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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 5, 2019 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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smelling something bad? stuart: lou dobbs, 7:00, neil cavuto, 8:00. trish regan 11. all-star cast, don't miss it. neil, we're watching you too. neil: there is a drinking game. i will tell you about that later, it involves huge. we'll see what happens. obviously state of the union address tonight. the president will call for bipartisanship amid the border tensions that could prove easier said than done. whether either side is remotely interested in reaching out to the other. to "the hill"'s bob cusack. what can we expect? >> we'll see combination of things, neil. i will see if these parties can agree on anything. he will talk about lowering prescription drug prices, struck instruct that is two areas they can be agreement on. there will be talk about the shutdown and border wall. there will be stuff for the base. also trump needs to show that he is reaching out to the other party and saying, come on, you
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have to also show you're willing to compromise. neil: obviously he isn't going to talk about declaring an emergency when i guess this conference committee still has another week 1/2 or so to go but he seems to be signaling that. >> yes. neil: i'm wonderings, i even heard from a number about republicans not sure that right strategy to take, might poison the well, if not but even more than another shutdown. i don't understand the logic. >> i don't agree with that. i think declaring a emergency certainly would be controversial. some republicans on capitol hill indicated they would vote against it. there would be a vote in the house and senate. i don't think that would get vetoed. i don't think enough republicans side with the democrats. joe manchin might vote with the president. he is in favor of the wall. i think the worst possible situation is another shut down. i think that is while we avoid it, through another deal more likely but more likely through
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an emergency declaration. neil: how likely is it that, i guess the two sides can agree on some middle ground? it would take vetting on nancy pelosi to support a wall of some short and she has finessed semantics a little bit, not enough to say i love a wall but talked about structures. in the end that is how it will be settled if it is settled they come up with another word other than wall? >> yes but at the same time nancy pelosi gone from 1.3, to 1.$6 billion, to zero wall money. the the semantics issue is still there. a basically a deal has to be struck this week to be voted on next week. neil: that is interesting. even though it is next friday, the deadline, if you just score the deal that day there is not
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enough time? >> yes. neil: okay. >> house democrats will have three days to people to review the bill. they could waive that. at the same time you have to read the bill. neil: you should stick to following what is going on capitol hill. you seem to have quite a future in it, bob. thank you very much, my friend. president and chuck schumer trading barbs back on this. democratic strategist andrew feldman and c pac chairman, matt schlapp. i don't know where the wiggle room is. it might be definition after wall. it might also be no progress made, and we might see the president declare an emergency next friday night. what do you think? >> neil, basically the president came up with a proposal and there is no counter from the democrats. the counter from the democrats is, #resistance. >> we don't know. we don't know what is going on behind the scenes. >> we do. this is one of the reasons i think i agree with bob.
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they have conferees and they're meeting. what did nancy pelosi say the other day, she came out and said absolutely no money for a wall. why don't she let the conferees -- neil: you could be right. bottoms will call the shots. she will shut them down but they have differing view. so it might not go that way. you're right it's a concern for republicans. but, andrew, let me get your take on this how flexible you think some of the democrats on that panel, we talked to quite a few over the last week or so, who are more amenable to some of these other issues that nancy pelosi is not? does she call the shots? if they're even thinking of wall funding she will slap them down? can she slap them down, what? >> i don't think we'll see wall funding. been very made very clear about it public on this, that they don't want to see a you will. what we saw what happened during the shutdown. it was not a popular idea. and we also know that -- neil: what explains the half a. neil: wait, what explains half a dozen prominent democrats
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including steny hoyer open to it? >> i don't think we're talking about a wall here. i think we heard nancy pelosi say the other day we can talk about a wall sensing, increasing, also updating sensing already. there that is really important, neil. i think we can get to talk about that we also need to come to the table to look at, what the president said that we can agree to, right? which is drones, which is increased patrols. which is active technology that we know would actually benefit securing the border. i talked with you about that a lot. neil: you think that would do the trick? matt what about that -- if it becomes advanced we get beyond a wall, talk about things that might do better than a wall, you can quibble with that along the tijuana san diego border where the wall seems to be doing just fine what then? what do you think the president would do? >> this is so kind of a silly argument whether it's a wall or fence or barrier. i like calling it a barrier. then nancy pelosi can say i didn't build the wall.
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donald trump can say, okay i didn't get my wall i got a barrier. this is so stupid. the american people, by the way a drone -- neil: i think you're right, that is what it will come down to. >> let my say this. let me finish the answer real fast. i have an alarm on the house. but i also locks the dang door. the idea that a drone or some kind of electronic notification will prevent somebody from crossing the border is stupid. it will not work. >> let's not, that is beside the point -- >> that is the point. >> we know drugs coming through checkpoints. they come in through tunnels. also neil, here is my fundamental problem whatever he says tonight -- neil: the drone would catch that person when they're well into the united states, right? >> that's right. >> we can see, we can have technology -- neil: why can't you do it all? why, andrew? what is this anathema, democrats don't want a wall when they voted for it under barack obama. >>, not under donald trump. >> we're talking about a
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different type of wall here. we're talking about, this is on the forefront of their proposal. right? we know it is archaic, 20th century measure that when we -- neil: but if it was acar i can why were so many in your party for isn't. >> because there were a lot of other pieces to it, neil. neil: there are a lot of other pieces. >> we want all the pieces. we want it all. >> the wall is your forefront of the wall is your trophy. this is, you're playing politics here. reality that is why i -- neil: you don't want him to win. you don't want him to win? >> not about winning. i want to be smart. neil: fair enough. matt, did president box himself into this corner though? didn't he do that? >> in the sense that he said we have to have barrier? i actually think he shifted. i like the fact he sat down with schumer and pelosi, if you don't want a concrete wall we'll change to some other material. neil: you're right. he would take the heat and blame for government shutdown. >> he did. and you know what?
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republicans tend to get the blame usually on shutdowns. i think it is good the president wants to make spending fights on appropriations bills. he got push, pummeled in the polls all politicians have, the person pummeled the most is nancy pelosi. she has worst number of any nationwide political figure. she is not a popular person. she is popular with andrew, but americans hate her. neil: whoever sells theirwares better we'll see tonight. i want to see you tonight. state of the union address kicks off on this fine network with lou dobbs. 8:00 p.m., we'll take over through the speech. we'll hear a lot from democrats including stacey abrams, ran for georgia, lost a close gubernatorial contest. she is speaking on behalf of democrats. i wanted to take you what is going on in beantown right now where the new england patriots are celebrating for the second time in three years yet another parade. they had one a few months back for the boston red sox.
