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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 12, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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presenting ourselves. liz: thank you for your service. thank you, dryden. >> thanks for having me on. [closing bell rings] liz: the dow snap as four-day losing streak. look at nasdaq, triple-digit gain of 107 points. that will do it for "the claman countdown." now "after the bell." melissa: progress of a u.s. trade agreement with china, new hope to avoid another shutdown. the dow closing up 369 points. look at that! connell: yeah. melissa: near the session highs. the s&p 500 and nasdaq both up 1%, ending in the green for the third day in a row. i'm melissa francis. connell: i'm connell mcshane. we'll take it. nice day on wall street. fox business coverage keeping track of all the business stories of the day. kristina partsinevelos watching markets from the new york stock exchange. blake burman watching budget battle from the white house. edward lawrence coughing all things china trade from washington.
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kristina. very good day. >> that is an understatement. we had four days of negative territory for the dow. we're seeing a rally. honestly from traders i'm speaking to today. doesn't have to do with the shutdown. a lot are heading, buying into china. they believe, several traders around me believe the president will come to a conclusion as he alluded to today, he will push that deadline forward and that they are going to work on a deal and maybe get something going by the end of march. a lot of investors entering the market contributing to the rally. some dow leaders we're seeing are typical dow leaders we see whenever we talk about china trade in the mix. caterpillar on the board, boeing, 3m. all of these stocks, except for caterpillar up above 5 1/2%. you can see constantly very similar story. i want to end on an interesting story that seems to get a lot of consumers riled up, it has to do with consumer prices, when you go shopping. shares of amazon right now, they're trending higher.
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drama with the second headquarters, whether it will be in long island. but you also have news, this came from the "wall street journal," that their going to increase prices in whole foods locations. there was a company email that went out. over 500 products expecting to increase prices from avocados to soap. we reached out, fox business, we reached out to whole foods. yes, they are increasing prices. inflation, expiration of contracts. you have freight costs climbing higher but overall they said, don't worry, there are still some discounts but most of those discounts attribute to those who are prime members. which makes it difficult if you're not a prime member. overall investors like it because it will help improve margins. back to you guys. connell: thank you, kristina. coming to a compromise. a tentative budget deal is on the table. the contents are not exactly what the president ordered. blake burman live from the white house with the latest on
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all of this. reporter: connell, president trump has yet to see the final text of this legislation because the final text has yet to be written. everyone has to keep in mind with this one. the president saying today he doesn't necessarily want a government shutdown. he has yet to say whether or not he will support, potentially maybe even veto the agreement come from capitol hill. we do have some sort of top line figures here what capitol hill, the main negotiators there, were able to come up with. let me sort of tick through them with you real quickly. $1.375 billion for new physical barriers as it is being described. that would cover 55 miles of new barrier. that is less than $5.7 billion what the president wanted. in the win for republicans there will be 49,000 to 40,000 detention beds throughout the year. at a cabinet meeting throughout the year the cabinet expressed he is less than happy what was put together up on capitol hill. >> the answer is no.
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i'm not. i'm not happy. but am i happy with where we're going? i'm thrilled. we're supplementing things and moving things around and we're doing things that are fantastic, taking from far less, really from far less important areas. reporter: take things from far less important areas, potentially move them around. what the president we believe is referring to there, transfer authority in which certain funds could be moved from one pot to the next potentially meaning that the president could get more than that $1.375 billion for a physical barrier. however, up on capitol hill already, connell, melissa, mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer are disputing whether or not the president can go down that road. connell: sounds like we haven't seen the final act in this drama just yet. thank you, blake. melissa: negotiating a real deal with china. president trump revealing he could consider the delaying the march 1st tariff deadline with bejing. let's go to edward lawrence who
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has all of the details. edward. reporter: president donald trump softening a little bit what it would take to move the march 1st deadline increasing tariffs. the president said he would need a deal in writing holding 10% tariffs to 25% tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese goods. today the president said we may not need a deal in writing. listen. >> if we're close to a deal, where we think we can make a real deal, is it will get done i could see myself letting that slide for a little while, generally speaking i'm not inclined to do that. reporter: u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer and treasury secretary steve mnuchin are in china. they will meet vice premier, liu he in china. they want china to protect intellectual property, stopped forced partnership with companies and open market access. the chinese made positive statements on those fronts but yet to make any actual change.
