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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 10, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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of success, jobs, the economy and get out there in front of the negative news that, you know, the liberal media's reporting on. charles: ladies, thank you both very much. always appreciate having you on. lou dobbs is next. ♪ ♪ >> good evening, everyone, i am trish regan in for lou dobbs tonight. our top stories this evening, you're looking at live pictures from elkhart, indiana, where president trump is due to speak at a oolly just minutes from now -- rally. and he's going to talk about his make america great again agenda. we're going to bring you that speech live in its entirety as soon as it begins. again, we're waiting on the president. we will go live to indiana momentarily. mike pence tells robert mueller it is time to wrap this thing up, the vice president back up president trump in his fight against the russia witch hunt while mcconnell and ryan remain conspicuously silent. hmm. republican congressman devin nuñes and trey gowdy finally get
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briefings on classified documents that they've been demanding for weeks, but the doj is also showing the material to democrat adam schiff who's been a thorn in the side of republican efforts to investigate the corrupt leadership of the justice department. our top story, house intel chairman devin nuñes takes a step back from his threat to hold attorney general jeff sessions in contempt this week. nine -- knew necessary and trey gowdy meeting with top officials at the justice department, the doj stonewalling on the latest request to turn over classified documents related to fisa surveillance abuses. no substantive progress made today. the two lawmakers said the meeting was productive and that further discussions would take place. and another bombshell development concerning the tangled deep state web linking fired fbi director james comey and special counsel robert mueller. new e-mails obtained by the government watchdog judicial watch revealing top fbi
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officials advised james comey to consult with mueller about his congressional testimony last summer. the latest discovery seeming to bolster reports that comey's opening statement and subsequent testimony may have been partially coordinated with mueller. our first guest tonight says this collusion led to comey's attacking president trump and misusing fbi records as part of a vendetta against the president. joining me right now, judicial watch president tom fenton. tom, my goodness, it just keeps getting stranger and stranger and stranger. but give us your reaction to these latest news developments here. what is your gut feeling on all this? >> well, the first thing -- the last thing first. you know, we just uncovered these documents. we started asking for the collusion documents between mueller and comey because there were reports they were working together on that testimony. you remember that testimony last year caused a lot of consternation here in washington. comey attacked the president,
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talked about these memos that weren't his, they were fbi records. and, you know, you've got to wonder why it is the fbi and mueller allowed comey to come out this and attack the president -- out there and attack the president on those issues. and why would they, for heaven sake, collude with him on getting that information out there? in a way that wasn't designed to advance public interest, but to advance a political interest and a prosecutorial interest in getting president trump really an abuse of power, in my view. and we've got the documents showing that as soon as comey was fired, he started working again with the fbi on his testimony. and a very friendly way. you would have thought he just had gotten his 60-year retirement pin or something the way mccabe and the others are communicating with him on this testimony, and they're telling him, you know, talk with mueller, coordinate the timing, we suggest. and jim comey is asking about,
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well, tell me if there's anything i need to know in terms of institutional prerogatives and, by the way, i i want to look at documents you may have given the committees about me, because there were a lot of committees who wanted to talk with him at the time. and it's just further confirmation that both the fbi and mueller had coordinated on mr. comey's anti-trump, russia testimony from last year. rich trish i mean, what does that do to this entire process, this entire investigation of mueller's if he's kabitzing with comey behind the scenes to try and put the pieces together to try and line up his testimony? it seems to me that it creates a very flawed situation where you can't trust the integrity of any of this. >> you know, typically former government officials or current government officials aren't allowed to testify about communications they have with the president directly, and the fbi and mueller let comey go out and do that. it's really incredible and shows you it's not a quest for the
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truth, it was a quest to get trump. and you've got indications of that. again, this took us -- i think we asked beginning in august for records like this. we've sued for records like this twice in federal court and only got 'em, i think, late last week. trish: they haven't been exactly cooperative with you, have they? let me ask you about nuñes and gowdy and jeff sessions in all this, because a lot of folks are scratching their heads right now saying this is sort of, you know, easy pickings, right? easy opportunity for jeff sessions to do what many believe, yourself included, is the right thing, to launch a second investigation into whether or not there were violations here when it came to getting that fisa document to go after an american citizen. i mean, do you think that jeff sessions is reluctant for any specific reasons? can you explain why he's not doing that second investigation?
