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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 11, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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next time. take care. president trump: we are a country that's being invaded by criminals, and by drugs, and we're going to stop it. i'd rather not do it because this is something that congress should easily do. this is something that the democrats should do, the southern border is something that should be easy, so what we're not looking to do right now is national emergency. that is president trump today saying he is holding off declaring the border crisis, to get military funds for border security including the wall. he's saying congress has to do its job tonight we've got the latest on whether the president will still get that wall built
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by using a nearly $14 billion fund for a disaster relief in places like puerto rico and several states. we will also take you behind the scenes of the white house to what happened at that round table there today. details coming up. also tonight, speaker of the house nancy pelosi downplays border crimes including homicides of u.s. citizens by illegals saying those deaths are "tragic, but not enough to call the border a crisis. we have an angel's wife whose husband was killed by illegal immigrants she's fired up and ready to go ready to take on nancy pelosi. also we bring you we're going to take you to the behind the scene s scramble to stop the shutdown now. it is set to be the longest in u.s. history. chuck schumer, nancy pelosi and three dozen democrats in the senate remember they supported a border fence and a wall five years ago. plus new details from a memo written by president obama's
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homeland security secretary just two and a half years ago saying yes, the border is a crisis, demanding an all out government push to stop the smuggling of terrorists into the u.s. , and now voters saying enough is enough. move on, d.c. swamp. big problems happening around the world. wall street cautioning a profit slow down due to a global downturn. europe is on recession watch. france facing more than two months of weekend protests this weekend could be its most violent ever. history being made there, china trade talks are underway, north korea still a problem so is the middle east. americans are saying washington enough is enough time to move on welcome to the show thank you so much for joining us i'm elizabeth macdonald. the evening edit starts right now.
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liz: let's get right to the action in washington d.c. with edward lawrence. the president's latest decisions and the latest impact of the shutdown, edward? >> yeah, the president is saying obviously that he's not going to vote for a national security just yet both the house and the senate are out for the weekend, both sides dug in, not even talking to each other. the president promising federal workers will get backpay, when this is all over. republicans asking democrats to engage which they aren't. >> we need to push pause on requesting specific conditions before talks resume. we need to lay down our swords and be willing to find not a democratic solution, not a republican solution, but a solution for all americans. >> as some 800,000 workers did not get their paycheck today the air traffic controllers union sued over it the lawsuit says under the fifth amendment, the president is depriving them of their hard earned competition without the due process.
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tsa screeners in miami called out sick and it doubled the normal rate, so many that tomorrow the airport will close a terminal early, leaving it closed through the weekend, mortgage approvals are starting to back up the treasury is out of money and that means the irs and income verification statements will not be sent in a timely fashion. democrats pointing out that the coast guard is also not being paid. >> if there's a crisis at the border and as the president described that crisis, some of the crisis a significant portion of the crisis is illegal drugs coming across-the-boarder, and we need folks to interject illegal drugs. >> both sides talking at each other, not with each other. the shutdown will be expensive, s&p global says the u.s. economy has already lost $3.6 billion, losing 1.2 billion per week. liz? liz: edward lawrence thank you so much the dow jones making a index there, making a dramatic
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comeback, after a rocky december , slugging off what's going on in washington, susan li is here with more on your money. susan? >> okay so we had indices flipping today to close off the week but hey its been a great three weeks. in fact the strongest three weeks that we've seen since just after the election back in 2016 and we're up some 10% since christmas eve low when we saw the worst christmas eve session in history. now three things propelling markets right now we have jerome powell the federal reserve again echoing what seems to be patience when it comes to raising interest rates this year in 2019 in fact fed fund futures are telling us it's only a 19% chance that it'll get one or more interest rate hikes this year and off of some calming words coming from the china/u.s. trade talks as well and a lot of people are thinking since we have low level meeting taking place this month we'll get a deal before that march 1 deadline, and we have oil prices back up in fact from bear market to a bull market helping to lift
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indices as well this week a lot of talk and focus amazon shares of course with the news of jeff bezos impending divorce, he owns 16% majority stake in the company. what happens to the 16%, $130 billion stake if and when the two actually split up, so this is something that investors are taking a closer look at. also we're taking a look at retailers as well and is the retail ice age back with us that's according to one analyst we've been speaking to this week after macy's fell dramatically yesterday by double-digits, after what looked like a pretty good holiday shopping period, mastercard said 850 billion spent but macy's, kohl's and target they had to downgrade their guidance on also their outlook for sales in 2019. liz back to you. liz: great to see you susan li. let's get more about that amazon divorce. it is going to potentially the biggest and looks like the biggest in corporate history here is what's going on. jeff bezos divorcing his wife mckenzie. now will it cost jeff bezos his crown at the world's richest and make his wife the richest woman in the world? hillary vaughn has the latest.
