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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 31, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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opportunity. and i think that begins with education. something no one wants to talk about in this cycle other last cycle. >> the former high school teacher, i agree with you, liz. thanks for watching bulls and bears. i'll see you back here tomorrow. >> they have some suggestions about certain localities where technology, some infrastructure at the ports of entry. that's part of the negotiation. if the president wants to call that a wall, he can call it a wall. president trump: if there is no wallet doesn't work. she is just playing games. if you go to tijuana and take down that wall, you will have so many people coming into our country nancy pelosi will be begging for a wall. she'll say mr. president, please, please give us a wall. liz: that sounded like a thaw, a crack in the iceberg toward
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president trump. nancy pelosi signaling openness to quote barriers and infrastructure on the border. saying quote if the president wants to call it a wall, he can call it a wall. the president has a trump card. he could deployn it in his state of the union address next tuesday. it would knock the wind out of the democrats' sails with in where sitting right behind him. we bring in that story tonight. we have breaking news on the socialist meltdown in venezuela. a judge risking her life to protect the lives of defying nicolas maduro's orders to imprison teenagers. she is on the run, she is in
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hiding. maduro's forces have threatened this judge and tried to shut her down. maduro's swat * team, they have a 20 month old baby girl. this happened after guaido presented his plans to rebuild venezuela and after he said he is talking to certain military officials about amnesty to get them on his side. and we are look out for your money. the dow just missing the 25,000 mark. it's the best january for stocks in 30 years. amazon reporting gigantic numbers after the bell. former starbucks ceo and howard schultz is embarrassing the left with inconvenient truths. including they are totally wrong about how to achieve the
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american dream. the warning that we would not have a silicon valley if bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez had gone the their way. the evening edit starts right now. liz: that bill has barriers in it. it sounds like she is open to bariers. reporter: she is talking about ports of entry, long beach or airports. not actually talking about a border wall. >> these are normandy fences strung along the border. that's in the hen bill.
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-- that's in the bill. >> she reiterated she doesn't want any money for a wall. president trump says he wants to see a bill that has border wall funding. republicans and democrats back in their corners on capitol hill trying to figure out how toned this stalemate. the other thing they are work on is trade. the u.s. wasted no time get together heart of the issue with the chinese trade. talking specifically about forced transfer of intellectual property and stealing u.s. technology. cyber theft in general. these are dealt with in these two days of sessions. >> we have two intense and long days of discussions. i think we made progress.
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we have much work to do if we are going to have an agreement. we made substantial progress. we focused on the most of important issues which are the structural issues and protection of u.s. and intellectual property. agriculture and services issues. and enforcement, enforcement, enforcement. >> he says progress was made specific reply within specifics of enforcement actions thanked are made. also protecting intellectual property. the key for him is to make sure the enforcement is spelled out in great detail. the president is pleased with the update he heard from this. and he stressed the companies will have their intellectual property protected. >> we have made tremendous progress. that doesn't mean you will have a deal. but i can say there is a
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tremendous relationship and warm feeling. we have made tremendous progress. reporter: he says they are not moving on that march 1 deadline. if they don't have a deal, the tariffs go up upon chinese goods. liz: . dan henninger is saying next tuesday the president could declare a big daca deal or a path to citizenship. let's bring in republican senator kevin cramer. i want to get back to what nancy pelosi was talking about today. she was talking about being open to new fencing and other barriers. there was a suggestion infrastructure will be part of the negotiations. she is talking about low-lying vehicle barriers and levee walls. >> i think we should celebrate
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every little bit of movement in the right direction. i think we ought to give people room to negotiate while three weeks isn't a long time and we almost chewed up one of them, it's still time. i'm encouraged by that language. the president has been generous in his rhetoric. he moved from a wall to barriers to fencing and back to that when things got icy for a while. this is how goish yaitions work. everyone starts in their corners. they retreat to them occasionally. but at least we are talking some of the same language. liz: we see this. when two sides are so solar opposite that they start to float trial balloons like that. like nancy pelosi did today. she is ceding the ground, laying the ground work for some sort of compromise, no? >> we have to give her some credit. she has a very fragile
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speakership. she has what john boehner has on the other side of the extreme. a group of people without whom she is not speaker. she needs to listen to that. but at the same time the american public expects us to get the job done. president trump has positioned himself and republicans well in this. he has taken her as her word. and he's put a lot of democratic senators in that spot where you just can't say, hell no one more time in this climate. i think there is room for compromise and i hope we see that. liz: there was an interesting story that we watched. i want your reaction to the bipartisan standing ovation on the floor of the house when republican kevin mccarthy read into the record the names of 50 victims killed by illegal aliens. many of them were police officers. including police officer ron singh. >> there are real victims on the
