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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 10, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EST

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federal reserve believes it can be more patient on future rate hikes. jon hilsenrath told you that last friday, in the meantime federal reserve chief jay powell to speak later today about noon eastern time in washed answering questions on the economy, the interest rate situation and that balance sheet reduction. yesterday's gains part of fastest rebounded, told you about that since the close, remember that nasty eve selloff, since the close, dow and s&p up down almost 10%, over in europe we have losses across the board as well, in england, france and germany and asian markets mostly lower overnight. hang seng closing higher by almost a quarter of a 1%. and it is day 20 of our government shutdown, president trump will travel to the southern border today after
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meeting with democratic lawmakers yesterday over the border wall funding and that meeting ended rather abruptly. >> he asked speaker pelosi that if he opened things up quickly, reopened the government quickly would she be willing to agree to funding for a wall or a barrier on the southern border and when she said no, the president said good-bye. >> he just got up and said we have nothing to discuss and walked out. again, we saw a temper tantrum because he couldn't get his way and he just walked out of the meeting. >> now, cher has weighed in on shutdown, her surprisingly harsh words for the democrats, violence against police to tell you about as well, one officer shot in the head and killed in louisiana, another shot in the face in north carolina, we have the very latest, and the starbucks health risk, workers demand that the coffee giant
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install needle disposal boxes in stores, all that and so much more coming up this morning with very own susan li from fox business network, wall street assistant editorial page editor james freeman and market strategists third 7 advisers michael block, we will start the show with bye bye, that's what president trump said in the meeting yesterday. it began with candy, butter fingers, m&m's and snickers and then a quick bye, bye when nancy pelosi said no border wall funding. >> yeah, he didn't follow your advice, i mean, the president and negotiate publicly on immigration, but did point out that it does take two to tango as the associated pointed out, there ought to be a deal here where the president getting border funding and democrats get changes in allowing here that were brought here as illegally as children to stay.
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dagen: we have cindy graham having discussions about what a compromise might look like in terms of protection -- whether it's work permits for the dreamers, full-on protection, path to citizenship for the dreamers, a lot of talks going on just not in front of cameras. >> i wish the democrats would jump on the comments from the president at the friday press conference saying let's allow here that come to the united states get degrees at our universities especially advanced degrees in math and science, encourage them to stay, this is a great message, i don't know why they haven't seized on that and said, yes, let's do a deal. dagen: there's seventhly cynicism in on democrats. >> fair point. dagen: don't you think that the democrats are sitting back waiting for this moment when the furlough workers don't get their first paycheck, first paycheck is missed because they want that as kind of a tent pole in their media -- media circus?
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>> the problem is both parties are culprithere. >> you wonder when it would trickle down to u.s. economy, that filters through with 800,000 employees not getting paychecks, consumer confidence -- >> there could be catch-up after that. dagen: 380,000 are furlough, nobody is getting paid for the most part. eventually. >> if history is any guide, everybody would be getting paid and it's a time shift. dagen: 420,000 of them are on the job and not getting paid, at least some people get to go to the beach, if you will, i will leave it at that, no compromise from either side of the aisle,
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now onto top story, major comeback for u.s. stocks, swiftest rebounded in nearly decade, two major speeches from the federal reserve jay powell, vice chairman rich clarita, both expect today speak, jay powell first, rich clarita this evening, this after federal reserve released minutes from december meeting yesterday showing it would be unlikely to raise interest rates over the next few months. here now head of macro asset allocation strategy, evan brown who used to work at the federal reserve, the bank of bank of ne, what do we make of what we have been hearing from the fed, from jay powell particularly last friday and the market's interpretation of it? >> i think there's been a communication issue between the fed and markets up until friday and friday chair powell got it
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right, he was on the panel and he was reading those and he was clearly speaking to markets and the tone was a lot more flexible, there was a message of patience, the fed can't afford to be patient, he pointed to the pause that the fed did 3 years ago in 2016 essentially signaling, look, we are on hold and we will take our time and see how the economy plays out and listening to financial markets, that message is a lot clear than the one that we got from the december fomc meeting which sparked downturn. >> there's still 12% possibility rate cut, 60%, it has come down 12%, is that still a possibility in your view to cut interest rates? >> is there a possibility, yes, but a very slim one. still of the view that the u.s. economy is on firm footing, look, we are cooling off a little bit. we saw that from some of the business surveys but we are not
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falling off a cliff. look at the employment report last week, we are seeing household economy rises, you know, employment gains, wage gains, hourly gains, labor force participation picking up, this is not a sign of recession and so it's hard to think cuts are coming in that case. dagen: historically there's a 6 month period between the last hike and third cut, we have been talking about in the last year it's about the balance sheet reduction, so you would expect the federal reserve to slow its balance sheet reduction before it ever turned to cut interest rates at this point. you can disagree with that if you want. >> there's commentary about that in the minutes. >> exactly, another thing which i wish powell should have brought up and do show up. they showed flexibility on the balance sheet, to be frank, there was so much discussion the
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fed is still figuring out the balance sheet, what kind of impact is this happening on markets. dagen: i said this no year, not the federal reserve, not the smartest guys in the room, not nobody in the market, jamie dimon told maria in interview this week that people are talking about tin conversation of the yield curve between 2 and 3 year where shorter term rates were higher than 5-year yield and he said but it's hard to judge, he doesn't -- he doesn't know whether the yield curve is really telling us what it has in the past because of the gigantic balance sheet. >> and i think it's good the sort of message of humility from the powell fed, it's good that they will be data dependent but raises the question what is the data they should be looking at. you mentioned market data, stocks go up and they go down, we don't want the powell put and
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we don't want them decide a certain level of the stock market requires monetary intervention. >> completely with agree with you on the point. the fed has dual object and price stability, those will be the two determinants. >> feedback loops, thank you, evan. the markets affect the data and affects the cycle, it kind of throws me off, evan, when you have eric head of boston fed said we are mystified that what the market is doing isn't reflecting how the data has been strong coming into december and yet we are still data dependent, to me that seems iron headed to
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really suggest that and say, well, we don't know what the markets is doing, it's still about the data. i think killing the tunnel vision actually is a good thing? >> yeah, look, we've had avalanche of fed speakers trying to clarify the message, to be fair all of them have individual opinions and what's really going to be helpful this year and meeting there would be press conference. the central meañ would be coming from chair powell, we really need to focus on him and i think he's learned from the past miscommunication issues as evident by the fact that he was reading notes at the panel with former chair -- [laughter] dagen: i have my bullet points open to changing balance sheet policy and needed to meet. i think there's a q&a today at the speech down at economic club in washington, so again, use talking points if someone ask
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you something use talking points and repeat phrase, i think bore asking good at this point. >> yes. dagen: i want to ask you about trade optimism between u.s. and china, no breakthrough on the trade dispute which is clearly been a worry, what's your take on that? >> look, they want a deal, president trump is concerned about the stock market. president xi, chinese economy is weakening, he wants a deal as well. a lot of damage has been done, this is still a long-term story and the deal that we ultimately we get is one that the u.s. is monitoring china and making sure that they are falling through with -- with what is ultimately promised. >> the chinese economy is suffering, last night we had biggest drop in producer prices in 7 years, first time the auto market in china has contracted in 20 years, you know that the consumer is hurting the economy
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is slowing down and they badly need a deal. dagen: president trump needs to be reminded that what's bad for china can be bad for the united states. wall street journal editorial wrote about iphone. what is your asset allocation looking like right now, overweight stocks, underweight stocks? >> slightly overweight stocks, we do think with the correction you got pretty attractive valuations, we were a little too optimistic, got way too pessimistic by the time we were christmas eve. valuations are more attractive now. the global economy is fine. we are tilting a little bit more to merging markets because we think more bad news is priced in there. we actually think that the u.s. economy doing -- doing just fine but cooling a little bit and
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more doveish fed will mean weaker dollar and that should help merging markets. dagen: weaker dollar would -- i want to ask you about small cap stocks because small cap stocks in terms of insulation of the trade problems and really not -- really not suede by the dollar as much because they are mostly domestic businesses, earnings on small cap are great coming into the new year. >> yeah, we have seen nice rebounded in small caps, i think, over 10% since christmas eve and so, yeah, another indication that there was just a little bit too much bad news priced in. small caps are a little less exposed to trade but, you know, large caps will benefit from this dollar weakness. dagen: right. >> overall we think equity market will do just fine but we are tilting more, we think merging markets are cheaper. dagen: evan, thanks so much, please come back.
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police officers shot multiple times in two different states. cheryl: female officer on her way to work when she was shot 4 times including once in the head, police saying one person has been detained. the slain officer's colleagues are in mourning. >> right now we ask that you keep the officer in your prayers is most important for the officer and the officer's family and members of the shreveport police department, very tough time. >> in north carolina an officer was shot multiple times, the officer was rush today hospital, condition not clear at this point, police have arrested two
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suspects there. last year 48 officers were shot and killed in the united states. well, fiat chrysler has agreed to pay more than $700 billion to settle lawsuits over claims they used illegal software to allow diesel vehicles to pollute more than the law allows. the company is going to pay $311 million to the u.s. justice department and california regulators at least $75 million to other states and 280 million to car owners, shares of fiat chrysler are down 30% over the past year. am done founder and ceo jeff bezos announcing he and his wife mckenzie have decided to divorce after 25 years of marriage. bezos worth $45 billion, 16.3 stake in amazon, 95% of his wealth we should say is tied to amazon stock, if there's no prenup, mckenzie bezos is entitled half of jeff bezos
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assets, it depends on where they will file for their divorce, shares of amazon are trieding -- trading lower. they have multiple homes so it's not clear where they will file, all high-profile divorces are packed with the company. dagen: i want to point out to the viewers, this isn't about a rich well-known man getting divorced. this is about he's the largest shareholder like you pointed out, 16.3% stake that james this could get -- if there isn't a prenup or postuppost nup, if she gets large stake in the company, she can impact shareholder vote, press for changes, this happened with elaine winn, those two got divorced, so that's why it's a
6:20 am
business story and that's why it's on the front page of the wall street journal today. >> in the winn case they split their estate. >> a lot of it does depend on -- on is there -- does she end up with sizable stake in the company, we don't know what the arrangement is if there's not a big change in ownership here, then i think it's -- it maybe becomes not a business story. obviously very sad personal story but i think for shareholders, i don't see them being concerned about how he manages the company but just this question who ends up owning the shares. dagen: issues of disclosure, report that is he's dating lauren sánchez in california, if you were separating -- seems like hand was forced in revealing and if it has implications for the company,
6:21 am
you to tell shareholders, debt in america, details are being dragged down by debt and what you can do to climb out of it and starbucks health concerns, seattle shops want needle deposits in restrooms, employees are on board next.
