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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 4, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EST

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♪ >> good evening everybody. we have a crisis on our southern border. thousands of central americans on their way up the center of mexico trying to cross that border when they get there. the mexican drug cartels murdering tens of thousands of mexican citizens running tens of billions of dollars of deadly drugs across that border into the united states each and every year. an after waiting now for days the bipartisan congressional and senator conference committee funnelly graciously but not urgently decided to meet today for the first time to talk about border security. and what a committee it is not a lot of urgency, obviously, not
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much regard for much beyond their mast percent on k street almost none for working americans and their families. president trump this morning tweeted that any meeting without the discussion of a border wall with or barrier would be with a waste of time. some members of the committee remain committed to obstruction, and they aa parentally would be just delighted to waste more time at which these hacks from both parties excel. this conference committee meets good faith in a bipartisan basis to solve the problem it will be helpful if the president was onboard in trying to reach a successful conclusion to this debate. >> sometimes the scope -- helps -- brings -- >> fencing probably going to come up. and i think as long as this part of what we analyze actually making analyze is making southern border more secure, i certainly don't have a problem having that debate.
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>> a problem having that debate. but not building that wall. cute, clever language. every night we highlight some of the dumbest things these d.c. lawmakers say, and today no shortage of material. north carolina's dem congressman david price says a wall is not needed. he says because illegal immigrant are turning themselves in to the border patrol get ready, listen to this. >> today we're increasingly dealing with people who are fleeing humanitarian crises in central america. they're actually proactively seeking out the border patrol turning themselves in. of fence is irrelevant to their situation. >> what can you say to such a person? national security crisis that our mexican border demands a border wall if we're to protect the nation and our sovereignty. thousands of central americans moving through mexico and
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caravans on their way to the american border a wall being the only sure way to stop them. tonight, we look at president's find for that wall or congress owned by very powers that refuse to stop illegal immigration and the demands open borders. and accepts collateral damage that tens of thousands of americans killed by the drugs devastation and over that border each and every day. former reagan white house political director ed rollins congressman among our guests here tonight also tonight, anti-maduro protesters filling streets of caracas today and much of van sway la calling for the oust of president nicholas maduro and the protest in support of on decision leader juan who earlier today talked with president trump conversation which the president offered his full support. our top story the crisis at the southern border a bipartisan
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conference of lawmakers on capitol hill today met for the first time. despite the crisis on that border it took them this long and president trump earlier today tweeted, quote, if the committee of republicans and democrats not meeting on border security is not discussing or con templating law or physical barrier they're wasting their time the president expectations for the committee rightly tempered the bipartisan committee expected to do exactly what they are told by the likes of the koch brothers chamber of commerce, the business round table wall street, some of the committee members may even check in with the cartels in china. for approval, the ages of the border have never been more grave more deadly. mexico's murder rate all time high last year rising 33%. imagine, 33% higher in one year. more than 33,000 mexican citizens murdered by the cartels.
