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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 26, 2018 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] the city iu a beer here is lou, guys. lou: good evening, everybody our top stories tonight the dems, the deep state even establishment as running scared over spygate. the day after lawmakers received a briefing on the biggest political scandal of all-time, obama administration is playing games rather than trying to deny the mountain of evidence that proves the trump campaign was spied upon by the obama administration spy chiefs for political purposes. we take up the intensifying and widening scandal, with tom fitto n of judicial watch here next and congressional rhinos stampeding to their
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recess need five signatures to force a vote for illegal immigrants, paul ryan the speaker more concerned about holding on to lake duck speaker ship rather than avoiding a mid-term disaster which now seems all but assured if he remains in place. we'll discuss the need with new republican leadership with ed rollins and jason chaffetz and president trump giving kim jong-un a master class in art of the deal. little rocket man comes back after the president canceled the peace summit, now president trump says the much anticipated meeting could still occur but as he also says we'll see. our top story tonight north korea trying to get in the president's good graces after he canceled the summit with kim jong-un over the regime's threatening conduct. president trump today said he's always willing to make a deal. >> mr. president is the summit
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still on? president trump: we're going to see what happens. we're talking to them now, it was a very nice statement they put out, we're talking to them now. they very much want to do it. we'd like to do it we're going to see what happens. >> [indiscernible] president trump: everybody plays games. you know that. lou: speaking of deals the president says he's reached a deal with china to ease sanctions for zte, the chinese giant telecom caught doing business with rogue regimes iran and north korea undermining u.s. security and breaking our sanctions for seven years. after negotiations with chinese president, the united states settling on a $1.3 billion fine for zte, management changes, stricter security rules, a guaranteed to buy parts from american companies and joining us tonight gordon chang, daily
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contributor author of the coming collapse of china. gordon good to have you here let's start with first, the quickness with which the north koreans and the abrupt change in demeanor sought to restore the summit with president trump. >> it certainly took me by surprise yesterday. you know, after the president withdrew from the summit you had a series of communications with north korea all of them concealed but last one even more nice as the president said, you know saying that they would meet the united states any time any place any format. that's a real indication that president trump has got their number. lou: you know what amuses me is to watch the so-called talking heads and the foolish absolutely foolish commentary in washington d.c. of both parties, now suddenly clubbing about the president wanting to counsel them again these are the same idiots who 24 hours previously had been dissing the president
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because they thought the summit had failed and before that by the way they were against the summit but once it collapsed they wanted to criticize him for that. they really don't know what they're talking about and we do understand one thing. the airwaves are filled when they're from the floors of the senate and the house or from all of the studios and various networks. this must drive the president nuts to have to put up with this >> i'm sure he's probably pretty happy right now because he's proved everybody is wrong. lou: i know he's got to be sick to listen to fools on parade constantly. >> you know the veterans american diplomatic former ambassador to china. lou: i don't know him. >> he has said something which is really resonates and that is he once said look, no one has ever figured out how to deal effectively with the north koreans.
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well that was true until yesterday, when we had the president as you said the master class in dealing with north koreans and they basically just pushed them around, got them to actually sort of cry uncle. lou: you know we haven't had a president before who at least not in recent times, who said what he meant, meant what he said. this president, he does exactly that and is playing a game as he said everyone plays games so if he's going to play a game he's going to play it three or four moves ahead of whoever his opponent is whether it is kim jong-un or whether it's president xi and the fools in washington d.c. haven't really caught up to that reality. >> that's certainly true. we now have a pathway to peace. we may not get there but nobody thought we would have this summit. nobody thought we would see the north koreans -- lou: and we still may not as the president has said. his conditions are absolute. they're non-negotiable and he is
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moving ahead. >> yeah, the north koreans really need things from trump, and he needs trump to give them sanctions relief. you know, before this we had -- lou: we need president trump to give the north koreans sanctions relief? >> no the north koreans need sanctions relief from president trump. lou: trying to get all of the dependency there associated correctly because i don't think we need any of it. >> no but what has happened is trump created the conditions where the north koreans had to speak to them. there was the sanctions relief, the threats to attack north korean nike and missile facilit ies and you know, kim is very much understands that his continued survival depends on the u.s.. lou: but do we know that gordon? i think we're still dealing with a considerable vague etherial image of who this man is. it was not kim who spoke in response to the president canceling those, that summit.
