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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 3, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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good night. lou: good evening our southern border is fire. that according to a senior official at department of homeland security. the trump administration's point person on both border security and immigration policy is kirstjen nielson last week described crisis as a system ride break down. the system she is in charge of. she appears to be more a part of the problem than the solution. president trump vowing to shut down the border to protect our national security. >> a little secret, security is
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more por important to me than t, we'll have a strong border or a closed border, when we close that border we'll stop hundreds of millions of dollars of drugs from coming in. tremendous aims of drugs come through the southern border, i'm prepared to do it we'll see what happens over the next few days. lou: president's strong stand to secure border in contrast to that of his secretary of homeland security. she waited 6 weeks after president had declared a national emergency on the border with mexico before she sought authorities and resources to deal with the crisis. and weak kneed congressional rinos are as predictable as radical dimms, they have been complicit in allowing illegal immigration that now out of control. >> closing down the border would have potentially catastrophic
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economic impact on the country. and but hopefully we would not do that. >> we need to send a message to mexico, there an emergency, but i think you could stop pedestrian flow and not stopping railroads and trucking and other things that are keep our economy alive. >> i don't think that is a good idea. >> i think that the president speaking out of frustration, it would close the border, it would hurt our gdexpect. gdp . lou: president now considering an immigration czar to be his point person on immigration crise, former kansas secretary of state kris kobach. he is our guest tonight, president trump's commit tom -- commitment to secured bored epresident pointing to israel as an example of now walls effectively protect's nation. >> walls work whether we like it or not, israel 99.9% successful.
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in israel. they had a big problem. they put up a wall, 99.99% of people were stopped from coming in. we'll have the same thing. lou: tonight, we're joined by a former israeli mayor, david ruben, who knows how effective walls can be. president trump targets radical dimms perpetuates russia collusion delusion. despite robert mueller's investigation that found no crime, no collusion. >> we within through two years of the mueller investigation. we have -- not only that, you read the wording, it was proven. who could. >> through that and get wording where it was no collusion.
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no nothing. so there is no collusion. the attorney general rally now and the deputy attorney general ruled, no obstruction after 30 million dollars we're going to start the process again, because enadleror schiff wants to start. i tell you, anything that is given to them will never be good enough. lou: we talk with republican strategist ed rollins tonight. >> our top story, department of homeland security's failure to gain control of the border crisis is the result of the failed and ineffective leadership of secretary kirstjen nielson. in london yesterday, that is right, she has been abroad, she announced what she called a surge of 750 border patrol agents to assist almost 17,000
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agents already stations on the border. percentages don't workout do they? kirstjen nielson cut her trip to europe short, headed brack to washington, and to head to the border tomorrow, there has been a crise, we know for at least 6 weeks or longer depending on whom you ask. president trump issuing that national emergency declaration 6 weeks ago, and only now nielson asked for help, and also failing to address those who illegally enter the united states, she does not call them illegal, she calls them quote, the vulnerable populations, and migrants. directing border patrol to increase the return of illegal immigrants back to mexico, as they await an immigration court date. that is surprising. rather than doing so for past two years, border patrol has been releasing illegal
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immigrants on american streets where many of them, most of them, nearly all, disappear into american society. >> here tonight to answer some questions and much more, joining us tonight former kansas secretary of state, kris kobach, also general council for nonprofit group we build a wall, they have ambitions to build a privately funded wall. it is stunning to me to hear the woman who is in charge of border security say that system is in meltdown. to hear she has waited 6 weeks from the time that the president declared a national emergency. to seek emergency authorities and resources. your reaction? >> well, lou, the solution to this crisis is actually a fairly easy one. i won't say easy but 3 steps
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they had have been taken months ago, i don't know where agency has sat on its hands for so long. i will quickly run through the three steps. lou: let me say, one at a time so it is easier to communicate for us to understand. >> okay. >> one. >> publish the flores settlement regulation, a regulation that ends flores settlement and defines how we can detain entire families together, that should be done immediately, this would stop caravans from using children as get out of free cards. lou: could i proffer a possible answer. because kirstjen nielson is working for chamber of commerce and business round table rather than president of united states? >> there well i won't speculate on why, they have not but it
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would be easy to do,. number two, this is deploy dozens of immigration judges and fleet of passenger planes, and the empty mobile home trailers that u.s. owns, deport them to the border cities, and create processing towns. so that when we don't release them right away, we process them right there in the camp, they live in a nice home, and they have meals, as soon as they are done, they are on next plane back home, and people say he just left two weeks ago, now he back, maybe the caravan is not a great deal, let's process those claims right there add border and not release them into the united states. lou: just to recap. first flores amendment, published last settlement.
