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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 2, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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as if the world is filled with children their expectations might get too high. but i think we're okay. dr. gorka thanks for being with us. thanks for being with us. chris farrell, greg jarrett among our guests tomorrow. kennedy: tonight who leaked the mueller questions. more importantly why. fox news has obtained 49 questions special counsel reportedly wants to ask the president, everything from his dealings with former national security adviser michael flynn to his feelings about jeff sessions recusing. the "the new york times" claims the leak did not come from mueller's team but president trump apparently furious all the same tweet, so disgraceful that the questions concerning the russian witch hunt were leaked to the media. no questions on collusion. oh, i see. you have made up a phony crime collusion that never existed and
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an investigation ga began with illegally leaked classified information. nice. the questions suggest that mueller is focusing his investigation on obstruction of justice and not collusion. but president trump had a response to that too, tweeting, it would be hard to obstruct justice for a crime that never happened. witch hunt. what's the significance of this latest twist. joining me now live from washington for now, it is edward lawrence. >> i can tell you, other than twitter officially the white house is not talking about these leaked questions that special counsel robert mueller wants to ask president donald trump. but here they are. we printed them out. fox news channel got the questions. we have them here. they're listed mainly in four categories. if first being former national security adviser mike. flynn, also the reason for firing james comey as fbi director. if the president tried to get attorney general jeff sessions to reverse course on his recusal
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of the russia investigation, and the meeting between don jr., paul manafort an and attorney with ties to the kremlin. there are specific questions about those topics in here. many of them have to do with collusion. but you know some of them actually branch out and talk about other things other than collusion. for instance, that unity pledge that former fbi james comey asked or says that the president asked him to give. and when asked about all of this, rod rosenstein says that he will not comment on where things stand in the investigation. >> our goal is always to conclude every investigation as expeditiously as we can. certainly any investigation that i oversee, i'm not talking about any one in particular. i oversee a lot of investigations. we recognize thi the need to moe them as expeditiously as possible. >> mueller probe had guilty pleas from 19 people and three companies. so far none of them relate to collusion and there have been no
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collusion reported thus far. kennedy? kennedy: because collusion is fake news, edward. thank you so much for the report. appreciate it. let's get back to my original question. where did the leaked questions come from and who benefits most from their release. here with me now, former criminal defense attorney and legal analyst emily cam pan yo and town editor and fox news contributor katie pavlich. emily, what speaks to you first and loudest when you read these questions? >> that the questions really focus on theth. 's intent behind his actions. right. they're open-ended questions where they're not factually based. i think that goes toward the reporter now talking about that a lot of these are focused on obstruction of justice. with that charge it matters whether the justice was obstructed but the intent. it doesn't require the president or anyone's blatant commitment to that. documents or other notes can. provide evidence toward that.
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so if he gets to talking, as we know he does and he can talk himself into a corner. that's what mueller is probing. and up until now we haven't heard reports of manafort reaching out to russia. there's a particular questions that discusses. that's novel and important for the viewer to follow as well. kennedy: what do we know about the awe then tis of the questions? has anyone from mueller's side denied that these are the actual questions? >> i've heard no denials. and the only one that i see benefiting from these questions is mueller himself and the investigation team. here's why. now that they're out, it almost backs the president or anyone into a corner that these questions are out there for them to answer. now we know that rudy giuliani is negotiating with the investigation team right now and the president might sit down against the stark recommendations of a lot of attorneys and legal analysts out there. but it kind of puts those
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tenants out there and it bodes well to leverage. as the investigation is closing in and the things that they're using for leverage, the fact that these questions are there, that's what they can use as a tool as well. kennedy: katie, it's talk about the political ramifications here. it's very interesting that these questions came out and they don't seem to be that damaging to the president and a lot of them seem to get to the president's thoughts and feelings which are sort of divergent from the initial intent of the investigation in the first place, which was to find some connection between russia and the trump campaign. >> well, one big thing that i noticed going through all of these questions, and there are many of them and none of them are yes and no questions we might add. they're asking specifically about things that president trump did during the transition period or at president. so questions about why he decided to fire james comey, questions about the recusal of attorney general jeff sessions with the russia investigation. why he made certain personnel
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decisions when it came to michael flynn. that puts it on the special counsel in the sense of why are you asking questions about the president simply exercising his authority in firing people who are in the executive branch which he oversees and is in charge of. as he talked about, hillary clinton would have also fired james comey. i wonder if she would be asked the same questions if he was under if same investigations. but the thing that stood out to me, a few of the questions -- we have to keep in mind that prosecutors' ask questions that sometimes they know the answers to. when they're asking about general flynn's answers to questions, when they're asking about what paul manafort said or did not say, they might know the answers and don't forget. manafort is still fighting his case out in court but flynn has pled guilty. there are questions that he would flip and give the fbi information. he's said something that mueller hads, they're going to fry to may i approach utry tomatch up e
