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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 26, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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[laughter] follow me on twitter and instagram. tomorrow the show andrew mccarthy,ned ryun, richard fowler. they will go at it it would be a great time. dogs and cats living together. you heard it here first and you will hear it here last . with north korea leader kim jong-un. the president historic second summit with kim, no american president since ronald reagan has advocated azam bishous a -- ambitious a diplomatic effort that president trump's initiative to denuclearize the korean peninsula. we have with us, senior fellow christian whiten and fred flights in washington they have
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passed a ru resolution to undert the president during his foreign policy. radical dimms join by rinorepublicans, doing their worse to sabotage president trump's effort to create lasting peace and prosperity in the asian pacific region, working to stabilize international trade and balance the u.s.-china trade relationship. house radical dems and rinos denying cartels and their influence in central america and cuba. the opioid crises that killed thousands of americans a year. the rhinos and radicals don't care, or perhaps they are corrupt, or perhaps both. listen to new york democrat
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hakeem jeffries deny it all. >> there is no basis in law or in fact to declare a national emergency. there is no increase in illegal crossings at our border. there in criminal activity. lou: mr. trump is half way around the world asserting and assuring u.s. interests, and his vice president in colombia trying to achieve calm and stability in venezuela. the radicals claim no crisis. yet top general to u.s. northern colemacommand terrence oshaughny calls it significant and deadly. charlie hurt, kayleigh mcenany among our gusts, and michael
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cohen on capitol hill. three days of congressional hearings, the radical dimms are salivating at prospect of hearing from convicted liar. >> we're at another inflection point where american justice will be either vindicated or desecrated. money memichael cohen has some e answers to some of the questions. >> that information in a tranc a transparent fashion. lou: are still walking free. why is that? we talk with former u.s. attorney joe digenova tonight, top story, president trump and kim jong-un arrived in vietnam
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today, president trump arrival met with freigh great enthuseiu. the president tweeted, thank you to all of the people for great reception in hanoi, tremendous crowds and so much love. president trump and kim scheduled for a one-on-one meeting tomorrow, they will meet for dinner tomorrow as well. president trump will be joined by secretary of state pompeo acting white house chief of staff mulvaney at that dinner. summit 29 presidensum between pd kim to be held thursday with much on the line for kim jong-un, koreas. the world and president trump. joining me now, christian whiten senior fellow at center for national interest. good to have you with us. this is quite an event to say the least, history made even if does not result in success that
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president trump means to achieve. >> it is a big deal. we have accomplished something, president trump has, it has been we're going on two years with no nuclear test or no ballistic missile test, the president willing to invest time, energy and personal diplomacy, putting his representation on the land. standing up to naysayers. pursuing a novel concept, you should actually meet with people you would like something from. and kim jong-un purging a number of people in north korea, it is a really interesting historical development. lou: how would you rate prospects for success? define that as an agreement to move forward and to retain all of the success that has been achieved to this point and build on it in terms of actual
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framework for denik denucleariz. >> we are afraid pause we been burned twice before, we give concessions and they never deliver. there is a question of how you fully define -- >> forgive me, the failures were not this president, his has been successful. >> clearly not, no. >> right. >> it was the george w. bush administration. and wendy sherman and bill clinton gave huge concessions to north korea, and got nothing in return. president has given up essentially nothing and gotten back these dismantle ament of
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nuclear testing facility and our hostages home. >> right. turning to venezuela in a moment, that situation seems to be worsen by the day. prospects may be brightening for at least improvement. but not at hand. in terms of this vote this resolution in the house of representatives today, can you think of analogue in history where a president was rebuked by the quote, unquote, loyal applicatioopposition while he wn important policy mission. >> nothing springs to mind, this is unprecedented this pointless gesture it is obscene and abserred, democrats seen to have a problem with enemy identification. and you know this foes to point that resistance is not just a frustrating political future, it
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is unpatriotic. they are defying not just donald trump but they are defying the verdict of our democracy from day one. this is only president, perhaps aside lincoln who got no honeymoon, they carry it over to foreign affairs it is very depressing. lou: it is appalling and sickening to watch. and one can't help but believe and certainly hope that they will pay a significant price at the polls, american people have to be as -- this is as revolting to them as to any member of the republican party who cares about the future of this country. which by kay seems to be a -- by the way seems to be a smaller number than expected with 13 members in republican house voting with dems. maduro concerned his days may be over, but not clear when the
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opposition leader, would replace him. and under what circumstances. terms and time. >> right. you know good signs inside and outside, on south outside, coalition we put together, vice president pence in colombia, coming together with u.s., different from grin go go home or pink wave that began with chavez getting elected in venezuela in 1998, he handed off to maduro. inside you see bad signs that he is persisting, but you see more and more of the military, no --e than a hundred soldiers have chosen to defect rather than shoot their own citizens, they don't seem to be getting better for maduro, we're getting more and more aggressive about cuts off his cash, positive signs. lou: christian whiteon thank you.