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hillary? reporter: hi, liz. well there are still so many questions about how the richest couple in the world's fortune will be split up and more specifically how this divorce will affect amazon. there's a few things that could happen. the couple could split the 16.3% of amazon stock in half, that would put about $65 billion in amazon stock in both of their hands, or jeff bezos could opt to transfer stocks to mckenzie but make those stocks non-voting shares, so he still would have effective control over his company, the total stock could also be transferred to a third party entity that would allow them to have joint control over the stock, and joint control over the company. that move could put amazon's investors at ease, without having two majority dualing shareholders at odds with each other, legal experts say that typically in divorce settlements shares are transferred to one party tax free and the split either way is going to make or out him from his role as world's
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richest man and crown his soon to be ex-wife as the world's richest woman. liz? liz: hillary vaughn great to see you. let's get to president trump backing away from declaring the border a national emergency for now. let's take you inside the white house to the round table the president had today with law enforcement border authorities. we welcome to the show one of the law enforcement officials in that room. he is rocking ham county north carolina sheriff sam page. thanks so much for coming on. thank you glad to be here. liz: what did you hear inside the white house at the round table? >> well i listened to some officials from different cities like san diego talk about the importance of how a wall did help them. i listened to some officials from i.c.e., listened to the president and his commentary about what he's trying to do, going to the border when he made his trips to mcallen texas and i might add in 2014 myself and others went down to the border during that border surge and i've been kind of running comparison to that and what we have now and what i understand
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there are more numbers more families coming through in the rio grande valley, so they've got a lot of problems down there and the border patrol need our support and help but we do need to build the wall. i support the president on the concept we do need to build a wall and it's a multi-layering effect, we do need the security and the technology and the manpower. liz: sheriff, did the president give any indication he will use disaster relief money to build the wall and repair parts of the wall? >> i don't recall that in the discussion. i do recall that some moneys that have been appropriated from congress have been used on repairing some of the existing fencing walls that we have along our borders but i did not remember hearing that being said liz: okay they may go that route now, sir what's your reaction to democrats in the media saying this is not a crisis, that the president has manufactured a crisis to appeal to his base and keep his campaign promise? what are you saying? is it a crisis should president trump declare a national emergency to get that wall built
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>> well i don't think you make up a crisis when you have thousands of persons that come across your borders uncontrolled for different countries and coming into america and not having the resources to be able to handle those whether it be detention resources or manpower resources to stop persons coming across our borders illegally. whether it be criminals or anybody else coming across our borders. i don't see how you can manufacture that but also, you listen to the professionals, you listen to homeland security. our homeland security professionals, our i.c.e. agents , they're in the field. they know what's going on those are people that i'd call and ask the questions to and that's why when we went to the border and the president relied on them for their information and when we went to the border that's who we talked to the sheriffs. we talked to the border patrol and i.c.e. agents and the persons with the department of public safety in texas to ask them what was going on in 2014 and what we see now, it's worse. it is a crisis but our congress has the opportunity and the obligation to stand up and do what is right i don't care whether democrat or republican you have the opportunity to do what's right to help protect
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america. and the citizens. liz: it's an important point you make you say 2014 because that's when chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and president obama said it was a crisis and it is getting worse. that's the indications we're see ing as well, sheriff sam page thank you so much sir and thank you for your service to our country. >> god bless you thank you. liz: let's bring in conserve conserve conservative commentary , curt what's your reaction to all of this? >> well look it's about time that we start taking this crisis seriously and i use the word crisis because i mean crisis. i'm from california. we just buried a police officer a few days ago murdered by an illegal alien here with two drunk driving convictions. you know, liz, if you or me or any other american citizen had a drunk driving conviction, just one, not two, our lives would be ruined. this creep who was here illegally had two of them and because of these sanctuary state policies, it's outrageous. liz: i hear you.