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president give it at this point. kennedy: it's interesting that rudy giuliani said under any circumstances with an order citizenordinarycitizen, you wout them to this questioning. the president is not an ordinary citizen. he's trying to narrow the questions. there are a lot of open-ended questions, what did you mean, how did you feel and i don't know if the president answers honestly and even if he answers in a way that robert mueller finds unbecoming that any of that is illegal. >> people argue that this is about obstruction of justice. but how he felt about a certain situation isn't a factual grounds for a prosecution in an obstruction of justice case in any measure. so if moving forward they'll have to decide if the president is going to answer these questions. there's a lot of battle on the president's private legal team on what steps they should take moving forward. and when the white house is asked specifically about these
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things and specifically today about the questions that were allegedly leaked. we're not sure where they came from. but they probably came from the president's legal team to get the politic out on this. they're going to have to decide if it's more of a problem legally for the president the sit down and answer the question. kennedy: emily, is there legal recourse for robert mueller when this investigation is complete? could he be questioned by congress about the ways that he put the investigation team together and the relationship that he had particularly are james comey? >> absolutely he can. and note too that this entire investigation raised the friction between a-- between congress and the investigation in terms of the transparency. certainly when it's over he can be called and should be called to answer what went on behind the scenes and how he made his decisions and why. i want to point out for the viewers that the ramifications could be larger than charges they are mi my op cli focused.
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this could form the basis for articles of impeachment against the president. while intent is the crux of the obstruction of justice, it's not just the charges that relate straight from this that could have an effect on the president moving straight tbard. kennedy: there are others saying this could be one big perjury trap. i think we should let the investigation continue but i do think that robel mueller has some explaining to do when it's all said and done. thank you so much. the house free com kaw causs drafted articles of impeachment against rod rosenstein and won't hesitate to use them if he continues his slow walk. it's tough talk but rosenstein doesn't sound scared. >> we make mistakes. but the way we operate in the department of justice, if we can
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accuse somebody of wrongdoing, we have to have admissible evidence, incredible witnesses. there are people who have been making threats privately and publicly against me for quite some time and i think they should understand by now the department of justice is not going to be extorted. kennedy: we won't be extorted. such tough talk. man you have more conflicts of interest than a bass fisherman has reels. is the freedom cause kus about impeaching rosenstein on just a stunt. let's go to the panel, fox news contributor marie harp is here in a lovely shade of pink, town editor guy benson with the lovely pink tie. and wwe superstar, dolph ziegler. welcome, everyone. so much to discuss. we're going to play party swap a little later in the show.
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i want to go to you first. there was word a few weeks ago that steve bannon was still in the president's ear saying i know ho to make this whole thing go away. you got to get rid of rod rosenstein. >> i think steve bannon is still in his ear. kennedy: do you think that's what the freedom caucus is trying to do, a legal way to 86 rod? >> i don't think they know what they're trying to do. they're lashing out because they feel under threat. they're trying to defend president trump. but the reality is if rod rosenstein goes, that will be a much bigger problem for the president and the mueller investigation isn't going away if rod rosenstein is there or not. the freedom caucus is just flailing, trying to defend the president at all costs. kennedy: they have been very obstructionist on things like obamacare and they're not necessarily in lock step with the white house because as you know, the white house, i mean the. >> no one is in lock step with
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the white house. kennedy: no. the freedom caucus is about limiting the size of the government. that's neither here nor rosenstein. but rod rosenstein does have a number of conflicts of interest when it comes to the various investigations he's overseeing now or has overseen in the past. >> i think what the house conservatives are saying is we need more documents faster. i understand that. they have a right to the documents. they're alleging that the justice department have slow-walked the congressional demands. and i think the response, rather than poking back the way rosenstein did -- it's a threat saying if you don't get it, we have these articles that we can use. rather than poking back he can say we've come to an agreement. trey gowdy has been involved in this. there's someone now from the justice department overseeing the streamlining of the process. let's take it down a notch. that's the better response than kicking it up a notch saying we
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won't be bullied. kennedy: but that's their doing. they seem like hysterical actors in a teleno vel la. >> 2018. >> right. kennedy: they're screaming at the -- thank god for that. we'll hear more from you a little later on. there may be problems with rod rosenstein but is threaten to impeach him the only way to go about solving the problems? >> absolutely not. you both make great points but i'm going to take it to my facebook echo chain of friends. when they hear something like that, whether it's a big story or a small news story, when someone on the facebook page goes articles of impeachment. okay. they were trying to screw trump this whole time. any little article like that that goes out or something we're discussing now -- kennedy: articleses of impeachment.
