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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 25, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EST

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lou: good evening today senate voted on two pills that would have ended or ended for about 5 weeks government shut down. one of those bills would have given the president 5.7 billion as a substantial installment on building the border wall. republican bill, and democratic bill, voted down. it was not close. architects of train wreck of senate floor, leaders mitch mcconnell and schumer got together after to discuss how to get some kind of a resolution on the wall and the shut down. president trump making it clear he will agree only if there is at least some funding for the
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wall. >> we have to have a wall. we have criminals that are pouring in. i am not talking about the southern border, they permiate. i am your crime rate would go way down, i know our drug, what is happening the drugs are pouring in. yes, they come through ports of entry, the big trucks come through areas without a wall and you have wide open spaces. you would stop human traffics, we have no choice, but to have a wall or a barrier, if we don't have, that it is just not going to work. lou: members ofs resistance went white house don't stop just because they are no longer there. former white house staffer cohen and kelly joining call to end the shut down. resistance and rinos in white
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house, pollute and foul policy an analysis to the president. they try to stop mr. trump, no matter the cost to america and americans, president trump yesterday recognizing venezuela opposition leader, as venezuela's interim president, replaces socialist president maduro who remains in place. and today, russia warned united states, against intervenes in venezuela militarily. secretary of state pompeo today said that the united states is fully committed to support of the venezuela people. >> time for debate is done. the regime of former president maduro is illegitimate. his regime is morally bankrupt. it is economically incompetent
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and corrupt. it is undemocratic to the core. lou: we take up venezuela crisis and russia encroachment. fox news foreign policy, analyst dr. walid phares. and aerial cohen. they will join us. our top story, the senate, failing to pass either of two bills that would helped to en shut down, and move ahead with construction of the border wall. efforts are futile. republican and democrat again demonstrating they don't deserve patience of president trump or americans. fox business correspondent edward lawrence in washington. reporter: the movement now in senate after the two votes that could have ended government shut down failed, one is republican plan, that president offered. the other democratic plan, new a bipartisan group of sense senatd they are introducing a 3 week
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resolution to fund government to allow for a deeper debate about border security while the workers get paid. >> the folks that i work for back home are telling me clearly, enough already. we don't care if you have messaging votes. >> this not a group that negotiate in any detail what the agreement would be, but come to a common view reopening the government and promptly negotiating in good faith is op lonly way forward. >> president trump said he would consider a regula resolution ton government, but reiterated we need a barrier. >> this is a virtual invasion of the country of drugs, human traffickers, so many different things, of criminals, this is an invasion was country, and military wants this to happen, and border patrol wants this to happen. reporter: house republican put blame on lap of speaker nancy
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pelosi for refusing to to anything to reopen the government. >> it is time for the democratic party to have a intervention with the speaker, ask her to do what is right for the nation. reporter: senator schumer is talking with senator mcconnell, hope is, if it passes, pelosi will bring it up in house, pass it, then they can negotiate. lou: what makes anyone think it would pass in senate. reporter: they are working with 18 senators now, both republican and democrat that could put them over the threshold of 60, they need. in senate it looks like there is momentum for this problem will be the house. lou: another problem. you done mention the wall. -- you didn't mentions wall. reporter: right, this continuing resolution would not have wall funding but they say they would negotiate in good faith over a wall. lou: like they have for the past
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5 weeks. reporter: you have to start somewhere i guess. lou: we started 5 weeks ago, there no reason for any rational person to assume democrat would deliver to a single element of such a prospect. ed waedward lawrence thank you. >> thank you. lou: radical dems continue their recess sustain in supporting the president's efforts in building a wall and end crisis at the border in the south, there are times they claim to care. and the democrats have lied in every instance giving their no foundation for trust. in 1986, democrat supported a bill that was sign by president reagan. tighten border security and gave amnesty to 2.5 million illegal immigrants here. in 2006, dems, including schumer, then senator obama, and hillary clinton, all supported
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building a border fence, in 2013, schumer introduced a bill to add thousands of border patrol agents. in each case, duplicity, deceit, no delivery. >> very straight forward. the united states will immigrants to tijuana, beginning tomorrow. this is the first step in implements a new border policy announced by trump administration last month. the central american migrants, in this case. will remain in mexico while the united states processes their asylum requests. >> as those asylum seekers are sent back to wait for a court i date and -- a court date and ovl
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american migrants are sitting at mexico southern border with guatemala, national correspondent william lajeunesse reports, many of them are headed for u.s. reporter: coming north without fear. >> we used to get caught and returned. this is a great benefit they are giving us. reporter: mexico opened the border with guatemala, instead of policing the river and fencing bridges, they offer central american humanitarian visas after verifying their identity, allowing them to stay in mexico or transit -- u.s. >> the papers replace need for a caravan, we will be able to rome roam free in mexico. >> 30% larger than last year, 80% honduran, 22% minors, membership will head to u.s., where the crises is getting
