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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 8, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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facebook and instagram, and i'll be back next week with more in-depth interviews right here on ""the wall street journal" at large." thank you very much for joining us. ♪ ♪ lou: the radical dems promised to use their newfound control of the house of representatives to expand their baseless attacks against president trump who has in two years accomplished more than his democratic predecessor in two terms. today the radical embittered dimms started the first of their congressional investigations. first up, attacking acting attorney general matthew whitaker. displaying their lack of knowledge, lack of manners, and
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awful behavior. >> are you overseeing a witch hunt? if you would oversee a witch hunt. would you stop a witch hunt, wouldn't you? >> do you agree with the president's statement that the mueller investigation is a witch hunt? >> mr. attorney general, we are not joking here. and your humor is not acceptable. and i need to have my time restores so you can behave appropriate, and i will behave appropriately as a member of the judiciary committee. lou: whitaker suffering their stark and sheer stupidity. >> at no time has the white house asked for nor have i provided any promises or commitments concerning the special counsel investigation or any other investigation. congressman i'm not here to be a puppet to repeat terms and words you say i should say.
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i don't have anything further to add. i think answered the question. >> have you approved any action taken by the special counsel. >> i see your five minutes is up. lou: indeed it was as whitaker to great laughter took five minutes to take control of those frustrated leftists and left no doubt their bad behavior wouldn't move him in the least. we take up the radical dimm's investigation and their hapless hearing. ed rollins and the washington times opinion editor, charlie hurt. what about that my-powered border security conference committee that's supposed to come up with $5.7 billion to fund the border wall? word is, they are talking less than $billion and that's an insult this president is likely to tolerate without consequence.
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we take up the failure of the dimms and rinos to support the president's plan to secure our southern border despite polls that though the majority of americans approve of mr. trump's performance. the border patrol chief and diamond and silk among our guests. how about netflix raking in record profits last year. and the new home of the obamas and mr. obama's one-time national security advisor susan rice. they didn't pay a dime in federal or state taxes on $845 million. netflix, zero taxes. all that and more here tonight. our top story, acting a.g. matt whitaker today before the house judiciary committee. by the wasn't much of a hearing and less of a investigation. whitaker confirming it's his hope and judgment that mueller's
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investigation is wrapping up perhaps within a month or so. mueller now under significant deepening scrutiny himself. our next guest john solomon reporting that mueller's previous possible cue forrial conduct questioned by the fisa court as far back as 2002. solomon reporting that adam schiff and fusion gps founder glenn simpson may have themselves been colluding, colluding it turns out that well with one another at the aspen institute in july of last year. president trump tweeted about solomon's reporting, exposing schiff's hypocrisy. now we find out adam schiff was spending time in aspen with glenn simpson of gps fusion who wrote the discredited and fake dossier, even though simpson was testifying before schiff.
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john solomon, great reporting. as always. let's start with first today, the reporting that schiff and reynolds -- simpsonso on were together in aspen. how much should we make of it? >> a couple years ago democrats made a big point of the fact that devin nunes exercising his oversight authority went to the white house to get some facts about unmasking. thin adam schiff called him on the carpet and said it was corrupt and ruined the integrity of the investigation. forced devin nun toes go through an versus d -- nunes to go through an investigation and recuse himself on the russian probe. now he meets with glenn simpson, one of the middle east important
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fact witnesses of the russia case. it's the intersection of the clinton campaign and the justice department. and he has this contact and he doesn't tell the committee. fit was good for the goose nunes it should have been good for the gander named schiff. he didn't notify the committee and you are starting to hear republicans raise heck about it. lou: they have been racing heck for two years and never came close to raising hell which is what is necessary to defend this president and defend truth itself. we are talking about devin nunes, i think we all agree is a hero in this sordid monstrous whip hunt conducted against the president. but we also have to bring into play the name paul ryan. he's the one who played games with schiff and let him drive that narrative in the face of evidence that nunes had collected that substantiated his
