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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 19, 2018 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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senator mark warner and leading burr by the nose as they proclaim that russia interferred in the 2016 scomplekz sought to help president trump win the white house and offering
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absolutely no evidence to support their claim. but warner and burr failed to mention after the 14 month investigation they had no evidence of any kind of any russia collusion with the trump campaign and offered no explanation what so ever to the view that putin preferred trump. cia director john brenon and comey was not there and mr. trump fired him of course, and mr. comey declined an invitation to testify and some say that he was otherwise occupied with a booning tour. we could not confirm that and
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house intelligence committee found no evidence of collusion and the committee concluding it disagrees with the u.s. intelligence view that russians tried to boost trump in the presidential campaign and today, the senate judiciary committee had five hours of tell before the committee and 2000 pages of documents and still 0 evidence of collusion. our first guest tonight reportedly extensivey on the mueller witch hunt and the break throughs that he's uncovered a troubled link with the russian olag ark. and joining us is a john, who is an opinion for the hill and one of those who led the committee in to this from the beginning.
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it is great to have you with us. we have a russian oling on ark and a long history to work with if you will the united states government and a friend of putins, and what possible role can he have in all of this? >> we can say that the fbi colluded with the russians. and the fbi asked them to underwrite all the books operation and rescue a captured agent and left behind in iran and the department didn't have much to get him out. he did to the tune of $25 million. and there is nothing wrong with that. that's what the fbi does. and what you know, we have done when we have an american captured in the country. it is it a key figure to a lot
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of the issues in this investigation. they told the fbi two months before donald trump was elected and there was no chance that donald trump's campaign chairman that paul manafort was colluding with russia i don't think they heard it when they issued the warrants. and the fbi trusted. and no collusion and we never heard that for all of this period of time. >> discounted with a laugh as he talked with fbi agents and in that the idea that this is unmentioned by the special council and given the relationship by the fbi straightforwardly. and have it is collusion by the fbi and the russians and why would mueller not make the point of the previous association and the view point of a trusted
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source. >> that's a question that a lot of legal experts and all at the same conclusion. there is a conflict of interest and the fbi disclosing as a witness in the current investigation. >> john, i have never seen the story in which there is an overarching narrative and that is the russian collusion with the trump campaign. there is not bit of evidence under the year of the if counsel to support that narrative and yet we are talking about collusion between the fbi and the russian. we are looking at collusion between the deep state and the u.s. intelligence committee and
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specifically the fbi and department of justify and the democrat national committee and funding the fraudulent dossier in the center of it all. >> i feel like i am in the movie groundhog day. 15 months or so sarah carter said no evidence of collusion. if you read the paragraphs, 15 months to date, there is no colupgz. and there is a recurring theme. yes, russia meddled in the election and there will be a debate on whether they cared for donald trump or not. and there are facts to support that. and i cannot've can understand them coming to the conclusion. there is one conclusion in the picture. to this date donald trump has not colluded with russia.
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there are other important issues in this case. >> there is a nation to govern and a government under assault daily from the deep state and the left and the dems. it is time for somebody as we conclude. >> for your insight and see the leadership of the republican party and i am speaking of speaker ryan and mcconnell not to stand up for the president and declare this is enough and time for everyone to turn to the well-being and security interest and economic and political and military security, without question to preserve that and it is time to say, you had two years and you had found nothing in the farce. think about this. >> think about this. we learned about monica lewinsky and then impeachment.