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>> it was thrown out there to catch a few eyes that weren't paying atheption like that we, which is a lot of trump supporters. getting that out there it's stof ijustto have it out there. kennedy: it's almost like both sides know that everyone has gotten so addicted to the soap opera that they have to keep it going with something bigger and flashier that grabs more made headlines and clicks. >> it deminishing the seriousness of the issue. and when it's worthy of krairchgincrankingit up, everyot because we're jaded because we've been hearing about impeachment from both sides. yes, you might catch attention but you jade people to that issue down the line when you might need them to actually pay attention. kennedy: it's like, you're going to impeach the president. we'll impeach your guy first. how do you like me now. no seriously, how do you like
12:15 am
me. >> it's just the republicans in congress are not focused on russian interference. they're not focused on syria. they're not focused on all of the things going on in the world. they're playing small ball because they think donald trump likes that and we're heading into a contentious midterm. that's what we're talking about -- kennedy: -- playing basketball with a jack ball. >> i actually think that he is trying to do a good job in a tough partisan environment that devin nunes is not setting a good example on the committee. >> neither is schiff. kennedy: the two of them, they're a couple of boobs in the same bra. think about that, america. >> i think this is not serious. this is a political theater move in 2018. buttiebut you're right. when people heard the word "impeachment" it sounds serious.
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>> it's one swat to the other side because it's a game. and my friends at home who don't watch us talk about this or discuss all of the news, they get their little piece that goes down what they want to believe, oh good, they're getting him back. kennedy: getting him back like a heart attack. party panel back later on. we are going to play party swap. we're 11 days away from the deadline for the president to decide whether or not to toss that iran nuke deal. all right. so will he stay or will he go now. i'll ask the one and only geraldo rivera. he's come in the studio ♪ let your inner light loose with one a day women's. ♪ a complete multivitamin specially formulated with key nutrients plus vitamin d for bone health support.
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worst deal ever negotiated, we're not talking about nafta but president trump has not given a definitive answer on whether he plans on sticking with the iran nuclear agreement. the deadline to decide may 12th. former secretary of state condoleezza rice says the president shouldn't worry about consequences if he decides to pull out of the deal. >> i certainly hope that in their meeting with president trump that macron and merkel talk about ways to improve the deal if we're going to stay in it. but if we get out of this deal, it's going to be just fine.
12:21 am
kennedy: rice says she agrees with many in the trump administration who say the deal never should have been signed in the first place. so with all indicators showing he's ready to bail, is there any chance the president will do a remodel instead? let me ask fox news disornt at large and author of the brand-new book "the geraldo show." it is geraldo rivera. let's discuss. there are a lot of flaws in this deal. and prime minister netanyahu says nix it or fix it. but in order to be fixed it has to be completely overhauled. what do you see happening? >> in fairness, prime minister netanyahu has been against the deal from the get go. he has a pathological hatred for iran. he perceives iran as israel's principle enemy. kennedy: i would say rightly so. >> i would suggest it lies in the other half of the muslim world. but i mean, that aside, there is
12:22 am
definitely reasons that netanyahu has and trump has for torpedoing this deal. now netanyahu, with his eyes set on that may 12th deadline that you referenced, had this extravaganza, this the theatricl presentation in which he revealed that iran lied to get the deal. that iran was pursuing nuclear weapons and pretended they were pursuing peaceful applications of nuclear po power. and what happened is they had the israeli secret service in a daring raid in january in a warehouse in tehran, they came up. 50,000 documents, iran's original documents about the nuclear program prior to the year 2000. kennedy: are they authentic? >> they probably are authentic.
