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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 25, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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investor focusing on global champions that it will work out all right. [closing bell rings] liz: bringing an, thank you for being here. he says the financial amazon of the world is charles schwab. the dow struggling to stay positive. up 21 points. s&p down one. nasdaq down 4. have a great day. melissa: moving back between positive and negative territory, dow moves at 200 point swing. s&p 500 and nasdaq fighting for gains in final moments of trade. connell: nice to have you back. slow news day. melissa: everything happens. connell: more on "after the bell." here is what is new at this hour. the fight is far from over. president trump declaring victory and vindication following the conclusion of the mueller investigation. congress now prepares for the next stage of the mueller
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battle. apple's hollywood debut, co-starring oprah, reese witherspoon and steven spielberg. melissa: wow. connell: the tech giant unveiling plans to take on netflix, the news industry and even credit cards. we're on the scene for you at cupertino. there is michael avenatti charged charged with ex-r portion. melissa: that is a shame. connell: critic of president, is under fire charged with extortion for trying to get $20 million out of nike. it's a crazy story. judge andrew napolitano. fox news senior judicial analyst and danny danone, permanent representative to the u.n. after president's meeting today with president netanyahu at the white house. >> we have susan li on floor of the new york stock exchange. blake burman at the white house with latest from the president. hillary vaughn at the big apple event in cupertino.
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let's start with blake. reporter: hi, there, melissa. the president and his team have been using words today like total vindication and exoneration. after all the president was saying for two years or so there was no collusion whatsoever between himself and his campaign with russia. robert mueller special counsel report said exactly just that the special counsel report did not make a call whether or not the president obstructed justice but attorney general bill barr and assistant attorney general rod rosenstein cleared the president of that matter. the president continued to point the finger at his many critics. >> a lot of critics out there done very evil things, very bad things. i will say treason news things against our country. we can never let this happen to another president again. i can tell you that. i say it very strongly. very few people i know could have handled it. we can never ever let this happen to another president again. reporter: the president making
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those comments at the white house along israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the president signing a proclamation today declaring that the u.s. recognizes the golan heights as israeli sovereign land. >> i'm taking historic action to promote israel's ability to defend itself and really to have a very powerful, very strong national security which they're entitled to have. reporter: this is change. for decades the u.s. decided not to weigh in on this matter until today. melissa, coincidental or not, netanyahu faces re-election back home in israel in two weeks from tomorrow. melissa? melissa: yeah. interesting. blake, thank you. connell: let's bring in now to talk about all this, susan li, from the new york stock exchange. we're also joined by adam lashinsky from fortune, executive editor and fox news contributor. susan, to me the investment community never had this mueller investigation necessarily top of mind and the focus you would think today what it has been on,
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global growth, interest rates and the like. what was the talk on the trading floor? >> the talk on the trading floor with the mueller report now handed in, seems like there is at least one overhang that has been cleared. another talking point here is inversion of the yield curve. yes, we had the three month treasury bill and 10-year yield inverting. 10-year yield hit the lowest since december of 2017? is it recessionary? no. is there a negative feedback loop, you look at u.s. government bonds, still in the positive? federal reserve playing a factor. they're uber dovish. they will not raise interest rates this year. that is the expectation. when that happens, you see the yield come down, especially 60% probability, three times the probability we saw last week, of federal reserve cutting interest rates in 2019. connell: right. adam, it is interesting, to see the tug-of-war back and forth in
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the market today. to susan's point, i'm sure it is not a negative to have the null letter report out of the way, to so peek, even if the other investigations continue to surround the president but the discussion, the debate is still the same, right? does the slow down elsewhere affect us? what does the fed do about it? >> well i would say on the contrary, it is clearly a positive in many ways for the mueller report to be out of the way, in that it removes this uncertainty, are we boeing to have a constitutional crisis in the united states. having said that, if you think about it, it is quite a negative for the president. in other words he is more or less free and clear for the time-being and the market doesn't care. it doesn't necessarily think his being cleared does anything for the global markets. we got the tax cut. now what? connell: we'll talk more about this as the show continues. susan and adam are both sticking around.
