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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 1, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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member of this crew thank you very much. melissa: it is impressive they didn't want to do media. david: they avoid the interviews, unlike others. melissa: that does it for us. evening edit with emack. liz: stock driving 401(k) higher, apple selling 52.2 million iphones in last quarter. you won't believe double whammy apple faces with china. apple is in bull's-eye. >> to fears of war breaking out between israel and iran, iran accusing israel of lying, but we'll take you behind sabre rattling in iran. civil order breaking down, protests growing near iran today, blocked and sensored a
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popular social media app half country used to communicate. triggers more social unrest. >> the clash at border getting intense. not just u.s., now a famously liberal country celebrated in hollywood. has a tougher immigration policy in u.s. president trump gets attacked for wants border security. we'll tell you which one. >> battle lines drawn for mid terms, we'll show you red state democrats now supporting president trump's nominees. this as senator marco rubio is a tacking tax cut -- the tax cuts he campaigned on and voted for. sounds like house minority leader democrat nancy pelosi. we have a high profile expert, he will set rubio straight. >> all-star guest lineup. israel consulat general on iran.
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more than 3 dozen applebee's, he will talk about liberal policies that are killing jobs, and all here tonight, politics, money. i am elizabeth mcdonald. the evening edit starts right now. liz: we have three stocks dragging the dow down today to 24099. apple jumps on earnings that have been released. we get latest with susan lee in newsroom. reporter: analysts ratcheting down the expectations heading to this earnings release.
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coming out on top, revenue coming in 61 billion dollars more than what markets and analysts penciled in. net dollar is better than expected. iphone sales in the middle of the range of what analysts predicted of 3 months. 52.2 million units shipped. the big mover, catalyst for stock in after hours, buybacks, $100 billion announced for share repurchases. a boost in dividends, you get 73 cents for every apple share that you own. they are uses that cash from overseas they are bringing back with a tax break with the new trump tax plan. china said we have tim cook
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unofficially canceling the trade policy. saying we grew revenue in all geographic segments, including 20% he said in china and japan. one more thing in the earnings respect card, we have iphone fatigue. maybe apple is moving from being a hardware focused company, services, the cloud, music, and pay, surging 30% in the quarter. coming out ahead of estimates, makes close to 9 billion dollars. that is what the shift might be for apple. liz: all right. interesting, great job welcome to fox business family. >> thank you. liz: tim cook involved in president trump's fare trade fight with china, president pushing back on china. china doubling down. experts saying u.s. growth will not be hurt by the trade fight, trump will make dollars.
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and dollar amount of tariff is small versus the size of the global economy. u.s. trade delegation will travel to china this week. apple, revenues up 20%. year-over-year. china is not only one of apple's biggest markets if are iphone device, but the component production for its devices are some of thed in -- manufactured in china, they are in bulls of the the tariffs, jonathan hoenig and michael lee, jonathan? >> this company has succeeded because of trade with china. i tell you any tariff, i don't care how small administration said they are has an impact on apple and its massive global supply chain. we manufacture the ideas, in california, they assemble in china, it is a series of
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win-win-win. stock is up after hours, if we talk trade war that company could go lower. liz: trump is use apple's muscle with china to say, knock it off, give us some fair trade deals, michael? >> there is no such thing as a trade war with u.s., you either agitate us and back down or we crush you. trade imbalances with china is so large. it all talk and all posturing. i believe what is going on with north korea it is an olive branch from the chinese to the world and to trump administration to back off. china needs us way more than we need them, they need apple, apple needs them. it is a vicious cycle. we're looking to better terms because we deserve them. liz: michael makes a great point about trump using the economic muscle to get china to get nok numbenoknorthkorea to knuckle d.
