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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  March 20, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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court. the e.u. finding google. good night from new york. trish: the national emergency at our southern border growing even more dire. record influxes of illegal migrants are forcing border patrol agents to release the migrants due to overcrowding at the detention centers. over one million illegal migrants are still living in this country unlawfully. jack keane is here in just a few minutes. president trump says he needs to tweet was it's the only way he can be sure his message isn't being twisted by media bias. president trump: twitter is the
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way i get out the word when we have a corrupt fake media. our media is so dishonest, a lot of it, the mainstream, they don't report the facts. susan: another day, another new idea from the far left. democratic democrats trying to do everything in their power to sway the election in their favor. a further tactic they have come up with. "trish regan primetime" starts right now. i'm susan li in for trish regan. the crisis at our southern border reaching record or portions. the surge of migrants is overwhelming the border patrol agents and the facilities
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designed to hold them. border agents are just releasing illegal immigrants into the country and hoping they will show up at some time for their court dates because they are not being processed and released i to the u.s. they aren't being given ankle monitors so we have nodrr -- so we have no idea where they are. general, is there any way to prevent these migrants from simply disappearing into the interior of our country. >> currently we can't because they overwhelmed all of our facilities and there is no place to put them. by definition this is clearly an open border. if somebody walks across the border and seeks asylum and is released immediately into the community and gone forever.
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susan: ending catch and release, wasn't that what president trump said before? >> that was the plan until our facilities were overwhelmed. 100,000 expected this month. over a million this year. people say it was worse 15 years ago. when those numbers were higher 15 years ago, they were all mexican males largely and they were turned back immediately into mexico. now the majority are families and according to our laws we can't turn them back, even though they are an illegal entry, we have too process them as a family. that's what has changed. it's welcome news to hear the sheriff's associations speak out and bleeding the congress of the united states to change our immigration laws so we have the authority then to turn back someone who enters this country
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illegally whether they are seeking asylum or not. susan: there is a crisis at the border. you heard from homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen. 100,000 this month alone are expected to cross the border. >> it's largely families adding to the families. the families require logistics and high general i can support. all the reports we are getting back in washington, d.c. from how our border patrol and immigration authority people are handling these families is quite remarkable. everybody is touched by the care they are affording to them. but it is a crisis as you said in your i row deduction, and
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it's also an emergency. the congress of the united states has got to step up here. susan * which is why you might need that wall as president trump said. president trump today says that the defeats of isis in syria is imminent. take a his be. president trump: this is all isis. now at the bottom, that's as of today, this is isis. there is none. the caliphate is gone as of tonight. very good. that's pretty good, right? susan: is that an accurate statement? >> the caliphate essentially has been destroyed. the islamic state in terms of territory no longer exists. the president and his national security team and our soldiers who participated in this and leaders deserve a huge amount of
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credit. they took a system that obama gave them that wasn't making a lot of progress and accelerated it quite dramatically. what they achieved was frankly beyond my expectations. we are going to keep some of our forces til there somewhere between 400 to 1,000 to continue to assist the 0,000 syrian democratic forces who do the fighting. along with our air power. we'll control the air space over eastern syria to insure isis does not rehe morning. susan: president trump back in february said they had -- the territory had been 100% reclaimed. can we trust he's right this time? >> what's left is one small sliver of land there. i think it's not even worth
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discussing because it's so small. had they destroyed the islamic state as we knew it in terms of territorial control? absolutely. have they defeated isis, no. we drove al qaeda out of afghanistan. and al qaeda is alive in western syria and p.m. be and africa. isis will not be defeated by this. we have done something that's historic. they are the most of modern terrorist organization that claimed territory, and we took that away from them. what they are going to do is operate as a terrorist network in a traditional role hiding and waiting for an opportunity to rehe american take control of territory again. that's why we need to stay on top of them.
