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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 20, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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$3 trillion in bonds. ashley: good questions. [closing bell rings] we head towards closing bell. markets ending solidly in the red. now connell mcshane, susan li, "after the bell." susan: so close to where we started. dow falling from session highs in final hour of trade, the fed's decision to leave interest rates on hold. majority of officials saying they will not be hiking interest rates at all for the rest of this year. also president trump on the ground in ohio, making remarks right now at the army's last tank manufacturing plant. amid the president's ongoing fight for gm, shutting down one of its plants in the buckeye state. i'm susan li in for melissa francis. >> i'm connell mcshane. dow closes down in the red, second consecutive day. tech-heavy nasdaq extending
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gains with a five-point advance. live fox business team coverage set up for with you gerri willis on the floor of the new york stock exchange, phil flynn watching action in oil from the cme in chicago, jeff flock in lima, ohio, with the president. first to gerri at the new york stock exchange. >> this was a curious day. we had the fall off after tremendously positive news you would think for stocks. most dovish fed i can't remember how long. here we are the dow down 141 points, s&p 500 down eight. nasdaq positive, barely about five points. what is going on? i went around and talked to traders. they're talking to me something nobody is talking about right now, federal express earnings out today, were negative, disappointing bad. that is a harbinger for the economy. they're concerned the fed is calling it right right now. that our economy could weaken. they did lower growth rates. the other thing going on, of course the president before making his way to ohio said he
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will keep tariffs in place until beijing complies with the trade deal. as you know china talks always move the market. we'll not get a deal soon, the market does not like that. here you see the dow down 141 points on all of that. surprising news given what the fed had to say. back to you. connell: very interesting. let's bring some to the market panel. jonathan hoenig capitalist pig hedge fund founder, hadley heath manning, independent women's forum director, todd horowitz joins us, bub that show trading host. gerri kind of hit on it, right? if you look what fedex said last night, basically what the fed said today, is that the reason we're not going to hike rates is because around the world the quon my is slowing down. what do you take away from it all? >> kind of a fascinating market today, a mixed market in many ways. the was essentially flat. 106 new highs, 80 new lows. look not only what the market
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did, but what president trump said, promising in effect that those tariffs would stay in place against china and what you saw, colin, a lot of essentially a mixed market. the dollar was down. gold was up. a lot of people shaking their heads saying is it going to be merck, is it going to be starbucks, is it going to be paypal? those are 52-week highs. essentially a mixed market, a lot of distress among market watchers getting sense what the news is for rates and writ market at large. connell: the big picture, hadley, we do have slowing global growth, but to jonathan's point maybe the president's comments about china if not more important, if you say tariffs are staying in place, that doesn't help growth either. interesting to see the sentiment change as the day went on. >> right. sentiment data has been more positive than other indicators in recent months. when powell talked about
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potential for rate changes he was very positive on the u.s. economy. he mentioned crosscurrents. we can only mention crosscurrents, international markets, certainly a slowdown. china cannot continue to grow gangbusters like they have been. it's a natural slowdown in the economy as their industrialization and growth period slows down. it's a natural thing to happen. when it comes to our relationship with china, being, the uncertainty there. i would say additional crosscurrent for to us consider about our u.s. economy right now? something that the fed should be concerned about. something politicians on both sides of the aisle should show more concern about is of course the national debt. that's a piece. connell: jay powell did say the deficits still matter. we asked that question of everybody. todd, what do you think's really going on or what stands out about that to you. >> i think that the powell did what they expected but i think the street was more expecting him to talk about possible rate cuts. i think the bigger picture here