12:23 am
that's my next sentence. there was nothing new in his rev revelation. this is a lot of the stuff that we saw in 2006. and there's nothing according to the international atomic energy commission that shows that iran was pursuing nuclear weapons after the year 2000. i think that netanyahu is working to arm donald trump, the president, so the president can announce to the world that he's going to pull out of the nuclear deal. kennedy: israel's reservations our reservations? >> i guess. the pathological hatred of iran is shared by netanyahu and donald trump. i believe that obama, president obama wanted a different approach to the middle east. that's why he tried to make this deal. but secretary of state rice seemed pretty sanguine about the deal goes it goes. kennedy: she also said it wouldn't be that big of a deal and he saw how it was so problematic and would not have encouraged the president to sign
12:24 am
on. >> the big problem with the deal is that it expires. that after ten years, now seven and a half years, goes by, iran can then restart its search for nuclear weapons. it's silly kind of deal. but what netanyahu is saying is it was flawed from the get-go and therefore the deal can be torpedoed, can be deep sixed right now. i disagree. particularly when you're reaching out to north korea and saying to north korea, abandon your nuclear program and we'll make friends. to have this mixed message with iran and its nuclear program -- kennedy: the success that the president is seeing with north korea started with mixed messages. so i think he's doing essentially the same thing. it's interesting. the president is an interesting person. you document a lot of his personality and the transformation he's made over the years as your good friend in your book "the geraldo show." you also talk about roger ailes. and you yourself have had an
12:25 am
interesting and polarizing career. what do the three of you have in common. >> you know, we come from the mad men era, the kind of 1950s when it was different, where locker room banter was a real thing and obnoxious thing were said, there was no such thing as jend equality, political correctness had no place. it was the sharp elbows in the ribs. i should be a lot madder at president trump because of his positions on policies that i disagree with. kennedy: but you understand him as a person. >> but i understand him as a person. my wife ir ka cannot stand him because she cannot stand his policies. i can separate the policies from the person i've known over 40 years. kennedy: of the three of you, donald trump, rogers ails, geraldo rivera, who is going to end up the biggest legend? >> i would suggest the 45th
12:26 am
president probably will. i have a big ego but i'm not silly about it. kennedy: all right. well it's a great read. incredible stories in there. and very, very candid particularly about your own career. thank you for coming by coming up, guy benson explains why we need more of the clintons. marie harp makes a pitch for donald trump to receive several nobel peace prizes. it's owl upside down bizarro version of party politics. it's party swap a at fidelity, our online u.s. equity trades are just $4.95. so no matter what you trade, or where you trade, you'll only pay $4.95. fidelity. open an account today. you'll only pay $4.95. proven to protect street skaters and freestylers. stops up to 97% uv. lasts through heat. through sweat.
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[♪] kennedy: we have new info on the mueller questions. "the washington post" reporting they may have come from the president's attorney jay sekulow. regardless of who leaked to the "new york times" a bunch of hokie questions mueller might have for the president about his thoughts and feeling and a bunch of stuff that's not illegal. what was your reaction to news reports on january 12, 017. that was one of the questions. the president could have said i thought they were dumb and they made me mad. lock him up. what was your opinion of mr. comey. >> i thought he was arrogant who liked to talk to mike a pink
12:31 am
condescending jackass. even lester holt gets a cameo. what did you mean in your interview with lester holt about mr. comey and russia, mr. president. who cares. he's no brian williams. as the president has discarded the constitution and rule of law as suggested by your questions, he needs a stern course correction. these would be objective violations in any other era. but wrongdoing is a dynamic and suggestive sport that is only bad when your opponent does something. mueller seems to be compromised in his choice of legal elves and his choice of james comey. and he has a legion of anti-trumpers to make sure he's unfirable.