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correct? change in regulations, it could have been finalized as early as december of last year. and thirdly, bring that unused government property to use. and very little cost, if not no cost to the deputy -- department of homeland security. >> right, then the third step is this. we do have to exercise leverage over mexico, but a more powerful bargaining chip would be propose a treasury regulation, you can't wire money home in form of remit remittances if you are not legally from the united states. say either we'll findallize the regulation unless you give us two things. a safe third country agreement like we have already with
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canada. that is an agreement that says when someone travels through one of our two country then claims asylum in security country, you say no, you have to claim in first country you set foot in. lou: the -- your third solution has us resorting to an agreement with the country that is the source of illegal immigration as president put is 99% on this continent. we do have such an agreement with canada, where there is no such problem. that is -- >> right. lou: brilliant. >> and mexico then -- other thing is by the way, just throw in 5 brilliop fo brilliant brile wall. we would solve it. lou: what we have is a now an
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emergency declaration that is 6 weeks old, no evidence from this department of homeland security because of secretary of homeland security did not ask for any help or resources or further authorities, in fact was traveling in midst of this emergency, as senior officials describe the situation on border as on fire. kris kobach, you have equipment ucome upwith more answers in 5 s than we heard from department of homeland security in some time. how receptive do you think that president would be to such suggestions? >> i think he would be. i think you know president recognizes good ideas, and recognizes the crisis and need to move quickly. i imagine he bowl -- would probably be willing to move
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forward, i don't know why they have not been taken already. lou: that is the frustration for so many americans. that is a president who promised a wall, a president who promised to get this border under control. and we hear from mexico's interior secretary, their top as you know immigration official, saying, they have no plans to stop anyone from entering this country. that is ente en -- interpreted y most as an easy pass across to u.s. border. provided by government of mexico. what would you -- be your first step with mexico? >> well, asy said, in step three, we would publish propose the first step telme tell -- mee would like to chip in 5 billion for the wall.
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i am astonished, look the president has wanted this wall for so long, we should have had a plan by the end of january 2017 for where we'll build it. i've been talking with people on border patrol, on the border, until last week, i had not heard anything, people are confused, they don't know where they will be building this wall, only now are they starting to form leyte- formulate a plan, that is ridiculous it should been done years ago or at least months ago. lou: kris kobach, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: this is extraordinary that we have a government that seems to be working against the president. almost nonstop. thank you so much. appreciate it, kris kobach.
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>> my pleasure. lou: mueller report, found no collusion, driving trump hating radical dimms and the republican rinos as well,. nuts. did i mention chamber of commerce, business round table. wroowall street and the koch brothers. we take it up with republican strategist ed rollins here next, stay with us. the biggest week in television is almost here.
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lou: if you have and doubt what so every about where mitch mcconnell stands, he cleared it up. the rino majority leader, saying there no longer any distance between him and president trump on the issue of healthcare reform. boldly claiming today he made it clear to president that senate republicans will not work on a comprehensive package to replace obamacare. here he is. >> i pointed out to him the senate republicans, view on dealing with comprehensive healthcare reform with the democratic house of representatives. i made it clear we were not going to do that in the senate. lou: that was two, i made it
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clear to him, when referring to president, i don't think that will go over so well. president trump blasted radical dimms who are in denial of the conclusion of mueller investigation, and their continuous effort to sabotage the president. tweeting today, mueller was a god-like figure said the president, to the democrats until he ruled no collusion in the long awaited 30 million dollar mueller report. now the dimms don't ac acknowlee his name, and they become unhinged and would like to go through the whole process again, it won't happen, explanation mark. lou: joining us now. leading republican steaj strategist, ed rollins. >> thank you. lou: president sends a message on twitter, tweeting it won't
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happen again. >> mcconnell told him it would not happen. it started with him playing golf with line lindsey graham. mcconnell controls those votes it is best to be realistic. lou: there is no new reality, the house has been democratic throughout. and suddenly, republicans are goiing tgoing to be the party of healthcare. >> someone in white house told them they could put a bill together, they can't. lou: there will be a guessing game. it will be how many idiots are advising the president of united states you have a secretary of homeland security that describes the areas that she most responsible for as being on fire. in meltdown a break down. and as if she is not responsible. and while she is on a trip to europe for crying out loud.