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it was a gentler, wiser representative of the regime taking great pains to be somewhat differential, to play indicate a man who said he's very clearly disappointed in the hostility and the anger that the regime had expressed, and i got the sense that that response was what it took for the president to embrace moving forward. >> yeah, and this is important, because we've never seen the north koreans do this before. we've seen them huff and puff and all of a sudden within the space of minutes, they take a very different position. they show that they've got a much weaker hand and that's because the president withdrew from the summit and forced them into a position for which for them was untenable. lou: i think we know how weak their hand is though we've known throughout previous presidents whether clinton or bush or obama they just didn't have the intelligence and the character
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to negotiate in support of a goal and this president has that plus. i think this is where i have to say to you, give us your forecast. will there be a summit or will there not? and will xi preserve the momentum that's been established here. >> okay we will have a summit. it may not be june 12 but it could be for instance in july or august because the north koreans -- lou: we've waited 30 years i think the president has considerable leeway here. >> yeah, but i think it will occur. lou: and xi? >> i think he's probably going to be unnerved by president trump, will probably end up with a decent trade deal, i hope. i'm a little bit concerned about the zte arrangement. lou: is there any reason for the zte deal that you can see? i mean, think about it. the communist country, you can
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explain that in a minute, let me say it's a communist country that can do whatever it wishes with all of those workers. it is a command and control economy. why should the president worry about 88,000 workers, chinese workers? >> no, he shouldn't but i think what's going on here is just a guess, lou. i think what he's trying to do is to buy toshiba and for qualcomm to buy nxp semiconductors. the chinese are holding up both of those deals. i surveillances that's what's in the back of the president's mind it's certainly not chinese jobs not even the $1.3 billion fine or changing the management team which really to me is substituting one set of criminal s for another. i think it's really the question of getting chinese approval on all of these mergers. lou: god an chang as always good to have you here. thanks, lou. liz: dems and rhinos trying to down play the biggest political scandal in the history of this country. we take it up with judicial watch's tom fitton.
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lou: the biggest political scandal in american history and it's only getting worse and that has the swamp creatures spinning desperately. the dems who whined their way into yesterday's classified
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briefings about the obama administration's politically motivated scheme to spy on the trump presidential campaign making no effort to deny that such an operation was in existence and instead they've chosen to quibble over, well, verbiage and they spew a lot of verbiage. adam schiff the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee took umbrage, that's what dems do, you know, at the word "spy." they prefer the term "informant ." the congressman had nothing to say about why anyone was snooping around the presidential campaign of the opposition. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell sat in on the so-called briefing detailing a partisan intelligence operation against his own party's presidential candidate and then actually went on left wing npr to defend special counsel robert mueller. this man is a beauty. >> the two investigations going on that i think will give us the answers to the questions that you raise, the ig investigation, the justice department and the
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mueller investigation. i support both of them. lou: he supports both of them. the senate majority leader doesn't understand no one really cares whether he supports either of them. president trump providing the only rational analysis of the scandal this morning he tweeted "can anyone even imagine having spies placed in the competing campaign by the people and party and absolute power for the sole purpose of political advantage and gain and to think that the party in question even with the expenditure of far more money lost." joining me now judicial watch president tom fitton tom good to have you with us and i have to say, doesn't the president make compelling clear sense beyond anything, anyone else is tweet ing or writing? >> oh, he's definitely showing leadership on this issue. one of the reasons it's frustrating for judicial watch is that in the government he seems to be the only one making sense on this.
