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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 8, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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significant in any way, but it is a stock to watch tomorrow for sure. no doubt about it. melissa: yeah, after they had some really blockbuster numbers when you're looking at parks, when you're looking at films. david: another company beating expectations by a margin. that's it for us. the evening edit starts right now. >> i am announcing today that the united states will withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal. in a few moments, i will sign a presidential memorandum to begin reinstating u.s. nuclear sanctions on the iranian regime. america will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail. we will not allow american cities to be threatened with destruction, and we will not allow a regime that chants death to america to gain access to the most deadly weapons on earth. liz: washington and the world on edge.
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president trump pulls out of the iran nuclear deal. we're going to show you the real impact on the market, oil, and your money. and you won't believe what president obama is saying about it. that's all tonight. then primary races now on in four states that trump won in 2016. will they be a preview? will they set the stage to what's to come in the midterms? we've got the details on that. and eric schneiderman an anti-trumper. he's resigning after four women say he punched, slapped, and said racial slurs. but will his replacement be good or bad for president trump? we've got the details on that. politics, money, we've got you covered. i'm elizabeth macdonald, the evening minute starts right now. ♪ ♪ . liz: let's take a look at your money. stocks closing with little change. oil closing down more than 2%
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after president trump followed the u.s. out of iran's deal. that he called insane and the worst deal ever. sanctions on iran will be reinstated in 90 days. a move that democrats have warned that will drive oil prices through the roof. joining me now is the latest blake burman live at the white house. blake. >> hi, there, liz, said that he was very concerned with the military buildup and very concerned with their ability to cause havoc through that region. but the biggest concern was the possibility of iran getting a nuclear weapon. and with that, the president pulled the united states out of the jpoa otherwise known as the iran nuclear deal. saying that iran will not hold the u.s. blackmail to hold a nuclear weapon. >> if i allow this to stand, there will soon be a nuclear arms race in the middle east. everyone would want their weapons ready by the time iran had theirs.
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>> the president's decision means that sanctions will be reimposed on iran as well. and they come in two different phases. over 90 days and over 180 days. on august 6th, rather, 90 days from now. so sanctions will include the purchasing or acquiring of the u.s. dollar. purchasing or facilitating iranian debt, and also sanctions on iran's automotive sector. and then fast-forward 90 days after that to november 4th, the sanctions include port open rarities and the shipping industry, transactions with the central bank of iran and sanctions on the energy sector. president trump described all of that as harsh. ly. >> we will be instituting the highest level of economic sanction. any nation that helps iran in his quest for nuclear weapons could also be strongly sanctioned by the united states. . liz: so president trump has now withdrawn the united states from the transpacific partnership trade deal. the paris climate accord, and
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now the iran nuclear deal as well. former president obama reacting this way with a very lengthy statement afterwards saying quote there will always be changes in policies and priorities from one administration to the next. but the consistent of agreements risks america's credibility and puts us at odds with the world's major powers. it is pretty unusual, liz, for a former president to weigh in with a lengthy statement like this, especially in the immediate aftermath of a decision with president obama making his feelings known today. liz. liz: thank you, blake. great to see you. president trump blasting all the negativities in the iran nuclear deal. let's listen. >> the deal allowed iran to continue enriching uranium and over time reach the brink of a nuclear breakout. the deal lifted crippling economic sanctions on iran in
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exchange for very weak limits on the regime's nuclear activity. and no limits at all on its other malign behavior, including its sinister activities in syria, yemen, and other places all around the world. liz: with me now, with his take is former florida congressman retired lieutenant colonel allen west. colonel, is iran now in a fast track for a nuclear bomb out of the deal? saudi arabia and egypt to become nuclear powers. we know the deal never stopped iran from making ballistic missiles, but that's the opposition to president trump's move. that's what they're saying. >> well, it's good to be with you, liz, and congratulations on your new show. first of all, i think one of the critical things we have to understand is that the iran nuclear agreement was a unilateral executive agreement with barack obama. it's not a treaty. it was not taken through regular order of the senate. and i think that the main concern that we have to look at is that it only delayed the actual breakout of iranians -- the iranian nuclear capability