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ari, let's get to cnn's jim acosta getting ridiculed for reporting there is no crisis at the border. he was standing in front of a border fence but that is because congress passed border wall funding to secure a fence act in 2006. 90 democrats supported that and border apprehension dropped dramatically since the 90s because of the fences in california, arizona and texas. democrats said that, the obama white house said that, the clinton administration notes it what's your take on all of this? >> the wall is one element and a whole host of various elements you can have, especially in the age of technology and modern technology to actually reduce a, the number of people crossing and b, capture and send back, detain and send back or deport those people who cross. now, the same way that in 2019 we no longer go to war with
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horses and the equivalent of a anti-mongolian voila long our border it is not the best way to spend five-plus billion dollars. that's the point and by the way, i grew up in california too and i've spent quite some time in texas, southeast texas. there is some level of urgency to get immigration illegal immigration under control, but the president has played to some of that. liz: already but we also have a democrat today, curt, freshman democrat katie hill saying she's out of california saying yes, i support the border, funding border walls, they work. they dropped illegal apprehensions by about 90% since they were built. you know, the other thing too, curt the media and the democrats holler that the u.s. is kicking out illegals. the u.s. is not kicking out illegals at the same rate we were, the u.s. was in the 90s and early 2000. you could see the data there we're showing it on the screen. the u.s. is removing fewer and fewer illegals.
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you're take, curt? >> well, obviously, we've got to redo our asylum procedures. it's now a scam and they're basically lying their way into the country saying hey, i'm here for asylum because my country is a mess. let me go and then they disappear. it's ridiculous. we need to stop that. we need to provide asylum for real political prisoners people who are suffering political religious prosecution. i know about those. i married one, but these games have got to stop. this is our country, liz. we decide who lives here no one else. liz: let's get to jay johnson. he was the homeland security secretary under president barack obama. here is what jay johnson said. increase global movement of special interest aliens across u.s. border demands immediate attention of senior immigration and border security aliens leaders rather. he went on to say that the government needs to counter this because sia's include terrorists
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they are basically terrorists are being smuggled along with si a's into and within the u.s.. special interest aliens are individuals from countries of interest that are enemies of the u.s.. let's put it bluntly. quickly, ari, your take on that and then i'll go to curt. very quickly very few people are getting deported because far fewer people are coming in first of all because we put to use some good measures using technology preventing them from coming in and b, just because you're on a special list doesn't mean you're a terrorist. liz: wait, wait, wait. >> no, no, the terms are you guys are playing with terms and it's not right. liz: curt let me get the homeland security is reporting that more than 2,400 terrorists, excuse me, forgive me i appreciate what you're saying but we're running out of time. sorry. curt, more than 2,400 terrorists on the terror watch list were stopped by homeland security in fiscal 2017. that's according to the governments own data.
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i understand what ari is saying but the media is not getting the facts out to the american people that's information that needs to be said and let's switch gears quickly and move on because we've got something happening right now, curt in new york city mayor deblasio is saying the u.s. has plenty of money but it is in the wrong hands. what does he mean by this, quickly, curt? what is he talking about here? >> well, gosh it's mayor deblasio i think that he means that the people that don't support him have the money and he wants to transfer it to people he thinks will get to vote for him. this guy is a socialistic. this is what they do. liz: we'll be back with us shortly thank you so much. up next here to tell us how her 36 year old husband, he was a paramedic, he was killed by an unlicensed drunk driving illegal immigrant who was apprehended multiple times by law enforcement, and taking on nancy pelosi who yesterday downplayed tragedies like hers, saying they are not enough to call the border a crisis, that's next don't go away. jardiance asked-
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country. >> a family who has ended up losing him to a illegal immigrant from shooting him would you say this to families who have lost relatives to overdoses? >> i would say to families like that is what i'd say to the president regularly. these are tragic situations. there's a tragic situation at the border two little children died but the anecdote is not data, and as painful and horrible one death is more than we should be able to have whether it's the corporal or whether it's the children. >> i want to tell nancy pelosi just because you don't want to acknowledge that we exist does not mean that you're telling the truth. liz: well families of victims killed by illegals pushing back after speaker of the house nancy pelosi appeared to say their stories are not enough to call the border a crisis. joining me now is a wife to tell her story dawn whitherspoon, we welcome you to the show. dawn we're so sorry for your loss and what you and your family have endured.