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you have some committee chairman and the house like devon nunes, charles grassley doing independent oversight work, trey gowdy has stepped up a bit but much of the republican leadership is awol on this. lou: you just mentioned something i've got to quibble about. it looks to me like trey gowdy is there to basically run interference for the department of justice with devon nunes. he hasn't contributed anything to this point. there's still 1.4 million documents that oversight and judiciary have sought that haven't been turned over. we learned that in this meeting that the people didn't actually see documents they were briefed by the generosity of the generous officials of the doj who stonewalled them throughout. i mean, tom, i take exception to that because gowdy has contributed nothing. absolutely nothing. >> well gowdy hasn't been as strong on this as i would have liked, but given his weakness on mueller oversight, hold on, the
1:17 am
fact that he's involved at all, lou -- lou: i can't hold on i have to tell you how delighted i am at the comparison. we're looking at overall weakness it's amazing to see the man walk. >> but the point is the fact that gowdy is standing even close to nunes on this shows you how extreme the justice department is, that someone like gowdy whose first instinct is to defend the mueller investigation and provide excuses for the doj and fbi on many issues, is willing to go and make some noise on this; however, as insufficient it may be being look, going taking a further step back the department of justice and the fbi are at war with president trump, at war with congress, at war with transparencies, at war with the rule of law. lou: but they want to kill the presidency of donald trump that's the difference. they may be at war with all of those folks but they have one principal target and everything else will be just racked up asco
1:18 am
lateral damage, the constitution , congress, the senate you name it, but they want the presidency of donald j. trump that's been their goal throughout and i'm telling you, rhinos like gowdy and the others in the house and the senate, i mean, mark warner, is basically leaderring the richard burr's senate intelligence committee. >> lou if we trust the congress judicial watch would shutdown. we know congress is always going to be lacking in these basic oversight issues. the president is being restrained i think in unnecessaryily and i don't know for what good reason by the lawyers it seems to me in the white house in terms of intervening more directly. lou: i mean, tom when rudy giuliani, he brought rudy giuliani in and the only thing i've heard from guiliani for the last couple of months has been just the weiderest most crazy to
1:19 am
me irrational choices that he wants the president to follow that would be empathetic call to the president's interest in every instance. >> this is where i think the president needs to do. i think guiliani has been much more aggressive in terms of deficiencies we'll see how it pans out in the end. the president needs to order the shutdown of the mueller operation, declassify the scandal documents related to the improper targeting of him and others on his campaign and his family, pardon those already under the gun, who are also plead guilty perhaps, and shut it all down and expose what went on and dare the opposition to pretend that they can impeach someone for uncovering of a government scandal and stopping a miscarriage of justice. lou: i think that sounds right. there are a couple of problems i have with it. first of all we just heard mitch mcconnell say he supports the mueller probe instead of saying
1:20 am
he stands with the president. the man is a, to me, craven beneficiary of the coke brothers, the business round table, the chamber of commerce and wall street. i mean, it's straightforward. he is part of the problem. he's not any part of the solution. the same is true of ryan, and the reality becomes who will be the person who appoints a special counsel to go into these issues the corruption that should have been examined from the beginning here at the top levels of the department of justice and the fbi. it just goes on and on and we have to recognize that these are structural barriers to doing anything in the name of justice or preserving our constitution. >> you know the concern i have is that mitch mcconnell is the perfect representation of the senate in its entire senate caucus unfortunately on the mueller probe. i haven't heard one senator of
1:21 am
note go at mueller directly. thankfully those in house and i've criticized our friends in the house who have been much more aggressive than others have been in the past that be' very been talking around the mueller probe. the president would do well to tell his political team on the white house and to personally push congress at the leadership level that they got to get on board with keeping mueller reign ed in and providing necessary oversight as the constitution provides for. it's his leadership and he's going to have to take the bull by the horns, provide leadership both for the justice department, the fbi and for congress because i think the people are with him and the rule of law and protecting the constitution when it comes to this mueller probe, spygate and all the rest. lou: as always good to have you with us thank you. >> you're welcome. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is do you think the 23 rhinos pushing for daca amnesty will be re-elected? what do you think? cast your vote on twitter at lou
