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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 18, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EST

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coming up. netflix's revenue miss, after sales guidance came in shy of expectations. "mornings with maria" begins right now. ♪ out of the deep end. ♪ watch as i dive in. ♪ i'll never leave the ground. ♪ crash through the surface. ♪ where they can't hurt us. ♪ we're far from the shal shalls now. maria: we kick it off this morning with markets, wall street looking firmer, we're looking at a higher opening for the broader averages this morning, extending a late day rally yesterday. stocks got a boost yesterday as the dow industrials are up, the nasdaq up 7.5%. yesterday u.s., china trade optimism, the wall street journal reporting that the trump administration is considering
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lifting tariff as a way calm markets and get a deal with beijing over the finish line. joining us now, mark avalone. thanks for joining us. what's your sense of markets? have we turned a corner after the massive volatility last year? >> well, clearly we turned the corner from the christmas eve horror show we saw and the daily massive meltdowns that had investors quite nervous and some of them even pulling the trigger. but i think we're over-stating this hope or this hype out of china. last i checked, lighthizer and navarro still have a say on things. unless they've capitulated to the mnuchin and kudlow wing of the trump administration, i don't think these trade talks are going to go super smooth. i think there's a lot of hope right now and that's why you saw that late surge yesterday and some of what's underpinning the rally this year. maria: the broad story and the backdrop, it's pretty positive. the major indices are on track
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for their fourth straight week of gains, following real volatility at the end of 2018. when i sat down with jamie dimon last week, he was somewhat optimistic about the backdrop and certainly i talked about the market in terms of the fundamentals looking good. watch. you know better than i do, but when i think about things the federal reserve makes a pivot, say they're in kno no rush, ears have been pretty strong, we had good job numbers, valuations are better after the last three months. seems like me we could be poised for a rip, roaring rally. >> yeah. i think that's why people overreact. i don't know about a ri rip recg rally. i think we'll have decent growth. i hate guessing about the future. i run my business like serving you as client and we navigate ups and downs. maria: since that conversation, the dow is up 800 points, 3.5% since that conversation.
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i mean, the fed obviously is one of the big issues here and what it's going to do. do you expect the fed to pull back on the unwind? that seems to be one of the issues for the market. they're worried about this unwinding of the portfolio. >> yes, i think the fed got the message loud and clear and i think that is why we've had this near 11 11% rally since christm. i think the fed pulling back does eliminate a huge uncertainty and your interview with jamie was spot on. domestic earnings will be up this year. the u.s. consumer is strong. valuations are reasonable. when you take the fed out, that leads to a positive environment for stocks. i'm totally in that camp. my concern is this wild card. you don't really know what's going to happen with china and that's why people aren't backing up the truck. that's the hesitancy right now. that can go any day. maria: you're right. the china story is an unknown. the other unknown is where earnings come out at the end of the day. we had a great year last year in
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terms of profit growth, 26%. it's expected to come all the way down to 6, 7% in 2019. what's your expectation on earnings so far in terms of what we've seen and what you're expecting for the fourth quarter overall. >> well, that drop in earnings growth in 2019 or the expected drop is what investors by and large should have expected. the tax cut wasn't an annual renewable boost to corporate earnings. i think what we're seeing in occur iq46789,4, there's been m. people see a top line miss by jp morgan but they realize it's a sound franchise. bank of america went through the roof. i think it's going to be a market of stocks. i think people looked at the netflix number, they saw one number they didn't like, they got nervous. i think when they look beyond the news and noise, they'll see that is a growing franchise and because they may miss on one measure of subscriber revenue, they shouldn't abandon good names and good news.
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maria: that's a good point you make. thanks so much. netflix, the earnings were a market mover. revenue missed expectations, it's not all bad news, dagen mcdowell, what's your take. dagen: good morning, maria bartiromo. premarket, the shares are down. let's take a look at how they're performing right now. netflix shares in premarket trading down 2%. it was that revenue miss. revenue grew at 27% in the most recent quarter for netflix to $4.19 billion. but that was a miss, analysts expecting $4.21 billion. the company also forecast revenue growth in the current quarter that came up short of the pace from last quarter, 21% revenue growth in the first quarter, 27% was how fast revenue was growing last quarter. fourth quarter profits did beat expectations, 30-cents a share, $134 million. that was down from a year earlier. but it was -- it did beat on the
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expectations there. and subscriber growth was also great, 8.8 million paid subscribers added in the quarter. that was up 34% from a year ago. and it also exceeded the company's expectations and analyst expectations by more than 1 million subscribers. it is this content that's drawing people in. let's talk about bird box. in the first four weeks that movie was on the site, 80 million member households watched that thing. the only thing that matters right now, maria, how do the subscribers react to these price increases that we talked about, kind of the most popular tier of the service, two screens, 18% increase is what they're slapping on those subscribers to $13 a month. do people trade down to the cheaper plan? do they go somewhere else? netflix said it sees fortnite as a bigger competitor than, say, hbo, which was very interesting. maria: raising prices now
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probably a good move because in about three seconds, i mean six months or so, you're going to have a whole host of new competitors, right? dagen: we've got disney. disney will be removing content from netflix. nbc universal announced a service. at&t will launching a warner media service. hulu trying to be a competitor. but you know what? the competitors that exist right now, they're not as good as netflix and the subscriber numbers show that. maria: you make great points. we'll see you in a minute. thank you so much. tensions are rising between the president and house speaker nancy pelosi on the 28th day of the partial government shutdown. cheryl casone on that story. cheryl: let's talk about day 27 of the shutdown. the president canceled a plane for pelosi and other lawmakers to visit u.s. troops abroad, saying she should stay in washington and negotiate. they were on the bus when this happened. lindsey graham reacted on twitter to the decision by the president. here's what he said. one sophomoreic response doesn't
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deserve another. speaker pelosi's threat to can telcancel the state of the unios irresponsible. president trump denying pelosi military plane is also inappropriate. well, president trump also canceled the u.s. delegation's trip to the world economic forum in dvos. job cuts as tesla. the company will reduce the workforce by 7%. musk says the cuts are necessary to lower the cost of its model 3. he says the need for a cheaper car is greater because the u.s. tax credit is cut in half july 1st. we talked about that on this program. this follows tesla's decision to kill the referral program because of cost concerns. they are on the hook for more than 80 free roadsters. the stock is sharply lower.
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they announced a recall of their sedans that use takata air bags. protests against google in 10 different countries over the search engine the company developed for china. it was code named project dragon fly. it would have to adhere to china's strict censorship laws. they are urging google abandon the program and they say google should hold, quote, american val yules of free speech. -- values of free speech. shares of alphabet down 4% over the last year. we're seeing a lot of concern about the search engine in china for obvious reasons. maria: what was the tag line for a long time? do no evil. there you go. cheryl: there you have it. dagen: don't be. maria: don't be evil. thank you. the midwest and the northeast bracing for major snowstorms this weekend. senior meteorologist janice dean is in the weather center this morninmorning with the forecast. >> 100 million people under a
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winter weather advisory. look at the cold air. some of this cold air is going to move into the northeast on monday, behind the system. so all eyes are on the midwest, the great lakes, the northeast, new england. we could have blizzard conditions this weekend and the jackpot of snow is going to be across the interior northeast and new england. that rain/snow mix line is going to be right around new york city. so wherever that kind of hovers, it could cut back on the snow totals. we don't really have a grasp on those snow toe tasms it's going to be kind of a range. new york city is right where that freezing line is going to be, so depending on where it goes north, southward, is going to mean the jackpot for some snow totals and not much of anything. so here are your winter weather advisories. given tens of millions of people affected by the storm system. the worst of it comes tomorrow into sunday. depending on where you live, it could be a jackpot of snow. it could be icy so you need to pay close attention to your local forecast. we will keep you posted.
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back to you. maria: we'll be watching. thanks so much. janice dean on weather. shutdown p shutdown, now day 28. senator rand paul giving advice to president trump. should house speaker nancy pelosi follow through with cancelling the state of the union address in the congress center. the fallout coming up. then, a stadium with a view, the new plans for the las vegas raiders stadium that's sure to provide plenty of photo ops for fans. back in a moment, right here. ♪ over the hills, far away. ♪ a million miles away, anywhere with you. ♪ i know we've got to get away, some place where no one knows our name. the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪
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oh... um, we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... sorry, little paws, so. but have fun! send a postcard! voya. helping you to and through retirement. i think it's an afront to the president and to the office of the presidency really for her to have the gall to say oh, no state of the union. i can't imagine they'll try to follow through. if they do, my suggestion to
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senator mcconnell would be to invite him to the senate. we've never had a state of the union canceled. maria: that was senator rand paul with me on the program yesterday, laying out his idea for what should happen for the state of the union. president trump and nancy pelosi at a stalemate over the government shutdown, no end in sight. joining the conversation this morning, matt shlapp is here along with investment strategist lindsey bell. thank you for joining us. it's an interesting idea from rand paul yesterday, matt. what did you think about it, the president doing the state of the union from the senate chamber. >> the old senate chamber, the new senate chamber, there are great buildings by the white house, i think the one thing the president should do is give the speech come hell or high water. maria: earlier i said congress center, i meant the chamber in the house of representatives. it's interesting, i agree that the american people are expecting the state of the union on the 29th. he should give it. but does it matter where?
6:16 am
the administration i understand has been talking about maybe the president going to ohio and talking to big groups of people. it would still be televised. we could get that kind of a audience in terms of people watching from home if he were to do it for example at a rally type venue like in ohio at a rally? >> strangely enough, what nancy pelosi has done is put everyone's attention on the speech, more than ever before. because everyone is like wondering the drama of is he going to give the speech. he should give the speech. he should give it in front of a crowd so he gets the energy from the crowd. it's not just the american people, it's the whole world, the supreme court is there, the cabinet, all the elected leadership from the united states of america. maria: will the democrats be there? >> i was a staffer when bill clinton was being impeached and a lot of republicans thought it would be smart to boycott the speech, we would have looked like children. cooler heads prevailed. maria: is this impacting markets? >> i don't think the speech is
6:17 am
impacting markets. i think there is a frustration within markets that we haven't come to a resolution on this shutdown yet. it is impacting over 800,000 employees plus contractors. there will be an economic impact the longer it goes on. while the back paid will be paid by the trump administration or the white house to these employees, you are still losing some economic impact from meals out that aren't being had or different shopping, expenses. maria:.maria: the administratin pulled a delegation to davos next week. we are in fact dagen seeing an impact on the economy at this point. dagen: we are. the kind of routine small business administration loans are on hold. there are contractors that cannot pay employees. people are clearly struggling to make ends meet.
