false pretense she said with the israelis released yesterday proved it. >> iran lied on the front end. they were dishonest actors when the sunset provision hits in seven years. they will be much further along in the process and able to make a nuclear weapon much quicker than they have ever indicated the fourth. david: this afternoon before the briefing president donald trump address north korea. he said there a number of different locations that could be the location in the day for north korea meeting with the
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north korean leader. the president saying the date and location will be announced in a couple of days. >> we are setting up meetings right now and i think it's probably going to be announced over the next couple of days, location and dates. david: the white house very tightlipped about the league's questions from special counsel robert mueller. here they are right now. "fox news" obtained a copy. a call into or major categories. michael flynn the reasons of the firing of james kobe -- james comey fbi director and if the person tried to get attorney jeff sessions to reverse course and his recusal and the june 9, 2016 meeting at trump tower between don jr. jared kushner paul manafort and involving the attorney with ties to the kremlin. there are questions about collusion but there are also questions in these documents that ranch out from that. for example one asking about the
4:22 pm
alleged -- that the president asked james comey to take. david: a very strange list it was. edward thank you very much. melissa: let's talk more about the mueller questions. will bring in judge andrew napolitano a senior analyst. it was pretty broad. there was pretty much everything in there. >> at this think this was a treasure trove into the thinking of bob mueller and the in nature of investigation. the only thing we know the investigation is the people that he is indicted has been relatively leakfree but for example when he asked in one of those questions which to me was the most startling what assistance if any did your campaign giver did you know of any assistance or campaign gave including two paul manafort to the russians? were you looking for assistance
4:23 pm
from the russians? there has to be good-faith basis for a question like that. where we get that from? he as a star witness named rick gates who is a former business partner of paul manafort who was the number two person in the campaign through the victory and into the transition. there was a code with paul manafort and now he's bob mueller star witness. he's probably giving him the type of information they need for these types of questions. melissa: we don't know where these questions came from. we don't know that they are accurate. the whole thing smells of a set-up. what do you think is really behind all of this? >> i think that these questions were leaked by someone on the president's team who did not want the president and i'm not on the team but i don't want them to do this, to submit to bob mueller's interrogation because it will be a very treacherous situation for him. whoever did this one of the president to see the nature and
4:24 pm
extent of these questions. some of them appear to be very easy questions but when you analyze them and realized there are some factual basis for each one of these questions and they each are a trigger for dozens more questions about the same subject matter i don't know if the president is going to have an appetite for wanting to go through this. dalissa to questions on this front. a lot of these questions, what were you thinking when he had this conversation with this person and what did you mean by it? would he be able to remember? i don't remember where i was doing on june 12. >> you and i have watched him for the past 15 months. have you ever heard him say, i don't know, don't remember. or i will give you an answer in 15 minutes later he finishes. melissa: the talk about him sitting down and i'm surprised he has a choice. are you sure there's really a choice and sitting down are not?
4:25 pm
does he feel compelled? >> i don't nobody has a choice politically because he said hundreds of times i can't wait to meet with bob mueller into town with him but legally he has a choice. it's a request and you can turn a request down. they cannot compel this conversation. they can subpoena him to testify before a grand jury. they did that to bill clinton and bill clinton agreed to have it on television and it was a disaster for him but this particular interview that bob mueller wants and some of the president's lawyers want in some done is totally voluntary on the part of the president. melissa: the 4th of july when fbi comey went to interview hillary clinton but i digress. >> i'm with you. david: meanwhile a showdown going on at the border. hundreds of migrants seeking asylum as dozens surcharge to entering the country -- the country.