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>> thank you. >> ahead left wing national media back to drumming up talks, of impeachment. >> question about impeachment has been in the air on capitol hill for very long time. >> will democrats regret if they don't open the impeachment investigation. >> yeah. >> that is an impeachable offense. >> potential. >> impeachment hearings. >> prim impeachment. >> congress i is trying to consider whether or not to impeach the president. lou: we take it up tonight, attorney joe digenova with us. >> a military commander showing support for president's national emergency deck h declaration, me after the break on what is an historic evening, ed rollins will join us.
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lou: big news, radical dimms in house joined by 13 rino republicans passes a resolution to clock the president's national emergency declaration to secure our southern border. it will be veto by president trump no matter what. nothing more than a gesture,
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radical dimms in house, in so doing have under cut the president while he is abroad on his most important foreign affairs mission of his presidency, dems more concerned about 2020 politics than national security and national interest. today's vote after u.s. northern command leader general oh, shaughnessy called the southern border crisis significant and deadly, his support for the president upset senator bloomenthal who disregarded the general's testimony. >> what is the threat to our national security that justifies declare a national emergency. >> from my perspective, a secure border will reduce the threats homeland. >> that is general, but this time am justifies declearing a national emergency. >> again i would say president has made that declaration.
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>> you say --? there is a national emergency because the president has said there is a national emergency? >> no, i am saying that my perspective, i get my orders from secretary of defense, and president. those orders are clear to me. lou: and there is senator bloomenthal. part of the questioning president and his purpose in declaring a national emergency. and man in charge telling him point-blank, here is part of the president's so-called support team in congress. >> you personaly believe that the president's national emergency is legal? >> well, we're in the process of weighing, the lawyer was there to make his argument, there was counter argument. i have not reached a total
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conclusion about you -- i would not go to me for a simple will, i did go to law school. lou: yeah that is obvious. joining me now. fox business political analyst, ed rollins. ed, i don't know about the president. he has to have some strength to put up with the people who say they are his followers. >> he does, and 13 today who basically voted gain him, the republicans, they should pay a heavy price, in are in vulnerable seats. the truth is that i think senate, is lindsey graham said there are three who will not vote for it, maybe one or two others out. but mitch mcconnell will do all he can to make sure that president's position gets passed. lou: they are tillis, collins and murkowski. let's talk about the senate journey leader. i mean what kind of performance was that from mitch mcconnell?
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>> i heard a full on statement he supported the president's decision. lou: can we square that up. >> he is trying to count votes, he is a good vote county, they may not be there yet, by -- he has 15 days to take house bill up, hopefully he will twist the arms with help of president. lou: do you think that important president are getting sick of these cute rinos. >> sure they are, we need more republicans, i have said over and over this elect did not help this president, we should have picked up 5 more senate seats. but i think key thing is that we hava don't marching pardon, and time -- this time he is in foreign affairs, we show not be doing this. lou: have you sign anything that approaches effort by radical dims and rinos to under cut a president on the most important foreign policy initiative of his
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presidency. >> you have a couple freshman members, they don't even have a pay chicpaycheck yet, signing oo impeach him without and charges put forward, they will not be successful. they are not going to imprime ih them. lou: it is kug come discussion o evidence, no charges, this is pure ignor ignorance. unbelievable -- what do you call it? i don't know the word. >> get some courage, they have the real war ahead of them. there is much in war as president. is they better be on president's side. the new democrats that are there -- >> 13 are not. >> three may not be.