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dobbs, follow me on twitter at lou dobbs, like me on facebook follow me on instagram at lou dobbs tonight and up next congress goes on recess with a threat of a daca amnesty vote looming, we take up the rhino madness, ed rollins joins us, will they continue to do their masters bidding? of course they will. stay with us we'll be right back so, you guys have recently started dating... -yes -yes cool. i want to show you guys three chevy suv's. the first one is called the trax, great for when you move in together. -ahhh! and this is the chevy equinox, perfect for when you two have your first kid. give me some time... okay. this is the traverse... for when you have your five kids, two dogs and one cat. whoa! five? uhhh... it's the chevy memorial day sales event! get an additional $750 on these select models. that's on top of most other offers! find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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lou: the daca discharge petition that would force the house vote on amnesty for daca illegal immigrants, now just five signatures away from being, well , powerful enough to make that happen. 23 rhinos we're going to put these names up as you can see their names on their screen if you have really excellent vision i happen not to, so you're going to have to take my word for it those are the rhinos. they are carbello of florida, va
1:27 am
lldao of california, hurd of texas, love republican of utah, must be a romney republican, fred uptown, republican of michigan, dave reichert of washington, mike coffman, of new york, chris collins i'll never figure out, john faso of new york and amodei of nevada, and leonard lance new jersey, costel lo pennsylvania, steve knight california, dave trott michigan, eric paulsen of minnesota, tom reed and brian fitzpatrick of pennsylvania. i mean, they're joining democrat s to bring that amnesty bill. joining us tonight is ed rollins from the reagan white house political director great america chairman, fox news contributor and super american, great friend
1:28 am
>> thank you. to me this is the most treacherous thing these guys could possibly do two months before an election to go against your own leadership and own president if they want an maze bill a comprehensive immigration bill, he certainly has a show on this and if he don't give him his wall he will veto this thing so why go through this override a very weak speaker which is the perfect reason why he shouldn't be the speaker and put this up and embarrass republicans and everybody else. lou: i heard a number of republicans though say, ed, they just want to do something. i mean, this is the dumbest thing, this is one of the dumbest things, i should correct myself that i've heard republicans say over the years and they've said a lot. >> last time i looked they have 218 is a majority they have 20 more than that, if they want a comprehensive immigration bill the president will sign -- lou: who says they want a comprehensive bill. >> we have and we've seen it go
1:29 am
down in flames so why go through this drill here where you put a coalition together, this is what obama would have done. what they end up if they put this thing on the floor the house will pass what obama would have wanted. lou: think about it ryan fought trump on every issue since he was elected. he absolutely bowed to budget we had in our existence and i couldn't get the defense, we put no pressure. lou: he can't get anything. not only he's sold out, early, he can't even manage the house. he's not competent he is weak- kneed and frankly -- >> the real test is you had a vp candidate who carries his home state, the romney/ryan lost wisconsin. lou: yes. did you know he didn't carry his home? >> did not carry his home. lou: that's amazing.
1:30 am
>> so, he ended up getting this job by default. i have never found a ryan republican anywhere. there are plenty of trump rep cans i've never found a ryan republican and if you think anyone wants to go out and say i want ryan's policies, i want to takeaway medicare, i want to balance this budget by doing it on the backs of republicans farmers what have you that's a losing strategy. lou: and if they're dumb enough not to understand that, and these 23 apparently think they're already losing or they wouldn't be desperate enough to do this kevin mcafter think, steve scalise is stepping in in case he doesn't make it as speaker i guess we won't know until next year though because they seem quite content these republicans to leave paul ryan there. i would argue if the tea party which is now the freedom caucus supporters, they want a leader they got 10 days to put it together.