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though, we have got inflation. we can talk about we don't have inflation all we want. at the end of the day, other than grain markets, every other commodity is up 10 to 15% this year. we're having slowdown in transportation. less goods shipped into the country not only because of china but for many reasons. there is underlying problems in the economy and markets. wage inflation ties into it. at some point we have to address the massive debt and massive problems that are here. we continue to hide our heads in the sand, kick the can down the road, keep rates cheap, not address the real problem, but go to credit card and auto debt as well. those are big problems. if we continue at this pace, there will be a big melt down at some point. susan: check on oil. big moves with oil hitting a four-month high. after eia reported a massive drop in oil supplies last week. phil flynn at the cme. phil, this is the biggest weekly draw down since july 2018. >> yeah, it was massive. it caught a lot of traders by
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surprise. you know, we're talking about a slow down in the economy. oil inventories didn't get message. in fact what we saw with the oil inventoriries was incredible demand, not only from the u.s. refiner point of view which saw refinery runs get very high for this year, but for gasoline demand which has gone up week after week after week here in the united states. distillate demand which has gone up. what is also incredible, u.s. oil exports were a big part of this drawdown because they get the second highest on record. so we exported a lot of oil last week of the other thing in this report showed that we got zero oil from venezuela. that is going to be a concern for refiners going forward. susan: phil, thank you. connell: vowing to revive america's rust belt, that is what president trump was talking about today, more the most part addressing manufacturing workers in lima, ohio. jeff flock was there and managed
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to work in an attack against the late senator john mccain which this speech was otherwise about economy and jobs, right? >> that is true. he is finishing up now, back on the tank track. this is the last tank factory that the u.s. has. the president is responsible for really bringing it back to life under president obama. they were cranking out about one tank a month. now they're closer to 34 tanks a month. the president is celebrating that now. but as you report, there was no, no short list of enemies on his hit list today. senator mccain, one, saying he didn't much care for him. he gave him the funeral that he desired because he had to approve it but never got a thank you. in addition taking on united auto workers recently since we talked to you last hour, the leadership of uaw, doesn't want to talk to them, to the rank-and-file, thirdly the polks at general motors. still on the warpath against gm
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for closing the plant that is across the state in lordstown. here is how he put it. take a listen. >> and what is going on with general motors? get the plant open or sell it to somebody they will open it. everybody wants it. sell it to somebody. open it yourselves. get it going now and the uaw will help you. [applause] reporter: uaw will help, not sure if he got that from leadership or rank-and-file here. also before he left to come here i would report to you, that he told our blake burman in washington that when it comes to china trade, it may be that he keeps sanctions in place, sanctions, i mean tariffs in place, really loud in here, tariffs in place until of at agreement has been implemented, so he is sure that the chinese will live up to the terms of the agreement. again here is how the president put it. >> we're not talking about
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removing them. we're talking about leaving them and, for substantial period of time, because we have to make sure that if we do the deal with china, that china lives by the deal. reporter: i leave you perhaps folks with a picture of the president walking off toward a m-1 a-1 tank. waving to the folks. about 1000 people employed at this factory. they were down to less than 100 at one point. there you go, president headed off to the signature music "can't always get what you want." president gave them some of what they wanted. connell: you can try sometimes. jeff, thanks. susan: you can always get what you need. jonathan, president trump is in ohio at this point, a state he won by eight percentage points in 2016 but, is it, i guess from a capitalist perspective, is it
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dangerous for a sitting u.s. president to criticize and dictating strategy for public company? >> is certainly is. the president keeps calling for company to reopen the plant in lordstown. what he doesn't acknowledge the cost in tariffs he promised to keep in place has cost that company, general motors over a billion dollars, the president's tariffs made u.s. steel among the most expensive in the world. that is one of the reasons, and my opinion opinion that companies had sufficient a difficult time doing something with the lordstown plant. can't reopen it. can't change it. can't sell it. that is causing the president a lot of frustrations. causing the market a lot of frustrations. you want to reopen the plant yet the tariffs the president promised to keep, cost the same company general motors heck of a lot of money putting new capital to work and putting new people to work as well. >> hadley, over and over people say general motors is well-run