12:32 am
this entire process is so politicized. it's not unreasonable knot not to see scene outcome. leftists see government as the ultimate tool of will-bending force to right the wrong decisions much dumb, simple people. that's the memo. [♪] are you sick of issues like the mueller investigation riding our great nation? our next guests will argue for the opposition. >> it's time to party swap. all right. look at them. here is how it's going to work. our liberal marie harf is going to argue for the conservative side.
12:33 am
our conservative and returning channelon guy benson is going to do the opposite. dolph ziggler will referee and judge. shall we kick it off? the returning champion. the party swap guy. >> topic one. guy, how honest and beautiful is bob mueller's hair and more importantly, soul. guy rsh first of all i would like to say it's a great displeasure to be here. i want you to know to make a point here. i'm a serious person who demands to be seriously for my ideas. i know you are latching at laura ingraham with glasses and you can put a cork in it sean vanity or whatever it's called.
12:34 am
but about bob mueller, i think the way we can describe that man is he is the captain you will live our democracy. and without him we would end in a very, very terrible and bad way. and by the way, speaking of mueller you reminded me i have to give a thousand dollars to andrew mccabe and his legal fund. he's a hero and martyr. i will downloaded the latest episode of pod save obama. kennedy: i want to go back to the buffet. what does marie have to serve up? >> i don't have a hat or pitchfork like you liberals bring to these. your hats and pitchforks. do you think middle america likes that? >> what was your question. >> bob mueller is clearly on a witch hunt. should he be the one burned at the stake?
12:35 am
>> absolutely. kennedy: bob mueller, andrew mccabe, rod rosenstein, jeff sessions for recuesing himself like a schoolyard child who can't stand up for his friends when they get bullied. why is bob mueller not look at hillary clinton. uranium one. we haven't talked about that in a week. have why we not talked about that. the only collusion i see is hillary clinton with the russians and bob mueller should look into that or he should get fired at the very least or go to jail. at gitmo. >> guy? >> can you hear that under your hat? >> i can hear facts under this hat. >> guy, did michelle wolf save the world or just the --
12:36 am
>> i know who this wonderful person michelle wolf is, i have been a big fan for days of her. but i have pro problems with her. number one she was not nearly mean enough or personal enough about sarah huckabee sanders. she could have -- she didn't. she also wasn't allowed to speak for nearly long enough. i could have listened to her beautiful voice all night long personally. in response to you and what you just said, i have this very well thought out argument. hey hey, h -- ho, ho. >> how disgusting what you that
12:37 am
worse -- was that correspondents dinner? michelle wolf, lock her up, send her to gitmo? >> i was there saturday night and i was horrified and i wish i walked out like some of those other conservatives. i wish i had had the guts to do that and tweet against the elitist liberal media. >> from your limousine? >> possibly from my limousine. but i wish liberals could understand how hateful that was and the first amendment is not about saying whatever you want to be mean all the time. >> who's the snowflake now? >> if you want to live in america where we routinely bully and are cruel to women in positions of power like sarah huckabee sanders. you only care about women when they are liberals. and you are willing to wear a
12:38 am
pink hat. >> donald trump bullies women, you don't care about that, snowflake. >> speaking of the nobel prize. you i have been speak of it a lot. >> the south korean president thinks trump deserves the nobel prize for his attempt to denuclearize the korean peninsula. how many should he get? >> maybe every year. maybe we should think bigger than the nobel. maybe mount rushmore. >> maybe a casino. >> trump ties, trump steaks. and you could serve them in north korea. i think if donald trump single handedly prevents north korea from getting a nuclear weapon, we need to think big here.
12:39 am
he could also be president of north korea. >> probably on his first try. he's worse than the president of north korea. >> he would go campaign in all the provinces. he would go to the michigan of north korea. kennedy: kim jong-un probably didn't go up the pennsylvania. >> all those labor camp unionists. >> we have one last one for guy. please. bill clinton has a book to promote and hillary never gets tired of telling people what happened. >> hillary clinton is still our president, our rightful president and we should all call her that. >> reinstate the popular vote. >> yes. lock them up. solidarity. this is a sign of seriousness.
