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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 7, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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going to stay on this story. that's it for us tonight. thank you for having us in your homes and thank eye fo you for watching. "lou dobbs" is next right here on the fox business network. have a good night. lou: good evening, everybody. president trump will take his call for the wall and true border security directly to the american people. president trump to address the nation tomorrow night and visit the border in texas later this week. president trump calling illegal immigration and our border security crisis a national emergency. >> we're looking at a national emergency because we have a national emergency. just read the papers. we have a crisis at the border of drugs, of human beings being trafficked all over the world. they're coming through. and we have an ab absolute criss of criminals and gang members
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coming through. it's national security. it's a national emergency. lou: and despite that national emergency, the radical dimms refuse to fund the president's border wall construction. the commander in chief says that he may have the military build it if they continue to refuse to take responsibility. when asked if the president has the authority to do so, the new democratic chair of the house armed services committee adam smith says there is no question whatsoever. >> the short answer is yes, there is a provision in law that says the president -- lou: adam smith going on to say that there is no question about the president's authority and in fact his responsibility is clear as well. we take up the president's continued commitment for national security and border wall funding. council of economic advisers, kevin hassit.
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the white house continuing trade talks with china. president trump with his trademark optimism remains confident china is ready to make a deal. >> i spoke to president xi recently. i really believe they want to make a deal. the tariffs have absolutely hurt china very badly but our country is taking in a lot of money through tariffs. a lot of money. a lot of tariffs. steel dumping tariffs and others. i think china wants to get it resolved. their economy is not doing well. they're down close to 38%. that's a lot. and i think that gives them a great incentive to negotiate. lou: this new round of trades talks come as tensions in the southed china sea escalate and the chinese complain strongly about u.s. patrols near disputed islands that the chinese have taken over. general jack keane with us on the latest on red storm rising. and the white house may use
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executive privilege to block release of parts of the mueller witch hunt's final report. we'll tell you about that. but would the decision be wise? we'll take that up with sydney powell here tonight. the top story, president trump to address the nation from the oval office tomorrow night as his fight to secure the border continues. the president tweeted earlier, quote, i am pleased to inform you that i will address the nation on the humanitarian and national security crisis on our southern border tuesday night at 9 p.m. eastern. the president addressing concerns over the weekend about the surge of criminals at our border and why a wall is desperately needed. >> but the surge has never bnl stronger and we have to build a wall or a barrier. this is a very important battle to win from the standpoint of safety, number one, defining our country and who we are, also from the standpoint of dollars.
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this wall will pay for itself many times during the course of a year. we have to have border security. if we don't have border security, we're going to be crime ridden and it's going to get worse and worse. lou: the white house announcing that the president will visit the u.s.-mexico border on thursday. joining me now, kevin hassit. it's great to have you with us. and i have to guess that you as the chairman of the cea, you're feeling especially good these days. this president is delivering on a blowaway economy. >> yeah. i mean, you saw the jobs report last friday was real lu one of the best jobs reports i've ever seen in my whole career as an economist. one of the things that you've talked about, really about this president and really's something that's remarkable is that we've now made 500 thoirks manufacturing jobs. you can remember a few years ago, it used to be if you
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watched the show we were talking about how we had lost hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs and the other administration was talking about how manufacture was like agriculture and it was going to disappear. we've made 500,000 manufacturing jobs and millions of jobs since president trump was elected. lou: and this president, as you know, kevin, we started talking about bringing jobs back when we had heard president after president, democrat and republican, talking about what a wonderful brilliant tring labor athing itwas, offshoring a brilt concept. and suddenly people are remembering you have to preserve this economy, protect your workers. middle class is the foundation of the country. and lord all fightty we have a president who believes in the country and the americans. it's a different world. >> and it's a big payback for
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americans. when you talk about john jobs ap it can be confusing. i made a presentation in atlanta last week where we showed people extra surprise relative to the gdp adding $3,100 per household. it's already that big. so i think it's a big impact on people's lives. and one of the places we saw that was in the christmas sales. there are a lot more presents under the tree this year and that's really good news for america. lou: and good for you. so often brilliant economists say in numbers and don't bring it to the level that most of us live at, meaning what does it bring to me. you do the country a great service. i want to talk about this shutdown as well. i was looking at a number of -- a range of numbers about what it's costing and what the impact will be on gdp, et cetera.
