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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 1, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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easing concerns about slowdown in china, manufacturing reports show rebounding activity in china. all the news driving global market this morning and we do see a global rally. battle over securing the border is on, president trump threatening to shut down the entire border with méxico as fund asking cut to 3 central american countries and t-mobile unveils a phone booth taking jab at at&t but the joke may be on you, the story coming up. to it gets in on march madness, the robot cannot dunk or dribble but can sink a 3 pointer, mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪
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maria: futures are pointing to big rally this morning, take a look at stocks, up 176 points on the dow industrials, second quarter kicks off today, the dow and the s&p 500 and the nasdaq up at least 11% in the first quarter. big quarter for markets as you see this morning, we kick off new quarter with triple-digit gain up 177 points on the dow industrials, up 18 points on s&p and nasdaq right now up 69 points. investors are watching key economic data, we did get upbeat news out of china yesterday, we were talking about this on friday. we've got the china pmi above expectations, that was the manufacturing sector news, it was, of course, busy week last week, it's going to be a busy week this week, march job's report this friday, let's turn to border security meanwhile, president trump threatens to close the border with méxico if it does not do more to stop illegal immigrants from reaching
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the united states and cutting aid to 3 central american countries, i spoke to south carolina senator lindsey graham on sunday morning futures. the the president threatening to shut down border, two caravans coming to the country right now. your reaction to the president's threat? >> we had a hundred thousand people come across the border illegally, on track to over a million this year if it keeps up. méxico could help more, it should help me, the triangle countries, 70% of the people come here illegally come from three countries, we need those countries to help more. so if the president feels like that the only way to control this problem is move people from port of entry to ungoverned spaces where we need a wall, i will support him. maria: joining me right now the washington examiner commentary writer, good to see you.
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thanks very much for joining us, what kind of impact does that have shutting the bored and we should point out other presidents have shut the border entirely? >> so big issue with the border, the physicality of it and more asylum laws, the issue is anyone who winds up on american soil which is before any physical barrier can claim asylum and as long as they go to one port gate they are usually released. i think the constitutionality will come into question, empowered by mueller report and he will do what he wants. maria: yeah, good point. you know, having said that, the reports show that over 100,000 immigrants are expected to have crossed in march alone. 100,000 in march, you heard lindsey graham a million in the entire year, what's your reaction to actually the activity right now at the
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border? >> so we are obviously seeing height in traffic because words gets around, word gets around that border security is sort of overflowing, too much work to be done with the amount of resources that we have on staff and more than anything the asylum laws, every reporter that i've spoken to goes down to border, they all say the same things, the problem are asylum laws less than physical barriers, if the laws themselves are broken not much that any physical fortification can do to stop it. it's just a word of mouth situation. people know that there's a good chance that they won't get qaught and increased activity. maria: is there anything else the president can do at this point? >> i mean, this is why messaging is so important and the problem with trump is he takes -- the president takes issues that should be broadly popular and terms them into 50-50 issues, enforcing immigration law should not be controversial.
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democrats have been taking the hard-line position f trump makes message not about muslim bans, not about vastly changing our existing immigration laws but enforcing what's already there, that's the messaging more that he should not have large ability to lose because i think that most people agree in order for us to be a sovereign nation we must have borders. maria: most people agree but they agree differently on how to solve it. battle in congress even to get the appropriate money to actually finish building the wall. >> yeah, and the difficulty is that every single time you -- he's apparently sidestepping congress in national emergency declaration, makes him seem as aggressor and that's why messaging here is so important. the american public has to be on his side. maria: thank you very much, a
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well-known rapper shot dead in broad daylight in los angeles. cheryl casone with the details and headlines there, cheryl. cheryl: maria, good morning, grammy-nominated was one of 3 people shot outside of clothing store that he reportedly owns, the shooter on the run, two others rushed to hospital. celebrities like rhianna pharrell williams and lebron james posting tribute online, the rapper claimed to be a gang member of facebook page, father of 2 was just 33 year's old. well, britain parliament set to hold more votes today on alternatives for leaving the european union. prime minister theresa may plans to bring proposal back to lawmakers for a fourth vote. parliament has rejected may's plans 3 times, today's vote could include softer deal that could set up a custom union with the eu. meanwhile easy jet is saying uncertainty over britain's divorce from eu, discount
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carrier demand for flights is actually weakening. let's talk about what's happening here at home, dumbo falling short at the box office but soaring above the competition, busy remake earning $45 million domestically at the weekend box office. that was below analysts' expectations around 50 million, but, again, still making some money and little dumbo. maria: who doesn't love it, exactly. coming up 2020 vision accusations against former vice president joe biden now. it happened after a former democratic legislator, his response to that coming up. t-mobile unveiled a phone booth but there's a catch, we will tell you all about it when we come right back, stay with us.
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maria: all right, we have a big program this morning, coming up right here california congressman and house minority leader kevin mccarthy is with us this morning, pennsylvania congressman and house budget member, along with fox news senior analyst judge andrew napolitano. don't miss a moment of it, big 3 hours coming up. we want to kick it off with news on joe biden, former vice president and possibly 2020 contender is defending his behavior this morning after being accused of inappropriately touching former nevada congress -- assembly woman lucy flores back in 2014. flores is speaking out for the first time on this, listen to this. >> very unexpectedly and out of nowhere i feel joe biden put his hands on my shoulders, get up very close to me from behind, lean in, smell my hair and then
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plant a slow kiss on the top of my head. it was shocking because you don't expect that kind of intimate behavior, you don't expect that kind of intimate cri from someone so power and someone who you just have no relationship whatsoever to touch you or feel you. maria: biden released statement in response n part in my many years of campaign trail and in public life i have offered countless handshakes, hugs, affection and not once ever did i believe i acted inappropriately. if it is suggested i did, i will listen respectfully but it was never my intention, joining the conversation this morning fox business network susan li along with former presidential candidate mike huckabee and fox news contributor columnist for the hill, liz peek, great to have everybody here this morning. the news coming in a very
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inopportune time before he will announce for president, liz. >> we have seen so many instances, he leans and hugs people, he kisses them, look, we don't know really know whether anything came of this, whether people were really uncomfortable, this woman is, you know, she was a bernie sanders supporter so there's some back and forth about was this bernie sanders campaign, was it beto o'rourke, she went to his rally over the weekend, who knows, maybe it was politically motivated but the answer is it was creepy, bottom line it was creepy. >> it is creepy, but i have to say i don't think joe biden is a sexual predator. i think he's a creepy old guy who is a little hands on and all that but i mean, most of the things he's done in a very public place. he didn't invite women to hotel room or office by himself. this is stuff he has done with dozen cameras on him and he did it anyway. i just think is joe, kind of
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like the guy, i do. the timing of the person coming forward, a little suspicious just before he announces. maria: exactly. >> why didn't she say a year ago or the day after it happened. fact that she does it on the cusp of announcement a little suspect. maria: do you think she's for bernie sanders? bernie sanders opponent. >> sounds like it could be or maybe she's for beto, but she's not for joe, i think that's pretty clear. one thing we know she ain't a biden supporter. >> it happened in 2014, she waited 5 years to discuss, joe biden has history of changing his mind. >> because all of a sudden he could be president. maria: he's running for president and make nothing secret out of it.
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meanwhile the path continues to get wierd on the democrat side but every time we hear policies we are hearing policies from many of this on the contenders it's socialist policies, pretty incredible with the line-up it's looking like in 2020, don't you think? >> further to the left, each candidate wants to outleft the other. they will outleft their own party because there are a lot of democrats in the country who are who are sane, they are not for afterbirth abortion, not for late-term abortion, not for higher taxes and not for open borders and they're finding themselves increasingly left out from the democratic party. >> it's not just the party, it's the country. you rattled them off but these are really extreme positions they've taken, open borders, i don't know anyone who supports that even on the left except the
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people running for president. maria: not the mention abortion in 9-month of pregnancy. >> horrifying. >> defending green new deal on friday night and she was basically saying new generational stuff, it takes a young mind to understand it but -- a younger person, you're looking at $40 trillion, i just do the math, how are we going to pay for this, i know everyone wants free education, better education, better health care, at the end of it they don't understand that the bill does need to be paid by somebody. maria: douglas says green new deal will cost $94 trillion for the green new deal. they got a shot to put the money where their mouth was and what did they do? they either voted no or they voted present. >> they ran for the hills. >> deep down everybody knows you will not get rid of airplanes and cars, nobody can swim that
6:17 am
far to hawaii or europe, it's not there yet. the other thing -- [laughter] >> people need to ask alexandria ocasio-cortez, name one country on planet earth where socialism is working right now, just tell us -- >> bill mahr tried to make argument, the in orderric countries in norway. >> no. high taxes because they've all experienced big influx of immigrants, the model that worked very well, doesn't work anymore. denmark, sweden, norway, they started rolling back big safety net, it isn't working anymore. there is no country really anymore that -- maria: they try to have market principles there. >> more or less. >> enormous energy resources there, paying for a lot of the
6:18 am
stuff. >> that's right. >> aoc's approval ratings way under water. it's not like it's resinating with a big sector of the population, i don't think. maria: good point, when we come back china manufacturing data, hit a 6-month highway. cbd gains to rival cvs, winter is coming to las vegas, famous belagio hotel, game of thrones makeover until two weeks of series finale, coming up after the break, stay with us i'm working to keep the fire going
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only for a limited time. ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back, headlines across america this morning, new york times reporting that new york state budget deal is bringing congestion pricing and mansion tax, approving legislation to ban plastic bags from retail store, second state to do so after california banned plastic bags in 2016. state assembly voting in favor of a tax on multimillion dollar homes, congestion pricing for drivers entering midtown manhattan, changes to be enacted in 2020. what's -- that's going on in new york. residents of northern florida
6:23 am
experienced quite the spotlight saturday night as meteor shooting across the night sky, dash cam footage captured sighting. even put it on forecasting map use to go track lighting. game of thrones water show comes live on the las vegas strip. maria: pretty cool, new game of thrones inspired fountain show, the show will be performing nightly until april 13th and final season of hbo's game of thrones premiers april 14th, a lot to talk about here, the new york taxes and the millionaire's tax, right ahead of, you know, tax day april 15th where new york among other states lost the salt, i think we could see a sticker shock after tax day in
6:24 am
april 15 for millionaire's tax, will this continue to drive people out of new york? >> i don't think so, we have seen exodus of multimillionaires going to florida and other parts across the country where you have basically zero income taxes, congestion pricing, what about average consumers that pays for ride, that will go up for ride for the average person here in new york city, 2 and a half billion dollars short fall, this is going to hurt the consumer. >> the price or the cost for a truck coming in and out of the city to bring in food, $133 in one day. that's daily costs. i mean, it is going to drive up price of food and all things brought into the city fresh every day. i think it's unbelievable. maria: cuomo, governor, 2 billion-dollar toll on his budget, people will continue moving out. >> they might as well get a fire hose and chase people across
6:25 am
bridges. amazing to me. the nutty thing about plastic bag, nickel. here is what people are missing, maybe plastic is not the best thing, use recyclables, use cloth bag, more people are getting sick because they are using the sorts of bag rather than disposable ones, let's have disease. [laughter] >> you said this a number of times, the plastic in the ocean is not from plastic bags, it's largely nets, it's largely fishing nets and it's not straws either. >> it's like we have to do something, but also this is a revenue grab. i mean, look, every blue state in the country is putting on the faux taxes, who does it hurt, it hurts people that can't afford it? that's really the maddening thing about all of this. maria: they refuse to lower state taxes.