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and capacity for 15 years. that was one of the things that it laid out. and so everyone in the region is watching iran violate that nuclear agreement, they're firing ballistic missiles with the rebels they have there in saudi arabia, they're extending their military into syria and since it was signed, they've seen a 40% increase in their military defense budget thanks to the $140 million that obama sent them. liz: that's what the revolutionary guard gear up militarily. you're right. 15 years from now, they're preparing for that event 15 years from now. colonel, let's debunk the myth that it actually dropped more than 2% today. here's the deal just to lay it out for the are you aware viewer. the u.s. does not support iran oil. saudi arabia it easily pump more. also, iran's economy, they run on oil. pick it up, help them cheat. and this just in. treasury secretary steve
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mnuchin say are willing to increase oil production to offset. your reaction to all this. >> well, i tell you one of the things is that we have the new prince of saudi arabia who is thoroughly against any type of strengthening of iran, and, of course, their economy. but when you look at what we've been able to do here in the united states of america with our fracking, our oil and natural gas, we're actually shipping those, exporting those assets into eastern europe, especially, so i think that we can really put a strong stranglehold on iran and with those energy sanctions, they're going to be imparted back on them. liz: you made an important point about u.s. oil production. also, the dollar is getting stronger so oil goes down in price. but to your point, iran may cut as little as 250,000 barrels per day. but that's just a quarter of the million barrels a day that iran cut before the iran 2015 deal. and the u.s. daily output, i think they're at
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10 million barrels a day; right? >> yeah. you're absolutely right. and that's one of the great things is that now since we've gotten away from the obama administration's owobama administration's stranglehold on the natural gas industry, we're able to export those resources so that number one undermines iran, but it also undermines russia as well. liz: i never understood why obama thought iranian oil was okay but not canadian keystone oil. this is going to be the headline tomorrow. colonel, president obama today claims his administration was open and transparent back in 2015. he's now trying to say that we did tell the world that iran funds terror. but you know what? we went through it. the obama administration downplayed iran's ties to terror back in 2015. it took white house spokesman josh earnest a year to admit it. watch. >> the white house is concerned that they're potentially handing the iranians a pot of untraceable money that is, you know,
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potentially going to fall into the hands of the people we don't like very much. >> united states continues to have concerns with some of iran's nefarious activities. the president was quite forward leaning. in advance of the nuclear deal being completed in acknowledging that we know that iran supports terrorism. we know that iran supports hezbollah and the assad regime, and it's certainly possible that some of the money that iran has is being used for those purposes too. liz: all right, colonel, they never said that in 2015 at all. the press secretary misleading there. we checked the media coverage of that and what the white house is saying, they did not talk about iran's backing of terror. so why is trump getting criticized for calling out iran for backing terror groups like hezbollah, hamas, the taliban, al-qaeda? >> well, this is the resistance movement. anything that donald trump does, we saw what they did with north korea and, look, kim jong-un is coming to the table. but just remember, it was the national security adviser who admit it to lying to media and
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planting, you know, their talking points to get people to support the nuclear agreement. we didn't have any push back from the obama administration when a couple of weeks before the jcpoa was signed when iran took several of our sailors, and they used them for propaganda tool pieces. and always remember that 18 to 20% of the casualties and the death in iraq were because of the iranian made explosive force penetrators. now, while we send $150 of paltized laundered cash to people who have done those types of things. liz: you're right. have said to the revolutionary guard ramp it up militarily around the world. and guess what? iran is like china. to do business in iran, you have to partner with local iranian firms. the revolutionary guard runs half of the country in iran. we want to get to the political battle now here at home, colonel, a stage being set tonight for the midterms that are just an hour away from the primary election being closed in indiana. a couple of hours away from
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polls being closed in ohio, west virginia, and north carolina. what do you make of these polls coming in tonight, sir. >> well, i think it's going to be real important to see whether we have a repeat of what happened in alabama. what type of candidate will come out in these respective states, especially west virginia and then ohio and also indiana. because there are some pickups that the republicans can get. especially when you look at west virginia and then, of course, missouri. so i think that president trump does not want to see that repeat. as a matter of fact, he put a tweet out about that reference running in west virginia. liz: thank you, colonel allen west. great to see you. we love having you go on. when we come back soon. >> always a pleasure. liz: be sure to catch neil cavuto live coverage tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. rebounding from session lows. nicole petallides is on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the latest. nicole. >> stocks on wall street finished up after the big news