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company because of mary barra as ceo and general motors selling a lot of vehicles. they sold 3 million of them, other places like china are a big headache for them since sales are sliding, so if you're gm, what do you do? >> i think that is a great question. but i want to respond to something jonathan said in terms of tariffs. i know there are people within the trump administration who believe we should have free trade and that tariffs have a cost for the economy, certainly for producers like gm. i think a question is whether we're using these tariffs as a trade policy or whether we're using them as a trade negotiation tactic. of course if the president is signaling that we'll keep the tariffs in place even after a deal is reached you know, it's a good question. do we trust china? can we have a trust an verify for the policy with china when it comes to trade deal. my hope the tariffs would roll back after a deal was verified with china. susan: todd, also we had jerome powell, federal reserve chairman
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bringing tariffs because the on going trade spat and might affect policy here but does it matter if we get the china trade deal? what is your opinion? do you think we'll get one? >> i think we'll really get one. it's a question of which is right now. trump is being trump, xi is being president xi. they will battle it out. at some point china has to come to the table before we go to the table. will they out-wait trump or not, that is the question. the markets priced in a deal that will be done. you can watch the commodity price of grains, even though he says what a problem is, grains are much higher than they were. when i look at overall surrounding evidence, to meal a deal is already priced into the market. they will get it done of the only question is done. susan: jonathan, hadley, todd, good to see you. connell: we're getting breaking news here on boeing we want to pass along. the stock is down 1% after-hours. a new report coming in from the
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seattle times. what the seattle times is saying, the fbi is reportedly joining a criminal investigation into the certificate if i equation of the boeing 737 max plane. the stock is down 1%. more when we get it. susan: the seattle times is doing good reporting on power boeing has with certification of its planes. connell: this would indicate things are taken up a notch, getting fbi involved. i would think. susan: talk about jeff bezos, on going story, admitting to the leak is the brother of bezos' girlfriend, that he made a deal with the devil with the "national enquirer" over the salacious text messages. howard kurtz got an exclusive. he joins us after this break. connell: the fight for the white house continues with a growing field on the left. former vice president joe biden is supposedly inching closer to making a decision. we had a democratic presidential candidate on today, john delaney. he joins us later this hour. what makes him stands out and
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what he season issues that matter to you the most. going to extreme lengths in the michael cohen case by using a controversial device. were the moves by the fbi all legal? the judge coming up on that. andrew napolitano later this hour. ♪ i've even built my own historic trading model. and you're still not sure if you want to make the trade? exactly. sounds like a case of analysis paralysis. is there a cure? td ameritrade's trade desk. they can help gut check your strategies and answer all your toughest questions. sounds perfect. see, your stress level was here and i got you down to here, i've done my job. call for a strategy gut check with td ameritrade. ♪ to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop.
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connell: more breaking news. we're expecting a statement from theresa may, the prime minister of freight britain. she asked european union for brexit extension earlier today. that is what we're waiting on here. you see it. the empty lecturn. comments from theresa may when we get them. could be important for markets. susan: a deal with the devil. the way michael sanchez describes the agreement he struck with the "national enquirer for steamy text messages between his sister, lauren sanchez and billionaire amazon founder jeff bezos, in interview with fox news "mediabuzz" host, howard kurtz. great exclusive there. michael sanchez says he didn't take the 200,000. he was doing it to protect his sister and jeff bezos. i don't understand that reasoning. i'm sure a lot of our viewers don't. i'm sure you can explain it to us. >> let me untangle it. brian sanchez is brother of tv
4:19 pm