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>> well, it may be because it's russia and he's recused himself from that too, i don't know. i think the institution of the justice department and the fbi is geared towards protecting the mueller investigation. and if you're going to ask questions about abuses, about the misuse of the dnc, fbi, the dnc/clinton dossier that we believe are still being used, fisa warrants, the results and maybe even currently being used by mueller. all -- any investigation into abuses of the fbi and justice department targeting donald trump in this russia investigation run up against the mueller operation. and the mueller operation can't survive another fuse laid on they've got two attacks from the counts recently, and now the basis of their invest are under
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investigation from the justice department, you know, the investigation collapses, and i think they're trying to protect mueller e by stonewalling congress. trish: yeah, all right. >> and refusing to launch additional investigations. trish: so i suppose your view is deep state alive and well these days, and you're doing what you can do the try and uncover and peel back the layers to figure out just exactly who's involved? >> yeah. we're going to court. you know, congress is threatening contempt. we're in federal court. it tells you just how difficult the justice department has been. the justice department, when it comes to information and secrecy, it's a black hole. trish: goodness. all right. tom fitton, keep it up because the american public wants answers. thank you very much. good to see you. coming up next, everyone, chuck schumer's criticism of president trump's success in north korea falling on deaf ears. >> we can't be fooled into giving the north korean regime credit for returning americans that never should have been detained in the first place.
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there. you see a lot of enthusiasm there in elkhart, indiana, tonight. of course, they've got a hometown guy coming up on stage. mike pence is going to be speaking. he will be introducing the president of the united states tonight. this is an important state for the republicans, and so that is in part why you see the president and the vice president both there for this big rally tonight. it's all happening a day after the president managed to brick home three -- bring home three prisoners from north korea. really historic moment, an important moment. i've been saying it's a little like back in 1981 and certainly takes me down that memory lane of seeing those passengers, the hostages from iran. but again, this is mike pence, of course, vice president. he's going to start speaking, and we're going to watch this. joining me on set as we await the president of the united states is one of the very best political minds in the business, mr. ed rollins, former reagan political director and a fox business political analyst. >> thank you, nice to be here.
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trish: good to have you here. we were talking earlier, you were saying this is a critical -- >> this is a critical state. i mean, the truth of the matter is there's about five or six democrat senate -- there's 26 of them up, but there's really five or six that we have to be competitive in. three of ours, two open seats and a north dakota seat that are -- nevada seat that are competitive, so we've got to basically pick up three or four at a minimum. if we get more than that, all the better. trish: is it ricky because it's mid -- tricky because it's midterms? >> historically in the midterms about half the electorate turns out in the presidential. we've got to make sure the people for trump turn out and support our candidates because, obviously, the democrats are going to turn their candidates out. trish: and being at a rally like this one, does that go a long way? >> it energizes the base. equally important, it does a lot for this president. this president likes to get out there with the crowd. he probably didn't get to bed until 4:00 in the morning,
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andrews air force base at 2:50 in the morning doing this wonderful meeting of these three hostages that were held and released. getting up at whatever time to watch "fox & friends" -- will [laughter] laugh then flying out here. the energy of this president is amazing, so this crowd will energize him. trish: you said that all along. i remember early in his presidency you were disappointed he is wasn't talking to the crowds more. we have seen him sort of pick that up, and vow said that was also -- you said that was important for reagan. >> we took reagan out one day a week at least. he didn't like the oval office. i mean, he basically did what he had to do everything day, and he made the decisions. didn't have quite the energy that trump has, and president reagan got up a little later in the morning -- [laughter] but when he got out with the crowd, he loved that. ill really revved him up -- it really revved him up. trish: what do you think we'll hear tonight? you mentioned the three detainees there. that was a pretty -- >> he has to talk about it. you think three, four months ago
