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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 27, 2018 6:00am-8:59am EDT

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next 30 days for the president is reiterating his calls for strong border. >> we are going to ask for an increase in wall spending so we can finish it quicker. it stops the drugs and stops people we don't want to have them gives us the purity and safety. >> the very latest in a fight for an immigration overhaul coming up as the house prepares to vote on a compromised bill later today. next up election day. resident trump soaring to victory in the primaries yesterday at the top democrat suffers a stunning loss to break down the results from last night's primary this morning. terror on the time i. how a pilot triggered an alert for hijacking aboard a jet blue plane at jfk airport. my one major bank is fully expect in an automaker with expectations on model three deliveries. the stock is down. pass will keep on trucking
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despite the setback. elon musk lays out his ambitious new plan for the company's first electric pickup truck. we will show it to you. during that talk all about it, ss network they can make all cameras could see you in managing partner mike murphy. a person from a cia officer and national security visor to president obama's 2012 campaign is with us. good to see you this morning. welcome. dagen: again, i will point out the shanghai stock market now in a bear market. if you want to use that as a gauge of who's winning in this trade battle, our markets are hard to come of even more so. maria: yesterday are talking about the lawn. >> that is one way china can and will fight back on the terrace. we're making chinese imports more expensive but these tariffs in the initial tranche of $50 billion, the first of which kicks in july the sixth. again, if china weakens its current phase of our dollars are
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exempt and weaken the currency that will offset some of the tariff we are on chinese imports. are you smiling at me? >> i like what you have to say. the one thing is the trade war started so we are calling that come in the u.s. is coming for more of a strength position in china. you pointed out with the performance of the chinese stock market. i think that helped the story for the president of the united states. drink especially we we know china has been stealing from america and others for a decade. and the president's trying to do something about it. big day in terms of primaries. >> a lot o political news you would too bad early mocha to joe crowley who i had sort of put my money on to be the next week or. he was my preferred candidate. a study law shows you cannot take voters for granted. train to buy 28-year-old
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millennial socialist activists. >> i think she looks on last night. did you see the photos from her but her a party? this is shaping up to be a very interesting tori. >> or articulate last night. our top story right now. investors keeping a close eye on trade tensions between washington and china as the u.s. and to impose tariffs on $34 billion in chinese goods beginning next week could volatility returned yesay despite president trump suggesting he would scrap potential plans for new restrictions on chinese investment in u.s. technology. >> we have the great scientists, the great brains and we have to protect bad and we are going to protect it and that is what we were doing and that can be done through cfius. we are working that out. >> joining us now is the chief investment got it just. good to see you. has anything changed in terms of the backdrop for this economy with all of this noise around the backdrop yes i'm at the
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numbers now. wall street anticipates what they believe will be changes. i think there w fundamental shift in investor sentiment earlier this week. primarily last week we had investors who are willing to rotate rather than retreat. they were going to rotate into the smaller cap issues protected from overseas exposure, who will benefit from lower tax rates, who are going to see much higher earnings growth this year and next year. and now we are seeing basically all categories have been going through a selloff, that monday, tuesday we got a technical bounce back but were challenged once again today. >> when you look at the market overall right now, we have the pullback we were rotating for the last year to two years in a selloff going from one sector into another sector. i see this as an opportunity
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because as long as the underlying fundamentals are so strong, any pullback by an opportunity. >> i think we have to test the 2676 level on the s&p 500. right now we stay above that level. as just an undulation backing filling if you will. i think investors are telling their more concerned about things. you're better off by an unveiling of are not headed for recession. everybody looks at the yield curve. i also look to have for recession since 1960 was preceded by a double digit declines and we are looking at a double-digit gain. i don't see a recession on the horizon and so as a result, yes give me a nice selloff. >> with this backdrop you would rise the race with a strong economy you would think it brings you very well yet you look at the jpmorgan bank of
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america have all signed off. >> history says the opposite. 60% of the time you have a 60% correlation with a narrowing yield curve in the fed funds rate is rising. makes sense because what is happening is the fed is increasing interest rate, reducing the threat of inflation how longer bonds are priced based on the uncertainty of inflation. if you have less uncertainty the yield curve should be coming in. >> what you think about harley davidson? resident trump to the maker harley-davidson who announcans s overseas. listen to this. >> using it as an excuse and i don't like that because i've been good to harley davidson and the user does next is. the people who write harleys are not happy with that and i wouldn't be either.
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>> i think the company still is gog to be a profit maker. they earn $3.2 last year expected to be 345 thi year and next year. double-digit earnings growth. the way you do that is by keepinyour costs low and doing what is in your power to do so. >> i agree there is a certain amount of pride that harley owners have that their backs are made in the u.s.a. but it does appear problematic are and what you think for the president of the united states to be calling out specific companies. >> of this was president obama, but she never went this far. he would go after broad industry categories did he did go after them for for rising insurance costs. but if this was president obama would be sitting here pulling my hair out and say this. how dare the president of the united states go after a business when they are merely reacting, doing what is in the
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best interest of their employees, shareholders and livelihood of the company when they are sed with some policy that is because of the united states. it is because of the actions of this administration and then you have the audacity to attack an individual business and essentially threaten the livelihood? in the comments yesterday the company will go out of business and i might be reading into that, but i said that at the start before president trump is ever inaugurated when he was going after bowling. >> i asked you because i remember what you read. if it was anybody else, we would be raising the roof shouting into his bag, to argue that harley's business and in bad condition and they would be doing it anyway. it is not just harley. it's all the farmers in the country that could be heard by retaliation from china. it's a nail maker in the
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midwest. these policies have implications for some businesses that are negative and that is all we are purporting. for him to call out hardly. harvey is still going to make bikes in the u.s. it is just because they got0 ada harley davidson in europe because of a 31% retaliatory tariff. maria: of the u.s. was on the losing end of the deal with europe anyway. who are facing $150 billion deficit with europe. i don't know why europe is retaliating when we are already losing money there. >> they are trying to stick it to us because we are sticking it to them. a scot, test, war, whatever you want to call it. >> i agree the company should do whatever they can to benefit shareholders. looking around the globe it used to be that we would be shrinking the borders in order to have operations from around the globe in order to benefit shareholders and also benefit those who buy the harleys.
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>> calling jeb bush low-energy or ted cruz lined pad, that doeshave the economic implications. but when you go after businesses like this it does is remind not to make this political, but when consumers and companies in places like missouri and iowa, th farmers start feeling result of these tariffs in their wallet and in their take-home pay, i think the president -- it will be interesting to see in fargo, north dakota tomorrow. anything about this story is going to come out in the next 24 hours. the president wants to say at the rally were in wisconsin. how do you expect the trade to date to end? >> most people say the trade that does not turn into a trade war. as we continue to move forward
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with this for tat that investors are beginning to say we need to reduce our risk exposure. and so, we backing may have reduced our international exposure by five percentage ints andlso i put out by midyear outlook report the other day banning investors in the third order midterm election years average daily price volatility increases by 34%. so fasten your safety belt at the bumpy quarter. train to reading your economic outlook for the second half of the year. gdp growth is on track to rise in 2018 and 4% in 2019. i findlike a head scratcher that we talk about a recession in the next couple years. when you look at the growth of 4% next year. >> historically of a republican president since teddy roosevelt has experienced a recession that guarded in their first two years in office. those who are saying we think the recession was there before
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the end of the president's first term in office is not really a brave forecast because we've gotten twice as long as the average expansionince 1900. we are due for some sort of a pullback, but i don't think it will start this year. our economic growth projections are pretty healthys year. the 4% is for international. the 3% is foromestic. still very, very healthy. the market does anticipate recessions by 7.5 month on average. dagen: just a quick was something that may soothe markets moving towards the end of the week. president trump yesterday to suggest he would scrap plans for new restrictions on chinese investments. the story we talked about monday in "the wall street journal" seems to be ration wily mainly on existing tools through cfius that it won't be as severe as some people were thinking
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earlier in the week because the details are acting to be out on june 30th at the end of the moh. >> there's a lot of debate about what that could be in how significant restrictions could be. looks like they will not significant. >> may be treasury secretary steve mnuchin wins this one or peter rivero if you want to get in the weeds about what's going on. it's only wednesday. >> i think it does m e two p the sam administration speaking over each other, how does it allow for fundamental forecasters to come up with ideas, recommendations if the administration itself did not give a clear message. train to david, good to have it on the program. for% global growth. stand still while they are. a special program coming live from the cash them at the treasury department in washington rivals he quit
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secretary stephen mnuchin about the six-month anniversary of the tax reform law. hope you'll join us friday. coming up, a cockpit mixup causes massive panic on a jetblue flight in new york's jfk airport. the pilot accidentally signals that the aircraft is hijacked. a major bank double down accelerating with reduction goals as the auto company reveals details on new electric pickup trucks. back in a moment right here. ♪
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maria: welcome back. looks like lucy a down start to the market this morning. jon tester is down 115 points. one half of 1%. s&p and not back down negative as the trade worries continue to unnerve investors. radio blip setting up a hijacking figure. cheryl casone has headlined now. >> quite a glitch. flight 1623 quickly surrounded by police after the pilot accidentally reported a hijacking. the plane was waiting to take off on radio communications failed and set the false alarm over to the control tower. police and s.w.a.t teams immediately surrounded the plane. terrified passengers forced to put their hands up. a u.s. official had to inspect the cabin. they were eventually put on a
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different flight in l.a. reports that the pilot might have hit the wrong button and put the wrong code in the cockpit. we are watching shares of tesla this morning. goldman sachs has reiterated the stock adding deliveries of the model three sedan amid the streets expectations. second-quarter production delivery numbers early next month. ceo elon musk expects the company will hit its goal of producing 5000 model threes by the end of this month. we shall see. the dow more than three quarters of a percent. a preliminary report for the national transportation safety board shows the battery and a fatal crash in florida reignited twice after firefighters extinguished the initi that started on impact. the ntsb and the lithium-ion
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battand the emergency response to it. this is one of several in best occasion. meanwhile, elon musk continues new concepts for future vehicles. a pickup truck following the release of the model why. it plans to release in 2020. the truck is going to have a smaller version. the truck also apparently coming with outlets. crazy torque. goldman sachs say no bueno on this one. maria: thank you, cheryl. border family separation pay and grading arose as a legal immigrant families must stay together in those separated must be reunited for the next month. celebrating the red white and blue but the most eugenic state in the u.s.a. back in a minute.
