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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  June 14, 2018 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. >> 9:00 thursday morning, and good morning everyone. we've got a jam-packed day for you. let's get started. let's get right at it. first the president and key members of congress get to see if. then at 3:00 eastern we the people get to see the inspector general's report on the fbi, the clinton e-mail investigation, and that tarmac meeting probably a whole lot more. we should find out if there was indeed government support for shielding hillary and government support for undermining donald trump. politics, the anti-pelosi movement within the democrat party is growing. democrat candidate in arkansas has a complain ad specifically
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saying, i'm not with her. meanwhile, protrump republicans are winning. big tech has seen the future of retailing. microsoft is developing itions own no which canout cashierless technology. it is taking on amazon. elon musk grabs another headline, now good at this he wants to tunnel under chicago to provide a link from downtown to o'hare airport. musks boring company has been selected to build it. and just wait until you see what the market is doing this thursday morning. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ >> we played beatles every day but early today. we're playing the bealingses to
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celebrate president trump's 72nd birthday. remember, monday in singapore officials there surprised the president with a birthday cake lunch while he was there for that historic north korea summit. let's got to your money. here we go. stock futures they turned around, we were dead flat for much of the early morning, now we're up about -9d 0 odd points, why? very strong retail sales number. we will get to that in a moment. comcast challenges disney joining the hunt for fox assets or some of them making an unsolicited all cash offer of about dlb 65 billion. disney offered $52 billion in stock. 21st century fox is parent company of the fox business network. all right back to politics. this afternoon, the the justice department's internal watch dog will issue a wide ranging report on how top officials handled investigation into hibt use of e-mail private server while secretary of state. charles hurt is with us a fox
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news contradict tore and washington times opinion editor. >> i get to edit your opinions. [laughter] >> i have expressed them in washington times you could edit them. >> i think it extends beyond washington times i tell my children i get to edit their opinions now. around the dinner table. stuart: i hate to digress but i interview my kids. >> it is a terrible thing but they catch on to it. by the age of 16 you're finished. >> and then they clam up. move on. full story in the ig report? >> a lot more information, but i don't know that we'll get the full, full story. the the two things, one is, a lot of stuff is already leaked out because doj and fbi they've done a shrewd job of leaking out much of the bad news. because they wanted to blunt the -- the devastation you know caused by the final report. but couple of things that, you know, it will be interesting to
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see if there are more criminal referrals out of this. i don't know that they would necessarily be released same time as the report but then, you know, other thing what is important to remember is -- that inspector general has been very clear all along that he is not going to reevaluate whether the right decisions were made about the clinton investigation and things like that, and that will be a political question really -- >> but i want to know was there an organized effort to shield hillary and undermine donald trump within the justice department, the fbi, et cetera, et cetera. i want that's the question i want answered. >> and i don't know that that will be spelled out in black and white in this report. but -- if you were to ask me, the evidence is abun dangtly clear that's exactly what happened just based on what we already know and so -- so i do think that this report will will put a much finer point on that. even if -- even if they don't lay it out in -- exactly as determined that you
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just did. >> okay i want to move on to other political subjects here. we have a democrat who is running for a republican held house seat this is in arkansas i'm sure you know this story put a lot of distance between hims and nancy pelosi, he's got a new tv ad hold on a second, charles roll that ad please let's see it. >> opened his campaign by attacking me knowing full well that i've said from day one that i won't vote for nancy pelosi. we're better than that. >> wow. >> this is a difference of that distinction if she's joinedded to washington as a democrat he's going to support either directly or indirectly nancy pelosi's house speaker. he's not gawk to support a republican for speaker. he's not going to -- you know, so it's -- you know, republicans have been running against nancy pelosi for years an they've racking up wins for years it is have very are, y
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effective and when democrats want to talk about trump and try to capitalize trump derangement syndrome you can still win by running with nancy pelosi. >> running against nancy pelosi. it is a winning strategy or so it would seem. it absolutely is, and it has been for a decade. but running against trump because you don't like trump is not such a winning strategy. >> not been working the very well. it really doesn't work for republicans and it doesn't work for democrats. stick around please charles. we want more on that smile -- on this thursday morning that's a fact. check the futures because we have gone with up a little bit more. not much we're up 90 points and again -- this is likely result of a very strong retail sales number. we are shopping big time and the market reflects that. we've got weaker sales, though, at the parent company of mens warehouse in jersey bank name of that company is tailored brands. weaker sales down it goes look at that 15% lower right there.
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switching gears to microsoft taking aim at amazon with technology that would eliminate need for cashiers, and checkout with lines -- got anymore on that? >> ripoff of amazon is doing with brick and brick-and-mortar store and retail rs or around the world to basically dot camming thing. as you know in amazon deal you can just show you go through a turnstile with with a -- with an app on your phone. you go around filling your being and everything and it is registering everything you're doing and then charged it to your credit card and never see a cashier so microsoft thinks that's a gooded idea and talking to retailers and maybe wal-mart about developing this technology with them. >> it just grocery stores they're looking at because if you tried that with a clothing store i don't see how you do it. >> i don't think so. but what about returns and -- you know corrections and credit and this -- >> more about taking cans off shfls what have you but i would imagine technology to get to
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that level is right around corner anyway. >> what they found is people spend more when they start walking arranged and walking out the door. also you collect all of that data and what you bought in the clouds and better target products and advertising. >> a sinister element to this. >> capitalistic -- >> finish the element -- you know if they know what you're buying and they know how long you stood looking at this thing -- before you buy it and they know what you chose. >> they can track movement around the store to see where you linger longer than elsewhere. i have a story about that. and rely that in private. [laughter] get carried away here tesla check it out please stock first of all two items of interest. chief elon musk he just bought another 25 million dollars worth of tesla stock. that increases his stake in the company to 19%. the stock is up again this morning posted 350. second item his boring company -- okay. [laughter]
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strange name but it is relevant they have won a bid to dig a tunnel from downtown chicago to o'hare international airport. yeah boring tunnels right digging tunnels and make a trip to o'hare airport and downtown chicago 12 minutes at 150 miles per hour. this is apartment of elon musk science fiction scheme where people can travel anywhere on the planet in under an hour. this is him trying to turn science fiction into fact so now the city by city he's doing in l.a., doing in chicago making these high power electronic gates under ground and tunnel to carry passengers at 150 miles an hour between a city to their airport and then you get on a rocket -- plane, and you travel, you know, to london and paris anywhere you want in the world. >> weeing talked about this a lot the man is no question about it. he's a visionary he's looking -- futuristic it keeps on doing it and coming up with a headline
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and seems to help the overall company had is -- doing okay. >> it is a fun ride. you're looking sour -- [laughter] listen, i want to ride a unicorn to work every day that's my own personal issue we don't want to get into that. but you can say anything. [laughter] has a problem getting his cars out on time. i think they're great ideas and we need blue sky thinkers like entrepreneurs he's amazing. but in reality when, how much, and what is the real story here? when can i get from downtown chicago to o'hare in, you know -- an instant of 150 miles an hour? >> happened in ten years looking at you and your unicorn. within my lifetime. replay that but -- i have ten years i suspect -- can i -- on the side that's what i want to know. serious stuff hold on, holds on. serious stuff. a terror attack waters in germany -- the cops arrested a man for making deadly poison ricin we
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have that full story coming up for you. we have apple -- it says it is planning on closing a security floor -- that allowed law enforcement to crack into suspects iphones. the the cops are not happy about this. judge napolitano passes judgment shortly. and here's something that really surprised me. a big arena here in new york selling 20,000 tickets in just two weeks for a video game tournament. the game that is being played between competing teams is called oval watch. this is a huge business. we're going to talk to the commissioner of the overwatched league yes there's such a thing as a commissioner of the overwatched league it is on the show. kathy griffin uses foul language to call out fellow comedian kevin hart for not insulting trump in his standup act. we'll tell you what she said, yeah we kind of have to, after this. brighthouse financial allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities...
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>> to germany where an attack using the deadly poison ricin has been stopped. tell me all about it. >> 29-year-old arrested by german police after an investigation he had, in fact, procured all of the necessary imreents if you like or items to make ricin the deadly toxic ricin and they found he, in fact, had done that successfully and found it inside his apartment in cologne with a wife and four kids and not connected to any extremist group they knew but when they start getting into his google searches not sure if it was google isis posted this recipe of the death of him online and he was seen accessing that and where he was going to use it and how and all of the rest of it they don't know. but big news he managed to make it and thank god they forwarded that -- they got him but another pr problem for angela merkel who let in so many muslim migrants
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couple of years ago. >> now her allies are meeting unusual highly unusual separate meetings to overturn her migrant policy happening right now. so this is a big deal for chance or color angela merkel they're mounting opposition to her policy. >> i'm waiting for trump tweet on that. all right anti-trump comedian kathy griffin calling out fellow comic heaven hearth here's what she said. and fluke you want to not hear it be trump at the all go see kevin healthier he doesn't mention trump. i personally think that's a deleted move because he's a black man. but i guess he's selling more tickets than i ever will. come on in charlie turning to usa react to that straight often. go. >> it is stunning remember kathy griffin is the one who famously about a year ago posed decapitated head of the president of the united states thought that was show comedy and tried to play victim because
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everybody was that she did and amongst comedians they don't make funny jokes anymore that if you don't depose the president through everything you do with your wok on stage and social media and everything that you do then you're somehow not as noble and virtuous as other comedians you look at the late night shows in particular they do nothing but bash trump every simg segment and i honestly -- i used to enjoy watching jay leno and light hearted wins -- some comedian now turned into pathological leftest against the president. >> i go all the way back to johnny carson who never talked politic within a ten foot pole but that's another story. here's something more serious charlie the justice department is is siding with conservative students and justice department says conservative speakers should not be kicked off campuses. looks like you have a very powerful force on your side char lie. something that we have dealt with personally at turning point
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usa repeatedly to administrations and these board of region ares used every single obstacle and loophole and speed bump to prevent our type of voices from coming on campus. and i have to applaud the attorney general and his office i've been very, very critical of jeff session and other issues but this takes a lot of courage to make the proper constitutional interpretation of this ruling. i mean, imagine the crazy notion that -- students should be able to hear different ideas. that college campuses should not just be, you know, left of stalin and having a -- discussion between marxism and socialism this is supposed to be about. kudos to doj -- >> if the college gets a dime of taxpayer money -- free speech should be upheld in all of its glorious forms no question about it. >> pair mount. that's right, and free speech should never be confined to a zone especially of u.s. taxpayer dollars are going to places of higher education and learning and young people have to learn at a -- at the fundamental core that
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this country is about not just being able to say what you want to say but hearing things that you don't want to hear. >> charlie we'll watch you up to campuses, vigorously. charlie kirk everyone. appreciate it. you better take a look at what's going on in the stock market we've got 11 minutes to go before we open. we're going to open up with a trip pl digit gain way above 25,000 level good reare tail sales numbers a group of google employee wants to start a union at google they're not pushing for higher wage or better conditions but use their clout to make sure google does not help our military can you believe that in more varney after this. how do you win at business?
