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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 20, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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opportunities. to put their own services and third party services and bring that into their ecosystem and take a cut of that, i think that's where the future is. president trump: we are restoring american manufacturing and fighting for our great american worker. over the last two years we secured $1.5 trillion to provide our war fighters the finest aircraft, ships, missiles and tanks. our investment if you is also a tremendous win for american taxpayers. i'm proud to report that 400 new jobs are coming here to lima. and we are doubling the size of your workforce. liz: president trump on the move in ohio this hour showcasing his
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job growth factories. but the media spotlight. democrats down play ohio, not directing super pac campaign money there. so who wins, who losses here. also, the trump economy still booming. will the democrats block trump's policies for 3% gdp growth? the democrats are blocking trump on many fronts and democrat appointed judges are blocking him there. but you won't believe what else is blocking the president. to the big democrat and media backlash erupting against senator elizabeth warren. they are saying you are wrong, you are pandering in trying to get rid of the electoral college. critics say there is a big
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vacancy sign in the democrat policy shop. critics say it's a big part of the democrat march back into power. it includes lowering the voting age. packing the supreme court and taxes, taxes and more taxes. but they are doing nothing about the big government spending game that is permanently rigged against you. we found out shocking details of how federal agencies rigged the game against you and your families in order to stay in power, all at the expense of you and your wallet. where is the congressional action to stop all that. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. [♪] welcome to the show, you are watching the fox business network. we begin with jeff flock
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covering the president in ohio. trump supporters are so frustrated with gm. the criticism has been this, gn acts like the tin can on a just married car. that's what the reaction has been, jeff. reporter: in some ways the attack on general motors as well as the attack on senator mccain overshadowed that positive message that you pointed out at the outset of the broadcast. this factory, this last tank factory in america was going to shut down during the obama years. the president got a tour of that factory today. he may take some credit for things you might question. but in this case he literally saved this himself by
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apreppating more money for defense and more money for tanks specifically. so he had a victory lap to take today. but instead he was attacking senator mccain and attacking general motors. president trump: what's going on with general motors? we have the best economy we have ever had. we have the lowest unemployment we have had in 51 years. soon will be the record, all time. what's going on with general motors. get that plant open or sell it to somebody and they will out. everybody wants it. sell it to somebody. reporter: the on the problem with that, liz, if you tell a private business how to run their business and they come up bankrupt and it turns out to be a bad idea, that might be back on you. the other attack, the target was the uaw. in fact, the president referred to a uaw leader who had been on
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national television criticizing him. he said he met that day today and the man was kissing him and hugging him. here is what he said about uaw leadership. president trump: i said i want to meet these guys. i want to deal with people in the union, not the heads of the union. they are not honest people. they are not honest. and they. >> the to lower your dues, by the way. they ought to stop with the dues. you are paying too much dues. as an example, they could have kept general motors. they could have kept it in that gorgeous plant in lowerstown. they -- in lordstown. lower your dues. reporter: as much as people sought a positive message. the president seems to be best
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when he's on the attack. and he certainly was today in lima, ohio. liz: trump's fight with gm is escalating over the lordstown, factory. the tweet attacks on gmc and mary barr. the president wants gm to retool the factory to make electric cars. ohio not on a list of key 020 states to get super pac money from certain super packs. this has nancy pelosi is headlining a democratic fundraising dinner. ernie, good to see you. what democrat policies do you see out there that will create jobs and economic growth? >> i think the growth is
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happening. the democrats have a different picture of what's happening with the economy. the wages are up, unemployment is down, 401ks are performing at the highest level and they are not seeing any of this. i don't understand it. >> setting aside trump's tweets and his style. the american people see him working and trying to do this job, trying to get job growth. mix that with the tweets and the media reaction. is he effective? >> i think he's very effective. i think this whole tweeting thing, the people who don't support president trump hate him. and the people who do support him, they love it. they have direct contact it's a new way of communicating. he's the first one. i like it. liz: the criticism is some of
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the tweets have been malicious and it will hurt him. but the polls show republican voters as of right now, ernie, are much more enthusiastic than democrats about the upcoming 2020 race. >> i think they should be enthusiastic and they should protect what we have. the democrats were sleeping in the last election. so it's good everybody is fired up. i'm fired up. liz: are they sleeping now on a policy level? democrats are struggling to find negative spin on the economy. >> they are looking everywhere. and it's touch to actually find. they are spinning it. but it's tough to actually find. i think they will in 2020 get excited. they have to. they have no other choice.
