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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 20, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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♪ maria: futures are higher this morning, take a look, wednesday morning, firmer tone to the markets ahead of pretty important events, dow industrials up 16 points, s&p 500 fractionally better by 1 and three quarters points and nasdaq up 6, investors are waiting on a deal between the u.s. and china, the trade negotiations are resuming next week and the federal reserve, of course, a big component this morning, this as president trump will travel to ohio later today after criticizing general motors for closing down the factory in the state. joining me is truck country chairman steve, steve, good to have you on the program this morning, thanks so much for being here. >> nice to see you. maria: so, you know, here we are in an environment where we are seeing pretty good job growth, pretty good economic growth in general and then you've got the
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job cuts, closing down of factory for gm, what's your take a assess the industry for us in terms of growth and what's happening in the automotive sector? >> i think it's short sided, gm which used to be the heart beat of america which chevrolet is becoming the fast-food of méxico. they're the largest producers in méxico. the united states government and american people bailed general motors out for the last decade, promises were made and proms haven't been kept. i'm a gm dealer for 37 years, automobile dealer for 42 years, there has to be a balance between profit and loss, community, innovation and responsibility and i don't think gm is keeping that covenant with their customers or with their retailers. maria: sounds like this is specific gm story, tesla cutting
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81 jobs today, that brings total cut for that main plant to more than 800. so do you see any of this as indicative of something deeper that's happening within the industry or just specific gm problem? >> right now it's a specific gm problem. tesla is a oneoff. tesla is a demand problem and a production problem. gm has the demand, they're choose to go fulfill their demand in méxico. that doesn't keep with the kate bachelder -- covenants, promises that we are an american company, i'm not naive, i run other companies, we have to have balance of profit and loss but we also have to invest in our communities, we have to invest in our customers, right now gm is the furthest they've been away from their customers, take a look at the board of directors, very fine people, very accomplished people, there's not one consumer
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oriented director on the company, great companies, the former chief of staff of all the armed forces, et cetera, and so forth, they are losing the closeness to their customer and the boundaries, how important is the customer? maria: yeah, you make a good point because i know you've got a family of dealerships that's family owned, 8 locations, 16 different brands under your umbrella in new jersey, but, you know, you talk about the customer, the customer has been buying suv's have they not. look at what ford is saying, we will only produce the mustang. look at the other -- and truck us, these other auto make ergs that -- automakers are focused on large cars, pushing those vehicles out as opposed to the
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consumer wanting that, is that right? >> maria, a combination of demand. i also represent honda, subaru, we are making passenger cars that customers want and making profits on it. detroit has had bias towards small cars and profits, ford said that in the 50's 60's, small cars or the cars are almost an afterthought. when you see 30% gross margins in those suv's compare today 10 to 12% in passenger cars you say why make them, until you have to, until you become uncompetitive and vow to the monster of today's need and today's fashion and that's been the history of detroit. that's why it took general motors 100 years to destroy their wealth and took ford the same amount of time and chrysler 80 years. maria: based on the -- real
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quick, steve, based on -- and the demand that you're seeing from your customer today, which automaker is best positioned? >> subaru. passenger vehicles, i can't keep them in stock, honda, the same thing, can't keep them in stock. take a look at toyota which we are not, they are not abandoning the passenger car market. i think general motors needs to wake up, i think management needs to stop looking for the new next best thing and stick to their knitting. maria: all right, we will leave it there. thank you so much. >> see you again soon. maria: meanwhile there's this, facebook tackling discrimination, banning targeted ads for housing, credit unemployment, deagan has -- dagen has more in new york. dagen: finally we shall say, finally, facebook will not allow to discriminate that appear on
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the social media form, facebook is removing age, gender and zip code targeting for housing employment and credit ads, this as part of settlement with advocacy groups and other plaintiffs, they will also pay just under $5 million in payments, this is facebook to settle 5 discrimination lawsuits filed by those including the national fair housing alliance and the communication workers of america. here is what sheryl sandberg had to say in a statement, this is part of what the chief operating officer at facebook said. housing employment and credit ads are crucial to help people buy new homes, gain access to credit, they should never be used to exclude or harm people, but this as i started the story, this is a finally because we've known that this was going on at least based on ethnic affinity going back as far as 2016, probe story, they fixed that problem
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but again the ad targeting was allowed for age, gender and other factors, take a look at facebook stock, not much movement to premarket trading, up less than two tenths of a percent. again, facebook has a property of problems to fix and this comes, of course, as the massacre in new zealand being live streamed, that also being a problem of murders and suicide that is we have known for years, what are they doing? not anything that we could see on the surface, maria. maria: yeah, yeah, all right, facebook shares obviously have reacted to all of these issues around the company, dagen, i will see you in a little bit. breaking news overnight, one deputy officer shot dead, an offer clinging to his life in washington state this morning, cheryl casone with more on that, cheryl. cheryl: that's right, maria, good morning, the officers who were responding to a complaint about a driver in central washington, officers tried to stop the suspect but he refused.
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he led them in high-speed chase, the suspect got out of the car and opened fire on those officers and killed one, the suspect was shot dead, none of the victims have been identified so far this year 12 officers have been killed in the line of duty. well, new information about last year's boeing plane crash in indonesia, off-duty pilot reportedly saved the same 737 max from a crash one day prior, the pilot who happening to be riding in cockpit told how to disable a malfunctioning flight control system but the next day under command of a different crew that same plane crashed killing all 189 people aboard. meanwhile european union will not allow any boeing 737 max to fly in air space until they approve any changes made and canada says it will conduct its own review of the software fix. well, second straight quarter after it saw decline in express
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unit, ground unit saw low profit because of operating, shares of fedex trading lower the premarket, down 6 and a half percent right now, maria, those are headlines from new york. maria: well, that will impact the transportation average, we will see if that impact transport companies, big news there, cheryl, thank you, federal reserve is in focus this morning, chairman jay powell ready to roll out details as investors watch the china trade talks, we've got a resumption of those talks next week, we will give you a preview and then run for the money, former vice president joe biden reportedly telling supporters he's ready to run, get into the race, he's looking for the cash to start the campaign, we are live in los angeles this morning, we will be right back. some things are out of
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visit your local mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional lease & financing offers during the mercedes-benz spring event. going on now. maria: welcome back, big program this morning, coming up my first on fox business interview with ceo of starbucks, kevin johnson today is the investor day at starbucks, we will talk about that. award winning journalist and stand up to cancer cofounder katie kirk joins me this morning, fox news senior analyst judge andrew napolitano and mikhail varshavski, aka dr. mike, don't miss a moment of it, 2020 presidential race is on, joe biden reportedly telling supporters last night that he is in fact, plan to go run, he's asking for donations to help him, the former vice president stunned audiences with this slip over the weekend. >> i'm the most progressive record of anybody running for the -- of anybody who would run. i didn't mean --
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[cheers and applause] >> of anybody who would run. maria: the most progressive, joining the conversation this morning is rosecliff ceo and managing partner mike murphy along with dagen in new york, great to see you this morning, mike, isn't that interesting, the most progressive. that tells me one thing for sure, that if you're not a real progressive and if you're not radical to the left, dagen, you're not getting in. dagen: he's using that word but you have to walk the talk and what does his record show, he's doing to be -- the really interesting article in new york times yesterday about the push by the left, by the democrats on health care, on what to do about health care and i'm interested to see what joe biden says about medicare for all or maybe instead trying to fix obamacare and add maybe a public option but don't expect him to be nearly as far left as a bernie sanders on the healthcare
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system. that's my guess and what's interesting here is this call that he made, joe biden historically has had trouble raising money, trouble fundraising and he's really being quite blunt, you need to cough up some money for me, guys and gals, so i can have some good totals right out of the gate once i announce. maria: well, i mean, to me he seems like the most moderate of the whole group, i mean, mike, when you look at this line-up that we've got to -- so far, would you say, would you agree that joe biden is the most moderate? >> compared to what's out there by far the most moderate. maria: on the democratic side. >> correct. interesting as the entire process plays out, is the country going to really lean extra left, extra liberal with a lot of the candidates that are out there currently or are they going to look more mainstream, remember, maria, the whole process started to go against
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the older white male politicians and here is an older white male politician to go up against president trump. so i think it'll be really interesting to see how it plays out but the people i've spoken to all think joe biden is the biggest threat to president trump that's in the field right now. dagen: i will say this, maria -- maria: do you think -- who does business want? >> i think they do, you know, i think it's kind of cool or in the moment to get behind some very liberal thoughts or liberal ideas but ultimately they want business -- business wants someone more in the middle, more mainstream like a joe biden. maria: right. dagen: i was going to say one thing to watch when you see poll after poll on these democratic candidates, are the democratic primary voters saying they are going to vote for a candidate based on their principles and their ideas and their policy issues or are they simply going to vote for the candidate they
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think has the best chance of beating president trump because a joe biden and even a beto o'rourke might have a lot of strength based on the idea of who can beat the president when it comes to a general election. senator elizabeth warren is betting that people are going to vote well, essentially a communist based on she's rolling out one policy idea after another, that right now doesn't seem to be the winning combination based on what democratic primary voters are saying, they just want somebody who can win. >> and also one thing there -- maria: i don't know if you saw -- >> sorry, maria, i was going to say starting in 2008 with president obama and social media became such a big platform for the presidential elections, so to dagen point, is it more policy or is it more the person who can capture the imagination of the country over social media and i think that's going to be -- maria: well, that's a good -- that's a good question, i don't know if you saw the sound bite
6:18 am
yesterday with one of the college students in the audience saying to beto o'rourke, are you only going to tell stories or do you actually have a policy to tell us about she said and he hit the road yesterday making stops in ohio, pennsylvania, new hampshire, beto felt that he had hometown advantage at the rally last night until this, watch this. >> i think we can win texas, i think we have proven that we know how to campaign, we have been 254 counties, we've listened to the stories, our fellow texans have told us and incorporated in the way that we campaign and the way in which i wish to serve. >> when we look on your website, we don't really see anything in terms of a solid platform for policies, the it's mostly plotted tools and when are we going to get policy from you instead of nice stories? >> well, in every single policy area, i'm trying to describe not just the goal and the aspiration but the path that we will take
6:19 am
to get there. i understand if we disagree. maria: so that's the question, mike, you were spot on, are we just talking about, you know, being excited on social media and talking about stories or do people really want to know what these candidates are going to do for them and the policies, i would argue that people want policies, they want to see where you are on some of the important issues, i haven't heard it from beto. >> i think the policies will come into play, i think it's getting the most views, the most likes, the most impression, it's really who can capture that part of the country that's really going to come out of the democratic primary. right now is who can get the most buzz. dagen: you don't need policy from beto o'rourke, that's what i was trying to demonstrate, you roll out all the very specific policy positions and you to
