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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 25, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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after white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders gets kicked out of a restaurant. the top democrat calling on supporters to keep it coming. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet and a restaurant, at a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and find a crowd in utah than they are not welcome. train to the growing outrage over comments from congresswoman maxine waters ahead. the push for profitability. general electric gearing up to sell off its industrial engineering at. how much the deal has expected to bring in are the struggling conglomerate. a dynamite debut with the stunning amount to jurassic world hold in its opening weekend. that is ahead. fox business network's christina , the global economics
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editor jon hilsenrath but the talkshow host that will help to senior fellow and a very fine dressed man. richard fowler. the reason i was laughing at the start of the show is because he's doing in instagram story when the show started. he is all about social media. i have spilled an entire cup of hot coffee all over myself. thank gosh for the best. it's one of those mornings. >> i want to know why he's getting the props. this dude is very nice as well. dagen: we can help you out. then do care about compliments. commented this morning, retired u.s. army allen west. senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano in house
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freedom caucus member ron desantis. you don't want to miss any of what we have coming up. our top story the top story to top up this this hour. cracking down on china. treasury department reportedly to block firms with at least 25% chinese ownership from buying companies with industrially significant technology. this is according to "the wall street journal" though officials caution the 25% threshold could change. the trump administration also putting together plans for enhanced export controls to keep such technologies from being shipped to china. white house reporter for the "washtington examiner," gabby or in jell-o. what are you hearing about these new plans out of the treasury department? >> this is something the trump administration has been working on for several works on trade weeks and they are still finalizing details. they do want to crack down on china to ramp up her shirt on beijing as part of the trade
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dispute and they are certainly trying to say we are going to do anything we can take all measures we need to protect america's crown jewels, which is a peter navarro likes to say when he is referring to american technological innovations and our technologies here in protecting them from chinese investments but also from being used in china to meet the plan that has been laid out by president xi made in china, 2025 plan. they are trying to get as much feed rack from american companies as possible, which is a positive development that they want to hear from the private air. they want to hear from major companies refer the move order to plan. dagen: this is not expect that this crackdown from the treasury department and dagen: hall. we talked about it a great deal on this program. what else is china doing right here right now to fight back on the stairs?
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the calculation for the administration is china exports $500 billion every year of goods into the united states. we only sell $180 billion of goods in the china so we have a lot more leverage when it comes to tariffs. we are beginning to see how china is fighting back without tariffs, but something altogether. you make a couple things they could do. first of all is the currency is fear that kept the early week for many years and it helps their export picture. they try to drive the currency down. the problem is they get capital flight from their own country. that is one area that could work on. the other important area which affects the export controls we are doing in the way they are responding as we have a lot of multinational companies based in china. they can make life difficult for those companies. they can come you know, you can show up one day at a health inspection and find out your
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chip plant is closed down for leather is closed down. that's another area the chinese are looking now. just to talk a little bit about the x for, there were two pieces of what the u.s. is doing right now. limiting investment into the u.s. in limiting our export to the chinese. the second half we are taking here, the limits of export to china is a challenging step when we have global supply chains. when we have american companies producing things in china with inputs from elsewhere in the world did that will be a tough one to implement. >> not just with their trade war or terror for us back, whatever you want to cover china, but also in terms of this deal and aluminum tears. they continued to talk about german automakers. i just feel like that is trying to find a solution.
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>> they do have higher tariffs on cars. in light tracks. 25% tariffs. >> they are protecting their auto industry. the playing field is on level in different parts of the playing field. >> they are willing to fix back on a change if the united case reduces the suv tariffs. dagen: the german sub.n. have to get on board. >> is no negotiation. the fact that talks are not in place. just a tit-for-tat. today's or yesterday's latest addition about the fact they are going after technology is the first time you addressing the issue of technology being taken by china. >> the initial $50 billion in goods we wait terrifying from china was the reason given the excuse given by peter navarro and the trump administration is we are trying to
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fight.unintellectual property. >> that tariffs were based on inconsistent. >> i understand why you're going after china for steel and aluminum and it's been hurting american steel workers. the trump administration is circular, not flat and we are all interconnected. when we tried to limit iraq's worst of china like you said a couple minutes ago. >> to supply chains, how do you put controls on our export to china when some of the semiconductors are fuzzier. components made and shipped back to the united states. >> going back and forth between the border. >> weeks and months and months for this to play out and see how
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it impacts the economy. we've got the quarterly gdp coming out later this week. the fight over immigration playing on capitol hill. now reportedly considering a stand-alone bill to bolster president trump's executive order in halting family separations at the border if a more comprehensive bill fails in the house this week. republicans pressing forward even though the president adjusted in a treat friday that they should stop wasting their time on immigration until after the november elections. here's a new york congressman peter king explained it in an interview on "sunday morning futures." >> it's important to lay out the opposition, get it passed the house on over to the senate. then it becomes part of the debate between now and november. again if you can get the 60 votes in the senate, it will be tough. set the debate and the tone the way we want it to be. >> any idea when it'll could have been how this can go?
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we talk about the house in the solution there, but if the house was something through you've got to worry about the senate. >> way. two bills they are looking at. one is compromise legislation crafted by republican leaders in the house that is yet to be put to a vote that is expected to be this week. they also have a narrow bill they are working on that with taco just the family separation policy. essentially it would end settlement which is something that prevents child migraines another miners have been held in u.s. custody for more than 20 days and that is really an impediment to the executive order. it could land the legal trouble if they are unable to deal with the court ruling back in 1997. that is what the house is looking to do this week. if that passes it is certainly something that would move on to the senate and force a tough vote for democrats. they don't want to be voting against legislation that would
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end what they so criticized this past few weeks. >> the "washington post" editorial board defended white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders after she was denied service at a restaurant in lincolton, virginia friday night because of her role in the trump administration. homeland security secretary kirsten nielsen and policy advisers even miller were privately heckled the restaurant. this huckabee and mr. miller should be allowed to eat dinner in peace. it comes a day after maxine waters call that her supporters to continue confronting white house officials and public. >> anybody from that cabinet and the restaurant, at a gasoline station. dagen: president obama advisor
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david axelrod pleaded about this and appalled by folks who applauded the expulsion. real donald trump. #sad. i want your take on this first. "the wall street journal" has an editorial today talking about people on the left. their relentless content might end up reelecting him. >> the interesting story about the lady who owns this restaurant, the red hand and the article had all gpt q. folks that work on her restaurant and she feels the trump administration are limiting and she doesn't want their huckabee sanders having dinner at a restaurant. is that my particular opinion? e. wherever you like. and you shouldn't be discriminated.
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but there is a rift in this country between the left and the right. the trump administration is an intolerant when they are not respecting others. >> it is the hideousness and we are intolerant to fight what they say is intolerant. again, call these individuals, call them deplorable is. >> one of my favorite poster martin luther king. darkness cannot drive out darkness. only he can do that. -- only love can do that. that is my policy. we want to get to the bottom and fix that we deal with it at the border. this is how we do it. with that being said, they are very angry commuter except that the country is going in they are taking it out. >> you were saying up in hands. i don't think it's happening on
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both sides are really pushing forward with the imagery as republicans say this child, whatever you want to call it is really affecting their base right now. some moderate republicans joined forces with democrats. i feel like nobody is listening to your estimate talk about compromise and negotiation. dagen: final word to you that people who work for a living in politics exceed this division. look no further than the basket of deplorable is. the phrase hillary clinton used and it helped her lose. >> yeah, this is a great opportunity for the president to say look, this is how people are treated. there is a double standard. nothing like this ever happen to obama's press secretary. sure there were folks in the previous administration, but they were never kicked out of businesses with their families.
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this is an excellent opportunity to "wall street journal" is really ahead. they will run on again in 2020. dagen: thank you so much. i went if you're on the right, on the left it does. thank you so much. dagen: ge's still trying to power up hours before general electric is officially off of the doubt. there is a new plan to sell an industrial unit for a much-needed cash infusion. this is laura. and butch. and tank. and tiny.