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mexico is deadlier than television and tijuana deadliest cities in all of mexico. last year 2500 people will fill there nearly 7 times more than just five years ago. and just across the border, north from tijuana, san diego, only 34 murders by comparison there last year and it is no secret why teeing wan that's violence hasn't crushed the border it's because of the wall between the two cities. and with every intention of crossing that wall or thousands of central american migrant who have made their way up up from the sorn border of mexico national correspondent william live tonight on the mexican side of that border in tijuana. >> we're at the port of entry where they gather every morning ready for their name and number to be called so they go in to
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interview in the u.s. but this is also now increasingly they are going to be coming out that shoot. being returned to mexico under the remain in mexico program. just moments ago we had 11 central americans ten men one woman who were required now to stay in mexico while the u.s. will hear asylum claim to have a bus to federal court in san diego. they'll have a phone number to check status of their case but won't be allowed in the u.s. the purpose, of course, is to end catch and release because of court rules no room at the detention center and a those individualses are getting released in to the u.s. san diego, grand valley and border patrol resting some 60,000 a month the same number that president obama called a crisis level in 2014. we spoke to several today and yesterday you said with listen they're willing to be patient waiting for the asylum claim to be heard others it is too dangerous to be in mexico an they say, america lawyers that those individuals should have
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the right to be in the u.s. and we expect a court challenge in the next week and dhs is tracking three caravans of central americans in mexico coming north. this is new, of course, however, some are now blaming mexico for offering those humanitarian visas some 12,500 so far pen couraging more central americans to come. they'll have one year to work and travel freely. in mexico -- and, of course, there's now ten thousand in net caravan 2500 in mexico city right now under 24/7 security by the military receiving three mealses day we're expecting at least 1500 to come here to tijuana and next seven to ten days we were told today they said, don't come. we don't have the shelters space for you. they close two shelters may have to reopen another one tijuana saying we won't pay on central americans because lew frankly they don't have room and people here are tired of it and we'll tell you the president is now called out 2,000 nor active duty troops to come to the border to
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help deal with these surge if you will or caravans that continue to come north. lou. >> william thank you very much william from tijuana. growing deadlier by the year. as is all of mexico, the fbi accusing a chinese national working for apple, of stealing trade secrets related to am l's autonomist car project, this is a second such arrest over the past seven months. and the news comes as a latest round of high level trade are talks between the united states and china got underway. and a it follows recent intellectual property theft charges from doj against huawei and its chief financial officer. treasury are secretary steve mnuchin, however, says, all of this they've got two entirely separate matters in one is not considered. >> those are separate issues and that's a separate dialogue. so as it relateses to huawei issue that's been run by the justice department i have no involvement in that.
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i found out about that yesterday when it was announced so those are part of trade discussions forced technology issues are part of trade discussions. but any issues as it relates to violation of u.s. law or u.s. sanctions are going through a separate track. >> well joining us tonight columnist author, asia expert jordan good to have you here it is sort of interesting to hear treasury secretary say he's not involved in sanctions yet with he led the -- withdrawal of sanctions tbens the three, three russians. so i'm not quite sure what had to make of that. separate matter national security apart from trade. but you can't really separate those, can you? >> no, you can't reason is you have the theft of u.s. intellectual property by china it is directed from the top of the communist party and been going on for decades. you know when you talk about huawei, for instance, one of those indictments in the state of washington was for the theft of t-mobile technology. we know that huawei which was
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founded in 1987 built on stolen cisco technology and, of course, these talkses in washington that started today that's ip theft too. and does it trouble you that the treasury secretary would be trying to push that kind of nonsense that there is a separation between national security and force transfer which is theft by the way, it is like saying that a bank robber and a bank with a gun is forcing a transfer current it is simplistic and mindless and hardly straightforward and forthright on part of the treasury secretary. >> yeah. mnuchin has to understand this is an issue that cuts across are everything. he understands come on. and -- i don't know why he says things like that but point is we've got to defend our networks we have to defend our ip we have so many instances of china's stealing. apple is a target but so is micron technologies you go down list of the fortune 500 you have on the the list of the next 500 boeing on the list and you know any number of --
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of our most advanced manufactures in technology -- in aviation, aerospace you name it. they've been stealing. both hands for years and years hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars every year. and when you have a treasury secretary saying idiotic and -- things like what he's spouting, he makes me wonder about these trade talks. how successful can they be if they're not going to recognize that the chinese are stealing and they're negotiating a -- the united states the world only superpower is negotiating with a chinese and basically saying, do you mind please don't steal from us, and we'll work out how we compensate you for not stealing with us that's idiotic shouldn't be negotiate requesting with criminals that's exactly what's going on here with china. because these guys coming in, they know that this for instance, is -- >> they're enemies of the state. they are -- as you have pointed out on this broadcast --
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since, you know, forever -- these, these leaders led by xi jinping mean to dominate the globe. not just -- hedge -- but they're not going to be hedge leaders they wouldn't be satisfied with that they want world domination they have come out and said look, you know we need to go back to this -- this imperial notion that china is the world's only sovereign state. xi jinping has been talking like this for more than a decade. he's foreign minister in 2017 was very explicit he wants to overthrow the west system, and he wants china to be the world's only leader. this is just ludicrous but they're telling us what they want. and a absolutely. gordon chang good to have you with us let's hope these talks go better than it appears they might with the secretary treasury talking gibberish when it comes to national security
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because that's what all of this is about this security of this nation. thanks so much jordan. tnches thanks lou. still ahead here the meltdown from the left wing national media bless their darling hearts. president trump called intelligence chiefs passive and naive. president trump intelligence chiefs are worlds apart on isis russia and border. >> it is really either woefully naive or i guess arrogant that you're going to stick request your gut feeling. like these intelligence leaders were describing a different planet than one what donald trump inhabited. not different taking of the facts if you were but ignorance willful ignorance. not agreeing will willful with regard of the fact. this is dangerous isn't it? >> incredibly dangerous. a dangerous thing. >> everything but cluck for crying out loud. we'll take that up with congressman matt gaetz here tonight up next howard schultz he disputes president trump's
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economic wins. how's he doing in his quest for the presidency? we'll take that up with much more right after the break ed joinses me, stay with us.