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>> tariffs are taxes against americans, not chinese. they are ready to go forward, they are asking american companies in their words accept pain over the course of a trade war of a trade conflict? they understand this could be short-term detrimental to u.s. economy. they think that trade even as michael mentioned is win-lose trade is win-win, china has benefited, america has benefited. visitors have benefited this is have a risk. liz: we have news. china's foreign minister is traveling to north korea tomorrow, first visit since 2007. ahead of president's talk with north korea. president today saying the decision could happen been days. >> we want to get peace. a big problem. i think it will work out well. we'll see, we're setting up
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meetings right now, i think it will be announced over next couple of days, location and date. liz: when are your expectations in michael. >> i think that harder trump administration presses the people, the better it will be for u.s. in long run. there may be some short-term pain. johjonathan is right, tariffs benefit no one. but u.s. is freest and fairest trader in the world. until other country open markets to us, we have to be willing to hit them with some of their own medicine; if we have short-term pain it is long-term gain. liz: turn to senator rubio trying to talk down the tax cut, but in a are working, wage growth is up, consumer confidence high. 4 percent growth for next quarter, companies of swimming in cash. billions it got from corporate tax rate, google, bank of america, and whirlpool they are
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reinvesting in america, what are they complaining about? >> i think you know tax cuts are important. they are a big part. you have seen over course of months now a number of companies returning cash to shareholders, but as we have talked about another tax cut is not so material if you get slapped with a 20% tariff. that is another tax. liz: michael. final word. >> you either believe capital grows quicker in private sector or government sector or you don't. the tax cuts are not good they are great. liz: good to have you on. >> thank you. liz: check your money, markets closing mixed, do yo -- dow dow, snap down after hours, hollywood
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celebrity continue to drop snap in droves, blame it on redesign and that snap add done in -- snap ad done in poor taste that made light of rihanna's abuse problem with brown. nicole on new york stock exchange. reporter: stocks finished mixed. nasdaq gained almost 1%. tech stocks helped to lead way on dow, intel, microsoft, apple, cisco were those with up. apple beat street on quarterly numbers. snap down. earnings were less than expected and user growth slowed. that surge pressure. -- is under pressure, wells fargo is over 1%. maria bartiromo spoke with the ceo tim sloan about scandals and massive fine.
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>> easy finger to point, get out the people who have been there 30 years, get new blood. >> yeah, most of that criticism is from people whoen to know anything about the company anden to know what they are talking about. i think that would be absolutely the appropriate criticism if after being in this role for a year and a half we had not made changes. reporter: swift stock up, this day where crew and passengers who survived deadly blast on flight 1380 last month headed to white house to join president trump. >> captain i want to comment you for your life saving actions, i understand you are one of first women to fly tactical fighter aircraft in u.s. navy, you drew from years of training and safety, you knew how to land that plane, we salute you and every member of this crew, thank you very much.
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reporter: year-to-date, stock is down about 20%. >> thank you. >> now we'll take you to iran. social unrest growing, today iran banned a popular social messenger app called telegram. we'll show you what is going on behind the scenes as tensions heat up between israel and iran, iran claims israel is one lying about israel bombshell claim over iran's nukes.
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iran says now that israel is one lying over the bombshell claim. bringing in an expert on this. could to see you, sir. >> thank you. liz: iran saidic read israel ise lying. >> when a liar says you are lying. we share with the united states of america with documents a few weeks ago. they were inspected by the cia, and experts. u.s. can vouch for that. liz: here is the thing, secretary of state pompeo said that u.s. has known for a long time about iran's nuclear program. you wonder about obama touting sanctions, bring us behind scenes what is going with iran. like cuba scapegoating the u.s., iran has problems at home. >> iran is a rich country.
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iran billions of dollars were released after the failed agreement was signed. now they. since the sanctions were removed, iran can tell oil in the market. problem is that the use of the revenues, iran using them for two things, to maintain the corrupt regime. fundamentalist regime and second to promote an empire. if you look the map. iran as we speak is building an empire. iran, iraq, si syria and lib bol
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one. liz: how close is iran to getting a nuclear weapon? >> difficult to say if time frame. but what is happening now, it is important to understand that it is crux of the matter, iran is using its fact that sanctions were lifted irresponsibly lifted to send missiles to saudi arabia, an american ally. to colonized syria to threat israel from through the in leb lebanon and spread terrorism and inst bilinstability. it is know expiration date of nuclear agreement signed by
5:19 pm
previous administration. it will work into a nuclear device. >> how close is israel to war with iran? and syria? >> we're -- >> is it going to happen? >> i don't think so, we're determined to prevent iran from creating a strong hold in syria. it threatens israel, we're doing what we should do. but we're not hearings drums of war. we don't want drums of war. >> okay. so. -- happening today, iran blocked telegram, a popular social messaging app that half of country of iran used to communicate. social unrest there. >> israel's netanyahu telling fox how it within down let's watch. >> i won't say how we got it and
5:20 pm
who got it. israel obtained this information in february. it is 100 thousand plus documents, huge trove. it is in farsi, we had to put translators on it, professional people who understand these scientific things it took a while. i met the president in early march, trump, i described to him what he have i said we'll move immediately this information to the united states. which we did. we have been examining it seem seemtai tim kainsimondesprestain -- sim. this regime reterrorist regimesr time. this regime had a secret nuclear
5:21 pm
weapon program, they are trying to under a bad deal to get a nuclear arsenal. liz: what are people that your sources in iran. what are iranians saying? >> everyone understands they are authentic. younger generation they don't want oppression. they say, don't send our money to hezbollah and lebanon. they don't want this to spread through telegram, this is reason they shut it down. clasclassic tyranny. liz: is iran going to mill downn any time soon. >> we don't know, i can say, the current regime in iran is an
5:22 pm
evil reveal, archaic regime, fundamentalist regime, they promote most forms of terrorism in these days in the world. liz: condoleezza rice said, you know she is not concerned about the united states leaving the nuclear deal, what is your reacted? >> she is right. liz: why. >> the deal should be fixed but note fixed cosmetically, not just powder, it should be completely revamped, we built. or otherwise it should be nixed. >> good to see you, sir you thank you. liz: and condoleezza rice will be on lou dobbs tonight, right here on fox business network. >> the clash at border has been getting tense.