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dagen: americans who are in debt are more worried than ever about their future, lauren simonetti has all the details, lauren. lauren: i sure, do dagen, debt is unfortunately a life sentence for so many americans, let's show you the numbers, they come from, quarter of americans are expected to die in debt, 25% of us, two-thirds of us don't know when or if we can ever pay it down, interesting here is that millennials, they are the most optimistic, 20% of them say they expect to die in
6:25 am
debt, the average debt not included mortgages for this generation is $32,000. but they are optimistic that not only can they pay it off but they can pay it off by the age of 43 which is relatively young. older americans the most pessimistic here, those over the age of 73 expect to die with debt, a third of those in that group. that's the average household debt right there over $13 trillion, works out $137,000 per household, where is it coming from, quote unquote good debt, mortgages, 9 trillion, student debts .4 trillion, auto debt, 1.2 trillion and credit card debt is over $800 billion, so we are carrying a lot of debt and unfortunately like i said, it's going to be a life sentence for many of us. i'm glad to see millennials are the most optimistic, i hope that that's the case, that they can pay off by age 43.
6:26 am
dagen: i have say that before, one of the marketses got 3 and a quarter earlier, investors are saying we are a nation of debtors, we are deep in debt, the government is, individuals are and so are corporations and we can't handle much higher interest rates as an economy. >> we have consumer credit data in november that came out earlier this week, this keeps rising, rose by $20 billion in november, i think that was the number and i think -- i look at that and say that's short-term good because that's helping the economy but long-term is terrifying. lauren: this comes with the warning of aaa rating, we have to raise the debt ceiling by march, we can't keep raising it. dagen: is this a fight that we are looking at in a couple of months? >> i think democrats would like to get rid of the debt ceiling issue that so that it never comes up again and it's not a trigger for discussion on how
6:27 am
much spending there is just as the shutdown. i think it's my ultimately why they don't want that to continue because people start to focus on what exactly are we buying and why are we running up all of this debt and who is essential at the federal agency and who is not, why are we hiring the nonessentials. dagen: you wrote a column, 380,000 people is not essential. >> it's a lot. 25% of the government that's shutdown almost half are deemed nonessential and if they are not necessary to protect public health, safety or property, the question is what are they doing there. >> if you want to fix that, if you want to reform the government we are not doing good job at it right now, blame don't sides, no one is doing anything. lauren: we could all use good news, a third of us do not carry debt. >> okay. dagen: hey. [laughter] lauren: dagen, me neither. >> mortgage defaults are at pretty low levels too. >> we are making improvements.
6:28 am
great financial crisis. dagen: pay the bills that you need to pay and the doctors come calling for the flu -- again, you got the flu and went to the doctor, that'll wait for another day, thank you, lauren. lauren simonetti, heading to front lines, president trump will make trip to border as government shutdown reaches 20th day and nfl shake-up, new season with new head coaches. a full sports round-up on the way. plus a super bowl ad bye that's well, super. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. great news for anyone wh- uh uh - i'm the one who delivers the news around here. ♪
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january 10th, your top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern. some red on wall street this morning. we have 102 point loss on the dow futures but it has been great run for stocks after the selloff on christmas eve, 4 straight days of gains for the major markets, stock closing higher on talks with china and jumping on the news that the federal reserve is going to take a breather maybe to raise interest rates, maybe it'll be march, federal reserve chief jay powell, that was in the fed minutes yesterday and the chief of the fed jay powell is set to speak later today answering questions on the economy, rate hikes and the balance sheet most certainly. yesterday's gains part of the fastest rebounded for stocks in almost a decade. the dow and s&p 500 higher by almost 10% about 9 and a half percent since christmas eve lows, over in europe we have losses across the board to tell
6:33 am
you about, slight selling in england, france and germany, asian markets mostly lower as well. hang seng closing higher by almost a quarter of a percent but japan shanghai and kospi in south korea are lower. starbucks health risks. workers demanding that coffee giant install needle disposal boxes and changes to nfl, details of new coaching hires coming up in sports. get those pipes ready, the queen movie bohemian rhapsody is getting second run in theaters, if you were my age, just think purple rain, 1980. top story this half hour, shutdown showdown, president trump heading to the southern border today as the partial government shutdown reaches day 20, the president met with speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer yesterday at the white house and it was a quick meeting.
6:34 am
>> the president just got up and walked out. he asked speaker pelosi, will you agree to my wall and she said no and he just got up and said, then we have nothing to discuss and he walked out, again, we saw a temper tantrum because he couldn't get his way and he just walked out of the meeting. >> we heard once again that democratic leaders are unwilling to each -- each negotiate in the things. would she be willing to agree to funding for a wall or a barrier on the southern border and when she said no, the president said, good-bye. dagen: federal workers will not receive a paycheck tomorrow because of the shutdown, joining me now republican strategists former trump campaign data and strategy director matt brainer and democratic strategists
6:35 am
kelly. kelly to you, they are clearly trying to portray him as a big child who can't get his way but they are not willing to budge either so who is at fault? >> well, i think the president tweeted after the fact that some negotiations are best won by leaving the discussion, i think he's bringing strategy from a different sector, i think that to get the government open he would have to work with democrats in a way he seems unwilling, i agree that democratic leadership need to work with him and there has been some funding, not the 5.7 billion but getting up and leave asking not the way we do it, he needs to start to play the game, play the business the way it gets played. dagen: where is the compromise here, matt, senator lindsey graham is trying to at least come up with a broader deal or compromise but that's what's being discussed the democrats and congress and the president?
6:36 am
>> well, it's not really possible with the democrats' current stance, what the democrats are trying to do here by denying the president the wall, they think they are denying reelection and for them that's not negotiated, we would be in standstill, there's no way the president without funding the number one campaign promise that got him electoral votes. dagen: increasingly likely that president trump declares a national emergency over border security, tries to use pentagon funds to pay for construction of that something that would be fought in courts, however,
6:37 am
optics standpoint maybe he would try and make it look like a win for him that you reopen the government, fund the government and still say i -- i did what i promised my voters i came up with the money for the wall and it's the democrats who are pushing back on it and fighting in the courts. >> i don't think the voters care about the process questions and what they care about is results and number one issue overwhelmingly in poll after poll is border security, so the president's border security plan, however implemented, i don't think particularlies are interesting to voters, they would like to see the government reopen and functioning smoothly along with border security because we've had presidents shut down the government before over priorities, we saw bill clinton shut down the government before because republicans wouldn't fund his welfare priorities. dagen: well, you say -- >> obama walked out of meetings for obamacare spending, to have fight over national security is
6:38 am
certainly one that the public and the voters will be on the president's side. dagen: kelly, matt says border security but when you poll people on the wall and this is not -- this is multiple polls fox news voter analysis, 53% oppose the u.s.-méxico border wall, 47% favor it. the poll number -- if you add polls on the wall, a majority of voters say, no. >> yeah, there's a couple of things there. democrats are not standing in the way of funding border security, we are up open for compromise, it's 5.6 billion. dagen: matt, when you talk over her nobody hear her. i will let you speak. >> in order for him to declare national emergency he has to take the money from somewhere, a lot may come from defense and military spending, borders do care about protecting the country 100% but to declare national emergency because you
6:39 am
don't get way in meeting with people don't like that, it won't help in reelection and democrats are staying true to voting base as well, it's not that we are standing against security border, one singular narrow which doesn't make any sense. dagen: which chuck schumer voted in 2006. he liked it 12 years ago, 13 years ago, matt, go ahead. >> i want to reiterate, make it very clear, they believe that by denying him a physical barrier they are denying him reelection and that's why they are fighting so hard for and that's why they are depriving so many workers of pay and slowing down the government in all the ways the shutdown has impacted and we have seen this before, presidents have priorities, they have walked out of meetings as obama did, refused to sign spending bills if they don't match priorities both clinton and obama did and our president is doing it now for a very important priority and this 5.6 billion is not solely for barrier, also for other tools to ensure our border security, so
6:40 am
that's really what the democrats are opposing, if there's anything quote, unquote wall they would be demanding double or triple because it's essentially a new deal era styles job program. dagen: we have call to fund the wall from cher, the pop super star, she's very active on twitter, yesterday urging house speaker nancy pelosi to fund the southern border wall. her tweets are filled with expletives but we found one, for trump it's political, real people are suffering, where was the crisis one month ago, year ago, having said that, nancy, you are a hero, let him have his money, people will starve, lose their homes, be unable to see doctors, james freeman, your reaction. james freeman interpreting cher. >> we hear from democrats,
6:41 am
medias -- ms. pelosi and mr. shuim they're they care a lot about people that were brought here as children, they care a lot about kids at the border, they care a lot about immigration as far as high-skilled workers, why aren't they offering the trade progress on all of those things for his wall? >> listen, everybody has made a promise to their constituents, every member here in washington dc is speaking for someone back home and as we heard earlier that support for the wall is not there. that does not mean support for national security, protections at the southern border aren't there. the democrats are saying, listen, this is unreasonable president who is keeping -- dagen: you didn't answer his question. you're not answering james' question. >> nobody wants it. >> he may be unreasonable and maybe people don't want the wall but it suggests that they don't really care that much about solving those immigration problems and they are not willing to trade.