6:18 am
you have 40,000 a active members of the coast guard who are not getting paid and quite frankly, this has become so ridiculous, the tit-for-tat that we've seen this week, nancy pelosi trying to cancel the state of the union and then president trump basically pulling the military plane from nancy pelosi so she can't take this trip to afghanistan, i'll quote senator lindsey graham. one sophomoreic response does not deserve another. this is why people hate washington. as a nation, we're better than this. this is so absurd. they need to call in elmo to mediate this. maria: it p wasn't just afghanistan. she was going to egypt and brussels. you ask yourself, why was she going to brussels. >> she didn't want to be in washington, d.c. dagen: it was a refueling stop. >> she did not want to be in america to have to face down the president to negotiate. she wanted an excuse to have another papered where people didn't get paid, which is terrible, so she could be out of
6:19 am
the country. the president is right to call her bluff. maria: you have to question why you're making an international trip in the middle of a government shutdown, in the middle of when you actually should be talking to the president to try to come to an agreement, 800,000 people out of a job, not getting paid. dagen: i agree. i think her trying to cancel the state of the union, she didn't want the president to basically lambast the democrats in front of national television and social media awed conference. audience. this has gotten to a point somebody has to take. there's a road to a higher ground, somebody needs to step up and be an adult. i don't know who it is. it is washington, they're all 3-year-olds eating toilet paper. maria: attend of the day, the president will get the blame. >> or the credit. maria: or the credit. >> or the credit for solving the southern border crisis that we're in. maria: you go back to the issue that there is already a border on 30% of the area and that
6:20 am
wasn't immoral when she voted for that. we'll wait and see. i don't know how long -- how long can this go on? >> this can go on a very long time because it is a very small section of the government that is closed, unlike most times the whole thing would be closed. dagen: there's so many more people that are feeling the knock-on effects of this. it's the contractors and people who work for contractors and people who can't -- it's companies that can't go public. it's small business that's want to get up and running that can't get loans processed. by the way, lines at the airport, eventually the american people not just the 800,000 people who were either on the job and not getting paid or furloughed will wake up to this and they'll be outraged. maria: i'll tell you what i e on sunday when i get to the airport. we'll get a sense of global growth next week when we broadcast live from the economic forum of switzerland. i'll talk to the ceo of verizon, ibm's ceo, microsoft's president
6:21 am
and the ceo of sap, get a nice window into what's going on on the corporate side next week. do join us for special coverage all week. american express taking a tumble this morning. the company earnings fell short of expectations, shaking investor confidence for 2019. beyond the barrel, booze makers looking for other options as americans reportedly drinking less alcohol these days. back in a moment, right here. ♪ call on me. ♪ come and see me. ♪ i'm the same boy i used to be. i wanna keep doing what i love, that's the retirement plan. with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self,
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like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. maria: welcome back. headlines across america this morning, in massachusetts the
6:25 am
boston globe writes here's another economic problem to watch, bad loans are rising. a growing number of small and mid-size businesses can't keep up with small loans. the denver post reporting this morning about how colorado cities are suing opioid makers. the lawsuits have been against companies like johnson & johnson and amerisource bergen. in nevada, the las vegas review journal writing about a stadium with a view. the trans lucent roof give the raiders' stadium an out doorsy feel. the doors will let the air in on good weather days. there will be a trans lucent roof to give the stadium an outdoor field. there will be an eternal flame in honor of al davis. what do you think? dagen: a lanai?
6:26 am
maria: the vibe of being outside. dagen: i think it's awesome. i'm excited for las vegas and the people of nevada. >> i think it's great. just stand for the anthem and i'm all for it. maria: exactly right. that controversy is still alive and well. we're going to be talking about who is playing at the super bowl, i'm not going to say it, because you're going to -- it's interesting, but this person has been conside criticized for doit because of the colin kaepernick situation. dagen: i know who you're talking about. maria: we'll talk about it. first, the economic impact of this government shutdown, the toll now taking a hit on the housing market. we will talk about that coming up next. bitcoin at the grocery store? how coinstar is getting into the cryptocurrency game, all that, right after this. ♪ come on, now, everyone fall down, everyone crawl down and get up again.
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maria: rm maria bartiroma, happy friday, january 18th, top stories right now, 6:30 on the east coast, easing trade tensions, the wall street journal putting the trump administration considering listing tariffs against china to get a deal done. markets rallied at the end of the day with the dow, s&p and nasdaq up 2 thirds of 1% across the board, down the up 163 at the close yesterday. markets are extending gains, 114 points, one half of 1% this one in which s&p is up one third of 1% and nasdaq of 20 points.
6:31 am
we are looking at the s&p up 11/4%, the cac quarante in paris up wanted to have% 71 points and the dax index in germany up 11/4%, 137 points hiring germany. asian markets finishing higher, the best performer china was up 1.5% and japan and hong kong doing better than 1%. earnings season is rolling on. american express took a hit as the company disappointed on earnings. we are breaking down the numbers on american express. a new way to get into crisco, a way to start investing in bit coin. drying out and how bluesmakers are cashing in now that americans are drinking less alcohol. our top story this half-hour, economic consequences of the shutdown showdown, nearing the one month mark and one sector feeling the pinch, real estate. here to talk about that is roger healy, associate real estate owner with markets ceo hassan naji.
6:32 am
kick us off, do you see an impact on real estate in the market today? >> commercial real estate, there has been minimal impact. profits by banks of slow because of the government shutdown, certain government agencies like hud and fda are affecting affordable apartment lending and small business lending. there is been some affect without doubt but not enough to counter the macro favorable environment. mostly the sentiment on consumers is what our clients are worried about. this economy has shown incredible resilience. 300,000 jobs in december in light of the fed being very aggressive and changing its tone. the trade wars and tariff issues we have been discussing, all those things, the resilience of the economy has propelled commercial real estate forward, we are coming into this year with evelyn
6:33 am
demand, still seeing strong leasing activity which is an indication of job creation and continued optimism about economic growth and plenty of demand on investors side now that interest rate of come in. maria: if you are in the residential area what should consumers expect? >> biggest thing we are dealing with his fear and people are getting that pitter patter in their chest like something is about to go wrong again. we've not seen direct impact as far as ability to close. people working with government employees are dealing with that because they can't get financing approved. they are worried their interest rates will expire because our biggest thing is psychological. it is like any thing else, people are waiting for the next bad thing to happen. we have to say it is okay, you will still get approved. there might be a delay but the biggest thing we are doing is mental anguish.
6:34 am
>> it sounds like both of you are more concerned about consumer sentiment than anything else, not seeing a major impact on the real estate market but are there some sector regions that maybe are being impacted like the washington dc area or in utah with a lot of irs employees. i was just saying, first thing when someone asks who is affected by the shutdown, it is government employees trying to buy real estate or sell real estate and that is pretty black-and-white but we have seen that in dc and hawaii and south texas but that has been a thing. >> matt schlapp here. one quick question. generationally we keep hearing about the new generation of younger folks, younger than me, who are into this whole idea that they rent, they share, they borrow, they go online to get what they need.
6:35 am
i we seeing a generational shift in the real estate market where younger folks want to rent, have short-term deals and not buy houses? >> we were talking before. go ahead please. >> go ahead. >> we see that in the apartment market. we've been seeing it for quite some time and it is the younger renter preferring to rent and be flexible to chase jobs but also the lifestyle renter. the baby boomers still in their homes preferring to rent especially in urban areas and that has been a big trend and on the retail front no doubt e-commerce is making a profound change but brick and mortar retailers are reshaping a new demand being created such as amazon and whole foods going in to occupy certain darkened stores was a lot of changes are going on in brick and mortar retail. maria: you have retail companies finding new purpose for empty malls across the country.
6:36 am
google is developing a dead shopping mall into an office space. what do you think of that? >> as far as what they are going to do as far as retrofitting? maria: to be a catalyst for others? is that going to be a trigger for movement elsewhere? >> it is about getting creative with stuff that is already there. i read how car dealerships are going out of business, they will turn parking lots and car dealerships into apartment complexes. we will see these shifts. it is about creating new trends and making use of what is already there. companies like google and fortune 50 conglomerates will find a way, like a refurbished ballpark in texas, we thought amazon was going to come here and one of their headquarters was the ballpark in arlington. you are seeing stuff happen, it is the beginning of a new trend. dagen: i want to ask, we were talking about retail, shopping
6:37 am
malls and brick and mortar stores. is there another leg down potentially? i noticed nordstrom earlier in the week said at its full price stores, not as ritzy as goodman but same-store sales only rose by 3/10 of 1%, the headline was nordstrom has a rich people problem and i wonder if this is another leg down for real estate retail real estate with problems now developing among luxury retailers. >> there is clearly pressure on more retailers, similar to what we have seen with sears and toys "r quote us and others but it isn't really a broad-based general trend. it has to do with the retailer. nordstrom of having merchandising problem, creating energy and reason for people to come to the store problem, not
6:38 am
so much a rich problem. they are doing well online. the only channel, combined e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers proving very effective. there is more pain to come with a lot of innovation happening especially as related to entertainment and dining out. those are the two drivers of foot traffic going forward for retail. dagen: real estate residential are you expecting prices to come down? >> i'm not. we've not overbilled housing so prices will slow down but i don't think there is a major correction on the way. maria: what do you think? >> i love hassan and his answer so we are good. maria: thank you so much for joining us, see you soon. there is this. leslie moonves wants to pay up. >> reporter: lawyering up. he is challenging the company of decision to deny him a $120 million severance package. moonves said he will pursue
6:39 am
arbitration to fight for that money. he was forced to resign as cbs chairman and chief executive incentive the following sexual harassment accusations. looking at shares of cbs down 20% from a year ago. we have breaking news for you. cvs health as walmart announcing new network. walmart will continue to be part of cbs caremark commercial managed medicaid retail for pharmacy networks. this is a new deal. terms not disclosed. we should look at the stocks, how they are reacting. cvs is the stock to watch right now. we are watching shares of american express today, stock lower in the free market, the company earning the top and bottom line, the holiday shopping season pretty strong but american xmas customers pulling out their cards to pay for things and disappointing earnings per share guidance for 2019.
