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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 6, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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i cannot give away too much. but it is important, a big one. something i encourage every american to tune in watch, tomorrow night 8 p.m. eastern. kennedy: all right, now time for best hour of your day, democratic crises in commonwealth of virginia, top three officials are rocked by three separate scandal, attorney general mark herring, third in line are in gubernatorial throne admitted to wearing black face during a college party, he said in a statement, in 1980, i was a 19-year-old in college friends suggested we attend a party dressed like rappers, we listened to at the time like curtis blow and perform a song, it sounds ridiculous now writing it because of your ignor ignorad glib attitude, and did not have appreciation for experience of
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others we dressed up and put on wigs and brown make up. as pressure on governor northem continues following his own yearbook controversy, today dr. vanessa tyson accusing lieutenant governor fairfax of sexual assault, issue a statement with a detailed account of what she claims was a forced relationship 15 years ago. virginia senator tim kaine reacting to development on capitol hill. >> this week has made me sick. just made he sick. from friday to now, just been one bit of bad news after the next, it has all been shocking and very pricing. kennedy: if all three democrats are forced to resign, next in line for governor seat would be state speaker of the house of delicate, kirk cox, a
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republican. house majority whip james cliburn asked about that. >> i would not feel about that, i would not feel about their governor having to leave, but i think it something he should consider doing for party's sake, i would not feel good if fairfax was not given due process. so, oralgation -- the allegations regarding him, i am not going to feel good about any of this. kennedy: crazy ralph northem seems to be best case. how did democrats get out of this, party panel "reason" magazine, matt welch. from independent women forum nan hayworth.
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and beckham adams with his debut, welcome to you all. >> thank you. kennedy: so, this is interesting. these are three very separate cases. that people are eager to lump together, because there are problems with democrats in virginia. but what stands out most to snru onyou.>> the serious charge is l assault charged attached with a specific women with a name talking about a specific incident. she has a more specific, this night, this hotel room, this specific action. you take governor and a g, they are different in the sense that the ag said this happened, i am sorry my bad. kennedy: that is what ralph northem should have said in the beginning. >> it is. kennedy: kind of.
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>> it was not me, i am not sure we can see under that hood. i come to a different line. we need to understand there are different layers of sin, if you agressagainst a person that is what matter most. these others are also important, and to go through, to sort through as part of our conversation about race but we have to make differentiations. kennedy: we do and talk about them rationalling. a difficult position for democrats, fairfax is confronted with language he used in light of this accusation resurfacing. and he tried to sort of brush it under the rug. and say it was consensual. and the purported victim, felt she was being attacked and maligned in the press, she came forward with her name. >> this is the democrat's nightmare in a sense. even though al franken we know
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was ejected from senate for a photograph that was ugly but not this kind of behavior. democrats have been on side of no due process. kennedy: believing victims. >> right. and it is as matt said, due process, i would contend is owed to anyone accused. but it will be difficult 15 years av the fact to sort through the competing claims. you know on the democratic party side, i think as a party, clearly the virginia, top three democrats in virginia present them with something of a dilemma. when do they start looking at their puritanical. kennedy: where is kirsten gillibrand right now. because of her cre crusade agait al franken and other, but now
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with brett kavanaugh we have a different way of dealing with accusations, there were a lot of people and a lot of conservatives calling to brett kavanaugh to step aside, he didn't do that as ralph northem following that? >> i would go to earlier, attorney general right now is probably best ways. fairfax has worst. but northem his handling shows he so incompetent. almost moon walking for reporters, talking about shoe polish, but question about why they are being pushed out. to what you said about franken, he had to be dragged with his teeth marks left after 8 women came forward, not just one photo, i am not surprised that we seen few reporters been pressing 2020 hopefuls on this stuff out of virginia. the 2020 hopefuls saying we have not really heard about it, where is kirsten gillibrand i am not
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surprised about it, it took 8 women for her to say, maybe frank en has a problem. it gets lost in the mix. >> this is what i warned on a number of issues, is if the reverse happened, you will be in a bad position. because if your party is the one running the crusade at some point, you will be at the wrong end of the sword. >> many 2020 democratic hopefuls are kicking their campaigns into gear. el iel elizabeth warren thank y, she spend her day apologizing, massachusetts senator facing further fallout of her past claims of being american indian.