6:20 am
defend them like medicare for all and repealing private health insurance in this country, that's where he doesn't wanting to so being vague at this moment is to his benefit. maria: yeah, that'll work for him being vague. how long can he be vague for? dagen: well, he's talking to a lot of people to come on the campaign, that i will cement his exact policy ideas, david from president obama's campaign, he had discussions with beto o'rourke certainly giving him advice whether it becomes formal or not but don't assume he's a dummy even though he's cute. maria: would david plus go with beto and not biden, interesting conversation on that one coming from president obama. all right, we will take a short break, when we come back, we are waiting for federal reserve this morning, the fed will give us an announcement on plans and the press conference at 2:00 p.m. eastern and then the china trade talk, officials think that the two countries can come to a
6:21 am
trade deal sometime next month and that they will have the meeting at mar-a-lago sometime in april, we have the details coming occupy on that. the hunt for the iron throne, hbo high, dozen thrones all across the world to get more fans more hyped for the game of thrones series finale, preview when we come back
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maria: welcome back, markets are looking higher this morning, fractional gains as you can see from futures. this is also off of the highs of the morning, investors are waiting on the federal reserve as well as deal between u.s. and china, federal reserve chairman jay powell said to lay out long-awaited details, to end balance sheet wine down, expected to go down, we don't know if it's going to cap out at end of this year or next year,
6:25 am
we are waiting for another round of high-level trade talks between u.s. and china, joining me right now senior vice president with fixed income bright, thank you for being here. we have a very important pivot at tend of last year where we were expecting now no interest rate hikes and some people were talking about a rate cut, what are you expecting to hear from the fed? >> as far as rate cuts they will keep the target rate the same, i wouldn't be surprise if they lower interest, bills have start today tip off, that bothers them, they don't like the fact that have higher yields and 5-year treasuries, so i think that -- that might happen but everyone's focus will be on the balance sheet, how -- they are going to look for details, how is this going to happen, stop
6:26 am
cold turkey, taper, reinvest maturities going forward and for me it's all about me, what are you going to do about it. maria: well, that's the thing, we are seeing real weakness across the world, dagen, jump in here, we have fedex basically telling us that we are talking about a global slowdown, a year we were talking synchronize growth and now leading to cut rates not this year but at some point next year. >> expectations are so built up, if they don't say they will stop reducing the balance sheet like right now at least by the summer, i think the stock market could take a hit, the expectations are getting overwaited. the math doesn't work, powell said last month that they are looking at maybe target balance
6:27 am
sheet of 3 and a half trillion and currently at 4, at the current pace it takes a year from 3 to 4 and a half, we are nervous about the market reaction from today's announcement but you're right, the global weakness out there is starting to -- starting to get people nervous, they are going to want to see action but domestically things are still really strong, the labor market, it's just crazy, the jobs -- the job opening still over 7 trillion, so they are kind of a no-win situation, frankly. maria: yeah, of course, there's china and we know that this issue in terms of the tariffs and the trade fight has slowed down china' economy. we have new trade negotiations happening next week, officials from both countries scheduled a new round of talks in both beijing and washington beginning next week in agreement in late april is what some are talking about, do you think the two can come to an agreement and how important is that for the markets? >> well, first of all, they've gotten further than anyone think and believe that they could ever
6:28 am
get to, i don't think they are perfect but i expect continued good news out of trade, everyone keeps blaming trade for so many things that, you know, there's probably upside economically going forward. i think they will come to some sort of agreement and make huge strides, will they get to all the way where they want to be, of course not. will china look for ways to steal technology, of course, it can't go anywhere from up from where we were and i think they are having a lot of success and i think that's upside for the economy. not just domestically but clearly globally that people aren't factoring in right now. maria: all right, bryce, we will leave it there, would you put new capital to work? >> i would, i would be in the bond market, i would be nervous of 10-year but i will be in 3 to
6:29 am
7-year part of the curve. maria: bryce in new york. monsanto wheed killer to be in cancer diagnosis. all that after short break. investment decisions. that's why i go beyond the numbers.
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(bird chirping) lots to do, hope you fuelled up. sure did. that storm sure ripped through. yep, we gotta fix that fence and herd the cattle back in. let's get at it. (whistle) (dog barking) (♪)
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maria: welcome back, good wednesday morning, thank you so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, coming to you live from los angeles, it is wednesday march 20th, your stop stories right now 6:33 a.m. on the east coast. markets are waiting on the fed this morning, futures indicating a fractional gain at start of trading up 7 points on the dow industrials, up 4 points on the nasdaq, after the markets were little changed yesterday, in fact, the dow and s&p 500 were lower while the nasdaq was able to eke out a gain, fractional across the board. in europe this morning, take a look at tone there, we see money moving into equities in a fractional way, the cac quarante in paris up a fraction but the dax index in germany down sharply, down better than 1% this morning. dax is down 140 points in germany. in asia overnight, mixed performances there, take a look at asian indices where we see
6:34 am
mostly lower situation, nikkei average was able to eke out a fractional gain across the board, fractional moves here. another jury finds round-up weed killer to be substantial factor in someone's cancer diagnosis, what it means for monsanto which makes the round-up products, plus get your tickets, powerball jackpot at $550 million ahead of tonight's big drawing, treasure hunt for game of thrones fans, hbo hid 6 iron throne across the world ahead of premier a month away, all the stories coming up wednesday morning but first we want to turn to taxes here in california, here is one former california governor weighing on the benefits of lowering taxes. >> only making government live within its means and restricting role in personal lives can we unleash so essential to prosperity and the preservation of freedom itself. we have to change what has been in existence since the great
6:35 am
depression and that's the philosophy of tax and tax, spend and spend, elect and elect. [applause] maria: yeah, that was president reagan's address at the california taxpayer association back in 1981, today times have changed in a big way, california is now the fourth highest tax state in the country behind new york, connecticut and new jersey, there are growing concerns over high-tax rates are affecting small businesses in the golden state and joining me right now california business owner and creative director marketing group and ceo craig, craig good to have you on the program. >> maria, welcome to california. maria: thank you so much. what are you seeing in terms of businesses in california given the high tax rate? >> well, i started my business in california over 30 years ago and land of opportunity, the land that ronald reagan was talking about and now taxes are
6:36 am
chasing businesses out from california, 5.5 businesses leave a week. maria: 5.5 businesses a week. >> as business owner i used to have contract labor, i can't do that anymore, in my area, toyota left with 5,000 people just sucked out into texas, charles swabb left california, carlos, jr. left california, they're leaving because taxes are absolutely insane. maria: do you think politicians and legislators don't understand that money is mobile? >> you know, they don't because they call it the california tax, what you're seeing in california is great weather and the california taxes, the weather tax, they believe businesses and people will stay. myself, you know, i look at the taxes, i should leave california but my wife and i go, boy, you
6:37 am
can't weather better, but from a logical standpoint people are leaving. maria: mike murphy, jump in here, new york is having the same problem, by the way with new york seeing businesses fleeing, people moving to places like texas and florida, mike. mike: yeah, absolutely, that's what i was going to say, maria, the weather is great in california but, you know, you have places like texas, like florida, other areas where you have no tax, i'm also a small business owner, i run a venture capital in new york and the taxes just make it where -- it makes so much sense to move to a florida for me and for my business and i think, maria, you hit the nail on the head with money being mobile, craig, i would love to hear your take on that but, you know, now with technology where i can be literally anywhere and be on a phone call or stream where people don't know exactly where i am so i don't need to be in an office in new york any longer, i
6:38 am
think the new yorks and the californias, the high-taxed states are going to have to change what they're doing or more and more people will leave. >> mike, you're absolutely right. the fact is that we took a look at national tennessee, my son worked for me and still works for me. he goes, dad, i'm leaving california, he's saying, dad, i got -- i want to keep getting the paycheck but i'm leaving california, why, caleb, are you leaving california, he said to me i can go to tennessee and not pay any income tax, i could never buy a house in california but i can buy one in tennessee and not only that, i can live for 30 to 40% less expensive and, dad, let me hire employees in national and i will get them for less cost than you can get in california and he's been there now for 3 years and building our team in nashville and, you know, i don't want to
6:39 am
leave california, i love california, but the government is forcing businesses out, 1.5 million people have left california and this is impacting -- the people are leaving are the ones that would vote for lower taxes and less regulation, basically the socialists from sacramento are controlling the economy at the nanny state and it's terrible. maria: socialists in california. i mean, i think the 2020 race is setting up capitalism versus socialism. we are seeing the rise of socialist policies and proposals coming from the left in a big way if medicare for all, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is 70% tax rate on wealthy americans or you even have elizabeth warren wanting to tax your wealth. >> maria, it is a battle between capitalism and socialism and the politicians are lining up as advocates oh socialism even
6:40 am
though they don't admit, the fact is we have a war on capitalism that's going on and we've got to be able to advocates, now here in california we have a huge problem because basically what the democrats have done, they've made it so that they can win any election and -- and so there's very little hope that somebody who opposes what's going on will be elected. maria: what do you mean they made it so they can win every election, what do you mean by that? >> first of all, they are following a formula of marketing, of money, gathering data and being able then to tie it to getting out the volt and with this formula basically they are using the most advanced marketing and it's brilliant and they combine that and the republicans are acting as if it was 20 years ago. maria: wow. >> they're acting like it's today. in california we have balance harvesting, 18 states have
6:41 am
banned harvesting, even once banned it it goes on, basically what happened we lost -- maria: explain, really important point that you're making. >> it's not voter fraud but basically is this, you go to somebody's house, knock on the door and get their ballot, help them fill out that ballot so they can vote the way that person wants, they take that ballot and they bring it to voter registration office. people have been giving 4, 5, 600 ballots, no check as to who the person that's delivering the ballots. it's unknown. maria: oh, my goodness, that's terrible. >> terrible. maria: you had couple of candidates they went to sleep at night thinking they won and later they lost. >> 7 republican congressmen, they were ahead on election day, but because of this ballot harvesting where people were able to go out 5 days after the
6:42 am
election bringing in ballots the republicans lost. that's going to happen in 2020. maria: wow, this is a really important story, you know what, craig, we will be following, come back soon. >> thank you. maria: bayers weed killer round-up accused of causing cancer, cheryl casone with all the details, cheryl. cheryl: jr. in san francisco finding that exposure to round-up weed killer responsible for a man who did develop cancer after nearly lost 300 million-dollar suit in august alleging weed killers caused cancer in another man, the jury is going to decide whether or not monsanto will be held liable in this new case, taking a look at shares of beyer, down 32% and certainly stock to watch when the markets open at 9:30 a.m. eastern time today. you may want to pick up a powerball ticket, tonight's jackpot more than half a million dollars, eighth largest prize in
6:43 am
the game's history. if the prize is taken in lump sum, valued at about $335 million, but 80 million will be immediately withheld in federal taxes and depending on where the winner lives jackpot subject to state taxes, the chances of winning about 1 and 300 million, here you go. then there this, maria, game of thrones fans can now sit on the iron thrown but they have to find it first. >> taking from the hands from fallen enemies in fiery breath and thousand to blades, 200, i've counted. cheryl: hbo has six iron thrones , no indication what you're going to win if you actually find a throne.