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we were sitting here talking about going to war, we're now on the verge of having some kind of serious negotiation. the mere fact that we're meeting is amazing, and the fact that the president of north korea would surrender three hostages many decent shape, usually they send the bodies back. and i think in this particular case i think he's trying to make it happen. i think from our perspective, you know, we're going to go in there and negotiate hard, not give up the world. but i think the pieces are in place for something good to come out of it. trish: the negotiation has already started to a certain extent -- and pompeo's -- trish: you sent back the -- >> pompeo is a great, great appointment. he is a very smart guy. he understands the president well, and i think he's going to be a very, very significant secretary of state along with bolton in there in the national security. as much as we miss john here at fox, he's perfectly positioned
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for that job. trish: he's tough on this -- >> tough and smart, and he knows the game. he knows the players, and he knows how to negotiate. trish: so the north korea issue, it's a big one, yet you look at the mainstream media, and reason -- we heard from chuck schumer, but just played some sound for the viewers when we went to commercial there, and there is a sort of disdain for anything this president does, but including also, well, people are saying it's not such a big deal that he got these three back. i kind of think it's a big deal. it reminds me of that, as i said, back in 1981. >> very similar men in the sense they're both strong conservatives, both tough, both able negotiators, both have an ability to communicate effectively with the public. i think it's a monumental first step. you don't know what's going to come out of it, but at least it's the first step. the fact that you may end the korean war that was allegedly ended in 1953, you know, your whole lifetime, most of my
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lifetime they've been at war. you know, not fighting each other, but certainly the lines drawn. and the fact that you can basically sit and negotiate and settle down that whole region of the world is very, very important. trish: pretty incredible. we are on the front lines of history. now, we just are watching, i want to remind the viewer, mike pence, the vice president, speaking in indiana. the president of the united states will be out momentarily. one of the things he brought up, ed, is that he wants the mueller probe to end. a lot of people want that to end because hay feel as though you can't get much accomplished when you've got this thing -- i would consider it, by the way, a huge distraction. i mean, i don't know how you do your job when you're also dealing with that. but miraculously, he somehow is managing to balance a whole lot in the air all at once. >> i've been in white houses, the first one i worked in was nixon during watergate and then, second, reagan and the iran contra and behalf you. anytime anybody in the white house is under challenge, it really throws you off your job.
7:18 pm
and then when the president of the united states is and people in his white house have to go and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to go testify, it's just, it's very, very difficult. it's a 16, 17-hour a day job for just about everybody this. and the fact that you've got to worry about what you say, where you say it and what someone else may have said about it is terribly distracting. i think mueller's had a year, nobody has come forth with one single charge against this president or any serious person in the white house, and i think that's -- it's type. it's, it needs to end. school year's out, he ought to go home. are. trish: you think about you're the special prosecutor and you're looking for all this evidence, you know you're trying to prove collusion with the russians. so he's working, working, working towards that end. and even though he may not have that yet, does he feel on some level that he's failed if he doesn't actually deliver on the collusion? >> well, i would hope not.