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neil: better to break bread than breaking each other's chops. president of the united states along with treasury secretary steve mnuchin, couple other people there, the family residence is a little more remarkable because that is more intimate, closer setting. to market watchers jonathan hoenig, veronique de rugy and what might come from this meeting t was cordial. i thought it was interesting inviting jerome powell at the time not knowing it was jerome powell's birthday. that is little unusual. >> unusual for the president to
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meet federal reserve chair. the residence is unusual. the president is unusual. trump demands loyalty. this man demands loyalty. on other hand the fed reiterated it has to remain non-political. as i imagine sitting around the table, almost like i am moveable object and irresistible force. any color comes out of the meeting, will not affect markets. neil: veronique, let me ask you, you don't want the fed chairman, president. united states, in a public fuss all the time. the president is critical of the federal reserve hiking interest rates. that was a big reason why the markets were tanking in december. i don't know whether this, you know, is a way to patch all of that over here or whether the two even talked about the course of interest rates but what do you make of the whole thing? >> i think it is, as jonathan has said, it is not unusual. what is more unusual is actually the way the president has been tweeting negatively about the chairman of the fed.
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that's more unusual. neil: that is what i felt made this whole dinner unusual, because you're right, it is rather common for president to have that with fed chairman. i didn't think it was in the offing for this one. >> but maybe it was kind of a peace offering. neil: yeah. >> with this president, to be honest, i don't think it's a guarranty that tweeting is going to stop anytime soon. i do think it is, it is a problem because i mean the fed does need to maintain, at least the appearance of independence and so, you know. neil: you look what has been happening and looking at the fact that the federal reserve, mark, has been more cautious, indicating now it will be data dependent, all but kind of acknowledging maybe they did move a little abruptly on rates. i'm not saying, all right the president was proven right or that the federal reserve chairman was proven wrong.
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there is enough now for him to lay back, and enough for the president to lay back, right? >> well, you're right. it is not exactly that the president was right but the fed did the right thing when they took their foot off the pedal. look, you had oil plunging. you have slowing growth overseas. you had asset prices here declining. we have slow housing in this country. the fed was single-handedly taking this economy down. look at the double-digit drop in housing prices in southern california we had. that number just came out yesterday. there is real reasons for the fed to be prudent and patient here, especially on the global perspective. we don't want to be the only country aggressively raising rates, when so much uncertainty exists. neil: we know the federal reserve watching closely the ongoing china trade talks, hoping they yield something. now the united nations, others warning that the tariffs alone, if they were to go into effect could have global consequences. jonathan what do you think of that? >> they're already having
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consequences. look, the president told us that the trade war is good, that it would be easy to win. now month and months later, it is costing americans a billion, two billion dollars a week in tariffs. just last couple earnings season, apple, general motors, hewlett-packard, caterpillar, adm, company after company specifically mentioned tariffs as hurting their bottom lines. so i hope perhaps chairman powell addressed it with the president. he will probably address it tonight on the state of the union. that is why markets will be moving. all eyes on fox business here tonight. neil: veronique -- by the way, you go, jonathan. do you think some of the things president has to say, have to go way beyond just the border wall? he can't overly stress that? that he has a good economic story to tell, he has good obviously market story to tell. hehe is less inclined to mention the markets, what do you make how he positions himself, someone looks at the big
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economic picture looks for? >> i mean i hope we're going to get some sort of guaranty, for whatever reason, because he is nervous about the market. that the war, the trade war with china. steel tariffs up against canada, mexico, but they at least have a gentleman's agreement on nafta 2.0. he will say the tariffs are going to go up, but i also fear i'm not going to get at all the kind of message i want to hear about runaway spending which this administration has been completely careless about. the fact that the debt reached $22 trillion -- neil: both parties had a hand in that. i don't see, mark, any indication, either party even cares about it. >> no, no one cares. >> no. there is no appetite for that right now. i think what the president should do is focus on the unemployment rate, the strong wage gains across the board. minority unemployment is down. his voting base, the working
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middle class gaining wages. not focus on stocks but look at the underlying economy benefits everyone. the reason the stock market is hanging in there because of a strong consumer. i think he should underscore he played a hand in that. that is a good message for all americans to hear. neil: we'll hear it tonight. guys, thank you all, very, very much. maybe it is time we get past the yelling and shouting. a little later on, phil robertson, "duck dynasty." he has a great book out. that he urges we step back, look what is important, who is important, not these silly arguments back and forth. how he proposes we do that coming up after this.
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neil: all right. we've got the dow up triple digits, second day running here. this would be the seventh week of gains it were to maintain itself. boeing is a big reason. it has never been over 400 bucks a share. it is up 2 1/3% right now. this is a stock that would
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reflect optimism what is going on with these chinese talks, if they look favorable generally helps the stock. if they are not, it does not. if they were concerned about anything happening in china or lack thereof this wouldn't be happening. of course they had record orders around the world for a variety of their jet models, record territory contributing disproportionately to the dow's gain today. let's talk about what a lot of average homeowners are doing, homebuyers are doing. a lot are avoiding high-taxed states in droves. florida is a quick beneficiary but it doesn't end there. to lauren simonetti. lauren. >> i will be pessimist after the optimistic report on boeing, neil. this is the perfect storm, the icing on the cake for florida. that couldn't come from me. this comes from ceo of the douglas elliman, jay parker, who i got off the phone with. this is the first year we're realizing the impact of tax reform. no one wakes up in the morning
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and says, let's move. this is something they i about for a while. the 2017 tax law which capped certain deductions at $10,000, that was the final straw for a lot of folks. makes no state income tax, no estate tax, florida, a buying opportunity. it codifies miami as nickname, the sixth borough of new york city. this trend of many high income new yorkers leaving for the low-tax south is blowing a hole in the new york state budget. the democratic above andrew cuomo blaming the trump administration but not so fast, says republican state senator fed axshar this is what he fired back with, quote, the governor is quick to blame the $2.3 billion revenue shortfall, the federal government and the weather, he cannot ignore over a million new york residents who left this state over the past nine years for lower taxes and better opportunities elsewhere
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long before these new federal tax policies were enacted. hence, that is the icing on the cake we started this segment with. new york can no longer rely on any fiscally conservative lawmakers. you have democrats with majorities in both the state senate and assembly. the proof is in the pudding. check out the numbers. douglas elliman median sales prices for manhattan dipped below million dollars quarter over quarter. decline of 5%. coastal miami finds the exact opposite. i just gave you two markets. we're seeing this throughout many cities and localities in florida. and in other states, whether it is new jersey, connecticut or illinois. neil? neil: lauren, thank you very, very much. we want to follow a story charlie gasparino has been following closely in the battle over the former fox regional sports networks and they technically still are, what about the bidding? >> they are a name but technically disney.