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melissa. melissa: apple down today slightly on a slew of announcements of new apps as the tech company pivots to services. hillary vaughn live in cupertino. reporter: melissa, apmaking a pitch how they will take on other streaming giants like hulu and netflix. it is not just about more content, but high quality original content. that is their pitch. they want to be the destination for the best originals. today's event looked more like a hollywood movie premier than a major tech announcement. they had a-list actors and directors teasing the show, products on apple's exclusive tvs is, apple plus. reese wither soon, jennifer aniston teasing their show, the morning show. a behind-the-scenes look at morning news shows. steven spielberg talking about old shows that he is bringing to life and oprah having a show on
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mental health. kids from "sesame street," also exclusively on apple tv plus. the app announcing a partnership with showtime, hbo, starz, integrating live tv along with cable and all streaming subscriptions. no need to go from platform to platform. the company's credit card partnering with goldman sachs and mastercard. apple reinventing how consumers think about credit cards. it is coming this summer. no annual fee. no late fee if you miss a payment. only takes minutes to apply. loaded automatically on to your apple wallet. the rewards program is cash back. they have something called daily cash, you get 2% cash on all the purchases. those rewards are loaded in cash straight to the card every single day. melissa? melissa: wow. hillary, okay, thank you. let's bring adam back for reaction. let's start with the new tv streaming push. everybody, we already have apple
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tv, the device or in itunes but now they're talking about really taking on the premium service with stuff you can only get there, sounds expensive but compelling. what do you think? >> i was there. it was the great moment when the lights went down and steven spielberg was standing there, that was before oprah came on before resuscitating her famous book club for apple. here is what i think. one of the executives from apple said it is not just another streaming service. guess what? it is another streaming service. that is what they're doing, going right avnet flicks and hulu and allison prime. i think it was a show of force today. very impressive talent. unless i missed it, they didn't say a word how this thing will be priced. apple tv was a gadget you plug in then used. apple tv plus is a service is. much more than that. melissa: let's get tex expert lance ulanoff who is also in
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cupertino and has run out to our cameras. what do you think about that? apple is not always first to things. they show up and dominate the space. do you think that will happen with apple tv plus. >> depends on the quality of that content. they certainly had the star power here. i couldn't name all the people that were on stage, but it will be content and pricing and apple is now asking people with this hard push into services to pay apple many, many times for all different things from arcades to news plus, to apple tv plus. icloud, apple music, everything is pay apple. so if apple is not offering a bundle with all of this, that will make it a little bit harder to compete. again who knows. if they have something like a "breaking bad" or "game of thrones" all bets are off, people will start streaming to the streaming platform. connell: as hillary talked about, guys, this streaming service is not the only space apple is staking claim in today.
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it made announcement in news and gaming and fintech with credit cards. from what i was reading, you guys were there, so you would know more, seems like there was buzz about the credit card above all of these other items, that fair? if so, what is your thought on apple going, teaming up with goldman sachs and mastercard on this new no fees card. >> it's a new area. it's a smart area. no matter what you will be paying apple, right? why not pay them with their own credit card? you get paid every time you do that. melissa: why don't you eat an apple while you're doing it. >> right, exactly. very, very smart. and 2% back on outside purchases. 3% back if you're buying apple stuff. why did no consume every bank go with them? it's a direct competitor. why goldman sachs is in there. it is savvy and it is kind of thing that will probably get the most recognition, instant
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recognition from consumers, oh, that sounds like a good idea. connell: adam, dealer's choice, to wrap it up, pick up on that or tell us what stood out the most about all of the announcements? >> first journalists, apple news plus announcement is potentially the most significant thing that happened in our industry since facebook and google started destroying it. this is not a slam-dunk by the way. "the new york times" did not go in. "the wall street journal" is in. a whole bunch of other publications but apple will be offering magazines in particular and quite a handful of newspapers opportunity to make money through the apple app which is new and exciting. connell: magazine industry, adam, you know a lot about, what does it do for the industry? obviously hard times for a long, long time. >> they didn't talk about this because this is the way they do things. they bought a company called texture which was joint venture of all major magazine companies. all important american and other magazines are in this joint venture which apple just bought.
