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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 13, 2018 6:00am-8:58am EDT

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offer. we are on that this morning. the federal reserve to raise interest rates this afternoon. market watchers are waiting to see what chairman powell says in the possibility of more news conferences in interest rate hikes. it is pretty much expected a quarter-point race today. features into a gain of 30 points on the dow jones industrial average. the nasdaq up 17 points. take a look at the close yesterday. the dow was down one point by point. the 43-point move upwards. in europe gcross the board take a look at the indices. st 100 up a quarter of a percent in the dax index right now. markets mostly lower at the close. japan was higher up a third of a percent. hong kong down one and a
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quarter%. donald trump taking on robert de niro calling him punchdrunk after he once again targeted the president and the tony awards state. joining me to work -- walk through it all is morga tegas. former home depot ceo of bob nardelli and "wall street journal" global economics editor jon hilsenrath. great to see you. >> just think of what it meant good news yesterday with the market would've done. we had great news. i was surprised the market didn't react more favorably. trado a little bit wait-and-see today. >> wait and see the head another round of tears discussions coming down the pike. at&t time warner deal. the market is about to digest. >> do they do a half going forward as opposed to another
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increase. >> a very crucial institution. the question is whether they keep going. they have a meeting in december that everyone will come down to. >> we've got to get into the time warner at&t deal. we surprised the judge wrote that the company? >> he was so emphatic and on the justice department. i think that is going to land to the dealmaking activity that everybody's expect pain. >> open up the floodgates now because content is now valued even higher. >> how can he have rolled any different? and then to tout at&t i'm really happy for randall stephenson and this would be a great merger. it will create competition. this is going to be fine.
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you don't want to see some bids for the likes of apple, amazon, google. we will talk all about this morning. the air force attorney general along with john garamendi here. retired navy commander. national security adviser to george w. bush, stephen hadley joins us. johnny carter of the crunch franchise is with us as well. big show had. don't miss a moment of it. the president touching down in washington following his birthday with a great leader kim jong un in singapore. the two leaders signed off on working toward the nuclear station of the korean peninsula. the president treated this this morning. just landed a long trip that everyone can feel much safer than the day i took office. no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. meeting with kim jong un was an interesting and positive x.
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the white house now says the u.s. military will continue to train with his south korean counterpart and conduct military drills, but not large-scale joint exercises after the president had. tremendously provocative. morgan ortegas. there seems to be some confusion when the presidentirst said that's what north korea wanted. >> it's a very broad term. these exercises can come in a variety of different forms, not just troop movement. it can also be done with the real future of war is headed in savers based. many they can do their. these are all set. another one set for august to be more of a computer cybertype.
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really broad and encompassing term and that's where the congress wanted a clarification. maria: yesterday i spoke with gordon chang and he madethis ise cyberwar games. readiness is so critical. are you concerned that the readiness takes a hit? >> i'm really not. such a broad category. exactly on what he willtep down on, woody won't step down on. if there is the slightest blip in the agreement, they are back on again and they'll be able to surge the readiness capabilities. i wouldn't want to nitpick on that particular point. >> does this mean the u.s. would be training anymore or does that
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mean they're not doing mass exercises. >> we are still awaitin ication as the defense department. there were still be plenty of coordination between the u.s. and south korea. it's takinnsive measures against them show capabilities. it is also about having a presence in the region because of all of the activity covered by china and the south china sea. it's important for us to be there. the president alluded to something down the road being able to negotiate on troops. what they don't want is the threat, some of the threatening news. maria: we've got a lot of expert voices coming in. switching to the comcast news. a new all-cash bid for 21st century of box assets as early as today that would top the
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disney offer after yesterday's big news that a federal judge cleared the at&t $85 billion takeover of time warner. not only do we talk about in the works. opening the floodgates in terms of telecom, media, internet tech companies, social media all giddy and unwanted to buy content. >> short answer is yes it does open the floodgates. comcast is waiting for the deal to have been double move for fox but they do have a lot of other media companies whose assets are all in play. all of that patent in the industry and how to position where there is technology companies that didn't exist 10 years ago. there's another dealmaking. >> twenty-first century fox had
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7.5%. >> cash used to be king. content is king. we saw the ale in "the new york times." ferocious competition. arting a new production any. you will see a lot of emerging target and we also tell you kind of who's in a position of power here. last time i checked comcast price was down and i think disney's prices down also. we're talking about bidding wars for content companies. >> you mentioned cash. i understand your point cash is king. the speculation was comcast is going to raise the bid and make it all cash offer. while the 21st century want that including a huge tax bill and you don't get anything in
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the future. with the disney deal, 21st century fox owns 25% of disney. >> there's a question for the murdoch family, what position do they have been a company owned by comcast as opposed to disney. they have a position of strength there. true to what they vote for as you don't get a vote with comcast. >> right here to really comes down to what rupert murdoch wants to do. it is going to be complicated to figure where he scored the stand. trade to does disney rescinded once comcast comes in. >> you make a great point about the total financial impact of tax consequences if we saw that with ge in the deals they've done in trying to put together a somewhat convolutedls but financially attractive. maria: now there's trade. president trump says canada will pay a price after prime minister justin trudeau in the state this
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country would not be pushed around by the u.s. on trade. watch. >> i have a good relationship with justin trudeau. it really did it other than he had a newsference because he assumed ian airplane that i wasn't watching. they can cost a lot of money for the people of canada. you can't do that. trade to these on the same day that top trade adviser peter navarro has apologized saying there is a special place in for leaders who stabbed a president in the back on the way out of the door referring to trudeau. watch this. >> to use language that was inappropriate, basically lost the power of the message. that was my mistake. >> didn't madeline albright use that?
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i think she supported andrew cuomo, not in the annex them. tensions on trade still low. how does this play out? >> there's a couple of narratives. one is the u.s. canada narrative. they were working towards free doing a deal with nafta and not looks really like a sideline right now. it was interesting that the president was having a heat saying canada would pay a price. while his visor is, we just saw peter navarro c. my fellow calm things down. the other narrative which we have to pay attention to his china friend. this is where north korea comes into play. there's a deadline for friday for the administration is going to say what it's going to do on the first round of $50 billion a terrace with china. trade your they're supposed to come out a specific list of products that will be terrace. >> the question is does the president come back from the meeting and say i of monaco
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light on china because they are helping out on the north korean tax or does the barrel head and say we will track down dee the fact they're an important player. >> the one thing we've been monitoring is do they continue to implement the very comprehensive sanctions at the u.n. there have been some signals that the chinese and russians are considered drawing them back. that's something cute to watch withchinese participation going forward in the sanctions. >> the u.s. is preparing another route of tougher sanctions against north korea. they are waiting to see again how things went with kim jong un. if that didn't go well the president would come back and bite them right away. that's another area where he could hold back. maria: do you believe the summit in singapore was a success? >> to the extent that the threat of nuclear war has been reduced, it's hard to say.
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maria: it's a huge success if that's an issue, the result. >> it all comes down to how you read the north korean. >> u.s. yesterday yes or no. my answer yesterday would've been yes. sure there's parts that could be improved. but i was amazed at yesterday was the number of prior government officiaat there for eight years and did not and can then be critical that if i was doing it i would've had these other elements in there. it is a good first start to your point. could it get better? yes. we have to monitor. trying to imagine how hard it is for the democrats to get this man a compliment. this is an anonymous on that. just getting to the table was a success. of course we need to save verification that they will not complement him in any way. >> it doesn't hurt to talk to the north koreans necessary. we would only do groups of six or seven or eight conversations.
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mr. trump said we are going to do it and it didn't go poorly. maria: when we come back, eaking news overnight. a manhunt underway after two police officers were shot outside of pittsburgh are the latest in a door-to-door search coming next. jay powell is shaking things up at the fed chair considering a plan keep people guessing about the outcome of policy meetings. but we could see a lot more of him every meeting. we wilplain. stay with us. to your bumper, cause.... i don't think enough people heard about your big day. but nothing says "we got married" like a 12 ounce piece of scrap metal. yo! we got married! honk if you like joint assets. now you're so busy soaking up all this attention, you don't see the car in front of you.
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is an act of mutuality. we can help with the financial ones. learn more or find an advisor at maria: welcome back. a massive manhunt underway after two police officers were shot in the pittsburgh suburb. cheryl casone with the details. >> good morning, maria. we set up a roadblock. checking every vehicle that comes by right now. police going door to door checking on the people who live in the neighborhood. three people reportedly in custody. the officers were only grazed by the bullet. both expected to be okay. right now it's unclear what led up to all of this earth are looking for any other suspects. officers responding to a call about a possible abdtion. near the border in arizona.
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the man who shot the border region. several bullets in an area known for drug smugglers near tucso he will survis to his protective guys. multiple people have been questioned as part of an alarming trend the agency reported 847 assaults on officers near the border last year alone. meanwhile in san antonio, texas connected to suspected illegal immigrants including children found inside a semi truck last night. at least five people were sent to the hospital for injuries while trying to run out of the truck. authorities say the tractor-trailer was air-conditioned and people inside did have water. the bipartisan effort to forsake daca vote is now dead. house speaker paul ryan announcing overnight congress who could better to immigration bills next week. the decision coming moments after 10 get a discharge position fell two signatures
6:19 am
short that would've allowed the house to put up a vote on the floor. next week will mark the first time they've considered legislation to protect illegal immigrants who entered the u.s. as children. president trump look at the inspector general's report on the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton eail probe before it is released to the public or the "washington post" reported that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is expected the president tomorrow. he announced last week they would release the report on clinton's use of a private e-mail server june 14. by the way, that solves the president birthday, maria. there you have it. maria: welcome in this ig report is going to focus on the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation in the 2016 election. let's remember there were two investigations going on right now. on one hand, the intel committee
6:20 am
devin nunes is looking at why an investigation was launched into the trump campaign, what was the intelligence used to come up with this narrative that trump colluded with the russians. the other investigation is zeroing in on the fbi, doj and, doj and handling of bachelor quick investigation. what do you expect from a report which is dropped tomorrow? >>s is one of the most important things we've seen come up. these are incredibly nonpartisan individuals. anyone w's watching like myself, when the ig comes around, everyone gets nervous. i have a lot of faith in whatever report they're going to put out. wouldike see the origil copy of the revisions, the people said why are we so focusing on the clin investigation because all the people were handling the hillary quit investigation. there's impropriety in the first investigation. t mean there's
6:21 am
impropriety in the second? the report comes out tomorrow. maria: the ig report recommends criminal charges against andrew mccabe. we'll see if there's a similar charge coming up in this report. we'll have that report tomorrow. take a short break on that note. south carolina mark sanford loses his congressional primary race to a challenger who got a last-minute trump bumped from a tweet from the president. what he is today this morning after his stunning win. president trump also using twitter to lash out at robert de niro and his f. bomb tirades. back in a moment.