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staff meeting. noon? eating. 3:45? uh, compliance training. 6:30? sam's baseball practice. 8:30 tai chi. yeah, so sounds relaxing. alright, 9:53? i usually make their lunches then v, and i egan so wow, you are busy. wouldn't it be great if you had investments that worked as hard as you do? yeah. introducing essential portfolios. the automated investing solution that lets you focus on your life. maria: an ill-fated immigration up on capitol hill. house lawmakers set to vote on immigration bill gop leaders say will keep migrant families have been separated at the border. also addressing daca providing funding for president trump sport a while. house speaker paul ryan not predicting it passes, though. >> we made it extremely clear. we want to keep families together and secure the border and enforce laws.
6:24 am
our government because of a court ruling a law should not be forced to choose between keeping milies together and securing the border and enforcing laws. what we have here is the seeds of consensus that will be gotten to hopefully now if not later. >> a federal judge is now ordering the trump administration tooth up separating migrant families and reunite all families within the next 30 days after the supreme court upheld the travel ban in the 54 ruling. the daily color. good to see you, chris. if the immigration bill fails in the house what is the backup plan? >> a lot of house conservatives are angry at leadership for not aiming to be serious about any of the things the president has not worked. the whole reason we're having this charade in the first phases because house leaders are so
6:25 am
panicked through congressional procedure a few weeks ago and then losing their power. we will do the compromise bill amended bill and call that the new compromise bill. everyone is laughing because even if any of these get up to the house which is unlikely, mitch mcconnell has made it clear there is no shot is considering an immigration bills. >> going into november, this has been an issue that seems to be becoming a wary, especially with all these pictures of families separated. >> it is. it was interesting yesterday with the supreme court or the courts that not only was the trumpet madness durations traveled and with other previous than rulings made by the carter administration, barack obama's administration. they have the power to do this and clarence thomas of the court should really lay off passing
6:26 am
injunctions against the executive power. a national emergency for the court. according california trying to put a stop to their unsent separating families. we have to remember like speaker ryan just said, families are separated as of the ninth circuit ruling that says you can't keep them together. the cords are getting way too involved in a power the executive has basically massive death and. >> let's talk about this stunner last night. joe crowley ousted by a 28-year-old democratic socialist running her own first campaign. long seen as a potential successor. president trump weighed in treating congressman joe crowley who many expected would take meant to post his place lost his primary election. in other words that's a big one
6:27 am
no one saw happening. you should do nicer and more respectful to his president. he helped lift to the area. your congressman dan donovan. what do you think? what her take on all this yesterday? she's a federal jobs guaranteed person, medicated for all kind of an. a democratic socialist. >> one of the organizers of bernie sanders campaign. >> he didn't have much of an impact in these races. one for the democratic governor. i don't think he's going to be very hogan. he's the most popular governor in the country. he's doing alright. the president had a good night last night.
6:28 am
pushed out by donovan in new york in a push that raised. he was an interesting terror. they haven't gotten along really at all. but he ran as a republican in one for governor of texas. other major players players seem to have pretty good night except for crowley. >> in your democrat barely surviving last night'smary. women yvette clarke. a top aide told capital investors she suspect that the chief of staff of working to steal equipment from her congressional officer. the daily caller is broken so much on this. what can you tell us about the allegations? >> these allegations so far has been dealing with hacking and unauthorized access to networks
6:29 am
back to pakistan and money moving around in weird places. now we have people implicating congressman yvette clarke and chili davis implicated by the deputy. wendy andersen said she had wrought and around december 2015 in the office and found one with high pads, ipads, music players. computer equipment spread around the desk of the congresswoman's office. she ordered him out and after a while told investigators she thought he was ordering equipment which came for 10% of the budgeted. she told investors that the chief of staff in the congresswoman didn't hire him when this person brought to light and she wrote off about one 10th of her budget as missing equipment that seemed like it must've been lost and did not end up firing. why is 10% gone on missing
6:30 am
equipment? seems like there could be a procurement fraud. drink it seems a lot to me we are not hearing more outrage from congress. there is a speculation that it was much more than that. sending international interns of foreign affairs and terrorism related and now we see this computer equipment. it's really a mysterious story. >> this one casts more light for me on my congresswoman and congressman are pressing charges. there could be implications for people if there's a ring of people, chief of nasa were stealing involved in something like this. what is the real mystery is why republicans donna speaker ryan the gop. this would be dozens and dozens of democrats. in the indie that's why we don't
6:31 am
hear much about it. we'll keep following your reporting on it. christopher bedford county daily caller. temperatures are not the only thing rising this summer. home prices are heating up. it's the perfect storm for a tough market you don't call it a bubble. find out why cg up. testifying in washington today to make a case ofsed 26 billion-dollar merger. telling us why he is not fully on board with the plan until now. he shares his insights on the deal. back in a moment, right here. ♪ .. ♪
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on the queen c2 mattress. now only $599, save $300. it's the lowest price ever, only for a limited time. visit for a store near you. maria: thanks for joining us, i maria bartiroma. it is wednesday, june 27th. trade war fears, the market is down better than 100, half of 1% on the dow, 3 quarters of a%, 55 points lower, another deal in the works acquiring pinnacle foods for $10.9 billion, that should move both stocks. in europe take a look at the indices, many moving into stocks, the s&p is up as is the cac quarante and dax index
6:35 am
fractionally, 12 points higher on the financial index. the hang seng biggest loser, hodown to present. seinfeld speaking out, what jerry has to say about rosanne barr being fired. late-night collusion as they team up to take on donald trump. competition for buying a new home, one of the most stressful moments got worse. find out if you live in the most patriotic state in america, which of the 50 earned top honor, we have it right here. telecom giant t-mobile and sprint headed to capitol hill, the wireless providers looking to garner support for the proposed $26 billion merger. t-mobile's ceo making the case to the senate judiciary antitrust committee. joining us is boost mobile usa.
6:36 am
thanks for joining us. you have been opposed to this merger, tell us your concerns. >> we are not fundamentally opposed but a huge amount of things need to take place. if you look at where sprint and t-mobile are this is about struggling, not powers coming together or the china race but deciding they no longer want to invest in sprint. if you look at that is the premise of merging these companies, that is barely a merger. that is t-mobile buying sprints. when you look the trickle-down effect that has, 30 million prepaying customers that you have to establish credit. back then in 2000 when it was 41% penetration so still a huge amount of growth in the business. there is over 100% penetration,
6:37 am
they had been using prepaid, i am concerned they will go up. i haven't seen a merger where you talk about synergies and people employ more people and lower prices. both these compa, sprint and t-mobile have $75 billion of debt to the nearest impairment is the most indebted company in the world which is at&t, and they lower prices increasing their debt and average consumers pay for this and the trickle-down effect is independent wireless dealers, they disseminate productivity every day. they are not company-owned es but real businesses i the heartland of the company in areas where people get poor low income credit areas that are important. that needs to be addressed and taking time to address that but don't even mention it, 750 752
6:38 am
the fcc don't mention prepaid customers at all and this is a huge chunk of america. >> when i look at it you have verizon wireless, at&t wireless and these companies combining would be the number 3 wireless provider, seems like fair competition and the hope would be there would be lower prices for customers. i look at it the same as cable, a lot of consolidation but ultimately my cable bill is going lower. i hope through consolidation we actually get lower prices for consumers. >> it would if they were praise leaders, they have never been, verizon doesn't play in the free space base at all, it is a small part of their business. i would argue if you actually don'wo brands th rands but you brought the prices down to the level we are seeing our t-mobile and sprint and in the prepay segment it is metro pcs and the brand i found at boost mobile and they drove the price
6:39 am
down and they have at&t, i'm not against the merger because it will take place no matter what. sprint surviving through this, it will not invest in that company. if you are going to do it do it right. this is the time the doj and fcc have an opportunity to say mergenedut let's cut from the story and go to the reality. dagen: a simple solution would be one of the prepaid brands and an obvious buyer out there. that is something these companies could do. >> that is the part we are pushing for. we made selling 15 million customers, not just a license to brand, this is actually t-mobile and sprint saying we acknowledge and the disney fox deal coming out, spinning of certain assets to get done. sprint, t-mobile, saying
6:40 am
nothing, a large part of customers, i don't see how that is reflective of how a transaction like this takes place. maria: you are asking for price protection from network operations. >> i mentioned charter and a lot of cable companies, a lot of people don't understand the carrier network. your competitor is disingenuous, there is total control over that and when you look at the marketplace, if we had three solid brands the argument would be there but it is simply not there and they look at comcast and charter, doesn't stack up, those mobile networks control pricing and retail distribution. don't see how that will create competition. dagen: how do you think the
6:41 am
backdrop changes with at&t and time warner getting together, disney acquiring fox assets, how much was the media environment in your view? >> i have been preaching mobile and media coming together, distribution is the emperor. i am pushing that a lot. looking at at&t and time warner, sprint stock prices soared, this isree-for-all. i don't see that. every merger will be looked at individually for the benefits to the consumer. i'm not wrapped up in that. you have two businesses in at&t and time warner, two outdated business models coming together to create the business model. these guys had 15 years to be disruptive. i am not looking for a program like that, the reason netflix and google and youtube, people want to the choice, easy access
6:42 am
to their content and facebook and google is a reason to let the merger go through. considering we all know facebook and instagram and twitter is your own content, very much a 2-way experience where when you look at that, it is a 1-way experience. i think we will see more that. s wrong, the reason for doing it for the reasons they are putting forward are right. maria: you think apple comes in to acquire content. apple buys at&t? >> distribution will be key but the announcement when he made that impact on at&t and time warner, your subscribers with media content creating a compelling ad platform. what about google, amazon and
6:43 am
netflix? and the content companies, really effectively are going to need brands like at&t and i see that in the long-term of them buying those companies. maria: what do they have? $240 billion? they can buy plenty. maria: apple acquires at&t, that would be a sign of the times if that were to take place. thank you for joining us. seinfeld signing off, jerry on roseanne barr getting fired from the hit tv show, what he says should have happened instead. three late-night television hosts take on the president, o'brien, colbert and fallon coming up and mornings with very alive from the cash room at the treasury department on friday morning, where i will
6:44 am
speak with steve mnuchin about the 6 year anniversary of the tax reform law. a special program this friday, back in a minute. ♪ ain't no woman like the one i got ♪
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maria: jerry seinfeld saying roseanne barr should not have been fired. >> listen to what jerry seinfeld had to say. >> don't see why was necessary to fire but never saw somebody spend their entire button with one button push. that was first. maria: abc canceled roseanne and fired roseanne barr after she posted a series of racist tweets including one about former advisor valerie jarrett. abc announced a spin up without roseanne barr titled o'connors. comedians, three late-night talkshow host, stephen colbert,
6:48 am
timmy fallon and conan o'brien taking on donald trump in response to his verbal ja against them. >> that doesn't sound like him. >> he said we are no talent lowlife lost souls. >> that is not right. that is conan. i will get him. >> hey, guys, what is up? >> trump, donald trump, the real fake guy who sells fakes. >> he is president? >> yes. >> wow. maria: that aired on the late show on cbs and the tonight show on nbc. conan's show was on a break this week. with the fourth of july holiday coming up determining which state is the most patriotic. guess who the winner is,
6:49 am
virginia. to figure out what state believe red, white and blue they used factors like the number of veterans per capita, the number of military indices, rate of volunteerism and percentage of people who voted in the last election behind virginia, alaska, wyoming and coming in at number 50 with massachusetts. where is your patriotism? maria: what are the metrics? veterans who voted, different things the tide into the theme of patriotism. >> virginia is the mother of the presjames madison, james monroe, william henry harrison, john tyler, zachary taylor, woodrow wilson were born there. maria: ties with ohio. dagen: there is yorktown, jamestown, appomattox, mount vernon, monticello, the center of the birth of the united states and patrick henry,