personality lauren sanchez, now jeff bezos girlfriend. he when he said he made a deal with the devil. that was a different deal. he anyone. what he is not admitting to is what the "wall street journal" in a story based on unnamed sources reported yesterday, susan that there was a 200,000-dollar contract with michael sanchez to provide these texts. he says he told me wouldn't dignify that with a comment. susan: so does that mean he may have been paid 200,000, may have accepted the deal? >> i can't rule it out because he is not given me a flat denial on that. "wall street journal" is known for very good financial reporting. here is what michael sanchez says the deal was. last fall when he learned "the enquirer" was in pursuit of his sister and the amazon founder he knew the story would come out. he made a deal he says to delay the story a couple months, to give the couple time to firm up the relationship. because he thinks the scandal
4:20 pm
would have blown it out of the water. in exchange he offered to provide the parent company, american media ink with a photo tip off where they would be embracing or kissing. that is disputed from sources with ami saying they were not ready to go to the story last october. published early january. hadn't been nailed down a lost different versions. >> yeah. >> first time michael sanchez admitting to doing some kind of deal with the "national enquirer," whether or not it involved the six-figure payment remains unclear. susan: that is important to note. how did they get the racy text messages as well, and the photos of jeff bezos, compromising photos? >> one possibility i reported, by the way sanchez says, i don't think anyone really disputed he never had below the belt selfies, naked pictures, he never saw them, couldn't have provided them but lauren sanchez
4:21 pm
shared texts and pictures with half dozen girl friends, the assistant at her office. one of those could possibly sold or otherwise provided this to to the "national enquirer." sanchez says i will not sell out the my sister for $200,000. if the world's richest man becomes my brother-in-law, i make money off deals and production deals and helping him find a house. a lot to clear up. now for the first time michael sanchez says he played some role helping "the national enquirer." we need to find out if he was amply compensated for role. susan: thank you, howard. connell: crazy stuff. we're watching brexit as well. united kingdom on edge. the clock is ticking as britain looks for a pathway towards brexit. theresa may expected to speak shortly. breaking headlines shortly. don't go away.
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connell: stay with breaking news from the uk, we're still waiting for comments to come in from theresa may, european union's donald tusk leaving the door open for three-month extension for brexit, only if the british parliament approves the deal they twice rejected. it has been 1000 days. i counted them all one by one, it has been 1000 days since they voted on this. we celebrate with ashley webster of course, who else. who joins us from the newsroom. happypy brexit versary. >> no cake? connell: take us through it. it always needs a explanation in my view, this whole thing. it is always something. today was what exactly again? ashley: theresa may realizing she will need an extension now, even though she said 100 times in parliament we're leaving on march 25th, a week from tomorrow. it will not happen. she sent a letter to donald
4:27 pm
tusk, president of the european council requesting a delay from march 29th to june 30th. europeans saying okay, only if you can get your deal passed in parliament so we know we have something to work with. we'll dot the is and cross the ts between march 29th and june 30th. as you just said, connell, this deal has been embarrassingly defeated twice more than 200 folks the first time, more than 150 the second time. what are the chances she will get it through? i will tell you. she will outline to the country tonight i believe, it is my deal or no brexit or even possibly a really long extension we'll be in the eu for some time to come if the eu allows it. connell: not this exact approach, she tried all of this to your point before. what is different about this argument? maybe more scare tactic what is a no deal brexit would mean? you and i talked about this. you basically said from your reporting it could be painful but not the end of the world what most people seem to think.
4:28 pm
is that what she tries to do, make the argument strong to people? ashley: she will. we're down to crunch time. she will point out to people, this is clear choice, my plan who knows what next. a no deal could be in store if you don't go for my plan. she has to flip 75 lawmakers to get the plan through. the question, can she do it. connell: in her party or other parties. ashley: across parliament. connell: across the whole deal. thank you for staying on top of this because someone has to. ashley webster. susan: as they say she was dealt a bad hand, playing it badly. connell: it has been a mess. some pole 90% people viewed this as national embarassment. susan: globally internationally. talk about taking the fight to the buckeye state. president trump ramping up pressure on general motors, for closing one of its ohio plants. can the president convince gm to open its doors? connell: details on the
4:29 pm
controversial surveillance device that was used to track michael cohen. potential legal fallout coming up on that. susan: rejecting the deal. new england patriots owner robert kraft reportedly is not accepting the offer in the that case. ♪ when you rent from national...
