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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 4, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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fox business. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, most americans, it seems, are sleepwalking as this nation is threatened by the deep state takeover of the justice department and the fbi. political leadership has overwhelmed both the department and the agency as they conspire to delegitimize and overthrow the president of the united states. and the leaders of both congress and senate have been complicit as they have stood by silently in the face of obvious and unrelenting efforts to subvert the trump presidency. the once-storied fbi is now in crisis. its leadership has proved to be as inept as it is corrupt, unable to mount a defense
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against russian information warfare, incapable of halting mass shootings and terrorism. and failing to win criminal convictions under the leadership of fired fbi director james comey. but their overreach and their abuse of power is on full display. federal authorities surveilled the president's personal attorney, michael cohen, in the weeks before the fbi's outrageous raid on cohen's home, office and hotel room. the justice department is compromised, and it is politically corrupt. but the fbi has become a state police force that most americans can barely recognize. the fbi is in deep crisis. former fbi director james kallstrom and political strategists ed rollins among those who join me here tonight to assess the damage to the fbi and to judge whether it can be salvaged from ruinous and corrupt leaders. also joining us tonight, dr. sebastian gorka on the
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president's demand for world trade that is fair, that is balanced and reciprocal. his emissaries are in beijing tonight to create a new trade relationship with the chinese. and chris farrell on the mueller witch hunt and the weak-kneed leadership of the gop on capitol hill and the awesome power of the koch brothers, the chamber of commerce, the business round table and, and the president who means to bring them all to heel in the interest of the nation, the american worker and family, our middle class. the top story tonight, the fbi in crisis, its leadership and that of the justice department politically corrupt. the fbi failing in both its federal law enforcement role and the fbi's national security division has all but failed completely in its responsibilities. the fbi leadership is corrupt, its upper echelon corrupted by deep state obama elites who have
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become deep state operatives arrayed against our constitution, our very government. the special counsel has only added to the fbi's failures. the department of justice inexplicably and without foundation refused to yield to either the constitution or congress in its oversight role. stonewalling congress, refusing to reveal the scope of the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein sent to mueller in august. the former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe faces potential criminal charges now. he's accused of lying a number of times under oath. fbi corruption a massive concern, and so is the declining number of fbi convictions. those criminal convictions have fallen sharply, declining 11% over the past five years according to justice department data obtained by syracuse university. meanwhile, public confidence in the agency is withering.
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a recent pbs poll shows public support has gone down from 71 to 61% in just two months. why is trust eroding? we're learning today the department of justice and perhaps the fbi as well may have deleted text messages between bureau officials peter strzok and lisa page, that according to republican sources who have spoken with members of the inspector general's team. this latest batch of text messages between the two officials who once served on the russia investigation have come under scrutiny for exchanging anti-trump and other politically-charged texts and all turned over to congress last week. also today according to the documents exclusively reviewed by fox news, the columbia law professor that fbi director comey then used to help leak at least one memo to the media worked as an fbi special government employee for at least a year and a half. and during that same period, he was appearing in the national media to defend comey's handling
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of the clinton e-mail case. trump attorney rudy giuliani took aim at comey today delivering this blunt assessment: >> i think he's a liar. i think -- let's say he lied, mccabe would tell you he lied, his number two guy. >> mccabe lied? four times, three times under oath. >> right. and he lied three or four times. i mean, and also refused to clear, to say that the president wasn't a target when, in fact, he had done that for hillary clinton. completely botched the clinton investigation. there's nobody that doesn't think his handling of that was disgraceful. now, how he can be put up as a model of credibility, i mean, they're dreaming. lou: no one is more displayed by what has happened to the fbi than my first guest tonight. james kallstrom served 30 years with the bureau, former assistant director of the fbi, and he says it's been ravaged by a lack of leadership, lack of
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discipline, corruption under the obama justice department. joining me now, jim kallstrom. good to have you with us. >> good to be here, lou. lou: let's start with, first, this outrageous act. we learn there's surveillance of the president's attorney in the weeks lead aring up to that extraordinary -- leading up to that extraordinary raid against his home, his office and hotel room or office. your thoughts. >> well, you know, it's incredible, i look back at some history here and back in the '80s and '90s, the savings and loan crisis -- lou: right. >> right? be over a thousand s&ls went under, a thousand plus. a lot of it was criminal there. not one law firm in the united states was issue a search warrant in that incredible -- and here this four-person law firm is the subject of this search warrant. now, you know, it could be, i don't know the facts, lou, but