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other side of this open border policy that democrats promote. i am a senator due in no small part to this very issue, the idea of sanctuary issues. me up opponent, the -- the incumbent senator want stand up to this. there was a cost to dehumanizing the problem. leader mccarthy rehumanized the problem. i think the president in this state of the union address, i would not be surprised if we see more of the same. liz: kevin mccarthy read off the names of some dreamers who he says would be upset if they weren't read off. >> an appropriators job is to
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talk about money. in this case for homeland security's budget. that said, clearly when you are talking about homeland security you are talking about national security and border security. that blinds to immigration issues. the president graciously offered the 3-year extension for daca. so that's already sort of on the table. and i think kevin -- leader mccarthy makes a good point. there always constituency that may proceed to be a democratic constituency who is the dreamers. we have an obligation as republicans to look out for them. liz: it's an important point you just made. kevin mccarthy also gave statistics on illegal alien
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crimes. 226,000 illegal alien criminals arrested last year. ''. your take in all of that, sir? >> the drug he dem knick our country. the trafficking of drugs from mexico and the human trafficking from mexico should be information enough for to us want to put up barriers where it is strategically advantageous to do that. the president should put this on the dais. they will tell you infrastructure and walls make everything else more efficient. i agree with democrats that technology needs to be part of it. not the only part. but situational awareness allows the rest of our assets to be used efficiently and
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productively. we get to the all of the above discussion that improves discussion of infrastructure and walls. we get to a place where everybody wins. liz: thank you so much for coming on. i appreciate it, sir. the dow closing votely below the 25,000 mark. the nasdaq ended in the green. a resilient u.s. comon economy. global sales fueling the blue chips index. it was the best january in 30 years for the dow. we are in the thick of tech earnings. weak sales guidance on amazon but the numbers came in really strong. amazon is still talking about buying that property in queens, new york for its campus. deirdre bolton has the latest. $73 billion in sales for amazon. that's a big number.
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>> that's a 20% increase. if you compare the fourth quarter versus last year. if you look at the earnings number you will see $6.04 per share. that's better than 150%. there was a tax breakout. but bottom line, they beat on the top line and bottom line. the guidance, that's why we are seeing the stock move low. that's because the guidance was a little light. but that's more about a currency translation more than it is amazon actually losing some sort of competitive footing. one thing i want to highlight. we heard from microsoft. microsoft cloud computing business is still growing. it hasn't caught up to amazon. but amazon will have more competition from microsoft going
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forward. liz: the death toll climbing from that arctic blast that's icing much of the country. we have heartbreaking stories. the companies biggest companies facing serious impacts from the cold. opposition leader juan guaido says maduro sent a s.w.a.t. team to his house to arrest his family. he has a 20-month-old baby girl. a judge in venezuela is refusing the maduro regime's order to jail innocent teenagers. she is fearing for her life. that story is coming up. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. great news for anyone wh-
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liz: the deep freeze hitting the country has claimed lives. including a med student. car makers gm, ford and if i at
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chrysler ared and fiat chrysler are moving to close factories to save natural gas. this is a pile-up of 30 cars on the interstate in michigan yesterday. about a dozen families were involved in the crash. a few minor injuries in that one. let's get to mike tobin. he has been covering the story all week. >> you have all these amazing ice structures formed by must and blowing air along with lake michigan's shore. the worst of it does seem to be past us. chicago is getting up to about zero degrees. we won't see 32 degrees until the weekend. you had the rail lines that were disrupted. you had all of the businesses that were shut down,
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particularly because people were encouraged not to get on the road. now as the city tries to get back on its feet, back open for business. but you can see the snow is starting up again. liz: let's get the weatherbell chief meteorologist joe bastardi. >> it's good to be here. you come on when it happens and people say yeah, sure sure, you said this and you said that. but we did. we saw this coming. it's not over. liz: remember what happened in 2014? chicago hit minus 1 on theth. they were down to -- up to 4 on the 11th. 5-10 days later the arctic air
6:21 pm
came began and we ran the table into march. the pattern that sets these major intrusions up doesn't so much originate in the arctic. it originates in the tropical pacific. you get an event going on there with the oscillation that leads to stratosphere warming. it takes a while to occur. but once it sets itself it runs the table for several months. we have been very bullish. we believe in the wake warmup. cold comes across the western and central u.s. and overfreappeds across the country. there will be plenty of zero nights in chicago.
