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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  January 27, 2019 12:00am-1:01am EST

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inspiration. they should be certainly -- to all of us as are you. candice owens thanks so much. >> thank you. that's for us tonight we thank you for being with with us. good night from new york.k. [♪] trish: breaking right now. reports that the kremlin-backed special forces are now in venezuela protecting the illegitimate socialist dictator of that country, nicolas maduro as my sources tell me the rightful president juan guaido is appealing to the venezuelan military, encouraging them to defect from socialist maduro and promising them security if they do. all this amidst maduros efforts to ship $1 billion in gold out of his country tonight. we have new developments on the people's quest for freedom and the removal of a paranoid,
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brutal dictator. five americans are still being held hostage in a venezuelan prison as socialist maduro attemptattempts to hunt down mef the opposition. the president told me he would be here on the program tonight. but president juan guaido is still in hiding. he's moving from place to place. he's fearful for his life. here in an exclusive interview, an american who knows the wrath of maduro all too well, a former maduro political prisoner in venezuela. he says the regime targets americans because they are used as a kind of political currency. my reporting on what vladimir putin is telling nicolas maduro about us tonight. also tonight, my exclusive interview with dr. jerome corsi.
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why he's worried the feds are coming for him tonight after roger stone was arrested today and charged with lying to congress. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. breaking right now. venezuela's illegitimate socialist dictator, nicolas maduro growing closer to russia as his grip on power erodes. reports that maduro is being personally protected by kremlin contractors who do secret missions for the kremlin. hundreds of thousands of venezuelans took to the streets of caracas. it was a remarkable scene. they are all over venezuela with hundreds of thousands of people marching for freedom. and the country's rightful
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president, president juan guaido swore himself in. general, glad to have you here. we are in this and we can't back down. we are in, and russia at this moment is trying to escalate it. why is russia dabbling here in our hemisphere? >> because venezuela is a major thorn in our side. they are a socialist regime. they can threaten the united states in our hemisphere with their activities. and their criminal nexus and perhaps a terrorist nexus with iran and hezbollah right there in venezuela. when you think about the care vans coming up from central america from mexico and up to the border. venezuela plays a role in all
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that. we have a nexus there we should be concerned about. president trump made his statement two days ago saying he supports guaido as the interim president. and other countries followed. so the leader of the free world exercising his diplomatic and economic levers of power has led the free world to support venezuela and regime change. obama couldn't figure out how to do that. trish: this is a country right here less than three hours from miami. a country devastated by socialism. it had been devastated for 20 years from hugo cha versus to nicolas maduro who has never been rightfully elected. and trying to swear himself in as he did. america is saying no, there is a constitution in that country and as such juan guaido is the actual president. this will be an opportunity to
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have an interim leader, have free elections and move forward to interject a little capitalism into that country that so desperately needs it because it has been ruined by a socialist dictatorship. but let me say, the cubans are active there, the iranians are active there. hezbollah is active there. hezbollah used venezuela as a place to make false birth certificates and false documentation for passports. the former very much had close ties to hezbollah. it is a mess. it's a criminal state. so how do we help? when you have got opposition leaders that are in hiding because nicolas maduro would like nothing more than to take them and round them up and throw them in prison. how does this change? i imagine this comes down to the military. >> this is war proxy fighting
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between america and russia. this is president trump taking on russia and iran and china in venezuela. if the president is a russian spy web's a terrible one. what he's doing is using the levers of power to eradicate that hezbollah, iranian and russian influence from venezuela. so what we can do is continue to support guaido and also the key is as we discussed last time, which way will the military turn? they initially turned toward maduro because they fear for their lives. because of his secret hit teams. guaido is talking to the military, that's a good thing. however the military goes, particularly in the south american dictatorships. so goes the country. so if the military can break toward guaido, that's a good thing. then we can come in with