6:26 am
>> one quick thought, if you're going to move to new york and come to florida, would you please leave your crazy new york policies for new york or don't come. maria: good point. >> just don't bring the nutty stuff with you. maria: look at texas, it's turning purple now. forcing new laws. >> crazy. maria: when we come back t-mobile, rolling out a new phone booth, we will tell you the catch come up. toyota march madness robot can dunk, no, it cannot dunk or dribble but can make a 3-pointer, more, stay with us. i knew about the tremors.
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maria: welcome back, good monday morning, thank you very much for joining us, it is monday april 1st, top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast, global market rally underway due to strong manufacturing data out of china, we told you the look for pmi index on friday and in fact, the managing index came in at 6-month high showing that manufacturing is strengthening in china. that's lifting stocks across the world. s&p and nasdaq also higher and the dow wrapping up first quarter. first best quarter in decade.
6:31 am
check out the news, dow up 11% for the quarter, s&p up 13% and nasdaq up 17% for the first quarter, we kick off a new quarter this morning and we will get earnings for the first quarter in the next 2 weeks n europe this morning firmer tone there, cac quarante in paris up 27 and dax index in germany up 125 points. chinese shanghai composite big winner 2 and a half percent on the heels, walgreens trying out tobacco products in the united states, the best places to work is out, we will tell you where you can can find the happiest employees this morning. back to the future, t-mobile installs booths but the joke is on you, got game, toyota unveils
6:32 am
robot, march madness action, all the stories coming up, top story this half an hour, the mueller report, attorney general william barr expected to release redacted version in the middle of this month, the results of the investigation are easing americans doubts about president trump, 57% said that the probe has not given more doubts about the presidency, more than a year and a half i've been asking the tough questions to those on both sides of the aisle about circumstances that actually let up to the investigation and the doubts cast in the collusion narrative, let's take a look back at how it all unfolded. >> we have been hearing bits and pieces of the so-called russia probe, so called collusion between trump and russians with absolutely zero evidence, is that the insurance policy, was peter strzok basically saying to his mistress, look, we will keep investigating donald trump should he win? >> boy, surely reads that way but the only way we will know that is to interview lisa page
6:33 am
and peter strzok. maria: what bothers people out there is you have to be able to trust fbi, your cia, irs because there's a thing called the rule of law and what we've learned from some of the text messages is that there's a whole lot of bias and corruption going on at the top. tell us what you have learned. >> tens of thousands of great men and women who keep us safe, prevent terrorist attacks, solve crimes at the fbi but they have being desmurched by people in the fbi, the approach they took to the clinton investigation and the one they've taken to the trump investigation. maria: you joined us 4 weeks ago on the program, at that time you said you we wanted to get the electronic communication from the department of justice and the fbi, you wanted that electronic communication to understand exactly how the trump investigation into collusion even began, you have now since
6:34 am
the electronic communication, yes? >> that's correct. took us a long time to get -- call the electronic communication as we know for your viewers, what that is it's the original intelligence, the original reasons that the counterintelligence investigation started. this was really important to us because the counterintelligence investigation uses services that are not supposed to be used on american citizens, so we we wanted to know, well, what intelligence did you have that actually led to this investigation, so what we found now after the investigators reviewed it is that in fact, there was no intelligence. >> if you ask the fbi today how much of a dossier is verified, almost none, and the verification comes from open-media sources, the dossier prepared for foreign agent paid by democratic party and used to get a fisa warrant and the fbi,
6:35 am
former fbi director did not know that it was a political document paid by a political party. to me that is stunning. not only was the clinton e-mail investigation a joke but the dossier was used inappropriately. >> so how do you call yourself someone who, you know, agrees with and follows the rules of law if in fact, you used a piece of garbage it is a reason to wiretap and -- and listen in on an american citizen. >> any comments on peter strzok and testimonies that we are seeing by rod rosenstein and christopher wray, why don't you get documents over the congress, are you going to do? >> i have the country running, mike pompeo is doing great. the one thing i want to say i'm involved -- i may get involved, but i've been told by so many people don't get involved. they'll get the documents and they are getting them and they
6:36 am
are great people. i didn't like the scene the other day where everybody is screaming at each other. it's bad for the country. russia is in fact, looking for chaos, the greatest thing we've ever done. now, there's no collusion with me, there's no russia with me, no nothing except -- honestly, it's a disgrace. maria: i see a ot of the evidence and i understand what took place in 2016 and yet it hasn't resinated with the broad public as much. it's incredible that they have thrown their ideals, values of all of the things we hold dear, freedoms, wiretapping someone for no reason because it's donald trump. >> yeah, you know, number one i'm really discouraged as a former justice department official who gave 17 years life to justice department to see a justice department under sessions that will do nothing about this. maria: they had informants trying to lure campaign
6:37 am
officials to get them into meetings, they had immediately strategy all while knowing that there was no collusion. i mean, this is just extraordinary, congressman. >> more than 70 witnesses appeared before the house intelligence committee, all of them were asked the same question, what evidence do you have of russian collusion with donald trump or the trump campaign, what evidence do you have of conspiracy, what evidence do you have of coordination and they batted a thousand in their response. these are folks likes susan rice, samantha powers, senior doj and department officials and intelligence and law enforcement officials and they all said we don't have any. maria: we covered this a lot for the last year and a half and we know that there was real fisa abuse where the fbi did not tell the fisa judge who paid for the dossier that it was a political document, et cetera, are you going to pursue that, are you going to seek the truth there?
6:38 am
>> maria, that's not accurate. maria: what's not accurate? >> i understand that's a republican talking point -- maria: no, no,i didn't say misled, they did not tell the judge that the democrats paid for the dossier, that's a fact. how will you get anything this done with all of this? >> they came up with an excuse to losing an election, this should never happen to another president because most presidents wouldn't be able to take it. i know the politicians, i know what we are dealing with. most people wouldn't be able to take it. let me tell you something, maria, what happened to me should never happen to another president of the united states. maria: you have to ask yourself now where does this go from here and how high up the chain did it go? we know from the lisa page testimony that the doj told the fbi, lay off hillary clinton, we will not bring charges. >> we also know that the obama
6:39 am
administration, we heard from clapper, from the highest levels, this is such outrage, divided the country and undermined the administration and really hurt the country. think about the fact that chinese aren't ready to negotiate trade deal until they found out mueller report. that is so offensive to me. this country's welfare has been basically undermined by this investigation. maria: for a year the media has driven, the media is out, i'm proud of coverage because i was on the right side of justice and i took hits, a lot of hits online for it. >> you don't have evidence, all you have is evidence of government agencies using their power as a political weapon, that is frightening for every
6:40 am
american. i don't think if you're liberal, conservative or every american, were all basically acting like dirty cops. maria: brennan running around with cia title. exactly. exactly. meanwhile we have big news this morning, markets are rallying because of the china story. the marving gauge at 6-month high, we will look at markets in a moment. first two marine pilots, there's the dow industrials up 177 points this morning, two marine pilots meanwhile killed in helicopter crash, cheryl casone with details now in headlines, cheryl, good morning. cheryl: that's right, maria, good morning again, this happened on routine training mission near yuma arizona sad night. cause of crash under investigation, the marines are notifying families before they release the names of their
6:41 am
pilots. another headline this morning for you walgreens isn't ready to quit cigarette sales just yet. wall street journal reporting that the drugstore chain is testing tobacco-free stores in the u.s., they don't plan to sell cigarettes entirely, are trying to help smokers quit by making products to help quit widely available, reduced the visibility of tobacco products in some of its stores, the 1-year chart of walgreens. t-mobile is not wait to go get their april fools on, the telephone giant has announced brand-new phone booths in new york city, washington, d.c. and seattle with promise of many more of these to come. the idea is too noisy in the city. you may need to stand and recharge device. we will see how many more of the stories i get this morning before the end -- maria: i have to be on my game today with all of the april
6:42 am
fools' joke. happiest workplace on earth, cosco among places where workers are smiling, robot on the court now, toyota's new player with shoot 3 pointers and hardly misses a free throw as well coming up
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
maria: welcome back here is the list, cosco, google, apple, t-mobile among the best places to work according to new study, lauren simonetti with details here. lauren, what goes into this list? lauren: a lot of different things but if you have a case of mondays as a lot of people do, maybe you want to consider working at these companies, what goes into the list, workplace culture site, it's where employees found they had future, bright future and recommend the company to a friend. let's show you the top 5 first, number 5, artificial intelligence type company. automation, software number 3. we have to talk about number 1. the best company on the list is hub spot, listen to why. unlimited vacation, you can pick when you work if you work as long as you get the work done.