6:50 am
redhill, his burial place, give me liberty or give me death is beautiful state please tour of come through. maria: how is massachusetts last? the home of the american revolution? the boston tea party? dagen: because it is the home of the new england patriots. >> i am with you on that. dagen: tom brady ruins everything for everybody. i'm just joking. maria: when we come back, ready set by, the most competitive time in history to buy a home. what you need to know to avoid missing out on the home of your dreams. ♪ take me home ♪ to the place ♪ i belong ♪ west virginia
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maria: the real estate market is sizzling, new home sales rising to the highest level since november. calling 2018 the most competitive homebuying season in history while pointing to new median record home price in june. the ceo of, whose parent company's news corp. sharing a parent company with 20th century fox, rupert murdoch, thank you for joining us, characterized the market right now. >> it is a hot market, prices up, inventories down, number of listings across the country down 5% versus year prior. it is up 9%. it is a sellers market in most
6:55 am
markets. maria: go through high end and low end. >> at the low and middle pricing ranges light. for first time homebuyers it is a harsh market. at the high level there's more supply and demand equilibrium, those markets are performing not as hot pricewise or inventory constrained. >> we heard for so many years that millennials don't want to buy homes, they will never own anything but that seems to be shifting. you hear about new home formation that millennials are buying, that i would think would rise at the lower level for first-time homebuyers but i don't think that ends. as you heard yesterday they are building new homes, so far behind in new household formation that this can continue for several years. >> there are two factors was
6:56 am
when is over many years the amount of new home inventory coming into the market is light. ever since the bursting of the housing bubble. you have a couple million homes that should be there that aren't. new home buyers come the homes they are producing are middle price range to higher price range. at the lower end because of cost of materials and labor shortages they are having difficulty hitting lower price points and being profitable. at the low end is like of inventory. maria: talk about how the new tax bill may impact where we see homeownership given in many places there are fewer benefits for new homeowners? how might that change? >> earlier in the curve, some people have refunds already feeling more bullish, the hypothesis was on the coast with the caps and mortgage interest rates on state tax deductions but they are doing quite well. days on market is the metric we
6:57 am
track in 30 days, white-hot. markets less than 30 days are seattle, san francisco, san jose, park city and omaha because millennials like omaha but the coast are doing really well and that is not had the markets yet. >> might be insulating some of that. dagen: data show 30% of prospective buyers expecting a lot of competition. is this typical? >> the trend has been around a while, the city 6 months of inventory in the 72nd month of higher prices so prices have been rising, bits and starts and inventories has been falling for 6 years now. maria: we will be right back. ♪
6:58 am
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>> maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday, june 27th. rising tensions over tariffs weighing on wall street. futures indicate a dne of better than 100 points at the start of trading. in europe, money is moving into equities, higher across the board on the indices there, with the fq100 the best performer, up a quarter of a percent trade hammering markets in asia overnight. the hong kong was among the biggest losers.
7:01 am
the battle over border control, president trump calling for tougher law as the house prepares to vote on a compromise bill later today. >> we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure at a minimum, we have to make sure that we vet people coming into the country, we know who's coming in, we know where they're coming from. >> maria: the latest this morning as melania trump reveals plans to return to the border to visit immigration families. a run-away run away, a half naked man wreaking havoc on the tarmac in atlanta. how he managed to get onto the wing of a plane, we'll tell you what happened there. a crypto collapse, hundreds of digital currencies plunging in price this week. what's behind the latest selloff with bitcoin now up $35 right now. a ride fit for james bond, without the 007 figure price tag. how much aston martin's new super car will cost. all those stories coming up this morning.
7:02 am
joining me, dagen mcdowell, mike murphy and marie harp is with us this morning. great to see everybody. >> good morning. >> a lot of news. >> good morning, maria. >> dagen: we can all agree on one thing, the harassment of people based on their political beliefs has got to stop. >> maria: it's got to stop. sarah huckabee sanders now has to have her own secret service. >> dagen: some neighbor of steven miller was posting wanted posters of him around his neighborhood and then of course elaine chow shouting down people who were yelling at her husband, mitch mcconnell. we'll see that. that was pretty awesome. >> maria: she comes out of her house, they're getting in the car to leave somewhere and there's all these people right outside attacking her. >> it happens on the far left and the far right and none of it is okay. we need to find a way in this country to have a more civil debate and i don't know what the answer is but this has got to stop. we got a lot of threats when we
7:03 am
were in office, sent to our homes, sent to our parents' home. this is not okay. >> those kids yelling at elaine ow chow, their parents should be watching that. they should be raised better. >> maria: i question if they even understand the issues at hand. they just wanted to be seen and start a fight. >> dagen: again, like a moth to flame, you've got a tv -- they've got cameras with them, filming the whole thing. one thing that we can all do is if you see people who are of your political ilk acting that way or behaving that way, you push back. i think that's why maxine waters' comments were so appalling toany is because we need the voices in that party to push back against somebody denying service to sarah huckabee sanders and people on the right doing the same thing. >> maria: you call it out. that maxine waters story was incredible. really, to actually try to i'm spire people to get up and attack trump supporters is ridiculous. >> it's incredible how other
7:04 am
democrats came out against her. >> maria: like chu chuck schume. president trump hits the campaign trail tonight. celebrating the opening of a massive tology factory, at the trump administration they're celebrating one factory opening. some companies are seeking relief from the president's trade hostility, requesting exemptions on tariffs they say are hurting business. a steel pipe manufacturer says the tariffs placed on steel are adversely affecting his plans to expand his business. joining us right now is joel johnson. thanks so much for being here. >> good morning from texas. >> maria: explain the situation. if you don't get an exemption from the tariffs, you can't expand your business. what will be the impact? >> the impact will be that we'll be suffering from paying the tariff which will be somewhere between $25 million and $35 million. we have a facility outside of
7:05 am
houston in baytown, texas, where we make pipe. we've been making pipe there since 2014. but we also import pipe from our parent in turkey and we finish all the pipe in baytown. so that was our original plan. if these tariffs go through and we don't get this exemption, we'll have to decide do we continue to import. but what we tried to do is spin this into a unique offer, a deal to president trump and secretary ross, is to give us a short-term exemption, allow us time to build a new factory alongside our existing one and become 100% american steel and pipe and stop imports. we're dovetailing what we believe the administration wants, which is new investment, more jobs, and less imports. and that's what we tried to tailor our exemption request to
7:06 am
be. >> maria: what about your exports? tell us about that. how significant were the tariffs overseas for you? >> well, our facility in baytown, we do export to canada, some small amounts, but most of our product is for all of the shale plays in the u.s. >> maria: i see. >> joel, this is mike murphy. so without -- if the tariffs never showed up, would you have business -- business would have continued with the parent being in turkey and your facility operating out of texas? was there any plans to change that before the tariffs came around? >> when we built the facility, we made the original investment in 2014, the plan was always to bring in pipe that we -- our facility in baytown doesn't currently make the smaller diameters and larger diameters and finish it all in baytown. so when this 232 came about, we
7:07 am
understood what the administration wanted, which is more jobs and more investment. so we said all we need is a short-term exemption. we're not asking for carte blanche years of tariff-free importation. once we build the factory an get it lined out and tuned up and hire the 170 new employees and train them, we'll stop imports and we'll be 100% usa content. i think that's what the administration is trying to do is increase employment. another thing that will happen because of this is we will buy more hot rolled coil steel from our u.s. suppliers. we currently buy from new corps, sdi, big river. once we get the new factory going we're going to buy more steel. so we understand what the intent
7:08 am
of this 232 process is. all we need is a of time to build another factory alongside our existing one. >> maria: and then you'll be all domestic. joel, thanks very much for -- >> yeah, 100%. >> maria: thanks for laying it out for us, joel. we'll be watching the developments. thank you for joining us. on friday "mornings with maria" will be live from treasury at the cash room at the treasury department in washington, d.c. the show will originate from there where i'll speak to steve mnuchin about the six month anniversary of the taxeform law. first, the trump administration must reunite families separated at the southern border within the next 30 days, according to the new court ruling, the latest twist in the heated immigration debate. and hundreds of digital currencies plodging in price this week, -- plodging in pricee this week, what's behind the latest selloff? we're on it, next. ♪ hey now, you're a rock star,
7:09 am
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7:12 am
putin in moscow. we have details. >> cheryl: bolton is scheduled to meet wit with putin to lay te ground work for a possible u.s./russia summit. the kremlin has been trying to make it happen for months. vienna has been mentioned as a potential location for this. washington and moscow have been at odds over several issues. well, some tough words from the trump administration on oil imports going out of iran. the state department warning all countries to stop accepting oil from iran by november 4th or face sanctions. countries looking to buy iranian crude hoped the u.s. would issue them waivers, giving them time to reduce oil imports. the state department says the u.s. has no plans to issue any waivers. this news did lift shares of energy stocks yesterday. crude is higher in the premarket. we were at 70 and change
7:13 am
earlier. we're at $71.07 right now. american express is teaming up with amazon, creating a credit card for small besses. this is a first for both companies. the american express' first co-branded partnership with amazon and it's amazon's first small business card. this is going to give am ex a giant partner in the interest to attract more small business customers. amazon is up 44% year-to-date, slightly lower in the premarket. and then there is this, a chicago bar we told you about this story, now changing its tune. days after banning customers that wear make america great again hats or i have a facial tattoo, you can't go in either. the ban was announced over the week end. after sarah sanders was denied service at the virginia restaurant after this story facebook comes out in a post. they say we are sorry for our recent actions and realize now our posts were inappropriate. we meant to be funny and we took
7:14 am
it too far. everyone is welcome at replay lincoln park. the announcement came two months after a judge ruled that bars can refuse service toe that are wearing make america >> maria: they probablune bec tt pushback from trump supporters and they lost business and they're seeing the impact. >> as someone who owns an establishment, you have the right to refuse who you want. it seems so petty. you own a bar, you want to sell >> maria: it's also mean, like you said, mean spirited and wrong. >> it's hard in the wake of the cake baking case which is a religious objection, the administration e embraced that. a business can serve who they want to serve. they're saying wait a second, everyone needs to serve us. there needs to be consistency
7:15 am
here. i agree everyone needs to serve everyone. they should not have e the cake situation at the white house. they don't like it when people don't want to serve them, it's hypocriteical. >> i think everyone should be served by everyone. >> dagen: what we're seeing goes beyond denying service to somebody. again, to of all people david axlerod, don't divide the world into red plates and blue plates. with sarah huckabee sanders, members of her dinner party were basically chased outside. >> maria: and then they were followed to the next bar. >> dagen: not chased but followed across the street. >> it's not a good strategic move if you're on the left and you're a democrat and yout to get voters your side, i don't think it's effective. >> dagen: new york city, be careful who you -- be careful, because there are a lot of conservatives lurking in corners of the city and they spend money just like everybody else. >> maria: what did michael jordan say, republicans buy sneakers too, i don't want to
7:16 am
get into politics. >> dagen: i know a lot of business owners in this city they he voted mega. >> maria: a wild scene at atlanta's airport as a man wearing just shorts jump s onto the wing of a plane. aston martin unveils a super car with a super size price tag. we'll tell you how much this beauty will cost you. we'll take a break. back in a minute. ♪ you may hate me but it ain't no lie, baby bye, bye, by bye. hi.i just wanted to tell you that chevy won a j.d.power dependability award for its midsize car-the chevy malibu.