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military relations. we can come in with economic assistance, and foreign aid and all the things we would like to do there in venezuela. trish: it could be a promising place and very good for the region. we see all these caravans coming straight for the u.s. the reality is if you have stability and economics successful on the ground. venezuela could play a big part in that. then you are going to help to stem some of that influence towards our border. general, thank you very much. socialist venezuela on the verge of spiraling out of control. the situation growing more dangerous tonight as two self-declared presidents vie for power. but let us be very clear. there is only one of them that is legitimate. socialist dictator nicolas maduro stole the previous election. he locked up and he tortured anyone trying to unseat him. according to the venezuelan
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constitution, it's 35-year-old juan guaido that is now the leader of that country. he was the leader of the country's congress, and now he's the rightful president. but socialist dictator maduro is still there clinging to power with the help of the russians, the iranians, the chinese. all the people we don't get along with. yet you have hundreds of thousands of people in venezuela taking to the streets demanding he leave office immediately. how does this play out? national security advisor john bolton telling me, nicolas maduro despite reports lost the support of much of his military. watch. >> maduro can't count on them to follow his orders. so there are extensive discussions going on by members of the national assembly with the military that's still have much in play. it's one reason why today in
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washington we have been look at ways to disconnect maduro from the financial resources he needs to pay the military and keep himself in power. >> so what will it take for venezuela's illegitimate deck tear tore to actually step down. a statesman who has been forced into exile. a man who has the position that guaido has before becoming president. mr. julio, juarez. you were there in 2002 when chavez was unseated for a couple of days. what needs to happen so you don't have a repeat of 2002. how do you get the military on the side of juan guaido?
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>> that's a very clever question, tricia, thank you. there is a different world from 2002 the 2019. the main support for maduro was the oil revenue that now has dropped and the industry has been destroyed. the second one has been the army force currently in support of the army force it's so small. maduro only depends on 8 generals. i can give you the names of those generals. and the rest of the force is completely against maduro. in the last year it has been six different coup d'etat against maduro. the presence of the cuban government behind maduro is the main reason why maduro is in
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power. oil, army force and cuba. maduro only has cuba and a small piece of the army corps hund -- behind him. trish: it sounds like you are in agreement with john bolton. the rank and file support change. it's up military at this point because they will be the ones to enforce who is going to the palace. how do you convince those 8 people so close to nicholas ma dur he to switch sides. >> this is a key issue. 99% of the army corps is against maduro it's only a very small group, as any dictatorship in
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the world. i think we are in an important time in which we have to make clear to a small group of military that they want to be part of the solution or they want to be part of the problem. this is something that we are building in venezuela. trish: and amnesty for nicolas maduro? i imagine it's hard because you yourself were forced into exile because you dared to speak up. anybody who dares to speak up goes into prison or has to escape the country. but what happens to him in all this? where does nicolas maduro wind up when it's all said and done? >> the issue is we have this combination, this dibollic combination that we have to break and i am sure it will be
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in a reversible way. the combination of cuba keeping the army force, making violence and repression against the army force. a small but corrupt head of the comey corps. we need -- of the army corps. we need pressure on this small core group. i think the president and john bolton and secretary pompeo are very clear. all the people that voted in venezuela, they are clear there is only one path. a lot of pressure probably -- trish: part of that pressure is going to come in the form of more protests. we are learning that juan guaido is calling for more protests in the streets of venezuela.
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at some point is there a tipping point when nicolas maduro says okay, you know, they don't want me here. they really don't. and i take the hint, and he goes and lives happily ever after as john bolton suggests in a nice villa somewhere never to be heard from again, at least in venezuela. >> what we are building now to produce this happy end story is for the first time we have the union and the connection from the international pressure, the lima group and the united states and the connection of both kind of pressure, it will produce sooner or later but very soon democratic outcome in venezuela. it could be by a good way or violence. but i would like to be clear.