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dagen: to san diego police officer shot an introductory stand off an apartment complex that lasted more than two hours. cheryl casone has the details. >> police say the suspect to shot the two officers was pronounced dead at the scene. cause of death under investigation. his identity not yet known to both officers are recovering in stable condition. when police arrived they did the fire and called firefighters as well. the resident did not respond when they open the door they were greeted with gunfire. "wall street journal" shining a light on private placements to
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oust her estates and private companies sold to investors. the analysis found that security firms but unusually high number of troubled brokers target seniors or these kinds of sales. 100 brokerages styled to the tune of $60 billion. these products generate for brokerages. sometimes investments are not the best of the men. saudi women are finally taking the wheel. the female driving ban in saudi arabia. history made. reports say 120,000 women applied for a driver sliced and peeled the only country left in the world where women couldn't drive and had to hire private chauffeurs were female relatives. part of the crown prince push to
6:19 am
modernize saudi society. there has been still has to give you permission to apply for driver's license so there is not. but movie theaters, concerts, one of those women just right into their cars at midnight because they're so excited to drive by themselves than on their own. midnight when the ban was lifted. dagen: thank you, cheryl. hard to celebrate this. >> it's not even a driver's license. this could add more women to the work or is that this is the last company to not allow women to drive. they hope this can empower women, healthy economy and not the goal of diversifying and focusing solely on oil. dagen: we even had to vote in this country 100 years. it feels weird celebrating this because -- >> it definitely feels weird, but it's definitely deserving of
6:20 am
a celebration. that's a big deal in saudi arabia. >> i would encourage aggressive look up a photo of women in saudi arabia and a big giant ship at a theme park or the women go one time in the manner separated because when they first started this theme park the women would throw their numbers demand. tons of pictures on my show in the women how you can't have men and women on the same right in the park. dagen: i would be i would begin chair lori wouldn't be living there. let's put it that way. complete and irreversible denuclearization in north korea. the message defense secretary mattis takes to china this week is a multinational push for a timeline continues after the historic talks in singapore. the river is about how the trade were wouldn't pass the talks. uber looks for a lifeline in london at the right helen company begins its court battle after the city yanked it license. what it could have a global
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6:30? sam's baseball practice. 8:30? tai chi. yeah, so sounds relaxing. alright, 9:53? i usually make their lunches then, and i have a little vegan so wow, you are busy. wouldn't it be great if you had investments that worked as hard as you do? yeah. introducing essential portfolios. the automated investing solution that lets you focus on your life. dagen: another big move in general text push for profitability. according to "the wall street journal" the struggling conglomerate is nearing a deal to sell its large industrial engines unit to a private equity firm for $3 billion. the sale of bring an influx of cash which according to former ge executive bob nardelli is something the company desperately needs. he talked to marie about the future of ge last week. >> people ask me what would you do?
6:25 am
i would do something. you know, you've got to do some thing. they did the transportation deal, but the cash doesn't come in until the exterior. somebody's got to take a hard look. you saw jpmorgan analyst take a look at this and they will be short on cash. you still have for $.2 billion of dividends to take outcome even though they cut it in half. cash is king and they talk about $20 billion of disposition. you've got to get after it. dagen: what does this mean for ge and what about the road ahead? >> it is a tough road ahead. these are two fairly recent acquisitions. one of the companies they are selling in 2003. the other was acquired in 2010. this is a company that's really adrift. fairly recent acquisitions turning around and getting rid of comments bob cardelli said, cash. this is in just a company that's
6:26 am
got structural problems, but potentially cash problems at >> what about the dividend even more. >> that is something you always have to look out when you're short of cash. you have to look at cutting dividends. absolutely. >> let's not forget its remit for the dow. ge -- >> in original dow members. they need $10 billion in investor as last year. i read reports in his deliver value and we don't talk about it enough because i know they'll be spinning off assets. peer >> user to industrial businesses they are getting rid of. what is left of ge is hard to figure out. >> you don't think there's anything going forward? would he think would be left to the bare bones of ge? be my s. which you have wonder.
6:27 am
spinning all the finance stuff and selling industrial stuff. if the company breaking apart. >> that's the question. when you think of ge come you think of an american taken in the politics of it, you are sad the infrastructure build, hopefully making train engines or something. what is the new company look like? dagen: that's right. raising issues like that is something which are talking about with the infrastructure bill. she'll end up leaving congress for that by the way. $25 billion for the wall. i used to joke about president obama every time you give a speech on the economy. every single economic speech he gave over eight years mention infrastructure spending. that is one thing he brought up or you did get crossover between president trump.
6:28 am
>> in the context of ge and other manufacturing companies at the industrial titan, if the president has put the deck a little bit and put ge first. >> the politics of whether there is a memphis rapture or not, this is an economy right now growing very fast and an economy where business investment is really rising. that ought to play into a company like ge strengths and general lack trick is. the tailwinds of the business investment we are seeing. dagen: really quickly i want to point out ge is caught in the crossfire between the united states and china the journal. if terrorists go into effect on chinese imports next month is land that will hurt two of the companies i have that make mri machines since the equipment could include chinese parts. that's another issue. president trump is not backing
6:29 am
down on this. >> or brings them back to the whole point i'm making about export controls is really tough to do. we are trying to block chinese advance men's in certain technologies. these are areas where we have strength and want to be selling to china. chinese are singing we are talking about demands by 200 really a dollars worth more of u.s. goods and on the other hand we will not sell you our most valuable products. train to what is that? we will continue to discuss. it seems there may already be one change in north korea says the historic summit. they seem to be vanishing. but it means for u.s. north korea relations. jurassic world cup win of the competition at the box office. it stomps towards $1 billion worldwide. we break down the box office numbers. ♪
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6:33 am
slap european automakers with additional tariffs. in europe we have losses across the board. the biggest loser there right now is the dax in germany down 1 and a half percent. in asia overnight, markets closing mostly lower as well. pushing ahead, the u.s. reportedly presenting north korea with a timeline to meet specific demands following the historic summit between president trump and kim jong un. uber's next destination, a london court, the details on last ditch effort to save operating license in that city. plus, dinosaurs trarve lg the competition tat boss office. >> the creatures were here before us and if we are not careful, they're going to be here after. dagen: we have this weekend's box office ticket tally for
6:34 am
jurrasic park. i think it was chris pratt selling, any opinion. the team hailed a dobler -- double decker replacement. jim mattis makes first trip to china to continue key discussions into north korea's denuclearization. >> the republic of china and japan, the united states and the republic of korea have a common goal which is the complete irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula and this will include agreed upon reduction to larger scale exercises. dagen: his trip comes aamid reports that the u.s. is preparing specific asks in timeline present today north korean officials. joining me retired u.s. army lieutenant colonel allen west.
6:35 am
colonel west, always pleasure to see you. >> good morning, dagen. dagen: timeline is going to reveal pyongyang's level of commitment to denuclearization, what do you make of it? >> yeah, pleasure to be with you, dagen, without a doubt you have to have conditions and measures of effectiveness and they have to be died to a very strict timeline. this has to be something that occurs within the next year and a half, maybe at the most two years because the longer north korea and china tries to push this out, that show ses that they are not commit today a seriousness or level of serious thans we need to see and we need to be able to get on the ground there in north korea and verify all of the different conditions being met. dagen: colonel, how long do you think that that could possibly take? >> well, i think that we should be driving that timeline and as i said, it should not be past a year and a half and there should specific measures to include some of the human rights conditions that should be there, the release of japanese hostages, the shutting down of these work camps that we see there in north korea and also
6:36 am
the repatriation of the remains of our service members from the korean conflict, korean war. dagen: colonel west, reports out of north korea that the government has erased most of u.s. propaganda following kim jong un's summit with president trump, state propaganda playing a huge role in north korea's perspective of the outside world. it might seem small but is this a big move for north korea to try and develop relationship with our country? >> no, this is incredibly huge. in 1995 i was stationed with the second infantry division over there in korea along the dmz and the propaganda message, fake village, all of the things, part of the brain-washing of people in north korea. this is a huge thing to turn this around because this is how you have kept an entire nation of people servant because of
6:37 am
what's been promulgated. jon: what do you think the u.s. gave up military commerces with north korea and didn't get nothing in return in first talks with north korean leader, is that a fair argument that we didn't get enough after giving up something important to south koreans and us? >> it's good to hear from you, jon, i will tell you that's probably the biggest point of disagreement with president trump, you know, when you talk about reducing our suspending our military exercises, that's not north korea talking, that's china talking. when you look at the incredible aggression of the chinese of the south china sea, the fact that they have placed antiship missiles and surface to air missiles on these constructed man-made islands there, you know they are one belt, one road strategy, we should not be talking about canceling military exercises because that's an important part of our readiness and the credibilities of foreign
6:38 am
policy have is to be backed by strong deterrent. >> i think that's a good point. maybe in talks -- i agree, i was happy the president sat down with kim jong un but don't -- do you think this we could have gotten more in the statement, just a statement that there's no clear timeline, no clear sort of here is what's going to happen in the future, if we were sitting down with the north koreans, do you think the president could have gotten more as far as we gave up so much, we gave military exercises and we didn't get much in return? >> well, it's good to be with you, richard, and i think we had a thing in the military called crawl, walk and run. journey starts with the first step. you will not take off running an it was important to break the ice but my biggest point of contention because suspend of military exercises which we can reinstate at the drop of a dime i think that was more china talk
