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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 27, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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and thank you panel. stay tuned. fbn special coverage. live with coverage. president trump's working lunch and press conference with kim jong-un, 5:00 a.m., good night. . lou: good evening, president trump making history in vietnam, meeting with north korea leader kim jong-un in hanoi today, ahead of the second summit tomorrow with president kim of north korea. president's present in vietnam is historic. mr. trump studied positive demeanor in clear regard, even liking for kim seems to auger well significant progress. >> we'll have a busy day tomorrow. we'll probably have a quick dinner. a lot of things be solved i hope. i think that will lead to
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wonderful situation. and hour relationship is a very -- our relationship is a special relationship. lou: president trump in his trade reverend, working to successfully negotiate what would be an hastic trade biel -- an historic trade deal with china. to reset immense deficits with china. president's goal that of his trade team is to balance trade, create a mutual reciprocal trade relationship. brelationship. by irk rat katesing theft of u.s. intellectual property. >> today, light lighthizer made
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it clear, tonight we focus on president's mission toy it nuclearize the korean peninsula. his commitment to further national security and negotiate fair balance trade deals, republican strategist ed rollins, asia expert gordon chang among our guests. and president trump makes history aro around the world. dems scheduled their attempt to savage president trump this week, to cohen side with his foreign -- coincide with his poll foreign policy mission. national left wing media devoting themselves to covering the the sickening sorry radicalm show. the first and only within of the radical dimms new 1 16th congress. republicans fighting back led by congressman mark meadows,
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ranking committee member jim jordan. >> how long did you work for donald trump. >> possibly a decade. >> how long did you work in the white house? >> i never worked in the white house. >> that is the point, isn't it. >> no, sir. >> yes, it is. >> no. >> you wanted to work in the white house. >> no, sir. >> you did not get brought to the dance. >> i did not want to go to white house. >> i see a few work for 10 year, and trashing a guy he worked for in 10 years, did not get a job in white house, now you behave like everyone else who has got fired or did not get job they wanted like mccabe, and comey. same selfish motivation after you don't get the thing you want, that is what i see today and that is what emergency amere see. lou: caroll miller is among our guest had. top story, trump's first day in vietnam, a busy one. president trump signing a 20 billion dollar deal with vietnam
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for vietnam to buy boeing aircraft and technology that would reduce the 37 billion dollar u.s. trade deficit with vietnam. president trump then met with north korea leader kim jong-un and that is where we leadoff tonight. chief white house correspondent john roberts reporting from hanoi. >> president is under pressure from both sides of political aisle to make progress on kim's promise of last june's first summit to dismantle his nuke har program. it is unclear what the president and kim will sign, the substance of a deal could shift, ideas that have been kick around are open liaison office in u.s. and north korea. and closing down the yongbyon nuclear facility, an agreement to end korean war and modification of sanctions. president trump has been trying
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to sell kim on economic benefits he could reap if he gives up his weapons of mass destruction, ends north korea isolation and joins the global economy. >> i say it many times. i think your country has tram douse economic -- tremendous economic potential, unlimited. i look forward to watching it happen and helping it to happen. reporter: north korea expert tell knock fox news it is unlikm jong-un would give up his nuclear program all at once, there is still deep distrust of the united states in north korea. that is why president trump in his meeting try to build trust. lou: john thank you very much. >> u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer on capitol hill today, told house ways and means commity it is too early to prediction outcome of trade talks with china. for more, we go to ed lawrence in washington. reporter: u.s. trade
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representative lighthizer said he will submit to federal registry formal notification to suspend further notice an increase in tariffs on chinese imports, in is no deal in place, lighthizer said, it is too early to tell if there will be agreement. >> if we com can -- complete ths effort. if, we might be able to have an agreement that helps us turn the corner in our economic relationship with china. reporter: light these are said a agreed to buy more agriculture from u.s. and he said they made progress on financial services, letting u.s. banks and credit card companies into chinese market, and now working on nontariff barriers and specifics on protecting intellectual property
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of companies as well as ending cyber theft. >> if we end up losing that edge where we're number two in technology, then, the world will look different for our children. reporter: just about every agreement china made with u.s. they have broken, but adds this president is only one with grit to use tariffs to bring china to the table. >> we use tools we have, we know that just sitting around, has not worked for 25 or 30 years, we have to try something new, i think we have gotten to a point we might have success. reporter: and a huge part. both republican and democrat on committee commend lighthizer to hold chinese accountable. still meal suppor people suppore president's trade actions. lou: thank you very much. dems catching up with a new
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reality in washington. which has been one sided for 30 plus year, ed lawrence. lou: as president and his administration continue to contain nuclear nation of north korea and broker a fair deal with china, washington swamp today averted their eyes from history, around the world. they are obsessed with the testimony of a convinced liar. michael cohen. his appearance before the house oversight committee lasted over 5 hours today. but opening testimony was a clear indication as to how it would go. >> those who question my motives are in being here today, i understand. i have lied. i am not a liar. i have done bad things. but i am not a bad man.