4:26 pm
apple's highly anticipated quarterly report out any minute. we are about to see how well the iphone 10's is selling. we hit the streets and see how loyal customers or their flagship smartphones. >> do you have a knife on? >> no. blackberry. >> are you going to convert? >> i'm not going to convert. i'm one of those stubborn guys. :
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. david: we're literally seconds away from apple releasing second quarter results, pretty consistent. here is adam, fortune executive editor and fox news contributor james freeman and gary kaltbaum is with us as well, i think we have others but we'll get first to you, apple has not seen a kind marketplace since the beginning of the year, improved a little bit but in correction territory, could that turn around as a result of today's results? >> it certainly could but it doesn't appear to be likely. reason for this has been that the iphone x is not doing well. i saw gary holding his up. i've got mine here as well. and that's really everything. i mean it's two-thirds of the company's business right now, if it does well, they do well, if it doesn't do well, they don't. david: forgive me, i'm going to break in, we have apple earnings out. we should mention it is up 3%
4:31 pm
after hours, so it appears to be doing quite well. we're going through all the numbers. let's go to susan li. first of all, welcome to fox business, great to have you. melissa: now tell us about it! [laughter]. david: tell us why apple is popping 4%. reporter: a beat across all metrics. we'll start with profit. looking at $273 earnings per share, above estimates calling for 267. revenue beat, above the 60.82 billion that analysts have pencilled in. all the iphone still for apple. i'm looking at 52.2 million units shipped in the quarter, and that's pretty much in line with the raise that we were given, 50 to 54 million pretty much the range that analysts had expected for the quarter, guys. it's looking good for apple across most of the metricks,
4:32 pm
back to you. >> 52.2 that was the unit sales for the iphones? reporter: yes. david: towards the upside of what was expected. >> correct. melissa: if we see disappointment, that's different metrics, interesting. david: had it at 48. that beats the range. melissa: mashable deputy tech editor, michael, i'll start with you, what's your reaction? >> well, i think that this is along the lines of what a lot of people were expecting. a lot of tempered expectations around this particular earnings call. people suggested that the iphone x wasn't selling nearly as well as we hoped. what we're seeing is there weren't surprises in the earnings call and what a lot of people are dissecting is some of the future growth in china and whether apple is going to be able to rebound in that. melissa: breaking news for us. david: there's one thing that a lot of investors interested in the buyback plans, we know how
4:33 pm
much cash it has on hand, 290 billion overseas. planning to buy back about $100 billion in stock. some people estimated it's going to be 150 billion, that might be a disappointment to some. melissa: james, i'll throw that at you, what do you think about that number? >> a question related to that is how much of that cash is invested in the united states to build new factories or facilities, basically along with those iphone sales in china and the services revenue, people are wondering post tax reform, what happens to all that cash overseas? sounds like we're starting to get the answer. >> susan has more news, go ahead. reporter: the buyback was important, 100 billion in terms of repurchase. less than what bernstein reported in the earnings. i want to highlight the revenue from iphone sales. looks like we're a little light on that metric, just about 38 billion in the quarter, slightly below analysts calls for the three months.
4:34 pm
melissa: for the revenue. okay. adam, let me ask you, they were talking about how much of the money is coming from overseas. we saw tim cook recently at the white house. everybody assumed he was there talking about the china tariff and probably was. you would imagine that the president pressed him at the time about bringing that money back, saying we changed the rules to encourage you guys to bring the money back, what are you doing? do you think they had that conversation? >> i assume they or someone had that conversation. but i think what we're seeing so far, this is not a huge concern to investors. this is a concern of the political class, not to make a judgment. they're both interesting. they're telling you exactly what they're doing with that money. giving it back to the shareholders. $100 billion of it. so we have our answer. it's probably an answer that the white house won't be pleased with. melissa: gary, it's 100 billion of 290 billion. you know, it's a portion of it.