6:22 pm
i actually tweeted out on january 3, there will be major repercussions in europe and the united states with the energy industry and retail because of the amount of cold that is coming. it was said beforehand. what is strange is no one pays attention until it's too late. >> you are saying it's here until march. we'll have you back here to talk about it. thank you so much, joe. more headlines coming in at this hour. a major recall of infant ibuprofen. it may contain overly high concentrations much that drug, sometimes above 10%. the suspected brands include cvs and equate. democrat critics of howard
6:23 pm
schultz did not put any don't in starbucks stock today. here's what's going on. shares hit an inter-day historic high. this is what's happening starbucks stock. starbucks is training its baristas on how to handle irate coffee customers who are upset over howard schultz's run. let's get to this story. new york state officials probing apple over that face time bug that let users evils drop on group -- user eas use eavesdrope time chat. we brought you a story of a former mayor of the wealthiest town in caracas.
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tonight we'll bring you another fox business exclusive. the story of a judge defying maduro's orders to throw teenagers in prison. she is now fearing for her life. you have got that fox business exclusive coming up. going on a work trip? dates, deals, done. destination wedding? dates, deals, done. because with tripadvisor all you have to do is enter the dates of your stay and we'll take care of the rest: searching over 200 booking sites to find you the best deal it's as easy dates, deals, you know the rest. (owl hoots) read reviews, check hotel prices, book things to do, tripadvisor.
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liz: top democrats continue to avoid talking about and not jumping on the single-payer bandwagon. the medicare for all plan pushed by kamala harris and bernie sanders. 8 democrats are talking by the and say the not right now. they are not all hot about this idea, this policy idea. let's bring in a top expert,
6:29 pm
cliff benson. he's a healthcare pro. why are they running away from talking about it? >> those who have been there for a while realtize while it makes for good politics, it doesn't make for good policy. eventually those chickens will have to come home to roost and they will have to stand up for what they support. liz: obamacare was called the one-stop the hadway house. sherrod browns saying yes, get rid of private health insurance. somewhat most of people don't realize. if you eliminate free market structure of the way healthcare works. not only are you eliminating millions of jobs in the united states, you are also ending innovation. the united states is responsible for 70% of the world innovation
6:30 pm
when it comes to healthcare. you eliminate that. we are not hearing much of anything anymore. liz: we are hearing from doctors and hospitals. they can't stand the paperwork that's already inundating them from obamacare. the kaiser family foundation, a non-partisan shop. they did a poll. they found when you say what it is, single payer, people don't like it when they hear the facts. when they were told it would eliminate private healthcare insurance, the support fell to 37%. when they were told it would cause delayed in getting care, it fell to 26%. >> it was the same thing when they were trying toll sell the affordable care act. the government is running a single system.
6:31 pm
the government is getting to call the shots. nobody wants to stand in line at the post office to see their doctor. liz: do you think some of these democrats running are swinging extreme left to keep the left base there? kamala harris came out as a tough prosecutor and state attorney general. maybe they are swing way left because of that. >> i think they are trying to grab the bernie fire. they are seeing the movement that is there, and they are trying to grasp something they can get ahold of. when it comes to healthcare, who doesn't want something that sounds like it's free. that just means taxes, losses of jobs and innovation. liz: and taxes on the middle class. >> we always talk about it being paid for. but at the end of the day the middle class pays the tax.
6:32 pm
liz: tensions close to boiling over in venezuela. opposition leader juan guaido saying nicolas maduro sent a s.w.a.t. team to his home, left his family hah ralsd and shaken. he has a 20-month-old daughter. we have a judge fearing for her life after she defied the maduro regime and said i will not imprison teenagers. it's a fox business exclusive coming up. nancy pelosi sort of giving an olive branch to president trump. she is floating a trial balloon about border barriers, fences, levee walls in a democrat bill. she has ideas about infrastructure. we are staying on that story for you. don't go away. treating advanced lung cancer.