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>> cohen did not fool anyone on the committee, certainly not the republicans, led by ranking member jim jordan. many of them calls out cohen for pro vary kateing as he has throughout this sorry episode. >> first announce witness to a guy who is going to prison in two months for lying on congress. >> let that sink in, he is going to prison for lying to congress, she is the -- and he is the star witness. >> a liar, a cheater, a convinced liar. >> mr. cohen you claim you lied but not a liar, if you lie, you are a liar. lou: ra radical dimms ignores ft that cohen is an admitted
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maligner with an axe to grind. elections have consequences. and while you can blame the radical dimms and we do, you can also thank paul ryan for making today's sort the spectical possible. >> still ahead, tonight, congresswoman caroll miller trashing michael cohen's hearing as a total waste of time. >> i am very disappointed to have you in front of this committee today. i find this hearing not in the best interest of the american people. this is another political game with the purpose of discrediting the president. lou: congresswoman miller will join us tonight. up next, we take up political effect of this eventful day with the dean himself, republican
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lou: radical freshman congresswoman rashida talib today accused a african-american
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trump staffer for being a racist prop for mark meadow. >> does not mean they are not racist, fantastic tha the fact d use a prop, a plaque woma a blan this dhai chamber in this commie is racist in itself. lou: meadows turning talib's remarks against her, accusing her of being racist for even making the come. >> there is nothing more personal to me than my relationship -- my nieces and nephews are people are color. not many people know that. you know that. mr. chairman. and to indicate that i ask someone who is a personal friend, of the trump family, who is worked for him, knows this particular individual, that she is coming to be a prop, that is
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race testify suggest tharacist r to come in for that reason. lou: oversight chairman cummings trying to disfuse the situation, calls meadows one of his bev friends on that committee. >> joining us. fox business political analyst ed rollins, that is one of the sorriest spectacles that i have seen, these radical dims have reached a low i didn't think they were capable of. >> i am ashamed of myself for watching 9 hours to watch this idiotic show today it just diminished congress. lou: to hell with the congress, they are already diminished. the republican party permitted this and radical dimms who carried it off. they should say i'm sorry to the nation. >> they should, and the ridiculous party, a guy who is he is violated -- prosecuted, it
10:17 pm
was prosecuted convicted of tax evasion of lying pi before congress, it has nothing to to with trump, he called trump a liar and racist without evidence, whole thing about russian -- he had no evidence whaever of russia collusion, sai think high woulsaidhe would do t i wasted a whole day. lou: credit to meadows and jordan, for trying to respond. but for the republicans not to stop this. i mean, do the republicans know how to fight at all? >> no. lou: they look like damn punching bags. >> they were, there was nothing about this by who lied, went out and took enormous sums of money he was going to cash it in and he wants to blame trump for this there was nothing to move the
10:18 pm
ball forward. lou: 24to hell with the investigation. >> the president sitting with kim trying to get a deal done. to stop the nuclearization. national left wim wing media is focused on this sick circus that democrats staged. meanwhile response of republicans, listen to senator lindley -- lindsey graham responding to this. >> poor form to have it while the president literally talking with kim jong-un about giving up his nuclear weapons program. if we had done something like this people in media business would be outraged for a good reason. lou: i don't know, senator graham, thank you for at least speaking out. but when you use strong language
10:19 pm
like poor form, i am sure rad radical dimms, their knees start shaking. this criminal the response. >> the fact that president has to be different tragedied on this -- differen diftz -- distrm their important meeting is absurd. the more you see this, how many time did you hear them say, it's my 5 minutes, it's my 5 minutes, they had no interest. lou: you are stuck with it, take it easy on yourself. >> i try, i didn't. at end was day still a big cloud they all want to beloved by each other. lou: radical dimms' to fight. >> they will beat us if we don't great in the trenches.