7:19 pm
i would hope -- his mission was to go find the facts, and i think he's had men oif time -- plenty of time to go do that with a very effective team. obviously, he's got a couple of indictments for past sins, not campaign sins, but manafort, what have you, and i think that may be enough to declare victory and move on. trish: two federal judges, by the way, saying, my goodness, what are you guys doing here? >> i think that's a valid point. i think manafort's -- i've known him a long time, and he probably did some things that were improper, but he didn't do them in the campaign. this is an investigation about the m -- campaign and russian contacts. trish: where does this tell you about where we're going sort of as a country? look, putin's getting exactly what he may have wanted, ed. ing this may have been his goal all along. let's just mess with the americans and, sadly, here we are getting messed with. >> it's always been propaganda. my whole life with the soviets and now russians, it's always
7:20 pm
been about propaganda. they're very good at it. they're always around the white house when i was there hanging on the bars around the white house. more the administrations before my administration, more tee totallers, but they were always there. prop began da is their thing. you're now seeing the facebook ads, it's all about misinformation. how do you create chaos, and what more chaos can you have than have a president more distracted well over a year now and probably beyond. this is what we're talking about. and it's damaged this president whether anything comes out or not, it has distracted and damaged him because it's created some doubt in some not necessarily trump supporters' minds, and that's not a good thing for the cup. trish: stay with me, please. let's bring in national spokesperson for the congress on racial equality and conservative commentator niger ennis, good to have you here. what do you think is going to be the main message from the
7:21 pm
president of the united states there in indiana tonight? >> i actually think that former speaker pelosi teed it up for him quite nicely earlier this week when she said should she and the democrats come back into power, that they will essentially repeal the tax reform, the tax cut that millions of americans are getting the benefit of. you have a booming economy, and nancy pelosi has pretty much said, hey, i'm going to reverse this trend. and, you know, indiana's a perfect location for that because you not only have a lot of rank and file, working class, blue collar americans that have benefited directly from the tax cut, you have also a lot of entrepreneurs, manufacturers, you have a manufacturing renaissance that's taking place in places like indiana and pennsylvania. and i think that the president's going to hit this nail right on the held, that if you let democrats take the senate or take the house of representatives, you've got raising taxes coming your way.
7:22 pm
trish: yeah, you know, we're also here with i'll bring gina louden into the conversation, political analyst and a member of the president's media advisory board. i don't know how that ever sells, i really don't. because i think instinctively, gina, every single one of us wants to keep as much as we possibly can of every penny that we earn. and the idea that you're just going to give it away to uncle sam so that uncle sam can spend it on whatever uncle sam spends it on, you know, i don't know how that would ever sell. and i actually think it's kind of a dumb idea of nancy pelosi to be putting that forward because, you know, she has any shot at winning, it's not going to be telling people they're going to be paying more taxes. >> i used to say the democrats were inloading but now, trish, i'll say they have imploded. they have no message, they have very few candidates to speak of. they're having to run on trump's coat tails. i mean, think of that for a moment. i think after tonight's rally
7:23 pm
we'll start to see donnelly doing the same thing. i think he'll be running on the trump platform. the conservative republican platform. you know, they think they can go with around for years and act like socialists, and then right before an election they're going to act like conservatives because you're right, trish, we do like to keep our tax dollars. trish: you know, look, ed knows i grew up in new hampshire, and there are 11 democrats running in the primary there. not one of them, ed, is saying that they support nancy pelosi, not one single democrat. [laughter] so you see there they're all tro distance themselves. >> -- a district that's 82% democrat, san francisco. the second most in california. barbara lee has one that's 83%. it's the second largest democrat state. she can say that. i'm reminded of walter mondale, the only negative commercial we ran against walter mondale in 1984 was he said at the convention i'm going to raise taxes, reagan's not. i'm going to tell you i'm going to raise tax the, reagan's not.
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so you're not going to find many democrats following nancy pelosi saying, please, please, elect me, i'm going to take your taxes -- trish: i guess you're appealing to sort of the masses that maybe don't want to actually go out and work, gina round. i mean, that's the -- gina loudon. that's the problem here, right? if you're in your heart a socialist and you want to kick back and not go to work but want the government to take care of you and nancy pelosi is promising to tax everyone else, maybe that's who you bring in as the voting population. but i don't think you have enough of those people, and i think this election really showed you the majority of americans want prosperity, they want optimism, and they want a chance for themselves and their children to be able to compete. so how does the president drive home that message about economic prosperity in '18? >> well, i think he is driving it home. i think we're seeing that reflected in his numbers going up, up, up and even that of the first lady's numbers going up.