6:22 pm
can you tell us first what happened to your husband? >> so my husband was a paramedic. he was on his way back to the station at about 3:00 in the morning on june 1 of 2017. him and his partner had just gotten done running a call they were on their way back to the station and a drunk driver that was here illegally pulled in front of the ambulance with no regard to anybody else and my husband's ambulance flipped over and he and his partner both lost their lives in that accident. liz: was that individual responsible, had he been apprehended before by law enforcement? >> so it's a little hard to tell about his record, but he has been pulled over numerous times. he had touched law enforcement numerous times, so he has, you know, definitely had contact with the police and with the law enforcement. liz: what do you think, what's your reaction of nancy pelosi's comments just there, that we
6:23 pm
played before. seeming to suggest that tragedies like yours are not enough to call the chaos at the border a crisis? >> i'm disgusted by nancy pelosi. i am, it is unbelievable that we have politicians in our country that do not care about our people, and she said it numerous times. she really doesn't care. it's not a crisis to her. it's not a problem. well, nancy pelosi, we have thousands of americans being killed every year by illegal immigrants. if that's not a problem, i don't know what is. liz: what do you think of media pundits who claim tragedies like yours are being used just to get a border wall built? >> come and live a day in my shoes and tell me that you're using me to build a wall. if the wall was there, and the border wall was in place, my husband would be here. i know the family was just on the other day, pierce would be
6:24 pm
here. he would be here because the people coming across illegally are the ones that are committing the crimes. we're not being used. we want you to hear our stories. we want you to know our family members. we want you to know how amazing they were and how they're no longer here because people that were here illegally came here illegally, not following laws and continued to do so. liz: what does it feel like to live day-to-day, you and your family, with the idea that possibly, your loved one could still be here, if washington had done something, had to increase border security? >> it is tragic and i say it every day. if there was border security, my husband would be here. i am a firm believer in that. if the wall was there, the guy who killed him would not have gotten through. if we did not have sanctuary cities, the town that my husband was killed in is a sanctuary
6:25 pm
city if we do not have those my husband would still be here. liz: where is that city? sorry? >> jupiter, florida. it's a sanctuary city in florida in palm beach county. if that town was not a sanctuary city my husband would be here. if the wall was here, he would be here. if we had stronger immigration enforcement my husband would be here. if it wasn't catch and release my husband would be here. there's so many factors that just can be fixed and it's all fixed. it's all able to be fixed and my husband would still be here, all of the americans would still be here that were killed by illegal s if we just fix these problems. liz: now have you reached out to both democrats and republicans? what was the outcome? >> so after the accident happened, they were going to give the criminal that killed my husband bond. they wanted to give him bond, and the judge has said to me i'm not going to give him bond today but this is a bondable offense. so the first thing i thought was
6:26 pm
holy goodness he's not here legally so like you or i, he's not registered anywhere. we don't know where he lives or his real name we know nothing about this guy. he could just take off so i reached out to my congresswoman at the time, debbie wasserman schultz and i couldn't even get two words in at the office. i called, i tried to explain my case to them to see if they would help they and they hung up on me they thought it was just not something they would want to be interested in helping. i did call marco rubio's office i could not get a phone call through to him they were not interested in speaking with me either, senator bill nelson at the time was not interested in speaking with me. i did speak to congressman brian mast who personally called me back after he heard of the tragedy and he's the one that had i.c.e. in his office in washington, they got i.c.e. down to the jail and a detainer on him. liz: again we're so sorry for your loss. we welcome you back on the show. thank you. liz: thank you so much for coming on, dawn. >> thank you.