12:27 pm
neil: disney has to sell them. >> they're doing it through allen and company. here is what we learned, auction of 22 of these, literally 21 handled by allen and company. it's a separate one for the yes, yankees entertainment network handled privately bit yankees. i will deal with this take them all together, the auction of all these is in the final stages. we understand the networks will fetch about $13 billion. that is what it looks like now after all the bids are in. major league baseball. amazon buying a piece of the yes network, not the whole thing but. john malone we reported yesterday. cnbc is finally catching up to us. for 10 billion. looks like the whole thing will go for 13 billion. that is a far cry from what they initially waned. they wanted something like $20 billion. neil: in the end a single buyer all said and done? >> here is the thing. there is talk about breaking them up. disney cannot hold economic --
12:28 pm
there is talk about disney spinning it off into a separate company which they might own a piece of. the justice department told disney point plank, we can report this exclusive i, you have to dislodge your ownership of it. you cannot have any ownership given the fact you own espn. whatever they do, spin it off into a separate company, they can't own, have any economic interest in that separate company. if they, if they sell it in piecemeal they can't hold any of it. neil: got it. >> so the bottom line, they have to sell it. they're not getting 10 billion. and the only way they get up to something, not getting 20 billion. only way they get up close to that, if john malone, who does own the braves, partnering up with a guy that owns platinum equities which owns the detroit pistons, tom gorus, if they somehow want it really bad, start bidding up. right now players, major league baseball, sinclair, apollo, even malone, they're 10 billion. amazon's stake in the yankees
12:29 pm
when they buy it, minority stake, value 3 billion, hence you get $13 billion for all 22 networks, below the price. neil: thank you very much, charlie gasparino. we know the president has a state of the union address tonight. "duck dynasty"'s phil robertson were making the speech, he has a great book out. i have a feeling he would give a very different speech. he is tired of the silly back and forth, silliness and nastiness. he is here.
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neil: state of the union tonight. democrats taken that over. how does the president address a skeptical democratic house, and nancy pelosi right behind him who isn't on the same page when it comes to things like a wall, et cetera? there is such a thing as decorum in politics. which brings us to my next guest, the "duck dynasty" star, the author of the, the theft of
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america's soul. as i was reading your book, i was thinking how would you get that address and keep the nation together? how would you do it? >> i would begin with the apostle paul writing to the roman empire before it collapsed. now it is just a heap of rubble over there what used to be the world's greatest power. during that process, when it was at its peak, the apostle paul wrote them a letter, and he said to them, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of god, god gave them over to a depraved mind to do what ought not to be done. they become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed, depravity. they're full of envy, murder. i saw the other day when the new york senate said we can now, you can kill your children, even
12:35 pm
if their head is out of the womb and they're on the table. neil, they cheered. it was like a touchdown. they jumped, yea, we can kill them. i'm like, they're full of envy, murder, strife. neil: that toward your argument we have lost touch with simple values but lost touch with god. and the government is no replacement. you say, my view is simple, no government ram whether health care, social security, whatever can save you. it may put food in your belly at great expense, may get you in the hospital at even greater expense. it may mow vied you in the dog days of your life, only one thing will, that is jesus. >> we have been given, contrary to what cam call -- kamala harris said, elect me, everything is free. look, everybody can have their
12:36 pm
own health care, the government will finance the whole thing. it is not going to cost but 30 trillion. i'm offering you the greatest deal you ever had. elect me and everything will be free. neil: she is saying that other people have been getting away with financial murder, which pail for it, the rich, including you. >> what i'm saying kamala, i have already health care. it is given to me by god. eternal health care. i'm guaranteed to be raised from the dead. i have life imortality given to me by god through jesus christ. neil: people get sick on earth in human form. would you advise -- >> temporary reprieve is not worth it. i am telling her, health care and it is free. doctors can give you a temporary reprieve but they cannot save you from physical death. the doctors who treat you, they die too. jesus -- neil: you're not dismissing that we, people need health care, right? just who pays for isn't. >> i didn't have health care for 50 years.
12:37 pm
someone says, now i'm rich and famous. you can buy every kind of insurance known to man if you want to. but i never needed it for 50 years. there you go. neil: it has done you some good here. let me ask you a little bit. you have, seems like a pretty interesting relationship with the president. before he was president, you had met with him at values summit. >> yes. neil: you had given him a diagram. could you tell that story? >> i wrote the gospel down in hero givic form, say what you will about jesus, our calendar, the world's calendar is based on jesus christ. it is 2019 years, neil, since jesus showed up. we're counting time by jesus. say what you will. of all the people that walked on planet earth, your calendar is based on one of them? he had to have done something, neil. i asked a russian, i asked a girl from the ukraine what year
12:38 pm
is it over there the in ukraine? she said 2019. a guy from vietnam was seated right over there, i said, what is the year in vietnam? he said 2019. neil: when you talk to the president, was it your sense that he's more a man of faith than he been given credit for. >> that is correct. neil: what made you say that. >> because when i said jesus died for your sins, trump, i said, you do have sins, don't you? he said, oh, yeah. i said, he removed them right here on the cross and you are going into a casket one of these days and into the cemetery. he said, yeah. i said, three days later, after they killed him on the cross, he solved that problem too. it wouldn't do us any good, neil. donald trump -- neil: he seemed moved by that. he stuck it in his pocket. >> what he said was, he heard the gospel which was my job to give it to him, it is not my job to judge him. there is one law giver, neil, an
12:39 pm
one judge, the one who saves and destroys, almighty. my job was to give him the good news. he said, can i have that? , the. i said sure? i handed it to him, he put it in his pocket. i'm a proclaimer. my job was -- neil: your job was done. >> my job was done. neil: encounter, god is only hope for mankind, you told the man would tolded man who would be president, only for man to would be president. >> he is pro-god, pro-life. i have no problem with any policy he has put forward. to me, i think it would take a savvy, new york billionaire to be able to withstand the onslaught of vitriol and hatred directed towards one donald trump. i'm amazed that --
12:40 pm
neil: he gets a lot of that himself, that he brings it on? >> i said it in the book. some of the things he says, i would -- neil: right. very politic. >> i have said a lot of things i wish i could, i wish i not have said. think about it, neil. you said a few things. neil: i never said anything. >> oh, yeah. a few of us have. a man that talks a lot like the president of the united states, he is going to make some mistakes. neil: media says, the fake news thing and he lie as lot, misrepresents himself, what do you think? >> i'm just saying the news media, according to jesus, the evil one is the father of murder. that kind of fills in the blank, why we're such a murderous nation all the way down to killing our sons and daughters in our mother's womb. neil: sarah sanders said god brought him here and made him the president what do you think. >> i'm saying the devil is the
12:41 pm
father of murder and he is the father of lies. so i'm never seen lying, neil, on the, in america. i have never seen the extent of this kind of lying, coming out of news media. i never seen anything like it since i've been on the earth. neil: but you don't see it out of the president or politicians? >> i'm saying we all make mistakes in many ways. neil: fair enough. >> but i would say donald trump is not a liar. neil: okay. >> i think he is doing the best he can do. i think he is being attacked from all sides. being a new york billionaire, i would see where he might get a little bit frisky at times and say a few things he might not should have said but i'm saying overall, i'll take him any day over the competition. neil: you were telling me, i didn't realize until reading your book, you were 28 when you had this conversion loose ways, you were as bad as you get. >> health then.