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and now this one there is nothing. this is wrapped up slow. and in the end of the day, a lot of issues that will correct this narrative and give a final exclamation report. and we'll see what learned about james comey and the senate intelligence committee and a series of reports and we'll end up in august of 2018 and we started in january of 2017. russia meddling and no collusion by donald trump. >> lou: in a stranging way we are coming full circle. and we are looking at an election that was disrupted by the investigation and failure to investigate depending on your perspective and the fbi and prosecute, hillary clinton's e-mail scandal and abrogated
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before it truly began and enter the election in which they seem to be driving this narrative irrespective of a lack of evidence to a conclusion that will be highly impactful on the outcome of the midterms and that is corruption in my judgment. >> i think the american public is smart enough. they are no longer interested in russia and games that we endure. i think people will go to the polls with a good factual basis and who may have misled them in the process. >> that is amongst the lead of those in the public to have facts. we appreciate it so much. great reporting as always. up next, the special council's
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>> lou: special counsel robert mueller will not seek an indictment against president trump. rudy guiliani confirming to fox news the conversation that took place between the president's legal team and mueller. mueller is bound by the guidance from 1999 that states a sitting president cannot be indicted. tom, good to have you with us. this is a blockbuster statement from rudy guiliani even though he told our white house chief correspondent john roberts and said that two weeks ago, this is, is it not a blockbuster. >> it is. it suggest that it is purely political with troph the president and what the president did or did not do. if he can't be indicted, what is the special counsel supposed to
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be doing other than writing a report for political impeachment. and that justice department shouldn't do that and the president should stop cooperating and now the only caveiet there he said the sitting president can't be indicted and my guess is there are anti- trump prosecutors on mueller's team and see the president removed from the office and indicted. anti- trumpers are charging him throughout this investigation. but prelimarily what is there to do for him, shut it down. >> you are absolutely right. and the anti- trumpers. they had best understand that no matter how vitriollic and energized they are. there are tens of millions of protrumpers in the country who
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will not stand for political nonsense and from the center of the leftist minds in this country and feasting on our judicial system and the legal profession. >> and the other big news is the new york times trying to get out and confirmation that the fbi and justice department had taken phone records of trump campaign official and had a mole or spy close to or in the campaign. and despite all of the noise and abuse tis 15 months later. and. they still have no evidence of russia collusion. again shut down. it is well past time. congressional leadership needs to take ownership. and get the justice department back under control. >> lou: you know, it is
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embarrassing to this nation and the senate and majority leader mitch mcconnell and will speaker of the house and paul ryan and the judiciary and supreme court will have a role here to utter with his voice. and wall street and corporate america should all stand up solidly against further exploitation and what has been a searring two years. first almost a year investigation of the fbi and his russia collusion and another year by the special counsel with nothing. it is extraordinariary the conflict and nonsense that produced and nothing less than a farce. >> i was darn critical of president trump and we sued that administration a hundreds of team. and that is a constitutional
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role and it didn't occur to me that we would have criminal investigations targeting the and that is completely outside of the arms in terms of the rule of law. and the president has to be able to be president here and if you like don't like in office, there is a political process of removing him through impeachment or election and the justice department is investigating the president over respect to things to managing the justice department and makes our government look like a joke. and it is the deep state is not a scombroek the left in this country is not a joke and neither is the business establishment. they are against one person and one man and that is the president of the united states. and he has two few people
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standing with him against the onslight and awful injustice that they present against the constitutionally elected leader of the nation. the senate judiciary committee doing it again and releasing over 2000 pages of documents on donald trump junior following the lead of diane feinstein and releasing transcript and in it all is there anything surprising or compelling. >> they did the meeting because there might be a e-mail and looking to get hold of and the meeting was not about that and nothing became of it and there was no illegal collusion and evidence of collusion or evidence that went on in that
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meeting. other than the dnc vendor wanted to lobby donald trump junior on the sanctions issue on behalf of the russian overlords. >> what does that have to do with interesting. we have spent millions of dollars investigating that meeting and there is no wrongdoing or criminality at all. >> lou: quickly we are out of time. senate intel chair richard burr turned over the intelligence committee to mark warner and after huddling with former spy chiefs. without any, any corroboration and statement of reason for their claim that vladimar putin preferred donald trump? >> that is straight out of the dossier and dnc dossier and
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anyone who thinks that the dnc is running the executive branch, it is well represented. >> and we are all represented by judicial watch. and we appreciate it. good to have you with us. mueller said he will not indict president trump. that has not stopped him of issuing another round of subpoenas and we'll tell you who he targeted next. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. with dell small businessout your technology advisors you get the one-on-one partnership you need to grow your business. the dell vostro 15 laptop. contact a dell advisor today.