4:35 pm
what do you think? >> that's a lot of cake. it raises eps and helps out stocks. the best news for apple, analysts were lowering numbers and the third quarter everybody was lowering numbers and everybody said it did better than expected, i don't know how the stock is trading in the after-market, that's big news. the biggest problem, they do 250 billion in sales, try growing that type of business with big percentages. it's going to be tough going forward and they're going to have to come up with something really good, much better than the 10. david: here's something they've come up with and never slouchers on this. the gross margin for the 38 to 38.5%. huge gross margin. this is one reason why it's the richest company in the world, folks. melissa: james, what do you think about that? >> the company comes into these with high expectations,
4:36 pm
phenomenal margins anyone would like to have. obviously the iphone is the big driver, but i think people are also wondering about services, streaming media, this sort of thing, you are seeing nice growth here and, of course, china, you were mentioning the white house discussions, lot of issues there we could talk about but number one smartphone market in the world. he's thinking of it in terms of sales but also in terms of sharing technology and is he forced to share it? interesting questions there as well. melissa: especially, michael, at the bottom of the screen, they're reporting it grew in all geographic regions. we want to see that break out, right? >> apple's greatest opportunity lies in china. one of the biggest challenges. you have a lot of competitors offering phones that have similar capabilities to a lot of the things that older iphones can do, but they're doing at a cheaper price point. whether you're looking at the iphone 10, 7, 8, they're often
4:37 pm
cheaper options available in china that are equally as good. melissa: are consumers satisfied with apple's flagship products? we hit the street to find out? >> are you impressed with the iphone? >> i love my iphone. reporter: would you ever switch with the apple iphone? >> never. >> i don't think i could use a different phone. >> i couldn't. reporter: everything you can think of is apple products in your home? >> macbook, airpods, the homepod, everything. reporter: if you could sum up apple customers in one word. what would it be? >> loyal. >> loyal. >> loyal. >> apple team all the way. melissa: that's real, we resisted anecdotally. now my dad has an iphone, my husband was one of the last blackberry people, he converted. i don't know how many apple products we had in our house, we are like anti-establishment. no way, we're not doing it, and still, hook, line and sinker. you can't resist the lure,
4:38 pm
right? >> right, and i was the same way. now i got into it a little earlier than your family. i did about five or six years ago, but the irony here is this is what's happening in china. for all the people you interview just now, apple remains relatively small market share in terms of units and the united states, a high percentage of the profits. same thing happening in china. they don't have big market share and don't need big market share. what they need are the people who care about the sex appeal. that's what's going for them. where are we going now? susan has more for us. >> shareholders are bumping up the dividend as well. we're increasing it by 16% per share. that means you get 73 cents for every apple share that you own. so yes $100 billion in buybacks, increase 16% when it comes to dividends, and should mention something else that came out on apple. the cfo says channel inventory
4:39 pm
reduction of the mostly higher end, the iphone models means that the lower reported average price comes down and possibly means again that it looks like prices are coming down. revenue could be coming down in the next quarter and that means lack luster sales when it comes to the iphone x as we've been expecting. melissa: james, let me ask you before we go, the buyback, the dividend, that goes with the argument that you don't want to let the companies have the money back from overseas with the tax break because they don't reinvest it. david: that's not what bloomberg found. >> i believe it was the fortune 500 and the recipient of the cash. big buyback, dividend with apple. see what more in terms of investment. it's not just politicians, it's american workers who care about that title as well. melissa: of course. >> but on the anecdotal evidence, my kids are telling me to go to samsung and we've
4:40 pm
been an apple family. you are charging a lot for the iphone, keep adding to the features. david: you don't have to buy the iphone x like my wife and my daughter. melissa: you don't have to? david: i have the 6. i love the 6. a lot of people are buying the 8s. $670. over a thousand, all-in. right? melissa: i don't know. david: it is, trust me. i had to pay for them at home. three republican candidates in west virginia facing off tonight, just one week before the primary election for u.s. senate. what each of them is saying about their chances coming in next. anna and mark are heading into retirement... and a little nervous. but not so much about what market volatility may do to their retirement savings. that's because they have a shield annuity from brighthouse financial, which allows them to take advantage of growth opportunities in up markets, while maintaining a level of protection in down markets.
