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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 15, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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kennedy: is a big night. we have a news alert. the president has one word. just one word to rebuke senators who voted against his national emergency declaration. drumroll please. the word is -- vito. there you go. vito o'rourke. -- they voted 59 - 41 against the present. most republicans say they did so on constitutional grounds.
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congress is the branch in charge of the budget. that is correct. however, on this issue the president said this. watch. >> legal scholars also is totally constitutional. it's very important, the border security vote, it is pure and simple. a vote for border security. a vote for no crime. kennedy: i like no crime. not going to happen this way. but let's look into something else. the first time congress has ever voted to block a presidential national you know. the president is looking for billions of dollars to build and bolster the border wall. lawmakers are not giving it to him. the commander-in-chief decided to go to the national emergency row instead. arguing he needs to protect americans from the crisis on the southern border. lawmakers are basely very divided on that. watch.
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>> in my opinion, having just been down there, we have an absolute crisis. i am fully supportive of the president. >> the president is seeking power unlawfully. and unconstitutionally.and congress has an opportunity to send the message that we're going to stand up for democracy and the rule of law. >> what a liar! of course, there is more to this then keeping us safe. build the wall with the president it was his signature campaign promise and he needs to win on the issue going into the 2020 cycle. there's also the question of whether the president will seek revenge on those 12 republicans who defied him and also, what happens now? would we go from here? that's a question several how countless minute house ways and means committee member,. welcome to the show, congressman. >> thank you. kennedy: the declaration failed in the house and the senate but a larger margin in the senate then politico predicted.where do we go from here? >> well, i think the president said it very well. he said vito. that's where he goes from there.the president did not write the emergency act. that was in 1976. he did not write that but he
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was using it. i did my homework like i think everyone tried to do and consult with legal scholars as the president did. and went through the process. it seems to me this was legal. more so than anything else, this is an emergency. annoy so many people are burying their hands in the sand because that's what some people are saying. while some republicans voted the other way, they were talking about a constitutional. democrats think it's not an emergency. and i don't know how they can possibly say that because we really have a problem on our hands. kennedy: their coming to the same conclusion from different roads. i believe. >> well, their coming to the same boat. but from different roads. at least in the senate side as well. and i think the president is right to seek this route. he's trying to protect the american people. and we went to this when it was all of the discussion on the budget and the wall. i met with the present and i
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came away convinced his goal is to protect the american people. you know, we see things like chuck schumer saying people shouldn't come to the united states and seal wall. they should see something like the statue of liberty first. and i agree 100 percent. because if you come up to a while you're in the wrong place. and when a legal, robust immigration system in america. it is good for america if it is done right. but that's not the way they're doing it. kennedy: a beautiful door, i think that's a metaphor for fixing some of the immigration laws right now that are so confusing. and part of the reason that so many people are trying to cross the border, because they fear that a wall will be constructed and legal immigration will be curtailed so they are doing whatever they can to get in before the door slams shut. sir, that does not have to do with the president. that has to do with you and your colleagues. and now we are forced into this very narrow argument as to how to use these funds which are supposed to be appropriated for defense projects.
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when really, we should be talking about the kind of people we want in this country to work hard and make the country better as immigrants always have in our beautiful history. so why have you and your colleagues advocated that critical responsibility? >> well, i don't think that many of us have done that it has been abdicated for some time though i would have to agree with you. i have the paperwork, my grandparents and great-grandparents coming through ellis island. it's a thing of beauty. when i deployed to iraq and i was there for a year and at one point i took into one of saddam 's palaces and sworn in. i understand the beat of immigration. we have to move forward. i will say that i think my experience in congress is that there are those on the other side of the aisle that want to keep this as an issue rather than solving it. kennedy: you're absolutely about that. and that is one of the big
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issues i have with the democratic caucus. they don't want to solve this at all. they really don't like immigration to be an issue for them because they don't have solutions. we're going to talk about beto o'rourke a little more in the show but he's talking about tearing down the wall which doesn't really make any sense. because is not talking about how the government can possibly pay for an ever-growing entitlement state for people who come here who expect government assistance. so we can't have it both ways. both parties are trying to do just that and now we are going to come to another impasse over the budget. and possibly have another shutdown over billions more dollars that congress won't give to the president and i don't understand and please help me understand, was the ultimate outcome here? >> well, i cannot give a positive answer because i have been hearing the in-house the democrats are not even going to produce a budget. so i voted for no budget, no pay several years ago i'm all in favor of that.
