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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  July 31, 2018 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> jon hilsenrath lindsey bell come back one and all thank you so much "varney & company" starts. >> good morning to you good morning, everyone, apple reports today, the last of bike tech high-flyer to lay out financial results how much did it make how much will it make in the future? where is the growth? >> for investors, this is a big deal, not just for apple but for the whole market, there has been a pullback in the big names that the led wall street higher two years, apple results could help reverse the trend, or could encourage more selling. if and this is a very big if, apple bloez -- blows everybody away up 1 dollars worth a trillion dollars find out the this afternoon, president
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trump dominates news always has always will do it again today, when he holds a campaign style rally in florida, he is switching focus back to the economy, the "the wall street journal" says he may not go for a government shutdown, republican leaders have gotten to him that is the last thing they want before the midterms so it is back to the economy, and jobs in tampa today big rally at 7:00 eastern watch fox business network. >> suppose you bought a house 30 years ago now you are selling. you pay cap gains on profits administration looking it is a lowering the cap gangs would you pay without going through congress nancy pelosi says another giveaway to the rich, politics and money, that is what we do "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ i believe numbers
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latest -- >> as we speak stu shows -- >> -- prices they are decelerating up 6.4% in the year in may, year-over-year, on seasonally adjusted base up .4%, 0 pint 4% lack of inventory, rising home prices a real issue, we would be nice to see home prices coming back get more into the market especially first-time home buyers, also nice for those people who currently own a home if the prices the value has gone up so much, so to make your money -- >> the lack of inventory is easing shows people's confidence in the economy that they can in fact put house on the market move on. >> i don't think those numbers make any difference the market but interesting indicator, where are he we going to open slightly higher. quite a drop yesterday, tiny
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bounce this morning not calling it a bounce, flat to higher for the averages there we had better profit at pfizer however, the forecast was not so rosy important, look down the road, if not so rosy they have to say down one and a quarter percent, i think same with procter & gamble, their sale fell short the unit that makes gillette razors shaving products did not he perform well, no change in stock premarket, that is again a dow stock look at apple, again this is premarket, they report their numbers this afternoon. joining us now, is market he watcher, let's talk apple, will apple's numbers encourage more selling in high-tech or a reversal of the down trend. >> i think bifurcation not to dodge the question. >> you are dodging the question yes, you are. [laughter] >> i think you are starting to see people look at tech stocks
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differently because you look at apple, apple trading less than 15 times forward multiple look at that amazon netflix over 70 times forward multiple i think people seeing a difference between twitter, apple and facebook starting go into different tech stocks not just biomed, as a whole i this i the numbers are going to be okay the biggest number estimate to come out of earnings is going to be services, come out 9. billion dollars up 25%, out of 51-billion-dollar totaling revenue estimate this quarter i think biggest number we have coming out. >> i am probably wildly out of line but i should point out that if apple's stock goes up 13 dollars from where it is now, then the markets rhymes the company would be worth a trillion dollars. i take it you don't expect apple's numbers to be so you had theerly stunning goes up 13 bucks i think you could say that. >> i think that is fair apple up 12% the -- quarter compared to last year this quarter because you had a product
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delay iphone x quite easy but i think baked in i think the numbers apple hets a trillion dollars this year 7, or 8% away don't think in next quarter. >> would be quite something affiliate did on apple, apple pay, that is on track to dominate mobile payments explain. >> there is a trillion-dollar mark in this story because looking at apple controlling half all mobile wallet users two trillion-dollar market in two years, 2020 apple pay taking 50% global payments mobile payments worldwide 450 million users juniper research apple gets half 225 million users against looking at other payments but doesn't include chinese ones, and china is way ahead because of the walletless payment system -- trillion already two years time. >> apple pay part of services
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revenue john was referring to i am with you i want to talk about facebook for a second. kind of rough shredding for that stock down to 170 per share 171 premarket you like the stock, so -- it is a huge dip you are applying it? >> i believe so, owned it quite profit if i didn't own it would buy it the refugee is simply the biggest globally continuous audience in the world history 2.5 billion people last quarter last month using app the population only 7.6 billion half is under 2.70 in poverty 1.5 billion in china you basically have the entire world, so when they say revenue user growth is slowing, of course, it is slowing, you've got basically everybody in the world that has money that is on facebook, now just a matter of monetizing that i think facebook does great job as with mobile revenue just a few years ago when behind the curve on that.
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>> so for all of our viewers, who are saying looking at facebook, and seeing this whopping greatly big dip from 217 dollars share to 171. you like the stock, you own the stock but you are not buying any more at 171? >> i am not buying any more personally however if you didn't own it would i recommend buying it because 2.5 billion people that audience can be monetized once you add services sports rights tv just they don't need to grow anymore they just need to take that what they have right now and monetize it i think that is what they are going to do they do take profits with digital revenue 18% globally, with less data going to be harder to monetize that but i think they will. >> we will see you 9:30 when the market owns. >> politics let's get there quickly, nancy pelosi slamming new tax proposal, would index capital gains to inflation a lot of people would pay less
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tax on their capital gains nancy pelosi response to that, once again, republicans have exposed true priorities of their tax scam. billions in tax breaks for wealthiest at expense of everyone else goes on american families are drowning under the weight of stagnant wages higher health costs soaring prescription drug costs, gop continues to pick their pocket to get more handout to he wealthiest 1% et cetera, et cetera, joining us lawrence jones, you heard what nancy pelosi had to say what do you say. >> i think shows you where democratic party is right now it used to be a party they will have were capitalists wall street bank worries get, goldman sachs, now they are going. socialist winning dnc stated new face of the party is one of the leaders now and nancy trying to get in line with her
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instead of you know leading us -- >>, of course, because. >> you think doesn't want to lose voters so has to appear strong on even though a capitalist herself. >> wages stagnating she says congressional budget office bean counters in congress wages are rising 25% faster under mr. trump than under president obama. >> you know not giving the president a win kind of hard to go against the president on this economy, has been very successful for them one of the why russia stuff isn't working because the president has the economy people love the economy. >> wait a second you are a millennial you are in 20s. >> right. >> mid 20s youngster. >> okay. uh-huh. [laughter] i know you are getting ready to bash my -- my millennial -- >> i tell you -- >> the socialist message free college free health care guaranteed minute income that is aimed at your generation. >> look i have been telling you, i can't -- we have been reporting on this for a while
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that these college professors are all this nonsense don't know about socialist council failed before do not understatement the agenda they may not win the next two elections, but when young people start voting, that could be problematic. >> no, no, no. i don't know i think it was -- >> winston churchill said if you are not a socialist by age of 25 you have ghot got no heart if still after 25 you've got no head i think churchill said that. >> now an university campuses they are changing hearts and minds, that is going to -- be stable i think as young people grow up, america is changing, the way we teach is changing, so, yes, one point in time that was true but when you have a -- a millennials go out into the workforce don't even care about business, knowledge they care about how they feel,
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i am telling you going to be problematic in the future. >> i think you are right there, as a young millennial thank you very much for joining us. >> i appreciate it. >> your -- >> thanks i didn't want to call you old. >> but you did, [laughter] >> now this we have a real player investing in legalized's a lot of money to be made we are told we are going to talk about investing in marijuana. plus protesters in iran, all about the economy there, the backdrop, president trump says he would meet with with iranians no conditions we will deal with that in a moment now 11:00 hour we have -- the president signing a jobs training bill, a big day for your money and in politics, we are on it all. td ameritrade lets you trade select securities 24 hours a day, five days a week. that's amazing.
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down 7 bucks today. bitcoin faded after a lot of publicity last year. when i went away last friday 8,000 bucks a coin, this morning 7,800. now this, fox news has confirmed north korea is expanding facilities at a missile site, the latest, please. ashley: very unclear, as you can imagine from satellite shots, this facility which is in the northern suburbs of pyongyang that makes these intercontinental missiles, icbm's never really slowed activity there. satellite pictures show trucks coming in and out, perhaps they are fielding icbm's, let's not forget the summit in singapore between the president and kim jong un, they say we are going to work towards denuclearization, what does that mean? all very vague, the bottom line is there are other experts say this activity has been going on nonstop, i will point out that we are worried about the icbm's with solid rocket fuel because
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those are the ones can reach the united states, the liquid fuel ones cannot. nevertheless, missile-making continues in north korea. there's no doubt. stuart: that's the headline. ashley: that's the headline. stuart: ash, thank you. let's get to iran, antigovernment protests continue over there, president trump he says he's willing to meet iran's president rouhani with no conditions. roll tape. >> the iran deal was a ridiculous deal. i do believe that they will probably end up wanting to meet and i'm ready to meet any time they want to and i don't do that from strength or weakness, it's an appropriate thing to do, if we can work something out that's meaningful, not the waste of paper that the other deal was, i would certainly be willing to meet. stuart: joining us foundation for defensive democracies, sir, i will deal with the meeting in a moment. first is this, iran is in dire economic straits right now, we
9:17 am
is that demonstrations in tehran, we understand that the demonstrations as well right now. that surely gives president trump a great deal of leverage doesn't it? >> thank you very much, thank you very much for having me. there's been regimes, social base beginning in 2017 and continuing throughout multiple cities throughout the country. stuart: is it gets worrying? >> different sections joining, women's protests, environmental protections, truck drivers, trade unionists and environmental protests, people who are dissatisfied with the life and direction the country is going. stuart: are they aimed at the current regime in iran, is that what the protest has want to change? >> they are distinctly aimed at current class in iran, clericalcal and they are distinctly political grievances and failing to basically put
9:18 am
iran first. stuart: we have seen this before, i believe it was 2009, the mass demonstrations which were eventually put down, are these current demonstrations more serious and more likely to have some impact on the ruling regime? >> i think these current demonstrations show a real crack in the facade of the regime, the 2009 demonstrations were in response to stolen election and the government had a real panic those because protests were in tehran, these are protests in the regime's social base, disaffected religious persons in iran, this is revolution was made for and when they don't serve them they create another, that being said, security forces still have monopoly on coercion and that's why you haven't seen materialized in leadership. stuart: president trump said he would be will be to meet any time and in response president
9:19 am
rouhani says no meeting unless america comes back to nuke deal. what do you make to have proposed meeting? >> i think it's wise to keep diplomacy open with iran. we have heavy sanctions coming. the president is restoring bulk and adding to them. august 6th and november 4th deadlines, iran won't take that seriously until 2019 when the pain is felt in iranian economy generally. iranian government only negotiates under massive pressure and this president, president trump is looking to resurrect a massive pressure campaign against president. stuart: two years from now are the muellers still running things? >> it's hard to look at crystal ball and predict, i can point to one thing peer, no matter how many years out from now, divisions we see today, the division between state and society will manifest itself in
9:20 am
change of federal government, we don't know when and how, we don't know the spark that will cause it but the seeds for a new government, the seeds for change in iran have long ago been planted. stuart: sir, thank you very much for joining us, we do appreciate your presence. >> thank you. stuart: treasury secretary steven mnuchin to go around congress to changes rules on capital giants taxes, can he do that legally? the judge is next. ♪ a hotel can make or break a trip. and at expedia, we don't think you should be rushed into booking one. that's why we created expedia's add-on advantage. now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts on select hotels right until the day you leave. ♪
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stuart: the treasury department is considering a tax cut that would not need approval from congress. [laughter] stuart: the judge is with us. like i said at the top of the hour, has to do with capital gains, judge napolitano is here, welcome judge, good to see you. >> like wise stuart: if i bought a house 30 years ago for $20,000 and today i sell it for $100,000 i have a 70,000 capital -- >> 80. stuart: i didn't think there was math on the show. 80,000 capital gain, if you index the buying price to inflation, maybe the buying price would be $60,000 and my capital gain that i have to pay tax on would be 40,000, that's what the president wants to do.