12:42 pm
rank heathen. neil: you overcam that. you were a tough dad. with your kids, you say run afoul of biblical living, three licks. no more or no less. dishonor your mother, three licks. disrespect the teacher, three licks. get caught cursing, punching your brother, three licks. they have people that show up at your doorstep. >> are they saying four sons married to the original women they married? yes. are they raising children up with the fear of the lord, take the scriptures, rebuke them, correct them in the proper way so they respect law enforcement, their teachers? my code was if you disobey your teachers, get in trouble with the teachers you get a double-whammy from me. obey your teacher, yes, ma'am, no, ma'am. neil: honor is important to you. >> honor is important. neil: your oldest son he was there when you were in your loose -- >> that's correct. neil: so he was tougher to deal
12:43 pm
with, right? >> tougher to deal with, but i treated them all the same. once i came to a knowledge of the truth started following jesus. i will tell you now that they have had their children, they have all thinged me that i disciplined them and i taught them in the correct way. they're all married. i have great grandchildren, grandchildren and i'm looking at the whole bunch. i'm thinking, they're all godly. and it is a pleasure to be around them. and it is nice. neil: remarkable story. but i was thinking of just the message you're trying to send, get back to basic values here. one of the things i was thinking of, from thessalonians, thinking of you, therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. and yet, i don't know whether tonight either side is in the mood to build the other up? i know from great presidents like ronald reagan, and even john kennedy, when he would work with republicans on tax cuts, that it was about making them feel like they got something out
12:44 pm
of the deal too, not, shut -- shoving their face in the dirt. >> all the nations before us they rise and they fall, they rise and they fall. they rot from within. there is word we seldom use, you're throwing it around all the time, but i don't hear it coming out of the news media. the word is sin. we just don't want to be honest about our sin. neil: as a parent what would bother you the most? >> well, as a parent, that is why you say, phil, why did you freely, honestly say, i used to be a dunk ard, a heathen, immoral? why would you tell the world that? i'm being honest with them. i'm just saying, why don't we give our sins, there are many, we all are sinners, give them to jesus. he will remove them. now i'm guilt-free. on top of that, not count any future one against you. oh, thank you, lord. when i make a mistake, he will
12:45 pm
raise you from the dead. i'm saying, neil -- neil: more to you, that you don't treat people badly. you're a decent person. i've been on visits before. >> yep. neil: like your old show, new show, comes across in the family. i don't think you can fake that. maybe you do. >> you can't fake it, neil. you can't fake it. neil: i wonder, we have it in us, republican, democrat, conservative liberal, john kennedy said you're breathing same air and on the same planet we forget that. >> i know. neil: caught up in the drama of hate. >> look what they did to a mistake-free god in a human body, jesus? look what they did to him, neil. look how he was brutalized and maligned. neil: the message there is what? >> we'll i'm saying is, if they treated a mistake-free individual that badly, why would
12:46 pm
i be shocked if i point people to him and say, he changed my life. neil: fair enough. >> they say, some idiot, some old gray bearded dude is out there hollering about sin. i'm like -- neil: you're not hollering. speaking under normal tone. >> love god and love each other. what is the downside, neil, that you can see? neil: fair enough. let me ask you about stuff comes out in the media today about actions, photographs, statements, from decades ago? latest virginia governor ralph northam. you know the whole story. a lot of people saying you got to resign right now and, not asking you to judge obnoxious of pictures, what was said or not, but this tendency to just go way back to find stuff? >> how many times, lord, they asked, the disciples, should we forgive someone they sin against us? seven? in america, i don't even believe
12:47 pm
it is three strikes and you're out. one strike with america you're out. neil: you doesn't think he should resign? >> how many times should we forgive somebody, lord? seven? jesus' reply is astounding, he said 70 times 7. i'm just saying neil, we have to learn how to forgive. dragging up things in people's past, come on. neil: if he were doing this stuff -- >> i don't care what he was doing. neil: if it he were doing it today, would you feel differently. >> if you look at my past, no good, sorry, low-down, i repented. i'm sinful. neil: if you you were doing all that stuff today it would be different. you draw the distinction, governor northam all decades ago. >> i would tell the man, now on, if you get past this one, i forgive you, whatever you've done, murder, rape, robbery, mayhem, i forgive you. god will forgive you. i've gone to death row, talk to inmates. they thought they didn't havance cha. i told him you can be under lock
12:48 pm
and key, guys, but you can still be free. even murders, rapists those cells, they were listening what i was saying. you can be free, even here, gain imortality, eastern on death row. that way when guys make mistakes, why do we say we got them, we brought them? i just forgive them, move on. look how many sins i was forgiven of. neal, i know you haven't committed many but there is a few you committed, correct? neil: is it getting hot in here? >> i'm saying we've all been there, dude. neil: i'm switching subject now. did you ever think you would become financially successful as you did? >> no. neil: you had a goal, you write about how you and your wife i think we can do something with this stuff. >> there is two words in the english language that end with ism.