6:40 am
some of the stock to watch. this coin star machine, not dispensing that coin. coin star has partnered to operate a small network of crypto currency dispensing atms, you can enter paper money to the machine. that has a voucher with a big coin redemption code, the limit is $2500 as you can see on your screen, big coin is at 3600. a little bit of bit coin for $2500. maria: put in money and get a voucher. >> if you want to use bit coin. maria: bidding farewell to booze. now that fewer americans are sipping a cold one, we have details. the superhero movie you did not expect. >> this is not a cartoon. this is the real world. >> no way.
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dagen: glass, the final movie in the unbreakable series. the box office preview coming up. ♪ oh, don't worry. voya helps them to and through retirement... ...dealing with today's expenses... college... ...while helping plan, invest and protect for the future. so they'll be okay... without me? um... and when we knock out this wall... imagine the closet space. yes! oh hey, son. yeah, i think they'll be fine. voya. helping you to and through retirement. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best
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maria: americans are drinking less alcohol, boozemakers looking for other options. lauren simonetti with details. >> thinking less alcohol, beer
6:45 am
sales especially hard-hit in recent years. despite the popularity of craft brews. the question is why, and what our breweries doing about it? there's a trend among millennials about mindful drinking. you see names like coors getting into the business, you will see commercials at the super bowl for spiked self-serve but then there is also the marijuana factor. many beer companies are in the cannabis business, constellation brands, the list goes on. this is the damage to the alcohol industry looking at volumes and how much we are drinking less because we are being more healthy or what is it? 33 states medical marijuana is legal, 10 states plus dc recreational marijuana is legal, the changing times if you will.
6:46 am
maria: and good point on health. there's a lot of sugar in wine and there's a move away from sugar. >> and they are less interested in drinking alcohol and more responsible with spending and credit and all that stuff. they have seen the older generation and a lot of different things in the financial crisis. >> they call it mindful drinking, that is the trend but there is also a trend of premium so when you do drink you will drink something that is more expensive like finer wine for instance. maria: or tequila, no, really. >> i'm a political person and i like beer. >> there is this brewery in dc, they sued the trump administration because the shutdown because it is affecting their sales was the alcohol bureau, doing labels
6:47 am
and permits, they can't get applications done. they have an apricot infused beer, they want to get to the market and can't do that so the beer companies, some of them are being affected by the shutdown as well. imagine that. >> it is all going to be okay. dagen: i will personally make up for the decline in sales. depends on the day and the time of day. maria: i bet it is titos. dagen: wine, champagne, one good cocktail, i make a good margarita. no sugar, lime juice, tequila and a good orange the core in it. thank you. good stuff. coming up, glass getting ready
6:48 am
to break the theaters. the unlikely superhero movie, the third in a series of the unbreakable series, we will show you next. ♪ girls on film ♪ girls on film ♪ girls on film ♪ girls on film ♪ with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪
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6:51 am
>> i've been waiting for the world to see. >> may i meet the beast? >> i hope for your sake that he likes you. >> that sounds like the bad guy. maria: a sneak peek at the new film glass. it is the third installment in director m night shamalyan's
6:52 am
unbreakable series. joining me is michael tom marro. >> people love him or hate him. they love to read on him but this is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. the third in the unbreakable franchise. it reunites samuel l jackson and bruce willis. a lot of built up anticipation for that, brings in james mcavoy who was in a second phone, split, who was so phenomenal. the critics are hating this movie but the fans are seeming to be liking it. the score on rotten tomatoes, 36% rotten score from critics. maria: where does it rank for you versus the other two in the series? >> i haven't seen it yet. i'm looking forward to seeing it. i never saw and breakable but i saw split and loved it. i stumbled across it on saturday night and that was really sort of good. something we haven't seen before.
6:53 am
that is what makes a good movie, something you haven't seen before and that you haven't heard. maria: the series lose you in. >> coming in around $40 million over a 3-day weekend at number one. maria: how about kevin hart in the upside, number one in america? the comedian starring in the upcoming film adaptation of the monopoly board game, your thoughts on that? >> one movie in 2019, not doing the oscars. a lot of controversy out there. people are surprised how well the upside has done. may be some curiosity from the controversy. set to star in monopoly which has never gotten off the ground, looks like it is about to happen. maria: he stepped down as host of the 2019 oscars because of the resurfacing of old tweets with homophobic language. he mentioned he wouldn't return
6:54 am
and the oscars are still about the host. the controversy has accepted that but has it affected his marketability in any way? >> according to the box office, the most bankable star in hollywood, his movies of grossed $1 billion and all the movies he has had leading roles in. we will see what happened. hasbro is banking on him to carry monopoly over the finish line. maria: how important is hosting the oscars? what does that do for an actor? >> it is turning into the job no one wants because there's so much controversy that goes with it. the ratings tend to be down year-to-year over the last couple years. that is the trend. the host tends to get pegged with that blame, whether right or wrong. maria: such as they go on. >> they don't need a host, the show is 3 hours, just announced the awards. time to rethink how the show is done. abc spend a lot of money to carry the rights to this show and they haven't through 2028. the trend is down 40% over a tiny in 2014.
6:55 am
they need to rip up the playbook and -- maria: of different people introduce -- >> move the night along quickly. maria: good idea. >> i have those every now and then. maria: still had future point to gain positive -- the us possibly lifting tariffs on china. to get a deal done. bark at this, moon. look at the super blood wolf moon this weekend. we will tell you more on "mornings with maria" right here, stay with us. ♪ ♪ instead of going under ♪ i try to keep ♪ it all in my head ♪ lobster fisherman is the lifeblood of this town. by 2030, half of america may take after stonington, self-employed and without employer benefits.
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6:58 am
maria: welcome back. good friday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. tgif. it is friday, january 18th. your top stories right now.
6:59 am
rolling back tariffs, the u.s. reportedly looking to ease tensions with china to get a deal done. we have the very latest ahead of the next round of trade talks which are on track for later this month. futures this morning are firmer. dow industrials expected to be up 1670 points -- 160 points today. the s&p 500 up 1/2 of a percent. the nasdaq is also up 1/2 of a percent. the markets closed higher yesterday. we had a late day rally. the dow industrials finished up 163 points. the s&p 500 was up 20 points and the nasdaq up 50 points, both 3/4 of 1% higher. global markets this morning are seeing follow-through. european indices higher across the board. the cac in paris is up 1 2/3%. the dax index is 1.5% higher. asia overnight, gains across the board, up 1.5 1.5% for many mars
7:00 am
there. in the us, grounded, president trump can canceled nancy peloss use of military aircraft for an overseas trip. lawmakers speaking out on this move. >> i think the actions of the president were petty, mean-spirited and beneath any president of the united states to take. >> speaker of the house, leaving the country with a shutdown, i think that's appropriate. i think the best thing that could happen in everybody's interest, calm a little bit, get in a room together and put the american people first. maria: the administration also pulling its delegation headed to davos next week. the fallout from the shutdown showdown coming up this morning. then this, tesla hitting a speed bump this morning, the company reportedly cutting its workforce by 7%. it's cutting the fourth quarter guidance as well. the stock is down 6.5% right now. a total eclipse of the moon. what you need to know to see the super blood wolf moon this weekend. can't wait. all those stories coming up this
7:01 am
friday morning. joining me to break it down, dagen mcdowell, th matt shlapp and investmen investment stratet lindsey bell. good to see everybody today. i want to say you that know that if i am in a position of not traveling to davos, i will take pictures of the super moon and i'll post it on instagram and twitter. i love posting shots of the moon moon. [ laughter ] maria: i'm active on instagram lately. >> you'll have a good view from the beach. maria: it's right there, it's so beautiful. dagen: the viewers and your followers on instagram will realize you don't sleep. maria: i sleep in my closet upside down, you know, so -- [ laughter ] maria: seriously, i -- maria: i do like shots of the moon and the sun. >> you like to be near your shoes. i know what's going on. [ laughter ] dagen: she's the hardest
7:02 am
working woman not just in television, but period. maria: what's going on this morning? we've got a rally underway. you believe in it? are you buying this? we've got this story that maybe the u.s. wants to lift tariffs just to get a deal done with china. they understand how important a deal with china and what it would mean for markets and the economy and overall global growth. dagen: i think it's all about the federal reserve, quite frankly. i said this all along, that this is all kind of in the backdrop, a deal on china would help most clearly movement on stopping the shutdown would help but it's all about the messaging from the federal reserve. it started with jay powell, the fed chief on jobs day in early january, that he came out and said we're reasonable and flexible on short-term interest rates and the balance sheet reduction and i think that that is all that matters for the next couple months. maria: and he gave us that pivot in terms of look, we're going to be on pause. but still, a deal with china would be a positive for the markets. stocks are getting a boost this
7:03 am
morning and late yesterday on this news that the u.s./china trade optimism could be on the horizon. the markets looking to extend the gains this morning. the wall street journal is reporting the trump administration is looking to suspend tariffs at some point soon. joining us to weigh in is john hilsenrath. what do you think? do you think we'll get a deal done sooner rather than later? >> let me talk about the story that my colleague bob davis wrote. what you have to realize when you look at this story is that this is, again -- have you to put it in the perspective of the fractions inside the administration. the treasury secretary, stev stn mnuchin, who has been eager to get to a deal with the chinese, is saying if we reduce some of the sanctions, lift some of the tariffs, we can entice the chinese to make a deal with us. he's a dove in the administration.
7:04 am
there are hawks in the administration, peter navarro, robert lighthizer who are more skeptical of this idea. this isn't a done deal. it's something that's in the air. as always, it comes down to how does the president want to play it and the president has conflicting issues he's dealing with right now. he wants to be tough on china. he wants to totally reset u.s. trade relations with china. but at the same time, he's looking at a u.s. economy that's slowing and that markets, which are a really important brome tear fobarometerfor him, that ap anymore. >> aren't the tariffs really not just about -- the president says he's a tariff man. it's not just about replacing other types of tax as the president talks about but it's about fund men fundamentally rg the relationship with china. they basically break the law on a regular basis and we look the other way and we've got to change that.