9:25 am
>> if the government permitted you to do that. the question is does the government, the executive branch of the government specifically the secretary of the treasury who oversees the irs have the authority to do that, answer yes. stuart: they do? >> he does. and he will exercise that authority as the president has told him so as to diminish your tax bill not enhance it. this is the second time that donald trump has done this as president. the first time he did it in january of '17, only in office two weeks when he told irs, do not collect the tax from people who don't have health care because that part of obamacare will eventually be gone, congress since removed the tax penalty from it. presidents have never made decisions in directing the irs to narrow your tax obligation always to expand it. that is revolutionary but dangerous because a president bernie sanders or a president elizabeth warren could do the opposite.
9:26 am
stuart: yes, indeed. >> they plan our lives expecting capital gains tax would be this and liberal democrat come in and that becomes that, none of this went through the congress. stuart: that's fascinating. that's fascinating. >> too much power in the hands of the president. this power is being handled by this president as we wish. stuart: good when you like it and not when you don't. >> there you go. stuart: look at, this all of a sudden the market will open much higher, 90 points higher, i'm not aware of what happened in the last 5 minutes other than interviewing andrew napolitano, nonetheless 90 points for the dow, we will be back for the opening bell.
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stuart: we are opened, it is tuesday morning, the market has opened much, much higher than we were expecting. if you just looked at futures like ten minutes ago the market was going to be flat to slightly higher, now we've opened, a sea of green among dow 30 and dow industrials are up and running close to 100 points. that's a gain about .4%. now up 101. i'm going to tell you what's behind all of this in a moment. check out the s&p, where did that open up? it's up a third of percent, how about the nasdaq?
9:31 am
where is that this morning in up a third of 1%. we are up all across the board. quickly check the big-tech names which have been dragging on the market recently, mixed performance this morning, facebook and alphabet are down amazon, apple and microsoft are up. susan li is here, ashley webster is here, john layfield in western mud -- bermuda. we have the market up 300 points, it's a headline in bloomberg and says the u.s. set to reset talks with china to diffuse a trade war, mike, if i'm not mistaken -- that's it. on that basis, the market is up 100 points, that's because, i think, the traders, the algorithms follows the headlines, the computers are doing this? mike: they are scanning the headlines, reasons to buy or sell, we also had a pullback after the dow going from 24 to 25,000, a few days of selloff
9:32 am
fueled by the large tech companies, so there's an opportunity for people to get back in so that's what you are seeing this morning. stuart: john, come on in, please, do you agree that it's the one single headline read by algorithms in the computers that pushed up, now 110? >> i think it is, what's going on in the european union, i'm completely blowing against the economy by trade war and appears to be working. stuart: caterpillar and boeing which goes up on positive trade news, they are both up this morning about 1%. let's talk apple, they report their profits and their market share and all the rest of it late this afternoon after 4:00 p.m. eastern time, mike murphy, now, do you think that apple's earnings, apple's numbers could reverse the down trend that we have seen in technology? >> definitely could, i mean, we've had solid numbers from a lot of big-tech stocks and a lot of them sold off on that news, when apple comes out today, it's
9:33 am
different, apple a company trading 15 times future earnings versus some of the large growth ones like amazon, 70, 80, 90, netflix. let's see what apple has to say this afternoon, i think it's a solid number and i think it is enough to push the stock over 200-dollar level. ashley: a company that's been criticized being one-trick pony to iphones and to susan's point, it's all about revenue, apple pay and a lot of things, a lot of analysts will be looking at the number and if it exceeds it, it could be a good result for apple. stuart: one moment, please, did i just hear murphy say that the numbers this afternoon from apple could push the stock above $200 a share? mike: absolutely, if this is a one-trick pony, i will ride the pony all day long. ashley: that's been the criticism. mike: right. if they come out with numbers today and the iphone numbers are strong and the guidance, apple's notorious for giving lower than expected guidance, if they come out with solid guidance can
9:34 am
apple be over $200 a share, absolutely. >> the 40 million shipment number. that's important key, services have to grow, we are looking maybe 30% of total revenue the future, but you know, some say apple has ridden on being pony of cash machine. stuart: i have to bring in bermuda man, john layfield, if it goes to $203 a share, apple is worth a trillion dollars first company ever to be a trillion dollars, first american company realistically, you don't think it's going to get there, do you? >> do i think it's going to get there this year, i don't think this quarter and i don't think it's going to get this off this earnings report, it's up 12%, last year at this time you had a product delay of the iphone 10, easy comps, biggest thing is service renew and biggest thing is guidance, over half of revenue comes between china and the united states and whatever happens with apple and potential trade war if they address that at all would be interesting in the call.
9:35 am
stuart: would look different if it's real, u.s. china trying to lesson trade tensions, reset talks, big deal. >> new iphone cycle to debut in september. stuart: it's time to go up. mike: yesterday you saw rotation in financials, all the big banks were moving, the high-growth tech names like amazon and netflix sell off, the money can rotate in strong earnings report, that could be the push to get it higher over 200. ashley: a tad more on bloomberg headline, reporting that treasury secretary is having private conversations with other chinese officials to try to reengage them on trade issues. stuart: now up 118 points on dow industrials. let's talk facebook, it's had a rough ride since the earnings report. murphy, did you buy that dip? [laughter] >> 169. 931 after earnings. stuart: 169.
9:36 am
you're happy with that? >> thrilled. overreaction, stuart. again, now we still have room to buy more if it got down to low 150 level, i adopt see that happening. the quarter was strong, i think it missed some analyst expectations but take that with a grain of salt, the stock is doing great and it's going to go higher. stuart: got it. i want to look at cbs, its board is going to select an outside counsel to conduct an independent investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against chief there moonves. john, he's still in the corner office and still holding on the job, i'm not sure if he can hold onto it in the middle of investigation, what about cbs's stock, it's up this morning, 51. lost about 10% since this -- this thing began, would you buy it at 51 for a bounce? >> absolutely not. too much key man risk, les m
9:37 am
moonves has been key to building cbs and cbs sports and if he was to be ousted, the company takes hit. stuart: i read the new yorker article, i don't see how the guy can stay on the job. >> he has driven the stock up 1200%, taken the network from third to first. there are arguments that there isn't viable succession plan, who can you choose if you don't have les moonves? stuart: lose the top guy at 60 minutes, both are possible after decapitation of two prime assets for that company. mike: there's too much risk, risk reward doesn't look favorable for investors, i would wait and let the market settle. stuart: u.s. and china reset trade talks, we were up 115, now up 88, 25,000, about 25,400. we did have better profits at pfizer, a dow stock but came out
9:38 am
with no so rosier forecast, no change for pfizer, up 7 cents, that's it. proctor&gamble, sales fell short, hurt in part by the unit that makes gillette razors. minor leagues bounced back but it's 2 and a half percent. would you buy twitter? mike: i would actually, i would like to hear more about monitization. stuart: john, would you buy twitter? >> i disrespectfully disagree with mike. you can't monetize that, that's the difference, twitter to me the not buy where a lot of fang
9:39 am
stocks are. stuart: look at chipotle, customers got sick in ohio, just one restaurant if i'm not mistaken. >> the stock is down over 3% in the session, this is after a restaurant in ohio had to be closed on concerns that people were getting sick after eating there. last counted according to website, we are looking at 170 people sick at this point, they are still trying to track the origination as to why people are getting sick at this point but, you know, whenever there are any health issues or health scarce which chipotle people are reminded what happened the e. coli in 14 states, first loss ever in public company. ashley: can't seem to be escaped headlines. stuart: are they being picked on? ashley: probably. stuart: other restaurants have had health issues. mike.