10:20 pm
lou: alexandria ocasio-cortez, she is a socialist. oh, that is vicious you republicans calling her a socialist. what do you think harry reid is. you know. democratic party is almighty. >> they better get on the president's side and march forward or they will all get wiped out. lou: you watch this congress, think about the millions of people who elected these congressmen and women -- you have to worry about this country, if their representative then we're a country in deep trouble. >> i couldn't agree with you more. we have another year and a half before another election. lou: somebody better figure out how to fight without an election, they can't get elected thank you very much paul ryan. you know that is the kind of idiocy they put up with, and encourage. matt gaetz attacked by florida
10:21 pm
bar for the. >> a tweet. lou: the tweet he made yesterday. now, the radical dimms in congress are going after him, they liberal led florida bars, trying you know, investigating as they have t to do. it is -- they are trying to intimidate a u.s. congressman who is exercising his right to speech. if you as a congressman, i don't care how silly. i mean, they ever say or write or tweet, how the hell can these people try to intimidate him? >> he rolled over quick last night that gave them more grounds to think they could. if you fight, throw a punch, expect a punch back. we just -- 1 yo 1 you start fig- once you start fighting you have to continue. lou: where the hell is the republican party? responding to that effort by these radical dimms.
10:22 pm
>> they are try -- >> they sit on their hands clucking, fa poor form, jesus -- forgive me for saying that. >> the president is over there fighting for us, at the end was day we're lucky to have him. lou: matt gaetz one of the great way tguys with jordan with mead. andy biggs, a handful of them in freedom caucus trying to make a difference, what what is happening, sorry rinos, i get so annoyed, you may notice that, i apologize for -- anyway. >> today of a waste of time, nothing to -- >> never a waste of time when we fine the truth, and truth about the radical dimms is they are lower than snake bellies and
10:23 pm
always will be. >> thank you. lou: we would like to hear your thoughts, share your comments follow me on twitter. facebook, inta descram. up next, radical left use money michael cohen's testimony to try a little harder to take down president trump. we give you a jurist view of some exposure that might have resulted from today's so-called hearing. we'll have that for you, congresswoman caroll miller is joining us next am more on the despicable display of the day, look at u.s. national debt, don't worry they are running it up today in the swamp, by the way they have not got a well, you can clue ea clue half to do about it, it is too much fun spendinspending other people's , we'll be right back. stay with us.
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lou: radical dimms today revealing themselves with a political charade, that was designed to take all attention away from president's mission half way around the world. here we go. >> this is not a partisan pursuit, i think we're demonstrating, is patriotism. >> president donald j trump, brand comes first not the american people. >> are you aware of any videotapes that may be subject of blackmail. >> is there a love child. >> some of my colleagues conditiocan'thandle the truth. lou: amazing and sickening. congress member caroll miller, she blasted cohen today, great to have you with us. i should imagine that after having to sit through that, you
10:29 pm
wanted to take a shower. that is one of the worst events have seen put on by either political party. your thoughts? >> it was a very long 6 hours. >> a long 6 hours? i would think it was a long 6 hours. but the testimony from the convict liar, a liar convicted of lying to congress among other lies, how in the world did the republican party, end up permitting this to coincide with such an importance initiative on part of president in denuclearization of the korean peninsula, and second summit with kim? >> that is right. but you know we're not in control at this point. >> i do, i am just wondering why y'all could not come up with a way to stop the democracy, because democrats with y'all were in power did a lot to
10:30 pm
forestall republican riches. >issue. >> it was i waste of our time, a said in committee, voter in west virginia did not send me to congress to waste time or money. lou: no doubt, so what are you going to do? is this a two years of long meetings for republican party or are you all going to learn how on fight about. >> it could be a lot of long meetings but we'll get along. lou: i am wondering how the american people will get along, the first witness, of the 116 congress is a man convicted of lying to congress and you put -- he is put forward as the witness for first substantive hearing -- if you can call this substantive meeting of the new congress. >> i think you are right. it was to take the attention
10:31 pm
away from what our president is trying to do. lou: and republican party going to start supporting this man? he is already historic president. in 2 years. it is truly remarkable to see the republican party incapable of fighting, incapable of it seep seems political strategy, witness today hearing and timing and lack of can be view obvious. where do we see the republican party? is there a sense that the republican party will remain split, rinos and people who support president trump? >> i think you saw a good example today. this whole hearing was a glop. ,
10:32 pm
they tried everything to try to impugn our president it is not work. lou: they did get the media away from the president's negotiations and inis and inishn hanoi. give us your view, your judgment about what the effect of today's hearing. do you believe that the democrats put on this show hearing, this sort the parade of absurd questions for the most part from the left. what is the net/net. >> well, i called it acircus. they were colluding to try to make our president look terrible, that did not work, they looked terrible. it was all about old news and
10:33 pm
fake news. lou: i agree with you on that. i think that american people, if they watched it, saw -- if peoplen to know who the dems are, i don't know what to say about our collective national intelligence because they been on display for some time. but the very difficult part for me is that to watch the republican leaders, in congress, not successfully t to have faild to forestall this hearing to begin with. it does not auger well for congress and where you will be going over the course of next two years, i thank you for having the guts to stand up for the president and to attack directly the testimony of a convinced liar. -- convicted liar, as you suggest it should not have opinion necessary. >> it is not, and people need to
10:34 pm
remember our economy is wonderful, our unemployment is down, i know my state there is a huge difference since president trump has been elected. lou: congressman meadows and jim jordan fighting alongside with you. he wants a criminal referral for cohen, do you agree. >> criminal referral? lou: yes. >> i'm not sure what you are getting at. lou: what called a criminal referral. congressman meadows called for because of foreign lobbying violations he revealed in his testimony today. but that is a story for another day. >> yes. lou: congresswoman we appreciate it. >> thank you so much for having me here. lou: thank you. congresswoman caroll miller.