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president donald trump announced that the united states is pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. stocks lowest level down about 158 points moved back into the green. we were certainly in a narrow range considering the velocity of this news. we did see the dow finishing higher for the fourth day in a row while the s&p 500 pulled back slightly. disney after hours the top and bottom line. revenue growth from everything from park to movies and cable. and then there was a big news that -- and fox moves to a new high, the fox business network following reports that comcast is pairing $60 billion cash offer for fox. as for disney, he's very confident that their deal will continue. liz: thank you, nicole. and we have breaking news disney ceo bob iger saying quote i strongly believe in the value of fox assets. he also added that fox acquisition is important for their digital move there saying the popular video streaming service hulu would also benefit. so you can match that
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60 billion-dollar price tag that comcast is being talked about for the fox assets, it's likely to go up. 21st century fox is a parent of our network. trump announcing moments ago, mike pompeo heading to north korea right now to finalize nuclear disarming talks. may also be securing the release of three u.s. hostages. we're going to keep you updated among the developments. also tonight, details on anti-trump eric schneider man. the attorney general resigning after a bombshell report that he allegedly punched, spat, sat on women, two of them needed medical help that he's a serial bad newser of women. he faces a justice department probe. but will he face criminal charges and who's going to replace him? but first, primary polls are about to close in four states that trump won in 2016. we're going to give you a preview of what's coming up in those polls and what's coming up in the midterms. we're going to bring you katrina pearson and melissa
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like there's something else i should be doing. with the right conversation, you might find you're doing okay. so, no hot dog suit? not unless you want to. no. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today with td ameritrade®. . liz: we're a couple of hours away from the polls closing in the key swing state of ohio. how ohio vote tends how the elections go as well. democrats are pushing to rebuild the blue wall the heartland that fell to donald trump in 2016. voters in ohio deciding who will succeed republican govern john kasich, who will take on democrat senator brown and much more. adam shapiro is live in ohio with a report. adam. >> hey, let's talk about that senate race. specifically because there's been a bit of a nasty swing to it. but we're tall jim, who is the congressman from the 16th district four terms. he got president trump's endorsement to be the
5:18 pm
republican candidate to face sheriff brown. but before he can do that, he has to beat mike gibbons. the investment banker who, by the way, starts out in north ohio and what we call the north coast. but those two going at it. in fact, gibbons has filed a $1 million defamation suit against renacci. so that's one of the things playing out behind the scenes here. so you have that race going on right now. there's also the issue as you had said not only that it has gotten nasty but then the governs, the race for govern. because among the republicans, they've already spent $10 million. that would be the race between mike versus mary taylor. of course, former senator and now the attorney general mary taylor who's the lieutenant governor. and while president trump hasn't stepped into this one, mary taylor is claiming the mantle of being the trump candidate having attended all of his rallies here in the
5:19 pm
buckeye state. one last thing as i wrapped it up with you. is the 12th district. 18 democrats and republicans running to replace pat. has endorsed a republican. he would like to see go on to a special election in august and then again in november. ther lotoie's an in ohio, and this truly is a bellwether state. lived here for ten years, and i can still hear the bell ringing. liz: hope you have a vat of coffee for you. it's going to be a long night. good to see you, adam. >> a lot of it. liz: buckeye state. ohio senator sheriff brown needs to win reelection this fall as the democrats hope to remain competitive in the 2020 presidential election. as adam pointed out, the country often votes the way ohio votes. the buckeye state has been a bellwether since 1840. remember, president trump won that state by eight points in 2016. ohio republicans at the polls today choosing their senate contender. five candidates in the primary
5:20 pm
there. the winner will face off against sheriff brown in the fall. with me now one of the ohio republican senator candidates and small business owner, we welcome back to the show melissa atkinson. good to see you, melissa. >> hi, good to see you. good to be with you tonight. liz: what's the stake in the ohio race. >> there's quite a bit at stake in the ohio race. what i told voters through all 88 counties is this. whether we want to admit this or not, sheriff brown's rating is significantly high. the man has been in office since 1974. never held a job in the private sector. he has never started small businesses, yet this is the man who is legislating for folks. and he's really coined the term sheriff brown, friend of the middle class. but i am the middle class as a small business owner, and he's no friend to me. in fact, the policies that he has champed have been an absolute detriment to our state, a i feel tha the establishment republicans are really asleep at the wheel,
5:21 pm