6:39 am
than north korea talking because china wants to have dominance in the pacific realm. dagen: to that point, i will note that the next set of military exercises between the u.s. and south korea are taking place next spring. so there is time to reinstate those military exercises if negotiations with north korea don't go -- go as wanted, if you will. but colonel, talk about, again, because you talk about china's desire to basically control that part of asia, how important is it that we stay tough on trade with china and what are the implications there because, again, money equals power and money equals a strong military? >> no, you're absolutely right and if you understand right before the north korea summit that we had china held a shanghai summit and invited iran as well as russia. if you look at chinese-pakistani
6:40 am
headquarters, china is building naval facility in pakistan, they are trying to push us out of afghanistan, that's one of the hidden stories that's not getting a lot of publicity. this is the one belt-one road-strategy of china, something that we need to be concerned about. so i think it is important that we keep that pressure on china because china is really the great benefactor of north korea and north korea needs to be isolated from china. dagen: and it was kim jong un after our summit, he's already met with xi jinping but there were plans for him to meet with bashar al-assad in syria and all -- and also meet with vladimir putin of russia. so, again, those are not u.s. allies, those are allies of china and russia. >> no. you're absolutely right. there's a new axis forming between russia, iran and north korea and remember that if you want to talk about collusion, the nuclear weapon's technology
6:41 am
and ballistic missile's technology that is shared between iran and north korea has been proven. dagen: over the weekend, senior adviser to president trump jared kushner said that trump administration will soon present its israeli-palestinian peace plan with or without input from the palestinian president. today president trump will welcome king and queen of jordan to the white house in efforts to create peace between allies and middle east. colonel, what do you think the administration's plan might entail? >> well, without a doubt jordan is a link -- lynchpin of any type of process in the middle east. the two-state solution was israel and jordan and that was rejected. just about two weeks ago, the israelis busted up several hamas terror cells that were operating in the west bank which is supposedly control by fata, we are not going get a solution in the middle east as far as peace between the israelis and
6:42 am
palestinians until we eradicate islamic terrorist, hamas, all of those are freely operating and the other thing we have to be concerned about is the influence and the intrusion of iran into syria which is another major security concern for israel. dagen: colonel, that's why -- the administration will argue why we pulled out of the iran nuclear deal, to try and deprive some of the money that was flowing into iran and into that economy and that's -- but, again, something else on the administration's plate, trying to renegotiate that deal, again, because it plays into what is going on with europe. europe accompanies iran to start doing deals with iranian government and the nation and the united states for the most part didn't do that. >> see, my problem with this deal is that i don't think you can do it without have palestinian voice at the table. they are part of this process. if you're going to remove them
6:43 am
from the process, you have palestinians who don't have passports, you are dealing with folks who say, listen, we are not terrorists, all we wanted to make money and we want to feed our families and they're not part of the deal, we have a larger problem on our hands and we will never have peace there. dagen: colonel, last word. >> the most important thing is that the people need to have a change of leadership. as long as you have leadership, hamas leadership based in qatar that is supporting terrorist activities, and then also fatah who is supporting terrorist activities. dagen: colonel allen west, thank you, sir, we covered the world as always. coming up uber trying to get back in the driver's seat in london, ride-hailing company goes back to court after the country pulled license to operate there. superstitions and house own astros infielder did between at bats. talk about a big switch-up, you to see this.
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dagen: the president of turkey extending 15-year grip on power as rotors on increasingly authoritarian rule. cheryl: voters in turkey have extended erdogan's 15-year rein. his next closest opponent received just 30% of the votes. erdogan's party picked up legislative victories allowing him to maintain control of the parliament. well, uber is going to court today to overturn a decision that stripped the company of its license in london. transportation regulator there ruled that uber is unfit to run a taxi service and what's considered the most european
6:48 am
market, that regulators citing uber's approach for reporting criminal offenses and how they handle background checks on drivers. box office and big news, their bark worst than bite, jurrasic world didn't hit highs following behind predecessor. >> the creatures were here before us. and if we are not careful, they're going to be here after. cheryl: latest installment of jurassic world opened with 150 million box office sales, 28% down from the jurassic world debuting in 2015, since debuting two weeks ago, 561 million overseas, there's that part of it at least. second place, the incredible 2 earned another 80 million in second week out in theaters,
6:49 am
ocean's 8 to third spot, brought in 11 million, rounding up the top 5 this week was tag and deadpool 2. ocean's day, dagen all female cast still hanging in there. dagen: i was binge-watching naked and afraid over the weekend. cheryl: and. dagen: a friend of mine called, naked and scared. i don't go out much. naked and afraid. >> i was watching the new season of queer eye. dagen: happy friday, everybody. great day in new york city yesterday. coming up, no team bus, no problem, the san diego padres get stood up by driver but end up with a ride of a lifetime through the streets of san francisco.
6:50 am
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dagen: a busy sunday in sports from the world cup to the baseball diamond from the racetrack to golf course, jared max has it all. happy monday. jared: happy monday, dagen. eight years ago watson won pga tour, came down from 6 down to win the traffer's championship, six strokes off lead. fired 763, won the traveler's for a third time.
6:54 am
bubble watson first three-time winner in pga this year. golfer's tied for second. 462 grand is your second place check, first place 1.2 million from bubba. martin, jr., smart move by crew. tricked kevin's crew for pit spot, grabbed the lead and won for the second time. second. suffice to say, prince harry maybe not the most popular harry. three goals for harry in england 6-1 win over panamá. most lop-slided win to the english. colombia shut out poland, colombia still fighting to knockout run, japan tied to even, top group 8. four matches today.
6:55 am
10:00 a.m. eastern. saudi arabia against egypt, russia versus uruguay and 2:00 o'clock eastern spain plays more coa and then cristiano ronaldo and portugal. san diego padres team bus didn't show up in san francisco, so they hitched double decker tour bus. yeah, padres were playing giants at at&t park, they have to be tourists down san francisco hills riding behind police escort on double-decker through the closed street that is were getting ready for pride parade in san francisco, they made it to the park in time. they lost an 11 inning streak too. baseball players known to be surreptitious, he has mustache in fourth inning, it's gone, he went and shaved in between at bats and did not help as we see him ground out here. baseball players are surreptitious bunch but astros defending champs are looking
6:56 am
pretty good, best record in baseball. dagen: with these soccer games, world cup matches early in the day, you see a lot of drinking in the morning. [laughter] dagen: in new york bars. i walked by my neighborhood bar and there are people like tumbling out of there about 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon. jared: people want to know when soccer will stick in the country. dagen: football, you mean. jared: i think it's starting to stick because we are seeing more of it around in pubs in new york city. >> especially for 2026. jon: once every four years we get it and then -- jared: seems more this time than last. >> it's coming here. it's coming in 2026 with world cup. that hype will continue. >> as i was drive to go new york, in the neighborhood, flags from different countries, whoa. world cup thing is sticking.
6:57 am
dagen: what's interesting around new york and even around here is you learn where people's family are from based on who they are rooting. i didn't know that you were from coratia. jon: who is doing well that you didn't expect to do well? jared: i think i will need more time on this. jon: england, 6-1. >> méxico win. dagen: final word, thank you, jared. fox news headlines 24/7 siriusxm 115, millennials disrupting another tradition, home cooking, more. metastatic breast cancer is relentless,
6:58 am
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>> good morning and dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it's monday june 25. more market turbulence over trade. futures pointed to a selloff at open. investors are bracing for president trumps move. also there expect to be additional restrictions on additional technology exports from the u.s. to china. as of late we have losses on some major technology names to report say intel is down to an
7:01 am
a half percent in free-market trading. watching all of these markets. in asia overnight markets mostly lower. and breaking news harley davison caught in the crossfire again over trade. the details as a motorcycle may get prepared to shift some production out of the u.s. because of the tariffs. it means a loss of jobs potentially in the united states. harley davidson saying that it could have a lasting detrimental impact in europe. lawmakers aiming to pass a compromise bill later this week. that would fix key issues with u.s. policy. >> it still does address allowing children to remain with her parents in detention
7:02 am
but there are many other things. we now have a 600,000 person backlog for asylum application the latest in the immigration debate as president trumps renews its call for a stronger border. new weeks, new deadline. hand over more materials on alleged informant and the trumpet campaign. by the congressman said he isn't satisfied with the documents that the department of justice has handed over on friday. wildfires ripping through the northern part of the state forcing thousands to evacuate. the details on the devastation ahead. the final frontier in the battle of the billionaire.
7:03 am
when tickets are expected to go on sale. and playtime over for toys arrest. they will close their doors for good this week. coming up this morning everyone the senior judicial analysts. and george kurtz. the washington examiner. byron york you don't want to miss any of those gentlemen or the man coming up. now onto our top stories for this hour. the ongoing immigration debate. they get back to work. the house getting ready to vote on another immigration bill this week which would provide funding for a border wall as well as a pathway to citizenship for dreamers. it's uncertain if this bill well have the votes to pass. the four .-dot congressman and the house at freedom caucus. congressman, where are you on this vote.
7:04 am
the compromise bill was the conservative bill. they have a hundred 93 votes last week. it would actually solve the problem. yes it did the wall. but it also had to eat verify. people are checked to make sure they are here legally. it ended that visa lottery for the diversity. and then it have to deal with the asylum issue. that could have passed have there been a concerted effort to do. as a later amnesty. and that's not what republicans ran on. we talk about dr. is 700,000 people. and this will be 2 billion. it's just not going to fly on the republican conference.