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i think the price of gold is hovering around 1300 an ounce for a couple of months and it is still there 1307 this morning to be precise but that's up $6. but google workers, other one who helped organize against pentagon pushing for unionization to make sure google operates within its what they call ethical guidelines. charles hurt still with us this morning. up the wall -- >> you remember their motto used to be don't be evil and then -- well then may modify it a little
9:24 am
bit and got rid of it out of their handbook this is evil. it is so, you know, one the primary things google does -- for the military is analyzing video footage, of course, that has far more to do with fighting terrorism than anything else. and the idea that -- google it would be opposed to helping in the fight against terrorism is just flat out evil. >> they want a union -- think about this because they say the few executives in the shouldn't have a say where the the company is going especially ethically they only say they should also have -- as bigger say as unions they average right around 200,000 that's three times medium worker gets -- >> median is 56,000 so always four times but you're with right. the idea of forming a union to maintain what they think is ethical standards is a direct threat to the power of management and shareholders who own the company. but google created this and
9:25 am
created their monster by creating on military issue these people are pampered their out of touch in their little bubble. they want to empower other workers to unionize in the same kinds of plat formals that other companies. there's a threat. and they can say all they want that this is not about salary but that 200,000 -- that average that is going to get thrown in their face every time they open their mouths. >> i hope it is. you're all right charles come back soon. okay. >> thank you very much. yes, sir. take a look at the piewches again because we're up triple digits that's how we're going to open four and a half minutes to opening bell dow is up about 100 nasdaq up about 30. the s&p that's a strong gain, about 11 points higher. sorry that will be about half percent. big some significant gains coming five minutes from now. we'll show you. alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market
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>> all right it is thursday morning, wait until you see how this market opens opinion well we do open -- along the wait you have 30 seconds -- you know, despite all that's going on in the world like the g7 and fed raise ares interest rates, the no cosummit takes place. don't forget ecb.
9:30 am
[laughter] ecb. despite all of that we're going to open up triple digits. how about that and going to do that in four, three, two, one -- boom. up we go. bang ladies and gentlemen, it is thursday morning. it is 9:30 eastern time. right from the get-go we are up 66 points. 67 points i see. 63. moderating gain there and not all are open yet now they're opening up almost all of them are in the green. i do see home depot and coke on downside and only two losers at the dow at this point and dow is up one-third of one percent to be precise. how about the s&p quickly please, that's broader based indicator is down -- down, .40% check that one for you. how about nasdaq home of the technology companies. most of them anyway. that is up about a third of one percent. >> all up 8 points higher that
9:31 am
was a misquote there. s&p is up higher. according to my trusty iphone right here. check out the tenure treasury yield to be precise. then we have comcast challenging disney -- they want a fox assets -- they've made unsolicited all cash offer of 65 billion dollars. disney is bidding 52 billion in stock. 21st century fox is market company of this network and is that right, yes 21st century fox all time high 44 per share. how about apple -- it says it is working to fix a software flaw that lets law enforcement crack iphones. they're working to fix that. so the cops can't crack iphones. the stock, though, no reaction, 191 for apple l. how about tesla elon musk raises his stake in the companyies more shares -- and by the way, his boring company gets the bid for the
9:32 am
high speed tunnel, the train that goes under chicago to o'hare. tesla sup again. 347 on tesla. all right thursday morning who is with me elsz elizabeth macdonald and ashley webster market watchers and scotty with us i'll start with you i went through litany of potential negatives. the fed raise ares interest rates and g7 mess and no summit and yet market is up. what's happening? >> we're in a secular market and it is here to stay for the foreseeable future. i mean bottom line is if you looked a underlying fudged mental the market has been resilient and interest fears are overhyped look at where we are, a 29 should not compete with the equity market and inflation and interest rates are i believe are the biggest thing that could cause markets to stop. but we have to get the four plus percent and in my opinion on the tenure before it starts to compete with the equity market. >> that is a long ways away.
9:33 am
a bull market holding viewers handle and put in money to stocks that's okay. >> look at the labor market too. the labor market is area where we're going to see wage growth and consumers continue to spend and that's very, very positive market for our economy and market. >> i want to hear from you a report this morning that retail sales went up very strong .8% doesn't sound strong but that is very is strong is that what is making this market go up today? >> i believe it is stuart that's good from a historic perspective as we talked, trouble retail in the last several quarters so that's good to see. i kind of agree with eddy i will cautious you guys i don't to -- spike the party punch here. but it's starting to feel a little bit january here. thingsthings are really good fes dubbish and picture coming together with trump and friendliness around the world. i think, you know, as individual newscast tore be careful here. i'm not sell ising our position you know question love the tech stuart as we talked about for
9:34 am
many, many years but reality is adding am lp and pipeline place those are wayses to hedge out what i believe is a little bit of an overvalued market here. >> okay. thanks very much scott. by the way we put amazon on the screen there for you. i believe that's an all-time high is that correct over 17 a share there you go. amazon 1,717 per share. amazon new high. let's get to apple -- as we told you, it says it is looking to close that soflt ware loophole that allows cops to crack into a suspect's iphone without their permission. apple says they're not trying to with law enforcement first of all scott i don't think that makes any difference whatsoever to the stock but bad pr. >> bad pr almost like par for the course that tech company is
9:35 am
out there all about bad pr aren't they in so that's what's interesting just that, you know, it's not a great choice. it's not the choice i would make if i was running apple but i'm certainly not. it is not going to affect the stock apple had a great rally investor, buyers are coming in. to me this is own regardless of the -- questionable social choices they make. >> i got you. mcdonald's they're taking a shot at starbucks, they're coming without a rival cold brew frozen drinks. now, eddy i know you're not a fan of starbucks we've talked about this before but are you a fan of mcdonald's now? >> mcdonald's is in a good position to get market share from starbucks because i think starbucks has challenges ahead of themselves and other thing too is mcdonald's has a better price point and i think at the end of the day they're going to penetrate that market and starbucks will continue to have challenges on their -- >> cold brew things two or three -- >> putting on three dollar menu that's a shot at starbucks you know what else mcdonald's is finding that people don't care about the price when they buy their coffee in the morning.
9:36 am
they're probably going into work but by afternoon time they're it like how much is this coffee and they're trying to pull those customers away from -- starbucks nitrobrew which is like $10 whatever it is. >> makes sense. about speed getting in, getting coffee and getting heck out. retail track it too as we know it has been hurting so if they don't get foot traffic from retail that will hurt their brangd and business too. >> i want my fast food fast, and cheap -- thank you very much indeed. >> really tough -- [laughter] check the big board on a thursday morning okay 100 points higher, 25, 00 we'll take it. weaker sales at the parent company, of mens warehouse and pay bank that parent is tailored brands, look at it go down. 18% down. lower profit lower sales at arts and crafts retailer michael stores doapght do that. down 17%. wow that's a big move.
9:37 am
sprint going to end its 15 per month unlimited promotion this week. citing high demand too many people took it can't afford that. volkswagen fined 1.1 billion in emission cheating scandal. one of the highest and heaviest finds on a german company. they said it would not appeal that penalty. stock goes up. back to tesla -- the chief elon musk, raise ares his stake in the company, that's what i want to talk about here. they're raising their stake i know they've got the boring company which is going to tunnel under chicago. >> i've got it. he owns a fifth of tesla. 19% of tesla and stock has gone from 280, three weeks ago to 348 as of today. scott martin i don't know whether you like tesla or not but it is going places aingt it? >> it is driving away from us. i'll tell you i'm scared of tesla i'll put it that way and i have to take this one on the
9:38 am
chin we own tesla for a little while back in 2017 made a little bit of money not enough to even talk about. so i'll be quiet. but here's the thing, i mean it is doubling down or tripling down and third in the stock or last year and they're starting weird things, i mean. they've leveled off hierarchy in the management and a report about them firing about 30 works and one of the factories so to me it is still one of the companies that is hard to figure out as to whether they're going to get production lines fired up which is needed to be done. because be the fact the the cars are good demand is off the charts they can't test it. >> i would not but they're burning through a lot of cash and thing the in the late cycle you have debt rash yore of companies that way when things get tight they can cover it and if something bad happened economically they would be in a jam burning through cash. >> you don't at this point. >> i was thinking i was buying it three weeks ago. change my mind. borrow money and raitsz are
9:39 am
going up. but i wouldn't buy it and kind of expensive for a guy like me. why -- you and i answered this question why doesn't amazon or tesla split? why not? they used to. i have a stock goes to 100 a share, few years ago you split that thing. now you don't job why not? >> i don't know why they're not doing that anymore but maybe more attractive if it is higher price? >> not buying it eddy -- the way that is. microsoft it is taking aim at amy dison it is got its own technology, to eliminate cashiers in checkout lines this to me is an example of the future. >> again like your fast food you want it quick and now with least amount of fuss get in and get out. >> as lizzy said earlier no checkout line there's no cashier, you take it off the shelf and put it in the cart -- you buy a lot more it shall that's right. >> microsoft puts that up in the cloud and so --
9:40 am
does amazon i would imagine and everybody else they track what you buy and -- >> looking at the longes on the shelf. >> microsoft -- of course yotd. there you go. more they have the better for the marketplace and health for good competition and team up with wal-mart like they talked about enough to get amazon attention. >> last word to you scott do you like amazon? >> microsoft -- [laughter] >> i like amazon yes stuart and those people who own microsoft are rt smaest people in the world i believe -- >> okay back on the show tomorrow morning. >> myself included. all right everybody it's that time 9:40 thanks very much indeed eddy and scott martin gentleman thank you very much indeed check that market now we're up 77 points. kind of volatility early in the morning we were up 110 now it's up about 75. today is the day -- we will finally see the inspector general's report on the fbi and the clinton e-mail investigation. judge napolitano has a preview
9:41 am
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i'm plugged into equities - trade confirmed - and i have global access 24/7. meaning i can do what i need to do, then i can focus on what i want to do. visit to see what adding futures can do for you. >> okay check that big board we're up only i say only, we're up 66 points. we have been up about 110 so coming back a little from that. then we have the jet engine maker royce not talking the cars here but jet engines they are laying off thousands of people. come in nicole and tell me why they're doing that. talking jet engines and boeing 787 dream liner and airbus superjumbo jet. that's what we're talking about when we're talking about royce so they're laying off 4600 workers, that's about 8.5% of the work force over next two years you know why, they have to
9:44 am