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4:34 pm
stopping. he is pretty defiant. he says whenever we see mergers like this where you merge big distribution from cable, you merge must-watch content like time warner, if we think it violates the standards that it could raise prices for consumers we're going at it. we are not done in this area. so you know, a lot of conventional wisdom on wall street that the lower court's opinion it was going to be okay for these types of mergers. uh-uh. he is saying that the lower court actually affirmed their ability to go after what is called vertical mergers, merging different types of entities. he is defiant basically saying more to come. basically as he was giving a speech, his arch rival randall stephenson from att was giving a speech. he didn't talk about the doj, he
4:35 pm
talked about the sprint t-mobile merger. if that gets approved we go from four wireless carriers to three. there is concern whether that is antitrust. there is a lot of concern on wall street we need a stronger company, t-mobile, and sprint, so we can compete against the chinese on 5g. he says, according to stephenson he gives it 50/50, through doj antitrust. he is basically saying there are hurdles for them to go through. we should point out at&t in 2011 tried to buy it. mobile. the justice department then under barack obama said no. so that is where we are. kind of interesting stuff. doj antitrust is not giving up going after these big, big vertical mergers. and you know, t-mobile-sprint, randall stephenson says 50/50. they have hurdles. susan: vertical, not horizontal. charlie, thank you. connell: interesting. go back to the president in ohio
4:36 pm
with his speech, amid battle or feud he is having with general motors actually took a swipe at some of the union leaders. this was just moments ago. take a listen. >> we explained how good it was for the car industry, for good, for that. they said thank you, sir, thank you, thank you, this is unbelievable, thank you, sir. i want to deal with the people in the union, not the heads of the union. connell: john bozella, global automaker ceo. president can make the case, he would be right about it, he has more support in the rank-and-file with unions than he would with leadership. i'm sure what he was referring to, john, from where you sit not literally today in washington, but for someone who deals with many foreign automakers in the u.s., who the president by the way praised bringing jobs her publicly, what you do make of the feud, back and forth with gm on the lord's town plant? >> good to be with you. couple things all car companies have to do no matter where you're based. you have got to build and sell cars and trucks that people want
4:37 pm
to buy and two, you have to do it competitively. that is what is going on here, right? more demand for light trucks. less demands for cars so companies have to make adjustments. you're right, seeing production decline in some places but international car companies are investing in the united states and adding production. connell: does the president have a point, not blaming but attacking unions? many companies are operating foreign operators in right-to-work states where there not dealing with union issues gm would be in this case? >> yeah, you know, look. i'm not privy to the internal strategies of general motors or the employee dynamics with the union. i can say this though. you know whether, no matter where you are in the united states the plants that are operating here in the united states paying very competitive wages. these are high-tech jobs. so -- connell: john, unfortunately i have to interrupt you this time. we'll go to breaking news. get back to john bozella at some
4:38 pm
point with theresa may in the uk with this statement after asking the eu to delay brexit. here she is. >> supported it overwhelmingly. two years on mps have been unable to agree on a way to implement the uk's withdrawal. as a result we will now not leave on time with a deal on the 29th of march. this delay is a matter of great personal regret for me. and of this, i am absolutely sure. you the public have had enough. you're tired of infighting. you're tired of the political games and the arcane procedural rau is. tired of mps talking about nothing else but brexit when you have real concerns about our children's schools, national health service, knife crime. you want this stage of the brexit process to be over and done with. i agree. i am on your side.
4:39 pm
it is now time for mps to decide. to go today i have written to donald tusk, the president of the european council, to request a short extension of article 50 up to the 30th of june to give mps time to make a final choice. do they want to leave the eu with delivers on result of referendum, takes back control of our money borders, laws, while protecting jobs and national security? do they want to leave without a deal? or do they not want to leave at all? causing potentially irreparable damage to public trust, not just in this generation of politicians but to our entire democratic process? it is high time we made a decision. so far parliament has done everything possible to avoid making a point. motion after motion and amendment after amendment has
4:40 pm
been tabled without parliament ever deciding what it wants. all mps have been willing to say is what they do not want. payings natalie hope mps will find a way to back the deal i've negotiated with the eu a deal that delivers on the result of the referendum and is the very best deal negotiable. and i will continue to work night and day to secure the support of my colleagues, the dup and others for this deal. but i am not prepareed to delay brexit any further than the 30th of june. some argue i'm making the wrong choice and i should ask for longer extension to the end of the year or beyond, to give more time for politicians to argue over the way forward. that would mean something you to vote in european elections nearly three years after our country decided to leave. what kind of message would that
4:41 pm
send? and just how about iter and divisive would that election campaign be? at at time when the country desperately needs bringing back together. some have suggested holding a second referendum. i don't believe that is what you want and not what i want. we asked you the question already and you gave us your answer. now you want us to get on with it. and that is what i am determined to do. connell: that is theresa may, prime minister of the uk talking about the request she made of the european union today. she basically says, hey. connell: lessen, i want a delay. won't go past 30th of june. susan: if you want delay postponement. i will not be part of it. that calls into question her future as prime minister of the uk. connell: some surprised she hung on this long.