6:44 am
game of throne starts april 14th, let the games begin, maria. maria: yeah, and they are with the games across the world, thank you, cheryl. cheryl: you bet. maria: crime in sin city, a man killed trying to rob a casino tie today earlier theft, the story is next, wait till you see this. done deal, disney and 21st century fox complete merger, we will tell you how well-known characters reacted, back in a moment. ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, headline as cross america this morning, las vegas review journal reporting that police say that the belagio robber had previously held up the resort. suspect michael charles cohen shot and killed by police after the armed robbery on friday. investigators reportedly link the 49-year-old to 2017 robbery of the poker cage at the belagio, pittsburgh post writing philadelphia city council eyes child care for jurors, victims and witnesses in hearing on issue, one councilwoman outline a bill to provide those services, people in attendance said the failure to provide child care can lead to delay
6:49 am
court proceedings. we don't want them in our city, san francisco officials seeking a jewel crack-down, new legislation proposed yesterday would ban the sale of e-cigarettes in the city, prohibit e-cigarette companies like jewel from occupied city-owned property in the city from the future. a lot of focus on jewel, where do you see this going, dagen, mike, in new york in terms of jewel and the e-cigarettes, the issue i guess is that young people are smoking more as a result of this? mike: yeah, i think one thing it's doing and what it was set out to do is to get rid of dependence on actual cigarettes but yes, it's become epidemic with young people. i think they'll figure out some way to regulate it but i think it's better than the cigarettes so jewel is here to stay as part , it's going to help people to be less dependent on actual
6:50 am
cigarettes, i think it's a good thing. dagen: more that's one of the bets that big tobacco companies have made, where are the parents on all this? why are the kids out buying the electronic cigarettes, where are the parents? again, it's not just about the government, that's something that never gets introduced into the discussion except here. [laughter] maria: yeah. coming up the deal is done, disney closes acquisition of 21st century fox assets, iconic shows like the simpson's reacted when we come right back this isn't just any moving day.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
maria: welcome back, disney closing acquisition of 21st century fox assets, lauren simonetti with the details, lauren, good morning to you. lauren: disney closed the 71 billion-dollar fox deal already a global content power house, 21st century fox including fx, net geo and streaming giant hulu, disney looking to launch new streaming service going head to head with the likes of netflix, april 11th for more information. all that under one umbrella, fox properties nearly acquired front and center on the new disney homepage, the simpson's xmen dead pool and mickey mouse and elsa from frozen. feels like the first day of pool with disney logo and look at the mickey mouse ears. simpson, strangling mickey
6:55 am
mouse, simpsons were onto this decades ago, 1998 simpson's aired and predicted. see that logo there. all right, tonight that's forward 21 years later, it is a reality, the new fox corporation which is the parent of the fox business network, the stock fell yesterday day one of trading down more than 3%. take a look at disney shares right now, they are up 35 cents at 1.1035 each. i want to share them with you. former house speaker paul ryan. maria. maria: on the board of the new fox, interesting development there. i love what disney did on the website with mickey mouse and the simpsons, so funny. lauren: i know, we try to share all of those especially the 1998
6:56 am
episode 21 years ago. maria: that's funny. lauren, thank you. all right, still ahead, grubby cheek, check this out, gucci sneakers labeled as vintage but the internet thinks they are just dirty. unbelievable price tag for these kicks, next hour in mornings with maria, be back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ this is decision tech. it's screening technology that helps you find a stock based on what's trending or an investing goal. it's real-time insights and information, in your own customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology, for smarter trading decisions. and it's only from fidelity.
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maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. coming to you from los angeles this morning. it is wednesday, march 20th. your top stories right now, 7:0. investors are waiting on the federal reserve as well as any news about a deal with china. another round of china togs taking place next week. jay powell is set to lay out long awaited details of the central bank's plan to end the balance sheet winddown. ahead of all of that, futures are searching for direction this morning. take a look at what we're looking at. markets turned around. the dow industrials down 17 points, s&p 500 down 1, nasdaq down almost 1 point but this is a reversal from earlier gains from the market this morning. little changed yesterday as well. yesterday at 4:00, the dow industrials were down 26, s&p was down a fraction, a third of a point, the nasdaq was up 9
7:01 am
and-a-half points. take a look at the action in europe. in germany, that is the issue, the dax index in germany down 1 and a third percent right now, 155 points lower on the dax i thinindex. the cac in paris is down 8. in asia overnight, mixed performance. you're looking at fractional moves in the asian markets overnight. america's heartland under water, nearly 100 cities in nebraska have declared emergencies amid devastating flooding. a monster contract for mike trout, details on his $430 million deal with the los angeles angels, the largest contract in pro sports history. we've got all the details. google is getting in on gaming, the technology giant unveiled a streaming service just for games, how the news is affecting other video game makers coming up. off those stories come us up. joining us this morning, dagen
7:02 am
mcdowell and mike murphy. good morning. dagen: good morning. maria: gaming is hot. that's one of the most -- the hottest areas of entertainment and here you have a new entrant. >> google getting into it, yeah, gaming's really hot, fortnite is on in my house about 20 hours a day. it's a great way for -- to get kids and -- they're figuring out better ways to monetize it. they're selling you things in the middle of the game like different shirts or different clothes and you actually buy the clothes. so although the games are free a lot of times, you end up spending a lot of money in the middle of the game. so it's interesting. maria: that's really interesting. that's a good strategy. that's an interesting strategy. i like it. dagen, what's on your mind this morning? >> dagen: instagram is testing in-post purchases with a number of different major retailers. you used to be able to link directly to a retailer's site. but now it literally -- you've
7:03 am
got a photo of like a prada bag and you can click on it and it takes you to check out. that's going to be interesting to watch. i want to point out, we were talking about california, since you're in los angeles t. wall street journal has this story today that firm firms are leavig california because of the high howing costs, because of rent and home costs, that the people they employ cannot afford to live there. on average, the rents are higher than anywhere else in the nation. that's a really incredible story. maria: it is. that's on top of high tax as well. that segment that we did earlier in the show, about california being the number four highest tax rate, and that's why you're seeing businesses move out. craig hewey said five businesses -- i mean, they're leaving every day. five businesses a day is what he said. dagen: absolutely. maria: looking for lower tax states. dagen: right. maria: we're talking about all
7:04 am
of that this morning. joining the conversation, the ceo of starbucks is with us, kevin johnson is going to talk about business today. journalist and standup to cancer co-founder katie couric is. dr. mik mike idr. mikhail varshe as well. a battle at the border goes on. the trump administration will stop detaining some migrant families illegally crossing the border, following a surge in immigration, causing overcrowding and safety concerns within the facility, as the supreme court sides with president trump and the crackdown on illegal immigration, making it easier to detain immigrants with criminal records. joining us now is judge andrew napolitano. >> good morning. maria: welcome. >> likewise. maria: your reaction to all of this. >> i'm sure the president is quite disappointed that he now has to engage in catch and release, a program of the obama administration, which he condemned as a candidate and has for the first two years of his
7:05 am
presidency. this occurs when a family arrives at the border, maria, and makes an arguable and credible claim for asylum. in the obama administration, they gave you papers and said okay, you're coming back to a hearing and only about 20% came back n the trump administration said okay, you can go over there, the children can go in that holding facility, the parents can go in that holding facility. we'll knock on the door when we're ready for you. i'm ex a exaggerating a little . the holding facilities are now so crowded that the trump administration is reduced to doing what the president as i indicated condemned over and over again, the old obama catch and release. we stop you at the border, assess your claim, believe it's viable, now go into the united states, stay there and we expect you to come back for your hearing. we don't know how well or how
7:06 am
poorly it will work. maria: catch and release is one law that the president wants to change, right? that's the whole point. these people don't come back for the hearing, for the trial. >> yes. it is not a law. it's just a procedure followed by the department of homeland security. so the secretary of homeland security could change it and the president could and president trump did and secretary nielsen did. but they now are confronted with no more space in the holding facilities. and the courts will not let them use a tent because that doesn't adequately provide for shelter. so their alternative is to build new holding facilities. the president would like to spend the money on other things. or to catch and release and they're going to try this catch and release, i think the president is doing this, holding his nose, but he's doing it. maria: wow, that is really fascinating how this is playing out. meanwhile, judge, there's this. the defense department finding a list of projects worth $12.8 billion from which president trump could divert funding in order to pay for his
7:07 am
border wall. >> well, they have found these. this of course is producing resistance on the part of conservative pro-defense republicans, some of whom are responsible for designating these various projects. so here's how it happens. here's how it went down. president trump himself signed into law an appropriations bill that directed the department of defense to build x. they haven't gotten around to building x yet. but so they're going to take the money from the unbuilt x and dedicate it to the wall. so the members of congress who want x built and who negotiated to get x into the legislation even though they support wall, are furious at the president for not building x and taking the money from x. take this and multiply it out 12 times and you can understand what is about to be frustration and resistance to this on the
