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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  March 19, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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k.t. -- mcfarland. thanks for joining us. good night from new york. trish: breaking right now, bombshell documents obtained exclusively by "trish regan primetime" showing that russia is propping up the brutal regime in venezuela bankrolling oil profit through an operation in houston, texas. we have the names of the ships the oil was load on as well as the routes, the dates, and the amount of oil. also breaking today. the number of illegal immigrants being told to leave the country.
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they got their final notice from the u.s. government. they are still here tonight in this country. 100 illegals are brazenly defying our laws. 2020 candidate cory booker is previewing how he wants to change our highest court. >> i think i would like to explore a lot of options. term limit might be one thing to give every president the ability to choose three. holding on to those ways is not necessarily healthy. trish: he doesn't like that the dems are losing so they want to change the rules in the middle of the game. our country has worked pretty well for 230 years. let's make sure we keep it that
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way. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. breaking tonight. a national crisis at our southern border. border patrol agents apprehended 400 migrants trying to enter our country illegally in el paso, texas all in the span of five minutes. william lajeunesse is at the border crossing. reporter: as the fight overt president's border policy continues, crews outside san diego just completed a 14-mile steel fence and started another one. >> we have seen a 700% increase in families and unaccompanied minors here in san diego. reporter: they rushed through a hole in the old fence. they tried to evade agents, but
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then claimed asylum when caught. >> between 25% to 40% of the agents are assigned transport and care and feeding of the migrants. reporter: this 6 and 9-year-old were dropped over a fence. >> we have to identify and apprehend every single person claiming asylum whether they are smuggling narcotics or engaging in human trafficking. in san diego non-profits opened their own shelters to help i.c.e. handle the overflow. >> it has been a nonstop flow of
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people from 150 to 400 people a day. reporter: he has replaced 140 miles with this new-style fence but wants 200 miles more from the defense department or the 2020 budget. trish: over a million illegal immigrants are opening defying the u.s. government by ignoring their final deportation notices. our government has told them, you know what? you have got to go, final notice. i must go. yet they are not going. they won't leave. joining me right now. fox news contributor deneen borelli and allen epstein. what do we do when they tell them to get out and they won't go. >> there are a record number of illegals in the process to be
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deported and they are not going as well. these numbers are staggering. our border security, they are overworked. our border is overworked, overwhelmed. when you look at the fact there are only a certain number of facilities, a certain number of beds, a certain number of journals to do the processing. this is the breaking points. for the month. march alone the department of homeland security is projecting that 100,000 illegals will be caught at the border. in february, for the month of february, 70,000 tried to enter our country. this is a breaking point. something needs to change and quickly. >> i am a democrat for border security. and i believe our immigration discussion has been paralyzed about discussions about the wall when we should be talking about smart measures to stop this.
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beefed up border security. more surveillance, more coordination with federal and local governments. there is an issue but it does not require an emergency declaration. trish: i don't disagree it has to be comprehensive. a wall is a simple way of saying we need more security. but you need more than that overall. and they are not meeting the president halfway on this. they are not willing to give him even the fence hoik wants. >> that's not true. house members proposed a bill but it was caught up in this campaign promise the president keeps double down upon. a barrier is part of the discussion. but it can't paralyze the discussion. trish: if they said we'll have a
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barrier, a fence, a wall, we'll have a structure that says to those who might be trying to seep through the border, can't do it. can't do it. it's a deterrent. then you get on to the rest of the package. right, deneen? >> this is true. it's not just about the wall. we need all hands on deck. whatever is necessary to secure our border. this is for the safety and security of americans. president trump's promise for all americans, not just a certain political party. they are clearly on the wrong side of safety and security when sitcoms to americans. trish: that brings me to ms-13. we got a report that said half of all the gang members being arrested at our borders come from ms-13. i don't need to tell everybody how violent, atrocious and awful ms-13 is.
