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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 14, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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taking their cars, using gas to go buy their soda outside philadelphia. david: it hurts the poorest people more than anybody else. appreciate it. that does it for "bulls and bears." president trump: i want people to come into our country. but they have to come in legally. >> the government remains shut down for one reason and one reason only. the democrats will not fund border security. liz: that was president trump in new orleans today not backing down on the shutdown showdown. we have new live sound of the president back in washington, d.c. he has more to say on that.
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new polls showing voters turning against the shutdown, but there is increasing support for a border barrier. we bring you more on the growing crack in democrat unity. more and more democrats saying they do support border barriers because they make sense. where the the democrats who have been rejecting deals and compromises? top democratic leaders on a junket with lobbyists on a beach in puerto rico. and they are not showing you angel families who lost loved ones killed by illegal immigrants. we'll ask this angel mom if any
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democrat ever looked her in the eye and said this is a manufactured crisis. we have now fresh reports from wall street and from the group that so fish yates whether u.s. is in a recession. and we'll fact check "60 minutes" elijah cummings saying they are going after trump. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. [♪] welcome to the show, thank you for watching. deirdre bolton is on the ground in new orleans with the latest on president trump's visit there earlier. reporter: this whole room was
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filled with farmers and ranchers. president trump spoke earlier this morning for 45 minutes mostly to applause in numerous parts of his talks reema sizes that he does have farmers' backs. i spoke to a few different farmers and ranchers. there were people from all over. i spoke with a rancher from utah and a soybean farmer from illinois. and i spoke with the texas bureau farm president, i asked him if he had been invited to closed door meeting with president trump what he would have told the president, here is what he told me. >> we supported nafta for years and years. but we understood it may need to be tweaked. i would thank him. i would thank him for calling china out on a lot of the stuff
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they have done. but keep talking to them and keep serious negotiations going. reporter: what i will tell you is off camera some of the soybean farmers were more cautiously optimistic because their business has been targeted by the chain ocean in the u.s.-chinese trade tariffs. i spoke to one farmer who farms 5,000 acres in illinois. he says reexpected president trump and respected that the trump administration is fighting china. but he says if he could give advice to the president he would say keep talking and try to make a deal. soybeans are the largest agri export in the u.s. liz: it's day 24 of the shutdown. reporter: republicans and democrats very far apart.
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both sides are digging in. he has been working through christmas. he worked through new year's. he pointed out before he left for new orleans that 30 democrats went to puerto rico for the retreat. this picture shows senator bob menendez. as the government shutdown is happening, he's on the beach. president trump: democrats wore puerto rico celebrating something. maybe they are celebrating the shutdown. we have a thank you man tearian crisis on the border. many of them are calling. >> the president talking directly to those farmers. the democrats just refuse to negotiate. >> with it comes to keeping the american people safe. i will never ever back down. i didn't need this fight.
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this is a fight. we are dealing against people who think if they can top my from building the wall, they think that's a good thing for 2020. because they are not going to win. reporter: the department of agriculture, one of the agencies that shut down. senator chuck schumer tweeting ahead of the vase it saying farmers can't get loans. the president back here at the white house. he says the democrats need to engage. demg kratz are saying -- democrats are saying open the government, then we'll talk about border security. liz: let's get to the united kingdom. the votes on whether the u.k. leaves the european union. the state of brexit hangs in the balance.
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investors in the currency market assume the crash position. ashley? >> the crash position indeed, liz. it's rather quiet in westminster tonight. but it is the calming before the storm when we get the quote meaningful vote tomorrow on theresa may's plan. it doesn't look good. she delayed this vote last month because she knew she would suffer a heavy defeat. she spent the day campaigning. she began at a factory in the midlands where she said her deal was the only deal available and the alternative would be catastrophic. then she came to the house of commons later on today and made a speech in front of the members of parliament urging them to take a look at their deal saying give me a second look before you cost your vote tomorrow. >> i thank members on all sides of this house.