7:08 am
part of republicans in the congress because they're not doing -- the president's not doing what they believed he would do at the time they put the projects in the legislation that congress passed and he signed. if you follow all of that. maria: yeah, yeah. uh huh. >> this is what happens -- maria: how about google and microsoft -- >> this is what happens when the president looks for unspent money and decides to spend it on an emergency matter or a matter he characterize as emergent. maria: because they won't give him the money. he's looking under every rock, i guess. >> right. maria: there's a political calculation for that as well. >> there is. maria: what's your take on the google story? it says now it will ask android users in europe which browser and search engines they prefer including google rivals, this comes as the p company tries to amend an anti-trust case filed against it by european laters. is this -- regulators. is this going to be enough? >> i hope it's going to be enough. google is accused by the e.u. of a tying arrangement, where you
7:09 am
buy one product and they force you to buy another. i buy a new car, they force me to buy their tires. translate that into your iphone. google is very shrewdly in my opinion undermining the e.u.'s anti-trust case against it by changing the practices the e.u. says violate e.u. law. i think they do violate e.u. law, tying arrangements have been unlawful in the united states for 75 or 80 years. a lot of people can get away with it. you want one egg? no, you have to buy a dozen or half dozen. back to the iphone, google is saying we sold you the software but you can choose your browser. hope you choose us. but you don't have to choose us. and it will work with the software. that could stop the e.u. prosecutors from pursuing google because google is basically doing what the prosecutors want
7:10 am
them to do. maria: well, we'll see if the kind of over-regulation on tech in europe plays out in america. i mean, there's sort of like all this conversation going on about that, so we'll follow that. what about the mueller report, we're waiting for the mueller report to drop. i understand it's coming out within the next two weeks. but former obama white house counsel and clinton linked attorney, greg craig, could become the first democrat to face prosecution in the mueller investigation concerning allegations of illegal unregistered overseas lobbying. what is this about? >> this is not only a former partner of one of the great law firms in the country and in the world, this is not only a democrat, this is bill clinton's lawyer during the impeachment process. greg craig is a very well-respected internationally recognized attorney who according to the federal government was representing foreign companies in the united states and didn't register as an agent, prior to the onset of bob
7:11 am
mueller to our collective consciousness. this was remedied by a registration and a fine. now the federal government indicts you for your failure to do that. if bob mueller, one of his grand juries indicts greg craig, he will be the first democrat brought into the mueller probe and it does appear as though that indictment is imminent. greg craig has left the firm. they had one of their lawyers indicted and plead guilty on a related mueller case. maria: wow. all right, judge. thank you. good to see you this morning. judge andrew napolitano joining us there. coming up, horrific flooding in the midwest, more than 70 cities, 60 counties in nebraska have declared a state of emergency. we've got the details. we'll take you there, next. i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying
7:12 am
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7:15 am
maria: a really terrible situation this morning, historic flooding, horrific damage in the mid wested. cheryl has the details. cheryl: let's start nebraska, 65 counties declared states of emergencies there. so far, three deaths have been blamed on the flooding. the farm and ranch losses could reach $1 billion in the state. vice president mike pence surveyed damage in nos brass cay yesterday and he promised federal resources will be available quickly. for more on this, nebraska's governor will be on with stuart varney later today. lyft's initial public offering is over-subscribed. it could exceed the $23 billion valuation the company is seeking. lyft is predicting that demand will exceed the number of available shares and investors will likely have to pay a premium to get a piece of it. the exact level of over-subscription is not clear.
7:16 am
they plan to price the ipo on march 28th. today is the first day of spring. and that means free ice cream, everybody. dairy queen is holding its annual free cone day to say good-bye to winter. each customer gets a free small cone of vanilla ice cream. they're accepting -- this is pretty cool -- donations on behalf of the children's miracle network hospitals. for more than 30 years, the company has raised more than $130 million. now, maria, i know that you're in los angeles so i'm giving you a virtual cone by way of television. there you go. can you feel the cold chill. maria: what is that going to do for me. cheryl: across the country, maria, we have ice cream. dagen: these little swirls, these curly cues are too sweet to disrupt. maria: i'm jealous. how is it? >> good.
7:17 am
dagen: i only grew up eating soft serve. you could either get the box of ice milk at the grocery store which was disgusting, the knee neopolitan ice milk, or soft serve. there were no places where i grew up to get a regular ice cream cone. cheryl: dairy queen was the place to hang out when i was a kid in texas. maria: you know what i had last night, dagen? dagen: what. maria: vegan ice cream. dagen: it's delicious. that's why i'm not basically devouring this, because i try to stick to that. i'm a vegan. so i try to stick to that. but i just always want to take a cone so beautiful and just stick it in somebody's face who i don't like. cheryl: that's our cue to go. dagen: nobody here but i could think of some people that i could do that to. maria: it's great that it's the first day of spring. long time coming. happy it's spring.
7:18 am
cheryl: you love the beach manufacture exactly. a warning from doctors, we're taking a look at a popular activated charcoal craze. you'll want to hear this. and angels centerfielder mike trout on the verge of signing a historic deal. stay with us, live from los angeles. back in a minute. ♪ out there having fun. ♪ in the warm california sun. ♪
7:19 am
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it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. maria: welcome back. a health warning to tell you about. foods that use activated charcoal may have a darker side. joining me now is dr dr. b
7:22 am
mikhaimikhailvarshavski. can you explain it and tell us where the danger is? >> i think this falls into the category of ludicrous health claims that stem as a result of having a little bit of scientific knowledge and then expanding that into a marketing ploy. they're preying on people's insecurities and worries about consuming toxins, having toxins within their body. they say if you eat a food packed with charcoal, that's going to bind toxins, prevent you from getting sick. none of the health claims are true. the bottom line, at best, you're not going to get sick from eating them and at worst you can get sick, it will absorb some of the vitamins and minerals, so it's a skip for me and i'm glad new york city is banning this because it's not an approved food additive. maria: what are the issues? what are the health issues? >> the health issues, number one, charcoal can cause
7:23 am
constipation and that's not a problem anybody wants. number two, because charcoal likes to bind substances, it can actually bind medications that you're taking that you need to be active. two, it can bind vitamins and minerals that your body wants to absorb that you need, that are essential for everyday life. the positive benefits are not there. you should not be just consuming charcoal on a regular basis unless there's a specific indication. the reason that gained so much traction and popularity is because in emergency rooms and some specific poison control instances we do give activated charcoal. but this isn't something to be used willy-nilly to be thrown into ice cream and lattes because it looks cool. dagen: if i want to drink dark gray water i'll stick a straw in a new york city puddle and quite frankly that's what some of these things taste like. i bought some charcoal water. if you're eating that color food, it gets in your teeth. it's nasty looking, number one. and then two, it doesn't taste good. so if you want to get rid of toxins in your body, go for a 1.
7:24 am
>> i like that. maria: yeah, i don't understand this. i've got to tell you. i didn't realize this was a trend. this sounds crazy to me, charcoal. >> that's one of the things, dr. mik, if you back me up, there's so many things on the internet that can gain a lot of traction, become fad diets and people see an instagram model and say i'm going to do that. that can really be dangerous for people. dagen: two words, fyre festival, that's where instagram models get you. >> this is the charcoal festival at this point. you get information out there that carries a smidgen of scientific validity. someone on social media posts it. the algorithms grab it, share it with everybody, people get excited and it takes someone like me to jump in and say hold your horses, you don't have to take activated charcoal coffee to be healthy. dagen: how did the internet
7:25 am
with this vast amount of information dumber? it made people stupid. they find what they want to hear, rather than the truth on the internet. >> i think what the internet, you have three things happen. one is like you said, it becomes an echo chamber. two, it creates more disconnection even though we're more hyper connected than we've ever been. the final thing is, it becomes a misinformation super highway. the extreme viewpoints get pushed onto everybody and people get excited about them incorrectly. maria: let me ask you about postpartum, the most common complication from pregnancy and childbirth according to the cdc, the fda is granting approval to help treat that depression with sage therapeutics new i.v. injection drug. how big of a deal is this? >> i think it's a very big deal. we've seen in the last month that the fda is taking steps to create medications that will treat depression. we're talking about postpartum depression, that can occur during childbirth, before
7:26 am
childbirth and it's a serious illness affecting one in nine women who give birth. i see people struggle with this condition all the time. this isn't baby blues. this isn't just slightly being upset, mild case of depressive feelings. this is a severe illness that can truly inhibit and make it difficult for a mother to bond with her child, possibly cause harm, and having a medication is one other alternative that doctors can use to help those people. maria: all right. we'll leave it there. dr. mik, always great to see you. thank you. >> thank you so. maria: coming up, let the games begin, google's new gaming plans sends sony and nintendo shares down this morning. we'll tell you what's active on wall street. america's best and worst airlines, delta, united and southwest vying for the top spot. and a $20 flight, we'll tell you about a deal one airline is offering that will be hard to believe. back in a minute. ♪ i'm living fast forward.