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wroars, last week a hundred migrants jumped that barrier in new mexico, in yuma, agents apprehended another hundred who were scaling the fence with a ladder. >> what is in proposal for next 8 months of funding is additional barriers and replacement barriers. like where the breach happened order patrol said apprehensions are up 80% over last year, most from central america. >> we have a humanitarian crises on border that only under scores need to drop politicians and fix the immigration system. >> like president obama, president trump calls this exodus a crisis. he wants 215 miles more of barrier. they will introduce a new program requiring asylum seekers to stay in mexico, it applies to some migrants in san ysidro who
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made claim at port. to. to deter future immigration. lou: thank you very much responsible lajeunesse -- william lajeunesse reporting. >> investigation of the trump presidential campaign, democrat sought to minimize the role that das dossier plays, but latest evidence contradicting them. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. reporter: a month before the presidential elect, fbi, and justice department secured a warrant for carter page. during closed-door testimony fox news learned senior fbi lawyer said that chances of securing page warrant were quote 50/50. authored by former british spy
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christopher steel and paid for by dnc and clinton campaign. senior fbi lawyer, who oversaw responded, so i think a close call, like 50/50, i really think it is a close call. a second senior fbi official, mccabe, told house investigator about dossier. house russia report said that mccabe testified no surveillance warrant would have been sought without the steel dossier information. and attorney general barr lost door open to investigating. >> warrant certification against page. on 4 different occasions certifies that the dossier, the main source of the warrants was reliable. can you see if that was an accurate statement. >> yes.
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>> my contract, a memo from house democrat found dodg doj cd multiill up sources. the former fbi director made same argument to brett baier. >> dossier was part of that, but was not all of it or critical part. >> to my recollection. >> fbi lawyer said that she was not aware of any conspiracy against donald trump or his campaign, involving fbi or justice department person nil, fox news reached on fbi for additional comment and will update if a respond becomes available. lou: up next. left rolling out a long list of absurd radical flew proposals -- new proposals. >> the system that allows billionaires to exist is wrong. >> medicaid is about who we are as people. >> i believe we need universal
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healthcare. >> solution is single payer health insurance for the country people on top of doing very well, it not wrong to say to those people, you have to start paying your fair share of taxes. >> minimum wage, is no long are a living wage. >> we are a nation that will not stop until every child is born with the opportunity to go to college or trade school free of cost. >> ideas that we campaigned on, which a few years ago were seem to be radical, ideas, are now mainstream ideas. >> mainstream democratic party ideas. larry kudlow is joining us after the break. we'll take up socialist ling wing impulse of the entire democratic party and what it
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leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. lou: com commerce water will wis said we're miles and miles away from secures a trade deal with
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china. scheduled to meet with chinese officials nec next week. working to secure a trade agreement before march 1 deadline. democratic presidential hopeful elizabeth warren calls a new wealth tax, i don't know why i am laughing. there it is. plan slaps a 2% tax on americans with 50 million in assets, and a 3% tax on billionaires. a war -- warren economic adviser said it would generate trillions of dollars. it would seem republicans need to pay attention to radical left's new tax ideas. they brand-new "fox news poll" shows 70s% of voters favor
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increasing tax rate for those over. >> woe. maybe oacis on to something. larry kudlow is joining he now. great to have you with us. i know it is early days but i mean some rather radical folks on the left. and the democratic party seem to be catching the mood of a lot of folks. >> well, perhaps so. i don't know. polls are polls. and we have to discuss the consequences. you know, it is just about as old as the hills. going back to socialist theories. neff worked, let's tax rich people. that is somehow going to do what? equalize income? there is no such thing as income
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equalized. i want opportunity, lou, you know me. these schemes -- you are right. you know. let's can i take you down below, to the western hemisphere, of latin america, venezuela, there you go attacks the rich -- tax the rich. lou: what you i how is that working there? >> right. >> tax the rich, confiscate all wealth they ern. you know what happens, everyone is equal. nobody has any money. but for dictator and a handful of generals. this stuff has been tried for hundreds of years, it never works. always makes the country poor. by the way. just in a technical sense, you can start raising tax rates to successful earners, you get a slower economy, you get lower
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revenues. deficit will go on. lou: audience of this broadcast, they not come as a surprise to you, and i believe persuaded of the false folly of socialism, we have a president, and whom you serve, and we all support who brought unprecedented broad. deep prosperity to this nation as promised for all americans as he promised. and strong growth as he promised, very economic growth that previous administration said was over, end, is a new normal was sluggish at best, and likellikely stagnant economies r deck 8decades to come. >> thank you.