reallocate funds they have to work on the engine. one of the problems -- of the like of boeing which we care so much about right dow components is that there have been engine problems you know what happens to these customers they have to park the plane. they have their idol and rent other planes so this is what they're fixing and check and building. not the cars but engine side of things let's not forget that. thanks nicole back to politics. this afternoon, i believe we all, we the people get to see it at 3:00 that will be the justice department's watch dog report on the hillary e-mail probe. all rise are judge andrew napolitano is here. all right, you asked me to tell you what's in a report i haven't seen. [laughter] stuart: i'm going to ask you if by the end of the day we'll have a clearer picture as to whether or not the fbi an justice department shielded hillary and -- tried to undermine trump. will we have a much clearer picture? >> i suspect we will so report
9:45 am
is not evidence. the report is a team's opinion of what they have discovered no indictment, but some allegations. and we will know things like -- did they exonerate hillary because they believed sheeted be their boss? be they exonerate because they thought she was going to win, that's not a crime. no but it is -- of the investigation. precisely it is a form of corruption, it's making a law enforcement decision on a nonlaw enforcement basis. the only valid decision they could have made is did they exonerate hillary are because there wasn't enough evidence to convict her? i reject that because we know what the evidence is and the evidence to convict her is ample. when they did exonerate her they said no, reasonable prosecutor will take the case because you can't the prove intent guess what the statute doesn't require intent but gross negligence putting top secret e-mails on your husband private seiver kept in a closet in his insecure
9:46 am
estate in westchester county is gross negligence. >> do we find out more of the tarmac meeting? i hope so. which is why -- this morning on fox and friends when they said to me, we understand that jim comey will be accused of insubordination i said big deal who cares -- he was to loretta lynch who herself perverted the investigation by speaking with a target's husband and private allegedly, grandchildren. something nobody believes. we are looking for criminal behavior, or law enforcement judgments made for nonlaw enforcement based decisions. >> made for political reasons. okay. now the inspector general may say, i think so and so committed a crime and i have referred it to my bosses in the doj. goes up to rod rosenstein and jeff sessions -- if they say there's enough evidence here. goes over to the prosecutor team
9:47 am
u.s. for the district of columbia she decides whether or not to indict. this is already happened with the andrew mccabe it could happen to andrew mccabe again. it could happen to other it is in the fbi as well. >> will we have any hint may be of president obama being indirectly involved in this or knowing about this? >> i think we might and i formed that judgment from some of the e-mails that i've seen which refers to him as oh -- or refers to him as p, or refers to his team in the west wing wanting to know what's going on. >> awe -- >> nothing wrong with president wanting to know what's going on decisions to please him or base ed on prudent law enforcement evidentiary based manner? >> judge we're going to have more from you in or 11:00 hour and joining ashley what to walk up the report. so in this -- in this very rum so you have a steal any set. steal away. thanks very much. hold on a second judge eve to
9:48 am
one for you apple -- going to close that software loophole that allows police to crack open an iphone. against suspect wishes. do you approve that have? >> they have a right to manufacture product to whoever they wish. ideologically i approve of it but no law to prevent -- >> you approve of apple stopping police investigating terror? >> ideologically i approve of apple preserves what remains what little remains of the right to privacy. >> so you believe that your principles are way over and above the practicality of fighting terror. >> these are not my princes but james madison principles. he wrote the fourth amendment -- which you will not deviate from for one minuscule -- >> or want me to particularly if you were the target. >> i don't know about that. [laughter] >> see you at 11 everybody see
9:49 am
you -- ashley too. check the dow coming back a little bit we were up 110 and now with we are up what -- 75 points. it is still on the upside this morning. and the national debt, well over 21 trillion now. next, we have a congressman who says reigning in the debt isn't just an economic issue. to him it's a matter of national security. we'll be back.
9:50 am
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9:52 am
so, i have this recurring dream. i'm 85 years old in a job where i have to wear a giant hot dog suit. what? where's that coming from? i don't know. i started my 401k early, i diversified... i'm not a big spender. sounds like you're doing a lot. but i still feel like i'm not gonna have enough for retirement. like there's something else i should be doing. with the right conversation,
9:53 am
you might find you're doing okay. so, no hot dog suit? not unless you want to. no. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today with td ameritrade®. >> it is still a rally but only half what it was up 66. we were up over 110. 252 is where we are. all right our next guest says our national debt is a threat to national security. plain and simple joining us now andy biggs a republican congressman from arizona. welcome to the show good to have you. >> good to be with you, stuart several guests on this program said national debt is going to create a debt bomb explosion. which will wreck our financial system -- is that your line of thinking? >> yes, it is. i think we're headed over the edge. you know, if they give a water fall we're in the boat and now almost to the point where we can't get out of the flow. we're heading over unless we do something immediately. >> when do you think the debt bomb may explode if nothing is
9:54 am
done? >> well i think since the medicare trust fund is going to be defunk in about eight years -- you're looking at about 8 to 10 year period of time that we have to get this thing fixed. >> you see that's always the problem isn't it off in the future well you know -- we see this terrible thing coming but it's off in the future. so there's always a tendency to put it off don't do anything about it because you want to do something about it to cause feign right now. and no politician wants to inflict pain right now. they don't want to do that. >> that's right it's a path and approach. we're on a path we know we are, but to exit that path is get on optimal path is short-term pain as you say and they view as too high of a political cost. but if every day that we delay, we drop off some options that we might have to fix this problem and get our deficit back if that's the real issue is
9:55 am
structural deficit we borrow that. >> that is very true a unemployment rate historically low a booming economy yet we've got the what an 800 billion deficit. but in simple term, just tell us what you would do -- i mean it's a huge problem what would you do about it? now -- first thing you do i would do a bigger rescission package we do 15 billion rescission package, off a 1.3 trillion bill and should spending $700 billion instead of 1.3 trillion. >> you don't have the votes congressman they're not there. >> well, i can't help that because it gets to the point that you and i were just talking about. my colleagues don't they don't want to inflict short-term pain which is we can't continue funding these programs. that's the immediate short-term answer is to say let's get our -- our budget under a balanced form for the first time since is the 1997 no political will.
9:56 am
no -- >> you have to reform social security to save it and you have to reform medicare to save it. >> right. that's the third round of american politics we go back to the same story you can't do it. >> well, you either try to do it where you can -- protect people's interest, keep your promises, because if you don't start doing that now we should have done that 25 years ago if you don't do that now then ten years you'll have no choice. you'll have no choice. you can inflate the currency. you can default on your debt. you can try to raise tax and kill your economy. these are the -- choices that will we'll be looking at in eight to ten years and unfair to pose that on our future generation. >> fair point congressman andy biggs thanks for joining us sir, early warning ten years in advance but we'll take it. thank you, congressman, appreciate it. berkeley, california -- has declared a climate emergency. they say it is so bad that a mass extinction of humans is coming. what's their solution is?
9:57 am
humans need to stop having babies. [laughter] we'll be back. . . [ sigh ] not gonna happen.
9:58 am
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stuart: first the headline, berkeley declares a climate emergency. here's the story. it is so bad, says the city council, that a sixth mass extinction is coming. life on earth could be devastated for the next 10 million years. we must, therefore, humanely stablize the human population. now you could say that this is so extreme that it has no relevance to political debate. it is out on the fringe. forget it, but the left can not say that. extreme measures to counter climate change are central to democrat thinking. president obama moved heavy and earth to lead the climate warriors into the paris agreement and democrats in
10:01 am
california have proposed draconian green regulations that had huge impact. every democrat in the november election should be asked about the berkeley declaration. do you agree with humane population control, what whatever that means? do we face extinction? should we alter our lives? we want to know. what will you do to us if elected? the resolution which berkeley adopted, towards a clift towards climate resilient culture, prioritizes, conservation, might wall aid over consumerism and narcissism. senator schumer, speaker pelosi, what say you? this is varney hand company. our second hour is about to begin. ♪ stuart: 10:01 eastern time on a
10:02 am
thursday, kind of lunchtime the mortgage rates. ashley: i live on the edge every thursday at this time. breaking, freddie mac rates, 30-year fixed at 2.62%. that is up a big eight basis points -- 4.62. from last week. impact on consumer budgets is not as great as it used to be, this is very sensitive to adjustable rate mortgages which open only make up 8% of mortgages out there. back in 2006, it was 31%. these shifts in rates are not having big effect on most mortgage-holders right now. first-time buyers getting more expensive to get in as prices rise which is not so great but generates are on the rise. stuart: 4.6%. leave it at that. 30 year. take it. next check, amazon, whoa, another all-time high. right now at $1715.52 per share. we have one analyst who upped is
10:03 am
price target on amazon to $2100. by the way online sales in may up 9% over a year ago. that is helping amazon. netflix, look at that one. another all-time high as well. this time netflix has gone to $387 per share as of right now. another all-time high, from 21st century fox. remember please, comcast is bidding $65 billion worth of cash for some fox aset cetera. disney to buy them for 52 billion in stock. 21st century fox is the parent company of the fox business network. it is up at 44 bucks a share today. disney, a top gainer in the dow. as of now it reached $109 a share. maybe they figure disney will not match comcast's offer for fox assets. it doesn't have to shell out a ton of money, or buy it and the
10:04 am
thing goes up. maybe that is the reason. disney at 109. then we have et cetera sy, online hand made goods company -- etsy. look at that, a 27% gain forestty. can you believe that? $42 a share. take a breath. your rant at top of the show. berkeley declaring a climate emergency. a mass extinction and berkeley demands population control. what does that mean? joining us brad blakeman, former deputy sis is assistant to former president george w. bush. stop smiling. stop laughing. i can't help it, i find it hilarious. we have to be reasonable here. i want to ask every democrat, do you believe this? what do you say? >> i say democrats do believe this kind of nonsense. it takes away from serious issues where a clear and present danger to america, like unsustainable debt. how about that? how about immigration, securing
10:05 am
our borders. they never want to deal with the here and now. always something else something a more fick or farrell louse that nobody can-- perilous, that nobody can put their hand around. stuart: it's a around their neck, it's a millstone around their neck. >> sure it is. stuart: i don't think most people in america are buying this analysis. >> this is typical left mumbo-jumbo. this is the y2k of today. people know it. if california wants to go off the deepened, be kooky, we'll have mass exodus. taxation, sanctuary cities, everything suffering in their pocketbooks and united states federal government will step in to do what they need to do to protect the people of california. stuart: brad, another one for you, democrat, clark tucker, running for congress in arkansas. he says he will not support fellow democrat nancy pelosi. he came out with an ad.