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season is upon uses that's right. everybody is running for president. golly isn't that exciting former starbucks chief executive anti-trump billionaire wait a minute one of those is -- redundant billionaire anti-trump every billionaire is anti-trump. it is amazing but certainly the 2020 independent hopeful howard shuttle refusing to give president trump credit for the president's historic tax cuts, the booming economy, everything he's tone to drive the economy and a markets ahead and restore prosperity. here's howard -- >> i think the reduction in corporate tax rate of 21%s was wrong and irrational he pissed a massive opportunity for comprehensive tax reform. i do not give him credit for saying for two years that stock market is approximately for economy he's going to fall on his sword for that because that economy is not going to last. >> okay i'll make you a bet
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howard he does something else with that sword that might entail you. republican senator sudan kollens a main saying she's not prepared at the this point to endorse president trump for reelection. susan collins is she always there when you need e her. right? the good senator saying she's going to wait and see what happens between now and then and look at what his record is -- we've got his records. collins what's your record? she also said she can't imagine she would endorse any of the democrats running right now so there is a glimmer of hope. thank you senator. and joining us tonight former reagan white house political director fox business political analyst ed rollens made a fool of himself and he's just getting started. >> he wants to pay protax rate he can do that, and ceo of a company he can go back to 35%. see how well his stockholders feel about that. absurdity to me is his product
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the idea that we have to pay 5 bucks for a cup of coffee is made his a fortune that's greatness of america. but i don't think it is much of a candidate -- [laughter] >> he is -- you know least a beauty on this i have to say. running as an independent, bloomberg today said by the way, folks that as he's already thought and researched carefully money cost first, and then secondly, how effective that investment would be. and he said no he's not ever going to run as an independent. >> talked to me a number of timeses in last four or five years which you can do and you can't go intellectual college all about intellectual college he won i don't think so. >> you know senator i think mike bloomberg just -- to you know a tangent a bit i think bloomberg could have been elected if he had run -- you know after his second term. i would as a matter of fact i would have been one of those interested and excited about him for that. and then he had that dismal
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third term when he got bored now he's just fleeing. >> what traditionally happens is infeint has a po it shall like with bush, bush was collapsing in 92. clinton had had moved forward had a message at that point and time anti-deficit message, and people turned to him. but as time goes on they go back to two parties a and you have 20 some odd democrats going to run. by sense one will eventually emerge. and donald trump is going to be a very strong candidate donald will challenge him and come out of this in pretty good shape. >> jeff flake announcing ladies and gentlemen he's not going to challenge the president -- [laughter] in 2020. >> but i bet casey doesn't either. i bet if casey runs independent it shall >> who? >> the former governor of ohio. john casey. [laughter] >> a bunch of low energy guys trying to -- contend request this president. can you imagine? well, either party -- i have to say elizabeth warren her --
4:22 am
her approach so far here's the -- the step. you move to the left and announce a candidate and move further to the left as the system goes forward, and as country moves more and more towards trump -- find a lot of energy a lot of time and a lot of resources spent. but to the survival candidate. so this leftward lurch of the left in this country, i mean, it's, it is breathtaking. >> it is unbelievable. and do you -- are they going to find a point of which they come to senses and -- at least -- >> i don't know. but the how do you pay for it? how do you pay for it? >> wait a minute, now wait a minute. look i've been listening to that today from a number of people and i have to say and i love you, and -- respect you deeply. but who the hell amongst republican party has been paying for anything? can we put up that -- that number on the national depth, the republicans aren't paying for a damn thing, the republicans are pushing
4:23 am