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the one who choose violence has been nicolas maduro. what we want is election, freedom, democracy, the one -- the one who has closed every door for democracy has been maduro. but pressure, international and internally will produce a democratic outcome very soon in venezuela. trish: i would like to see that. certainly the united states of america. the people deserve it. thank you so much. coming up. president trump striking a deal to reopen our government for three weeks. but missing in the deal, money for president trump's border wall. president trump warning both parties, you have got 21 days to do it. former trump advisor roger stone indicted in robert mueller's probe. named in that indictment, conservative author jerome corsi, a frequent guest on this
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show. he was not actually named. he's telling us he was named. he's called person number one. you will mare from dr. corsi in his very first interview since roger stone's indictment. next.
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president trump: i'm very proud to announce today that we reached a deal toned the shutdown and reopen the federal government. [applause] trish: the president announcing a short-term deal has been made to end the longest shutdown in american history. it passed the senate and the house. but the president is not weighing out his border wall. president trump: we'll work with the democrats and we'll see. if we can't do that, obviously we'll do the emergency. because that's what it is. it's a national emergency. these are hispanic pastors and reverend and ministers.
12:21 am
and they understand better than anybody. it's an emergency. a humanitarian emergency and we are going to take care of our border. trish: joining me now, madison gesiotto, and antjuan. say what you will will the tsa agents. those are people who need that money and this is a tough spot to be in. but i'm a bit disgusted by nancy pelosi and all her friends there on capitol hill that somehow think that somehow think it doesn't matter that these people are going without pay. somehow think it's more important to cash in on some potica chio me the esidt lk b. ca we get ttehins?
12:22 am
younowow much i love you, you i think you are just wrong on that. i think nancy pelosi and the house democrats led by my leader mr. clyburn voted repeatedly to open up the federal government and do what the president said today. open up the federal government. put 800,000 u.s. federal employees back to work. let's put the contractors back to work, and do the legislative branch of government in come to a resolution both sides agree to, that's border security. trish: i don't know if they are operating in good faith. isn't that the issue? he wanted to negotiate with them. he put a deal out last weekend. they wouldn't even entertain it. they said before he even announced it that they wouldn't negoe. non-starter. i'm not going to play the sound
12:23 am
again. but you have seen democrats one after another going back to the 1990s saying we need more security. i think they called it a fence back then and we could not allow illegal immigration in this country it's all different now because it's coming down to one man and that bugs me. >> we have been talking about this for weeks and months and years. congress did not address this properly. that's why we got to the point where we got where president trump had to make this decision. i'm very proud of our president. i think he made a great decision in being compassionate in looking at the needs of the 800,000 workers. actions speak louder than words. nancy pelosi and many democrats ran around talking about how much they care about these workers but they refused to negotiate. president trump stayed in washington throughout the
12:24 am
holidays ready to negotiate with democrats who ran around on vacations to hawaii. thursday night just last night, she was at a washington wizards golden state warriors game and hung out with the players afterwards. >> let me help you out why. they voted repeatedly to open up the government. thank god for the prosecutors. >> was the government open? trish: the reality is they all need to start acting like adults. i don't want to turn into a banana republic like the one we are talking about in venezuela. they have a mess on their hands. coming up everyone hundreds of thousands of protesters taking to the streets of venezuela this week. we just learned president guaido is calling for more protests in the days ahead. the people want change, and they
12:25 am
want the resignation of socialist dictator, nicolas maduro. one democrat lawmaker claims this was a coup orchestrated by president trump so he could get a far-right person in office. juan guaido is not that far right. i would argue there is a lot of left in there. secondly, this lawmaker seems to be suggesting that venezuela is better off under socialist maduro's brutal regime that locks up anyone who thinks differently or dares to challenge him. i'm setting the record straight and giving you exclusive reporting from my sources on the ground in venezuela. schowg close to maduro. hear what vladimir putin is telling him. dr. jerome corsi is here. it's his first interview since roger stones arrest. are they coming for him next?