12:49 pm
there is only words that are isms, socialism. out. communist, out. humanism, out. atheism, out. all the isms, burn them all, i hold on to two, capitalism and baptism. those are the two i hold on to. the rest of them, throw them in the trashcan. baptism is from the almighty. capitalism, our founding fathers saw fit that we practice that kind of system. neil: do some abuse capitalism? >> that is why i became a multimillionaire. i can sound like a duck. just think about it -- neil: some people abuse capitalism. you've given back, then some. >> i'm just saying -- neil: obligation if you're wealthy, to give back. >> i drank some of starbuck's coffee a while ago. i tasted it, i know why the guy is billionaire. this is great coffee.
12:50 pm
he puts coffee grounds -- a lot of coffee grounds. that is all he did. he made a good strong cup of coffee. he is billionaire. i would never want to take his money. i'm like capitalism. neil: you and howard have to pony up more in taxes to help fellow man? >> i looked what we pay out. you have to remember i'm a multimillionaire and i'm famous. someone says is that going to help you, either one of those things, with your sin? and with the grave problem that is coming up for you? they're not going to help me, neil. they're not going to help me. neil: can't take it with you. >> nope. neil: phil robertson, the theft of america's soul. it gets you right back to the core of what is important. thank you, very good seeing you. good luck coming out of your shell. >> i i love you, america. neil: best to your family. more after this. >> you're a good man neil, i don't care what they say.
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
>> let's take a quick peek at the wall. ninety-four-point boeing sent the stock over 400 points per share. it is the highest it has ever been. many are signaling that maybe it's a sign that a deal with china will be scored. if so, it would be a little bit of a while. we would know may be the end of
12:55 pm
this month. what they're trying to do is avoid the tariffs from kicking in. the chinese are saying, maybe if were still negotiating in good faith you can push that back. the white house not indicating that's in the offering. the president may outline what he's gonna do about the wall. he'll have the field to himself tonight when he speaks at the state of the union address. these are big events. we talk about the significance of that venue, after this.
12:56 pm
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or visit for more info. would you mind passing my book there. once again, that's... and financing is available for qualified purchasers. >> the big speech tonight along with questions of how the president will be targeting this, talking about the wall, other things. it is not just wall center. we don't know for sure.
1:00 pm
>> the white house today suggesting that as it relates to potentially the wall on a national emergency the let the folks on capitol hill, the democrats and republicans try to hash that out between now and september or february 15, the deadline. the president did lead up to this by saying you might want to watch tuesday night, there could be news. the white house was starting to telegraph that may be not as it relates to a national emergency. the white house also saying that the president's come at least one theme is going to be unity in trying to bring a sense of unity about the country. i had of the speech the president of the top democrat in the senate are in a twitter stack going back and forth. he took to the senate floor saying that the state of our union is not strong.
1:01 pm
they said the ease in need of drastic repair. that got the attention of president trump. he tweeted out this, i see schumer is already criticizing the state of the union speech even though he hasn't seen it yet. he's upset he didn't when the senate after spending a fortune like he thought he would. too bad we were given more credit for the senate went by the media. schumer followed that up with, thanks for watching my speech. but, you must've missed this line. even more empty than his policy president are president trump's calls for unity. there is going to be in a tent of some unity. we'll see it for the president in the first lady. a survivor from a shooting last
1:02 pm
year. an officer who went into the synagogue as the bullets were fine. he also invited a sixth-grade from delaware by the name of joshua tron. no relation to the president. the child has been bullied because of his last name. >> thank you. let's go to presidential historian, and these days would help. doris, good to have you. >> thank you. >> it is a unique venue when you're in the house and there's a reason why the president tonight go the senate route or for that matter all the speech at another venue when the speaker delayed it. that's a special place, right? >> no question. there's nothing like the pageantry for the state of the union. i love the state of the union address. the congress, the supreme court, the joint chiefs of staff. it's the biggest possible audience. it started with george washington exerting that power by going to congress. then they decide no, it's too
1:03 pm
much like a king. it continued that way to woodrow wilson than the executive need more power of the legislative so he goes up and curses. ever since then most have done the realize is that moment the whole nation is focused on you. when everybody sitting behind you and its ritual. i love these moments. what you make of that? >> lyndon johnson is the first run that made it prime time on television. before that it was in the afternoon. when you judge the success of the state of the union, there's not many memorable lines.
1:04 pm
the last best hope is america. but, what really matters is does the president's statement mobilize action in the congress? that's one of the most effective state of the union's in 1941 when fdr called for lynn leist at a time when it was pretty isolationist. then it started as helping england before pearl harbor. lbj in 1965 everything he outlined, voting rights, aid to housing, education, immigration reform, npr, pbs, all of that passed in the next session of congress. that's when you see it mobilize an action. >> i don't know how you feel about this but a close model the president might want to emulate for different reasons is bill clinton. after republicans seized control in the midterms there is the president and his state of the union address saying the arabic
1:05 pm
government was over. he did so again just a few years later in the middle of the monica lewinsky thing to reposition and refocus. it is possible to do that. i don't know if one's speech does it but it can set the stage for. >> even in trump's own history, his first address to the joint session after his inaugural, that inaugural had been dark. i more partisan than you would have imagined. his first joint session was much more open to those thought sites. it was the best media he had ever done. >> and he said it's important to be uplifting for any address. >> absolutely. >> be uplifting and give hope. >> when there that divided on this border and what to do about it, the two sides at each other's throats, i suggested that they don't even call the wall. maybe something like cottage
1:06 pm
cheese whatever. there's a lot that binds him. ragan would pounce on those similarities, jfk would when it came to pushing tax cuts how does he close that deal? >> it's hard. the partisanship today is stronger than i think it's been since the 1850s. no words alone are going to do something. words can help at least set a tone. then what happens after the speech. after that good joint session speech that president trump gave when everybody was praising him, then the next day he was talking about president obama having wiretapped his office at trump tower. that became the news of the day. it will really matter what happened to the tweets after this. if there consistent or if they go back to the divisiveness of
1:07 pm
the state of the union. something has to break. i keep waiting for it to happen. >> i don't know what happened at this meeting. we had the author here and he said he met with the president and scratched a religious diagram that he wanted the president to keep. the president was touched by it. another side of donald trump that you don't often see. he has the capability of be more reflective than we give him credit, but not in public. what you make of it? >> i think what people want is a leader that acknowledges their difficulties, who acknowledges things haven't gone that way. maybe someone who hope the way we hope. when jfk admitted that he made mistakes with the bay of pigs,
1:08 pm
the popularity made him go up because we are all human. mistakes are made. if you can't acknowledge those move forward you're not learning are growing. that's what i think what you're hoping for. not just a call for unity but a call for recognizing that everyone was a part of this divisiveness, not just the other side. the only way to get together is for both sides to accept that responsibility. >> when you look at the name calling back and forth, doesn't end. it accelerates. i guess we'll see more of it because of the divide with the house. is this what our future looks like for the next couple of years? >> we go up and down. i was talking the other day about what it was like in 1968. even forget 1850 so long ago that even me who studies dead presidents thinks about that. in 68 things were tough. remember when the antiwar movement was on the street and
1:09 pm
kids were separated from the adults and drug culture was beginning. somehow, things calm down. it's hard to see the path right now. we may have talked but this article i saw set partisanship is so high that people when they are asked what are you most afraid of for your child, it's no longer not to marry outside the family religion or race, but to marry outside your party. that's crazy. it makes no sense. parties are meant to bring us together and fight over political issues but not define who we are. that's what teddy roosevelt warned against. democracy is then in trouble. the desire on the part of so many people is to get through this. and if you like americans again. >> don't ever talk to my family again. that was a wasted effort there. the other thing that i have gone down there so many times in when
1:10 pm
i've talked with whomever, i see democrats and republicans slapping each other's backs and laughing with each other. then the camera lights go on and the microphones and all of a sudden it's professional wrestling in their throwing chairs at each other. they don't really feel that way. >> i went to a meeting of a joint session of all the congressional library and they were there. i think they feel like they're afraid to have those pictures shown. it's the constituents that will hurt them for being friendly with the other side. somehow that connection between the citizens and politicians need to be shifted. >> i went to the capital grille. but it's just whatever works. >> i'll go with you to the capital grille. >> it's great seeing you again. what is potential for both parties and in us, it's in our dna.