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liz: asylum seekers are being sent back to mexico while awaiting asylum claims. william lajeunesse is at the border in tijuana with more. reporter: there are several headlines coming out of mexico driving the border security debate. border patrol tells me there are 10,000 central americans headed towards the border in tijuana as well as arizona, new mexico and texas. they are coming, we are told, after mexico ended their controversial visa program. they didn't expect those kinds of numbers. there are some 11:00 central americans that were returned
6:38 pm
yesterday from the u.s. to mexico under our program that says you have to stay in mexico while your asylum claim is heard. we spoke to two guys who were turned back, and they said they don't mind. >> i am just going to go to work. >> where are you going to go right now? >> i want to go to the church and i want to work in a hotel. if they didn't want me to be back, they would have sent me back to honduras. the on thing i can say is what they are doing right now is because they allow us to be here. reporter: the shelters say they don't have room for the returning migrants or those coming here from central america. and tijuana is not safe. the city is the second deadliest in the world. 90% of the homicides are drug-related. >> a lot of the women are women
6:39 pm
with children. some of them are pregnant. they don't have money. she is concerned because she realizes that the violence in mexico is just as much as in her country. reporter: nogales cdp displayed the largest fentanyl seizure ever. that was in a single tractor-trailer. republic cans want more money for a fence and wall. drug smugglers have a way to get in. as long as there is a demand, there is usually a supply. liz: venezuelan opposition leader says nicolas maduro sent a s.w.a.t. team to guaido's home today.
6:40 pm
he's outraged because he has a 20-month-old baby girl. he says if anything happens to his family, you, nicolas maduro will be held responsible. it happened after guaido wrote in a "new york times" op-ed piece that he has met with military officials and offered them amnesty to take them away from nicolas maduro's side. the european union recognizing juan guaido as president. venezuela's citgo patrol yum operation is considering filing for bankruptcy protection amid his major fight. general robert scales is joining us. do you think maduro leaves? and where does he go? >> i think he's been backed into a corner.
6:41 pm
i think what happened so far, at least how it played out with the administration is nothing short of brilliant. the next step is what's important. it's time for the united states to turn up the heat, to find more countries to support the opposition. to box in maduro and set up an alternative media source. television or radio that will counter the propaganda that maduro is putting out. there are all sorts of things we dock behind the scenes without direct military intervention that will continue to tighten the noose around maduro and his henchmen. have you noticed recently the military is no longer seen on the streets? not' just personal guys loyal to maduro. liz: i want to show the viewers this. we have exclusive video we obtained of a venezuelan judge, she is in hiding. she refused to follow maduro's
6:42 pm
order to throw 11 teenagers in jail. some of them are being killed. some of them as young as 12 years old being thrown in prison. watch. >> [through the interpreter] january 25, 2015, 11 adolescents found protesting on the streets. after reviewing the accusations i discovered there was not enough elements of conviction to decree a preventative measure. liz: he's sending dragnets and
6:43 pm
s.w.a.t. teams through the impoverished neighborhoods. that was chavez's base. >> when this whole thing blew up in 2017, the people who filled the streets of caracas came from the slum areas on the outskirts of caracas. now maduro's thugs are going into the slum areas and killing young men suspected of protesting him. liz: the former mayor of the wealthiest town in caracas. maduro wants to throw him in prison. he's on the run. the mayor is saying maduro's s.w.a.t. team forces are killing
6:44 pm
teenagers. listen to this. >> maduro's regime police are going after people and not only in prison and torturing them. but also killing them. they are even killing minors. >> these things have been going on for about the last month, month and a half. what needs to be done. liz: isn't it a disgrace, sir? >> the rank and file of venezuelans have to see this and hear this. he has such a stranglehold on the media that very little of this is making its 2009 the venezuela media. i think maduro's fate will be sealed when the man on the street finds out about maduro's. they need to set up a social
6:45 pm
media to counter the maduro message. when that happens and a million or more are on the streets in caracas. i believe maduro is doomed. liz: thank you for your service to the country, general. coming up, venezuela and russia. just how far will russia go to protect its interests in venezuela? place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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liz: russia has interests in pdvsa, the conveniencian oil company. how far will russia go to protect its interests there. >> i don't think russia will go to war over venezuela. they are more than an ocean away. they would have great difficulty challenging, using venezuela as a proxy and challenging the united states. venezuela is certainly in our backyard. liz: that's general jack keane weighing in. let's get to peter brook. he serves with the cia. great to see you, sir.
