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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 18, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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you can't take it with you. do you have a "strange inheritance" story you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it! send me an e-mail or go to our website, . >> have a good sunday. >> happy thanksgiving. a. both parties are reshould haveling. we'll speak to two members of the house good morning sand welcome. this is sunday morning futures. more women than every before coming to power in the house. my next guest is a rising star and will be the third largest in the house next year. she will join me exclusive lie
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to talk about the midterms and how today's gop was different than the party then when her party helped lead it. the next round of spending bills are coming up. i'll talk to roy about his party's priority. we have been following this story closely from the beginning. investigations into misconduct in the top levels of the fbi and doj. the chairman of the house devin is here. he has been spear heading those investigations. he will join me next to discuss what happen happened to the problems. all of that plus rexerox from our panel right now only sunday morning futures.
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we begin with house republicans prepyring for their new role as minority. you know, me now with an exclusive interview. wisconsin congresswoman liz doctor,heney. good to see you this morning. thank you for joining us. >> glad to be with you. >> can eye walk us through your priorities. >> first of all, we have a lot to be with focused on. we have living through the economic boom and we have to make sure we do everything necessary to prevent the democrats from reveersing course on that. they made it clear that's what they want to do. we have to work with the white house and colleagues to make sure they didn't happen. there is continued progress that
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requires the republicans takeback the house. >> it's great to see so many more women moving into these leadership positions. whiney looking at the numbers it's 123 women will be in congress and only 19 will republicans. why is that? averment we have to do a better job. we have to make sure we recruit women candidates working to get the message out. i wild just say. it's important to reichize women mike bad policy too. unanimous psi oww obviously, as it leader of the democrats is in a position that who who is said he will put in place the legislation that's bad for the country. if welike at the wave of young democrats. many of them came in the freshman class and they are socialist. they are proposing the policy that's incredibly incredibly d.
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we need to have quire divorcety and make sure we understand being a woman doesn't mean eye will do the right thing. >> i think this is a important point you make. what's the issue around nancy right now. i just had a conversation with my equal likings about what's be going on. you have cortez telling republicans we are coming for you. we want more progressives. how will eye dale with that as a party who is trying to congresswoman up with moderate economic proposals. what do you think happens to the democratic party? >> it's interested to me. the democrats are focused on the collusion and threat. the real russia threat is when you leukemia at the soviet
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stile. government funded housing and healthcare. the democrats are going through a challenge time. nancy pelosi is working hard. >> will she be speaker? >> well, you know, she has a tough task ahead of her higher. we'll see what happens. she's having to placate radical and socialist views in her party. we know that's not good. >> last week on the prom gra i spoke with reside island congressman david running for a leadership position in the house. i asked him about republican criticism. the platform is about
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invicegation and impeachment of trump and not much else. watch this. >> democrats iran on a specific agenda. i helpeddast it with my communication committee. it's an agenda for the part-time. it's driving down the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs. raising family incomes by rebuilding our country. taking on the corruption. these are issues they ran an. >> the over site had the overwhelming impact. they heard his adding. that do think you are work on that? >> i think we'll do everything we can to see if areas can work
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on a bipartisan manner. when you have rat call proposals to slash our defense budget. they say they will that i can their guns. some believe we could eliminated all fossil fuels. the democrats have a challenge. the deregulation and tax cuts. we have low enemployment. we have job and economic growth.
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the american people didn't veto to turn that around. >> its you see the prise orties taking place. republicans have challenges as well. there is a lot of conversation about the suburban warm. if you look back 17 years. does the gop look the same today. how does it look different. >> all parties change and evolve. we have work together to do. i think we need to be careful. a lot of what we saw was massive amounts of money coming in here. billionaires putting it in.