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>> he kept his promises, made and kept. he slashed marginal tax rates on individuals. even more slashing tax rates on large and small businesses. and rolling back burden some and costly regulations like tax in effect. what happened? two years into the trouble trouble we're runs 3 -- trump administration we're run 3%. everything says it would not be done. we put it together during campaign and president trump and republicans, executed, in other words, the incentive model, you keep more of what you earn, you tax something less, you get more jobs. lou: you got it, there is not a person here that should be asking questions about how did you do it they should be
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cheering, you do it. it feels good. >> you know what is great. one last foot notes. lou: you promise. >> yes, sir. i appreciate you having me back on. lou: nice to have you. >> lou, biggest gainers in trump boom, now two years old, blue collar workers. have the fastest increase in job creation since reagan '80s, and blue collar workers, manufacturing autos, farmers, hardhats, their wages are rising faster than white collar workers, they are not higher yet, but they are rising faster. what we hoped would happen. when you add in incentives and businesses start investing again, productivity goes up, jobs come in to play, but, the best performing group, the best performing group, of are the blow collars -- the blue
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collars. >> woe, woe, you get one footnote here partner. >> hispanics, women, african-americans. they have unemployment rate that people never dreamd possible they are so low. lou: you are bragging on behalf of a president who has created unprecedented success and economic policy in fact. throughout the entire range of policies for which he is responsible. since we're all beneficiaries i am delighted to hear you, pand oracl-- expand on it. >> everyone across board. lou: i want to deal with the reality we're miles away from an agreement with the chinese. as commerce secretary ross said. acknowledging. and the fact that the markets and investors seem to be maturing somewhat in their sensibilities and their ability to absorb new 9 information like
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this and handle it, today a reflective action but it was subtle and digested by investors who are exceeding to a new reality. they know progress is being made. >> progress is being made, president plays this on optimist excite, i will too. but let me say. lou: a good idea. >> i am me, i am a happy warriors. but, but, but, but. as president said to me many times, any china trade deal has to be in america's interest. lou: sure, america first. lou: >> period. lou: sounds good. >> we have covered more ground -- >> bless your heart larry i am sorry we're out of town. >> i am going to say -- lou: do you remember how that works. >> i used to the hit a -- you
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are better at it, there is a deal has to be for america, deal has to cover the ip theft and the transfers of technology, and cover the cyber interference. interference. >> these stealing thieving sob's in china. >> we call that stealing. >> i am just saying, that the talks are deep. buts talks, there no contract, no deal no nothing. lou: hey. >> he is com coming, we will be tough. and my pal ambassador bob light highser. i draw up in reaganne, era, trut
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but verify. >> difference is that there is no damn reason to trust, every reason to verify, larry kudlow. >> thank you up. >> next. michael cohen's attorney wants congress to condemn the president, we take up that.
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lou: attorney for president trump's one time lawyer, michael cohen confirming tonight his client has been served with a subpoena by the senate intelligence committee. he starts a 3 year prison sentence on march 5 for campaign violations announce other things, joining us tom fi fento. he is also worked with the international policy forum leadership institute. and way, gate to see you. -- anyway, great to see you.