10:06 am
we'll play part of it now. roll tape. >> congressman hill opened his campaign by attacking me knowing full well that i have said from day one that i won't vote for nancy pelosi. we're better than that. stuart: well, there is young democrat, i won't vote for nancy pelosi. okay, what do you say to that, mr. blakeman? >> i say good for him. the fact of the matter, he has no choice. nancy pelosi has already amassed the support that she needs if we were to lose the house. that is what we should be running on. are we running with president obama's old record with nancy pelosi's attacks on the president and resistance in this is what we're going to get. the american people are on notice. you know, you get what you pay for. if you vote for the democrats in november, then you're going to vote to turn around a great economy and moving our country forward. stuart: i see a paradox here. i see democrats increasingly walking away from nancy pelosi but republicans walking towards president trump. do you agree? >> there is no doubt. the reason is, the president is
10:07 am
delivering on his promises. the president has a record of accomplishment. the economy has never been better. unemployment in minority communities has never been better. he is reset relations around the world, favorable now, to america. that is the way it always should have been. our president has got to work in our interests first. democrats are looking to resist this president. absolutely to impeach this president, if they could. we can't give them the power and opportunity to turn things around. stuart: brad blakeman, that's it. thanks for joining us, sir. we'll see you again real soon. that's a promise. thank you. now a "varney & company" first. what i'm about to show you has never been seen before on this program. it's a sound bite from the fed chairman. [buzzer] okay. liz: you got buzzerred. ashley: before we even got to it. stuart: before we get to it i get the buzzer. ashley: yes. stuart: jerome powell speaking plain english. that is why we're doing this.
10:08 am
speaking plain english yesterday. roll that tape. >> because monetary policy affects everyone, i want to start with a plain english summary how the economy is doing, what my colleagues and i at the federal reserve are trying to do and why. the main takeaway is that the economy is doing very well. most people who want to find jobs are finding them. and unemployment and inflation are low. stuart: wow. now we're not used to that now, are we? that wasn't fed speak. that was regular english. joining us now, gartman letter editor and publisher who can't stop smiling, dennis gartman. >> i government past the guards. unbelievable. stuart: they let anybody on this program. i never seen anything like that before. >> when he was nominated to be the chairman, a friend of mine, betsy duke, used to be on the board of governors, the great thing about jay powell, he will always speak plain english.
10:09 am
that is completely different. this is not the arc typal speeches that we've seen from mr. greenspan in the past. this is very different. stuart: refreshing. >> not a question about that. stuart: telling it straight, good economy. case closed. >> i like that. i'm with you. stuart: we got very positive retail sales figures today. i thought they were very strong, up.% gain. that i call strong -- .8% gain. >> far better than expectations. stuart: 9% gain in may over previous year for online sales. that tells me that is pretty strong economy. >> my wife is clearly at work. she is great advocate, absolutely, unbelievable. no question about it. it is a very strong economy out there. i live in southern virginia, we have been one of the slowest economies in the united states in the past 10 or 15 years as defense spending is contracted much you walk around virginia beach, norfolk, all you see is help-wanted signs.
10:10 am
completely different attitude. no question the economy is doing better. go to cleveland, the economy is doing better. go to flagstaff, arizona, economy is doing better. only here in new york you hear people complain about the economy. outside the economy is doing very well. thank you very much. stuart: you care about that? you are an investment advisor. you care about people and where to invest. you care about the state of the economy. it is a big deal for you. >> of course it's a big deal. you have to understand the equities markets get ahead of the economy on the downside. it gets ahead of the economy on the upside. one always has to be cognizant how far ahead is the equity market going. stuart: is it ahead of the economy today? >> they're running coextensively. for first time in years we have synchronous global economy and synchronous economy in the united states. it is still a bull market. i find it a little overpriced but still a bull market, nonetheless. as i like to say the greatest economists in the country, old turkey, from reminisces of from a stock operator, remember it is
10:11 am
still a bull market. remember it is still a bull market. stuart: for our viewers worrying about putting anymore money in, selectively it is okay, put the money in? >> i'm not sure i would rush to the rush to put more money in. if you're in i would robly stay put. stuart: that's fair enough. mr. gartman. good to have you back again. >> always good to be had. stuart: okay. welcome back. thanks, dennis. appreciate it. now this, president trump weighing in on the north dakota senate race. officially endorsing congressman kevin cramer. he is trying to unseat democrat heidi hide cam. the president had been friendly with heitkamp of late. mr. cramer was not happy about that. he is going to join us later on this hour. major oil companies fighting back against new york city mayor bill de blasio lawsuit. he is trying to hold them responsible for climate change. the attorney general of the great state of texas, ken paxton, is on the side of the
10:12 am
oil companies. he is with us too. listen to this sports league selling 20,000 tickets to a tournament in two weeks, to watch people play videogames. big sponsors like hewlett-packard, toyota, t-mobile, big money in this. they have a commissioner of that league. can you believe that? commissioner of a league which only plays one game. i find that incredible. the commissioner is on the show today. ♪
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
stuart: holdholding on to a gain. we're up. checking dow 30. see a lot more green than red. 24, 25 of the dow 30 are green. that is up. five or six are down.
10:16 am
the price of gold still around 1300 bucks a ounce. 1305 to be precise. this is money-making phenomenon on fox business. videogames. sold out arenas, check that out, 20,000 tickets sold in two weeks at a stadium in new york city. some players get, what, players, period, they get $50,000 minimum basalry, health care and retirement benefits as well. that's just for the game "overwatch." i find this incredible. joining is the overwatch league commissioner. nate, let me step back a second here. "overwatch" is a videogame. exec you are commissioner of a league. that league is made up of teams that play the one game, have i got this right? >> that's correct, yeah.
10:17 am
over watch league is a global professional esports team, 12 teams play around the world in a game called "overwatch," made by blizzard in california. stuart: who many players on the team. >> it is six by six. much like baseball, basketball, the game requires team work, coordination, individual skill to be played at the highest level. stuart: what you do is, you get a stadium, you put up some big video screens, you sell tickets to watch people compete for "overwatch." is that a shoot epup game, a battle gain? >> overwatch is first person action game. the lore of the game is set on earth. it is very stylized, very good looking game. a game highly competitive, so the game is about determining who is the best player in the world. if you look at the overwatch league, we have 40 million play at home.
10:18 am
only 130 plus, good enough to be in the overwatch league. truly the best of the best. we play each week in blizzard arena, burbank, california, the same soundstage they show "the tonight show" with johnny carson and "the tonight show" with jay leno we built a studio there. we will take the game home and away. fans all over the world to exchange with the content live. this is the only sports league where fans come from seoul, london, shanghai, play teams from boston, new york, and philly. one of a kind. stuart: i'm blown away about this. this is absolutely brand new to me. what is the size of the revenue for your entire league? are you allowed to tell us? >> we had successful start. we kicked off the league back in january. we had 10 million viewers in the opening week. since shen we're growing viewership next week. we have great partners we launched the league with.
10:19 am
matches are available to watch for free on the streaming platform twitch owned by amazon and our own streaming platform activision blizzard. we have launch partners, hb, intel, toyota, t-mobile, sour patch kids mon today lay international brand. we're on track to be profitable in our first year which is unheard of or any start-up sports league. stuart: that would be true. you are geared towards overwatch, that one game. if that fades or another big game comes in and takes its place your league goes away? >> well, videogames are not a fleeting thing. you know videogames are incredibly mainstream. overwatch is incredibly popular game. this is a game at activision blizzard, the way we view our games is that they're franchises. franchises perpetual in their appeal. games that have perpetual appeal to fans because of the way we are continuing evolving the
10:20 am
game, adapting the game and evolving over time. if you think about traditional sports, it doesn't change much over time, but overwatch as a sport is constantly evolving, constantly changing, we're adding new heroes and maps keeping the game fresh. stuart: your demographic is 18, to 25 years old. that sir, is demographic i would kill for. nate, commissioner of the overwatch league. thank you for joining us, nate. >> thanks for having me. stuart: told me stuff i didn't know. >> get me on more often, i tell you about esports,. stuart: if you're not careful you will be back. show you some cool pictures this is happening now on the space station. it the spacewalk might last six 1/2 hours we're told. they're installing new hd cameras. this is the sixth spacewalk this year and it is happening right now way up there. ♪
10:21 am
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stuart: tailored brands, that is the parents company of men's warehouse and joseph a. bank, that stock taking it on the chin. same-store sales down. that board on the screen doesn't tell the whole story. look at this chart over the past year tailored brands is up, nearly 200%. the tailored brands is not the only strong retail performer. come on in nicole at the new york stock exchange. tell me about the other retail performers. >> it's amazing. while we're all busy looking at amazon at a new high again
10:25 am
today, these retailers have been creeping higher, particularly in this month of june. we just got that retail sales number in and it is showing that we have had a big spending and people are spending. in fact, look at the numbers in june. kohl's 13%, under armour, 15%, gap, 15%. macy's all of these are killing it. all are outperforming the major market averages no doubt. why is this happening? ultimately we can go back to the real deal which is confidence. you have low unemployment, rising wages, tax cuts, putting more money in people's pockets. not sure they're necessarily saving it. we have done that story, they don't have $400, saved, spend, share, give. we know they're spending, stuart. we're seeing numbers with great returns over the past 52 weeks. as you noted tailored brand up 200%. that is really unbelievable. stuart: that is really good. overall retail sales numbers were very, very strong.
10:26 am
nicole, thank you very much indeed. >> thanks. stuart: here is what we have for you coming up. president trump says the u.s. will stop military drills in south korea. congresswoman martha mack sally, she is an air force vet who recently toured the dmz. she wants to be the republican senator from arizona. she is on the show. we'll get her take on the war games ending. major oil companies telling a judge, hey, throw out new york city mayor bill de blasio's lawsuit against them. he is trying to hold them responsible nor climate change. texas attorney general ken paxton is on the oil company's side. and he is next. ♪ [music playing] (vo) from day one, we always came through for our customers.
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♪ stuart: i'm sorry. liz: are you singing? stuart: i'm very sorry. the mic was open and singing along to the beatles. i'm very sorry. liz: you murdered silence. stuart: any moment now house speaker paul ryan starts a weekly news conference. if he makes any headlines you will know them pronto. that is a problem. 25,283 that is where we are. check the big tech names. for benefit of our radio listeners i will read them out. facebook up to 194. that is real close to the all-time high. amazon at an all-time high, $117 a share. apple getting close, 191 on apple. google, $1160 a share. it is up 16 bucks.