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>> tonight, the kremlin is sending special forces to guard the socialist dictator, nicholas maduro. russia is sending special forces to guard demand that the free world has decried is illegitimate. he is a criminal dictator. the people of venezuela, as we have been showing you over the past several nights have taken to the streets in mass. you know what, they've had enough. they've had enough poverty, they've had enough of the starvation, the oppression, and the despair that goes with nearly 20 years of socialist corruption. yet, there are members of the alt left tonight that are so anti- trump, they have completely lost their compass. they can no longer recognize
12:31 am
right versus wrong, norbert good versus evil. i want you to see this tweet from a new congresswoman from minnesota. in which she writes, a us-backed coup in venezuela is not a solution to the dire issues they face. trump's efforts to install a far right opposition will only incite violence and further destabilize the region. she goes on to talk about mexico, uruguay, the vatican for peaceful dialogue. there is no peaceful dialogue right now, when it's the russians, the cubans, the iranians and has below there. would you rather side with the chinese, with the russians, with cuba, and with the terror organization, has below? rather than support the people? this is a woman on our foreign relations committee.
12:32 am
if that doesn't tell you something about our congress. america, let me remind you, congresswoman omar defends the defenseless, it is who we are. we are proud to be americans because we stand for freedom. you know what, her tweet actually tells me that ladder move food and got what he wants. this whole narrative of trump collusion with the russians has divided our country so badly that some americans are forgetting who we are. again, remember we stand up for those that cannot stand up themselves. especially those in our own hemisphere. i can report that some sources close to the dictator are told me the russians are telling him, don't worry about the u.s. they are too busy with their shutdown and their own problems. thank you, nancy pelosi. do you see the irony in this.
12:33 am
president trump is trying to help the people of venezuela while russians trying to help a brutal, socialist dictator in that country in the entire democratic party, robert mueller and the democratic party is trying to insist that donald trump works for russia. the irony, the hypocrisy, and the absurdity of all of it is tremendous. don't forget, you get the special counsel * prosecutor was hillary clinton's lead lawyer for the clinton foundation who happened to receive millions of dollars directly from russia. while at the same time, russia got approval from the state department from an iranian deal. my message to the left tonight, you can't have your cake and eat it too. make up your mind. if you are a russian agent or is he a champion for democracy in
12:34 am
venezuela, taken on the russians? when it comes to freedom i truly hope it is something we always, will always stand for. here with me now to react his former senior advisor to former president george w. bush is brad blakeman. brad, it tells you that you cannot see the forest through the trees. you have this woman suggesting that -- is somehow a far right winger which basically no one in venezuela. i think they would like to see more capitalism there. you are talking about varying degrees of socialism. there is an opportunity to open that economy out, i think juan guaido is in favor of that as many members of the opposition. they are hardly right wing. you have a socialist dictator locking up anyone who thinks differently, we are talking to one in a little bit. now, ms. omar things the opposition is right wing. what has happened?
12:35 am
>> well, democrats have swung so far to the left. i remember a time in washington where if you called a democratic socialist you are slandering them. now they get offended if you don't call them socialist. it's nice to be an armchair socialist. she can do it from the safety and comfort of the united states where we want for nothing as a people. we have the right to vote. we have the right to raise our children the way we see fit. we have commodities, people get fed in america. we have freedom. quite the opposite in venezuela. how could you not unite for the president and fight for the people who are suffering. there's nothing to eat, there is nothing to buy, there is oppression. how could you side with a brutal dictator who you see every day on television struggling. they are so self-righteous, they will not even come to the aid of those in need. why, president trump says that
12:36 am
he is for a change in government. has not just president trump, it's not just what we want. it's what's in the best interest of the people of venezuela. they cannot even see that. >> you are so right. it's very sad that it has come to this. i think we need a gut check. we all need to remember our own moral compass and what we stand for us americans. while we don't want to intervene where we should not be intervening, this is a country right here in our western hemisphere. if we are not there helping out, the russians, has below, the the iranians, the chinese, they are all there. >> absolutely. >> it's time to do the right thing on many levels. i would appreciate it if ms. omar would think clearly, maybe watch the news. it was good to see you. coming up as my exclusive interview with doctor jerome corsi. his first interview since roger stones a treating advanced lung cancer.