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there's this. a bit of this. why not? your hotel should make it easy to do all the things you do. which is what we do. crowne plaza. we're all business, mostly. . david: good day for apple, folks, another look at the shares, they are rising after-hours following the release of second quarter results. the tech company going to be spending additional $100
4:44 pm
billion on stock buybacks, building out to payout to shareholders. a lot less than what was expected. they thought as much as $150 billion in buybacks. the board announcing 16% increase in quarterly dividend. stock had been trading after-hours as high as 5%. come down a little bit. still a healthy gain after hours at 4%. melissa? melissa: the republican candidate for u.s. senate in west virginia are facing off. peter doocy is live with more. peter? reporter: and as you can tell, this is the biggest show in town tonight. people showing up for the debate that starts a little less than two hours from right now. that's as we start to get word from the candidates trying to make a splash ahead of things like the former don blankenship, he is nicknaming them, mitch mcconnell is called cocaine mitch in a new ad, he
4:45 pm
says that cocaine mitch as a nickname grew out of mcconnell's wife, he has relatives associated with ships that have been used to traffic drugs. links to super pacs that spent $1.3 million. attacks that blankenship boosts him. >> i think it probably moves me up a little bit because i don't think that mitch mcconnell realizes how anti-helm and how anti-the establishment west virginians are. reporter: there's a reason so much national attention is on the race. one of the best opportunities to pick up a democratic seat and as conservative heavyweights begin to weigh in, the attorney general thinks he gains ground. >> i'm emphasizing my record because i'm the only one in the race that has the proven conservative record and the conservative endorsements. i think late last week when
4:46 pm
senator ted cruz came on board, senator rand paul, obviously all of the major conservative leaders in the state are rallying behind my candidacy. reporter: but democrats are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to attack congressman evan jenkins and jenkins thinks that's because he can stop the democrats from undermining the trump administration. >> nancy pelosi want to impeach president trump. i am standing in their way. they know i am the only one that can defeat joe manchin this november. reporter: so the doors here in morgantown open in 20 minutes and people will be sitting in their seats for the big show, 6:30 on fox news. melissa? melissa: should be very entertaining to say the least. i can't wait, peter doocy, thank you. david: fun, fun, fun, a caravan of invasion at the border. hundreds of migrants are planning to seek asylum in the u.s., but who is really in
4:47 pm
need, and who's just exploiting the system? a live report from the border next. [ phone rings ] hi, tom. how's the college visit? does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing what's important to you is why 7 million investors work with edward jones. with dell small businessout your technology advisors you get the one-on-one partnership you need to grow your business. the dell vostro 15 laptop. contact a dell advisor today.
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whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. . melissa: six more central americans processeda the u.s. border bringing the total to 14. this is according to the group behind the migrant caravan that brought hundreds to the border. here now with the latest from the u.s. border in tijuana, mexico is fox news correspondent william la jeunesse. william? reporter: melissa, this is where hope in the entry way to the united states meets desperation, you can see people from central america, children awaiting their turn as well as parents. these are, we're going to take a wide shot as well. this is the busiest port of
4:51 pm
entry in the united states, 20,000 people, and a lot of people are coming to the u.s. for business purposes, but this is the caravan, roughly 150 people. they have white armbands, waiting for the u.s. to hear whether or not their asylum plea will be taken into consideration. you know sunday, they found out that the u.s. was actually processing these claims. earlier today, a family from el salvador, they hope to be next. . >> translator: we felt bad because they didn't let them through, i have faith and believe in god we will get across to the other side. reporter: now this video illustrates how the process works, based on the strength of the case, officials move groups of 10 or 20 to the walkway towards the united states, and there is where the revenues will be evaluated by the u.s. now the retiring i.c.e. director tom holman often
4:52 pm