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liz: liberal canada thought to be welcoming revenues with open arms cheered in hollywood for, that but they have been turning back refugees coming from u.s., and telling u.s. to crackdown on visas, canada is more ruthless and tougher than u.s. about the immigration policy. canada takes people in based on economic grounds, age, education, job skills, immigrants they admit are more educated, create businesses and use fewer welfare dollars, but president trump gets criticized for suggesting the same criteria. democrats will use border clash as an issue during midterms.
5:27 pm
we bring in our guests, noel, a double standard. >> absolutely. i tell you why, because i think it has to to with trump. if obama said it is way he wanted to g i think that it would have been praised. and sheer fact that anything that comes out of donald trump's mouth or his administration is looked at as you know. only partisan or just to appease trump, because they have such a bad narrative on trump. but canada has something right. and the merit-base system works, we'll get rid of a lot of bad actors that trump is talking about by way of enforcing what canada does. liz: homeland security secretary nielson said border security is about national security, every other country feels the same, but for some reason, u.s. is not allow the to that way. here are facts about terrorists coming to u.s.
5:28 pm
>> security national security. what we see department of homeland security 15 tariffs planning to travel or -- terrorists planning to travel or traveling to united states each day. that means they are coming in through legal land port and air. liz: that sounds dangerous. is that not enough to keep borders secure. >> absolutely. what she said is important, many people who come in over stay and break our laws, often come you know terrorists, they come here legally with visas, then they over stay. >> 2016 we had 700,000 people came in legally, and over stayed, compared to i think this yore or last year for border, had about 300,000 arrests. over staying and beam -- people becausing legal system. liz: ms-13 gang member coming.
5:29 pm
>> i would like to bring up, we're not disputing well legal - we're not disputing legal immigration, we saying we need to get a grip, it is say problem or donald trump would in the have won on a single issue, called wall, people vote forward this measure they were tired of illegal immigrants coming over here, wrong way. liz: the thing. that president to your point is talking about what you noted that people over stays visa, that is chain migration. that part has been abused, other countries are tougher than we or that. >> sure, going to issue with canada, and idea of who tougher not tough on refugees, they had a merit-base system, they also have refugee asylum law. liz: but they are pushing refugees back out. >> right. liz: yes. liz: they are saying, you should take them or first country they
5:30 pm
in, why isn't mexico staying the refugees. >> there is no bilateral agreement. liz: mexico could take them. >> they could take them, why are they not? and why are united states, trump, why is he getting such a bad wrap, you have canada they don't want them and mexico doesn't want them theu u.s.u u.. heartless for trying to get a grip on our immigration. >> i think you will fine dem exrat sademocrat say, they haveo for a interview. liz: that is not what daniel is talking about. >> i understand that there are some issues with merit based. i think there it is important to have these people. liz: okay. >> that is what i'm say. >> danielle, justice department charged 11 possible ca caravan members with illegally entering
5:31 pm
u.s. >> i am not here to defend illegal immigration, they have rights to at least have a fair interview at border. liz: noel. >> i think -- i think you have a points, i think that fact that you know, the united states is wanting to really toughen our laws so we don't have a lot of these bad actors coming through, i think that merit-base system works, and canada has a points, they are pushing back, wire pushing back too. >> all right noel and danielle thank you. >> apple shares up after hours. more than 2% after earning beat tech giant selling over 52 million iphones in second quarter. topping wall street particulars, with higher second quarter profits. president trump approval rating rises to highest gallup reading in 11 months. and mitt romney now praising president trump's first year in
5:32 pm
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5:36 pm
grenell u.s. ambassador to germany. they are up for reelection, as former republican presidentialment in he, current senssenate candidate mitt romne, praising president trump's first year. saying similar to things i would have done my first year. the things he has done, have been better than i expected. bringing in steve forbes. your take on senate democrats. >> nothing like a reelector to refocus their minds to never trump to we love trump until after november. that is what that is about. and senator tester of montana after trashing nominee for v.a. in a smear turning out all things he said were lies, he is going to be hugging trump now. liz: astonishing. this is why people can't stand the swamp. this behavior. listen to president trump going after senator tester. >> we had a very interesting