9:40 am
mike: if you have a restaurant and people get sick on regular basis, it's bad for business. [laughter] stuart: shortest statement. >> makes a lot of sense, yes. stuart: now report from wall street journal, general electric as in ge looking for a buyer for a key part of digital unit. they are selling off part of immelt's legacy, you still wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole? >> i still own it. i haven't bought more of the stock yet. the question is as they sell assets, what's left there, what's going to drive growth? my 10-foot pole and i would be -- [laughter] stuart: i have to say good-bye to mike and john, thank you very much, let's move back to big board, we are up again triple digits, gain of 101 points, why? all of a sudden why because
9:41 am
there's bloomberg headline that u.s. and chinama reset trade talks to disfuse the trade tension. that works up 102, don't forget apple reports after the bell today, obviously you'll get coverage right here at 4:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. still ahead, for you the job's market so tight that employers are hiring people with little or no experience even former felons and drug users, is that a good sign for the economy? looks like it, don't cincinnati wait until you hear what lebron james said about president trump, sports and politics colliding all over again ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week
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stuart: what you are seeing is a triple-digit gain, 25,400 is where we are. look at the stocks, highly sensitive to trade, boeing, 3m, caterpillar, united technologies, those four stocks currently account for most of the dow's gains, they're all up sharply. then we have cesar's camping up sports vetting in new jersey. come on in, nicole, i live in new jersey. >> they have been given the legal right in may, they were given this by the u.s. supreme court ruling that allowed them to legalize sports vetting so cesars is number one, largest owner of casinos in the united states, mobile vetting available predominantly in new jersey and mississippi and we will see others follow suit, valley, harris, harris golf coast, they will spread it out to other
9:45 am
states if a it's legal and b lu -- lucrative. stuart: young people do not want construction jobs. who says they don't want construction jobs? ashley: percentage of workers 24 years and younger up 30% since 2005, the question is why, there's a reason, high schools have dropped vocational programs, starting to bring them back, a lot of younger kids are more interested in tech jobs and thirdly, construction companies are sick and tired of hiring people, they want qualified people, shortage of young people. by the way, jobs are well paid, don't require college degree and plenty of them out there. millennials in particular, i
9:46 am
hate to pick on millennials, they don't want to do it. stuart:ly stay on the economy, come on in peter, peter, you heard what ashley had to say, these are construction jobs, we are also hearing that employers are lowering standards, they hire nonviolent felons, drug users, workers with no experience, is the job market really that tight, that hot? >> well, it is tight and i think the bigger story is fact that they are dropping the college degree requirements in many circumstances and i think that's healthy because too many jobs require a college degree on paper that didn't do so a generation ago because employers were using a college diploma assorting device to see who was attentive and bright and could learn quickly and as we are now learning a college degrees in many instances doesn't indicate any of those things but rather go out about the square and get upset about micro spaces or something. there was a tendency to overcredentialize jobs and we are pulling back from this.
9:47 am
stuart: we are told that shortage of qualified labor, number of jobs opened, that will hurt the economy's growth in the long term, but i tend to think that it would actually raise wages, if you're competing for qualified workers, you give them more money, don't you, that's a very good thing i would think? >> it should increase labor costs because the employers are going to have to start training the workers more and that costs money. the pleas aren't going to get the money until they absorb the training so you have two workers sally and jane, sally is trained to do coding, jane is not, if you hire sally you can afford to give her more. so in time it should improve wages but right now what we are going to see a lot of the money that employers spend going into training which is not a bad thing, also it's so darn easy in the mueller era to become a felon that we shouldn't necessarily throw people out the window because they have a criminal record and in some
9:48 am
cases we might want to hire them simply because they might be more entrepreneurial than that student demonstrating on the square at college about micro spaces. you know, they actually might be who you want because they may have learned their lesson. people get locked up for all kinds of reason, the inexperience is absurd. when i was a kid employers hired lots of high school graduates that had nothing but general background and train them, my father was one and they turned out very well and we found they could do a lot of white-collar jobs quite effectively like be branch manager of a bank. stuart: back in my day the radicals protests in 1960's were first hires of many corporations because those youngsters had interesting ideas and were out there up front. those were the days. >> i demonstrated against the war in vietnam, wore turtle neck and carried guitar and look at me now. stuart: pictures next time or else you never come back on the show. >> i don't have any, i burned
9:49 am
them all. there was no inter. stuart: peter, thanks for join ughs, good luck, sir. >> thank you. stuart: check the market, triple-digit gain, sea of green on the dow 30, most of them are up. next, the app for chores, you can even pay your child through it and they can invest the money through it. i want to know, are the makers of this app collecting data on your kids, we will be back fact is, there are over ninety-six hundred roads named 'park' in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands? with tripadvisor, finding your perfect hotel at the lowest price... is as easy as dates, deals, done! simply enter your destination and dates... and see all the hotels for your stay!
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stuart: the triple-digit rally has gone but we still have a gain about a third of 1%, they'll be 78 points higher. repeating the news, renewed hopes for china trade talks. that's why we are up and that's why those trade sensitive stocks, boeing, caterpillar are up, okay, nice gains there. let me see, i have to take a closer look at majority owner of movie pass, it's now up -- what's that? >> wow. stuart: that can't be right, yes 100% up. >> we had a headline, increase
9:54 am
pricing, up from 9.95 to 14.95 as they look to get more profitable, you know, movie pass had multiple tons of complaint over the weekend, they had to shut down on thursday because they ran out of cash, they had to get an emergency 5 million-dollar loan to continue operating and on top of that movie pass subscribers they were so angry this weekend they couldn't get access to blockbusters mission impossible. stuart: nice doubling to have stock in minutes. there's an app for children kid chorus and their allow answers, joining us ceo of the app, busy kid, got it, busy kid, his name is greg, thanks for joining us, greg. >> great to be here. stuart: i can have your app busy kid, put it right there and check up on whether the kids are doing their chores and i can pay them through the app and they have to money and they can actually invest that money if
9:55 am
they so choose, do i have it right? >> you have it right. think of it your kid's first job with direct deposit. kids do jobs, they earn money, our systems sends out text message every thursday, do you want to pay this kid, yes or no, mom says yes, the money moves into the system automatically, save, share and spend, splits it up. stuart: look, great idea, okay, i've got it, great idea but is this a back door way to getting information, data on the kids in. >> no, i think this is a way to get kids some money so that they can start making good financial decisions. stuart: but you do collect the data? >> we collect the data in what they are doing, but -- but nothing -- stuart: not who they are. stuart: social security numbers and all that. >> we collect age so they can pick chores. stuart: actively involve yourself in doing chores with kids? >> yeah. stuart: do kids get paid for all
9:56 am
chorus? >> it's up to the family, there's some that get paid. this is a big thing. stuart: susan got an allowance but if she didn't she deducted from allowance. >> that was traumatic and way to motivate me. sorry, mom. stuart: deducting for not doing chores. >> you can disapprove the chore, you didn't do it very well or you lied and you didn't do it, disapprove it. >> that's harsh. [laughter] >> the app is free and service is 14.95 a year for the whole family. stuart: 10,000 families hooked up? okay. busy kids, busy kids. >> get kids busy doing something, you know, earning some money. ashley: not playing videos games. stuart: thank you very much. i give you a hard time. sounds like a great idea. >> thank you. stuart: all right, i'm going to do something completely different. i am going to agree with a liberal comedian that will be leslie jones, she says comedy
9:57 am
needs to be funny again ain't she right, yes, she is, my take on this after this. . .
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
pete: have you watched today's comedians. late night guys are michelle wolves or samantha bees of this world. i don't think their funny. they are sarcastic, driven by contempt for the president, i didn't laugh. i welcome statement from leslie jones appearing on all places "the view." watch that. >> stop walking around so offended. you're not going to be able to survive life. [applause] if you walk around offended! laugh. laugh! [cheering] stuart: i think we got the
10:01 am
point. that is a breath of fresh air. so necessary. it is young people who watch those not funny late night guys. it is young people being soaked in contempt for america. that is just plain wrong. as leslie jones says, you can't face life if you're walking into it with a gigantic ship on your shoulder, otherwise known as sensitivity. make a further point. liberals don't seem to have a sense of humor. they are perpetually outraged there. is always something wrong. always something to be against. they have infected the comedy world with their negativity. that is why we're putting leslie jones at the top of our 10:00 hour. she has a valuable message for everyone. tone down the ultrasensitivity. it is no way to go at life. life involves being offended. if comedians made us smile instead of making us angry they might get their ratings back. the second hour of "varney & company" continues.
10:02 am
♪ stuart: i got a question for ash. you have numbers. ashley: yes. stuart: do we still have consumer confidence at record levels? ashley: in bug fetfuls, stu. coming in coming in at 127.4. let me tell you that is very strong, much better than expected. even better. this is for july. it was revised higher in june up to over 127. there is no doubt that consumer confidence is very strong right now, based on a booming economy. stuart: the dow is now up exactly 100 points. got it. staying on the markets, stocks are up in part because of a bloomberg report. here is the headline from bloomberg. u.s., china, said to seek to restart talks to diffuse trade war. scott shellady, join us now. so are we being overly sensitive to a single headline on trade?
10:03 am
because i believe that is what the computers do, isn't it? their algorithms say, you see somebody positive, you buy. is that what is going on? >> talk about people being oversensitive. could computers be oversensitive too? the answer is yes. china will have to come back to the table because if you saw the chinese economic numbers came out on the shows the reason they have to come back to the table, they have to come back to the table. if you think donald trump was strong before, they are getting weaker, getting weaker faster. they have to do something. with the consumer confidence numbers donald trump is enjoying, he has time and political goodwill, capital to spend, waiting for chinese economy to get worse and those chinese have to come back to the table to because of it. stuart: hold on, scott, give me 15 second what is numbers from china just said, tell me? >> pmi is weaker-than-expected. they are definitely slowing down. their economy is going down
10:04 am
opposite direction of the u.s. economy. in order to get things back or stop the bleeding they have to come back to the table. that will embolden the u.s. position. as long as donald trump has political goodwill and capital behind him, he does, he is on to a winner. stuart: we have leverage. that is the point. apple's profits or whatever, their market share, all the numbers, come out, they will make a profit. they came out after the closing bell today. do you think scott, this could make, create a rebound for technology, or make technology sink some more? does it have the power to do either? >> technology is breaking up, and breaking up into two parts. the first part will be users, right? facebooks, twitters of the world, they will struggle, if you make a widget or perform a service like amazon web services or google alphabet, or iphone, they have web services too, they will do it differently. they will probably hang in there. we will run into a time where we
10:05 am
have the halo, the shine coming off the halo for user based tech things. we need to see facebook stock going down to see the tech thing revive itself. it will not have to do with apple. it will be the real bad one. you can't have $120 billion come off market of widely-held stock without repercussions so we need the stock to stop going down. stuart: congratulations, scott, you moved the market. at 10:00 we were up roughly 95 points. then you brought us the news on china slowing down. we have leverage on trade. look at it now, we're up 122 points. scott, you should be on the show more often. >> all righty. see ya. stuart: president trump, is he going after billionaire conservatives charles and david koch on twitter. here we are. the globalist koch brothers who have become a total joke in real republican circles are against strong borders and powerful trade. i never sought their support because i don't need their money
10:06 am
or bad ideas. they love my tax an regulation cuts, judicial picks and more. i made them richer. their network is highly overrated. i have beaten them at every turn. well, how about that from the president. he also called the brothers two nice guys with bad ideas. mark lauter, former press secretary of mike pence. i wasn't expecting a full-blown attack on the koch brothers from the president. were you? >> the president speaks his mind. he would stand up to long-time megadonors and influencers like the koch brothers, when he believes it is right thing to do. he will do the right thing for american workers and that's what we're seeing him do in real life. stuart: i have a headline from "the wall street journal," marc. trump agrees to delay fight over funding until after the midterms. he is backing down on his threat to shut the government down.