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views and positions on the president throughout. correct? >> there was an evolution at the very end of paul ryan's tenure as speaker. late in the process, i think at the beginning he thought devin nunes and mark meadows were on some goose chase. i know i talked to him by the. he told me directly for the first time. pass more and more evidence came through as his lawmakers were more determined than he to get to the truth, he finally came to that position. >> i'm a trusting and open hearted soul i think paul ryan was lying throughout. he betrayed them man my -- betrayed them and in my judgment the country. let's turn to further the idea
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that special counsel mueller that you reported goes back to 2002 in the way in which he was acting without integrity in permitting those with him on his team to do so in flagrant violation of the regulations for fisa surveillance warrants. >> this is an important story for one reason. if you remember when devin nunes and meadows started raising questions about the fisa. james comey says there can't be any abuses. there is up a process in place. you can't imagine how much work we put into it. it allowed 75 fisas to be submitted with false or inaccurate or omitted information. the same allegation when see in the carter page fisa of 2016. it debunks a lot of trust us
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concerns. those processes only work if people tell the truth. in those documents there is a pattern and practice before 2016 during mueller's term as fire director. donald trump is a powerful man. but what about the people who don't have this lawyersage the congressional oversight? this could be going on every day to every day americans? lou: the president is being subverted by that very process and becomes the first president to our knowledge to ever be spied upon by his own national security agencies, including that of course of the fbi. it is -- do you think there will ever be any accounting for those abuses? >> i think it first thing that's happening -- there is a big moment this week. you seized on it. but not many people have. richard burr came out and said
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what devin nunes says a year ago. there is no evidence of collusion. getting that off the table allows washington, official washington to focus on how did we get that narrative? who made that false story. what abuses occurred in the fbi? the tipping points has arrived. the inspector general's report coming in and a new sheriff in town named bill barr. i'm hearing a lot from behind the scenes of that accountability beginning to set up. lou: it would be a wonder to behold and witness. you mentioned the narrative that has been driven. the ranging member of the senate intelligence committee richard burr sitting next to him and that senator mark warner. his role in all of this is complex and deserves great examination.
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do you agree? >> i agree. back in the summer i had a story where mark warner was secretly communicating with a russian back channel trying to get information back and forth to the fbi director. very weird behavior just like the weird behavior we see with adam schiff not staying away from glenn simpson at aspen. when all these facts comes out and the president declassifies all these documents. their statements in the last two years will be compared to the final facts in the mueller investigation and people are going to have serious explaining to do. lou: the radical dimms on the house judiciary committee, they have explaining to do as well. their performance today, one would think would require an apology. john solomon. you get the last word. >> i was just talking to someone
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coming in the building today. there is as fine line between' overreach. but we saw bad behavior. people want to see what president trump did at the state of the union address. act like an adult. lou: another week of the dimms' propose --ales of -- proposals of cad rall new ideas. >> an agency like i.c.e. which repeatedly consistently violates human rights does not deserve a time. >> we'll not vote for any more dhs funding that hurts our children. >> within our country we can deliver a green new deal for america. >> our planet is in peril. the reason i signed on to the resolution for the green new deal. the planet hasn't been imperiled
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in the past? who came forward to save us from the scourge of a totalitarian regime. we came forward. >> there are people who want more government intervention, i won't call it socialism. lou: radical may be too light and too gentle a word of what the dimms have become. the scandal surrounding virginia's political leaders worsening by the day. do they really have leadership in their state government? ed roll hundreds joins me right after the break. stay with us. val, vern... i'm off to college and i'm not gonna be around... i'm worried about my parents' retirement. oh, don't worry.
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lou: the political scandal continues to rock the state government of the virginia. a second accuser, a second has come forward tonight against lieutenant governor justin fairfax. this accuser alleges fairfax raped her in 2000 when they were students sat duke university. fairfax denies the allegation. he's next to line to succeed ralph northam.