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and warren, is rather red faced today. she is eating crow. >> kennedy. >> i was growing up. in oklahoma, i learned about my family, the same way most people do. my brothers and i learned from our mom and our dad and brothers and sisters, and those were our family stories. but that said, there is an important distinction of tribals citizen sip, i acitizenship. i am not a member of a tribe, i have apollvised. kennedy: there is very important distinctions. senator warren denying charges she did it to get ahead in her professional clear career -- career saying she never got ahead because of her background.
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matt. it seems there was a better way for her to deal with this. >> years ago she could have done, what say, we have that weird tendency to exotickize our background, and claiming native american blood is part of that, i fell off the box on some stuff, after i became a politician, people said what was up with this, i did a further examine and realized that was rude. and i am going to come clean, i have learned and go on. she did not do that, she could have done that 10 years ago. she did not, she suffering from this. kennedy: we'll kill your mic phone for a little bit, we have to replace it. no offense. >> nan. it is really easy to turn
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elizabeth warren to a parody, but she has dangerous ideas, should we go after those instead. >> kennedy we should. and i think to assail her, i don't think that republicans should take on her 1986 registration with the texas bar. because in 1986, all we had was lore in our families. all of us. we didn't have ancestry. i do fault her in 2018 with this show of calling a jen it sift to -- geneticist to get results, at that point, that san embarrassment. that was a big political gaffe. i agree, there is so much for us to go after in terms of policies that would harm every community, not just native american
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communities, we should be concentrating on those. kennedy: how much of a gift would elizabeth warren be to this administration if she were 10 the 2020 democratic nominee. >> i was asked, i was asked who do you think he would like most, the gift that keeps on giving, you are right there are bigger things she is advocating for. when they are making mistakes don't get in their way. kennedy: that is nan's point about the rnc . >> this is a rolling mistake, this is death by a thousand cuts of her. kennedy: she put up a web site. >> the fact squad, it sounds like a teen action movie from 1990s. kennedy: taylor swift would have tarred in remake. >> who says i'm going to get me a beer? kennedy: klum clumsy people.
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who are trying to sound. >> folksy. >> this trove of documents she put up, things that i signed. >> lies about me. >> but from my past showing i never tried to use my ethnicity to get ahead, but that registration card was not. kennedy: she did usie usa -- shd use her sassy gams. >> she did, sassy gams. panel returns later. kennedy: first up, believe it or not. rodger stone said he will not flip and testify against the president. is that a bargaining chip to get a pardon? i will ask him, own the one andy stone cold rodger joins me next.
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sleep number. proven, quality sleep. kennedy: house intelligence committee voted to send witness transcript from russia investigation to special counsel mueller. this comes as o.j. simpson now weighs in mueller probe, he told reporters that president trump could get indicted by special council if he keeps hanging around with guys like rodger stone. a tough day what you lose upstanding members of the committee bik like simpson. our next is joining us now to separate fact from fixed, rodger stone is here, welcome to the show. >> thank you. pardon if i don't take public relations or legal advice from
9:18 pm
oj . kennedy: from a double murderer? no problem, have you met him? >> i have not. kennedy: okay good. fbi raided your home with 17 vehicles, early in the morning during a government shut down. were you surprised by the manpower? >> yeah, 29 s.w.a.t.-clad assault weapon bear y bearing fi agents, 17 vehicles two armored two amphib units on the canal behind my house, and a helicopter overhead, surprising thing, in view of fact they am sthey --that i am so dangerous s cnn allowed to film it 25 feet from my front door, and cnn show up before the fbi and set up camera 10 minutes before fbi arrived. kennedy: interesting because fbi normally does not broadcast
9:19 pm