government. look at that. do you think that's democrats? >> no. i don't that's in thes and republicans. >> and i think that the democrats ought to shove it up the nose of republicans -- when they start talking about how you're going to pay for it. hell nobody is paying for anything. >> that's a serious problem as you've articulating very well it was part of the pearl magic and thought of a candidate but 90% of the electorate leading both candidates first started off on that deficit issue was very important still very important to american public. >> it is important -- but the -- the hacks that we keep sending to washington with don't give a damn. >> they don't. we're going to bankrupt the country and you know, everybody is going to say well hell we tried. >> it won't be because they tried and reality is, it is going to keep moving forward moving forward you see that, in the committee that's meeting now to try to resolve the wall. they're going to have every single item on there and not come forth with the wall. >> these are going to say you know we can't get 5.7 but give you 4.1 because of our fiscal
4:24 am
responsibilities. >> idiot uk. never seen it be this conservative. [laughter] >> this group never will -- >> unbelievable. great to see you thanks for being here. >> former u.n. ambassador nikki haley revealing how much it cost the establishment to buy her out and off. a new report showing she's now charge hadding 200,000 dollars a speech. the use of a private jet for those speeches -- my gosh. now here's a woman as far as i know doesn't have anything to say. who the hell is going to pay $200,000? well we're going to keep track are of it. let me tell you. because that looks and smellses fishy as it possibly could. good grief. [laughter] wait until ambassador bolton finds out top intelligence official breaking with him on a number, a number of geopolitical
4:25 am
threats fred for security policy joins me next with much more before we go to break let's take a look at the u.s. national debt -- they're going to have to raise the ceiling and there's why. good grief. 22 trillion dollars that's bigger than our economy or for crying out loud. and price tag just keeps going up. we're coming right back. stay with us. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. great news for anyone wh- uh uh - i'm the one who delivers the news around here. ♪ liberty mutual has just announced that they can customize your car insurance so that you only pay for what you need. this is phoebe buckley, on location. uh... thanks, phoebe. ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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boyfriend: thank you. president's top intelligence chief seems to contradict the president. as he briefs senators today on global threats it seem more than often but frequent dan coats warning north korea unlikely to give up a nuclear weapons, kets also saying iran is not trying to develop a nuclear weapon . despite all of the intelligence, that we've heard for the past ten years -- and for whatever reason, he also warned isis is far from being defeated. and in an attack against the
4:30 am
united states in his assessment is not only possible but likely. joining us president ceo of the former chief of staff for national security counsel good to have you with us. i want to pox on this, what looks to be a contradiction by the dni of the president of the united states. let's starts amongst outrageous claims he made today was that iran was not developing nuclear weapon. that means that -- administration is before this one were wrong as well. and that israel is wrong. i mean, help us out here. i was in national security counsel i saw intelligence that is just not any conclusion so did am bass or door bolton i have advice for the president on this cancel all future unclassified worldwide briefings
4:31 am
in the unclassified worldwide briefing report what is the purple of the intelligence community putting out unclassified assessment that undermines the president's policies and entails our adversaries our analysis of them. crazy, this has to stop. >> let me put the other way what the hell is wrong with dni he has no policemen judgment. he has no sense of proportion? i mean, what in hell he thinking about about? >> let's think about north korea. assessment -- >> let's deal with my question first. i want to understand what he's thinking. and why he should be tolerated. >> well i have to tell you i would let him go for some of this i think that mr. coats is a great guy but intelligence is to inform presidential policy it's not supposed to undermine it. it's not supposed to second guess presidential policy. this goes against why we set up a domestic intelligence service in the first place after world war ii and this is simply
4:32 am
evolved into a monster second guessing president all of the time. that's why the president has to stop these worldwide press briefings. >> let's turn you wanted to turn to north korea as do i. what would be the point of suggesting they want to keep their nuclear weapons the president understands that well and surely even senators to whom the dni was speaking understand that he's not going to give up those nuclear weapons. without considerably, considerable trading and bargaining and a -- and a deal with this president. that's the whole idea. this president is prepared to work toward that end. >> i mean, so what is that point? >> it is obvious north korea wants to keep nuclear weapons this is what it was. we think that president is going to fail. and you know, the intelligence community is not supposed to draw that conclusion. and if the intelligence community thinks the president will fail it has to stay that