7:05 am
it didn't have the votes last week and i don't think there has been anything magically changed to give us the votes now. 1.8million dr. recipients. he would get behind that. the editorial page. has pointed out you guys are not doing the president any favors by fixing immigration when you keep calling taking care of the dreamers amnesty. there's 700,000 recipients. we need to explain why that number is attached to present trumps idea. and that's because of it's because of the people who did it step forward and essentially raised their hand. here's the thing with obama's policy. there's now an incentive to bring minors that if you bring a minor that as a ticket to get into the country illegally or an unaccompanied minor. i think if this bill where to
7:06 am
pass i think it hurts republicans in the midterm i think the voter base will say that's not what we campaigned on. and then i think next summer he you will see another border search. i support the wall but it's not going to be built by next year. unless you have things that are going to prevent that i think you are inviting some problems. here not going to get the votes. it doesn't do the dock up piece -- the daca piece the president did tweet on immigration yesterday. he was busy over the weekend. we cannot allow all of these people to invade our country. we must immediately with nor no judges or court cases bring them back from where they
7:07 am
came. it's a mockery to good immigration policy and most children come without parents. right now if you're coming from mexico and you just hopped the border illegally you are identified, stopped and immediately turned back. it's these people who are not from mexico coming from central america that are law. you're coming in across the border illegally. these are folks that are not going through the normal port of entry. the question is if you know that that process is being abused it's hazardous to bring minors across the desert like that. you want to take folks and then return them immediately.
7:08 am
you know i have some major due process right there are certain times when you would have it. the stuff it step needs to be dealt with expeditiously. >> the democrats argument and the reason that the law is written when it comes to unaccompanied minors is if you have a you've a child who is from central america you can't take that child and then in them over to mexico. that was one of the reasons that that lot law was written the way it was. and since obama did his executive indices. you bring people either to bring minors and tell an unaccompanied minors. why would you want to us incentivize that.
7:09 am
we have to address it but it's good and need to be done very clearly. in terms of this fiscal year starting in october the number of unaccompanied minors coming into this country is actually up from the previous time. families coming in as a group is down from the previous time that is the area of growth. moving onto the battle over trade. i want to get to that. there is opposition to the president's plan within your own party. i think myself and the number of senators will scene up and say let's not move any more judges until we get a vote for example on tariffs. >> i think there's a jailbreak brewing.
7:10 am
from the white house what is the current level of support for the presidents tariff. i'm not somebody that advocates tariffs. i want to have lower barriers and i want to free trade but the president has been very clear that he doesn't like that imbalance in ways that other countries treat our products versus how we treat theirs. i think he is using this as part of the art of the deal to attract concessions. i don't want to undercut him in the negotiation. my goal would be to head barriers reduced for american products going in. are the farmers in florida telling you that? not just from china but we are picking trade spats with all of these nations. and that will be the retaliation.
7:11 am
>> there's concern but there's also the case that there's other segments of the economy they get frustrated with how china treats things that we are producing. you have different sides. at the end of the day the goal needs to be pure barriers. and if we can achieve that and that is how the president is get a do it than i think we will be better off. >> do you think there will be a resolution before the midterm. harley davison is concerned about retaliation from europe and its thinking about moving jobs elsewhere. europe, they are criticizing the united states. there tariffs are outrageous on some of the things that they do. europe should want to come to the table and break to some of
7:12 am
these barriers. were as bad as other nations in some ways. are you in favor of getting rid of that. i want lower barriers across the board. were not as bad as china in terms of how china behaves and they had been doing a lot of things for a long time. and trump was one of the ones that have been very forceful about that. the best of intellectual property. and it's one of the reason he won the white house. without question. a fire is burning out of control in northern california and it's now forcing thousands of evacuations. there are only a few more days to be a toys arrest kid. the iconic toy chain closing its doors for good this week.
7:13 am
[music] a bachelor. and that's how he intended to keep it. then he met the love of his life. who came with a three foot, two inch bonus. for this new stepdad, it's promising to care for his daughter as if she's his own. every way we look out for those we love is an act of mutuality. we can help with the financial ones. learn more or find an advisor at
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when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. >> the war of words heating up in court of public opinion after the white house press secretary it was asked to leave aware extra restaurant -- in virginia.
7:16 am
reaction continues to pour in after white house press secretary press secretary sarah sanders was asked to leave this virginia restaurant. the owner and the staff at the redhead refused to serve her because she works for present drum. the owner actually pulled her aside and told her that. have a reelect trump the same quote rest assured every trump supporter will be reminded of this episode from here to november the message now you so deplorable they won't serve you in their restaurants. an out-of-control wild fire blazed a wildfire. the wind fueled flames shot through lake county. about a hundred 45 miles north of san francisco. forcing thousands of people to evacuate homes. so far only a smile part of the fire has been contained.
7:17 am
while it is the final goodbye for a cherished american retailer. toys arrest announcing all of its namesake and babies r us stores are going to close their doors on friday. the final liquidation sale is winding down. they are trying to clear their sales -- clear their shelves by slashing prices up to 90%. finally there's this. robots conflict -- can flip burgers. a new survey says 61 percent of adult internet users are somewhat or very uncomfortable with robots doing basic chores in their lives. 68% said they were
7:18 am
interested. and while they are interested many people actually do admit. robots will perform most human activities in 30 years. it goes back to the rumba which i actually did take a look at. maybe there is something to the survey. i don't know. of her getting denied service in a restaurant. all democrats are united in saying this is okay. david axelrod of the wall street journal editorial. it seems to be the indication that republicans and the trump voters expect more of this. as the wall street journal editorial page wrote in the republicans are begging for it because it will help them in the polls.
7:19 am
i disagree with this. i understand why this particular owner did it. i don't think it helps at all. separating kids for my family. he admitted on fox news sunday. that is something that also happened under that. it was made bigger. they have no idea who their parents are. with that being said i don't think you saw the problem by discriminating against sarah huckabee standards. you guys are doing it wrong. were going to do 100% right. going beyond what happened
7:20 am
i've had two conversations with friends. they've ended friendships recently over politics. they were unhappy had any of you thought that. >> i can have a conversation about politics and policy with anybody because i listen. i care about what other people had decided what they think. in terms of their belief. i can have a conversation but that does not win votes. and that's why you see such division. if that woman is really for honesty, compassion that applies only to people who agree with her. there are a lot of things that they don't do.
7:21 am
in the right for that matter. when you are saying that you can't have a wedding cake made from a certain place. that was a very nearly defined decision. the republican south carolina candidate who recently beat mark sanford was in a horrible automobile accident. the crash that killed the driver of the other vehicle. ♪
7:22 am
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7:25 am
renewed trade attentions rattling markets again this morning. futures are pointing to a cell appeared news that president trump will block the chinese investments in u.s. technology. and the export of some u.s. technology to china. joining me know is a ceo mark esposito. fears of a full-blown trade war. have it proved to be a delete market killer but what are your expectations moving forward. it was a rough week last week for stocks. >> think you for having me. if you take the u.s. subsidiaries that are in china in the real issue is that there is no deficit. although we see up-and-down trading patterns. there is really a zero sum game here. and i think we will end up seeing it as a lesson. some companies will be up and down.
7:26 am
i think net net is a flat zero sum game. zero-sum game. we are hearing this morning that harley davison is out. because of tariffs. what is or takes on what could happen to other companies. is this a big picture market to problem. it's down almost 3% in premarket trade. by the treasury department. we are seen is this a stock buy stock issue or a broad stockmarket issue. i think like harley davison you will see some stocks get hurt and some stocks take advantage of the trade tariffs. you're definitely right about that.
7:27 am
it looks like the u.s. economy is going really strong the estimates are coming in around 4% or even higher. europe meanwhile looks like it is even softened. is now up plan for that for the u.s. and keep it off the global landscape or is it a time to be looking beyond these second-quarter growth numbers. or do you think it will even out for the rest of the world. i think the stimulus package here in the u.s. has really helped regardless of interest rates or tariffs. i think internationally people are underestimating that in europe we are probably only going to have that second inning of a bull market. although we are seeing short-term trading side.
7:28 am
i want two-point something out. china is in a much worse can tenuate in. and even the stock market than the united states. people who believe in trump policy on tariff. they say hey it's beginning to work we have the upper hand here. it was at a two year low. this is why president trump thinks he is winning this trade fight. it also slow down in the first quarter. like pumping money into the financial system. at a time when they were trying to cut back on all of the debt that was flowing. they are now pumping it back up. china has a delicate game that it has to play.
7:29 am
and we are can is the american companies are hurt because they've done this before. china is the largest u.s. debt holder also. that something they can start selling off some of their debt. could that potentially hurt the bond market going forward. if you sell debt it dries down the value of your own investment. the larger question i think yes the market is doing well where trump is trying to play this trade offensive. they go after farmers are our manufacturing. the chinese don't have enough to retaliate against.