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it takes a criminal predicate to get a title iii, under title iii to get a wiretap, number one. the media's reporting there was a wiretap. i find that's probably unlikely. i don't see where you get the probable cause for that. but to execute a search warrant, they've got to articulate a predicate. you know, this crime has taken place, and we've done everything, and now we need to search and get these records. or if it's national security, there's a national security involvement. one of those two things. and i think time will tell whether or not any of those things really play out correctly. lou: we now are hearing a correction from the original report which was at nbc news that it was not surveillance in the form of a wiretap -- >> it was a pen register -- >> a pin number registry. but even that is outside the bounds, it would seem, of the
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president's personal attorney. >> you know, lou, are there -- as you know, you know better than i, probably, i come from a different perspective. from the very beginning of donald trump running for president and then when it got clear that he was going to be the nominee, this conspiracy -- i've called it a fifth column, a bunch of things -- but there's no question that they were down for trump. they don't want an outsider, they don't want -- the hogs don't want their snouts pulled out of the food hub, the business round table, the chamber of commerce, they want happy cheap labor. they don't want to close the border. and meanwhile, the american middle class and lower class are suffering under these inane policies of the obama administration. and here's or donald trump that comes along and he's, i tell ya, a year and a quarter or whatever he's been in, he's done more than the last three presidents combined. lou: i say quite often there's been no president since fdr who's done as much and in as
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short an order. the broad number of challenges, all of these establishment and these elite orthodoxies that you're referring to have got to be beside themselves because he, he's doing something that no one's done before in the presidency in our lifetimes, and that is to walk into the oval office and actually fix problems, actually doha he's saying. >> and you know what? he's going to prevail. you know, i've known him for a long time. he has a few off-color remarks or this or that, what's that got to do, the american people out there, with the fact that he's running the country the way it needs to be run? and if i could, lou, i know you don't need this, but a copy of the declaration of independence. lou: thank you. >> and the constitution. and if i might just take a quick moment to put my glasses on. lou: absolutely. >> article ii, section one, the executive power shall be vested in a president of the united states of america. lou: period. >> exclamation point, period.
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lou: yeah. >> and here we've got these frivolous, idiotic questions that they want to ask our president. i mean, nonsensical, what do you think on this day, what did you think last thursday? i mean, mueller is just out of control. and the american people and the weak-kneed leadership of our congress, i hate to say that but they are, they are the most ineffective, weak-kneed, you know, they're just so infected with that swamp that they won't back out. we've got 30 or so courageous young people in the congress -- lou: right. >> -- that really want to do the right thing. lou: and most of them are in the freedom caucus. >> yeah. lou: it's, to me, extraordinary that paul ryan and mitch mcconnell don't have the courage or the integrity to stand up with this president and say, robert mueller -- >> enough. lou: -- he is running an extra-legal operation and has, in fact, formed a super-authority over our constitutional republic that is
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not envisioned by our founders and certainly not by the constitution of the united states. >> and it's not funny, as you know, lou. it's sad. it's very, very sad, what's going on with these people. it's just outrageous. it really is. it's incredible. and comey is just -- i mean, the guy's, he's lost his mind. he's just -- he's become a pathological liar. he provided no leadership to the fbi, no discipline to the fbi. and that filters down. the fbi is still a great organization, i'll guarantee it, you know? you get rid of those -- i don't know what the number is, 10, 20, you get rid of those sycophants at the top and provide some leadership and some discipline, and the fbi will come right back because that's what they crave, but that's not what's happening. and they're embarrassed by things like paul manafort. that raid into his home was outrageous. the fbi should never be involved. if i was the head of the fbi office, i would have refused to gone that raid and to do that at
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4:00 in the morning. if the reports are right. lou: yes, they are. >> about his wife in bed in her nightgown and the children -- they should be sued to the end of the law, those people involved in that thing. it's outrageous. and this thing with the lawyer isn't, it's not as obscene. i don't think they had machine guns or anything, but it's still way out of the paradigm of what normally happens. i told you about the s&ls. lou: in going back to that crisis, the s&l crisis in the mid '80s was the largest financial crisis in the country's history. the industry itself fell apart. >> right. lou: and there were, as you point out -- and i hadn't considered it -- but there were no raids on law firm the. >> no -- law firms. lou: and one could have made a much better -- >> they wouldn't have gotten big law firms. let's take on a little law firm with this president that's trying to do the right thing.