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maria: welcome back. deral serve takes center stage today. expected to r interest rates for the second time this year. the decision comes at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. read on the european central so hot in tomorrow. chief economist at investment strategist for standish with me right now. good to see you, vincent. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> your thoughts on the fed. are you expecting a rate hike in what would be the conversation around an interest rate increase you expecting from powell today? >> everyone expects an interest rate hike today because the fed told us they would do it. they signaled very strongly and they didn't do anything to push back on the idea that they raised rates today. you are right, and the interesting part of this afternoon will be the conversation about why they did it and how much more they think they'll do. they will get to convey at three
6:26 am
different w in the fomc statement is love, which they don't really change all that much. but they do get your attention. in the summary of economic attractions, the infamous dot chart and then how chairman powell presents himself at the press conference after the meeting. i like to listen for. maria: jon hilsenrath, the federal reserve may consider holding a news conference after every policy meeting to change the notion that policy changes are dependent on a news conference. tell us about this. >> right now for theast couple of years they've only moved when they've had press conferences. that kind of ties their hands. i think the idea of having a press conference every meeting ons and allows them tke a step that any meeting. i don't think it in any way suggest that their policy path. they just have more freedom of
6:27 am
action. >> been sent, bob nardelli. one of the things you're responsible for his global strategy and economics. what are you telling your clients in the marketplace today on emerging markets investment opportunities, and better? >> so, the key issue is how synchronous growth is across the advance economies. earlier this spring we would affect everybody's firing on all cylinders in a strong expansion. the u.s. is a stronger one and that probably implies the dollar doesn't do a whole lot and maybe time depreciate. the eupean experience has , the data pretty negative and in that environment the dollar has appreciated. why am i talking about this? when the dollar appreciated, it makes it tough on the emerging market economies that are borrowing. if you've got a current deficit, a budget deficit and the dollars
6:28 am
appreciating, chances are your outstanding debt is marx considered daniel have a harder time borrowing. that is why we are talking about argentina. that is why we are talking about turkey. a little more strained and that's because of the e.u. trade to dot the ecb to announce a timetable to end the qa program bari and unwarranted unwarranted -- tell us which are gained from the e tomorrow. >> admire is pretty much a coin toss. i think there were two separate issues that the data has been disappointing and it's not just, you know, in the sauce numbers i'm confident. it's orders numbers and across the euro area. they are probably a little nervous about the data, but they have a forecast in which it gets close to their goal. so they could begin something they have to do this year just because of their own internal
6:29 am
rules, the huskies top and they may want to put it off another month or two july. that is pretty much a coin toss. i think they probably want to do it, importantly because they have to start taking about the transition. in a little over a year and a quarter, they will have a new ecb president. future of transitions is the tenured one likes to put in place the hard decision to mthe. trade your very interesting. instead, good to have you in the program. vincent reinhart. we sure to tune in today at 2:00 p.m. eastern or join us at 2:00 for live coverage of the federal reserve's decision at a press conference today right here live. first, back to business. now the historic singapore summit is in the books, mike pence is headed to capitol hill to calm nervous about ending wargames and south korea.
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maria: welcome back, good wednesday morning, i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday june 13th, top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. president trump is back at the white house this morning returning from history trip to sgapo hannity news last night he said north korean leader kim jong un never pushed back on denuclearization. >> i felt very good at the beginning and, you know, i talked about we have to denuke, his country has to be denuked. he understood it, he fully understood it. more maria vice president mike pence trying toue over military exercises, some training exchange and readiness training with south korea will in fact, continue. approved without conditions, at&t and time warner winning antitrust case against government allowing for
6:34 am
85 billion-dollar move forward. many expected comcast to make another offer to rival disney. waiting on the fed's latest decision on interest rates. the fed is expected to raise rates by a quarter of a point. take a look at futures ahead of the meeting, we will find the details at 2:00 p.m. eastern today. s&p 500 and nasdaq higher. the nasdaq up a quarter of a percent right now. markets were mixed yesterday. the s&p was also flat up 5 points but the nasdaq was the winner. up two-thirds of a percent. 44 points higher yesterday. in europe this morning, take a look at action. we do see money moving into stocks, cac quarante in paris up a quarter of a percent and dax up a fraction this morning. in asia overnight, markets were mostly lower with the exception of japan up a third of a percent. president trump fires back at robert de niro calling him punchdrunk. we will tell you what the president is saying about the actor this morning after de niro
6:35 am
targeted the president on the tony award stage. maybe you saw that. and then there's this, a raccoon in skycrapper, see w happens next to that raccoon. we kick it off right here with top story this half an hour. president trump is back at the white house this morning. he arrived short time ago following his historic summit in singapore with north korean dictator kim jong un. the president tweeting this this morning. before taking office people were assuming that we were going to war with north korea. president obama said that north korea was our biggest and most dangerous problem, no longer, sleep well tonight. the president sitting down with fox news sean hannity and shed some light on what he expects going forward from north korea. >> we want to denuke the entire penia. we want to denuke the whole situation. that's a hot bed and you know
6:36 am
what's been happening for years and nobody did anything about it and you have to. we have no choice. we had to. we got our hostages back but they have blowb up one of their tes, primary testing site, in fact, some some people say only tests site. they are getting rid of missile testing site. they are doing so much now. so it's a process and it's really moving rapidly. maria: joining me to weigh in on all of that gordon chang, collapse of china and also with me kirk, commanding officer of uss cole. thank you for joining us. maria: gordon, let me kick off with you, there was confusion about the military exercises you were first to weigh in on this program yesterday and you said it was concerning to you that the u.s. and south korea would stop the military exercises because readiness is so important? >> yeah, north korea has two training cycles, winter and
6:37 am
summer and our big named exercises coincide with their. at the end of their exercises attack. position we want to mick sure that we are in a position to deter and necessary defend. that's why it's so important that we had key resolve which correspond with winter training cycle and guardian which corresponds with the end of summer training cycle. absolutely necessary to defende. maria: what about that commander, secretary possession of a weapon into to brief president moon on the summit, what are you expecting from the meeting especially after vice president mike pence is telling lawmakers that the ready preparations with south korea will continue? >> i think what you're going to see and i'd agree with gordon, while the exercises are important and we have been working for decades to make sure we maintain readiness between our two nations to respond to any type of aggression from north korea.
6:38 am
by actually not doing the exercises but continuing to have the coordination at the staff level and work it so that we can respond to this, i don't see this as a problem. olive branch by president trump that clearly is going to indicate that now north korea is going to have to come up with the technical and verifiable means as we denuclearize and go through the talks but the united states is in a good position because we can always reimplement the exercises. maria: i want to ask the same question, how do we verify? it's been impossible to get a complement from the left on president trump and what he has been able to keep saying, nothig was done, we have to see, you know, the details, how do you verify, gordon, are we going to be able to do that? >> we will be ablo do that because what we saw the joint statement yestet is just as bob nordelly a sheet. that agreement i'm confident will have not only denuking as
6:39 am
the president says, also ballistic missiles but also verification and we have to have a strict regime. remember the president pulled out of joint comprehensive action, the iran nuclear deal in part because of inspection problem. it has to be at least as inspection's regime in the iran deal. maria: you make a great point. commander, weigh in on that, the similarities or differences in terms of the iran deal pulling out of it and what we saw in north korea? >> i think the iran deal is going to be a great learning point for us. it's not just going to be getting rid of nuclear weapons, i think the american people need to understand that from the beginning we will need a technically verifiable situation where we can find out where were the research and development facilities, where were the processing facilities, where were the assemby and what missiles are they using so that we can make sure that all the facilities are located,
6:40 am
verified and then dismantled so the entire program is, in fact, taken down and not just get rid of the nuclear weapons themselves and the key verification is going to with the 800-pound gorilla in the room and that's china. china know what is they have and where it is and incumbent upon to work with china to ensure that they verify what the north koreans are telling us andhat we have a clear accountability if they do not do it while will happen as a result. ma has been helpful to this point, gordon? >> if we look 3, 4 years, china's sanction enforcement was better but if you go back 3 to 4 months it has deteriorated. you can go across the board. they are not busting sanctions, they are doing i openly and blatantly essentially challenging president trump. maria: wow. >> it's an important thing for us because we have to make sure as we talk to north koreans the
6:41 am
chinese don't continue. this is true for the russians, they don't continue to funnel money in north korea in violation to u.s. rules. maria: the president has pushed back on china, trade, they steal intellectual properties, all of the issues areraordinary yet country remains divided, you know, you would think at this moment in time when we've got such enormous issues at hand that the country would stand behind this president, commander, i spoke with senator graham, lindsey graham on sunday morning futures, his message is now is the time to get behind president trump. listen to this. >> to every democrat and republican, you need to help the president where you cannot ut him. writing a letter telling him what a good deal should be is good only if you're willing to back it up with the use of military force. i'm asking eve democrat who wrote that letter and all my republican colleagues to tell
6:42 am
north korea and china if diplomacy fails, we will have the president's back and authorize the military force as a last resort to stop the nuclear threat in north korea to the american homeland and the world at large. mari reaction, commander? >> i think he's absolutely right. at this point you have to remember, north korea is the only country in history that has threatened the united states with the offensive use of nuclear weapons. that is in violent read line, that's why the program needs to be dismantled and at the end of the day, china will also play games. we may work in economic front. they said and continue to arm up islands and dash nine lines and south china sea that will project power and force as intimidation to all islands as well as the region itself to exercise influence. so this is going to be consive. it's going to affect more than the united states and north korea. they'll be ripple effects. china has to be part and parcel
6:43 am
and partner in getting agreement to come through in a technically verifiable manner that takes down the nuclear weapons and if they don't do it, they're going to have to be held to account for any sanctions that are put in place. maria: i recognize china has been helpful up until now getting kim jong un to the table. truth is china is stealing from the united states and has been for decades and won't admit that they steal our intellectual property, that they force the transfer of technology, i actually have an op-ed out this morning in real clear politics talking aboutn jd that's technology that they continue to steal, how do you stop it that? >> thoseenefits benefits are a . ip commission report said the year loses 225 to $600 billion in ip theft. not all of that is china but most of it is which means, you know, $50 billion in tariffs, that's great, but that is not
6:44 am
going to be enough to stop china. remember, maria, we have an innovation economy. if we don't have the benefits of our innovation, we don't have an economy. maria: they want to be number one and things like ai and block chain in stuff that we want to be number one. gentlemen, thank you, great conversation. command aeroand gordon chang, we will see you soon, gentlemen. president trump takesn robert de niro calling him punchdrunk, what is he saying about the actor and how he targeted the president with more f bombs. raccoon taking by storm, the must-see video coming right back so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. lk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife.