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>> lou: the russia witch hunt should have ended long ago. and the special counsel admitted he cannot and will not insdiekt president trump. robert issued the social media consultant and the subpeona suggest that jason vulvan appeared before a grand jury where he will turn over all document and electronically storied information and joining us is greg jarret. fox legal analyst and author of the book. so brand new and it will not be
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published and you can still put it in your preorder. and russia hoax and steam and available for a preorder and we are delighted to have you here. >> we'll start with rudy guiliani's blockbuster revelation that two weeks ago mueller told the legal team he will not indict. >> it is a long-standing rule with the department of justice you can't indict the president. he is actually going to abide by a rule. that is an important statement because he has not abided by a lot of rules and what he simply ignored rather than reacted to i.t. is as if republicans recused themselves if well is a conflict or stepped back from the job or post.
10:29 am
and democrats seem to go full on tilt. >> i can teach an entire semester law school class on professional responsibility and use robert mueller he is saturated with a conflict of interest. and i seriously question his judgment or lack thereof. if you look at the cannons of ethics and rules of professional responsibility. he seems to have violated a myri ad of them in an effort to stay on the case he does not belong. >> at this point, the president, is it too early for him to breathe a sigh of relieve and start discussing with the if counsel the wind down here? >> as long as there is a special counsel i would be apprehensive and you don't know what a guy
10:30 am
will do. i wouldn't trust them frankly. there is a couple of things about guiliani's remarks of no indictment of trump. nixon was an uninvited co-conspirator. and in part pardoned nixon early because he knew the prosecutors were going to indict nixon as a department. you worry about that aspect. and you read the regalwayses and it calls for mueller to issue a report. i always believed that it is muller's goal and edges and calls in investigation and in one line say there may be evidence that trump might have obstructed justice in the comments of flynn and his firing of comey. that would be enough for
10:31 am
democrats to file for articles of empeachment. >> lou: adapt shift if he found him pure as driven snow and innocent in all regards. adam shift would be out there screaming for his head. these are louts. >> it is a low life idea log and he's bouncing on the bottom of the swamp. come on. >> he is for sure lost all credibility by virtue of all of the claims that have come to nothing and proven nothing and ship is ship. >> lou: let's turn from the senate committee dropping all of the pages of donald trump junior. again, there is nothing here. there is nothing and yet, you know, i think as big of a problem as the special counsel is and the deep state that is
10:32 am
driving the department of justice and beyond that. and the graven cowardness and the leading for ryan and mcconnell. and obsense of the legal voice saying come to an end. it has to be at the end now. >> and wait a minute. what is wrong with meeting with a russian in the trump tower? the first amendment protects it and the federal campaign election act specifically permits it and i would write where in the criminal codes does it constitute a crime of collusion? it doesn't and the pages released today prove it. >> they proved one thing. the fbi and cian and intelligence committee.