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lou: the fbi itself, you think it's retrievable? >> leadership's the key. i think so. they've promoted, mueller and comey have promoted the wrong people, people without experience -- lou: and people without character. >> we need investigators to run the fbi. we don't need another attorney. i don't know chris wray, maybe he's a good guy. but we don't need another member of the gentry -- lou: chris wray hasn't improved a single thing, proved a single thing. he has been stonewalling congress in his oversight role, jim. he is no better than mueller or comey or any of -- >> well, the deputy attorney general, i mean, what is he doing? lou: rod rosenstein. >> he signed one of the continuations of the fisa law, the fisa intercept. can you imagine, you know, full of all fictitious information, and he signs it. lou: right, fraudulent. >> and he's prancing around like the cock on the walk, you know,
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the arrogance, challenging the congress. lou: he won't be extorted. >> i mean, who is this guy? i mean, what is this? lou: well, he's part of the deep state, and he thinks he's just cute as hell. >> and where is jeff sessions? a real good guy, i met him in my younger days. he must be locked up in the men's room -- lou: i think it's one of the saddest stories i've ever seen in american politics. >> how can he let this guy doha he's doing? lou: well, there's an old saying if you want to find out who someone is, give them power. >> oh, without question. lou: we have found out who jeff sessions is. jim kallstrom, it is always great to have you with us, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. lou: all the best. up next, robert mueller goes rogue trying to subvert the presidency of donald trump. we take up this corrupt deep state and the political fallout. ed rollins joins us here next. ♪ we use our phones and computers
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xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. click, call, or visit an xfinity store today. lou: this trump economy just keeps roaring, the number of americans receiving unemployment benefits has fallen to the lowest level since 1973. the lowest level since 1973. thanks to the policies of president trump.
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we've also seen, are you ready for this? black and hispanic unemployment rates plunge to the lowest levels in history. let me repeat that. the lowest levels in history for african-americans and hispanic. and and all of that has led to a dramatic surge in the president's approval numbers. a reuters poll finds the president's approval rating among african-americans, in fact, doubling from 11 to 22 percent in one week, and i am sure he has said thank you, kanye west. the feeling is, i'm sure, mutual. it's extraordinary. and we're talking about 16 months in office. the man said he would fix problems, he's doing exactly that. joining us tonight, ed roll lins, former reagan political director. he served in three presidential administrations, and he is fox business political analyst -- >> thank you. lou: and a great friend. good to see you. i have to say listening to jim
4:20 am
kallstrom -- >> great american, he really is a fabulous guy. lou: he is, without question. and to see the pain as he talks about his agency, he was there for almost three decades -- assistant director -- >> in the new york office a long time. >> he's just an amazing man. and i wonder where are the other agents like jim. >> i think there's plenty of them. they're not in the hierarchy, that's the problem. the hierarchy -- lou: well, they're corrupt. i'm saying where are the agents who care so much about it that -- >> right. lou: is there such a fear within that agency that they haven't got the guts to stand up against corrupt, obviously corrupt leadership? >> well, eight years of erik holder and his suck -- eric holder and his successor -- lou: they're indoctrinated. >> you step up and basically do what's right, you get slap around a little bit. but i think this whole thing is just so absurd, and, you know, we started talking about it last night. maybe you need to investigate
4:21 am
the campaigns. certainly, the hillary side, and it could have been done in the justice department. and if sessions didn't want to do it, the deputy -- lou: but that's rod rosenstein. it always goes in a circle here. >> but it should not have gone outside the agency. it should not have basically, and now it's become a very public forum, not independent counsel, it's a special counsel which means they report to the justice department. and this thing is run amok. it's just, it's out there -- lou: and you have a corrupt republican leadership, you have a corrupt k street, you have a chamber of commerce, a business round table who don't give a damn about the american working man and woman, the american family, the middle class. they have sat there on their hands on the course of two decades. if it weren't for the election of president trump, wages would still be declining, jobs would still be fleeing instead of returning. >> and you wouldn't see those things you just talked about. lou: and you've got the left-wing national media so
4:22 am