1:31 am
why should we take memorial day off, take sunday off and start tuesday, counting votes and putting votes together so when they come back next week, just basically vote to vacate the chair. lou: you've done this throughout your career. >> right. lou: counting votes getting ready moving an idea and initiative ahead. have you ever seen a group of people that as the republican conference who can't even muster the guts to say i want to be the speaker of the house? i mean, jim jordan says to his friends and some colleagues he wants to be speaker. why the hell not stand up and go get it? because we've had enough of this establishment crap in leadership where they don't say what they mean, they don't mean what they say and they want to stay in a job that they just resigned for another eight months. i mean this is the republicans look awful here. >> they do look awful and the reality is they're going to get hurt in this selection as i've told you over and over again. if you want to be speaker you've
1:32 am
got to tell people why you want to be speaker and what you're going to do and most important is we're missing a leader in action. we've not had a leader since before -- lou: they've got a great model in donald trump. they do absolutely. lou: why not emulate the man's conduct, his ideas and his, as a man of action, or a woman of action whoever it maybe who steps up. >> well he is the president and i sit here and watch these shows and we're debating what the justice department acting like it's an independent agency. it is donald trump. he's got elected it's his agency just like any other agency like transportation, hud, any of the rest and he basically ought to just get the ruler here and say what do you have? you've already said you're not going to charge me. what evidence do you have to make my government be tied up here and let's move forward. lou: even better he doesn't even have to say anything. just tell the attorney general. >> thank you very much goodbye. lou: move the documents to the congressional oversight committees and do it now and that's it and if you don't do it
1:33 am
, then we're going to find out whether or not you're so independent that i can't fire you. >> and -- lou: he's already vowed. >> transparent. lou: by the way, kevin mcarthy and steve scalise are the same person, if the republicans go for that they'll go for anything. >> i agree. lou: ed rollins. have a nice memorial day. lou: good to have you here. >> you have to quit calling these guys rhinos, they're very courageous and tough animals. lou: there are some going extinct and that may be the emotional tie for me. >> i think it's saying a lot because of the -- lou: look i hate to insult any animal especiallily associating with them something so weak- minded as a rhino. >> i think we should call them ostriches. it's better they have a head in the ground. lou: we've got to do better than
1:34 am
that. folks if you've got an idea just e-mail us, tweet us, let us know what you think. it sounds benign even, a rhino. >> they're not benign. [laughter] lou: no they're not thank you ed ed rollins. >> take care. lou: up next spygate, a former trump campaign advisor says he was approached and targeted by obama administration spies. advisor michael caputo joins us here next, you'll want to hear what he's got to say about spy gate. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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lou: three fbi agents are set to testify before congress about the fbi's corrupt handling of the clinton e-mail investigation one of those agents actually ran the clinton investigation and he resigned over fbi and doj leadership efforts to kill the case. his testimony will come before the house judiciary and over site and government reform committees next month. my next guest is a former trump campaign advisor. he says he was targeted by a possible fbi intermediary not once but twice during the spring of 2016. joining us tonight is michael caputo and it is good to have you with us michael thanks for being here. thank you, lou i really appreciate the invitation. lou: let's start with first of all, i have been as engrossed as everyone i think is in the special counsel and its reaction
1:39 am
to the evidence and to the testimony that they're hearing. you've talked to the special counsel about this, and i'm fascinated by the reaction of the special counsel. could you share that with us? >> sure, i was approached in the first week of may in 2016 by a former federal government national security contractor who says that the nsa had e-mails and he could help us get a hold of them. e-mails that related to hillary clinton and this is when hillary clinton deleted 30,000 we were all looking for them and of course after a couple of weeks i turned it down because it was just too close to classified information i didn't want to touch anything that's a crime, but you know, two years later, actually in the early part of 2016 i told the house intelligence committee about this they took down the information and then in the early part of may i told the senate intelligence committee they weren't even taking notes and frankly i offered them the
1:40 am
timeline i was leading from and they didn't take a copy. and then i told the mueller team the same thing the next day on may 2 and it didn't seem to even interest them and they didn't take a copy either, and that had , you know i was really scratching my head about that until this whole thing came up with a spy on the trump campaign and it became very clear this could be the very same thing. of course i had a second attempt to contact me in late may, one that my attorney says i can talk about, because the mueller team was very interested in it, wanted to talk about it a lot and knew more about it than i did, so i was looking forward to going to the department of justice office of inspector general, you know this whole expanded investigation the president demanded over the weekend i think that was a mattress joke, lou what the president did this weekend gave me the opportunity to share this with someone who will know if these are fbi informants or not. lou: the president has promised