7:05 am
>> well, yeah, i mean, this administration does want to fundamentally reset not only trade relations with china, but the way that chinese manage their own economy, which is a big ask if you think about it. you know, they have all these state-owned enterprises. they pump state money from state banks into the state-owned enterprises. they put in demands for how much they're going to invest and how much they're going to produce. we're saying you can't do that anymore. we're asking them to completely change the rules for how they manage intellectual property. there's a list of about 142 specific demands that we're placing on the chinese. they're reluctant to bend to all of that. there's a lot of work to do and not a lot of time to do it. but this compromise idea is in the air. the other point that i'll throw out there that's in the air, two words. chicken feet. the chinese are looking to reconcile a little bit with us. they made it harder for american poultry exporters to sell
7:06 am
poultry. they're looking at lifting some of those bans. it's a big deal because americans don't eat chicken feet and the chinese love them. >> the wall street journal reported yesterday i think that china's looking to expedite the process of a new investment law to address some of those trade issues that matt just talked about. but why would we lower the tariffs or even remove them if we're not seeing significant work from the chinese government there have been talks about doing these different things, buying more products, whether it be energy or agricultural items, but until we actually see them put their money where their mouth is, why would we remove some of these -- the way we're trying to manage this relationship? >> you know, that's exactly what the lighthizers in this administration will say, that the chinese have been kind of dragging the united states along for decades with promises that they never upheld. so why should we turn around and
7:07 am
do this now? i think president reagan's line was trust but verify. so any deal that gets done is going to be -- it's going to have to include some articulation of how the chinese are going to follow up on any promises make to us. maria: the issue for key leaders in politics and business around the world has been espionage has been one issue. >> the other thing i was going to say -- maria: this forced transfer of technology. i want to look at what jamie dimon, and steven harper told me on beijing in the last few months. you can't go to china and open up a bank and own it out and out, right? >> no, we applied for a license. i still hope when all this stuff gets settled that we get a license to build 100% owned major invest pmenment. do everything we do in hong kong, london, singapore, new york, that we can do in
7:08 am
shanghai, effectively. maria: right now you have to go in a joint venture, 49 49% owne, right? >> we have limited ability. >> they go in with companies like huawei or zte and they offer basically free infrastructure, so free communications infrastructure and my warning to a lot of our allies in the countries that i meet with is look, there's nothing for free. what the chinese are doing with that is they're ensuring that they control the communications infrastructure so then they can monitor for economic purposes those businesses and others that they may want to get involved in so they have total control and manipulation capability over those countries and governments. >> when i was in government, we were increasingly concerned about the penetration of huawei and zte into western democratic telecommunications networks. these are organizations ultimately tightly tied to chinese security apparatus and we think there's some real
7:09 am
serious issues there. maria: john, really there's no secret that the chinese are spying on the rest of the world and in particular americans and they're unwilling to open up their markets, correct? >> absolutely. so we're having these trade negotiations and there are cases with huawei coming up all over the world right now. so that's another big impediment. i would say they're not just using huawei to spy on their own people and others. but they're trying to build it into a h global powerhouse that dominates technology in the 21st century. the united states sees it not only as a security threat but an economic threat to the united states. maria: and national security threat. it's also a national security threat. dagen: john, it's not just the united states. this is something that ian bremmer pointed out that europe is onto china. the rest of asia is onchina. that's where we could find our greatest strength in pushing back on the espionage, the theft of intellectual property, the forced surrender of technology
7:10 am
and it's not like we're going this solo. >> and that's where -- you know, i look at what the trump administration has set itself up for. march 1st we're going to resolve all this stuff by march 1st? i don't see how that gets done. maria: no. >> look, the other thing that china's doing which i think is really important for our viewers to understand is that they're also through these subsidiaries, mostly controlled by the government, they're slowly supplying us our bus, our trains, all of our critical infrastructure. they will control from china and i think that's very alarming to people because these are sold against american and other world competitors at a discounted rate, basically dumped on us. we pay a cheap price for it. do we want them to own all our infrastructure. maria: that's what devin new ns was saying what they're doing to african countries. one issue we never discussed was the dollar and th the wuan.
7:11 am
they are sending boat loads to african countries. they're using the wan, not the dollar. if you've been watching this program, you know the outlook for rising interest rates this year is nowhere near certain. when the market was expecting three, four rate hikes in 2019, the blackrock chief investment officer said differently. jamie dimon also weighed in. watch this. >> you just said you don't think the fed is going to be able to tighten much more. are you saying that you don't think the fed's going to be raising rates consistently next year? >> i don't think the fed will be consistently raising rates next year. maria: what do you think? >> i think that what's in the curve, i think if they continue to raise rates faster than is built into the curve, that that will affect all asset prices, because all asset prices have that one interest rate.
7:12 am
you know, an asset is the purchase. it's the present value of the cash flow. when you buy an asset, you pay a lump sum payment for future cash flows and there's a discount rate. that interest rate affects all assets. >> top line inflation is going down to we think this year down to 1.5%. an economy that's still growing at over 2% is pretty good. it doesn't mean you have to lift interest rates. their goal, the obligation of the fed is price stability. it's not two. it's price stability. if you're trending at one and-a-half, you're putting a lot of people to work, let it go and evaluate it and see is inflation accelerating a little bit, then you can tweak it. right now, you don't need to. >> the fed has to be data dependent. they are he very bright people. i have enormous respect for chairman powell. they'll look at the situation and adjust it accordingly. if we had good growth, raising
7:13 am
rates, normalized would be 3% at the shortened and 4% at 10 year is a good thing. if we're not growing rapidly and you're raising rates, that's not as bad a risk because of inflation. that's the judgment call you have to make. maria: john, what do you think? ray dalio made the call in november that the fed won't be able to raise. my worry is if you don't raise interest rates, then you don't have wiggle room if we were to see a recession. >> well, let me say two things. first of all, ray dalio is a really clear and articulate thinker in explaining how finance and economics work. so i'd encourage your viewers to listen to him whenever you have him on. the other thing i'd say about interest rates is don't just focus on the fed right now. there's an interesting developments happening globally. you know, the bank of canada has backed off on raising interest rates. mario draggie will be talking
7:14 am
next week. he talked about how the european economy is underperforming. so it looks like this whole retrenchment in rate increases isn't just a u.s. story. it could become a global story in 2019. maria: well, they were all there, the central banks, taking them down. we'll see where they are in this year. john, good to see you. thanks so much. coming up, the trouble with tesla, the car company cutting the workforce by 7%, the stock is down almost 7%. we'll have details. and then howl at this, what you need to know about this weekended lunar eclipse and why it's called the super blood wolf moon. back in a minute. ♪ on friday night. ♪ we'll dance on tabletops, we took too many shots, think we kissed but i foregot. ♪ last friday night. ♪ we maxed out credit cards, got kicked out of bars. more teched out than silicon valley?
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7:18 am
maria: welcome back. new allegations being made this morning against former nissan motor chairman carlos ghosn. cheryl casone has headlines. cheryl: a joint investigation by nissan and mitsubishi is finding that ghosn improperly received $9 million in compensation from a joint venture between the two companies. ghosn remains in a japanese jail after being indicted on charges that include underreporting his income. he's expected to stay in jail at least until march after a court upheld the earlier decision to deny his release on bail. ghosn denies any wrong doing. verizon is joining the fight to eliminate spam and robocalls. starting in march, verizon customers will get free access to tools to combat unwanted annoyances that are projected to get worse in 2019. these features will be available to all verizon customers that have smartphones that support the app. t-mobile announced a similar service. come on, at&t, get on-board. then there is this, tiffany
7:19 am
reporting it expects record sales and profits for the full year, despite lower than expected worldwide sales over the holiday period. now, the jeweler now is going to temper its expectation for full year profits. tiffanies says growth in e-commerce, they had good news out of china, japan, those were strong markets. they also gave projections for the initial expense of that massive renovation project of the flagship store on fifth avenue right here in new york city. taking a look at shares of tiffany, pretty flat in the premarket. a lot of news coming out of the jeweler. i think a lot of folks were looking at them as far as the luxury buyer out there and how they were going to report for the holidays. maria: we were talking about -- you mentioned a comment earlier about -- cheryl: nordstrom. maria: nordstrom and the rich. dagen: north strom had a problem with -- nordstrom had a problem with full price stores. tiffany's products are way too expensive, quite frankly. >> i agree. totally expensive. >> the stock market impacts -- when you see a big down swing in
7:20 am
the stock market it impacts luxury consumers pretty significantly. maria: you feel richer or not. when we come back, president trump canceling tha canceling ns use of military aircraft for an overseas trip. netflix says a popular video game is giving it the hardest time to compete. back in a moment. ♪ come fly with me. ♪ let's fly, let's fly away. ♪ if you can use some exotic booze, there's a bar in far bombay. shield℠ annuities from brighthouse financial allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities with a level of protection in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield℠ annuities from brighthouse financial, established by metlife.
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all in the same place as your live tv. its all included with your amazon prime membership. that's how xfinity makes tv... simple. easy. awesome. maria: welcome back. the shutdown showdown is nearing the one month mark. president trump canceled nancy pelosi's use of a military plane for an overseas trip she was
7:24 am
planning after she threatened to cancel the president's address. joining us now is juan williams with reaction. good morning. what do you think? >> i think this is much more serious than you would know by the morning news. the morning news is about the stunt and the kind of political tit-for-tat that's going on. but i do think that there's a reality that gary cohn, the president's former economic advisor speaks to who says the economy is being damaged. in addition, cohn said what's the strategy, what's the end game here? where are we going. maria: what should the president be doing? >> i think the president should go back to what republicans and democrats agreed when they voted on the continuing regs luce and said we will open the government, get people back to work, start paying the 800,000 people plus contractors and look at what we can do in terms of border security. the president made it clear, he wants a wall, it's about a wall for him. maria: when he said to her in the first meeting, speaker
7:25 am
pelosi, okay, we'll open the government, then in 30 days can we get border security? >> he said wall. maria: money for the wall. she said no. >> let's be very clear. he campaigned for the presidency on building a wall. >> on having mexico pay for a wall. >> and we are -- there's no question, we're changing our economic relationship with mexico and to the benefit of the american taxpayer. he has shifted -- we have to give him credit. he listened to border control agents. he shifted from a cement wall to the idea that a wall is see-through. he shifted the decision. he told nancy pelosi he wouldn't mandate it be a wall. he simply wants to close the border. she simply does not want to close the border. >> i think that's a talking point. i appreciate it. if we wanted to do tribal politics this morning i'd go with you. the president is sticking to a wall. >> no, he's not. >> he can talk about it's slats or -- >> it's not accurate. maria: what's wrong with --
7:26 am
>> he shifted. maria: what's wrong with the wall. >> it's not effective, it's not efficient. maria: we already have a wall. >> we have walls in places. maria: the walls in those places, do they work. >> they all work. >> they decreased the number of people crossing at those points. it's not the case that it makes the argument for this all-encompassing wall. people say listen, president trump is getting shelaced in the polls. maria: independents are increasingly saying we want the wall. >> that's a different issue. maria: don't say he's getting shelaced. >> people are blaming him for the shutdown. people want a com compromise. maria: take a look at your op ed. you say trump's wall is founded on fiction.