hide-bound in their complicity to the leavitt and to the deep -- left and to the deep state that they will not act with integrity themselves. >> no, we see that every day. i said earlier if there was a crime committed by stormy daniels and her lawyer basically blackmailing the trump people -- lou: why isn't there ever any discussion of her trying to effectively extort money? >> request embarrass his family, embarrass his company. it had nothing to do with the election. cohen didn't work on the campaign, there was no campaign money that was in there. so the whole b.s. of being out there saying this was a campaign eshoo is just absurd. and my sense is, you know, people that try and extort money should pay a price. it's not -- you don't have to pay a price, it's not a crime to pay off a ransom, but it's certainly a crime to demand a ransom. lou: it is also a private matter, it seems to me. >> absolutely. lou: and to see -- i will not call him a name. he has a name, he's the special counsel. to see him descend to that
4:23 am
level -- >> right. lou: -- of ignorance and sensationalism and just pure ignorance -- >> and in his own words. his own words is i basically leaked this to set up a special counsel. he knew what he was doing -- lou: comey. >> yeah, he had a strategy. lou: he has become a caricature. >> right. lou: he is just -- i don't know. i find words fail me to even imagine that such a man ever led the fbi. or robert mueller, for crying out loud. >> right, right. lou: these people are contemptible. >> i'm not sure who they have there right now is any better. lou: well, he is not referring to christopher wray, he hasn't shown himself to be anything other than a part of their cloth. >> no. lou: now there's a suspicion that the fbi and the justice department were doctoring those texts. that would be evidence, and it would be quite in keeping with what has become the clear character of the fbi and the
4:24 am
justice -- >> they did not, they don't believe a law abides to them, they're above the law. and anytime you get anybody in government that thinks they're above the law, that's why you have oversight by the house and senate committees. that's why when they demand things -- lou: i hate to be the one to keep saying this. there has been no oversight from any committee other than the house intelligence committee. >> i agree totally. lou: i mean, you are talking about the most weak-kneed, just pathetic leadership when you talk about paul ryan and mitch mcconnell -- >> right. lou: they don't rise to the level of a snake's belly. >> well, they're going to pay a price. their members are going to pay a price, and unfortunately, the country's paying a price by letting this go on and these accusations that are being thrown out there every day without my -- there's still no evidence of any crime that's been committed. lou: they won't -- mark meadows, the chair of the freedom foundation, the freedom caucus -- has been demanding the scope memo. >> right.
4:25 am
lou: to show the leadership of the house what is their scope. and that precious little fraud rod rosenstein says that would be extortion when the congress of the united states carries out its constitutional responsibility. i mean, this is ignorance on a level that's unbelievable. >> well, when you watch comey, when bret baier questioned him the other night, he didn't know what's in the fisa -- lou: oh, he knows. >> well, he did. lou: thank you, appreciate it. ed rollins, as always, good to see you. >> thank you. lou: up next, well, first, let's do this. vote in tonight's poll s. corruption at the highest levels of the fbi so pervasive, in your opinion, that a purge of the entire leadership is required to begin to repair the bureau's battered reputation? if not altogether lost reputation? cast your vote on twitter, follow me on twitter @lou dobbs, follow me on instagram at lou
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dobbs tonight. up next, leftist billionaire george soros helping illegal immigrants avoid capture. we take it up next.
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lou: george soros funded an app to help illegal immigrants evade immigration authorities. your taxpayer dollars at work. joining us, chris farrell, judicial watch, you brought the story to light. george soros getting involved, federal money being involved. >> it's a crime. aiding and abetting the unlawful entry of persons into the united states. this app is pretty outrageous.
4:31 am
not only does it allow the illegal alien to have all the magic language to plead their case and provides notice to their friends and family. it's a full service. lou: why isn't somebody being prosecuted? >> why is it funded by your taxpayer money. lou: the justice department is acting like the obama justice department. illegal immigration almost tripled on the southern border o.>> whether it's silk road or y other consider purveyors of internet stuff, when they want to go after them, they do. here is a prime example of
4:32 am
somebody abusing the system and using taxpayer dollars and they choose not to. why? lou: to find that the fbi's conviction rate has dropped by 11% in five years. why should the president have fired comey. the comey mueller legacy, i think it should be moved over to the u.s. marshal service. lou: i think the on solution would in fact be a real solution and get rid of these folks. but even now, we know who the criminals are. most of of them have been demoted. they have been fired. they have been reassigned. they should be in jail.