6:47 am
[laughter] lauren: you can obviously create your own schedule, so i just think millennials when i think of the company, so that's the best place to work, based out of massachusetts. more familiar names, a lot of people haven't heard the names, smaller companies, for the more familiar names, cosco came in at number 7, t-mobile 9, google 10, microsoft and disney, quick comment on cosco, i was looking at some of the reasons and positive reviews on this company, so obviously minimum wage is $15 an hour, but some of the negatives were you know what the hourly employees are capt at 8 hours and the managers who aren't paid that much more but obviously more than $15 an hour, they work very long days, so that was the complaint and then finally big-tech companies that we always talk about, this is where they rank, 32 is amazon, facebook 43 followed by apple and followed by starbucks.
6:48 am
facebook negative too work-alcoholic of a culture. maria: dealing with robotics and ai. did you say that the number 1 says that you can have unlimited vacation. maria: wow. lauren: you can make your own schedule. do you really think you would get a lot of work done? >> first of all, i'm skeptical that ai firms didn't understand the algorithms, didn't make sure that they were -- number 2 in terms of unlimited vacation, you know, probably nobody takes it. the bottom line is if you're caught up in a company that you're excited about and you're doing great stuff and inventing new things, you will not take a whole lot of vacation. maria: how ironic. >> called unemployment. [laughter]
6:49 am
>> amazing. >> all about productivity. how many hours does it take? lauren: that's their point exactly. >> i wonder how much money comes into it versus freedom, does seem that flexibility and freedom is a very big thing these days. maria: final four, march madness on final countdown, toyota's basketball robot, all the highlights coming up next in sports. check this out, harness by reynolds. back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back we are down to final 4, it is set, jared max, what an exciting weekend of basketball. jared: march madness lived up to its name. we had overtimes an upsets and a new brackets that did not select duke in final 4. final minute, nailed 3-point shot, duke then down 2 with under 10 second to play and r.j., missed the first one, michigan state wins it by a point. 68 to 67. 8 final 4 and head coach career likely over. how about tigers, go to arena for the second half against kentucky which made only 5 of 21 attempts from 3-point range.
6:54 am
15 points in overtime. win led by jared harper, check this out. students go where they celebrate the aubrun victory. two schools in final four for the first time, first game saturday night in minneapolis, 5 and a half against number one seed virginia and then playing in first final 4, the way some players of 3-point shot that seem robotic but look at the robot, q3, oh toyota motor corporation and today near tokyo q3 showed up ability to shoot 3-point shots and centers in torso, adjustment units, motors and calculate the proper angle and how much to put into the shot, made 3 out of 5 shots.
6:55 am
5 out of 8i should say. maria: wow, that's amazing to see the robots now taking to the court, jared. >> we saw robotic-like shooting in basketball. maria: just in time for baseball, reynolds out with a backpack for your snacks hot and cold, cheryl casone with the details now. model it for us. cheryl: what i do for you, maria. the hunger harness from reynolds wrap, for 4.99 you can have snacks on portable trade, you can take to baseball park. little tray, you can drink your mornings with maria soda by the way. [laughter] cheryl: then we have like chicken wings and salsa to go with everything. this is the -- if you want to get out of the coach and not move from the coach, just eat while you're watching the game, this is for you.
6:56 am
maria: i hold of harnesses to hold your baby but for game game snacks? >> your food from this but to right behind you is falling down your neck, this is a real joy. [laughter] cheryl: all i know that it has mozzarella sticks. >> where did do they get that at 6:00 in the morning? [laughter] cheryl: i am going to go -- [laughter] maria: all right, cheryl, modeling the snack, harness for game-day snack. jared max, thank you, catch jared max fox news 24/7, siriusxm 115, we will be right back i knew about the tremors.
6:57 am
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, april 1st. your top stories right now, 7:0. a global market rally is underway this morning. we had upbeat manufacturing data out of china, the purchasing managers report, shows there is a rebound in manufacturing activity in china. that is easing fears about the slowdown there. markets took off, beginning in asia, and following through. dow industrials right now up 160 points, the s&p 500 is up 17, the nasdaq up 66. other markets are also higher. we're kicking off the second quarter today. the dow is up 11% for the first
7:01 am
quarter, s&p 500 up 13%, and the nasdaq up 16 and-a-half percent in the last three months. global markets have a firmer tone, european indices, fq100 up 37 points. cac is up 2 # an 29 and dax p ip 105 points. in asia overnight, on the pmi data, the shanghai composite was the top performer, up 2 and 2/3%. a facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg says the internet needs rules. he's targeting four areas. we'll tell you what mark zuckerberg thinks coming up. kellogg is watching a deal, the food giant looking to sell a few of its brands includin include . elon musk dropping a rap single, you'll hear it coming up. our top story this hour, the border battle is heating up, president trump is declaring he's likely to shut down the
7:02 am
southern border this week unless mexican authorities immediately halt an illegal immigration surge. the president ordering the state department to cut off hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to guatemala, honduras and el salvador. i spoke with lindsey graham, he weighed in on the possible shutdown. >> we've had 100,000 people cross the border illegally in march alone. we're on track to over 1 million this year in this keeps up. mexico should help more, they should help more, 70% of the people coming here illegally come from three countries, we need those countries to help more. if the president feels like the only way to control this problem is to move the people from the port of entry to the ungoverned spaces where we need a wall, i will support him. i hope we don't have to do that. to my democratic friends, let's change the laws that entice people to come here illegally.
7:03 am
maria: joining me to weigh in is kevin mccarthy. it's great to he se to see you. let's talk about the border battle. would the president really shut down the whole border? how would you assess things? >> he would. there is a crisis at the border. this what is we have to understand. 100,000 people just last month. could be a million illegal individuals coming to america this month. remember, we are the most liberal country when it comes to immigration. more than 1 million people become citizens every year. we want to make sure we maintain and grow that. the change we have is our -- the challenge we have is our laws. asylums is making a difference. who is coming across, it's no longer just the young male trying to find a job. it's now families, because they can claim asylum and think of this, if they're coming -- most are coming outside of mexico. but they're passing mexico before they get to america and they're claiming a asylum. why didn't they claim that in mexico? mexico's own secretary of
7:04 am
interior, she just said it is the mother of all caravans that are coming. so the president is right to get in front of this. he's been working so hard. but we've seen this uptick, just -- in the port of entry, breaking records day after day, those who are coming in and claiming asylum. you have the democrats in congress who have been to homeland security but holding back beds and others because they want to have those individuals because of a couple court cases, flores in the ninth circuit, released into the country. and then it becomes a real challenge. when you look at the statistics, 80% of everybody who asylum, once they go through the court case, it is an asylum. the real answer, claim asig clam and then et cathen out can come. i've been in the room where nancy pelosi says i don't believe your numbers to the
7:05 am
homeland secretary. that is to me one of the worst situations we can have because we do have a crisis at this border. maria: you would think that when the democrats took control in the majority, that their number one issue would be something like this, the crisis at the border. or that their number one issue might be healthcare, whatever it is. that wasn't what they said was their number one issue. they came out and said what is the number one issue? >.>> hr-1. our number one issue when we took the majority was tax reform. they want to make sure they take money from taxpayers to give to their own election. they talked about having 16-year-olds registered to vote. this is remarkable. last friday was the end of the first quarter and they have wasted this majority. the real goal was to impeach this president. now the mueller report came through, you know what, no collusion, no obstruction. but they don't want to accept that. they don't want to accept the 2016 election. but what's really telling here,
7:06 am
and nancy pelosi has said this for a long time, show me your budgets, show me your values. you know what they said? they're not going to do a budget. they are the new image art. they're not going to -- majority. they're not going to do the budget. it's because the democrat socialists have overtaken the party. they control the party. there was no bigger evidence of that happening when you had congresswoman omar who made the anti-semetic comments, questioning whether someone who is of jewish faith could be loyal to america, they couldn't do a resolution against her. nancy pelosi had to pull back, do three different resolutions and water it down and could not fame her. maria: this is important that they chose the election as the number one issue. isn't there an issue around ballot harvesting. didn't we see that in l california, where certain people went to bed thinking they won, and three weeks later they found out they lost. >> there was one member in california, david validayo, who after the election was ahead by
7:07 am
6%. he won on election day. in california they changed the law. the absentee ballot, you sign it, they check the signature, see if it's -- you could knock on the door, harvest somebody's ballot and you know what you can do in california, you can mail your ballot in after the polls close. maria: unbelievable. we were talking about this. i don't know that viewers understand that when the democrats came in and took the majority, their number one issue was elections. and changing elections. this is an important point. i'm glad you're communicating this today. >> they want to change the full better of people on the supreme court and they want to change electoral college, because they can't win in the current rules so they want to change the rules to benefit themselves. the fec, that's equal republicans and democrats, they want to change the size of that too. they want to put their thumb on the scale because they can't win in a fair fight. they want to change how it works. you know what they did in the
7:08 am
last election? in maine, they changed how you vote in federal offices. you don't pick one person, you rank them. the republican won in maine but at the end of the day lost because they didn't come in for 50%. there's as member of congress sitting today who came in second because he was a democrat and he got to go through because of the elections. maria: this is a really important point. our viewers need to understand it. there's also an issue around healthcare. so healthcare in america, the president came out and now is vowing to make it a priority ahead of the 2020 election and all of a sudden healthcare is right -- you're up against the wall on this. here's what he said. watch this. >> let me just tell you exactly what my message is. the republican party will soon be known as the party of healthcare. you watch. we are going to be the republicans the party of great healthcare. the republican party will become the party of great healthcare. maria: congressman, i understand what he's trying to do here. you can't just say it to become
7:09 am
the party of healthcare. what's the plan. >> he wants to drive people -- the one thing the president is correct about, the premiums rose under obamacare. there's fewer options. remember people who were promised if you had your healthcare, can you keep it. half of the democrats in congress have co-spoosponsored medicare for all. you know what that means? more than 15 150 million ameris will lose their healthcare because you can no longer have private healthcare. for those seniors on medicare advantage, that's gone. for every senior on medicare itself, that's going to bankrupt medicare. that's why he's concerned about it, what the democrats plan to do those running for president, they've embraced that, embraced the green new deal without reading what's in it. maria: medicare for all wipes out an entire industry. we know that. it would be unlawful to get health insurance from the private sector which some say it's 180 million. what's the plan on the republican side? >> the republicans have been
7:10 am
very clear. we have a number one plans sitting out there. number one goal, be able to lower premiums because of what obamacare did to our premiums, give you greater choice and build a relationship where the patient has with the doctor. right now, government -- this goes to a much bigger picture what the democrats are doing. it's socialism versus free enterprise. they want more control. they want government to control almost everything a and the new democrat socialists have taken over. maria: it's really the loudest voices in the room. doug collins said aoc is the co-speaker. he's calling her the co-speaker. i don't know how nancy pelosi feels about that. >> i feel she's more powerful in that position. nancy pelosi can't bring something to the floor. as l simple as a resolution standing up against anti-semitism, she couldn't do it because aoc said no. amazon wants to bring more jobs to new york, no, am oc said no. maria: you're right. let's talk about the mueller
7:11 am
report, the fallout. your team has worked very hard in terms of coming out and communicating what they did on the left to set up donald trump. attorney general william barr planning to release the full report to congress by mid-april, as a new poll shows that the report has left fewer americans with doubt about president trump and his presidency. 57% of respondents said the special counsel's investigation left them with no additional doubts, up 10% from february. yesterday on sunday morning futures, lindsey graham and former house oversight committee chairman and fox news contributor trey gowdy weighed in on the fallout. i want to get your reaction. >> my job is to find out how the system got off track to provide oversight. do we need to rewrite the fisa laws to make sure this doesn't happen again. do we need congressional rules about counter intelligence investigations of presidential campaigns. somebody needs to look at the behavior and see if they violated the law.