10:07 am
i think he will pivot especially tonight in tampa, pivot to the economy and success. do you agree with that? >> from a political standpoint absolutely. as you just mentioned a few moments ago, consumer confidence is off the charts. we have record low unemployment numbers especially among blacks, hispanics. it is looking so much better. we need to promote the strong economic message. make no mistake, immigration is still very top of mind on voters, the president is also very focused on it, he realizes look we have to deal with the economy first. it is the economy, stupid. that is the old campaign slogan. it is true. immigration will play very strong, but take a little bit of a lesser priority. stuart: is that message on the economy going through the media? because the media will have none of it. they are all over it. not sustainable growth, et cetera, et cetera, giveaway to the rich, one thing or another. can the president penetrate that media barrage, that wall,
10:08 am
essentially that the media has created? >> i do because i think the american people are seeing through the nonsense coming out of the mainstream media. they can feel the economic benefits in their pocketbooks. they feel it at work. they know that there are now more jobs available than there are people who are unemployed. these are the kinds of success stories the president said he was going to deliver. he is delivering that. so despite what people are hearing, i think they feel differently. why we see consumer confidence numbers that are so strong and more the media tries to tell people that it is not as good as they think, the more they disenfranchise themselves from the american people. it just brings people closer to the president and his agenda. stuart: he has a big rally 7:00 eastern time. it is in tampa. he will have an audience in thousands. i suspect he will do more rallies across the country as november approaches. marc, thanks for joining us. see you soon. >> thanks, stuart.
10:09 am
stuart: yes, sir. harley-davidson eyeing millenial buyers. susan, what are they doing? >> they need to because motorcycle sales in the u.s. have been falling for three straight years. retail sales fell 6% in second quarter from a year ago. riders are getting older. they need new ones to replenish them. they are offering new bikes, middleweight ones, not the heavy hogs, that is what they're targeting. releasing a electric bike, live wire in 2019. get younger riders to recognize, use the harley-davidson brand. why are you laughing? ashley: you think of the hogs, you think of loud roar of engine, you get on electric, that is what you hear, nothing. >> this is the future for harley-davidson. they want 50% of sales come from international and international bike riders. they don't want heavy fuel diesel-guzzling hogs.
10:10 am
stuart: motorbike, harley does not run on diesel. >> you know what i mean. i don't own one, you know what i mean, gas but like the electric. ashley: loud, throaty roar. stuart: i used to drive a triumph bonneville 650. that had a roar 1/2. my parents didn't know about it. what i didn't like was the whine. stuart: ninja sound with the kawasaki. >> they're looking for adventure and speed. stuart: it sounds like a mosquito. give me a roar. let's move on, shall we? are you ready for to us move on, susan. >> my goodness. sound assisted now the program. stuart: you have fun on this show. >> i do. i do. stuart: now we could, could, soon see former senator al franken running for office again. he is a democrat. he told a minnesota tv reporter, quote, i haven't ruled it out, and i haven't ruled it in.
10:11 am
franken resigned back in december after several women accused him of sexual misconduct. another example of athletes getting political. lebron james attack being president trump. wait until he hears what the president is saying now? i.c.e. agents threatening to sue the mayor of portland, oregon, accusing him of aiding and abetting abolish i.c.e. protesters. charlie kirk next on that one. you're watching the second hour of "varney & company." we have only just got started. ♪ ♪ you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia. add-on advantage. then you might have a dcondition called dry mouth.? biotène is clinically proven
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10:14 am
stuart: you asked for it, we'll do it. get back to my editorial at top of the hour. amazingly i agree with comedienne leslie jones, people need to stop being offended, and laugh at comedy again. charles kirk, turning point usa
10:15 am
founder is with us. now, it is not like me to be in agreement with -- >> leslie jones. go figure. stuart: but i think she spoke the exact truth. come on, stop being so sensitive. >> she is spot on. look, we've seen the death of comedy in america. it is happening slowly but surely, once jay leno left the late-night scene, i look at the shows, i don't laugh. it takes effort to laugh. where they're coming from, politically driven, vitriolic, hateful agenda. core component of comedy is the ability to make fun of yourself. so if you have all these liberals, they refuse to make fun of nancy pelosi, maxine waters. so just anti-conservative, anti-republican. stuart: what gets to me, i think there is a large number of younger people who watch the late-night guys, the late-night comedians and they walk away from those shows, not that guy on the camera right now, that guy is funny. james cordon. apart from the fact he is
10:16 am
british, he is very funny. >> he makes fun of both sides. stuart: he is not negative, not nasty stuff. >> say the best light-night show is fallon. he stays away from politics. kimmel is not funny anymore. he is just so politically-driven. let me tell you about my personal story with my son. of course we feel bad for that but it is so politically agenda driven, i feel bad for my generation. we don't know what good comedy is. long gone the days of seinfeld and real depth sophistication with comedy. ashley: a long time ago, "seinfeld." >> comedy used to be equal opportunity offender, whether conservative, liberal, moderate, you could joke at yourself. there is lot to be made fun of on the democrat side, a lot to be made fun of, by the way, tie this all together with the millenials, seinfeld, chris rock, they don't want to go on
10:17 am
college campuses anymore, these young people can't take a joke. they are getting kicked off campus. he said he refuse to perform on campuses. stuart: did you know i.c.e., i.c.e. agents might sue the mayor of portland, oregon, on the grounds he is encouraging the aabolish i.c.e. protesters. i don't know how you can sue for a political point of view on the part of -- >> think about it. you have a mayor of a united states city directly defying federal law enforcement. stuart: that's true. >> that is kind of, the definition between federalism and actual distinction of enforcement of law. but, they're just picking and choosing what laws they want to enforce. i.c.e. goes after thousands of human traffickers every single year, sex traffickers. stuart: you never hear that. >> you never hear that. i.c.e. released data they arrested a couple thousand human trafficsers last year. that is one of the prime directives. a mayor of united states city going against it, it is shocking. stuart: i wonder how you can sue
10:18 am
protesters. >> we were joking when como said he would sue the supreme court after a decision he doesn't like. some of this stuff, how is that one going to work out. stuart: old expression you can't make this stuff up. >> you can't make this stuff up. we need comedy back. comedy, bring it all back together. stuart: well-done, son. very good. you're very good. charlie, charles, i'm sorry. >> you bet. stuart: legalized pot, big business, yes it is. coming up we'll talk to a man who he is making money in the legal pot business. i want to know if he is giving legitimacy to the marijuana industry, is he? looks like it. the republicans are going to pour millions of dollars into four california congressional races. here is the question. is california in play? can it be this november? i don't believe it. we'll be back with the story. ♪
10:19 am
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stuart: it is still a triple-digit gain but only just. we're up 103 now, 25,400. the price of gold is down a buck at 1230. the price of a bitcoin is back below 8 ground. it is 7,757. northern california, those fast-moving wildfires killed six people, destroyed maybe 1000 buildings. hillary vaughn is in redding. give me the latest please. reporter: stuart, that is just one fire of dozens that firefighters are battling across this state. i want to give you a sense of what the carr fire, that is quickly become one of the most deadly and damaging in the history of california wildfires,
10:23 am
landing in the top 10. it is still not contained. it is at 27% containment this morning. this is what we're looking at. this is where the carr fire came through in this neighborhood, completely devastating house to house. you can see there is really not much left all around where you look. it is pretty much destroyed everything in its wake. it also caused what meteorologists are calling a fire-n happen. do. a tornado of fire that ripped through the community. you can see the devastation it caused, speed and velocity came through the commune was so powerful, few people had time to get much of their belongings out. just themselves. a few pets have been clearly been left behind. it is scaled into a small military operation. the california national guard is helping out. they have 800 soldiers on the ground and airmen. you are seeing blackhawks and
10:24 am
c-130s deployed in the area, tracking the fire, trying to get the fire under control. instead of carrying weapons that they do when they're overseas of iran and iraq, they're carrying tons and tons of fire retardant. the governor jerry brown reached out for asking resources and help. one thing to note here, we were doing this story in october of last year where we saw a scene very familiar like this, this devastation, but the fire season is just starting in california. that has a lot of officials worried because the sense is where will we be in october when that is the height of the season? that is the driest of conditions, hottest weather. there is a lot of fires coming at that time. what will we be looking at, if this is what we're looking at into july a few weeks into the fire season, stuart. stuart: good question. hillary, thank you very much indeed. uber is big at self-driving efforts but they're changing it. ashley: they're changing it.