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i don't see any studies on what does it cost to continue to allow $50 billion in remittences to leave the economy. what does it cost with the corruption on both sides of the border with mexico, the massive corruption and violence that exists in that corridor. and particularly in mexico, our neighbors, friends and allies in mexico are paying a tremendous price because we don't have a controlled border. your thoughts about that and the importance of weighing these costs to the economy. >> right. well, first i think about the economieeconomics of the border. one way to think about it, the cea put out an estimate that opioids cost us $500 billion in cost because of the epidemic here in this country. lou: and 70,000 lives. >> and a huge share of those are coming across the mexican border. and if we can make a tiny dent
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on 500 billion, you can go a long way towards paying for increased border security. the other thing i want to say about the cost, if you think about what's really happening, so what's happening is there are all of these government workers furloughed and what's going to happen is eventually we'll get the government up and running and when we do they'll get their back pais. the taxpayers aren't going to pay less money to government workers because of the shutdown. the government workers aren't showing up for work and then they're going to get their back pais. pay. we're going to get the end result of them not going to work. lou: i think the folks in your racket called that equilibrium. and also folks in your racket talk about utility. and what we're watching with illegal immigration in this country is costing us immensely in terms of public money. the taxpayer's money, which is
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going to private benefit, that is those who hire illegal immigrants what do not, in nearly every instance pay for education, do not pay for medicare, do not pay for the social services that illegal immigrants use. the benefit goes directly to those customers. we have to control immigration, do we not? >> right. you're right that we do. and that's why the president has really drawn a line in the sand here right now. and the one other little bit of economics in this that i would like to point out. suppose that you believed that border security was going to improve dramatically say two months from now and you were someone who wanted to get into the country illegally. what would you do. you would run to the border right now. this uncertainty is adding to the turmoil at the border and that's simple economics. >> beyond the reach of the radical dimms and their leaders on capitol hill.
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hopefully the president will change all of that. i want to go to the issue of trade talks with china. we're hearing really for the first time from the chinese some considerable optimism about the progress of trade talks with the united states and this seems to be well for the president's campaign for balanced trade, not only between the united states and china but amongst all of the trading nations of the world. and it's well past time that some leader, but we're fortunate enough to have this leader, talked about leading us toward balanced trade. >> and fair and reciprocal trade. we're really nice to a lot of countries. we make our markets accessible to them. but they're not always so nice to us. there was a little bit of talk about apple's profit downgrade last year. we found that only 1.7% of the profits of u.s. firms come from sales in china. the chinese economy is huge and our guys are barely making me
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money at all in china. lou: i cannot tell you -- >> trying to make progress. i got to say, i think you would report that there really is a lot of progress being made on that. and a senior economic official came to the meetings with our people over there and u think we'ri thinkwe're making the kinf progress that president trump wants to see. lou: and to see the european union moving toward the president's call for fair, balanced, reciprocal trade is a big deal. the world bank needs to move in that direction. the international monetary fund needs to move in that direction, as does the rest of the world. and with china moving ahead and adepting, perhaps that's happen sooner rather than later. >> can i have the last thought on that? you never would have thought that the g20 meeting that they would put out a statement that said that we need to reform the world trade organization. can you imagine? it's a metric of how much
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president trump has done. and he's not done it through force. he's done it through reason and argument. i think we've made a very very strong case. lou: i couldn't agree with you more. an congratulations on all that you are achieving and all of your help with the president. great to see you. thank you. come back soon. >> will do. lou: and up next, the radical left goes ballistic over the boss nlt of thpossibility of thn chief declaring a national emergency to protect you, me, our fellow americans and our borders. >> this president doesn't have the power to declare an emergency and build a multimillion dollar wall on the border. that's a nonstarter. >> that's not the way it works. he needs to learn how government functions. >> we would oppose any attempt by the president to make himself a king and tyrant saying he can appropriate money without congress. >> i think it's a dangerous
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threat. >> he'll face a challenge if he oversteps what the wall requires when it comes to his responsibilities as commander in chief. lou: every one of the radical dimms think they should have the right to negotiate national security. we take that up and more right after the break. ed rollins, michael goodwin snoin us. join us. we'll be right back.