7:12 am
mueller looked at the trump campaign extensively. nobody is looking at the other side. maria: nine republican are asking the chairman to step down. what is your reaction to adam schiff's behavior? >> we never voted to remove or ask a chairperson to step down. adam is deeply partisan. he did everything he could to make sure that hillary clinton became the next president. and he's done everything he could since he failed at that to keep a cloud over the trump presidency. he'reasonable republicans, all f whom unanimously said ad dam, we lost confidence in your ability to lead. maria: your leader iship in the minority has been important in terms of getting the story out and making sure the american people understand what took place. your reaction to all of this? >> the reason why you see that drop that people no longer have doubt, is because mueller was unlimited in his resources. maria: right. >> 2800 subpoenas, 40 fbi
7:13 am
agents, 19 attorneys, 13 foreign countries, 22 months, $25 million. there was no stone unturned. he said no collusion. what's happening in one of the committees, the intel committee, this is where adam schiff for two years said he had of proof. he told the american public he had proof. up until the same month the report came out. it's very telling that you have every single republican on that committee said they have lost confidence in you. but he continued. he did not apologize. he actually challenged and went after the other members. this is an individual -- how can you trust anything coming out of this committee? what's fearful to me, this committee is there to protect america. and for him to sit there and lie about what he knows and not tell the american public and try to put fear in individuals, we have watched this in our history before a and we made a promise we would never allow this to
7:14 am
come forward. nancy pelosi could remove him from chair. he won't apologize for the lies he's made. no president should have to go through this again. we should make sure that this never happens, republicans, democrats, green party, anybody going forward those go through what we just watched. maria: how do do you that? because next steps are important. people want to see that they can trust the fbi, trust the doj again and how do we get -- democrats didn't celebrate -- russians tried, they couldn't get there. they didn't celebrate that the election was true. they dislike the president so much, when it comes to chairman nadler, he wanted to impeach the president the day the election happened. they need to move past it. put america first. but we are watching what's going on. it's appalling. you have congressman cummings going back 10 years. the president wasn't running for office. i want all your business, any of your business activity, for 10 years. nobody else would have to go through this. maria: we'll be watching. congressman, great to have you
7:15 am
on the program. thank you so much. coming up, mark zuckerberg is speaking out, the facebook ceo calling to regulate the internet after his own company's privacy scandal. what's on the table when we come right back. elon musk the rapper, we'll tell you about it. we humans are strange creatures. other species avoid pain and struggle. we actually... seek it out. other species do difficult things because they have to. we do difficult things. because we like to. we think it's... fun. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger built for the strangest of all creatures.
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maria: welcome back. we have breaking news this morning, a technical issue is grounding flights across the country this morning. cheryl casone with details now. cheryl: kind of programming issue, maria. we're starting to get details on this one. the federa federal aviation administration says the airlines include southwest, united, jetblue, alaska and delta. this relates to technology that provides flight weight and balance data. the program's ai aero data. at this point, we're still getting details about how many delays and the widespread issue that we're watching right now. we'll get more for you later. dueling protests in chicago
7:19 am
today over the jussie smollett case. shea grochicago police protestig outside the prosecutor's office, demanding the fbi intervene following cook county state attorney kim fox's decision to dismiss all charges against smollett. also planned for today, reverend jesse jackson and others will be rallying in support of fox. jackson has called the criticism of fox unjustified and politically motivated. the chicago tribune reporting smollett's community service including volunteering at jackson's rainbow push coalition. the empire actor accused of faking a racist hate crime against himself back in january. a security adviser for jeff bezos concluded that saudi arabia was behind the hack of his phone and leaked information to the national inquire. hillaryenquirer.gavin debecker r investigators and several experts concluded with high
7:20 am
confidence that the saudis had access to bezos' phone and gained private information, end quote. well, ami responded in a statement, american media has and continues to refute the un substantiated claims that the materials for our report were acquired with the help of anyone other than a single source who first brought them to us. then there is this, kellogg reportedly near a deal to sell keebler, famous amos and nutella to ferrero. it could be anoinlsed as early as today. kellogg said it was exploring the sale of the brands last year. the stock is up less than 1% this year. those are your headlines right now. maria: cheryl, thank you. markets are kicking off the second quarter with a big rally, thanks to upbeat data out of china. we'll take a look at the global economy and tell you what the manufacturing gauge told us about the economy and the globe. dow industrials up almost 200
7:21 am
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maria: welcome back. big railly underway this morning, take a look at futures, indicating a trade at the start of trading of almost 200 points on the dow jones industrial average after a rocking first quarter. the s&p is up 20 points this morning and the nasdaq is up almost 70 points. there's an unexpected rebound in chinese ever manufacturing activity. we told you to look for the purchasing manager's index last week. china's official pmi rose to 50.5 in the month of march. that is the first reading showing expansion since november. it comes ahead of the next round
7:25 am
of u.s.-china trade talks this week in washington. senator lindsey graham on sunday morning futures yesterday said -- talked about the importance of a u.s.-china deal on markets and the economy. what are your expectations in terms of a deal between the u.s. and china and how much should we focus on things like huawei and the risk to the u.s. national security as a result of all the espionage going on, senator? >> because of president trump, this is the best chance we've had to stop china from cheating in my lifetime. china steals intellectual property. if you do business in china, they require you to have a chinese business partner, they steal everything you own. trump decided to take china on. their economy has been crippled because of the tariffs. we will gate a great deal or we will have no deal at all. maria: joining us right now is investors chief equity market strategist, fill orlando. -- phil orlando. your reaction to the chinese manufacturing day a take hitting a six month high in the face of
7:26 am
what we are connecting to be a slowing of the global economy. >> you look at what china went through t. shanghai index last year was down 3 30%. their economic growth was the slowest in 30 years. a lot was based on the pressure because of the concern with the trade deal. what we're hearing right now is we're getting close on the trade deal. we think they reached terms on the trade portion of that. the chinese agreed to buy $1.2 trillion of additional goods from us in the next five years. they are working on the details of the intellectual property theft. if we have a signing deal by the end of the second quarter, we're going to start to look past some of the problems we saw last year and i think economic activity in china and in the united states is going to start to tick up. maria: how slow are things really? larry kudlow and the white house is calling for the federal reserve to cut interest rates and even steve moore said the
7:27 am
fed should cut rates immediately. larry kudlow told the journal he wants to see rates lowered by half a percent. >> let's look at the facts. gdp in the fourth quarter was just revised down to 2.2%. we think first quarter gdp, the quarter we just ended, is going to be slower, at 1.7%. we're probably going to get slightly negative first quarter corporate earnings. we think that decline is largely trantransitory issues, the weat, the government shut dop, thedow, collapse in retail sales. those issues are starting to fade. second quarter data, sequentially from first quarter, will be much improved. >> question for you. does brexit enter into your l calculations at a all. >> reporter: all? we've been on the edge of our chairs for brexit forever. does it matter? >> brexit does matter as does china trade.