4:33 am
privately. that's what i did as an analyst. i didn't come out assessment undermine presidential policy. i relaid that privately so policymakers i worked with which included john bolton they knew where i stood. so they also knew i wasn't trying to undermine them. >> you know, i think you and i would agree that he's got a very, very, very good secretary of state. and a very, very good national security advisor and team. what in the world is the intelligence community doing? are they -- are they persisting in what they started as -- this president was a candidate get over your bad selves he's a commander in chief there's something wrong with this intelligence community. >> i want to first say i think most are nonpolitical. that i really do believe that but having said that i think this should have been an effort in these intelligence agencies
4:34 am
to clean out political hiring that took place during the obama administration. we know our intelligence analysts and intelligence agencies tilt towards the left. this got a lot worse during obama administration and nothing has been done to fix this. >> well, as you suggest. hopefully it will be fixed soon. [laughter] it's it it's outrageous thank yu so much as always. thank you. >> this president for first time he's talking about taking on cartels and building wall. cartels and building wall. we'll be right back.
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joining now now congressman matt gaetz a member of the house judiciary army service committees and great to have you with us, and congressman, i don't know if you're paying much attention to the conference committee. but that looks like an assembly i'm not going toes use unkindly noun as the object. but i don't think that after i lock at those folks in the masters they serve, i don't think there's a chance had in hell of getting a border wall built. what do you think? >> there are no members of the freedom caucus on the conference committee none of the nor prominent conservatives and message from leadership of both parties is pretty clear. this negotiation is about what democrats in the senate will support and what the president will sign but i think it's a mistake to exclude people like jim jordan and mike and andy
4:39 am
biggs and myself who are the principle influence percent of the president on a lot of the more conservative issues. lou it's almost like if someone was on lou dobbs tonight ineligible to sterve on conference committee because folk that you like to have tend to -- lean to the conservative border security side of things and they're all great americans -- >> folks i like to have on the broadcast, and i got to tell you, i hadn't looked at it that way i'm getting more modest in my later years. [laughter] i have to fell you, it is disheartening to think that this is what the president has to put up with and what we have to contend with as a people. because it is appalling. >> i don't think this president is going to sign a bad deal. what he said to me repeatedly is that he's not going to just simply agree that we're going to forever kick the can down road on this border he's going to secure the border and i'm glad he's got the sort of damocles hanging over congress because if
4:40 am
we don't do our job president trump will to his job. and he will make sure that a border security a barrier is built, and we've got to have it lou we all know it it's just insiders in w and both parties -- to benefit from open borders. >> let me share with you a couple of comments and -- if we could go to this full screen, of the democratic conference committee talking a points. and -- we will push for a smart effective border security posture one that does not rely on costly physical barriers costly effective barriers, that -- that senator shelby ask about compromise including dhaka o'temporary status, he said, quote, and this is elegant "don't ask, don't don't you think sometimes broadening the scope of the conference committee helps because it brings more issues in and brings things along you know like it helps so long had to refer to
4:41 am
comprehensive immigration reform congressman, with overall these 13 years since the first run at it. to no avail, i mean, that's -- that's washington. the swap always wants to expand the problem so you forget that the original problem wasn't solved. it's a -- it's disgusting in another element of swamp is to pack the room with people who have a more milk toast approach to policy reforms. fortunately we have a bold president and i think he's going to take action in two and a half weeks but lou it is wednesday and congress left town. there's almost nobody here. like we've got the french workweek going and we came into town monday night and we left by wednesday afternoon regular americans who are in jobs all over this country are still getting after it. and it is pretty sad that nancy pelosi didn't even put a border security bill on the floor this week because she has a group of her conference that says he's a racist another group that would vote for him. >> unbelievable.