10:20 pm
this -- >> this 5 or 6 in senate, you have to fight for all of the time, the 13, probably 4 others. are. hapresident will have to fightfs done in the beginning, in the end he will. lou: president right now doing well in polls. much to frustration of the left. they realize now as we listen to little adam schiff of head of the house intelligence committee, he is trying to find anything to supplement his existence because he rail really believes that mueller should be subpoenaed and brought before his committee. that basically a threat to mueller, he better do what schiff wants or he will be in trouble. >> it is an attempt at threat, schiff is nancy pelosi's candidate to replace her in 4
10:21 pm
years. i think reality is, we are going it fight him every way, we will, there is no evidence, after two years of investigating there is no evidence. you have a guy up there, michael cohen lied before congress, pleaded guilty, gone to jail for lying. lou: he will be testifying to congress, he has already lied to. >> the absurd tease of something that up there with any credibility, my sense that is -- >> what do you make of congressman matt gaetz tweet on -- >> matt put out a inappropriate tweet tonight. but the reality he is one of the fighters, fought hard for trump, i am sure he is doing what he knows is best. at en was day he will be one -- at the end was day he will be the one they go after tomorrow. with charges he is threaten
10:22 pm
cohen. lou: they are sensitive folks. >> they are. lou: how do you intimidate a guy who confessed lying to congress. >> irony is that. two of secret hearing, public hearing tomorrow, he can't talk about russia that is the request. which is when original investigation was about. >> i assume that he could talk 'whatever he wants, probably will. >> chairman made it clear, no questions on russia. lou: oh, that is responsible of the chairman. >> that is how they -- >> these people, the left has turned into a farce beyond forces. >> the more exposure they get, more people realize how far left they are. lou: i think that the radical dems, left in this country. has decided to be clever, the pretty cute and clever left wing national media keeps reinforcing it. they have lost all connection to
10:23 pm
anything approaching reality. >> absolutely. lou: and the american people. ed rollins. >> thank you. lou: great to see you. >> thank you. lou: thank you, sir. >> up next, who th the -- michal cohen will spin more stories on capitol hill, that is next. with attorney joe digenova. let's look at national debt before we go to break. we'll be right back. right after this. stay with us. a business owner always goes beyond what people expect. that's why we built the nation's largest gig-speed network along with complete reliability. then went beyond. beyond clumsy dials-in's and pins. to one-touch conference calls. beyond traditional tv. to tv on any device. beyond low-res surveillance video. to crystal clear hd video monitoring from anywhere. gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations.
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lou: a three-judge dc court of appeals panel today rejecting latest challenge to appointment of special counsel mueller, two appointed by president obama and clinton, third bush, the plaintiff roger stone aide
10:28 pm
miller. >> joining us tonight is joe digenova. i want to start with the judge and the 9th circuit court of appeal whose vote was counted by his colleagues in a ruling overturned by supreme court. i love the way they put it together. judge is appointed for life but not eternity, your perspective? 9th circuit tries to do everything it can to get itself reversed, here they counted vote of a dead judge on get a ruling they wanted, i thought supreme court which issued app unsigned opinion, they said, judges are appointed for life but not for eternity was a marvelous smackdown to left wing nuts on thonthe 9th circuit.
10:29 pm
lou: what kind of smackdown do you expect is worry adam schiff, want to sou -- subpoena mueller. >> first, if he tries to soup subpoena mueller, he is an employee of the justice department, he works for bill barr, so barr will decide if he will respond, and barr will decide he will not because he is not allowed to talk about his investigation. he cannot discuss by law, and classified information he cannot disclose. as far as whether or not he will win, if he issues the subpoena and tryings to go to court he will lose. schiff just wants publicity, he is just an appalling individual.
10:30 pm
lou: an appalling individual, it seems there is another part of decision tree, he is an attorney, wow would think he would know better, he is either an idiot, which is it? >> i think both. i don't know you have to make a chaschoice there but bill barr a serious lawyer, he is -- by the ways respec report is give up tm confidentialy by mueller. lou: what is made public. wireless ening t -- listening tw mccabe confess to attempted over throw of president day after day. and yet none of the people who were involved in that attempted coop have been so much as prosecuted. will they ever be in your judgment? >> yes, i think they will be. i think that bill barr's appointment is a milestone in
10:31 pm
account brill -- accountability for obama administration and deputy of justice, they illegally leaked information to the press, they violated the espionage act, i expect bill barr to invest this, and people to be charged, including mccabe and others, he is a very serious attorney general, they are scared of him. lou: does he have potentially a colleague. a confidant that will work who will work with him in the oig ? in michael horowitz? >> yes, i think so -- mr. horowitz does not have subpoena power. he can't bring indictments or
10:32 pm
use a grand jury, he will work with barr, i imagine some material will never be made public, and horowitz the turn that to barr and mr. rosen, we will have a very good serious federal investigation. i expect that to happen relatively quickly. lou: i hope quickly. i think the american people have had a belly full of the justice department being the place where truth goes to die. and a report is well, continues to be written, investigations go on in perpetuity nothing is ever revealed, do you think that will change? >> i do, i think that present of barr, sent shutters across street at fbi headquarters, but also shouts of joy from people in both the fbi and department of justice who realize what a horrible thing james comey, loretta lynch, sally yates did
10:33 pm
to those good institutions. there is one thing they are sad about the new fbi director is an empty suit, they are embarrassed by chris wray who never won't oe made a speech to his employees about a horrible thing happened to that institution, the last speech he gave to them, he said he had never been a angrier when they was going to miss a paycheck during the shut down, about what a disgrace. lou: you could hear the concern for truth and justice. it was -- >> he is a game show host. lou: might well be. we don't want to insult game show hosts, to we? thank you, joe. >> you bit. lou: thank you.