7:28 am
we have no control over brexit. >> that's true. >> it's an absolute much pet abw over there. we think, what the consensus believes there's a small chance, maybe the stop da-gap they get k to, which is they need more time, let's rehe vote this thing and maybe they stay in the e.u. and maybe this disappears. >> why are yields trading like it's a recession. you're pointing out the good news. there's a disconnect. >> i think the disconnect is that the bond yields are not trading on the basis of economic fundamentals here. i think they're trading on the basis of economic fundamentals globally. if you're a global bond investor, you've got three markets to invest in. germany, japan and the united states. now, germany and japan had negative gdp in the third quarter. there are legitimate concerns that those economies could slow in a recession. you look at jgb and boone
7:29 am
yields, they're negative right now. all of that global bond pressure is coming into the united states, that's forcing yields down. we're not going in a recession in our view. what's going on in germany and japan is keeping the yields down. that should allow multiples to expand on the equity side. maria: it's amazing to see interest rates go lower while the federal reserve has been raising rates. >> and the best quarter for stocks since the 1990s almost. maria: would you still put money into stocks today? >> we are. and there are a couple of areas that look interesting to us. domestic large cap value, emerging markets, and small cap domestic are three areas that we think still -- still think have a lot of value. maria: we've got a big week ahead with the jobs numbers coming out on friday. regulating the internet, mark zuckerberg is calling for changes person any the aftermath of facebook's privacy scandal. then removing thousands of listings,, weeding out unverified accounts. what your family needs to know about this coming up.
7:30 am
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, april 1st. no joke. your top stories right now. stocks are rallying this morning on strong manufacturing data out of china. a pair of reports show a rebound
7:34 am
in activity there. futures indicating a higher opening to the tune of 200 points higher on the dow, s&p 500 is up 20 and nasdaq futures indicate a gain of about 70 points this morning at the open. wall street kicking off the second quarter strong, propelled by the best first quarter, actually best quarter in nearly a decade. take a look at the numbers, dow industrials up 11% for the first quarter, s&p 500 up 13% in the last three months and nasdaq up 16 and-a-half percent in the quarter. fq100 is up 47 points, cac in paris up 38 and the dax index in germany up 130 points. in asia overnight, that's where the gains started on the heels of the purchasing manager's index, the shanghai composite up 2 and a third percent. a big blow to apple, the technology titan completely scrapping plans for its air powered charging matt after customers waited for than a year
7:35 am
for its launch. online child care website removing tens of thousands of unverified listing. it comes after a wall street journal investigation came out, looking into its practices. and elon musk dropping beats, the tesla ceo releasing a new rap single. you'll hear it later this hour, coming up. can he do anything else? a makeup collection that is out of this world, ulta is teaming up with marvel for an avengers makeup line. the top story this half hour, internet regulation, mark zuckerberg spoke out in a washington post op ed this morning titled this, the internet needs new rules, let's start in these four areas. they are addressing harmful content, promoting election security, calling for global regulation and more freedom for data portability. he writes this by updating the rules for the internet we can preserve what's best about it, the freedom for people to express themselves and for entrepreneurs to build new things while also protecting
7:36 am
society from broader harm. joining us right now, fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. >> you have to forgive me laughter over elon musk. you're right, what will he do next. maria: i love the fact that mark zuckerberg is coming up with these things to do, after his company got it wrong on every turn. >> of course he wants regulation, after he made billions distributing private information about everybody else. the non-globalist in me says are you kidding, you want e.u. regulations here? we have a first amendment. they don't in the e.u. do you really want some government board deciding what constitutes hate speech or do you want people that don't like the speech to turn it off and people that like it to be able to read it. i don't see this happening. i think it's cynical. but the realist is suggesting something is going to happen. now, the e.u. has something which we don't have and i would love to hear what my ideal
7:37 am
logicaeye com patriot things about this. they have the right to be left alone, the right to take down anything that's posted about you. >> sounds like my last presidential campaign. [ laughter ] >> i agree with you. i'm cynical about this. and i think that mark zuckerberg is playing us like a game. i totally don't believe any of this from him and this idea of harmful content, judge, you know and i know that if you get to determine what's harmful content, you can say well, if you're pro-life, that's harmful. if you believe in traditional values, that's harmful. so that is too ambiguous and it's going to cause a lot more trouble. facebook is a fraud. they have absolutely destroyed the ability for people to communicate because they get to pick who my friends are. maria: twitter does it all the time. they take stuff down and -- >> to your point, it's happening with the movie unplanned,
7:38 am
twitter's full of people saying i tried to follow this and i'm being taken off. >> unfollowed, unfollowedded. i might be. i haven't looked. >> as of this moment. >> right. but when a business asks the government to regulate, isn't that business almost always already the king of the hill and they already have what they want? >> it's self preservation. >.they know what's coming down e pipeline, which is more regulation. they may as well control what they look at. i think this is probably smart business practice. maria: it won't be as aggressive as europe. >> it can't be because of the first amendment implications. >> it's anti-competitive. >> there are 6,000 startups a year in silicon valley. some of those startups will challenge facebook. if you put in regulations, companies have lawyers to deal with it and startups will not.
7:39 am
they're looking at elizabeth warren, saying break up facebook. maria: and ted cruz. >> by the way, this is -- what is the good offense is the best defense or whatever that is. that's what mark zuckerberg is up to. maria: most conservatives will say you want competition to fix this problem. >> correct. maria: you want somebody to go and compete with facebook. but are we seeing that? >> not on that scale. i mean, the ideal world there would be competition for facebook and you would have a choice. there must be some competition, it's just not of that enormous size. >> in there was. there was instagram. they bought up instagram. that's been their game and they have the money to do it. so it's very hard to challenge this company. >> judge, i think they fear litigation like microsoft and other companies experienced, at&t and others, because they became a monopoly. so they ended up being broken up by lawsuits and i'm just wondering if what's really going on here is zuckerberg saying let's preempt the lawsuit that
7:40 am
we're going to have. >> could you imagine if the trump justice department -- i'm not suggesting this should happen -- decides to file litigation like the doj did against at&t? and break it up? >> absolutely. >> very, very expensive litigation. maria: like you said -- ted cruz says the companies have become too powerful. >> the utilities basically like at&t. maria: devin nunes is suing twitter, he'll come out with another four companies that he's suing. this is going to test this whole idea that they're not media companies. >> yes. maria: isn't that right? they don't have the same oversight that media companies have. >> it will also test the freedom of speech. because they are not subject to the first amendment and though i would hate if you i were unfollowed or if they took my ideas off because they disagreed with me, but they have the right to do that. it's better that they have the right to do that than some government barr crat barr crateg
7:41 am
them what to post and what to take down. maria: quick break and then a shakeup at, the website removing thousands of unverified listing after a report showed the company was not doing background checks on babysitters and other caregiver. and tesla's ceo elon musk releasing a rap song. we'll take a listen coming up. stay with us. ♪ we find a little spot on the edge of town. ♪ twist off, sip a little, pass it around. ♪ dancing, turn the radio up. ♪ what fire ball whiskey whispers temptation in my ear.
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maria: welcomcheryl: welcome . i'm cheryl casone with headlines for you. apple is pulling the plug on a wireless charging mat. the company cancelling plans for the air powered charging mat, reportedly because it didn't meet company standards. the mat that was announced in 2017 was one of apple's most anticipated products. air power was expected to work with a number of apple devices including the company's newer iphones, the apple watch. apple is slightly higher in the premarket. well, the country's largest marketplace for babysitters is cleaning up its site. the move follows an investigation by the wall street journal, removed 72% of day-care centers listed right
7:46 am
before the wall street journal was to publish a story stating many of the businesses on lacked verification and proper licensing. several caregivers were accused of crimes while caring for children or elders. and then there is this, ulta is teaming up with the new a avengers movie. the partnership delivering a new product line. it's called the ulta beauty collection x, marvel's avengers. it's got a 15 color eye shadow palette, a highlighter palette, lipstick, lip gloss. the products help channel your inner superhero with names like legend and built for battle. we've got a lot more coming up this morning. "saturday night live" taking on the mueller report, the show looking for laughs at the expense of the president. , the attorney general and the special counsel, joe piscopo will weigh in, he's coming up.
7:47 am
plus, beyond business, tesla's ceo elon musk releasing a rap song. yeah. wait until you hear it. it's coming up next. ♪ it's the same old song. ♪ but with a different meaning since you've been gone. ♪ well, it's the same old song. ♪ but with a different meaning since you've been gone. run with us in the unstoppable john deere gator xuv835, and be prepared to go the extra mile. because when others take rain checks, we take the wheel. with three-wide seating, heat and ac, this is the coolest, most comfortable gator yet. nothing runs like a deere. run with us.
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7:50 am
rush sharussia, if you're w, go to bed. daddy won. >> i should remind everyone, there are still several other ongoing investigations. >> one or two, tiny investigations. >> and they're investigations into democrats, tv shows that have been mean to me and puerto rico.