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we clearly saw her go after our republican women. it's important to make sure we get the seats back. i intend to do that. >> what's the secret sauce to appeal for suburban women? >> the democrats will be with forced into radical proposals. what they will have to do is make cheer the choice. we as republicans must make sure our message is is out there. economic growth and national security matt ires. part-time must understand the democrats wore lying when they
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side we'll take away coverage of preexisting conditions. the democrats run saying they ambulance support with my ice issues. people want to make sure the borders are secure and their kids get jabs. >> i couldn't agree more. when people ask me to speak about money and men verse money and women. that's marketing. you have two bills to deal with before the year end and will we see defense numbers change? >> we have passed the bill. the president sirenned it inti law. this is the first time we passed
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it at adequate let themes and on time. we have other bills we'll have to address. on defense spending and aappropriation that's absolutely something we have to make sure -- the president made the investment with congress to begin to rebuild. we have been in such a hole after the obama administration it will take multiple years. our knows are -- we must continue to make those kinds of investment in security and military. >>reporter: what's the biggest risk you think the country faces within the nucleus two years. will the democrats be able to revirus the president business friendly agenda. >> i know they will try. i think certainly the tax cuts
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made a difference. deregulation also u we don't here much about that. you know well, the kinds of deregulation you have sign and extent to which the government has said. we will let people keep more of what they rhine. from my state it will be tremendous with what we have been able to acome mental anguish. they need to know they have the support. >> thank you for joining us. >> congresswoman liz chaney. we'll talk to roy blunt of missouri who is the chambers
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senate republicans areliking to hit the ground running. there are still goals they want to achieve in 20 18. they will play a major role in shaping the agenda. joining me now is roy blunt. he has been elected as it chairman republican committee. what are the priorities in new congress? >> in the new congress one priority will be to confirm judges. we are in the personnel business unlike the house.
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so, the fact that the house has changed control has no impact on that. what has impact on that is 53 republicans in the senate instead of 51. you can do more with 53 than 51. you can stretch more if someone couldn't be appointed. it could be if it took all of the republicans. woe will see. we have a great impact on the judicial roy branch. one out of six of the court of appeals judges worry people nominated by president trump and confirmed by the senate. we'll continue through this year and december 31 to clear the calendar of those judges anders who are out of committee. we'll try to give the president the team he needs to do what
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elected. the democrats and senate have thrown them in the way. the denial of a president to have his team and they have effective alloy used every teal they had to slow that process down. >> you know, the judicialry naming has been one of the president's biggest accomplishments. what about senator flake's resistance. you talk about it coming from the dems. he wanted to mike sure no one stopped robert muller's investigation. >> no one is threatening to miss with it. all of my colleagues, my republican colleagues in the senate have publicly and repeatedly said how important it is to let that investigation go
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forward. let's get it behind us and not stop and start again. the legislation they would like to see voted on would have to be signed by the president. it won't happen. why we would use that thyme when we could be miking these kind of lifetime changes can amazing to me. we'll figure out a way to do that. i think, maria. on the muller dismissal side of the discussion there is a huge reason not to believe that the congress can decide who works in the judiciary branch. i've side repeatedly. it's auto big mistake not to let this go forward. i wouldn't be for any legislation that will vie lite the separation of power. there is a way to do that.
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it's called the independent council. >> i want to ask about the investigations coming. let me stay on the judicialry. do you think letters will nominate another justice before 2020. >> i know having theview can'tcy in 2016 was much more focused. there could be with a vacancy. i believe, you would think there is somelikely opportunity that could. having the chance to put two judges on the court. two joins that with good health are like lie to sever for three decades is the real long-term impact the president will have to make on the country. the who you put-on the court for
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a lifetime appointment could make a big difference for decades or decades after you leave the senate. this is important who controls the senate. >> stay with us. i want to ask you you about 2020 coming up and if the president's tone may change. we'll be back
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we had a discussion with liz chaney about the divisiveness and their approach to president trump or on the democratic side the lurch to the left.