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6:48 am
cheryl: south carolina, incumbent mark sanford losing seat in primary after the president tweeted this, sanford has been unhelp to feel mend my campaign to make america great again, he's mia and nothing but troub. te off in argentina. fully-endorseed katie for congress in south carolina, vote kati remember, he used to be the governor. state representative katie arrington, there's the vote count. he fail today win the0% necessary to avoid the runoff. and then in virginia trump supporter corey stewart won the gop senate primary and will meet
6:49 am
senator kaine in november. meantime controversial plan to split california into three new states qualified to be on the new -- november 6th ballot. northern california, california an then southern california. so if it's passed november, if approved by congress, add 4 new u.s. senators and southern california would likely become a swing state. i'm thinking ahead. remember what he said. >> i'm going say one thing. [cheers and applause] >> it's no longer down with -- [cheers and applause] cheryl: you get t bleeping, right? robert de niro a very low iq individual has received too many
6:50 am
shots of the head by real boxers in movies. he may be punchdrunk. i guess he doesn't realize the economy is the best it's ever been with employment be all time high. wake up punky. and then okay, if you've been on twitter in the last 24 hours you may have known the top trending topic, #npr raccoon, game internet sensation when he was seen scaling the front of ubs tower building in minnesota, live streams guy everywhere as he managed to make it up 23 stories to pause to take a nap. needless to say twitter went crazy and concerned for the animal with many users tweeting their ideas and thousand rescue. the raccoon safely on the roof, firefighters are waiting to
6:51 am
bring him back down. there are traps up there with cat food and they areing to ap him i will keep you posted because i'm currently watching all of this on facebook. maria: thank you, cheryl. traditional gym industry always seems to flesm its way through bear markets, find out what it takes to build a strong core. ceo and founding partner of crunch franchise with us in the studio, coming up next k coming back in a minute. every scar tells a story, and you can tell a lot more stories when your truck is a chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting, full-size pickups on the road.
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6:54 am
maria: welcome back, braking news, u.s., méxico and canada win the bid to hold the 2026 world cup. ter this morning we will get reaction from fox sports president we eric, join us for special interview as we look forward to 2026.
6:55 am
we areg longer, crunch franchisone of the top franchises with clubs in 21 states and pour countries. joining us right now to talk more about the business and ceo andnd partner ben, good to see you, thank you so much for join ugh. characterize the market for us? >> the fitness entry has been growing pretty well over the last 10 years, the membership is 60 million people, it's been growing about 3 to 4% right here. a year right now and i'm expecting a lot of that to continue with all of the positive influences we have on people being more aware of health and fitness and the benefits of that. so right now it's strong, goes in a lot of different areas but very positive. >> you are always talking to director at one of the national insurance companies and the data they have is over 45% of a person's longtivity is dna, what they inherit but 45% or more is from participating in active
6:56 am
physical exercise, health, another 10% is you get hit by a truck. so you're playing right to, you know, as maria said all of us are concerned about longevity hea and that ought to help you, how do y go to market with those facts? maria: is it recession resistance? >> two points. driving more people to health and fitness, obviously insurance companies want people to exercise and you're adding more years to your life. participate participate by exercising? >> exactly. drive for organic foods, healthy ingredients is getting people more conscious about what they are eating. introduction of wearables has provided people a lot of feedback in health and fitness. more involved in hrt rate, blood pressure, calorie counts, streaming videos, comme at home is v helpful and then,
6:57 am
of course, the growth in the fitness base that we are seeing. >> what's your advice to people out there who aren't in shape, one or two things that they can do to -- maria: good question, jon. >> the most important thing -- i've been in theustry for almost 30 years, you have to start slowly. to the point we are talking about, so many different ways that people are getting active right now whether it's outdoor races, exercises in your home, my mother is 76 year's old and she's wearing a fitbit. maria: fantastic. >> you have a great grip and you look in shape. how many hours a day are you hitting it? >> th kids, busy family, about -- about an hour. maria: an hour aay every day. thank you so much, ben. it was here.
6:58 am
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>> maria: good wednesday morning. welcome back, everybody. thanks so much for joining us this morning. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, june 13th. your top stories right now. president trump is back at the white house this morning. he arrived this morning following his historic summit with kim jong un. after that meeting, he sat down with sean hannity. he was optimistic about denuclearization on the korean peninsula. >> i just think that we are now going to start the process of denuclearization of north korea and i believe that he's going back and will start it virtually immediately.
7:01 am
he's already indicated that. you look at what he's done. >> maria: we have the latest this morning as mike pence soothes concerns about ending war games with north korea. approved without conditions, ate atat&t and time warner winning their case against the government. what this means for the battle for 21st century fox entertainment assets. we're watching. it is fed day, the federal reserve expected to raise interest rates this afterno most market watchers are waiting to see what chairman powell has to say about the labor market and possibly more news conferences, more interest rate hikes, where are we in terms of wages. dow industrials are set to open up about 30 points, the nasdaq is up a third of a percent and the s&p 500 is positive. markets were little changed yesterday. the dow was down 1.5 points, a was off 5, the s&p
7:02 am
in europe this morning, gains across the board. the fq100 is up 1/2 of a percent. is up auarter of a percent, 14 points higher. in asia overnight markets finished mostly lower with the exception of japan. the u.s., mexico and canada win the bid to host the 2026 world cup. the announcement coming as this year's world cup kicks off in moscow tomorrow. all those stories coming up this wednesday morning. joining me to talk about it, morgan ortega, bob marc nardelld john hill s'senraf. >> this soccer bid is so interesting. we're having problems with canada and mexico on nafta. >> maria: that's what i was thinking too. >> this will be the big unifier, that and navarro's apology.
7:03 am
>> speaking of unification, 19 years. >> maria: my anniversary. thank you soit's been a great 1. we've got a lat to tal a lot tot this morning. president trump touching down in washington this morning, following his historic meeting with northorean leader kim ng un in singapore. the two leaders signed off on working toward denuclearization of the korean peninsula. the president tweeted out this this morning. just landed, a long trip but everybody canow feel much r than the day i took office. there's no longer a you nuclear threat from north korea. meeting with kim jong un was an interesting and positive experience. north korea has great potential for the future. joining me now to talk about that, congresswoman martha mcfally of arizona and john garamendi. it's good to see you both. >> good to see you too. happy anniversary. >> maria: thank you so much.
7:04 am
let me kick it off, your take-away on the singapore summit. >> well, i was just over in south korea a few weeks ago at the dmz, visiting our troops and commanders and south korean leaders many i applaud president trump for his leadership and the strength in negotiations to get us to this historic moment. i do b there is now an opening and it is all up to kim, what he's going to do next. he's in a position of weakness. we're in a position of strength. he needs to now show in good faith that this is going to be different than the past, that is going to be taking a serious path to verify and and irreversible denuclearization. >> maria: do you believe we will be able to verify, we will be able to check on whether or not he's complying? >> those are going to be parts of the next steps. i think they should be starting to -- part of the negotiations going forward will be for them to come forward and reveal every site they have where they've done research and testing and scientists and labs, open up the
7:05 am
books for inspectors to come in in an intrusive way. those next steps will really show whether he's serious or whether he's going to blow things up with reporters showing but not actually inspectors seeing what their capables are and being -- capabilities are and being open about it. >> maria: let me ask you about the issue surrounding the war games. the president yesterday said he was going to be stopping the war games between the u.s. and south korea and then people were worried that the readiness would come into now you've got mike pence saying wait, the big exercises may stop but we're going to be doing training. your thoughts on what should be happening. >> well, first of all, they're not games at all. these are very, very serious and extremely important exercises in which we not only make sure that our own troops arerepared in every way for whatever eventual ththeeventualities may be on the peninsula, but we're able to
7:06 am
work with our allies, specifically south korea. it's extremely important that we be able to continue these exercises at whatever level is necessary to make sure that our troops are ready. the notion that the nuclear threat on korean peninsula is over simply is not true. that threat is there as long as north korea has a bomb and they have multiple bombs and the delivery systems and they have multiple delivery systems. there's a long, long way to go here. but it's eortant at at least first steps have been taken down a path. this is not the first effort to go down the path of denuclearization it's actually been about the last 40 yearst efforts have been made by multiple american administrations to denlearize the korean penin so this is not going to be easy. it's going to be difficult. but it is extremely important that the negotiations are underway. >> maria: this is the first time a sitting president wept face-to-face with the leader of north korea which is quite
7:07 am
extraordinary. would you say that stepne was a success? >> well, certainly it was. it certainly was in every way. it was a p opportunity, a chance for the two leaders to talk to each other, get to know each other. i suppose the president would say feel each other out and that's all good. stion is, did they agree shat jointg other than t communication and the answer is probably, we've got some open questions out ahead of ust listening to what north korea is saying that they think the president agreed to and what the president says that he thought he agreed to. so we'll see. there's a lot -- but it's important. of the three paths that were open to us, one is out and out war to stop their nuclear simply accept the fact that they could threaten the united states. that's not a good one. the third path is negotiations and that's underway and that's a good ming thing. >> maria: we were expecting this would not happen in one meeting. the president said that it's probably going to be few
7:08 am
meetings. let's talk trade. president trump says canada will pay a price after justin trudeau insisted that his country, quote, would not be pushed around by the u.s. on trade. >> have a good relationship with justin trudeau, other than he had a news conference that he had because i assumed i was in an airplane and i wasn't watcng. he learned that's going to cost a lot of money for the people of canada. you can't do that. you can't do that. >> maria: congresswoman, the comments came on the same day that peter navro basically apologized for sing there's a special place in hell for world leaders who stab the president in the back. what do you think about this in terms of trade and what we need to be doing in terms of getting better trade deals, but the more important issue in my view is the theft of intellectual property, that the chinese hav been doing for years as well as the transfer of technology. what to do? >> well, look, i'm generally a conservative free and fair trade
7:09 am