7:51 am
that's right. i want my paper towels back, amigos. maria: "saturday night live" taking another town roast president trump this weekend after good news for the commander in chief. joining us right now is snl alum, joe piscopo. hey, joe, good morning to you. >> maria, how are you? great to have you with us. congratulations on sunday morning futures, five years, girl. you're unbelievable. maria: thank you so much. it's been a great five years. we've been watching all of the ins and outs around the mueller report and we've been real accurate on the right side of justice in that. he had a great week and your alum, snl, continues to take shots at him. joe, why can't they come up with anything funny away from donald trump and their politics? >> i know. you know, i thought -- did you see deniro play mueller. i thought he was going to lose it. i thought he was going to go off and start going after the
7:52 am
president again, into one of his characters. are you talking to me? are you talking to me? you know. but i have to tell you, there is hope, maria. if you watched the show, you went into it, you saw beck bennett do vladimir putin and they had a sketch of putin's general going after putin because the mueller report came out and said he, putin, did not own donald trump and they were very upset about it. that sketch i think should have led off the shoavment tha show. that was fair and balanced the show has been strong for many years, since your days there. i mean, just -- is that all loren michaels? >> i don't know. it's a good question. you know what, i think it's always anti-establishment. that's what it is. when i was on the show, we did anti-establishment. i would do -- i would parody ronald reagan. they went on with the vladimir putin sketch, they did jussie smollett. they did a very funny sketch
7:53 am
going after jussie smollett. but to your point, maria, wouldn't it be great -- where was the joe biden material, man? it's like joe buy degenerative g into dracula, hovering behind women and smelling what kind of perfume you have. i want to bite your neck. i mean, there's a sketch. that writes itself, no? maria: that's funny, actually. how about us this, elon musk drops a new single, the tesla ceo tweeted about a rap song that he created, a tribute to harambe, the gorilla who died in 2016. let's listen to it. here we go. ♪ r.i.p. harambe. ♪ sipping on some bombay. ♪ we're on our way to heaven. ♪ amen, amen. ♪ rip harambe. maria: okay. >> stop. maria: that was elon musk's new rap song. >> you can't. i do a rap to -- i'm joe piscopo. i'd like to thank you all
7:54 am
especially for coming to show. i was born a white boy but i like to rap back. i hope you don't mind, give some folks a heart attack. maria: you did a good job on that. >> forget about it. you can't, you know. maria, there's so much to make fun of. i would love to see -- what's happening with the mueller probe, i know we're on atime couldn't straint, you've -- time constraint. you've been covering it to great. trey gowdy said the whole report is flawed. there shouldn't have been a report. lindsey graham has to go after everybody. on snl they should at least address that and why it's flawed. it's like the h three stooges, e democrats are like the three stooges. it's like a joke. i don't know what to make of it. maria: they've tried to
7:55 am
undermine the president. what do you say about this, gov? >> i think "saturday night live" needs some of the old characters they used to have, if not old ones, some new ones. seems like all they do is is thasnarkyhumor. they lose the sense of bringing in characters that are just plain funny. do you think we'll see that again at snl? >> governor, i watch and read your tweets, governor huckabee. you're a pretty funny guy, man. maybe they need you to write on "saturday night live." >> call loren, tell him i'm ready, i'm available. >> you know what, governor, i talked to maria about this, adam schiff, the guy with the eyes and pencil neck schiff with the eyes, you can't make that up. that is funny. there's so many great characters. maria: they're not making fun of him. all they do is make fun of the president. >> they let joe biden get a away with it this weekend. that i would have loved to have seen. maria: that's the thing. it's only at the president's expense. there's nothing -- you're right,
7:56 am
there could have been a great one, episode about biden but they stayed away from it. >> i know. guys, if i may, i said it before, i'll say it again, i think that the president, i would be awesome if president trump reached out to snl, brought the cast down the way ronald reagan invited me to the white house. i know i'm dreaming. but you know what, funny is funny. it's time to join together here. because the president is doing a great job. this is -- for everybody who supports president trump, the good news is, if you keep doing this and not giving a fair and balanced comedy overview of president trump, he's going to walk away with this in 2020. maria: you want to give us a ronald reagan before you go? >> well, well, joe, you know, you were very funny, please -- i'm watching down. i'm watching down on you. but you're a good, good italian kid from new jersey. he pretty much told me that when i met him. maria: you're the best. good to sigh. have a great day to you an yourr
7:57 am
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning. thanks so multiple of for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. monday, april 1, top stories right now k78 on the east coast global about market rally under way due to upbeat manufacturing data out of china, a payer of errors show that there was a a rebound in manufacturing activity in china, eased some fears about the global slowdown futures near highs up almost 200 points on dow industrials. s&p 500 up 20 the nasdaq, up 70 points right now. we are kicking off second
8:01 am
quarter after a blockbuster start the first quarter dow up 11% s&p 500 up 13% nasdaq up 16 1/2% first three months of the year global markets are on fire this morning about take a look at the european indices ft 100 a cac quarante paris up 40 dax up better than 1%, 128 points higher in germany in asia overnight action started because of chinese data, shanghai composite, was the top perform up 2 and two-thirds%, as you can see, there the others up one and had a%% on average breaking news deadly shooting in los angeles, a grammy nominated rapper killed outside his clothings store, latest on investigation. >> ground a technical glitch forced airlines across the country, to delay flights the morning all the details, on the flights, and which airlines are affected move over apple most new mosting valuable company in the world, the numbers eye-popping
8:02 am
valuation coming up, google celebrates april fools day with a new fame coming up monday morning to break it down fox business network susans li former arc governor mike huckabee fox news contributor liz peek. >> great to about when markets about to take off. dagen: yea retail in about 30 minz owe sxhooe is doing very important part of the puzzles where we are in economic story. >> going up 34%, 4% did we need two inches -- according to larry kudlow i think great we want to get great jobs the end of it. >> jobs number out, by the way, coming out friday, has been very good story in terms of job creation and growth governor. >> i think it has been greats time and president has a lot to brag about his policies worked, they have worked to put people back to work worked to create manufacturing jobs, and there are a lot of successes with all cloudy of mueller handing over his head remarkable to get the out of
8:03 am
bed every day glow to work, and really lead this country, in spite of all that. maria: are in spite of all that media has really you know driven this story to heights last two years, talking about all the above, top story a threat to scloirns border president trump signaled that he will shut down the border, as more migrants head to yu states blake burman live at white house this morning with the latest, blake, we should points out that a million people every year are let into the did you know we're trump administration starting to build up the argument at least did oifr the weekend maria, that southern border nor march past month on pace for 100,0 an henningss rolling out as president a threatens to close the southern border, between united states, and mexico, possibly, as early as this week. the president over weekend continued to show his frustrations towards mexico tweeting one point quote our detention areas are maxed out we will take no more illegals,
8:04 am
next step is to close the border. this will also help us with stopping the drug flow from mexico. the white house says this is not an empty threat. >> it certainly isn't a bluff you can take the president seriously we have never seen certainly like this from northern -- so many kids separated, by their parents, from their parents, before they arrive here, congress can fix this chris in an hour. reporter: state department over weekend announced that it would end foreign assistance programmatics for honduras nicaragua el salvador fends in 2017 and 20189 there was no mention of 2019 critics say it is a move that is going to exacerbate the problem at u.s.-mexico border. >> president says he is going to close the border that is a totally unrealistboast signal
8:05 am
emotioning three golden globe president cutting off aide will not solve their problem. >> maria the threat of shutting down southern border remains last week the president tweeting out that it would happen this week, still do not have sort of direction as to potentially what a day that might be. >> blake burman latest the joining me for reaction pennsylvania congressman house budge member good to see you thanks so much for being here. >> thank you great to be with you. >> what do you think the answer is congressman? you've got massive caravans once again, headed our way you know this -- is kind of things that just feetsdz ds when peopl know maybe a shot to get in, and stay, in the numbers increase. >> yeah the rhetorical out of the democrat caucus serves as magnet to attract those coming to our country illegally. it took them, a year and a
8:06 am
half, to even come to start to admit that we have a crisis at the border. i was leap to see even cnn over weekend admit that it is a crisis we have 100,000 just this past month as you stated, we are very welcoming country we've got to have order at the border. >> do you think though what you just heard, from the other side, that you know taking money from stopping aide from some of the countries, is not the going to move the needle? do you think the president's plan in terms of threatening that we're not going to send aid that we have been in the past will move those governments to stop the flow of people leaving their countries and coming here? . >> you know a carrot-and-stick decision, we've had the carrot out for -- for many years. look where we are. so the president is doing everything he has to do to get tough he asked for minimal amounts to secure border he engaged in the national emergency act to invoke in his constitutional right, now calling to for the possibility
8:07 am
of shutting down the border, ronald reagan did, in the 80s because of the drug crisis that existed we have a drug crisis we have humanitarian crisis we have a mess. the government the president is determined to correct being this. maria: president reagan did it president bush did it aftknon a. >> huge concern for americans the national deductibility topping a record 22 trillion dollars, minnesota federal reserve president kashkari on this program friday warning about the threat of soaring debtor listen to this. >> u.s. government has more capacity to issue debt if you want to invest in infrastructure, debt is a reasonable way to finance infrastructure but does it mean u.s. governmental can just when spend spend spend and fund all of our dreams? no, that will lead to to inflation. >> what do you think do republicans have a plan to reign in spending at some point? >> we have a realistic plan, i am on the budget committee, and the president's proposal
8:08 am
the proposal republicans are putting together calls for 5% cut to nonassimilate discretionary spending with hundreds of millions of reductions through efficiencies rooting out waste abuse fraud for medicare medicaid in same note, the democrats who run the budget committee and run the house are now looks like not the going to propose any budget whatsoever the so again, it is reality versus a versus fiction sometimes on house floor i feel i am in a library the fiction side and nonfiction side we are about real initiatives that will reduce for instance in budget indication will reduce the budget overtime the democrats on budget committee, are stating they are not going to even propose a budget. >> they did propose a plan called the green new deal, supposed to cost 94 trillion dollars. >> right. maria: you know when they put their money where mouth is last week they left, or they voted present or didn't vote
8:09 am
for the green new deal, so coming up with proposals -- at the end of the day they recognize don't the make any sense given the cost. >> again, unrealistic smoke and mirrors they had a chance to vote as you said this we have a great economy, we are seeing that, we are seeing china's growth increasing we are seeing people want to go come here, like never before. and yet the -- the phoniness on side of the left pretend our economy is weak solution is the green new deal, we have such -- a spending problem get recall with american people. >> revenues have their problem about health care the president is vowing to make health care a priority. he said last week the republicans are going to be about health care, house minor looefrt kevin mccarthy joined a me i can't recall day what he said last hour. >> being medicare wipes out entire industry we know that, it would be unlawful to get health insurance from the
8:10 am
private sector as you say 1 a some people say 180 million what is the plan of the republican side? >> well the republicans have been clear we have a number of plans sitting out there, number one goal here,be able to lower your premiums, caisson care has done to our premiums, give you greater choice, and most importantly, build a relationship where the patient has with the doctor right now government. this goes to a a much bigger picture with democrats are going it is socialism versus free enterprise. >> reaction congressman? >> couldn't agree more affordability quality choice the people in my district throughout the country are seeing their premiums continuing to up being about about deductibles skyrocket part of health care we must work upon we need to lower he premiums we need to lower the about deductibles, leave it in the private sector. you know that is where innovation takes place how many times have you heard governments innovation in the same sentence? it doesn't happen, original happens in private sector, and that is that is is got to
8:11 am
about majority piece of our plan, we need it people need it, it will help increase, people's cost of living so important. >> good to have you owe on the program thanks so much. >> thank you see you soon are congressman joining us there, president trump tweeting on mueller report here is what he said now that long woitdz mueller report conclusions have been released most this democrats others gone book is to preit with ofhunt phase before collusion you delusion took over ordered preto attend o former hero bob mueller no longer rifts. >> president writes this morning waiting for faeb straelz sales number due out in about 15 minutes nats sxep increase in retail sales 3/10% we bring that as soon as it hits the tape a rally up 200 points on dow industrials, then up ahead, grounded a glitch forced airlines across the country, to delay flights we've got everything you need to know back in a minute.