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at same breath the chinese hardening the tone when it comes to huawei and the u.s. foreign ministry says the u.s. is fabricateing huawei threat theories and blatantly trying to drive a wedge between chinese and other countries and trying to suppress the rights and interests for legitimate development and cooperation. secretary of state mike pompeo saying that the u.s. is warning allies, intelligence services believe there is espionage potential in installing huawei 5g equipment. >> our task is to make sure that the information we have, that we can share is widely known. it is an educational task. individual countries make their own choices. reporter: this could complicate a trade deal. right now it seems both side are motivated to work something out there in china. back to you, melissa. melissa: no doubt. edward lawrence, thank you. connell: here to talk about all of this, liz peek, columnist, a fox news contributor, todd horowitz with
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us, the bubba trading show. go with you first. obviously markets like what they're hearing or what they think they're hearing today. is it your sense we're moving toward a deal that can actually accomplish many of those things edward was reporting on, the sticky issues we talk in terms of enforcement and forced transfer of technology and transfer of intellectual property or the rest of it, or somewhat of a smaller deal and the president can claim victory and move on? >> i don't think they will accept a smaller deal. i think conversation about moving back the deadline of march 1st is very promising. because they wouldn't even consider that unless they were really tackling these bigger issues. i thought for some time they will demand concessions on this forced transfer of technology which is really a very big deal and most american companies agree with that. my guess on things like subsidizing state-owned enterprises, if i were the administration i would boot that towards the world trade organization. this comes under your purview.
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everyone is suffering from oversupply caused by state-owned enterprises it is up to you and this group to figure this out. go for some wins. they will get get everything. connell: what do you think of the reaction we saw today, todd in the markets? sometimes that becomes the story, how the markets react to the news rather than what the news actually is as liz was talking about. s&p 500, for example, at the close looks like it is above the 200-day moving average, the first time since the third of december we're seeing a close above that level? does it tell you anything? >> the markets all along priced in this deal will get done. i don't think this has been a concern from the markets. the only concern we've seen over the last few weeks, if there is a little bad news the markets quickly sell off but they rally back. based on way equities are trading. based on way commodities and grains are trading they have already priced in a deal. they're going to get pretty much everything they want. we all know the intellectual properties, if they get them,
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agree to them, they will still steal them that is the way all countries work. they try to get everybody else's information but i think the market is telling me a deal will be done, whether it will be done tomorrow or six weeks from now, they feel that everything is okay and that we're going back to doing business with china. it will be done pretty much the way that president trump wants to get it done. melissa: meanwhile signs of a boom booming economy. u.s. job openings hit record high 7.3 million in according to the labor department. this is the 10th consecutive month where job openings exceeded number of available workers. liz, it's a great thing but at the same time, that means that there are employers who need workers and they're not finding them. is the solution more people come off the sidelines or is it a bigger problem than that? >> that has helped. there was 600,000 over the last 12 months, people reentering the workforce. there are many millions of people who could still join the workforce this is great news.
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you had a big number of quits, not a increase, very high number. people are confident in the job market. you will see bigger increases i think in real wages. yes, that maybe spurs a little inflation. but look, people are looking for that. people want higher incomes. this is the best possible way to deliver it. melissa: todd, like market forces made it happen as opposed to employers hiring more workers or raise the wage. happening naturally, the invisible hand at work? >> isn't that amazing how the free market works when there is demand for help that they have to pay more? i find it amazing. it will cause inflation which is great. already companies are offering bonuses for people to come across. they will have to pay up, because they are no longer in control, i've got so many people to fill your job. they don't have enough. it will increase waynes. it will increase inflation. it will force the ted to hike rates, which is actually a good thing based on those circumstances.
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>> free market at work. thanks, guys. connell: huge number today, 7.3 million. finding common ground as we've been talking about at least for now. lawmakers seemed to reach a tentative agreement on border security which would avert another government shutdown. it would include some funding for a border barrier fence but falls way short what the president was demanding on that front. so will he end up signing it? we'll talk to brad blakeman, former george w. bush senior staffer about that next. melissa: plus the war of words continues. freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez firing back at president trump for criticizing the green new deal but cot proposal put the economy at risk? james freeman of "the wall street journal" join us coming up. connell: severe winter weather is sweeping across the midwest aiming towards the east coast as well. we're tracking the storm's path. what you need to know on that just ahead. ♪
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connell: in a race against the clock, lawmakers finalizing details of potential border security deal they hope passes both chambers of come guess and signed by the president on friday. let's get capitol hillside of things from fox news correspondent mike emanuel. mike. reporter: connell, good afternoon to you. there is a lot of relief on capitol hill there is bipartisan compromise to consider ahead of deadline for friday. mitch mcconnell says it is a down payment on border security around he is encouraging president trump to take the deal. >> first of all i hope he signs the bill. second, i think he ought to feel free whatever tools he can legally use to enhance his effort to secure the border. so no, i would not be troubled by that.