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lou: the number of murders in all of mexico will surpass 33,000 for the entire year 2018. those projections would be more that double digit increase from 2017, more than 29,000 people killed that year. however a recent study suggests that the number could be much much higher as one report shows 93% of crimes in mexico are never reported and only 3% of crimes reported are actually solved and resolved in a verdict. joining us tonight, former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst ed rollins, also with us, fox business contributor, pulitzer prize winning contributor. michael goods wynn.
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goodwin. let's start with the president's call for this country to focus on a national emergency and for him to do something about it going before the american people tomorrow night 9 p.m. eastern right here. your thoughts. >> i think it's a smart use of the bully pulpit. this is an important fight both politically and in terms of the substance of the issue. and i think the president chose to make this fight and i think it's taken him a while but i think he's fully in gear on it. so the national address, going to the border, i think there are a lot of things to be said and shown to the public in terms of -- he mentioned last friday, for example, sex traffickers, he mentioned the opioid crisis. lou: human smuggler smugglers ol kinds and $60 million of the deadliest drugs to mankind. >> and to have a wall, it's also to deter them from making the
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trek from central america and mexico. lou: and mexico so violent. they should be begging this president to build that wall because that controlled border will mean less drug traffic, sex traffic, human smuggling and deadly, deadly drugs nlts you take the last two years that you put up on the board, that's more than american soldiers killed in vietnam. a staggering number. and the vast americans don't know that a war has been going on at the southern boar border. lou: more people are being killed in mexico than afghanistan for god's sake. and the radical dimms refuse to take responsibility for what is a national emergency, as the president says, a national crisis. >> look. lou: how long can they take such a ridiculous passive stance against the reality, which is americans are dying?
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>> and mexican citizens dying. >> and i think that the president now bringing all of the tools in the presidential toolbox to this fight is the thing -- the only way he's going to be able to change their minds, to get the public -- to show the public, to educate the public that isn't sure about this to say, this is not just a political fight. look at the reality of what's happened. lou: the democrats want democrae it about politics. this president is leading the nation on a national emergency that only he can solve and has the political will. the american people, all they need is a strong leader. he's it. >> he has to sustain this message. and starting with the speech tomorrow night on the border and continuing after that. he has to keep telling people over and over again why we need to security at the border. lou: let me ask you. where in the world are the republicans in congress, in the senate.
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and why aren't they out doing the same thing as the president, carrying his message to their districts, to their states, to the american public. this is a war that we're engaged in. >> it is and obviously the democrats carry the opposite message. they need to get engaged, the president has to lead them. my sense is they're not going to do it by themselves. he keeps kicking them in the tail and they might get more engaged. lou: the politics of this e it t seems to me are unsustainable for the dimms. they're avoiding responsibility. they're flouting the president's authority here, suggesting it's about politics rather than the nation's interest. >> well, they have different constituencies. lou: what country do the democrats represent? >> i don't know. i've never figured that out. but i think the key thing here is the president has to drive this agenda and sustain it. >> look. and i think that is the
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democrats strength here, which is their constituents hate donald trump. so if he's for it, they're against it. and i think that is still a powerful pull on the left. lou: do you really? >> yes. lou: i think it might be powerful within social media. within the country itself can you imagine there are more people who would want to see that border remain corrupt, to see sex trafficking and human smuggling and drug smuggling, 70,000 opioid overdose as year in this country. you think the democrats will tolerate that? >> not if you make that the argument. the argument now is about human beings trying to get to a better lifestyle and the reality is the specific points you make. about the security of americans. lou: what the hell about americans wanting a better life, wanting to make choices about their own country, having a right to decide who comes into
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this country. >> this is what they've done effectively and we have to make our case effectively. lou: and the president to do that. he's the only one who has been doing it for some number of years now, since about june 15, 2015, as i recall. and doing so effectively, as he will, i'm sure, tomorrow night. thank you so much. good to see you. ed, thank you. be sure to vote in the poll tonight. the question is, do you believe america should be first? i mean, first. i wonder who thinks america should be second or third. but the question is, do you believe america should be first? it's a simple question. but the implications are great are they not. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on facebook and instagram. how much of robert mueller's final report will the public see. we'll take that up and more