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he's also embroiled in scandal over racist yearbook photo. northam telling his staff today that he'll not step down. joining me, fox business political analyst and leading republican political strategist, ed rollins. let's start with virginia. because your accounting was they wouldn't be -- circumstances keep change. do you believe northam will persevere? ed: i wish i didn't have to keep giving this prognosis. there is no mechanism to flesh them out. the public could demand a recall. but you have got the top three sitting there basically the scandal of the day is such that the governor's issue is not as
10:19 pm
prevalent as it was. lou: justin fairfax has done something quite extraordinary. he's taking all the heat away from the governor and attorney general, by the way. and the republican leader of the house of delegates, and bringing it all on himself. in his case he's accused of crimes. ed: there is an election in november. the public will have a chance to get back in this. i don't think they will go away willingly. they feel it's an important state to them. reapportionment is important. lou: you think they will try to weather this? ed: if he was a republican he would have been thrown out a week ago. lou lou: let's talk matthew whitaker, the acting attorney
10:20 pm
general, i think handled himself well. we have shown part of the vitriol and hostility on the part of members of that committee. your thoughts. ed: i have been doing congressional relations in one way, shape or form since 1973. i have never seen anything as outrageous as the democrat performance today. they treated a man who has bent chief of staff one of the s. attorney, and attorney general. they acted like he was a criminal today. they were so outrageous in their behavior. i think the american public will turn on them. lou: a number of them were asking questions and he would be giving them answers correcting their dates. it just -- their lack of knowledge, their lack of manners, their ignorance was on
10:21 pm
full display. ed: everything was give me a yes or no to a complex -- lou: i never heard so many idiots in a row. the top official, demanding a yes or no. ed: if the public can watch this. what bothered me most of is this judiciary committee is the committee, impeachment and all the stuff the democrats want to dob will go through. the more the public sees who they are the less the public will be for it. lou: do we have some of the questions the acting attorney general put up with to show what class is in a room full -- edare's a better man than i am, i would have told them to go screw themselves. >> a yes or no question. >> have you abeaferred an
10:22 pm
oversight hearing yes or no. answer the question yes or no. that's a yes or no. >> do you believe yes or no he should are recused them. ed: he volunteered to do this. he didn't have to do this. if you want a yes or no, the answer is no, i'm walking out of here. lou: he handled himself so well from the face of such ignorance. if pelosi doesn't bring nadler in that committee to some semblance of decorum, i don't know why they would expect any respect themselves. ed: they are not going to get it. let's test the executive order. let's put it in the courts. we go up when you do oversight. this was not oversight it was
10:23 pm
persecution of a man who didn't deserve persecution. love * hpersecution. persecution -- lou: he handled himself very well. the appropriators committee was invited up to camp david for the weekend. he has three house members. it's pretty sad. they are not going to be working over the weekend. and they are talking 1.3 to 1.6 billion. chad pergram said it's 1.6. either way it's an insult to the president. ed: the president made it clear he wants $5.7.
10:24 pm
if he doesn't get that i wouldn't take them to camp david. lou: the president won't be there. it's just a curious play by mulvaney to what end i don't know. but i believe it's time for this president not to honor such ignorance as that exhibited by the conferees. they are awfully -- well, they are arrogant and incapable. ed: the senate is controlled by the republicans. each side has a vote. the republicans ought to be demanding the $5.billion. lou: mitch mcconnell is work as hard against this president as the dems are. the latest on the crisis on the southern border where thousands are waiting to get into our
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lou: 2,000 central americans are settling near the eagle pass texas border sending their fifth day in a temporary shelter. officials say they won't allow the migrants to leave the shelter unless they have mexican humanitarian visas. lawmakers trying to reach a deal on border security or meeting and pretending to do so. seeming more optimistic than they were just yesterday. the lawmakers look at spending for the president $1.3 billion
10:30 pm
to $1.6 billion on the wall. that's an insult and far less than the $5.6 billion. the president originally demanded $25 billion for the project. let's go to the process we were looking at. the ridiculous conference committee made up of it seems republican doves and democratic hawks on amnesty and daca. what do you expect to come of it if anything? >> i think you are right. you have been talking about it. if you look at the rhetoric coming from the committee itself. after the first day they met, a congresswoman on the committee actually got out there and said to the american people that there is no crisis along the southwest border. when you hear stuff like that
10:31 pm
and you still hear the speaker and other democrats say the what else immoral or it's not effective, and they continue that rhetoric, i don't have any hope they will do what's in the best interest of the safety and security of this country. i don't have faith. i'm not happy to be able to say that. just look at the facts. lou: the facts are -- indict both parties. this is no longer a partisan issue. the president is republican, but this party is filled with some of the most of ridiculous excuses for public servants. usual talking about this new era of denial on the part of these folks on the issue of border violence, crisis at our border. how could anyone who pays any attention to the colossal human cost in this country as a result of the drugs that come across