7:17 am
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7:20 am
sparking a frenzy for domain names. last year go daddy saw more than six times domain name registrations with currency related words than in 2016. the average sale price for doinncluhe word coin has jumped by nearly 600%. joining us right now is the ceo of go daddy, scott wagner. your busines business, what havu seen in terms of crypto? >> we're over 20% of the world's domain names and domain names are online real estate. so obviously as crypto's taken off and gone mass, people are coming onto go daddy and finding an anchor to build up their crypto. maria: you've seep that accelerate. >> as crypto accelerated it's a nice uptick for us. >> aside from crypto, since you went public a few years ago, stocks performed great. also, there's been a huge growth
7:21 am
in start-ups throughout the untry. we run a venture capital fund. the number of businesses we're seeing now has exploded and they all need a website. that pys into your hands. >> well-said. thanks. exactly right. maria: there's a two week high and revenues doubled. >> our stock's gone from 20 to over 70, revenue has grown consistently at double digit rates. it's been a nice formula. >> it seems like go daddy is going through a brand reinvention, i should say, at least marketing-wise. so first, you have a new logo i think and who is the new -- who is going to be the new danica, the new public face? >> you're covering a lot of ground. brands first. brand's an all-up experience. what we do that's distinctive is we work with customers to get their idea not only started but thriving online and that whole experience is turning into the
7:22 am
brand of the company and not only with our products but with our award-winning best in care customer support. as you go to danica, we've been fortunate to have a relationship with danica for a long time. she's really the entrepreneurial spirit of our customers. we were thrilled to usher her into the next wave of entrepreneurial life and we're thinking about how to communicate that with some new faces. >> any names you want to float? >> not yet. >> we'll stay tuned for that. dagen: what about -- because again, you have seen a shift. i would argue that with danica's ads initially they played on her sexuality. it was about her sexuality. that has certainly changed. maybe you were leading the charge with that in terms of the way the messaging shifted or maybe you were lucky because i think that had women's approach to those kinds of ads has really changed. >> without a doubt. over the last five years you've seen us shift how we're
7:23 am
communicating the company and danica in general towards just honoring the spirit of what she's doing and if you look at our company, we're enabling ideas more than 60% of small businesses are women and with us at go daddy with over 80% brand awareness, now it's about building up that awareness into affinity intent that really is about having a great experience for our customers and then communicating it in the same way. maria: you say the next leg of growth is international? >> that's one part. so international, we have 18 million customers today. 7 million are outside the united states. five years ago that number was a little under 2. so we've got really nice velocity all around the world and it's about building up products beyond domain names. for example, an easy website builder and connecting that to social media and we've got services not only to build the simple website but more importantly connected to every place you need to be on social
7:24 am
media. dagen: will you do more ads with january claud jean claude . i find it fascinating and bizarre at the same time. you know, hanging from the ceiling -- >> i promised our marketing team noto talk about specifics but honestly i can say i'm pretty sure jean claude van dam won't be showing up in some of the future -- maria: he's like a proxy for small business and only open entrepreneurs. what can you tell us about the backdrop for entrepreneurs and start-ups? >> i think you're seeing a really healthy environment for ideas, both certainly with the economic environment, i mean, not only here in the united states but around the world. you've got just really nice economic growth. and then what you're seeing through what we do and others is a way to get people's ideas simply started. the friction of starting, which is obviously the big point for entrepreneurs is kind of what we're trying to make easier and
7:25 am
that creates a nice velocity for start-ups and ideas. maria: great. scott, great t have you on the show. >> thanks for having me. maria: coming up, boeing reveals plans for a new supersonic jet. we'll tell you how long they say it will take to get from new york to london. fox sports putting the smack down on a new deal for wwe. right here, back in a moment. ♪ steady as she goes. ♪ steady as she goes. ♪ six in the morning. she thought it was a fire. it was worse. a sinkhole opened up under our museum. eight priceless corvettes had plunged into it. chubb was there within hours. they helped make sure it was safe.
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♪ trade 24/5, with td ameritrade. ♪ maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, june 27th. your top stories, 7:30 on the east coast right now. there are trade wars and that is the unnerving of markets once again this morning, increasing tensions between the u.s and china agitating investors with the dow industrials right now set to open down about 130 points. the nasdaq looking even worse, down almost 1% with a 57 point selloff this morning. s&0lso down 13 points. different story in europe this morning. take a look at the european indices which are higher across the board. the fq100 is up 23 points. the dax index in germany is 26%. trade was the name of the game in asia. hong kong the worst performer, down almost 2% on the hang seng index. president trump jus tweeting this, quote, congratulations to
7:29 am
maxine waters whose crazy rants have made her together with nancy pelosi the unhinged face of the democratic party. together they will make america weak again but have no fear, america is now stronger than er bore and i'm not going anywhere, says the president this morning. coming up, an odd altercation at atlanta's airport. >> we are surrounded by law enforcement right now. they're going to -- they apparently apprehended this individual right now. maria: find out how this man managed to get onto the wing of a plane and then what happens next, we'll tell you all about it. plus this, imagine this, jfk to heathrow in two hours, boeing's hyper sonic travel vision coming up. a smackdown for fox, wwe wrestlers coming to the network, the details on this new deal this morning. plus, aston martin unveiling its most powerful car ever. it's pretty pricey, though. we'll tell you how much. all that coming up. first, our top story this half
7:30 am
hour, travel ban victory as the trump administration enjoys the supreme court victory this morning, the debate around kristin fisher is covering the story frothe white house. >> reporter: president trump has to be feeling good this morning. this was a huge win for his administration, one of the first things he put forward after arriving at the white house. it was met with fierce opposition on the left. it had to be rewritten three times. now, that third version, the travel ban 3.0 has just been upheld by the u.s. supreme court in a 5-4 ruling, the chief justice, john roberts wrote that federal law grants the president broad discretion to suspend the entry of people into the united states. as to whether it was a muslim ban, the chief justice wrote it's premised on legitimate purposes, the text says nothing about religion. yesterday president trump called it a great victory for our
7:31 am
constituon. en here. >> we h to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure. at a minimum, we have to make sure that we vet people coming into the done -- country, we knw who's coming in, we know where they're coming from. >> reporter: this is a big confidence booster for president trump, not that he needed one big confidence booster and as steve bannon told axios, he said it reinforces in his mind that his i thin instincts are rd the haters are wrong. overnight, a federal judge put a time line on how long the u.s. government can keep migrant children away from their parents. the judge said that kids under 5 have to be reunited in two weeks, kids over 5 have to be reunited within 30 days. then of course today on capitol hill the house is set to vote on the com compromise immigration .