4:42 pm
she has. matter of choice, do they want a deal, no deal, or want to stay in the eu which would raise all kinds of issues. susan: credibility? >> yes. which is what she alluded to. anyway, theresa may live from london. susan: talking about changing the political system here in the u.s. there are growing calls for 2020 democrats to get rid of the electoral college. what t could mean for the upcoming race. running on bipartisanship in the already crowded democratic field? could it backfire? democratic candidate john delaney joins us next. ♪ and to manage this risk, the world turns to cme group. we help farmers lock in future prices, banks manage interest rate changes and airlines hedge fuel costs. all so they can manage their risks and move forward.
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upload your logo or start your design today at connell: making a move towards 2020. joe biden, former vice president, telling
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supporters he plans to run for president, from a new report in the "wall street journal." comes as one of the democratic candidates is pledging bipartisanship of all things but is it really possible to overcome politics as usual? we have the very candidate with us today. john delaney. he joins us here in the studio. went from business to, you know, to the congress. now you're running for president. in fact you've been running for president longer than anyone else? >> i have. i was the first in. connell: your brand is idea of bipartisanship. we talked about this a lot on our show. even centrist candidates, so-called centrists we'll see if joe biden gets, most people expect him to, mayor bloomberg decided not to because he didn't think he would win a primary. >> bipartisanship is means to an end. if you want to get things done in this country you have to find common ground, affect people's lives you have to find common ground. building a better future you
4:48 pm
have to find common ground. connell: talk about some issues. talking about policies, economic policies, how it affects markets and kitchen table issues. taxes would be one, a big talk in the primaries. how high of a marginal tax rate would you be willing to go? what would you support? i've seen you say 70% too high, right? >> i would roll back that the cuts that were done in the last tax reform or tax cut bill that passed. connell: back to where we were? >> go back to where we were. focus on capital gains rates versus ordinary income rate. i think that is huge loophole. there is a lot of leakage. connell: what would you do basically? >> close the loop. i would do the "buffett rule." i think it is ridiculous people who invest pay half of their tax rate. outdated concept. we put it in place we needed people to invest. as cover this every day, everyone is super liquid. everyone invests. we don't need the disparity.
4:49 pm
connell: how about corporate rate? >> i would move up to 27. it was cut to 21. no one asked for 21. i would put it 27, 28. connell: what about trade? president talking a little bit about it. he has been outside the box compared to not a little, a lot, traditional republican candidate. that has been the party of free trade. >> right. connell: are you free trade sister. >> i supported the trans-pacific partnership. i thought it was huge mistake it didn't get done under president obama. i thought the president made a big mistake tearing it up. connell: do you think the democrat party of future is parity of free trade? will that flip? >> i think it is moving, right? i think, again i think my democratic colleagues made a huge mistake not supporting president obama on trans-pacific partnership. i was one of the few democrats supported it. i think they see the president as nationalist. notion of engaging around the world economically, diplomatically, key to our success.