12:40 am
>> it's a sign of not wanting america to be great again. >> pink is better than red. kennedy: maybe marie can have the hat. maybe she'll think straight. >> don't touch me with that hat. kennedy: guy, marie, who won? >> marie, great job. i never in all the months of watching heard you sound -- guy wins the popular vote, but it doesn't count. kennedy: don't miss guy's brand-new radio show benson and harf. it's on fox news radio it's already incredible. back to back, right where they belong. well done, everyone. you can argue all you want about the benefits of marijuana. but legal pot sales are bringing
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kennedy: living on a prayer. legal marijuana is bringing in big money in tax revenue. $1.6 billion it's saving state
12:45 am
budgets from coast to coast. and it's going to all the right places. in one school district in oregon they received $2 million in marijuana tax money. that's enough to pay the salaries and benefits of 27 teachers. joining me now, john stossel. welcome back to the show. a very lucrative industry which is become more attractive for former drug warriors and republican governors who would like to see that kind of money pouring into their state coffers. >> we are libertarians. are we supposed to be happy more money is going into government coffers? i have mixed feeling about that. it's certainly better to legalize. but they will waste that money, too. kennedy: in some of these states like california, california alone could see $2.1 billion by
12:46 am
2020. they have the ability to overtax it so much they could send it back into the black market. what does that do? >> that would be creepy and you have lose-lose. california's tax is 40%. oregon is 25%. but the advantage of not being afraid guys with guns are legally going to be able to lock you up and wreck your life i would think would keep the legal market winning for most of people most of places. kennedy: that's enough of an incentive for people to pay more as long as they know they won't be arrested, and can go to a dispensary. john: illegal growers can't make that much on their slightly cheaper weed. kennedy: is the novelty going to
12:47 am
wear off? john: that people will stop smoking weed? no. fewer might because once it's legal in holland, fewer young people smoke in holland where it has been legal. when you talk about $2 billion. california's budget is $200 billion. so this is still fringe. kennedy: they have a lot of work to do there, those statists. john stossel. thank you so much. always good to see you. guess what's next? "topical storm," the best part "topical storm," the best part of your night and the best part man: i got scar tissue there. same thing with any dent or dings on this truck. they all got a story about what happened to 'em. man 2: it was raining, there was only one way out.
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kennedy: the ceo of what' whatsp says he's planning to leave facebook. we begin in new york city where spring has returned and so has pizza rat. in 2015 a rat became famous for dragging a piece of pizza through the subways.
12:52 am
pizza rat plays a trump supporter. if you are wondering how a barely eat be piece of pizza ended up on the ground. if they kept the camera rolling, he would probably drag it back. topic number two. pepperdine university held their graduation and the student found out fast that there are no safe spaces in the real world. look at this. oh, my goodness. is that nancy pelosi? at first the crowd didn't know how to react because they assumed they were therapy pelicans. but it turns out they were good ole fashioned party crashers.
12:53 am
but he's being accused of bird shaming by the social justice brigade. one liberal arts graduate said it was like nothing he had ever seen before. like a job offer. topic number three. a customer at a wisconsin burger king claims they forgot to give her a soda so she tried to punch. when the customer realized she didn't have it her way, she tried to have her way with the manager. we had to silence the audio because of the vulgar lake wage. we are a news show, not the correspondents dinner. perhaps the most of shocking part of the fight is her pants fell down. usually anybody who likes burger king this well usually doesn't
12:54 am
wear a belt. this could have been any of us. the restaurant decided not to fire the manager because she has been there for years and she is a big hit with customers. topic number four. perhaps no customers have a bigger right to be upset than the folks hang out at universal studios in o osaka, japan. they were trapped upside down for two hours after the engines on the flying dino went extinct. the people next in line waited for an hour and a half. and now we don't get to ride it. luckily everyone made it off safely. but afterward they went to the food court only to have their
12:55 am
lunch stolen. so delicious. we need you shu rats. notice how the rat didn't even worry if the train comes and runs him over. he must be a knicks fan. please do it, end it. topic number 5. shania twaib signed on -- shania twain signed on to host a. now there is the back peddle. good grief. the show title is real country. and she'll be co-hosting with singer songwriter jake owen. i haven't heard of him either. oh, well. but i'm sure he's great if he's hosting a show with a today made yab singer. the show is accepting
12:56 am
performance applications. the winner gets money and a ticket to the japanese theme park. i would rather be stuck upside down on a rollercoaster than down on a rollercoaster than rinsing to shania.
12:57 am
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