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unaware apparently this is an emergency. >> it has been a emergency since president declared it weeks ago. she better get in there. lou: it is late isn't? >> she has not been performing at the level that president needs. lou: you heard kris kobach layout three simple solutions that are available now. >> the one about sending money back is critical, i thought all three were great suggesteds, i think they should be implemented tomorrow, i hope the president is watches the show and does it tomorrow. i think there is a danger when talk about closing down the border, if you don't, if you do it do it understand the consequences, don't think out loud. there too were thinking out loud. >> i think that it may take something that dramatic, perhaps
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that painful to the country. we're a country right now that you know we don't believe in burden sharing. we believe in burden shifting, the cost of illegal immigration in this country is borne by the tax payers, benefits to the employers who benefit with lower wage labor. you watch this country get distorted about who is going to carry the burden. this is a country that if you punish -- by the way chamber of commerce came up with a number like that, about what it would cost. so what. you know, business despite what business said is not the most important element of american life. it and the american people, it may be a shock, their is the case. we're first citizens then consumers then savers and taxpayers and workers.
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>> you have preached this message for a long period of time. right now most important pledge the president has made to close the border and fix it. lou: president said, national security is more important to him than commerce, that is the bull that chamber of commerce peddles to its captive audience. >> i promise -- i promise you mexico will lose more than we will if we shut it for a week or a month. whatever president says he has to do he better do, otherwise 4 months from now, if we're in the same position, the president's base will say, you are not living up to your promised. lou: ed rollins thank you. >> thank you. lou: up next. red storm still rising, communist chinese trampling all over monroe doctrine they push their anti-american agenda in
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lou: china expanding belt and road initiative to panama, with open arms from the panama president, calls thed whic chine initiative a big opportunity. with a high-speed line and panama city to costa rica. since establishing diplomatic relationship with pan am act pad a contract. to build a bridge over the panama canal. direct flights will be available
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between shanghai and the panama went the coming months. and the u.s. response has been? we take it up with dr. michael pillsbury. great to have you with us, let's start with panama, that is an amazing story. a success story for china. >> yes. lou: i go back to thinking about jimmy carter, when he turned over the panama canal. >> that was 40 years ago. lou: and i happen tong that we have not come close to putting that much money into panama in our total investment over that time. >> i think we gave up a lot of influence in panama, problem as you know, you have been sounding the alarm, chinese belt and road initiative and other loans they put out are based on the idea that money talks, if we don't counter that with our own
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warnings they will have panama as their friend they made a lot of progress in last week with italy. and prime minister signing up. french president, merkel in germany, all endorsing what italians are doing. i am getting worried, our old theory, i call this a major intelligence failure. the theory that's china is weak, they are collapsed, they are run by a bunch of has beens who are athiest. now we're seeing china closing in on us. president trump said it is not going to happen to his watch that they surpass us, but he is right, they are on the move. lou: right. anyway a competition to the chinese. and for crying out loud we're talking about in our hemisphere.
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we have communist teaching capitalist how to use money for crying out loud. >> yes. you know, cold war began in 1947, congress created cia, joint chiefs of staff, a new law how to manage cold war, we've done nothing like that from china. this idea that china collapse is killing any effort on our part to resist them. lou: and what are we to do? >> we have to change our government structure. president has to get more people working for him who share his vision. we have to take it more seriously than at the press 10 e time, i remember jim mattis told press who were shocked in august last year, i'm making my first visit to beijing in my life. we can't have people have no knowledge of china acquire all top jobs in th the government.