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kennedy: isn't that their responsibility though? christ absolutely it is. and i'm all in. -- kennedy: just a second there there are so many democrats. especially in leadership, who are up in arms because you know congress is supposed to have the power of the purse. and the bills are supposed to generate in the house. but what are they doing about it? >> right now from what i've seen, nothing. today we had a hearing ways and means on the presidents budget. and i held a lot of democrats ripping into it. my question to them was, let's have the alternative. i don't think we will see one. they are talking out of both sides of their mouth when they do that. and so bring forward that budget and maybe mr. steven mnuchin and the white house and menstruation can go ahead and have a conversation, to see if there is common ground somewhere. kennedy: unfortunately when it comes to spending -- continuing
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resolutions, all they are, it just another word for a giant cam that gets kicked down the road and we don't solve any of these problems that will ultimately lead to a giant economic crisis that we are not prepared to pay. thank you so much for coming on the show, congressman. >> until we address mandatory spending nothing will change. kennedy: we need mandatory spending cuts! here here. >> that's what i mean. kennedy: amen! speaking my language. i love it. >> thank you. kennedy: former fbi agent and serial texture, peter strzok testified to congress last june about the investigation to hillary clinton 's private email server. and a bombshell transcript released today shows that it takes a village to keep track of all the improprieties. peter strzok told the house oversight committee that the fbi did not have access to clinton 's foundation emails. they were on hilarious private server because they consent agreement saying quote - negotiated between the department of justice attorneys
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and counsel, for clinton. nothing shady going on there. he also testified that hillary clinton was not a suspect in a criminal probe into her own server scandal which runs completely counter to testimony released yesterday by his lawyer friend with benefits, lisa paige. peter strzok admitted to having an affair with lisa paige even though he knew made him vulnerable to blackmail and did so despite knowing of an agent who was recruited for the same reason. enough to make you want to destroy your blackberry with a hammer. andy's little bit of bleach. the investigation into the email server, was legit? or did they just struck out? our guest president and founder of lgbt for trump chris barron along with lee carter. and wwe superstar and political
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junkie. let's mainline some news! really interesting stuff from peter strzok. basically saying, the doj was playing defense for the clinton foundation against the fbi and would not allow the fbi to investigate the clinton foundation emails. >> this is so amazing because we now know the obama department of justice was running interference, interfering with an investigation into hillary clinton mishandling of classified information. there is only one reason they would do protect her political future. talk about doing things to impact the presidential election. there was never one soul person. to help other clinton get reelected because they did not want the facts out there. they did not want her campaign to be damaged. they are to be people up in
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arms about this. this is really a miscarriage of justice. >> is interesting because that is where you could have had the most egregious act take place. between the clinton foundation, you know that is why they have the private server. that's you know, they were really ginning up the donations from various foreign countries while she was secretary of state. knowing that they were laying the foundation for a presidential run for her in 2016. so why wouldn't the doj train their resources and those of the fbi on this one place i could hold the key to the pay for play scandal? >> i think there's some interest in their mind on why they weren't going to do that. there are no surprises here though. this is the thing. what's changed? we know the system is raked, we knew that they were playing to her favor. we know all of these things before. nothing will change now. what are we going to do about it? the problem is, now we have information and will be will be more divided. there was say is worse than the will, it's such a hogwash frankly. are we going to be more cynical
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and divided and hate each other more when we get more information like this? kennedy: all of them were operating as though the end was going to justify the means. even though they knew the means were unethical and probably illegal. they all thought that they would have a safe space inside of hillary clinton 's administration from liver wrench to james comey, -- they all wanted job security. is it any surprise they've all been fired? >> of course not! everyone has said, we keep finding out different pieces every day that we are all piecing together. it sums like a law and order episode where david is sitting there doing like -- but you cannot piece everything together. the murder weapon a dead body, blood but technically, i sent a bunch of texas that i might kill her but you know, i might have but i stayed out of it because you know, there is no bias for me. you know bungee money but it so we give all these pieces he and you put them together and when you're an outside you pick a
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side or not you start to see all the facts come together slowly. and you know nothing can come of it. so you get more frustrated. kennedy: that is what so frustrating! you people saying that lisa paige is saying that they knew hillary clinton was guilty.of gross negligence. and it was extreme carelessness. she never, james baker and now struck is saying they gave the narrowest parameters on the server for the clinton foundation emails. >> and by the way, this is the same time that we have the fantasy that's been spun up on the left about russia collision and the you know vladimir putin interfered and votes were changed and donald trump is an illegitimate president. the fact is we have an actual example of the obama doj colluding with the other clinton campaign to politically help her. is the only reason you run interference here. because you want hillary clinton to win.