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over news next 24 hours give this deal a second look. now it's not perfect yet it is a compromise. but when the history books are written -- people will look -- people will look at the decision of this house tomorrow and ask, did we deliver on the country's vote to leave the our fiend union? reporter: there were some sarcastic cry s from the houses of parliament as there is whenever there is a debate going on. the bookmakingers say the odds are it will be 20-1 on that the deal will be rejected. you have to bet 20 pounds to win 1. about the book why is believe
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theresa may will be defeated tomorrow. then she'll have three working dies come up with plan b. the question is, does she have one. liz: you people in the u.k. bet on everything. republican senator lindsay gram says the president is not going to cave to democrats. >> every democrat i talked to for 10 years has agreed to barrier/walls on bush's and because watch. and all of a sudden it's bad on trump's watch. it perplexes me when you tell the president of the united states that you did $1 for the wall when in the past they have appropriated billions for you the wall. what else he supposed to do, just give in? liz: he's refer together 90
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democrats who voted for the fence in 2006. democrats like chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, barack obama, joe biden, all have called the border chaos a humanitarian crisis and barriers work. law enforcement repeatedly warns they need barriers to help them do their on. kelsey, according to the "washington post." 42% up from 32%. we talk to angel families all the time. they say democrats don't talk to them. i say let the democrats say this is a manufactured crisis. look those victims' families in
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the eye and tell them they department count. >> the question we should be asking is which policy is right for the american people. the longer this partial government shutdown drags on, the more americans are become educated on the facts of border security and the crisis that actually does exist, which is both a humanitarian crisis and a crisis of drugs and criminals coming over our border. liz: trump is not talking sea to sea, he's talking half that lengths. we have oregon nor talking about some barriers that are useful. let's roll through the democrats supporting the barrier. >> i agree. the 2006 secure fence act which
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23 senators on the democratic side signed on to this it was for security and more checkpoints and more border agents. what democrats don't want to give the president is the border wall that he promised, and also the border wail said mexico would pay for. they offered him $25 billion the end of last year. but he wasn't willing to move on daca or dreamers. liz: schumer was the one who balked at that and pulled october ban the $25 billion. democrat senator chris coons is a border what else not immoral. so it's in the democrats' court
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to get a compromise going. >> democrats are enjoying a vacation in puerto rico instead of being in washington, d.c. and negotiating with the president. the longer this fight drags on, the more the facts come to the surface where we know how many democrats in the past have supported border walls and fencing. you will be back in just a bit. great to see you guys. earnings season kicking off. the dow still up nearly 3% for the year. with more your money, let's get to susan li. >> a second straight day of losses for the markets. date was about earnings as we had city group reporting before the opening bell. the profits act opposite on the e call. but it looks like we are look at
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stabilization from the lows of 2018 heading into 2019. we have a lot of banks reporting this week as well. china trade, another point of concern for investors. we saw boeing, applen other countries doing a lot of business in china. pg & e, the utility company filing for bankruptcy and that dragged count utilities which has been. liz: the story democrats and the media don't want you to know about. they have been slamming president trump for the tragedy that is the shutdown. but those same democrats who fought against deal making with trump, they are hitting the beaches doing deal making with lobbyists in puerto rico. we are talking comcast and
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liz: the mainstream media is shouting a getten say the shutdown is the reason for the rocky start to the stock market and a rescission is coming. >> we are starting to get reports of tsa agents not being able to show up at work because they are not getting paid. >> for 800,000 federal workers, no pay. reporter: others are finding it's too late to get their federal aid now that government is shut down.
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liz: isn't this political theater? go ahead, fred. >> call these federal employees get at the max a quarter of federal employees get laid off. they know they will get their back pay when the shutdown is over. fanning that flame is ridiculous. and the other flame is that this can cause a recession that the economy with sing and job growth will be gone and the economy will basically take. there is no indication of that. besides, this shutdown is so much smaller than the ones we have had. a pretty long one under bill
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clinton. it's an inconvenience that makes some people unhappy, but it's not going to tank the economy. liz: the federal workers going without paychecks. but to your point, fred, past shutdowns are nothing burgers when it comes to the economy. the guys who officially call recessions. they said the court will not have an economic impact. a prior shutdown. when the government reopened the next quarter it rose dramatically. >> it takes a lot to have a recession. you have to have 60s months d you have to have six months of
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negative economic growth. .1% and it wasn't clear it was the shutdown that cause the them. this has everything to do with nancy pelosi hating the president. the democrats -- this is why democrats in congress, particularly the younger ones and the rookies just there, they want to have a plan. they want a strategy to get the compromise which they are not getting from nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. liz: what if they don't get the daca deal? what if the president says i am going to go into the disaster relief fund because the government has used that in the past to fix the border barriers. what if he goes down and does that?