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susan: the majority of immigrants stopped at our southern border come from guatemala, honduras and el salvador. and they are sending a record amount of money back home to their countries to the tune of $17 billion alone. in fact over the last decade legal and illegal immigrants shipped 120 billion dollars back home. but all this money is not taxed here in the u.s. some are calling for congress to do just that. tax the remittances to pay for border protection. jessica, we were doing the math, and only one state, oklahoma is taxing the remittances at 1%. what more should be done? >> the numbers are huge. they are an indication of how much the immigration has grown
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from the central american countries the last 10 years. imagine if that money were circulating our economy and going to american families and american workers. but much of this is from people who are working in the country legally as green card holders. but a lot of it is from people working here illegally. the state of oklahoma came up with a great solution. that is to impose a tax on the money being wired out of oklahoma by people who are not in the country legally. as a way of recapturing some of those funds which were denied to american workers and are i will gotten gain and put them to work for the state. and the united states federal government could do the same. congress could pass a law imposing a similar kind of program and that would be a way
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to raise fund for border security. for the border wall. susan: 7% tax would fund the border wall and manning it as well and putting the facilities to work. >> that's right. lots of things could be done with it. border security. interior enforcement. restitution for people harmed by illegal immigration and put that money to work in our economy. this gives a clue as to why why these countries in central america are not doing much about their citizens coming here to live in the united states. susan: maybe they will do something about it to protect their own borders. >> that's right. but they need to have a better economic policy than depending
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on allowing people to come up to the united states to work here illegally. that's not a great economic strategy for the people staying in their country. and i think here in the united states we ought to look at putting that money, that income to circulate in our economy, paying it to american workers, not illegal workers, and let it help our infrastructure, our schools, our economy. susan: coming up, democrats' hatred for president trump on full display as some on the left claim trump is the biggest threat to our democracy. not isis, not socialism. but president trump. but the madness doesn't end there. wait until you hear who they are comparing president trump to. the president putting china on notice that the tariffs could
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president trump: we are talk about leaving them for a substantial period of time. we have to make sure if we do the deal with china, china lives by the deal. we are make billions and billions of tariff money and for a period of time that will stay. susan: that was president trump saying his tough tariffs on china might be here for a while, even if there is a trade deal for beijing. the possibility of finalizing a deal doesn't seem to back the
8:17 pm
president off his tough talk. we have economist don lufkin who has more. even i was shocked when i heard chuck schumer say tariffs are working on china. shouldn't we keep them in place until we get the deal. >> the funny we reality of this isn't that the tariffs should or shouldn't stay. because trump says one, then he says the other. what is going on is trump is trying create fear, uncertainty and doubt. but in the minds of his negotiating opponent and his own negotiating team he understands he can get the deal by appearing to be crazy. susan: we are look to roll back
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on the 50 billion that might stay in place. >> you used the word might in that question. everything is might. the whole idea is to make china afraid that it really has no idea what trump wants or if trump even wants a deal at all. china needs to be so afraid that they will make him the deal of the century times 10 just so he might say yes. this is nuclear chess. the upon way you win that is by appearing to be completely crazy. it's a classic cold war strategy and trump is bringing it to a trade war. susan: why not just take a stronger stance. >> that's the way to be strong. to put so much fear in the mind of the enemy that they don't know what it will take for to you stop hurting them or if you
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even will stop hurting them. so they start negotiating against themselves. that's on page 276 in the art of the deal. i strongly recommend the chinese read it. susan: from my sources in china and asia, they have been reading "the art of the deal," but that's different than theory. they don't know how to read it at this point. >> perfect. susan: these higher global markets. trillions of dollars are at stake. wondering when we are going to get this deal. if we don't get one, your 401ks get hurt because people start selling off stock values. the u.s. stock market is at a 20%. markets perceive what i'm saying
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is exactly right. they are seeing this will lead to a deal. >> you think this will lead to a deal, keep the tariffs on to see if china behaves, even though in china respecting space is a big thing. people are saying with a national platform xi jinping won't look good to 1.3 billion chinese. >> he won't look good if trump's tariffs push china into a recession because he won't make a deal in is no twitter, google or facebook. the chinese people won't know whether a deal happened or didn't happen. all that matters is that people keep their jobs in china. to do that he'll have a make a deal. he's president for life.