10:35 pm
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uh uh - i deliverberty the news around here. ♪ sources say liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ lou: headline tonight, breitbart reporting jared kushner leading immigration plans at white house. white house is been consulting reports breitbart with chamber of commerce, george h.w. bush center and -- tied to koch brothers, and talking with saudi arabia crown prince in riyadh, saying topics including increasing cooperation between the two nation. >> pakistan announcing it shot down two indian fighter jets, capturing an indian pilot. in response india shooting down
10:40 pm
a pakistani jet, both country nuclear powers and tensions are not -- not ca subsides. >> joining me ha me hamid dylan. great to have you here. we talk through the airwaves often. good to have you here. your thoughts, start with committee hearing, which national left wing media is going to you know continue to focus on instead of president's initiative in hanoi. >> i agree with what you said earier could one of saddest specticals have seen as a citizen, people asking about love children and asking questions to answers they already know. you realize that these people are not interested in what is best for america, but what is
10:41 pm
best for their party, it was a disgrace. lou: in the news media, it is thoughtless. one news organization, sending out an alert this president coordinated -- this was an alert, coordinated with michael cohen to pay off porn star. >> i saw that on "wall street journal," i believe. sense that out. lou: what is your first reaction? we've known about that for months. >> my react was big woop. and as an attorney people like donald trump get accused of stuff from people like stormy daniels all of the time, set settlements occur all of the time, this is a nothing burger. lou: and well established already. there is no liability under the
10:42 pm
election law or general statutes. >> that is right. follow-up questions, were asked -- or not pressed on question how often did it occur, he focused on one that happened around time of the election, this does not phase me as a supporter of the president. lou: the president in hanoi. one does not know what will come of this, whether much, little or nothing. but for national left wing media to ignore what is being attempted there is really to insult of intelligence of the american people, and responsibility of media to meet public a right to know what is going on, the substantive issues of our time. >> i think they are doing worse than ignoring it, they do the split screen steam to directly undermine the president with this share a -- charade and sham
10:43 pm
of a hearing at the same time that mantthe president is tryino something good for the world. lou: no doubt about it. we mentioned others, who went after this committee and chairman cummings for putting forward this sorry spectacle. but the republican party, has great responsible here -- responsibility, mccarthy and mcconnell, leaders on capitol hill, did nothing to stop this hearing, coinciding with the president's diplomatic foreign policy initiative, potentially historic. >> yes. lou: as a republican committee woman, you can't be too pleased with that kind of leadership from the party. they are not scrappers, they are not fighters, what in the world are they. >> we would not have this hearing if congress had done a better job of fulfilly the
10:44 pm
president's agenda. and regarding obamacare, wall, i very disappointed in that sense. we do have fighter, hopefully some senate there will be opportunities who senate turn to dress the issues to -- address these issues to shut it down. we have seen, we agree, failures on that side. i hope is better now the stakes are at clear what is at issue, an impeachment wind up for the democrats, and you know -- >> another waste of time. >> the result is the goal it to bloody our president enough one of their lame candidates gets? lou: michael cohen today was asked what is by one of the members, what is the truth of president fierce most. and cohen could not answer that. i heard a number of people say, they were surprised he could not respond. i was not. i don't believe believe this
10:45 pm
president is afraid of a damn thing. >> i don't, that is what we love about him. many people would be embarrassed by the types of lies are that being told about him, he tweeted about it from the vietnam. he is a fighter. i wish we have more of him in our party. lou: he deserves, some help. i have to say. i wish the party were worthy of his -- of this president. because right now the party is not. and i want to point out, hamid dylan has been from the very beginning, straight forward about the necessity of the party, and opportunity to stand behind this president and his policies and succeed, had they listened to you, party would not have been this responsible for what whatever this today was that hearing. outcome of that elect would have been different. hamid dylan great to see you, come back soon. lou: >> thank you. lou: just move here to new york
10:46 pm