10:33 am
they were not smart enough to stop russian intervention and detect or produce evidence that would be helpful of collusion and engagement and that raises another question. who are these so- called spy masters and brennan and comey. and why both are if you are in congress to bring them forward and their agencies failed to bring evidence of collusion or cooperation. it is disgusting on that level alone. >> on that shift clapper and brennan have no credibility. >> lou: i think senator mark warner thinks they are neat guys. >> there is another one. >> lou: there you go. greg jarret good to see you. up next. congress turns to president trump to put an end to the stone
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>> lou: house freedom caucus members are calling on president trump to use his presidential authority to end the stone walling. they have issued a letter to the white house asking president
10:38 am
trump to force the attorney general to immediately produce all documents related to fisan abuse and the investigation of the trump campaign and the infamous may through 2017 scope memo and august 2nd memo on on scope. and there is a member of a number of committees including oversight and foreign affairs. it is great to have you here. what are the prospects for your letter and those of congressman jordan to be heard and acted on by president trump? >> prospects are good. the understand understands it is gone on too long and these are the documents that the american people have an interest on. and the folks have not been willing to be forth right with congress and produce them in
10:39 am
a timely fashion. it was effective a mullig an and the first memo in may was detective and everybody acknowledged that and he writes a memo secretly in august and will not release most of what the memo is about and that upset the district judge in virginia and members of congress and of course, we need to know how the counter intelligence investigation began and if there was anybody used to be involved with the trump campaign. and what their relationship was with like christopher skilled and the whole nine yards. lewisville this is what questions we deserve? >> we have talked about hold this person in condechlt and bring articems of impeachment and that will take forever and a day. jim and mark and myself thought
10:40 am
that the easiest route was to direct the president and he can do. >> it takes him to a new level and it gives him the opportunity to expert the powers that are rightfully his under the constitution and that is to take charge of the attorney general and end the clap trap that is spun up by rod rosenstein, it is awful what the man has done. and sessions has been absent from his responsibilities. this president has been patient beyond all human expectation. it is time, i couldn't agree with you more. >> i mean, the white house provided unprecedented access and shovelling all of the documents that mueller wanted and not claiming executive privilege and not fighting it.
10:41 am
and the reason they did that it was a good faith effort to say we don't think there should be a special counsel and we'll prove to you our innocence and move on. but the special counsel is not willing to reciprocate. and the fact that they acknowledge doj regulations preclude someone like mueller from trying to indict the president. i don't know why they are continuing to do this. there is no evidence for them to be working toward. nother than the political end to disrupt the party and this president and house of representative and senate controlled by the republican party in the midterm elections and that looks to be clearly their purpose. >> that would be outside of the scope of the special counsel. if there is a criminal investigation where the doj is conflicted. that's the only time you get a special counsel and we reach
10:42 am
the one year mark is coming and he hasn't put up yet and so it is time to move on. >> lou: that one year arrives tomorrow may 17th. and so many ways trngs has been what is the expression, that is used on this broadcast more than once. a slow- moving coup deta against the president of the united states. congressman, thank you for all you are doing to persevere in the fight against the left and the deep state and rhinos and still by the way leading the way in the race for the governor of florida. good to have you with us. appreciate it. >> coming up next, >> lou: a historic day in the holy land thanks to president trump. >> father, i speak for every one of us, we thank you every day that you have given us a president who boldly stands on
10:43 am
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>> lou: north korea that pulled out of important talks with south korea also taking aim at national security advisor john bolton as they threaten to end the summit before it begins with president trump. the north koreans are attacking bolton because he scares them to death. bolton is the bright ept national security advisor in three decades. mitt rom neap who fired off an unexpected and shocking bolton and romney vitriol in the pastor of robert jeffers. the failed presidential candidate tweeted this. robert jeffers said you can't be saved and mormop is not. and islam.
10:48 am
such a religious bigot should not give a prayer that opens the u.s. batsz bass. jeffers endorse the romney by the way in the presidential candidacy in 2012 saying he and romney shared many of the same values. and joining us from jerusalem where he gave the prayer and now in the capital of israel in jerusalem is pastor robert jeffers head of the first baptist church in dallas and fox news contributor and a great american. thank you. it is an impressive ceremony and prayer and mitt romney whom you supported in 2012 comes after you like nobody's business and what is going on? >> that's right. they are upset with me and in the primaries i supported him and not the primary.