7:32 am
it does address that problem, the separation of families at border. speaker ryan says we want to keep families together. but whether or not that bill will pass is still very much uncertain. one more thing, maria, we've also just learned that the first lady, melania trump, is going to be going back to the border later this week to check on those children and of course one of the things that everyone is going to be watching for is what will she be wearing and will she be wearing another jacket with a message on it. maria. maria: we'll be waiting and watching for that. kristin, thanks very much. kristin fisher at the white house this morning. joining us now to talk more about that is judge andrew napolitano. judge, good to see you. >> you said to talk about that, you're not talking about the first lady's jacket. [ laughter ] maria: your thoughts on the ruling to reunite separated migrant families. >> well, i agree with the ruling. i think the separation of the children was horrific and tantamount to child abuse or you kidnapping. some of the children are in new
7:33 am
york and the parents are in texas and i'm happy that it's coming to an end. i realize this is not novel with themp administration but it came tour collective conscience at this moment in time and i'm glad that it has ended. maria: why did it come int conscience now when we know it's been going on for so long. >> the people that bring these things to our cctive conscience are looking for ways to make the trump administration look excessive, combine that to the zero tolerance, the lit l rail way in -- literal way in which gliewhich zero tolerance s enacted. in my view, the federal officials subjected themselves to state prosecution for kidnapping and for child abuse. i'm glad this is ending. >> now, judge, do we put this behind us or are there more
7:34 am
appeals or is this the last we heard of it and obviously i want families to stay together. >> if the doj appeals the decision, which i just read this morning for you, is a very reasoned, long opinion, taking into account argumts onoth sides, the interests of the government as well as the interest of the parents and the babies. if the doj appeals this we're going to be back with the trump administration shoveling against the tide of bad p.r. that's a decision for jeff sessions, ultimately it's a decision for the president. dagen: one thing i want to po out. people who have known how scotus would rule on the travel ban if they were watching you and listening to you all of this time. you called it. this is ultimately the discretion and the power of the presidency. >> the court made it clear a couple of things, we are not going to say this is wise, we're not going to say it's pry department we're not going --
7:35 am
prudent, we're not going to say it's efficient. that's not our job. the job is to whether or not under the constitution and federal law the president can do this. th dissenters said wait a minute, look what he said about this. this is animo against muse policmuslims.the standard for tt is a high bar over which this executive order can't jump. the majority says wait a minute, there will be no end to where we go if we look at everything politicians have said, so we're just going to look at the four corners of the document. a justice wrote one of the most ferocious dissents i've ever seen, comparing the evidence cos decision to fdr's incarceration of japanese americans against their will. dagen: we need to point out that north korea and venezuela were two of the eight countries in the travel ban.
7:36 am
to argue it's a muslim ban is preposterous. >> the some think the administration added those -- dagen: it stands. >> it was a preliminary ruling before trial. there's going to be a trial, yes. at the trial, people who want to get in the country can't say the ban is unconstitutional because the supreme court has ruled. they can say it doesn't apply to me. for example, i'm a professor, i've been paid to give the lecture, my students are waiting for me, i'm not a danger, i'm an asset. they'll have the opportunity to prove that to the court. how many cases will there be? hundreds at every major entry point in the united states. maria: how about today, big case on the docket, justices expected to rule this week on the forced union fees case, judge, the case centering around an illinois law requiring nonmembers to pay fees that go to collective bargaining. the case could impact the public sectosec unions across the coun.
7:37 am
>> one of my dearest friends in the building is seated next to me. >> another day of unhappiness. >> i expect a 5-4 ruling, based on freedom of speech and freedom of association. they're both guaranteed in the first amendment. freedom of association means the government can't stop me fro thk with you dagen, it also can't force you to associate with me. extrapolate. is can't force -- the states can't force people to join unions against their will. that's what i believe the majority ruling will be. this will be catastrophic for e public secr lor unions because they have thrived on compulsory membership. without compulsory membership they're going to have to offer things to their potential members to draw them in voluntarily. maria: the unions today, if you're not part of the union, if you do something they think they should get fees for they send you an invoice. >> correct. their theory is you're a part of the union but you're not paying
7:38 am
full dues because you don't like the way we spend your dollars politically. you can deduct from your dues to a public sector union a prorated portion that goes to -- maria: if you associate with somebody that's in the union, have you to pay. uegotiates for everybody. state of new jersey, i was a judge, there was no labor union but everybody that worked for us was in a union. they had collective bargaining. if you refused to join the union you still got the benefits of the collective bargaining and they would send you a bill. do you pay the bill, does the state deduct from the salary if you don't pay the bill, these are issues that will go away. maria: the fbi resisting efforts to release documents in the clion e-mai investigation. according to the doj, the material consists of unverified information from russian sources but the fbi resisted giving to house lawmakers with top security clearance. peter strzok will be testifying today before the house judiciary committee behind closed doors about his anti-trump text
7:39 am
messages september in the weeks leak leading up to the election. what do you expect to hear at the hearing a this about loretta lynch telling a clinton aid we will go easy on the children to clinton e-mail investigation. >> i'm assuming the clinton e-mail investigation is over. the reason i'm saying i'm assuming is because as critical as the president has been of the investigation, doesn't look like she's going to be investigated again or dicked. indicted. the documents about loretta lynch's involvement no longer have the protection they would have if this was still an active investigation. so i believe that the members of congress who enjoy this top secret clearance can see this documents. maria: you think the doj will be forced to hand over those documents? >> if they don't, a judge will call them. that what should happen with the devin nunes demand. the doj says this is an active criminal investigation, we can't give these documents, especially since we think you'll give them
7:40 am
to the lawyer we're ininvestigating, rudy guliani, when you have that kind of clash, the documents come to a judge, you sit and spend hours and hours going through each document. this one against surrendered, this one is still secret, this one gets surrendered, this one is still secret. both sides end up with a piece of the pie. with strzok's testimony, i'm livid that it is secret. it involves a fund american tall issue of our -- fundamental issue of our day. was the fbi used improperly to derail the donald trump campaign. strzok is going to defend what he did. i want to hear that de. maria: how can he say no after that text, we will stop him, we need an insurance policy. >> i want to hear it. i want to hear trey gowdy's question. we shouldn't be treated by children. republicans will have their leaked narrative.
7:41 am
democrats will have their leaked narrative. maria: will we not know what goes on in the hearing? >> we will hear a political summary from each sides. dagen: they work for us. we pay their salaries. i want to see it. i want to hear it. >> i want to see chairman gowdy and chairman goodlatte who decided this will be secret and can decide they're going to lift the veil of secrecy. maria: maybe there was an agreement with strzok's lawyer. >> that's not the way it should be run. maria: i agree with you. that will be must watch. >> i aeeh you, 100. dagen100 mrs.dagen: he agrees . maria: thanks so much. take a break. when we come back, a man in just his underwear jumps on the wing
7:42 am
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7:45 am
maria: welcome back. we have breaking news. according to senior administration officials the treasury department is recommending the president move to strengthen the committee on foreign investment in the u.s. process. this is in an effort to protect critical technologies. the administration will not impose investment restrictions specifically on china as previously reported. let's talk about this, because the markets sold off earlier this week on the idea that the
7:46 am
administration was going to be real heavy handed against china with new restrictions against chinese investment. now the president agrees to use sifius to do this. >> they are taking a less harsh stance. the fear in the market is an all-out trade war that could escalate and hurt the growth of both the u.s. and the global economy. anything that deescalates that or takes a little bit of that off the table is going to be cause for market rally and you're seeing that now. maria: most people thought we were going to see investment restrictions on china because the administration told us that, that investment restrictions are going to come out of the treasury. dagen: there was that may 29th statement that said to protect our national security the u.s. will implement specific investment restrictions and enhanced export controls, that's a two-pronged approach, by the way, for chinese persons and entities related to the acquisition of industrially significant technology.
7:47 am
this was being pushed by among others in the administration peter navarro, an easier approach, a little more tame approach, which is what you're seeing president trump get behind with these -- using sifius, basically power handed over to the review. this is tamer. it is an olive branch and it's a win for secretary steve mnuchin and the treasury department. maria: looking at futures improving right now. we had been much lower. the dow industrials are down 50 points. you're seeing investors react to this. the trump administration is throwing their full support behind the legislation. >> that legislation passed out of the house, 400-2. you don't get those kinds of votes in the house on anything anymore. it's well supported on the hill. it's going to conference in terms of legislation. i think donald trump will sign it. that is a good sign in terms of strengthen the cfius process.
7:48 am
dagen: what wea we've seen in e back and forth on trade, the tit-for-tat, we have $50 billion in tariffs implemented starting in early july and president trump floated the idea, maybe it will be another $200 billion of if china retaliates, maybe another $200 billion on that. wall street and investors have been talking about $450 billion in potential tariffs. that's almost the 500 plus billion that we import every year from china. again, if this backs us away from that, this backs us away from additional tariffs, this is going to be great news for the stock market. if you look at the futures, the futures have come off their. maria: they're coming off of the lows for sure. there's more, because if we were going to get really significant restrictions on investment, not just the tariffs, but china being unable to acquire companies, maybe have limitations to how many companies they can bring public
7:49 am
on the new yor new york stock e, these are things that could be part of the restrictions. now we know that's not happening. >> loft of people thought the -- a lot of people thought the administration might go too far. this is something everyone can agree with. i think having fair trade is good. we could have gone overboard. this looks like we're taking a step back from that, thus the maet likes it. dagen: one thing that companies were concerned about and it will be interesting if we hear anymore about this today, were the two-pronged approach, the limits on chinese investment in the u.s. and also those export controls on u.s. businesses which would have come out of the national security council and commerce department to keep technologies from being shipped to china. that was going to get in the way of u.s. businesses operating there, potentially or growing in china. so if we back away from that as well, and this is as far as we go right now, that will be good news for the business community as well. maria: it's interesting to see what's playing out here. the trump administration wants to hold china accountable for stealing i.p., for forcing the
7:50 am
transfer of technology and they're trying to put things out there to see what might stick. we saw the market reaction earlier this week that investors were very unnerved by the idea that we would see significant restrictions and here we have a backtrack. the trump add medicin administrg behind strengthening cfi dow industrials down 8 points. we're about to go positive on this report which we just had direct from the administration and we broke it at 45, 5 minutes later, we're now in positive territory on the s&p 500, up a quarter point and the dow industrials down just 3 points, may very well be positive when we come back from this short break. when we come back, using a.i. for tennis, highlighting how ibm is changing wimbledon for fans who want faster action. back in a minute, right here. ♪ what doesn't kill you makes a
7:51 am
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7:54 am
maria: welcome back. two food companies tying the knot. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: this is a story we've been following this the news broke earlier this morning. conagra brands buying pinnacle foods, $10.9 billion in cash and stock. this is between the two packaged food companies, it works out to $68 for each pinnacle foods share. shares of both conagra and pinnacle lower in premarket trading, though, especially conaow more than -- well, at 7.5% right now. pinnacle as well. two stocks to watch today. a man arrested after jumping onto the wing of a plane on the tarmac.