8:12 am
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shot and killed, plus two others hurt i can say cheryl casone with details now headlines. cheryl: bireactions to this nipsey hustle shot outside clothing store in los angeles. the grammer nominated singer died at hospital police searching for the shooter the 33-year-old survived by two children, the fans showing support including celebrities rihanna tweeted this this doesn't make any sense my spirit is shaken about this, pharrell williams writing you were about something positive for community every chance you had to speak because of that you inspired millions some of the outpouring of support out for him this morning. also breaking news, we are tracking right now, a number
8:16 am
of major u.s. airlines starting to resume flights after a technical problem ground operations this morning. southwest tweeted the issue with aero data program provides flight weight balance information is resolved. the airline expecting scattered delays reports so far of delays in chicago, new york, boston atlanta miami, detroit flying in and out of airports check about the status of your flight all right, don't be an april fool take advantage cheesecake factory deal offered only today this is real this is real news i promise. yeah, not a joke, 4:00 pm eastern company giving away 25 dollar rewarding to first 10,000 visitors to cheese cake winners have one week to use on delivery from restaurant ashe waiving on cheesecake factory orders through april 7, to
8:17 am
mark april fool positioning day. >> going bringing back being -- remember snake game from nokia phones it is back adapted to google maps play on ios android verses, snead of a snake you play as a bus or train through london cairo san francisco reportedly saying game available for about a week, so, check it out while you can something to do april fool's day besides make jokes. never happens. maria: happy april fool's day, the president tweeted detain talking about the border right now here is what he just said democrats working with republicans in congress, can fix the asylum you will in other loopholes about quickly a major national emergency at the border get it done now writes president a break we are awaiting february retail sales numbers due out shortly analysts looking for increase of 3/10 of a percent from february number we will tell you how it impacts markets
8:18 am
crude i woing prices higher saudi aramco ahead of apple as world positioning most valuable about profitable company up 1 1/4% on oil this morning 60.88 a barrel. back in a minute. ♪
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
awaiting prices. crude oil higher up 60.88 a barrel saudi aramco the most about profitable company in the world taking apple number one spot the net income 50% to 111 billion dollars last year joining us right now he steven
8:22 am
shorts 111 billion earnings interesting to see that wells oil where it is how do you see the market? >> well we certainly are in that phase maria where the estimate starting to transition shall over shale from the -- lowest demand part of the season to peak demand out of refinery forward to summer driving after pummeled fourth quarter funds on wall street back at it now holding most bullish position year-to-date when you adjust that for risk for every one dollar speculator is wagering on lower prices the bulls are betting nearly 7 dollars higher, so certainly wroot jumping back into fray juxtapose with seasonaltration from low to high demand
8:23 am
supportive of prices as you know i have been saying all along, that oil in low mid 50s i did believe that was the bottom certainly on the trajectory higher prices, as we go into summer we will likely see oil prices back into that mid to high 60 dollar area. >> as a sea happy that oil is 31 $-- like in 2016, are they going to issue ten-billion-dollar bond sale this weekend they are thinking of lifting 5%, of the company on the stock market o do you think going to revisit that now back in 60' -- >> i am skeptical on that maria also not just saudi arabia keep in mind, that it is happy oil no longer 31 dollars i wish president would keep in mind also the people in ladz, oklahoma texas north dakota also happy that oil prices not in 30 dollar range as far as aramco they are making hay while sun siengz i am skeptical that will attracting them back into this
8:24 am
ipo. i think they are going to look for back 75 to 80 dollar range to entice them i do think oil sustained at those levels is untenable. >> i think the answer that was susan li, steven but i think one of the issues with saudi aramco congress opened up lawsuits potentially for saudi acam roe if they list new york stock exchange going to be liable to victims of 911 that could be an issue. >> the question for o you do you think that the saudis who ep apparently did cut back prediction, in the first quarter, buoyed prices is part political they got to hammered by congress, and by the united states generally for what went on with "the washington post" reporter is this a lit reminding united states they are an important ally? >> i am skeptical on that at
8:25 am
the end of the day comes down to dollars and cents, and saudi arabia has had a difficult go at it when oil prices crashed in 2015. that said saudi arabia also had to watch past year its position as woermd's largest crude oil producer through united states by them trying to attempt that is what they are doing, to lower prices, he certainly it is harder competition with them because the united states, as a producer mortgages productivity greater than four, five years ago so the increased competition, is extremely dear for memory. >> opened up opportunities in emergen deregulation for america to about a hugely number one exporter thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up we are awaiting february retail numbers in a few mints /10% increase
8:26 am
expected we see if it impacts markets china manufacturing data up 200 points dow industrials, the last man standing last blockbuster on planet has no plans of closing take you there live for a look into a thriving business, at this blockbuster back in a minute. ♪ better with we're together look at stars when we're together ♪ ♪ thanks for joining
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
us. i'm maria bartiromo. monday, april 1 no joke your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast we are awaiting february retail sales this morning, out we are expecting retail sales to about up 3/10 of a percent for february an important number because obviously, it highlights the consumer and consumer spending retail sales giving us a window into how strong the economy is right now. >> down 2/10 of a percent hitting tape lower than expected down 2/10 of a percent expecting gain 3/10 of a percent watching to see if shine comes off given this is below expectations stocks rallying on better-than-expected data, out of china this morning, ares manufacturing data, being show that there was a rebound in manufacturing, activity in china. that eased some fears about a slowdown since markets soared, dow industrials, as you can
8:31 am
see, right now up 180 points s&p up 17 nasdaq up 64 despite retail sales number a negative, down 2/10 of a percent versus estimate up 3/10 of a percent wall street kicks off second quarter followed by the best quarter in nearly a decade, check out numbers for the first quarter dow industrials up 11% first three months of the year s&p up 13% nasdaq up 16 1/2% first quarter european indices a cue from asia ft 100 up 48 points two-thirds of a percent cac quarante up two-thirds of a percent, 37 points higher dax in germany up 113 points one percent higher started in asia on heels of he better-than-expected manufacturing data shanghai composite, was up 2 and two-thirds percent set done for global markets lift off the first full day of trading after the strong ipo showing on friday we are taking a look at the stock, down this morning in premarket by 3%,
8:32 am
plus one the a world's last blockbuster store surprisingly thriving, in face of netflix hulu, estrange wars we tell you about it when we get there first we are getting the retail sales numbers for february on the floor of the being new york stock exchange with reaction there good morning to you. reporter: good morning, maria. traders as you know here setting up for the day, a few of them asked what do you make of disappointing retail sales number they say okay might be a difference between 5 and 7 points but seem focused more positive, ones numbers you were talking about coming from china manufacturing data points, show just a little bit stronger operating than a lot of people had already assumed about what was going on in china overall people say okay. we will be able to move past retail sales number we can't ignore retail consumer strength is two-thirds of our economy, so obviously, we will watch along retail stocks at the open, we are also watching a lyft you have been talking about it this morning, of
8:33 am
course, it went big fanfare 25 billion dollars valuation going public on friday, listen this company lost 1 -- lost 911 million dollars amazing sales not yet profits uber, pinterest -- both to go public later this year lyft in says a test buy n to see how investors are going to accept this notion of great sales, not yet learning how to turn a profit, now interestingly other companies we know well debuted with same conditions, tesla one, amazon is one, snap twitter two more i can think of a mixed bag of tricks as for what investors get once kind of companies go public i think amazon's case the most people who bot amazon ipo or there after are pretty pleased meantime we continue to follow the trade back to you.