5:37 pm
thing happen. senator john tester of a really great place, montana, they said about this great american dr. ronny jackson, throwing out things he heard, i know things about tester that i could say, if i said them, he would never be elected again. liz: now the red state democrats are coming forward trump. can -- will that work for them? midterm? >> only if the republicans let them. nothing like the samuel johnson said prospect of hanging focus find the are wonderfully. and republicans have to do make the case. they are only johnny come lately, and the election is over they will back to behaving badly. liz: none of them voted for the tax cut. now senator rubio sounds like nancnancy pelosi attacking tax t
5:38 pm
that rubio campaigned on, voted for them. he said u.s. workers are getting little benefit from trump's tax cut, saying there is a lot of thinking that right that if big companies are happy they will reinvest it in worker, they bought back shares, gave oil out bonuses. okay, is it too soon to -- companies take time to build out, new factors and plants, he is really jumping the gun, why? >> he wants to be non-trump in case trump stumbles for 2020. mitt romney is hugging trump becausely could the lows primary in utah, for the senator nomination there so, romney sees the light. but rubio ran last year, he figures he has 6 years before he has to see reality again. >> trump growth agenda, isn't it working? >> wages are growing, but more
5:39 pm
personally, for future wage growth, investment is growing, in first quarter, even though number came in a little low, business investment across the board it was moving up. good growth, that is a very important for future prosperity. seeds are planted, if rubio is look figure 2020. he should be worrying, his tax cuts that he endorsed are working, hello. >> we have 520 companies now you know 5 million workers getting you know tax cut bonuses and more. what is going on with republican not bringing out their voter base and campaigning on tax cuts? >> well they call the republicans the stupid party, sometime they try to live up to that moniker. they should be touting tax cuts, but they should give people some excitement for future tax cuts, put out new proposal, cut payroll tax, cut capital gains tax, people say, they deliver the first time, maybe they will
5:40 pm
deliver more, get people excited. >> retirement saving tax cuts? >> they talk but they have to put something exciting stuff on the table. liz: do you think they will? >> they should, maybe with prospect of an elect an e-- ele. liz: do you think tax cut 2.0 is coming. >> if they want to get reelected. you have to give people something to look forward to, they have not done that. liz: here are democrats resist trump, and border route clash. is that border clash is that a midterm winning theme? >> not for democrats, people don't like illegals coming in to country, may like immigration but legal immigration. the story you had about canada, that is very telling, canada has a real immigration policy, time for us to get one. liz: steve forbes thank you. >> thank you. liz: look at this story, big
5:41 pm
apple restaurant, new york city, they say they are at tipping point. what is going on? record wage hikes, restaurant own every want stay hall lawmakers to let them up to 5% surcharge on restaurant diners to cover expenses from liberal policies, a restaurant own of said new york city law and progressives hire forcing businesses like his to go under and have real problems, after this.
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5:44 pm
liz: bringing you both sides of argument on to fight mip mu minm wage. this new york city restaurant at a tipping point, they face record wage hikes but also rising rent, food and other costs put on by liberal progressive policies, restaurant owners now pushing lawmakers in
5:45 pm
new york city to let them adan up to 5% surcharge. on restaurant customers, we have a group representing more than 100 restaurateurs, they drafted a letter, noting they endured 9 mandated wage increases over the year, and rules and regulations, another wage hike to $15 an hour next year. with me now owner of 38 applebee's, he is ian what is going on. >> you know interesting you say helping worker, this is not helping worker. it helps you if you have a job. i can tell you we, if you want to use us as a sample. we have two years ago 4,000 employees, we're at about 2500 employees, we fired no one, it just that when labor pool in restaurant industry is high turnover, whether someone leaves we used to hire someone to replace them, we are not.