6:27 pm
thank you. liz: okay we'll be right back. we're coming into the bottom of the hour. stay right there. i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
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liz: welcome back. this pushback on the media's coverage of what's going on in washington, here' mo brooks clashing and fighting with cnn's john berman wharchls we're facing today is a facial emergency of major proportions and congress has delegated to the united states the right -- you can look it up yourself, the right to declare a national emergency under certain circumstances. this meets that bill. >> why. >> if you want to talk appleses and apples, let's do it. don't make up stuff. >> i'm not making stuff up. liz: kurt, what did you think of that exchange? >> it was typical cnn. not a news network, a liberal transcription service. it calls up nancy pelosi and the
6:32 pm
democratic committee every morning and gets their talking points and then, you know, obediently repeats them. liz: we don't know that for sure. you're just saying that, right? >> let's just say i'm willing to bet money on it. liz: all right. ari, i want to be clear. i understand what you were saying before about persons coming from countries of interest. i understand what you're saying. there are people on that terror watch list who were apprehended, 2500 plus in 2017, according to homeland security. obama administration pushed back hard on that. i want to talk to you about democrats calling it a crisis in 2014. president obama said that. we have a humanitarian crisis on the border, we need to fix the system once and for all. and nancy pelosi said i see an 'em base brace oembrace of the s a humanitarian crisis. that's what has been said. your take own it. >on it.>> if the president wanto
6:33 pm
declare a national emergency, the act gives the president pretty broad discretion. go ahead. declare emergency. be a man. go for it. see what happens. i would like to see the mt. do it if he really thinks he's got the merit. and a lot of times these guys want to sound stuf tough but twi don't have the ka ho anieny to . take out the money from the army corps of engineers and see what happens. he's going to go to court and lose it. kurt, i don't want your money but if you're wrong, and you're wrong, stop doing tv. liz: fighting words, kurt. we're going to let you respond to that. >> i'd rather have the money. liz: understood. >> what do you want, liz? liz: we've got the san diego tv station calling out cnn. did you see this, this san diego tv station, a local tv station
6:34 pm
said hey, cnn, you're not letting us tell you what we're reporting and finding out now that the rale works. your take on that. >> again, building a wall or a fence in some areas -- liz: sorry. ari, please. i understand what you're saying. what do you make of the local tv station saying hey, cnn, you're not reporting -- you're not acknowledging what we're telling you. what's going on with cnn. >> i don't speak with cnn. i think kurt has a direct line to the cable news network. my wager is on. kurt, i'll buy you a beer when you stop doing tv. i'm a lawyer too and i'm from california. i don't speak for kroon an cnn n tell you this. just because one local network is wrong -- liz: how do you think they're wrong? just because that's your opinion, it's not a fact. kurt, what is your reaction to the local tv station saying hey, cnn basically censored us and
6:35 pm
wouldn't let us show the world what we're reporting whereby we're finding that the wall at the san diego border works, kurt. >> the only thing less surprising that i heard today is that the sun rose in the east. and ari, i don't want one of your pink ipas. give me a good lagger. >> you're on. single malt scotch. liz: i'm into that. no, i don't drink. the two of you agree. we'll take you up on that. americans are fed up saying washington move on, get the border security fixed because there are big issues the president has to deal with around the globe. coming up. also, next, we'll show you how the president is wheeling and dealing trying to get things done while democrats like nancy pelosi out there saying nay ear nothey'renot going to do any deg whatsoever even on daca.
6:36 pm
that's next. sphaitstay there.
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. okay pell kowelcome back. president trump saying he's not going to declare a national emergency to get the wall built. he and the republicans are negotiating, they're talking daca, they're talking worker visas. nancy pelosi saying the democrats are not doing any negotiating, even on daca. the president tweeting out there, h1b holders in the u.s. can rest assured. he wants to streamline the process to get talented open highly skilled people to pursue careers in the u.s. the president sounding proimmigration, probusiness there. let's bring in "wall street journal" editorial board member bill mcconcern. mckern. does the president come out ahead this week? >> he has the most to lose. he picked the fight. it's his signature issue. liz: he is coming out ahead right now. >> he has a lot of cards.