7:27 am
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maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning, everybody. i'm mari maria bartiromo comingo you live from los angeles. it is wednesday, march 20th. the first day of spring. breaking news, google has been
7:31 am
fined by the european union, the numbers are big, the technology giant facing a $1.7 billion fine over ad blocking. the news just hitting the tape. the european union fining the company for abusing the dominance of its search engine to block competitors in the market of selling text ads on the search results that appear on the site. more details on this developing story right now. the stock is down a third of a percent. we are watching this stock as this news is just hitting the tape. investors are waiting on the federal reserve today and any deal or news about the china trade situation. markets are searching for direction. dow industrials down 4 points right now, s&p 500 down 1 and the nasdaq composite down 1 as well. markets were little changed yesterday ahead of the two-day fed meeting w which we will hear about today. the dow was down 26, the nasdaq was up 9 and-a-half yesterday. in europe, the big story is germany, the worst performer. down sharply, wa weigh down by
7:32 am
shares of bayer, following the round-up ruling, that the round-up weed killer is responsible for one man's cancer. take a look at the dax index, down 1 and a quarter percent. in asia, mostly lower as you can see there. flying high, we're taking a look at the best and worst airlines this morning. what you need to know before booking your next flight. and frontier celebrating spring with deep discounts. you'll be able to book a ticket for just $20. wait until you see where. a record-breaking contract, mike trout on the verge of signing a new deal with the l.a. angels for $430 million. and looking dirty on purpose, yes, paying big bucks for it as well. that's what gucci is looking to do with these sneakers. the eye-popping price tag coming up. first, google jumping into the gaming market, the company is set to launch a new gaming platform, it's not a console like playstation or x-box, it's
7:33 am
a cloud-based gaming platform that will be available across a number of devices like computers, tvs and tablets. joining us right now is the cyber guy. kurt, good to he see you. >> good to see you. google is saying they can deliver what a home console would do by streaming it over the cloud in 4k and eventually 8k resolution and that's going to wake up the market and the gaming console market period for microsoft and sony. they dominate the marketplace as you know and this time with console sales roughly expected over the next six years to be about 225 million units, this is going to be a game-changer literally. pardon the pun. maria: it's true and you're seeing increasingly gaming be real valuable. i mean, in terms of being one of the most popular forms of entertainment. but this european union story today is going to be obviously focused on probably more so than the gaming, the gaming story. the european fining google
7:34 am
$1.7 billion for abusing the dominance of its search engine to block competitors in the niche market of selling text ads on the search results that appear on third party websites. this decision is the last among three sets of formal charges that the european commission has so far filed against google. it's interesting to me that you're seeing so much harsher treatment in europe than you are in the u.s. in terms of these social media companies. >> this is the amount of money that may actually move the meter in terms of how silicon valley behaves with man kind. as privacy goes in the united states, we don't have the kind of privacy laws of the european union enacted and enjoys. what they're doing is they're capitalizing on those laws, they're adding it all up and they're showing up at google and alphabet's doorstep, saying hi, pay this up. and that a amount of money is a wake-up call for any tech company, i don't care what your valuation is, especially the giants. so i'll be interested to see both how they respond and also how do legislators in this
7:35 am
country work to get the same kind of laws on our books that maybe we get the upper hand and he create some fairness as relates to privacy and also competition. maria: i just want to point out that this is at least one part of the nearly decade-long investigation. this has been going on a long time into google. this fine is smaller than the total $7.67 billion levered against google in two previous e.u. decisions. they've been on google for over a year. there's not a specific order to change google's business practices because the commission says google ended the las type anti-competitive behavior at issue shortly after the case was filed three years ago. don't you think this will wake up the company to say we need to start policing ourselves better. >> not just the company, but silicon valley as a whole. i think the entire industry has ignored any of the media, they've ignored any of these sort of fines that happened, mainly because the dollar amount isn't high enough.
7:36 am
even you rattle off $5 billion, that sounds like an enormous amount, tally of fines. but in the grand scheme of things over years, that's the cost of doing business for many of these companies. maria: let's not forget that google has 90% market share in search. want to get back to gaming. there's more news in the gaming world. that is a report from digitimes, that there's speculation about nintendo launching a gaming phone, it can integrate with the console, the switch. what do you think? i think this might be a good play for nintendo. they're already good with hand-held devices for gaming. that's been their strong point so far. you have an announcement like google with stadia and you hear that and it sounds so old. it sounds like such a late play for nintendo, so i don't know what that's going to do in the marketplace. i don't know if i as a user will change my handset of a smartphone in order to play a game. i'm not sure that's a huge play.
7:37 am
i don't know that they're doing it. maria: they're all trying to get into gaming in one way or another and get that market share. all right, how about this. a california company says it's building a flying motorcycle, kurt. explain this. it's powered by jet engines, this is jet pack aviation, calling it the speeder. it will sell for $380,000. it's already taking pre-orders, $380,000. >> get the checkbook out. this is -- they're hoping to bring this out in reality and they're taking the orders now. their only competition is a french-based company that also wants to be the world's first flying motorcycle. these com compelling videos make want to have one. maria: i want to know where regulation is. we can't possibly have flying motorcycles all over the air. >> we haven't figured out the drones, right? maria: exactly. is regulation going to catch up here or are we just seeing this as a fun video which is never going to materialize because we don't know the rules of the road or of the air? >> at a price point north of
7:38 am
$300,000, i don't think we have to worry about a huge number of these motorcycles in the air just yet. if they bring that price down and it becomes easy for you and me to buy one, we have to look at regulation. maria: there you go. kurt, great to see you. love being with you here in l.a. coming up, the big business of baseball, angels' center fielder mike trout oven the verge of signing the biggest contract in history. the story next. gucci's pricey new kicks that look dirty and cost a pretty penny coming up next. back in a minute. ♪ you'll be here when i need you the most. ♪ don't let me, don't let me, don't let me down. ♪ don't let me down. ♪ don't let me down.
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maria: welcome back. delta flying high, named the best airline. cheryl casone with all the details now in headlines. cheryl: good morning again. delta moving up two spots this year to edge out alaska and southwest airlines on the annual list. the travel website's criteria includes timeliness, cancellations, pricing and customer satisfaction. now, frontier airlines was ranked the worst airline of the 10 largest u.s. carriers. meanwhile, frontier's spring sale now offering, get this, $20 one-way flight tickets. you must buy your tickets by midnight tonight for a flight
7:43 am
taken by april 17th. so get on that deal if you're looking for it. then there is this, a direct tv customers may see their favorite viacom channels going black. the contract between at&t, which of course owns direct tv, and viacom is expiring at midnight friday and the two sides haven't been able to come to an agreement on fees. viacom is warning viewers they may loose access to 23 channels like nickelodeon and comedy central. at&t is the largest pay tv provider in the united states, 24.5 million subscribers. then, maria, you mentioned this earlier. a dirty sneaker from gucci, coming with a whopping $900 price tag. yes, the company says the kicks are inspired by the vintage sports style of the '70s. people on the internet not convinced. they say the shoes just, well, are dirty. they look dirty. that's all it is. they come in different color schemes, designed for both men and women.
7:44 am
gucci providing specific cleaning instructions for your dirty shoes. what i'm going to do now is go to my office, maria, on the 18th floor, get my dirty sneakers and put them on ebay and we'll see how i do. [ laughter ] maria: but they're not really dirty, right? i mean, they're just supposed to look worn, right? cheryl: they're smudged. let's put it that way. if you want to keep them clean, you can. i don't know, see-through jeans, how many story can i do for you at this point. maria: dagen, are you going to be picking up a pair of these? dagen: i think gucci is playing a joke on their customers. they're trying to see you how far they can push things and have people pay $900 for dirty shoes. here's my tip of the day. magic eraser, if you have white sneakers, tennis shoes, running shoes, buy a mr. clean magic eraser, you wet it, it can clean your walls and clean your white
7:45 am
tennis shoes or sneakers. it is literally magic. back to you. magic eraser. maria: i don't think it's going to clean those sneakers. they're supposed to be like that. >> the thing with the gucci ones, you don't have to worry about keeping them clean for your $900, they're already dirty for. maria: that's true. >> i was in in an airport last i was amazed at how many people were wearing gucci sneakers. i think these will sell and will sell very well. dagen: the customer is the joke, though. the customer is the joke. they're hood winking you into wearing dirty shoes and paying that much money. you're a laughingstock, gucci customers. maria: i still like gucci. i still like gucci. >> i'm with you, maria. maria: coming up, angels' center fielder mike trout on the verge of signing a historic $432 million deal. we've got the details after this. stay with us. ♪ i wish they all could be
7:46 am
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maria: welcome back. patriots owner robert kraft offered a plea deal. jared max with the details now in sports. jared: palm beach county florida state attorney offering a he plea, a deferred prosecution agreement for 25 first time offenders including new england patriots owners if robert kraft admits he would have been proven guilty at trial, he won't face criminal charges for solicitation. part of a human trafficking
7:50 am
sting operation in stou south f. he would have to pay $5,000 fines on each count, go for screening of diseases and complete a course about prostitution. no word where kraft will be choosing. two schools who would never won ncaa turn innocent games. fairly dickinson prairie view and will face gonzaga, belmont is the number seed in the east and will play maryland after tuesday's win against temple. couple more gamings tonigh gamed we're into the brackets. arizona state versus saint john's. that $330 million contract bryce harper signed with the phillies, 30% less than what mike trout will get from the angels, trout a seven time all star center fielder who spent his career with the angels will sign a contract worth $432 million, far and away richest individual
7:51 am
player contract north american prpro sports. a base pal record. first day of new baseball season, mariners and a.'s are playing two regular season games to today and tomorrow in tokyo. seattle leads 9-4, sixth inning. we move on to quest love. the drummer of the roots and a band leader on the tonight show, quest love going back to his philadelphia roots, quest love, an investor for impossible foods, teaching up with the silicon valley company to sell fake meat cheese steaks at phillies games and concert venues. it's not only fake meat but also a melted cheese blend that includes peppers and onions stuffed onto a roll, you can get them at phillies games and live nation concert venues this year. they use cheese whiz in
7:52 am
philadelphia, the best of them do. let's not knock the fake cheese. >> fake cheese on top of fake meat in the sandwich. jared: if you want to be truly vegan, have you to get it without the cheese. dagen: you can get it with vegan cheese. is it not vegan cheese? vegan cheese melts really well. it's full of oil. jared: isn't that an objectiony more ron, vegan cheese. dagen: are you going to get into the oh, you can't call it milk because it doesn't come from the mamarries of an animal, that's an eye roll. >> looking at mike trout's deal, you hear people say they're getting a deal and good for him, he got the contract. but he's only been to the playoffs one time in eight seasons. i think it's important to point out. jared.jared: 240 home runs, 1,5 games, he'll be 39 the year when he begins to play what would be the final year of his contract. it will be interesting to see who gets the better deal in the end of this. >> can the angels make money by
7:53 am
paying him $430 million is the question. jared: i didn't go to school for business, so i don't know. dagen: is he married? do we know. jared: i don't know. dagen: i'm putting you on the spot. if you are, do you have a preup in that precedes this contract? jared: he does have to pay california taxes that bryce harper avoided. dagen: when you're making that kind of money, it doesn't matter. jared: it probably gets close to the take-home that harper is getting. the tax rate is 3%, versus 17%, philadelphia versus california. so uncle sam gets his piece. maria: good story, jared. love it. >> jared: happy wednesday. maria: happy spring, first day of spring today. jared: happy spring. maria: catch jared's sports reports on fox news headlines 24/7 or on sirius xm 115. president trump is tweeting this morning on george conway, kellyanne conway's husband.