10:25 am
they to the into autonomous truck driving. they got back into this 2016. they were testing this is california, arizona. a testing track in pittsburgh, 18 wheelers, autonomous. we'll give up. we'll not redo it. we're refocusing on autonomous cars. will people be laid off? they say the people involved in the truck program will be reassigned to other areas. they will not lose their jobs. so, they're just saying, no mas. we know they have trouble in the autonomous car area. they're trying to focus on that more, giving up on the trucks. >> getting cars back on the road in pittsburgh. they're being driven by people in research project. easing back in. stuart: now that i have got the hang of it, i use uber all the time. >> good, good. ashley: well-done. stuart: how about this one? alex trebek thinking of retiring, wants to name his successor. we'll tell you who trebek mentions as possible
10:26 am
replacements. ashley: stu varney, never. we have been talk being about the egaming revolution. latest example, 20,000 people packed arena in new york to watch gamers play "overwatch." the finals were on tv in prime time. i want to know how to invest in this. ♪ if you're turning 65, you're probably learning
10:27 am
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let's recap. there are 3 key things you should keep in mind. one: if you're turning 65, you may be eligible for medicare - but it only covers about 80% of your medicare part b costs. a medicare supplement plan may help pay for some of the rest. two: this type of plan allows you to keep your doctor - as long as he or she accepts medicare patients. and three: these are the only medicare supplement plans endorsed by aarp. learn more about why you should choose an aarp medicare supplement plan. call today for a free guide. ♪ she loves yeah. stuart: that is the greatest band, thank you,.
10:30 am
we were up 120. we'll take 90. we're at 25,400, just about. big tech names, all down again today, except microsoft, it is up 40 cents at the 105 level. facebook, amazon, alphabet, down. apple reports after the bell today, 4:00 eastern time. 4:00 eastern on the fox business network. our next guest is investing in cannabis industry. welcome to the program. >> thank you, stuart, for having me. stuart: you're bringing credibility and legitimacy to the marijuana industry. that is what you're doing. >> i am trying, trying to find interesting disrupt -- disruptive companies in the the industry in years to come. stuart: you don't make money unless the feds remove the
10:31 am
prohibition on marijuana. at the moment it is schedule a drug, is that the right expression. >> there is a lot of barriers to entry but there is a lot of money to be made in the cannabis space. stuart: you're betting the feds will back off. >> not necessarily. i am investing in companies with the growing trend eplegalization of marijuana. in the event that reverses course, they will be around. much the same way rolling papers have been sold for a 100 years despite cannabis is not been legal. stuart: tell me how big the industry has become? what is it worth diverse sus a couple years ago? >> you have varying numbers and varying industry, 10 billion in sales. stuart: that is the legal side of it. >> the legal side. stuart: 10 billion her year? >> yes. now in both the plant sales, accessories, other services into the industry. stuart: you have only
10:32 am
legalization for recreational use in handful of states, big one california. >> nine states are adult legal use today. another 30 states are medical use. more states are coming. i think you will have a lot of tax envy of many surrounding states that don't have adult use. i think there will be continued proliferation of these states, trend going forward towards legalization. stuart: if i wanted to invest in it, i have to invest in a publicly-traded stock. >> that's correct. stuart: we found 366 publicly-traded, marijuana related stocks, that is a huge number. >> there is a big way to play industry for public market investors. many companies are traded on canadian markets. we're starting to witness first listings on nasdaq markets here in the state as we're seeing markets loosen up become more accepting of cannabis companies being traded here. stuart: you came with us with two suggestions, pax labs and hempa they are private companies. i can not invest in them.
10:33 am
>> no it is very challenging. many private companies looking to raise capital. most common see dispensaries, grow operations, a few accessory companies. there are hundreds if not thousands of edible. they will produce a chocolate or a drink, seeking to raise capital. i'm trying to find in an investable business. that means somebody that will have liquidity event or exit strategy. i think there are a lot of opportunities to invest in lifestyle business. that is something i invest to give to my kids. stuart: pax labs, you like that. this is the vape opinion? >> pax is playing on the growing trend what i call digital smoking. stuart: that is it. >> this is the way to smoke cannabis. stuart: pax tell this is thing just this thing here? >> they sell the device and this empty pod to the fillers. so they never touch the thc, which plays with my trend not
10:34 am
wanting to to invest in companies that up to the plant. they sell a beautiful consumer tech product and sell an pod. stuart: do you see an ipo in the future? this false in my investing thesis what i call investable company. pax labs welcomes fidelity investors. giant boston-based mutual fund as an investor. this sends the right signal that company could have a property liquidity event. stuart: is there anything that would stop this -- ashley: trend. stuart: trend. we're not going to call respectability, saying credibility. and what is the other word i was trying to use there? it's a credible industry. it is legitimacy. >> 2/3 of americans want the legalization of cannabis. stuart: yeah. >> it is not taboo like our parents taught us. there is so much empirical evidence that the legalization is actually improving economies
10:35 am
and improving the well-being of people. look at opioid crisis in this country. a white house report says it will cost the u.s. 500 billion. if you look at colorado, in the two years african that business went legal, 6% reduction of deaths related to opioid overdose. extrapolate that data, how that would play out on a national scale, that could be a 30 billion-dollar reduction in savings to this country. you have also have other major headwinds that approach different industries like alcohol. certainly big pharma doesn't want cannabis to go legal. they want to sell opioids. stuart: there is a slam and a 1/2 to pharmaceutical companies. >> that is accurate. stuart: your point of view. >> look at alcohol and look at restaurants. you have reduction in bing drinking rates in the markets in the states where can that is about is legal. so you have a decline in bing drinking. you have also a lower duis.
10:36 am
stuart: greg, you made your point. >> sure. stuart: legitimatizing industry. some people will not be happy. >> never have a reported overdose death from cannabis. ashley: this is the turning point when feds get on board? you are able to take proceeds of selling marijuana and all the stuff that goes with it, able to put it in a bank account that doesn't violate the law as per the federal government? >> there are some challenges with investing in cannabis today. you have also artificial barriers. if you were to invest in an operation in california, say a dispensary or grow operation, you have a artificial barrier constraint to that state. as the federal landscape changes -- ashley: heading in that direction. >> heading in that direction also when federal barriers come down you will move to more of an ag operation. stuart: wait. you have five minutes. the average length of a guest appearance on this program is 2 1/2 -- >> it's a fascinating subject.
10:37 am
stuart: you had five minutes. come back again. >> thank you. stuart: thanks very much, greg. >> thanks so much for having me. stuart: it was good. esports, there is something we've been following for months. just this weekend the "overwatch" league championship drew 20,000 people to the barclay center in brooklyn. 300,000 watched online. espn aired the finals in prime time. joining us now is rob steinberg, gamer world news host. can you give me any idea as to how big in dollar terms this esports business is? >> oh, stuart, we are talking about a multiple billion dollar industry here. esports is massive and gaming itself is bigger than the music industry and the movie industry combined. last month, i'm sorry, last week the london spitfire took home the "overwatch" league championship. it was viewed by 300,000 people online. it is massive compare that to also success of games like
10:38 am
"fortnite" or doda, riot games of legend. stuart: how do i invest in isn't. >> that's a food question. investing in gaming can be a little bit difficult. gaming and esports are two very different things. when you invest in gaming looking at companies coming out with new games, companies making difficult transitional shifts. i'm looking at sony and square enix, what i saw come out in e3. when it comes to investing in esports, a lot is following the ecosystem, realizing what sort of companies out there are broadcasting this content. what sort of companies are making moves and shifts and where can you get in early on these sorts of things. i feel like the most important thing we can do as consumers to pay attention to the ecosystem, pay attention to what sort of moves these companies are making. stuart: look, i'm not sure what i, what i understand you. what ecosystem, you're laughing i know. i understand that but look,
10:39 am
what's this ecosystem that surrounds egaming, or rather esports? >> sure. so there is a lot of, there is a lot of video games and a lot of esports in the news right now. i think that it is part of our sonsability to keep track of what it that's those companies are doing. so when you notice things like "overwatch" league is getting a massive amount of success. their user ratings are skyrocketing. when you see more and more people going towards this you can anticipate. you anticipate more advertisers will be there. that in turn is what will allow "overwatch" or blizzard activision stock to increase. those are the sorts of things i mean when paying attention to that ecosystem. stuart: last one, that the event in barclays center, 20,000 people were there, i know it was a contest between teams. how much money was paid to the
10:40 am
winning team, can you tell me? >> i would have to go back and check. i believe it was a million dollars that paid out to the winning team. the winning team in this case was london spitfire. i watched it. it was a great match. all players that play for the "overwatch" league get paid a minimum of $50,000 as annual salary. but depending how good you are, or how competitive you are, you can get paid a higher amount than that 50 grand, as well as taking home winnings that you have. that is not counting sponsorships, that the teams have going along with them. nvidia, or all the different sponsorships putting money behind the teams and players. stuart: i wish i was younger but i'm not. >> you're great. you're great. stuart: i'm doing all right in cable television. rob stein berks thanks for joining us, come back. because we're fascinated with this. >> absolutely. a pleasure being here. stuart: eight states suing the trump administration to block a company from publishing
10:41 am
instructions on how to make a 3d printed gun. president trump weighing in on the issue. we'll have details on that one. less than two months after president trump met with kim jong-un we have confirmation that north korea continues to work on its missile program. we'll deal with that next. we have got a problem. a few problems actually. we're overproducing, overcrowding, and overheating. we've got aging roadways, aging power grids, ...aging everything. you're kinda bumming me out clive owen.
10:42 am
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10:43 am
ashley: campus reform guy lawrence jones that nancy pelosi and democratic party are being forced to move further left just to capture votes. take a listen. >> i think this shows you where the democratic party is right now. it used to be a party that were capitalists. they, a lot of wall street bankers would give to them, goldman sachs. now they are going to the socialists wing of the party. court ted as dnc chair she is trying to get in line with her. she doesn't want to lose the voters to appear strong even though she is capitalist herself what matters to you? you got a1c, heart, diet, and exercise. slide 'em up or slide 'em down.
10:44 am
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or have severe kidney problems. other side effects are sudden kidney problems, genital yeast infections, increased bad cholesterol, and urinary tract infections, which may be serious. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. man: ask your doctor about jardiance and get to the heart of what matters. stuart: lebron james slams president trump again. what is he saying? ashley: he basically said the president has created a wedge by capitalizing he said on the kneeling controversy involving colin kaepernick of the san francisco 49ers. he says the using sport to divide the country. >> what i noticed last two months he used sport to divide us, that is something i can't related to. ashley: maybe should tell colin kaepernick as well. sports is supposed to be entertainment. it turned into a political thing.