person. there are some very real issues, specifically with china stealing our intellectual property, demanding that companies give them access for this technology, that we've developed. these are national security issues. they are very real issues. we're having a classified briefing on this today i the homeland security committee and so the president is trying to address these becl security is at stake. and he's looking around to see about decisions of the past and where they are hurting american workers and hurting the american economy and hs trying to negotiate both with people who are not very friendly with us and also with our friends and partners. so he's working through this. i've met with secretary ross and the trade representative and also larry kudlow to share concerns about kind of where some of this goes related to farmers and ranchers and others in the ag community and others represent wanting to make sure it ends up not hurting our local communities. but the president is addressing some very real issues and things
7:10 am
that need to be changed. >> maria: another big issue is the zte situation. senators are seeking to reverse the white house deal to revive the chinese telecom company, zte. they're not seeing any pushback from president trump. the administration could slap tari chinese goods as soon as friday. do you agree with the move by senators to sto zte? >> absolutely. and in fact, we're doing so in the house. the house version has some similar very tough language on zte. we certainly cannot allow zte products to be used by any of our military and really ought not be available in the united states because yearly it's a channel for espionage by the chinese. at the very least, to say nothing of the issues of international trade and things that go with that. so yes, zte should be whacked very, very hard, should not be allowed to have access to american technology. the senators are right and frankly, the house armed
7:11 am
services committee where we chair a seat on that committee, we're also correct. >> maria: we'll see if things change or the tone changes now that the singapore summit is in the rear view mirror because president xi called president trump directly and said i need a favor from you. can you please do me a favor and help me with zte, just two weeks before the singapore summit. i suppose that's one of the reasonshat pre wanted china on his side going into the north korean summit. i don't know. ant t get your taken the southern border. a border patrol agent recovering this morning, he was shot in southern arizona in your state near the mexico border. more than 50 suspected illegal immigrants including children were found inside a semi truck in texas. this comes as paul ryan says his chamber will consider two immigrationls next week, a conservative version and yet to be written bipartisan version. your take on the bills, what should be done here? >> look, i represent a southern
7:12 am
border district. only nine members of congress do. our southern borr is not secure as we the border patrol agent being 1409 shot yesterday. i have ranchers that have cartels trafficking through their ranches on a daily basis. we've g to secure our borprovide wall, provide funding for technology and intelligence driven operations, agents, access roads, everything it's going to take to close the loopholes of the cartels, so people takeantage of us. i have a bill that we are voting on next week. we had hoped to be able to get 218 on that bill. we're still working and negotiating through these procedures here. we have a conference meeting this morning. look, i want to not just vote on something. i want to get it to the president's desk. i actually want to secure the border, move us towards a merit based immigration system, do something on da ca kentuckiana t
7:13 am
is reason -- daca that a is reasonable and fair. this should be a. >> maria: are the democrats >> well, other side playing politics with us, this has been a political football that's been kicked around by both sides for more than a decade, the result of which is a very serious immigration problem for the united states. all of the issues that she talked about are important, certainly border security, extremely important. our hearts go out to the agent that was shot. and there are other d situations onr, no doubt about it. the entire immigration program needs to be revised and revamped. clearly we need a comprehensive reform. just dealing with the border, building a wall or whatever along the border, won't solve the problem. and the contraband, most of it actually comes across the oceans. the u.s. coast guard has more
7:14 am
than 10 times -- almost 100 times more illegal cocaine and other drugs than has been captured at the border. so the bottom line of this is we have to have a comprehensive reform of which border security is but onet. >> maria: people know that. but the democrats want to use this going into november, right? can you get this done before the elections? >> exact my point. >> both sides want to get it -- both sides are using it for the election and therein lies the problem. this has been going on for at least five election cycles. we've got to get past that we've got to have a comprehensive reform. >> maria: good to see you both. thanks so much. we will be right back. the president is tweeting this morning on south korea. we'll have that. [music playing] (vo) from day one, we always came through for oucustomers. it's how we earned your trust. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers.
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7:17 am
>> maria: welcome back. the preting this morning sth korea. here's what he just said. we save a fortune by doing war games as long as we are negotiating in gd faith which both sides are. talking about war games this morning and what i the fate of those military exercises. meanwhile, tesla is laying off workers as it tries to turn a profit. cheryl casone has the detai there. >> cheryl: tesla cutting about 9% of its workers. this is the biggest layoff in the 15 year history of the company. they're under pressure to deliver their first profit. in a memo to employees, the ceo said the job cuts are mostly aimed at salaried staff and will not affect production workers. tesla's been struggling to meet
7:18 am
demand for its all electric model 3 sedan. they had a lot of deliv problems. tesla is lower in the premarket just a fraction. well, the co-founder of guess resigning as the cecutive chairn investigation into multiple claims of improper misconduct. the investigation found he exercised, quote, poor judgment in some communications with models and photographers. dmitted any wrong doing. he will leave guess next year. they have reached settlements with five of his accusers for a total of $500,000. shares of guess are up more than 30% so far this year. well a victory for shoe designer ctian louboutin. the european union's highestcous distinctive red color sole can be trademarked. they sued a dut retail chain over its own version of the red
7:19 am
soled shoes. the chain argued companies cannot trademark common shapes of common products. they court ruled it doesn't apply to their red soles. walt disney world offering two lucks to spend the night inside pandora. that is the world of avatar. this has never happened before. pandora has become one of the busiest places in the park since it opened up last spring as part s camp contest, the winners will spend the night in a test inside of pandora. meanwhile, disney releasing the first teaser trailer for the live action remake of dumbo. >> look at this. >> we're a family here, no matter how small.
7:20 am
>> cheryl: dumbo is set to hit theaters next march. shares of disney are downbout 3% so far this year. stock to watch for some other things happening today with disney but the movieooks good. >> maria: coming up, the federal reserve expected t raise interest rates this afternoon. all eyes are on chairman jay powell and what he says about the labor market and the future move on rates. plus, at&t and time warner's anti-trust win may open the door for media merger mania, including comcast's possible offer to rival disney for 21st century fox's entertainment assets. we're breaking it all d next, coming back in a moment.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
>> maria: welcome back. the time warner at&t deal aa proved without conditions yesterday. the acquisition now can move forward and the decision has major implications for the media business and further m&a. joining us right now is u.s. chairman and manager partner elect kelly grier. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, great to be. >> maria: everybody was watching this in the business industry yesterday. we were focused on what the judge would say about at&t and time warner. obviously he sided with at&t. what does this mean for further deal making in your view? >> it is big news and it's exciting news and i can't specifically talk about the transaction itself because of the client relationships that we have. but it is i think em bla i thint shift we're seeing in the marketplace we're seeing in terms of vertical integration
7:25 am
that implicit in the deal, but more broadly in terms of sector convergence and a really, really robust deal market. we're seeing the first five months of 2018 having record levels of m&a activity. we've seen nearly a trillion dollars of net m&a activity through the first five months which is 80% higher than last year at this time. the month of april had $245 billion worth of m&a activity. and that was a record level i the last 10 years and actually the last time we saw deal activity at that level was 2007. so it's a significant and very hoteal market right now. i think the -- >> maria: there's a lot of cash out there. >> kelly, do these vertical deals tend to work? i think about the last big deal that time warner was involved in with aol where you had a content provider and a pipes company getting together and that was a
7:26 am
disaster. what do you think about these kind of vertical integrations? >> it's a great question. i think increasingly businesses are finding the need to really transform themselves in light of the pace of change. the competitive landscape is changing for the likes of an at&t and time warner. and increasingly they're competing with not just the tels or media companies but the googacebooks and app of the y i think it's an important part of evolving the business model to remain competitive in a dynamic environment. >> maria: bob nature zeally, when you -- nardelli, when you have netflix willing to pony up $8 billion on original content, that's real competition. so content once again the valuation's go higher. >> as we said earlier, content is goinis becoming king. you have to have the cash to participate or compete. there's no question about it.
7:27 am
kelly, congratulations on your promotion. you're stepping in to lead a firm as the chairman, managing partner of the americas. tremendously successful, tremendously professional. what's on your agenda in taking over? >> thank you, bob. it's such an exciting time. i couldn't be more honored, more excited to step in and share the u.s. and americas for e.y it's an incredibly exciting time for the firm and for the profession, tremendous amount of change. the pace of change is truly unprecedented. it'it you affects all aspects or business, all aspects of our client's business. increasingly we have a need for really digital native and technology native skills within the broader accounting, auditing, i.t. skill set that
7:28 am
we've been traditionally bringing to the market. and it's an incredibly exciting time for us to bring that to bear, supporting our clients' business transformation. we're focused transforming the way we deliver our services. we are relying on emerging technologies, block chain, artificial intelligence, digital and data analytic capabilities that are really at the heart of the way that we are delivering our services and at the center of all of that is our audit business w remains incredibly important to the capital markets, to the confidence of those capital markets. and so all around, especially it's june and we've got a lot of college graduates and many of them will be joining e.y. and joining the profession, i think it's an incredibly exciting time. >> maria: with the audit business you've been busy because of the tax cut package. companies want to know what the best treatment is for them given the new law. >> absolutely. it's an a complicated body of
7:29 am
law,e encompasses many dimensios of tax law, different aspects of domestic, of state and local and international tax provisions that are changing as a result of tax reform. and to be quite honest, there's a lot of guidance that companies are relying on or are awaiting in order to determine what the true implications are. that's keeping our people busy. >> you talk about college graduates. we have a new generation coming into the workforce, generation z. have you at that? how is this new generation that's coming up different from the millennials that preceded it? >> maria: i'm. >> maria: i'm still trying to figure out the mials. now you want us to figure out the z generation. >> it's an interesting question. every year e.y. recruits somewhere between 10 and 15,000 people and most of them are actually off dashca-campus.