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kennedy: and they knew the foundation was wrong. >> absolutely! they knew they were selling excess for saudi arabia and all these other foreign interests. they know exactly what was happening.kennedy: meetings and uranium and whatever else. >> absolutely! kennedy: good lord!the panel is returning after the break to stop you up with a biscuit. rejected from your dream school because someone else cheated their way in. that's what happened in the pay for college admissions scam and now, details next. plus, beto o'rourke making friends tonight in iowa. this is really cringe worthy. he announced that he is running for president. as he's to have a snowballs chance in heck? no. that is ahead.stay there. will it feel like the wheend of a journey?p working,
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no safe spaces for schools involved in the college bribery scandal. now it might cost them. two stanford university students filed a $500 million class action lawsuit because in our schools reputations are in tatters. among them georgetown, yale, usc, wake forest. students are furious at the pay for play line cutting. watch this. >> it is devastating because like the schools already so competitive and when people cheat to get ahead it takes out the people that could've done so well here. chris is basically cheating is
12:20 am
what it is. you can get expelled for that but or i can get expelled for that but apparently it's okay if they are wealthy enough to kind of get around that. kennedy: well, there is also talk of more arrests, this comes as the daughter of full house actors, lori loughlin has dropped out of usc where she probably did not attend classes after classmates learned her application was as real as a times square rolex. takes a licking and falls apart. can the colleges find a way to save face? or will they continue to pay for the dirty deeds that were not done dirt cheap. the panels back. chris, lee and -- this has now become the poster child of the hatred but there's so much about the story to despise. >> are so much about this to despise. i think that is so telling that it is symbolic of everything that people felt about the
12:21 am
university process for so long. we're not surprised that they have access to others.but we see this it makes people outraged. universities will have to own a peer.and when you look at one announcement at the other, yale, it was in us, we are not that bad. they went from the victim and denial. now they have to take ownership because is not just a scandal, this is bring up that there is a broader challenge across the board with college admissions process. people are upset and they had to deal with it all the way through. people won't remember which is which anymore it would just become a big symbol for a big problem that will grow and grow. kennedy: this is absolutely right. this guideline had 760 clients, there will be more, they will be more stories, more celebrities, more high profile people who did grocer and grocer things. i said this yesterday, i bet there's another bryan singer somewhere. at least one more that figured out the scam.
12:22 am
kuester has.kennedy: .i think there are 100 more there were probably find out as people finger point. every go they have to own up to it. the universities. to anyone else attending or, i got waitlisted at ohio state. i got waitlisted. that could have been something different. kennedy: and like you said, those are people that are so upset. the fact that those are the ones that work hard, they did test prep. i think of the student athletes that work for years and years and balance their time and give up so much in order to participate in the sport they love year-round and clubs and school and at the same time do whatever they can to get good grades. and then you know the line is cut for girls who grow crew and have never been in a boat. quickly take a picture or two. she just dropped off. she probably didn't go to school at all. she talked about not going. they just put the diploma up.
12:23 am
and it makes it so much worse for those that can't go to school. kennedy: and apparently the person when the wiretap went to houses appearance and said listen, i'm going to be wearing a wire, i'm going to cooperate with the fastest dose and thinker incriminated! they just take any plea agreement entered in the trash. >> by the way is a graduate of the law school at wake forest, i love this! we are getting mentioned as an elite squad think that my diploma is worth more now. are you kidding me! i'm telling people in the future. where did you go to school? yale of north carolina. second, i got into wake forest! you had to bribe a volleyball coach $100,000 to get in? i got in! how dumb were the people that you are trying to get in? kennedy: are you saying wake forest is worse than the law so that michael cohen went to? >> i did!