7:27 am
you write the only wall being constructed is the one between trump and his supporters from reality. >> his base supports him almost completely although there's some now cracks in that. but it's that the independents, the democrats are overhe'l overy saying what is this about. maria: you said the independents. >> and the democrats oppose it. >> we had 690 miles of wall, fence, a barrier. maria: right now. >> right now. all he's saying, let's get 230 miles in the places where all these illegals are coming. if we agree -- >> all these illegals. >> 2,000 a day. >> we're at a 20 year low. >> 2,000 a day. these are facts. >we're at.>> we're at a 20 yearn terms of border crossings. >> that's not right. >> the president likes to talk about drones, et cetera. maria: what about the divide going on in the democratic
7:28 am
party, the freshman new york congresswoman, alexandria ocasio-cortez, breaking c-span's record for the most views of an online video, 1.2 million viewers in 12 hours. uke objecting haocasio-cortez hs about the shutdown. >> the truth of the shutdown is that it's actually not about a wall. the truth is, this shutdown is about the erosion of american democracy. and the subversion of our most basic governmental norms. maria: how do you get there? >> well, first let me just say, she is a social media phenomenon. maria: she is. >> people are watching her. i think they should be watching maria bartiromo. maria: thank you, juan. >> i read yesterday that her twitter account is second only to president trump. maria: to president trump, yes. >> this is unbelievable. this is someone with no seniority, no real power. she was marching around on instagram live going after mitch
7:29 am
mcconnell and people are following it. maria: she said about joe lieberman who has been in the senate 24 years, who dis? >> right. dagen: this has nothing to do with the fact that she's exceptionally attractive. that's why the cameras follow her, that's why people follow her. i'm not dismissing her. she is using it. she's introducing ideas and she's driving the bus on the 70% tax on people making more than $10 million a year. she threw it out there and now it's a centerpoint of conversation. but again, she's a star because she's pretty. >> i don't think that's true. i think she's a star because she's upset joe crowley here in new york. nobody saw it coming. and she is such an apt, adept user of social media. she reaches the young people that trump and republicans can't reach. dagen: she's effective on social media in large part because of her conservatives. >> conservative men are obsessed with her.
7:30 am
there's people who love to hate her on the right. dagen: my mouth is moving. i'm not after i'll ye affiliatey party and i said it. maria: a lot of people within the party don't agree with her. >> within the democratic party. maria: exactly. do you agree with 70% tax rates, juan. >> on people who make more than $10 million? i would say that's a realistic thing. i would say when it comes to the idea of medicaid for all, given our situation, when it comes to income inequality that's -- >> john f. kennedy -- >> what did eisenhower have, 90%? >> john f. kennedy thought taxe were too high. >> 90%. i would agree. dagen: 90 is too high. >> that's a marginal thing. it's a marginal rate. >> it impacts people. maria: you do realize -- >> >> the very super rich. maria: the top 10% pay 70% of the tax. >> they should, shouldn't they.
7:31 am
maria: no. i could talk about taxes all morning long, by the way. got to go because it's 7:30 in the morning and we've got to get to this. tesla is hitting a speed bump, one of the stories of the morning, they're cutting their workforce. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it comes in a once-weekly, truly easy-to-use pen. and it works 24/7. trulicity is an injection to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. don't use it as the first medicine to treat diabetes, or if you have type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, you're allergic to trulicity, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of a serious allergic reaction,
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maria: welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo. good friday morning, everybody. thanks for joining us this morning. it is friday, january 18th. your top stories right now. easing trade tensions, that's the story of the morning. the journal is reporting that the trump administration ising considering lifting tariffs against china. that to help get a deal done. the news giving lift to major indices yesterday at the close and again today. the dow, s&p and nasdaq finished higher at the close. it was up 162 points on the dow, two-thirds of 1%. s&p was up 20 points and the nasdaq was up 49. this morning, the markets rally is continuing. the futures indicating a gain at the start of trading of 1 50* points, two-thirds of 1%. the s&p is up 11, the nasdaq is
7:35 am
up 29. in europe this morning, gains across the board there as well. take a look at the fq100, up 1.5%, the cac up 1.5% and the dax index, 175 points higher in germany. asian markets finished higher overnight across the board as you see there. it is electric, take a look at ford's heavy duty truck that is electric. ultrasound on the go, this new device can put your baby's image in the palm of your hand. and a total eclipse of the moon this weekends, we'll tell you how and when to he see the super blood wolf moon. all that coming up this morning. first, our top story this half hour, that is trouble for tesla. the automaker announcing it is cutting 7% of its workforce. it is expecting a lower fourth quarter profit. they preannounced last night. the company saying it's part of an effort to lower the price of the model 3. the stock is down 6 1/4% ahead of the open. joining us now, dan morgan. thank you for joining us. >> hi, happy new year.
7:36 am
maria: to you. do you own tesla? >> we don't own tesla, no, i'm sorry, we don't. maria: what's your take on this situation? >> i follow th tech tech sector. maria: what's your take on the situation? we're seeing the tesla stock under pressure. is there something going on with technology? is this a specific tesla issue? what's your reaction? >> i think tesla is a company that trades at a high multiple. they announced they're having cutbacks in terms of number of employees. but going forward, it's a company that there's a lot of risk in terms of whether their model is going to perform or not. up until last quarter, i saw they were not profitable. they have yet to be profitable. so i think going forward i think that's going to be the big milestone for them to achieve and it's obviously a newer technology and so forth. maria: what about the broader market at this point? obviously firmness, we've seen a pretty good performance since christmas, actually. would you be buying stocks here?
7:37 am
>> the market has moved up in the last trading days which is very positive. but there are still things out there that i have some concerns about. obviously the fed. a lot of things you detailed on your in term show in terms of tt as a whole. i think investors can pick their spaces. if you're going into this year it will be hard to build a strong case that the markets will be going up like they were at this time last year because we had so many things in the recipe, strong earnings growth, good interest rate picture and so forth and now you've got tariffs and interest rates continuing to go up an and so forth. >> a big part of the picture last year was the tech stocks and the fangs in particular. they also led the market lower at the end of the year. are we out of the woods with that group of stocks? netflix reported earnings last night. it was a pretty decent report, the reaction's a little bit mixed because of the outlook. do you think that we can get involved in some of these fang
7:38 am
names again? >> well, fang is interesting because like if we're having this conversation a year ago, pretty much all the fang stocks did well. but now i think you have to be a little more discerning on which groups within fang you would expect to perform well. i think amazon should do well with aws. you look at office with their azure and their intelligent cloud. those are two stocks that i would expect to do well going into the new year. i think you're going to have a black cloud over like a facebook in regards to scrutiny over what's going on with their security and we have recent breach that came out before the holidays. apple trades at a very low multiple. they're interesting, they came in with a cut a couple weeks ago in terms of revenue. i think you can't go and say all the fang stocks are going to be good. i think you have to pick and choose your stocks within the group and go from there. there's some names that probably aren't going to do as well as they've done in the past. maria: technology overall, i mean, they were really under
7:39 am
pressure in '18. do you want to put new money to work within tech and specifically in tech, do you like the social media area or semiconductors? where specifically do you see growth right now? >> you're right, maria. these different areas, semiconductors has been very difficult. we mentioned social media with the black cloud over scrutiny. one area i'm excited about is the cloud space. if you think about infrastructure as a service, with aws and azure, which is amazon and microsoft, and you also think about sales as a service, with companies like salesforce, hcm which is human capital management software, with a company like workday. i think you have to be focused. the overall tech sector isn't dead yet, not like it was back in 2000. but we still have positive things. you have to be very particular on the areas that you focus on and i think cloud is still an area of strength that people can look at going into the new year. >> isn't the other big question
7:40 am
with these social media platforms specifically what will government do. i mean, there's all talk of some kind of anti-trust activity or new regulations on privacy. >> exactly. and you know, the house going democrat i'm sure there's going to be a lot of committees that will bring in the ceos of facebook and google and snap and all these different companies to testify and they're going to be trying to pass some sort of legislation or advance something up to the senate. maria: i don't know about that. aren't they all donors? i don't know about that. i actually would say the opposite. >> the republicans tend to be la say failasaifaire when it comeso business. maria: kevin mccarthy got the ball rolling and made sure google's ceo, facebook's ceo testified in front of congress.
7:41 am
that happened last year. that was the republicans. >> i'm not going to argue with you, maria. maria: i'm not arguing at all. i'm trying to understand what you're expecting in terms of legislation. >> i think the democrat woulds be more anti-business than the republicans and i think they would be a little bit more looking to scrutinize some of these companies like the ones that we're talking about in terms of social media companies. we didn't see anything advance through the house or the congress and get approved last year. we had a lot of testimony. so i don't know if it's just f fanfare, things they're doing to try to make people feel good. i don't think anything will be passed. i think it will be in the lime light. maria: my point was these guys are donors. they're donors for both sides. dagen: i agree with you 100%, maria bartiromo. they're never going to go after the tech companies in a serious ways because these are the social justice warriors in terms of businesses and they're the biggest donors to the democrats. maria: and republicans too. google is a big donor on both sides.
7:42 am
lot of people feel like europe has been ahead of the u.s. in terms of the privacy legislation. >> look, i think this is a huge political issue. in your own life, do these companies own every aspect of it or do you own it? i think it has to get defined. maria: we'll leave it there. dan, thanks for weighing in this morning. coming up, ford's best selling truck about to go electric, soon to be available in a fully electric model. bark at the moon, what you need to know about this weekend's lunar eclipse. why it's called a super blood wolf moon. coming up. back in a minute. ♪ my loneliness is killing me. ♪ i must confess i still believe. ♪ still believe. ♪ when i'm not with you i lose my mind. ♪ give me a sign. ♪ but believe me... i'm not your average consumer. that's why i switched to liberty mutual. they customized my car insurance,
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maria: welcome back. an avalanche is hitting a popular ski resort. cheryl casone has headlines now. cheryl: this is something else. two people were hospitalized in critical condition. they were pulled from an avalanche at a ski resort in new mexico. this is taos. this happened about 11:30 a.m. local time yesterday. the resort says no other victims were pounds. it's not clear what triggered the avalanche. quite the team of rescuers on-site. ford's best selling vehicle is going electric. the f-150 is going to soon have an all-electric version.