continuously producing poor establishment candidates to take senator brown down. you need a formattable opponent to take sheriff brown out, and i have news for everyone. endorsement or not from the president, it's not going to be him. liz: it's interesting you say that because the democrats are running against trump tax cut like sheriff brown. so what? you're going to take back the # 5 million tax cut bonuses? you're going to take the 8 trillion in stock market wealth? you're going to tax 23 small businesses? is that what the democrats are running on? i don't understand why the republicans are not turning out the base based on the trump tax cuts. >> well, so here's the thing. i think we all need to remember that president trump was really something very unique. he had the charisma, the personality, the stamina, and the energy that brought people out and made people believe again. and i think so many times the republican produced these establishment candidates believing that, hey, if we run on the trump agenda, we're going to fire up the base, and it doesn't quake work that way. again, i've been campaigning now for going on
5:22 pm
nine and a half months day in and day out meeting with the ohio voter, and i can tell you they don't want business as usual. and jim, that's business as usual. liz: that's interesting. so they don't want the swamp as usual. sheriff brown, not to say that jim is the swamp, but they're just sick and tired of what's going on in dc. and to your point, sheriff brown voted against mike pompeo as head of the cia and against christian nielson for homeland security. will that be a problem for sheriff brown in the midterms? what do you think? >> liz, i think somewhat, yes, it will. but i think we've seen. i studied sheriff brown like a prized fighter. i was raised by a uaw factory worker who happened to be a republican and grew up very blue-collar. so sheriff brown has really gained a strong hold and had been able to create himself as this character who can somehow relate to the middle class. and i have news for the republicans.
5:23 pm
a multimillion-dollar candidate representing himself under the trump agenda whether we like senator brown or not, it's not going to work to get him out of office. liz: melissa atkinson, great to see you. good luck. appreciate it. >> always good to see you. god bless you. liz: same here. next, former details on former wall street trump anti-trumper democrat hero eric schneider man. a bombshell report. resigns after he has been accused of being a serial abuser of women. punching, slapping, spitting and choking women. two of them needed medical help. that's according to the allegation. one of them racially attacked as well and now the word coming in that schneiderman's accusers were not good for the democrat party. we're going to bring you the details coming up it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does.
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. liz: to the stunning downfall, eric schneiderman resigning in disgrace after a shocking
5:27 pm
bombshell report. four women accusing him of horrific physical and emotional violence. his accusers saying he allegedly slapped and choked them. two say to the point where they needed medical attention. schneiderman accuses of spitting on them as well and killing them if they broke up with him. in the privacy of intimate relationship engaged in role-playing and other sexual activity. i have not assaulted anyone. i have not engaged in sex, which is a line crossed. schneiderman may face criminal charges. let's bring in republican strategist ford o'connell and kelly grace gibson. in other news coming in that schneiderman's accusers were warned to keep silent so that their silence would be basically the good of the democrat party. this is not the political issue. the question is how did a person like this get elected. >> well, look, given the specifics and the pattern of
5:28 pm
the allegations, it's clear his i'm a kinky guy defense just wasn't going to cut it. this is a case of a snake eating its own tail. you cannot be a champion for women's rights and then beat them behind closed doors. regardless of politics, we understand that violence against women is not a rapport democrat issue, it's a societal problem. liz: yeah, schneiderman was an outspoken figure in the #metoo movement. he demanded greater compensation for the movie mogul harvey weinstein. what is your reaction to all of this. >> i mean, it's super surprising. it doesn't matter how much of a champion for political reasons or what you can be or if people like you for being elected. if you're a bad guy, a predator, if you in fact violence against women, you belong behind bars. you do not get to be in a power position if you take advantage of women, and that's exactly what he did. liz: to your point, he's a democrat champing the me too movement. >> it's incredibly
5:29 pm
hypocritical. something's not right about it, you know? i think he thought he was able to live these dual lives. i think a lot of people think they can live dual lives but you cannot hit women. and just because you champion them in your job does not make anything else okay. >> it's not enough for schneiderman to resign. >> no, he needs to go to jail. >> needs to actually investigate this and take this seriously because the statute of limitation on some of these be potential charges could run. and we know that hasn't brought anything yet against harvey weinstein, and these women need to get justice so that other women can follow through on this. liz: that's an important point. go ahead, kelly. >> i think it's important that the govern asked for resignation hours after learning of the allegations. it seems the people who can hold him accountable are going to do that. and the abuse happened this year. it's actual -- women won't be the same because of this man's bad behavior. liz: and to kelly grace's point, also, ford, when instances like this, more women tend to step forward.