12:24 am
i went and i did not bribe anyone and they gave me a scholarship! kennedy: i think they're comparing that to people with sophomores and juniors and juniors now. i have a kid that works hard. i mean i hope they get into -- i mean i hope not usc. no one wants a kid to go there! >> not anymore. they are in it the deepest right now as far as i am concerned. kennedy: because you are the worst. will you go on to record saying they are the worst school in america? i will say it, you don't even have to say it! >> but wakefield university, they were even -- [multiple speakers] >> they misspelled wake forest on the teleprompter so. [multiple speakers] kennedy: coming up, i'm so excited for this.
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♪ ahhhh! ♪ we're here. ♪ ♪ kennedy: i understand the
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appeal of almost every politician that i also understand why most of these preening weenies want to be president. but for the life of me i do not get the attraction to beto o'rourke. hating ted cruz does not qualify you for the presidency. nor does the ability to fund raise off the near universal stain in the unicorn election. the only reason beyoncc and oprah gushed over him was the off chance that democrats could have taken back the senate to
12:30 am
impact supreme court nominees. that's pretty much it! beto o'rourke speaks in annoyingly perk platitude like a mediocre yoga instructor that promises to build a movement. i've seen wild wild country and i know how these movements end. it is usually in the toilet. beto o'rourke is banking on his positivity as the ultimate antidote to the president's honest saltiness. running against the bluster is not enough in a good economy. and people are to interest in their own bottom line to be swayed by someone who drops such barf worthy lines as everyone is important to me. i don't want to be important to you, mr. oprah! i want someone is going to shrink the size and reach of the federal government and get the hell out of my way and stop forcing this authoritarian climate control down my throat. with melted vanilla candidates like beto o'rourke everything is a crisis. like some free boiling guru he will point to these vague warnings and claim his beto
12:31 am
ness is the only thing that can lift the curse and save humanity. he says bull crap like that. he emphatically denied he would even run for president and lied through his piano key teeth insisting he would never seek the top job. what changed? and what real change in the future when he flip-flops on important policy decisions when choices must be made that naturally alienate a large part of the electorate? it will be so much fun when this goofy gesticulating kook is really pushed and tested because he's a creampuff that will cave in the negativity baked into a political bloodsport. beto -- good luck kook! bernie will eat you for breakfast and he will cover you with the one percent milk.
12:32 am
andthat is the memo . >> moments ago in iowa, beto o'rourke doubled down on his claim of climate change exterior. watch. >> if we're going to face the ultimate existential threat to us and more importantly to our kids and grandkids of climate change knowing full well -- [applause] the there about 12 years left to us to do this important work. kennedy: these are not just typical sticks. these are the presidential -- the present also not impressed. he's a really having fun with his potential 2020 opponent. watch. >> i think that he has a lot of hand movement. i've never seen so much hand movement. as it is he crazy or is that just the way he acts? i've never seen hand movement. i watched him a little while this morning. doing i assume some news conference. in directly never seen anything quite like it. kennedy: so much just a
12:33 am
committee. there so many democrats that beto o'rourke will have to beat to get to the president. how far will he get? join me now, chris wilson is back. does beto o'rourke i knoyou as much as he annoys me? >> yes and i have known him a lot longer than you have. he's been on my radar a long time. i will never underestimate him. he ran a phenomenal campaign and i give him credit for that for senate in texas. i mean having said that i think your point is exactly right. running for senate against ted cruz is going to energize the democrat base and bring in a lot of money from new york and california to try and take a senate seat against ted cruz. running against elizabeth warren and others. kennedy: kamala harris and joe biden. >> the list goes on and on. but he may capture the millennial slacker vote but he will have to work hard to show others that he is something new and different when you have people taking up every lane in
12:34 am
the party. kennedy: vanity fair getting backlash for the fluff piece they published about him and we have to be more skeptical and we do have to push our candidates on both sides. so what is the key to beating beto o'rourke? >> he's about to face the first scrutiny of his career. vanity fair was a great fluff piece but when he's about to find out is at the enduring media attention he received while running for senate in texas against senator cruz is not going to be the same media attention he will receive around iowa. kennedy: and they are members of the media who are protective of people i kamala harris and bernie sanders. and when those two cans get together and turned their sights on beto o'rourke because it is been talk to his operative was trying to undermine bernie. it will get dirty and beneath the surface. >> in people forget that beto
12:35 am
o'rourke didn't do too well in his own, he barely exceeded 60 percent. and he lost most of the hispanic heavy counties which are supposed to be his big deal in texas. this is a guy that the dimmick primary is not really proven himself running again for a large office. we'll see how is able to do but i want to end and giving a little credit. to say that he is a campaigner what you see there, whereas you and i and the president find incredibly annoying and i could not find it more annoying. i'll just throw that out. most democrat primary voters do buy into it. i think it is something that makes him endearing and it's a different type of energy. having said that, he is a child of privilege.not who he represents himself to be. on some issues he's as far to the left as you can possibly but he goes off her script. and he has the energy industry saying he's for the green new deal but he is -- kennedy: that's called babbling beto.