5:46 pm
liz: why. >> it th will be $15 in 6 month, that same job skill two years ago of half that price. liz: people gets tips. >> they still are that is craziness of the both administration's de blasio and cuocuomo they don't care in the worker. liz: you say it creates job destruction. >> it does, it guts the job, i am telling that you is the reality, we're seeing restaurants go out of, have you not increase labor 40%, reason restaurateurs' 5% surcharge is because to raise menu price, psychologically becomes a big barrier. seeing a 5% service charge. liz: is this why there there $40 martinis, right. liz: liquor costs are through the roof, would they rather use a surcharge.
5:47 pm
>> they rather see a surcharge. than a menu price increase, we're hitting our heads on the ceiling, be you middle market or high level, find dining is $100 easy for a head, i was a dec or director at mortons for years, we hit $100 a person mark 6 years ago. liz: it could cost $200 to eat out. >> without a doubt. liz: should every member in in new york city government or congress should they take a sabbatical and run a business for a while. >> that is great, our mayor has never run a business in his life, our governor has never run a business in their life, they are professional politicians, they have no idea about job corrected, they look every everyone, every new yorker's head and country, they have
5:48 pm
national as pie aspiration. liz: now actress cynthia nixon saying you charades minimum wage. but we're not supposed to raise families on minimum wage, it is a stepping stone. >> century level, you said it -- entry level. you said it right, actress cynthia nixon, all bad actors. liz: governor cuomo considering raising wage to $15 an hour minimum. what do you hear from other businesses. >> i can tell you, i have been hosting meetings with hundreds of restaurantures here. there are many, many restaurateurs that are saying they will close. they will -- i know several very -- vertucci, yesterday filed for bankruptcy, there is a reaurant for 40 years was
5:49 pm
antiannex for major corporation, they closed for after 40 years,. liz: we sees empty businesses. >> they are not helping workers, they are not helping anyone, they are helping to to get their political agenda done, cuom's does not have a clue, and de blasio does not have a clue, nixon does not have a clue. liz: a fled to get votes. >> zain thank you come back soon. liz: here is a look at apple, posting a solid revenue and profit report, shares high are by 3%. this is in tim cook said that iphone 10 was most popular smartphone in all of china last quarter. thought that china was getting under cut by cheaper versions of smartphones may by android
5:50 pm
devices, that is bias toward share buyback versus dividend will continue with apple. now this story, it could happen in your home. fed warning e-cigarette makers their packaging is causing children to mistake only ingest the toxic liquid, it looks like a kid a drink. >> and you won't believe what could be in your granola, those stories after this.
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liz: scary stuff could be in your home, government warning e-- makers to stop making liquid
5:54 pm
look like children's drinks. the stocks closed in red today. bringing in our expert. what could happen when a child drivens vaping liquid. >> this is life-threatening, your heart can stop, you can go into cardiac arrest, and seizures and stop breathing, if you stop breathing that lack of oxygen to your brain, you could develop brain damage or becompare -- paralyzed. >> did we know this? >> yes, adults are supposed to inhale it but if a child ingests it that is a chemical, a toxic chemical. if child does not pass away from, that they could develop addiction. >> it is bad that companies are using kid friendly-type, they
5:55 pm
may not have plent to, but the packaging. >> it is just so deceitful in my opinion. to target the children for pursuit of profit, that is child abuse in my opinion. cotton candy flavors. and creme brulee, and fruit medley that is targeted today children. liz: second story is this weetdd chemical killer in granola. >> it is round in round up, it is used to kill unwanted plants and weeds, we know it is going to have some sort of impact if we ingest it. if you come into contact with this chemical. you can develop headache, rash, dizziness, seizures, vomiting,
5:56 pm
that is the impact. but -- fda is conducting studies and doing food samples and testing, the results will not be out until later this year, early next year. we should not jump to conclusions but there may be a link to lymphomas and birth defects. this chemical. liz: is it in pretee protein ba. >> in 2015 a classified it possibly carcinogenic, and epa last year said probably not. but it is been found in many different typing of food, they are still undergoing testing now. liz: thank you, doctor, come back soon. >> all right. liz: we'll have more after the break, don't go away. fisher investments avoids them.
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