7:55 am
the 19-year-old barefooted man in his underwear also pounding on passenger windows. this happened at atlanta's hartfield jackson airport. he's been charged with criminal trespassing, public indecency and obstruction of law enforcement officers. we don't know how he managed to get onto the tarmac of an airport in his underwear. okay, imagine fing from new york to london in just two hours. well, boeing maine can do it. -- maybe can do it. the company unveiled a jet that could make the triple a mach5. 'that's three times faster than the concord. the plane will take between 20 to 30 years to build so our grandkids can take the flight. shares of boeing were lower, they're actually higher now, edging higher with the rest of the market we should say. finally there is this, worldwide wrestling supe entertainment sia
7:56 am
deal with fox sports. annual average rights fees for wwe smackdown and raw are going to jump from an average of $130 million to $468 million. this new agreement takes effect in the fall o 2019. comcast had been the home for raw and smackdown but fox sports taking over the smackdown. this is the aston martin super ligera. it's the third in the plan. it has turbo charged v12 engine, a top speed of 211 miles per hour. this rivals lamborghinisnd ferraris. it will go on sale later this year. it's very affordable, $304,000. maria: wow. cheryl: but it looks fun. maria: cheryl, thank you so much. as we've been telling you, we've seen a reversal in terms of
7:57 am
futures this morning. we're looking at a pretty good opening for the broader av dow industrials are down just 9 points, s&p 500 was positive a minute ago, now it is down just 1 3/4 points. this all on the news we brought you five minutes ago, that is senior administration officials say that the president is throwing his full support behind the treasury department's recommendation to strengthen the cfius process as opposed to come up with new restrictions against china investing in the united states. markets completely turned around. back in a mom more "mornings with maria" right here, stay with us.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
incumbent incumbent incumbent. maria: welcome back good a wednesday morning thanks so much for joining us this morning. i'm maria bartiromo. wednesday, june 27 have your to stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast markets off the lows this morning, take a look, a complete reversal of fortunate on breaking news the trump administration will not impose investor restrictions specifically on china, senior administration officials confirming n minutes ago the treasury department will instead strengthen the cfius process dow industrials down 6 points s&p down one 2345z deduct, down 12 points as you see europe pretty good rally throughout the morning that has strengthened the ft 100 up three-quarters of a percent as cac quarante in paris dax in germany, up better than 1%, trade tensions however were the story in asia, hong kong
8:01 am
worst with hang seng down almost 2%, a kript collapse health insurance of digital you kurngs bitcoin 6090, fact refunding cryptocurrency will allow ads for digital coins again for tirst time in months tesla another road brooke one major bank expecting automaker to miss expectations again, on its model 3 deliver, tesla will keep on tricking despite the setbook elon musk lays out ambition new plan for the company first about electric pickup truck stock up right now reversing course as well up bert than 1% is to say stories coming up joining me to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell rosecliff ceo managing partner mike murphy o former state department spokesperson cia officer national security adviser to president obama's campaign maria harf.
8:02 am
big breaking news. >> breaking news senior white house officials say trump administration throwing full support behind treasury department refugee to strengthen committee on foreign investment in u.s. process we know cfius, plan was already in place, the -- the foreign, investment division of the u.s. government that is where they focus. dagen: lawmakers maria pointed out had bill to overhaul the cfius process review of foreign transactions passed the house, 400 to 2. and it is on similar version has already passed the senate, these have got to come together, this bill which seems as if the administration is getting behind, verses investment risks specifically on china written about this week talked about on your program, it will -- it will mean cfius reviewers of more transactions particularly those involving state owned
8:03 am
officials, and also going to create a new export control system to reviewer whether joint overseas vent yourself are improperlyly trans ferg critical technologies to foreign companies broader seeing something that -- second mnuchin was talking about versus, very china specific initiatives, pushed by peter navarro. >> cfius pretty well understood people know it something people understand, not uncertainty like we may have seen if he hadn't done this. maria: important to have clarity market rp unsure about mike almost 500-point selloff earlier in the week. >> absolutely now a rally on that i will just say anything that is a vote of 400 to 2, in these times i am in for. >> exactly. maria: kro i agree, blake burman at white house right now with the very latest on this breaking news this morning, blake good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you as well you hit on a couple major headlines investment restrictions, will not be geared specifically, to the chinese trump administration will not be rolling out,
8:04 am
specific vested restrictions on chinese that obviously one of the major headlines, the second, is that instead, the administration, is throwing its full support, behind legislation that is called firma passed the house passed senate now has to go through coverag conference on hill to hash out details tlopg support behind this will extend cfius process how to administration wants to deal protecting u.s. technology as i have cfius overseen by he treasurer department president ultimate deciderer with a cfius tries to do ensure u.s. businesses are not gobbled up not acquired if it does not align with the national security interests of the united states. the president alluded to his ultimate decision just yesterday, here at the white house, listen. >> we have the greatest technology in the world, people copy it they sal it, we have the great scientists
8:05 am
great brains we have to protect that. and we're going to protect it that is what we are doing that can be done beau cfius because not investment restrictions geared out specifically to the chinese senior administration official asked bluntly this morning what of you died in olive branch to china that senior administration official responded saying quote this is very tough. as for president trump maria he heads to north dakota a rally tonight tomorrow wisconsin, to visit a foxconn factory the headlined certainly will be the president in wisconsin, as he takes on harley-davidson, he is none too pleased with harley's decision to shift production ovse. in the space of the eu retaliatory tax. >> year going to continue this special coverage of this issue, on friday we've got a special live program coming from the cash room at tasury department in washington speaking with treasury
8:06 am
secretary steve mnuchin national economic house director larry kudlow, join us for special program friday morning right here joining us right now former presidential candidate former arkansas governor mike huckabee governor it is good to see you this morning. >> thank you, maria great to be with you. maria: i have been reading lots of your he tweets we want to gets to them first your take on trade moves no specific newtmt restrictions begins china not singling outs china instead strengthening the cfius process. >> i think a brand-new form of american-chinese ping-pong that we're seeing both sides trying to play against a each mere make sure they protect themselves, ultimately, and i think people need to remember, there may be a lot of criticism thrown to donald trump for tariffs, and all of the things that he has done to try to bring he some sense of balance back but good news is he he has everybody's undivided attention the ultimately goal as he stated many times is no tariffss whatsoever. that is true free trade i hope
8:07 am
we ultimately move to that. >> yeah, governor. >> we are watching the markets really react to this feels like an olive branch to china was there a major debate do you think within government about how to deal with china stealing american technology? >> well, we've got to deal with that i mean they are stealing intellectual property, they have dumped products into the american marketplace made it very difficult for american manufacturers to be competitive. and the president is takg that seriously by the way, is exactly what he said he was going to do throughout the campaign. >> yeah. >> what he said he is going to do since he has been president. maria: you are absolutely right governor we got to ask about reports your daughter white house press secretariry sarah huckabee sanders going to get secret service protection, what a world we live in, of course, coming after the red hen restaurant in virginia refused to serve her last friday, democratic congressman maxine waters calling on her supporters to harass members of the trump administration in public we
8:08 am
are outraged by all of this as a father, do you feel the secret service protection is necessary? >> well it is not s mh related to the red hen as to other threats. and you got to remember she has also three small children there have been nsa things peter fonda tweet out to ion of people that someoneout to break into her house kid her children! maria that is not politics, that is crime! >>. maria: that is crime. >> peter fonda needs to be in jail! maria: have you -- any -- any pushback on that i mean have you -- what is the latest on the peter fonda stuff we know what he tweeting out has he been? you know spoken to or what what does he say about his actions now? >> i am not aware of anything. i know may be they talked to him but the point being is this. he continues to tweet out, even after this, he still tweeted out most vile vicious hate full things toward the president, and his staff. so if there is any kind of
8:09 am
repenitence sorrow regret for it he certainly isn't displaying it publicly, and that is just the public stuff. believe me there's plenty other stuff out there, that hatred toward this administration and just the people who work for it, i have never seen anything like it, is i mean i get -- people fired up this is ab surrender. >> we disagree about this talking about this all morning, this has to stop, in terms of of the treatment of -- of anybody that is says anything positive about trump administration or the trump administration itsel agree with that marie. >> yes mr. is maria harf here people in public life get a lot of hate a lot of threats on twitter, republicans and dplaths, do you think that the online companies particularly twitter should do a better job than self -- cracking down on harassment on threats i got so am not on twitter anymore do you think they can help in this process. maria: good question you are right. >> i absolutely do, maria i think a great question, that
8:10 am
you posed, look think ultimately some vrz companies whether facebook or twitter going to have to accept, and i dot like the government involvement i don't like regulation, but they have moved from just being a social media plaorm to a public utility. i think they are going to be viewed that way. there is going to be gution because they don't have really the guts to regulate themselves, and to stop some of the more outrageous forms of indecent conduct. >>. dagen: i have reported harassment clearly by one individual kept setting up accounts on instagram, they didn't do anything about it. -- and again, it was how many times how many different ways you call me a nazi what happened on instagram same on twitter, they say this is this is -- free speech, we're not going to we're not going to do anything, this isn't hair. under guidelines i find that to be just balderdash. >> i agree. >> anything -- i mean, so --
8:11 am
governor, this is mike murphy i am with you in kind of -- staying out oflet businesses runhemselves but, also, when there is a crime involved, which is when you go back to peter fonda tweets something that i think government does have to get involved with, or the companies haveo be able to police it better, and it has to go both to the left and to the right it has to be those publicized policeed. >> equally. >> if inciting violence against children theyd to be in the laumer until we holed people comfortable until people like peter fonda are progress marched across the lawn gets perp walk everybody gets to see this is what happenss when you encourage people to do violent things to someone's family until that happens, it is going to continue, because there is no accountability for this nonsense, none. >> look at robert de niro every time you hear the guy all he talked about i want to punch donald trump you know f,
8:12 am
this, f, that, horrible. >> the market takes care of things robert did i anywhero lost a lot of fans, by the way,. >> i heard howe courtesy interviewing rob reiner, he referred to president trump, uses the word treason all the time, governor you can have we rob reiner pointed out to holly courtesy, completely disagreed, with what robert deniro said about president trump so i think it is really important to get that pushback no jist from pe on the right but people of their own political ill. >> good to see chuck schumer say you know, this is not right what maxine waters said the red hen stepping down owner as executive director of a local business counsel, tweeted out this picture of restaurant in "new york post"ing a sign, saying sarah sanders welcome any time what response have you gotten after that. >> amazing to see, there is a small little restaurant in
8:13 am
south wells new york put a sign out front saying sarah was welcome there any time, i posted the picture, and it had like 40,000 comments on it, it was prettle. i think people just are tired of this kind of vitriol let me be fair someone want apparently threw some -- chicken excremeantkrexcremeant you don't make america great doing smog vile like that owner of the red hen i think what she did was about zieblg that 4er7b i hope gets arrested for doing what they did maybe a person on the right they are a person in the wrong. >> and what is the justification? none of this is justified either side what did this president do that would cause vitriol like they personally don't like him, for example,
8:14 am
immigration stuff has been going on before the president got in office. >> well that is part of the problem, is that the media has you know they don't like being called fake news, but it is fake news when they are disproportionate unbalanced don't put the story in context. president trump is doing what he said he was going to do, and they are mad at him i think the bigger problem is when you have people on network calling everyone who supports him a nazi or a racist, that is wrong. maria: thanks so much good to see you, sir huckabee. >> good to be with you. >> back in a minute. like this. for the past 15 years, chubb has identified ways that we can strengthen our safety measures. and today, our hospitals have some of the best patient safety records in the country. now, we're constructing new buildings that will define the future of piedmont and chubb is here, insuring our expansion.