7:30 am
this is the next generation of workforce. 're very encouraged and excited about theolks we're bringing in from campus. they're helping us transform the i thinkve got just a totally different level of capability. they have a level of courage and boldness in the way they a approach their careers which i think is actually quite productive. >> maria: it is productive. it's nice to see the diversity. kelly, congratulations to you. thank you for joining us. with your move, three of the top four accounting firms are run by women. how do you like that? >> that is true. indeed. >> first time for e.y. congratulations. >> maria: we'll be watching. coming up, hitting it big, more than half of millennials expect to be become millionaires. what they are banking on to make those big bucks, we'll tell you. the world cup kicking often tomorrow. there's big breaking soccer news
7:31 am
coming out this morning. north america winning the bid to host the 2026 games. back in a moment. ♪ and now for the rings. (♪) i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. still won't eat my broccoli, though. and if you don't have the right overage, you could be paying for that pricey love band yourself. so get an allstate agent, and be better protected from mayhem. like me. can a ring bearer get a snack around here? with tripadvisor, finding your perfect hotel at the lowest price... is as easy as dates, deals, done! simply enter your destination and dates...
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okay. i'm plugged into equities - trade confirmed - and i have global access 24/7. meaning i can do what i need to do, then i can focus on what i want to do. visit to see what adding futures can do for you. >> maria: welcome back. happy wednesday, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, june 13th. your top stories right now, 7:3.
7:34 am
president trump is back at the white house this morning, touching down earlier this morning after the summit in singapore with north leader kim jong un. plus, the importance of that historic handshake. we are talking with a body language expert to analyze the moment they met. the wait is over for investors, the federal reserve expected to raise interest rates later today. we will find out by how much at 2:15 p.m. eastern right here on the fox business network. we'll be there live. futures this morning are up, dow industrials expected to be up 30 points at the start of trading this morning, the nasdaq is 18 points higher and the s&p 500 is ally better on the morning. markets were mixed yesterday. it was fractional moves yesterday at the close. dow industrials giving up 1.5 poin s&p was up 5 points and the nasdaq was up 43 points yesterday. this morning in europe money is moving into equities. the fq100 is up 34 points, the cac is up a third of a percent,
7:35 am
and the dax index is up 46 points, a third of a percent. in asia overnight, markets were mostly lower. it is not just avocado toast. why the average millennial expects to b millionaire, even if they're buried in debt. how they came to that conclusion, we will tellou. the winner is -- >> for the 2026 fifa world cup, the member associations of canada, mexico, and usa have been selected by the fifa congress to host the 2026 fifa world cup. >> maria: all right. that is right, the world cup is coming to america in 2026. we have a preview as the 2018 tournament gets under way in moscow tomorrow. ldthen cnarriors and capitals, fans celebrating their teams' wins, scenes from the streets. look a that. wow. coming up this morning. a lot of celebrating still going object. all that coming up this morning.
7:36 am
first, this, president trump seals the deal in singapore many his body language may have stolen the show. a clash of cultures highlighted by power, politeness and plenty of smiles. joining us right now is body language expert, tonya ryman. we want you to tell us what you think you see. let's begin with the initial handshake that iconic photo that went viral. they approach each other on stage. they go to shake each other's hands. president trump grabs kim jong un by the upper arm. what do you see? >> if you watch the initial handshake, as they walk towards one another, trump extends his what the person of power typically ds. you think about presidential debates, they walk o like this. he shakes hands in an upward fashion which is somewhat submissive. he's kind of tricking him. as he gets closer, he neutralizes the handshake and then he pulls it a little bit, that trump pump that he likes to give and touching someone is a
7:37 am
signal of dominance. so by touching him, everyone seemed to think he's being friendly. no, he was makinge that he knew i'm you so i have more power and i'm touching you s have i'm in control. >> what did you see out of kim jong un? what was his position? >> he automatically feels a little insecure. they're taught typically to mask with a small smile. when you watch his facial expression, you didn't see much of a change. when he tried to pat back, it didn't work. trump patted again. they were going through this little tug of war and trump won. >> maria: he continues to remind him that i'm the one with the power. >> do you see this more in men, or is it equal for women? it seems like there's more touching, dominance going on with two men in power. >> the power struggle is typically between two men because it always looks like the hierarchy. you have touch. you have height. then you have eye contact.
7:38 am
that's cultural. if you look at two men, you're going to see from a distance who controls the situation and if you watched what he did after he shook his hand, afterouched him, he led the way. so if you wereatching with the sound off you would have definitely thought he was hosting instead of meeting. >> maria: this is donald trump, right. during the sit-down, both leaders were full ofmiles. prent trump ended the media availability by giving kim jong un his signature thumbs >> he does that all the time. even notice that handshake. that handshake was telling as well. oes the same thing, hand up and pull it down. but the thumbs up is typical for him. even that position that he was sitting in which is considered submy sieve because it's slumped over, that's his baseline. >> i thatled the figure leaf position? >> that was different. the figure leaf is up here covering. what he does is power thing down here. he's hunched so it comes across as su submissive.
7:39 am
we know it's not a submissive ure. >> i wanted to ask a question but i'm kind of nervous on how to do it, based on reading my body language. is this okay? >> hands are really important. if you can show your hands, it makes people trust you more, builds credibility. >> maria: like looking in the eye. >> exactly, againing culturally. >> maria: what do you mean, culturally, you mean looking in someone's eye is only an american t >> it's not only american. in some cultures it is disrespectful. >> in the middle east, for example. >> when i was a diplomat in the middle east, ther as a woman yod to be sensitive about these things. in some cultures, women looking a man in the eye could be disrespectful. >> even m looking into the eyes could be disrespectful. you have to know where they're g, know the people you're
7:40 am
talking to and follow their lead. >> does the bod city lang -- body language affect the way negotiations happen. dominating the handshake, does that change the way k un will behave in had decisions he makes? >> it's not just that. it's not that it dominates the negotiation. it sets the tone for who is in control. whether you recognize it or not, it takes a few seconds to build credibility. >> maria: after signing the agreement, kim jong un puts his hand on trump's back. >> trump -- >> maria: president trump returns the gesture. >> he has to be the seen takes last one to touch. we all as the audience know, and that's sending him a signal, that's sending him a signal, i'm in control and you're not. >> does this work with a spouse? >> yes, yes. >> maria: it's my anniversary today. >> happy anniversary. >> maria: thank you. >> what advice do you have for maria? >> depending on what you're looking to do, especially if talking to a spouse, you want to make sure when you talk to your spouse you're standing so that
7:41 am
your information, whatever you're saying can go into her brain which is the emotional brao that if you say something like hey, let's go away it will into her emotional brain and she'll go yes, let's do that. proces it in the left brain and it becomes more logical, i'm sure really, can we get away from work, do we have the money. >> maria: how do you make sure it goes in the right side of the brain. >> you have to stand with that person's eyes looking in one direction or another. if i look you on the right -- if i look at you on the right, it's product evidence on the left. >> maria: say it on the left then. >> then we whisper it in your ear. >> maria: so say it on the left so it processes in the right. >> yes, uh huh. business is the opposite, though. >> maria: great to have you this morning. coming up, it's u. canada have won the bid to host the 2026 world cup. the announcement coming just hours before this year's games kick off in moscow on fox. then back to back championships means back to back parades.
7:42 am
check it out. the big party in the bay for the golden state warriors, we'll take you there, next, sports. brighthouse financial allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities... with a level of protection in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife.
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chubb, over delivers. ♪ every day is a winding road. ♪ i get a little bit closer. ♪ every day is a faded sign. ♪ i get a little bit closer to feeling fine. >> maria: welcome back. a new report suggests that millens are becoming very optimistic about their financial futures. christina is here with more on that. >> the report comes from td ameritrade. the surveyed about 1500 americans between 21 to 37 years old. the headlines are optimistic,
7:46 am
that about 49% surveyed actually believe they are going to be a millionaire. however, 47% believe that they will never, ever become a millionaire and 4% have actually achieved that status already. if you break it down even more and look at the gender ratio, 70% of men that were surveyed believe that they will hit millionaire status versus 38% of women. clearly the divide of pessimism and money exists. the average age of retirement is said to be 56 years old, many millennials not as keen to have children, they want to push marriage and starting a life to a later point, the average age for marriage coming in at 28 years old. that's a big concern for the environment. the cdc saying the birth rate in the united states is the lowest it's ever been. we're seeing the tightening o the labor market right now. millennials, i do fall into that category, aren't looking to have children at all or at a later
7:47 am
point in life. that's actually a concern for babyoomers. why in becaus? because of housing. baby boomers have a lot of income in housing. later on in life, those millennials may not be interested in buying larger homes because they don't have a large number of children to fill it. >> maria: pushing out hav kids. >> 4% are already millionaires. >> yeah, out of 1500 americans that are surveyed. >> the average person expects to retire at the age of 56. weaver been talking about how the -- we've been talking about how the next generation won't be getting social security and medicare, they'll have to work longer many and millennials are saying we're going to retire nine years earlier. >> maria: i think that's pipedream, retiring at 56. i don't think where they're getting the idea they'll retire at 56 and become millionaires. >> this is 1500 americans done by td ameritrade. a lot of the studies that come
7:48 am
out, it's great publicity to the bank but it's also to get people to invest and use their services. i'm taking it with a grain of salt. >> maria: are you expecting to be a millionaire? >> i'm hoping we have our bosses watching, because they can dictate that answer. so if you're watching, i have a long to go but know that i'm open to that prospect. >> maria: to becoming a a millionaire. >> oh, yes. >> maria: what about you, morgan? you're a millennial. >> i feel like my mother called christina, talking about putting off having children. why do you think millennials, does the study show why they're pushing off children? is it totally economics? for me, i'm just immature. it's not economics. maybe that's part of the millennial problem. >> i've done this report relating to other. report focused on financials. overall, people are waiting. myself, as an example. i'm not married. i'm in the later half of the
7:49 am
millennials. i have no children. i want to make sure my career is established because the financials, i don't think i can afford to have a child in new york city. i just moved here. you have to put your children in thatore they're born, put them on a list. >> maria: it's expensive. laughter ]llennia myself -- >> i'm hoping to be part of that 4%. >4%. >> are you already at the 4%? >> not yet. i'm aspiring to that. you said if you take yourself personally, i doubt you'll be retired at 56. >> i don't want to be retired at 56. i think i would be bore. >> maria: it's not healthy to be retired at 56, even if you change jobs, and you do something else. but to go and hit the hammock at 56 is not smart. >> over the next 30 years, between the lip and the cup, they'll go beyond 56, let me say that. >> maria: ream quick about the report, -- real quick about the report, giving it away. >> there was another report and they are saying that right now in 2017 we hit a record in terms of charitable donations at
7:50 am
$400 billion, this is americans that are giving more than ever. they're citing the reasons for this, and this is coming from indiana university, because of a strong stock market and just everybody -- the growth in the economy doing well. th caveat there is that there's a smaller portiomericans giving money. so maybe we're starting to see that income divide even even showing with donation. >> the interesting thing is how the tax code changes. >> i didn't even get to that. >> they raised the standard deduction, there's less incentive in the tax code to give charitable deductions. we want you to come back next ar and tell us if that number is changed. >> maria: another reason to love america, the most fill a phiantc country in the world. >> maria: the world cup in 2026 will be in the us, canada and mexico. this comes hours before the tournament kicks off on fox. we have all the big news on the world cup, next. ♪
7:51 am
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whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. >> maria: welcome back. north america wins the 2026 world cup bid. the president tweeted moments ago this, the u.s. together with mexico and canada just got the worlcup. coratulations. a great deal of hard work. jared max now with the details. >> jared: great news, hours ahead of the first match of this year's world cup in russia, we learned who will host e years from now. >> the member associations of canada, mexico, and usa have been selected by the fifa congress to host the 2026 fifa world cup.