1:11 pm
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>> the president is going to be busy with talks by the end of the month. first with north korean leader there with the chinese leader. we have growing word that the nuclear missiles are actually being shielded by the government right now. the former deputy under secretary says secretary, what we know about this? what we do about it? >> we know that at least according to reuters, the un security council mongers have found evidence of a consistent trend on the part of the north koreans to disperse the assembly of the storage and testing locations of the nuclear site. so, there is a real question about how sincere they are about
1:16 pm
reaching an agreement. an agreement requires more than just talking. what we have talked so far, that is good, it has avoided more serious consequences. but, at a certain point you pick up young talking and actually do something. >> is it a mistake for the president to meet with him personally. normally a follow-up is warranted because there has been progress. >> i don't think it's a mistake. we will know after the meeting what the outcome is. if it produces something that is verifiable, an action that is not just a concession by the united states or it doesn't just simply give him the opportunity to say, i had another meeting with the president, if it actually produces something tangible, we can say it's a success.
1:17 pm
>> do you have any doubts about the timing of this? he meets with the north korean leader and then he goes right over and meets with the leader of china. obviously separate issues, but not all that separate when you look at the role china would play. >> the timing is absolutely critical. but, the most critical thing is that we need to get beyond talking. winston churchill it is famous for a lot of remarks. one is, the jaw jaws worked better than war war. okay. there's a possibility here of conflict in the area and region. it's a tense situation. north koreans were reluctant to come to a reasonable course of
1:18 pm
action that is verifiable. it doesn't move up the process ahead. so, it is up to the president and kim to reach some sort of verifiable agreement that actually does something. >> thank you. in the meantime, that meeting that were having is still looking at ways to avoid imposition of 25% tariffs on more than $200 billion worth of chinese goods. will have a much bigger effect according to the united nations. it will be a global pain in the neck. what do you make of that? >> well, i think that is one of the statements, neil that is
1:19 pm
confirmed the obvious. these two anchor the global trade community and tone anchor at the same way. i think that's the point of contention. >> neil: some of those tariffs went into effect, they would hurt a lot of asian economies, those linked to china and it was spread to europe. you're sitting there overstating that? >> no, i'm not saying that. i think they are spot on. they are a day late and a dollar short or a few trillion. the concept here is one of balanced trade in prayer and intellectual-property distribution. citing data like that to me is okay, fine, the dog ate my homework, put another log on the fire, whatever you want to say. the critical pieces that these two need each other more than the press believes. they're looking for differences but i think they should be looking at similarities. >> neil: there is seem to be very little worried that chinese is going to fall apart.
1:20 pm
>> i have got to believe in the traders i am talking to around the world, i have to believe that traders are making a preemptive move on the assumption there will be a deal. what that looks like him i don't know. no trader with his or her salt cannot afford to be flat-footed when something is announced. >> is it your sense that the dinner that the fed chairman half and i think steve mnuchin is there may have been a good thing for the markets. whatever differences they have that played out on a public stage. >> i would have loved to have been a fly on the wall or the table last night. this is one of those things that housecall markets down. both sides stuck to their talking points. i'm sure it was a polite dinner. but, i think the fact that they did get together and share a meal is significant. that's traditionally a time in american politics where you can
1:21 pm
see each other's point of view and you can do it civilly. >> neil: that's a concept. thank you. let's take a look at -- the dow was up 87% will have more after this. great news, liberty mutual customizes-
1:22 pm
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>> were getting interesting details coming out of the u.s. military commander for the middle east of the senate hearing in which general joseph looked ahead and said he had not consulted by the president on his decision to remove u.s. forces. this comes more than a day after the senate voted to immediately remove troops. he said nothing is immediate but this wasn't shared with a lot of
1:26 pm
folks. including general joseph. the head of our central command in the middle east who said he was not. the iraq veteran, what are you we make of this. the president did this and explained it afterwards, but not to the top guys early on. >> good afternoon. i find it kind of odd that this president has relied very heavily on his generals and admirals to guide him and leave him in some of his military decisions. however, we know from the past that he has made comments and statements and later had to go back to his top brass and retract some statements or slow his path down, which i think very well could be what we see happening here, especially in light of what were seeing on the senate floor with the boot consensus across the floor with leader mcconnell in his
1:27 pm
direction to slow things down and in iraq, afghanistan, and syria. >> neil: what would they do if the president just bedded up? i guess it's in the eye of the beholder, what do you think? >> here we are, very short time we are in the down stretch towards the election. i think it's highly unlikely that would happen. it would be wise not to do that. we need to show unified republican party going forward. the foreign relations is something very important. mexico, venezuela, there is a lot of activity going on. more than i have seen and a lot of years. we have to be unified. i make some sound decisions moving forward. >> apparently the general is saying what you have said, while on the run isis is hardly a done deal. they're saying we do have to keep pressure on this they have the ability to come back together even if we do not.