10:31 am
microsoft 101.8. just up over a buck being. one of the biggest gainers on the dow. microsoft up a dollar, over 1%. that is money. here is politics. senate minority leader chuck schumer slams the president's deal with north korea. watch this. >> the president when he negotiates is so erratic and so whimsical and so given to impulse at the moment that he almost always fails, and we're worried that the same is happening in north korea. stuart: he went on to say that kim, as in kim jong-un, actually walked away the victor. that is what mr. schumer had to say. joining us arizona congresswoman martha mcsally. the president is taking war games off the table. now you're a veteran. you're on the armed services committee. you went to the dmz. the critics say that he just gave the store away by ending war games. what say you? >> well the critics are filled with hypocrisy, stuart, it would
10:32 am
take all day to talk about that but i'll tell you our military is ready to fight tonight. i visited with the commanders and the troops. they do daily training. for example i was an a-10 pilot, 25th squadron off the dmz. they are working every day making sure they're ready to fight. we coordinate with the troops and rok. couple times a year they have schedule exercises. the next one is coming up in august. president trump in position of strength after the maximum pressure campaign if we keep moving towards this, complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization we'll put a pause on that for now but that could change any moment. so we're in a good place. stuart: you were in south korea. you went to the dmz. you spoke to officials from south korea. how do they feel about the possibility that america could withdraw its troops from south korea or certainly lower the number of troops there? what do the south koreans think about that? >> well i will tell you that in
10:33 am
general they are feeling a level of hope that there can be a chunk on the peninsula. that there can be a move toward peace. however, our alliance is very strong. they are welcoming the presence of our troops. we stand side by side, and are ready to fight together to defend the korean peninsula. i don't think there is any real discussion at this moment of a path towards that. a lot has to change before we see a very different north korea. that would be at peace. but there is a whole lot of things that would happen on the kim side before that. stuart: now what do your constituents think about this? you're actively involved in a race to be the represent republicans in the senatorial election. what do your constituents think? are they joining president, he has gone too far, he has given the store away, he shouldn't have done this? >> i come from very pro-military, pro-defense, pro-national security,
10:34 am
pro-america state in arizona. they're optimistic and grateful for the president's leadership in the world and support for our troops and leadership for this historic moment. i like them are cautiously optimistic. the next step is up to kim president trump created this moment. he has his boot on kim's neck. he is extending him a lifeline. the only path is complete, verify ann, irreversible complete denuclearization. then there is better path for him. the people in arizona are looking optimistically and hopefully there can be a change, thanks to the leadership of this president. stuart: martha mcsally, i know you have a busy day with the ig report coming out soon. we thank you for taking out time from a busy day to be with us. >> sure thing, stuart. stuart: now this. big oil companies asking a judge to throw out a new york city lawsuit. that lawsuit wants money from the oil companies for property damage and extreme weather.
10:35 am
the city wants big oil accountable for climate change. joining me, ken paxton, attorney general of the great state of texas. mr. attorney general i think you're on oil company's side. do you think this lawsuit should have been brought in the first place? >> no, i think it is frivolous, ridiculous for local cities to use nuisance laws to override federal law. the supreme court addressed issue in 2011. it was unanimous decision, saying district courts can not address damages as relates to climate change. stuart: politicization of the legal system, isn't it? >> absolutely. i'm not an attorney general, it just reeks of politics. >> absolutely is. attempt by cities to fill their covers. doing it in a way that is illegal. we we need san francisco and new york impacting energy policy for texas and obviously we care about this. stuart: do you think you have a
10:36 am
strong case to have the thing thrown out? >> absolutely. i think the supreme court already addressed this. they're trying to nuance this one with nuisance argument, but i think again if we get to the supreme court we'll win this one again. stuart: i just want to read this for our viewers, mr. attorney general. we got breaking news on inspector general report. bloomberg reports that fbi director comey deviated from fbi and justice department procedure in handling the clinton email probe. if he deviated from normal work -- ashley: procedure. stuart: procedure, what does that mean, mr. paxton? what is the significance of that? >> it's a problem if you're an elected official you shouldn't be treated any better or worse. the reason you have procedures and policies to make sure it never happens. it protects the fbi and gives him credibility. if you step out of the procedure to treat them better or worse, you reduce our credibility as a law enforcement agency.
10:37 am
stuart: but the key question is whether or not he did it for political reasons. did he do it to support hillary clinton and cover up for her, isn't it? >> hard to know somebody's intentions but when you go outside of your procedures especially in a case like this, it does create the question since he is only one that can answer that, people will wonder whether he helped hillary clinton. stuart: still questioning. doesn't carry that much further, doesn't it? >> no, unfor the that that he did this, because now we have questions. he is only one we can know why he did it. we'll all wonder and why he did it for political reasons. stuart: we haven't read the report. it came out to the general public 3:00 this afternoon. we'll go through it line by line at that point. mr. attorney general, i want to you ask about apple. it will close the loophole to be exploited by police and
10:38 am
authorities to expose data without a user's permission. they will not allow the cops to crack a iphone. what do you make of that? >> there is privacy issues here. there is law enforcement issues here. this is something our legislatures will have to address and balance out personal privacy issue with the need to know for law enforcement and public safety. stuart: do you think apple operates in the public interest in this issue, in this case? >> you know, i'm, i have my questions. i think we need more to what apple is doing. look at a lot of technology companies as it relates to our personal information and balance it certainly with privacy issues. stuart: ken paxton, attorney general from the great state of texas. i always say that the great state of texas. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> absolutely. stuart: it is official, the proposal to break up california into three separate states will be on the ballot in november. the woman who is leading the charge to break up the formerly
10:39 am
golden state is going to join us in our next hour. but first, remember this? north dakota senator heidi heitkamp was the only democrat when the president signed banking deregulation. she even got a shoutout. her republican competitor for the senate, congressman kevin cramer, doesn't like that. he will join us next. ♪
10:40 am
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used for batteries from expired oil wells. mgx's new pilot plant aims to produce lithium-carbonate one hundred times faster than from conventional lithium brine. mgx minerals ♪ ashley: as we wait for the inspector general's report, judge napolitano joined us last hour and he told us that he believes there has to be plenty of evidence to prosecute hillary clinton. take a listen. >> the only valid decision they could have made is, did they exonerate hillary because there wasn't enough evidence to convict her? i reject that because we know what the evidence is, and the evidence to convict her is ample. when they did ex-sown rate her, no reasonable prosecutor would take the case because you can't prove intent. guess what, the statute doesn't require intent t only requires gross negligence, putting hundreds of top secret emails on
10:42 am
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stuart: why would we show you kohl's, the stock thereof? it is down 3 1/2%. why is it down? citigroup downgraded that stock and down it goes, 3 1/2% lower.
10:44 am
that is kohl's. lawsuit by attorney general barbara underwood, i think that is new york. ashley: correct. stuart: accusing the trump foundation and directors of violating charities laws. ashley: yes. basically one thing seeking restitution, not only dissolving the charity but also seeking restitution, penalties against donald trump, ban on donald trump serving as an officer of a charity and a declaration that the foundation conducted business in a quote, persistently illegal manner. accusing defendants of self-dealing, wasting charitable assets, violating u.s. tax laws. all of this contained in this lawsuit. again also accusing the davids of making expenditures to influence the outcome of an election. so there is a lot in here but basically saying, it is going right after the trump foundation charity that. >> is new york's attorney general. ashley: new york's attorney general. stuart: got it. politics, more of it. remember this, north dakota
10:45 am
senator heidi heitkamp was the only democrat present when president trump eased banking regulations. she even got a shoutout. now, excuse me, fast forward to president trump tweeting his support for heitkamp's senate challenger. here it is, congratulations to kevin cramer on his huge win in north dakota. we need kevin in the senate and i strongly endorse him. heidi voted no on our tax cuts and will always vote no when we need her. kevin is strong on crime and the borders, big on cutting taxes. he is here now, congressman kevin cramer, republican north dakota, joins us. did you have to push the president in that tweet to support you? he was getting real close to heidi heitkamp. >> thanks for the opportunity to be with you, stuart. i don't think the president pushes very easily, so i wouldn't even attempt to do something like that. the president as everybody knows is his own man. i'm greatful for the support.
10:46 am
i always suspected it was coming. i think the time something perfect. now the senate seat held by heidi heitkamp, democrat, north dakota, that is one of the most vulnerable seats in america. north dakota is solid trump country and heitkamp is democrat. what is your read on the election. >> senator heitkamp and i were elected very same day six years ago, by the very shame people. i serve the entire state of north dakota as she does. we served in exact same congress, same number of days. we had opportunity to vote on many of the same bills. so we get to have a campaign based on records. i am going to run on mine. she is running from hers. i'm more aligned with president trump. i think lowering back regulations, lowering taxes, strength inching borders, rebuilding military good ideas. she votes against the same things. it is about senator heitkamp and my voting record. stuart: seems to be a trend
10:47 am
recently that democrats are running away from association with nancy pelosi but republican candidates are moving towards president trump, and an association with him. are you fully, 100% in the trump camp? >> well, first of all, stuart, it should be known by your viewers that i was one of the very first members of congress to endorse candidate donald trump. i helped him early on in the campaign. was a surrogate throughout the campaign, particularly on energy and environmental issues. debated hillary clinton's energy advisor couple times in large forums. so i've always been with president trump. now does that mean i'm 100% with him? you know, there is not every issue that we line up exactly on but -- stuart: where do you take issue with the president? can you tell us? >> sure i have some concerns on the recent tariff and trade issues. i think tariffs, i, appreciate his goals. i support them. i think tariffs are a reasonable tool in the trade negotiation but if they become a weapon in a trade war i have great concern, and a lot of my farmers and
10:48 am
ranchers in north dakota have concern. would i like to see different approach on trade side. that said, i would rather stand with america than stand with china or stand with our competitors. i appreciate he wants an america first trade policy we're best helped him accomplish that sooner rather than later. stuart: you seem confident you will beat senator heitkamp in november? >> i live every day with eternal context. i'm confident about how this will all end. between now and next five months, i also know this is not a layup this is a good race. this is probably the best pickup opportunity for republicans but we have to earn it every single day in north dakota. stuart: if you don't make it, you're toast? >> if i don't make it, i might take up tv or something. stuart: wait a minute. hold on a second. you couldn't take the pay cut. that is a fact. >> that may be true. stuart: congressman a pleasure having you on the show. thanks very much for joining us. >> pleasure is always mine.
10:49 am
stuart: talking about microsoft and before we go anywhere, yes i do own a thin sliver of that stock. liz: very thin. stuart: yes. you had to tell them, thank you very much. liz: wafer thin. stuart: paper thin. the story microsoft developing cashierless technology. give us details. liz: amazon ghost store, no cashiers. no check outlines, wander into a store, pick up things and walk out. if you swipe your smartphone first. sensors pick up what you picked up and charge your phone. microsoft is jumping into the space with software. both these guys neck-and-neck now in this space and also the cloud space because all of the things you shop for in those ghost stores that are coming, will be uplifted into the cloud. they can better sell advertising and better sell products to you, what you like. salmon and cucumber sandwiches,
10:50 am
whatever you load up. ashley: english muffins. stuart: come on. liz: and butter. stuart: thank you very. liz: that and charges your phone when you wander out the store. stuart: what you're talking about is the future of grocery shopping. that is how we will do it. liz: maybe mcdonald's go or wendy's go or shoes go. stuart: that is fast. i want that. good report, liz. thank you very much indeed. coming up another president trump-backed candidate, danny tarkanian, officially a republican congressional candidate in nevada. he needs to cash in on his name recognition in that state. he joins us in our next hour. ♪ oh, and there's the closing bell. (sighs) i hate missing out missing out after hours.