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>> breaking tonight, doctorjero, he is person one in the fed's indictment of roger stone. an indictment which led to roger stones arrest early this morning. doctor corsi says, the feds could be coming for him any day. according to the fed's indictment, there were e-mails between the two men that suggest both allegedly knew of, and were allegedly helping to coordinate the release of hacked democrat e-mails by wikileaks. doctor jerome corsi has maintained his innocence throughout. but the feds have said he gave false statements during his testimony, telling him roger stone never asked him to reach out to wikileaks. doctor corsi said he had forgotten. here with me now to explain,
12:42 am
doctor jerome corsi himself, and his first interview since the news broke. we got e-mails today, showing that roger stone asked you about weewikileaks repeatedly and suggested that you work with an associate overseas and with u.k., to somehow get these e-mails to julianna sanchez at wikileaks. did you in fact do that? teach you ask your associate to get your e-mails? >> i passed on e-mails asking ted to go see assange, there's nothing wrong with that. it's not a crime. i did my doctoral presentation on the pentagon papers case. i could've visited julianna ass. everything in my testimony is
12:43 am
consistent with what i gave you and what i wrote in this book, silent no more. i think you'll see the allegations, even indictments indicate i have done nothing wrong. there's nothing to indicate that i did anything incorrect. >> there's saying one thing and changing the testimony after. they asked you, did you talk to assange about wikileaks no, did you talk to roger stone in the first go around he said no. >> if you remember, we discussed this at length before. first the testimony did not look at my 2016 e-mails. the special prosecutor said did you want to send anyone to see assange, and i said no. i had ten days to go back to new jersey and review my 2016 e-mails. i finally got to download them. i wanted to deliver the computers in the condition i used. i found the e-mail in question.
12:44 am
the central prosecutor allowed me to amend that testimony. the amended testimony is actually reflecting that i did acknowledge after i saw the e-mails. >> trish: you are saying you were person number one. you have full disclosure that. >> i was a member's take. it is not a crime willfully and knowingly. >> trish: i forgot it was friday today. >> thinking aloud at the testimony. >> trish: let me ask you about whether or not you are concerned about what roger stone might do or say, full disclosure, he came to us and wanted to be on the show. he wrote to us saying, as you know, doctor jerry corsi has now appeared twice. unfortunately both of the broadcasts he said things about me that were untrue. i think it's only fair that i
12:45 am
have the opportunity to present my side of the story is several things that doctor corsi has alleged were defamatory. you are here now, he clearly doesn't like you so much. he is now in the fed's custody. what might he say about you? >> i have no idea. i can't predict what roger will say. it's unfortunate that he's making these statements. i think it's roger who is being defamatory towards me. again, my attorneys will deal that next week with discussions with info wars, which we are scheduled to have. >> what you think roger did? did he have a hand in this? >> as far as i know, i don't think roger ever established, but i don't know what he did with wikileaks. i can only tell you that i never
12:46 am
had any contact with wikileaks. that is consistent with what i have said from the beginning. i do not know assange, i have never communicated with him directly or indirectly. assange affirmed that about a week ago an in a press release d same he did not know me. so, what happens now? >> trish: they got roger stone, he clearly is not your biggest fan. is he going to say something that now has them on your doorstep. >> they always have the potential to indict me. it will only be for memory mistakes. if you read my book i said repeatedly they allow me to amended my testimony. i think today's arrest makes it less likely for me to be indicted. basically in the indictment as i passed a few e-mails on and that
12:47 am
was part of my testimony from the beginning. >> trish: well, maybe it ends well. >> i think this is a positive development for me. i feel roger has been badly treated with his dawn breaking into his house, gestapo like. i prefer faster and i'm sorry to see them go through it. roger said he is confident he will win the law case. i am confident i did nothing wrong. >> trish: doctor corsi, good to see you. good luck. good to see you. coming up, we have a closer look at nicolas maduro's brutal socialist regime. he is a free man now, and american. he says there are many political prisoners still suffering tonight, in jail, just because they want change. but they dared to speak up. this is the real cost of
12:48 am
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>> new tonight, and chaos and violence as venezuela fights for
12:52 am
their new president, juan guaido, he has offered amnesty to maduro for a peaceful transition of power. meanwhile there still hostages being held in venezuela. their families, i'm told are desperate for their return. but, maduro is unlikely to let him go. that's because the socialist dictator is using americans as an international currency and bargaining chip. joining me now in an exclusive interview, a dual citizen of the united states of america and venezuela. francisco, thank you for joining me. >> trish: do you believe maduro is holding onto americans this evening because they hold a special value for him?