4:16 pm
reporter: with his cabinet today of course president trump says he does not anticipate another government shut down. the president also said he is not happy that the senate democratic leader chuck schumer of new york reacted to all of that a short time ago. >> we don't know what he means by that but the one thing we all feel for sure in this i agree with leader mcconnell, he ought to sign the bill, not cause a government shutdown. can he, there are great limits what he can do and cannot do. we'll have to see what he means. reporter: much of what he heard within the parameters established by the big four appropriations people on capitol hill. many lawmakers are anxious to read the actual text once it is available. they're looking for a signal up the street from the white house, whether trump, president trump is willing to sign it. connell. connell: mike emanuel for us on capitol hill. melissa. melissa: joining us now to discuss all of this, is brad blakeman, former george w. bush senior staffer. i heard the president's reaction
4:17 pm
live earlier today, he said basically, am i happy, no. is this moving us in the right direction? yes. and it seemed like he was carving out a way to accept this and, take it as a win and keep moving forward. do you think he can sort of spin it like this if it is money for 55 miles of fence? >> sure, i think it is pay as you go. the get the money in the pipeline. get the 55 miles of security on the southern border done. then come back for more money. majority leader mcconnell said, it doesn't handcuff the president by making this deal. quite the contrary. if he feels additional measures are necessary he can either go back to congress or he can do an order himself using his emergency powers. congress is already on notice that the president has that in his tool box. not afraid to use it if he must but the good news i don't think there will ever be another shut down under president trump. i think this is a third rail for both parties. that is the good news. melissa: does he come out of
4:18 pm
this weakened? because even now, the democrats are barely giving anything and the talking point they have liked all day long is, now he is being forced to accept less than what chuck schumer offered in the first place? >> no. i think it is quite the contrary. in a 4 trillion-dollar budget, this reminds me of small claims court where everybody goes away angry. this is, just the beginning of a, border security that is going to go on for some time. this will be done in tranches. the sad part is, the deal that democrats could have made, i make this argument, is the deal they should have made a long time ago even under barack obama. the government shutdown is on them. they have a history of doing it over 22 times since 1977. so this has been their favorite tool in order to extort government. now it is over. melissa: why isn't there more of a talk point around the idea the president early on offered in exchange for, making something about the dreamers more
4:19 pm
permanent? now there is no conversation about that at all. that was supposed to be democrats biggest priority. now no one is even talking about it? >> democrats threw them under the bus. go back to 2018. what was the government shut down? it was over daca. the president offered a daca solution. not a permanent solution but a temporary solution. democrats did not do that. why? because they did not want to come to agreement. they want ad government shutdown. be careful what you wish for. now daca is not in the agreement. melissa: how do you think the president moves forward next after this, on this issue? you know, so say you go ahead, you get the 55 miles. this issue goes past. what would you suggest is the next thing he does on this front. >> i would say when the money is absorbed into the economy and used both for humanitarian, technical, manpower and border security, physical barriers, then you go back to congress.