7:30 am
well have a couple billion dollars of exports. to absorb any type of terror. they're trying to do that. the question for the chinese do they start going after american multinationals for were doing business in china. that's a tough calculation for them. they had built their whole economy if they start making life difficult for their multinationals. the whole investment proposition. so even if you don't have china pulling back on soybean purchases which she did initially. they could turn that on a dime. imports and rolled steel.
7:31 am
exactly. and that is both sides of the aisle. coming up and thank you to mark expose out for coming on. a new deadline and new demand. devon nunez want the doj and the fbi to hand over more the congressman said he is not satisfied with what he has got so far. take out apps and description food services are taking a bite out of home cooking. out of the bottom lines of some food production companies. they appear out of nowhere.
7:32 am
7:33 am
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the full value of should your new car?he ones you're better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. >> good morning and dagen mcdowell invert maria bartiromo. it's monday, june 25. fresh trade threats sending ripples through the market again this morning. present trump planet to block the chinese investments in u.s. technology and then threatening to slap european automakers with additional tariffs. also some restrictions coming out of the treasury department on american companies exporting technology to china. you can take a look those
7:35 am
three major markets we are watching here in the u.s. what is the hardest hit. you have a lot of technology stocks that are down about two and half% for premarket trading. this selling seems to be easing a bit. england, france in both down one and a third%. in asia overnight markets closing. a new day, a new deadline. the deadline for the at the eye to explain the alleged spies. whether the ig report came on the special counsel.
7:36 am
and they have every text message. it wouldn't have been any higher. we talk to the judge andrew napolitano next. the battle of the space billionaire. taking a bite out of home-cooked meals. this english bulldog wins a competition. to the top story. the house intelligence committee setting a new a deadline. deadline. to hand over material on the
7:37 am
trump campaign informants. joining me now. fox news senior analyst. a demanding that the fbi can farm confirm informants were used together information on the trump campaign. and he shouldn't get all of the information that he wants. because some of that is protected to buy statutes that he is supposed to uphold. they are looking at documents without knowing the law. if it reflects evidence. it cannot be revealed. if the document reflects information by a confidential informant. the thoughts impressions, ideas.
7:38 am
you take those three categories that's more than half of what congressman nunez is looking for. don't you in terms of the foot dragging. if i were rod rosenstein i would be negotiating with them the cousin they are a coequal branch of the government. not just some outside group of lawyers. it is not showing respect for a coequal branch of the government. what happens when we are at a standstill. when the request becomes a subpoena in the doj refuses to comply with the subpoena they will literally send lawyers a couple blocks away to the federal district court and move to crush the subpoena and then a federal judge will say dislike john did at watergate. i will look at them. what the doj gets to keep.
7:39 am
don't you take these documents and one them -- that's what they're afraid of. i think that is probably where we are headed because once the documents are in the hands of congressman nunez and that colleagues there is no known way to stop them. they will articulate a narrative from the documents or worse yet in them over to rudy giuliani. when he was prosecuted do you think the lawyers got to see the documents before he was indicted and tried. he may have to explain the tax to stop present trump. and they will be one of the first people to question them.
7:40 am
his reaction on sunday morning futures. they are actively seeking and quite likely using their position to make sure that donald trump does not become president of the united states. that should have never happened to any presidential candidate of any party. these people are gone and that's a good thing. it needs to be totally reformed so that in 2020 and any candidate for president has the insurance of the fbi isn't going to be a tool for the opposing political campaign. they are really startling. the president against trump. you don't want the agents to be choir boys or girls. they are entitled to have political opinions like everyone else. but when the intimate and direct the tools of law-enforcement they need to
7:41 am
get off of that case. you need another assailant in the fbi. by the way the inspector general have to use department of defense technology to uncover this stop in text message. he only got it there in may of this year. the fbi resisted him. i had been likening the expectorant general too internal affairs. when it demands something. the other cops cough it up. they do persist. i think he's crazy to testify without a grant of immunity. he is vulnerable to a lot of legal attacks and anything he says in that testimony even the so-called secret testimony
7:42 am
before the committee on friday that we won't see until someone leaks it. all that can be used against him. you can only plead the fifth if he has been subpoenaed right. i thought he said he was subpoenaed. initially he said i will show up and testify. without a subpoena. if he goes and voluntarily they agree what he is he's going to be asked about. in my view he must plead the fifth. the only thing you can answer truthfully is the name. the reason is that there that there was a subpoena i think. there was a problem nailing down the date with him.
7:43 am
and then the committee was having trouble nailing down a time. supreme court legality of the travel ban. what happened. that is coming today. that illinois you must join the lehto -- labor union is coming today. you have to advertise the availability of abortion. you can predict which weights can go. the president will prevail because it was ruled twice already. it's been a consistent five-four . >> you miss me talking about that show. you know what i call it. my people down south call it naked scared. that's why i said it.
7:44 am
when he will start selling tickets for the passenger space right. and a little on the -- chevy side. she was the pick of the litter. [music] six in the morning. she thought it was a fire. it was worse. a sinkhole opened up under our museum. eight priceless corvettes had plunged into it. chubb was there within hours. they helped make sure it was safe.
7:45 am
we had everyone we needed to get our museum back up and running, and we opened the next day.
7:46 am
7:47 am
>> the news alert for you. at present trump just tweeting about the restaurant. the red tuna restaurant should focus more on cleaning the
7:48 am
filthy canopies, doors and windows rather than refusing to serve a person like sarah huckabee sanders. if a restaurant is dirty on the outside than its dirty on the inside. i feel like she was fully regret this. now people are i cannot take it up a notch. not only do they exclude people but they serve bad because it's not claim. i think they will get an avalanche of business from local liberals. it's just new york. and it's aged he's probably not going into the dirty new york city restaurants.
7:49 am
the vision is there. and one thing that they pointed out just in our conversation in the break. you can't discriminate against someone based on creed and about 25 to 30 states in this country. that protection does not exist in the state of virginia but if it happened in new jersey it would be illegal. you can't refuse to serve someone. antidiscrimination law is something that we at the left champion. it's usually blocked by the right. a law that would've helped them. has been blocked over and over again by the virginia state legislator. it's also interesting the party of tolerance preaches that with intolerance. i believe in tolerance. no red and blue plates. just white plates. south carolina republican house republican.
7:50 am
in critical but stable condition. cheryl casone has the details. they will underwent two major surgeries yesterday. she is doing well and she expects to be up and walking in the next few days. they were hit by a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction near charleston. the driver of the other vehicle died at that scene. her democratic opponent said he has to spend that until further notice in response to this accident. >> jeff baize is getting closer to offer flights for next year. they can attest man rockets later on in 2018 the company has not disclosed how much the tickets are going to eventually cost if you want to go. we all love our dogs even the ones that aren't top when it's there.
7:51 am
with the worlds ugliest dog contest. it was a puppy mill dog for five years. a rescue group grabbed her and gave her a lovingome. back to you. we are an economic fun of that. please rescue a dog everybody. thank you cheryl. coming up ditching the kitchen. it's getting easier and easier to order quality take-out food. ♪
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a new study says millenials are ditching the kitchen. and opting for take-out instead. gerri willis is here with all the details. could home cooking be a thing of the past. that's what the analysts are saying as they proliferate. in fact a new report called is the kitchen dead forecast at ordering it may be cheaper than preparing food at home. by 2030 online of food delivery could command 10% of the total food services market. they inspired them to order in three times more often than their parents. it's not just convenience. it's also an improvement in the quality of food offered. millenials say like bonaire and talk about our pushing that. the delivery sales that
7:56 am
skyrocketed. all of this is happening as packaged food makers struggled to renew their offerings. and a move into pet food to bolster earnings. connector has rebranded -- revamped brands. the tv dinner. they had reinvented that. they are both down in general mills down 19% for the year. up to 4% for the year. so they are winning that. i'm not buying this idea that home cooking is going away because i do it all the time. select nothing beats a good home-cooked meal. the home economic course.