their plans over police scanners, seems that cnn would have been tipped off. >> it appears that way, producer on ground, josh campbell former special assistant fbi director james comey. very curious, i home senator lindsey graham can get to bottom of it. kennedy: judge amy jackson said she is about to issue a gag order on the whole thing, have you turned this into a book tour. do you feel like you are being silenced by the woman. >> well, at-this-point, i am waiting for the judge's ruling, i have first amendment right, whole purpose of the raid was to poison a jury pool to pick me like a drug king pin, and declare my guilty before the public before i had a chance to mount a defense, now they trying to suspend my first amendment
9:20 pm
right. kennedy: has not yet interviewed. >> this is possible. but, look. -- >> who are they sending a message to? >> i could not speculate. other than -- >> go ahead, speculate, there no gag order. >> no, my lawyers would not be happy. i -- >> i'm not a lawyer, dow don't , it is just you and me. >> yeah, and a couple million others. hopefully. they want to limit my ability to raise a money to mount a legal defense, they have two years of insidious leaks, i need to go to stone defense fund, thats why they want to gag me. kennedy: are you key to bringing down president, you said you will not implicate him, but you inmated you think that mueller is going av president and vice president to make nancy pelosi president? >> i said, first, i will not
9:21 pm
bear false witness against the president, i will not make up stories about him to ease pressure on myself. kennedy: what about -- are there true stories, are there real instances that could be problematic for president that only you know? >> absolutely positively not. this is what i have to said. i think that is little bi polity motivated, i think this mr. mueller is seeking for some russian connected allegation so he could remove president and vice president. which would elevate nancy pelosi and would create a have a cansy- vacancy in vice presidency where pelosi could appoint someone like i don't know, hillary clinton. kennedy: president is only one that could pardon you, if president could only pardon one person it was you and paul man a
9:22 pm
manafort. >> i have not discuss a pardon with the president or my lawyers. i did add hav advocate a pardonr marcus garvey. i did right after the president was elected in a language letter to him -- long letter to him, i have if the asked for a pardon, i will going to trial. kennedy: would you like a trial. >> i expect to be vi be -- centd in court. there is no russia collusion allegation again me and no crime in connection with 2016 election against me, these are non nonvit process crimes but i was still taken down by el chapo. kennedy: you are a former -- does nixon speak to you in dreams. >> he came back from adversity,
9:23 pm
i did not like his war on drugs be he took us off gold san stand but we negotiating a arms limitation with soar yets an --, but nixon. >> what was victory symbol when you came out of the courthouse. >> show people i am not crushed. this was an attempt to crush my spirit and make my buckle under, i want people to know that is not what i'm going to do. >> cory well yo lou endow see la bad guy. >> he is an advance man. if you need someone to spat straighten up the flags behind the podium. he is your man. kennedy: are you running for
9:24 pm
president on libertarian ticket. >> no there will be better can candidates than me, i did leave republican party what they voted mitt romney. but i rejoined party of my birth, when donald trump hijacked the party in a hostile takeover, and now he is talking about ending foreign wars. kennedy: will this end his presidency? >> that remains to be seen, president needs to come to grips with partisan nature of this effort to an effort to undo the results of the democratic election. kennedy: rodger stone thank you for your time. coming up fact chic -- checkerse been picking apartmen a. my monologue is next. toms caused
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kennedy: last night state of the union address promised to unify, a brief paragraph highlighted the divide, president took aim at socialism. >> here in the united states we are alarmed by the new calls to adapt socialism in our country. america was founded on liberty and independence. not government coersion, nation and control. -- domination and control, we're born free, we will stay free. kennedy: nancy pelosi was like, yea. rising popularity of socialism was an adorable fetish of collective few like cranky bernie sanders who was unamused.
9:30 pm
bernie's brigade marched through democrat party in 2016, and red riders have never looked back they converted more commies on one way road to ruin, democracy has been torn in how best to repair the gaping hole in their tent, they are determined to hijack from centrists who have tried to pacify. bernie glared at podium, speaker pelosi of caught clapping, mine everyone knows that empty ideas pushed by the a-holes are impossible to imminent from medicare for all, which is a sad admission of obamacare failure to leftist blob that is green new deal there is no way to cover the tab on socialistic schemes that will murder the middle class.