10:32 pm
it,ed the illegal immigration -- the illegal immigration and the poor and uneducated in south and central america. this is a blight on this country and this hemisphere. >> that's right. no matter how many facts are put before them, they ignore it like it doesn't exist. some of the comments like to abolish i.c.e. it's irresponsible, misinformed and reckless. i.c.e. 266,000 criminal arrests in the last two years. over 4,000 homicides. they took 900 million pounds of narcotics off the street. more fentanyl to kill every mayor candle city. when you -- kill every american
10:33 pm
city. lou: the radical left has become ridiculous and the republican right is inert when it comes to solutions and the inability -- it's not an inability, it's the refusal of both parties, members of both parties, the entire democratic party and much of the republican party to acknowledge the tragedy that is that border and the devastating toll and lost lives. 70,000 alone on drug overdoses alone. the president said it's a crisis. it's a national emergency whether he declared one or not. should he act now? >> absolutely. you are spot-on with everything you said. this isn't the president's plan. he's the commander-in-chief putting it forward. but the plan is the experts' plan. in 2006, bipartisan experts
10:34 pm
then. and 2013 they had $8 billion for a physical barrier. now they want to give 1.3? you are right when you say insulting. the president has to stay the course. i believe he has to use whatever constitutional legal authorities he has to do the right thing for this country. lou: i have no doubt that he'll. i want to remind. blood is on the hands of the chamber of commerce, the business round table, the koch brothers and wall street who all worked tirelessly on spent more money than on any other issue in this country to lobby for the exact result which is amnesty and no impediment to illegal immigration across that border. shame on them.
10:35 pm
and shame on them to rot. mark morgan, thank you for being here. up next, new polling showing growing support for the president's wing agenda. we d winning agenda. we take that up with two of the we take that up with two of the president's supporters. i've got to tell you
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10:40 pm
"enquirer" violated an earlier agreement with the federal government. a louisiana law place restrictions on abortion clings. chief justice robert sided with the liberal wing of the court. rasmussen showing the president's support at 50% among likely voters. his approval is rising each day since he gave the state of the union address. joining me, social media superstars, diamond and silk, host of the foxnation show, "diamond and silk." what about that 50% approval rating? >> it looks good. people are loving this president right now. he gave a great state of the union address the other night. he talked about how we needed to secure the border. how our country will never be a
10:41 pm
socialist country and people love that. the democrats on the other hand, the 8 they were left in -- the state they were left in, they didn't like the. but they are the ones that tried to put socialism down our throats and they want to keep our borders open. lou: they are the ones treating matt whitaker like a convict, a criminal in that chair today. instead of the acting attorney general of the united states. at this point, i think a lot of people, republicans, independent, are saying about those democrats who don't support this president, to hell with you. we don't need to spend any more time trying to reason with you. because reason isn't anything you are interested in. >> you can't name one piece of legislation they pushed for americans. but i can see what they are trying to push for illegal
10:42 pm
aliens. when i looked at this representative kamala and the way she ridiculed whitaker. my question is where is her outrage for the parents of american children murdered by illegal aliens. if you are so concerned about children being pulled from the breast of a woman. what about children being ripped from the womb of a woman? lou: it is a disgrace. i think the country has been in such shock of the spectacle of watching two states, new york and virginia vote on an abortion law, accepted by the state of new york. rejected to its credit in my judgment and my values by virginia. but this is an extraordinary time. listen to what socialist
10:43 pm
superstar alexandria ocasio-cortez says about america. here she is. >> an agency like i.c.e. which repeatedly and systematically violates human rights does not deserve a dime. we are standing on native land and latino people are descendants of native people. we cannot be criminalized for our our identity or our status. lou: native land. >> i think she has a serious problem. she has the democrats looking crazy. everybody is stepping away. when you come into this country, if you are going to migrate, you are going to get in line and wait your turn. you are not going to bum rush our border and throw rocks at our border agents.
10:44 pm
our i.c.e. agents are here for a reason. maybe she need to go read what the reason is instead of throwing daggers at them because they are needed in this country. she wants to control our education and get rid of our airplanes and tell us how much we be making. that's what i am talk about socialism, to push us back into the days of you slavery. in two years it's time to vote her out. lou: diamond and silk. great to see you, my friends. catch them on foxnation. up next, andy mccabe's new book with revealing details about deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best
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lou: fired fbi director an crew mccabe with a new -- andrew mccabe with a new book. i was so excited about learning just one line from the new book.