1:28 pm
they have indeed been dramatically reduced but it could be taken back in a deliberate and coordinated manner. what you think? >> is exactly right. from my time down range. these are very small on conventional forces that move very fast. they know how to do damage with very few people. while we have eliminated 91 or 92%, that remaining can do a lot of damage. turning her back and moving forward just gives them more energy, more motivation to sit tight, let us remove herself and then let them take back what they want. >> thank you very much. >> in the meantime, apple seems to be clawing its way back. for how long?
1:29 pm
1:30 pm
1:31 pm
1:32 pm
1:33 pm
>> welcome back tocoast-to-coas. i'm christina. let's take a look at shares of google. continuing the selloff after they posted their earnings yesterday. there's a few points of concern. you had traffic acquisition costs. those were the cause that the parent company of google had to pay to a third party like apple. you're also seeing a spending free. capital expenditures literally doubled this quarter compared to last year. at $25 million. then, there is an increasing competition when you're talking about added revenue. no longer just facebook and google. amazon's coming in. despite the fact that your seen it lower today on the earnings call, the reason they're spending so much as they are focusing on infrastructure heading into the future as well as their other beds. that also includes driverless cars and cloud computing. it's a long-term focus.
1:34 pm
some trader said this could be a good buying opportunity. j.p. morgan say they're overweight but they do prefer other companies like space book and amazon over google. then you had some increasing the price target because they're happy about the long term. were also looking at disney. their earnings will come out after the bell. what are we expecting? earnings-per-share at a dollar 55. there's going to be a lot of interest in disney plus. that's a streaming sewage service debuting later this year. we will have the information and break down the numbers on after the bell. that's at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. no, gonna throw back to you.
1:35 pm
you have just half of the s&p 500 companies that reported their earnings but three quarters have been earnings expectations. >> thank you. we have been showing you the battle back and forth between the tech giants and the market caps. they take turns. is something you need to write in pencil. we have done for lips. when you do look at this, you realize how tight together they are. with the exception of google alphabet. they are coming back. and certainly substantially so from the december lows. >> a couple of them in bear market territory but not as bad as what they are looking at. >> apple got hit last year. it was down something like 30%. since the earnings have been out, close to 10%. even though people talk about apple being expensive, there's one money manager who works in california. he works for apple and he says
1:36 pm
listen. tim cook is a great ceo. he's going to continue to execute. the thomas driving, apple content, they're all areas will grow. so is the company in transition? the iphone revenues down but one man's opinion is that these areas plus additional r&d development that we don't know about our compelling reason to hold and not sell the stock. >> beyond, found donald trump, i would prefer this market environment then say let's say five weeks ago. >> no question. i suspect his ratings will go up as the stock market has gone up. i suspect his ratings were falling as the stock market went down. no question he feels better going in front of the united states with the state of the
1:37 pm
union with the dow up 100 points and up seven or 10% from its lows. >> you look at this and a lot of people had not given up on the stocks or technology in general. the nasdaq 100 which is a number in them. what you make of all of that? or whether this is like a fools rush in moment? >> i want to caution people to just looking at market caps as a valuation metric. that does not drive the value. you need to be looking at earnings and sales growth. look at cash flow generations. so people saying this mac a car priest it's irrelevant to make a sound investment decision. >> we should advise you that we have fancy graphics and music. >> but you raise a good point. other than metrics. give me some examples.
1:38 pm
>> so if you look at a pe basis. his training at 13 times pe. so cash flow basis. >> that's not too pricey. >> but look at microsoft. it's 21 times and amazon did over 44 times. again, look at apple, it's the cheapest stock in that bunch. they have an ecosystem there building. they have a large china exposure. it's really the only value sto stock. >> when you think about it, timing is everything. people would just quit and left the market had just done that they would be missing so much of this return. would or should a coder,. >> timing is always tricky. were adding on to this nine and half year bull market, still seemingly going. but i do think if you're close to retirement you need to have a conversation. most people who anticipate
1:39 pm
working another few years, some of these stocks are worth holding. it is very hard rightly or wrongly to challenge any of them. apple, amazon. we heard jeff pazo says one day amazon will be bankrupt, but is certainly not today. all these names that are viewers are looking at they take up all the oxygen in the room. it's difficult for competitors to come up. i think there could be potential legislation. ours listening to sanders and schumer talking about limiting some buybacks. apple has been the key of buybacks. it was $240 billion worth of buybacks. maybe some of the risks will be coming from d.c. and not the marketplace. >> looking at the way we started out the year and this can be a
1:40 pm
seventh straight week of gains, what are you looking for? >> i trade only for my own account. i have my own money at risk for a lot of time. i got bullish two weeks late but the market wants to go from the lower left to the upper right. the economy is doing fine. i'm impressed, little concern were up seven weeks in a row. are we getting to the point where were overbought, yes. would i be a buyer of new stocks? no. but sit tight. the correction will be very minor. then on a three-year 5% correction be a buyer. it will be able market until it stops. that's all i've learned in 45 years. >> then? >> we raised a little bit of cash in our policy fun in q4 and started reallocating in mid-january. bought some 5g telecom stocks.
1:41 pm
you have to be opportunistic. the market is near term over bart. were expecting a pullback in the next few weeks. that would be an opportunity to redeploy some cash. >> i think you all. will be following this on the tech strategy and if it's working or not as well as the constant market cap updates. stick around. and you're still not sure if you want to make the trade? exactly. sounds like a case of analysis paralysis. is there a cure? td ameritrade's trade desk. they can help gut check your strategies and answer all your toughest questions. sounds perfect. see, your stress level was here and i got you down to here, i've done my job. call for a strategy gut check with td ameritrade. ♪
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1:45 pm
>> i guess i knew this wascomin. but 4000 workers being laid off in gm. >> kind of a contradiction in terms. they just unveiled this new vehicle. this is the new silverado chevy heavy duty pickup. big cash cow for the company. at the same time laying off those workers that you referred to. those are white colored workers. let's spin around here and see, these people are not losing their jobs because of robots. although robotics clearly invoke here at this truck assembly plant. but the white collar workers,
1:46 pm
they need people to do different stuff. then the plant closures which in gm is quite quick to say no, they are not plant closures. their plans we are not allocating. that means they're not going to make anything there at the multiple plans. those workers will have to find a job somewhere else. mark royce telling us the president of gm saying they will have a job somewhere within gm if they want them. that's as it pertains to the workers on the line. as for layoffs in general, mark has been here long time. his father was president of gm. he told us today, it's just plain hard. listen. >> it's hard. a lot of my friends and family, were going to get through it. but at the end of the day, were doing this proactively, ahead of any economic downturn that we know will happen, we just don't know when. this company is going to be healthy with the right workforce, with the right amount
1:47 pm
of plants and products in it. we will grow general motors. >> as you know, the company has come under fire not only from the union but from the president, who said you should not be laying people out. you got a bailout from the government. mark is saying they're not changing their tune. they're going to go ahead with restructuring. not doing that is what got them in bankruptcy in 2008. he said we live through that, we don't want to put the company through that again. we will do what we have to do even though they are tough decisions. the silverado behind me, they average $56000. that is the cash cow. do you want to know where the money is coming from? you're looking at it. >> neil: thank you. you may have heard a thing or two about the president giving a state of the union address tonight. democrats or republicans will be at loggerhead. they do find common ground
1:48 pm
particularly when it comes to infrastructure. the former hud secretary work for bill clinton certainly helps you will as well. nah. not gonna happen.