7:55 am
>> jared: 134 of 2 hel 200 votet the north american bid. 23 stadiums will host world cup action in 2026, 16he possible american sites are homes to nfl teams. the final match will take place in los angeles, dallas or new york, new jersey area. 2018 world cup kicks off this morning on fox. russia and saudi arabia will face off in the opener in moscow. coo of fox sports eric shanks joining "mornings with maria" later on at 8:00 this morning. it was a two for tuesday in sports championship parades. a common theme, boos. yesterday in oakland, california, a attention drawn by jordan bell, heished his bottle of hennessey too soon and took a bottle from the fan and
7:56 am
started swiging from the fan's bottle of the sauce. endorsement in the works? in washington, d.c., the capitals celebrated their first stanley cup title. playoffs mvp, a little bit saucy. tanley cup champions! yeah! >> jared: i hope he's been he'sn hanging out with the stanley cup since thursday. the u.s. open tees off tomorrow. tiger woods imagines some may miss their tee time because of traffic. $2 million to the winner. 12 former champs in this year's field, 20 who competed in shinnecock hills in 2004. this is the only course the u.s. open has been in three different centuries. who will win? according to a prediction model,
7:57 am
these are the favorites. dustin johnson the ferre favori. tiger woods is 18-1. sports line nailed the winner of last year's masters, the u.s. open, british open and the master's this year, maria. >> maria: we are excited about the open, actually. jared, tune in tomorrow, friday, and thursday and friday we'll be live from shinnecock for the u.s. open. jared, thank you. >> maria: we'll see you later. jared. still ahead, a ritzy connecticut town bans for sale signs on homes. the reason is pretty sensible. details next hour, right here "mornings with maria." stay with us. i feel a great deal of urgency...
7:58 am
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maria: good wednesday morning. welcome back. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. wednesday, june 13 top s east coast, approved without conditions, at&t and time warner winning case against the government, allowing their 85-billion-dollar deal to move forward. with this news means for battle over 21st century fox many believe come the after will make an offer to rival disneys offer federal reserve to raise interest rates watchered waiting to see what chairman paul says ahead of decision futures indicating a gain start of trading this morning, dowdustrials, set
8:01 am
to open up 40 points, if nasdaq up about 20 points, we are also getting the may reading on producer prices expected to be up two 10ths of 1% for may ppi in europe begins a across the board to look, ft 100, pretty stable throughout the morning up 31 the cac quarante i paris up a ird of a percent, in asia overnight markets finished mostly lower exception of japan, as you can see, oil prices this morning, up 65.99 a barrel down 1/2 a percent the president tweeting about oil saying this, oil prices are too high opec is at it again, not good. meanwhile, back on u.s. soil, president trump arriving at joint base andrews moments ago following historic meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un on hannity president explained how his tough talk led to progress. >> oth administrations i don't want to entity specific
8:02 am
on that b they have a policy of silence if they said something very bad threatening, horrible just don't answer that is not the aner. that is not what you have to do. so i think the rhetoric i hated to do it sometimes i felt foolish doing it but we had no choice. maria: we look at path forward sociology singapore summit a about connecticut town banning any for sale signs on homes the reason sensible we tell you about it coming up, about official uas he mexico canada have won the bid to host the 2026 world cup announcement that is year's world cup kicks o off the moes cow tomorrow talking about it first this we begin with changing landship a a federal judge ruling in landmark decision that at&t, can acqueimwarner. that defeats antitrust case by the government, sets up a potential domino effect for meta media merges cfr research
8:03 am
analyst, and attorney cybersecurity expert, great to see you both thank you so much for joining us kick us off what are the implications of this from the judge yesterday. >> maria i think quite stunning the way the decision came down you can almost say let the games begin i there i this decision is going to open floodgates of m&a activity across the technical kelcom media landscape i think one potential win here as you alluded to is comcast right with comcast to come forward with much more compelling bid for fox could potentially be a major premium over what disney already has on the is able if potential winner fox share holders a bidding war potentially running. >> how it might affect a netflix on heels of neither
8:04 am
neutrality repeal i think could be construed as a one two pun of by government you talk video consolidation talking kind of repealing neither -- net neutrality proponents netflix could be -- as a result overall i think bankers going tbe ready. >> for sure getting ready for more details. >> absolutely. >> i think it is worth asking these -- >> lisa whethr not, now that i know that, you know, comcast is now going to probably come in with a higher bid for the he fox assets speculation i know you say fox share holders in catbird see fair to ask whether bids come in opening of floodgates not just for the traditions, apples, amazons googles will they bid for assets as well a that grequestion this is a game-changer nothing we have ever seen really expected, almost 200 page decision, this judge plowed through the
8:05 am
government's argument and mad headway for any kind of verticmere jersey sxangz i don't see why amazon netflix hulu wouldn't want to get in on that itiona media companies like time warner now partnering with the providers for this kind of content, netflix going to have to compete on that same level. >> i think,hink ouit,t would have been hard for them to -- block this relative to the comcast you know nbc merger number one i think unprecedented a couple ways we talked earlier not only did judge rule in favor of allowing it he said without any stipulations, oh, bay government don't appeal have you seen those elements before. >> those kinds of llof elements very in unusual regardeding comcast in 2011 this same judge brought down that opinion saying comcast could
8:06 am
merge with nbc made it conditional why so unusual, really throwing the government argument under the bus the decision itself tons of exclamations pounding eisagrees government. >> no conditions, how big for at&t? >> well, i think it is you know waited 20 months to get to this point one could argue it was well worth the wait. having no conditions not something that we've seen in a deal of this magnitude in the past two decades i have followed the industry so i think what it sets up at&t to do is really to exploit to the optimal level the potential synergies of this deal i would argue have become all of a sudden much more attractive time warner, the case to the government on this traction they argue that competition had evolved traditional media to the so-called fan
8:07 am
companies -- >> took, apple, amazon netflix, google. >> exactly, so when you think about that context to the earlier question you can imagine the whole new world order now where, all companies become active players in a veryd enronment. >> at the same time, these players when you look what at&t offers which is phone brand satelli directv now media conglomerate unless government files appeal 50-50 at this point judge in a manner said please don't going to hold up really huge deal cost so much money unnecessary you made your argument in any case one shot really, take it. >> i think there was a third traded yesterday we didn't talk about, there was warriors done.als randall stephenson >> happy aboutt who is in catbird seat is everybody now up for grabs in terms of content? . >> everybody certainly up for grabs in terms of content what
8:08 am
is really interting i wld like to give capital disney offering a streaming service next year 2019, and already stated, that their superhero and "star wars" content will now not be available on netflix going to impacts consumers not just because third partiers are not offering the content and other platform providers going to see a rip ripple effect on netflix hulu. >> have any names particularly attractive? >> john malone sitting there, trying to figure out how to roll up some of these al toid sized players, amc network lie own's gate intierpt even cbs viacom with all back-and-fort going on, right now, could also, about potentially be more -- open to kind of getting acquired as a result of this rush arms race. >> amazon going to be there i
8:09 am
guarantee amazon a buyer, big time big time. >> i totally agree landscape is changing. >> hit grocery stores why not ntent. >> next great to see you thanks very much great conversation we pressure it president trump returned from historic summit in singapore with north korea kim kim jong-un -- with kim jong-un hillary good morning. reporter: president trump arriving back after 21-hour flight from singapore, checking north korea off his to-do list, after a successful summit saying, there is quote nolonger a nuclearhreat from nth korea, writing this morning before taking off people assuming we were going to war with north korea, president obama said that north korea was our biggest most dangerous problem. no longer, sleep well tonight. >> last night in interview with sean han president trump credited with kim preventativeing all-out nuclear war without fiery
8:10 am
treat nicknamed little kim "rocket man" he didn't think he would hav swed up. >> the administration i don't want to get specific onth but they have a policy of silence. if they said somethi very bad very threatening, and horrible, just don't answer, that is not the answer. that is not -- what you have to . >> so i think the rhetoric i hated to do it, sometimes i felt foolish doing it, but we had no choice. >> maria kim and trump left the face-to-face meeting wanting to see each other againt saying will absolutely inviolate kim to the what's the on agenda deputy attorney general rosenstein will brief the president about inspector general report, how law enforcement handled the clinto e-mail probe before it iseleased to the public tomorrow. >> thanks very much at the white house this morning we are have in fact waiting on the ig report, a couple of thing that we've repord on, that perhaps are goingbe
8:11 am
making into it that report, loretta lynch one point told jim comey call it matter not investigation, morgan the tarmac meeting between bill clinton and legislator lover i wonder how significant issues play a role in that ig report. >> loretta lynch hit back on kmy whenever he talked about this on tour she said you any further brought up as issue in the meeting never said you had a problem calling it a matter, so i think, we are heartening l media reports, right, and no won federal agency is above jurisdiction from congress, they are notve getting, a reportm the ig, i think the reason why so important to all of us is because, there needs to be more light more transparency, on what happened in investigation, because as we said earlier the same people are looking, into the trump administration, as well. so i don't know what to examine from the report but i do think that we should have a lot of stuff come to light people need to be held accountable. >> this weekend on "sunday morning futures" i spoke with
8:12 am
chairman judiciary committee bob goodlatte senate judiciary member lindsey gram bot they believeaws were broken. we will see. >> that is why we need oversight too much political power, and some hands, decision making authority that is why you have to have oversight from congress no one above. >> it, by the way, devin nunes from intel committee waiting on documents, so they have in fact been above law devin nunes keeps continuing to request documents. >> i think a showdown between two branches of government over this. >> for sure we will follow that it is federal reserve at a, the fxpected to raise interest rates this afternoon, first we t the. he pi numbers hitting the tape in a few moments producer price index will give a window into inflation zshgs bringing you numbers as soon as they cross if they are impacting markets, olé we have a preview coming up. ♪ ♪ what do you mean?