6:41 pm
it's easier for him to hold steady than any of the leaders in congress because they have to keep a caucus together. and what everyone is overlooking is that mitch mcconnell said we're not going to pass a bill in the senate that the president won't sign. so as long as he doesn't send up a bill and have these votes, the republicans in the senate are not under any of this pressure. liz: there's talk about cracks in the unity of the republicans. there's not any cracks. >> the house it doesn't matter. in the senate where it matters, they're not under a lot of pressure because the president is not having vote on bills. schumer would love to have a vote every day. liz: the senate republicans are holding nirm, n firm, no crackst now. >> by not having a vote, a senator can go out and say i think the shutdown is dumb and i wish it would end. but since he's not voting that way it doesn't matter. it allows him to say what he needs to say without paying a
6:42 pm
price for it from either mr. trump or mr. mcconnell. liz: you talk to democrats on the street as i have in new york city, they're saying what are you doing, democrats. get the wall done. move on. there are bil bigger things to l with. >> if i were going on a trip with my college roommates for a week or two, mrs. mcgurn would have a lot of room to negotiate. i don't know why nancy pelosi does not put out a wish list. donald trump wants this wall. he needs the wall. i don't know why she doesn't use that to get the things they want. liz: they need daca and dreamers. they do. >> expect right now they're calculating that their bigger interest is denying trump a victory than in getting what they want. liz: the american people are going to say hey what are you doing, democrats. you're not getting anything done. there's not caravan forming. there are border patrol exercises that we see at the southern border. i mean people are saying enough enough enough, enough is enough,
6:43 pm
move on, d.c. swamp, get over it, get it out of the way, get the government up and running again and open. >> i think ms. pelosi has an untenable position. i was surprised in the rebuttal that they didn't offer a counter plan. here's what we want. so what she's basically saying is i'm willing to keep the shutdown going just to deny donald trump anything. i'm just not sure tha that's wht the american people want. they want to see give and take trump will clearly give for this wall if they ask liz: he could use the disaster relief money. he could do that. that's been used in the past to fix border fencing. what's the political fallout down the road. we pra practically have had a shutdown threat everybod every r year. >> it's not clear what the practical -- in other words in the sense, do the voters punish the people that are blamed for the shutdown. i would think this is a little different in that it's the first
6:44 pm
contest between president trump, the republican, and the democratic leader of the house. and we're going to have two years leading up to a presidential election. someone is going to win and someone is going to lose now because they've both dug in their hills. liz: here's the hidden strategy. president trump blocks out the sun. he's a master brander. even though people say what they see is misleading, he says deceptive things, we get it. we've called him out on the show. but he blots out the sun and he crowds out messaging from the other side. >> yeah. i think they're going to have a hard time ldz you'r. liz: you're terrific. come back soon. coming up, americans say again, just talking about it with bill mcgurn, get over it, d.c. move on. enough is enough. stop it with the fighting. get things done. we're going to bring on a topics pert. he's going to show us the problems around the world that the president is now fighting to address. that's up next.
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liz: welcome back. americans by the day say stop it, d.c. swamp. enough is enough. stop with the border fight. quibbling about it. stop the shutdown. there are bigger issues
6:49 pm
happening in the world. france is facing its ninth weekend of protests. this could be the most violent ever. europe is in recession. china is in a downturn. britain could crash out of the eu, the brexit vote is coming up. north korea is a problem, as well as the middle east and china. joining me now, we welcome michael pillsbury great to see you. >> hi, liz. liz: what's your take on what's happening given what's happening around the world. >> the president is adept at focusing, trying to make as much progress as he can on any issue and then refocus on the next issue. i found that described in the 14 books he's written. i think he drives his team but obviously the overall objective, draining the swamp and being a businessman to do things differently as president, that's what he's trying to do. he's made a lot of success in
6:50 pm
various areas. i hope he can get off of the shutdown issue. it's affecting the white house restaurant. people in the white house i was visiting today, i said let's go have lunch and they said no, it's closed and the well executive staff of the president is on furlough now liz: he does have the spine to stand up and say you know what, this is a national emergency. guess what. i will use disaster relief funds. our prior guest said no, he doesn't. i think he does, absolutely does. >> i think he drives the system. i think that's one reason the voters elected him. he doesn't wait for his staff or other cabinet secretaries to bring stuff to him. he drives the system. he's got his own ideas from his election and from his whole life as a businessman. obviously we want the china trade talks to be a main focus because the deadline is march 1st. global growth -- liz: is this getting affect snd.