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but that deal didn't include how long anyone would tell him he could live. china is a crime family. if that means doing a deal with the donald. that's what you have to do. susan: president trump making headlines when suspend his use of twitter and blamed the mainstream media. president trump: i think twitter is the way to get out the word when we have a corrupt hide yeah. twitter is the way i can get out the word. the mainstream media doesn't report the facts. it's a way i can get honesty out. there is tremendous dishonesty with respect to the fake news media. susan: marc lotter joins us.
8:22 pm
isn't he kind of shooting himself in the foot when he should be celebrating so many wins including the best economy and jobs markets in 50 years? >> the president does do that, but the mainstream media does not. a study showed during the first two years 90% of the coverage of trump has been negative. the american people relying on the mainstream media aren't getting the news. the president's social media platform had about 100 million people in it. that's the same number of people who watch the super bowl. we talk for weeks about super bowl ads. every time the president takes to his twitter platform and activates it web's talking too 100 million people.
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susan: i am going to quote my colleague here at fox business, neil cavuto. he says withing this type of economy and these types of economic wins, 2020 should be a foregone conclusion. instead we are talking about the possibility of a loss. shouldn't he ease up on the twitter and do something else instead? >> i think one of the reasons trump was elected in the first place is because he broke political norms. he would talk directly to people in the way they wanted to hear. not just tested poll statements. the president reaches that narrative. you and i were talking this morning on varney about how the president was talking to the lordstown general motors employees where most of presidents would say look at all the manufacturing jobs i created so there is something out there for you.
8:24 pm
this president will defend those jobs and talk to the union and the automaker and say you need to protect these people's jobs. >> why talk about george conway, and john mccain. let's focus on the issues. focus on gm, keeping jobs and keeping. >> as relates to george conway. the president is defending one of his closest advisors who he believes has been wronged, how he has been treated and how he's using that position. this is a sense of loyalty for the president. when it comes to john mccain. i know john mccain is a decorated military veteran and a long time service to the u.s. but that doesn't shield him from the fact that he and his associates leaked the dossier and he was in favor of
8:25 pm
obamacare. this dossier information has just recently come out. susan: 2020. you need independent voters. with his twitter use, do you feel like you are turning them away? >> i think people are able to see past that. there will and lot of people as the democrats go further and further toward the left and toward socialism, there will be a lot of people in the middle month who may say i may not like the way this are said or how they are tweeted. it's a matter of choice. do you want these rawlts to keep going or do you want to go to socialism. we are going to make sure the american people know he's got the record. >> this is an obvious win
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strategy in 201 and i understand you want to d2016 -- in 2016 and i understand you want to keep that going. we have slate breaking details on college campuses. the democrats say president trump is the greatest threat to our democracy. this is jamie. you're going to be seeing a lot more of him now. -i'm not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mom bundle and save with progressive, but hey, we're all in this together. right, champ? -i'm getting more nuggets. -how about some carrots? you don't want to ruin your dinner. -you're not my dad!
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>> you heard him say immigrants are thieves. they bring in drugs. they are responsible for crimes. they bring in drugs and crime. this is the same time of proper began today we heard in the
8:31 pm
1920s before world war i against jews. susan: that's congressman jerry nadler slamming trump, making comparisons to nazi germany. it's his tearically inacross d it's historically inaccurate to say the least. james clue burg saying it's time for the house and senate to grow spines and do what's necessary to protect this democracy. this man and his family are the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime. sounds like fear mongering to me. let's bring in spencer and
8:32 pm
david. when you are comparing -- i don't want to say this word the same, but when you are comparing president trump to hitler, a man who committed genocide, it's a bridge too far. >> it's bridge too far and a slap in the face to americans and this country. it's fear mongering, and they are trying to rule up the emotion -- they are trying to rhode island u -- they aretryin emotions^ . and paint him as the worst person in history, it's disgusting. susan: do we need to make the comparison much hitler? hitler is a horrible figure in history. i don't think we are comparing
8:33 pm
apples to apples. >> i agree with the he version the president is doing serious damage to our country. but i don't agree with the use of that comparison. you can point to some of his behavior that mimics author tearans including love affairs with vladimir putin and others. but at the same time nazism is a horror almost without precedence in our history. we should be careful to make comparisons to. another thing that can happen is that it brings to a halt any possibility of a useful conversation about the failings of the president. susan: that's exactly right. how can the president retaliate in this case?