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maybe you can explain to me why the senate intelligence committee wants to talk with a convicted liar, who is embarrassed enough he is not going to appear before the house hearing that was scheduled for february 7. >> i think that committee is run by the democrats. it hassual way -- always been a antitrump committee. lou: richard turned it over to warner. why doesn't mitch mcconnell say, what are you doing. >> viacom plained -- i have complained about it privacily and publicly and why is it seem
4:33 am
the antitrump forces are running the committees. you have deep state agencies they are supposed to be overseen by the committee running the committee in this case use it to attack president trump. look. davis and cohen pretend that trump is threatening them, making up excuses, that is a big lie. what is going on -- >> not a stranger to lies he worked for the clintons for crying out loud. >> he had to pullback the fake story he put to cnn about trump tower meeting last year, we forget that. anyway. you know who does not' them to testify? mueller special council operation, he knows that cohen is a terrible witness and would collapse under a modest cross examination. lou: you and judicial watch had
4:34 am
perhaps move success than any committee that has been investigating in all of this nonsense over the last two years. what is your sense as to why not a single person -- i mean everyone in this country who is paying attention and honestly assessing what they are witnessing, knows that top officials of the fbi and department of justice have been absolutely corrupt. none of the people identified, and who have been resigned or retired or fired, none of them have been prosecuted to this point. and neither political party is calling for reform of the fbi. and the department of justice. even though they are toxic and corrupt as they can be, at the top. your thoughts? >> yes, it is a major constitutional crisis with department of justice and fbi hijacked for political purposes gain president trump. -- against president trump, and every week there i is new
4:35 am
astonishing information, it gets worse, you learn that top lsh folawyer for fbi was laundering clinton dossier garbage. bruce ohr telling weisman, this dossier is clinton. and weisman's mueller number 2 they still present this garbage information to the fisa courts. lou: and still producing garbage story as well as carrying out garbage acts like delivering a publication of the phony dassier --ie dossier which enabled this nonsense, tom your thoughts. why no prosecution,? is there no call by both parties for immediate reform? >> mueller is king of the justice department. s prosecutions would destroy his
4:36 am
investigation, it all about over throwing the president of the united states, there are too many republicans who want to see that happen. who are never-trumpers. and that is what is happening at doj and fbi in my view. lou: testimony thank you. >> you're welcome. lou: we're coming right back after this. ♪music ♪yea, you can be the greatest ♪you can be the best ♪you can be the king kong ♪bangin on your chest ♪you can beat the world you can beat the war♪
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lou: this is breaking news just in state department tonight has ordered all nonemergency
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government staff out of venezuela, advising other americans in venezuela to leave now. sighting security con-- cites security concerns, there are no plan to close american embassy. this comes as russian president putin called venezuela's maduro, expressing his support for the socialist leader of the failed nation, the russian foreign ministry issues statements warning certain capitals again interveninter-- against interven venezuela. joining us dr. wal walid phares. and errol cohen. we bin with you. venezuela has two presidents in effect. one recognized by united states, where does it go? >> this is a real test for the
4:41 am
trump administration, we need all ducks in a row, and move divisively to ensure -- decisive three-tone sure matureo regime. of venezuela, that brought notion but a catastrophe for venezuela people is out. and our state craft needs to be used by the trump administration to accomplish that. if we fail, the ones who will celebrate are boys in havana and moscow, putin regime and coastcascoastpost castro regime. lou: juan is now recognized by u.s. as interim president of venezuela. you could not be much more decisive.
4:42 am
>> we have tools to talk to the venezuela an military and security forces, and unfortunately we heard today that minister of defense, of venezuela declared his support of the armed forces for maduro, and that main may lead to clashes more people killed, i hope and pray for people of venezuelaian people that suffered famine, disease, and impoverishment by this government that this government will begun. lou: a brutal and murderous regime as well errol? >> absolutely. lou: hardly a exercise in socialism provement. this is a crisis. i have to say, i have to say, i can't imagine waleed any
4:43 am
administration moving as fast as this. your thoughts about errol's concerns and where the trump administration is? >> his concerns are very true. your question is important. and try to describe as precisely as i can the facts on. >> this is not a meddling in venezuela affairs this is a revolution, we have seen it in video, millions of venezuela from all parties rising against the regime, that is backed already, not just by russia and cuba but also iran, what has to happen united states will coalesce largest group of nations, and in in addition, you have the european union, they could decide all-time now onboard against maduro, you have organization of american states, which represents whole hemisphere in line, we have an international coalition. we need to take it on security council. we know there is a -- >> the united states has requested a an emergency meeting
4:44 am
of security council. in this business about a coalition here. a coalition you know, is, is important i i is suppose, but as of united states are determinant here, we all know that. and the administration has measured its time, for action, that action is now. you are not suggestser el --er elerrol that the badge administn should not have acted in. >> no, you say, like you point odd. obama administration and frankly trump administration did not prepare alternative forces inside of venezuela, including arming and equipping forces that may be needed to topple the regime, this is a armed naftdy y regime, trained by cubans, it is marxist. and as devastating a nuclear
4:45 am
bomb. lou: when you say, that what do you suggesting? >> i am successing that venezuela used to be one of the richest, if not the richest country in latin america. pumping above 2.5 million -- >> 3 million barrels. >> okay. but now, it is all the way down to under a million barrels a day. we're still buying some of this oil unfortunately. we have heavy crude, in canada, we stopped construction of keystone ex il excel pipeline ts really stupid. lou: the obama administration did. >> now tied up in court. lou: yes. by obama judges. >> okay. but -- lou: just to keep the record clear. >> okay. but what i am saying is, that there is no reason for an american da taxpayer or consumeo
4:46 am
support a marxist regime in caracas, we need to use our tools to topple the regime. lou: errol thank you, and waleed thank you. i am sorry we're out of time and overtime, thank you to you both. up next, new questions about the doj's fisa warrant. used to launch the mueller witch-hunt. the attorneys will join us right after the break, stay with us. guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'.