12:36 am
he said his interviews with the "washington post" where he is a lot of words but didn't say a damn thing. >> he's really good at that. kennedy: as an independent voter i'm saying what is he stand for? what is he saying? at least elizabeth warren says this is what you're going to break up and how and i give her credit for having a battle plan. he has a whole lot of nothing. >> is whatever the flavor of the month is. right now is popular, and then -- he's really good at that. kennedy: thank you so much. great to talk to you. >> thank you. kennedy: there is an insane but unsurprising new report on the 2020 front runner bernie sanders. according to cnn when he moved to vermont in the late 60s he hooked up with a radical left-wing group called the liberty union party. in which he ran for governor in the u.s. senate. twice each. while running for office on this ticket he advocated for nationalizing most major industries including the energy
12:37 am
industry -- he consider anyone making over million dollars a year. while running for governor in 1976, bernie took a page of the communist manifesto when he said we need control over the capitol in the capitol must be put to use republic need not for the amassing of those it made the investments. so could this knock bernie out? of the league in 2020 or is it confirming when everyone knows and no one will care. dreaming, editor-in-chief, there she is. catherine, has bernie changed at all since those quotes were altered by him? >> almost kind of enjoyed was a very refreshing burst of strata of socialism. nowadays you know, the kids these days with their socialism, it's sort of wishy-washy. bernie straightened up, we are going to devote ourselves to public ownership of the means
12:38 am
of production. kennedy: it is so funny you say that because when you ask people, particularly those that are supporters of bernie sanders and aoc about the policies being socialistic, they say that's not socialism. that's not was socialism. but clearly it is exactly what socialism is. >> it is. joking aside, i want to be clear i always favored watered-down socialism so bernie has moved away from this. at the same time i think it's pretty important to note that he believed it and he believed in the 70s. which is far too late for a sensible person to be buying into this. by his 30s it was a really clear this was a bad idea. by now, we have really just excruciatingly extensive evidence unfortunately everywhere real socialism has been tried has been a horror story of starvation and despair. kennedy: and dictatorships. >> yes. kennedy: and from that follows question of civil liberties and
12:39 am
economic immobility where people cannot afford things and then they cannot afford food and then they get sick and then they die. it is a natural progression of events that is totally unacceptable and i still don't understand the ongoing flirtation and the fact that we are still having the 2016 discussion that is compounded and going into 2020. >> frankly, it would be want to say listen, maybe the millennials today, they have forgotten a real socialism was like after was at his peak before they were born. but we have this, unfortunately this horrible optic lesson. i think venezuela is on day nine with no power right now. there is no excuse for not knowing what this really looks like. on the flipside, we have a dramatic global increase in trade and commerce and free movement of goods and people across borders and that since last time bernie sanders was in the soviet union, has lifted
12:40 am
about a billion people out of poverty. the evidence is so clear what works and what doesn't. and to hear the ghost of bernie past coming out of the mouths of some of the modern socialists who are running is really shocking. kennedy: it is shocking. he was lavishing praise on the castro brothers. saying that they give in healthcare. they are doing great in cuba. and there he said that cuba is a hellhole.i'm sure those the words appear maybe not the exact words. >> is a paraphrase! >> thank you so much, good to see you. >> thank you. spell coming up, an attorney for the infamous maga hat kid. he has a warning. his is the goal is to change the medias behavior. is that possible and will it work? i will ask a media reporter -we're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing. -jamie, this is your house? -i know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child.