4:33 am
>> mueller has yet to articulate the criminal predicate for his investigation. i can tell you what crime has been committed with respect to some of the actions and activities at the fbi. deprivation of rights under color of law. that's an abuse of power statute. when you look at the activities of strzok and page and mccabe and a whole litany of names they abused their offices. lou: the american people rightly have a short -- a small amount of patience with a government that doesn't respond and react. you know everyone watching this broadcast tonight who is in the middle class working, has a family, if they pulled half of the nonsense that any one of these people, they would be prosecuted with zeal. and this is hollowing out this
4:34 am
country. we can tell in the pits of our stomach that we as a nation, our founding values. we had our throats cut. we have got to do something about it. >> the double standard of the disparity of treatment not just at the political level with this outrageous assault on the president and his associates. but the selective prosecution of people with respect to things like security clearance and the mishandling of classified information. they see it and know it. lou: let's talk about solutions. why not have the president's legal team -- you have got rudy giuliani, you couldn't have a better public advocate. but there is something wrong when you are not attacking a special counsel and the corrupt group of advocates he assembled
4:35 am
and call it a special counsel team. why not go after them? >> criminal complaints can be filed seeking remedies because of the abuse of authority and conduct, the abuse of office. raiding cohen's office, just today we heard about the pin rick sister being run on his phone with his communications with the white house. all of this is an abuse of office. lou: paul manafort's wife being frisked at gunpoint. >> a pre-dawn raid. that's the stuff that narco terrorists are involved in. there are any number of remedies whether it's administrative. the president could and should fire he single political appointee who is an baltimore holdover. that's number one. clean house that way.
4:36 am
there are other remedies. lou: chris farrell, judicial watch. thanks. thanks. james comey ♪ thanks. james comey racing isn't the only thing on my mind. and with godaddy, i'm making my ideas real. when i created my businesses, i needed a way to showcase it. ♪ with godaddy you can get a website to sell online. and it will look good. i made my own way. now it's time to make yours. get started at ♪ everything is working, working just like it should ♪
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lou: here comes comey again. the disgraced fbi director targeting the association saying he sells fear to gun owners.
4:40 am
his rhetorical attack coming the day before the president is set to speak at the nra convention. we'll talk to former strategist to president trump, sebastian gorka. what do you think this fired fbi director who looks like one the most of corrupt and inept people simultaneously that we ever had in the justice department in any capacity. >> i can simply share with you the texts i'm getting from fbi agents today who are just shattered that one man along with some cronies have managed to destroy one of the most of prestigious institutions not only in america, but in the world. not too long ago g-man was a term of endearment.
4:41 am
this man's ego. he's a craven coward. he's a liar. he allowed his personal politic and narcissism to get in the way of doing his job as one of the most of senior figures in the united states government. he's making matters worse he day, lou. lou: i'm not going to let the fbi agents off in the field. i don't know of one who has had the guts to say this is wrong. instead they have their guns drawn as they go into paul manafort's house in a free-dawn raid and frisk a man's wife. this fbi surveilling the president's attorney. this is not kowrk. these are not -- this is not courage. these are not g-member. -men. this is a force that has come up
4:42 am
in place of the fbi. i find their conduct from top to bottom reprehensible. >> i have to admit and i haven't said this before. i am truly saddened. before i came into the white house, my day job was i had a company training fbi agents. i worked with literally thousands of them over the course of 5-6 years. you will find people who will obey the orders in any country. they are the people used in these raids. why have we not seen one, just one whistleblower from within the fbi, thousands of agents. lou: they are not standing up against corruption. they are not standing up against a corrupt and inept leadership that has driven the fbi into the ground.
4:43 am
it's to me astounding. they have thrown away heritage. a storied history. and don't seem to give much of a damn. apparently they are more interested in a evening than they are in their own personal integrity. >> if you have gone to quantico as i have done dozens of times, you will see the letters fbi are turned into a motto. they stand for fidelity, integrity and bravery. i have issues with the second one. integrity. where is the integrity. lou: the list of failures in law enforcement. the list of failures in counter intelligence. at the center of this witch hunt against the president of the united states are two men that is james comey and robert mueller who have led the fbi
4:44 am
into declining convictions. there are failures on law enforcement and national security. they are the ones who couldn't even find and detect and respond to russian information warfare against the united states. instead they turn it into the farce yo it has become trying to subvert a duly elected president of the united states. we have a gutless bunch of establishment minions in mitch mcconnell and paul ryan who won't stand with this president. it's appalling what we are witnessing in washington, d.c. >> i hate it when you beat about the bush, lou. let's apportion blame a little bit more broadly. we must not leave out also the john brennan and clapper.