10:34 pm
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lou: headlines republican candidate mark harris said he will not run in new election are in north carolina 9 district. citing his serious health condition. >> former u.n. ambassador nikki haley joining boeing's board of
10:39 pm
director, her new job comes after a report that she is now charging $200,000 and use of a private jet for her speeches. she found a friendly environment in the corporate establishment. we wonder how that happened. what is the reason for that? those answers to follow in the days and weeks ahead. >> british prime minister theresa may said she will give parliament the chance to delay brexit to overturn the vote of the british people. may considering we're told a short limit the extension if a second brexit vote fail, uk to leave eu on march 29. in is no chance of the world they could do that. under this establishment leadership. in britain. joining us, fred fleitz national security expert, president of senator for security policy. >> good to be here. lou: what a night for you to be with us. looking at what is happening in
10:40 pm
north korea. the trade talks with china. and the united states. vevenezuela. city -- we start with north korea. president taken risk to carry out an initiative to this point been wildly successful, he gets zero cred frit the nation -- credit from the national left wing media or resistance as they call this. >> i would say foreign policy establishment. no one favors bilateral talks with leader kim, it has paid off. >> i had the privilege of discussing this is president in palm beach a week ago sunday, he was very confident. and suspicion of nuclear test is a big deal. and he thinks his personal relationship with kim is going to pay off. and you know, world denuk denucleariation, no -- de
10:41 pm
nuclearization, no one of using that word before the president took office. lou: the risk high-tech his personal political capital. initially. he did something no other president had done. succeeded at it and as moved forward to the point we're at now. using the term denuclearization, that's ferrying t for. referring to the peninsula looks likeliest critics of president forgot they were talking about nuclear war with north korea as a result of this president's initiatives, what fools are th they. of they timid enough to be contrite. >> we have a president who is credible, where use of force on table, north korea fear our country. we're were not leading from behind, we're strategic patience that was president obama's policy to north korea, that was kicking the problem down the
10:42 pm
road and allows the nuclear program in north korea to get out of hand. lou: how about success in this summit. >> i would like inspections of a nuclear test site and a missile site, a timeline on delivery of accounting of north korea nuclear missile site. will we know the initial list the be incomplete. we're try to work with them to get it complete. people are saying the president is not getting this fast enough, they are such hypocrites. lou: ms. opposition has been wrong for decades. let's turn to china, and trade talks. president putting forward the proposition that they have made enough progress to not apply additional tariffs on 200 billion port of chinese exports. where do we go from here, are
10:43 pm
you of the view that we're about to see a historic deal made between the two? >> it is looking that way, administration made progress. but we're finding that there are different things that chinese do easily such as buy more soybeans, than address tried deficit, and -- trade deficit. and they are reluctance to do things as well. lou: stealing intellectual property. >> they want to do that, that is a rid line for us, i think we'll make proe progress on that. allowing american company to comto --compete equally. lou: it is interesting. the pretendses that bee americans create -- that we americans create.
10:44 pm
we pretend with chinese they have only control to whether or not they steal from us in our talks, but the truth is we can decide who we allow to steal, and when. we have allowed them absolutely unfettered access to the most valuable intellectual property capital, we can control that. will we? >> i hope we do. and i still think a deal with china will be hard. we're a long way -- the chinese are dragging their feet. you know what is interesting. i think that china is watching democratic candidates, i suspect chaos this this race will make them think this mr. president trump may win in 2020, they may start thinking of a deal. lou: even as 13 rinos join with democrat in house to under cut the president while he is half a world away. >> quickly, venezuela, a strat status report from you. >> two weeks ago, embassy said
10:45 pm
he were on knife's edge, we see hundreds of national guard and military offices defecting, i think it leaning in the direction of the opposition, but i still worry there will be a bloody outcome before maduro leaves. >> thank you, fred fleitz. >> up next fed chairman powell is back in the news. we can't bring himself to defend the president's economic policy. and president's understanding of market, and industries and impact on economic growth. president schooled him, but it looks like new tutorial will be in order. we take up the assault on president trump to the see next, stay with us, we'll be right back. -we're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing. -jamie, this is your house? -i know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child.