4:42 am
it's -- meanwhile no urgency at all despite everything that the has alone been educating about that crisis and deniers in the dems -- democratic party -- are are just it just is stunning to me to see national left wing media just sort of inhale and then slowly exhale. and a waste of water at that. >> we have to fight back and we have to make the case that's strong borders safe community rising wages. that is the destiny that the american people deserve. it is what our president is fighting for every day. and a it is about damn time that the conservatives in congress had his back fought for his priorities and made sure we didn't give up. >> you know it would be nice just a few of the u.s. multinational and corporate america would stand up with this president. but they won't. congressman gates thanks for being here. good to see you as always.
4:43 am
how potential third party campaign from a south proclaimed democrat might help president trump in 2020 so say -- well -- other big dmbt donors. stay with us. i want some more what's he doin? but, he can't
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>> the race to take on president trump in 2020 already turn intog a bit of a circus former starbucks ceo howard shuttle may run for president as independent in 2020 democrat donors went berserk wastes in time criticizing his potential campaign some calling it a pathetic vanity and concerned it would split anti-trump vote on left and ensure his reelection. do it howard. do to. former new york city mayor michael l bloomberg -- [laughter] bloomberg warren no way an independent presidential candidate can win and a bid would ensure trump reelection earlier tonight powngtder of the defunction weekly standard never trumper bill crystal understands democrats concern because they perceive president it be a weak candidate quoting here, and they have an easy path to victory
4:48 am
without schultz end quote. by the way, crystal is a virtual profit. [laughter] he -- by the way, it was utterly wrong about the 2016 election, and just kills him to this day. not to be undone hillary clinton it telling her friend she hadn't ruled out had her run in 2020 and new poll shows biggest loser in partial government shutdown was -- house speaker, nancy pelosi. during that time her popularity fell 6 points, 28% of americans view her favorably now a whole 28%. by comparison the president's favorite ability drops about 3 points to 43%. well, this, this report on -- on a poll it is really alarming. the poll showing support from the president's base could fall dramatically if his border wall is blocked by the resistanc on
4:49 am
plil and by 3,000 trump voters that find if the president were to fail build that long promised border wall he would lose 43 -- 43% support from his base. up next, the the trump administration warns of serious consequences in venezuela as the struggle for power there is escalating we take that up next sarah carter washington times charlie hurt with us, stay with us.