5:30 pm
and one of the striking allegations of the allegations, a girlfriend from sri lanka describes him as a dr. jekyl jekyll and mr. hyde. became a nightmare escalating violence into the bedroom and said quote sometimes he would make me call him master and would slap me until i did call him master. and demanding that he repeat that i was his property. racial violent accusation here. >> well, look, the allegations are horrific and schneiderman appears to be a brutal monster, but we all know on this panel that the new psycho moves in 30 seconds. so until manhattan district attorney's office follows through on this, all of this is for not. liz: kelly grace, striking president trump back when he was citizen trump in 2013 said watch out. schneiderman is worse than elliott spitzer and anthony weiner. that was back in 2013, kelly. >> i mean, that makes me a little bit -- that makes me really anxious because if
5:31 pm
people knew that he was enacting violence against women. liz: well, we don't know what he meant; right? >> we don't know what he meant but now with the me too in powerful dynamics like this, let's hold onto that. let's hold men accountable and have good men. liz: whatever the politics are. >> good people. liz: thanks for coming on. really appreciate it. okay. back to this story. worldwide reaction continuing to flow in on president trump's decision to pull out of the iran deal. coming up, dr. zuhdi jasser says he is happy that the president finally called out iran on his deception. we're going to take you behind the scenes. what is going on in iran? the media's not talking about it. it's pretty horrifying stuff. but first, primary polls about to close in four states that president trump wanted 2016. we're going to give you a preview of what's coming up and what could set the stage for the midterm. fox business jeff flock on the ground in west virginia. he's going to bring you the latest on a closely-watched race. that is after this.
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at crowne plaza, we know business travel isn't just business. there's this. a bit of this. why not? your hotel should make it easy to do all the things you do. which is what we do. crowne plaza. we're all business, mostly. >> after mitch mcconnell has created millions of jobs for china people. while doing so, mitch has gotten rich. in fact, his china family has given him tens of millions of dollars. mitch's swamp people are now running negative ads against me and calling me despicable and mentally ill. liz: we're just under two hours away from polls closing
5:36 pm
for the west virginia primary elections. it is a chaotic three-way race in west virginia and the senate republican race there. the primary challenge. democrat senator joe manchin. voters will decide whether to nominate patrick, or don. he's a controversial former coal company ceo who went to prison after coal mine disaster killed 29 workers. let's get to jeff flock live on the ground in west virginia. jeff. >> well, hello to you from headquarters here in west virginia. i guess west virginia republicans are going to answer the question tonight is it worse to be an exdemocrat, exresident of new jersey, or an exconvict? one of them will come away with the nomination tonight. we've been following the former attorney general around tonight. why he's thought to be perhaps
5:37 pm
in the driver seat on this one but maybe not so much now. kevin jenkins, the congressman from the southern part of the state. he's the exdemocrat in the race. and then, of course, as you point out you talked about some of the ads that have been run in this campaign and the one you just played there of the china family of senate majority leader mcconnell, his wife and child who's the transportation secretary is chinese, has a family that he's referring to. no evidence, though, that he has gotten tens of millions of dollars from them. but i digress. first in terms of following him today, here is some of what he told me in our last interview. >> people know that i'm the only one with a conservative record. we have someone who had a very liberal record. we have someone who has a criminal record, and you have someone who has a conservative record. i liked those odds.