4:45 am
it was clapper who told comey -- lou: right now we have an fbi that's deeply in crisis. where is the fbi? where is the nbi? they all failed to create a response to russian election warfare in the heart of our election which they said they were so concerned about when it came to donald trump that they couldn't even detect. these are incompetent and corrupt individuals as you say. dr. sebastian gorka, glad to have you with us. the president's push for balanced, fair and reciprocal trade. that's the orders of the emissaries negotiating with the chinese. we'll have much more when we continue. stay with us.
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lou: country is celebrating the national day of prayer, the president signing an executive order in which to protect religious freedom in this country. >> as president i will always protect religious liberty. prayer has always been at the center of american life.
4:50 am
america is a nation of believers. lou: evangelicals in particular paying great attention to this day, praying for our national leaders. there are 0 million evangelicals in this country and nearly a quarter of all adults are evangelicals. steve mnuchin and wilbur ross are in china for talks on achieving balance and reciprocal trade with the united states. president trump said he tasked that delegation with lower tariffs on exports to china. and wall treat stocks were mixed. the dow wiping out what had been a 400-point loss.
4:51 am
the s & p down 6. volume 3.8 billion shares. record high u.s. exports sending the trade deficit down 15%. a reminder. listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. support for president trump surging among african-american men as his america first policies pay dividend and kanye west gives voice to his political views.
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lou: our quote of the evening is for the fbi. theodore roosevelt said obedience of the law is demand. it's not asked as a favor. joining us tonight, lawrence jones and gina loudon. good to have you both here. this gets worse and worse by the day, gina. the president is ably represented with giuliani take his case to the public. but is it not time to just shut this thing down? >> it's far pastime to shut this thing down. you know who's being taken
4:56 am
advantage of here? it's the american people, lou. they have no right to be spending taxpayer money on what has become a circus side show where they are not even investigating anything they have evidence of a crime for. and even if they did have evidence, it's still not a crime. this has become an and raiftion our constitutional rights and we the people are in power, not comey or rosenstein. the people elected this president and we deserve to have a voice in this. lou: the idea this president has to put up with this is confounding. rod rosenstein won't release the stroke * memo to tell -- the strzok memo to tell us what the parameters are. this is stone wall and refusing to acknowledge the
4:57 am
constitutional powers of the congress and its responsibility of the oversight. sat what point does the president have to say, you are done, this is over. >> i think the american people are getting frustrated. this started out as a collusion investigation. now we see them trying to squeeze everyone near the president. lou: welcome to the trials and tribulations of stormy daniels. as if anybody gives a doggone. >> i don't know why we need a special counsel. this is all because of jeff sessions. this started because he decided to recuse himself. he should have told the president of the united states if he didn't want to do his job. now he has become part of the whole swampy justice department. lou: we can't tell you for sure about whom, but it seems to have empowered rod rosenstein.
4:58 am
and rod rosenstein talking about extortion with the congress when mark meadows and jim jordan and others in the congress saying we want to see the scope memo. >> the people are the boss of rosenstein. rosenstein is not the boss of anyone. he works for we the people. he has no authority here over that that the people have given him. he answers to them. there is nobody that can pressure him or extort him to do anything other than the people. that's who he's talking about when he's saying this. lot * i think the question is powerfully relevant. this is a mid-term election that has gone to the party out of power. but when we are watching the
4:59 am
republican leadership in ryan and mcconnell basically sell out to the establishment in full view, people are not going to want to elect republicans to support the president's legislation or priorities. they are sick of all of them. so what is likely to happen? >> there is an interesting narrative happening. they may try to impeach this president. i think that will only send more republicans to go vote. lou: gina? >> he doubled popularity with black voters just the past couple weeks. he made amazing progress, accomplished so many of his goals. we'll continue to see support for the president as unparalleled. i believe it's around 60% right now. lou: that's it for us tonight. thank you for being with us.
5:00 am
andrew mccarthy and pastor robert jeffress with us tomorrow. good night from new >> right now we are seeing allow in orders for u.s. soybean a at time when we would normally see preorders for fall delivery. >> breaking news this morning, trade tough talk toughens while u.s. demanding u.s. cut surplus $200 billion by 2020. live report from beijing. cheryl: wild day of trading yesterday. dow plunging 400 point before closing up 5 points. we will take a look of what's behind yesterday's volatility. i love that kind of


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