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claire lost to josh and said look, i'm not a crazy democrat. she called on her colleagues for going so left. your reaction to her loss? >> in a state like ours where voters have gotten more conservative as a group. there are a lot in the middle. claire's message was important for our voters to hear. it was with a bag drop of a state with the president is popular than anywhere. his approval rating is much higher than they were when elected president in 2016. his efforts for attorney general holly and senate races around the country exsueded anything that i think any president has
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done. >> we lost seats input the house but our margin in the senate will go up and give us ability there the senate that we wouldn't have is had otherwise. they put the agenda in place. >> do you expect the tone to change or shift in any way? >> i really don't. i believe the american people got who they elected as president trump of the united states. i believe that will count. i believe what democrats will find surprising and a lot of people in the media will find surprising is whirliers who are president would hate the idea of investigations. i'm sure the president would rather have a republican house. he will engage in a public way in these investigations if democrats try to pursue them. the best thing democrats could do is legislate rather than
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investigate. if approximate they investigate they will have an active participant talking about how those investigations are being conducted in the white house and that participant will be with the president of the united states. averment will the claims and lawsuits fall flat in the senate. >> there has to be house and senate cooperation. clearly that's not likely going to happen. again, i think you will just see a level oven engagement in past white houses. the congress is investigating something. the white house message was fully co-op rite. don't have -- cooperation. there isn't much to say. this will give him a different thing to talk about everyday of the week and continue to dominate that discussion over the next two years just like in the last two. >> what about the discussion
10:28 pm
ability what took place in the 2016 elikewise. we know a lot of people in the fbilike peter and andrew and bruce and jim tried to put their finger on the scale and stop donald trump from winning. will senate republicans pick up where house republicans left off in terms of the investigation of the doj and fbi'sas during the election. >> the russian issues we have been dealing with. yes, the judicial rye committee is certain tolike at what happened in the justice department and fbi during 2016. there is a story to be told there. part of that story is things that have been classified. you wonder what's classified in the way the american people couldn't know about it. they are likely to know what's
10:29 pm
in those classified documents. >> we'll talk to devin ability that. let me get back to appropriations. i spoke to the ceo and chairman of boeing. he spoke about the lion aircraft and defense spending. i want to see what you agree with this? listen to this. >> we see the defense budget being sustained. if youlike back a few years when we were there the middle we were in a stronger budget position now. we look to the u.s. defense budget to remain strong. we see growth around the world. a third of our defense backlog is outside of the u.s. >> interesting a third of the backlog is outside of the united states. what are your priorities. >> the head quarters for the defense operations in st. louis. we are proud of the workers
10:30 pm
there and what happens in our state and neighboring state. certainly, we do see more of a commitment to long-term planning. you not online have orders for this year but future years. you can keep the line open. we got way behind in the previous decade. in the obama decade. it's showing and everybody that understands the military knows we have catching up today. we began that in a significant way this you. we are committeed to maintain that as a senate and country. we do what we need to have investments to proticket the military. chinese are do can what they
10:31 pm
have to inside the systems. we lose the advantage if approximate we let that happen. we never want americans to be in a fair fight. we want them to be in every advantage. what we do over the next few years will determine if that's the case or not. >> important story in the l.a. times. china took their gloves off in the theft of the u.s. technology secrets. we'll get into that with devin. do you think china's behavior is go can to change any time soon? >> i have no reason to believe that. where the president talked about our trade relationship with china generally also that discussion goes into what happened with the military where all of our investment in technology. in new defense systems has in so
10:32 pm
many cases been stolen by the chinese. they take their money and try to build on what we already have done to figure out how to impact in a negative way. >> appreciate it. averment what will happen to those investigations and what about china. the man ♪ introducing the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? constipation until my doctor direcommended stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your body, unblocking your system naturally. miralax. now available in single serve mix-in pax.
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bethany: did you know breast every day?ls 113 people catherine: that's unacceptable. jacinte: african american women die from breast cancer nearly 41% more than caucasian women. gordon: that's unacceptable. laura: breast cancer is the leading cause of all cancer deaths for hispanic women. jacinte: breast cancer is unacceptable. lesa: together, with susan g. komen we're committed to reducing u.s. breast cancer deaths by half. melissa: and we're going to do it by 2026. lesa (vo): failure is unacceptable.