5:38 pm
>> and then the ads, yes, talking about china people, swamp people, cocaine mitch, a reference to some cocaine that was found on, you know, family has shipping company and there was cocaine found on one of the ships. turned that into cocaine mitch. so there you go. here's the latest today. >> we expect to win and when we do, it's really a west virginia america win. it's not a don win. this has been expensive for don, and i'm going to have to go to washington and put up with a lot of people i rather not be with. i'm making a sacrifice for them, but i think it's a great victory for west virginia and the country. >> among those people that he might not want to deal with, senator from south dakota saying let's pray he doesn't get elected. tom, the republican senator from north carolina saying he will not support blankenchip. whether or not president trump
5:39 pm
will, i guess we'll see if he proves victorious tonight. but we're here at the headquarters, kind of a humble location. liz: yeah, it is. >> celebration. but, you know, shipping container maybe not such a bad place. i don't know. liz: well, one of the colorful races in the country. jeff flock, great to see you. thanks for coming on. we are just hours away from the west virginia polls closing. let's get to special assistant former special assistant president trump mark. good to see you, mark. what do you think of the races so far? what's your forecast here? >> well, i don't do much on forecasting, but i will -- liz: i tried. i tried to get you to do it. >> if i did that, i would make more money in the stock market. but the -- i'll tell you, i think it's really important the president tweeted about this yesterday, and it's vital for virginians as they're going to the polls to remember we need a republican senate candidate who can win in november. the key is making sure that we have a candidate who can hold that seat -- take that seat
5:40 pm
from senator mansion who has not stood with the people of west virginia when it comes to tax cuts, who has joined with senator schumer in many cases and opposing some of the president's nominees, and that's just not representing the best interest of people of west virginia. the president made it very clear yesterday that who he thought two of the three candidates would be able to take that seat in november but one would be a very tough -- liz: and the one he does not like, the president does not like. here's the democrat strategy. they want to drive down trump's approval ratings to the 20% range to take back control of congress, impeach trump, and get rid of tax cuts. this is the strategy for the democrats right now. how are the democrats -- how is all of that playing out and what they're telling voters about their policies? what are you hearing. >> i mean, there was a poll out last week, i believe, that showed that there were nine democrat senators in states that the president won, and
5:41 pm
they were all losing the reelection bids heading into -- we're about six months out now from the general election. that is not a good place for them to be. the economy continues to improve. and as we see the president's leadership playing out, whether it's with north korea, the very strong action he took today on the iran deal, those are the things that the people he promised the people he would do it. he's delivering on it, and when it comes to those local elections, many republican candidates are going to say i'm with the president and delivering on these promises. while the democrats are just looking to resist and undo what he has already done. liz: i mean, the president -- you know, i've seen it. he can take a checklist and say here are my campaign promises and here's how i delivered. this is what's going on. the democrats are saying you know what? we're going to get rid of the tax cuts, meaning take back those 5 million worker tax cut bonuses and wage hikes. take back the 8 trillion in market wealth. forget apple bringing home 250, 300 billion bucks; right? >> absolutely. well, no, liz. think about all the companies that are right now in the planning phases for
5:42 pm
expansions, for growing, for bringing that money back from overseas and because of the fact that they can write-off their capital expenses for the next five years, we know that many companies are out there getting ready to break ground. that means new equipment, more construction workers, plus more people building the products and doing the services that are being generated. that is the wrong way to go. liz: mark, great to see you. come back soon. we love having you go on. >> thank you. liz: president trump saying iran is a bad actor. my next guest says the media is not covering this very important story. iran is regularly violating human rights. we've got the horrific and disgraceful details coming up. this is based on un data. american islamic forum for democracy dr. zuhdi jasser after this
5:43 pm
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>> the iranian regime is the leading state sponsor of terror. it exports dangerous missiles,
5:46 pm
fuels conflict across the middle east, and supports proxies and militias such as hezbollah, hamas, the taliban, and al-qaeda. over the years, iran and its proxies have debombed american embassies and installations. murdered hundreds of american service members, and kidnapped, imprisoned, and tortured american citizens. . liz: president trump listing the ways iran is a bad actor. let's bring in islamic forum for american democracy dr. zuhdi jasser. your reaction. >> oh, absolutely. and, liz, congratulations on the new program and thanks for having me. absolutely. this is a good plan that had nothing for america and everything for the expansion of human rights abuses in iran and into the region. half a million syrians dead.