9:31 pm
presidential parrots like kamala harris squad the same talking points over and over, healthcare is a right, no, it is a not, i have a right to know how you will pay for it all it will do is prove deficiency of socialism that will do nothing more than break promises to vulnerable and create a larger, poorer dependent class of people who deserve truth before they buy into heartbreak of permanent destitution. that is the memo. kennedy: 2020 democrats have embraced socialist policies like
9:32 pm
medicare for all, a jobs guarantee and tax rates, how do we win this war of ideas when they are wrong, joining me now, jonathan hoenig in the flesh. >> breac preach it, thank you fr speaking out, i have been a critic of the president but i thank him for speaking out last night, about the evils of socialism, talking about it. kennedy, you know socialist they take the moral high ground now. saying we want to help. we know net result of socialism, we need to speak out why it is evil. kennedy: they don't do a good job of differentiating the ultimate ills of socialism, on social media democratic socialists say we're not statists, but that is implicit boo social -- but that is what
9:33 pm
it is, what is their aim. >> it comes down to from each according to his ability to each according to his or ohr ar her , we're in it for greater good. the strip away is america's unique, i call it a secret cause, what makes america special is individualism. it is individualism, uniquely american idea, you own your own life, every other country in history of world, the feuer or pope or the tribe or greater food good -- greater good, america said no pursue yore own happiness. that is what makes our country great. kennedy: people need to be unashamed of that with their own book like you did. >> this is a real point of
9:34 pm
individual implemenism. we see it on right as left, collectivism is everywhere, it is taught to school. individualism is radical now. >> jim jim: i -- >> it is, these are old tired marxist ideas that were washed up in the 60s. kennedy: beautiful, jonathan hoenig everyone to buy his book. >> if this country is saved individualism will do it. kennedy: right, great writings. >> thank you. >> last night president trump struck a nerve with an issue divided those on right and some on the left. >> to defend the dignity of
9:35 pm
every person i am asking congress to pass legislation to prohibit the late term abortion of children. who can feel pain in the mother's womb. let us work together to build a culture that cherishes innocent life. kennedy: after new york state passed a bill loosening restriction on late term abortion, a same bill considered in virginia legislator. joining me now, former presidential speech writer, ned ryan. with his partner in crime, matt richard fowler. >> good to see you. >> ned, this is not about reproductive rights, and empowerment and a woman's agency over her own body. when you are talking about
9:36 pm
infanticide. >> i would say infanticide is a nice way to say murder, you are killing viable human beings, my daughter was born at 24 weeks. she was a human being, as vie able outside of the womb, she wanted to live, this is -- i can't believe we're having to debate. we allow this practice in our country at new york. slirnl virnlvirginia, vermont, l marijuana. marijuana. i -- new mexico, president trump did a good job of bringing this up last night. lindsey graham has introduced language on this front in senate, and people in house doing the same. it is time we take this issue, say we're not in the company of china, and north korea, and vietnam, it is to our shame to be associate with the them on this issue. kennedy: it you know richard, it
9:37 pm
crosses line for a lot of people, this is not about concepcon--conception and when , this is about babies. it seems that democrats have lost their mind if this is the hill they are will doing kill and die on. >> well, ned is right. we should not have this -- if you read virginia bill, i read, it does not talk about infaninfanticide. i was getting ready, i can't defend ralph northem or the delegates t that wrote this bil, the bill said if life of mother is in danger. fetus not viable, you find that out at beginning of third fry ty mist -- trimester. >> they are altering law. >> no.
9:38 pm
>> they are including mental health. >> that -- no. i read the bill. >> it in bill. >> mental law was in law -- i read the bill. current law in virginia said three doctors have to sign you ooffand determine if mother's le is in danger and fetus is unviable. kennedy: i just witnessed a friend of mine who had to deliver a baby when she was 7 months pregnant, they said that fetus was unviable. i could not detect a heart beat, the child is very much alive and well. >> that is -- they'll d the chie and well. do you know what i would do if someone hurt my newborn baby. >> you cannot have an abortion
9:39 pm
that late, you can give a still birth . >> that is not true. >> it is. >> why is vermont saying they will allow abortion up to moment of birth . >> that does not happen. that is impossible. the. >> abort in third trimester this is appalling. >> the lmg the language they ar. >> the bill is specific. that is language that governor used that is inappropriate and not concurrent with what the bill says or what bill was trying to do. bill actually says -- and because. kennedy: we really have to look inside ourselves and ask if this is best way, to. function as a society, i think
9:40 pm
killing viable babies. >> we're not talking about viable babies, we're talking about where life of mother is in danger. kennedy: that is a subjective term. >> that is also not okay. >> you have to -- you have to come to new york. we'll have debate. we'll party, and thank you for being here. >> good to see you. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up lawmaker expect to have bipartisan border security and deal done by friday. will it be enough to keep the president from shutting down the government again, panel returns to discuss next. let's see, aleve is proven better on pain
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9:45 pm
deal friday, house speaker nancy pelosi urging president to say out of it, just like stayed out of clapping for rising wages and millions lifted off food stamps during the state of the union. both sides remain optimistic they are on virn verge of closig deal. but will it be enough. the panel is back. beckett, you are hearing mixed things from participants here that yes we're close to a deal, we're also most there, might not be friday, but next week, what do you think? >> i think optimism is 100% misplaced, they are both -- en trernedentrenched. pelosi made a mistake saying that the wall was immoral. saying a conditio a concrete wau backed yowrsdz up t yourself upa
9:46 pm
connecticutter -- corner, they could possibly agree but they could be backed up. >> then what. >> i was on a conference committee in 2012, par participt and house and senate side are there to make arguments this come down to who will make the most effective argument with their constituents, in president's case that is the entire american public. but democrats and republicans are pressured to get it resolved. that is where it will break. someone will persevere unbearable pressure, i think if they don't to to an agreement, i think that president will feel compelled to do an emergency declaration. kennedy: is that worst thing. >> i think so, and most likely.