6:42 am
>> i want to add a point if i can. dagen: go ahead. >> look, this 5.6 billion supposedly funds only part of the wall, go ahead and fund it, then demonstrate, it didn't work at all. >> but -- >> job's program of people constructing a fence that doesn't do anything which has never been a problem for democrats in terms of spending money before. >> wouldn't 25 billion give him whole wall request, wouldn't that be worth it if you could solve all of the issues we just talked about? >> no, i mean, yes, we will spend all of this money all the taxpayers' money to to the do something that doesn't work, the democrats are saying let's come to the table. >> allowing children to stay at ports. seasonal workers to come in, good for the economy. what's not to want? >> throw $25 billion down the drain. >> i have to push back on the 25 billion, the president is asking 5.6 billion.
6:43 am
>> i'm talking if you give him the whole long-term plan. >> but even the small amount of money to make protests as if this is going to blow up to deficit, securing other countries around the world and foreign wars, this is 1,000 of that amount of money for test program to see if the president's idea for a small limited barrier and part of the border works, just go ahead and fund it and he would be the fool. dagen: we have to go, but if protection for the dreamers even if it's work permits if the democrats -- if you put -- publicly in front of them, 5 billion for that and if they say no to that then you are not standing with those young individuals who came here as illegal immigrants, so i think that there's a lot of room to work here and we are seeing nothing happening out of washington. matt, kelly, good to see you good, coming up more controversy at starbucks, employees are petition to go get needle boxes
6:44 am
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dagen: starbucks employees demanding safe needle deposit boxes in some stores, cheryl casone has this story, cheryl. cheryl: interesting, dagen, several starbucks locations in the seattle area are going to be installing safe needle deposits boxes in the bathrooms, nearly 4,000 starbucks employees signed petition citing the heroin and hepatitis crisis, they have to dispose needles left by drug users every day. take a look at share bucks, chairs by starbucks, that was a good one.
6:49 am
kevin hart has done apologizing for tweets, he spoke with stephen colbert on the late show last night. >> no. i wouldn't change anything. >> really? >> i'm over it. there's no end to it. like i apologized, i apologized again, i said i apologized before, i was going to be good, i had some stuff, i had some heat. cheryl: well, the oscars have chosen not to have a host for the first time in 30 years, the producers plan on selecting a-list celebrities to present awards throughout the night instead. well, your chance to rock out to the music of queens some place beside it is shower could come to theater near you. ♪ ♪ cheryl: just like in the movie, single version of queen going to be released in more than 750
6:50 am
north american theaters starting tomorrow. remember, this tells story of queen and legendary front man, grossed $734 million worldwide. this is good news for my friends, dagen, when we all saw it together i was the one singing and being annoying friend literally. dagen: lip singing or actually singing? cheryl: i was trying to be quiet dagen: i remember days grease, yeah, i did the mid night showings. thumbs up by mike block, purple rain, people would be standing on their seats singing. cheryl: i think that'll be fun. it's a great movie, i loved it obviously. dagen: my brother described it as the best bad movie he's ever seen. cheryl: interesting. dagen: it'll get nominated for best picture.
6:51 am
i see you standing in your seat, james freeman. bigger, better beer, sports next.
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6:54 am
dagen: major changes in the nfl, jared max is here with the coaching carousel, hired by the new york jets, despite two straight poor seasons in miami, 34 in offense, 11th in defense. long-time defensive coordinator most recently with nfc champions with chicago bears, first gig
6:55 am
with denver broncos, coaching remodel with their kitchens, offensive coordinator, dolphins and bengals left without head coaches for next season. motivational tactic for players this week, he brought in 3 armed guards along with the vince lombardi trophy and $200,000 in cash, the amount the players would earn if they win the super bowl, he wanted them to see it and dangled the super bowl ring. butt -- budweiser commercial, anheuser-busch says it's probably the largest air time as a company, cost up of wards of $5 million, that works out $55 million for 5 and a half minutes of air time for budweiser during super bowl 53.
6:56 am
dagen: they better make it good, dogs and stairs. winning combination. sometimes they waste the money because ads are horrible. jared: you want to remember what the ad is for, right? dagen: exactly. shout-out to my friend rob baker who was and god created truck. jared max, fox news 24/7, siriusxm 115, still ahead the most popular video game in the world but the company behind fortnite is not winning with the better business bureau, that's in the next hour mornings with maria. this is huntsville, alabama. aka, rocket city, usa. this is a very difficult job. failure is not an option.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
it's thursday, january 10th. your top stories, 7:00 a.m. eastern. bulls being a little shy this morning, we have a 100 point loss on the dow futures at the moment, losses across the board on the three major market gauges in the u.s., this is after we have had four straight days of gains. stock closing higher on the third day of trade talks with china and also jumping on the news after the federal reserve minutes were released that the central bank might not be as quick to raise rates in the future. unlikely to raise rates in the next few months, the minutes show. the federal reserve chief, jay powell, is set to speak later today, answering questions on the economy, rate hikes, that balance sheet drawdown. yesterday's gains part of the fastest rebound for stocks in almost a decade. the dow and s&p 500 are up about 9 -- more than 9 1/2%, since the selloff on christmas eve. over in europe, we have slight
7:01 am
losses across the board to tell you about as well, red in england, france and germany and asian markets also mostly lower overnight. the only gainer there, the hang seng, up almost 1/4 of 1%. crude oil slipping, the price of oil lower this morning by almost 1%. it could be ready to bust to the upside. we have the details, but as of the most recent close, oil is actually in a bull market. can you imagine that? and ford and jaguar making cuts, why the automakers are getting rid of thousands o employees. prime trouble for jeff bezos, the amazon ceo in the middle of a divorce. we break it down. this does have a business impact, potentially. this does matter to amazon shareholders. divorce, reports of a girlfriend. and f for fortnite, the company behind the blockbuster video game in trouble with the better business bureau. here to join is down, susan lee,
7:02 am
james freeman, market strategist, michael block. susan, what are you watching this morning? all attention has been on the federal research it' re-- reser. it's also about china. >> markets are on the longest winning streak in four months, the strongest since july 2009. i feel there's a reprieve since the federal reserve is on hold. there are still concerning signs, namely the china, overnight we saw the biggest drop when it comes to producer prices in seven years, contraction in the auto market for the first time in over 20 years and that's concerning for a lot of american companies, ford, the general motors, trying to do a lot of business over there. dagen: even companies like bmw make cars here in the united states and ship them overseas we've got a reprieve on import tariffs on american manufactured cars. that is temporary, maybe. what are you watching, mike, in these markets? >> susan talked about china.
7:03 am
europe is still a mess, never mind the brexit talks ahead of the u.k. parliament vote next week on the plan, which seems doomed. this morning, french industrial production is terrible. what's going on over there? i see a lot of different strategists trying to be more optimistic on europe. i'm asking why. i don't see the growth. i don't see the leadership there either. dagen: that goes to the three major worries for the markets, last year, it was global slowdown worldwide, it was the federal reserve being too aggressive and killing the economy, and then also the trade fight and the tariffs. so maybe you get a reprieve on the federal reserve. how much does the glow wall growth story matter and how much does the trade fight matter? >> and we have earnings season kicking off again, can you believe that? we're looking back from the fourth quarter. this quarter looking ahead, nascent, 3% earnings growth. dagen: 6% for the whole year.
7:04 am
it was double digit growth expectations in september and they came down. so the analysts kind of woke up to what was really going on in the country. >> i want to point out something really quickly. there was doom and gloom in tech. we had apple preannounce. the other night sky works, one of the apple suppliers, did guide lower. stock traded higher. that and eight other stocks i watch as part of the apple supply chain were higher yesterday by at least 1.7%. the point being, maybe this is washing out. maybe it's a short-term phenomenon. but the stocks did well yesterday. let's see how they do today. dagen: to our top story this hour, border battle, president trump traveling to texas today where he will visit the u.s./mexico border, this comes on day 20 of the partial government shutdown as lawmakers continue to clash over funding for a wall. the president commenting yesterday, calling out democratic leaders for their opposition. >> the republicans are unified.
7:05 am
we want border security. we want safety for our country. and you know, for 25 years they've been trying to do this. this is the past. chuck schumer raised his hands so many different times, i could give you 15 speeches that he made. but i don't think you'd really enjoy them that much. i could give you 15 speeches, he talked about border security, no different than me. border security. that'that's all he talked abouts border security. the only reason they're against it is because i won the presidency and they think they can try and hurt us going into the presidency but that's not going to happen. we don't give up. because we're doing the right thing for our country. dagen: joining me now, congressman from california, duncan hunter. congressman, you visited the southern border. are the republicans united in standing with the president? that's one of the major issues people are watching. do these republicans get nervous? do their knees start shaking and
7:06 am
the democrats start peeling them a off and pulling them to their side? >> two things. number one, i'm actually from san diego. i was born and raised in san diego. number two, you've got my 18-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter to watch fox business by mentioning fortnite, so congratulations. way to go. you've got a younger demographic now. so they aren't peeling people off right now. the border is really important. it's national security. trump understands this. democrats don't understand it. so here we are. we're going to be here until democrats understand that border security is national security. period. dagen: one thing i wanted to point out in this meeting, because again, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi have once again portrayed the president as being a petulant child who was throwing a temper tantrum. in the discussions -- chuck
7:07 am
schumer asked the president to reopen the government and president trump turned to nancy pelosi and said in 30 days will you be in favor of a wall. let's say we reopen it and in 30 days from now will you be in favor of a wall. she said no. and the president went what's the point, threw up his hands and walked out of the room. what's the point, if you're coming to the table with a big goose egg which is what the democrats did yesterday. >> you're asking me? democrats are in charge now. republicans are not in charge. the american people put democrats in charge. it's not about republicans. it doesn't matter what i think. when do democrats want to secure the border? schumer voted for a border wall. nancy pelosi voted for a border wall. hillary clinton voted for a border wall. barack obama voted for a border wall. so let's build a wall. let's a wall, secure the country and make everybody happy and reopen the government. it's that simple.