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8:17 am
despicable was despicable 11:00 a.m. eastern larry kudlow will join "varney & company" for first endure since is offering heart attack don't miss this on varney. >> seinfeld says roseanne bar as many not have been fired. cheryl: comment from a comedian lynn to what seinfeld had to say. >> i adopt see why it was necessary to fire her i never saw somebody end entire career with one button push fresh. >> fired roseanne barr after she posted racist tweets including one about former obama adviser valerie jarett, a spin-off without barr titled the conors. >> google is getting personal
8:18 am
updated version not going to recognize places for you to visit when you use the app. it is going to tell you about restaurants, local activities sed on spots you visited in the past. this app features explore stab lets you learn more what is happening around you as long as a tab lets you plan events with friends. >> google alphabet higher in premarket just a fraction, finally check this out this is pepper. hsbc newest employee, hsbc using testobots to cut wait time for customers help provide better service on job at flagship on 5th avenue new york city use feature to get right person on staff to help out she will use that feature, issuing first financial institution in the country to put robots to work hsbc low in premarket this is -- where
8:19 am
robert came from want to do this cross-country. maria: boston dynamic may being robots we know where this is going. >> watch our job. >> coming up a sighting not era behind use of technology unicorns the ceo joins is to explain. >> america's drive-in taking a hit sonic, fat food company reported earnings got all the numbers next. ♪ ♪ you're turning onto the street when you barely clip a passing car. minor accident-no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company
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e-commerce. real time inventory. virtual changing rooms. that's why retailers rely on comc to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. is not rare private held start
8:23 am
up companies no longer racing to publicly list stock, in the past ipos have been issued, used strategically to accelerate growth recent years show start-ups choosing to stay prooitlonger, david steinberg good to see you thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> how is business tell us about the company. >> you know, business is going really well we have business grown average before 40% a year, over the last four years, we are now, 26 ofsdz on four continue nents, 750 enterprise clients 1400 employees. >> congratulations i started with john sculley former apple ceo. >> partner john much better known than. >> i am where is growth next five years. >> single biggest trend that works for us move from analog market to go digital hard to believe today analog marketing still 70% of global spend, 30% digital we believe those numbers are going to rejecti
8:24 am
adjudication apple' 70/30 to 35/70 software platform data helped power large he wasn't inside digital for customer quisition and crm, both. >> we run rosecliff vent yourself focus in new york city area we have seen boom in. >> if thank you. >> a boom here, but i know you guys hit a big capital raise over course of few weeksw ipo market really start to open up loosen up does that change your thinking internally so you have a-billion-dollar valuation do you plan on going ipo or obviously you are watching that do you think that comes sooner now. >> well, listen, we're the last few years, have been anemic for tech ipo's up one hundred percent first quarter this year over first quarter last year trading really well.
8:25 am
>> not that you are watching. >> exactly the fact i know is kind of a signal, we he have been doing this for 10 years. we have raised a lot of capital, we have a lot of shareholders including institutionals shareholders we are al thinking about evolution of capital structure ipo or something like that would be something we probably consider if the market stayed where it was. >>ed go it. maria: why have companies been he increasingly saying private what is issue. >> being public a pain in you know what. maria: right. >> the reason companies went public years ago, i took my last company public, access to capital simple seeing big move the government made decision to allow capital to flow more freely into our economy, it is same thing for private companies. >> you mean cfius news. >> yeah if you think about it, access to capital for private companies is greeter than any point in my career, i have
8:26 am
been --panies over 25 year started out youngest in room now oldest exsent for john. >> reality is that the reason companies are staying private is we can raise large amounts of capital, as a private company, and as a part of that we can create liquidity for early stage investors keeps them happy part of this is this ecosystem could be troubling for wall street in the long run where you have far fury public companies, you have far more capital, in the private ecosystem you've got crossover guys now, i guess used to be public investor now public and private investors, willing to come in, willing to do secondary for earlier stage investors used to be if you wanted to raise a hundred million dollars you had to go public, now, it is -- it is not a crazy amount you look at guys like uber airbnb leading the way, we are lower unicorn.
8:27 am
>> you raise great points venture capital fund -- i think al a need for that. >> listen, companies will keep going public. the profile of the public company will be more like a docku sign, ant spand spotify than microsoft or amazon people forget amazon microsoft were not even worth 500 million dollars when in priced their ipo. >> incredible. >> it is. >> to what do you attribute money flowing so much cash. >> there is a lot of money out there, interest rates have been very low for a long time. >> is that it simple? >> with -- it is i probably couldn't answer the question in the period of time in which we have together but i will tell you 20,000, everybody chasing returns, right, so private investment is showing substantially better returns than most public investment as i am sure you know.
8:28 am
>> thank you. >> limited partners all the time the other big thing is, the way institutional money is flowing they come up with their criteria for how they are going to invest is be a booirl component of that is venture and private equity used to be if you went to major pension fund said how much are you thinking about around private investment would s ight now say as high as 20%. that capital flows, to the fund managers who manage private investment what happens you've got cho system where he is totally dried up the early stage investment groups are disappearing, while the growth groups are stie rocketing creates greet opportunities for guys in it. >> great environment great to see you thanks so much 28-year-old democratic soshth
8:29 am
running first campaign managed to take out 10 term congressman joe crowley in new yorkdales, tesla a jolt one bank expects automaker to miss expectations on model 3 in nonetheless stock up this morning elon musk keeping on trucking literally his plan for a new electric pickup truck ahead stay with us. ♪ i will never forget you, you will always be by my side ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back good wednesday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. wednesday, june 27 your top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, futures taking a major comeback this morning, off the lows, into positive territory, and now just flat, on news, this morning, breaking news that trump administration will not impose investment restrictions specifically on china, senior administration officials confirming minutes ago that treasury department will instead strengthen cfius process 11:00 a.m. national economic capital director larry kudlow will join "varney & company" to talk more about decision his first interview since having a heart attack, global markets this morning european indices higher across the board up 60 points on ft 100 almost 1% in cac quarante paris as well dax higher 1% as well may durable goods better than expected down 6/10 of a
8:33 am
percent versus estimate down 1% trade overhanging in asia overnight, hang seng biggest loser in hong kong down almost 2% thiust in this morning, you saw nrs did you believe goods orders better than expected even though a decline saws home applying heating up into summer latest from commerce department shows nationwide sales new homes soared in may 6-month high, wall street firm reiterating a sell on tesla stock what he is saying about company missing model three expectations again, plus a preliminary repo crash of tesla model in florida, the battery des coming up, ely about musk reveals concepts for future tesla vehicles a pickup truck, coming up, first top story this half an hour election shocker yesterday veteran democratic new york congressman joe crowley loving primary in biggest upset of last night's election, former presidential candidate mitt
8:34 am
romney also victorious trump backed candidate in staten island south carolina, joining us to break it down former clinic adviser, and ahor of microtrends squared joining us former press second to vice president mike pence as well as former special assistant to a president trump greatly to see you both thank you so much for joining us mark penn let me kick off with you biggest take away from last night. >> look that was a finest tradition of new york upset politics you know, something that happens pretty ebb frequently in new york, i don'nk really makes an overall difference in national politics i think this upset, takes crowley out of leadership race but after all he had been with pelosi so long would say not a representative the change that democratic party needs anyway, this is not like say marie neuman will he penske place national politics was in if play lepenske a moderate this
8:35 am
was about liberal guess more over to left changing district great upset. maria: but 28-year-old activist leading bernie sanders campaign a socialist is this where dmashemocratic is going. >> i think that is where that district is going a good activist representative for a district, that needs help needs a strong voice in congress, and i think i look at that a national implications overblown. >> how do you see it. >> i do think it has national implications, just another sign of the democratic party pulled further and furth left toward purebsosocialism outrages comments resistance move by maxine waters nancy pelosi others, now you see a longtime leader of the democratic caucus, being defeated by open socialist wants government guaranteed
8:36 am
jobs are about absorblived medicine abodilyishing groups a lurch to the left. >> do you think this is happening more lurch to the left i know you said -- national issues, but when you look at what happened to the democratically party it has been hijackedy the extreme left. >> look, hijacked is a little >> okay. >> i think that there is a -- fight within the democratically party i think democrat party definitely moved to the left i don't think the democratic party is becoming a socialist party by any means i think that you could have a very interesting leadership fight here even if the democrats win if close i think you see moderate the democrats assert themselves in leadership right here i don't think pelosi getting reelected if democrats win is a sure thing. >> you think the party if they win house party will push somebody else to -- >> play itself out. >> house speaker. >> i absolutely do.