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they will throw it on to the ipad and the iphone. so it is potential partial savior for the magazine industry. it is not perfect but it means something where nothing before existed. connell: you can use all the help you can get. you want to make a quick point? lance, we have to go, you want to make a quick point? >> i was going to say, you get benefit of all apple's i balls, you have to pay apple 30% of the subscription cuts. connell: of course. >> there is a balance here. connell: adam, lance, thanks to both of you on apple. >> you bet. melissa: interesting, starts to sound like amazon where they take over every area, they buy all the other companies. all of sudden they go from being the helpful person to being the target as they control too much space. as they go from device into so much services, i realize they were into services before, but then credit card and news service. connell: this is huge leap. melissa: where they draw the ire of regulators and stuff.
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connell: that is also true. it will be interesting to see especially with the magazine, like like adam said, they were been struggling for so long. we'll see if it helps out. we'll see. melissa: gaza militants launched rockets in response to israeli defense force targeting gaza targets on the strip. danny danon, the ambassador to the united nations is next. connell: growing calls from gop leaders to investigate the investigation after special counsel robert mueller found no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. what happens next? judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst on the potential legal fallout coming up. melissa: nightmare at sea. storms causing chaos on a cruise ship off the coast of norway, leaving hundreds of terrified passengers stranded. ♪
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- [narrator] check out our huge selection of custom t-shirts and more, for teams, businesses, and every occasion. you'll even get free shipping. get started today at connell: there is breaking news in from our capitol hill producer chad pergram. tells us the senate could be voting on procedural vote, could have procedural vote beginning debate on the green new deal as early as tomorrow. majority leader in senate mitch mcconnell, he telling he
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will lay out the schedule. republican was not support it. the idea for mcconnell to get democrats on the record with the green new deal. melissa. melissa: new rocket fire across the gaza strip. sirens here all over israel as militants launched strike. prime minister benjamin netanyahu bet with president trump earlier today. netanyahu is briefed on the situation. reportedly may delay his trip back to israel. we have danny danon, ambassador to the u.n. i understand you became the permanent ambassador today. congratulations on that. what is your assessment of the situation today? now i understand the prime minister is waiting, he has been briefed and he is assessing hitting more serious targets? >> melissa, what we have seen is another act of aggression from hamas against israel. this time, my community, my
4:19 pm
village a house was destroyed, seven people were wounded. so we would not sit by. we retaliated. prime minister made it very clear that leaders of hamas would not be able to sleep at night, if they continue to target civilians in israel. so our air horse is striking in gaza. we're sending a very clear message to the hamas. we will retaliate, you will pay a heavy price for that. cynics say this is suspicious the timing is right up against when the prime minister has been up for election in two weeks. he has been besieged by scandals. it has come down to a choice do you feel so strongly how protected israel are you willing to overlook ethical shortcomings. these are what critics are saying. they find suspicion in the timing and there was provocation. how do you respond? >> we do not control timing of
4:20 pm
hamas sending rockets into israel. every decision the prime minister will take, people will blame it's a political decision. if he would act, if he would not act, the prime minister is committed to secure the safety of the citizens of israel. this is the only concern that guides him. i'm sure he will continue to be strong, fighting against hamas. melissa: what role does the president of the united states play? he is meeting, side by side at a podium, showing that solidarity, showing u.s. is standing behind israel? prime minister netanyahu saying this is the closest friend in a president that israel ever had in the u.s. what is, how meaningful is that? >> today, very important meeting. president trump announced that the he is recognizing our sovereignty over the golan heights, a place that was used by the syrians to attack us on the sea of gal sea of galilee
4:21 pm
and not first time the president supported israel. first time he pulled out iran deal and second he moved the embassy from to jerusalem. today is the third act of support. we know we can trust the administration. and we have a strong bond with the american people. melissa: ambassador, thanks for your time today. we appreciate it. >> thanks very much. connell: as we continue we set the stage for 2020. former vice president joe biden still leading the already-crowded democratic field even though he is not officially in it. can he garner up support from a more progressive base? plus holding michael avenatti accountable. melissa: uh-oh. connell: former stormy daniels lawyer charged with extortion. we have details on this crazy story. alleged multimillion-dollar scam, coming your way next. ♪ and to manage this risk, the world turns to cme group.