7:08 am
it's like $5 billion out of hundreds of billions of dollars. he's asking for $5 billion to make americans safer. this isn't crazy. it's time for democrats to negotiate, make a deal, secure the border, make people safer in the country and make them happy. >> congressman, james freeman here. speaking of democrats negotiating, i've been hoping they would you agree to give the president his wall money in return for a number of immigration changes, more legal immigration, more high skilled immigration, allowing people brought here as children to statement does that sound like a good deal to you if you get the wall funding? >> it sounds like a good deal, absolutely. fixing daca, fixing the dreamer issue, why don't we fix the whole thing and make a deal right now while securing the border. absolutely. >> why not negotiate that in public? why isn't the president saying here's my offer, here's -- >> i don't think democrats will -- alexandria ocasio-cortez says
7:09 am
to hell with it. she's not going to do it. there is no deal to b made when you have the new socialist liberal democrats that are not going to make a deal. dagen: but why does-the first term congresswoman whose barely been in office for a week, that's not who's driving the bus. >> that is who is driving the bus. she garners more headlines, more attention, more tweets than someone who has been here for 20 years and is actually making solid political deals and solid legislation. dagen: is the president not negotiating in public because he doesn't want -- again, if you listen to some of his most staunch supporters, if he starts talking about protection for the dreamers, daca protections, he's accused of offering amnesty, so if he doesn't talk about that and leaves it up to senator lindsey graham, that he gets cover from his most far right supporters. >> sure, and tell you what. if we actually secure the
7:10 am
southern border, if we build the border fence, i will give many, many things. talking about daca, talking about people getting green cards, a pathway to citize citip for people that are here illegally now. if you secure the southern border for generations to come, we are willing to make those negotiations. let him make those offline and not on the camera. but i don't think democrats are going to make that negotiation public anyway. dagen: do you want to make a he bet on when the government reopens? do you have any idea? >> no. can you get me 18-year-old son to watch fox business. let's bet then. dagen: before you go, i want to ask about the charges against you and your wife, the related to campaign finance. i believe that the trial date has been set for september of this year. >> dagen yes. dagen: any chance you cut a deal? is this overhang getting in the way of you doing your job in congress. >> it does get in the way of me
7:11 am
doing my job in. dagen: to be fair, it's been a huge story. you still won re-election. but you've got a trial coming up in september. any chance you cut a deal? >> no, they have not offered me anything. this is about democrat prosecutors in san diego. it's very nice to be a republican congressman when you have democrat u.s. attorneys in san diego. it's a fun time. thank you. dagen: in terms of san diego, before we go, i wonder if pushing democrats on the border protection in your hometown, what would they do about less border security? what would they say to that? >> they would hate it. sand yo.we have malls on the bo. we have houses on the border. we have a u.s. olympic training center, an apple store on the border. none of that was there until the wall was in san diego. we have the very first border wall and border fence was in san diego.
7:12 am
that's why it's so nice by the border there. dagen: congressman, good to see you. thank you for being here this morning. coming up, major divorce impacting amazon. the founder and ceo, jeff bezos, separating from his wife, leaving billions of amazon stock up in the air. the details ahead. plus, epic fail, the maker of the popular video game fortnite apparently not too popular when it comes to customer service. that story, next. ♪ shield℠ annuities from brighthouse financial allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities with a level of protection in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield℠ annuities from brighthouse financial, established by metlife. from brighthouse financial, touch shows how we really feel. but does psoriasis ever get in the way?
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7:15 am
dagen: the trial of el chapo detailing the operations of his notorious drug cartel, cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: the two months of testimony in federal court in new york have revealed details
7:16 am
about how he smuggled illegal drugs into the united states. back in the 1990s, the mexican drug lord smuggled cocaine across the tijuana border, up to los angeles, inside jalapeno cans. also take a look at this photo, in the ' '80s he used an underground tunnel to move drugs to arizona as well. the trial is expected to last several more weeks. it could be do or die for sears. sources telling reuters eddie lampert submitted a last minute revised bid of about $5 billion after sears rejected the previous $4.4 billion offer. lampert reportedly is trying to save up to 50,000 jobs and the name of a legendary american retailer and sears will consider the new bid during a bankruptcy auction set to be held next monday. the better business bureau has given the company behind fortnite an "f" rating in
7:17 am
customer service. epic games received the low rating after more than 200 customer complaints went completely ignored. many reported epic games after unauthorized charges on their account were not helpful to them. fortnite a has more than 200 million registered players. so, yeah, popular game, not a popular company behind it. there you go, dagen. dagen: thank you so much. who plays fortnite? you? you? >> some members of my household, they have no complaints as far as i'm aware. the complaints are on my end. >> what are you calling them about, anyway? aren't you busy playing games and acquiring the tools that you need? why would i be calling customer service if i was so enthralled and engaged in the game. >> it's multitasking, i guess. >> there's no point. dagen: exactly. if i get bad customer service, i tweet about it and take photos.
7:18 am
[ laughter ] i did that the other day. and, well, it got resolved quickly, i might add. coming up -- >> airline? dagen: no, it was -- should i say? it was torno, a watch store, i had to get my watch fixed. >> well, they fixed it. dagen: it's a watch store, they open at 10:00 a.m. we were standing in the cold at 10:15. if you can't follow the clock, what are you doing. i tweeted about it and called. ford making major cuts, the automaker slashing jobs to remain competitive. plus crude slipping this morning but we've had a bull run in oil prices. can you imagine it? so bear market to bull market. details, next. ♪ we could get on it. ♪ put a stamp on it. ♪ dance on it, float on it. ♪ as far as i can tell that finger ain't got no ring on it.
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7:22 am
dagen: oil coming out of a bear market, the price of crude lower this morning over increasing concerns about trade. this coming after the 5% surge yesterday. it's been in a bull market, in fact, opus chief oil analyst, tom close, one of my favorite people on the planet is here. tom, what are you -- you called this in terms of the wild swings. you saw this coming months and months and months ago. where do we go from here? >> well, i think it's going to be very, very choppy through the next couple of months. there's a lot of things happening that can suppress prices. we didn't deserve to be in the sort of big hair '80s back in
7:23 am
october. we probably didn't deserve to be in the 40s more recently and we think that prices are probably going to be in the swinging 60s. the elements that can really impact it will be global growth. a lot of analysts are cutting their guesses for global growth to about 1.3, 1.4 million barrels a day. but we do think oil prices are generally going to move higher, peak in perhaps the second quarter, in the third quarter. but overall, this is going to be a cheaper year for consumers. >> hey, tom, mike block here, swinging 60s, groovy, baby. that's another 15% from here, looking at the wti price of 52 right now. what's going to be the drivers? is this merely technical? are you expecting to see more news on supply and/or demand here? what's going to drive the move back to the 60s? >> when i'm talking the 60s, i'm talking high 60s for brent, maybe a cup of coffee, in
7:24 am
the low 60s for wti. i think the driver is probably the opec cuts. i mean, before they cut, they actually put a lot more oil on the market in november and december and that still has to be swallowed up. so there's a little bit of like thanksgivinthanksgiving indigest there. it will be about demand and people driving again. we're in a little bit of slump for u.s. demand in particular. >> maybe they need ant acid. saudi arabia made the announcement they're going to cut 800,000 barrels day from november levels, hoping to lift prices up to $80 a barrel. do you thinker we'll actually get -- think we'll actually get there? >> no, i think they really have a tough task. i think they're going to solidify prices and as they're sort of indicating, they're going to do whatever it takes to fortify prices. in 2021, which comes around
7:25 am
pretty quick, they're going to have the initial public offering for aramco. the higher the price, the more in trillions of dollars that thing is going to be measured in. but if you look at the history of opec and the history of trying to cut production when there's non-opec production, principally the united states coming on, it's usually a failure. so i think we get modestly higher this year, maybe an average price for brent crude about 67, $68. a lot of downside risks and for gasoline average price we see for the country is $2.54, 9, which is about 17-cent less than last year. >> tom, james freeman at the wall street journal. wonder if you can tell us about the u.s. industry. obviously not much debt raising lately for companies of any time and there's a question about what happens as interest rates do eventually rise. the fed seems to be on a pause now.
7:26 am
tell us about the health of out. producers. >> the health is better. the health is better because now you've got multinationals and well-capitalized companies who are drilling in places like the permian basin. they don't have the debt problems that a lot of people had in 2015 and 2016 among the small producers. so they can sort of fight the fight and have much better lasting power. we're talking about companies like occident al, chevron, exxon mobil. i don't think they'll get hit with debt problems anytime soon. dagen: do you think that the slow shift to electric vehicles in this country ultimately hurts demand for fossil fuels? >> ultimately, yes. but probably when i lose my hair or it's all white and gray. i think it comes probably after
7:27 am
2025 and certainly in the decade of the '3030s we're going to see a lot of electrical vehicle intrusion. it's going to be a slow pace. i mean, the tesla problems are problems that other people have faced. china will have many, many more electric vehicles than we do by 2025. dagen: if you wear a t toupee u don't need to worry about losing your hair. >> you have to be like shatner and update it all the time. that's got to be really expensive. dagen: i'm just clarifying that. i know you don't wear fake hair. >> i don't wear a piece. dagen: you don't wear a piece. >> i have an affidavit. this is real and it's the real color. dagen: i had to make fun of you for that. i can't make fun of your -- take care. coming up, mayo marital woes impacting amazon, question mark. jeff bezos getting divorced. how will that impact the tech giant's future.