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next. former federal prosecutor sydney powell joins me. before we go to break, let eel's take a look at our national debt. coming ever closer to 2 $22 trillion. we'll be right back. all money managers might seem the same,
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lou: the president's lead attorney today sa said they've d official assurances that they'll see the mueller final report before any release to the public. rudy giuliani told fox news, quote, we'll enter the review process without preconceptions about blocking material. but until our team reviews the report we cannot waive executive privilege. we prefer that as much of the report as possible be public. joining us tonight, former federal prosecutor sidney powell, former president of the american academy of appellate lawyers, also the author of
7:29 pm
"license to lie, exposing corruption in the department of justice." sidney, good to have you with us. and the giuliani statement sounds amicable and benign. they want the public to see the report. what are you thoughts? >> well, first the report under the regulations has to go to the attorney general and it's up to him, i believe, to decide what and how much to release of it. so that is the first step. and then of course the president and his lawyers will have the right and need to retain the right to invoke whatever privileges they need to invoke. it would be malpractice for them not to do that. lou: we don't want any malpractice going on in our legal profession, but certainly in the white house. it also makes great sense that they have the ability, i think, to be sure that they push out everything they possibly can to the public. this is a president who is all
7:30 pm
about transparency and i think it's a terrible risk to be too restrictive. i would prefer just release the damn report. what do you think? >> yes, i'd like to see as much of it as possible. but what i'm really looking forward to is the team that the president has put together in their rebuttal of it. that's where the real truth will come out. lou: but i think that both can happen. first of all, you know, i think it could be -- you're just handing the radical dimms a weapon when in point of fact the real issue is how well you move the rebuttal to the public, as you well know. let me turn to the president's speech tomorrow. he will be addressing the national emergency, as he correctly puts it, at the southern border. whether you're talking about border security, the immigration crisis, the transport of op jods and all of the major deadly
7:31 pm
drugs that come into this country across that border. and having to deal with a recalcitrant and unexplicable democratic resistance to taking responsibility for what is without question a national crisis. your thoughts. >> it is a national crisis, lou. in the western district of texas where i was a federal prosecutor we had 600 miles of border in our district alone. you ca can't believe the crime t walks across the border every day. it has to be stopped. it is an absolute crisis. human trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the country. it's affecting our own children. it has to be stopped. and i'm so glad the president is having the national address tomorrow night and going to the border himself. lou: you're talking about it's becoming -- it has been a crisis for a long time. this is the first president who actually took on the cartels and said that we cannot continue to
7:32 pm
permit the death of our children. he is the first president to declare that this is a country in the grips of an opioid crisis and that we have to do something for primarily the young people in this country who are -- they're litheycollateral damages tans of the radical left and the establishment right to that the border be open to whoever or whatever wants to cross it. your thoughts about the armed services committee chair, adam smith today, the democrat, acknowledged that the president has the authority to declare a national emergency. and immediately, of course, the chair of the intelligence committee saying wait a minute, i don't think he does. any question in your mind that he has the authority to do so? >> no, lou. i'm quite confident he does. and if he choose to do this, it
7:33 pm
will be done appropriately and according to law. he has good legal counsel and he will follow the law in whatever course he choose to take. lou: why would anybody knowing that we have a national emergency affecting millions and millions of americans costing this country hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars, why would the democrats make this a political issue instead of deal with their spnt which i responsibility which is to confront a national crisis, the border security? >> the democrats don't represent the country anymore. they represent their own power. all they want is power. it's all about a power game for them. lou: and the hell with the country? >> exactly. they're willing to destroy the country and the middle class for their own pursuit of power. they all have their own walls. they have their own security forces. they have their own private
7:34 pm