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>> he can do that. they have been offered by trump before with the dale where he would give legalization to all the dreamers plus some more and the democrats said no, they couldn't give him the wall. they are still sticking with that. it's not helping american much less the democratic party. liz: teachers in the country's second largest school district on strike. 30,000 teachers in los angeles walked out for the fires time in 30 years after union contract talks collapsed. here is another story for you. have you noticed smart tvs getting cheaper? the thinking is some tv makers are making up the difference by collecting and selling your
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data. the problem is many of these features are automatically turned on when you buy these tvs. you have to turn them off if you don't want them to come on. the amazon store in the iconic chrysler building it was put up for sale by its owners. winter is coming. the final season of "game of thrones" has finally been announced. it's the first episode of the series finale that will premiere april 14. up next, we are going to ask an angel mom who lost her 25-year-old son when he was shot and killed by an illegal
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immigrant whether any politician has looked her in the eye and said what's going on at border is a manufactured crisis. we'll talk to that angel mom next. >> i want to tell nancy pelosi, just because you want to acknowledge we exist doesn't mean you are telling the truth. we are the truth tellers. it's good! it's refreshing. ♪ at northwestern mutual, this is what our version of financial planning looks like. tomorrow is important, but she's only seven once. spend your life living. find an advisor at
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>> unbeknownst to me a classmate asked him for a ride home. we found out the intent was to murder josh for his truck. he beat him, crushed his face. he beat whim a closet rod until it broke. he strangled him. tortured him. droa's him like an animal and set numbered a field and set him on fire. >> an illegal immigrant hit him
6:30 pm
from behind probably going 120 miles an hour. >> and i illegal alien was driving' the wrong way at over 100 miles an hour and ran into my son. >> a drink driver who was here illegally pulled in front of the ambulance with no regard to anybody else and my husband's ambulance flipped over and he and his partner lost their you lives in the accident. liz: media outlets refuse to cover their stories. since january 1, neither cnn more msnbc have booked a single angel mom. these are mothers of children killed by illegal aliens. joining me now is the mother whose son was murdered by an
6:31 pm
illegal immigrants. thank you for joining me tonight, julie. we are so sorry for your lost. what happened to your son spencer? >> he was driving home after taking his girlfriend out. she just had herb birthday. he was sitting at a red light less than a mile from his apartment. a four-time deported criminal illegal adrienne pulled up next to him and shot him in the dead and my son died in his truck alone. he thought four people before the sheriff's deputies stopped him. liz: whack you tell us about the short he hadding a long criminal history. he came in through mcallen, texas and was tree to live and work in houston, texas. liz: where is he now? >> he's dead.