4:50 pm
connell: one more on economic sense. spending. ask it in simple broadest terms i know. do deficits matter still? >> yes. connell: period? mmt -- >> doesn't work. connell: nonsense. >> what we need is deficits equal to 2% right of the economy. connell: give me, how do you cut to get there though? >> you have to finks health care. connell: okay. >> health care is the main driver of really our spending issues over time. we have to have a form of universal health care system. connell: how do you do that without spending a crazy amount of money? >> my plan creates universal health care everyone gets at a right. you have options. supplementals. private insurance. you pay that by getting rid of corporate deductibility of health care. connell: let me ask you one political question before i let you go. you're from maryland. >> yes. connell: i read before you decided to run for president there was talk maybe he will run for governor leaving congress. larry hogan is governor of maryland, right? >> yes. connell: there is talk he might run against president trump on republican side of a primary. what would that look like?
4:51 pm
what kind of opponent woe be for the president? >> i do know him. anyone who wants to run for president, if governor hogan wants to the run for president he should. it would be great to have primary challenge to the president. connell: sometimes that helps in terms fighting incumbent. >> yeah. i think the president is not doing a great job as president. so i think having debate on republican side would be good. connell: interesting conversation. i didn't ask you most obvious thing before we let you go, you do have to answer this, will you be in the debates? will you meet qualifications? >> we're planning on it. connell: steep hurdle, right? >> again, we're planning on it. connell: john delaney. nice to meet. >> you thanks for having me. connell: appreciate it. susan. susan: field to take on president trump more on our interview with john delaney, what is opponents are doing to change the national conversation. that comes your way next. ♪ our grandparents checked their smartphones
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let's talk about thisd when we meet next week. edward jones came to manage a trillion dollars in assets under care by focusing our mind on whatever's on yours. >> breaking news from president trump's twitter account, a shout
4:56 pm
out to ford from president, great news, they are investing a billion in flat rock, michigan for auto production. on top of a investment last month for a familiar outside -- facility outside of chicago. companies are pouring into united states, they want to be where the action is. susan: i bet they do, acted for white house, calling to end electoral college. and raise the voting age and add seats to the supreme court. we bring in former bush 43 speech writer, and former obama campaign regional field director. not like we have not heard this before. lowering the voting age. robin, do they have a chance any hope of being changed? >> susan, honestly, no. that is the honest to goodness truth. there is almost no chance, if
4:57 pm
fdr could not get more supreme court justices when he tried, i see this as kudos to my party for throwing these ideas out there,. each candidate. it dets their name out that is the idea, they are getting momentum but they don't stand a chance. some was not half bad. but let's be realistic. susan: half bad, okay. so, i guess they want to change the electoral college, because they lost in 2016. >> it comes across that way. we lost games let's change the rules. compact. 270 electoral college votes to that, threshold, it would move to a popular vote it would make conservatives in states like california have a voice.
4:58 pm
susan: if you are not old enough to drink, you should not be voting for leader of the country. let's talk about joe biden could "wall street journal" said he told a half dozen of his supportersupporty he -- supporte will run. but he might change his mind as well. >> i am excited about this. he is a refreshing guy, he is so ooptimistic and positive. that goodness you had a candidate on. david: centrists, and i mean the party, democratic party is leaning so left, could a centrist win the primary. >> that remain to be seen. i think biden has as good a chance as anyone, probably better, he has been polling well to the ones who have declared,
4:59 pm
he the one that people want to see coming out, it should be enough to do throw his hat into the ring. susan: annika and robin thank you. >> thank you. >>ism more breaking news on boeing, senate commerce committee said it will holds if first hearing on faa certification of the 737 max. on 27 of march, in a week, in a reuters report. the boeing stock price on the screen is down, not as much as it was earlier in the hour. but this commerce committee saying it plans to calling boeing and other aviation manufacturers to identify at a future -- testify at a future hearing, fbi, getting involved, now senate commerce committee planning hearings. susan: federal prosecutors as well, according is "wall street
5:00 pm
journal" issuing that subpoena to one of the employeesism bulls and bears starts right now. david: president trump back in the buckeye state, he won ohio in last major election, he is landing in canton, a few minutes he will meet with after addressing workers this afternoon. earlier, we're live in ohio with latest, and we'll bring that to you, this is bulls and bears, thank you for joining us, i am david asman, joining me in panel caroll roth, kevin kelly, scott martin. scott howe. slamming general motors and union leaders over the closur


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