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liz: ernie bochs, thank you for coming in. beto o'rourke slamming israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying he's opening siding with racists as he's set to visit washington last week in time for the pro israel aipac conference. reporter: he made that comment after he held an event in new hampshire. he says right now we don't have the best negotiating partners onite i shall side, talking -- on either side. we have a prime minister in is really who openly wide racists. there is as secretary of state pompeo making an israeli trip to boost benjamin netanyahu ahead of a vote in april. the israeli prime minister is in a tough election fight in part
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because of a series of corruption allegations. he tried to play up his foreign policy. president trump also in addition to meeting netanyahu speaking in lima, ohio, he's talking about his gains in isis. the president holding up a map showing the difference between when he took office the territory that isis held and today. he all but declared the terrorist group whites from syria. president trump: this was election night 2016. everything red is isis. now there is no red. the fact is, there is a tiny spot which will be done by tonight. reporter: the president foreshadowing that they will make it last push to rid that
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area of the isis forces. the prime minister of the united kingdom asked for a delay of their brexit. she requested of the european union a three-month delay to leave 90 days later. >> motion after motion has been tabled without parliament deciding what they want. all mps have been willing to say is what they do not want. reporter: there will be a second vote on vetter they stay in the european union. she said the january date is a hard one. liz: the federal reserve said it will hold interest rates steady. >> hi, liz. it was a confounding day in the markets. we have the markets down on the day.
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the federal reserve had its most of doveish day. the indiana dash was higher by 5 points. federal express had earnings out today, very disappointing. they cited anemic growth all over the world and the president's statements about a deal with china. he says he's willing to keep all his tariffs in place until he gets the deal, and the market read that as he's frustrated. liz: new and shocking details about what happened inside the cockpit of the doomed lion air 737 max plane before it crashed last october. senator elizabeth warren facing a severe backlash from even the mainstream media saying,
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senator, you are dead wrong for calling to get rid of the electoral college. you are pandering and trying to bullly your way into the white house. we'll have more coming up. i landed.
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liz: criticism of democrats is this. they are trying everything to get back into power. they are trying to lower the voting age, get rid of the electoral college and pack the supreme court. first let's take on the democrats' call to lower the voalgt age to 16. reporter: it's also a topic on the early stages of the campaign
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trail. part of the argument is younger people are pushing older americans to action on gun violence and climate change. >> i'm open to the idea of a younger vetting age. there is merit in it because of young people leading the conversation in so many parts of the country. reporter: the president tweeted, the democrats are getting very strange. they want to lower the voting age, abolish the electoral college and increase the number of court justices. leading republicans suggest republicans wants to do this because they expect high school kids to vote for them. >> they think more of those individuals will help them. just like they think having
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taxpayers pay for elections will benefit them as well. it's designed to benefit democrats and help them on election day. reporter: part of the pitch when the voting age was lowers in 1971 was that if you are old enough to go to war, you are old enough to vote. liz: democrats make a big show about being for constitutional norms that protect minorities. the founding fathers built the electoral college to protect the minorities. it was to stop mob presume against smaller states. elizabeth warren is calling to change the constitution to get rid of the electoral college.