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federal judge in san francisco dismissing second time securities fraud lawsuit brought by shareholders alleging at that tesla made misleading comments about the production status of its model 3. this according to reuters. we'll stay on top of it. connell: maybe so the craziest story in a crazy news day. arrested for extortion, celebrity lawyer, michael avenatti of stormy daniels fame, charged by federal prosecutors with attempting to extort $20 million from nike. fox business network's deirdre bolton with in the newsroom. >> intense story getting more intense. u.s. prosecutors charging attorney michael avenatti with attempted extortion and bank and wire fraud in two criminal investigations. according to a court filing, they told avenatti, didn't meet the demands or pay him off he would hold a press conference accusing them of misconduct.
4:27 pm
he wanted $20 million in the guise of legal work to make him from making public accusations with the company. nike got in touch with the southern district of new york, the same day that nike said avenatti threatened them. fbi agent statement's say, avenatti threatened to take $10 billion off of nike's market cap in a phone call adding, i'm not fing around. this is southern district attorney of new york. >> avenatti asked nike to pay or risk avenatti holding a press conference that would dramatically drop the stock price of the company and its market value. reporter: process of avenatti's arrest started within an hour of him tweeting this out. about to disclose a major high school basketball scandal by nike, involving some. biggest names in college basketball. nike in a statement quoting, it's a much longer statement but
4:28 pm
i will give you the headline here, nike firmly believes in ethical and fair play both in business and in sports and will continue to assist the prosecutors. separately federal prosecutors in california also unveiled charges of bank fraud and wire fraud against avenatti. prosecutors have outlined these brazen details. some of those actually have to do with defrauding a bank and also have accused avenatti of embezzling a client's money. these charges are separate to the new york ones but they essentially followed same theme. avenatti as we know rose to fame last year representing adult film actress stormy daniels who president trump to get out after non-disclosure agreement signed regarding an affair she claimed she had with the president in 2000. essentially she was not surprised. disappointed but not surprised by these charges.
4:29 pm
100 years, connell, possible for you have avenatti if all counts and maximum sentences are done. connell: not a good idea if you're michael after naughty. >> not at all. melissa: protesters wanting a new vote whether britain should leave the european union or not. i feel like they already voted on that. theresa may meeting with members of her cabinet earlier today, amid intense pressure to resign. the prime minister saying she does not have the support right now to win a third meaningful vote. connell: still going, huh? amazing she is still there. melissa: groundhog day. connell: cruise ship chaos. hundreds of frighten passengers, airlifted by helicopter off the norwegian coast after the ship entered rocky waters. they are opening an investigation. melissa: robert mueller is finished with his investigation but the political turmoil is far from over. dan heninger from
4:30 pm
"the wall street journal." , judge andrew napolitano will be here after the break. connell: biggest college admissions scandal making an appearance in court today. we're live with that during the hour. 's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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sounds perfect. see, your stress level was here and i got you down to here, i've done my job. call for a strategy gut check with td ameritrade. ♪ melissa: vowing to carry on the fight, democrats in capitol hill calling for release of robert mueller's full report and pledging to proceed with other investigations into the trump administration. edward lawrence on capitol hill with the latest. edward? reporter: that is only thing republicans and democrats are unified on to release this report. the reaction on capitol hill widespread. in a letter to both members of house and senate judiciary committee, the attorney general william barr says that the special counsel found the president did not collude with russians to fix the presidential election, nor did anyone on his campaign. on obstruction, attorney general william barr says that he did not, president or special counsel found that the president
4:35 pm
did not commit a crime but he could not be fully exonerated. that is what democrats jumped on. >> just because these actions did not rise to very high bar of beyond a reasonable doubt on obstructions of justice does not mean that everything is hunky-dory. in fact mueller said, this does not exonerate the president. reporter: congressman al green taking it a little bit farther tweeting out that the findings do not exonerate the president's bigotry. as long as bigotry influences the president's policies, i will seek to get his impeachment. somehow democrats want the president to be impeached. republicans have the report out hoping they can put this behind us. adding what needs to be investigated is the process to get a fisa warrant. senator lindsey graham saying that this process, all of this was started because of an unsubstantiated report, paid for by democrats and used by the fbi