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stuart: watch out sports fans we're about to go negative. looks like it. we're up 110 points at opening bell. we're up 7 right there at 25,200. imagine this, you sit down with your child, maybe your grandchild. trying to watch disney video on youtube.
10:55 am
before you get there you get an unpleasant surprise. what is the surprise. ashley: how about a demon clawing at the throat of a woman? very disturbing pictures. an ad basically, a trailer for a horror movie. unfortunately got placed right before disney's "frozen." this happened in the uk. the uk standards office got a lot of complaints about it. they looked into it. what is funny, who blames who. they're all doing because youtube is pointing finger at sony and vice versa. youtube, says advertisers are ones responsible for determining appropriate targeting. meanwhile sony says, no, that is not youtube. that is youtube content categorizing algorithms misfired. they're blaming each other. that is never shoved happened. kids look on youtube get traumatized by very disturbing images, very, very disturbing film. stuart: pretty violent stuff. sitting there, out comes this violent stuff right before
10:56 am
disney stuff. i understand the complaint. i do. how about this one, google workers who helped organize against the pentagon, remember they didn't want to work on artificial intelligence project, now those google workers are pushing for unionization. why? liz: newfound power they got, what they're feeling to unionize against the c-suite at alphabet to make sure they stay within the company's new ethical guidelines. so, you know, this isn't about higher worker pay or labor force work conditions. it is about their thinking about what is ethical and moral. then unionizing to pressure the executives to make sure they're making moral, ethical choices. stuart: enforced politics. enforce ethics policy. liz: new labor movement. it is. now the workers, these workers are saying, it will empower workers at other companies to follow us if we do this. ashley: 200,000 a year. they get to sleep in a nap pod
10:57 am
if they're feeling a little tired. stuart: sarcasm is a low form of wit. coming up a remarkable interview with the president by fox news bret baier. the president talking directly to the foreign leaders and the voters. we'll show it to you after this. . chubb has helped us grow for the past 30 years... they helped us prevent equipment problems during harvest and provided guidance when we started exporting internationally. now we're working with them on cybersecurity. my grandfather taught me to make a wine that over delivers. chubb, over delivers. that over delivers. touch shows how we really feel. but does psoriasis ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz. up to 90% of those with moderate to severe psoriasis had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. most people were still clearer after one year.
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11:00 am
stuart: the president wrapped up his summit, boarded air force one to return home and immediately sat down for an interview with fox news' bret baier. it was a remarkable interview. bret let the president talk, and we got to see a presidency like no other. first of all, when the president sat for that interview, he had been up for 26 straight hours. he turns 72 today. you want to talk about energy? he spoke without a script, no teleprompter. he just talked. we're not used to this in a president, and we're certainly not used to a president discussing global diplomacy quite like this. a tight script, that's been the norm, but not with president
11:01 am
trump. some of what he says comes as a real shock. he talked about north korea from a real estate perspective. his words, quote: they've got great beaches. look at that view. wouldn't that a make a great condo? [laughter] definitely. we're not used to that. the interview revealed the president's very personal style. he likes meeting face to the face with world leaders. with kim jong un he had chemistry. we understand each other. he said that twice. with china's president xi, we understand each other. and in he and russia's putin were to meet, in the president's words, i could say, would you do me a favor? would you get out of syria? would you do me a favor? would you get out of ukraine? whoa, never seen that before. watching that interview you got the impression our president was talking directly with foreign leaders and communicating effectively with american voters. more from that groundbreaking interview and bret baier himself
11:02 am
as the third hour of "varney & company" continues. ♪ ♪ >> we spent probably 25% of our time talking about russia. and i said to myself, wouldn't it be better if they were here? now, i'm not for russia, i'm for the united states. but as an example, if vladimir putin were sitting next to me at a table instead of one of the others and we were having dinner the other night in canada, i could say, would you do me a favor? would you get out of syria? would you do me a favor, would you get out of ukraine? you shouldn't be there. just come on. stuart: have you ever seen anything like that from a president before? no, you haven't. not in my opinion. bret baier, who did the interview, he joins us later this hour. we'll talk to him about that remarkable interview with the president. he's on the show. happening at noon, the
11:03 am
inspector general will brief congress on his report into the fbi handling of the clinton e-mail probe. bloomberg reports the ig found that james comey didn't follow fbi procedures but that he was not motivated by political bias. judge andrew napolitano will discuss that one a little later, again, in this hour. check that big board, the dow 30 now down 50 points. we've turned negative just in the last 10, 15 minutes. we were up 110 at the open, now we're down 50. how about the s&p 500? the dow is down about a quarter of 1% but the s&p still holding on to a very small gain. as for the nasdaq, it hit yet another all-time high earliered today, and it's still there, up 34 points at 7,729. interest rates not a factor in today's market. the yield on the ten-year treasury at 2.95%. individual stocks making news, comcast making an all-cash offer
11:04 am
of about $65 billion for some fox assets. that tops disney's $52 billion stock offer. 21st century fox hit an all-time high on that news at $44 a share, still there, it is the parent company of this network. how about apple? working on a new security feature for the iphone that would make it harder for the police to retrieve data in a suspect's phone. can't crack it. look at tesla. elon musk raising his stake in the company. he's bought more tesla are shares, and his boring company won a bid to build a tunnel under chicago to provide a fast link to o'hare airport. capitalist pig asset manager jonathan hoenig joins us now. that's where you'll based, as i understand it. do you think you'll ever see that tunnel built? >> well, you know, it's almost like professor harold hill has come to town with great promises -- [laughter] of a marching band or maybe in
11:05 am
simpsons' parlance, lyle langley is coming to town to probably build a monorail. we've heard this before. but i tell you, i think elon musk is on to something here. he won the bid because he's promised to pay for it all unlike those previous examples here, stuart. and this has great performance. my preference, of course, would be the city would be to privatize the project, but elon musk has promised to put a billion dollars into this. and god knows this city needs it. so i have great promise this could actually turn into something very beneficial for the city because it's being done with private dollars, not on the city's dime. stuart: i didn't know that, jonathan. thanks for adding that -- it's a very important point, it's done with private money. big deal. >> yeah. stuart: a few weeks ago i started to change my mind on tesla because musk came out and talked about the battery factories that he's going to start and his advance, his lead in battery technology.
11:06 am
i've changed my mind on this stock. it's gone from 280 to 350. am i right? should i have changed my mind? i kind of like it now. >> well, it's a tremendously shorted stock. a lot of people betting against tesla, and it's an impossible stock. this is a company that will need to raise more money whether it's in debt or equity. and, of course, elon musk has a history of making big promises but no deliveries. it's a stock that, unfortunately, institute, i don't think would exist if not for government largess. but when it comes to the boring company -- another one of elon musk's projects, and he's got spacex as well. this is a man with a lot of irons and many fires. i'm not bullish on tesla, but i am bullish on the prospect of private industry coming to fix these infrastructure problems. the president's talking about spending money on infrastructure, just privatize it and don't spend the money -- stuart: good point. i want to leave time for silver. but, by the way, do you own
11:07 am
tesla's stock? do you? >> hell no. [laughter] stuart: okay. you like silver, slv. why do you like silver? it's been out of fashion for donkeys' years. >> for a long time, stuart. shortly put, $100 ain't what it used to be, right? $1,000 ain't what it used to be. this is something that everyone can relate to. i believe that inflation is here. the federal reserve has talked about it, but they're wrong, their central planners. i think they're drastically underestimating it. i tell you, i don't want to be a, you know, kind of a peter schiff style, if you will, but i think silver prices could double, stuart. i really think they could. they're $16 today, 17 today, they were upwards of 40 just a few years ago. i think silver and most commodities have room to run, and i know it. stuart: there you have it. jonathan hoenig thinking right outside the box as any capitalist pig would. thanks a lot, jonathan. senator elizabeth warren
11:08 am
grilling health and human services secretary alex azar over high drug prices. watch this. >> he said there would be massive decreases in prices within two weeks. it's been two weeks, and there have been no decreases and an indication of increase. mr. secretary, you said you wanted to get tough on drug companies, but under your approach it seems that the drug companies can just keep charging people more and more. the only thing you've done is set it up so maybe if a drug company reduces a price, you can give them a cheap pr moment. stuart: well, we didn't get a chance to hear aczar's response there. -- azar's response. we've got "beating obamacare" author betsy mccaughey -- will you answer -- >> i'd like to answer. stuart: why didn't drug prices come down? >> because profits are not the cause of these high drug prices. it's true that americans are suffering from pharmaceutical shock, but the reason is foreign free-loading. and the president is going to
11:09 am
fix it with trade deals. stuart: what do you mean by foreign free-loading? >> okay. because look at the profit margins on drug companies. they're about in the middle of the pack, right? 16.2% on average. there are some outliers, but that's about it. stuart: okay. >> they've actually underperformed the dow since 2014. but who's providing the profits? americans consume 46% of at the pented drugs in the world -- patented trucks in the world. the foreign governments come in and pay just slightly over the marginal price of manufacturing that pill. none of the r&d. that's all on the backs of american consumers. that's because of bad trade deals, and president trump has already made a commitment that he's going to push these other countries to pay part of the r&d. warren's approach is going to kill people who are waiting with incurable diseases for a cure. she wants to put price controls on drugs which will push down the profit margins, destroy the
11:10 am
incentives for investors to put capital into that industry. you see, she says, well, we can live with the state of knowledge as it is now. tell that to a parent whose child has an incurable disease. stuart: okay. so your point is that president trump will fix this problem to a degree -- >> absolutely. he has identified the problem and already committed to fixing it with trade deals, and that's how it should be fixed. stuart: all right, betsy, relax. >> i'm telling you -- [laughter] they put out an excellent report on that. all the facts are there. elizabeth warren is such a demagogue. stuart: all right, we leave it at that. [laughter] coming up, my interview with bret baier on his interview with president trump. i think it was a great moment for the president. it showed a lot about this presidency. and a proposal to break up california into three states. [laughter] it's going to be on the ballot in november over there. next, we have the spokesperson for the cal-3 movement. and the department of
11:11 am
justice inspector general releasing his report on the fbi's report of the clinton e-mail probe. it heads to congress in about 40 minutes. we've got this one covered for you, and you're watching the third hour of "varney & company." ♪ ♪
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
stuart: where's the price of oil this morning? down a traction, down eight cents at $66 a barrel. the price of gas, where is it this morning? $2.90 on average nationwide, down ever so slightly from yesterday. slowly but surely, gas is creeping down. and now this. a proposal to break up california into three separate states. it will be on the ballot in november. and look who's here, the spokesperson for that, for the effort, peggy grand.