7:28 am
this is a business story. stay tuned for that. plus, tesla's fly rides, the ceo elon musk hinting at a future roadster that could a take to the skies. the details, next. ♪ the sweetest thing. ♪ she's certainly strong. ♪ the sweetest thing. ♪ ♪ (vo) here's a question. was it necessary to create a luxury car
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7:32 am
with china and also news out of the federal reserve minutes that the central bank might not be as quick to raise interest rates in the coming months. today, taking center stage once again, the federal reserve chairman, jay powell. he speaks midday, also vice chairman rich klarita, he's speaking later this evening, both expected to weigh in on the economy. , interest rates and the giant fed balance sheet that it's drainin drawing down. yesterday's gains part of the fastest rebound for stocks in almost a decade. the s&p 500 up almost 10% since christmas eve. in europe we have losses across the board, although slight selling in england, france and germany. it was the same story overnight in asia. the only gainer of the four major march markets there, the g seng up. ford and jaguar making cuts, why the automakers are getting rid
7:33 am
of thousands of employees. and the best from ces. ththe consumer electronics showe look at the coolest things to come out of the show. the top story this half hour, the future of amazon, ceo jeff bezos and his wife mckenzie announcing yesterday that they're divorcing after 25 years of marriage. the split could have major implications for amazon. jeff bezos is the richest man in the world, with a net worth of around $137 billion. the wall street journal says that if mckenzie ends up with a portion of her husband's stake in amazon, it's 16.3% at most recent count, that that could have an impact on the company. joining me now, fox news legal analyst, defense attorney mercedes callwin and technology reporter tim higgins. tim, you're at the ces convention in las vegas, amazon getting a lot of attention.
7:34 am
what do investors need to know? why is this a business story? explain it. >> well, it's important to investors because if he's got to get rid of some of the shares, it could change some of the control of the company if his ex-wife, soon to be ex-wife have other views that could influence the board and we've seen in past divorces from high ranking ceos or other executives, these things can get messy. information can come out in the proceedings that's embarrassing to the company, becomes a distraction. dagen: i want to point out, since you are in las vegas elaine wynn's divorce from wynn resorts founder steve wynn it was about eight years ago, that actually did result in her putting -- based on the ownership stake, that she wound up with, trying to force changes on wynn resorts. >> yes, that's a good example. the family that owned the dodgers baseball team ended up selling. that's another example. these things can have ramifications and it's really at this point unknown what the
7:35 am
arrangements between the bezos are and so we'll be looking for that very closely. dagen: her se mercedes, i wano weigh in on this. they announced as james pointed out, it seems like an amicable statement. tmz is reporting this morning that jeff and mckenzie bezos did not have a preup i prenuptual a. it's not unusual to put together a deal after you're married, after the fortune builds. what should we be paying attention to. it looks like everything is hunghunky dory despite the -- >> where is the venue, where is it going to be? many individuals say it's going to be in washington state which is a community property state which means it's right down the middle. he started amazon during the
7:36 am
marriage. dollar for dollar it was amassed during the marriage, right down the middle, 50% would go to the spouse, splitting it between the houses, 100%. he's got the control of the company. we've got the fly in the ointment which is the other woman. that will muck it up. we started talking about this before the start of the segment. it's like looks so nice and pleasant and they have this wonderful statement out there. standard operating procedure. >> collaborating. >> standard operating procedure, make it nice and lovely but put the boxing gloves on because we're going to duke it out for a lot of money, for child support, for all that. dagen: in september they announced they were forming the day one fund, named after amazon's startup with an initial endowment of $2 million. they celebrated their 25t 25th wedding anniversary. there was a lot going on with them as a couple and then this revelation. i'm going to put you on the spot. it does look like the bezos were forced to announce this because there was an investigation that it was going to come out, the
7:37 am
national enquirer looking into it, it was going to come out that he was dating this other woman. so it does raise the issue of what is the company -- what is he required to disclose if it has a material impact on the share price and on the ownership stake. >> that's such a great point. frankly, anything that he comes out with a statement that can impact the shares of stock and the value of it can result in a shareholder suit. we saw that with martha stewart when she professed her innocence and suddenly she was charged with stock fraud and whatnot. dagen: she was only charged with criminally she was convicted of obstruction of justice and lying to investigators. she was never criminally charged with insider trading, civilly, yes, criminally, no. that's a separate story. >> but that's so important. so when you have a ceo that has this type of controversy and he makes a statement, whether he professes his innocence and says i never had this dating
7:38 am
relationship, it was during the time we were separated, however it comes out, if it's opposed or there's opposing evidence saying that's not true, that can impact the value of his stock. we have issues for him. >> i understand we're speculating at this point. i'm wondering as you look at mckenzie bezos' business background, is there reason to think that she might want to play a role as an active investor in this company, as an active manager, perhaps? >> if you look at the founding of the company, she's definitely there in the early days. remember, when he was moving from the east coast towards the west coast, as they were driving, she drove the car as he was writing the business plan for the company that would ultimately be known as amazon. she's been there from the early days. focused later in life on her writing, her books. little unclear exactly what -- maybe what role she might have in this kind of new world for her. dagen: she went to princeton which i think is jeff bezos'al ma matter. she met him at the hedge fund
7:39 am
where he was working before the 578 son funding. she worked at the company after he founded it. she worked in accounting at amazon when he founded it. >> there's evidence she was involved in the ipo road show. she was there. investors remember meeting her. she was involved. i guess my question is, does she have any reason to scorch the earth here? there's a lot of emotion involved. from a business standpoint, what is she going to look to do? >> certainly there's going to be a huge payout, number one. there are four children in the mix. there has to be a level of sensitivity towards those children. so you start to see even though it can get really nasty and very aggressive, attend of the day the spouses have to come together and say we've got to do this for the sake of the children. dagen: real quick, give you a few seconds to say some final words before we go. >> this comes at a time where amazon is looking like the more stable of the tech companies. you saw apple falling off the cliff with concerns about the quarter and amazon was kind of the darling here in the tech
7:40 am
world especially at ces where their name is everywhere as they're pushing their voice assistant alexa. dagen: thumbs up for you being here so early for us. great insight as always, tim higgins. i'm going to go back to mercedes really quickly. on this note, there's so much at stake. there are five properties. he's one of the largest -- jeff bezos and family are one of the largest land owners in the united states. five estates. 400 acres. $137 billion. it seems almost unimaginable that he wouldn't have a prenup or post nup in place. he had money when they got married and certainly a lot more money being the richest man in the country. >> there isn't any evidence of it. even if there is a post nup all of that could be challenged in court. undue duress, whatnot, i was forced to do this. there's so many challenges to those agreements. many of them fall to the
7:41 am
wayside, unfortunately. >> i'm worried about the dilution of shares. you need to dilute or you need to sell off shares in order to pay off any settlement in the future. they seem to be partners in the future, friends forever. we'll see how long that. dagen: with the report, i think we should say this w. th say tht of the girlfriend, you never know what was going on with the marital relationship. you just don't know the story. you don't know who knew what and when and it will come out in the wash, in the coming weeks. >> especially with the media interest. you know there has to be evidence out there, in the event he comes forward and says i'm totally innocent of whatever i'm being alleged against, could not be so. dagen: right. well-said, mercedes. thank you to tim higgins as well. ford and jaguar making cuts, the automakers axing jobs to cut costs. eli monk hinting that the tesla
7:42 am
roadster might fly. that story, next. ♪ how do you wait for heaven. ♪ and who has that much time. ♪ and how do you keep your feet on the ground when you know you were born -- thanks to you, we will. aw, stop. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... all while helping you to and through retirement. um, you guys are just going for a week, right? yeah! that's right. can you help with these? oh... um, we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... sorry, little paws, so. but have fun! send a postcard! voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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dagen: ford and jaguar cutting thousands of jobs. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: dagen, ford is focusing on the of most profit and models
7:46 am
as it restructures in europe. they say structural cost improvements are going to be supported by a reduction of surplus labor. ford also shutting european plants in response to a series of bad news for global car makers. the company's turnaround effort is aimed at achieving a 6% operating margin in europe. it's not clear exactly how many jobs are going to be slashed here. ford europe employs 53,000 people. they have struggled to turn a profit. shares are up almost half a percent in the premarket. layoffs reportedly could be coming at jaguar land rover. a sources telling reuters they're set to announce substantial job cuts today due to a slowing in china. the bbc is reporting the cuts will total about 5,000 of the layoffs expected to affect mostly management, marketing and administrative positions but some production workers could also lose their jobs.
7:47 am
and then again staying with vehicles, a different story at rolls royce where the company broke a record for luxury car sales. rolls royce sold more than 4100 cars in 2018, the highest annual figure for them in the 150-year history of that car maker. that's a 22% increase from sales in 2017. shares of bmw which runs rolls royce are down 23% over the past year. but a bright spot there for you. how about this, guys, for luxury. tesla's ceo, elon musk, is telling twitter followers that the tesla roadster will be able to fly. musk responded to one of his followers on twitter. he wrote the new roadster will do something like this. he made the claim before, saying the roadster would come equipped with 10 small rockest thruster as part of a spacex option pauncpackage,shares of tesla trn
7:48 am
the premarket, down half a percent. with everything with elon musk, we'll have to see. dagen: the car can dance. cheryl: flying cars, somebody call the faa. that's just my opinion. >> maybe he meant the time travel. why not. cheryl: that's next. >> from a business perspective, he was in china overnight, meeting with the chinese premier. he might be bridges the u.s./china trade gap. he there's to open the new gig ga factory in shanghai. dagen: whatever it takes at this point. >> influence, diplomacy,y long migh, elonmight be the man. >> trade deal secured. dagen: taking a look at the hottest tech gear, we have the best gadgets from the consumer electronics show, next. ♪ on the back of a hurricane,
7:49 am
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7:52 am
dagen: crazy cool tech at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. our next guest front and center for all the he shenanigans. kurt is here with some of the game changers. number one, good morning. >> good morning. dagen: number two, dell laptop. >> they came out to ces and you know you have these things that happen while you're at ces that weren't really seen and all of a sudden dell is rolling out with a disrupter in the marketplace which is this notebook, the latitude 7400, two in one that's going to come out in march. it's going to make every other
7:53 am
laptop manufacturer wake up to some new things about what business road warriors want. 24 hour battery life on this. i left it closed because i want to demonstrate what it has inside, a proximity sensor and windows hello. so i don't need to log on. it sees me at some point. dagen: does it see you? >> it's looking for me. i think it's the studio lights. dagen: let's see if it comes up. >> you could be at starbucks, for example, walk away, and then come back to it and-come on, baby. dagen: there's one rule in tv. always find your light. >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> outside of this one moment on television, it works every time. anyway, it's a brilliant, brilliant laptop play and two in one, it becomes a tablet. you're going to start to see competition will have to roll out for dell for this because this will be the winner for 2019, without a doubt, when it comes out in march. it's going to lead the
7:54 am
marketplace for road warriors. dagen: the bell nexus air tax with uber. >> uber expects in 2023 to take delivery of this bell -- not helicopter, but it's got six -- it's got six turbans, eight feet wide. it looks like someone built a giant grown-up drone. when you see it in person, it looks like they took a gorgeous bell helicopter and decked it out with star trek on the inside. it is a beautiful machine. the idea of hopping up in this, especially if it's the uber driver that got me here is very scary, very ambitious plans. this would be the thing that is probably most close to coming to reality for urban transportation. dagen: nice. let's go smaller, the micro l.e.d. television set from samsung, the micro l.e.d. >> went to the announcement at saannouncement atthe sam samsun. the 8k tv is what everyone is talking about. they created a modular l.e.d.