8:34 pm
how can he respond? it's so despicable at we had to bring up that name? >> i don't think the president should have to retaliate. i think it's enough that business professionals and media professionals are calling it out. i'm glad spencer agrees with me. it's not something any political party should be doing going after a president. i have to agree with spencer that he's a threat to globalism. that's what the democrats are afraid of on the democrat side. they are afraid of losing their jobs. but the president is creating economic growth and jobs for black americans and all americans. he's putting america first. susan: some would say that's the definition of democracy. to enrich yourself and bring
8:35 pm
yourself up a level? isn't that the american dream, spencer? >> i would dispute those claims about the economy. i think president trump inherited a strong economy and he managed to slow it down. i'm surprised when i hear conservatives even dweergs president trump has been doing because it's not at all conservative. i'm surprised to hear them applauding with the president interferes with the actions of a private corporation. susan: how can you say that -- i will give a comparison. the deficit and debt under obama, $2 trillion has been created under president trump in the last few years. that's still less on an average annual basis than obama. the largest bull market that hit 10 years.
8:36 pm
that's a hard job to extend that. >> president trump as i said before is good at inheriting things. he inherited a good economy from president trump. that expansion was going for 6 or 7 years by the time he inherited it from him. he slowed down the rate of job creation. i'm surprised to hear the conservatives saying it's a good idea to do a massive stimulus tax cut when the economy is growing. susan: economic growth also has to end at some point. in order to prolong that you have to make moves like cutting taxes, getting business going again. it was so uncompetitive. the corporate tax rate. the highest in the oecd. i don't see anything wrong with that. >> nothing wrong with that at all. >> i want to give credit to
8:37 pm
obama for what donald trump has done. especially when obama said before he left office, he didn't want to mention donald trump's name. he said he doesn't have a magic wand and how are these jobs going come back. now liberals are trying to give him credit for it. it's just funny, i'm sorry. it's funny. >> i think it original topic we were on to here was the comparison which i think we agree was extreme. but also when we are talking about democracy, we are talking both about the economy, and i would a your point. but i would also talk about attacks on the free press. susan: president trump expected to make a major announcement with regard to free speech
8:38 pm
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susan: president trump is plan is on signing an executive order tomorrow promoting free speech on college campuses. president trump: today i'm proud to announce i will very soon be signing an executive order requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want federal funds. if they want our dollars and we give it to them by the billions, they have got to allow people like hayden and other are great young people and old people to
8:43 pm
speak. free speech. susan: campus charlie kirk and candace owens joins us. do we need an executive order for this? isn't this about a free exchange campuses. isn't that way it's all about? >> it's one of the biggest miss nomers. they are islands of totalitarianisms where there is only one said of ideas aloud. and that's to the far left. in partnership with turning point usa. hand williams was punched in the face. and it was caught on camera. it of course went viral. and the president is doing something so courageous and
8:44 pm
correct to be able to defend the free speech rights of all students. this is the right thing to do and it's well well overdue. susan: we are showing that attack another campus of u.c. berkeley. i gets attacker was charged. but not charged with a hate crime. and he has not been expelled just yet. >> at campus reform we have been reporting on this incident. this is a conservative person on a college campus at a public school. he should have had his ideology protected just like anyone else on that campus. that's why it's so good to hear that president trump is stepping up protecting one of our most basic rights afforded to us in the constitution. students have had their rights
8:45 pm
abridged and had their first amendment rights stepped on by these colleges. susan: if you have a conservative view point, you have to go underground? it makes no sense to me. >> instead of having the free dialogue and discourse that made america so great, it's become one size opinion is aloud. the president has stepped up so courageously. i heard people on both sides of the aisle say don't do this. but it is the right thing to do. at turning point usa we have students all over the country under attack because of their views. this will make sure the colleges and universities make sure all opinions are allowed to be expressed. thank you, president trump for step stepping up. susan: and taking millions in
8:46 pm
federal grants every year, you should be open to everybody. >> this will be done through an executive order. i wish congress would have stepped up a long time ago. this is a very, very big win and i couldn't be happier about it. susan: we are going to go to break. the democrats desperation to avoid a 2016 repeat. they are coming up with outrageous ways to secure more votes and win back the white house. it's to lower the voting age to 16. abolish the electoral college. and wait until you hear what one dem says should be given to everybody regardless of their immigration status. this is your invitation to be our guest.