9:47 pm
i would pin a lot of blame on senate republican, richard shelby in particular, we can get a deal. negotiating this. we're not sure what president will say, i'm sorry, you are congress. you can decide to pass a damn bill. and get enough votes if president does not like it, you override that veto, that is how to works. kennedy: we talked about so many times, they have abt abdicated o much power no the executive branch, and they complain about not having power. >> that is when they are there for. >> they want the power without the responsibilities. they just want the power. going to what you said about people buckling, i don't see either side buckling for one. >> there is no buckle back.
9:48 pm
come back thank you so much. >> fantastic. we have to stop. we're that good. topical storm is next. carl, i as my broker...invite here. what am i paying you to manage my money? it's racquetball time. ♪ carl, does your firm offer a satisfaction guarantee? like schwab does. guarantee? ♪ carl, can you remind me what you've invested my money in. it's complicated. are you asking enough questions about how your wealth is being managed? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. bill's back needed a afvacation from his vacation. an amusement park... so he stepped on the dr. scholl's kiosk. it recommends our best custom fit orthotic to relieve foot, knee, or lower back pain.
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so you can move more. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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kennedy: amazon is apologizing to a canadian woman who order a cat dish and received a stun gun
9:52 pm
in the mail. the woman accepted the apology but the cat is behaving so much better. topic one. we begin with one of my favorite places, queensland, australia, a dad gave his kids from gatorade. this guy did what any dad would do after slamming a 12 pack of fosters oil can, he ran down, showed it who boss, that is tony danza. alligator are second biggest danger facing australi australir the blooming onion, i am told this is an inflatable alligator. and they would know several guys are dating inflatables, yeah. forgive me, this whole gator
9:53 pm
storstory was a croc. topic two. we head to washington, police are serious about cuts back on gas use this cop joined kids so a sleigh ride. there was not much to do. you have 420. poposaid they were be i in. two million people have watched, and even if you hate win th winr sports nice to see anyone going down hill besides, elizabeth
9:54 pm
warren. >> topic three. t-mobile is giving away free taco bell, there is no such thing, you always pay for it later. they have not said how long promotion will last, but this is like their phone calls, it will end unexpectedly after a few minutes. topic 4. patriots are celebrating their 6th super bowl championship, this week. and their fans handling with class an grace we expect from boston sports fans, they are, wow. pulled that jersey off. patriots fans, they say alike you have been there before. they don't mean prison.
9:55 pm
oh. language. these mass holes slap each other silly, no way they will let philly fans steal their title of biggest jackasses in sports. parade goers have since gone viral, and many viewers wondering where the cops were during this. >> i'm on my belly. >> they were conducting an ice raid. here go i again. on my bone. be right back. folios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed.
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tomorrow night, florida congressman matt gaetz, buck sexton and david smith returns. talk about manly thursday. and your hate mail, thank you in advance big fat jirk, good night. good evening, president trump state of the union last night gave the nation an emphatic hollywooan emfathallel. the spectical of joint session of congress, and yes power. the power of the presidency on display as mr. trump stood before the members of the other branches of government, high court, the house, the senators. the president delivering his speech in perfect pitch -- plain spoken, always direct and trump and dramatic and compelling and


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