7:55 am
you come up with cubes and you just -- you go look at your wall now and you don't say what size tv i want. you say all right, i've got a 1a 10-foot tv and you go build the cubes like tiles and it's smart enough to know, to change the picture as you add the tiles onto it. >> that's amazing. >> not going to see that immediately but it is just a genius way of thinking about displays on walls, especially at home or even in business. dagen: by the way, i have a brand-new 4k tv and it's useless because i have the direct tv streaming service and that's like trying to watch tv via 28k momodem. direct tv's app is the worst on the planet. i don't know how they'll stay in business if they don't figure it out. >> at&t is trying to figure it out. dagen: it's garbage. >> you're right. dagen: pet bowl. >> italian designers won this innovation award. it's very cute. i looked at it, is that for a
7:56 am
hospital bed? it's called the mookie. your catwalks up to this. it has a camera installed. it has pet face i.d. it can determine which one of your pets is walking up to it. the goal is to keep the cat from eating the dog food and the dog from eating the cat food or if you want to time your delivery of food to the dog. i did see this in person. i have big dogs at home. that's like two bites of food for my dogs. i think we've got to scale it up in size. but it did actually work in the demonstration. dagen: when i first met you, i knew you were a dog person. >> no doubt. we've got good old hunting dogs. dagen: did that ever work, that laptop before we go. >> it's on now. dagen: good. great insight. love seeing you as always. >> thank you, good to see you. dagen: thank you so much. starbucks employees demanding change, they want the coffee giant to install needle disposal boxes in stores. next hour, "mornings with
7:57 am
maria." ♪ they say she's in the class 18, stuck in her day dreams, been this way since 18. [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
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dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it is thursday, january 10 top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern. wall street showing red this morning, futures are down across the board. all those flight losses, off lows of the morning 72-point loss on dow futures, after the three major market gauges fourth straight day of gains investors hopeful about trade talks in china with u.s. the federal reserve, minz yesterday might not be as quick to raise rates in the future the fed unlikely to raise rates next couple months jon hilsenrath told i that last friday, that the next couple months january, february fed is going to look at data maybe something happens in march, you heard it here first.
8:01 am
on "mornings with maria." meantime fed chief jay powell to speak today about noon 12:30 eastern time, in washington, d.c., answering questions on the economy, interest rates and, of course, that balance sheet reduction when clarida vice chair speaking this evening, we -- talk about rebound fastest rebound for stocks in almost a decade. s&p 3500 up nearly 10% the dow coming close, since that massive sell-off on christmas eve. in europe today we have losses across the board. the ftse 100 england slightly positive the moment france and germany still lower in asian markets mostly lower hang seng gaining slightly. >> day 20 of the government shutdown, president trump will travel to the southern border today, after meeting with democratic lawmakers yesterday over border wall funding the meeting elkeded rather
8:02 am
abruptly. >> speaker asked speaker pelosi if he opened things up quickly reopened government quickly when he would she be willing to agree to funding for a wall. or a barrier on southern border when she said no the president said good-bye. >> he just got up said then we have nothing to discuss and he justified walked out. again, we saw a temper tantrum he couldn't get his way he just walked out of the meeting. >> to be clear, president trump asked nancy pelosi in 30s days will you be in favor of thewall she said no that is when he left. >> one officer shot in the head killed in laza another shot in north carolina in the face, we have latest on trage tragedy. starbucks risk workers demanding giant install needle disposable boxes in stores before going in the baths ramos shooting up throwing dirty needles owing major
8:03 am
health risk to break it down susan li, "the wall street journal" assistant editorial page james freeman third seven advisers michael block what does showdown look like you to. >> frustrating to watch looks like a dealout to get paid politicians what they do make trump you gets his wall, i don't know what is holing i had up minor cool heads prevail here also i am glad since you installed needle boxes in greenroom iment has been much more comfortable experience. >> [laughter] >> -- us because starbucks allows anybody to come into its stores, and -- again you want to connect that with the border wall funding, the most of the heroin into united
8:04 am
states not fentanyl from china but most heroin in this country across southern border of u.s. a fact. >> situations have in common binary no half measures you can't say we are going to build half a while, hard to compromise. >> they don't without a doubt anything that is spelled w-a-l-l. >> we know nancy pelosi political every one political here. the thing starbucks is this if they keep everything open unfortunately creates a big responsibility for the company the employees, and that is why needle december positivesal if they take that into effect big -- why don't they have narcan in every starbucks revive people who overdose a radical concept people are actually talking about this. a huge responsibility on employees, but, again no half measures. >> two topics i am concerned about what it does for consumer confidence, thousands
8:05 am
-- servants paychecks not getting them this week, when is that eventually filter through if this is a longest shutdown. >> not pillows on you or us battle over that border wall president trump garth for texas over an hour to visit u.s. mexico border with top democrats talk fell apart yesterday partially government shutdown stretches on blake burman with the latest. reporter: president trump will spend maoist day at the border town in texas continues to push for more border wall fundingings it remains entirely unclear this morning, as to how this mess will untangle itself especially after yesterday's meeting at the white house is between president trump and congressional leadership including democrats apparently couldn't have gone any worse, lasted only about a half hour, and ended with president getting up leaving after he called it a quote total waste of time, this was play-by-play
8:06 am
given by democrats. >> unfortunately, the president just got up and walked out. he asked speaker pelosi will you agree to my wall she said no, and he just got up and said then we have nothing to discuss, around the he just walked out. again, we saw a temper tantrum. >> yesterday the president suggested that he could potentially bypass congress for wall funding building the wall declaring a national emergency, that came before that blow-up meeting and is he explained why he hasn't done that at least just yet. >> because i think we might work a deal if we don't, i may go that route. i have the absolute right to do about incredible emergenemer. >> threshold. >> threshold if i can't make a deal with people unreasonable. >> will meet legal challenges if the president decides to go down that route bottom line here with all of this strip politics away for a second, it
8:07 am
is day 20 of the partial government shutdown tomorrow friday would be day 21 matching longest ever should it get to that looking like it will, and 800,000 federal employees are set to miss a paycheck, tomorrow for the very first time when you include spouses, children, this is you likely to impact millions of people all across this country dagen. dagen: blake burman thank you for reporting as also a blake burman the white house, joining us for his reaction, south dakota senator armed services committee member mike round, senator good to see you good morning. >> good morning. >> i will follow up with something james freeman from the "the wall street journal" editorial page just mentioned, it seems like a compromise is obvious to anybody on the outside looking in. you give protection to the dreamers, you give some money for wall funding why can't this get done? >> well because right now you have speaker pelosi and the
8:08 am
president who have diametrically opposed views in terms of what it takes to get to the middle the president clearly wants border security wants as part of that barrier, the wall fences however you want to term it, speaker pelosi has made it clear that she believes politically that is the wrong move for her for her party and she is not going to allow that to happen. until we get past that binary choice ofw going to have a shutdown, the sooner we get past that, the better off we are all going about. okay, members of the -- of the democrat senate caucus voted with us in february, we actually proposed 25 billion dollars, to fund the wall, border security system. we had 46 of the democrat colleagues agree with us we had 54 votes, in february to move forward with a daca fix ending chain migration 25 billion dollars available not just authorized but fully appropriated over a 10-year period of time, there is i
8:09 am
think, some opportunity here in the future, to find some common ground. >> what breaks that why not -- why not negotiate this in public? we have a lot of talks lindsey graham has been having with fellow republicans, about putting together some sort of grand compromise but what changed? why where resistance? will president trump eventually come out and offer this publicly to the democrats, shine a spotlight on their -- um -- their lack of willingness to act? >> i think the president has pointed out right now, the issue of daca whether or not president obama had the ability even offer this daca fix in the first place, that is before the supreme court he feels very strongly that the president did not have the authority to even make that offer. i think he wants to see that resolved. but on the other side right now speaker pelosi made it clear this is a political decision being made and that
8:10 am
she believes very strongly, that when they took over the house, part of the message was the president does not get his barrier does not get his wall that is what it has come down to right now a political issue for 2020. >> makes it sound like what you just said about daca fix the president is waiting for that to work its way through the court system and to have high court rule on what president trump did for -- president obama did for the dreamers. that makes it sound like that that will not be a bargaining chip used by this white house at all. >> at this point i think that is a fair assessment. the president was in our conference yesterday, and one of our members brought up that possibility, i personally think it is good for the country to get past the issue. and to actually find a way to fund the wall without taking it out of department of defense resources, we are in the middle of a near pure competition with russia, china taking any resources away from department of defense specifically for border
8:11 am
security means that is going to short another project out there, and, so i -- if we're gonna fund wall barrier we should find additional resources senator inhofe chairman of the armed services committee prime sponsor i am a cosponsor on the wall -- we found a way to fund over the next 10 years period of 2.5 billion dollars a year full funding for that wall, one way or the other i think we should have the widespread protection system border security system in place i am agnostic as to what it takes electronic surveillance in areas triple eventsing in areas roads up and down the border along with a physical bare in some areas i just think we've got to have good strong border security i think the president is trying to send that message as well. >> that wall though you have likes of senator murkowski cory gardner susan collins individuals up reelection, in 2020, gardner collins for
8:12 am
sure, they don't want they are not too keen passing any what fails include brorder wall funding you don't have all republicans on border with the wall act. >> with regard to the wall i don't think there are any republicans saying we should not provide border security i there i not only would republicans agree to a border security as long as one get democrat colleagues to come with us on the issue so we've got enough to where we could actually get it passed but i i really have not found my republican colleagues to be hard to get along with in regard to finding some way to resolve this issue of government funding as well, i think there is a desire in part of the senate to find common ground. >> but senator, again to reiterate, it looks increasingly likely that president trump will declare a national emergency over the border situation and use or try to use defense funds to pay for the wall funding it will be fought in court by the
8:13 am
democrats. however you are not in fair of that; correct? >> it would not be my first choice, it may be the alternative that president decides if he did i see to go that route a couple of things happen number one, it then makes moot the issue of having the government continue to be shut down, might be a way out of short term problems we have right now with the you shutdown in government, so that might free up our ability to actually get government operations again, but i think the president will have a challenge, i think it is very clear at a our democrat colleagues would challenge that in court he may not win that in court means we may not end up with a border security system in place, the other issue if he is successful, is that that money is not free it is coming from department of defense, and once again, we are in a very serious situation right now with russia and china. we are not up to where we need to be, and those funds would come from the department of defense some very critical areas that we are going to have to ask for more funding in the of a future.