4:20 pm
you give congress the opportunity to do the right thing f they don't do it, the president should do what he need to do to protect america but there will never be another government shutdown. melissa: is 55 miles enough of a win for his base when he said he would go out and build a wall and you know the whole nine yards? is this enough? >> yes. because it is a continuing operation. the president made it clear, it is pay as you go. as the money is absorbed and used he will go back to ask for more. the border will be much more secure than it was before trump left office, during his administration, that's for sure. melissa: brad blakeman. thank you so much. we appreciate your time. >> pleasure. connell: more to come on all of this. we have a plea for relief from new york governor andrew cuomo, meeting with the president, talking about taxes. why critics say como's push to change the system will face a roadblock on capitol hill. we have apple's uphill climb. the tech giant under pressure as it faces new challenges across the country lines. what it could mean for the
4:21 pm
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connell: facing challenges both at home and abroad. apple iphone shipments to china plummeting 20% thanks to its chinese rival huawei. here in the u.s. the iphone facing an unlikely new competitor. deirdre bolton looking into all this joins us from the newsroom. >> that is right, connell. apple as we know gets 20% of its revenue from china. the company sold fewer iphones there in the fourth quarter. research firm idc, new phones are too expensive. that 750-dollars starter price for the latest model, it was too much. so apple missed its own revenue target during the fourth quarter by $7 billion. we remember from the ceo he talked about attributing it to shower demand in china. china's entire smartphone market, entire thing shrank by
4:25 pm
10%. chinese consumers tightening their belts. their economy is slowing and the u.s.-china trade war means chinese have to pay up for american goods. where apple is faltering, huawei is gaining in asia. the shipments to china alone was up 23.3% during the fourth quarter. other smaller chinese manufacturers, opo, vivo, gained by single digits. we don't always talk about those companies here but in china they do have actually a pretty serious footprint. so apple has to redefine its steps in asia. but it also faces another competitor in the u.s. believe it or not google's pixel which debuted pretty quiet in 2013 but this holiday season was the fastest growing major smartphone brand in the u.s., according to a report by strategy analytics. it is smartphone shipments grew 43% in the december quarter. the analytics report shows google benefits from iphone
4:26 pm
owners holding on to the devices longer. this is lack of urgency they call it for samsung, galaxy s 9 not moving off the shelves. pixel outgrew apple, samsung, motorola. with that there is bigger to log a bigger percentage gain. it backs up apple is trying to find a few new tricks and sell us on services more or as much as gear. connell. connell: interesting i forgotten about the pixel. >> a lot of people did. connell: a lot of people did. apparently gaining some ground. deirdre, thanks. there you go. melissa: loving it. mcdonald's confirming the long rumored doughnut sticks are joining the mcbreakfast menus nationwide. hmmm, don't nuts. this as the company faces increased competition from other fast-food chains. the golden brown treats are set to go on sale at participating restaurants next wednesday for a
4:27 pm
limited time. that and then you see, little thing with the bacon and french fry container? wow. connell: reminds me they used to bring the mcrib back. did i gross you out. melissa: with the bank con and don't nuts and then you mcrib they press meat into the shape after rib? connell: that is little weird. i know. what are you guys laughing at averting another shutdown with the mcrib. that is what they should do. melissa: totally. connell: they have been trying to get the deal in place. it is a tentative deal at the moment, keep the government running. is the agreement enough for the commander-in-chief. the latest on the funding fight is next. plus taking on the resistance. howard schultz speaking out about the backlash he is getting about his potential 2020 bid. ♪ir its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life.
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connell: has a crisis been averted? lawmakers on capitol hill reaching a bipartisan agreement that would keep the government open past fried. there is question whether it will get the president's signature or will we head into shutdown 2.0? the president earlier today hinted what he thinks will happen. take a listen. >> i don't think you're going to see a shutdown. i wouldn't want to go to it now. if you did have it, it is the democrats fault. i accepted the first one and i'm proud of what we've accomplished because people learned during that shutdown all about the problems coming in from the
4:32 pm
southern border. i accept that. i always accepted it but this one, i would never accept if it happens but i don't think it is go egg to happen. connell: let's go to republican congressman buddy carter who joins us now. congressman carter from georgia, joining from us capitol hill. good to see you as always. play off what the president said. i look at that to mean he maybe doesn't love this deal but he will accept it. do you think he should? >> we, that is hard to say. i haven't seen the details of the deal first. connell: neither has he. that is the problem, right? >> it's a problem but i can tell you this, if it is true they're offering $1.37 billion, when what home hand security told us they needed 5.7, i think that is ridiculous. connell: what should he do? then you're back to square one. you have the government shut down, you still don't have a wall. the deal-makers are arguing this is the best they can do given the circumstances. >> i understand that but think about this, now what is your
4:33 pm
responsibility in congress? our responsibility is to appropriate. the president cannot change a appropriations bill, however he can shift funds around and we're forcing him to have to make that decision in order to do his duty of protecting americans. and it is, just ludicrous to think that democrats in congress think, oh, we know more about what is needed at the border than homeland security or border patrol need. that is ridiculous. connell: we're going to this, shifting of funds, as it is called. the president was talking earlier today, we'll add things to it. that is what he is talking about this so-called transfer authority, take funds allocated for something, to move it to the wall. from what i understand, i don't know a ton about this, you probably know more, chad pergram covering capitol hill, who cover this is, that is little more difficult than it sounds. you have to have approval from congress to do a lot of that, right? >> it is tougher than just doing it, i get that but at the same
4:34 pm
time, the democrats in congress are forcing the president into this situation when he should not be put into the situation. he didn't come up arbitrarily with $5.7 billion, that is what i want. he got this from homeland security, border patrol who are experts know what we need. how can democrats in congress think they know better than we do? that is beyond me. connell: not one of those things i don't know what is right or wrong but you do know what is kind of possible. as you know the votes are not there. there is just no way to kind of get to that place, which leaves those who support that policy, kind of in a tough spot, right? if the president accepts this deal, in trouble politically with his own base? you are in touch with his base. what do you think? >> i don't think he will be in trouble with his base. our base understands, the president's base understands that he is trying to do the best he can to protect this country. i've been to the border myself.