8:37 am
>> the president congratulated mitt romney obviously a trump critic in the past here big conclusive win by mitt romney glaikz great, loving family coming to d.c. thoughts will these two be able to work together in a meaningful way. >> i think they will. they started to repair any kind of relationship damage during transition mentioned potential secretary of state before tournament took office i think you have seen basically trying he to membered that relationship, but it with a as great night for mitt romney. it with a greats night for governor mcmaster in south carolina big wins president and vice president very strong in support of. >> a positive night for president trump then. >> absolutely, i think you got the candidates across the line for the primaries that we needed, sets us up well going back to early discussion, i think, that what we see with
8:38 am
left movement of the democratic party is going to just continue, to play well especially in the midwest targeted senate seats. >> big thing republican party is can they get together and decide once again they don't have in the house leadership, right now they have a leader quit therefore going to election in leaderless way i think romney one day with trump next at a a strong voice against trump so i think the biggest problem in republican party it not whether moving left right or center it whether is they can agree on anything. maria: do you think that public is proclaiming the left though for some outbursts, sarah huckabee sanders kicked f a restaurant maxine waters trial to rile everybody up attack anybody who supports donald trump will voters hold democrats accountable for that. >> i think overall, voters will hold both extremes accountable for politics having gotten as uncivil has it hack become i think you see most americans, and just coming out of field with a
8:39 am
harvard-harris poll 72% say things like that happen to sarah huckabee should not occur in america they are against it, almostut three quarters of the country o posses anything like this. and i think this is a moment where hopeful the country will take a reckoning here say you know what our politics has gotten too far too much did i extremists bring it back to a civil discourse. >> part you have hollywood out like robert deniro coming out with crazy comments all the time, really looking like he's sick! >> i think that is wrong hollywood really has gone over the top. >> let me ask you mark about immigration continuing to drive the conversation capitol hill house gop ready to vote on compromise bill a federal judge ordereded board patrol stop separating families at southern border how this is going to affect republicans midterms. >> i think ultimately going to have to be one of the dominating issues of the midterms does not look right
8:40 am
now they are going to pass that bill out of the house, even if they are able to not going anywhere in the nat. senate i think immigration front and center in the midterm elections, a federal judge ordering the federal government to do what it is already doing is just kind of like a dog and pony show, and i would point out, too this is something very kind of went under radar yesterday in supreme court ruling, but read justice thomas concurrence sent stern warning to federal judges, about making national law, and something the supreme court may have to look at in the future if they don't stop doing it. maria: you are right, it is interesting because the administration already said the president cannot not going to separate family you have judge, as if the president didn't just say that. >> it is i am not sure exactly what ty want us to do obviously working quickly as they can in the administration, to not only separate but also to reunite. >> right i think the republicans in congress here, if they don't come together,
8:41 am
and pass an immigration bill, they are going to look again, like deer in the headlights what happened health care is number one issue, republicans couldn't figure out what to do on it immigration, has moved top big issue republicans couldn't figure out what to do with it this election may not actually be about ideology it will be about action president trump at least seems to know what he wants to do. the republicans can't figure that a out, they are leaderless that is the big problem that they've got. >> based on your polling who aris poll what do you see i terms of immigration an issue for midterms. >> 88% of course say they do not think the parents and children should have been separated but about 70% want stronger enforcement of immigration laws they basically do not likes sanctuary cities do want borders reject open borders, so really, when you think about it, america doesn't really want an open border situation and they don't think people should just come into thank you country and be
8:42 am
released they are very compassionate for those people who are here the problem for democrats who want that -- >> go ahead. >> that is the problem, those numbers mark mentioned are a problem for many democrats who are campaigning, on doing exactly that, about abodilyishing immigration open borders not something measures with what american people want. >> administration had breaking news this morning you are going to focus more on cfius strength cfius process as opposed to new investment restrictions, against china so what is the plan to stop china from stealing i.t. from u.s. forcing the trar of technology? >> i think even cfius process is a good step, it also shows that i think what we're seeing is that negotiations are continuing behind-the-scenes, and that what as opposed to taking very strong step still out there for the president if the negotiations don't go well, but i think this is a this is an interim step something will help presenting i.t. technology our companies,
8:43 am
but also shows that i think we've got china negotiations to try to turn down this rhetoricehind-the-scenes that is a good sign. >> why is it why is it going to get china to change behavior when we have cfius if place before this what is different? >> what -- how will you strengen cfius? >> well i think that will be something that we will work with congress to do. i am not expert in that area i tell you this is a good step, and i think, china knows that they have got to stop doing this, and they the president is going to be very strong on that. so i think this is a good partway step to say we're going to continue working behind scenes on this i still have very tough sanctions restrictions in my pocket, ready to go, if china does not come to the table and continue working on. >> it mark completely reversed course on news, you wrote op-ed about red hen telling sarah sanders to leave i did first, that china, back in china away from what
8:44 am
technology has one hundred percent support of the public so interesting the president pulling back from that, but yes, i absolutely think that when you go back to the federalist papers what the framers of the constitution were most concerned about was faction in fact the natural human tendencies defied up be against each other constitution about bringing us back together incidents like this reallyuire legislation so first amendment is work place anyone can eat anywhere without discrimination. >> you would think, mark penn mark good to see you both thank you so much we appreciate it coming back instagram rolling out new features including group video chat that is next. ♪ more. like internet that's up to the challenge. more. the gig-speed network from comcast business gives you more. with speeds up to 20 times faster than the average. that means powering more devices, more video conferencing, and more downloads in seconds, not minutes. get fast internet and add phone and tv
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8:47 am
. maria: well back, the president tweeting about immigration this morning, saying this, house republicans should pass the strong but fair immigration bill, known as goodlatte 2 in afternoon vote today even though dems won't let it pass in the senate passage will show that we want strong borders and
8:48 am
security while dem want open borders equal crime. >> has the cap block on. >> not going to pass. bill not going to pass? >> no, i meanot going to pass because you is a say the republicans are divided. >> that is right in the house. >> yeah. >> breaking news this morning, in protecting what trump administration is calling the crown. >> yousels of technology, in the country, the treasurer planning to strengthen the committee on foreign investment in u.s. process instead plan to block certain chinese investments, treasury secretary steven mnuchin talked about the plan minutes ago. >> we think that it is to protect many different things but we've been working with congress to expand those pools the house passed legislation 400 to 2 if that is not overwhelming bipartisan support i don't know what is i guess few people didn't show up but i mean we are very, very supportive of the firmer legislation, and the economic team recommended to the president when this
8:49 am
legislation passes we will have the necessary tools to protect technology, whether that is china or anybody else. >> joining me to weigh in host of "varney & company" varney good morning, stu. >> morning we have been waiting for this, we know president is going to use tariffs to deal with the trade deficits, now we find out, and market likes it, that we're going to use a committee to deal with the theft of intellectual property, and the transfer of technology. cfius committee on foreign investment in united states established committee going to deal request requests for them putting money here and us putting money there, the latter part is new. because if you can imagine this, you are american company you want to make an investment in a chinese company want to do a joint venture there this committee would have power to stop it. o on the grounds that it will be transfer the forced transfer of technology. that i think is new. but, overall, this is a much
8:50 am
less restrictive view of trade fight in an expecting that is why market turned around i was up this morning i am sure same for thank you dow down 00 points expecting harsher trade measures we didn't get that got a softer trade measure markets turned around. >> interesting, mark penn was just here harris poll said one hundred percent people in the poll want president to be tougher on china, want president to have investment restrictions et cetera, but the markets obviously feel differently, and earlier this week we saw that a massive sell-off on the idea that we didn't know what we are going to get in terms of restrictions from chooirp. >> if you get a full scale trade fight drags on a long time there will be you repercussions financial and think will be negative. now you take a slightly sort of tone you don't know how this committee is actually going to work on this decisions going to make looks like a sort of tone i am not going tol it a trump retreat, i think he would object to that, but a sort of
8:51 am
tone. maria: for sure. >> market likes it. maria: i know you will speak with national economic council director larry kudlow this morning his take on this, the first interview since suffering is a heart attack we will be tuning in there, of course, you will talk about as well see you in 10 minutes stuart thank you so much join stuart after "mornings with maria" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. we'll be right back. what's a gig of data?
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>> well back possibly roadblock for tesla one wall street firm reiterating sell on tesla gerri has details good morning. >> google that is right we are watching shares of tesla this morning, goldman sachs reiterating a sell on stock adding expects o deliveries of together l.a. mass market three sedans to miss expectations, tesla due to release second quarter production i delivery numbers early next month ceo elon musk
8:55 am
said he expects company will be able to hit goal producing 5,000 modular a's a week by end of june heard that before sharesesla higher in premarket, as you can see, a battery in 2015 tesla modeled s, involved in fatal high-speed reignited at scene twice report from ntsb documenting elect vehicle traveling 160 miles per hour three seconds before 18-year-old driver lost control crashed in fort lauderdale, that driver fro seat passenger died fire that ruptured crash in folding exthing wished by local fire department battery reignited as vehicle loaded for removal from scene extinge wished a second time in storage yard erupted third time tesla not
8:56 am
commenting, six days after fatal crash in california battery reignited three or for you times ntsb says probe is not over as they hunt down how to put these darn fired out earlier this monday actress mccormac posted a video on twitter showing her husband's tesla in flames you remember those pictures elon musk focused on upcoming electric pickup truck tweeting this about vehicle likely years away quote tesla truck will have dual motor all-wheel drive crazy torque spending dramatically adjusts for loads standard. >> talking about something completely different than just happened. >> we talk about everything he says he wants to do do as if coming immediately not true i think ceos would be held to higher standard. >> how about making sure cars on road are not a fire hazard over and over and over again? try that! . you get fire downgrade obviously stock up 3 points this morning. >> all makes sense [laughter]
8:57 am
>> all makes lens thanks final thoughts from this all-star panel. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ don't need nobody ♪ ♪ ♪ you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia. with savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses and automatically adjusts on both sides, for effortless comfort.
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8:59 am
great show today thanks for joining us. >> democrats waking up to a
9:00 am
leadership fight in the house unexpected and watch immigration to see if they can do anything. >> trade fears eased because of a gentler approach. god news for the markets. markets came all the way back. have a great day everybody. "varney & company" begins right now. >> good morning everyone. we've got news on trade and we've got news on the market but we're going to start with blockbuster news on politics. upheaval in new york, the fourth ranking democrat in the house joe crowellly lost badly to a 28-year-old socialist. alexandria cortez wants to abolish i.c.e. and guaranteed income for all plus free college. she almost certainly wins in november. that will be a socialist in the house in november. the far left made big gains in yesterday voting democrats, though, are split. in contrast, the candidates who stood with trump won.


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