6:32 pm
he tried to shoot the sheriff is deputy who tried to stop him. liz: what do you think of nancy pelosi saying that's stories like to yours are not evidence of a border crisis. it's disturbing to knee she is at that level has isn't awaiver what's going on. she hasn't have any problem of speaking about children illegals trying to cross the border dying but never spoke once about my son or others who were lost of american citizens. liz: both sides of the aisle lawmakers say it's dangerous to make that journey. has anyone sat down and looked
6:33 pm
you in the eye and said this is a manufactured crisis? >> absolutely not. they don't meet with us. because they know that narrative would not work if they met the family members and friends of the victims. they couldn't do it. liz: we have ms-13 gang members coming in crossing with unaccompanied children. the there are a number of stabbings of teenagers here. that story just broke last week. >> these politicians that creates these policies don't want to pad mitt their failures of policies so they don't want to change them. allowing this to happen is a true fail pure in business if you are work on a project and it's not w, you stop and reassess. fler they are not doing that. they are impacting american
6:34 pm
citizens and benefits are happening for the illegal aliens and all the consequences are happening for the american citizens. >> we are so sorry for your loss. thank you so much for coming on. we'll be right back. ♪ [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪ i've always been amazed and still going for my best, even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin... i want that too. eliquis. eliquis is proven
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liz: the media and democrats have done their level best to describe the shutdown as a tragedy for federal workers. but that did not stop lawmakers from going on a puerto rican junket. last week senator menendez was talk on cnn, we have to get work done. >> let's get all of the elements
6:39 pm
reopened that has nothing to do with border security and the potential of a wall. liz: shouldn't have the shutdown and need to negotiate. let's bring in our power panel. kelsey, what facts can you find sitting under a beach umbrella? >> not many. this made democrats look unserious will solving the partial government shutdown. in order to get on the private chartered flight that you took, these democrats must have been screened by tsa agents who were working without pay. president trump can't negotiate with himself. he needs democrats in washington to get government open. liz: they are reportedly
6:40 pm
hobnobbing with lobbyists. on the the and particulars pretty bad on this? >> the optics aren't great. but this is a long-term trip plan. liz: cancel it. >> the president was going to take money from hurricane maria to finance the border wall? liz: why not cancel the trip? >> this needs to get done. liz: hurricane relief has been powering into puerto rico. really on the beach in bathing suits you are going to talk about about hurricane relief for puerto rico. kelsey, the mainstream media largely ignoring the democrats'
6:41 pm
trip to puerto rico. the people down went to see a special viewing of the broadway musical "hamilton." how is this addressing puerto rico disaster relief? >> if this were republicans this would be leading the news cycle. but because of democrats the mainstream media is largely ignoring it. nancy pelosi might have learned her lesson after going to hawaii over christmas. she actually cancelled this trip according to news reports. but it makes democrats look not serious about this partial government shutdown. liz: we have to leave it there. danielle, you will be back on this slow along with kelsey. the weekend winter storm
6:42 pm
blanketing the u.s. d.c. just recovering from 6 inches of snow over the weekend. meteorologists warning the cross-country storm could dump over a foot of snow in new york this weekend. >> so the storm that we have been talking about that happened this past weekend. this is the radar loop. you see this pushing offshore. but that doesn't mean we are doing. there are several rounds of winter storms running on the west coast. across portions of southern california, that's where all these advisories are. this is a future radar from round one to round two. wednesday, round three running into portions of california. when we talk about potentially snow on the east coast by next
6:43 pm
weekend, these storms currently hitting the west coast, that's what we'll have to pay attention to first. ' mudslides could continue to be an issue. we are look at some spots getting 8-10 inches. it begins on the west coast and by the weekend we'll be talking about winter storms as they head to the west coast. elijah cummings says he plans to go after president trump. president trump in new orleans today not back down on the border wall. the texas attorney general ken paxton. we'll get a flash take from a sheriff. stay right there.
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president trump: they come in through our border where we don't have barriers or walls. they drive right in and they have no problems. and we'll get that stopped. we'll have a wall. we'll have a barrier. liz: president trump reiterating he's not looking to call a national emergency over the border crisis. saying a wall needs to be built.
6:48 pm
but the border guys saying it helps them. he's trying to solve the problem, not delay it. joining me, attorney general from texas, ken paxton. do you think the president will go into disaster relief fund and should he? >> i don't know at this point. i'm optimistic that somewhere along the way congress will get some sense behind it and negotiate instead of saying we are not going to do anything. i would much rather congress be part of solving it. kennedy: you were with the president at the border last week. the rhetoric and language coming out of the democrats is this was made, it's manufactured. you don't need to fix the border. the democrats offered $25 billion last year. are there parts of the border that need a wall?