4:35 pm
i can see what exists there. i can tell you this is porous border. we need to address this the number one responsibility of the federal government is to protect the homeland. we can only do that by protecting our borders. connell: talk of congress, conservatives in the house, yourself included might start whispering in the president's ear, i don't know use the word derail or knock this deal off kilter here at the end? might that happen still? >> look the conferees done the best they can, i get that. knopf us want as shutdown. no one want as shutdown. connell: you don't see a shutdown. good enough congressman. always good to talk to you. >> thank you. melissa: political adversaries coming to the table. president trump sitting down with new york governor andrew cuomo this afternoon to talk taxes. will they be able to find common ground? plus setting the state, stage for the fight at
4:36 pm
white house. we have the latest 2020 political round up next. ♪ this is loma linda,
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melissa: new york governor andrew cuomo meeting with president trump at the white house today, i wish i could have been there, hoping to repeal the state and local tax deduction cap. this as cuomo's state budget falls short by $2.3 billion, they say due to a sharp drop in income tax collections in december and january. here is james freeman from
4:40 pm
"the wall street journal," and a fox news contributor. so i'm a little dubious of their math here. it is always easy to blame these different things, what do you think about the fact that the governor is blaming the salt deduction? actanecdotally the real estate market is hammer, leaving, not buying because they can't get the deduction. people are leaving the private schools. there are vacancies all over the place. anecdotally it seems people are leaving because of this salt cap, but do you buy the argument the governor is making? >> yes, generally in terms of whether he can trace all 2.3 billion to that particular provision in the 2017 federal law, that is a question, but he is absolutely correct that the high tax burden in new york state is a big reason people are leaving. the number one destination for end migration, people moving in is florida, where there is no state income tax. so what the federal law change
4:41 pm
has done, taking in limiting the deduction, it is no longer, had the taxpayers of the united states subsidizing governments like new york state to keep tax rates high. all of sudden, as you mentioned, all the residents up here notice, they don't want to pay it, a lot of them are leaving. melissa: so what is the proper remedy? because, first of all the president can't just unilaterally change this. it was legislation. he is going, begging the president for i don't know what. what can the president possibly get from him in exchange he would like or the whole point make states like new york suffer and people like myself pay more taxes, we either vote people out of office who are spending all this money or we leave? >> i think it is actually, it is painful at moment, this is helpful discipline, we haven't seen it yet, should drive reforms make states like new york, new jersey,
4:42 pm
california, say gee, our tax burden is a little too high. as far as the president, he is willing to consider it. the problem for democrats, the reason why mr. como maybe ought to visit new york colleagues in the senate, chuck schumer, kirsten gillibrand, the president is willing to deal, probably if the democrats do a bipartisan tax reform 2.0 with him. maybe this is a change along with pro-growth initiatives that he wants but, the odds of that happening so far seem almost zero. so i think mr. cuomo probably ought to be encouraging some of his democratic colleagues to start working on tax reform. melissa: both things seem incredibly unlikely. either they change their high-spending ways and cut their habits and all these local governments, or they convince democrats to work with republicans on, you know, a different type of tax reform. which one of those completely unlikely things do you think is less unlikely, james?