10:46 am
that is what lebron james says. would you sit down and across from president trump. nope, but i would mr. obama. not mr. trump. there you go. stuart: lebron, thanks for that. ashley: new l.a. lakers star. stuart: who started division might be accurate. ashley: yes. stuart: do a totally different story. why not? fox news confirms north korea has not stopped its missile production. joining us now is christian whiton, former senior advisor to bush 43 administration. does it mean the north koreans are still working on missiles in contradiction to what they agreed to do with president trump? >> there is the implication of that. this isn't the, sourcing on this isn't fantastic. comes from anonymous leaks from the intelligence bureaucracy initially to the "washington post." nonetheless the north koreans didn't actually agree to suspend everything to do with rocket manufacture.
10:47 am
they are still complying with things with donald trump. end the nuclear testing. destruction of miss sell assembly facility. that is still going on. north korea is proudly using this to maintain leverage it has. after all if it ceases all activities, frankly talks would go on and we could get part of what we want and they wouldn't get anything. stuart: do you think rises to the level where some kind of response is required from the trump administration? that response could be diplomatic, send mike pompeo over there again, or it could be military, have a go at him for something? could it rise to that level? >> i don't think so. i do think this will will be a c of discussion. secretary pompeo is heading to jakarta, and kuala lumpur. there is the meeting of southeast asia nations. there is the asia asean forum. likely pompeo will meet with
10:48 am
north korea's foreign minister, that will finally restore some. momentum and shed light on what is next because that is what has been missing. stuart: do you think he will lay down the wall? if the meet thing with the north korean minister on saturday takes place will he lay down the law? he went back to pongyang a month or so ago, they have been saying things, doing things which we didn't approve of, they knocked it off. are we in for another round of that? >> pompeo is extremely tight-lipped what is going on with the meetings, tactically what to do with the north koreans. there is growing sense of impatience. everyone from the white house signaled this willing a long term process. as long as it takes nice to see framework in place. elements and timeline when we will sit down and talk turkey. there is one good sign of course which is the return of some remains of those americans killed in action in the korean war. stuart: we got it. christian whiton. thanks for joining us.
10:49 am
spur of the moment appearance but we like it. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: now this. eight states are suing a pro-gun group over their online distribution of instructions on how to make 3d printed firearms. which states? ashley: this, well the states are upset because this company actually won in court the right to be able to distribute files that enable you to use a 3d printer to make plastic guns. president trump weighing in on this, he got his tweet up there, he says, quote, i am looking into 3d plastic guns being sold to the public. already spoke to the nra. doesn't seem to make much sense. so the group in question is called. let's see, called defense distributed is the name of the group. and, they say that they should have a right to be able to put these things out. now it is interesting, critics say guns made of plastic are notoriously unrealistic, anyone that want as proper gun wouldn't
10:50 am
go this route. that misses point. getting around state's ability to regulate selling guns. there is no background checks when you're 3d printing a gun. so now the president weighing in. a interesting discussion. thanks, ash. ashley: yeah. stuart: democratic senator tammy baldwin of wisconsin, says she supports bernie sanders medicare for all idea. it would cost an estimated $32 trillion over 10 years. the woman who hopes to defeat senator baldwin in november is an outspoken opponent of the plan. she will join us after this. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 18% of msrp cash back on all silverado 1500 crew cab lt pickups when you finance with gm financial. that's $9,000 on this silverado.
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10:54 am
stuart: earlier we told you treasury secretary mnuchin is looking options to reduce the capital gains tax, doing that without using congress. we got this from a treasury official. here is the quote. the economic impact of the policy is being evaluated and secretary mnuchin's preference is for congress to take up the issue. previously it had been inferred that we would simply reinterpret irs rules and treasury would say, right, change the capital gains tax base and that's what we're going to do. there is a backing off from that. it has to go through congress, which is therefore very unlikely
10:55 am
to do any such thing in the near future. politics, senator tammy baldwin, wisconsin democrat says she supports bernie sanders's medicare for all plan. joining us is leah vukmir, running for the republican primary to unseat senator baldwin in september. welcome to the program. i believe you're familiar, it was a george mason university study that says medicare for all costs $32 trillion over 10 years. i see you're shaking your head. you're familiar with this? >> i am. that is all, just 32 trillion? stuart, thank you so much for having me on this morning. you know i'm a nurse and i am someone who really understands health care and health care reform. what tammy baldwin is standing with bernie sanders for is nothing more than something that will completely destroy the health care system we currently have in our country and take us down a path even worse than
10:56 am
obama cair. that is one of the reasons why i'm running. i want to be that strong voice. that strong consistent conservative. stuart: let me jump in. you're a strong, consistent conservative. your opponent in the primary, kevin nicholson, he told us a couple weeks ago he was all for president trump, backed him solidly. 100%. that's him. do you back him 100%? >> i have always been there with him. i have stood with him. i continue to stand with him. i was part of women for trump radio ads that went out during some of the darkest moments before the election when people were walking away from him. i'm proud to stand with him. i want president trump to succeed. when he succeeds, america succeeds. and he is succeeding. he is winning. and i'm excited to stand with him. you know what, stuart, i'm hearing from people across the great state of wisconsin. he is a strong leader says what he is going to do and he does it. which what we've done here in wisconsin. stuart: terribly sorry to interrupt but i'm flat-out of
10:57 am
time. coming up on a hard break. thank you for joining us. we'll see you soon. that is a fact. we reached out to democrat tammy baldwin for interview. we have not yet heard back from her. more "varney" after this. ...
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: president trump truly dominates the national agenda on twitter at impromptu press conferences, and rapidfire statements of the cabinet meeting, and at those giant rallies. he rules the new cycle and get his message out. over the heads of the hostile media. no other president in my lifetime has had such an impact. we will be seeing more of this today. there will be a signing ceremony for a measure aimed at creative elements at the white house and the media will not give this much coverage but the president will fix that with some payment that makes him pay attention. then he is off to florida visiting a technical high school talking jobs and careers and at
11:01 am
7:00 p.m. eastern a huge strong rally. he will be in tampa and the audience will be in the thousands. here he is priming the pump for republicans in the november elections rick scott running for the senate, congressman desantis running for - the economy and strong growth will be the focus. there's a lot of talk to mr. trump would shut down the government before the elections if you do not get funding for the wall. wall street journal says he backed off from the stratford florida has just become a trillion dollar economy all by itself, on its own. it makes sense to push the economy button tonight. why not? mr. trump has proved so many liberals to be flat out wrong. before the election they were ridiculing his plan to grow the economy with tax cuts austin helped write all bombs onto obama's economic plan and both said 4% growth would not happen. but it did.
11:02 am
i would expect the president to go to great lengths tonight to make his point that deregulate from taxes and growth. florida has one big with trump in the white house and he will not let his audience forget that. watch him at 7:00 o'clock on the foxbusiness network tonight. the third hour of partying company is about to begin. fifteen minutes from now president trump will sign the strengthening korea and technical education for the 21st century act. it's a bill that aims to improve technical education in korea to help them get the skills they need to get good paying jobs. we could see the president when he does it and if so, believe me, we will take you right there. while we wait, check the markets. we been in business now for 92 minutes and the dow is up 110
11:03 am
points. that's 25400 and we got more winning issues on the dow 30 that we have losers. check the big tech stocks. in particular, apple. they report what did? facebook just turned positive and i wonder if people are buying one in order step and that's a fact. >> were 20 cents higher. stuart: amazon is down another $12 at $17.66 and apple is down. we got there earnings coming out tonight. microsoft is up, not much, 49 cents at $1.5. run carson with the carson group. are you still bullish on the tech group and the big five technology and you usually have been bullish are you still? >> i think there might've been a change. facebook was a shot across the
11:04 am
bow. not only were margins down but engagement was down. as we have said all along there's been tremendous momentum and the companies have changed society but they been priced for perfection and we are a growth at a reasonable price and is our philosophy at the carson group. value is inexpensive versus growth and normally value train is at a 15% discount in our 30% discount so i would - i think i'd be careful in here and the same stocks have been at heart and might be a good time to hedge and protect your downside or at least trim up your position. stuart: i don't know which of the five big-name tech stocks you own but tell us, please. also, tell us if you own any of them would you sell them right now? >> so, currently i do not own any of the big tech stocks.
11:05 am
our last one there were out of was apple. i would trim my positions. people have a lot of . stuart: as everyone knows i own a tiny sliver of microsoft enabled it for a long time. this morning is at $105 a share, should i shall hundred cell? >> what percentage of your portfolio? stuart: a lot. >> at a minimum, we go back in history and we look at these turning points in today the pics are low and the cost of buying production is low. i learned this the hard way early in my career. why not buy a little bit of fire insurance. keep all the legs off you want but go down and buy out of the money that doesn't cost too much. then you get to sleep at night because you could have, not saying you going to have, but a major disaster is the most admired companies in america aren't even in business today and you can't predict the unbreakable.
11:06 am
stuart: at my age, you don't have to worry about the very, very long-term, ron. hold on. you've always been on this program supporting the energy sector. you like the drillers and you like the pipeline companies and big oil. why do you still like them? >> i really like them. it's becoming more of the consensus view and energy has had a big run and i think it has a ways to go but let's look at national oil and offshore driller and of 35% year to date but still 45% all-time highs. they are crushed when we had the decline in energy back in 2014 and we just think - this economic growth israel, as you pointed out, 4.1% and we think the rest of the world will get traction and there's issues with venezuela and iran and political issues where we will not have supply the market thinks or we think have oil has way to go.