11:15 am
cal-3 is the name of the organization. >> it is. stuart: and you pushed to get this thing on the ballot. >> absolutely. stuart: why? what's the big advantage of breaking up california? >> we believe the people of california have the right to direct their own future, and we see what's happening -- stuart: don't they already? >> well, if you look at what's happening out of sacramento, it's very much against the will of the people. we have failing schools, crumbling infrastructure, we're taking in record taxes in sacramento, and yet it's not coming down to the people of california. stuart: then you have to assume that if you do break it up into three, there will be different politics in those three because it is politics which is stopping california breaking out of the mold of tax and spend. >> right. well, we know that smaller government works better. u.s. news just came out with a report that california ranks 50th in overall quality of life. so we know the smaller states are doing it better, and the people of california are demanding a chance to say we want a different direction for the future. we are not accepting failing
11:16 am
schools and crumbling infrastructure, ask we want something -- and we want something better. stuart: let's suppose that it happened, you got three different states. one of them would be called northern california, right? >> well, the people of each state would be able to determine their state capital. stuart: okay. northern california, that would still be ultra-liberal. >> perhaps. but this is a bipartisan -- stuart: probably. >> perhaps, yeah. zero stuart okay. the next one is called california. that would be a thin sliver down near the coastline. >> yeah, six counties. stuart: that would be liberal, wouldn't it? >> it probably would be. but this is a bipartisan, nonpartisan effort, and it's really about the economics of the state. it's not about the politics of the state. stuart: the economics of the state are all about the politics of the state. >> we do believe we will have greater or political influence because right now we have two senators, and we are an electoral assumption. and if you break up the state, all of a sudden we become electorally in play. stuart: wait a minute, wait a minute. you're asking me to accept six senators from california, at
11:17 am
least four of whom would be uber-liberal? i don't call that progress. >> well, it's greater representation for the people, and this is what it's all about. we want to make sure that the people of california have a voice. this is going to come -- a vote for cal-3 is going to come from people like me, born and raised in southern california who love california, who want to stay there, who want an opportunity for our children to stay there. right now i have four kids, two of them have left the state. there's no opportunity there. so a vote is going to come for this from people who do love california and want it to be a place that we can stay, that we can recruit and retain businesses and families and individuals to come. a study just came out 46% of people in the bay area are considering leaving within the next few years -- stuart: oh, i saw it. >> that's unsustainable. and so this is a chance to change direction. we know what happens if we continue down the same path, and this is a chance to pivot in another direction. stuart: but you do know it's never going to happen. [laughter] >> we'll see. [laughter] i'll be happy to come back in and talk with you about it. stuart: in 10 or 20 years.
11:18 am
peggy, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. stuart: all right. mcdonald's, they're taking on starbucks. they're releasing new cold brew coffee drinks. mcdonald's betting that lower prices, they're going to charge maybe $2 or $3 for these drinks compared to starbucks' $4 or $5, they're hoping those lower prices will bring in people. and microsoft is challenging amazon. it's developing its own no-checkout, cashier-less technology. look to me like another big tech way of affecting all of our lives. ashley: certainly is. stuart: guaranteed. we've got a headline just coming at us. kentucky suing walgreens for contributing to the state's opioid epidemic. no impact on the stock. ashley: wow. stuart: look at this, please. nasa astronaut doing a spacewalk at the space station, they're installing high definition cameras which will give them a better view as they prepare to dock. it's the sixth spacewalk in this
11:19 am
year. and now danny tar -yard line january -- tarkanian, he's with us later this hour. i'm going to put it to him. he's got a big name, very well known name. he's run before but no real wins yet. he's on the show. very soon we'll be joined by fox news all-star bret baer. i say his interview with president trump last night on the fox news channel, i think it was remarkable. bret baier on the show as well. ♪
11:20 am
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stuart: president trump responding to tt filed by the new york attorney general. quote: the sleazy new york democrats and they're now-disgraced and run out of town ag eric is schneiderman, are doing everything they can to sue me on a foundation that took millions and gave more money than it took in. i won't settle this case. schneiderman, who ran the clinton campaign in new york, never had guts to bring this ridiculous case which lingered in their office for almost two years. now he resigned his office in
11:24 am
disgrace, and his disciples brought it when we would not settle. the new attorney general in new york state has sued president trump's charity. this happened moments ago. the first legal sports bet in jersey. governor murphy placed a bet at monmouth park race track. he put $20 on germany to win the world cup. new jersey is the second state to start sports betting since the supreme court ruling, delaware was the first. rapper or kanye west has the number one album. he's called ye. it sold 208,000 albums in its first week. apparently, kanye's outspoken support of president trump hasn't hurt him. the left has criticized him for supporting the president as well as conservative commentatorrer candace owens. by the way, she will be on the show tomorrow during our 11:00 hour. we'll get her take on kanye's big sale and much more. thirty minutes from now the
11:25 am
inspector general gives congress his report on the fbi's actions during the clipndton scandal. judge andrew napolitano is next. i want to know, are we finally going to get the truth here? meanwhile, the markets right now are fractionally lower. we're down 9 points at 21,191. ♪ ♪ how can we say when you book direct at
11:26 am
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>> rhetorically, it was unbelievab. and i think we have a very good relationship. we understand each other. you saw the agreement. nobody thought we were going to have an agreement like that. stuart: that was a very brief clip from bret baier's interview with president trump. where'll bring you more of -- we'll bring you more of a truly remarkable interview. check that big board, for a moment we were down 50, now we're up about 2. even split between winners and losers among the dow 30. go-nowhere market at this point. it's been a very busy week for president trump. [laughter] been a very busy 18 months, if you ask me. [laughter] he's been on the world stage.
11:30 am
first he feuded with canada's prime minister trudeau, then he held a historic meeting with kim jong up. our next guest wrote this in "the wall street journal": trump breaks rules but when do we start winning? i'd like to know the answer to that question. his name is dan henninger. [laughter] he's always on the show on thursdays because he writes a piece in the journal on thursday, and he happens to be very good. what is the conclusion here? >> well, i'm sure the tweets have already started without even answering your question. [laughter] let me assert that i said in the column that we are winning on the domestic economy, without question. i mean, there's never been a stronger economy, i don't think, in the post-war period. for that, donald trump gets an a. stuart: that's a strong statement, dan. never been a stronger economy in the -- >> everybody who wants a job now can get one. i mean, black unemployment is at historic lows, his -- hispanic unemployment, it's an extraordinary economy. that's one of the reasons you get into politics, is to to vied jobs for your people -- provide jobs for your people.
11:31 am
and trump is doing that. the other reason politics is national -- is strategic, you know, safety of the nation, and that's why we're negotiating now with north korea and presumably doing these trade negotiations as well. the reason i asked when are we going to start winning is we are in a trade battle with the europeans, canada, mexico, china, south korea, japan. so far this is no agreement. there is no economic benefit that we can see despite all of this battling with people like justin true bow. -- justin trudeau. where is the economic upsidesome and on north korea, i guess what i was struck by was when he came out, trump came out of the meeting and decided that we are going to pull back military exercises with the north koreans. be with the south koreans. that, obviously, was completely improvised. nobody in the american command in south korea knew about that. our allies didn't know about it. that was a major decision. and what i'm concluding is that
11:32 am
going forward whether it's them or secretary of state mike pompeo, national security adviser john bolton, they are now going to have to improvise a plan to follow on that meeting in north korea. that is a big ask, that is a very heavy lift. and i don't think winning is the least bit assured here. stuart: was it a mistake to almost kind of off the cuff abandon those car games? >> i think it was -- those war games? >> i think it was a mistake. look, this is not presidential campaigning or domestic politics. when you say something like that, you put in motion all of our allies' calculations over there whether it's japan, south korea, australia, taiwan, india. they're all going to say the united states is doing what now, and do our interests lie with america or with the chinese or who are trying to pull some of those asian nations toward them? it's a big field to be playing on, and i don't think you can improvise a strategy like that. stuart: nobody else could have brought us to this position though. no other president got even
11:33 am
close to what's going on in asia now. >> look, stuart, i think it's possible that it -- it would hae been possible for another president the say to kim jong un if you want to negotiate, i will sit down with you. that wasn't the big thing. the big thing is getting them to, in fact, denuclearize. my own opinion is that the strongest thing that trump had done with north korea was to get those sanctions in 2017 which china was participating in and which were squeezing north korea. i think kim went into these negotiations, this summit primarily to get relief from the sanctions. and within 24 hours, the chinese government said we have to readdress the sanctions. they're a means to an end. we don't think there's a real reason for continuing them. if they erode, we lose that leverage. so the question is, where are we going now with these goaxes? stuart: so to answer the question which you raise, when do we start winning, the answer is not yet. >> not yet. we shall see. stuart: okay. >> but we need a plan. stuart: you cannot say as a
11:34 am
journalist only time will tell. you can't say that. >> not anymore. [laughter] stuart: i just did, thank you very much. dan, thank you very much, indeed. i want to get to that inspector general report. bloomberg says the report finds james comey did not follow fbi procedures in the clinton probe but not for political reasons. big deal. judge napolitano is here. i think it's a big deal. okay, he didn't follow procedures, but there's no political motivation involved there. that's not good news for republicans. >> the report is 500 pages. bloomberg has excerpted a paragraph. i mean, i can't evaluate why they excerpted this paragraph, but i can say if this is the strongest criticism of james comey, he should go out and celebrate tonight. we know already that he deviated from standards by announcing publicly that mrs. clinton would not be prosecuted. that's not a decision for him to make. we know that he deviated from standards by citing the wrong law saying the prosecution would
11:35 am
have to prove intent when it only has to prove gross dimension. and we know he deviated from standards by the same moment he announced she would not be prosecuted, he listed all the damning evidence against her. that's all a deviation from standards. but if it's not done for political purposes, if there was no corruption -- and i don't mean financial corruption, but any type of mental corruption involved -- i hate to say this, big deal, there's nothing new. stuart: right. >> there may be more on some of these peripheral players, these other fbi people who may have had a political motivation. >> strzok and mccabe. >> right. remember, the inspector general's already requested a referral, and jeff sessions approved it, meaning the prosecutors who prosecute people in the federal government, in the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia are investigating mccabe already. whether another referral against hem comes out -- against him comes out in this afternoon, i don't want to say this, only
11:36 am
time will tell. [laughter] stuart: touche, my friend. touche. [laughter] but look, as i understand it, congress and the president get to see this behind closed doors first. >> right. stuart and then it's released, 500 pages of it, to the general public about, what, 2 or 3:00 this afternoon. 3:00 this afternoon, as i recall. >> what want a prediction? the tweets will start as soon as a certain party sees it if there's something in there that he likes. [laughter] stuart: you're right. i never thought of that. he's got his twitter account fired up. thank you, judge. i want to talk about google. its workers who helped organize against the pentagon are now pushing for unionization. they want to make sure google operates within what they call their ethical guidelines. what do you make of this, ash? ashley: they demand a stay in the direction of the company. forget the c suite execs, it's all about the workers telling them what they should be doing. they've emboldened after google decided not to reup with the
11:37 am
contract with the pentagon. we can't be supporting the machines of war. actually, they're wrong, because the software they were providing was helping better identify terrorists while reducing collateral damage, but that's another story. basically, here's a group of employees living in a bubble. they're pamperedded, they're out of touch, they earn about $200,000 on average. it's hardly the union of the old days, is it? stuart: tell me what you really think. ashley: well, sorry, but this is absolutely ludicrous. stuart: i agree with you. ashley: google created this problem by letting the tail wag the dog, and now this is what you get, people who believe they should have a say in everything the company does. stuart: my interpretation is this attempted unionization is a way to -- ashley: yes? stuart: -- to make sure that the company, the company's management, doesn't deviate from the leftist politics of this unionization move. ashley: of course. stuart: that's my take. >> ashley gave a brilliant
11:38 am
summary of how wonderful it is to work there. i can't imagine the union could make their working conditions any better. stuart: they're not trying to. that's not what it's about. >> it's all about politics. ashley: the direction the company takes. >> the other side of me says you have a right to associate with whoever you want, even a union member. [laughter] you know, in 1980 they thought reagan's not foe being -- motto being elect a union member to the white house. because he was a -- stuart: he was president of the screen actors' guild. >> yes, he was! stuart: thank you, judge. another headline, here we go. louisiana's governor has signed a bill that protects free speech on college campuses. the bill requires colleges to develop policies and regulations to insure free speech. i'm with it. nine other states have followed suit. they're on your screen right now. about a dozen others are considering similar bills. pushback, i want to see it, come
11:39 am
on. and this, house majority whip steve scalise will start at second base tonight at the annual congressional baseball game in d.c. this comes exactly one year after scalise was shot during a practice for that game. roger williams, texas congressman, and the coach of the republican team, sent a personal invite to president trump to attend the game. no word yet on whether the president accepted that offer. let's look at some individual stocks that are making news and moving. the parent of weaker sales at the parent company -- taylor brands is the name of the parent. they are the parent of men's warehouse, joseph a. bank. weak sales all around, down 22%. look attars and crafts retailer michael's. lower profit, lower sales, down it goes 17%. look at sprint. they're going to end their $15 per-month unlimited promotion. they're epping it this week. too much -- ending it this week. too much demand. they're giving the store away.