4:43 pm
>> yeah. some people think the most likely way this ever gets changed is when democrats control the house, the senate, and the white house again but, remember, this is not even a good vote then for them because they have to admit, despite all their rhetoric, the reform or change that mr. cuomo is asking for is almost entirely benefiting the 1%. that is who gets the biggest tax cut if the president does what cuomo asks. this is 100% for high income people and concentrated among the 1%, top income inners in the country. it's a terrible political vote for democrats given all their recent rhetoric. melissa: james, great stuff. stick around for us here. don't move. connell: meantime inching closer to 2020, speculation building over a possible presidential run, speaking of new york, by the new york city mayor, bill de blasio. he is heading to new hampshire on friday, the mayor is. of course new hampshire holds the first primary of the season.
4:44 pm
all speculation surrounding mayor de blasio. former attorney general eric holder traveling to another key state, iowa, reportedly making a decision whether or not he will run for president over the course of the next two weeks. then today, interesting, entering a different race in 2020, is retired astronaut mark kelly, husband of course of former congresswoman gabby giffords. he is running for the late senator john mccain's seat out in arizona. the democratic contender, will take on republican martha mcsally there. the winner of this race will finish out the last two years of senator mccain's term. melissa: another potential 2020 contender, receiving unexpected backlash, howard schultz speaking out on the hostility he said he and his wife are experiencing since hinting at possible run for the white house. >> we were not surprised by it. i think the extent of it has taken us back a bit. i think anytime you try to go
4:45 pm
against the grain and take the road less traveled, challenge the status quo, that is something i've been doing my whole life, not at this level, clearly we'll going to have some resistance. we expected it not as acute as it has become. connell: wow. i don't think even expected even close to what it is. >> almost no warm welcome at all, complete backlash from everywhere, total bashing. you know i think that is the flip side of it, a lot of time these guys don't realize. connell: totally. melissa: when you volunteer to run for president or any of these things, there is huge negative consequences, whether losing money, tarnishing the brand, getting spit on in the street by those who don't like you, there is a giant price to pay. connell: usually you have some constituency who is there to support you. you're getting hit from quote, unquote, from the other side. mr. schultz getting hit from all sides. melissa: no doubt. connell: meantime, hitting the far left. president trump slamming
4:46 pm
congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez's green new deal. why he is comparing the agenda to a high school term paper. melissa: maybe. connell: that's next. ♪ the latest innovation from xfinity
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>> who the hell wants to change what we're doing now? we're a hot, hot, country. last week they introduced a massive government takeover, that would destroy our incredible economic gains. they introduced the so-called green new deal. it sounds like a high school term paper that got a low mark. connell: a low mark. president trump, the freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, going back and forth, trading jabs over this green new deal. this comes as senate majority leader today, mitch mcconnell,
4:50 pm
embraced the proposal, at least in a manner of speaking. listen to this. >> i'm noted with great interest the green new deal. and we're going to be voting on that in the senate, to give everybody an opportunity to go on record and see how they feel about the green new deal. connell: all right. let's bring back james freeman and also liz peek who is with us. i almost, i don't know if i believe in coincidences, james, sounds like maybe senator mcconnell was reading "the wall street journal," that was the lead editorial, have a vote on it, get everybody on the record? >> that he is raising a good point here. nice touch wearing a green tie as he makes the announcement. obviously, energy, enthusiasm, the democratic party is with this extreme kind of environmentalism, talking about replacing all existing buildings
4:51 pm
upgrading them, talking about 10 years getting to all renewable sources of energy. they are less than 20% of the u.s. electricity today. he understands if you're a senator in a swing state, you don't actually want to put your name on this. connell: right. >> may be a useful political exercise to let people know, how much, how little support there is. connell: mcconnell doesn't normally do this. he is one goes out, he speaks out against it, votes for show. he says we shouldn't do this unless the president shouldn't sign it. he obviously sees a political advantage, to james' point, even if you support the nature of what is in the green new deal, what is written about in the resolution is not possible to achieve. >> no. connell: you have people on the record voting for something that is literally not possible. >> responsible people like kamala harris, elizabeth warren,
4:52 pm
we're supposed to take them seriously because they backed this thing without looking at it. this is not pie-in-the-sky. this is pie a la mode in the sky. we're talking about green energy. we're talking about getting unfair competition for businesses, healthy food, access to nature. what are they talking about. connell: renewables or generating all power i should say from renewables, 100% of it. >> it is not going to happen. connell: the journal had this morning, the current number is 17. >> that is with enormous break throughs on cost and so forth. neil: right. >> reality to get one major wind turbine farm offshore can take 20 years. so, look, this is honestly, i think it is incredibly irresponsible. as i say i'm delighted, i'm delighted mcconnell will actually make people look at this thing and say, no, i just don't think this really makes sense. let's stop this before it gains traction which is really a negative for this country. connell: guys, thanks as always. we appreciate it. we'll see if they actually do
4:53 pm
this, get people on the record. melissa: that would be hilarious. thousands of flights canceled across the nation without power as a brutal winter storm takes over the northern u.s. we're live in the weather center with more details next. ♪ best-in-class turn radius and best-in-class mpg. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. air velocity is reading at fifteen fpm. why would you need to learn every detail about a company? firmness... nine. it's how ibm services helps retailers around the world drive growth and save millions. he's very into this. yeah. is that the standard amount? yes. feels good. when your partners are obsessed with business and technology, you can put smart to work.