7:47 am
ford's making large investments in electric vehicles. they're also working on a full electric crossover and they just cut a deal with volkswagen for development as well. shares of ford are down 32% from a year ago. all right. i thought of you when i saw this story initially, maria. a solar eclipse is occurring at the same time as a super moon sunday night. this is going to create a super blood wolf moon. it's going to look larger than normal. it's going to look kind of red. the super blood wolf moon visible for about an hour here in the u.s., maybe about 9:00, 10:30 eastern time on sunday night, maria, if you're still in the country was my second thought about this. maria: i'm going to be so mad. >> can we send somebody? maria: my husband will be taking pictures. >> thank you. [ laughter ] dagen: what did you ask? maria maria: i'm excited about it. dagen: what did you ask about
7:48 am
the ford electric. >> how do you describe where you grew up? dagen: rural america. >> there we go. real america is what i call it. dagen: yeah. how would they react? it's got a lot -- those electric vehicles have a lot of torque off the line. i don't know, what's it like to tow your boat with that puppy? we'll see. they're trying not to lose -- gm is placing a huge bet on electric vehicles. they're not going to give up that market completely. so they have -- they're going to have to have an electric version of their best selling vehicle. maria: will it resonate, though? electric vehicles have been really-they're trying to push the electric vehicle out for a lot of years now. it really hasn't resonated. i'm wondering if people will still be buying gas you you go g suvs. dagen: the model 3 from tesla was one of the best selling cars in the country last year. once you drive one, it gets rid
7:49 am
of any notions you might have about electric being uncool. maria: tesla is really popular. i know that. this morning it's having an issue. it's cutting its guidance and some jobs and american express is also an issue this morning for markets. rest of th the market's looking higher. coming up the power of an ultrasound in your front pocket. the amazing technology that can provide real-time analysis, right after this. ♪ the better just to please you. ♪ she's precocious and she knows what it takes. then went beyond. beyond chasing down network problems. to knowing when and where there's an issue. beyond network complexity. to a zero-touch, one-box world. optimizing performance and budget. beyond having questions. to getting answers. "activecore, how's my network?" "all sites are green."
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7:52 am
maria: welcome back ment there's a new device putting an ultrasound in the palm of your hand. it's looking to provide
7:53 am
real-time analysis from anywhere with your doctor. it is fda approved for doctors to use it. joining us right now talk more about it is dr. nicole sapphire. i love the marriage of healthcare and technology. tell us about the ultrasound. >> i'm a radiologist. i saw this technology, this device at the forbes summit in 2017. i knew it was coming. there's great things about it. with some mixed feelings, let me tell you. so for rural medicine, people who have a hard time getting to healthcare centers, the doctor's office, this can be great. it's a great way to communicate to physicians. huge caveats here. with that being most physicians don't know how to read an ultrasound. maria: thank you. >> in don' they don't know how a patient. we're taking a patient scanning themselves and a non-raidologist
7:54 am
interpresentininterpreting the . i have huge reservations about this. maybe there's some utility in this, looking for gallstones. i'm not going to say it's simple. you can usually find gallstones and maybe easier things. but fetal abnormalities, deep veigvenous thrombosis. my specialty is breast imaging. most women come in when they feel a mass, it's a benign sift. cyst. oftentimes it's not benign or there's a cancer hiding behind that cyst. if you just have a patient putting it right here and then a non-raidologist looking at it and saying that's benign, we may miss something. i have mixed reviews. one of the things they were cleared for, it's not necessarily approved, it's just cleared, it's more maternal imaging, looking at the fetus. my brother-in-law is a high risk
7:55 am
msn. he specializes at looking for very subtle fe fetal anomalies. there is no way that will ever replace his ability to diagnose some of these most awful diseases. so i'm a little concerned. dagen: here's one thing i'll throw in. a doctor using this portable ultrasound device and then a ridologist being able to look at something remotely for people in rural areas, something like that might be better. >> absolutely. absolutely. and that is happening right now. we have a lot of tes test -- tee radiology. it's not as simple as putting a probe on you. if you want to find the gallbladder, you have to find a window. it's all about sound waves. it's not that simple. you can't put a probe on your heart and think you'll be able to diagnose a peri card y'allcal
7:56 am
effusion. they say their technology can teach a person to do that. i have reservations. maria: we want to move on to the crowd funding organizations. they provide a lifeline for people left behind in the healthcare system. gofundme accounting for $1.6 million in medical expenses in the united states. interesting here, in terms of gofundme helping people pay for their 34ed cal their me. >> a third of the campaigns are for medical expenses, most because people don't have health insurance. as the peopl premiums and healte fees skyrocket, do we need to rein in healthcare prices? yes. is it okay that people have some financial responsibility when they have life-saving medical procedures yes? it's okay to have gofundme. you'll either have involuntary funding through taxes through
7:57 am
the affordable care act or medicare for all, or you'll have charity. maria: thank you so much. nicole sapphire. futures pointing to gains this morning. we'll tell you about it when we come right back.
7:58 am
7:59 am
start world economic forum economic forum sarah sanders. >> sars sars. >> sarah sanders. >> out of consideration for furloughed americans amusted the partial government shutdown shutdown shutdown shutdo 6
8:00 am
maria: good friday morning. thanks for joining us. i'map. tgif it is friday, january 18 your stop stories right now 8:00 a.m. on if bin on the east coast rolling back he tariffs u.s. reportedly looking to easy tensions with china to get a deal done we will see if this actual happens the "the wall street journal," is reporting this morning that there is a consideration, very latest ahead of trade talks on track for january 3 . you futures showing market higher, dow industrials up 157 points this is moving markets, by the way, because report came out yesterday and lifted markets at close yesterday expecting gain start of trading 160 points s&p 500 up 11 nasdaq up 31 extending this
8:01 am
close dow industrials up 163 points, two-thirds of a percent, s&p up 20 points three quarters of a percent nasdaq up 50 points three quarters of a percent there as well global markets firmer european indices higher ft 100 cac quarante dax index up almost 2% in germany up one and two-thirds in lop and paris in asia overnight gainers across the board as you can see strong moves china, hong kong japan, grounded president trump canseled house speaker nancy pelosi's use of military aircraft for overseas trip planned two trading barbsover thank you shutdown showdown. >> federal government remains shut down because congressional democrats refuse to approve border security. >> -- the sense of shutdown inflicting great pain in every part of our country. >> administration is also pulling delegation headed to doovrs next week fallout from
8:02 am
shutdown he showdown coming up tesla issue for the markets hitting a speed bump take a look, stock down almost 7% after company, is reportedly cutting workforce by 7% fourth quarter guidance as well lower, pick is in, we don't know who is playing in the super bowl yet but we know who is singing the national anthem we tell you who it is and the choice is far from conservative. >> dagen mcdowell, american conservative chairman cfra investment strategist, great to see you now markets definitely up on trade news, good seems like progress at least some relief of tensions between china and the u.s. >> we will see every little comment is -- is you know, moving markets, and talking about optimism but we don't know these are big issues, good the administration is
8:03 am
addressing them. dagen: unless peter navarro does a belly flop into news shows up on some network pooh-pooh's this there is is between secretary mnuchin lighthizer inactivea hnavarro how to you take on china. >> administration has been first, to push back on some of this malfeasance that ipo theft forced transfer of technology, unwillingness to open markets, for the rest of the world, american companies want in on that 1.3 billion in china. >> see about that, then the shutdown, that being, of course, top story nearing 1 month no sign of end with tensions between the president and nancy pelosi, blake burman at the white house this morning, with more on that maybing good morning to you. reporter: maria, good morning to you as well a happy friday gae nancy pelosi set to take away president trump's prime time televised state of the
8:04 am
union yesterday president trump took away pelosi use of military aircraft to go overseas here we are day 28 partial government you shutdown with no i understand in sights whatsoever. here is here was a situation yesterday, pelosi congressional democrats set to go overseas for a congressional delegation as it is known to go to brussels meet with nato dmarmz visit troops president trump minutes before sent letter to pelosi ending that saying we will reschedule seven-day exoccurion when shutdown is over in light of 800,000 great american workers not receiving pay i am sure you would agree postponing this public relations event totally appropriate critics say it was petty even lindsey graham called it -- others question why pelosi would go overseas that is partial government
8:05 am
shutdown dri drives on the decision to -- was completely, and you had the erly irreresponse i believe every way. >> this morning, buzzfeed reportedly that president trump, directed michael cohen to lie to congress about negotiations to bald trump tower in moscow buzzfeed says cohen told as much to brm special counsel rudy giuliani one of the president's attorneys general said if you believe cohen, i can get you a great deal on the brooklyn bridge, maria. maria: that was quite the response there, thank you so much blake burman white house, joining for more on you shutz o former pennsylvania governor dnc chairman ed rendell thank you for being here. >> nice to be here. >> us there your reaction to shutdown what should be done now. >> well, i have -- propose
8:06 am
lindsey graham made beginning this week, that open up the government, next two weeks or month, negotiate about border security immigration give president something to make some progress on intrusive border security and in return, legalize stauts of dreamers give them a path to citizenship i think would be great, way to -- to resolve this. and i think it is necessary because i don't think the democrats are going to vote for money for a wall. they would vote for money to border security experts say you want to see across the border you don't want a concrete wall to begin with, so i think there is room for compromise, let's open government, and negotiate during next three to four weeks. >> something hag to give two sides have to come together,
8:07 am
to open the government, but what about the pack that the didn't president say to nancy pelosi in office open government within 30 days, will you put money out for the wall or some kind of a barrier she said absolutely not. so he is going on this idea that even if -- goes back, there will be no money for barrier at the border. >> well should talk about expanding to include dreamers -- >> good point. >> you might find it irresistible to solve the dreamer problem might get compromise in that fashion. >> you and i have known each other a long time governor i have seen you as a moderate, democrat. and i feel most people in america are sort of hanging on the in the mid lean to right on some lean to left on other issues but the extremes on each part of the party is creating all this fighting. the rising star of left right
8:08 am
now freshman new york congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez broke c-span's record most views for online video unbelievable nearly one 1/4 twitter views 12 hours you are former dnc chairman what do you make of the rise of congresswoman ocasio-cortez. >> i think the republicans are responsible for that singled her out for criticism made their focal point of criticism of new class of freshmen coming in woman dominated freshmen, should treat her like one of a couple hundred different congressmen, she is one is would you wouldn't want republican party judged by what stephen king says obviously. and, you know i wouldn't want all democrats to being judged by what she says, i agree with her on some issues disagree with her on others do i agree with you maria vast majority of americans are a little left of center or a little right of center not out of extremes.