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lou: joining us charlie hurt, washington time opinion editor, fox business contributor, and kayleigh mcenany, national press secretary for trump 2020 campaign. great to have you. let's begin with share -- brown talking to head of federal reserve in not the nicest way. >> yesterday, your predecessor
10:50 pm
janet yell u yellin said she dot think that president trump has a grasp of macro economic policy, is she right. >> i won't have a comment on that for you. lou: how many hours do you think they rehearsed that particular exchange? >> i am sure quite some time. what an absurd prob sig that presiden--proposition that presp does not understand macro economics, you think they would level that against president obama who saw worse economic recovery in modern history, president trump reversed course on nearly every economic policy of obama administration and we've seen prosperity like some time, that was absurd. lou: charlie? these people have been at this for decade in washington. it took someone like donald trump to get a grasp of the the
10:51 pm
macro economic picture. and he understood that and has reversed course on that, and ushered in a new economy. you know for these guys that have been here forever to complaint about stuff like that and not appreciate fact that donald trump and donald trump alone was first guy to realize these thing matter a lot to regular american voters, that is astanishing. lou: a grace less home for -- graceless moment for each of them, ignoring fact that president schooled federal reserve on its rising rates over 3 month period. and the destruction of equity, just it was -- the market cap they blew away in 3 months has not been recovered still. and the reality is where would we be if the fed had sense to
10:52 pm
the no raise rates, rolling off assets from balance sheet, let's start with you know on capitol hill. the house vote, 13 rinos, join with democrats to vote a resolution that condemns the national national emergency declaration. >> only in congress do you see congress actually delegate a power to the executive as they did. the president -- the executive uses power that congress gave him then they rebuke him. but this shows these individuals have zero understands of the law let'lawlessness on our southern border, drugs pouring across, illegal entries and national security crisis we face. with the open borders to the south. lou: i am wondering what the radical dimms understand at all.
10:53 pm
>> no kidding, and what part of at least 11 million, most conservative estimates there are 11 million illegal aliens in the country today. what mar part of 11 million is t considered an invasion, and all drugs and things like that that are pouring over the border. if this is not a national emergency, i don't know what circumstance we could have a great debate where congress should give president that authority in first place. first time they stand up and get principled about we don't want to delegate that authority, you did. and second place, you picked a loser of an issue to sort of take a stand on. this is getting washed out in the next elect, i feel confident that president trump will prevail in this argument, as are republicans and conservatives who stick by their guns and stick by their prince pehls.
10:54 pm
principles. >> charlie herd and kayleigh mcenany. >> thank you. >> up next, president is expecting a tremendous summit with president ki -- kim jong-u, stay with us. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. i treat my mbc with everyday verzenio, the only one of its kind that can be taken every day.
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(hand) you're all about friendly service, and you rarely shake hands? come on! (vo) your hand is talking. isn't it time you listened? there are non-surgical options. take the first step and learn more about dupuytren's at lou: president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un arriving in vietman today. they will meet at the hanoi hilton tomorrow night. christian whiton praised president trump's accomplishments that led to this summit. the president has basically
10:59 pm
given up nothing to get the end of the nuclear testing and he got our hostages home. lou: the house voting to reject the president's national knowledge declaration for the president's border. the president will veto the resolution if it passions the senate. michael cohen appearing before congress and the house oversight committee in a public hearing tomorrow. he says he appreciates the opportunity to tell his story. it will be fiction perhaps just like his previous testimony. tomorrow night, congressman matt gaetz and congresswoman carol miller as well as gordon chang
11:00 pm
will join us tomorrow. a reminder to follow me @loudobbs on instagram and twitter. trish: breaking right now. straight to us from cucuta, colombia. cuban-backed colectivos are cuban backed teams. a telemundo reporter abducted by the maduro regime is forced into a vehicle. mike pence is calling on the international community to further isolate this brutal


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