8:14 am
>> senator thank you for being here great to see you as always. >> you bet. >> starbucks health concerns cafés installing needle deposits in restrooms, one encouraging flyers to pony up with the tips. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. i treat my mbc with everyday verzenio, the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. verzenio is the only cdk4 &
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can you help with these? oh... um, we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... sorry, little paws, so. but have fun! send a postcard! voya. helping you to and through retirement. dagen: with iphone soles slowing apple looking to expand services business, gerri willis for a of new york stock exchange with details hey. >> hey that is right the "the wall street journal" today saying good luck with that tim cook could be harder than you think what they say in a story bringing out that share price down this morning, before the open. he wants to grow by 50 billion by 2020. the "the wall street journal" says that is really hard because you are relying on apple iphone users to use those services, and if number of users is slowing down getting smaller how do you grow it they also cia slowdown in app store sale services like netflix trying to avoid
8:18 am
pap's spaces you can't pay for netflix using itunes any more brig deal very big for stock probably moving it all day long briefly about starbucks, poised lower they say actively looking to find a solution to problem employees have getting poked with drug user needles cleaning bathrooms at starbucks they are going to use -- the web plastic bins at doctors office heavy-duty garbage bags to prevent employees from getting p hurt i know you talked a lot about it bed bath & beyond poised to open significantly higher up possibly as much as 11% at open why they beat expectancies on bottom line last night. came in 18 cents a share analysts expecting 17 disappointing on revenue they gave improved overall 2019 guidance.
8:19 am
>> thank you gerri willis good to see you coming up, on strike security staff at three major airports protesting today for higher wages, delaying tens of thousands of peace jersey sky-high gratitude one airline encouraging flyers to tip flight attendants that is coming up. shield℠ annuities from brighthouse financial
8:20 am
8:21 am
allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities with a level of protection in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield℠ annuities from brighthouse financial, established by metlife. from brighthouse financial, unstopand it's strengthenedting place, the by xfi pods,gateway.
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which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. dagen: police officers shot multiple times in two
8:23 am
different states, cheryl casone has the details, cheryl. cheryl: first, dagen to louisiana, a female officer was on her way to work last night, when she was fatally shot four times at least once in head shooter port police say she was in form at the time of shooting one detained for questioning. >> to raleigh, north carolina officer also shot multiple times there this officer rushed to a hospital condition not clear so far this morning police arrested two suspects we should add last year 48 officers shot and killed in the united states. well, chaos for air travelers in germany, security staff at three airports in cologne dusseldorf walking off the job affecting up to 110,000 passengers hundreds of flights canceled walkouts causing a hundred flights canceled a big
8:24 am
hub for international flights arrange the world. >> allowing passengers to tip flight attendants in 2016 a way to supplement income, starting this year will no longer pool tips this started as flight attendants union trying to reach new contract but last two years will make a point to you dagen as former flight attendant we're there to safer you are you know what not your drink essential veer not a bartender a flight attendant give me break we were told never accept tips at southwest air also i believer still the policy. >> i tip everybody, i tipped toll collectors lawyer lawyer. cheryl: that is a new one. >> i am serious i tipped a few of them i tipped toll collector at lincoln tunnel when coming back from holidays. they took it too i don't know
8:25 am
how -- [laughter], holidays, like i lost the e-zpass had cash gave them a tip. >> you are paying it forward for guy behind you. >> i am sure. >> that is a thing. >> i said this is for you, it is not for it is not for -- phil from south amboy or perth amboy bumped me in line to get in the lincoln opportune neil james talking about greenroom i want to thank fox news putting me a tip jar for panel guests in greenroom as well. >> not very full i will tell that you. >> not guys. >> well said, coming up the -- the bezos' break it off amazon ceo jeff bezos divorcing his wife mackenzie could be a record-setter 1347 billion dollars at stake futures set for lower open investors
8:26 am
expect a pause in interest rate hikes at least for the next few months but what else? the latest next. ♪ i want to get away, i want to fly away ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ i want to get away i want to fly away ♪ with a cockpit fit for aspaceship. hang on. radar that senses things the human eye can't. busted. and the ability to make a thousand decisions before you even make one. was all this, really necessary? what do you think? ♪
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8:29 am
mcdowell for maria bartiromo. thursday, january 10 top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern. breaking news, we are about 30 seconds away from initially jobless claims expectation is for 225,000 people filed first time unemployment benefits most recent weeks we bring that, in 25 seconds futures showing slight losses across the board, 52-point loss on the dow futures the moment, as we markets have had biggest
8:30 am
fast evident comeback in terms of of the rebound from christmas eve in almost 10 years losses in europe to report although slight, and it was same story overnight in asia only gainer there hang seng. >> president trump tweeting over shutdown, check it out, crying chuck followed favorite lie used steady sound bite that i slammed the table and walked out of the room and had a temper tantrum because i knew he would say that after nancy pelosi said no to proper border security i politely said bye-bye and left no slamming in fact he said are you going to negotiate with me on border wall in 30 days will you be in favor of the wall president trump asked according to "the wall street journal" nancy pelosi said no, mr. trump said what's the point through up hands and walked out. bye-bye. prime trouble for jeff bezos amazon ceo in middle of a divorce, breakup could impact
8:31 am
the tech giant, this is a business story, it is front page of the "the wall street journal." there is a 5.3% stake in amazon at stake -- 15.3%, is there a prenup does wife get some of the company one major city pushing to guarantee two weeks paid off for all workers backlash from small businesses coming up we are we've got weekly jobless claims came in below expectations 215,000 number versus 225,000, this comes on evidence last week job market in this country is incredibly strong joining is now optimal capital director of strategy francis, looking at job claims numbers we saw jobless numbers last week now a federal reserve that is trying to soothe markets it is jay powell chief has done that since last friday speaks at
8:32 am
noon today what are you listening for? >> well, i am listening for you know continuation of flexibility and willingness to be flexible i mean, they took 388 to 400 billion off balance seat since they started which i believe october 2017 has already affected markets greatly, we had 90% assess classes worldwide in selling off last year, 70% of asset classes in bear market, that was from that tightening, so now, the markets sold off heavily on christmas eve because they thought that you know they weren't going to be flexible about taking 600 billion additionally off balance sheet, and so now, them saying they are going to be flexible markets are not desperate to price that in. >> what are the markets pricing in, because we have seen longest winning streak now in four months strongest rebound since july 2009 people thinking recession, heading into this year but i think the
8:33 am
jobs' report may have disapproved that. >> the thing about the recession, is if you are going to have problems in the credit market we have a record amount of debt worldwide 250 trillion dollars any time what the fed does is very mechanical and any time that the fed raises rates or any time that the fed reduces the balance sheet, what really happens is that the reduces aggregated money supply there is less out there for people to hire there is less for consumers at the o spend there is less to cover taxes et cetera, et cetera the most important thing folks at home need to know they are just reducing amount of money in circulation, and the problem with that is when you raise interest rates, then also reduce money in circulation just makes that debt harder to service, so if they overshoot that, then you see problems in credit markets problems in credit markets sort of have domino effect in a can cause a recession scenario, so that is sort of what i think markets are worried about trying to price in is if they are going to overshoot it not overshoot
8:34 am
every time they come out with a statement you have go to analysts sitting there with calculator what i think is priced in is reduction in balance sheet that has already occurred and i think they are trying to price in reduction of balance sheet next year which is the pressure that you saw in december, and now i think analysts are thinking maybe they are not going to be able to reduce the balance sheet that much so that is tug-of-war in the pricing for the market. >> james freeman here at "the wall street journal". wondering how you price it in so assuming the balance sheet reduction continues at current pays is this a good year for growth or do you think at the choked it off? >> no, i think they choke it off, if they stick with the 600 billion obviously also sfenz on how many times they hike rates, but based on the fact that they have already taken 380 plus off the balance sheet and based on the pack that it affected so many asset classes last near, i think 600 billion this year which is you know substantially more is going to be overshooting so i am hoping for flexibility, but
8:35 am
preparing for the worst. >> francis, mick block here jay powell speaks at in my view economic club d.c. what is best thing he could do for markets his jo about to still in confidence a steady hand what can he is a. >> i conservative, conservative, conservative. just you know ensuring that he cares about the markets they are watching the markets flexibility we saw friday how how they being reacted to that fascinating thing about friday they pad powell yellen berniekey up there kind of tells me maybe trump they were concerned about trump's tweets energy confidence in powell trump has right to do that because, what the fed does mechanically has substantial effect on economy so few truly understand, and you know trump doesn't want to be blamed for failure if they overshoot. >> one thing about president trump, because everybody every time he tweets something, peoplepull their hair out but he was in fact ahead of the
8:36 am
markets that the markets finally agreed with the president. and you saw that in the sell-off in -- in november and december and the fact that somethingo suzan mentioned earlier they were pricing in right before the holidays, 90% chance the fed would would hold steady on rates if not cut in the new year, so the president they were merely following up on what the president had been saying for months now. >> yeah the president is completely ahead of the game obviously he has access to a lot of information, that we don't have access to i completely agree with you, and you know things are just so political i think more than ever, and i -- you know, he knew. but democrats were going to blame him for the economy he knew that sort of his big talking point something that supports his base, so, yes, the fed is you know even if you are apolitical person is a somewhat try to be, the fed is doing things that are going to affect the economy, and trump will be blamed for that so he