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if you are looking at it from a safety view point. hispanics as well. ms-13 is hanging out in a lot of hispanic communities, more so than hang out in l.a. with you. you are shaking your head, but that's the reality of it. you might have a nice, safe place to live. but the people affected by these gangs are literally affected. >> i am not endorsing ms-13 nor am i disagreeing with you. i am saying this is one part of the whole discussion. trish: this is just reality. >> i'm not laughing. i'm saying we can't have a discussion because the president is trying to make an end-round around congress. 12 republicans voted against him, to deal with the wall when there is a comprehensive immigration bill the democrats voted for in 2006 and 2013. the senate took it up twice, the
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house did not. i would like to have a bipartisan discussion about this. trish: would you like to get rid of that gang. >> of course i would. but that is not the centerpiece of the discussion. >> ms-13 is throughout our country. not too far from where you and i are located in new york, long island, the numbers are staggering. trish: adam you are giving the eye roll again. why are you rolling your eyes? these are real issues. the safety of american citizens actually matters. so before you keep rolling your eyes at the issue, tell me how we can get to some kind of conclusion so we can make sure we don't have gang members coming into our country and staying. >> i don't disagree with you. as part of any comprehensive
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border package you need need strong cord nation between state and federal governments. but we are just not having a discussion. that doesn't mean we endorse gang activity. trish: i'm have much in the opinion that you are trying to stand in the way of anything that this president could deem a success. this was a campaign promise. let's not forget the campaign promise yous. >> what about the sanctuary cities the democrats support so much. they are on the side of the illegals coming here. the criminal illegals versus their own constituents. the safety and security of up sent, hard-working americans. there is nothing funny about this. trish: you have got to be on the safety of the american citizens
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that are here. >> i am and so are the majority of democrats. that's what i'm trying to say. trish: gavin newsom wants to open the whole country up to sanctuary country and sanctuary california. trish: he's your governor. he's my governor and i like gavin newsom. it doesn't mean i have to agree with him object everything. before this toxic environment we were living in, it was very bipartisan. of all the senators who voted for it in 2006 and 2013. it was almost universally democrats and republicans that voted for it. i'm serious. i'm not taking anything frivolously. i just think there is a larger broader context to discuss that isn't focused on one particular thing. trish: "trish regan primetime"
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has exclusive new evidence of russia's vladimir putin propping up nicolas maduro's socialist regime. i have this in my hands, documents listing all the recent oil trade between russia and venezuela. there is a company in here with houston ties acting as a go-between in the scheme. that's a direct violation of u.s. law. the shock details we uncovered in just moments. democrats vowing to win the white house in 2020. the strategy, rewrite the constitution. they want to abolish the electoral college. this is unbelievable. and that's not all. wait until you hear what one candidate wants to do with our supreme court. that's next.
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trish: we have exclusive details on the lengths to which russia is going to undermine democracy in venezuela. exclusive document showing us russia is actively enabling the brutal socialist dictatorship of nicolas maduro with the aid of a global company that maintains operation in houston, texas. this is a direct violation of u.s. sanctions. sources tell me russia's state-run oil company is buying up maduro's heavy crude oil and exchanging it for gasoline and
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diesel. you see, venezuela can't refine the stuff because they never invested in the technology. so they may have all this oil. but they don't have the things they need in the way of diesel and gasoline. according to my sources, this exchange is being done through a company with american ties. i am look at the records. all of this shows you what the vessel is, what the parts, what the product is, what the quantity is, what the supplier is and what the eta is or when it was shipped. pretty detailed stuff. all of the shipments going in and out of venezuela. for an american company to have any connection to this is illegal. or company that may not be american but has american operations. because there are sanctions. you can't do this. but russia is very active.
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here tonight, the man that discovered these oil shipments, the man who was unceremoniously frierd his executive job at pdvsa in 2002 by hugo chavez on live national television. take a look. trish: that's one way to get fired. via whistle. that very man, juan fernandez who was fired by his president on live television is living in exile in the united states of america, and he joins me tonight. thank you for being here. >> thank you very much, trish.