10:49 am
and i am not a bigot. and they are manufactured or ripped out of context and i hold to historic christianity that offers jesus christ offers the way to heaven. and they don't graet agree to that as fine. and it is the words and teachings of jesus who said i am the way, truth and life and no man comes to the father but by me. it was sad he would do this on a historic day in which we have so many positive things. >> lou: you expect an apology from mitt romney. >> i am not waiting by my twitter, no, i am not. >> lou: turning to the historic day, it is the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the state of israel and the opening of the u.s. embassy in
10:50 am
jerusalem. it was a powerful historic moment for the united states and indeed the world. >> it really is. today, lou, we saw history being made and it was made by donald trump. he had the courage to do what no other president was able or willing to do in moving the embassy and standing by our most reliable ally in the middle east. and lou, i can't walk down the streets of jerusalem without being stopped by people who watched me on lou dobbs tonight and say thank you for standing with president trump. they love the president and love christians and they love and a great day not only for israel and america, but the entire world. >> lou: you are correct. this is it a president who didn't just make a promise, he
10:51 am
delivered on that promise which is his custom and he deserves great, great respect for that. at this time, just the power of the special relationship between israel and the united states assures much for the middle east itself. good to see you, my friend. thanks for having me. >> coming up, a winning night for primaries and america's first agenda and sign the contract to keep america great. charles hurt will help me break ♪ this is a jungle gym... and a baseball diamond...
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loupe lou another round of victories last night for republicans embracing america first agenda. two. favorite candidates. congressman from pennsylvania fisher wins the primaries. what does this mean. we'll find out. joining us is the opinion editor and charmy, great to see you. the president is doing pretty well on the endorsements and primary victories, your thoughts it? it is not only the sitting president is doing well. or it is the fact that these guys are running on trump's agenda. guys and gals.
10:56 am
they are running on that agenda and a place like president trump. and this that is the exact number of years and the reason that donald trump wanted and the relationship that any other republican wins the state is because of those differences between the trump agenda and the focuses on things like illegal algens and trade. and you know, that is a tremendous asset for republicans to now have in their platform. the contest between the senate and house speaker and majority leader and the establishment and the global elitist or depending on their construction is paul ryan and the boys over the in
10:57 am
the chamber and coke brothers want them running on a tax cut which is a sure way to end the republican majority and the president wants to campaign on illegal immigration and border security and talk about the issues that matter and what he's gone for the economy and american working person and all americans. and rising tides left all boat and that's the way it is operating. and what is it that we are watching here and so many people forget one of the most important things about the success. first thing he did before we got any democrat. he got the republicans and professional politicians in their own primary and he beat republicans first and then the democratic political machine
10:58 am
since the kennedys. >> they were cheating the whole time. totally and he was willing to rewrite the republican agenda. and he would love to attack them. and he doesn't listen and that is total ps and, >> i wish he would take the no guy and gals and globalist in the white house and kick their but thes right out of there and that is a real problem and persuade them to go down the path he's playing with it you can tell whether it will trade or penalties against those who violate the national security policies or talking about a wall who hasn't got a brick for it yet. he could lose the whole shooting
10:59 am
match. and the reason we hear donald trump and the wall thing. he realizes he keeps hitting another wall within his own people and a break wall whether it is dhs. >> they are damp fools. and it reveals the guy has a pine. and>> lou: ha is only president with guts. you have to go back to reagan. and the reason he gets back. he knows deep down he knows what the people elected him to do. thank you for being here. appreciate it. charlie hurt, thank you. quote of the evening perfectly summing up the leader of the russian probe.
11:00 am
only two things are infortunate. universe and humanity. thank you for being with us. good night from new york. >> three brothers, one strange picture. >> i always thought, why did we have a painting like that in our dining room? >> it stirs up the sale of the century. >> $750. do have $750 right her. >> oh, my god. i'm thinking, what is this? >> are you thinking that thele g a mistake, or they know something that you don't? >> they know something that i don't.'ll take you $300,000. >> it was a complete shock. >> $830,000. >> he said, "amy, it was a rembrandt." >> not so fast. >> so, it is possible that this thing turns out not to be? >> totally. [ applause ] [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ th


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