7:25 pm
the president's numbers going up with women, i think they've doubled in the last four weeks if i remember the statistics correctly. and with all minorities. and i think that, you know, money absolutely talks. i've said more years, you know, conservatives and all the voters in america generally, they talk with their pocketbooks. so when their pocketbooks are being talked to, they're talking back, and they're going to do it in the midterm elections coming up this year. trish: you know, i think all these things play off each other pretty interestingly, niger, whether it's economic security or actual physical security. and so that gets us back to the success he's had thus far with north korea. so if he gets a real win there, and when i say a real win, i mean bringing some kind of peace to that peninsula and the denuclearization of north korea to the world, then that's something that, you know, i don't know how you paint that -- i know they'll try -- in a bad light. the question is, is it going to be enough to really motivate
7:26 pm
people to get out, because as ed said earlier, you know, there's a little fatigue, a little malaise out there. and the base is not necessarily as fired up to go to the voting booth in midterms in any election. >> well, that is exactly why the president is going to places like indiana, and he's going to make his face well seen in campaign 2018. and, you know, certainly an old friend of my dad's, ed rollins, will remember the reagan revolution and how that led to the fall of the berlin wall. well, with president trump and what he's doing in north korea, we could have the fall of the berlin wall for this generation which is not only having peace in a denuclearizedded korean peninsula, but a possible unity of the two koreas and the formal end of the korean war. that would be a miracle, that would be amazing. and i have to just tell you this, trish, i have a personal interest here because my brother is raising a family in nearby japan. so it's within the interest of
7:27 pm
the koreas, it's within the interests of japan, of china, of the far east -- trish: literally the world. >> -- american security generally. and it would be a bit of a foreign policy miracle for the president to pull this off. trish: okay, so here's my question to ed. how does this happen that you get someone in there that the media despises -- and let's be clear, they didn't like reagan much either. they thought he was crazy, he's just an actor, he can't do anything. and then, lo and behold, he accomplishes a ton whether it be from an economic perspective or, you know, mr. gorbachev, take down this wall. i mean, what is it in the individual, do you think, ed, that leads to that kind of greatness? he's walking a tight rope, right? this could go awfully wrong as well. >> first of all, the way it works, i teach a course, the american presidency, at hofstra, just finished the course. i start with washington and move
7:28 pm
all the way forward. historically, you and i analyze presidents as they function, and we make judgments. four years from now political scientists go back and say this is really what happened. in 25 years historians go back and basically rerank them. someone like truman became a great president. in my case, when the brush gets cleared out of here, you look only at -- trish: so i want to point out, ed, as you're speaking, the president is coming out here. lots of cell phones trying to get a ..
7:29 pm
[♪] [crowd chants u.s.a.!] president trump: i want to thank your former governor and your current vice president and he and karen are doing an unbelievable job for our nation. thank you, mike. [cheers and applause]
7:30 pm
you are making indiana proud, and we are all making america proud. we are rockin'. so i'm thrilled to be here tonight with the incredible hard working patriots of the hoosier state. hoosier. and i don't know if you see what's going on outside, but you have a lot of people outside that want to get in, but they are not getting in because this place is packed. [cheers and applause] this is truly an exciting time for our country. jobs are booming. remember? i told you. i told you.