jets. look at nppedz' nancy pelosi's l around her mansion. look at john kerry's wall around his italian villa. they all have their walls. they just don't want a wall around the border to protect the american people from the onslaught that we're facing every day. lou: well, it is indeed a national emergency and the president means to stand tall and to protect the country and americans. sidney powell, great to have you with us. thanks so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next, a u.s. navy destroyer sails through the south china sea, a direct challenge to chinese interference with open seas navigation. we take it up right after this break. general jack keane joins me. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: the south korean newspaper reporting that a second summit to be held between president trump and north korean dictator dim jong-un. president trump said an announcement will be made in the quote not too distant future. the president said sanctions against north korea will continue to be enforced until more progress is made in those talks. joining us tonight, general jack keane. jack, great to have you with us. and let's start with north korea. do you see signs for optimism
7:39 pm
here? >> no, i don't. the reality is while there has been some progress -- there's no missiles flying over gentleman pam anjapan andno nuclear testis some warming of relations, return of hostages to the united states and return of some remains. but on the core issue of disarming and destroying nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, none of that has taken place. they haven't provided us an inventory of what they have. one of our first requests that we made. we're at a stalemate. lou: a stalemate that one hopes the president can make. we've moved the dial considerably. let's turn to china. and the u.s. missile destroyer going through the disputed south
7:40 pm
china sea islands. and china calling it a provocation. do they not understand that the united states will preserve free navigation of the seas? >> yeah, of course the chinese are clearly bullying our allies in the region, south china sea, east china sea, routinely coercion campaigns and they're claiming the waterways which are obviously international waterways of their own. we're doing absolutely the right thing here. the president is right on the mark in confronting china comprehensively. not just the fact that that they're economic predators, which they are, and we're doing that, but also with this military aggression that they have in the east and south china seas. and certainly naval passage through that, through the straits of taiwan and the south china sea are absolute musts and we have to work with our ally to shore up the week knees.
7:41 pm
china muscles them so much. lou: japan certainly is pivotal, i would think, to preserving a, if you will, a presence that is a counter weight to china. the japanese, do you see them as being at all wobbly or do you see them being consistent and strong in their alliance with the united states? >> the japanese have been consistent. this is the leader that the president may talk to more than any other leader in the world. talking about abe of japan. and they clearly are on the same page when it comes to dealing with china. abe is certainly increasing his defense capability quite a bit as we all know post world war ii. they've been very passive for all of the obvious reasons. but now they've got a major aggressor on their doorstep and
7:42 pm
they're willing to step up. they're going to buy f-35s from us in significant numbers. they're moving in the right direction for sure. lou: as we wrap up, general. your view on iran making announcements that they'll be putting their navy into the atlantic. the russians are also moving into the hemisphere, whether it be with cuba, whether it be with venezuela and we're not entirely sure what their intentions are. and china, throughout the southern hemisphere, the southern south america in this hemisphere, your thoughts about how serious the threat is and the appropriateness of our response to this point. >> yeah, the threat is very serious. and i don't think there's been a president post-world war ii that has had to deal with so many countries malign and aggressive behavior. the obvious russia and china big power competition. regional ambitions as well as
7:43 pm
global threats. iran wants hedge mo any in the middle east and sponsors terrorism around the world. and clearly our friend in north korea, troublesome to say the least. these are major issues that a president in my lifetime has not had to deal with. and they have a comprehensive national security strategy to deal with this. it's about execution and implementation. lou: and you think that execution and implementation is moving a pace? >> it's moving in the right direction. nothing is perfect out there to be sure. but pushing back on china is center to this. pushing back on russia's aggressive behavior, using nato to do that. stepping up against the iranians in the middl middle east. i would like to see them stitch together an arab nato. ouso our allies are doing the heavy lifting and not the united
7:44 pm
states. lou: general, thank you very much. appreciate it. be sure to vote in the poll tonight. do you believe america should be first? we'll like to hear from you on that. it seems so straightforward, doesn't it? that question? well the answers, it's going to be interesting to see. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. should america be first. up next, optimism over new u.s. -china trade talks driving big gains for the market. we take it up with a market analyst right after these quick messages. stay with us.