11:07 am
stuart: i want to bring to our viewers attention a proposal we heard about this morning. they would index capital gains to inflation. if you bought a house for $30000 30 years ago and is now worth 100,000 and you sell it you got a $70000 capital gain. the proposal from the administration would be that you index your buying price to inflation so you it wasn't 30000 but it was 60000. you capital gain is much small smaller. when you approve of that? >> absolutely. it's crazy that we pay taxes on inflation anyway and i think it would be a game changer for the markets and a game changer for allocation of capital. capital goes worth to the best and we make more investment in the future and i think it would
11:08 am
be wonderful and great for our economy and i believe in trickle-down. it would impact everybody in a positive way. it will be be that way but that's ultimately the way it would work. stuart: hold on. the idea was that we get the treasury and the changing roles on capital gains taxes and now we hear they may have to run it through congress which to me means it will not happen. >> not with 100 billion over ten years. stuart: just cannot get it. we dealt with that, ron, what's your protection for the new jobs created we get the numbers on friday morning? >> by the way, i love the creativity with the administrator. let's redefine what cost is. [laughter] we think the numbers will be a little short of expectations and the market is at hundred 90000 we think 105,000 not because trade is working but it's put some businesses on pause and
11:09 am
this type they were market. at carson group we are 46 open positions and if we do not have such great culture here we would struggle. were growing like mad and it's hard. stuart: where you send your resume? >> that's primarily why i think the [inaudible]. stuart: mr. carson, were out of time but thank you for joining us. >> thank you. stuart: will check couple of markets as usually do at the price of oil this morning down 2%, $60 a barrel with the price of regular gas averaging nationwide still right there at $2.86. it's been there sometime it waiting for the president was about to sign a bill that has more people until the workforce with the skills necessary to get a job stay with us. it's a live action presidency and you only see it here, especially in the third hour of "varney & co.".
11:10 am
11:11 am
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so you can spend less time missing out... and more time paddling out! tripadvisor. visit or download the app!
11:13 am
stuart: we are waiting for the president was about to do this career building bill signing and of course, what were really interested in is not so much the bill he signing what he says to the media. he usually finds it yours as well and what he does it say something it can either move the market or move politics. believe me, we will review it and bring rating is as if and when we get it. fred barnes is with us. weekly standard executive and fox news contributor. the president will find this job still today and then goes to florida and i think he's going to put it away from this idea of shutting down the government because they won't let me build a wall and piggyback to the
11:14 am
great success of the economy and that's what he will do. >> that's one of the things he can do. one thing better than that at the moment and president trump is building a national political machine. certainly, 2020 is on his mind and when he runs for reelection. that is why he's going to states like florida and georgia which are crucial and states that her friend by democrats. obviously, he wants to shore up his strength they are particularly in florida which is a big state with so many electoral votes. stuart: and a billion-dollar economy. why does he have to build - is it not a separate machinery, political operation because he already runs the reporting party pretty much entirely, doesn't he? >> i will not go that far but what you want is a personal political machine.
11:15 am
you need people to be working with you and that's one of the reasons he's going to florida, big steak, and he wants to help ron to santos who sees endorsed twice upper governor and if he has a governor there you can't lose with that. stuart: he would like rick scott in the senate to replace senator nelson and so that's another vulnerable democrats that the president will oppose right there. killing lots of birds with one stone. >> look, nelson has been a very lucky center but not sure he'll be able to hold this. rick scott has been a successful governor and he has a lot of personal money he can spend and has a good chance of knocking off nelson where other republicans cannot.
11:16 am
stuart: what you make of this - republicans are pouring or getting ready to pour millions of dollars into just for california congressional races? now, is that a defensive move to save those seats or is it an aggressive move but in california in play? >> in play? [laughter] that would mean if california is a plate you would say that means that a candidate who can win the governorship but they're fortunate to have a candidate at all. republicans don't automatically get on the ballot if their first or second in the big jungle primary with both fighters attend parties involved and they will have difficult time having a candidate at the top. you need to have a candidate for governor at the top of your ticket otherwise your turnout shrinks markedly in its disaster. remember, a national political machine means california as
11:17 am
well. president trump did not bother with it in 2016 but you can't ignore it or let it the republican party vanish in the state that read the one you and i are of the same vintage and i would venture to say in our lifetime and not limiting your life expectancy but in our lifetime will never see a republican elected intel for my right? [laughter] >> i would have to check with somebody what the charts look like now about my life expectancy but. [laughter] i think you're probably right. i'm not going to bet anything on that that the republicans would have an incredible comeback shortly. stuart: thank you very much. out of time. we'll see you again real soon. >> thank you. stuart: matheson is the majority
11:18 am
owner of movie pass and he probably didn't know that but they own the company of analects and their stock was up one 100% and now it's not. we'll figure that one out and the wild ride. we'll tell you what is going on. an enormous and undeveloped plot of land 157 acres officially on sale right slap bang in the middle of beverly hills for record-setting price of $1 billion. that property overlooks beverly hills and the rest of los angeles. kim kardashian west defending president trump on jimmy kimmel live last night. despite jimmy kimmel trying his hardest to get her to criticize the president you will hear what she had to say about the president, next. we are waiting for the president signing the jobs bill and hopefully he says something, check out, wait for it on your screen momentarily - phoenix, arizona on july 31.
11:19 am
>> guess what the weather is? stuart: hot. [crowd boos] next week to mac. stuart: hot. stuart: were out of time. be right back. insurance that won't replace the full value of your new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at that's it. i'm calling kohler about their walk-in bath. nah. not gonna happen.
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11:23 am
stuart: we like a heart warning story but homicide receives 200 job offers after handing out his resume was standing next to a highway in california. the 26 years old, david, dressed in a suit, held that fine homeless, hungry for success, take a resume. his luck change. he's got a college degree and plan to launch a tech startup but ran out of money. some of the job offers are poorly came in from netflix, google, pandora and that man will be on after the bell today on the foxbusiness network at 4:00 o'clock eastern time along with the apple results. kim kardashian west defending president trump on jimmy kimmel live last night. the matter how hard kimmel tried to get her to criticize the president, i don't think she did. rotate. >> i walk in and i'm like and i look around and i the first thing i see the reading is holy [bleep] were in the oval office.
11:24 am
that's what i said and that's the first thing i said. i had to take a moment to state were really here. i am very grateful and hopeful that more good things are going to come out of our conversation. >> to have a list of people you might ask him to release from prison? >> i do. i've been working on - >> is melania trump on it? i know you're not necessarily a trump supporter but your husband likes him. >> i always respect what other people think. i have nothing bad to say about the present. he's done some things amazing. stuart: i'll take her comments as opposed to mr. kamel. she met with the president in may to discuss her release and she was serving a life sentence for non- violent drug in tennessee. she was committed in june and release from prison. up next, we are joined by a tech missionary who is the ceo of a
11:25 am
multibillion-dollar company that is change the way we paid for things that you can pay for nearly everything nowadays without cash, credit card or check. he says you said that 15 years ago people would have laughed at him but he is with me here on the set, no laughing matter, he's here any moment. listen to this. rural air marshals tracking american citizens who are not on the terrorist watchlist or under investigation. the judge can't be happy about that one and he'll deal with it in a moment and here's the place where i always wanted to be a weather forecaster. san diego. 300 days a year it's 72 degrees and sunny. it looks like that now.
11:26 am
11:27 am
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11:29 am
stuart: we are back to the triple digit gains. stocks are up today and there's renewed hope for trade talks with china. that started right at 9:25 and still with us on a triple digit day. twenty-five for his remark. look at apple. therefore the profits after the bell today and there up at 190. they get to 203 apple is worth a
11:30 am
trillion dollars. i will stay on technology and bring in andy khawaja the ceo of allied wallet. this guide made a ton of money in the technology industry and danes to join us on the site this morning in new york city. >> good morning, stuart. stuart: we follow closely on this program the big-name technology stocks and they've all come down with her most have come down recently. will they bounce back? >> no chance. the reason why, look, food and water is a necessity in the internet is a necessity, to. everything today has been done electronically or digitally from a mobile device. stuart: so why all the big tech companies bounce back customer gravity is digital, while they bounce? >> it's all related. explain it. i don't understand. stuart: i thought we would have
11:31 am
fun in this interview but excites me why the big tech stocks will bounce? >> look, from the global point of view on the level of global processor you see that everything is going digital electronically and domestically and internationally. from a point of view when i look at processes in the united states and look at consumer transactions the rules and regulations are very hard on international business from the us point of view. if you look at payment processor from china for example from outside the united states the much more flexible and encouraged to transact international with international consumers. that is something that i think .
11:32 am
stuart: you run allied wallet and that is what you do. your international payment processor. what does that have to do with facebook? >> facebook is completely different. stuart: but you said the big-name technology stocks will not bounce back to where they were spirit well, you know, from the point of view of what section of technology are you referring to? are we talking to. stuart: and talking facebook, google, twitter, for example. you don't think bill bounce back? >> i have a feeling that it will take a little time to bounce back. stuart: now your international payments process and it occurs to me that everything these days, all payments are being done with these things and i don't need a check or credit card or cash even though that's what i like.