4:36 pm
to get wear taps. >> the rule of law applies both to republicans and democrats. why do we have a special counsel? in rare circumstances to have somebody outside the department of justice to take a look at a hot topic. reporter: now the attorney general will be on capitol hill on april 9th in front of the appropriations committee. he is bound to get mueller report questions. melissa: edward lawrence, thank you. connell: here is judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst, host of the "the liberty file" on "fox nation." a good day for the president many ways. >> right. connell: edward lawrence' reporting it will continue. democrats are jumping up on the obstruction case not closed. what do you make of this? >> it is not uncommon, for prosecutors to look at the same law and come to different conclusions whether prosecution is warranted that happens every
4:37 pm
day of the week. when that happens you present the reason in favor of prosecution and reasons to decline prosecution to your boss and your boss calls it. that is what bob mueller did. in my view, quite appropriate. the problem is when bill barr revealed that bob mueller could not give the president a clean slate on obstruction of justice, he gave the democrats a lifeline. connell: he didn't have to do that? >> he didn't have to do that. in fact one could argue as i have, under the federal rules of criminal procedure, decisions not to prosecute and evidence upon which those decisions are based are supposed to be kept secret and can only be revealed if a judge orders them revealed. by revealing them yesterday, he gave the democrats the ammunition that you just ran the clip of. connell: well, in watching our friends at fox news ain't that are coverage yesterday alan dershowitz was on and he in discussing this exact circumstance laid the blame on the special counsel saying that bob mueller, essentially shouldn't have punted on the
4:38 pm
issue, should have came to a decision and made that decision, you're saying no, it is barr. >> of course not. if you're going to make a decision whether or not to charge the president of the united states a crime, that decision is made by the attorney general. but the attorney general isn't supposed to reveal, by the way i made this decision because the people that worked for me couldn't make it. they had evidence in favor, evidence against. by revealing that he created this can of worms for the president. connell: i guess it would be speculative to why he may have done that? he is already been criticized by the other side this, is political appointee of president. >> this is same thing jim comey did, when he announced in july 2016 we won't prosecute mrs. clinton. here is the reasons we could have. this information that isn't supposed to be revealed. why the attorney general did this i'm sure somebody would ask him next couple weeks. connell: he will have the opportunity if he is called to testify. >> if the total report comes out, only comes out if a judge authorizes it. there are too many materials there that only court can allow
4:39 pm
release of. connell: completely shifting gears before we let you go. i'm sure you saw the report about the michael avenatti case. extortion of nike he is being charged with and how quickly it came together? >> it appears though that the government had cooperating witness working with them. the cooperating witness was wired because in the criminal complaint are copious quotes from avenatti. this happened in the past five or six days. if it happened, if the government can prove it as melissa said a couple minutes ago, he is facing 100 years in jail on the new york alone. doesn't even get to what people in los angeles and mississippi have all have against him as well. connell: they were already looking into those things. this new york thing pops up. >> they decided to release them all at the same time. prediction. he won't get bail. he will be incarcerated. connell: judge, good to see you. crazy world. melissa. melissa: that's amazing. all the americans should be happy with the end of the
4:40 pm
collusion illusion. says "the wall street journal" he editorial board. dan henninger, everybody should be happy but truth be told they are not. a lot of people were hoping for impeachment. what do you make of all this? >> that is politics, melissa, but our argument was that look, this country since the beginning of the collusion narrative back in january of 2017 has been in a state of insipient political crisis. and can you imagine if the mueller report had come to the opposite conclusion? that there was collusion between either the president or the people closest to him and the russian government? i mean this would have pitched the united states into an unimaginablably destructive political crisis. we have at least avoided that possibility. but now you have got the suggestion here that the democratic party seems intent on, continuing their version of the crisis we've been in for two
4:41 pm