8:37 am
is -- i would do what he is staving that off a bit. >> one thing i want to point out the markets actually rolled over, right after the midterm elections that the 10-year yield accrue peaked i think two days after the midterm elections, that is where we got close to 3 1/4% when markets starts collapsing right after that i would expect president trump to see to say, see, when you elect democrats they hammer growth, and this is what happens but we've had rebound in the markets i just nevertheless, maybe you will hear that from him thank you great to see you. >> thanks guys. >> take care. >> president trump just tweeted this on congress and border there is great unity with republicans in the house and senate, despite the fake news media working in o over drive to make story look otherwise, party and dems know we must have strong border security don't want to give trump another of many wins, one thing i will point out
8:38 am
there was a vote in the house, to reopen treasury department kind of a test of the house gop, and the unity there, 8 yeses from republicans on this vote to open the treasury department, seven republicans voted for bill to appropriate funds for most of the federal agencies, still needing funding this year one more republican vote for there does appear to be the moment, unity in the house among republicans to the president's points, coming up president considering declaring a national emergency on the border stuart varney weighs in, on that shutdown showdown, and small business out outrage new york city pushed legislation to guarantee two weeks paid off for all workers there is blacker we will tell you about it coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ backlash. ♪ ♪ ♪ after months of wearing only a tiger costume,
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dagen: shutdown negotiations going nowhere leaving the president with few options for his border wall joining me host of "varney & company" stuart varney, stuart, what is next? . >> i am going to go out on a limb i think the president will declare state of emergency. that is a way out of this comafs i am apples if he said is there any a state of emergency i am declaring it
8:43 am
would be able to sign a spending bill, even if it doesn't contain any money for the wall, he would get mon elsewhere move on the government would reopen, the. >> mpass ended state of emergency lawyers go crazy fought in courts left would go absolutely crazy a huge furor the impass would be ended president trump's base very pleased he has gone whole hog fors state of emergency what do you think? >> o likely, i agree with you, however, ultimately, he still might not get his money. >> why? but he could say that he tried every which way he could went down in names but tried the i am apples is over going in that direction for that campaign pledge that pledge and ending, this border
8:44 am
crisis. >> stuart i don't think that you are going to have out of the white house at all, them coming -- coming and putting alternatives on the table, compromising for the democrats if you will. putting the protection for dealers on the table, and james freeman sitting here was saying that that is -- you know what that is is -- chuck schumer nancy pelosi to offer that up as part of a compromise, and even though the president used that word that is not a word that is in the lexicon of the left night is not they are pull the intransgent they think they win militarily driving president crazy driving him towards state of emergency, they think they win politically by doing that, i am not so sure. dagen: i am glad that you used that word intransgent i tried yearly does not roll off this southern tongue. not the way that it just did with you. thank you. >> intransigent. >> thank you as also a you are
8:45 am
right i agree with you as always. >> mr. vairn, every day 9:00 a.m. eastern nine to noon monday through friday coming up on almost 15 minutes right here right now future of amazon ceo jeff bezos and way of mackenzie getting divorce how could this impact sharldz ahead the investigation continues, president trumpos attorney general oncoming to me will allow special crowns robert mueller to finish that russia probe despite calls from left, the president is going to fire mueller? those details next. ♪ ♪ val, vern... i'm off to college and i'm not gonna be around... i'm worried about my parents' retirement. oh, don't worry. voya helps them to and through retirement...
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dagen: president trump tweeting moments ago getting ready to leave for the great state of texas, #-- make america great men again make america great again all caps exclamation point shake-up at justice department, deputiening to rod rosenstein expected to departure doj next few weeks expected to stay on until after the attorney general nominee bill barr william barr this is place this comes as reports indicate once barr becomes the attorney general he will allow special counsel robert mueller to complete his investigation senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham. >> i asked mr. barr directly do you think bob -- mr. mueller is on a witch hunt he said no, do you think he would be fair to the president and country as a whole he said yes. and do you see reason for mr. mueller's investigation to
8:50 am
be stopped he said no, do you see any reason for a -- a trm nicks based on cause he said no are you committed to making sure -- finish his job. >> joining me washington examiner editorial director, of course, not going to fire bob mueller this is idea punched by left constantly, right hugo. >> exactly so totally manufactured crisis what you have is the anti-trump media asking the question of one official after another is the president going to fire robert mueller when the answer comes back no, he is not, then they report he is not going to fire him which suggests or implies there was some question about it then you've got people like lindsey graham obviously supportive of the president also asked the question, just to nail down the fact this isn't going to happen one of those things opposition to
8:51 am
president trump trying to make a cliff anger a drama out of forgoing conclusion investigation will continue robert mueller will produce finding not going to get fired. >> okay, hugo james freeman "the wall street journal" i am wondering how do you think this plays out if he doesn't wrap up his investigation soon as many people expect, i know many people expect that he would wrap it up last summer, and here we are, we are approaching the two-year anniversary of this spring -- what happened does he want -- >> i mean, the thing is that he has the right not so much to keep it rolling but to follow pleads if he finds evidence of wrongdoing you are probably remember ken starr was going to i don't know five years or something like that investigating the clintons for different things started with white weighter ended up with monica lewinsky could go on forever there are signs it could be wrapping up obviously if nothing more is found up the chances of wrapping it up you arise but if it can't gets
8:52 am
moved into the presidential cycle, it is really anybody's guess allow this will play out some people will say it will feel that it otherwise gone on fo to along found nothing side with president trump others say mo smoke without fire gaigz runs case wrongdoing. >> i said for a while the plan from democrats isn't to impeach the president, and you see nancy pelosi, and ilk some trying to avoid that using that word, but to embarrass the president, swamp white house with document requests come up getting tax returns reveal detail about his finances that my embarrass him leading up to 2020. >> i think that you are absolutely right, dagen, the leadership of the democratic party does not want to get into impeachment they saw that it did damage to the republicans when they impeached president clinton, what they want is to cause as much embarrassment and throw
8:53 am
as much mud as white house president trump as they possibly can to make his election less likely but there is a very interest debate in democratic party it isn't absolutely clear that the leadership will be able to prevent impeachment predicting the party moved to left resistance is got blood up, it wants to go after the president now, not just defeat him in two years' time. >> great to see you as also a. >> thank you. >> take care come back soon. >> still ahead what is at stake for amazon as ceo jeff bezos and his wife end their 25 year marriage, owns american 6% of stock in zan do they have a prenup? mayor de blasio facing blacker raising concerns over mayor's plan to mandate at least two weeks of paid vacation for everybody. ♪ all you gotta do is hold him kiss him and squeeze him and love him, yeah, just do it
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plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. >> an end to marriage or for amazon ceo jeff bezos and his wife mckenzie announcing they're filing for divorce after 25 years of marriage. tmz reporting that there is no prenuptial agreement and never signed one that leaves 137 billion dollarss to be divided among two plus that 60% stake in amazon. the source of their wealth it could have major implications for future of amazon and james, you said this earlier that the the announcement seemed to be all honky doory but appear they made announcement they're breaking up after it was a national inquire and other reporters knew he was dating lauren sanchez we don't note timeline the split and him dating another woman. but again it seems like hand was
8:58 am
forced. which raises issue of you know what if you're 61% plus stake in the country is up you need to keep the shareholders informed about what's going on in your personal life. >> well, the bezos is going to be leaving the marriage with a lot of his stake in amazon certainly that is going to be an issue for shareholders we talk about how they met at work and then founded this company together essentially that she was part of the original team so question about does she -- does she want that and want a roll in amazon and owner of a large stake in amazon the, obviously, this is going to be a great feast for lawyers and let's hope that shareholders and customers come out unscathed. >> amazon did have something to say. >> we with reach out to amazon to ask about this and they wrote back saying no comments on the personal life of jeff bezos but they did say he remains focused
8:59 am
engaged in amazon business but i think that is the concern for share hold percent right now is delusion effect of the 16% stake is and what happens in the future. >> right. he's been jetting all over the -- jetting around with the the new girlfriend apparently. new york mayor bill de blasio proposing new law yesterday guaranteeing two weeks of paid vacation for all state workers if approved new york would be first american city to require it. james, you first. >> i think this is just another odd, odd suggestion in a very tight labor market. i think workers have the leverage right now. and this intrusion into these work place arrangements is only going to make employers less eager to hire and less eager to locate in new york. >> you like it. but -- >> this is bill de blasio knowing where his bread is buttered this is what got him elected was this is having stances like this so it is one
9:00 am
of those -- >> again, you just say something and pulls it out of well you know where -- mike bloc thank you so much suzanne lee great to see you james freeing man see i didn't say it. stuart varney take it away. >> i shall dagen good morning everyone. all right. crunch time for the government shutdown crunch time for the wall could it be there's a way out of the impasse? in my opinion job yes there is. the president could declare a national emergency he appears close to doing just is that he told reporters, quote, i have the absolute right to do national emergency if i want and he went on, my threshold will be if i can't make a deal with with people that are unreasonable. he couldn't make a deal with senator schumer and speaker pelosi. the government is still shutdown, the national emergency option is on the table. today, the president heads to the border to see the crisis firsthand. he leaves the white house shor


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