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>> my view is that every vote matters. and the way we can make that happen is that we should have national voting and that means get rid of the electoral college. liz: joining me now is independent women's forum policy expert. patrice, they wanted to change the constitution to bully their way back into power? >> it's a desperate it's a shameless ploy to appeal to the left and east coast elites. tall states matter. i think the framers of our constitution realized the president should be elected not just by population, but by states. recognizing the important role of federalism, there needs to be
6:21 pm
a check on the tyranny of the mob sow the big states don't run roughshod over the smaller states. liz: they don't do just popular votes in california and new york. the criticism is the democrats have no policies but want to rig the system. >> they see winning the popular vote is not enough, so why not change the system. for those who said we are trying to undermine our institutions, this an example of an institution that needs to be protected. liz: even a fellow democrat is saying that, you know, elizabeth warren is pandering. this move would need 3/4 of the states to ratify. but they would vote themselves out of the system. no candidate would ever cam main
6:22 pm
the smaller states. that's what the democrats are saying in criticizing elizabeth warren. >> this is a pander it's not going to happen numbers not going to be a 2/3 vote in both chambers and 2/3 of the states ratifying. >> after 2016 there was a much bigger push for it. >> when i ran president obama's campaign, we would never go to a small state if there was no electoral college. you wouldn't go to iowa or montana or new hampshire. liz: senator warren in warren's world would let california and new york bully an and dictate policies. those are states people are leaving in droves. >> after hillary clinton lost in
6:23 pm
part because she avoided the fly-overstates. democrats are saying even more states. i think it's pocialts, the -- it's important, the president said politics should be a marathon wrather than a sprint to those big states and urban cities. we are more than just the coast and urban centers. any person who wants the highest office should be appealing to every vote i are. liz: your individual vote is more powerful in an electoral college system. keeping a close eye on several other headlines. shares of beyer after a jury found its round-up weed killer caused a 70-year-old california
6:24 pm
man cancer. that might lead to financial damages. duane johnson, the plaintiff, had been award $289 million in his earlier case against roundup. a brazilian state prosecutor says that executives at vale, the largest iron-ore miner likely in the world has quashed efforts by top authorities to audit and look into that dam before it blew apart and killed 300 people in late january. the attorneys who fought big tobacco are going after the real estate industry. they are saying the 6% lock step fee, they deserve a class action lawsuit. the suit names the national
6:25 pm
association of realtors and real estate listing services. multiple media reports coming in that the new england patriots owner, robert kraft, that he will not accept a plea deal from prosecutors after his arrest of soliciting prostitution. the deal would have required kraft to admit he would have been convicted at trial. that same deal was reportedly offered to other suspected caught in the investigation. disturbing new details about the black box data that's now surface. the doomed lion air crash in october. we have the details next. em the, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions
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lizliz: reuters saying boeing hs delayed by three months the first uncrewed robotic flights
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to the international space to the latest on the boeing 737 max controversy. one week after the u.s. and 60 nations grounded the boeing 737 max plane, a criminal investigation is being conducted into the certification of the max. boeing winning a defense contract for navy fighter jets. we have boeing news coming in thick and fast. as we have been reporting since the lion air crash in october. u.s. pilots here made numerous complaints to authorities about what they said were their perceived safety problems with the 737 max software. black box data reveals disturbing details. 189 people died.
6:31 pm
let's take it to the aviation attorney. the voice cockpit recorder shows the pie lotds were frantically going through the plane's manual to fix its knows dive. they couldn't find the wright procedure in time. do you think that plane should have been grounded after the lion aircraft. >> i don't think so. i think the preliminary investigation shows they had at faulty device on the outside of the airplane sending bad information to the system and as a result the aircraft acted the way it did. i think the issue becomes was that maintenance properly performed, was there a required test flight. i don't think there was any basis to be ground that aircraft. liz: an off-studenty pilot
6:32 pm
happened to be riding in that same plane the day before it crashed. he thwarted a nosedive. he showed the crew how to unflught system to save the plane and passengers. does that pilot have to file reports with any government about that? >> i think typically when pilots lands an airplane and they have had a problem during the flight, necessity should have been reported immediately to the company and the airplane has to be commend but one has to ask the question. if the two pilots in the cockpit didn't know what to do and couldn't address the symptom. why did that third pilot know what to do? he was dead heading on the aircraft and he knew what to do. there has to be a question about what was going on in that cockpit. liz: epoch flooding in nebraska.