7:54 am
he said george conway referred to as mr. kellyanne conway is very jealous of his wife's success and angry that i, with her help, didn't give him the job he so desperately wanted. i barely know him but just take a look, a stone cold loser and husband from hell. wow. what do you say about that tweet? dagen: how is that helpful? how is that helpful to anybody? maria: right. dagen: again, like -- maria: you know what, george conway has been tweeting about the president and he constantly pokes the president and i've always -- since i started noticing this, i'm thinking how does that help his wife? she works for president trump. that must be really strange. i don't know. we've never really discussed this but obviously the president is putting it out there this morning. >> i think he's proven, the president that is, that if you come after him on social media, he will respond and he'll kind of respond in a new york city type of way. dagen: except for somebody who
7:55 am
passed away several months ago, i'm talking about senator john mccain, raining hate down on his widow and his daughter, cindy mccain posted a tweet yesterday that was just -- somebody sent her something that was just one of the most hateful things. i don't think that family deserves that. let them mourn in private. maria: yeah. i saw that. wow. all right, futures this morning meanwhile indicating a mixed opening for the broader averages, take a look at the stock market, dow industrials up 4 points, s&p down 1 and the nasdaq is up a half a point. the big story in europe is bayer, where we're looking at this stock plummet this morning, 13% on this healthcare company on the news that we told you earlier about bayer that the chemical company, u.s. court judgment blamed bayer's weed killer product roundup for causing a case of cancer and that is why you've got the dax index in germany down 145 points, 1 and a quarter percent,
7:56 am
being led lower by bayer which is down more than 10% right now on that news. still ahead, pel pellton hit wia lawsuit over songs by drake, lady gaga and others, waitful wl you hear this story, next on "mornings with maria." stay with us. ♪ like a little prayer. ♪ i'm down on my knees. ♪ i want to take you there. ♪ in the midnight hour. ♪ i can feel your power. ♪ just like a prayer. ♪ you know i'll take you there. ♪ what if numbers tell only half the story? at t. rowe price, hundreds of our experts go beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand. like a biotech firm that engineers a patient's own cells to fight cancer. this is strategic investing. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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maria: good wednesday morning thanks to much for join us i am maria bartiromo coming to you live this morning from los angeles. it is wednesday, march 20, first day of spring. happy spring top stories 8:00 on the east coast on the button manufacturing in america president trump headed to heartland he will be in ohio this afternoon, following the general motors plant closure not only struggling automaker tesla to begin lay-offs as well we're waiting often federal reserve ending two-day meeting plus news on china trade deal, new meetings next week, for the u.s. and china trade officials, markets in face of all of that hurpd higher dow industrials up 25 points s&p 500 up one and a quarter nasdaq up 6 points right now. this after the markets little changed yesterday to look another markets 4:00 yesterday dow lost 26 points s&p down
8:01 am
fraction, one thishd of a point nasdaq up 9 1/2 in europe, germany is the worst performer it is down sharply way down by shares of bayer down better than 10% following roundup ruling a judge says that the weed killer roundup is the cause of cancer for one man. >> that stock down sharply taking a evident rest of the market with it in germany, google hit with a 1.7-billion-dollar fine from european union regulatory say technology giant abused dominance of search engine that stock is down but just a fraction. peloton sued over spin classes why music publishers tied to lady gaga drake filed a lawsuit against peloton coming up wednesday, joining me fox business network dagen mcdowell, mike murphy great show so far. >> lots of fun good stuff. dagen: great to see you. maria: we've got rulings here, google with
8:02 am
1.7-billion-dollar fine from eu interesting europe has been so much tougher on social media companies than u.s. is even though the conversation has started, around social media companies and what will happen given the dominance and the power. this fine i want to point out is smaller than the total 7.67 billion dollars levied against google two reprieve eu decisions no specific order to changing google's business practices commission said company ended last time of behavior in the case shoerlt after charges were filed the last among three sets of formal charges european commission filed against google 1. 7 billion dollars abusing dominance of search engine to belong competitors in niche market selling text yadz on search results that appear on third party web sites. >> reaction. >> i think very interesting to
8:03 am
see how our government in the united states reacts to this, europe you point out has been on cutting edge, is going to be some regulation on big internet companies how we will see, there will be more it will be interesting to see when would do in the united states. >> for sure, that is really what is the focus now, because we're seeing a lot of conversation about it, hearings end of last year twitter ceo, you had lawsuit yesterday from nunes suing twitter conversation about issues around the companies but nothing as serious as what we are seeing in europe, joining the conversation this morning, ceo of starbucks is here first on fox interview the shareholders meeting at share bucs award-winning journalist katie is here host of "varney & company" stuart varney a big hour top story this hour jobs in america, president trump, will head to ohio this afternoon, following
8:04 am
the general motors plant closure in lords tiny jeff flock live with the very latest there, good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you maria, how big is ohio for this president you might say himself, huge. i am at joint systems manufacturing center, you know better as lima truck plant, take a look at this maria in terms of head wlooinz tentedth visit president made to ohio since inauguration. he will be focusing on the manufacturing economy, this is the last remaining truck plant in the western home is fer essentially, making tanks here since world war ii. and, of course, ohio also home to that shutdown gm plant the tweet giving you some sense how huge he thinks this is i spoke to barra ceo general motors about lordstown ohio plant being shut down not happy it is being closed everything else is booming
8:05 am
asked her to semdo it something quickly she blamed uaw union i don't care i just want -- the county in which this facility is located was a big win for the president, the county in which the lordstown plant is locations not such a big win he is feeling like hey, he needs to make the point he is producing jobs for the folks, he doesn't like the scenario coming out of lordstown something gets shut down, perhaps you will hear from mary barra some point in response we have not yet. maria. maria: jeff thank you jeff flock joining us this morning from ohio, joining me right now award-winning journalist joining us this morning, lots to talk about great to see you. >> hi, maria great to see you, too, bright and early on the west coast. you poor thing. maria: [laughter]. well i am sorry but i am not
8:06 am
there on one day you are visiting with us. >> i will come back and see you when you are back in new york, it would be fun. >> okay, good i am going to hold you to that, let's talk first about the news of the day i want to get into what you are doing, in terms of cancer, the standup to cancer your foundation, thank you so much for all the work that you have been doing there, first give me your take on the news of the day, you just heard what we heard in ohio. and this reaction, to the president, visiting the plant today, as we see, a good jobs picture, but, of course, nobody likes to see a plant closing. >> you know, i think it is going to be interesting if you are going to be a fly on wall to hear what mary barra and president trump discussing probably like being at george and kellyanne conway's house these day i don't think they quite see eye-to-eye i gave us major restructuring going on at gm people feel the president's trade policies
8:07 am
have hurt automakers she is talking about the union, so i think they are going to have to figure out if they can keep this plant open, as jeff flock was talking about, and, you know, it is probably going to be tense for both i think is looking toward 2020 don't you maria? he wants to project that he is standing up to the american worker. and but there may be forces beyond his control when it comes to you know, this restructuring plan. maria: yeah i think you make a really good point because even though you have issues around the tariffs and issues around you know this is specific for gm not industry deal, the president is making a political -- making a political calculation here so that come 2020 it looks like he has done everything possible that he can do in the eyes of the viewer and the voter to make sure to have job
8:08 am
creation. >> right. maria: to attack -- 2020 is smart in terms of what you are this can. >> i guess the proof in the pudding right we will see what happens how it shakes out. but, you know, i think, image is really important, of course, taking a big stand tweeting about this i think definitely sends a message to the president's base. >> yeah for sure, katie let's talk about why you are here sponsor of science 3m with 2019 state of science index, interesting findings about the way science is viewed around the world this index finds 87% people around the globe have a positive view of science believe needed to solve world's problems 62% say best days of science are still ahead you are a spokesperson for 3m you know i think that is what really interesting here is yes, we know science is really important, but do you think we are lacking we are lacking the skills to really thrive in jobs around science?
8:09 am
this goes back to education, doesn't it. >> yeah there is so much to this state of science, index that second annual state of science report i really wanted to collaborate with my new media company doing purpose driven content that will really draw attention to some issues that i think people are not talking about, in this current environment you are right there is all sorts of things to talk about first of all skepticism, is up globally when it comes to science people's belief and reliance on science, even more so in the united states. and that is a big problem, but as you said, conversely, people are looking to science is to solve many world pobs they want to see how people are viewing science why their attitudes areth the way they are how we can elevate science and convince people how important it is, in terms of solving every day problems, so you are right education is really necessary.