1:49 pm
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>> there asking drug companiest. there were more than seven. but seven big ones. many are asking why they raised prices. some of these hikes were off the charts. the senate and republican body wants to hold some of these guys. and have a little chat. will let you know how that goes. in the meantime, what you know about tonight, the president will address congress in a state of the union speech that was delayed. there's a possibility he could revisit that. let's get they read from
1:53 pm
undersecretary bill clinton's. it's interesting, you always expect people watch nancy pelosi and behind the president and you turn around to make digs at her. , with bill clinton, newt gingrich the same way, but they got a lot stuff done. is it your hope that these two sides can get stuff done? >> it turns on just how deep the personal animosity becomes out of this. if we can get past the border security issue, then i think there's possibility there's common ground on other things, infrastructure for one. the president is a dealer in the political leaders in the house and senator long time dealers as well. there are deals to be done. >> neil: they are they have
1:54 pm
common ground. both sides are keen on, on infrastructure investment firm. there is great interest, but, the two sides first have to get over. >> i think again there's an opportunity to put something together. obviously, the president wants a wall. there is no justification for a wall from see to shining sea for 2000 miles but there are barriers to be built. and some that would help channel traffic. i lived 150 miles from the border. >> neil: when nancy pelosi calls the wall immoral or that we don't need another dollar for it. what he think of that? >> it's not immoral. a sovereign nation has a right to control its borders. there are security measures that make more sense than a physical
1:55 pm
barrier. >> you can do all of that? >> you could do barrier in key places and then things along the lines of radar, blimps, and other devices for measurement of human traffic and so forth. we can get to where we need to be in terms of the level of security. the country deserves to have security on the border. i think most democrats agree with that. most americans agree with that. . which is the berlin wall, and other walls in history that haven't, that separated people. neil: democrats supported walls and republicans have supported talk at that relief -- daca relief. >> there to be done if you get past the personal animosity. hopefully, hopefully -- neil: all these people that announced a run for the white house -- it is pretty nasty already. >> another shut down doesn't make sense. the emergency measures with potential constitutional
1:56 pm
dimensions don't make sense. neil: avoided a shutdown. >> moves people in the direction, let's bet something done. maybe the state of the union and the -- neil: emergency declaration you wouldn't announce that tonight, if the conference committee goes nowhere -- >> even republicans are saying there is constitutional questions. this is not the best way to go. it will set precedents not right for the future. it is not a preferred course. neil: i know you don't like get into politics. only democrat i know not running for president in the time being. virtually everyone else is, they feel the president is ripe for the picking, but are they clasping their hand as little too eagerly? >> i think country is divided and it will be a close election no matter what. neil: who has the best chance? >> what i can tell at this moment, i'm latino, and julian castro is in the race. neil: sure. >> he is mayor after i was mayor. neil: that's right. >> so i want to see him do well. neil: is he your choice? >> i'm supportings him at this
1:57 pm
point, but if you were asking me who is likely to win, given the circumstances we know today, i think joe biden is probably the person who could generate support across the country. he is a democrat -- neil: a little moderate in party gone very, very hard left. >> there is is something to be said for broad center and center-left for a candidate that speaks -- neil: henry, i don't think your old boss could get nominated this part h party today. bill clinton would get nominated? neil: really? >> he would find a way to tailor his language. neil: wealth tax, much higher taxes, that is the side of the party that has the megaphone. >> there are people who advocating things that go too far, but there is also recognition that we can't go down the path of greater inequality and people at margins
1:58 pm
without training, without jobs. so there is space for a rational plan that improves on how we're doing today, in terms of the, equality an opportunity in the country. and some of those measures make some sense. others like eliminating private insurance or things like, taxing -- neil: kamala harris talking about that jars people. >> not a good idea. not a good idea. like taxing people over certain income, even greater, much greater amounts probably are not the way to go. neil: let me ask you, you look at infrastructure, all the other things possible, both parties agree, but, put your housing hat on for a second here. are you worried that housing is hiccupping? a lot of data comes out on housing. one common trend price increases are slowing. in some markets they're reversing. hardly melt-down type stuff, don't get me wrong, but it's a
1:59 pm
worrisome development, isn't it? >> worrisome thing for me most is the unaffordability for the masses, for the middle class. neil: right. >> we find it harder for young people to get a entry level home. neil: this could help them? >> this could help. we need to create pathways to homeownership for those at margins. those who are minority. that is, for most americans the sum total of their net worth is the equity they have in their home. homeownership is still important as a wealth-building device. neil: that's right. >> some reports say from the end of world war ii the three things that built the american middle class were wage structures, minimum wage and wage strategies. neil: right. >> the g.i. bill. and access to homeownership. so it is still very important. >> is that right? iconic dream. hennessey cisneros, former hud secretary under bill clinton. they're everywhere. they're involved in everything. this guy is everywhere too.
2:00 pm
charles payne. we're up 99 points but high expectations there could be a kumbayah night in washington. i don't know about that but i guess we'll see, right, bud? charles: got to tell you, neil, maybe special guest robertson, i'm feeling same way. neil: i'm running the other way. charles: i really think so. we'll see. it will be one to watch. everyone will be watching. i hope most are watching right now so we get them all set up for it. thanks a lot, neil. neil: all right. charles: i'm charles payne. this is "making money." we have a big show. unity, optimism, bipartisanship, those are buzzwords you can hear tonight as president trump has his second state of the union address. investors are looking for jobs, trade, taxes, hoping economy takes center stage. markets are up in anticipation of tonight's address. what it means for your money and your portfolio. marijuana legislation is sweeping the nation sending the


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