11:33 am
is this where we are going? >> this is where we are today. if i told you this ten years ago that everything would be tuitions and order a driver to come to you for you stand iphone you would look at me and say i'm crazy. stuart: i would have. >> but technology is advancing and i travel quite a bit to asia market and see what their building in the innovation out there which is blow your mind away. even us in the us are two or three years behind on payment technology compared to asian markets. stuart: we are two-three years at least according to experts. >> have you tried to wire money from an account here to australia, it's like giving birth. stuart: it's tough. but what makes it - sometimes i might want to put money over there but doing it is difficult
11:34 am
because of security. >> regulations as well. stuart: regulations, i got it. you can't tell me that when everything goes on this it will be totally secure? >> it is from our point of view. we've seen the markets and . stuart: from your point of view but what about me? i'm the one with the money. >> whenever you enter your credit card data or bank account into your mobile device, let's say in our platform and i speak for myself, what we've done we will encrypt everything that you have put in there which is data and information in the credit card information and the payment method they use. we encrypt that and lick it to no relationship to the credit card information or payment map that you would use in the future so whenever you go back to transact using our platform claimant it records the previous
11:35 am
transaction that you made using the credit card payment and give you the option would you like to use those payment with the last four digits to identify any say yes. that is encrypted and on a level one environment which is very safe and protected. stuart: you can't crack it? >> pretty much, nope. stuart: allied wallet is the name of it. >> correct, the company, yeah. stuart: you own it. >> yes. stuart: privately owned. >> yes,. >> i started the company 13 years ago peered originally from beirut, lebanon and could you have done it from anywhere else in the world? >> this is the land of the dreams if you want to work hard for it. my understanding when i was a child my parents tell me if you like to fight the best place to make it in life is america because that's land where people had to fight to make it to the top and i'm a fighter not to
11:36 am
fight. i fight very hard and am where i am today. stuart: congratulations. pretty damn good. i'm out of time but andy, come back and see us again. >> anytime. stuart: will get your thoughts on facebook. good luck. now this. this struck me as unusual and interesting. federal air marshals, they are tracking american citizens who are not on the terrorist watch list or currently under investigation. judge napolitano is here. these are air marshals on planes and if you get up and use the bathroom too often they will check you out. if you go to the bathroom and change her clothes they will check you out. they will look at your travel history, check you out. is that legal? >> no, it's not. the constitution requires what is called articulable suspicion. you have to have suspicion that you can articulate to your
11:37 am
colleagues in superiors before you can begin an investigation of a person. they can keep statistics how many people went to the bathroom but for some reason they cannot isolate information about a human being without some suspicion about them or they violate the federal law. stuart: cannot say that if you made three trips to pakistan and you've also been to afghanistan and messing around in somalia and various other hotspots maybe you can and for that you got connections which are unsavory and therefore would check you out. >> that would be articulable's position but that's not what this program is. it's talking about you flying to palm beach florida using a bathroom twice and i'm not saying this happen i'm making it up but in newark airport because you and twice the same bathroom for making records of what stuart varney does. it's absurd and no basis to the value. it's a form of surveillance because it's in public it does require a warrant but even the surveillance itself has to have a legal basis called articulable suspicion. stuart: she could sue the
11:38 am
constitutionality of their air marshals actions. >> if i become a victim of it. [inaudible]. stuart: i must get this in. judge, notwithstanding. allen to back possibly retiring. who is he suggesting to replace him? >> to people you never heard of. the first one would be he was asked this question in his contract is up in 2020 and says less than a 50% chance of renewal. he 78 but on the show since 1984 but first person he chose for the right, alex, 20 years old play-by-play commentator for the la kings i.c.e. hockey team in la. he loves his hockey and listens to the skylight and thinks he is perfect. woman on the left is an attorney that says she's seen on a number of cable tv shows and think she is very good and could have the
11:39 am
personality to take over from here. two people you and i think he would back. >> this is like a supreme court nomination. what is important is that alex alex trebek is 70 years old. it's a great hope. >> to sion the production company? does he get to choose? stuart: his opinion will carry weight. i'm running on time for the big boy shows a gain of 1200 points. stocks on renewed hopes of trade talk with china. that's unconstitutional but judge, forget it for a second. the chief of pfizer says he believes the us is going to go to a marketplace where we don't have a rebates on drug purchases. pfizer hitting a 16 year high of two and a half% the price of gold is that $12.32 and price of a single bitcoin is $735.
11:40 am
bmw raising prices in china unto popular suvs, the x5 and x6 models. the co-op 7% and 4%. it will increase the prices of his new asked for when it launches in china in a few weeks time. we thought you'd like to know bmw's pricing schedule in china. now this person president trump willing to meet with iran's president without preconditions. the iranians shot back and said, we will only meet if you get back into the new deal. what does our mideast expert expert david rubin think about that? and alleged kickbacks gain at the stock exchange rate traders making money at the expense of their investors. nicole is there and has that story in 90 seconds. meanwhile, portland, oregon on your screen. no rain, what is going - we we read back.
11:41 am
11:42 am
>> this is your foxbusiness to brief. they filed a formal complaint for allegedly receiving kickbacks. we'll take a look at kevin lowdermilk, the complete received business specifically that he received dozens of cash kickbacks from an employee third parker broker.
11:43 am
that unnamed broker sells trading technology. he continues at over 11 months and he received numerous payments totaling $2000. he has since been suspended from his current job and nothing like this has happened since the early 2000's. they said no comment for this investigation and i spoke with the ceo. they told me that there dedicated to clients for 23 years. although we cannot specifically comment on the traders are appalled and upset by this isolated incident. a bit of this. why not? your hotel should make it easy to do all the things you do. which is what we do. crowne plaza. we're all business, mostly. i saw my leg did not look right. croi landed.. i was just finishing a ride. i felt this awful pain in my chest. i had a pe blood clot in my lung. i was scared.
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talk to your doctor about xarelto®. stuart: president trump had to florida this afternoon. here's the treatment he came out this morning. like berman standing by. blake, i believe he will speak tonight at the fairgrounds in tampa. it's a huge place. he will get a big crowd? >> he probably will be in the state he wanted 2060. couple different events going on. first, the president will be pushing for workforce development workforce initiatives and going to a technical education center and talk about needing to strengthen technical education. at the present. then it's one of the big
11:46 am
campaign style rallies that he will be hosting tonight in tampa and doing so to support ron desantis congressman running for governor now in a primary against adam putnam, the ag commissioner. he's jumped into this race and they are good news for desanto's in the last couple days in the new poll shows them up 12 - this is the influence of the president and the public and voters listening to the present. watch your. >> you are seen with energy of the republic party is right now and it will be behind the president. as he's endorsed in these races you see a shift for the candidates that he supported. reporter: by the way, stuart, there's a huge race and stay in florida and that's for the senate, a new poll out today shows that the florida governor, rick scott, leaving the governors mansion now leads the current senior senator, bill nelson.
11:47 am
that seat is currently blue and could potentially go read in the president hosts a really tonight in florida. stuart: that is bethany. blake, thank you very much indeed. president trump says he is willing to meet with iran's president and let me call that tape. >> i ended the area deal. it was a ridiculous deal. i believe that they will probably end up wanting to meet and i'm ready to meet anytime they want to. i don't do that from strength or from weakness. i think it's an appropriate thing to do. if we could work something out that is meaningful, not the waste of paper that the other deal was, i would be willing to meet. stuart: joining us is david rubin, expert on mideast relations. president rouhani says that meeting will not happen unless we go back into the new deal and that's unlikely. david, out of interest, if it did happen and if there was a meeting, how do you feel about it? would you encourage it?
11:48 am
>> i'm okay with that. i'm okay with the president meeting with whoever he wants to. president is a good dealmaker and i think he could handle it. what i would advise him is to go in with eyes wide open because we are talking about negotiating and if it becomes a negotiating were talking about negotiating with people who are the most radical muslims and, you know, stuart there are two precepts, the two highest precepts in islam are jihad which means holy war against non-muslims and even muslims who disagree with them and [inaudible] which means lying to further the cause of islam. it's permitted to lie to further the cause of islam. yes, the president could meet with him and the president could meet with the ayatollah but he should go in with eyes wide open and be careful about agreeing to
11:49 am
anything. basically, the kim prescription is the best. to go in carefully and plan ahead. stuart: david, we keep getting reports from major cities in iran of significant imitations bringing the local economy to a halt. one of them major cities in the center of the countries and it occurs to me the president tru trump, because of iran's economic problems, has enormous leverage in this situation which may not have been apparent before. we have leverage. >> well, i'm not heard any polls recently taken in iran but my guess is president trump is more popular than rouhani or than ayatollah. he is speaking about freedom and speaking about things they don't have in iran. the protests are only going to get there. i don't know if they will get strong enough to overthrow this
11:50 am
oppressive regime in iran but certainly it is there and happening now. stuart: david, there ever a pole which produced a headline saying trump more popular than the molars and the pole came from iran, that would be the lead story on this program and a lot of others like it. i don't expect it, however. david rubin, thank you. >> maybe we should organize. [laughter] stuart: no harm done to try it, please, david. and you for joining us. >> you are welcome. stuart: listen to this. one quarter of adults who suffered a sprained ankle were given opioids in the emergency room. we wonder how the opioid crisis started - maybe the emergency rooms and doctors have something to do with it. will follow the story. bernie sanders says he wants medicare for all but that would cost $32 trillion over the next ten years. some would say that is the cost of socialism.
11:51 am
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stuart: remember that i just told you a quarter of adults who had a sprained ankle went to the er and a quarter of those people got in opioid treatment. what is going on? you don't need in opioid for a sprained ankle, do you? >> i'm never described in opioid for a sprained ankle. there is state variation. in arkansas 40% of sprained ankles got in opioid. north dakota, thank you. 2.5% and it should be 0%. you don't need in opioid. for those they gave morty 1030 pills you don't even need one but more than 30% more than 5% ended up addicted because of a sprained ankle and their lives destroyed. stuart: in your opinion they should not have been prescribed or boys so the fault lies with the emergency room doctors doesn't it? what are they doing? >> i agree one 100%.
11:56 am
this is one of the reasons we are bringing an exact reason here but we talk about overuse for surgery and dental procedures and the key is overuse. sometimes there is actual indications not for spring ankle and i can't imagine it - it's a disgrace. stuart: if you have 30 pills give a 5% chance to get educated bernie sanders wants medicare for all and george mason university says you do that and it costs $32 trillion over ten years. your response? >> that would be more than double your taxes individual and corporate taxes and they still wouldn't pay for it. it's enormously expensive and it gets rid of the co-pay and deductible but once again it's an entitlement society. we saw in canada what happens with the single-payer and the government shrinks and rationing care and at the time with great innovation and how we play for immunotherapy and genetic therapy? will not be able to it's ridiculous talking point and i'll tell you one less reason
11:57 am
why. the insurance industry is powerful in the united states and they will never let this through. stuart: daca, again after this, the iconic new york city skyline show it, please. i think we have the empire state building. it's a lovely day in new york city. i have to tell you something incredible. capital one has partnered with to give venture cardholders 10 miles on every dollar they spend at thousands of hotels. all you have to do is pay with this at 10 miles per dollar? that is incredible. brrrrr! i have the chills. . .
11:58 am
11:59 am
jo american pharoah triple crown winner, retirement. out to stud. did you know that american pharoah sires, i think that is the correct word, 150 live foals, and stud fee. 30 million bucks a year. that is great way to retire.
12:00 pm
>> the best way. stuart: i agree with that. what about alex trebek? >> i don't know if he is doing that but retiring from "jeopardy." going out to pasture. stuart: american pharoah, alex trebek. retirement. now charles payne in for neil. what can you do after this? >> i will resist all the jokes running through my head charles: i'm charles payne if for neil cavuto.


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