8:10 am
the number of people going into sell has declined in terms of women and people of color i think there is a statistic about the skills gap may leave 2.4 million positions unfilled, in science. and technology. in the future, and that is a huge cost to the country. so it is really interesting to see how people feel about it, we definitely need people to about more engaged, and to get involved in science, because that really is a solution, it is nonpartisan, it really transcends politics it is the key to solving incurable diseases, climate changing environment issues it is really, really important so i am so happy to find of emphasized the study. >> i think important you see technology in so many areas of our lives. >> right. >> changing the way we work changing the way we live, and
8:11 am
engineering is critical. and we you know we are getting butts kicked from china getting you know others are ahead of us when it comes to engineering jobs, stem jobs, and that that you mentioned number of people studying stem declining that is worrisome. >> it is. >> you have got the rest of the world trying to be number one a.i. robotics we need the educating of our people, so that americans can thrive in this new in this new era of technology, running every industry changing every industry. >> you are right i think sometimes parents inadvertently give the wrong message to their kids i know having two daughters i was very careful to not say i don't like math i am not a math or science person and to really encourage them to go into those fields, they ended up studying liberal arts american studies like i did now both writers, but having you know i think that people
8:12 am
don't realize the sort of subconscious messages they deliver to kids many don't think they are smart enough a qualified enough to go into stem fields we need to give people more confidence. another finding i think that is really important is that sign tifrts need to translate what they are doing not only scientific community needs to do a better job, but i think the media honestly needs to do a better job sometimes they just reportedly headlines don't give context or perspective or historical zblans in explaining sometimes changing research and so a lot of people say they are confused about conflicting reports that are that are coming from science. and i think almost half say they only believe science when it aligns with their personal beliefs, so we have a lot of work to do, i think, emphasizing how important science is, and how important
8:13 am
scientists are. >> especially since you look at marriage of technology and k have. >> yeah. >> how we're ahead of disease we are living longer, because you know, in part, because of technology, and you know, semiconductor chips all over the place tracking everything, march i know colorectal cancer awareness month this is very portray for you you lost your husband to colon cancer tell me about work fighting colon cancer where are we in this fight? because the stats are still terrible, 40,000 americans getting colorectal cancer every year. >> 51,000 people dying of disease second leading cancer killer of men and women combined prevention is key i have tried to emphasize as you know maria since jay died in 1998, that 890% colon cancer cases can be prevented with rl did he deckion colonoscopy is
8:14 am
considered will go standard american cancer society reduced age to 45 so people need to talk to their doctor about either colonoscopy it may not be covered because the other gi societies have not lowered the age yet but, also, less expensive, and less invasive, alternatives that you can get. and so between my colon cancer efforts being founder one of the founders of standup to korns we have scientists working together collaborating to try to come up with not only, better diagnosis tools better prevention strategies but also better treatments because immunotherapy is so exciting for so many cancers starting to so he have wasy in chronological or rectal cancer we have to continue to fight science science is key to curing some intractables diseases not just cancer but all kinds of diseases, and
8:15 am
what is more important than human beings, maria right? , of course, snoovk thank you for leading the effort great to see you now thanks for having me. >> thank you so much, katie couric joining us we will be right back. (bird chirping) lots to do, hope you fuelled up. sure did. that storm sure ripped through. yep, we gotta fix that fence and herd the cattle back in. let's get at it. (whistle) (dog barking) (♪)
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8:18 am
maria: startling details last year's lion air crash cheryl casone now. cheryl: maria this is something, off-duty pilot reportedly saved that same 737 max from a crash one day prior. the pilot happened to about riding in the cockpit told the lion aircrew had a disabled flight control system the next day under command of a different crew crashed into a the sea killing all 189 people board, european regulatory slapped google 1.7 billion dollars fine for allegedly violating antitrust laws charginging google with using search engine dominance to
8:19 am
block ad competition, this is the third time the commission has fined google, last three years penalty adding a total more than nine billion dollars. >> buyers weed killer roundup accused of causing karps exposure to roundup we had killer is responsible for a man developing cancer after buyers monsanto lost nearly 300-million-dollar suit in august alleging we had killers caused cancer in another man jury will divide whether or not monsanto will be liable in this new case. >> germany shares of parent company falling more than 12% in this use lower in premarket down almost 12%, as you can see. . peloton hit with a 150 million dollars lawsuit group of publishers that represent drake lady gaga came the bike
8:20 am
uses the artists songs without permission it respects artists has partnerships with publishers not named, they plan to file for ipo expected a valuation more than four billion dollars, headlines from new york back to you. >> a bithreeing -- three months for ipos big calendar shareholders meet daying for starbucks giant rolls out a brand-new program for customers a brand-new coffee cup we talk with ceo of starbucks kevin johnson first on fox interview, the federal reserve, breaking down what to anticipate from fed after two-day meeting. stay with us. ♪ um gonna help you -- here is the sound -- ♪ ♪ come on down ♪ ♪ gonna see what's going on ♪
8:21 am
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this morning take a look dow industrials up 22 points s&p up 11/2 nasdaq up 6, we are waiting on federal reserve, we will get the results, of a two-day meeting, at about 2 pm eastern today focused on the so-called dot plot what are dots in terms of federal reserve interest rate hikes tell us when fed will raise rates again what will we learn about the balance sheet, we are also focused on china trade negotiations a new group of officials headed to beijing next week, to continue those conversations joining us right now ciciti gefr thanks for many here. >> pleasure. >> how important are these two issues for markets, give your anticipation whether fed or china talks right now? >> both are very important,
8:25 am
from markets we like to -- fed do nothing the white house come out said they expect growth in u.s. to be 3% we are thinking between 2 and 2 1/2% fed really doesn't have do very much in our view leave things loan best possible outcome we saw what happened in december when fed was raising rates i think too quickly markets reacted very poorly, in terms of china maria, the same thing which is markets are anticipating that this transaction will take place there will be a deal probably in april, xi going to white house to sign that up, and obviously he the president, china i worried about any potential deal getting blown up, by prematurely trying to wrap up all details when they do that i think will be very, very positive for markets if you think about both things good fed outcome a good china outcome, four weeks from now i think would be a positive tail wind for markets in the u.s. and abroad. maria: dagen: quickly i want
8:26 am
to point something out story in "the wall street journal," it is not just the size of the balance sheet, that will be in focus and date when that reduction stops it is the configuration of the balance sheet "the wall street journal" writes about this day is it more a mix of shorter term treasury securities or is it going to be spread over maturities, because again that affects those parts of the market. and -- focus on shorter term securities would be more like the precrisis portfolio more ammunition to respond potentially less stimulative to economy and give more ammunition to respond if economy does indeed slow. >> so do i think we will get details today dagen. dagen: going to get them probably later in the spring but it will be a point of discussion, and hopefully something that you will find out about, maybe in the talkback but also the fed minutes that come out after the meetings. >> what do you think. >> well i think that is exactly right we do want to
8:27 am
know what mix is the bottom line is that we really want the fed to say that it is going to reduce its holdings theri releases if that takes place the ability for individuals to have better rates and more attractive investment opportunities, across the spectrum, of investments. and you can see that the interest rates 10 yes, sir 2.60 indicates people are not worried about inflation, and as a result of that if fed can stay in benign position that will be good for markets, also very good for soaring markets that is where telling people to focus energy right now. maria: so do you see impact on the dollar then. >> yes, we think the dollar over course this have year going to weaken a big trend reviving that u.s. has done extraordinarily well but foreign markets asian markets, xchina poorly last 12 months down between 5 and 15% so there is a real opportunity
8:28 am
for investors if china trade works well investors can make a lot of money diversifying into asia getting involved in bond market in united states at this time. maria: i wonder how good a deal u.s. can get on this china trade situation, the fact that they have not scheduled the meeting between xi jinping and president trump, yet, makes me question whether or not china is pushing back on the big ticket items like forced transfer of technology, and ip theft. >> this morning i had a call in anticipation that you might ask that question i think that the real delay is associated with the fact that president xi does not want a situation, was incurred with north korea, where there was embarrassment that could possibly take place, so these details are being wound up i think what was anticipated before this would be signing ceremony before detail were there so may bee china will geting tough may be trying to simply button this up i think a good sign for investors.
8:29 am
maria: all right, david, sounds like you are bullish still on markets we've got tailwind, whether the fed, not doing much right now, or a deal with china would you be puttinging new money to work in stock in u.s. and across the world. >> yes breadly speaking if you look at sort of ultra wealthy client base you citi private bank that is zam taking place last two months very large inflows intellect portfolios thoroughl those portal formalios tilted outside united states u.s. had most extraordinary runlast five years foreign markets have done far less well so we see a lot of value there by deversefying. >> from ciii, uk prime prime theresa may will not ask for extension on britain exit from european union not asking for extension, from european union we will see what kind of ramifications this has.
8:30 am
we were just is waiting for a deal to happen. and may says now not going to ask for extension, we will see where that leeds starbucks shareholders meeting under way giant rolls out brand-new royalty program for customers i am speaking with ceo kevin johnson first on fox interview a sense of growth in the world from his standpoint the most conclusive club bigger latest billionaire to join bezos, coming up. jo welcome back.