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that's quite a flashback. >> thank you for having me here tonight. trish: i want to get to your personal story in a few minutes because it's pretty remarkable. that had to be surreal what went down in venezuela. talk to me about these trades that you have found. what does it tell you about the relationship between russia and venezuela and what does it tell you, sir, about russia's goal? >> as you know, there are in place sanctions against pdvsa. everybody is anxious to see how we are going to see purchase duro out. and everybody is looking for things they are doing. at the moment we know the pressure the government of venezuela, the dictatorship in venezuela is having is very high. trish: you see juan guaido in
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the streets marching with the people day after day, calling on them, and the people want to take the country back. that's the kind of pressure the people themselves that we are seeing. we can show you some of that, too. >> beside that, you are talking about juan guaido's presence in venezuela. for people to be aware that the change is coming. also, the sanctions are another medicine that maduro is taking. trish: let's get to russia. people are fed up. but what is russia specifically doing? when i see shipments basically -- that they are supplying venezuela with gasoline. this is the supply that was
8:22 pm
delivered march 6. what does that well you? >> let me say the following. i [inaudible] refineries in venezuela are not working. they used to buy -- trish: now they have no gasoline. so russia is doing it? >> now they are using russia as the vehicle to buy gasoline in the open market. so they are using traders too. so if you are in this business, and you know about ways happening in venezuela, especially traders companies which also they have businesses in the u.s., they will know the shipments are going to venezuela. and venezuela means pdvsa.
8:23 pm
trish: the international trading companies still have locations here in the united states. yet they are engaging in this. >> that's right. so they are not innocent of what the government is doing. so i think that a warning from the u.s. government will be very useful in order to put pressure on these companies. as we see last week when the government said to the cargo companies and chief owners. we are look at what you are doing with cargoes to cuba. the same thing will be done, i think in the case of these companies. the traders in the markets. trish: any particular companies you want to cite? >> there are several companies one we know is doing business with is [inaudible] another company that used to do business
8:24 pm
with them. several companies. also they have obviously operations doing business in the u.s. so i think that -- trish: what good are sanctions if we are not going to enforce them. maybe this is a wake-up call for treasury to say you are not going to be able to run that training operation in houston, texas if you are going to continue to engage in this kind of stuff. i know you went through very difficult times and hell between chavez, and then maduro. >> that's right. trish: you have had to live all over the world. you are now in the united states in exile. what is your hope for your country. >> together with me and 20,000 people who were fired from pdvsa. the company we are proud of
8:25 pm
working there. it was the number two company in the world in the oil business. trish: can it get back to that? >> yes. we are looking for the window of opportunity. mr. guaido, the president is giving to us to recover. we are going to invite the private sector to come in. i think it's a challenge that everybody in the oil industry and people will have in the near future for venezuela. trish: there is a lot that has to happen between now and the private sector coming in. but clearly the potential is there and i wish you all the luck. new evidence tonight that social media companies are censoring conservative viewpoints. one republican has slapped twitter with a $350 million
8:26 pm
lawsuit. elizabeth warren wants to abolish the electoral college. just get rid of it. states like new hampshire wouldn't matter anymore. what's the idea here? the constitution doesn't work for you, you just change it? is that where we are heading? wait until you hear what cory booker wants to do? it's outrageous and i'm setting the record straight after this. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> i think i would like to explore a lot of options. term limit for supreme court justices. give everybody president the ability to choose three. i think term limits might be a better way of saying it. >> i think there is a lot to that. >> we should have national
8:31 pm
voting and that means get rid of the electoral college. trish: are they living in some kind of alternative universe? these are the dems that just in the last 24 hours -- what is going to happen next as we get closer to the election? they are completely, totally, utterly out of control. they are pushing changes on every area in every institution where they have fallen really short, right? think about the electoral college. somehow it's the electoral college's fault that they are not in the oval office. the supreme court now. they want to remake all that. a lot of these far left ideas. they aren't even constitutional without major amendments raising questions about whether these candidates fully was they are talking about.