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>> you talk about expanding the court from 9 justices to 15. the bottom line is we have to make a structural reform to depoliticize the supreme court. >> there there other senators who would support lowering the voting age to 16?
8:51 pm
>> elizabeth warren had a town hall and she says we should do away with the electoral college. do you agree with that? >> i am open to the discussion. there is no question the popular vote has been diminished in terms of making the final decision will who is president of the united states and we need to deal with that. susan: that sounds like the democrats going more and more desperate from packing the supreme court with more justices to even abolishing the electoral college. the democrats far left agenda mainstream. stephanie, i feel like i have heard these ideas before. if the system isn't working for you, i guess the lean is to change it. >> the democrats have been
8:52 pm
losing it for a while, and they are now officially going off the deep end. the ideas are outrageous. but they seem to be more serious about them. these aren't just random fringe democrats. these are high-profile democrats pushing these ideas. obviously they are upset over what happened in 2016. their candidate didn't win. so they are trying to figure out any way they can to have a winning candidate in 2020. they are searching high and low for votes. whether that be having a 16-year-old vote. or changing the system of the electoral college. susan: some of the prominent 2020 candidates are looking to reduce the voting age to 1. i don't know about you. if you are not old enough to drink, should you be old enough to vote? >> you are old enough to work
8:53 pm
and pay taxes. what the democrats are doing is becoming the party of big ideas. they want to push the envelope forward and find out how we can structurally change america to benefit the most of people. when trump ran in 201. he knew he wasn't building a wall or locking uphill are you or draining the swamp. jeb was the person who said we can't do it. so let's be calm an idealistic. susan: it's all about talking big and not following through? >> you get the idea out there and then you work them through the legislative process. that's what we mean by inspiring america and thinking big. nobody wants to be jeb bush in this campaign. susan: president trump beat jeb bush in the campaign.
8:54 pm
isn't this policy by slogan? you can't actually follow through? >> i don't see how any of these ideas, they would be able to pull these off. average americans, they are probably panicking at home, feeling frustrated there are politicians pushing for these things. robert i can't believe you would support the idea of having 16-year-olds vote. yes they pay taxes but they aren't adults. at the same time the left is trying to move the smoking age to 21 years old but they want 16-year-olds to vote? it's hypocritical. susan: that is true. >> if you are paying taxes and your money is being used for the priorities of america. if you are being taxed you deserve to have a say on how it's being used. the nation was founded on the idea of taxation without
8:55 pm
representation. susan: let talk about the electoral college in the 1970s. what about trying to win the electoral college and i guess you fell short because you didn't visit the states you needed for 2016. but i'm out of time. thank you again. it's great to see you on this evening. we have more "trish regan noprimetime." that comes your way next. bscrib. bscrib. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪ ♪ 'cos i know what it means ♪ to walk along the lonely street of dreams ♪ ♪ here i go again on my---
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conventional wisdom says you can't make a 400 horsepower sedan, that's also environmentally conscious. we don't follow conventional wisdom. ♪ ♪ >> today i'm proud to announce i will be very soon signing an executive order requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want federal dollars. if they want dollars, they have to allow people like haden many other great young people and old people to speak.
9:00 pm
free speech. >> there you go. fox business will cover the executive order tomorrow, and trish will be back tomorrow, have a great night, kennedy starts right now. kennedy: thank you, bring it on bob. president trump's message for robert mueller. president called russia investigation ridiculous. claimed whole thing might be a grudge over a job. >> there was no nothing. but sort of amazing when you have a great victory, someone comes in does a report out of nowhere? tell me how that makes sense? never got a vote, who the day before, he was retained, to become speci


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