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when we face them as the major challenge. lou: i take your point but i can't abide an intelligence community that does not seem to understand expending billions of dollars, in careers in effort not understanding the chinese any better or did i mention russia or iran? or did i mention saudi arabia? and the middle east. we have an intelligence community that seep seems to me needs to be restructured before anything meaningful can happen, if they are our eyes and ears on the world, we're blind and deaf right now. >> right there is a little known provision of law that intelligence community have to report to congress if there is what they call significant intelligence failure, they treat it as a loophole.
4:33 am
they have not made a confession yet. lou: are you holding your breath on germany making a decision to huawei, to not integrate huawei in their network. >> it is hopeless, they have gone too far, i saw their deficient minister go from berlin to beijing, and gush all over chinese military, that makes you want to cry. lou: we'll acrowd at least that part of the pain and suffering for a while. doctor dr. michael pillsbury thank you. >> good news on the trade talks, we'll talk about that next time. lou: i heard about good news for some months now. so i think we can wait until next time. >> okay. lou: thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: solution too america's border crisis could be found in
4:34 am
israel. >> just ask israel. 99.9% effective, our wall will be every bit as good as that if not better. lou: we're going to go to the source, talk with david ruben author of the book, "trumps and jews" he will join us here next and talk about what happened when israel put up walls sta
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lou: headlines tonight, michael bloomberg, may run for president, if joe biden decides not to. a peculiar condition. former new york city mayor is reportedly reconsidering a run as former vice president faces what nancy pelosi calls not
4:39 am
disqualifying actions. nasa said debris from india's test of anti-satellite missile could threaten international space station. india, blew up a satellite in a test in orbit last week. >> and united nations admitting that anti-semitism is wrong, israeli ambassador, condition vined unite--convinced united nd language condemning anti-jewish hatred. -- good for the ambassador. >> joining us tonight, david ruben former mayor of shiloh, israel, located in west bank, author of the book. show you this, "trump and the jews "great to have you. >> thank you. >> lou: a remarkable chief to have the ambassador to have gotten that on to the resolution.
4:40 am
>> it is in the resolution, unlike the democrat resolution they water down after ilhan omar made her statements. lou: quite a contrast, united nations to congress of united states, and that is -- >> and united nations has long been a cesspool of hatred of israel, this is remarkable. i don't think it is to united nations credit but the democratic party discredit. lou: yeah, and the issue. in this country of omar and the other anti-semitic language that is rhetoric that is suddenly entered the democratic party. i should not say suddenly, but getting worse over the last 5 or 10 years. this is a real conflict for the democratic party, is it not. >> a very serious problem for
4:41 am
them, in my book, "trump and the jews" i wrote about left and right, far left and far right two poles of u intel intoleranc. attention has beena neo-nazis and white supremacist who are relatively small in number. but in you look at other side of the million political scu spectm with an fifa a antifa people and blocblack lives matter people. this is a problem for the democrat ib party what nancy pelosi and chuck schumer could not come out from really condemn it in a resolution, and remove
4:42 am
her from foreign affairs committee. >> it was stunning that nancy pelosi the speaker chose made that choice. in one hopes it does not amount to any kind of endorsement of omar, her language or conduct. let's turn to walls, israel has great experience with walls. this we have great experience with promises of walls. and there are twhoas sa those ws down work, israel say they do, your thoughts. >> israel actually has two walls. wall -- fences or whatever, you want to call them in south of israel. border with egypt, there is a steel fence that covers the entire border. encloses the border. why was it built? it was built between 2010 and
4:43 am
2012, there were 55,000 illegal immigrants who came to israel. israel is tiny about the size of new jersey. it was a big problem, street crime in tel aviv. lou: how well did that work? >> it worked 100%. in the year after it was built, there was not one illegal immigrant that came to country from southern border. lou: incredible. in that with that effectiveness, very quickly, but your judgment about if you will, shutting down the border as president has proposed? >> well, i don't think that it could be done for a very long amount of time, israel had border closures often from judia and samaia. for a few days, there is people who complain, about the economy.