8:32 pm
or maybe it's all political. they are trying to game you. here with me to react to all of it. presidential historian doug wead. i feel like i'm in some kind of alternative universe. right? you hear these things and you are like wait a second. where did common sense go? where did an appreciation for our history, our constitution and what worked for 230 years go? >> it's mono mania. they are fixated on the 2016 election and they blamed it on the voters who are deplorable. then they blamed it on the russians. it's not the russians, so they are blaming it on the u.s. constitution. trish: this is messed up. you know, i talk about it a lot. i grew up in a little tiny place, new hampshire.
8:33 pm
the live free or die place. we take elections very seriously. every four years the candidates come through. they are all there right now. mayor deblasio was there only four people showed up and six of them were reporters. they have a voice at the table and they have that voice because of the electoral college. it would. new hampshire wouldn't matter. you would be talking new york and california. >> what's interesting is even if some of these liberal states like california and new york, they don't get what they want from the voters in the statewide referendums on education and other subjects. so they look to the courts. that's what stacking the courts is all about. and they have a federal judge say that's unconstitutional or
8:34 pm
this is okay. if they can't win at the ballot box, they will win in the courts and that's why they want to stack the supreme court so they can promote their agenda beyond the economic agenda,th their social and cultural agenda which the voters just won't buy. trish: i want you to spell it out because you say it so well. >> the danger is we lose the america that we know and don't even get a chance to vote about it. it's taken out of our hands. and that's the great danger. trish: i can think another country that went down that path. i don't want to say another. i hope we don't get down that path. i hope cory booker doesn't get to first base on this. venezuela did this in 1999 with hugo chavez. he got rid of the whole
8:35 pm
separation of powers and stacked the court. the supreme court in venezuela is a complete joke. they did whatever hugo chavez wanted and now they do whatever nicolas maduro wants. we don't want to be that, doug. >> no, we don't. carl marks made the -- karl marx said you keep repeating the same statement and it will eventually take. trish: we believe in the pro tesks our freedom and liberties in this country. president trump promising that america will never become a socialist country as far-left presidential hopefuls continue to press their socialist agendas. republican congressman devin nunes is suing twitter for
8:36 pm
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and herd the cattle back in. let's get at it. (whistle) (dog barking) (♪) trish: trouble for one of the world's most of trafficked social media platforms. devin nunes is suing twitter for censoring him on its platform. jack dorsey tried to deny bias. but this lawsuit comes as the white house social media chief claims facebook blocked him from making public comments on his own page.
8:41 pm
now they are block the white house communications chief here in the united states. come on. media research center's dan gainor. we knew what was happening. we knew how the google execs were the day after the election. donald trump is in the white house. get used to it. >> all this fixation on social media, the investigation, complaining about russia buying $100,000 in ad object social media. this stems from donald trump wing due to a successful social media operation. including being the most of dominant influencer on twitter and they can't stand it.
8:42 pm
trish: what does that land anybody who supports trump in the social media jail? twitter jail. then there is the harassing accounts. this is devin nunes' point, they were trying to attack him in a libel-style way. he's suing twitter for how twitter mix treated him and suing two twitter accounts, including two parity accounts. they are protected by the communications decency act section 230. and whether parity accounts can be sued. but he's bringing attention to the problem. trish: these parity accounts, to viciously go after someone i get it. they are in the public eye. somehow people are losing sight of the fact that even in the public eye, they are people. and it's like this handwriting
8:43 pm
on the alabama room stal -- hane bathroom wall. and it goes out into the world and it lives there forever. >> when things are on line they say they are there forever. we did a tally of conservative influencers of people who are willing to fight the twitter power. we tallied 113 powerful people who were restricted on twitter. this is an ongoing problem. we looked at the top social media companies. twitter always end up being the worst of the bunch. that's just a reality. trish: do they need to shake things up? or do they need -- i typically
8:44 pm
don't like regulations. i'm a free market kind of gal. in the case of some of these social media platforms doing horrible things. i think about facebook and how they broadcast it live. when you think about the bullying that happens to our kids across america on social media, do we need to intervene? >> i am a big free speech guy. getting government involved, all you are going to end up with most of likely, several hate speech policies that are all bad individually. you end up with one policy that's far worse. one of the things that might impact things is they have got this protection, this communication restriction. the right or the left. trish: dan, good to see you. thank you so much. the democratic party moving
8:45 pm
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president trump: the twilight era of socialism has arrived in our hemisphere and also in our great country which is doing better than it's ever done economically. the last thing we want in the united states is socialism. trish: you can say that again. it's shock that our president even need to say that. socialism and its dangers must never come to america. that statement in and of itself is bizarre that he has to say. you look at the democrats and i get it. they have a big, warm happy embrace around the idea of medicare for all. everybody gets a paycheck whether they work or not.