6:49 pm
>> there is no doubt. these are people who have not tboant border or don't know what's going on, or they are just lying. if you have been t totter and yu have seen what we see, drugs coming across. we have crime related to illegal crossing. you had stories about the angel moms who lost their sons and daughters. this is a real issue. to ignore it it's putting americans and citizens of my state at risk. liz: i.c.e. made more than 158,000 arrests of illegals for more than 2,000 homicide offenses. we are still digging into the data. this is according to the i.c.e. fiscal 017 report. 2,000 homicide offenses? that's more than five mayor
6:50 pm
kawns getting killed every day. we are going to confirm that. let's bring in the massachusetts county sheriff. what's your reaction to that? >> this is not surprising. we have been talking to congress, i have been working on this for 20 years telling them we need border security. we need to stop the flow. our communities are deteriorating. we had a young woman whose father killed her because she didn't want to see him on father's day, she wanted to see him the next day. she went to her home. he had been deported previously and had done 10 years for attempted murder prior to this murder he committed when he killed his daughter. liz: that happened in your state in massachusetts? >> it did. we just had another individual, 26-year-old man, 8 months from
6:51 pm
being married. planning on starting a family. he was struck and killed on his motorcycle by and i illegal who is here who went and hid the truck 30 minutes away and went back home and eventually got caught. frankly be this is a problem all over the country. they continue to show indifference and turn a blind eye towards the tragedies these families are facing. >> you made the point that every state is a border state. what did you mean by that. >> every state is a border state. these individuals are moving from the border i are and have for years. massachusetts is 2,200 miles from the mexican border and we are the second most of common state in the united states to across september fentanyl. we are the 7th highest in overdoses in the united states
6:52 pm
and we are 2,200 from the border. nancy pelosi and others say it isn't a crisis. we have an oap tornado crisis and 98% of the opioids from coming from the southern border. we have a crisis. liz: more than 2,700 pounds of tent nil were seized in 2018. 2 milligrams of fentanyl can kill you. they are talking about tens of thousands of people could have been killed. what's your reaction to that? >> this is a serious drug. they are putting it on marijuana. we have to stop the flow this coming in. how do members of congress turn their back on the families in these communities across this nation suffering from their kids being addicted to drugs and they
6:53 pm
are dying in huge numbers. liz: good to see you, sir. coming up. "60 minutes" interview with elijah cummings. >> we have got the hit the ground not running but flying. great news, liberty mutual customizes- uh uh - i deliver the news around here. ♪ sources say liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> we did look at anything. the fact that we can look at anything as part of the problem. there is so much. >> you only have two years. less than that. we have to hear the ground, not running, but fine. >> that was elijah cummings on 60 minutes last night. same democrats are hitting the ground running. they plan to go after president trump, hard. only three house oversight hearings have been scheduled for february. one on drug prices, another on ethics in government, another with former trump lawyer, michael cohen. : likely won't have anything new to say. joining me now as an editor. vince, is this sounding over eggs, hitting the ground running? >> it sounds kind of lame. he corrected it.
6:58 pm
i think that's known as a crash. they want to go after the president. we have been promised for a while and the intention is to harass the president of the united states as much as possible. they have been on a never ending for this investigation into the president for a russia conspiracy theory that is yet to bear fruit. now, the most meaningful hearing there will have is with michael cohen. it's about a tabloid controversy involving the president and stormy daniels. that's the best he can come up with? it suggests to me that democrats on the oversight committee should spend more time looking on how the government operates and if it's to the benefit of americans which is the job of that committee. >> you also have jim jordan who will go up against elisha cummings. leisure coming have more than five dozen when the democrats were in the minority there. the senate republicans and house republicans stop that.
6:59 pm
both senate republicans will they stop this? >> yes, absolutely. you're not gonna find much help on the senate side. the oversight committee and the house is powerful. that's why people are paying attention to what he is up to. i think the idea that michael cohen is the most important witness suggest that there's not a lot he has confidence in. >> it feels like they're doing investigations and running to the cameras to talk but not doing their job on policies to fix the country. that's what it feels like. >> the oversight committee's job is important. there's a reason it's given so much power and can investigate literally anything it wants to. why spend all your time harassing the president rather than preserving clean air, looking into people who were killed by illegal immigrants. why does that happen in the sanctuary cities? maybe they could get to the bottom of real problems. >> thank you so much.
7:00 pm
>> thank you for having us in your homes. thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next, right here on the foxbusiness network. have a good evening. >> lou: good evening everybody. the national security crisis along the southern border is worsening. the radical dams continue to ignore the indisputable evidence of a nation whose borders are being overrun. there is, unfortunately, tragically, no evidence whatsoever, that the dems have any intention of taking seriously the duty to end the drug and sex trafficking in criminal illegal immigration across our southern border. president trump today said he is still waiting for the dems to end their obstruction, and their politicalam


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