believes the cases are unproven. >> when they show up in immigration court, if they show up in immigration court. the judges find 30 to 40% have a credible fear find. means all the rest are -- >> made up? >> yeah. reporter: we've heard numbers from 6 up to 11 people today but at that rate, if they're processing 150 people it could take some period of time. back to you. melissa: william la jeunesse, thank you. david: here is david ward, retired i.c.e. president agent in charge and former border patrol assistant agent in charge. first, canada, remember canada 15, 20 years ago you said this policy said if you went as a foreigner and said i'm a political refugee, bingo, you get refugee status just like that. it created a lot of problems for the canadians. we have rules and regulations that clearly define what a
4:53 pm
political refugee is. apparently, this caravan believes they don't have to play by those rules, right? >> well, they're very wrong. most of these individuals are part of this operation by pueblos sin fronteras. david: it means people without borders, getting rid of the borders. >> that's exactly what they did. they recruited all these people, 1500 or whatever, 1500 or so aliens to come into the united states under the premise of claiming asylum. there are a bunch of mexicans claiming asylum into the united states. this is all based on poverty. nothing to do with persecution or their beliefs or anything else. look, we spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year, foreign aid to the same countries who these people claim don't have an ability to make a living or whatever. not only are we paying that,
4:54 pm
supposed to accept the people into our country based on the premise they have persecution. they don't. david: the other thing is there's a lot of talk about fairness, agent. is it fair to people who have political claims of refugee status, and there are many people who have that and applying legally from own home country for that status. it's not fair for them to have these people jump the line, right? >> absolutely. there is a method and procedure which to file for political asylum. but like anything else, the illegal aliens do not follow the rules. immigrants come to the united states, they wait years to be accepted into the country. illegal aliens notoriously have done everything to circumvent and explore the weak border policy. now the viewers will notice the fencing, it's an indictment how bad the fencing is on the southern border. the aliens were climbing up over the wall in san ysidro.
4:55 pm
david: that image and we're playing it right now, says two things, one, we definitely need better security, and two, these people don't look very tired or out of shape or whatever. for whatever purposes they climb the wall easily, go ahead. >> which is what we need to understand. we can't vet the people coming in from central america. there's no way to find out who they are. they are members of cartels, they come in from central america into the united states to do the enforcement operations for the cartels that are here. david: agent ward, good to see you, thank you very much for being here, appreciate it. >> have a good night. melissa: another check on apple shares trading higher after hours. selling 32 million iphones in the second quarter, below wall street estimates of 53 million phones. iphone revenues coming in at $38 billion. and shares of snap tumbling after hours, reporting first quarter user growth missed
4:56 pm
analysts' expectations. user growth of the disappearing message app snapchat have repeatedly missed wall street expectations since heavily hyped ipo in march of last year. david: 15% loss in after hours there. heroes are at the white house. president trump's message to the crew and passengers of that deadly southwest flight that was forced to make an emergency landing. you don't want to miss this. i feel a great deal of urgency... i think, keep going, and make a difference.
4:57 pm
at some point, we are going to be able to beat als. because life is amazing. so i am hoping for a cure. i want this, to uh, to be a reality. um, yeah.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> the actions of crew and passengers southwest flight 1380 show the great character of our nation, our hearts break for the family of passenger who tragically lost her life, jennifer riordan, we send our prayers to her husband and their beautiful young children. captain, i commend you for your life saving actions, you drew from years of training and safety, we salute you and every
5:00 pm
member of this crew thank you very much. melissa: it is impressive they didn't want to do media. david: they avoid the interviews, unlike others. melissa: that does it for us. evening edit with emack. liz: stock driving 401(k) higher, apple selling 52.2 million iphones in last quarter. you won't believe double whammy apple faces with china. apple is in bull's-eye. >> to fears of war breaking out between israel and iran, iran accusing israel of lying, but we'll take you behind sabre rattling in iran. civil order breaking down, protests growing near iran today, blocked and


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