7:31 pm
confidence is soaring, and optimism is at the top of every chart. this is a great time for our country. a lot of things happening every day. we are unlocking new opportunities for prosperity and for peace. all of these changes are happening because america is being respected again. [crowd chants u.s.a.!] president trump: at 2:00 a.m., early this morning -- and by the
7:32 pm
way, i got back to the white house at 4:30 a.m. somebody said that's okay. you can cancel indiana tonight. [crowd booing] president trump: i said you don't know the people of indiana. i don't have the courage to cancel. but at 2:00 in the morning i had the incredible honor of greeting three brave americans who had been held in north korea. and we welcomed them back home the proper way. and on june 2, in singapore,
7:33 pm
i'll be meeting with kim jong-un to pursue a future of peace and security for the world, for the whole world. and the relationship is good. but you remember everybody in the fake news when they were saying, he's going to get us into a nuclear war! and you know what gets you into nuclear war? and you know what gets you into other wars? weakness. weakness. the relationship is good and hopefully i mean for all of us, for the world, hopefully something very good is going to
7:34 pm
happen. they understand it's very important for them, it's important for everybody. so japan, south korea, china, everybody, i think it's going to be a big success. but my attitude is, if it isn't, it isn't. if it isn't, it isn't, but, you have to have that. because you don't know. we are not going to be walked into an iran deal where the negotiator john kerry refused to leave the table. what a deal. what a deal. but here at home the great news keeps rolling in, 3.3 million new jobs since election. [cheers and applause]
7:35 pm
now, if during the election -- and by the way, how great is coach bobby knight? oh, we love our coach. remember he came in? he called me before i was running. i didn't know, they said bobby knight is on the phone. i said what does he want with me. i never announced. i was thinking. but i guess he read. he said mr. trump, i hope you are going to run. i said check and see whether this is coach knight. but when i heard that voice, i knew it was coach knight. you can't duplicate that. i took his number and i said coach i am thinking about it. he said you are going to win. if you run -- and dose know about winning? -- if you run, you are going to
7:36 pm
win. i put his number down, and i was coming to this area. by that time we had a big lead. but they said indiana. a friend of mine said if you can get coach knight, that would be a great thing. he called me like a year ago. let me see if i can find his number. on my left i had a pile of papers like this high. i said let me see. i lifted up thousands of pages of junk. some actually pretty important. and i lifted it up and there is this little thing, bobby knight's cell phone number. isn't that great? and i go, boh-bom-bba.
7:37 pm
he picked up the phone and said i have been waiting for you to call. we sold out that arena. and it was a big one. lou holtz, and coach cady. coach cady. lou holtz. we had them all. by the way, not from this area, but he's one of the greats of all time. coach belichik. great guy. we have got to love him. we love him. he knows how to win also. but we had a lot of coaches. they like us. they understand winning and they like us. that's what we have been doing. if we would have told you during the campaign that we would create 3.3 million jobs in a
7:38 pm
short time. everybody there in the fake news media, look at all of them -- fake news. [crowd booing] president trump: everybody back there would have said can you imagine? he said we are going to create 3.3 million? would you believe it? but we understand. we understand. today, today in the history of our country, it just came out, we have the most of jobs available in the history of our country. [cheers and applause] president trump: i like that! we like that!
7:39 pm
we like that a lot because we have a truly great country, and i have been promising you those kind of numbers. the unemployment rate is at the lowest level since the turn of the century. [cheers and applause] african-american you be employment has reached the lowest level in the history of our country. [cheers and applause] hispanic, african-americans, stats, i would read and it would say high crime rate, lousy education. one day in front of a massive crowd, -- 25,000, 30,000 people.
7:40 pm
i said vote for me. what the hell do you have to lose? and you know what? they did. [cheers and applause] and my people all said, that was not nice. i said it's true. because the democrats who are just obstructionists, that's all they can do, the democrats have had a lock on the hispanic vote, and they have had a lock on the african-american vote. no longer. no longer. so the hispanic unemployment likewise is the lowest -- think of it -- in the history of our country.