11:40 am
vw fined $1.1 million for the emissions cheating scandal. one of the highest fines ever levied on a german company. vw says it will not appeal that penalty. stock's up 34 cents. go figure. [laughter] next, bret baer, following his interview with president trump onboard air force one. we'll play you more of it. great interview. we'll be back. ♪ ♪ i feel a great deal of urgency... i think, keep going, and make a difference. at some point, we are going to be able to beat als. because life is amazing. so i am hoping for a cure. i want this, to uh, to be a reality. um, yeah.
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11:44 am
>> this should not have been happeg now. this should have happened years ago. and i'm not blaming president obama. i'm saying during obama, during bush, during clinton this should have happened. clinton got played. i mean, when you look at what happened, he gave billions of dollars, and it was, like, just
11:45 am
a total waste of money. stuart: that was president trump speaking to "special report" host bret baier onboard air force one just as the president was leaving singapore after the summit. bret baier joins us now. bret, welcome to the show. i've got to tell you, i thought that was an extraordinary interview not because of breaking news, but because it presented a picture of the man, picture of the presidency and how he communicates. i thought-terrific. >> oh, thank you, stuart, good morning. it took a while to come together, and last minute the white house said if you want to get to air force one, we can give you some time before takeoff, ask that's how it -- and that's how it happened. obviously, i was pressing on a number of different fronts, but i agree with you. hearing his thought process and where his head is on not only the summit, but looking ahead towards the elections i thought it was fascinating as well. stuart: bret, am i right in saying that he ended the summit, went straight to air force one, met you in the doorway, sat down
11:46 am
for the interview, and he'd been working for 26 straight hours? is that accurate? >> that's true. that is true. and today he is 72 years old, stuart. stuart: right, right. >> i mean, he literally did 26 hours in a row doing the summit, the negotiating, the press conference in which he took 36 questions from reporters for an hour and 20 minutes, then got in the motorcade, came to air force one, boarded and came and did that interview with me. so it was quite something. stuart: which other president would take the risk of an unscripted, off-the-cuff, extensive interview after 26 hours of work? i can't imagine any other president going anywhere near it. >> yeah. well, he said that at the beginning. he's like i don't know what i'm doing here. [laughter] stuart: which other president would say that? >> right. [laughter] he's very, i mean, he was very authentic, and i think that a, you know, for trump supporters
11:47 am
and folks who look at this president for the practical things that are getting done, they look at that authenticity and say it's refreshing. stuart: one more thing that came and stood out to me, our president likes one-on-one diplomacy. he enjoyed meeting kim jong un. he enjoyed meeting president xi. he's got that relationship. they understand each other. i think he wants to meet putin. >> i think he does too and clearly indicated it's heading that way. and i've heard behind the scenes there have been talks already to look at the possibility of that. you know, there is this dichotomy here, stuart, in that you have this leader who's a dictator in north korea who's ad executions and treated his people horrifically. there are many examples of that. human rights watch has huge lists. the president -- i kind of talked about that human rights, and he separates that in his mind and thinks that the personal diplomacy is more
11:48 am
important for a u.s. interest now. and and it's interesting, and it has not happened that way in previous presidents. and i think he may do the same thing with vladimir putin. stuart: okay. now, we've got a leak from the inspector general's report on the investigation of the clinton e-mails. bloomberg says this report finds james comey did not follow fbi procedures, but he was not motivated by politics. what do you make of that, bret? >> well, if that's all that the report's going to say -- and i don't think that that's all that it's going to say -- there will be a lot of republicans up on capitol hill that are pretty upset. i have the chairman, chairman gowdy and chairman goodlatte, on swt special report" tonight at 6 p.m. to digest the details of this report. and i think there'll be a lot more substance about what the ig found at the beginning of those informations. but clearly -- those investigations. but clearly, comey is a target.
11:49 am
stuart: that was the most spectacular interview with an american president that i've ever seen. i was flat-out glued all the way through. >> i appreciate it. stuart: congratulations. thanks a lot, bret baier. what do we have next? danny tarkanian, running for a house seat in nevada. a, he's got name recognition, b, he's got the president's support. can he close the deal in november with those two things going for him? he's on the show next. ♪ ♪ brighthouse financial allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities... with a level of protection in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife.
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stuart: president trump tweeting about s week's primary race in nevada. here it is: congratulations to danny tarkanian on his big gop primary win. danny worked hard and got a great result. looking good in november. mr. tar cane a january, the republican congressional candidate, joins us now. sir, you're in a swing state but, a, you've got trump's endorsement; b, you've got a great name, big name. everybody knows you. if you don't win, you're toast. [laughter] what do you say? >> well, it's going to -- this is a very tough district. it's not just a swing state, it's a swing district. it's going to be a very close race, but i have some advantages that you just mentioned right there. but this is also a district that
11:54 am
the democrats keep thinking that they're going to do better in. this is a suburban district, they have a woman that's or very wealthy and has raised quite a bit of money on the other side. but as the president tweeted, he's right again. we ran a very good campaign, we're in a very good position to be successful in november. stuart: are you going out there as a 100 percent trump supporter? are you campaigning not with president trump physically, but with all of his program? >> i am 100% trump/america first agenda supporter, and i always have been. i was on this show almost a year ago, and we talked about this before. i believe very strongly in that america first agenda, and i believe the vast majority of americans believe in that. stuart: but it's a test case can, isn't it? i mean, i generally sense that republican candidates are moving more towards president trump, and democrat candidates are moving away from nancy pelosi. that, i think, is the trend. and you're part of it. >> no, come on. stuart, i was on your show a year ago, and i'm in the same
11:55 am
position i was before because i don't make my decision based upon the political wind. i believe in america first agenda that president trump articulated when he ran for office and which is what he's implementing now that he's in the white house. and we are seeing the effects of that. lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, lowest unemployment rate for women in 55 years, lowest unemployment rate for african-americans and hispanics since they've been recorded. these are the things america first agenda has accomplished. i've always been there. stuart: are you going to run against nancy pelosi? >> i'm going to run based upon what we hope to accomplish. nancy pelosi, as you can see with everything she says, she's an obstructionist to that agenda. in fact, you make a ridiculous statement saying how $1,000 isn't beneficial to americans, how she wants to defend the ms-13 gang members. when she goes against that agenda, yes, we're going to run against her. but i'm going to run on a positive campaign of what the
11:56 am
america first agenda is doing for our country, and i'm positive people in my district seeing that effect. stuart: i used to think nevada was a solid republican state. [laughter] i used to think it was but now it's not so much. it's more of a swing state? >> it's more of a democrat state, actually, particularly in presidential elections where the democrats have had great success. stuart: whysome. >> more people that have moved into the state. there's over three million people in the valley here now. back when my father first moved here, there was 350,000. a lot of them are democrats, and they're bringing their voter registration along with them. stuart: i know what you say, you've got all those californian ares -- [laughter] those liberals from california escaping taxes and coming to nevada, and they're just as bad in nevada. that's what you're saying, isn't it? >> well, you know, we're trying to be tactful here. [laughter] stuart: yes, you are. okay. what's the odds? you going to win? >> yeah, i feel very confident you're going to win. you don't control 100% of any deaths destiny, but -- destiny, but i i feel confident we're
11:57 am
going to be successful in november. stuart: okay. danny tarkanian, always a pleasure. i did not forget that you were a 100% trumper a year ago, i didn't forget -- >> trump's america paris agenda. stuart: got it. we'll see you again soon. thank you very much, sir, appreciate it. okay. >> thank you. stuart: dead flat market, more "varney" after this. ♪
11:58 am
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stuart: okay. this is, we just getting this. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, he is arrived at the white house. he brought with him the inspector general's report on the fbi, giving that to the president. then congress will take a look at it. that is the at the top of the hour. it is all behind closed doors to start with. the official release when you
12:00 pm
and i see it two this afternoon when ashley will be anchoring fbn. >> wearing a i patch to give it added drama. stuart: 500 pages in 30 seconds flat. >> no problem. stuart: you're the man for it. here is the man takes eight way, neil cavuto. neil: we're watching all of that. curious timing. anytime something looks potentially harmful to the president of the united states, the release of this new york attorney general move to go to the trump foundation on very day we get the ig report. this is around 10:45 eastern time. so about an hour 15 minutes ago. take a look what is going on. the dow dropped, fairly precipitously from earlier levels. on the believe this could wash out expected news, good news for the president, the ig report, attorney generalt


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