4:44 am
y2k that losing a -- i don't think that losing a few avocados for a few weeks would hurt, you have to think long-term. lou: dave rubin author of "trump and the jews " >> thank you, lou. >> radical dim, jerry nadler is demandingful release of the mueller report, buduring the clinton administration he had very different ideas about pants
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lou: on wall street stocks doney finished mixed. volume 3.2 billion shares. crude oil up over a percent and a half to over $62 a barrel, gold and silver flat, reminder listen to my reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. >> hypocrisy of house judiciary committee chair fully reveal,
4:49 am
nadler leading call for a full release of the mueller report, had a very different view of such things when bill clinton was being investigated. >> a matter of protecting people's privacy rights, who may be innocent third parties, must not be released at all, grand jury material that represents statements which mayor ma may nt be true by various witnesses it would be unfair to release. lou: good to know how discriminating and discreet he is and concerned about hor other people in that report. isn't it? joining us, republican strategist, former chair of republican party, amy, good to have you with us. let's start with jerry nadler. did you know he had such a
4:50 am
sensitive perspective? no. i did not. but how sweet. you know this is not surprising, we have democrats who have been giving us a headache, the president quite a run for his money since he has been in office. you know it very hypocritical when you have now democrats that are now focused once that this summary has come out, from attorney general barr, pretty much saying that the president has been exonerated. with no be on vehicle you shup e found, but yet they are still full speed ahead, wants to put out more supreme as and continue investigations, and we're what, 30 million into this, two years later this insane. lou: it is, and president said it is not happening again. also i think a fascinating study
4:51 am
in the "duplicity." hypocrisy and venomous nature of the radical dimms like nadler. who for any contrive reason would consider even attacking this president relent leslie just to stop his agenda irrespective of wishes of people who voted for him. >> it is, and it is very disappointing. and very actually very sad when you have american citizens that are willing to actually hurt our country and to continue to have it go down to rabbit hole, that never ending black hole. lou: there is another never ending black hole that afflicts the republic, and i think it safe to say they are called
4:52 am
ripeos. -- rinos, entry' liabl unreliab, leader of republican conference in house until last year paul ryan. we're watching a real scism develop in the republican party, it is worsening, it not improving. and it is debilitating to the administration and to its agenda and i think as well to the voters who sent these people to washington your thoughts. >> you are 100% correct. and under speaker ryan it was disappointing, there were a number of issues that were never taken care of. for example obamacare. in 2017, you had a pathetic showing of searc certain policis brought forward and never implemented. we're still dealing with that problem. you had border security issues,
4:53 am
finally our president is strong enough to do what is necessary to keep it citizen's safe and secure. there are a number of issues that we could lift, you were speaker ryan that were never taken care of. lou: and mitch mcconnell breaking with the president, saying before cameras and he made it clear to president, not once but twice, about healthcare as an initiative. it and i think manifest disrespect that could have been handled a with a lot more class, if you will. >> i would agree with that and the fact that the president has decided to quietly craft together about what he says will be an exceptional healthcare plan to present to american public in 2020 or after the election is wise. at first i questioned it, but then he explained why, you just
4:54 am
mentioned rinos and people like mitch mcconnell on our own side then democrats who are kicking and screaming no matter what president brings to table, i think that is wise we wait until after the election, and we come up with an excellent healthcare plan for the country. lou: amy thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: appreciate it. >> president trump vows to to whatever it takes to end the crises in at the border, we'll have more on that next, we'll be right back, stay with us.
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the senior official today says the southern border is on fire dhs secretary nielsen had to return from a trip to europe to deal with it six weeks after of course, the president has declared a national emergency and she said it is a wide breakdown. president from today says he is still ready to shut down the border. we will find out spee mac if we don't make a deal through congress or if mexico doesn't do what they should do they should not have people coming into their country either this is their southern border they have to protect. they need to close the border. >> the house judiciary committee will vote to authorize subpoena for the full mother report. we will see the effect of all of that and here is a quick look at the us national debt. as if we needed a reminder
5:00 am
$22 trillion and claiming good cheryl: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. not backing down, president trump still may close the u.s. border with mexico as the homeland secretary compares the immigration crisis to a cat 5 hurricane. business groups and some republicans now calling for the president not to shut that border down. well, as the 2020 race for the white house heats up, president trump isis is is issuing a warnn the threat of socialist ideas in the united states. democrats demanding the full unredacted mueller report today, while the president says it is a waste of time and just playing politics. and you may be able to play in one of the


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