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california wildfire disaster zone we are getting a look at the devastation left behind. the death toll rises to 79 people dead. 1300 are still unaccounted for. devin is here from the world ag expo in california once again. it's good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you maria. >> you are situated between the two fires. what you are seeing where you are in terms of air quality and smoke. i know you are not there. yesterday the president toured the campfire responsible for most of the deaths. he was with kevin mccarthy and other officials looking at the damage.
10:37 pm
officials said the fire was moving the distance of a football field a second. the worse fire in california history. >> thanks, maria. thank you for asking act that. i'm several hour from the major fire, the campfire you can see and smell the smoke in the air. a lot of football games were canceled or delayed all over the state. i actually, the campfire hits close to home. i had a cousin that lived in paradise. my uncle had to take a motor home up to chico where you see people camped out. they are living in the town of chico. the tragic part is years ago we had timber mills in the state. we used to take this wood out of the state. what american people need to
10:38 pm
know if you don't remove the wood and brush eventually it burns. you either forcefully pull it out or it burns. it's flustrate can to hear the left that have blocked the access to these forests off. you no longer build fire breaks. you no longer take the trees that have fallen and removed them. that's fuel. once it ignites it burns really hot and tragic things happen like we have here. this will be one of the biggest katas phis in history. >> you are sighing it's policy and lack of policy cleaning up the forests.
10:39 pm
we don't have the actual reason for why they have been set. parking lot of it -- part of it is lack of policy. >> 100%. if you have a community you build in california that was surrounded by forest and grassland the first priority is to ensure you have a barrier built aremind there. that only happens by making sure cattle to grace on the land again and remove timber. >> let me move on and ask about your investigation. we have been here with you following your moves on the intel committee as you investigate the fbi and doj. sedona number of part-time tried to stop donald trump and exonerate hillary clinton. now you have the democrats
10:40 pm
holding the majority in the new congress. what will happen to you investigation? >> s we are largely done. we finished our investigation. we have three buckets we would like declassified. we have an fourth bucket to be declassified. we sent a list of 40 names to our task force that chairman goodlap are heading up. they won't get through the names because they haven't had enough time. look, this begs an investigation. they can investigate the dirty cops and their connections to the russianings and clinton campaign. it's the special council or doj has to do that. that's the way this will be solved. our commit tie, -- committee.
10:41 pm
the american people know the trump campaign was unmask american citizens. they know many of the trump campaign people were targeted. they used the dossier. we need these information declassified and give finality to the investigation. >> you are giving us new information on the fourth bucket. you would like to see the last fiza renewal. you would like to see bruce's report that are the e-mails from bruce and his wife and'res. you would like to sigh the evidence that wasn't presented to the fisa court. evidence that would say there was no collusion. that wasn't presented?
10:42 pm
>> yes, the first three, you are right on. we have been calling on those for months. the president directed them to be done. rod convened a meeting. we let the white house know that. that won't work. that will bury this and none of it will be with declassified. for months we have been reviewing e-mails between fbi and doj and others that clearly show that they knew about information presented to the court. 900 egoreal evidence that they withheld evidence within the court. this is classified and they need to be declassified. which have been asking. this went to the highest levels.
10:43 pm
we want as many public as possible. we know what's in the e-mails but they are still refusing to give congress even in a classified setting the information. >> i asked david act this. he's in leadership and what he said about the court. >> we know there was massive abuse to the fiza court. when informs wasn't given. there has been this investigation into the judiciary committee. bob goodlap leading the investigation into mccabe, because ohr.