10:49 pm
mccabe saying the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein, was upset when telling doj officials about the memo he wrote justifying the firing of james comey. he felt scapegoated. my heart just melted when i read that. i felt he had been manipulated somehow. gina, your thoughts? >> he may have been upset, but he was probably upset more because he knew he was in a position, the democrat left that is deeply infiltrated into so many of our agencies, they wanted comey gone because of what happened with hillary and the email scandal, not because of this. it doesn't surprise me someone
10:50 pm
would be concerned. but why then in may of 2017 did he continue to defend and say he stood by his original remarks regarding this investigation? lou: the very idea here, charlie, that somehow rosenstein was just falling apart, having a meltdown because he called for the firing of a guy who got fired. is this the sort of fierce lawyer that we expect in our counter-intelligence and our law enforcement justice department? good grief. no wonder putin doesn't squirm in fear. >> it's quite amazing. and the entire display we saw today on capitol hill with matt whitaker before congress, obviously congress has an important role of oversight. but it's so clear the democrats intend to try to make all of
10:51 pm
these investigations into -- make them all political and build their entire political campaign around this nonsense. i can tell you, it's going to work out just as well this time as it did the last time. it's not going to be good. as long as donald trump keeps talking about the issues people care about like illegal immigration and the economy, this investigation stuff is not going to sell. lou: the great thing is, this president doesn't talk about the issues, he talks about the issues, then he does something he has pledged to do. no one has ever seen this. the radical dimms have to be in shell shock. they have a democrat president who did nothing. and the republicans have a president who out-accomplished him in two years. i want you to hear the way they
10:52 pm
treated the acting attorney general of the united states and the venom, the vi lerks, the --, the way they treated a man sitting voluntarily before them in congress. >> it's a yes or no question. >> yes or no, have you appeared before an oversight hearing. answer the question yes or no. >> that's a yes or no. >> do you believe yes or no he should have recused him. lou: good lord, he's a spectre. holding his cards. that's a yes or no. who does he think he is? >> i think, lou, aren't these the same democrats that for the last couple years have been preaching about the remarkable all above board we should have
10:53 pm
respect for all of these agency leaders? aren't these the same people accusing president trump and his supporters of somehow not being respectful of our government agencies and trying to dismantle them in some terrible way? it's funny to see them treat him this way and it's funny to see the spectacle they made of themselves in light of all of their recent hypocrisy. >> don't forget was the previous administration's attorney general who was held in contempt of congress because of stonewalling. lou: eric holder. >> and now we have people obviously coming of their own volition and, you know, it's -- it's an interesting political season. it's only going to get more interesting as we get closer and closer to the election. lou: i think the dimms will do
10:54 pm
themselves as great a disservice as they did today. the more hearings, the more we see the toxic venomous hostility. >> and the more the president sticks to speeches like the one he gave at the state of the union address. as long as he stays on that, he gets re-elected. lou: and as long as he keeps doing what he's doing, achieving more than any president in modern history. have a great weekend. up next. more on adam schiff. we love to talk about adam schiff, and his collusion with fusion. we'll be right back. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell.
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lou: the head of the house intel committee, adam schiff, and fusion gps. the smear merchant founder of fusion gps, glenn simpson, they may have been colluding. they were colluding with each other at an aspen event in july last year. the author of that report, john solomon of the hill talking about schiff's collusion and complicity with the anti-trump smear merchant. >> we have adam schiff even ghaijt same behavior -- engaging in the same behavior he was criticizing. bruce ohr, hillary clinton, christopher steam, all connected through him, and he doesn't tell
11:00 pm
the committee. lou: that's it for us tonight. have a great weekend. and good night from new york. trish: breaking tonight. new developments in a story you will hear only on "trish regan primetime" tonight. the people of venezuela taking to the streets demanding change. demanding nicolas maduro leave office. the socialist dictator telling the media in a rarely scheduled press conference that there is no humanitarian crisis in his country. that it's the united states trying to create the chaos there. wrong. mr. maduro, your country has gone from one of the wealthiest countries in


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