8:50 pm
and even open borders. it's like they have no grounding in reality whatsoever. joining me right now. former 2016 trump nominee, andy puzder. i think the left lost its way and there is just this -- let's give everybody free stuff and that's how we'll get votes. but what is it they are missing and what do they not understand about america. >> the center of the country still is the center. it's not an ultra leftist ideology they are pursuing. even though they convinced young kids because they controlled the education system for 20 years. they convinced young kids to listen to these arguments. i think the reality will prevail. the big joke was when the soviet
8:51 pm
union fell, the only place you could find a socialist was in the faculty lounge at harvard. they always seem to linker. trish: everybody wants something for nothing, right? that's a part of the problem. but why can't they -- i think americans understand it doesn't work. what is it the youth is missing. what is it alexandria ocasio-cortez and kamala harris, bernie sanders, cory booker, what is it they are missing? >> they don't trust ordinary americans, the deplorable, they don't trust us to make the decisions that drive the economy. in a capitalist society you vote with every dollar you spend. you make the decisions. they want to turn that over to the elites. people in venezuela did that.
8:52 pm
the entrepreneur, they turned over their vote. the entrepreneurs had no motivation to meet the needs of ordinary people. maduro isn't. >> missing any meals. people in the country are eating their pets. people who want an elitist form of government in the united states pursue socialism. that's how you get power. these are lifelong politicians. trish: i don't think they are that bright, frankly. they are ignorant in terms of their lack of understanding of the devastation in a country like venezuela. ilhan omar trying to suggest this is not something we should care about. i think that's incredibly misguide. >> they are becoming -- the
8:53 pm
traditional democrats, would i have thought a democrat in the 90s or early 2000s. they are liberal democrats with things like abortions should be rare and safe and legal. now you have got far left economic policies, you have got people attacking the first amendment, you have anti-semitism. what you think as traditional democrats are closer to conservative republicans than the far left of their party. trish: that's why donald trump won. >> aoc is our secret weapon. trish: i hear that from people on the left as well. they don't like her. but i get it. she will probably help guarantee this president another four years. >> she has been proving everything we said the last 8-10
8:54 pm
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trish: our new segment, talk to trish, every night, you can ask a question or share your thoughts on the show, or the news of the day. let me know, you can go to twitter, my facebook page. rodger on facebook, are you going to try to interview democratic candidates, rodger. i assure you, i try every single day and night. the requests go out daily. michael robbinson who works on my team has been e-mailing away, along with myself. you know, we're not hearing a
8:59 pm
lot of comments back. like crickets, i hope some of the dems change their mind. it is really important. meanwhile, what is next if u.s. sanctions are not enough for ma maduro to step aside, they still get plenty of money from drug trafficking. i agree, they get more money from drug trafficking than anything else, can you imagine a total criminal state where drug trafficking is sanctioned? that is what happened in venezuela. we're on it, i have exclusive reporting to share with you right here on tris trish regan primetime tomorrow night, keep the comments coming, keep the questions coming. i want to hear from you.
9:00 pm
have a great night. i'll see you tomorrow. kennedy: democrat know they can't beat president trump in 2020 so far. now they are getting so desperate they want what change all of will routes to make it -- rules to make it easier for them to win, talking electoral college, voting age and supreme court, that will now have 51 members. what happened to beating the other side with better ideas and got forbid likeable candidates. hillary clinton lost to president trump in the elect -- electoral college but she lost in pop


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