6:51 pm
>> i think it's -- the question is the president's attention time. how much he can spend. the chinese negotiator is not coming for another 15 days so this is not a matter of his attention for tomorrow. but he's got to refocus on the china trade talks after the border and the shutdown issue is resolved. i would appeal to the democrats, let's get back on major issues. liz: wall street is saying the first quarter profits could grow by just 4%, a quarter of this most recent quarterly reporting season. 15%, 16% profit growth. what do you think the world is thinking as they watch the president fighting with the democrats over the border wall? >> i think there's a concern it's going to damage the global rate of growth. the world bank downscaled it a little bit just days ago. you can't have the leading economy in the world be shut down by the democrats. this is -- it looks bad and it
6:52 pm
could affect global economic growth. that's what is at stake. liz: we love your book, your writing. you're traffic. come back soon, michael. good to see you. >> thank, liz. liz: look at this, students learning on immigration that what they thought the president said actually came from democrats. chris bedford from "the daily caller" joins me next. stay there.
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. we should spend money to build a barrier to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. we cannot allow people to pour into the u.s. undoamented and unchecked. illegal immigration is wrong plain ansimple. until the american people are convinced, we will stop the flow of illegal immigration. >> it's hateful speech. >> it's unacceptable. >> what if i told you these words were from barack obama, hillary clinton and chuck schumer. >> oh, wow. >> they're steechless there. speechless there. you saw the students getting schooled there. the words they claim the hate, they came from the democrats. let's bring in christopher bedford. pretty hilarious stuff. >> it's my american alma mater.
6:57 pm
liz: what is going on at your alma mater and universities and colleges. >> when democrats held that point of view many thousands of yearsinyears ago, probably threr four years ago, they were in high school but they have the same goldfish memory as the democratic party does. they were not in high school when the democrats held these views. they have no one to blame but themselves. liz: what's going on with the professors and the teachers at these schools? when i arrived at american university i probably thought it was more liberal leaning. i didn't like what was going on with the government. but after i heard the views from the professors and the propaganda i realized, holy smokes, i don't believe any of this. but if you're not interested in that where people are being taught and not being questioned, if you don't reach beyond that
6:58 pm
saying something seems wrong, you're going to be indoctrinated. more people should skip college. doesn't make you smarter. liz: what happens in the university if you try to push back, saying here are the facts. what happens to the student? >> i have heard horror stories from some other students. i heard from one of our guys on the team today that the professor called him an idiot saying he had radical points of view that were dangerous. also called him a moron and that was because he pushed back on an immigration narrative with his professor. i had a professor accuse me of being a white smem cyst bu suprt the end of the semester she came around and we were friends. liz: we had a teacher once saying that ronald reagan was an anarchist. your thoughts of that? >> ronald reagan was very much a conservative.
6:59 pm
just ask the kochs who ran against him from a libertarian point of view. but that stuff is being taught all of the time. you have howard zen alternative history of american. teachers eat that stuff up. columbus was a bad guy, george washington was a bad guy. you teach kids that, they come back looking like representative alexandria ocasio-cortez. liz: your thought of what's going on with the government shutdown. >> the federal employees are missing a paycheck, it's sad for them. but i see no one with enough skin in the game to come forward this many years before a election. liz: good to see you. great stuff and great insights. we welcome you back on the show. that was a jam packed hour. we covered a lot of ground. we're come ug up on the longest shutdown in the history of this country. wall street earning season coming up. all over that next week. thank you for having us in your
7:00 pm
homes. thank you for watching. "lou dobbs" is next right here on the fox business network. have a good weekend. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. another week passing without congressional democrats meeting the president's demands to build that border wall. congress today left town, no indication they're serious in any way about ending what has turned out to be a stalemate at this point. the president remains hard at work in the white house, at the border, wherever he is required. meeting today with leaders of communities devastated by the crisis at the border, despite the congressional on city on on. >> one of the problems that we


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