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major lawsuits but the way for
12:45 am
covington catholic high school student, nicholas sandmann says expect more. hbo could be the next targets. turns out he did not start. he has already filed $600 million in lawsuits against the "washington post" and cnn. his lawyers say they plan additional suits every few weeks or months and with the ultimate goal of change in the mainstream media behavior. finally will it be a wake-up call that they been asking for? with me now, the hill media reporter, joe contra. >> i love the orange! kennedy: is citrus season. does sandmann have any chance of seeing money for many of the outlets? >> i believe he does. because the court of public opinion thus the wind at the back of the lawsuit. 72 percent of americans believe courtney should be easier to see reporters who knowingly
12:46 am
push false information. three quarters the country says there needs to be more accountability, no responsibly more integrity in this business. could he win? the legal part of this is tricky. because what monetary damage can you suffer if you're in high school for not really making any money? think the trick is kennedy -- i will take. and they will be your name they see your associate with essay say i remember this smirk and they won't give you a job. that is harm to your future moneymaking capabilities. >> he was the face of racism. colleges, will they not accept him as a result of that? and then the film is forever. kennedy: unless he is going to row women's crew at usc. >> is usc all that great of a school to pay that kind of money? kennedy: no, it is known for being a bad school with bad people that can not get into ucla. >> i knew there was an agenda.
12:47 am
kennedy: actually it's not. -- >> better close anyway. 600 million in lawsuits bill palla go for a billion. the money doesn't matter. kennedy: what will he see? $1 million? >> i don't know if he will see much quite frankly. but it is about winning this symbolic -- kennedy: lawyers of course will get a piece of any judgment so they don't care, they will keep going. is not like he has to pay them out of their own pocket. >> and they can point to an investigation that shows a covington kids including nicholas sandmann did nothing wrong. there are other videos other people just took a little time instead of being first instead of accurate, if they just took the time to look at the videos, it would have been a different story. kennedy: it is some of the reporting that the local reporters did in chicago on the jussie smollett case. when the national media had already written the narrative, but into it and published it, chicago reporters were like,
12:48 am
something isn't right here. and they did further investigation and police were very diligent in their investigation as well. they used the word that no one else used, alleged. jussie smollett said he was attacked not that it was hard and fast fact. so between that and covington, the whole thing. the whole thing. kennedy: joe you still stressed about buying our first house, sweetie? yeah, i thought doing some hibachi grilling would help take my mind off it all. maybe you could relieve some stress by calling geico for help with our homeowners insurance. geico helps with homeowners insurance? they sure do. and they could save us a bundle of money too. i'm calling geico right now. cell phone? it's ringing. get to know geico and see how much you could
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order to pete kaiser that won the dog sled race in alaska. unfortunately has been disqualified because it turns out he paid a huge bribe to get his dogs into obedience school. [laughter] that is not a true story but this is a topical storm. topical number one.we begin to in almeria texas where the truckers are really big tempers!there we go. this fellow was just minding his own business when he wound up on the other side of an 80 mile an hour wind storm. luckily, he is okay but the lizard riding shotgun is said to be missing a few teeth. that was before the accident. police of the wicked wind knocked down 18 summarize in one day. in fact, nothing was taken out more truckers than accept a
12:53 am
tuna melt at stockings. the tipping trucker has returned to work and announced he is selling a used rake in mint condition! according to the ad he only used it for side jobs. because it was on its side. and it was windy. topic number two. let's head to canada! where a gamer decided to take a break. this might be the least canadian thing you will ever see. he hurls rocks through the glass and takes $200 worth of video games. the bad news, the cops are looking for him. the good news, so are the blue jays because i need a guy that can throw.police are asking the gamma community to identify this super smash brother. but they won't talk because it goes against the assassins creed. news to say he's accepted the call of duty and their assuring the public that catching the cook is there final fantasy.
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those were all videogame references for those of you who have ever gone on a date. topic number three. here's good news for fans of the last-place texas rangers. number your state has not legalized assisted suicide. team unveiled the creative new way to take yourself back to the ballgame. feast your eyes on the two pound chicken finger they call the foul pole. get it?because everything is bigger in texas!including the love handles. the supersized snack comes on a bed of waffle fries and if you can eat the entire thing that throwing a free counselor. to find out who hurt you in life. and they could get never get that but it's possible that these checks ate leftover vitamins from a rod's old locker.this is being shipped to the stadium as we speak. and there -- this is why you
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