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good wednesday morning. i'm maria bartiromo, thanks for joining us it is wednesday, march 20 your top stories right now 8:33 a.m. east coast investors waiting on federal reserve this morning china trade deal, futures searching for direction, although we are looking at a pretty good if i amer tone at this point 20 points on dow industrials s&p up one nasdaq up six markets little changed yesterday as you will see here, with the dow industrials, moving fractionally at the close yesterday in europe this morning, the big news is britishing prime minister theresa may will not ask to delay britain exit from european union germany worst performer in europe take a look down 143 points on dax, wade down by shares the stock down sharply 13% this morning, following the roundup ruling a judge ruling that the company's we had killer roundup is the cause of cancer for one man, stock down,
8:35 am
market lower with it we have breaking news on google this morning hit with 1.7 billion dollars fine, from european union. top story this half an hour, starbucks meeting is happening not only rolling out brand-new royalty program customers will get to sip coffee out of a green cup rekriektsdz or come posted first on fox business, joining me ceo of starbucks kevin johnson thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning, maria. . >> kevin you've got a big meeting with shareholders give your message what will be the main focus of the meeting this morning? >> well maria, we are excited to host 4,000 attendees at our 27th annual meeting of shareholders and this is been a transformative year this is a celebration of 380,000 starbucks partners proudly wear green up a rop served a hundred million customers a
8:36 am
week. >> you are also marking error you two yee vary anniversary yo talked about guidance as a conference recently talk to us about the story of starbucks where the priorities is, where does growth come from in the coming five years? >> well maria you know last two years, we have streamlined the company to ep able to us focus on most important priorities the business, and now we are sxuth with discipline. you know executing with discipline we delivered 0% top-line growth 17% growth earnings per share the strategic priorities outlined clearly u.s. and china are two targeted long-term growth markets. the global coffee alliance with nestlé's allowing to us bring starbucks coffee to expresso platforms markets around the world and shareholder returned focus so all has come together to put us in a notion for agenda that we call growth at scale.
8:37 am
that growth at scale, has been enabled by streamline activities sharpened focus on priorities, disciplined execution. >> i want to talk nestlé's deal a big one important for growth story let me start on china given the fact that we have more officials next week headed to china, to beijing, steven mnuchin robert lighthizer. the two gentlemen that have been trying to strike a deal with their counterparts in china some analysts worry you are seeing a decelerating of business in china this is a high growth story for starbucks it is important market can you characterize the business in china right now? >> you know our business continues to about continues to about very healthy in china. we are we have accelerated our new store growth now at 3400 stores we are building 600 net new stores a year opening a new starbucks store in china every 15 hours many ways we have been this china 20 years
8:38 am
but we are playing the long game. and so certainly as we look to the future, china is going to remain one of our two targeted long-term growth markets in addition to the united states. >> what is the difference in terms of consumer behaviors in china versus the u.s. kevin? are you seeing a dynamic that is changing where -- i mean i know you are seeing also, competition as well in china, can you speak to that competition as well as the consumer behaviors there how you have adjusted to address consumers there? >> first of all, china is predominantly a tea drinking culture so as starbucks entered the market two decades ago we began to introduce you chinese consumer to premium coffee hand caveated beverages we make serve in starbucks stores around the world we serve in china over that period as we introduced chinese consumer to premium
8:39 am
coffee certainly that is showing there is a large growing about about addressable market bringing in new competition, you know we the market is so large, and there are so many opportunities, that in many ways, competition is helping accelerate the adoption of coffee consumption in china i think statistically your monitor reported on average chinese consumer consumes one cup per capita per year, compared to 300 cups of coffee per capita per year in the yu tates so significant growth opportunity, we believe in the long term, and, yes, we will have many competitors we always have we always will, we are seeing that happen in china, because they too see the size of the ebb addressable market what is happening in that market. >> has competition increased last couple years that you've been ramping up in china? i think the competition he globally around the addressable market of coffee
8:40 am
has been increasing over the last three to five years. you know, some of it is start-up companies, or third wave independents, but you are seeing many large companies making acquisitions, and doing consolidation around the industry of coffee. for starbucks we stayed focused on the formula has worked for us for the last 48 years, you know we were founded in 1971, one store in picks place market down street either from where i am sitting now last week opened 30,000's store in. >> china, hand kastedz beverages for each and every customer and the focus that we have on our constant pursuit of doing good. that formula created a brand that is one of the world's most admired trusted brands we are staying very focused on what created this great
8:41 am
company. maria: you absolutely incredible story, story of starbucks you are right let's talk about innovations that you have been leading there, we've got the green cup here on set, sustainability the digit story is it true starbucks has 13 million digitally remembered customers? when do you go with that what kind of focus are you expecting to place on the digital part of your business integrating some innovations you have tutsdz. >> start with digit, we can touch on sustainability a bit, today in united states, we are at 30,000 digitally registered customers, which nearly 30 million digitally registered consumers of which 17 million of those customers are active rewards members by active means use app regular basis engage in loyalty program roughly 40% tender that we
8:42 am
take in united states, is paid for on that mobile app through loyalty program that is a big part of the foundation, of our strategy, it is extending brick-and-mortar experience to a digital mobile experience on that mobile app just this week we announced, a new ha. to the loyalty program, any new member that joins our loyalty program becomes instant gold created to stars they earn they can redeem those for rewards earlier so digital is a key part of the new retail strategy that extending the brick-and-mortar experience, to a digital mobile experience on that app. >> really smart. really smart. yep. on sustainability how important are your announcements over that in terms of this new green cup initiative tell us what you are trying to achieve. >> is it first of all, sustainability is a key pillar of our focus. and it starts with making
8:43 am
coffee the first sustainableing agricultural project we have agronomists that work to coffee treats we give to farmers and help coffee farmer around the world are grow high quality coffee improve yield on farms making coffee a stainable agricultural product it extending we want to serve that coffee in sustain i believe packaging going to eliminate plastic straws shifting to strawless lid we will still have straws on request for those customers that need them, but shifting to the strawless lid helps reduce amount of plastic disposed can't be recycling tie excited next general cup challenge do you agree 12 finalists in that challenge one of which serving coffee at annual meeting, is as cup not only reciprocal but recome
8:44 am
postble you are seeing noefgz to market next general consortium. >> let me ask you about how you are allocating capital a moment ago you said very focused on shareholder value, i know you've told analysts at the last analysts day that buybacks are going to be one of the main priorities, in terms of allocating your own capital you also were really focused on traditional tv advertising around holidays season taking advantage of the scale are priorities in '19 as well in terms of your allocating capital? >> yeah let me touch on our capital location approach we allocate capital we need to grow business much building new stores renovating stores the capital to build digital
8:45 am
platform digit fly we'll first allocate capital to grow business with capital in use returning to shareholders agreed to return 25 billion dollars -- >> stay right there we are taking a short break i don't want to cut you off stay right there ken we will be right back. ith you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪ now... grandpa, what about your dream car? this is my dream now. principal we can help you plan for that .
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maria: we are book now with more first on fox interview with starbucks ceo kevin johnson kevin we are in middle of a conversation how your
8:49 am
allocating capital because you do see buybacks as a priority, also your spend on marketing. >> yeah certainly on buybacks you know we have committed to return too billion dollars, of capital to our shareholders in the form of buybacks dividends well on our way to do that, over this period. and certainly, you know, most of our brand is created by the experience we create in our stores, the fact that we serve 100 million customers a week, is an important part of creating the starbucks brand we complement that with brad media with reach some tv advertising saw over the holidays. tell me about the nestlé's partnership this has been transformative in some regard a lot of people says that this is going to also add to the growth tell me about the combination what we can expect in terms of starbucks in stores, and nestlé's brand. >> yeah first of all, with 30,000 stores around the world, we are able to a create
8:50 am
a lot of reach a lot of customers who like starbucks coffee. with nestlé we are bringing the starbucks coffee to the expresso adulche gusto, largest single served platforms in the world bringing our coffee, on to those platforms is a great growth opportunity, but in addition to that, nestlé has five million points of presence, in food services, in cpg, necessarily will sell roost and ground coffee at groceries mass merchant food services a great partnership this week, we expanded into 16 new markets, and introduced i think 24 new starbucks on sxroeso, dulce gusto. >> i know you are in a knew venture next generation a lot happening at starbucks thanks so much for joining us this
8:51 am
morning. >> thank you very much maria. >> all right see you soon kevin johnson joining is stay with us we will be right back. # want more from your entertainment experience?
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maria: all right. you saw the numbers on the screen earlier. general mills reporting better than expected earnings this morning. gerri willis on the floor of the new york stock exchange. gerri: that's right, general mills beating on the top and bottom line, raising guidance. take a look at the numbers coming in at 83 cents a share on the bottom line, 69 was the estimate. revenue $4.198 billion versus expectations of $4.194. stock will pop at the open. that's what we're expecting. meanwhile, apple coming out with new airpods, earphones that will cost $159. you can order them starting today. they are powered by a new chip called the h-1 chip.
8:55 am
they say they are awesome. that is really actually what the press release says. finally, bill gates joining jeff bezos. they are the only two members of the $100 billion club. bezos fortune at $149.6 billion, gates at $100 billion even. we don't expect either of them to stay there for long. gates has donated $35 billion to the bill and melinda gates foundation and bezos is breaking up with his wife so he might have to give her a scheckl or two. back to you. maria: gerri, thank you. stay with us. we'll be right back. i knew about the tremors.
8:56 am
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maria: welcome back. british prime minister theresa may says she has asked for an extension until the end of june on britain's exit from the european union. theresa may adding that if the vote does not pass, parliament will have to decide how to proceed next. it's not just a super moon tonight, it is the super worm moon. check this out. this will be the third and final super moon of 2019. you know i love pictures of the moon. i take them all the time. check out some of my pictures from my instagram account that i have been posting of the moon and the sunset. some of my favorite shots. i want to thank our fantastic guests today, mike murphy in new york along with dagen.
9:00 am
great show today. dagen: you have to get back to the beach, maria bartiromo. we need more moon, sunset beach, doggy pictures. maria: yes, we do. everybody does. have a great day, guys. thanks so much. "varney & company" starts now. stu stu, we missed you today. over to you. stuart: good morning, maria. good morning, murphy. good morning, dagen and good morning, everyone. president trump goes to iowa today. he's going to a tank factory but while there, he's expected to take a big swipe at general motors. gm is closing its plant in lordstown, ohio. the president doesn't like that. he's talked to ceo mary barra about keeping the plant open. she's closing it. expect him to follow up today. forcefully. joe biden has told a small group of supporters that yes, he's running. the "wall street journal" says he's talking to donors. he wants big money to roll in just as he declares


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