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snow in new york city and across the country. it is february. but in hawaii? snow blanketing parts of the
4:57 pm
state park and the island of maui for the first time. the mountains often get snow, but according to the state department of land and natural resources, this may have been the lowest elevation at which snow has ever been recorded in hawaii. >> the only video we have one guy holding a phone the wrong way. we would still rather be in hawaii we think than here, new york or in many places across the country. over 100,000 people now without pow we are major winter storm -- without power with a major winter storm hitting parts of the u.s. let's go to the weather center. >> put me down as rather being in hawaii. here's what we're looking at, there is a lot of rain with, stretching from areas of pittsburgh into tennessee, these are areas where it is flooding. as this runs into colder air, northwest, upper midwest, turning into ice and snow. i think ice will be the biggest concern.
4:58 pm
everything in the green, these are flood warnings. these are in place as very heavy rain on the back side of this system, but once it hits the colder air, we have all sorts of winter storms watches and warnings across the northeast, including major cities like new york up into boston. if you are on the southern edge of this system, you will continue to see the light rain. that's the case in areas of d.c. running up to philadelphia. new york has been on the borderline where they have seen a lot of ice, surrounding areas have seen a lot of ice. by the time you get up to boston, it is an all snow system. the ice will be the biggest concern especially for commuters. as you run through portions, running into central new york, over towards connecticut, all areas where ice will continue to be an issue. boston anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of snow. the heavier snow getting into the up state areas, so spots getting anywhere from 6 inches to 12 inches of snow. you need a bit more elevation and you need some colder temperatures to support some of the worst weather this is going to bring. as far as timing is concerned, you can tell, here we are
4:59 pm
running to midnight. the system sticking with us at least through the evening rush hour. so if you're in one of these areas, you are going to have to deal with it. i do think it clears through the overnight hours. definitely some snow on the back side of this, but any spot that got snow, any spot that got ice, we're already taking at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, temperatures well above freezing, ice on the ground would be melting at this point. it's really just concern with whatever is happening here this evening. and that warmup is going to be continuing not just early tomorrow, but your daytime highs for tomorrow, a lot of spots, temperatures back up to 40. by thursday here in new york, it is the mid 40s. 43 degrees in chicago. guys, anything that happens here, and we will be paying attention to it, i think it will be melting away. >> it is 5:00 now. that is an issue. as soon as we get into the snowfall totals, you know, but the ice is a problem for people going home. we can't complain; right? >> no. >> we will take those temps in the 50s. >> adam thank you for that. that's also the thing that's been so crazy are the ups and downs. we are going back to almost 50. we had the polar vortex and then
5:00 pm
back up to almost 60. keeps you on your tees. -- keeps you on your toes. >> that's right. that's your job, keep me on my toes. >> i try. >> that does it for us. bulls & bears starts right now. david: breaking news lawmakers scrambling at the moment to cinch a border funding deal that the president can sign on to all to avoid a second government shutdown. texas congressman is here to weigh in on what's on the table right now. we are so glad you could join us. this is bulls & bears. joining me on the panel today. congressional leaders urging members of their parties to sign on to a deal reached in principle last night, but the president may be the toughest sell. take a look. >> i have to study it. i'm not happy about it. it is not doing the trick, but i'm adding things to it.


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