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7:49 pm
far below the all-time high. and the white house says americans will receive their tax refunds even if the partial government shutdown extends into the filing season. tax refunds will be assured. and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. joining me, senior vice president of the vision for fund. heather, good to have you with us. what a difference a week makes, huh? >> hi, lou. yes. it's amazing. we get into bear market territory at the end of last year in 2018 and sense then, especiallsince then,312,000 job. you had a great interview with kevin hassett who said he had never seen that number ever before. that's really helping the markets move higher as well. lou: the strength of this market suddenly, after all of the turbulence that preceded the
7:50 pm
last couple of days, are we out of the woods as it were when it comes to the volatility that we've seen or is that dependent on -- what factors is that dependent upon? >> i do think china does matter. china and the fed are the two biggest drivers of the market and the two biggest risks. i don't think we're out of the woods yet. we have positive talks with the chinese. and we have the fed on friday, federal reserve chair jay powell saying he'll remain patient and be flexible to economic conditions. lou: i personally believe that that fed has been the most important factor in this volatility as it worked against the direction of market rates for about a three-month period. i mean going back to october 3rd when they say they were basically going to be on auto pilot. and i give jerome powell great
7:51 pm
credit for acknowledging in effect that he was wrong about interest rates. that he was wrong about being so structured in his outlook. and admitting that he will be more adaptive and flexible in dealing with a runoff of assets on the balance sheet, the fed's balance sheet. a remarkable performance. >> so did the markets. that's why the big gains on friday. a solid fol lew throug follow te that the rally has legs, i think. lou: what do you see in the days and weeks ahead? we're moving into a new round of earnings. we're looking at the prospect of real good news on trade and we've got good news on interest rates which continue to suggest inflation is not the big deal that the fed fear. >> you're right. fed chair powell addressed that on friday at the american
7:52 pm
economic association round table. he said that inflation remains under control right now. we're tracking it around 2%. the federal reserve's target. and we have positive revelations out of china. china agreed to buy more from us. the specific details are unspecified, as well as the time. but they're buying more soybeans and rice. they've dropped u.s. autotariffs and they're going to open their markets hop hopefully to more foreign trade. i think this administration's tariffs are really putting the pressure on china and they're coming to the table to negotiate finally. lou: there's no doubt they're putting pressure and the chinese are facing markets that are, i won't say imploding but are deteriorating at an extraordinary rate. >> they are. lou: and an economy that is filled with excess capacity which is not helpful for a strong outlook for the chinese that is, you know, they've
7:53 pm
enjoyed almost unprecedented growth rates over the last 20 years. that appears to be at an end. and we're looking at technology. deeply troubled big runoff even as from lex day between, this president, his election until now, it's almost $5 trillion that have been added to the equities market. how much more do you think can be added this year? >> well -- lou: just put a little number on that. >> i'm expecting single digit returns out of the markets this year. and as we get positive revelations about the fed, which we did on friday, and trade, chinese markets ar market are h. their exports are contracting and their manufacturing sector is at the lowest levels in three years. the u.s. is doing much better when you look at things on a global ba basis.
7:54 pm
lou: vehicle units in this country, over 17 million last year. who thought that that would even be possible. well now all we have to do is get housing repair. heather, good to have you with us. thanks so much. heather dumaragga. up next, we'll have more on the efforts to protect our borders and our nation when we continue. stay with us. blank blankblank what's in your wallet?
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lou: the president defining the border crisis as a national emergency. and the council on economic advisors talking about the cost to the nation. >> opioids cost us $500 billion in costs. 2016 was the last time we had an estimate. lou: and 70,000 lives. >> a huge portion those are coming across the southern border. if you can make a tiny dent in that it would go a long way
7:59 pm
toward paying for border security. lou: the president will be visiting the border in texas thursday. the united states and china kicking off a new round of trade talks. kim jong-un is visiting china at the invitation of xi jinping. this comes as news at the white house is planning a second meeting between kim jong-un and president trump. a remind tore vote in our poll tonight. the question is, do you bleach america should be first? what is so radical about the idea of america first? we would like to know. i can't imagine anyone would ever put america anywhere but first. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on instagram
8:00 pm
@loudobbstonight. we thank you for being with us. ronna mcdone apples. thanks for joining us. tonight from new york. trish: with the nation in turmoil amid the government shutdown and a crisis at the border, the president is going straight to the people with his first primetime address from the oval office as he prepared to head to our southern border. thank the brave men and women putting their lives at risk every day to uphold the law of the land. i would say this is an easy crisis to follow. but the dems would rather relinquish meaningful immigration reform than let donald trump have his wall. a wall they once wanted.


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