7:41 pm
it's the lowest. so you have african-americans, hispanics, women. women. do we love women. women. [cheers and applause] president trump: the lowest unemployment rate in 18 years. i'm somewherive we -- i'm sorry we didn't make it in history. i'm disappointed in that. my most of disappointing status women. it's the lowest unemployment rate in 18 years. all the others are history. i have a feeling the women will soon be history, too, because that's what's happening. all of the great momentum we are having as a country on jobs, on safety, on security, on our military, it's all at stake in
7:42 pm
november. you know, i don't think we have ever done better as a country. certainly the economy and lots of other things. look at those beautiful red hats. and i like the white ones, too, make america great again. but it can disappear quickly. you know what we did was unprecedented in the history our country. really in the history of the world what we did with this election. and the strides that we are making have never ever been made like this before. but it can also disappear if you put fools and if you put the wrong people in. it can disappear. i mean, nancy pelosi said
7:43 pm
yesterday -- nancy pelosi said yesterday she wants to end the tax cuts and raise your taxes. i said, tell me, is that good politics? it's not about politics. but think about that from a political standpoint. i don't think her party was too happy. but that's her thought. that's what they want to do. they want to raise your taxes, end your tax cuts. they want open borders where everyone flies into our country, that's not happening. so this week you nominated an incredible slate of republican candidates, many of whom i know. and you have to work every day between now and november to elect four republicans so we
7:44 pm
continue to make america great again. and by the way, this is the first for indiana,2020, the slogan is keep america great! keep america great! because we are doing so well that in another two years when we start the heavy campaign, make america great again wouldn't work out too well. it's going to be keep america great because that's exactly where we are headed.
7:45 pm
but don't tell anybody. i don't want anybody to know. but i do like that. you know what i paid for that slogan? a lot of people, the politicians, they run, they pay millions of dollars for ideas like that. how much did i pay for that? zippo. zippo. in all fairness, president obama paid $1.8 billion for hostages. you, not me, you last night you saw it, and again it's leading to some very big things. and i think kim jong-un, kim
7:46 pm
jong-un did a great service to himself, and to his country by doing this. but those hostages came out with respect. we didn't pay for them. we are going to sit at the table and we are going to make a great deal for the world, for north korea, for south korea, for japan, for china. [cheers and applause] so what he did was the right thing. but they came out for nothing. and the others came out for $1.8 billion in cash. can you believe that? we are honored to be joined by a friend of mine and shop has done a really good job, senator todd
7:47 pm
young. where is todd? where is he? see? that's a great politician. he doesn't even want a good location. he is of the people. thank you, todd. we also welcome the largest vote winner in indiana history -- except for trump -- attorney general curtis. where is curtis? good man. he has done a great job. a woman who has been of
7:48 pm
tremendous help on the tax cuts, on getting rid of regulation which maybe is just as important. right, jackie? what do you think? jackie slarsky, she has done a great job. and to congressmen who have been incredible. larry, great job. congressman jim beck. by the way, somebody that just fought an incredible campaign, a really good guy -- i'm not shire would have been here -- we are talking two days ago, very effective, a terrific man, congressman todd rokita.
7:49 pm
[cheers and applause] thank you, todd, great job. he fought tough. that was a tough race. but we have somebody here who won that race. let me also congratulate two of our new republican nominees for congress, first a proud army veteran who earned two purple hearts, jim baird. jim is going to do well. jim? great job. and second, a man that i know mike has been rooting for for a long time. i'll tell you. mike loves his broth i shall who won by -- loves his brother who won by a big margin. was that a bigger margin than
7:50 pm
mike pence won by? gregg pence. [cheers and applause] finally, a big congratulations for indiana's new republican nominee for the united states senate, mike braun. that was a good race. get up here. how about we let mike for a second interrupt my speech. is that okay? come on, mike. great job. >> one of the neatest experiences of my life was
7:51 pm
spending 30 minutes riding with the president and you wouldn't believe the advice you get. and it's great advice, and i'm going to incorporate it. you know, when i started this journey almost a year ago, i traveled the state and spent a lot of time in the north. i wanted to make sure this was going to end up with a good result. i would not have done it if i wasn't inspired by what this man did in 2016. [cheers and applause] he cleared the field systematically, and that was the inspiration for doing it. i can guarantee you when i get
7:52 pm
there, i'm doing it for the right reasons. i'm a businessman and outsider, just like our president. and you can count on me to be a true reinforcement and the guy who is going to retire joe donnelly. thank you. [cheers and applause] president trump: thank you, mike. we need mike braun in the senate, and that's going to happen. he's an incredible guy and ran an incredible race. if joe donnelly, sleeping joe,
7:53 pm
and the democrats get back into power, remember what i said, they will raise your taxes. they will destroy your jobs. and they are going to knock the hell out of your borders. we have the worst immigration laws in the history of mankind. we are slowly getting them changed. we want to make it quick. so give me some reinforcements, please. last week, as an example, the deputy chair of the democratic national committee, congressman keith ellison. do you know him? marched in a parade wearing a t-shirt that read, "i do in the believe in borders."