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♪. >> good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. monday, june 25 your top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern, renewed tngs rattling markets again pointing to sell-off at open investors breaking for president trump's move to black chinese investments in u.s. technology, and even block some u.s. technology exports to china. we go both ways, it is hurting futures this about morning dow s&p, nasdaq futures are lower, we will talk more about this coming up, but the russell 2000 index, of small caps, companies, smaller companions that might be insulated from this trivia fight that was one of the it was the one gage up
8:01 am
last week of u.s. stocks, only one of the major ones up last week. >> in europe, we have losses across the board, to tell you about. i think england france, germany all lower a similar story in asia markets down almost across the board, except for the kospi, south korea so that both shanghai hang seng down more than 1%. >> harley-davidson shares sputtering over the trade spat, the iconic motorcycle make our announcing plans this morning to shift some production out of the u.s., for eu bikes because of the tariffs. they look at this trivia fight this trade fight and see it being detrimental to the business. a look at impact on that company's infuriate, protecting american intellectual property, growing importance of cybersecurity in the face of digital threats from countries like russia and china. a and battle over border the house set to vote on a compromise bill this week delaying last week latest in
8:02 am
the push for the united states as europe struggles with immigration crisis of its own. >> making good on fault macbooks apple finally acknowledging a probable with keyboard to details on titan plan to fix issues hans solo, the blaster used by harrison ford iconic character approves a real force on the auction block how much that "star wars" piece of memorabilia sold for we showed you here on "mornings with maria", we will tell you, the price tag was. to break it down all morning fox business network christina, "the wall street journal" global economics editor jon hilsenrath, radio talk show host richard fowler we were talking about the russell 2000 the russell 2000 was the only as major market gages that was up last week, barely eked out a gain, it is still a gain nonetheless when
8:03 am
dow s&p, nasdaq and dow transports down the dow reason tos ports down almost 3% more than market gages. >> you do have to wonder how big american multinationals are going to fair in battles that we are having 34r5particul chinese model for american multiissue narnlz 2000s build base in china world's fastest growing economy now world's second largest economy we are increasingly looks like a war with that country that could hurt big companies in favor of smaller companies that are more domestically oriented. >> hit boeing down dow a wetted intexting dulling down 8 days closed in negativeing dagen: the higher the stock price like old school, it is -- not market cap weighted price weighted sound like a nerd basically is -- it is the higher the stock price, the bigger the weight in that index. >> this is where i think the -- the o journal story today
8:04 am
about export controls u.s. export controls on china a big deal, because where china blocked their industries the space boeing a lot of technology these are crown jewels of the u.s. but china is the world second largest economy, we're now saying we're not going to sell you our stuff? that hurts companies like boeing hurts our semiconductor companies. >> hold that thought we are talking about it about two minutes we have locality more coming up this hour crowds strike ceo cofounder is here, brian you are chief political correspondent a favorite of this program, and host of "varney & company" stuart varney. they are all coming up, trade tensions escalating jon hilsenrath was talking about this the trump administration, is said to be getting ready to reliability chinese investment in american technology, and also restrict the export of some american technology to china blake burman covering this from white house blake, explain it all my friend. revisor well this is coming
8:05 am
from a report dagen, good morning to you from "the wall street journal", that says several agencies from within trump administration including the treasurer department are set to unveil possibly this week, a plan that would limit chinese investment in technology firms now according to the journal here imagine number is 25 percent meaning if a firm that has at least 25% chinese ownership, they would not be able about to acquire companies that have quote instrumentally significant technology the report cautions plans not finalized we know how timing sometimes, moves around here, but this also comes as one of the president's top trade advisories peter navarro alicensed skwaquarely with president relet as to china laying groundwork for something like this over the last week, inactivo saying the chinese cannot continue to acquire the crown jewels of american technology, as he puts it for example, just last week, about he laid the groundwork in interview on this show, in which he talked about the potential impending
8:06 am
investment restrictions listen here. >> the investment restrictions to be clear are proposed that the provinces treasury department addition of the president the purpose of those would be preventative china from coming in to silicon valley paying a very high premium they -- be clear here, maria these are not businesspeople don't come in justly to a certain fair rate of return general railt cash flow for investors that is not the game. the game to pay a high premium use those companies for strategic purposes. >> meantime dagen harley-davidson this morning has filed a report with the ftc saying that they plan to shift some production overseas in response to the european union travis harley-davidson saying they would be set to lose 30 to 45 million reminder of they are i wouldn't 90 to 100 million dollars over the course of the year because of eu tariffs harley-davidson saying in a statement quote harley-davidson maintains the strong commitment to u.s. base manufacturing which is valued by writeers globally
8:07 am
increasing until production to alleviate eas youh eu trivia burden not he press conference represents only sustainable option to make motorcycles krefk to customers in the eu maefrn a viable business in europe, mean a viable business we are starting to see fallout. dagen: not just financial and economic it is political, these nations are targeting these american goods. >> for politics. reporter: wisconsin paul ryan you got it. dagen: thank you so much jon with our reaction to harley's move one company, and again, the messaging we've gotten out of this white house is essentially we are going to -- americans need to put up with short term pain, for long-term gain in terms of trading relationships. >> well you know what we're seeing with harley guys not getting that long-term gain right now very much in the pain partly of they
8:08 am
negotiations, and i wonder how long patience of the president, and the political system will be around continuing to fight countries when losing on agriculture the chinese are slapping their controls tariffs on soybeans other ag products we see harley getting hit talking early about boeing being hit so far there is a lot of cost here we're not seeing countries to turn around saying all right we will deal -- the president wants europe he wants yainzh canadians chinese to make concessions to us we're not seeing concessions. >> i don't think we are going to see those concessions at least from china perspective i this i what chinese government is going to do we have seen in the past is test pro blog, going to sosh a lot chinese government going to say help our industries protect our industries, best we can i don't think you have an appetite from our congress to do same for our industries, and i think, one thing going after china right because we
8:09 am
know china is dumping steel we know china did you meaning aluminum i was for that. dagen: stealing our technology. >> intellectual property -- >> dagen i agree i think going after china one thing but i also i problematic is us having trade war, or trade. dagen: tit-for-tat. >> tit-for-tat with canada mexico europe all in this mix. dagen: allies. >> some people argue we kind of botched this strategically we could have gotten europeans to work with us. >> absolutely. >> the deal with chinese. >> workers -- return europeans into adversaries in this affair also canadians mexicans a strategic question whether we are going about this the right way. dagen: how much are europeans adversaries i am going to push back on this because again president trump went to that g-7 meeting and said let's just have a level-playing field, and let's just get rid of -- let's actually negotiate something with all of these nations where we are equal trading partners. >> germany carmakers are
8:10 am
trying to call ourbluff they are saying all right. we are zero out all tariffs on autos the question is, if we do, would we be willing to zero out tariffs on -- >> the industry agriculture in united states, heavily subdivided talk about removing tariffs what about subsidies to farmers here their argument i know an argument canada makes. dagen: here when here is what i have been thinking about last few days the economy is so strong john if you are going to pick a time to do this, if you are going to pick a time, to try and level the playing field, and right our trade agreements with other nation, and might cause short-term economic pain isn't this best time to do it? >> certainly a time when we have that benefit, the question again is where the concessions that we are supposed to be getting from all this you know, from the fight that we are picking the other thing i would say is if now is the time, we better get this done in next couple years because by 2020, a lot of impetus from tax cuts from
8:11 am
spending increases we're off 4% would be 2% or less by 2020 a narrow wind we have to work with. >> i think you are right i would add think about plants in south carolina by volvo one in united states volvo are worried if tariffs go down 4,000 workers in south carolina could be out of a job so the hurt is going to start the hurting american workers, and our that is -- >> i would say a time of 3.8% unemployment does not a lot of hurt, i mean we have -- we are dealing with. >> south carolina -- >> that is the pain. dagen: one thing i don't understand, with the european automakers 4% of cars sold in united states, are made in germany every year. these are companies that employ thousands american workers in fact foreign automakers will sit this year, will build more cars and trucks in america, than the detroit three. . >> i agree.
8:12 am
dagen: they are incredible employers in united states couldn't we figure something out i want to get to president trump tweet i have tried to stay uninvolved, with the department of justice, and fbi. although i do not legal have to because of totally discreditors very expensive witch hunt currently going on, but you do have to ask why the doj and fbi are not giving over requested documents. question mark. judge napolitano talks about that very thing, coming up, aiming to appease apple now says it will fix faulty mac key words for freer after a wave of complaints over sticky keys we toil which models are eligible for the free fiction and force is strong with this one hans solo blaster fetching top dollar at auction we will tell you how much the return of the jedi weapon went for
8:13 am
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8:16 am
chanc chancellor angela merkel wants to send some migrants to italy they have rejected that idea many refugees arrived in europe crossing mediterranean sea to italy, later this week all 28 eu ladders settle meet in brussels the further discuss the issue so far they are very par apart. >> apple going to fix your book and mac book pro keyboard for free made rare acknowledge of a flaw in an product happened friday customers reported keys stopped working for no apparent reason announced it will cover cost for net books purchase wonder 4 years, pap is electrifying at least three class action lawsuits over apparently flawed design shares apple low premarket down more than 3/4 of a percent, get this a hans solo prop from return of the jedi has fetched a stellar price. >> [laughter] >> give me -- don't move.