8:34 am
maria: isn't it interesting to see all capitalists doing work with all ipos, and look at socialists in washington not a good week when everybody gave thumbs-down the green new deal interesting to compare that is going on in ipos with what is going on, in washington, these days deirdre thank you, april is national cannabis awareness month cannabis business is booming, with the push for legalization growing in several states across the country joining us right now global investment ceo brady cobb thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> you used to invest in retail you switched to cannabis companies, tell us how this started give your playbook here because you've got licenses across the world. >> yeah, we are identified this marketed was coming, representative waters said in congress the genie is out of the bolt congress recognized that we saw three and a half, four years ago you look at
8:35 am
marketplace people want the product you look at states in united states, california oregon washington people weren't paying attention you get states like ohio florida, michigan, states that matter in white house election, states that matter in major congressional election delegations talk being the market seeing thes it we identified coming to united states kel established in canada all private, public money was going to canada i am sure folks on wall street would love to see ipos cannabis companies trading in u.s. >> one of them, soared on day one. >> limited share count first stop that was krefk to u.s. retail because on nyse flan was there we saw that a couple years request ago making investments started off latin america, a burgeoning market greats exports to canada cost of production cheaper we o pivoted into florida first license transfer in state of florida, florida iselle well renowned one of the biggest markets in u.s. population 21
8:36 am
million great demographics, we then pivoted to looking at bigger u.s. multistate operators recognizing you couldn't just be in one state we invested in a company veerano holdings you saw last week two weeks ago acquired by harvest one of the largest cannabis deals 850 million dollars, the lulting largest multistate operator in u.s. we identified talent identified management that have praises that can scale up. maria: so you invested in this industry, ahead of any changes in congress, because you see it state-by-state, getting legalized you are lobbying congressional people to make this recreational legal. >> no, we are i mean if recreational happens great we are a medically focused i started in t.c. couple years ago couldn't barely get a meeting especially on republican side i engaged, the bgr13 group haley barbour's
8:37 am
group went door to or do banging on doors amazing to go back now, staff is educated staff is asking questions because it has become too politically inopportune to oppose it i think a big issue in 2020 i think that anybody running reelection look at senator gardiner facing a very tough reelection bid in colorado that is why really pushing the act passed out of committee financial services this week this is a big issue, when we started we could barely get a meeting now going door-to-door people understand that maxine waters said the genie is out of the boldt i think you out of the bolt, committee vote either 45-15 pretty well-known conservatives voted in favor of safe banking act boetsdz well for house floor weaker get strong enough house floor vote will send a message to senate. >> we have jack brewer on all the time on this program a former nfl player a giant, he stays doctor should stop
8:38 am
giving nfl players opioids instead give cannabis marijuana you are not addicted the way on opioids how do you feel. >> i think a valid point, the medicinal use one thing when it motives to recreational a whole different ball of wax do you think we will get to the place where all 50 states will legalize recreational use of marijuana? and in polite of the fact some million reports are saying this may not be a great idea for recreationalious medicinal absolutely but recreational? not sure. >> is it i think million is -- medical lead the way states that have done its going to happen i think largely medical at federal level i think what you are going to see bill i worked on with senator gardiner's staff the states act does exactly what harkens back to foundational principles states' rights if you want medical in florida
8:39 am
have mel in florida if you want mel recreational in california have that in california if you don't want it in alabama don't want it in nebraska then you don't have to have it i think that is a responsible way of addressing this as we continue to 'down to road. but you know, a once and forrall recreational happening next five years i don't see that happening i see thriving medical market i see a thriving cbd market likes of which i don't think world necessarily ready for when you talk about cbd being sold in national drugstores. maria: like cvs. >> if you want younger votes 2020 gennex, millennials gen x, all on borrowed with legalizing marijuana 93% americans baby boomer younger generation is this by doctors they want with mel marijuana cbde legalized there is definitely would i say there is a tailwind helping that cause. >> look at the senate president mitch mcconnell read
8:40 am
op-ed in kentucky paper saying one of his number one legislative priorities was passage of the farm bill included hemp and cdb big moment the senate president saying he appointed himself to conference committee to make sure it go the through a big deal i think that shows, that you got to look at looking at investing who can scale up canada every won scaled up 10 year head start millions square feet cultivation recreational out of product week won. >> that is marijuana -- for instance you know we have state funds pension funds fidelity bank guard clean proper proper won't want to touch sin stuff what marijuana is considered. >> the biggest issue right now without the safe banking act is a bank takes cannabis money, or and write a check they have to feel pay electrician, they have to file 13ish activity report every single time.
8:41 am
>> -- >> national legislation is that a big impediment. >> refuge imagine pay role in cash business from perspective of a governmental standpoint, you talk to folks at treasury they want to bank it now figure out how big the market actually is ultimately look see if they put a federal tax on it. you have to look from law enforcement. what is the easiest way to trace crime in bank trace money transfers kind of plug your ears hope no one yelz allowed enough the model it has gotten loud workers trying to pay family wages. >> using so much cash -- >> obviously growth potential good to have you on the show you the very much for having me brady i know you are my guess on wall street we will talk more about that coming up trade is in focus stuart varney says another deal might be on table not talking about china he will weigh in on that
8:42 am
next business could not be better at world's last standing blockbuster store, we will take you live inside for a look at the popular business and what is selling so hot, special patriot update. >> tennis channel court report, vogel car open kick off charleston about south carolina. >> the world number will hoping for form that lifts trophy with dominant straight sets win. >> former u.s. open champion a major threat as she tries to kick-start her 2019 the american hasn't been -- so far this season, the looking to claim second time of the season after i triumph in.
8:43 am
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. maria: welcome back we are watching for any news out of britain and exit from the european union what that could mean for trade deal between u.s. and uk joining me stuart varney to weigh in. >> pure speculation, maria i mean, pure speculation. but suppose that the brexit
8:47 am
thing they crash out or something happens, and they are out. in whenever fashion are there out of europe? doesn't that set them up for ideal trade deal with us? can't you see a uk u.s. bilateral trade deal opening up more trade between two countries? it just seems like it is set to happen isn't it president trump goes on a state visit to britain in may of this year, what about six weeks away all it is pretty good timing to propose and talk about a bilateral trade deal we may have some very good news on a variety of trade deal fronts, we've got usmca that is new nafta, of course, that is probably going to pass congress we've got good news on china trade, china trade deal looking pretty good at this point. and then maybe a u.s. uk trade deal? i would love to see it frankly i really would how about out? >> wu will see about usmca i
8:48 am
think real important but there have been a handful of democrats said i am not going to sign it as it is right now i know if president will need to do any tweaking on that he said when i asked him about that, look if they don't approve nafta if if they don't approve usmca nafta 2.0 we go to prenafta how bad he sees the nafta deal. >> he does indeed, look i think congress will work it out somehow or on the i can't see just saying no, ain't gonna happen that would be a pushback from them not going to happen we will see. maria: i know you have more in 10 minutes thank you so much see the you top of the hour, "varney & company" 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria". i want to tell you about the -- the breaking news getting in house judiciary committee will vote to authorizes subpoenas for the mueller report democratic led committee vote to take place this wednesday, april 3, timing of issuance up to chairman nadler jerry madler told us he was going to do this they are voting on wednesday to authorizes
8:49 am
subpoenas for the full mueller report. >> a don't each take into account it is illegal to release portions of that report because grand jury information also information about innocent people and they cannot by lawry's it but they continue care this is a political stunt has this has nothing to do with their interests, nothing do with law it has to do with pure political -- >> yesterday, i feel like in our judicial system i don't -- the authorities don't say oh look i investigated you two years, we have decided no charges, but at the end of the day, you know what? we are stuck on what happened the year ago what you did in that insurance deal you know, what you did in you know, two years ago, you know looks shady to us, that is -- no, it is either indictment or no? charges or no charges, right. >> going to create all sorts of crumbs for detractors of the president to investigate -- >> show showboating most
8:50 am
people don't know about grand jury efrn saying we have to get report out right now what are they stalling for there month something hidden we don't know it is unfortunate that is all democrats have. that this economy is going to make it difficult for them this is what they got. >> a word on economy, liz you nodes futures moved up after retail number came out bad number about down 2/10 of a percent. >> probably within larry kudlow talking about maybe cutting rates market factoring in no rate hikes for midnight future possibly a -- >> you think this is a temporary thing like weather. >> weather, with building materials down most in seven years in months grocery store sales i appliances, since 207. maria: quick break the last store standing the only blockbuster on the planet has no plans to close, we are going to take you there live when we come right back. stay with us. .d ♪
8:51 am
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8:54 am
. >> kellogg company agreement to sell its keyboardbler business all related to ferraro 1.3 billion dollars deal kellogg up fractionally a quarter of a percent, on the news, and now this, and then there was one blockbuster, in video rental game now down to one single store kristina partsinevelos there is this morning at world's last blockbuster, inbend oregon good morning. reporter: good morning, maria it is officially the last one because the opener of the other one in perth australia called this store yesterday caseload down wished them luck
8:55 am
exactly how you remember inside went in yesterday popcorn ceilings yellow counter tops everything organized per category new he relations latest in there as well, this store blockbuster around since 1985 at boom there was 9,000 locations in 12 countries, around the globe they hit almost yl revenue 2004 almost 6 billion dollars, and then -- the company closed a lot of locations, dish took over this store licenses the brand from dish you can see there has been so many people that come in through visuals listen. >> -- oxygen here come weekly going throumarble for kids, so e at least once a week, totally
8:56 am
-- >> associated blockbuster video in nebraska in 2005, and it is just the like a time capsule i wanted to check it out brings back so many memories i'm a big city old geek. >> the -- told me reason store possible locals get the all removes you have a lot of tourists this town is booming in bend oregon back to you last blockbuster in the world! maria: amazing thanks. >> kristina partsinevelos. quick break then final thoughts from all-star panel we have -- wow april fools day remember that back in a minute.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
maria: great show. jared max has joined us this morning. "varney & company" starts right now. stau stuart, notice anything different today about our set? notice anything different? stuart: yeah. maria: april fool's! stuart: i know jared very well. maria: he has hair. april fool's. stuart: good morning, maria. good morning, everyone. clearly, it's april 1st. it is a monday morning rally. it's the start of a new quarter and watch stocks go as surprise rebounds of manufacturing in china, good news for the global economy. their vice premier arrives here


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