12:53 am
providing him with more power as he desperately clings to his dictatorship? >> maduro has seen medical. sooner as a currency, as a way to negotiate misery. he has done this time and again, not just with u.s. citizens, but with the venezuelans are he is in power for one reason only. he systematically murders, tortures, and stars the venezuelan people. he is only one recourse left because he is completely illegitimate. that is violence. i'm not just saying this as someone who is serving as a venezuelan now in the u.s., i lived at myself. i was four months in prison in four different cells come in four different prisons in seven different cells. i witnessed a 30 minute torture session. if you can imagine and be in a dungeon like cell where we're the day you hear people beg for mercy.
12:54 am
in those 30 minutes i saw how a poor man was tied to a fence and beaten relentlessly by guards, only to send me a message. only to tell me that was going to be my destiny, my future, if i did not answer the questions they want. if i did not incriminate other people. that is how this regime operates. also, right now as i speak, i'm not just here to talk about my experience, i am speaking on all of those were killed, all of those who are currently being tortured, or who have human rights being violated at this time. i appreciate this space because of that. i appreciate the role of the international community. i want to reiterate this very well. the venezuelan people have spoken. president juan guaido is our president. it is backed by millions of venezuelans demonstrating every day and what's going on?
12:55 am
latin american companies are supporting that. we appreciate brazil, ecuador, among others and the u.s., and european countries. that is what you're seeing now. people desperately trying to survive. >> trish: there are a few times when you can look up and say we are on the right side of history. this is something you can feel really good about as an american, to know that we are there trying to help all of you. can i ask, why did you end up in prison? by the way, we just saw a picture of you. you are the tall guy in the yellow jumpsuit. then, we saw a picture of you hugging, i assume your parents on your way out. why were you in, and how did you get out? >> i was put to legally imprison, like many other venezuelans, for exercising my constitutional rights. i was helping organize a petition drive to recall maduro. i was in 2016.
12:56 am
what we saw is how we helped so many venezuelans have been treated, just in the last two years, more than 12,000 venezuelans have been put in prison. there has been at least 300 cases of torture reported. there has been at least 131 assassinations during protest. just since the venezuelan people are back -- an account today. it's time for the january savings event on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, 36-month financing. ends saturday. anna, do you yes! those plans?
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juan guaido, the rightful president is calling for more protests in the streets next week. this is not done. this is not over. the russians are trying to help the socialists, nicolas maduro cling to power, but freedom ♪ ♪ >> welcome to women and money. 40% of american women are the bread winners for their families with more power and more responsibility than ever before. there's a lot to navigate from dealing with practical money and investing issues to how to handle tricky career situations. i'm deirdre bolton. i have invited amazing, inspirational, successful guests who are at the top of their field. they'll put on their mentor hat, they'll answer questions about business and tough-related personal questions. the show is for all ages, all stages, it is for people in all industries. my guest today is dolly lens, a lot of pe


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