6:33 pm
65 counties under a state of emergency. snowstorms and heavy rains damaging the midwest. the flooding is so mind blowing you can see it from outer space. reporter: the river is 150 yards over its banks. it went down a little bit. largely it's heading steady. behind me is a neighborhood called edgemere terrace. to reconnect with civilization they commute by kayak and then jump in a car. in iowa 41 counties have been hit by floods. silos flood by storms are
6:34 pm
destroyed. iowa's governor says it looks like an ocean. reporter: 70% of nebraska is impacted by some type of flooding. they have never seen such widespread devastation. $500 million in livestock have been killed in the flooding. mike pence told the farmers federal fund are dedicated for disasters just like this. the bad news is there is still a lot of snow on the ground in some locations. the governor of nebraska is predicting we'll be dealing with floods well into next week. let's stay on this story. flood damage for the nebraska farm sector estimate at more than a billion dollars.
6:35 pm
farms filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. joining me on the phone is the president of the nebraska farm bureau. he is steve nelson. how bad is it? do we even know how bad it is? >> we don't. and we are so early into this, the numbers being estimated are probably low. i think that as we move forward here we'll learn that the losses are considerably higher. that $1.3 billion number did not include all of the properties that have been lost on farms. it includes an estimate on livestock and an estimate related to land that will not be planted. but it doesn't recognize the cost of cleanup of that land and preparing it for farming in the future. it doesn't recognize the loss of facilities like barns, feed
6:36 pm
storage, so i think we'll see record losses. liz: this is heart wrenching. these are our most of valuable and productive farm he sets in the country it's wiping out rail lines and roadways as well. tell us the personal stories. what are families telling you? >> what we are dealing with primarily are ned need, people struggling to have water, and their livestock need to be fed. so wore working hard to make sure we meet the needs of the immediate needs of folks. that's why we set up our factory to meet those needs. and we do encourage people to go there and donate. but also we have a way for those who need help, they can click on
6:37 pm
there. we are working to get assistance to farmers and ranchers. >> it's literally an ocean in parts of the state. we are going to stay on the story. thank you so many for coming in. so the next case. that's coming up. democrats want more and more your money, more and more taxes. but they are not saying a people about how the federal spending game is rigged against you. they are spending money on lobster tails and musical instruments like tubas. we have the details coming up. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what??
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liz: democrats campaigning like walter mondale.
6:42 pm
the policy for the democratic party is to raise taxes. but not a people on government spending. nobody is talking about this. this is going on inside the hallways of washington. it's called use it or lose it spending. it's about the power of bureaucrats which is their budget. when they don't spend their budget, their budget goes down the next year. that's why they do wild end of year spending sprees. and we are talking about your money. y where is the congressional or executive action to stop all this. >> it has to be congressional action. congress has the 1974 budget act. like any other entity you can imagine, in other organizations, if you save money you are next year going to be working with a better budget, you will be rewarded for saving the money. in washington the more you spend
6:43 pm
the more you get the following year. they base the next year based on what you spend in the current year. liz: it's so unfair to the american family. as you point out. no reward or trophy for being under budget. congress will always rye to overspend. they are either in a permanent state of outrage or constant state of emergency. shouldn't they be forced to roll their budget savings into next year's budget? >> the house passed something called the budget cost cutters award act. they would reward bureaucrats for saving money. but they should start with a zero-based budget. figure out what the agency needs. and rather than basing everything on how much they spend, they should base it object what they need. that can be everything they
6:44 pm
spent in any particular year. liz: we calculates a trillion dollars worth of empty federal office buildings. the watchdog group found the rigged game resulted in wild spending. $100 billion in the fiscal year. $300,000 on booze and alcohol. $2 million on musical equipment. and money on lobster crabs. the democrats are saying they want to raise taxes, fix this first. shouldn't they fiction this first? >> the incentive on both side of the aisle seems to be just spend whatever you want, whatever your priority might be. some agencies like the state department in 2016 spent 37% of its budget in the last month. that's six times more than they would normally spend the rest of the year.