6:50 pm
how far will russia go to protect its interests? >> i think general keane is right. russia has have interests beyond pdvsa. there are arms sales. it has been a foothold for russia in the americas. they recently had a couple of strategic bombers fly all the way from russia and lands in venezuela. they have interests. they like to use venezuela as a way to reminds the united states that moscow is not happy that there is nato and u.s. forces in europe. they can make things difficult for us elsewhere. they are talking to the taliban in afghanistan. they are in syria, they are in ukraine. they may not be in venezuela but they may show their displeasure in other places. >> the "wall street journal" is
6:51 pm
saying the trump administration's broader aim is to regain leverage over cuba and venezuela. there are inroads in the region being made to your points by russia, iran, china, hes low what. the story of come anything is an old story in south america, peter. >> this is in our neighborhood. venezuela under chavez was a much bigger problem with the united states because of its relationship with iran. remember how many times the leader of iran met with chavez. it diminished under maduro. but this is very important. this is in our region and we have to look after this. liz: russia has loaned citgo millions of dollars. what's your take on how the
6:52 pm
white house is handling this? >> so far so good. i think there are 50-some countries. you mentioned the european parliament. they are hoping the european union as a whole will recognize the interim government. we don't want to see violence or involve ourselves will militarily. but we are hoping for a return of democracy and free markets and civil liberties to venezuela. >> thank you so much for coming on. next on "the evening edit." nancy pelosi sounds like she is floating a trial balloon. she is saying i'm open to new fencing and other barriers. we have that debate coming up with darrell issa after the break. it was the last song of the night. it felt like my heart was skipping beats.
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>> liz: the debate in washington is about planting flags. trump has planted his leg about border wall. nancy pelosi is now planting her flag. she's nothing she's open to certain new technology and infrastructure on the border. they are talking about vehicle barriers, low-level levee walls and normandy and fencing. let's bring in darrell i said. what to make of this? is this -- what's going on?
6:57 pm
>> i think there is an opportunity for the president to get much of what he wants. the question is in the details. a long range of border roads that are navigable by our border patrols would help. and carrier, even if it's a ditch, a small wall, something that would slow up the illegal activity, including drugs to allow the border patrol to get there and control the situation, that could be a compromise. the compromise will be will they allow the border patrol to get what they want even if it's not a 17-foot wall. unless they do that, they are not really giving the border patrol what the need for safety. >> liz: it sounds like it's depending on what the meaning of the word barrier is. i hate to say that way. i mean, it sounds like pelosi is floating a balloon because she's
6:58 pm
going to have to sit behind the president at the state of the union address. she is saying no to wall funding the way trump wants it. she is saying yes to what henry is saying in his bill, sir. >> again, there is a long history of republicans and democrats voting with the border patrol and those who stand on the border, to provide them a safer environment and one they can control the border. we also have provided huge amounts of money for openings in the border for people to legally come through. the question is, will those members i left behind a few days ago be consistent with the prior votes. does it all have to be a wall? no. do some of it absolutely have to allow for these roads and changes to be done, and of course around the rio grande, along the waterway, will they allow for the clearing that the border patrol desperately needs? >> liz: nancy pelosi same to henry's bill, the levee walls of along the rio grande, she is saying yes to that.
6:59 pm
howard scholz wants to run as an independent. in usa today ran an op-ed that said, elizabeth warren, alexandria ocasio-cortez, your tax policies there might not be a silicon valley under them. what's your take? >> a generation of go, ronald reagan said he did not leave the democratic party, the democratic party left him. i know how or chills, i admire him, the reality is, the democratic party has now left a mainstream liberal democrat simply because he is pro-business. i think that doesn't bode well for the democratic party when someone was absolutely had mainstream democrat just because he believes in the private sector and the prosperity he helped create, is unacceptable to a party. that means the democratic party is leaving those kinds of democrats. >> liz: interesting analysis.
7:00 pm
that's why we love having you on, sir. great to see you, sir. come back soon. thank you for having us in your home. lou dobbs is next right here on the foxbusiness network. have a good evening. >> lou: good evening everyone. a national security crisis at our southern border. worsening by the day. caravans of central americans making their way through mexico. to cross the border into the united states, drug and human smugglers, sex traffickers, killer gangs crossing the border every day, as tens of thousands of americans died of drug overdoses and violence on our streets. on any given day, the president of the united states is the only one in washington, d.c. giving voice to the urgent need for in


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