8:17 am
-- i can see a lot better don't move. >> is it. cheryl: that blaster the top-selling in hollywood themed auction happened over the weekend reports say ripley's he believe it or not bought it for 550,000 dollars, maria had a close-up look in a preview in may not a record for "star wars" items, last year we should add here r2 d2 sold for 2.76 million there is the small blaster, by the way, debbie ren aldz brother has a blaster. >> he is keeping it for sentimental reasons. dagen: i would take r2-d2 awesome who played. >> -- does anybody know who played r2-d2? >> no why ron yeeh ronnie mcdowell in original planet of
8:18 am
apes. >> r2-d2 by kennie baker c2 was played by antonio daniels. >> not to get into it knew setting me up. dagen: i always have said i hate when people do that, and i just did it -- hey, let me give you a quiz, no, no, what's going on coming up combating economic espionage trump administration aiming to crack down on intellectual trot theft how to protect their crown jewels. >> is it big discounts to whole foods near a you if you are amazon prime member that is we've got the details straight ahead. ♪ ♪
8:19 am
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only for a limited time. visit for a store near you. preparing to curb chinese investments in u.s. technology, according to the "the wall street journal", the treasurer department will unveil details about blocking firms with at least 25% chinese ownership from buying companies with industrially significant technology. the move highlights the growing importance of cybersecurity to our nation's security as a whole, joining us now, is ceo cofounder of crowd strike george. crowd strike cybersecurity firm first identified russian hackers for data breach of the democratic national committee george what can companies do to protect their intellectual property? and do you agree with steps treasury department seems to be taking. >> well as we all know china has been prolific in stealing
8:23 am
intellectual property over many years one of the main things that we see most organizations actually don't have visibility do their own networks their own systems steps our over many years many times undetected big part of the overall security program is making sure that you can identify these adversaries stop them using artificial intelligence visibility is a big piece of that. >> george, we have been looking at stories for months now about breaches, in facebook, and on a lot of other financial services companies. what can an individual watching you do to protect their own identity from they had these kinds of preaches from from individual spech one of the biggest challenges we see is that most individuals either use the same password, or easily give the password out in fishing attacks that is one of the main areas where individuals get compromised they will give user name
8:24 am
password to a site that will turn around reuse that, to gain access either to their own e-mail system or to other systems they pay be enrolled in protecting passwords, and using a password that generators random passwords keeping stored secularly is key for an individual. >> this is kristine do you think the problem stems in companies not spending enough doing a good job to protect the data that is in their company because are there seeing maybe not must have money spent there technology isn't up to date what are your thoughts on that. >> well there is a lot of money being spent in security, and often times not in the right spots, if you think about these attacks, we talk about network attacks yeah over network but mostly they are focused on getting to the individual end points the investor server unprotected yuing antivirus that depend on seeing attack first to create a sighing that is why
8:25 am
artificial intelligence machine learning is so important in security field to be able to identify these threats without every seeing them, before, and that is really critical for companies to think about that, next generation of technology, to a protect themselves. >> george here is a request he for you so what can folks at home do right now to spree of their level of privacy in their security? a password download to protect prooif something they could do today to make sure they are not you know not hacked tomorrow i think what people are worried about at home. >> number one thing i would tell a consumer at home ask the site that you are using if they have investigation gaest whether of aing banking site many have two, having that second factor authentication of phone oftentimes you see text messages come by those many make that a dramatic difference in making sure that you can -- maintain the security of your password the second thing is to look at the privacy settings, i think we have all gotten notices last
8:26 am
couple months, for gdpr, which gives you a lot more flexibility more power into controlling what privacy settings you have if you are a facebook user make sure you go through privacy settings and turn it down to the point you are about comfortable not leaking private information out. >> george "stand your ground" specific for company crowd strike raised 200 million dollars to me round of funding you saw companies value rise to 3 billion dollars tells us more about that ipo on the horizon, maybe? >> well we are certainly size and scale i think given our subscription nature what we do it is very attractive for wall street i think we had great opportunity to raise money at great evaluation with big investors, likes general rally at atlantic, others that participated in the round we are excited about the opportunity, for geographic expansion i think the technology, that we've built next gen end point technology basically builds out artificial intelligence in a
8:27 am
platform has recess naitsdz one of the reasons wreer one of the top-rated in security right now. >> which country is gravest threat to the united states in terms of hackinging our technological security russia, north korea? china? is it another -- merging and a half arenefarious nation. >> out of hit prayed hard to pick a win each one has capabilities every time you see a geopolitical blip if you will whether it is a trade war with china, whether it is you know backing out of the iran deal you are going to see a lot more around the cybersecurity activities espionage is one of the number one reasons countries are active in this they can understand what is happening behind scenes they can get the settlement -- of companies administration, and they use that information, very effectively. certainly, you have been talking about intellectual property theft. dagen: right. >> billions and billions of
8:28 am
dollars that have been stolen over many years basically, recreate what is what is taking u.s. companies, and other european companies, many, many years and many millions billions of dollars to create themselves, it is a real problem, and now that we see trade wars we're seeing more activity out of china, specifically intellectual property theft. . dagen: let me ask you this, before we go. north korea we had this summit, president trump, kim jong-un and singapore, have you seen a decrease at all in the espionage of the wrongdoing by north korea in terms of hacking? >> i don't think anything subsided they have pretty good capabilities. they have really increased their capabilities over the last couple years they have been very can i have in ranson ware kind of hard to fine north korea sanctions very active in ransomware funding their own activities, espionage has been a big driver for them we haven't
8:29 am
seen anything subside in fact things tend to go up you see big geopolitical events in terms of hacking. dagen: george great to see you thank you so much, take care please come back soon coming up a new deadline from devin nunes the house committee chair calling on justice department to deliver more information, about an fbi informant by the end of business today, look at whether law enforcement will comply straight ahead, plus a very special o delivery, firefighters in one new york town going the extra mile to help deliver a pizza we will tell you about it. ♪ ♪ ♪ 5 .
8:30 am
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8:32 am
dagen: well back i am dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo. monday, june 25 your top stories at 8:30 a.m. eastern. >> a fresh trade threat sending ripples through the markets futures pointing to a sell-off president trump is said to plan to block chinese investments in some u.s. technology, and limit the export of u.s. technology, in some way, to beijing, and you have losses across the board right now some of these tech stocks like intel very hard hit in premarket trading you look at u.s. futures dow s&p, nasdaq 100, the one that is losing the most in premarket is the nasdaq, so watch this
8:33 am
tech stocks. >> europe losses across the board the ftse 100 england dax down 1 1/2% each, in asia overnight, markets lower except for the kospi, in south korea gaining 6/10 of 1% house intelligence committee chairmen devin nunes giving fbi will in end of business today to explain his alleged informant in these trump campaign. >> congressman john ratcliffe spoke to maria bartiromo on "sunday morning futures" about the latest on the ig report. >> this is the fbi's own independent referee who is saying that he is deeply troubled and concerned that it is peter daut other trump humiliating agents and lawyers collected evidence and making every decision for the first nine months of that guys that
8:34 am
that is by definition prejudicial to fair impartial administration of justice. dagen: more on the that showdown coming up, congresswoman maxine waters speaking out urging people to confront members of the trump administration in public. it comes after white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders was picked out of a virginia restaurant in lexington virginia the growing outrage ahead. tesla charges beyond thunder dome new auto pilot system could soon include a "mad max" lane changing setting in the future. and a piece of delivery pizza deliver worker a helping hand from local firefighters special delivery this hour, top story right here right now, house intelligence chairman devin nunes giving deputy attorney general rod rosenstein until 5:00 today, to hand over information regarding the fbi potential use of informants in trump
8:35 am
campaign here now byron york one of our favorite guests chief political correspondent for warrant examiner fox news contributor, byron will nunes ever get all documents he wants because he seems to set deadlines that never get everything, what us do. >> another day another deadline you are actually right, i think, clearly, he is pet angry about this latest response, remember the last week, the speaker of the house threatened legal action, against justice department if they did not opportune over everything told them to give it to them by the end of the week nunes got a letter from fbi 11:10 pm friday night i think kind of feels fbi is thumbing its is nose at him if you read this letter nunes wrote in response irritated about a number of things the question did fbi use informants against trump again if so how many? and did it pay them? that is the question he is trying to get answered so far
8:36 am
has not gotten answered. >>. >> do you think he will get answers caution you have ongoing judge napolitano was talking about this ongoing investigation by the special counsel, and so there is you know, there is legal issues. >> depends on whether the speaker speaker paul ryan gets deeply involved in this what president does as well, i think it is pretty clear the justice department has made it clear that it will ignore what a single committee chairman does. even if it is chairman of the committee. but if the speaker of the house threatens some sort of punishment with the house acting as a whole, and certainly if the president says he wants to declassify we will find out like pulling teeth. dagen: president trump tweeting earlier on document turnover i have tried to say uninvolved with didn't and fbi although i do not legally have to because of totally
8:37 am
discerted witch hunt going on you do have to ask why fbi and doj are not giving over requested documents what is in the president's power byron that he could do? because you divided talk about declassification. >> he could do some sort of blanket declassification if he wants, i think maybe in model would be remember that -- that house momentum house intelligence committee momentum some months back put together information about enjoy being used to get wiretap on carter page they rose this document based on what they knew said we are going to make this public. they voted on it pb fbi went nuts. they made few changes, on behalf of the fbi, and then the president the president declassified it so if there could be some sort of process where there was not some sort of of willy-nilly declassification but specific information needs to be seen
8:38 am
by the public, the president would do that. dagen: i am going out on a limb this is going to sound like a conspiracy theory but the behavior by the doj and fbi, and certainly what you read in some from some of the press, is essentially goading the president trying to push him needem him into dog something rash and drastic do you buy that. >> o i don't know exactly what their dialogue. dagen: like the -- >> he is going to fire bob mueller how many times has that question been screamed in white house briefings i wonder if there is manager amiss. dagen: i do think well the fire bob mueller thing in part on the part of democrats and some people on the press, you are exactly right, they have thrown that out almost as if they are daring the president to do it. what the justice department is doing, i mean obviously, republicans think the justice department must have something to hide because there is hiding this all the time.