8:13 am
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- what i pray is that you won't turn your eyes, but you will look at their suffering and your heart will be changed. - [voiceover] with your gift of just $45, we can rush an emergency survival package to help one desperate elderly person for a month. call right now. - [eckstein] call the number on your screen. this morning a police officer was shot in pittsburgh suburb cheryl casone with details. cheryl: that is right, maria. incident introduce you a massive response by law enforcement. in north braddock 11 miles outside of pilths burgh s.w.a.t. checked every vehicle entering the neighborhood officers went door-to-door to
8:16 am
check for any suspects involved. reports say police took two people into custody a third suspect arrested nearby. >> officer grazed another a head injury both expected to be okay officers responding to call about a possible abduction of two teens. >> five states primary elects look at south carolina mark sanford lost his seat in a primary after the president we should say tweeted this mark sanford has been unhelpful to m america gat mia, nothing but trouble better off in argentina fully endorse katie arrington for congress will continue our fight to lower taxes katie you may remember sanford known for extramarital affair with woman in argentina used to be governor, state
8:17 am
representative katie arrington won yesterday's the vote on your screen. well south carolina governor mcmaster into a runoff for republican nomination for his office failed to win 50% necessary to avoid tha runoff, and then in virginia, trump sprorter corey stewart won the gop senate primary facing democratic senator tim kaine in november, maine nevada holding primaries yesterday there is this a controversial plan to split california into three new states, a qualified for the november 6 ballot yes this is going to be voted on in november pb it would if it sses cree a northern california, a california, and southern california. if it is passed by voters approved by congress, would it add four new u.s. senators in southern california would like to become a free state, all in
8:18 am
california, check this out, a wealth town in connecticut voting to ban for sale signs, because they are concerned they make tow look likeeke yard sale could make ban permanent after 6-month trial new canon next station if you heard this to haven a lot of wealthy peopleeos celebrities paul simon harry connick, jr., dave letterman for sale sign if in the town no bueno -- there you have it. >> back to you. >> going to h he evaluations for homes? >> come on i guess so, so distaste full to have a for sale sign in front of your home. >> only in california you have portions of southern california north of he northern california -- it is pretty mixed up with a do you think agenda is about that? >> there it is look at this. >> congress --
8:19 am
>> north of the north. >> right congressmen have to approve if voted through i believe they've not done that with district of columbia even. >> what happens to california not being part of the u.s.? >> crazy. >> texas once -- >> exactly. >> different ever won loves texas. >> bad news for sports two americas's popular suvs earned worst crash test ratings we tell you when models next, search on after arizona border patrol agent shot in line of duty house moving with plan for immigration votes details next, stay with . ♪ hi.i just wanted to tell you that chevy won a j.d.power
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so, no hot dog suit? not unless you want to. no. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today with td ameritrade®. >> ink that we are now going to start the process of denuclearization of north korea. and i believe that he is going back and will start it virtually immediately he already indicated that and you look what he hasdone. of maria: that was president trump speaking to fox news sean hannity last night following historic summit with north korean leader kim jong-un president trump back on u.s. soil this g, as you see, he landed at joint base andrews earlier this morning, and when he did he -- tweeted before taking office people were assuming we are going to w with north korea, president obama said that north korea was our biggest most dangerous problem. no longer. sleep well tonight. joining me former national security advisory under ambition 43 steven hadley
8:24 am
thanks for joining us. >> nice to be here. >> reaction takeaway from summit. >> a good start. it was a success for the president also a success for kim jong-un. basic deal is -- kim said he was committed to denuclearization, the president promised there would be some security assurances that would be given down the road. now it is over to secretary of pompeo, to begin negotiations hopeful as the president suggested, kim jong-un will also yun latly start dismantling this is nuclear program would be a real confidence best i remembered so hopefully both of those things will occur in parallel. >> one of the things that secretary pompeo will do be explaining, the president's comments about the so-called war gales or military exercises conducted between u.s. and south korea the white house now says the u.s. military, will continue to train with south o korean counterparts conduct military drills not large scale joint
8:25 am
exercises the president said was stopping get war games your thoughts on this the president tweeted about the this, we are saving a wrote fortunate by not doing war games as long as negotiatinging in good faith both sides are. >> saebt mike pompeo in south korea this morning where about allies on thfter math of this summit what zoufrdo you think about th. >> he has explaining to do in seoul south korea i think took the statement took south koreans by surprise quite frankly took our military a bit by i surprise president maybe got over his skis here sounds like what they are trying to do what the president is trying to do is say look, we will continue to cooperate with the south korean military continue to train together, but i think what he is saying, they will eliminate some of the most provocative elements provocative remember is a word kim jong-un north koreans used to describe them president
8:26 am
basically i think is saying we will we will cut back some was elementshat like we are preparing invasn of north korea i think they are going to try to walk that line do enough for training keep forces cooperating together, at a high state of readiness, but avoid something that looks like a dress rehearsal for invitation -- for invation of north korea. >> we will be watching this in your view, you know where does this go from here? >> well, you know, we've been down this road before there have been three agreements one clinton administration bush administration limited so-called agreement under obamadministration that agreements of principle but difficult to -- to reduce them to writing and concrete commitments and then get the north koreans to stay into this into ose commitments, that is a challenge now the, in terms of following up on the summit, that is theurden that secretary of state pompeo
8:27 am
has on his shoulders. >> let me switch to southern board, board patrol agent recovering we have been reporting shot in southern arizona near mexico border more than 50 suspected illegal immigrants including children found inside a semitruck in texas, after house speaker paul ryan says that his chamber will consider two immigration bills next week yet to be wrien you , and a bi person your take on developments around immigration with regard to the to national security element. >> well, it is you know look. there is a national security pr hope that paul ryan is trying to do is to get something a bill that can address the concerns about the daca kids, kids that were brought to this country as minors and that are here. provide a way oring reliesing their status, enhance the thickness of the
8:28 am
border to ensure that we have control of that board border don't have illegal immigration it is bringing those two things together, that i think, the speaker ryan is trying to do, and that would be a good thing. maria: for the american practicalities we're not going to o really see anything significant happen before midterm elections right? we've got immigration bills in the house next week, lab the senate? >> well there is political pressure building reflected in the debate house has gone through two weeks if house does take some action, it will be over to the senate, but i think there may be some -- advantage politically for democrats and republicans to make a down payment on these border issues for democrats, which is a democratic issue, for republicans, doing something that shows that we are going to be thickening the border and making it more resilient from a national security perspective so stay
8:29 am
tuned but i can see a political logic for republicans and democrats doing something before the election might make sense. maria: wow we will b watching that great to have you on the program this morning thanks is to much. >> nice to be here we take a break with we come back federal reserve expected to raise interest rates today chairman jay powell may be shake aing things up we could see more of him more often more press conferences a kick out of news this morning, the world cup is coming to north america. in 2026. we've got a big preview coming up as 2018 tournament gets under way on fox, tomorrow. ♪ ♪ [music playing] (vo) from day one, we always came through for our customers. it's how we earned your trust. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers.
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the full value of the harbor.r?ter offthmoneyt ino i'm gonna regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. this morning i am maria bartiromo. wednesday, june 13 your top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. breaking news the producer price index out inflation tat for may prices up, of 1% 5/10 of a percent above expectation, year-over-year ppi is up 3.1% again numbers are a little worse than expected, because they are higher than the estimate for 3/10 of a percent, policy meeting concluding two-day meeting we are examine pg the fed to raise interest rates announce that pm eastern time today we are expecting a
8:33 am
quarter point hike, in the fed funds rate markets hire going into the meeting, the dow industrials up 25 points this is also the highs of the morning, but, nonetheless, showing positive performance, nasdaq up 12 points right here as you see the ppi, the markets mixed yesterday fractionally moving the dow jones industrial average s&p finishing not far from where they began dow down one point s&p up 5 nasdaq up two-thirds of a% 43 points higher yesterday on nasdaq in europe this morning move moving into stocks ft 100 up a half percent cac quarante up a quarter of a percent as dax, in germany, in asia overnight eck numbers mostly lower the board with exception of japan, nikkei average up a third of a percent tesla under pressure elon musk announcing automaker will cut 9% of its workforce you might be concerned if you drive a ford explore or jeep cherokee this morning resiliency from latest crash tests coming up.