1:41 am
absolute transparencies, now whether or not the officials of the justice department, the same corrupt officials in some cases that were there previously, the officials in the fbi the top five are gone so the odds are better itself but it's going to be interesting to see because this president the american people as i've said earlier on this broadcast are going to rally around this president on the issue of transparencies no president has ever done this, and it's remarkable already how popular this president is. i want to put in a full screen here, michael, if i may, to just put in context something that occurred as we're pointing out. you were talking about early may when you were contacted but george papadopoulos was also contacted in that general timeframe late may you and george papadopoulos are contacted and in july carter page is contacted in london this is the highest ranking diplomats
1:42 am
i believe was interested in carter page and in september, sam clovis was contacted. this begins to take on the appearance of a broader targeting than anyone possibly imagined. your thoughts? >> i agree and in fact what happened to me if it is in fact an operation trying to set me up with classified tied information offer r or hillary's e-mails whatever it was the first or second times it looks a lot like what happened to george papadopoulos and you know i was pretty harsh on george papadopoulos when it came down to what he was being charged with, i really feel badly about calling him a coffee boy and i apologized to him today. he really got screwed. our country failed george papadopoulos and his family. carter page, you know, didn't take the bait and he's a gentleman about it but what happened, may end up being a
1:43 am
great big misunderstanding but lou it could also be the keys to the kingdom of god, and i was shocked that nobody from any of the investigations wanted to know anything about it and now that the president, i understand the skepticism and the inspector general and the doj but i was impressed with his report about scott mccabe so i'm a bit optimistic about this inspector general and what he'll do and people were kind of hard on the president about this thinking it was a half step but it's something happening immediately now. i'm actually able to my attorney is sending a letter to the inspector general asking for an appointment i'm hoping it happens in the very short term. if the president had demanded another special counsel, we might have been waiting months. i'm really optimistic about this and i think the president's move this weekend demanding that investigation was an absolute master stroke. lou: i agree and it's also is in every instance the case, it is also the right thing to do, this
1:44 am
president seems to have a sense of what to do and absolute transparency from our justice department and the fbi. these corrupt institutions are going to have to be purged that's all there is to it with the leadership that they have tolerated for way too long. michael caputo, thanks for being with us we appreciate your sharing your story and like you, we're all watching to see the next moments events. we only no one thing, day by day they're sure to arrive. thanks so much michael caputo. thank you for the invitation lou lou: you bet thank you. be sure to vote in our poll tonight do you think the 23 rhinos pushing for daca amnesty should be, well, will be re-elected? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs we'd like to hear from you run over by rhinos paul ryan under fire as the threat of a daca amnesty vote is looming. this and more jason chaffetz joins us next, we'll take that
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lou: joining me now jason chaffetz former congressman from utah fox business contributor jason great to see you and let's start with spygate. the contest now seems to be whether or not you want to call
1:49 am
it if you're a demonstratesing, an informant and otherwise, what the person really was, which is a spy. basically that has become an acknowledgment that the obama administration spied on donald j. trump. >> yeah, no it's true. i mean you have to call it for exactly what it is. it's spying. even james clapper has now been talking about that yeah, the spy was there but it was a for a good purpose to protect donald trump but unfortunately, of course, they didn't do that same thing with the clinton campaign. they only did it with the trump campaign how convenient. lou: it is convenient and also somewhat inconvenient that they never once talked to anyone within the trump campaign about what they suspected if they indeed did, which was the russians are coming. this is such a mindless bunch of clap trap that i can't even believe that these fools that i'm talking about comey and clap per and brennan would think that they could get away with
1:50 am
this. >> well, and remember what was also happening in the house, over with the dccc, the democratic congressional committee where there was some hacking into their machine. did they let homeland security look at the machine? did they cooperate with homeland security? no they did not do that at all, and you had president obama out there very publicly saying look, even if somebody wanted to, they couldn't do this sort of thing and it was all because, lou, they thought that hillary clinton was on a tragically to win the election. they were so bright and had figured everything out they wanted an insurance policy according to one of the texts but they already figured this out but they just wanted to keep an eye on donald trump and his campaign evidently. lou: the ig report you have written an op-ed on the issue and you seem to feel pretty confident that that is going to bring great substance and light to bear on all of this.