8:09 am
>> exactly right, i mean, her ideas like medicare for all 70% tax rates ed come on you are a business guy what would 7 o% tax rates do for the economy? >> well make a lot of tax -- >> that is for sure. remember tax rates in 90s nobody paid taxes. maria: that could happen again people start hiding income if you have 70% -- >> absolutely, what we need is to understand that ideas have to be planned out see what the consequences are. i would love to see free college for all americans would love medicare for all but i also think that we have to cross out those things and find out the if they are would go to raise taxes for the average family the average family has seen shutdown can't
8:10 am
absorb additional costs for congressman o ocasio-cortez congresspeople you are not able to get everything you wish for even if what you would it be for us good, right, and we should have values that guide you us that direction, get things that are workble. >> are you expecting next two years just this, you know, ed, i mean constant fighting getting nothing done, you don't. >> tell me what you see for the next two years where should the priorities be with the leadership in the dem party right now. >> well i think we should try to pass good legislation, we should work with republicans in the house to see if we can pass, bipartisan legislation one infrastructure, two, rermg affordable care act doing things necessary to make it better and reduce costs, and three, finally putting end to immigration crisis in this country i think there is a three ideas where compromise is possible where you do something for the country i have said to democrats, i said
8:11 am
don't just investigate, investigate, investigate, let's legislate legislate legislate. >> i saw your comments yeah real he happy you said it people want to see progress. >> absolutely, even if senate -- the president vetoes it we at least american public will know what we are for i think really important that we get across the specific legislation for real problems. >> i also think you might find, common ground for compromising key areas. >> don't you think that is going to be hard on the resist people? like ao.c.? there is all resist nancy pelosi just resist, resist, resist. so is that -- you know -- >> moderate practical thinking you articulated going to apply with radicals in the party. >> you don't have to get one hundred percent of the votes just 51% senate -- i don't think you get extremes on
8:12 am
either side to get for immigration bill, because there have been to be compromisesr compromises you can't always get what you want, the second line of that song maria that if you try sometimes, might get what you need. >> get what you need ♪ i am glad you brought that up i love that song good to see you this morning governor thank you so much for joining us. >> is it thanks have a great day. >> see you soon governor ed rendell trade smofk reportedly rolling back trefrz on china to try to make a deal the journal is reporting this morning it is moving markets see what trade talks come up with later this month. >> super bowl gets national anthem singer the home up to choice coming up back in a minute. ♪ ♪ i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying
8:13 am
[indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
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8:15 am
8:16 am
futures again 155 points two-thirds of a percent s&p up 11 nasdaq up 32, going to be a strong open this morning, extending yesterday's gains as well, u.s. reportedly may lift tariffs against china to reach a trade deal cheryl casone with details headlines. cheryl: bullish if this goes the right way but the treasurer kept pushing back against that "the wall street journal" report we should say spokesperson said quote net secretary mnuchin nor ambassador lighthizer have made any recommendations to anyone with respect to the tariffs parts of the negotiations with china, this is an ongoing process with chinese and there is nowhere near completion, journal reported that mnuchin has been floating the idea of possibly moving trooifrz to win concessions, chinese
8:17 am
government -- the journal researchers white house adds no decisions on new tariffs, focus on trade talks with china again are supposed to be completed by the end of the month, well, protesters against google 10 countries to tell you about over the search engine the company has developed for china, its code-named project dragonfly have to adhere to china's censorship laws restricts citizens to lot of information urging google to abandon project argue should go hold afternoon values of free speech shares down 4% last year. well, more tesla news, job cuts are coming, ceo elon musk telling employees the company is going to rice the workforce by 7%, the cuts he says necessary to lower cost of modeled 3 says need for cheaper car is greater because the u.s. tax credit cut in
8:18 am
half that happens on july 1, remember tesla did decide to kill the referral program, due to costs worries, the programs tesla on hook more than 83 road cities are already, tesla sharply lower also announced worldwide recall of sedan that is to takata air bag connection lay-offs tesla last year premarket down 7%, as pricing dispute with walmart under multiyear agreement walmart will participate in the crewing store network the company failure to reach a agreement if it happened would affect people whose employers use cvs for drug benefits would have lost coverage effected medicaid, and stopped paying for prescriptions at walmart one of the country's largest retail pharmacy
8:19 am
players cva highvs higher in premarket. >> look at prices amid production boom in united states phil mickelson the matching career low playing some of the best golf ever detail coming up. ♪ ♪ i hit the ground, i hit the ground coming after you ♪ [ phone rings ] hi, tom. hey, how's the college visit? you remembered. it's good. does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yeah, i'm afraid so. knowing what's important to you... it's okay. this is what we've been planning for.
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thanks, bye. that's what's important to us. it's why 7 million investors work with edward jones.
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8:22 am
morning prices climbing new report from opec shows production fell shrply last month, latest sat down with ceo conocophillips in
8:23 am
exclusive interview he wade in on production across the world including the u.s. >> we look back, the u.s. is growing, growing dramatically in terms of technology coming to unconventional plays in north america, that is driven a lot of supply back into the market. opec did cut back, and opened back up a little bit, when the iranian sanctions were in place but exception put into the sanctions so came out stayed in the marketplace longer than people expected so that drove oversupply inventories started to rise back end and prices started to fall to accommodate that. >> joining is, andy, good to see you thanks for joining us, eye access the situation on supply demand level for oil what do you see. >> well, where i see things is a reimbursement oversupplied opec non-opec producers doing best in order to rein in that oversupply situation there is nothing they can do about u.s. shell shale production about to exceed 12 million dollars a
8:24 am
day but you can see from their actions, not only from what you just mentioned about cutting production in december, but the fact that they are having meetings in march, april and june, shows how much they are concerned about prices and the supply demand principal. >> andy lindsey he maintain you have iea saying u.s. is going to rein force position in production of oil how does u.s. position in oil market influence global oil market do they have to consider production cuts going forward at all? >> well, u.s. producers incentive to rise as well as capital budgets cut for 2019 as u.s. adds more supply what you are seeing is that additional volume is being exported along the gulf coast as we add more infrastructure
8:25 am
that can tamp down oil prices around the world now we are connected with shipping oil, to china, taiwan, south korea europe all over the world so we are now connected in impacting prices. jay andy it is dagen mcdowell we did a story ford now going to be has its eye on making electric f-150 pickup truck long run what impact do electric vehicles have on demand in the united states in particular? >> well, one time basis talking 2030, beyond that we are going to see electric cars, displayoff fossil fuel use, of course, that is going to dampen demand for oil as well but around the world we still have oil demand rising that is kind of the offset on prices. dagen: um-hmm. maria: all right we leave it there good to see you thanks so much. >> thanks for having me back. >> coming up trade tensions
8:26 am
hit america's ports companies trying to go ahead ahead of potential tariffs increasing imports we've got to story right after this you go biggest game of the year making a key choice nfl chooses national anthem the pick coming up, special update right now from the tennis channel. >> welcome back to another at an tennis channel court report i am jonathan novack,fez rer on course to play 100th krr title in melbourne. >> 20 time major does that mean i know handed a master class in grand slam tensis in control from first ball straight sets victory moves on to stays the round of 16. >> really good you know good variation likes to come to the neither tall can serve well moves extremely well for big guy amazing what big guys can do impressive and, again -- watching some of it he was doing hard work, socred to him
8:27 am
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thanks for joining us i am maria bartiromo,friday, january 18 top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, reducing tariffs trump administration reportedly considering, easing tensions about china, to help get a deal done, the news giving a lift to the major north koreans at the close yesterday and this morning as well, futures are expanding this morning that rally at the end of the day yesterday futures investigating a gain start of trading 150 points s&p 500 up 11 nasdaq up 33 one half of a percent european indices higher sp 100, cac quarante up 75 points dax index almost 2% higher on dax high of the morning in europe, being asian
8:31 am
markets higher across the board gains, as you can see. . losing will you rephrase theer tiffany disappointing sales numbers this morning, the stock higher nonetheless, up almost 2%, we break down numbers what tiffany saw over the season, last year. then netflix chilling the stock taking a hit in markets, this morning, down 2 1/2% on netflix this by the way, is -- is because the company reported disappointing earnings report yesterday at the close, magic on finks phil mickelson leading off 27th season on golf course incredible highlight we bring it to you the troovl crooner do not know the -- you know who is singing the national anthem we tell you who it is why, it is causing controversy, this morning, top story this half hour uncertainty over china trade has america ports busiest than everybody hillary vaughn live at port of los angeles with details good morning to you. reporter: good morning, maria. this port just closed out a record year for shipments in
8:32 am
and out of its port the port of l.a. moves more cargo 2018 than any time last century 9.4 million tefrom december year before war between washington beijing retailers rushing to ship orders from china, to get ahead of the next round of new and higher tariffs the port of l.a. says that surge in imports from china is kind of casing a logistical nightmare there isn't enough space in the report to put all cargo coming in, tariffs causing a lot of traffic in the ceiling between here and asia but record numbers of stuffed cargo doesn't match number of containers being shipped out the report of long beach shipped back more than 186,000 empty cargo holds to asia last november at 11 percent compared to year before, the port executive director says, that while u.s. companies are
8:33 am
increasing inventory, businesses in china are looking for supplies in other countries, other supply chains instead of ramping up imports from u.s. maria. maria: i understand thanks so much for joining us there at port of los angeles, live impacting from government shutdown futures this morning rallying nonetheless given the fact there is speculation that perhaps you could see a deal with china, and between china and united states, materialize earnings season banks reporting netflix disappointing earnings last night joining me to talk markets and investing today, is the ceo of harland john, we'll. >> tell us how you very he have in environment where we do see interceptor, worried about glob slowdown worried about earnings, having risen 25, 26% 2018 expecting to show profit growth this year of 6%. >> well, maria the private equity one of the great that we have -- not longer -- lot
8:34 am
longer view of things rather than thinking what is going to happen next 30 days ninety days we think what the prospects might be over the next five years. therefore, the fact there may be a bubble one year doesn't necessarily mean we aren't prepared to look at longer timeframe might find great opportunities in that environment, in fact, we -- during the last year, found many, many opportunities, to buy companies we deemed to be very reasonable prices five times six times ebitda, and that is not withstanding the fact in public market. >> great point tell us where you are findings opportunity where would you say is a growth today? in the economy from the private equity standpoint. >> through private equity point of view in our case we have 20 companies or to in park po portfolios virtually all experiencing good growth
8:35 am