8:34 am
h&r block stock plummeting the company beat earnings expectations so why the tax preparation service provider is seeing shares plummet 20% right now, down 5.80 a share h&r block we will tell you the reason breaking news this morning, the world cup is coming to america, 2026. the united states, canada mexico winning the bid, we will speak with president of fox sports chief operating officer eric wilbe here to tell us about it as we kick off this year's tournament in moscow tomorrow airs on fox, stay with us for eric coming up may producer price index breaking moments ago was higher than estimate, prices off half 1% last month that is above the expectation called for gain of 3/10 of a percent year-over-year ppi up 3.1%, stephanie pomboy founder president here to help break it down look at economy good to see you -- >> good morning. >> your thoughts on ppi right here. >> i think the key is relation
8:35 am
to the cpi came out yesterday. the p is 3.1 out pervasiving the cpi what that means is thatces going up faster than companies ability to pass them on implies margin pressure against backdrop 24 1/2% earnings growths in first quarter so this silent pressure on margins is largely invisible right now what is interesting is to see what this means going forward, case while s&p reports one q, up 24 1/2% bea the government measure much broader measure and is uncorrected by things buybacks, and reoccurring nonreoccurring write off nonsense up .1% first quarter was down 6% on before tax basis, so these are wild discordant signals
8:36 am
between the s&p, data, and the government, numbers, and, you know, the truth probably somewhere in the middle. >> you this i things are going to slow down you are talking about pressure on margins, you think that the consumer is troubled? so characterize the overall economy for us. >> i think low end consumers are troubled i think in general my whole thesis has been following the financial crisis housing bubble bust consumers would sort of a total shi in their savings and spending behavior, that they would be more inclined to save out of income rather than rely on assets to do savings for them as they were trained to do by alan greenspan -- through his tenure, and we've seen that borne out in terms of you know, a new normal term weaker consumer spending, when tax cut was enacted i said consum about probably saving this an opportunity to
8:37 am
repair finances so far five months in data sports consumers slowed spending pacing of spending growth half real sales a quarter pace leading up to tax cuts, and savings have increased and credit card borrowing importantly has slowed dramatically, so people are paying down debt they are using the tax cut for positive things ultimately this is great for the consumer in long term to repair finances it is just a problem, for the stock market, which is discounting 24 1/2% growth in earnings as kind of indicative of our future. >> don't you feel all bad news? the real sales numbers picked up from earlier in theier i am seeing for ary a lot of second quarter growth near 4% after producer growth first quarter so looks like unlike europe u.s. is seeing a little bit of spring pickup in growth produce not seeing that spring
8:38 am
pickup. >> i think second quarter estimates look betteris than -- 3, and -- 4.7 we will see you know where they are. >> somewhere in between that. >> right you know. maria: look, the next quarter expected to be earnings growth of 20%, so the earnings the earnings are staying there a survey from fortune. >> yes 63% of the ceos fortune 500 opponent anticipate recession next two years, 48% say that the economy is very strong, so earnings per share are up significantly as you said you continue to think underlying factors here are going to pull us down, that is a real -- dedivergence 4/10 gap in inversion of the curve suggest potential recessionings 2020 you think closer. i think precipitating factor for recession a stock market
8:39 am
decline you know meaning proportion that is why i come back to the earnings picture, because what i have been tracking is you know, i talked about this index a lot the citigroup surprise the easiest sort of simplest synopsis tone ofll economic data takes every economic report, and waves it better or w than expectations that index was 84 when we started the year it is 11. so it has gone straight down, in that span of time, i have been watching 2019, s&p earnings estimate 10.8% for 2019. >> 2019. >> it has not budged from january 1 in face of that weakening data. maria: to answer -- >> to be fair robert, the president of the dallas ral reserve recently told me he is expecting by 2020 we see growth move all the way down from 3% or 4% we are talking about now to 1.-- 13/4% in 2020.
8:40 am
>> fiscal policy ben bernanke talking other day fiscal stimulus in the system from tax cuts, also supplemental spending, increases 2020 interesting presidential election 2020 a 220 signals comt could take steam out of economic growth. >> economic issues on trade this morning i have op-ed in realclearpolitics headlined china deal breaker property rights talking about trade by persuading president trump the sanctions busting telecom zte should continue to enjoy access to u.s. technology, china has achieved one of its top priorities in trade negotiations with u.s. in return trump should did he manned better treatment for u.s. companies is that mak such technology my point china can buy as many agricultural products energy products they want that doesn't address most important issue for american business which is ip the
8:41 am
forced transfer of technology. >> i.t. theft. >> congress making this argument zte isn't dead yet looks lies did he have authorization defense authorization going through congress could put provision in to overturn trump's detail. >> so mar not pushing ban may be resis but not so far. >> very important. >> republicans democrats tend to agree with the argument you are making you can't just let zte issue die. >> federal reserve raising interest rates complications. >> i think real story is quantititative tightening unwinding balance sheet i expect they tighten today i think three hikes this year but i think the real story we all focus on fiscal stimulus quantitative tightening impact on credit conditions in u.s. we are seeing credit spreads i widen out a trillion dollars in corporate debt comes due this year at higher rates when
8:42 am
companies are the most levered they have been. >> headwinds to face. >> stock market take a hit. >> i do i think credit tightening is having a major impact that is going to surprise people on the corporate side. >> what a day is this? >> [laughter] >> i will call you -- >> -- before -- thank you stephanie pomboy tune into fox tonight 2 pm, today rather 2:15 pm eastern specifics live coverage of fed decision, the press concerns from jay powell where we are expecting fed to raise rates a quarter point coming up the explorer one of two popular american suvs that earned the worst crash test reading, on record we will tell you why,hen coming to america, the u.s. mexico canada winning the bid to host 2026 world cup announcement coming as this year's world cup kicks off tomorrow right here on fox why even the president is getting pumped up on it back in a minute.
8:43 am
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8:46 am
suvs failed their crash tests, nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange with details this morning good moing to you. >> good morning,maria, so we look at the brands ford fiendat chrysler this report seem like tough news to bear pushes stocks downside ford down a half percent chrysler down 1/10 of 1%s explorer and grand cherokee in this report fr insurance institute decided crash test the passenger side crushed in on the fore explorer grand cherokee didn't do much better when you look into it what analysts at
8:47 am
detroit free press auto critic a columnist says this is a private funded type of research in fact, these do very well in nhtsa. >> traffic safety administration doing well in those in fact this may be biased because older types of vehicles. you have them saying coming out with a new one on the market, expect to i can at a it with a grain of salt, then h&r block plummeting after-hours because of the outlook on margins ceo saying they are in position of strengthen working on new client growth so also changing manhattanro next year president trump -- tax cut kicks in may not bode well for h&r block in current status. >> tesla laying off 9% workforce tragic most salaried positions shares pointing higher up 1 1/2% in premarket
8:48 am
joining us now host of "varney & company" stuart varney your reaction stu good morning to you. >> i changed my mind maria, yeah i did i did i did, about i did a 180, three weeks ago, tesla was around 280 dollars a share roughly speaking. then the had that announcement about they are going to build 10 giga factories, 10 factors to build batteries concluding in shanghai that shows a cost advantage advantage in building advanced batteries a battery company as opposed to car company, now the word is that if they can get through the next he quarter, and it will be tough they will be ay investors seem to believe they will be okay, because th look at that chart. >> incredible. >> up 20% in the space of three, three and a half weeks 280 to 350, the moment they became again a battery company not a car company, so much.
8:49 am
so i turned full circle 180 i guess you could say i think a great stock. >> wow even at 347 dollars so that carefully, let's not get carried away. >> more 10 minutes' time see you top of the hour "varney & company" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. after "mornings with maria" join stuartovenlg up wave your flag north america wins world kum 2026 live to moscow where this year's tournament ticks off on fox tomorrow.
8:50 am
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8:52 am
. maria: -- 2026 fifa world
8:53 am
cup. the membersing associations of canada, mexico and usa have been selected by the fifa congress to hold 2026 fifa world cup. >> you heard right the world cup coming to america about 2026 win bid unveiled this morning, president trump, also pumped up about writing this the u.s. together with mexico and canada just got the world cup congratulations. the great deal of hard work joining us right now president chief operating officer fox sports eric, great to see you thanks for joining us. >> hi, maria. thanks for having me. >> and you are coming to us from moscow where the world cup is going to -- start tomorrow on fox, we are all excited about it, this is a big win for north america for 2026 how important is this for the host countries in 2026 including u.s.? on the phone: well, a
8:54 am
tremendous day a lot of hard work paid off, u.s. soccer mexico soccer federation canadian federation to bring it to all three host countries for the very first time world cup history three countries going to host world cup in 2026. maria: how does that happen three countries hosting it? on the phone: well, the first world cup that is actually going to expand from 32 teams we have in russia to 48 teams made sense to be able to accommodate expanded tournament have all three countries host and really kind of spread the football love all around north america. >> very exciting, actually, and we know that you are in moscow getting ready for kickoff tomorrow this year's tournament taking place in 11 cities across russia what is the mood like in moscow as people a gesture to up watch on fox? on the phone: really picked up here last couple days, it was quiet butfans, the plaza over there crowded, people are
8:55 am
chanting red square is right there, kremlin right there on set taping a preview show, that is going to air fs 1 tonight kick offfox, with first game tomorrow 10:00 a.m. eastern. >> that is about the tournament 32 countries, competing, this year. who are the favorites what can you say about what will see beginning tomorrow? >>. on the phone: the tournament it starts in groups. and there are 14 in each group then top two out of each of those groups makes it on to the knock-out round, just luckily the way the ball came out of the machine about to select groups we have great teams in each of the groups really big brands, that look like if they make it through are going to set us up for a really tremendous knock-out round. so the perennial favorites spain, brazil germany
8:56 am
defending champions france is lapd a iceland may being first world cup. >> jon hilsenrath f journalism. >> so focused in the states on american sports the super bowl world series how many people are watching this world cup how is that going to translate to 2016 right here in u.s. canada mexico? on the phone: well, a lot of it has to do with time zones this is a bit of awkward time zone sevenrs from the eastern time zone 10 hours, he pacific time zone, so that kind of dictates a little bit of the viewership, but soccer is continuously growing i would say on baz most particular world cup ever in this country, ambulance of people around the world going to watch so you can only imagine between now and 2026 and buildup how much more popular soccer is in u.s. by
8:57 am
that time, 2026 i really have not gotten my arms around it yet, the vote just happened hour and a half ago we came straight here. >> fox has it through 2026; right? . on the phone: i'm sorry. >> fox has it through 2026 on fox. on the phone: we've through 2026, 18, 22, 26. so we know we have it ad sale called i was looking for their budge to sign you the for 26 they won't do it. >> i watching excited here thanks so much, enjoy it. >> thanks mar. >> on fox tomorrow tune into fox and for, sports one for world cup 2018 coverage beginning today throughou the urnament we'll be right back.
8:58 am
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maria: thanks to our great all-star panel. thanks, everybody, have a great day, varney & company begins right now. stuart, take it away. stuart: primaries were good for president trump. in south carolina a republican who opposed the president went down to defeat, mark sanford lost at katie arrington, clearly the president has clout. in virginia, a protrump republican won the primary, corey stewart will face off against senator tim kaine. in nevada, republican senator dean heller sailed through


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