7:54 pm
[crowd boos] president trump: but i have a lot of respect for keith ellison. do you know why? when i announced on june 16, he was being interviewed by george stephanopoulos on abc. and in the interview -- this was a couple days after i announced. keith ellison said, you know he's going to win, don't you? right, mike? it's true. he said you know he's going to win. and george and somebody else i won't mention the name -- go ahead -- they smiled a little bit, respectfully. but eat ellison, he said, he's going to win. and essentially he was
7:55 pm
indicating option and there is nothing you will be able to do, and that's what we did. so in one sense i have to respect him. he said he's going to win. you can never dislike a guy like that, can we? but they have got a big problem. a vote for a democrat in november is a vote for those borders, and we have to do something strong. we are going to build the wall, we are already starting the wall. we already started. we got $1.6 billion. wei -- we arefixing a lot of it. san diego wants the wall.
7:56 pm
i said to my people, here is the bad news. if we give them the wall, we don't have an advocate. if we don't give them the wall they will be putting a lot of pressure on governor moon beam in california. right? but you know what i did? something i normally would not do. which means in life i'm getting nicer as i get older. i said let's build the wall for san diego, so we are building them the wall. i shouldn't have done it. i sort of changed my mind after we started. i'd called my people and said how much will it cost to stop building the wall in san diego so they go out and advocate for us because they are desperate for their wall because they don't like people running over their front yards and all of the problems including massive amounts of crime. i said how much would it cost to
7:57 pm
stop? i am in the construction business. they got back to me and said, sir, it will cost approximately $7 million to stop. that's not big numbers when you hear about the numbers we talk about. $7 million to stop and restart it at a later date. i said i can't do that to the american people, keep building the wall, right? [cheers and applause] so we are building the wall. but we are getting it all done. we are going to get rid of catch and release. we are going to get rid of the lottery system. we are going to go eventually when i get the votes -- i need republicans -- we are going to go eventually to a merit-based system of immigration. merit. you come in on merit.
7:58 pm
[cheers and applause] your senator, joe donnelly voted against enhanced vetting. think of that. what in the world would anybody be doing voting against enhanced vetting? why? and he opposed a measure to block illegal immigrants from getting welfare. and now you have places where they want to give college tuition to illegal immigrants, and your own kid can't get it. joe donnelly voted no on tax cuts. no on better healthcare. and he voted no on canceling
7:59 pm
job-killing regulations which may be even more important than those incredible tax cuts. but he voted yes on something that we are systematically taking down. we got rid of the individual mandate. we have great plans coming out. he voted yes for failed obamacare. and we are doing everything to keep those premiums down. but it's a failed experiment, obamacare. wait until you see the plans coming out literally over the next four weeks. we have great healthcare plans coming out. but we got rid of the individual mandate. joe donnelly will do whatever chuck schumer and nancy pelosi tell him what to do.
8:00 pm
they don't ask him. they tell him. they don't say will you, they say joe, this is the way you are going to vote. mike braun will be a great, great representative of the people of indiana. mike braun is a winner. great businessman, by the way, very successful businessman. mike braun will fight for the values that bind us all together as americans. we support law and order and we support the heroes in law enforcement. they are great. they are great. and they will tell you surplus military equipment, right? we have it by the hundreds of millions of dollars sitting in warehouses getting old. some of the best stuff


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