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lou: joining us victoria tensing. joe digenova. founding partners of the digenova and tensing law firm, thank you for joining us. if we could put up what she did say. when asked about whether or not the fbi would have been able to establish probable cause without the phony dossier. she replied, so, i think it's a close call.
4:51 am
i don't know if that is an attempt to mitigate the impact or to emphasise it? what do you think? >> i think it contradicts andrew mccabe who said they could not have gotten fisa offer, without the doorier -- dossier there are strange things, we have never been able to see the whole authorization. i am told it has something in there that carter page had contacts with russian spies a few years before. we all know that he was helpings fbi convict somebody. he gave a speech in russia. do you know who else gave a speech? lou: bill clinton? >> barack obama. lou: oh, barack obama. bill spadebill clinton was befok obama, he got that half million
4:52 am
slushing there in moscow. >> the issue is kind of lies they put in it. if you make up a bunch of lies you don't need the dossier. lou: it seems they did need it, they went to great ledges ts to in-- ignore fact that dnc that hillary clinton hunded is a pile of nonsense is the best way to word it. -- congressman meadows said she was referenced in the report. >> does not matter whether she is or not. we know how beyond any doubt, is a group of people in the fbi, from the top bunch, baker, strzok. page, moyer, they all knew thist this came from clinton campaign, baker got 6 different inputs
4:53 am
from clinton people in regard to carter, page, warrant and russia stuff, this is a politically corrupt process. lou: let me just general counsel of the fbi was engaged? james baker? >> yeah, he was getting information from clinton campaign through michael suss men, they all knew it was coming from clinton, they never told the fisa court the source of the information for that woman, moyer to say it was 50/50 is nonsense, there was nothing other than dossier, to justify spying on an american citizen. remember that is what they were doing, they were asking the court to spy on at american citizen, they lied to the fisa court. >> and what is more -- >> they have been lying throughout to us. >> nonstop.
4:54 am
lou: a story that is so important. i am sure a coincidence that democrats are joining up this -- ginning up these. what in the world you know st is the republican chairman of that committee doing? i have talked about him until i am blue in the face. >> he is an embarrassment. lou: it is a shame. >> richard burr. lou: to as well -- well. >> i used to be chief counsel for that senate committee. i can tell you, i was barry goldwater's chief counsel, he never would have done whe when e
4:55 am
did. >> hopefully buzzfeed story will go throughout this. it is disgusting and appalling whether you talk politics or pseudojournalism, it is pure activism on part of radical dems victoria and joe thank you so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: thank you up next, president trump says we have no choice but to build that wall on the southern border if we are to second sirsecure the border at e have more on that, right after have more on that, right after i switched to liberty mutual because they let me customize my insurance, and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything. like my bike and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: it's intriguing to see the senate today two bills con strughted by the senate and chuck schumer. i understood one of them would pass. neither did. one would have ended the shutdown for a matter of weeks. the other for the fiscal year. the president making it clear he'll only end the shutdown if there is funding for our essential wall on the southern border. >> we have to have a wall in this country. we have criminals pouring into our country. they permeate throughout our country. i know our crime rate would go down, and what's happening is
5:00 am
the drugs are pouring in. lou: the president making clear it is a crisis on our border, that it is a national emergency. that's it for us tonight. we knew the votes were not going to go anywhere, we thought, and now mitch is negotiating with chuck schumer and we'll see what happens. cheryl: what will happen, the shutdown showdown continues today. it is looming over capitol hill this morning. there are dueling funding bills that failed in the senate, lawmakers scrambling overnight to come you up with something else. lauren: investors are focused on earnings and china trade talks. intel reported after the bell yesterday. those sinkin sink shares sinkin. the dow is up 119 points i


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