1:51 am
>> so the ig report the inspector general report should be out any day probably as early as next week. i do believe in michael horowitz i don't know what's in the report i haven't read it but i know the people that are behind the investigation they've been at it more than a year. it'll probably be the closest that we will get to the truth. i think it'll be illuminating. it may not please everything that everybody wants but it is going to be the closest thing that we will get to the truth and i've had that experience with michael horowitz, the ig from fast and furious and the dea and the atf investigations. i've seen them in action for years that's why i've such confidence. lou: and there's not much to be confident about in that justice department during the days of fast and furious. no. lou: and eric holder's legacy of complete ideological sell-out, stonewalling congress and still getting away with it until he
1:52 am
was cited for context of congress. only cabinet member in history to be so cited by congress you have to nonetheless, his gift to the justice department was robert mueller and he became the special counsel, despite that. we also want to bring up we were just receiving word tonight that guiliani has told the associated press, rudy giuliani that the entire trump legal team wants to be briefed by the justice department on the spy in the trump campaign. your reaction? >> that sounds reasonable to me i haven't digested all of it but i think that the attorneys for donald j. trump as the candidate which is what this is all about, they would have i think a reasonable expectation to receive a briefing about this and assemble to fairness. i think now that the election is donald he is the president, i
1:53 am
think that would be a fair thing to do. lou: and the business that they are trying to protect, the justice department to be protecting a spy, a informant as they like to style it, is on its face absurd. this is a person whose operating within the campaign, his identity at least one of them is known, a second suspected and others also suspected. is there any reason why the president should not just simply say that's it? clear it, i want all of the documents released from the justice department and the fbi now, and as he has promised absolute transparency will be the order of the day. >> well as you have said lou and what the president i think is trying to do is maximize that transparency. you look at the people that were in the key meetings earlier this week. you know who is totally absent? attorney general sessions.
1:54 am
i mean, he's there in name only. he's not functional. the president needs to flush him out of the system because between jeff sessions, loretta lynch and eric holder, i can't tell the difference between the three of them. it is absolutely worthless. we need real leadership there and the sooner the president puts in a real attorney general, the better the country will be. lou: jason chaffetz as always great to have you with us thanks so much. >> thanks, lou. thank you. lou: on wall street stocks closed mixed the dow down 59 points s&p lost six, volume on the big board 3 billion shares not bad for a friday the dow up s&p a fraction on the week, crude oil prices down 4% that after the president pressured opec and russia to boost daily production by a million barrels a day a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast reports three times a day coast to
1:55 am
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lou: president trump today gave the commencement address at the naval academy and here he is. president trump: each of you enter service at a truly exciting time for our country for we are witnessing great reassure wake ening of the american spirit and of american mite. we have rediscovered our identity, regained our stride,
1:59 am
and we're proud again we will speak the truth and we will defend that truth. america is the greatest fighting force for peace, justice, and freedom in the history of the world. in case you haven't noticed, we have become a lot stronger lately. we are not going to apologize for america. we are going to stand up for america. no more apologizes. we are going to stand up for our citizens. we are going to stand up for our values and we are going to stand up for our men and woman in uniform. lou: and he did just that by the way shaking hands of the cadets for hours after that address. that's it for us tonight have a >> a homemade hatchet man.
2:00 am
>> oh, my god, this is not for real! >> it is. >> what are these meant to do? >> those could dismember people. >> an attic of axes... >> i was in shock because it was floor to ceiling axes, knives... >> cannons, guns. >> ready for an off-the-wall inheritance? >> i heard that they thought he was the unabomber. >> one day my mother has a knock on the door, and it turns out to be two fbi agents. >> leave it to cleaver. >> how many really great knife makers can do what he did? >> probably about forty or fifty... >> that's it? >> the world. >> in the world? >> in the world. >> last call, for $2,750. [ door creaks ]


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