we'll talk all of time about thank you. >> up next, as dems play partisanship in washington. they are not playing, they are not games, president trump continues to negotiate a safer world with kim jong-un. gordon chang joins me right after the break, stay with us, we'll be right back. each day justin chooses to walk. at work... and after work. he does it all with dr. scholl's. only dr. scholl's has massaging gel insoles that provide all-day comfort. to keep him feeling more energized. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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lou: joining us, columnist, author, asia export, gordon chang, great american. and great friend. good to have you here. >> thank you. lou: lighthizer's comments today, with congress i think they were well u intellectual -y trade representative, president in north korea meeting summit in ernest, soon. your judgment of the prospects for success. >> well, you know important thing is that trump is cutting the chinese out of the denuclearization process, you go to beginning of 6 party talk, george w. bush put china at center of efortz effort, it was, made it more important than
10:51 pm
disarming north korea, that is why trump faces a real problem. lou: you make a plate point, president had to roll back legacies of two presidents who were a disaster. george h.wgeorge w. bush and ba, it to start with unwinding and dismissing their legacy before he could begin to create the successes he has, which have been historic. >> looking at 8 years of obama, they tried to ignore north korea. >> strategic patience. >> strategic patience. a looked at iran and they looked at climate change, they thought that was more important, they put north korea on the back burner, that is the reason that nok neck madnorth korea made itl threat in those years,. years. lou: the president seems to be very confident he developed and
10:52 pm
established a rain with kim -- relationship with kim that is solid foundation to achieve denuclearization over what time frame, we'll learn. and we'll soon see to what degree this will be a successful meeting. i want to turn to robert lighthizer, his testimony before ways and means, making it clear that there is a significant gap between what the united states wants and what it has right now in the talks. the talks are on goiing going ad president satisfied with progress made. >> point about lighthizer's testimony he pushed back against a notion there had to be a trade deal with china. a lot of people saying that president would make concessions with xi jinping. lighthizer saying, look, we might not have a trade deal, that good that shows chinese they have to come to turn, and
10:53 pm
they have to cave in. lou: this president started this discussion today balance trade and fair trade instet of nonsense, the legacy going back decades of free trade which cost this country trillions of dollars in lower economic growth we otherwise would not have. >> yes, chinese have been allowed to steal u.s. intellectual property, hundreds of billions of dollars a year. you think, this is not just one year but it goes back 15 years at least, probably two decades, you pointed out, it is greatest transfer of wil wealth from one nation to another, and we have allowed it to happen unimpeded, trump is saying we're not allowing this to continue. lou: with koch brothers and
10:54 pm
business round table and "wall street journal," cheering all of the way that country destiny was diminished by their greed, some short-sightedness, theirs and that of consecutive administrations, republican and democrat, that has changed one another that light hieze that -d today he wants an enforceable agreement which is critical. >> absolutely. lou: always in grime agreement. >> thank you, lou. lou: i am always in agreement with him. thank you. gordon chang, up next, more on radical dim's effort to undermine this president roh water where he is working -- no matter where he is working. putting america first, today they decided to put a liar, a convince liar, michael cohen, front and center. before congress.
10:55 pm
the 116th, the dimms off to a roaring start. we'll be right back with that and much more, not so much more, but more. i can't believe it. that there's a lobster in our hot tub? lobster: oh, you guys. there's a jet! oh...i needed this. no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. we could have been doing this a long time ago. so, you guys staying at the hotel? yeah, we just got married. oh ho-ho! congratulations! thank you. yeah, i'm afraid of commitment... and being boiled alive. oh, shoot. believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. that guy's the worst.
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carl, can you remind me what you've invested my money in. it's complicated. are you asking enough questions about how your wealth is being managed? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. lou: the radical dimms, especially on the house oversight committee. they tried to use convicted liar, disgraced attorney michael cohen who is weeks away from going to prison, they used him as a toy to testify against the president. but he admit he has no evidence of collusion. >> questions have been raised do i know of any direct evidence that mr. trump or his campaign excluded with russia, i do not. and i want to be clear.
11:00 pm
lou: he was clear as any convicted slier could be through five hours of testimony. thanks for being with us. congressman mark green, walid phares join us come. good night from new york. trish: the dems clinging to their collusion narrative as evidence against it continues to mount. president trump's former attorney testifying and right off the bat saying he has no proof of any collusion. watch. >> questions have been raised about whether i know of direct evidence that mr. trump or his campaign excluded with russia. i do not. and i want to be clear. but i have my suspicions. trish: he has his


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