6:45 pm
42% of the money spent on golf courses was spent in the last month. liz: that could have gone towards the border wall. let me back up. what we are talking about is so a cushion change compared to the 93 trillion for the socialist green new deal. >> the budget proposed 5% cuts for all agencies. but he can't stop the agencies from spending. they have the appropriationsing from congress. and based on how much you spend in the current year, tha -- thas up your budget more the next year. zero-based budgeting would be
6:46 pm
helpful as well. liz: the democrats are blocking trump. many democrat appointed judges blocking trump as well. am car. it turns out, they want me to start next month. she can stay with you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪ now... grandpa, what about your dream car? this is my dream now. principal we can help you plan for that . (butcher) we both know you're not just looking for pork chops. you're searching for something more... right this way. you thirst for adrenaline, you hunger for raw power. well, you've come to the right place.
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liz: joe biden leads the democrat pack in a cnn poll. the president getting blocked by democrats and judges. his job approval rating has proved up to 42.4%. ed the white house wants. >> the democrats made it clear they prioritize resisting trump before work for the american people. there is every indication they will do everything possible to thwart any effort to get people off of the government dole. i think nancy pelosi is smart enough to know democrats might need some win. so i think we might see an
6:51 pm
infrastructure bill passed along bipartisan lines. the only thing the democrats and republicans can agree on is more government. but there will be sticking points. the democrats won't make it easy for trump. liz: the white house is warning of weaker 2% growth if the president's letting whraition on infrastructure is blocked and more. we talked about judges blocking trump. critics and supporters say it's his rage tweeting that hurts him. pollsters points out that his approval rating drops when he rage tweets. >> trump has always been polarizing. his base loves the tweets.
6:52 pm
the democrats despice it. -- despise it. maybe they feel uncomfortable with trump's rhetoric, it could affect those voters. but with the mainstream media being as biased as it is. liz: his agenda is hitting a wall in the courts. judges have ruled against the president more than five dozen times. 29 times in the 9th circuit. democrat judges appointed by democrats. 65% of active judges are appointed by democrats. >> a lot of people understand the 9th circuit is highly
6:53 pm
politicized. but i think this is going to only mobilize trump's base that has become fed up with these judges. it could end up helping trump ahead of 2020. liz: there is action on the border. we are going to bring you the news happening there. the border patrol having to release families apprehended at the texas border because the die tension centers are too crowded.
6:54 pm
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but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. liz: detention centers holding immigrants apprehended at border so crowd ed that border patrol is now releases some families in the centers. >> this situation will get worse until we finally build a nearly impenetratable wall.
6:58 pm
get it in place and deal with people who came in illegally previously. liz: general, they have obtained data shows 6 45,000 illegal aliens are in u.s. >> it the get worse. this is going to get worse. we have to come face-to-face with reality this is a crisis on our border. we have people coming across that border, not all of who are looking for day jobs, we have many who come across that bring drugs. there are terrorists coming across the border, i have seen the evidence personally. and peopli ex exploiting young n
6:59 pm
for sex trafficking coming across the border. we have to stop that this is going to get worse, how do you reverse it. liz: there are so many other refugees and other countries in the world who wait in line to come in, but this thing about flooding the border has a lot of people upset, now white house pulling back on ap back an immin policy in border region. your take. >> i have actually talked to an american, that good friend of mine an old ranger that has walked with these caravans, he said it is incredible how they exploit their children for purposes. liz: terrible. >> unbelievable. liz: general we ran out of time we have you back. >> thank you. liz: thank you for watching, lou
7:00 pm
dobbs is next right here on thex business network, have a good evening, thanks for watching. lou: president trump traveling to heartland today, taking it is message of prosperity and strong economic performance to american workers in ohio. >> you look at some of the economic numbers, no bod thought we would see numbers like that in our country, not forever. after so membership years of budget cuts and layoffs, today jobs are coming back and pouring back, frankly like never before. companies of coming back in to our country, they want the action, production is ramping up am we have created more than almost 6 million jobs since the


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