years. the question is, whether the american people are just going to look at the results of the mueller report, say, we have had enough. we want to move forward. melissa: dan, it was predictable by the same token, as soon as it came out if it doesn't show there was some sort of conclusion, that democrats and those opposed to president even on right would say, i want to seat full report. i don't want to see the summary. they see that. you know what? i don't want to see the report. i want to see the underlying evidence because i don't trust those that read the evidence. and then you say, wait, now that i have seen the evidence, i want to speak to the witnesses myself. in other words, this just kind of is never going to end on the left, as long as the president is in office? >> yeah. that's right, melissa. i think at that point we are getting into what we call the fever swamps. there has to be a conspiracy in there somewhere. look it, robert mueller and a team of trained professional prosecutors spent $25 million
4:42 pm
looking into this. make no mistake, the russian collusion piece was the center of this investigation. the idea now that because he used the word exoneration related to obstruction of justice keep this is alive at the same level of the russian collusion story i think is, is an imaginary thing on the part of the democrats. they are not going to be able to sustain that at some point these investigations, i believe, are going to come back to bite them. indeed, attorney general barr said he intends to make the mueller report public, barring grand jury secrecy. all of these demands that it be made transparent and public, that is the attorney general's intention here. melissa: yeah. do you think that it doubles back on those politicians who came in promising impeachment, promising, even you have beto o'rourke saying just moments before the report was out, that there is evidence we're going to find evidence of collusion. adam schiff saying again, again,
4:43 pm
he had seen the evidence of collusion. did they pay a price for that? is there are constituency so invested in getting rid of president trump that it doesn't bother them, it doesn't come through this time? they want someone that will fight for it over and over again? >> no question. they were overinvested. i never quite understood why they operated on the belief, without quite knowing what was going on, that robert mueller was going to find the president guilty of collusion. but they loaded up everything own that. they have come up completely empty. now yes, their base is very angry, melissa, but we're talking about the president's re-election in 2020. they will not defeat donald trump with only trump haters voting in that election. there is a great middle there that has to make up their mind. what i've been trying to suggest here that great middle of the american public is exhausted with this story. melissa: right. >> they know how it came out. the democrats have nothing to gain by keeping it alive and
4:44 pm
trying to attract more voters to their candidates. i think some of these candidates will have to start talking about matters of real political substance and not just the idea that the country hates donald trump. melissa: yeah. i think a lot of us are sick of the investigations. dan, thank you. >> sure. connell: all right. speaking of 2020, edging out of competition, former vice president joe biden still charging ahead of the field even though he is not officially in the field but senator bernie sanders isn't far behind. it is new numbers. could their differing agendas divide the democratic party? that's next. ♪
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connell: so the to 20 democratic field is indeed taking shape. we have new fox polling data. former vice president joe biden, senator bernie sanders are leading the charge way ahead of
4:49 pm
the rest of the field even though biden hasn't officially declared he is is running yet. 31% over all from likely democratic primary voters with bernie sanders right behind, 23%. everybody else single digits. kamala harris, beto o'rourke, 8% apiece. when you switch it up go head-to-head with president trump, biden leads against the president, 47-40. bernie does as well, beating out president trump. now if you look at the rest, in terms of the ones that we measured both sanders and warren are both, warren i should say kamala harris are trailing president trump just barely. biden and bernie doing the best. joining us now, civic pac forum chairman ford o'connell, new heights communication president christie setzer. ford, use numbers to set it up. we'll get to christie on the democrats how they shaping up in a moment. brief thought what we were talking about, the mueller probe
4:50 pm
as it wraps up, do those conclusions lack thereof make the president is much more formidable candidate for re-election? does it have impact in your view immediately on the race as far as out as it is? >> i think this is huge victory for president trump and for america but i will say this, when it comes to winning re-election, president trump's biggest worry was not the russia probe or hot democratic party might field as presidential nominee. his biggest concern whether or not we have recession in the fall of 2020 or a major economic blip. as incumbent he is technically the favorite, most likely to win re-election right now. connell: that is a really good point, ford makes, for all the talk about biden versus trump or bernie, somebody else emerging, if economy turns down, there are signs that may be already happening f the u.s. catches a cold but the president is in trouble. do you look at this early on as binary matchup, who is the best