improvement we don't see weakness in the economy generally. very exceptional places where weakness in the economy, so we see a lot of opportunities over the very broad set of industries. >> like which industries. >> we have -- you know we've been involved in everything from -- from -- construction, and -- to things that relate to restaurateurs, by the way, restaurateurs are typically very good indicator of the current economic environment. they seem to be on extremely strong -- indicator if economy is good restaurants do well if economy is weak restaurateurs do poorly. we -- one exception that we have to deal with, is in fact, a number of companies where they've sourceed a lot of product from china, there have been these issues about oh we are going to have to start
8:36 am
south of from speculative else move manufacturing new locations some cases back to united states other cases might be vietnam mexican. >> when people he will have more money in pockets they go out to dinner reps restaurateurs. >> check higher this week. >> are you seeing that happen right now. >> yes -- >> sit on cash? >> we see people, actively buying in the market consumer seems active at this point in time. >> let me switch gears ask you about what has changed on wall street, you for a time were president ceo of dlj great investment banks acquired by the consolidation credit suisse acquiring dlj tell us how things changed from your standpoint. >> over last 50 years there have been numbers of changes you point out, one important dlj is was in going public,
8:37 am
prior to 1970 no new york stock change member firm was public, the result of having changes of regulations so forth so you could go public meant the ability for companies investment banking companies to accumulate a lot more capital. and -- as a result they were able to do lots bigger transactions, facilitate bigger things, private equity another big change people back to late 1960s an industry measured in tens of millions of dollars, today measured in three trillion dollars, and, as a result, you know many people speculate why has there been a reduction of the number of companies on the new york stock exchange one or other exchanges, private equity, 40 years ago if you had a nice company built up to a couple hundred million in sales said
8:38 am
time to liquidate diversity portfolio you are alternatives extremely limited. one of the primary opportunities has been to go public. today, you are able to go into the private equity market, and many, many cases those companies are being brought in private equity maeshlth as opposed to going public. >> up of seen great opportunity great to have you on practice many. >> very mys to be with you thank you so much having me. >> john castle more conversation tonight 9:00 pm eastern maria bartiromo wall street right here fox business network we look ahead to a big week next week as well in case you missed busy on "mornings with maria," take a look at top highlights from the program this week. >> -- big areas, in 2019 that i expect to see is the market giving us a break, is a huge anybody of mergers and
8:39 am
acquisitions. >> small banks? >> yeah, we will see smaller banks big banks can't buy anything. >> interesting to see what would happen if marketing has a massive knows nose-dive few weeks fed activitied on data dependent thesis. >> we don't the want tariffs our trading partners have no incentive to negotiate with us. to legislator tariffs they get better end of the deal. >> impact farmers typically has been -- run out of funding, and closed working with omb see if we can get relief in that area. >> president has been absolutely resolute we've got to solve this border security crisis american people have demanded that of us, and the rest of us are working to ensure that shutdown any impact is admitted we called back food inspectors as well as medical inspectors for medical products. >> being from texas, familiar
8:40 am
with border, we could have 5,000 more border patrol we could improve the ports, and that of entry people can do it right there is a lot of things we can do, but, at the same time, you can't do it without other side coming to the table. >> you see at war in syria send 100,000 in dlair war go to war if you want ,000 soldiers sitting ducks in missiled two fighting squabbling parties doesn't make sense. >> six broken rbis three broken separated, ground for months until they healed ma on innia twice, on lung a hernia has to be repaired from this i looked around for a place does a lot of, 7,000 a year. >> growing dramatically in terms of technology, that is coming to unconventional plays in north america driven supply back into the market -- peck didn't cut back then opened back up a little bit, when
8:41 am
iranian sanctions were put in place that drove it over supply. >> thinking that keeps patient at center our drug supply safe, is on the table and we are willing to work to bring those prices down ?ee we found 86% medium taking supplements a quarter actually need to so my stance on this people are wasting money, and being targeted by marketers preying on centuries to get better sex drive muscle he faster weight loss none are proven. >> already voted to get out of europe! plain and simply why go back like rerun the kentucky kentucky derby because your horse didn't win after chaos if she doesn't get it through eventually will resign g to house of lords be given a good high paying cushy job by european jooirn. >> when did you start painting when i was young, then i discovered music round about 10 years old started painting with 8-year-old, like three or
8:42 am
four years ago. >> all the artwork is exclusive with wentworth, galleries all over the country for years now we are -- foundation we have been working with -- wound veterans the leaves i can do because of my own experience. mine investmet opportunities firsthand. like a biotech firm that engineers a patient's own cells to fight cancer. this is strategic investing. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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maria: welcome back phil mickelson first round of golf in 2019 one for the books
8:46 am
jarsed with the story. >> good morning 48 years old now start of 27th full season on pga tour fulfill scored lower to par yesterday than ever before. >> -- 9 under. it wasn't phil mickelson you would say you wouldn't all be -- >> look at this the magic. >> 10 birdies one eagle good for 3 shot lead desert classic first time in 2077 career rounds shot 12 strokes-under par tied career best of 60,ly games left in nfl season super bowl after sunday night saints and rams first up on fox conference championship games not only feature the top two in each conference but games for the ages literally disparities like never before,
8:47 am
to many brady. >> 3 point favorite first time host title game-winning teams can pick that midnight train to georgia to see gladys knight sing the anthem she wants to give anthem back its voice, since it has been dragged into this debate when the national anthem fighting for justice, should each stand alone preys thi prior to untang troops -- means so much to all of us to we without a doubt politics in sports the answer is no, morning consul finds two-thirds of americans, think that political slanted ads in super bowl are inappropriately, interesting here, maria is that baby boomers 77% disapprove only 55% millennials disapprove yes or noing generation from 18 to
8:48 am
21, like 43% older generation says keep politicizes out maybe younger folks are more used to it i am not sure. >> want to be active. >> you younger folks are not watching as much nfl are they floo i don't know. >> nancy pelosi might try to cancel the super bowl everyone might be o. >> that was floating by democrat yesterday, privately, that. maria: i don't believe that. >> if super bowl in general because of security concerns, will that end shutdown get republicans to cave? >> they didn't say publicly i dare them. >> super bowl cansling christmas. >> remember an effort to get people you know acting up about it. >> well, let's just say this if -- if they do that, i think i hope the politics of just terrible, we ought to be able to do things like american institution of the super bowl. >> you can continue talking i am going to find that report that i read.
8:49 am
maria: crazy. dagen: nay. >> how about phil mickelson. >> great. 48 years old hasn't done anything like this in a while three shots up i hope he still wins tournament to get that square 60 ties berry best imagine almost 2100 rounds of golf in career now shows up -- >> i want to be up more than 3 shots. >> multiple sources tell fox news this is, a stir in the democratic caucus meeting yesterday morning unnamed democratic member mention possibility of issues securing super bowl in atlanta. >> joking? not a joke. >> got attention. >> secured about security lines at airport good reason to take that midnight rain to, maybe on this one. >> there you go. >> called automobile. >> jared. >> a what? >> so that what do you mean, drive they can drive to super bowl. maria: sure. dagen: exactly. >> catch sports reports 247
8:50 am
sirius road, netflix after a disappointing earnings report, from the streaming giant do down 1/2% off loss. >> tiffany disappointing numbers the stock is hire we break down those numbers as well back in a moment with earnings news, stay with us. ♪ ♪ wake me up, before ♪ ♪ on our planet than people. we're putting ai into everything, and everything into the cloud. it's all so... smart. but how do you work with it? ask this farmer. he's using satellite data to help increase crop yields. that's smart for the food we eat. at this port, supply chains are becoming more transparent with blockchain. that's smart for millions of shipments. in this lab, researchers are working with watson to help them find new treatments.
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maria: welcome back tiffany netflix stocks watching this morning, gerri willis, look at higher openings this morning. >> nuvenl after numbers you got to see this good morning, maria. . tiffany same-store sales down 2% during the holiday shopping season, net sales down 1% or
8:54 am
1.4 billion you are seeing stock higher there unexplainbly company blaming lower spending by chinese tourists, i think interesting, for the full year company guidanceing analysts because lower end of the earnings range 465 to 4 0 you are seeing right there -- 480. >> this company reporting by region like a consumer confidence survey for the world elite, all markets down for the period, except for japan when was reporting higher jaelz of 4% pardon me except for europe, or japan up 4%, europe notably worst performing down 4% let's move to netflix. great news for subscribers added 8.8.will added many over cease on revenue miss disappointing numbers there, they came in, at 4.19 billion less than 4.21 billion
8:55 am
estimated earnings, also coming in 30 sent a share, versus 41 cents last year so all eyes focused on that revenue miss yesterday, for the company, still in all the company added 8.8 million paid subscribers, 34% gain year-over-year that is good nice, but people are still digging into the earnings report back to you maria. maria: all right gerri thanks are much a handful of names there not doing well, or trading down today really, as you just saw, american express another one broadly speaking market is going to open higher your assessment of what we have learned from this season. >> so far really early less than 10% s&p 500 reported earnings but a good fourth quarter expected we are going to get double-digit earnings growth fourth quarter estimate 12.4% up from 12.1 beginning of the week we started earnings season, but the numbers for 20189 are coming -- 2019 coming down because of
8:56 am
uncertainty in the market. >> uncertainty over trade unnerving markets wells economy people worried going to cut into things your thoughts where we are at this point. >> i think fascinating the small business man in the small businesswoman isn't necessarily tracking new york city is rooting the president on on recalibrateing relationship with china, they lot of the fact americans can actually make things here, marginally having a positive impact on the economy i think the people the big boys the guys running big companies spooks them this whole idea of changing what we do with china. >>. dagen: what spookz everybody in 24 country steel and aluminum tariffs still in place hurts manufactures small and big, in the united states also, no small business administration loans getting approved because of the shutdown, that hurts everybody who takes braim who knows? we come right back the 2020 field stay with us. oh, don't worry.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> quick comment on the 2020 race. >> you know, it is a balings for
9:00 am
the heart an soul of america and the democratic party. it is -- it's the republican party versus socialist party and i'm sad to say it. >> it's going to be a big field. >> huge. huge they all want this big office and i think trump is going to hold on to it. >> all right we'll leave it there matt, dagen always a pleasure. good it see you this morning lindsay have a good morning everybody. stuart is off today charles take it away. >> thank you very much maria good morning everyone i'm charles payne in for stewart we have two real big tech companies that you know in the news right now both are down and start with tesla journal reporting that elon musk cutting 7% of his work force he wants to cut costs. also offer model 3 at cheaper prices. the initial move right now the the stock is down on that news. also, well, so far mixed netflix they missed revenue but all of the other things were fantastic including the earnings which company brought in 4 million or for the convert and


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