5:47 pm
you had the guard wreaking havoc in syria. that was nothing that made america more secure where we had a administration over the last eight years that simple at the alter of the nuclear deal, gave iran the green light to do whatever it wanted domestically and in syria. so finally we see the revolution in iran happening over the past few months. the iranian people have been waiting to hear from our president that we will set aside this useless deal and stop the economic feeding of animals in iran of that regime so that the people can start to breathe. and i guarantee you most of the iranian people are beginning to breathe easier now that this safety blanket for terror is being removed. liz: let's talk about what's going inside iran. we have street protests routinely happening. breaking out. the people there being oppressed. iran executes children. they execute people who are committing minor drug offenses. they execute people for, you know -- arrest people who are
5:48 pm
same sex relations, adultery. those items are punishable by death. they also flog children. your reaction. >> this is exactly why we are no safer from this deal, if anything. they have been incrementally exponential increasing their horrors against humanity inside their country, let alone what they've been doing in the region against women. they've had over 500 executions in the past six to 12 months. as you said, there's no free speech. women have no rights. it is a regime that absolutely is beginning to fail because people are beginning to rebel from city to city against the theecrats. and the only thing letting them survive where this so-called deal, the europeans were beginning to hand them economic deals that were feeding the regime that now we're going to begin to see our president lead from the front rather than lead from behind in which europe was basically in a way benefiting from this deal, rather than actually helping the iranian people, which
5:49 pm
spanned human rights abuses day to day. liz: thank you, dr. zuhdi jasser. come back soon. >> any time. liz: the democrat new york attorney general. he is a serial abuser of women. that's the bombshell allegation. punching, slapping, spitting on, choking women. but cnn and msnbc now using this bombshell report to attack president trump. bringing in trump 2020 campaign senior adviser katrina pearson to react after s
5:50 pm
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>> it seems that conway has given license to remind people that she's been less eager to comment on a powerful man who has said on tape that he kisses and grabs women without consent.
5:53 pm
>> obviously, there's a larger conversation, and there's a larger conversation because let's not forget that president trump six women have accused him of forcefully kissing and groping them. president trump isn't tweeting about this. >> and to kellyanne conway who's saying gotcha. remember, kellyanne, the person you work for has also been accused by over 12 women and grabbed. liz: cnn and msnbc about president trump in the middle of eric schneiderman's reports. the attorney general is being accused of being a serial abuser of women. they're using that story, though, to take aim again at president trump. let's bring in trump 2020 senior adviser katrina pearson. your reaction to this, katrina. >> well, you know, liz, it is said that karma is a very difficult pill to swallow.
5:54 pm
and, of course, cnn and msnbc are going to talk about the president otherwise they would have extra airtime because they're not concerned about talking about schneiderman and how he's doing horrible, horrible things to them. and i think it's beyond laughable. you have a man who is accused of violent assaulting women to the point where they had to go to the hospital. a man who chokes them. the same guy who introduces legislation in the state of new york making that a felony, by the way. and a guy who was out there trying to sue harvey weinstein's company. liz: right. katrina, what do you make of the accusations against president trump coming up now? what do you make of those accusations first. >> well, i think they have to talk about president trump and all the things that they tried to do and smear him throughout the campaign. they're going to continue that narrative because that's what fits for them. but they're doing it to eat up the airtime to prevent themselves from having to talk about the blatant hypocrisy on
5:55 pm
the left. somehow the me too movement has simply vanished on this issue. when we had serious allegations of crimes of violence against women and now they want to talk about and compare it to locker room talk on a hollywood tv set? this is absolutely delusional to try to use these two things in the same scenario. liz: so your point is that allegations against president trump have been out there. they've been well ventilated. this is a new report about eric schneiderman, and he has basically said i've had consensual sex somewhat admitting to what of the what the activity is; right? >> oh, he absolutely did. liz: to your point, he's being investigated for possible crimes; right? >> major, major crimes at that. i mean, this is someone who abused his power, liz as attorney general of the state of new york. threatened to wiretap these women and to even kill them if he left. so why is msnbc and cnn bringing up a stupid hollywood tape? it's absolutely absurd. liz: why aren't they bringing
5:56 pm
up bill clinton? we could go on and on on a hamster wheel on this. but let's stay on schneiderman. he is also -- the accusation is he tried to silence hesitate accusers warning them they need to stay quiet for the good of the democrat party. and six months ago activist praised schneiderman saying he would lead us out of the darkness. that's kind of awkward now. >> well, it's extremely awkward but apparently has had eyes with moments with this particular politician. and i understand there are more women's women that are likely going to come forward how the focus somehow isn't solely on these women and their allegations and accusations to the point where one woman had to write up her account and put it in a safety-deposit box for her friends in case anything ever happened to her. liz: important point. katrina, thank you for coming on. we love having you go on. >> thanks, liz. liz: we'll be right back
5:57 pm
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liz: primary election polls closing in just about an hour in four states. catch neil cavuto's special coverage 8:00 p.m. eastern time. thank you for watching. charles payne, "making money." charles: president trump says the iran nuclear deal is defective at its core. he kept his campaign promise over the objections of our allies. stocks and oil hit a chopping session. but climbed by the close. good evening, i'm charles payne and we begin with


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