10:44 pm
will you drop that? >> let me correct you, there hasn't been massive abuse. >> are you saying they didn't withhold information. >> there has been no abuse of the fisa court. >> wow, hi was pretty admit there. >> yeah, they have been in denial. thy party was colluding with russian. their entire party should be investigating. if you open up a secret investigation on the trump campaign when you had no evidence. when i know you, in fact, the fbi united stated the evidence the clinton campaign paid for that was coming from russians. the thing the trump campaign was investigated for they did. there is no abuse in their own blindbecause they think it's okay. as long as the democrats use
10:45 pm
secret courts then it's okay. if approximate that's the way people want it in america i don't think it is but that's what the democrats think it should be. >>reporter: i . >> i want to ask you about adam shift. you had a chance to all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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welcome back. i'm back with house intelligence chairman devin. adam shift will take-over as it chairman. we heard what he says. he doesn't agree or believe many of the things you have been invest got aing. how will the next two years workout? >> i'm actually looking forward to our first open hearing. for two years the democrats on the committee and through congress have been saying they have more than circumstance evidence that the trump campaign
10:49 pm
colluded with russians. for at the first open herring i'm looking forward to them releasing this information. we know that the only thing that hasn't leaked is this information about the trump campaign. they promised it. they have the majority. finally they will present theory evidence. >> you have done the investigation and you come up with you found no evidence of collusion with did trump campaign. you had an opportunity -- >> at some point maria, i want to say that, you don't get away with two years repeating the same garage over and over again. infuriating the american people. so many americans minds have been poisoned and believe they colluded with russians because we had dishonest politicians saying this.
10:50 pm
they used it for crowd funding. they didn't live-in to attack republicans. that happened in dozens of districts. so, like. at the end of the day they have a responsibility now. >> let ice not forget the media driving the bus on that. the loudspeaker for this idea of solution. really quick, my final question is rod rosinstein. should event you have done that intervie so people could have seen what took place and gotten answers from him? >> well, the task force attempted to interview him and he changed the terms of the interview. so he's the deputy attorney general and doesn't get to dictate to congress what or how an interview will be conducted.
10:51 pm
it's like james comby wanting to do one in public. this is a scheme for them to hide from answering the tough questions. if you go out in public they will sigh that's classified or can't answer that. >> that makes sense. >> thank you. >> they need to be held accountable. >> thank you, maria. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. the panel is see a little blood when you brush or floss? you may have gum disease and could be on a journey to much worse. try parodontax toothpaste. it's three times more effective at removing plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums. leave bleeding gums behind with parodontax toothpaste. leave bleeding gums behind i never thought i'd say this but i found bladder leak underwear that's actually pretty. always discreet boutique. hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel. so i feel protected and pretty. always discreet boutique.
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welcome back. lee carter is the partner of lee partners. chairman of the harris poll. greet to see you both. thank you for joining us lie and mark.
10:55 pm
mark, let the's kick it off with you. you wrote an op ed that has a lot of people scratching their head. hilary will run again as a liberalfire brand. she will tapture the 2020 nomination. this is from the wall street journal on november 11. i know you worked with hilary and you have been critical of some of her behavior. this article saying she will run again are you taunting her. what was the point? >> i was really stating the obvious that caused quiet a stir. she has an 75% rating democrats. if there is no front runner in october. there may well be no front runner there is a high probability she will jump back in and redo history. i'm just painting what i think is a reasonable scenario here
10:56 pm
given the fact there is no front runner and how poorly democrats did in the hearings with cave -- cavanagh. >> we would like medicare for all and apolish ice and all of these far left proposals. >> let's not forget the primaries are about getting part-time who are registered voters to the polls. when with eye have them on the extreme they do better in the primaries because that's who goes and votes. you don't see them going farther left. i'm seeing people put ideas forward rather than talk about resisting. >> thighs idea -- these ideas fly in the face of what the
10:57 pm
moderates will be. >> a lot of attention has been given to the left but the moderates slow lain to the fast been pulled through and their caucus demand the rules change and they will determine which
10:58 pm
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lou: good evening violence breaking out in tijuana were hundreds of migrants from the central american caravan have arrived. just south of the border. thousands more migrants still on their way. we have the latest tonighton the caravan . what the border patrol is doing to keep them out of the united states. all of that here tonight. also, california's radical dimms senator, kemal harris launches a vile attack against men and women of immigration and customs enforcement.


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