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top headlines we're following tonight millions of americans enduring sub zero temperatures as a dangerous cold weather system is blanketing the midwest, and parts of minnesota today windchills bringing temperatures as low as negative 55 degrees. roger stone in federal court today, he pleaded not guilty to charges special counsel robert mueller obstruction of justice witness tampering, lying to congress and nicholas maduro freezing bank accounts of opposition leader juan gito national security juanball ton warned of serious consequences for anyone who interferes or trieses to harm him. joining me now sarah carter investigative report per fellow with the independent women's forum fox business contradict tore great to see you sarah. >> great to see you too. >> great to see charlie hurt believe it or not. washington times opinion editor
4:54 am
fox business contributor good to see you beth welcome. >> good let's start with the caravan that's now moving toward our southern border. democrats denying despite all of the evidence that we produced in the beginning of the show on the drug crisis in this country. the majority of which all of the drugs come across that border, what is the president to do? i know that he's moving thousands more troops to the border. but what can he do to contend with this outrage? because the left is organizing these caravans. and driving it with a cooperation of the mexican government to our border. >> he needs to better explain. president trump needs to come out and explain to the people delivering, i believe, lou during his "state of the union" address, the truth about what is happening on the u.s. southern boarld. he needs to explain that we're extending the wall. not just building a wall. this started before his presidency. under you know, obama --
4:55 am
under bush. this is not just about -- this is about protecting our nation. he's the commander in chief. this is his first duty to us. it is to protect our nation. and we do have a very serious crisis that is being ongoing for decades, and the democrats are being absolutely disingenuous and lying to american public when they say there isn't a crisis at the border. >> i can agree with you half way. the democrats are lying i don't think they're a bit disingenuous and president has -- i mean, sarah honestly the president campaigned on the opioid crisis he was the first, the only candidate for the presidency in either party to stand up to talk about the opioid crisis. about that border that is in crisis -- as the -- you know, i don't know how much education at one president should do when a raid against him is ignorance and the just -- insistence of the establishment
4:56 am
to deny the reality that is tearing lives of millions of americans charlie. >> yeah. you know, you know, let's say people like chuck schumer talk about how donald trump needs to butt out to let congress make these decisions and work out this -- this arrangement for border security is. for border security, you know, screw that. you know for 30 years as you point out politicians in both parties have been here in washington and they have refused refused to do the most basic, simple obligation which is to secure our borders and to have borders that are defended. and these people here in washington have refused to do it for 30 years. donald trump has been here for two years. and for two years he's been fighting this and as you said, he ran a campaign he won the election. on the promises, of doing something about the opioid crisis, and doing something about illegal immigration, and doing something about the border, and you know, can i find little thingses to criticize
4:57 am
president trump about -- in terms of negotiations with the wall in sure but he still first of all, headed in right direction wants to do right thing, and as you say is he's a raid against a one that has ignored this problem for 30 plus years and refuses to do their job. go. >> they want to continue ignoring lou they want to continue playing this game of theater. this is the first time that we have a president that is actually willing to do something. think about all of the government waste. 5.7 billion dollars is a drop in the bucket. to extend the border wall an areas that border patrol and i.c.e. and other law enforcement officials have deemed necessary to help fight the drug cartels and stem the flow and move resources into the areas that we need it most. >> think about the mindset that we're dealing with in this country in our -- leaders. when the -- the democratic party producers
4:58 am
leaders who say that a wall is immoral, and can't find a morality in the establishment both parties. the business establishment, wall street, the koch brotherses all of them. and of course that is presiding over and in many cases enabling assisting and abetting the trafficking of human beings, the trafficking of the illegal drugs that are killing, killing children, adults, young people. i mean, we are watching the most immoral response by our both of our political parties to this president's demand to secure the border and, of course, protect american people. >> of course previous president as well, president obama having a flashing welcome light at the border invited all of those things that you just mentioned there. and you know, it's why donald trump lovers to use word wall and why i love that he use it is. when he says wall, that doesn't mean that you're just doing the wall. that --
4:59 am
and the argument that the qawl isn't the complete answer, is not a reason not to do the wall. but it's a -- >> if you want to do more great let's do e-verify you want to -- >> where is the discussion of e-verify where is the about ending chain migration? where is the discussion about an immigration system that is based on merit? where is that discussion it has been submerged by the left and the right and every -- you know every part of the establishment. >> donald trump has been talking about those things and has done more than anybody else to put it on national -- >> he's been alone doing so. sarah carter. >> he's going to fight i believe for american people this is what american people want. they want results. so president trump needs to fulfill this promise. he needs to fight for it. he needs to fight for the american people. >> wouldn't it be nice if he had some help? had a way -- a little concern and had a bunch of you know -- the rhino and resistance within
5:00 am
his own white house if they were just the hell out of there that would be also helpful. sarah carter charlie hurt thank you. that's it for us thank you for lauren: the crowd cheering as the patriots beat the rams. >>rams,setting a record for thet scoring game in super bowl history. gerri: president trump taking time before the big game to remind the american public that the fight over border wall funding is far from over. >> when you have a porous border and drugs pouring in and you have people dial all around the


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