8:39 am
on the other hand there are institutionalization comrefz he i am per tifz one branch banging up against the other branch of government scleerl with a we have do you have, remember what ingenuouslying napolitano said you do have a mueller investigation perhaps the point some stuff has to remain secret so long as that investigation is active. dagen: fbi is hiding something because, again, that -- that -- text message from peter strzok getting rid of donald trump is only got that in may, using department of defense technology to uncover it so there is there is that effort to hide something. >> that was not giving it over to the inspector general not even congress something members of congress are really suspicious about you know in that exchange between strzok and page page said donald trump is not going to become president is he, and next line was no, we will stop it.
8:40 am
and the question was handed over to congress. but the answer which is perhaps the most incendiary of all the strzok-page texts was not people are really, really suspicious about that it does not help the fbi when it claims to be turning over everything. >> pie ron peter strzok what happens in terms of testifying because i quoted one of your tweets, about how this dude you did not use the word quarterly dividend dude". >> dude. dagen: but the lynchpin leading the hillary clinton e-mails investigation kicked into human resources when the text messages were uncovered by the inspector general. >> strzok through his lawyer is apparently volunteering to testify. and you are right, i think i think the point here is the members of congress if they do
8:41 am
get peter strzok in front of them answering questions problem not a huge amount of time on bias beating him up over bias you don't like trump we know that we get it. instead this man peter strzok is sirs of all manufacturing sfargs the fbi-trump-russia investigation is concerned, ask him about the dossier informants so-called electronic communication when started the whole thing ask him about all this stuff he was in the middle of it all. >> turning i want to turn to the controversy after white house spokeswoman sarah sanders kicked out of that restaurant in lexington virginia president tweeted about it this morning i will get your response red hen restaurant should focus more on cleaning filthy can on pizza doors and windows needs a paint job would rather than refusing to serve a fine person like have sarah huckabee sanders i had a rule you about restaurant dirty on
8:42 am
outside it is dirty on the inside this is very -- kind of basic about this one particular restaurant but, again, this is part of the resistance, this is part of the intolerance that you see on the left, and we had maxine waters over weekend urging people confront members of the trump administration in public byron listen to this. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant -- in a department store, in, a gasoline station, you get out and you -- and you on them you tell them they're not welcome! dagen: this red hen incident the basket of about about deplorables equivalent for the midterms because, again, you hear these kinds of comments, and a lot of people on the left said hey, everybody should get served you hear kind of comments it really brings trump voters and
8:43 am
republicans together. >> first of all, gives president trump credit doing a negative yelp review on his twitter feed. this is something that is going to be very, very troubling for democrats, in the next few months, because clearly, the base i mean the real resistance base is so angry that they will do something like confront a -- a trump official in a restaurant these were abolished ice activists who did that with chris walla christine neilson in washington you are seeing a number of democrats asked do you agree do you think a good idea to not allow anyone associated with the trump administration to even go into a restaurant and have dinner, and i think that it is going to make the -- the democratic candidates very uncomfortable even as their most passionate supports think it is a good idea. >> byron thank you for that we've got more trump tweets to
8:44 am
get to if you want to sit tight i will get your quick reaction it is about immigration, interesting, president trump tweeted this such a difference in the media coverage of a same images policies between the obama administration and ours, actually we have done a far better job, in that our facilities are cleaner, and better run than the facilities under obama. fake news working overtime. there is more on this, about hiring many thousands of judges going through a long complicated legal process, is not the way to go. people must simply be stopped at the border. talking about due process, thank you for that we've got to run ge under pressure manufacturing giant reportedly nearing a deal to sell off even more of its assets, prime perks discounts, whole foods, coming up.
8:45 am
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8:47 am
>> ge reportedly nearing a deal to sell its industrial insunit nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange with details. >> good morning, dagen we are
8:48 am
watching gen electricity this morning under pressure over 50% downside last 52 weekends relatively flat but in down market is looking slightly higher on this deal that is near the deal to sell off two industrial engines units that is going over to, appears to keynote out cummings roughly 3-billion-dollar deal flannery ceo said he wants to sell assets of roughly 20 billion dollars just about everything is on the table as he continues to try and turn afternoon this company vpg reformer acquisitions were former acquisitions of immelt. >> out of industrial average after over a century that will happen tomorrow, walgreen's alliance comes in, amazon, they were ruling out now in full force available everywhere you can see to downside this morning, amazon prime in your whole foods get your discounts, on your sale items and many other items the amazon said they have seen
8:49 am
everybody signing up so quickly, for this one, and all you have to do is go to get your app your whole foods app or use phone number get the discounts, too back to you dagen: thank you nicole petallides at new york stock exchange, anti-trump sentiment reaching a boiling point tempers flarz after white house press secretary sarah sanders was asked to leave a virginia restaurant the host of "varney & company" stuart varney what say you sir? i am really curious to hear your thoughts on this. >> fit to be tied i think a disgrace period in our history merged in full force over the weekend as you mentioned sarah huckabee sanders asked politelyly to leave a restaurant when when she was dining with with members of her family, steven millr, shouts a fascist walks into a restaurant pom bondi escorted out of a movie theatre by police, case protesters were screaming in her facing ira --
8:50 am
you are a horrible person now maxine waters congress woman from southern california encouraging anti-trump people to hound trump people in gas stations department stores restaurants. this is absolutely an utterly wrong this is a democracy we solve political examine disputes by debate talk don't take it to streets, and fighting. who would want to be a public about official after this? who would want to have their private live totally invaded by violent people, just because you are part of an administration i think outrageous i think the bottom line here somebody is going to get hurt. >> we have to raise the issue somebody did get hurt steve scalise was shot on a baseball field, at a baseball practice. >> i just feel over the weekend, it became particularly intense. for -- just the private lives
8:51 am
of trump administration people. they are now to be invaded wherever they go, that is a disgrace. >> woue will see you almost nine minutes. >> you will, pro many. >> "varney & company" every definite 9:00 a.m. to noon special delivery firefighters in one town going the extra mile to help deliver a pizza approximately we'll tell you about it. >> i don't care, i don't care ♪ ♪ with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia. add-on advantage. (sighs) i hate missing out missing out after hours. not anymore, td ameritrade lets you trade select securities 24 hours a day, five days a week. that's amazing. it's a pretty big deal. so i can trade all night long? ♪ ♪ all night long...
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8:55 am
into a lake during a festival one of the fishermen said a buying explosion and fire after the balloon struck power lines the pilot was not hurt the faa is investigating the because of this ten. >> is it tesla ceo elon musk antagonizing a "mad max" mode for tesla autonomous driving re-tweeted this photo from a photoshop into a "mad max" chase scene creator tweets well love press photos for new tesla truck elon musk truly a vision of the infuriate about musk responded with surprise of his own tweeted out picture of tesla auto pilot that shows actual "mad max" mode for the blind threshold currently in development by company then joked tesla can make more griff level called l.a. freeway mode there you go up 7% so far for the year -- firefighters deliver a pizza probably never?
8:56 am
well it happened over the weekend in upstate new york, there was a crash that involved two vehicles a pizza deliver guy injured in that crash firefighters responded to the scene, and then decided to drop off the pizza themselves once the guy safely into ambulance big smile on khm customer's face. >> president tweeting about border crisis i so the optimism of the tweet the entire thing hiring many thousands of judges going through a long complicated legal process is not the way to go. we will always be dysfunctional people must simply be stopped at border told they cannot come into u.s. illegally, children wro brought back to country if done illegals immigration about stopped in tracks this is only really answer we must continue to build the wall coming up we will have some final thoughts from our all
8:57 am
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9:00 am
surviving to life we should give them the same compassion, the compassion that huckabee sanders should have received at the right hand. >> he took up your tomb but thank you for being here john and christina park, that will be the final thought. mr. varney take it away. >> good morning to you dagen good morning en. it is monday and begin first full week of summer yes we do off to a positive start but oh boy it is a struggle today. the president is considering new measures to keep our technology out of china's hands. he wants new controls on their companies investing here, and our technology going over there. trade fight -- this trade dispute is beginning to bite everyone. china takes steps to stimulate its economy. what about the impact of threaten tariffs germany shows signs of slowing. and our own harley-davidson says european tariffs on their motorcycle could mean extra actually 100 million dollars in lost business. trade fight is not


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