4:51 pm
matchup for the president or the worse? >> i do. i think polls taken out a year from iowa caucuses are very subject to change. connell: yeah. >> i also think, yeah. people will look to reelect the president based on one, yes, the economy. but also nebulous idea do they like the things that he says all day long? less about policy, more about his personality. connell: let me stay with you on that for a moment, christie, won't it matter in that particulars case who he is running against? because they would be picking biden versus trump or bernie versus trump? i mention those two because they're polling so well, maybe what is surprising, interesting but not so surprising bernie sanders polls so well among young people. biden does very well among old people, why he is at the top. there is separation between those two and rest of democratic field. what do you make of that? >> other thing those two have in
4:52 pm
common, those two candidates have by far the highest name i.d. they're polling the best, talking about former vice president and bernie sanders other than hillary clinton is the other person we remember most from the 2016 democrats. so, you know, so it is not that surprising that that right now is aligned with who is doing the best. what is maybe interesting that both of them are the two that are also polling so well against donald trump. connell: yes. >> the people we have the most informed opinion of on democratic side, both of them are beating trump. therefore maybe others that we also will have in the future are more informed idea would also beat donald trump. connell: quick final point, ford, surprising some people seeing bernie sanders doing well against trump maybe not biden? >> in spirit of march madness we're down to the presidential final four. the three bs, bernie, biden and beto and kamala harris. the election is replay of 2016.
4:53 pm
45 states are already decided the question can trump continue winning in the midwest and hold florida and arizona, if he does he will be reelected. connell: good ford. good to see you, melissa. >> thank you, connell. melissa: college admissions cheating scandal. the latest from the courthouse. 20 injured on the cruise ship that took a dark turn. more alarming video of the rocking ship next. ♪ brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and long-term care product. it protects your family while providing long-term care coverage, should you need it. so you can explore all the amazing things ahead. talk to your advisor about brighthouse smartcare. brighthouse financial. build for what's ahead℠
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justice. melissa: nigh nightmare on the , a cruise ship with over a thousand people onboard was forced to evacuate off of the mormorenorwegian coast. the ship reaches shore a full day after issues a may day call. officials are opening investigation to why it set sail
4:58 pm
in the first place despite the storm warnings. crazy video. connell: their day in court, 12 people charged in larges largesr college admission bribery case, it is dubbe dub varsity blues. we get to jackie hinrich with more. reporter: today is not the celebrity parents but the people who allegedly accept z those bribes, 50 people have been indicted. 12 pleaded not guilty. the man at some of it all singer has already pled guilty. collectively taking in 25
4:59 pm
million dollars, some people he allegedly made deals with are making appearances today, among them legendary water coach for usc, he was fired by the school, and entered a plea was not guilty, wake forest head volleyball coach ferguson, his attorney told us he plans to plead not guil guilt to allegedy accepts 100 thousand dollars. 4 people accused of accepting bribes at university of southern california. defense expert say although the court may be tougher on some of the parents who claimed allegedly claims the bribes as donations on their tax forms that would be tax fraud, we'll see what the court does. connell. connell: jackie thank you. we'll follow this. melissa: everyone is still talking about this, it is so amazing that people would risk
5:00 pm
so much, risk jail. risk all of these things to try to get into a different school, their kids. connell: take someone else's spot in the process. go way thank you for joining us. melissa: bulls and bears starts now. david: president trump out from under the mueller cloud, could sunnier economic times be on the way? already administration has public on its side with the economy, a new "fox news poll" shows more americans approve of the economy under president trump, and viewer voters feel nervous about the economy. this is bulls and bears, glad you could join us, i am david asman, on the panel liz peek, and jonathan loni hon hoenig an. >> i think that th the agenda ss the same, president


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